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Twice-a-week plain dealer. (Cresco, Howard County, Iowa) 1895-1913, April 16, 1909, Image 2

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9. Whipple. Exempting stocks of
paints now In jobbers' hands from pro
visions of pure food and commodity
laws until Jan. l, 1911.
48. Nichols. Providing for appro
priations which may be made by the
atate to county and district fair asso
75. Proudfoot. Regulating the dis
tribution and sale of codes and session
laws of the state.
418. Whipple. Giving executive
council power to remove state ap
pointive officials and forbidding pollt
f/'i vJlca' activity by such officials.
fi*"- 338. Fixing commencement terms
'i-s y.'Ot officers at "second secular" day of
*the year
414. Van Law.
-TIT. YOU L«W. Sxtendlng law re
lating to street Improvements.
429. Francis. Filing of appeal pa
*'Supers in district courts.
176. Francis. Levy of cemetery
362. Glllillas
v^0|jtaxes by county treasurer.
wswt.g 148. Saunders.
pill 298. Moon.
•'iu v:,^. v-^". •'.
FRIDAY, APRIL 16, 1909.
Official Paper ot City and Countv
Enacted by the Thirty-third
General Assembly.
The work of the thirty-third general
assembly ig shown in the following
synopsis of the bills and resolution*
a' IS. Stuckslager, Making the Dirtn
day of Aurauam Lantoiu le^ai uou
taj ior the state.
Alien. Jt'iovidiug that dentiau
shall be exempt irum jury service.
20. Moon. Kepeunii^ ia.w rtiatinj
to sale of abandoned cu&nnel of ue:
Moines river witiiia corporate limits
01 Uttumwa.
•kz. Moore. Fixing compensatioi
01 justices of peace and constables 111
luwaships having 22,uuu and less tuat
iu.uOO population.
i90. Smith (Mitchell). Providins
for flre escapes in rooms of hoteia
and lodging houses and creating office
01 hotel Inspector.
i)7. Cosson. Fixing four months as
time in which appeal may be taken
Iiom final judgment in criminal cases.
93. Bruce. Providing that the
state accountant shall annually exam
ine and report to the state executive
council, the financial accounts of the
state department of agriculture.
88. Savage. Providing for transfei
by secretary of state board of agricul
ture of certificates of ownership 00
sale, of pure bred stallions.
37. Nichols. Providing for making
up and certifying of assessment rolls
to the county auditor.
102. Saunders. Providing that su
pervisors may make additional appro
priation for salaries of county attor
neys, said appropriation not to exceed
63. Francis. That vessels propell
ed by machinery or sail shall carry
lights between the hours of thirty min
utes after sunset and thirty minutes
before Bunrise.
154. Saunders. Creating a com
mission to supervise the erection ol
a monument in memory of Senator W.
B. Allison, and appropriating $10,000
for erection of base of monument.
28. Qulgley. Providing that coun
ties may pay a bounty of 50 cents eacb
tor the killing' of rattlesnakes.
121. Legalizing ordinances of town
of Oxford Junction, Jones county.
119. Larrabee. Amending law rel
ative to registering of motor vehicles,
172. Peterson. Providing that fa
thers of soldiers may be admitted to
the soldiers' home.
136. Maytag. Making appropria
tion to defray expenses of Inaugura
tion of Governor Carroll.
-129. Balkema. Amending law rela
tive to duties of commissioners in cit
ies under special charter.
44. Maytag. «VIaking an appropria
tion for purchase of 20,000 railroad
commissioner maps and appropriating
li.SOO to pay for same and their dis
50. Hoyt. Legalizing acts of city
council of Manchester relative to
boundary lines and extent of limits of
•aid city,
162. Francis. Amending the code
relative to making of affidavit on as
•esfmont of property.
72.. Burgess. Providing that church
es and all public buildings must be
constructed with doors swinging out
262. Chapman. Legalizing proceed
ings of city council of city of Monti
79. Foley. Legalizing special elec
tion held by city of Anamosa Oct. 28,
1907, for purchase of waterworks.
65. Saunders. Remodeling the time
jfor holding of terms of the district
43. Maytag. Making additional ap
propriatloAs for employees of the gen
eral assembly.
Compensation of
Limiting the Issuance
saloon permits.
Dowell. Compelling street
Ifti-railway companies to equip cars with
1& 155. McManus. Appropriating fi,.
"t|000 for monument to unknown soldiers
burled in National cemetery at KJeokuk.
59. Hammill. For consecutively
%, pumbered requests for liquor to be
bsed by druggists holding permits
04. Meredith. Compensation of
clerks of grand juries.
434, Perkins. Appropriating |2,
000 to Hugh Livingston for damage
aused by quarantine of stock by state
45. Smith (Mitchell). Providing
•hat the attorney general may settle
bypromise claims of tho state
& f. against persons,
22. Peterson.
partnership or
a to a id in
ty taxation the support of any instltu
ti-n^ inc:ijjiing hospitals and schools,
given or bequeathed to cities, towns
or school corporations, where endow
ment for same is not sufficient for its
6. Cosson. Increasing the powers
of the county attorney and enlarging
his duties in relation to law enforce
167. Dowell. Making an appropria
tion of $2,500 to Thomas H. Ratten
bury for injuries received by him
while employed' at the state hospital
for tuberculosis at Iowa City.
170. Cosson. Legalizing the estab
llshment of a*superior court at Perry
in Dallas county.
382. Glllilland. Legalizing the acti
of the supervisors of Mills county it
issuing drainage district bonds.
203. Proudfoot. To legalize ordl
nances of the town of Norwalk.
101. Saunders. Providing that th
various poor farms of ,the state shall
hereafter be known as "County
8. Cosson. Authorizing district
judges to remove officers for misfeas
ance or malfeasance In office, and for
nonfeasance and providing method oi
153. Saunders. Granting right ol
way over streat ground at the school
for the deaf at Council Bluffs to the
Omaha, Council Bluffs and Suburban
Railway company.
318. Adams. Legalizing acts ot
the city council of the town of M_yn
ard and ordinances adopted by said
182. Allen (Van Buren). For reliel
of grantees of Jel Bradshaw and foi
issuance of land patent to W. F. War
4. Peterson. Providing that con
tributory negligence shall not be used
as a bar to recovery In personal in
jury damage suits against railway cor
216. Saunders. Making the so
called "white slave" traffic a peniten
tiary offense.
150. Saunders. Fixing compensa
tion of sheriffs for boarding prisoners
12V& cents each meal, and not to ex
ceed- three meals in twenty-four hours
also 12% centB'for each night's lodg
91. Adams. Defining and regulat
ing pratlce of optometry and creat
ing board of examiners In optometry.
218. Huntfer. Amending anti-pasa
law In relation to its provisions con
cerning employees of railways.
98. Stuckslager. Providing for is
suance of patent to certain land In
Linn county to O. J. Felton.
217 Smith (Des Moines). Relat
ing to and promoting building of per
manent roads.
197. Seeley. Granting annual va
cation to employees and officers ol
state Institutions under supervision ol
board of control.
148. Van Law. Authorizing state
to &M>perate with city of Marshall
town to construct a dam across the
Iowa river.
.7. Oosson. Increasing and enlarg
ing the duties of sheriffs and deputies.
$04. Wilson. Providing for propel
equipment of locomotives used exclu
sively in switching and yard practice.
198. Van Law. Relating to break
ing Jail and escape of prisoners from
9* Dowell. Providing for deposit
of county funds by order of supervis
ors at 6 per cent interest.
317. Relating to working of high
wayg and fixing penalties for injury to
highways or work done thereon.
198. Whipple. Creating single
board of control for state university,
normal school and' college of agricul
124. Clark. Providing for revoca
tion of certificates by board of med
ical examiners.
87. Savage. Providing- appropria
tion of $76 annually for county farm
ers' Institute work.
23. Allen (Pocahontas). Relating
to duties of railroads as to furnishing
310. Balkema. Legalizing acts ol
board of directors school township of
Wilson, Osceola county.
208. Seeley. Amending code rela
tive to dissolution of state and sav
ings banks.
381. Chapman. Authorizing board
of control to contract for employment
of not to exceed fifty inmates of re
formatory at Anamosa in making but
ter tub.s
213. Proudfoot. Limiting liability
of banks for payment of forged' or
raised checks.
166. Foley. To enable counties to
establish and maintain public hos
110. Whipple. Providing for com
pulsory education at schools for deaf
and blind of children between ag"s of
seven and seventeen so afflicted.
229. Saundeys. Regulation of room
ing and boarding houses.
290. Dowell. Raising limit of in
debtedness of independent school dis
266. Saunders. Increasing the tax
levy for park purposes from 2 to 2%
99. DeWolf. Changing name of
state normal school at Cedar Falls to
State Teachers' college.
235. Francis. Relative to compen
sation and duties of fish and game
31. Fltcbpatrlck. Requiring cor
porations doing business In the state
to make annual report to secretary
of state.
369. Mattes. Regarding admission
to soldiers' home of persons paying
(or their own support.
433. Omnibus appropriation olll.
434. General revenue bills.
871. DeArmand. Enabling certain
Cities to levy tax for Improvement of
water front and Issuance of bonds for
such debts.
296. Allen (Van Buren). Legaliz
ing issuance of warrants on school
fund, Farmlngton, Van Buren county.
267. Moon. Legalizing election and
transactions of Ottumwa Cemetery as
329. Smith (Mitchell). Relating to
listing of property for taxation by per
sons acting In fiduciary capacity.
269. Moon. Relative to reincorpor
ation of cemetery associations.
137. Wilson. Relative to assess
ment and collection of collateral in
heritance tax.
233. DeWolf. Increasing levy which
can be made by Park commissioners
for purchase of park grounds.
393. ParshalL Providing for filing
of report of county auditors witn Aud
itor of state by April of each year.
158. Seeley. Providing for exemp.
tlon from taxation of stock in corpora
tions where it is assessed and taxed
at principal place of business.
305. Frudden. To grant city of Du
buque title to portion of abandoned
river bed of Mississippi.
105. Cosson. To prevent creation
of monopoly in buying of milk, cream
or butter fat for purpose of manufact
185. Sammis. Relative to the re
quirements of applicants for registra
tion as pharmacists.
224. Francis. Relating to officers
holding over for any reason.
348. Allen (Pocahontas). Provid
ing for report of criminal statistics
and also for report to county auditors
by sheriffs.
307. Peterson. Fixing time tor fil
ing notice of appeal in supreme court.
51. Peterson. Increasing the com
pensation of shorthand reporters foi
district courts.
306. Peterson, Relating to suffi
ciency of notice of appeal In district
359. Wilson. Providing regulations
for sale of land within bed of mean
dered lakes.
206. Dowell. Relating to govern
ment of certain cities and' conferring
additional powers upon councils.
177. Moon. Providing for vesti
bules on street cars after August, 1909.
319. Francis. Authorizing super
visors to grant "use of public highway
for erecting and maintaining poles and
wires for transmittal of electricity.
384. Dowell. Authorizing levy ol
tax and issue of bonds -for erecting
city hall, Des Moines.
219. Maytag. Providing for hiring
of state agents for state institutions
and appropriating $4,000 annually for
their maintenance.
342. Allen (Pocahontas). Legaliz
ing acts and proceedings of the town
of Pocahontas.
271. Saunders. Providing for pen
sions for disabled and' retired firemen.
382. Saunders. Providing for pen
sions for disabled and retired police
164. Allen (Pocahontas). Provid
ing for issuance of automobile insur
81. Clarkson. Relating to assump
tion of risks by employer.
157. Hammill. Providing for work
beyond boundary lines of drainage dis
trict and for condemnation of land.
179. Saunders. Relative to juris
diction of superior and juvenile courts.
340. Moon. Providing that only
registered physicians, veterinarles, or
licensed dentists can purchase cocaine
and certain other druga.
327. seeley. Appropriating $300 foi
relief of Mamie McMahan, injured
while working as nurse at Mount
Pleasant hospital.
15. Saunders. Providing appropri
ation for support of school. for the
deaf at Council Bluffs.
6. Fixing salaries of employees lh
state offices.
370. Cosson. To enjoin and abate
houses of lewdness, assignation and
386, Balkema. Legalizing premium
and trading stamp business.
263. Mattes. Appropriation paying
expenses contest of A. F. M. Hamble
ton and' John F. Ream.
361. Peterson. Relating to selec
tion of persons to serve as petit and
grand jurors and talesmen.
17. Proudfoot. Amending code re
lating to valuation of personal prop
344.. DeArmand. Relating to and
defining rights of dependent children.
281. White. Increasing amount ot
tax- to be levied for contingent fund
in school districts.
285. DeArmand. Regulating the is
suance of bonds by cities and towns.
417. Whipple. Relating to levy ol
mfllage tax for state university and
providing for expenditures.
419.* Whipple^ Fixing mlllage tax
levy for state college and providing
for expenditures.
420. Whipple. Fixing levy of mill
age tax for state normal and providing
for expenditure of same.
373. Larrabee. Providing that 2,
000 copies of report of municipal ac
count shall be issued by state auditor.
394. Sammis. Legalizing acts of
independent school district of Marcus,
Cherokee county.
278. Allen (Van Buren). Providing
that supreme court may assign district
judges to hold court In various dis
54. Swift. Providing penalty for
refusal by railroads to obey orders of
railroad commission.
9. Ripley. Relating to administra
tion of estates of absentees.
251. Hoyt. Fixing compensation of
state printer for printing legislative
161. Francis. Appropriating $1,000
for maintenance, of Okoboji dam, Dick
inson county.
379. Peterson. Increasing power of
board of parole.
71. Allen (Van Buren). Making
provisions for destruction of weeds
along highways, and creating county
drainage fund.
184. Smith (Mitchell). Defining
manner of organization of corporations
for pecuniary profit.
358. Saunders. Prohibiting giving
of immoral plays, exhibitions and en
410. Allen (Pocahontas). Appro
priating $75 to aid farmers' Institute
of Pocahontas county.
349. Glllilland. Appropriating $1,
000 for quarantining dangerously in
jurious insects.
297. Fitchpatrick. Relating to for
mation of election precincts.
258. Jamleson. Appropriating $2,
500 for John Jones, Injured while in
employ of state at Clarlnda.
130. Bruce. Prohibiting drinking
intoxicating liquors in or on railway
92. Proudfoot. Prohibiting use ol
cigarettes or tobacco by persons' under
sixteen years of age.
374. Larraoee. Providing for print
ing and' binding reports of financial
statements of cities and towns.'
350. Taylor. Punishing obstruction
of public highways with broken glass
or glass of any kind.
380. Saunders. Providing for con
demnation proceedings by cities and
towns for requiring heating plants,
waterworks, gas plants/ etc.
243. Beans. Legalizing acts of the
city council of Deep River, Mahaska
174- Kendall.' Authorizing counties
to pay a bounty for the destruction of
ground hogs.
239. Cooper. Providing state exec
utive council may engage extra fac
tory Inspector for bureau of l&bor at
salary of $100 per month and expenses.
33. Holmes. Appropriating $32.47
to defray expenses of Lincoln memo
rial services.
381. Fulton. Legalizing lncorpora-'
tion of the town of Packwood.
138. Ripley. Providing that feeble
minded men under forty-six years of
age may be admitted to the feeble
minded school.
123. Hunter. Providing In cities
located In two townships that each
shall constitute a separate park dis
trict unless the park commissioners
can agree unanimously on one park
177. Sullivan. Relating' to regula
tion of bucket shops.
98. Hickenlooper. Providing the
manner in which the board of super
visors of counties shall select lists of
158. Sullivan. Providing that laws
applying to hotels and Inns relative
to attachment of baggage of boarders
shall apply to rooming houses.
317. Moore (Linn). Legalizing acts
of city coluncll of Cedar Rapids and
county officers of Linn bounty In rela
tion to levy of park tax.
252. Koontz. Providing that vot
ing machines may be used at primary
355. Davidson. Giving certain cit
ies power to levy taxes for cOnntrut
lng outlets and purifying plants for
278. Hunter. Authorising Issuance
of search warrant and seizure of ci
garettes and cigarette papers.
221. Dabney. Providing for leas
ing of real estate and partition of same.
223. Brandes. Providing that In
digent Inmates of school for deaf may
be kept at school during vacation
313. Hackler. Legalizing Ordinances
of the town of Callender.
231. Smith. Appropriating $100,
000 for a steel grandstand state fair
189. Dodds. Providing for appro
priation by district 'fairs for short
courses in agriculture and domestic
30. Boettger. Fixing compensation
of township assessors..
200. Crozier. Providing for deposit
of money, in lieu of bond where bonds
are required for security for cost.
382. Cassady. Fixing limit of taxes
to be levied for making or repairing
452. Elliott. Relative to dependent
soldiers' and sailors' tax.
251. Fulliam. Making it illegal for
first cousins to marry.
44. Moore (Linn). Providing thai
any fiduciary giving a bond, as requir
ed by law, may include in his expense
account the lawful coat of such bond
as part of the cost' of executing hla
37. Rltter. Providing that town
ships shall participate In distribution
of mulct tax where same is collected
from saloon conducted outside of city
274. Bonwell, Making assault with
intent to inflict great bodily Injury
punishable by Imprisonment in peni
tentiary or state reformatory for
period' not to exceed one year.
191. Holmes. Amending child la
bor law
Usent tract to thadlnoMd part* bi
Improved Bloww. Basis the
ulnars, clean tba air Mwntn,
dropping* in th« wast sua
permanently eur«* Ostanh mod
BwFmr, No harmful dross.
25sJlower free:
all (Ualar* or Dr.
W.Chaae Medicine Co., Buffalo, N.Y.
For Sale by P. A. Clemmer, Druggist
as to provide for proof
from birth record or'baptismal record
of age of any child employed.
455. Holmes. Providing that school
districts In cities of second class may
employ marshal or police to act as
probation officer.
12. Balluff. To provide for car
and management and for distribution
of estate of absentee.
290. Fourt. Relative to the care
and propogation of fish.
102. Arney. Amending code rela
tive to rights of traction engines on
public highways.
433. Davidson. Relating to ways
to land which have: no other means of
450. Reaney. Providing for enu
meration of deaf and blind persona
by assessors.
416. Perkins. Authorizing cities
and towns to ircur an indebtedness
which, in the aggregate to other in
debtedness, shall not exceed 50 per
cent of the actual' value of taxable
property within' the city for public
119. Brandes. providing that city
councils may pay 'from sinking fund
expenses of preliminary work for erec
tion of city waterworks plant after
voters have decided in favor of con
struction of same.
96. Brandes. Providing that coun
ty treasurer may appoint collectors ot
delinquent personal and property tax,
and fixing compensation at not morn
than 15 per cent of sums collected.
399. Grler. Providing for trial ol
persons charged with crime of murder
and who are confined In a prison or
256. Brandes. Amending laws rel
ative to purchase by. cities of water
works, gaa plants, lighting and heat
ing plants, the granting of franchises
and submission of questions to tha
218. Stlllman. Amending law rel
ative to levying of taxes tor erection
or maintenance of public- libraries.
184. DeWitt. Amending la* reli
tlve to erection ot guide podta.
5. Zeller. Relative to jtijs 1
township trustee* e.ecuon una cu.
pensation 01 road s.^ciluijiiuent!:
the division and cousuii-a-iiou 01 10.
districts and colii^i.oa of piJp.,
road tax.
261. O'Connor. Ju^tute'ng
•lection in tue city or .*. H....
227. Kellogg. Amendiiig ti..
relative to the submission of public
questions to the voters.
229. Koontz. Making appropria
tion of $2,000 for fish and game com
265. Harding. Providing for deliv
ery to city treasurer of portion ol
county road fund tax collected' inside
coporate limits of any city.
393, Dabney, Relating to the sale
or exchange of bonds Issued under
provisions of section 403, code of 1907.
273. Arney. Providing for sale of
effects of deceased inmates of sol
dlers' home.
182. Holmes. Authorizing exten
sion of provisions of traveling library.
198. Boe. Relating to the labors
of state veterinary surgeon and fixing
219. Wilson. Providing for election
Of township assessor from township
outside of city limits.
427. Providing that attorneys can
not be accepted' as surety upon bonds
df clerk of courts, sheriff, or any jus
tice or constable.
321. Hanson. Relative to pure food
law and providing oysters shall «-jOt
contain Ice nor more than 16 2-3 oy
weight of liquid.
417. Anderson. Providing for pay
ment of expense's in establishing drain
age districts.
121. Swan. Providing, for yearly
trimming of osage, orange, willow, or
other hedge fence-along public roads.
175. Hickenlooper. Fixing annual
tax levy to be made by boards of su
230. Wolfe. Relative to the levy of
poor tax.
109. Arney. Providing for secur
ing of farm statistics for the Iowa
Year Book of Agriculture.
300. Beery. Providing that high
ways within and surrounding lands of
institutions controlled by state shall
be under control of state board of
357. Fulliam. Providing against
the marriage of first cousins and de
fining the manner of securing mar
riage license from clerk of court.
445. Harding. Legalizing actions
of city council of city of Sioux City
relating to transfer of money from
library bond fund to judgment fund.
365. Harvey. Legalizing deed ot
Osceola county to Edgar Baker for
government lot.
71. Beery. Describing and regulat
ing a lawful fence.
7, Davidson. Making appropriation
for dredging and improvement of Me
dium lake at Bmmetsburg.
84. Hunter. Providing that ice
shall be one of the perquisites of offi
cers of soldiers' home at Marshall
11. Hickenlooper. Fixing time for
examination of bonds of trustees, guar
dians and mlnlstrators by clerk of the
district court.
28. Koontz. Giving Unlversalist
church parish at Iowa City power to
transfer a portion of its property.
171.' Andereon. Appropriating $12,
500 for completion of compiling and
publication of Soldiers' roster.
60. Fulton. Providing that an ap
propriation of $50 may be made for
burial of Indigent soldiers.
161. Darrah. Raising to seventeen
years the age at which boys and girls
may be admitted to state industrial
1. Providing for additional em
ployees for the Thirty-third general
assembly and making appropriation
for payment of salaries for same.
145. Harding. Legalizing acts ot
supervisors of Woodbury county in
sale of certain school lands.
170. Koontz. Fixing the levy for
fire funds in cities of the second class
179. Raising pay of jurors to $2.50
per day and mileage one way at 10
cents per mile.
29. Boettger. Fixing compensation
of township clerks.
81. Boettger. Relating to the com
pensation of township trustees.
849. Anderson. Creating an Iowa
atate drainage, waterways and conser
vation commission.
373. Bchulte. Forbidding the plac
ing of names of clerks and judges of
election on Jury lists.
248. Bowman. Amending law rela
tive to hard' labor by persons confined
in jails by providing it shall not apply
to persons over fifty years of age.
2. Empowering board of regents
of state university and trustees of ag
ricultural and State Teachers' colle?*
to make application for admission ot
institutions to rights and privileges'
of the Carnegie Foundation tor the)
Advancement of Teaching.
208. Repealing and enacting sub
stitute relative to care of persons in'
fected with contagious disease, an.C
fixing duties of state board of iieai Mi
250. Amending law relating to ini
lltia and enacting substitute to be
known as "The Military Code or
1. Ellis. Appropriating $1,000 tor
the removal of the re.uajns 01 loriner
Governor Ansel Briggs fioiii cemetery
in Omaha to cemeimy at Andrew, in
Jackson county.
2. Hackler. Relating to the adop
tion of commission plan of govern
ment by cities of 10,000 population or
473. Moore (Linn). Transferring
to councils of cities power conterred
on river front improvement commis
78. BrandeB. Making the terms ot
elective public officers begin at noon
of the Becond secular day of January
following their election.
182.. -Jacobs. Relating to prefer
ence of debts owing for labor and the
filing, allowing and contesting of
claims therefor.
801. Beery. Relative to injuries to
domestic animals by dogs and wolves.
291. Ripley. Relative to pollution
•f streams or bodies of water within
the borders of the state.
185. Tllton. Providing for labeling
of bottles containing denatured al
cohol, and providing denatured alcohol
may be made and sold by. any person.
201. Fulton. Providing polling
places for townships outside of city
limits may be fixed at some room In
court house or other building in the
436. Inman. Relating to renewal
of teachers' certificates without re
428. Bascom. Amending law rela
tive to times of meeting of boards of
Hi- Boe. Relative to attendance
of chlldVen between ages of twelve
and fourteen at school.
414. Holmes. Giving board of con-'
trol full power to Investigate charges
of abuse, neglect and miscqpidiict
against management of state institu
126. Baxter. Giving owners or
keepers of stallions or jacks a lien
upon the get of any such animal.
814. Schulte. Relative to protec
tion of city and town property from
490. Jacobs. Legalizing incorpora
tion of the town of Kneirin, In Cal
houn county.
482. Harding. Legalizing acts and
resolutions, etc., of the council of Oto,
Woodbury county.
263. Ward. Fixing securities In
which insurance companies may in
vest their funds.
537. Defining character of vouchers
upon which warrants shall be drawn
by auditor of state.
406. Perkins. Relating to the du
ties of parents and guardians.
153. WElson. Establishing labora
tory of state college for manufacture
of hog Cholera serum and tuberculin.
530. Appropriating $327.69 to pay
expenses of investigating committee
of hospitals for insane.
531. Appropriating $157.50 to pay
expenses of visiting committees to
state educational Institutions.
207. Perkins. Providing for funds
to encourage dairy Industry of the
508. Sullivan. Amending law rela
tive to recall system in the commis
sion form of government.
539. Sankey. Legalizing acts of
the council of Weldon, Decatur county.
98. Davidson. Permitting county
attorney to amend indictment, correct
ing errors, or add allegations.
383. Kull. -General acts forbidding
trusts, pool& and combinations.
879. Jewell. Requiring city coun
cils to publish proceedings of meet
ings with list of claims allowed.
405. Rltter. Amending board of
health laws relative to qualification of
485. Giving auditor of state author
ity to appoint six bank examiners and
fixing fees for examination.
494. Stillman. For furnishing list
of books suitable for use In school
district libraries.
408. Stoddard. Creating office of
Inspector of bees.
359. Kull. Permitting board of
health to issue temporary permits for
practice of medicine.
305. Hunter. Increasing compensa
tion of clerks of district courts and'
their deputy.
307. Sullivan. Relating to Inspec
tion of petroleum products.
439. Reaney. Providing that prim
ary ballots whereto contest is made
shall be destroyed within ten days.
488. Cunningham. Compelling rail
road companies to install telephones
for use of patrons, and to maintain
bulletins showing arrival and depart
ure of trains.
448. McDonald. Exempting school
and municipal bonds-from assessment
for taxes.
507. Sullivan. Providing that school
bonds in excess of $400,000 may bf
run for any period or periods not ex
ceeding twenty years.
534. Regulating shipment of fish
and game.
111. Cooper. Providing for change
of place of trial on certain written
440. Grier. Giving superior courts
jurisdiction over dipsomaniacs, ineb
riates and excessive users of narcotics.
549. Lee. Relating to the construc
tion of levees, ditches and drains.
504. Anderson. Relating to recov
ery of Interest.
9. Asking congress to call conven
tion for proposing amendments to con
stitution of United States.
Beauty of Body.
A healthy body is a beautiful body,
and beauty of body is to be perferred
to beauty of face. It is easy enough
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ion if her body is in good health. To
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Conference Decides to Take Woman
Kidnaper to Home of Little Willi*
Sharon, Pa., Apr. 10.—a conference
was held here yesterday between
James P. Whitla, his legal representa
tive, Attorney Cochran, and Justice of
the Peace S. S. Gilbert, following which
announcement was made thit Mrs.
James H. Boyle, one of the alleged ab
ductors of Willie Whitla, will be
brought from the Mercer county Jail to
this city for a hearing next Monday or
Tuesday. *1'*^
*9 R\V
You who have occasional trouble
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ach. Kodol for Dyspepsia and Indi
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of the Little
Tablets {fi
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«M Dr. Miles' Aatf*
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In the District Court of the State of Iowa, la
and for Howard County.
In the Matter of the Kutate of
Fred Paul, Deceased.
Notice of Appointment of Executor.
To Whom It May Conccrn:
Notice la hereby given that the under
signed has been appointed and has qualified
as executrix of the estate of Fred Paul, late
of Howard County, Iowa, deceased. ~AU per
sons In any manner Indebted to said deceas
ed or his estate will luake payment to the un
dersigned and those having claims against
Bald deceased or his estate will present them
In manner and form as by law required, for
allowance and payment.
Dated this 23rd day or March 1909. Hiw3
Words To Freeze The Soul.
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falible for Coughs and Colds, its the
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i** i*
s. f&J)
l* r'lllf-
Executrix of said estate.
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ways be relieved and
solutely cured by
ointment that we positively guarantee satis
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For sale by P. A. Clemmer, Druggist
Rocky Mountain Toa Muggefs
A Busy Medicine for Busy People.
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A specific for Constipation, Indigestion,
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Blood, Qad Breatli, Sluggish Bowels, Headache
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let form, cents a box. Genuine made by
01MIU«S and. beaatiftef th« hair.
Promote* ft luxuriant growth.
Never hill to BMtove Gray
JHalr to Its Youthful Color*
Con* tcalp dUeatM ahatr falling.
00c. sad 0140 at DrumUlS

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