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Twice-a-week plain dealer. (Cresco, Howard County, Iowa) 1895-1913, July 13, 1909, Image 3

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inscriptive Polder Free
Ciienr d'Alene
and lteliirii
and Ketiim
assumption seems not un
wnrrautable that Mr. ('nleitdni
figuratively washed his hands
of Mr. Klrkwood. Unquostiou
»bly Mr. Klrkwood considered him
self well rid of Mr. Calendar. When
the latter had gone his way, Klrk
wood, mindful of the fact that his boat
train would leave St. Fancras at 11:30,
set about his packing and dismissed
from his thoughts the Incident created
by the fat ndventurer and at 6 o'clock
or thereabouts let himself out of his
room, dressed for the evening, a light
raincoat over one arm, In the other
hand a cane, the drizzle having
A stolid British lift carried him down
to the ground floor of the establish
ment in something short of five min
utes. Tauslng In the Qfllce long enough
to settle his bill and feave Instructions
to have his luggage conveyed to the
boat train, he received with entire
equanimity the affable benediction of
the clerk, in -whose eyes he still fig-1
ured as that rndlant creature, an
American millionaire, and passed on to
the lobby, where he surrendered hat,
coat and stick to the cloakroom at
tendant ere entering the dining room.
The hour was a trifle early for a
London dinner, the handsome roon
but moderately Oiled with patrons.
Klrkwood absorbed the fact uncon
sciously and without displeasure. The
earlier the better, he was determined
to consume his last civilized meal (as
ho chose to consider It) at his serene
leisure, to live fully his ebbing mo
ments in the world to which he was
born, to drink to Its cloying dregs on«
ultimate draft of luxury.
With a deferential Sourish the wait
er brought him the menu card. II«
had served in his time many an Amer
ican millionaire he had also served
this Mr. Klrkwood, and respected him
as one exalted above the run of his
kind in that ho comprehended the art
of dining.
Fifteen minutes later the waiter de
parted rejoicing, his order complete. I
To distract a conscience whispering
of extravagance Klrkwood lighted
The room was gradually filling with
later arrivals. It was tho most fa
vored restaurant in London, and de
spite the radiant costumes of the wom
en Its atmosphere remained sedate and
A cab clattered down the side street
on which the window opened.
At a nearby table a woman laughed,
quietly happy. Incuriously Klrkwood
glanced her way. She was bending
forward, smiling, flattering her escort
with the adoration of her eyes. Xtoey
were lovers alone In the wilderness ol
the crowded restaurant. They seemed
very happy.
Klrkwood was conscious of a strange
pang of emotion. It took him soma
time to comprehend that it was envy.
He was alone and lonely. For the
first time he realized that no woman
had ever looked upon him as the wo
man at the adjoining tnble looked upon
her lover. He had found time to wor
ship but one mistress—his art.
And he was renouncing her.
He wns painfully conscious of who!
he had missed, had lost or had not yel
found—the love of woman.
The sensation was curious, new,
unique In his experience.
His cigarette burned down to ills
fingers ns he sat pondering. Abstract
edly he ground Its fire out In an ash
The waiter set before him a silver
tureen, covered.
He sat up and began to consume his
soup, scarce doing It justice. His
dream troubled him—his dream of the
love of woman.
From a little distance his waiter ro
garded him with an air of disappoint
ment. In the course of an hour and a
half he awoke to discover the attend
ant in the act of pouring very hot and
black coffee from a bright silver pol
Into a demitasse of fragile porcelain.
Klrkwood Bllpped a slnglo lump ol
sugar Into the cup, gave over his clgai
case to be filled, then lenncd back, de
liberately lighting a long and slendei
panetcla as a preliminary to a laBt lin
gering appreciation of the scene ol
which he was a part
He reviewed it through narrowed
eyelids lazily, yet with some slight
surprise, seeming to see It with new
vision, with eyes from which scales oi
ignorance had dropped.
This long and brilliant dining ball,
with its quiet perfection of proportion
and appointment, had always gratified
his love of the beautifuL Tonight 11
pleased him to an unusual degree. Yet
It was the same as ever. Its walls,
tinted a deep rose, with their hangings
of dull cloth of gold Its lights dlscrlm
lnatingly clustered and dlscreetlj
shaded, redoubled in half a hundred
mirrors Its subdued shimmer of plate
and glass, Its soberly festive assem
blage of circumspect men and women
splendidly gowned, its decorously
muted murmur of voices penetrated
and interwoven by the strains of a
hidden string orchestra, caressed his
senses as always, yet with a differ
ence. Tonight he saw It a room popu
lous with lovers, lovers Insensibly
paired, man unto woman attentive,
woman of man regardful.
He had never understood tMs before.
This much ho had missed in life.
It seemed hard to realize that one
must forego it all forever.
Presently he found himself acutely
self conscious. The sensatloni puzzled
him, and without appearing to do sfi
he traced it from effect to cause and
found the cause in a woman—a girl.
rather—seated at a table the third re
moved from him, near the farther wall
of the room.
Too considerate and too embarrassed
to return her scrutiny openly, look fot
,look, he yet felt sure that, however
'temporarily, he was become the ob
lect of her Intent interest
idly employed with his clgnr. lie
sipped his eoflVo. In time aware tlint
.she hnd turned hor attention
With this second glance appreciation
pallor of her young shoulders.
In the sheer youth of her (he real-
moro t,)nn |lt olrie her
Down an aisle, past the table at
which the girl was sitting, came two,
making toward the lobby, the man, a
plight and meager young personality,
In the lead. Their party had attracted
KIrkwood's notice as they entered—
why, he did not remember, but it was
in his mind that then they hnd been
three. Instinctively he looked at the
tnble they had left, one placed at some
distance from the girl nnd hidden from
her by an angle in the wall. It ap
peared that the third member had
chosen to dally a few moments over
his tobacco and a liqueur brandy.
Klrkwood could see him plainly loung
ing in his chair and fumbling the stem
of a glass, a heavy man of somber
habit, his black and sullen brows low
ering and thoughtful above a face
boldly handsome.
The woman of the trio was worthy
of closer attention. Some paces in the
wake of her lackluster esquire sho
was making a leisurely progress, trail
ing the skirts of a gown magnificent
beyond dispute, half concealed though
it was by tho opera cloak whose soft
folds draped her shoulders. Slowly,
carrying her head high, she approach
ed, insolent eyes reviewing the room
from beneath their heavy lids, a metal
lic and mature type of dark beauty
supremely self confident and self pos
Men turned involuntarily to look aft
er her, not altogether in undiluted ad
In the act of passing behind the pu
tative Calendar sho paused momenta
rily, bending as if to gnther up her
train. Presumably the action disturb
ed her balance. She swayed a little
nnd in the effort to recover rested the
tips of her gloved fingers upon the
edge of the tnble. Simultaneously
(Klrkwood could have sworn) a sin
gle word left her lips, a word evident
ly pitched for the enr of the hypothet
ical Calendar alone. Then she swept
on, imperturbable, assured.
To the perplexed observer it waB in
dubitably evident that some commu
nication bad passed from the woman
to the man. Klrkwood saw the fat
shoulders of the girl's companion stiff
en suddenly as the woman's hand rest
ed at his elbow. As she moved away
a little rippling shiver was plainly vis
ible in the muscles of his back beneath
his coat, mute token of relaxing ten
sion. An instant later one plump and
mottled hand was carelessly placed
where the woman's had been and
was at once removed with fingers
To the girl, watching her face cov
ertly, Klrkwood turned for a clew to
the Incident. He mnde no doubt that
she hnd observed the passage. Proof
of that one found in her sudden star
tling pallor (of indignation?) and in her
eyes, briefly alight with some inscruta
ble emotion, though quickly veiled by
lowered lashes. Slowly enough she
regained color and composure, while
her vis-a-vis sat motloulesB, head in
clined, as if In thought.
Abruptly the man turned in his
chair to summon a waiter and exoosed
i$SV" ~,in-irv...'r!
Bjr Louis Joseph Vance
Copyrlffht, 1908, by the Bobbs-Merrill Co.
where, he looked up.
At first he woa conscious of nn of
Ifect of disappointment. She was no
body that he knew, even by reputa
tion. She
simply young girl,
barely out of her teens—if as old as
that phrase would signify. He won
dered what site had found In him to
make her think him worth so long a
study and looked again, more keenly
more than a child. Indeed, If ho were
prised his Interest, Klrkwood glanced
nslde coolly deliberate lest she should
detect In his attitude anything more
than Impersonal approval.
A slow color burned his cheeks. In
his temples there rose a curious puls
After awhile she drew his gaze again
Imperiously, herself ull unaware of the
havoc she was wreaking on his tem
"Eighteen," he hazarded—"eighteen
or possibly nineteen dining at the Pless
In a ravishing dinner gown and un
happy? Oh, hardly—not shel"
Yet theimpression haunted him, and ,n
ere long he was fain to seek confirma- „.,fU
tlon or denial of It In the manner of
her escort
The latter sat with back to Klrk
wood, cutting a figure as negative as
his snug evening clothes. One could
surmise little from a fleshy thick neck,
a round glazed bald spot, a fringe of
grizzled hair and two bright red ears.
Somehow the fellow did suggest
KIrkwood's caller of the afternoon.
The young man could not have said
precisely how, for he was unfamiliar
with the aspect of that gentleman's
back. None the less, the suggestion
By now a few of the guests, theater
bound for the most part, were leaving,
nore and there a table stood vacant
that had been filled, cloth tarnished,
chairs disarranged, in another moment
to be transformed Into Its pristine bril
liance under the deft attentions of the
his profile Klrkwood wns In nowise
11 mil zed to recognize Calendar--n lnu!
ly frightened Calendar now. however
and hardly to be Identified with tin
sleek, glib fellow who Imd Interviewed
Klrkwood In the afternoon. Ills flab
by cheeks were ashen and trembling,
ind upon the back of his cluilr the fat
white fingers were drumming liu-es
mntly nn Inaudible tattoo of shuttered
"Scared silly!" commented Klrk
ivood. "Why?"
Having spoken to his waiter, Calen
dar for some seconds raked the room
stirred the artistic side of his nature, with quick glances, ns If seeking an
ilint was already grown Impatient of ipqunlntanee. Presumably dlsuppolnt
liis fretted mood. The slender and girl- t*l. lie swung back to face the girl,
Ish figure, posed with such absolute lending forward to reach her ears
lack of Intruslou against a screen of with accents low pitched and confl
rose and gilt, moved hliu to critical lentlal. She on her part fell at once
admiration. The tinted glow of shaded attentive, grave and responsive. Per
candles caught gllctenlug 011 the spun imps a dozen sentences passed be
jold of her lair hair enhanced the fine hvoen them. At the outset her brows
rontrncted, and she shook her head In
gentle dissent, whereupon Calendar's
manner became more Imperative,
clilefest charm. She could be little
Gradually, unwillingly, she seemed to
to Judge her by the purity of hor shad- breath sharply and, infected by her
owed eyes and the absence of emotion companion's agitation, sat back, color
in the calin nnd direct look which fading again In the round young
presently she turned upon hlin who
consent Once she cnught her
sat wondering at the level, penciled KIrkwood's waiter put In an Inop
darkness of her brows. portune appearance with the bill. The
At length, aware that she had sur- ,-oung man paid It. When he looked
'ip again Calendar had swung square
ly about In his chair. Ills eye encoun
tered KIrkwood's. He nodded pleas
antly. Temporarily confused, Klrk
wood returned the nod.
In a twinkling he had repented.
Calendar hnd left his chair and was
srending his way through the tables
ioward KIrkwood's. Reaching it, he
paused, offering the hand of genial
fellowship. Klrkwood accepted It half
heartedly (what else was he to do?),
remarking at the same time that Cal
endar had recovered much of his com
posure. There was now a normal col-
the heayl, jowlpd counte.
nance, with less glint of fear tn the
quick, dark eyes, and Calendar's hnnd,
even if moist nnd cold, no longer trem
bled. Furthermore, It wns immediate
ly demonstrated that his impudence
hnd not deserted him.
"Why, Klrkwood, my dear fellow!"
lie crowed, not so loudly as to attract
attention, but In a tone assumed to
illvert suspicion, should he be over
heard. "This is great luck, you know,
to find you here."
"Is it?" returned Klrkwood coolly.
He disengaged his fingers.
The pink plump face was contorted
In a furtive grimace of deprecation.
Without waiting for permission Calen
dar dropped into the vacant chair.
"My dear sir," he proeeeded, un
abashed, "I throw myself upon your
"The devil you do!"
"I must I'm in the deuce of a hole,
and there's no one I know here be
sides yourself. I—I"—
Klrkwood saw fit to lead him on,
partly becnuse out of the corner of his
eye he was aware of the girl's uncon
cealed suspense. "Go on, please, Mr.
Calendar. You throw yourself on a
totnl stranger's mercy because you're
In the deuce of a hole, and"—
"It's this way. I'm called n-jay on
urgent business—imperative L»*.ness
1 must go at once. My daughter Is
with me—my daughter! Think of my
embarrassment I cannot leave her
here lilone, nor can I permit her to go
home unprotected."
Calendar paused in anxiety.
"That's easily remedied then," sug
gested Klrkwood.
"Put her lu a cab at the door."
"No. The devlll I couldn't think of
It You won't understand. I"—
"I do not understand," amended the
younger mai' politely.
Calendar compressed his Hps nerv
ously. It was plain that the man was
quivering with impatience and half
mad with excitement. He held quiet
only long enough to regain his self
control nnd tnke counsel with his pru
"It is impossible, Mr. Klrkwood. I
must ask you to be generous and be
lieve me."
"Very well. For the sake of the ar
gument I do believe you, Mr. Calen
Swiftly, stammering In his haste:
"I can't let Dorothy accompany me to
the door," declared Calendar. "She—
I—I throw myself upon your mercyl"
"What, again?"
"Tho truth—the truth Is, If you will
have it, that I am In danger of arrest
the moment I leave here. If my daugh
ter is with me she will have to endure
the shame and humiliation"—
"Then why place her In such a posi
tion?" Klrkwood demanded sharply.
Calendar's eyes burned. Incandescent
with resentment Offended, he offered
to rise and go, but changed his mind
and sat tight in hope.
"I beg of you, sir"—
"One moment, Mr. Calendar.""
Abruptly KIrkwood's wenthercock
humor shifted, amusement yielding to
intrigued Interest. After all, why not
oblige the fellow? What did anything
matter now? What harm could visit
him If he yielded to this corpulent ad
venturer's Insistence? Besides, there
was the girl to be considered.
Klrkwood considered ber forthwith
In the process thereof his eyes Bought
her, perturbed. Their glances clashed.
She looked away hastily, crimson to
her temples.
Instantly the conflict between curi
osity and caution, Inclination and dis
trust, waa at an end. With sudden
compllanco ho young man rose.
"I shall be most happy to be of serv
ice to your daughter, Mr. Calendnr,"
he said, placing the emphasis with be
coming gravity. And then, the fat ad
venturer leading the way, Klrkwood
strode across the room, wondering
somewhat 11G himself, if the whole
truth 1B to be disclosed.
"V ***_\
Animal's Struggles Dislodge Rock and
Or# Containing Yellow Metal In
Large Quantities Revealed
to Hunters.
Bellingham, Wash.—That a big bull
moose shot by Oscar T. Nelson, former
ly of this city, should, In Its dying con
vulsions, uncover a vein of gold which
is estimated to be worth thousands of
dollars. Is the novel story which comes
from Alaska. The truth of the story Is
vouched for by William C. Nelson, a
brother to Oscar, who has received
the complete details of the discovery
of the gold vein through letters from
the north.
As the story goes, Nelson, accom
panied by Washburn and Johnson, two
prospectors, was In the vicinity of
Fairbanks creek when he crossed the
trail of two moose, and upon close ex
amination of the tracks found that one
of the animals must be gigantic in
stature, as his step when measured
was found to be almost six feet in
The men immediately laid plans for
the capture of the moose, bearing in
mind that it must be the famous Ana
conda bull moose, which was fre
quently seen on Fairbanks creek by
miners, who had attempted to kill it
many times.
Nelson stationed himself on a run
way, while Johnson and Washburn
took a circuitous route with the Inten
tion of driving the animal within range
of Nelson's rifle.
Johnson and Washburn soon jumped
the big bull and he made straight for
Nelson, who was lying behind a blind.
The big fellow was not aware of the
hunter's presence until within 150
yards of him, when the bull threw his
nose Into the air and, detecting Nel
son by scent, started with a flying
pace out of danger. Nelson fired when
he saw the big animal rapidly gallop
ing away, and with the first shot from
the rifle the famous Anaconda
toppled over.
When the hunters approached the.
dead beast they were startled at Its
•Ize, as the antler spread was a trifle
more than seven feet and the size of
its head would do credit to a hippo
potamus. The weight of the bull was
estimated at 1,200 pounds, as It re
quired three of the men to lift oue of
the front quarters, and two of them
were able to carry one hind quarter
but a short distance at a time.
When the moose was being cut Into
quarters Nelson discovered that the
rock which had been exposed from un
der a layer of moss torn loose by the
convulsions of the dying beast, bore
gold in large quantities. The three
hunters made a closer investigation
of the ore with their magnifying
glasses, and immediately staked out a
number of claims. The next day they
went to Fairbanks to file their claims
and have the ore assayed. Nelson
stated that the rock bore a large per
cent, of gold, and when the Fairbanks
populate learned the news a miniature
rush was started in the direction of
tfee new gold strike
Clu'ltc Different.
Rncon—rid you say he awoke, one
day, to find himself famous?
Egbert—No 1 said he dreamed he
was famous,_ and then he woke up.—
Yonkers Statesman.
Sad Case.
"You're looking seedy this morn
"I ought to. I had such bad dreaml
I couldn't sleep a wink all night."—
Cleveland Leader.
Prank J. Cheney makes oath tbat lie is senior
partner of the tlrm or P. J. Olienoy & Co., aolog
business 111 tlie City of Toledo, County aud
State arorosald. and that said tlrm will pay the
sum ot ONE UUNDKICD DOLLARS for each
and every vase of Catarrh that caunot tie cured
by the use of llall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me aud subbcrlbed In uiy
presence, this 6th day of December. A. I). 188#.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally, and
acts directly on the blood aud mucous surfaces
of the system. Seud for testimonials free.
F..I.CUENEY & Co., Toledo, O.
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Take Balls Family Pills for Constipation.
Farmers, mechanics, railroaders,
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Oil. Takes the sting out of cuts, burns
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ion sallow? Liver needs waking up.
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