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Women who suffer with disorders peculiar to their
sex should write to Dr. Pierce and receive free the
advice of a physician of over 40 years' experience
—a skilled and successful specialist in the diseases
of women. Every tetter of this sort has the most
careful consideration and is regarded as sacredly
confidential. Many sensitively modest women write
fully to Dr. Pierce what they would shrink from
telling to their local physician. The local physician
is pretty sure to say that he cannot do anything
without "an examination." Dr. Pierce holds that
these distasteful examinations are generally need
less, and that no woman, exccpt in rare cases, should submit to them.
Dr. Pierce's treatment will cure yon right in the privacy of
your own home. His Favorite Prescription" has cured
hundreds of thousands^ some of them the worst of cases.
It is the only medicine of its kind that is the product of a regularly graduated
physician. The only one good enough that its makers dare to print its every
ingredient on its outside wrapper. There's no secrecy. It will hear examina
tion. No alcohol and no habit-forming drugs are found in it. Some unscrup
ulous medicine dealers may offer you a substitute. Don't take it. Don't trifle
with your health. Write to World's Dispensary Medical Association, Dr. R.
V. Pierce, President, Buffalo, N. Y.,—take the advice received and be well.
A Coal of particular free burning
quality, eveiy lump full of im
prisoned sunshine of long, hot
summer days. Coal thafyou put
in the stove and know that it is
going to warm the whole house,
not fill your chimney full of soot,
and when you carry out the ashes
in the morning you will not be
carrying out a lot of half burned
coal and a scuttle full of clinkers.
and we sell it at, per ton
Copeland Lumber Co.
Merchant Tailoring!
Order vour SUITS ANT) OVERCOATS made
at David Amtimlson's Sliop. lie keeps the
Largest and Best Assortment in the city of
All Kinds of Black and Mixed
Always a Nice Line of PAN TS GOODS and
Also Agency for Albert Lea and J-t. 1'anl
Steam Laundry Companies for
All Work Guaranteed to Give Satisfaction.
D. AMUNDSON, Crcsco, Iowa
The Ideal Bakeru
And Eating Room
Geo. L. CHAMI'UN, l'uui\
The Desire of This Bank is to Help the
We still have $1.00 each for every child in Howard
and adjoining counties, not having an account with us,
who will open a savings account of $2.00 or more the
account to be left at least one year. We pay 4 per cent
on all savings accounts and furnish a dandy savings bank
with each account. Do not wait, start now, make the
first deposit today.
Cresco Union Savings Bank
When in need of anything in
our line give us a call anil we
will try to give you satisfaction.
Capital $100,000.00
Northern Iowa l'hone 375
Rocky Mountain Tea Nuggeis
A Busy Modicino for Busy People.
Brings Golden Health and Renewed Vigor.
A specific for Const ipat ion, Indigestion, Liver
and Kidney
troubles, Pimples, Eczema, impure
Blood, Bad Breath,SluggiKh Bowels,Headache
and Backache. I ta Rocky Mountain Tea in tab
let form. 35 cents a box. Genuine made by
Hollibtkii Duuu Company, Madison, Wis.
Con: mii|it|inn readily attacks those
who have hiiil Pneumonia. Many suf
ferers fiom tiihereulosis give a history
of having had pneumonia. The lung's
thus weakened are more easily attack
ed by tho germs that cause consump
For all those with "weak lungs," es
pecially those who have had pneu
monia, Kckman's Alterative is the ap
propriate remedy. Cures of consump
tion are accomplished by Eekinan's Al
terative. Hut take it in time. There
is no wisdom in waiting uutil Tubercu
losis is established.
Health is never fully valued until
siekues conies.
"I wish I had known of Eckman's
Alterative two years ago. Since taking
it 1 have gained twenty-eight pounds
and 1 cannot but be very thankful to
you anil the Almighty !od for the
gnat blessing and change of health it
has hr.night me."
(Simied) Thomas Iteillv,
ll'Jli Broadway, Canuleu, N. J.
Eckman's Alterative is good for nil
throat ami lung troubles, and is on sale
Cresco by P. A. Glummer and other
druggists. Ask for Booklet of cured
Children Cry
Former Executive of Iowa City Rallies
to Defense of the Idea—May
Succeed in Having State
Legislature Paver Way.
Elgin, 111., Oct. 23.—Advocates of the
commission form 01 government en
countered rough seas at the session
of the annual convention of (he Illi
nois Mayor's Association. Following
a torrid denunciation of the proposed
system by a state representative, Ar
wln L. Price, formerly mayor of Elgin,
the committee on resolutions, which
made its report at the day's business
meeting, failed to incorporate in the
memorials any mention of the sub
ject. For a time all action on the
proposition seemed to have been
blocked, but the tide Is believed by
the commission government enthus
iastics to have been turned in the
other direction by an address at a
banquet in the afternoon by John Mac
Vicar, former mayor of Des Moines
and at present one of the five com
missioners of that city.
A resolution urging the legislature
to enact a law giving cities the right
to adopt such a form of government
has been made a special order of busi
Mr. MacVlcar called Mr. Price a
standpatter and asserted that the com
mission system has produced wonder
ful results in Iowa.
"Until I heard Mr. Price speak, I
had never discovered a mayor who
could advance and argument against
said commission form of government,"
said Mr. MacVicar. "His reason was
that it is easier to buy three com
missioners than 50 aldermen. He has
shown himself to be a standpatter in
municipal government.
"But the trouble with our govern
ment in most cities today is not cor
ruption so much as inefficiency. Effi
ciency Is the keynote of the commis
sion form of government.
"In Des Moines we have been oper
Rtinf under the cqpimission plan near
ly two years and the results have far
exceeded our expections. With a
board of ordinary calibre we have suc
ceeded in changing a deficit of $100,
000 in 1907 to a surplus of |80,000
in 1908. The saving of $180,000 In
ordinary experiences certainly is wor
thy of note.
"This form of government will not
eliminate politics. So long as the peo
ple have a franchise and vote to elect
men to office any system is going to be
a political proposition. In Des Moines
we have not done away with politics,
but we have improved the brand."
Bomb Hurled In Munich.
Munich, Oct. 23.—A powerful bomb
was exploded in the street. The
pavement near by was torn up and
neighboring buildings were consider
ably damaged. No person was in
jured. There is no explanation of the
Vanderbilt Dies in Poverty.
Helena, Oct. 23.—John Vanderbilt,
first cousin of Commodore Vanderbilt,
and a famous Colorado-Montana pion
eer, who was injured in falling from
a house at Xorris, died in poverty in
this city. No word has been received
from the New York family of Vander
bilts and if none is forthcoming he
will be buried here under the aus
pices of the Montana society of pio
neers. Vanderbilt died practically pen
niless, although in early days he
amassed a competency several times,
only to lose i» again.
Making Slow Progress in the St. Paul
St. Paul, Oct. 25.—After three days,
the trial of Mrs. Louis Arbogast for
the number of her husband has made
little progress.
An Important witness for tho state
was sprung when Isidore Abraham
son, the first outsider to reach the
Arbogast home after the actual mur
der, told a straightforward story,
showing that members of the family
knew Louis Arbogast had been hurt
when he arrived, very soon after 4
o'clock, and gave detailed facts, lock
ing the door, it is said, against any
possible theory of an outside assassin.
The witness stated that Arbogast
was stark naked in bed that the fire
was fresh and that a bunch of feathers
was burning on the back steps. Ho
also testified that he met Mrs. Arbo
gast coming down stairs alone, dress
ed in a nightgown.
U. 8. Minister's Daughter Engaged.
Berlin, Oct. 25.—According to pri
vate information from Copenhagen,
Miss Carmel Ggan, the youngest
daughter of the United States minis
ter to Denmark, Dr. Maurice Francis
Egan, is engaged to the young Count
Ilolstein-Lodreborg, son of the prime
minister of Denmark.
Negro Preacher Hanged.
Groveville, Ala., Oct. 25.—Louis Baa
lam, a negro preacher, was Hanged
here for the murder of a deputy sher
iff last. August.
Mr. C. K. Slonneger.
The world seems dark and life not
worth living to to the person who suf
fers from indigestion and|stomach t"oil
le year in and year out, in spile of his
eiforts to be cured. But it is all a
question of being fortunate enough
strike the right medicine. C. K. Slon
neger, Liberty, Ind., says the right
medicine for indigestion and stomach
trouble is Dr. Caldwell's Syrup I'epsin,
which cured him. It is absolutely guar
anteed to do what is claimed, and if
you want to try it before buying, send
your address for a free sample bottle
to Pepsin Syrup Co.. 119 Caldwell
Bldg., Monticello, 111. It is sold by all
druggists at 50c and $1 a bottle.
Committee of Three in St. Paul Ask
ing Questions—North Dakota
St. Paul, Oct. 23.—Whether a sys
tem of peonage exists in the lumber
and mining camps of Minnesota or
elsewhere in the state in violation of
the federal laws, is a question 011
which a committee of three, represent
ing the immigration commission un
der the immigration bureau of the
United States department of com
merce and labor at Washington, took
testimony at the federal building in
St. Paul.
The commit lee consisted of John C.
Elder, of Washington, D. ('., chairman
Congressman John I,. Burnett, of Ala
bama, and Ch:irles P. Xeill, of Chica
go. A number of state and federal
officers were examined and their testi
mony made a mutter of written record
to be reported to the commission.
A number of local officers and oth
ers from outside the city were sub
poenaed to come to St. Paul and testi
fy. It is expected that the taking of
testimony at St. Paul will not be com
pleted for several days. The commit
tee will go to Fargo. later to Nebras
ka and thence to the Pacific coast.
The proceedings were behind closed
doors and strictly executive. All who
had to do with the affair were ex
ceedingly reticent.
At Fargo Next.
Fargo, X. D.. Oct. 23.—The United
States government will start a thor
ough probe into the charges of peon
nge of laborers in North Dakota in
this city next, week before Immigra
tion Commissioner Burnett. Marshals
are out serving subpoenaes on wit
nesses in different parts of the state
The first hint of peonage hero was
given out by John Clifton Elder, spe
cial agent from Washington, a few
weeks ago.
File Complaint With I. C. C. Against
Eastern Roads.
Washington, Oct. 23.—Alleging that
class and commodity rates from va
rious eastern points are excessive, un
just and discriminatory, Frederick &
Gempe Co., and forty other merchants
and manufacturers, of Red Wing.
filed a cortplaint with the Interstate
commission against the New York,
New Haven fc Hartford and twenty
five other railroad companies.
The originating points named in the
complaint are Boston, New York, Phil-,
delphia, Baltimore, Albany, Bingham
ton, Ogdensburg, Buffalo and Bur
lington, VI.
The complainants say that by reason
of these excessive rates they are
placed at a disadvantage in market
ing their various products. Each com
plainant makes a specific, claim for
a refund of overcharges, 60 cents be
ing the lowest amount claimed by any I
one firm, and $"4.(10 the highest.
The Washoe Coal Company, of Ana
eonda, Mont., filed a claim against the
Oregon Short Line and the Butte, An
aconda & Pacific roads, for coal lost
in transit between Diamondville, Wyo.
and Anaconda.
Rev. J. W. Van Kirk on Tour of World
Will Preach in Minnesota.
JCew York, Oct. 23.—Kov. J. W. Van
Kirk, known as the "Ohio Plastering
Parson," is preparing to preach his
way around the world. Before leav
ing for China he will preach in Min
neapolis, St. Paul, Duluth, Omaha and
San Francisco. He works his way by
preaching, lecturing, and plastering.
Four years ago ho made a tour of
the vrorld.
If you want to buy or sell Real Estate
call on Geo. 11. Owens. Oflice over
First National Hank. Cresco, Iowa. la.
Six Torpedo Coat Destroyers as Es
cort—Public Speech in St.
St. Louis, Oct. 25.—President Taft
and his party late this afternoon start
ed 011 their four days' trip -lawn the
Father of Waters, on tIn a way to
New Orleans to attend the fourth an
nual convention of the lakes to the
Gulf Deep Waterway Association.
The departure of the president was
spectacular. He and his party, includ
ing Vice-President Sherman and
Speaker Cannon, boarded the light
house tender Oleander and sailed
away, escorted by six torpedo boat de
stroyers. Following in his wake more
than 30 river steamers carrying vari
ous delegations to the convention, and
after them swarmed all manner of
craft bearing people who intended to
see the fleet well on its way.
The day had been full of events of
interest. President Taft arrived from
the south about 7:30 and was at once
taken in charge by the Business Men's
league, whose reception committee
was reenforced by representatives of
several other civic organizations.
First on the program was breakfast
at the St. Louis club, at which the
vice-president and speaker were among
the guests, and the Commercial club
was the host. At 11 o'clock Mr. Taft
was driven to the New Coliseum,
weher he delivered an address to 15,
000 invited persons. Gov. Iladley pre
sided and introduced the president.
Then came a big luncheon at the
Planters' hotel at two o'clock, James
E. Smith presiding after which Mr.
Taft was given an opportunity to rest
for a little while.
East St. Louis next claimed the
president, and all the distinguished
visitors crossed the river with him
and watched him dedicate the new
federal building in the Illinois city.
There the East St. Louis Commercial
club was the host. The president
then returned to St. Louis for the
start down the Mississippi river.
This evening the Oleander will be
lashed, in mid-stream, to the steamer
St. Paul, which carries the governors
of the Mississippi valley states and
the newspaper men, and the presiden
tial party will board the latter ves
sel and take dinner with the govern
ors as guests of the Business Men's
Body of M. N. Johnsoti Laid to Rest in
Petersburg. N. D., Oct. 25.—Simple,
but impressive were the last rites over
tho remains of the late United States
Senator M. N. Johnson. The Vincent 1
Methodist church could not begin to
hold the men and women from all
parts of the state who came to this
little village to do fitting honor to the
man who has been so prominently I
connected with affairs of North Dako
No pomp marked the services here.
District Superintendent J. G. Moore, I
of the Methodist church, delivered the
funeral sermon, in which he paid elo
quent tribute to the many noble quali
ties of the deceased. He was assisted
in the services by Rev. II. E. White,
pastor of the church.
Interment was made in the Peters
burg cemetery, half a mile east of
The pallbearer were six old neigh
bors of the senator, all residents of
Petersburg: Hans Flem, William An
ton, F. E. Latonrette, J. O. Engesetha,
A. R. Swendseid, L. B. Ray, with W.
A. Resten In charge.
The following acted as honorary
pallbearers: Senator P. J. McCumber,
Wahpeton Congressman L. B. Hanna,
Fargo: Judge W. S. Lander, Wahpe
ton E. H. 1-Iolte, Fargo B. G. Skula
son. Grand Forks, and Judge Ed En
PLAIN DEALER ads are read in 2,000
homes every issue.
me 9wa ueal
The breakfast food with 14 imitations
None Genuine without this signature
We want the best for
National Subscription Started—Aid Is
to Stem T/de of Emigration.
Stockholm, Oct. 25.—With a view to
stemming the tide of emigration,
which threatens to deplete the coun-!
try of agricultural laborers, a nation
al subscription has been started to
obtain funds for loans to laborers,
left unemployed after the rccent big
strike. 1
The loans are intended to enable
the purchase of small farms and will
be made repayable within ten years..
Tragedy on Omaha Street.
Omaha, Oct. 25.—Arthur Sturgls, son 1
of a prominent attorney, shot F. D.
Castle on a downtown corner while
Castle was in company with Mrs.
Sturgis. Tho couple had been sepa
rated three months and Mrs. Sturgls'
application for a divorce was to have
come up this morning. Castle was
seriously wounded.
Dr. C. K. Leith Delayed by Adverse
Winds on Hudson Bay.
Jladison, Oct. 25.—Dr. C. K.
Leith, geologist of the University ol
Wisconsin, who, for several months,
has been in the Hudson bay country,
on a commercial mission, and who
was believed to have been lost in the
Far North, is
and should arrive
in Madison within a few weeks. He
was delayed by adverse winds while
bailing on Hudson Bay.
To Ask Old Age Pension.
Washington, Oct. 25.—When he at
tends the forthcoming international
conference of the Federation of Labor
at Toronto, Nov. 8, President Samuel
Gompers will submit a draft of a bill
providing for old age pensions in the
federal service. Some time ago the
executive council asked Congressman
William Wilson, a democrat, of Bloss
burg. Pa., to d«ift such a measure and
he has submitted it to tnc meeting of
the council now in session here. It i:?
understood Congressman Wilson will
Introduce the bill.
Kstate of Milo lUec Farnsworth. Peix-ased.
Notice is hrruby uiven. That the subscriber
lias been duly appuinU'd Administrator to
the Kstate of Miln Kiee Farnsworth, late of
rresfo, Ctiunty of Howard, state of iowa,
deceased. Intestate, and has taken u|
on himself (hat trust by uivlnu bonds as the
law diiects. All persons havini demands
upon the Kstate of said deceased are required
Jo exhibit the same: and persons indebted to
the said Kstate are called upon to make pay
ment to F. o. FAKNSWOKTII.
Challenge from P. A. Clemmer.
P. A. Clommer i3?seeking the worst
case of dyspepsia or constipation in
Cresco or vicinity to test Dr. Howard's
new specific for the cure of those dis
So confident is he that this remarka
ble medicine will effect a lasting cure
in a short time, that lie olfers to refund
the money should it not lie successful.
This specific of Dr. Howard's will
cure sick headache, dizzj feelings, con
stipation, dyspepsia and all forms of
malaria and liver trouble. It does not
simply give relief for a time, it makes
permanent and complete cures.
It will regulate the bowels, tone up
the whole intestinal tract, give you an
appetite, make fuod taste good and di
gest well and increase vigor.
Take advantage of P. A. Clemmer's
challenge and secure a bottle of Dr.
Howard's specific at half price, with
his personal guarantee to refund your
money if it does not help you.
Notice In Probata-
Kstaiu ol' hiistoplicr Shields, Deceased.
Notice Is hereby uiven. That the subset iber
has been duly appointed Kxecutrix to
the Kstate of Christopher Shields, late of
Cresco, in the- County of Howard,
state of lowa, deceased, intestate, and has
taken upon herself that trust. All persons
having demands upon the Kstate of said
deceased are required to exhibit the same
and persons indebted to the said Kstate are
called upon to make pavmcnt to
llw:t Kxecutrix.
Cresco, let. !•*. I'.Wl.
Culling tV Pet tier Ally's for Kxecutrix
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
A dmlnistrntor.
t'lerk of IMsiriet Court.
Dated, Oct. '11, UKW. !H\v3
i/utw&r rfaaytown
Frightful Fate Averted.
"I would have been a cripple for life,
from a terrible cut oil my knee cap,"
writes Frank Disberry, Kelliher, Minn,
"without liucklen's Arnica Salve,
which soon cured me." Infallible for
wounds, cuts and bruises, it soon cures
Burns, Scalds, Old Sores, Boils, Skin
'Eruptions. World's best for Piles. 25e
at P. A. Clemmer's.
I can cry your sales. Will do it reas
able and give you satisfaction. Have
arranged whereby I can furnish Clerk
and buy your notes,
E. M. STOCKMAN, Auctioneer.
Ollice over Cresco Rest Room,
Cresco, Iowa. N. I. Phone No. 4.
am- 2 car loads of soft cord
wood at $-1.00 per cord, delivered.
I Enquire of O. G. WATROS.
If you want
a part of this
$1000 write to
Professor Holden

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