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Twice-a-week plain dealer. (Cresco, Howard County, Iowa) 1895-1913, July 05, 1907, Image 3

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I free
ird or
rVdtW •,
HE morning after the discovery
of the murder Nicholas Hard
ing weut" to London. All day
there cnnW uo word from the
niaster of the house. iior did the-conch
return, but' between and 10 It did,
and Mr. Uarding was out and up the
steps liefore It"stopped..
In the hnll he Inquired for his daugh
ter. She hod gone* upstairs. He rush
,, ed up instantly. Clall'e was waiting
for bim at her. bedroom door. He
"thundered In andshut It behludhlm.
"They Jiaye got him!" cried Clnlro,
with both hands to. ber heart.
"Got -whom?" said her fnthersharp
ly. "Got whom, eh?":
•Her: face fell beneath .the angry -gilt
ter in his eyes.
"5he man—they- want—for this
frightful business," said she lamely
and sank down upon a chair.
/'Arid pray who Is he? You* seem to
". know!"
No answer, save twitching. fingers,
rockted body, lowered lids.
"If you were to hear it was tlfut
young Erichsen would It surprise you
rory much £. No It would not!" It liatT"
duly stilled her, "Aud now intend'
to know why not. You have thrown
nnnd enough in my eyos, but your
manner tills: morning told nie some
thing, and I atn determined to knp«?
all there is to know—before—I—ieavH
And with-'no loss empbQtlc dollboro
tlon tlie father strode to the door,
looked it and pocketed the key but
was met oh his return with such wild
eyes and suppliant haiids tlmt even
Ms barsh heart melted at the sight,
"Only tell mo whether they have cap
tured bin),'', she said, "and I faithfully
promise to tell yo«"nll/'
"Well, then, ttoy have not, hut they
precious soon will. Now keep yoiir
It was kept to the letter?^
"Now you see," said he when Claire
fend finished, "what had come of your
folly. You have entangled yourself
with young fellow whose fate, if he
be caught, one' would' rather not cop*
template. You may even lie called ft
witness against him, if last night's in
terview leaked'out And If you toid
jury all you have told mo, about tbe
address and ail tfiat, I am afraid It
.would'hang bbn If nothing else'dld,"
"Hang Tom!"
"Well, Claire, it looks to me very
like a bauging matter. It would nec^
a very clever and probably a very
cofetly' defense to give him the ghost
of a chance of having it brought in
anything less."
"Then he must have it!" cried Claire.
"Oh, he. never could have done it—
wllifully! He must have the very best
defense that can be got, but,- oh, who
.will pay for it?"
"I am tbinkiiig of doing so myself,"
replied Mr. Harding quietly. "I don't
say I will, but .1.may."
"You!" e^"
And the girl was sobblfi^ upon his
breast, with her arms about his thick
red' Heck,- as- they had not been for
many a year: now. He removed then)',
but almost gently, arid told her not'to
jlier hfld been J^Ts eonstftue^
is AvejJ as Jils'ipriemy, o^ wjioin lie ljtia
jerbi^ns been ft jlttlo hard, jg.^liqu^jt
hijt qn the whoiq it iriight prqve tu«
flgl^t t)fi4 proper thing tq dq. Cjftlifl
\vjis q^prwlielinpd, jipt qnly witft grjif:
|tu0e fqr a first gjeaui P? cqmfqrt,
#1^q yitU sliaiiie. Al} these years she
hBfi wisjiijigefl tjiat
llpr qwn fritbec, ap4 Wljrt P©#!«
Wits- Up (leaping q^ hec .pnduti^u] Jipa^t
^be cried borsiolf to i»|ppp wlt^shnmp
(ind hope, aud tliqt wfia when ^oiq.
Erichsen was flying south fron? West
bourne park, with tUepqJlce J» full
cry at l»ls Ueelar ..v,
.'.••.. '.• '.
Thom»n Erl.chsen find been appre
hended at Kew on the Saturday even
ing aud lodged for that night In tho
local lockup. The bare fact was read
by "Mr. Hardlug It nes^ day'ti.Dlspatelj
and by Claire In her fathor's face be
fore she beard It from his Hps at twen
ty minutes to 11 In the morning. On
the Monday morning she gave bim bts
breakfast early and alpne, arid be then
assured her that lie was going to
••what could Ap done.
Mr. Hardlttg.dld notrconsult bis ow».
lawyer, but'be wept on foot to the pur
lieus of the Old Bailey and there
mounted .to•&• noisome den, with Ms
shoulders up and his hat well over iirls
eyes. He departed as -furtively soine
minutes later aud wns ltoildwed down
the breakneck stairs by an unclean
vulture of a man with snuffy beak and
grimy talons, who skipped'into a cabri
olet arid was driven at sjeed td the
Marylebono office.
There was a dense crowd outside,
but -with the free use of his own el
bows and Mr. Harding'sJ money tho
Old Bailey lawyer fought* aria bought
lits way In. He was In time to witness
the formal remand of TUomas Erlch
sen arid to draw his own conclusion
from the. bold fixed eyes, and tremu
.' Jously sooniful 11m .behind the Iron,
railing of the dock^ That lopk was
less'for the magistrate. than' for the
.opera glasses of tlm -oble lord whom'
.the magistrate hiu'/®, wed~upon tbe.
bench. But the Old Kuley lawyer read
it hft own way. Here was a glaringly
ijul|ty maa jiuttlng a fitcu of brass up
"^Jaa -iielirt of putty, the. veiy type with
1, ^Milch |»e'-WOT best accustomed arid
~c,-^st co&petent.-t°Hfleal. So the vul
fe"i^i|re took a plpch of- snuff that resoUnd
\isd through the court and, on tbe prls
femier's removal, squeezed out himself
v|^ mi^kp lnlulr}ps." l| va^ tfs he px
r|,*j»pct«Hl. The prisoner vould be ponvey
Immediately tq the new prison
Clerkenwell. But tho attamey pi«»«
aged to get away first through th«
swelling crowd now on tiptoe for th«
prison van, aud in a neighboring tav*
be ha# his heartlest inefti tliatyeas
»i'. "-M
rnjtwe!ii o' nnd 4jie presented hliri
8elf, vell jn-Uned, nt Clerkenwell and
sent In a.greiisy pa'Vd to the prisoner..
"He lis much obliged, but he doesn't
want to see yon," sfiid llie turnkey on
his reappearance.-•?. •.
"Tell Iitm ain couiriilssloned by Ills
friends to gat* up his defense, No ex
pense to.be spared. Tell him thnt."
Tim turnkey was gone lorigjx', but
cariie back shaking his head.
Is the one thlng iny client will...not
This did It. Tho_ ambassador return
ed, beckoning, and. conducted the visi
tor to a narrow, dark:eell, at the ond of
wlilch glowered the prisoner on 'his
bed: Two more turnkeys joined them
at the door.' '-'V.
"Do you want to be alone with"him?"
said they. .•
"It Is absolutely necessary."
"Very-well. AVe wait outside."
And the three ofilci)ils wlthdrow
across the corridor aiid clintted a lit
tle, "bit kept nil eye on the open door.
Tho visitor waa hurled through the op6n
^'"doon vj$rr.*.T
.cold. Suddenly it, flared Up, and next
instant tl^e visitor was burled: through
the open door, and Tliotnas Erichsen
stood with the empty chair poised a"
moment before dashing it after him
with a yell of rage,
^vo of the turnkeys rushed in and
secured this caged tlgfer, Avhlle the
third knelt over tUo Old Bailey lawyer,
who lay moaping outside.
"It'll jie a- strait waistcoat
•C *•".' #5$*
..... -fttthor of "Raffles,
the Amateur Cracks- ...
••i.- lira.
11," "Stingaree."
Etc. 4* ,' W
Xwrirfht. MM, by CHARLES
SCRIBNSR'S S0NS7 |j|g{r*
The^ saw the "lawyer soht'hlmself up
on tue chair at a gesture, from the
prisoner, who restrained h|m with an
other as he edged it nearer and nearer
tbe bed. They heard the lawyer's-whls-|
my beauty, after this." /..
"You've halt killed him."*'
"Half killed him!" roared Tom.
Only let In, another of them to insult
and threaten 'me and I'll kill him
quite and deserve all get!"
And he tore qwqy ftomT them and
fiuug himself, uqsti'un^: and sobbing,
upon tl*b bgd.
.erythiug! Papa,. dear, ybu may not
have'me with you very long how: can.
one go on'living'uf ter such a tiling? I
loved hirn, and I long to die. But until
I do I promise one thing—I may de
ceive others, but never again will-1 de
ceive or disebey my «wt 4*ar father!"
Sit* ijiete frith the Aai &kftltade of
sheer despair, arid she left Nicholas
Harding in act Icy exhalation, with one
tingling spot, where she had stooped
and kissed his face.
Claire had hardly re&ched her room
when these- was a.knocks at the door,
and in came Hannah with a neat, seal
•ed packet
"Oh please, miss, Mr. DaintTee said"
I was to give you this."
"Mr. Dalntree!"
He says it Is Impossible. He has no I can bear it better than to see you mourn
frlends, and yo» niention no name." ing one who wak never worthy to touch
"That Is true, but my client's name I
She had seen him during the day
then what could he have to say to her
which Would not bear plain verbal ut-.
teranco?v.^CJiiire opened the- packet
when tlb in&td was gone and found a
smaller packet and a letter inside. The
letter rah:
Dear Miss Harding Think what you
W it a in a 1
B. HARDING drove home in
a dull fury and was met by Ijloes that matter since I cau uevey
''Claire- ijijqg the steps. !Her.| jhlnk the same o.f Tom? Nqtiilng mafc
heart sapl{ at his face. He Uer^ oxcept Saving hl^ Ufa ^r«i
passed her without $ wqrd She fol- I ^a^ \yliq sqya UP'U dq ftUytUlniJ
lowed }jlm |)la iltjpqr^' and there jfot iue. Will ie? Wo shall See,
besought him to tell fter what bad hap
pened now,
"Oh, nothing! I wash my Jjands of
a young deinou,-that's all."
'!Tom Erichsen V"
"Yes." v."'-.
"You have changed your mind?"
''I have."
And he told her homr the prisoner ilu8 w»s moved after »U to give Dain
had treated the attorney Ue Rad. sent tree a JudlclQus version of lils attempt
him that very afternoon, eominlttlng a I provide fair play for a oastardly
lirutal and unprovoked assault Upon I constituent, with- tbo result, the girl
tho ^ory man \vho"\£as there to ^avo 1 took Uor father's broath uwa.v by iook
bis life, If that had becu possible: It lug hard ot their guest and declaring
was nott Tlie vlllalu"Would hang, and that sho woukl finance tho def^nso her
rightly too. 'But there was-graUtude! 1 self If she had the money.
There iwas a young tiger in huinan I "What on earth did you/mean by
"Hatterslby never touched crlmlual
work," said her father "besides, 1
should have been ashamed to ask him.
No I weut to. the very man for the
Job, and this is all .tbe thanks I get!"
."Did he know it \£as you?"
"No I sent word r1 would give any
monpy, but not my nume,"
"That message wfls dellvered?"
"It was." ''"-IH1'../
"Something more 'must have been
"Hardly a word. My irian was pro
ceeding to business whpri this maniac
sprang upon
&nd filing bim out of
the cell."
Claire shook her head.
"I cannot think that's ali that )?ass
•d," said she.
"It. was,'though you ask the ward
ers. There were, three of them outside
the open door, and they've put him in
a straight waistcoat for lt at any rate!
B«ryou see how be has made use of
the chance I gaveTilm.. Dqu't ASk n)Q
to give him anoflier, that's all,"
"Nq,. nb," suid c|alrfi sa«jly 'it was
only, too noble, of you tq give bJm one
at all. and I shall never., never, never "'Claire' blushed,hotly.' "I cannot help
K^snt The lheiosed
will give you a true insight into tho char
the lata Captain Blaydea, but I
make a separato packet of it. so that you
may destroy it unread it you prefer not
to know and to think mo tho liar.
You may remember telling me that
ptaln Blaydcg had the room that 1
have now when he was here and' I was
not' That was-the week betoro last. The
weather has been so warm tho tire has
jtot been alight since my return, and to
day.quite by chance I discovered torn up
In the: grate the fragment* which I have
put together and now Inclose. I will not
tell you the word that caught my eye
and irresistibly impelled me to put the
letter together and reaa it through, nor
Will I seek to defend an, notion that will
no doubt condemn me lo your eyes for
ever,• It was dishonorable. I admit it.
Put Ja Believe) in instinct. My in
ptinct always told mo that that man Was
a had man, and my Instinct told me then
that I was within reach of proving "its
own unerring truth and'ihc measure of
Villain's villainy. I havo done both, as
you will soon seo If you can nerve your
self to know tho truth* If-not, condemn
me.wlth a glanoo or with words' as bitter
as you please, and I leave this houso
tonight and Xelrevisr. .1 Blwill never regret
what-J have done. Tou -mourn a traitor."
and I had rathef.. forfeit yottr" rcspoot—
nay, and my own honor to hoot—than let
one so divine waste another sigh on one
P"t It you forglvo me, oh,., let me hear
It froih your own swoot lips, and -I will
move heayen end earth to atone for
What present misery this may Inflict!
One day you will thank me. Meanwhile.
If you do not spurn, command me, and
your lightest word shall be my law. If
only I could do something for you! My
one remaining chance of happiness Is in
serving her I may not love. Humbly .and
Sincerely, always,
Cinlre arrived at the last parngrnph
with f» mind made up. Slie perceived
with amnzemont the writer's theory
regarding the wretched Blaydea and
hferself. It had never struck her that
her every agitation might be thus mis
construed, and her first Impulse was to
set Da iritree right uponi the olnt. She
Would then return the incriminating
inclosure uuopened. That would be a
sulilcient rebuke for nn action, as It
were, so honestly, dishonorable. And
at these decisions her nimble mind bad
arrived before she came to the last
This she read over more than once
with: a puckered forehead and
changeful-eye iis eagerness, reluctance,
hesitation and decision, shame and
pride Whipped across her face like
shadows and suiibeams oh a gusty day!
per, low and, rapid, and saw lfls dirty, TV1V"
gesticulating fingers, but not lils fiice. fl^ I!eM|,
only that of the prisoner, calm 'arid Ifrom
moment, though she barely
glanced at What she found.
It was an obviously genuine'letter,
addressed to Blaydes by some poor
woman, but that was all Claire allowed
herself to discover. A feeling of In
credible meanness mode her hot
fever, and she turned: the Jetteif UP,^
iloWn to examlue the method -qt re5cqr£
struction. With abominable Ingenuity
Dalntree had pasted, the scraps upou
a sheet. A few were missing. Many
were black from .the coals. Claire shud
dered and glanced at her owa. fireplace.
It was laid and all ready for lighting,'
Jy moment later It was lit, and ttiei,
(lend man:8 letter was blazing In {*t^
jiililst. Then Claire breathed ign'ri.Ctri4
took another look at Dalntree'-^ ovarii
ji^g before burning it tqg
i'A?) ^nteregtiBg .*• cUar."
(CtQr," aftjil She when this was done.
"I shall never think the same of~ him
again, or of myself -either... But what
phe had a word ^vlth Dalntree
fore dinner. "Forglvo iqu? I thank
ybu with all my heart," -said ul}o, And
great was the eiiango in hoi
Jrig. Jt-was pq time for gayety, but
CWjre was animated. Her eyes spar
kled. Sho conversed freejy- ou tho
topic of the hour, and when Mr, Ilnrd-
saying that?" asked Mr. Harding aft-
"Cliitre kept her bead, and gradually I erward. ^Hnve you forgotten your
Mr. Hocdlng cooled down. Then she I word of honor that nobody should ever
asked questions and dlspover.ed tba.t it 6uspeet' what had existed between you
was not tho family lawyer, who had I and Erichsen?"'
been so'grossly haridled, but one whose I This was when they girl had said
name, was now to her. good night.' Sir. Harding followed her
upstairs. It "was hUt first chance of
speaking to her, for. Claire and Daln
tree had been together In the garden
all the evening.
"No, papa," sho replied. "I have for
gotten nothing that I said to ycju. Mr.
Dalntree, at any rate, suspects nothing
"You sold enough to make him.'
"I don't think I did."
"Not M-hen you said you'd pay for a
defense if you had tbe money? Are
"yqu .awnre that be thinks you were in
love with the n^urderod inanV"
."He thinks.1 was, but that some
thing lias sliice causHl wmplete i"e
tulsfon ,o£ fooling, as \o"which may"
is .Vteii explain eyerythlttg."- Aim she
toUl tlio ipeldent of ihq.loiters without
hiding a' thing, "So ho thinks It (inlte
riatiiral that I should fly. to*tlie othpr
pxtrenio' and .want no human creature'
to" hang for oho so base. You see,"
gpld ClairesUrowdly, "hp laa-inuu of
pjgtL'ouies himself."
instead of undeceiving bioi,'
you have literally fooled hlm to the
top of his bent?"
AJay woman would do the same."
'Mr. llnrdlnpc was slow to 'understand.
"TBat lie RhmiUl"nc vcr- know whajt .1
know," said lie, "Is right enough. But
wMyenrry the tiling so far"? Why- pre
tend this revulsion?"
Clalra hung her bead. Jx" .*'••
"Cofrie. come!" he ci ieii." ''¥(ju prom
ised to hide nothing more from me.
You are hiding your chief motive.
What Is It'/"
"I would rather not say."
And I Insist on knowing."
"Very well, then. It is to give Tom
EricbiHtu another chance."
Harding turned livid.
'•That young"—
"Oh. don't be angrj-! You know you
thought of'H yoll»eW. And I loved
bits. Couidr.i •}&$$$'tjjQ&i' ui^birned?"
"But What cap jialutree' do?^
"What you thought'Of doing your
"He has never.consifijjtetl?"
"Eagerly. He Is going to haro# so
licitor at Marylebone tomorrow^niorn
Mr. Harding glared at the girl, who
flung back her ringlets and met his
look unafraid and unalfashed. Then
she went to her-room.
Hepburn Measure Said to Make Har
-vest Hapds Hard to Get^.".'
Topeka, Kan., June 29.—T. B.
Gerow, director of the free employ
ment bureau of -Kansas, has sent a
letter to E. E. Clark, a member of the
Interstate-commerce commission, for
merly protesting against the manner
in which he asserts the HeffBurn hill
has destroyed the former effective
plans of lending out harvest hands
into Kansas.
"Heretofore we b*ve been able to
send five men in a party at the rate,"
wrote: Mr. Gerow. "Now~we must have
a: party of '16. Further than that pay
agbnts are sending them from stations
to places where they are not wanted.
Farmers are telegraphing me about
the ^trouble In getting men. We- can
not afford to have: our wheat crops
destroyed in this manner. I wish to
make my protest now."
About the Sire of Lodaller—
Allerton, 2:091-4
Greatest Wilkes .Stallion.
Champion stallion1—champion race
horse—champion sire?
Sire, of the fastest ^three entire trot
ters ever got by one sire.
^Greatest race hone of his day, and
greatest sire of any day.
His get have size,, soundness, beauty,
speed, and are race horses.
Gets but few pacers, nearly all trot
ters pacing speed is common*and cheap
The only stallion with a trotting rec
ord of 2:10 that, has sired as many as
fifty, performers.
Record made to high-wheel sulky,
and is the fastest of any living Stallion
to that kind of sulky.
Sire of more blue ribbon winners in
the show rings than all the 2:10 stal
lions of the present and. paft
Sire of one hundred and fifty-six 2:30
performers, sixty-six 2:20 performers
and seven 2:10 performers.
Sons and daughters aire breeding on,
arid .througlfthem he will establish the
greatest of all trotting families.
Sire of seven trotters (not pacers)
with race records of 2:074, -2:08, 2:08i,
2:09i, 2:10i, 2:101 and 2:10J.
Sire of sixty-three winners the jpast
three seasons, and t^a^ ig x^ore Tjiap
twice as many as any qfher irpttmg
sire ever ha^ in yfsar^.
Facts About.^daUer^ 0«m.:'
Jj!he had greait .beauty, and speed jar
beyond her record, as is-proven in her
wonderful series t£ split-heat races in
her last campaign over the half-mile
tracks at Appleton, Berlin and Beaver
Dam, where the great trotter, Chain
Shot, 2:06i, had to take second place to
her aft^r five heats- Mr, T, L. 'New
ton, formerly president of the Wiscon-,
sin State Agricultural Society, Says of
her: "I saw the race between Lodina
and Chain Shot. Lodina raced as tho^h
she was dothg it for fun and' liked it..
She was a great race mare'.'? Bred to
Allerton the next season, Lodina raised
Lodaller and he raced last fall at 'the
fair just as Lpdiria did at Beaver Dam.
He could out ppeed and out stay the!
stallipps pitted against him, as well-as
Baker & Quftin's mare that made
such a determined move in the last heat
after taking it ea»y in the early part
gf.tfcs pee,
-Facte A^out Lodaller.
He is as'handsome a horse as lives.
«very instan^ where his get show as
prompt ana sure. A week's treatmei
for 25c. Sdld by'Edward T. Lomaa.
A Memorable Day
Daughters of Republic In Wranglt
About tJse of Site—Park -Project
,j»eets 'Opposition of Those
Wishing Museum.
Sari ..Antonio, Tex.—Texas women
composing the organization known aa
the Daughtersof the Republic are in
a wrangle that promises to make all
their former troubles over the Alamo
look -small. The present trouble grows
out of the deeilre of a faction in the
organization to- tear away' the old
mission of San Antonio de Valero. It
Is proposed to replace the present: un
sightly fortresslike structure with a
The old mission walls adjoin the
'Alamo and oover a large area .of land.
This land was purchased by the state
at the last session of the legislature
and custody,of it given to the Daugh
ters of the Republic. It is claimed
by one side that a part of the old
adobe walls' in the present building
fetood in the original mission walls, be
hind which the Texas patriots fought
and from which, not one escaped alive.
The other faction contends that-no
vestige of the old walls remains and
that it is practically Impossible to lo
cate the old site with sufficient accur
acy to restore the walls.
The war is being fought in the press
of Texas and it is to be taken before
the legislature with a view to secur
ing a law authorizing the destruction
of. the old mission. This mission was
purchased by Miss Clara Driscoll, now
Mrs. Hal Sevier, a* Texas woman who
has. a reputation as a novelist and
dramatist She made it possible for
the. state to purchase the Alamo and
the Mission de Velaro property by in
vesting her own irioney "and holding
the property until the appropriation
was made.
The opposing faction of Daughters
of the Republic in this Alamo battle
is led by Miss Adina de Zavala, daugh
ter of a veteran of the Texas war of
independence. The 'fight is exceed
ingly acrimonious and involves many
of the leading society women of
MiSs De Zavala claims that tho old
walls may be made into an arcade and
used as & museum ot Texas history.
At this time the building is used as a
wholesale grocery and whisky ware
This trouble all came up over the
offer of a St Louis man named
Charles, M. Reeves, representing1 own
ers of land Just back of the old walls
to defray the entire expense of wreck
ing the old building and making a
park In its place.
Odd Monument Over Grave of Veteran
of Indian Fight.
The longest epitaph in Arlington
National cemetery at Washington tq
that carved on the strangely shaped
monument of Captain Joha WHUama,
of vthe -marine c,orpa, who died of
-woirndg received |n an IndlftU fight In
piprida 1$12. The inscription fol-'
l^s the remains of John Wll-
Ufemi, Baq., late a captain in the Corps
Of V, 3, Marines. Was born ill Staf
ford cpupty^ Virginia, the 24th of Au-'
gust, 1765, and died.on the 29th of Sep
tember, 1812, at Camp New Hope, in
^East Florida. The body of deceased
was removed to this spot, over which.
Hia disposition is perfect and he trans-1 testimony of bte worth and in their
mita it. One of his daughters won the
blue ribbon at the South Dakota State
fair last year. .He won the blue rib
bon last year and' the year before at
the Fillmore county fair. He breeds
uniformly very large and his foals are
Of good colors ana marking^. Every
one of his foals shipped away has given tacked towards evening, by upwards of
the oe&jot satisfaction. He is worthy
of^our patronage and I most respect-'
fully solicit it"
Monument with Epitaph.
fee is ?20 to insure, due when'-*"* battle, gallaiitly supported by his
mare is known to be with foal. A mare men, who, inspired by -his animated ex
losing her foal may be returned free or. ample, fought as long as they had a
I will refund the money, at my option.' cartridge left. At length, bleeding jm
The service fee .will be refunded in
yearlmgs that ge^ar^natumTpacers.- ?rouad Whilst his heroic little band,
Preston, Minn.
Thousands of people are daily Buffer-
ing with kidney and bladder troubles—trepldity. Captain ""Williams evinced
daneerouB -ailments that- '^should be during his short but severe contest
Md°Bkdc^r0pi?lB are the^est8remedy Sfv^^
for backachesi weak kidney*, inflam- qualify ^e officer for. cpmm^n^, If
mation-of. the.bladder. "Aeir action is his spher^ of action wa^ too limited to
prompt and suire, A weeks treatment attract the adwlration of the world, it
was sufficiently expanded to crown
bim with the approbation of his coun^
try. and to afford his brethren In arms
an example as highly useful as big qsH
One of the. days we remember with
health, is the one on which we ucctuue
acquainted with Dr. King's New 14fe
Pills, the painless- purifiers that cure
headache and biliousness, and keep the W^sate
25c. at P.' A. "Clemmer's tWP shor
Drugstore. i% sci
CarboTijed Witch
hurna, cuts, spratches. hruieea, insect
bites, and sore feet it is unequaied.
Qood for Piles. Beware of Imitations.
Set DeWitt's. It is the beat, Sold by
Edward T. Lomas.
leasure, as well as with profit to our has sealed with honor the life of a
which we. became triot soldier."
Qaptaln ^UHama' monument %n
the ^pngated pyramid with two long andi
short sides Tbe Inscription,
script lettering, covers all tour
of the gtone, Tbe zione, though
appear# large In tne picture, is
barely a foot high. It may be of sand
ftone, but to one unskilled In such mat
ters. It app^ars to be of molded ce
Vou Have Always
his brother officers in the marine corps
have caused- this pile to be erecied
mournful admiration of his gallant
"On the 11th of September, 1812
Captain Williams, on his march with a
command of 20 men to Davis creek
block' house, in east Florida, was at-
60 Iildltas
,.negroe^. who lay con-
c«aled in -the woodsy- He instantly,
eight galling, wounds and un%hl@
t0 8tan(J he was
ff the battle-
pressed. by superior numbers, was
forced to retreat
"Eminently characterized by cool in-
On a 3trlke.
Jim—Say, Moike, Is Pat out
"Yis be shtruck for more pay, thin
he shtruck th' boss, 4hin he shtruck a
copper, an' now he£ shtrlkin' ahtaaal"
Doctor Performs Remarkable Opera
tion to Save a Life. ,::V
Philadelphia.—One of those opera
tions so delicate that even surgeons
consider them with grave misgivings
was performed at the Medieo-Chirur
gical hospital, wfien Profs. Mann and
Ashton fed 50 feet of fine silver thread,
or wire, into an aneurism of the heart
of Frederick Williams, a barber.
An aneurism is formed by a blood
vessel of the heart dilating. It grows
until the tissues stretch and touch
the walls of the chest, when it bursts,
causing instant death.
About a month ago" physicians who
examined Williams regularly told him
he should stop work or the aneurism^
would burst.
He_was removed to tho hospital
and has since remained in bed,
scarcely daring to move. As a last
resort surgeons decided on an opera
tion- to save the patient's life.
The aneurism was pricked, and as
the silver wire was fed into the open
ing through a needle, it was coiled
around inside so as to form a frame
work" on which the blood could coagu
It ishoped that the clot thus formed
,may grow into-s new tissue and. form
a wall, so that when the*aneurism does
burst the aorta will remain intact.
The surgeon cannot yet tell whether
the operation was success.
Mil CmitM
At ere when work has ceased ila grind- -.
And I aided respite ten its knight.
Dame Pleasure beckang with her wand
To check th.e mud world In its flight—
Then gather flockwlsa round the door
Tho "natives" at the vlllago storel
They'loaf upon decrepit chairs,
Or balance "nimbly on a box, ,,
Whili others seek the curbstone perch!
And rusticate upon the rocks.
Then "Captain Eoggs" hti ffets the
And edifies,lb* vtllage store!
Select. Boats for Kiel Races.
Kiel, Germany, June 29.—The Wit
telsbach II., Tilly X., and the Angela
IV., are the three small raters which
probably will be chosen by the Impe
rial Yacht club to race the three boats
of the Eastern Yacht club of Boston,
Mass., in these waters, beginning Aug
ust 15, arid they showed up best in
four races which ended Thursday, in
which there were 24 German, two Bel
gian and two. Spanish entries.
Ohio Checker Ghamplorr Stricken.
Columbus, O., June 29.—C. C. Clark,
checker champion of Ohio and known
all over the country as a checker
player, was stricken with paralysis
Friday while at his home here. He
was about 45 pears of age and spent
all his spare time in playing check
ers. He held the position of chief
mail carrier in thq Columbus post of
-fice. Clark 1b not expected to re
Two Much Professionalism.
"Why did thafphotographer fall to
secure the place in the police identi
fication bureau?"
•-"He 'tfas too professional."
'.'What do you mean?*
'!He was always telling his subjects
to look pleasant."—Baltimore Ameri
There Clark and Jones, and Willie 3rave, strategists and sparkluig witsr
The city marshai Joins the bunch,
Likewise the grocer and his clerks,
Then "General'.* Wood he .lets 'cr soar
In front of Baltuff's villase store!
Thcre'B louij guffaw. and hooded quips
PortendtnK Jokes that have been sprung
To agitate some hapless wight.
At whom thu J&velin is flung—
Por everything. Is known—and mor«—
Ex-Premier of New Zealand Dead.
Wellington, N. Z., June 2G.—Sir Joh'n
Hall, former premier of New Zealand, j"
is dead. He was born In 1824.
About YIe. BaltutTa vtllage store
Scott's Emulsion strengthens enfeebled
nursing mothers by increasing their flesh and
nerve forcfcT
Th^p Slack h* 'lows the corn will .fall,
\Vhlph prompts Ol' Grandad Burr tt
"Th' crops is'lookin' mighty well,
Per which we ull th" Lord should bleBS '"t
Then silence reprimands the bore
Who "sees things" at the vlllae»
The government la groomed and_jpankett
And hiado te stand up prim and
"Jedge" Haller, stopping for some plug,
Discusses'"pints" of town and state—
His honor rules on benches four,.
Yet deigns to argue at the storei
„„J They sit and spit and smoke tbelr pipest^
„.u .... ... Some hit the cracks and others don't,.
And several molders from "the works? ,T,t every, man he sits and spits
While time floats to the other shores
"And darkness hides the village stor»j
0 Old grocery shop, we love you yet,
Mid palaces of-stone and steel:
And some day. we will sit and spit
Beside thy fragrant onion peel—
"Just restln" at the open door
Of that old, oorner, village store.
It provides baby with the necessary f^r
and mineral food for healthy growth.
store! ...-

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