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VOL. LI. NO. 74
Our Kirschbaum
Blue" Serge Suits
is' the most serviceable and dependa
ble] material for men's summer wear—
we would have "you judge] our Serge Suits by
contrast with the usual hackneyed efforts in
this line.
KIRSCHBAUM "True Blue" Serges in two
or three-piece suits are now offered in many
choice fancy weaves in self color which are ex
clusive with
We Invite your inspection for this remarka
ble group of garments, comprising many differ
ent singleor double breasted models, ranging
in'style frorrf the conservative to the radical at
prices from $5^to $25.
We guarantee these goods. Should you find im
perfection in the cloth or tailoring of a "Kirsch
baum hand-made" garment, return the same
money will be refunded.
Remember the Place-for Clothing and Shoes.
Cresco, Iowa..
^Get Your Lawn Mower
Sharpened Right
If you have an invention let us help you develop it, either in model form
or patent office drawing.
We have on hand at all times, Ignition Batteries, Gasoline, Spark
Plugs, Lamp Tubing, Tires and Patches, Decarbonizer, Carbide and
several grades of Auto and Gas Engine Oil.
If you get stalled in tho country with your Auto, Gas or Steam En
jlione us. We have an auto and can give you quick assistance.
,/hy crawl around in the dirt under your Auto, when you can stand
up straight and work in our Electric Lighted Pits.
When you come to town, with your Auto our store room is free to you
for the day. Run it in out of the sun.
Brass and Aluminum Castings made on short notice.
If you are going to buy an Auto let us figure with you. We can give
you the choice of six different makes.
OHMACHT & WHITE, Auto Repair Shop
104 Plain Dealers-~$1
Tho little machine
shown is an up-to-date
Lawn Mower Grinder
just installed in our
shop. Every Mower
ground on it is guaran
teed or money refunded.
Following is a partial
list, of supplies kept and
work done in our shop:
Automobiles, Gas and
Steam Engines repaired.
Fine Lathe Work and
Gear Cutting our Spec
Storage Batteries re
Solid Rubber Tires
put on Buggies or Autos.
Vulcanizing done with
new Eltctric Appara
R. Seavy was over from Riceville this
Baking? Botheration! Buy Basford's
Bread—it is oh, so good!
Man wanted to work on farm. En
quire of Myron Converse.
N. A. Blackburn. Lawyer office
opposite the National Bank.
GIKI. WANTED—To do general house
worx. Enquire of S. A. Converse.
For dressmaking and plain sewing
call on Blanche Evans. 'I'hone 361.
Mound City Faints may cost a trifle
mo:e, but P. A. Clemmer.
Sa't hy sack or barrel at the City
Elevator. GILCHRIST & Co.
Sheep dip for 55 cents per gallon at
Will do washing at my home. Phone
Dr. W. T. Daly, physician and
surgeon office over Glass's restaurant.
Ask your grocer for Basford's
Bread. Just a little better than any
Herbert Rutherford has been ap
pointed as Btreet commissioner by
Mayor Davenport.
(f you want a tarm loan at a low rat
of interest, see American Loan & Tros
Company, Cresco, la.
It will pay you to consult James On
drasek, of Schley. Iowa, before buy
ing your lightning rods.
For Insurance, real estate or accident,
call on L. E. Eaton, the insurance man,
over Reckamp's old bakery.
If you want to buy or sell Real Estate
call on Milz & Owens. Office over
First National Bank. Creaco, Iowa.
Mrs. Alpha Wentworth is spending a
few days at the home of her daughter,
Mrs. N. C. Peckham, in Albion Twp.
Miss Minnie Klaffke left last week
for Kimball, S. D., to remain with her
sister, Mrs. Daudell, during the sum
Mr. and Mrs.
J. Lowry left this
morning for Madison., Wis., for an
over Sunday visit with their son
Mrs. A. E. Barker and son McKinley
and Mrs. Irene G. Adams returned the
first of the week from their winter's
stay in Florida.
J. F. Komarek has sold his 120-acre
farm southwest of Schley to a gentle
man from central lowai Milz & Owens
making the sale.
STUDIO. One-half dozen free, any
kind you order. PRICES ARE RIGHT.
Don't wait till June.
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. VanSlykcof Blue
Earth, Minn., are entertaining a little'
six-pound daughter, who arrived at
their home on Sunday last.
FOR RENT—TWO story, brick, 8-room
house, in first-class repair. Good well,
garden, etc. Enquire of C. A. Mar
shall, or N. B. Wheeler after April 23.
If you want correct abstracting done
and cheap prices too, it will pay you to
see the American Loan & Investment
Co., before ordering your abtract.
Lawn Mowers sharpened with a
power grinder—is the only system.
They run easier and cut the grass even.
Auto Garage, A. W. WENTWORTH.
Come and see my two big type Per
cheron Stallions at White's barn Mon
days, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sat
urdays. M. P. LYDON
WANTED—Chambermaid and dining
room girl, wages $16 per month also
laundiy girl, wages $18 per month.
RUSSELL HOUSE, Humboldt, Iowa.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Clark left Fri
day evening for a visit of several
months at the home of their daughter,
Mrs. Archie Babcock, at Charlotte,
Thos. Griffin, a Howard County
pioneer, and at different times one of
Howard County's supervisors, passed
away the first of the week at his home
near Sioux City, Iowa.
When you buy Real Estate at Public
Auction you set the price. When you
buy at private sale the owner set3 the
price. See the R. A. Morton place sell
Saturday, May 21, 1910.
Miss Finster, at present principal of
the First Ward school, will not teach
in Cresco next year. It is rumored
that she will work next year under
Prof. Roberts at Fairfield.
Henry Culbert, a long time resident
of Kendailville, passed away this week
at the home of his son in St. Paul, and
the remains were brought to Cresco,
Thursday, for interment in the Ken
dallville cemetery.
J. W. Courteny took John and Miss
Margaret Lynch to Cresco, by auto
Thursday to spend the day with friends
they were accompanied home by Miss
Nellie McCullow for a short visit
New Hampton Tribune.
If your appetite is poor, your whole
body must be insufficiently nourished—
weakness and disease must result
There's nothing like Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea to create a healthy ap
petite. Tea or Tablets, 35c.—Wm.
s,. 'U v.
A modern home will be sold at Pub
lic Sale in Cresco Saturdav, May 21st,
at 2 p. in a modern way. The
right way to sell Real Estate is at Pub
lic Auction, let everybody have a chance
to buy it instead of only one or two
Indigestion and constipation upset
the entire system—cause a wide range
of other ailments. You needn't sufFer
from any of these troubles. There's
certain relief in Hollister's Rotfty
Mountain Tea. 35c at all druggists.—
Wm. Connolly.
The May term of the district court
onvene's next Mot day, Judge Fellows
I residing. While the docket is about
the usual sizt', there is no petit jury
summoned andjthe session will probably
be short. The grand jurors are sum
in ned for Monday afternoon.
Will Flindt, of Spcncer, Iowa, visit
ed the first of the week with his friend
D. E. Shelmidine, who for ten years
was employed by Mr. Flindt in his
Spencer clothing store. While here
Mr. Flindt purchased from J. C. Web
ster the old Webster homestead in
Fremont township. I
The R. A. Morton residence prope'
ty that will sell at Public Auction, Sat
urday, May 21st, at 2 p. m., is new,
close in, and desirable in every way.
The ladies are especially invited to this
sale. It will pay you to sec this place
sell and get an idea of the value of
Real Estate in Cresco.
I can sell, rent or exchange your
land or town property. I handle
northern lands also. 1 write fire,
lightning, tornado and hail insurance.
For a square deal and to save your
money, call and see tne. 'Phone No.
4. Office over Moving Picture Show.
ELWIN M. STOCKMAN, Cresco, la.
Under the new provision of the
primary law providing, for rotation of
names on the primary ballot the re
publican ballot in Howard County will
be headed by Garst for governor, an
advantage for the progressives. The
order on the democratic ballot for
governor will be M0911, Porter, and
Kidney trouble is particularly Jto be
dreaded because its preseoce is not
usually discovered until it has assumed
one of its worst forms—diabetes, drop
sy, or Brigbt's disease. If you suspect
that your kidneys are effected, by all
means use Hollisters Rocky ^Mountain
Tea—the great systemic cleanser and
regulator.—Wm. Connolly.
We are now located in Cresco and
will soon be ready for business. We
make old clothes new. I ain the man
for you. We clean garments of all
kinds. We make a specialty of Dry
work. All work is French Dry cleaned.
All work guaranteed. We call for it
and deliver promptly. We are located
over Basford's Bakery. Phone 198.
JAMES HAWKINS, Proprietor.
If you are in the market for a resi
dence property in Cresco arrange to at
tend the Auction Sale of the R. A.
Morton property Saturday, May 21st,
at 2 p. m. This is an up-to-date,
modern home and will be sold to the
high bidder. Don't pay any attention
to what the other fellow thinks it will
bring, attend the sale yourself and see
it sell. You may buy the cheapest
place ever sold in Cresco.
Miss Ada McCallum came down from
Cresco Monday, for a visit with Mr.
and Mrs. J. G. McCallum Mr. Otto
Johnson, the well known Cresco mer
chant has purchased for his daughter
as a wedding present one of the finest
pianos ever sold in this community.
The young lady is an acomplished
pianist and in the splendid instrument
chosen for her by her father she will
have one of the world's best pianos to
play on. The piano was sold by r.
Conigisky and is a magnificent Bush &
Lane grand. The price of the instru
ment was one thousand dollars.—De
corah Public Opinion.
The hardware firm of Sobolik &
Petersen has been dissolved, Mr.
Sobolik's interest having been bought
To Piano Contest Subscribers.
From this time until June 15th,
by Theodore Petersen, of Council town, with 7 rooms and bath room,
Bluffs, a brother of H. D. Petersen, hot water heat, cement sidewalks
and the new firm will be known as around lot. Dr Morton has moved to
Petersen Bros. The new member of Mason City, Iowa, and has no farther
the firm will continue to reside in Coun- use for this property and has decidcd
cil Bluffs where he is interested in a to take this means of disposing of it.
is interested in a
large hardware and furniture business,
and will be in charge of Henry Pete n.
Mr. Sobolik will make a specialty of
the manufacture of the 'Queen Cupula,'
but his plans are not yet formulated
concerning his location. He has al
ready had offers from Cedar Rnpids,
Omaha and other cities seeking to have
him locate there. We hope he may be
induced to remain in Cresco with what
promises to be a growing and valuable
large number of subscriptions turned the right to reject any or all bids. Bids
in during the piano contest will expire. {must be accompanied by a certified
It has always been our custom as it is check of $100.00. Plans and specificn
with all country newspapers, to con-! tions on file with city clerk.
tir.ue sending the paper to names upon
our list, residents of the county, until
notified to discontinue,^ and this we
shs il ao with subscriptions turned in Somebody May Want
dur.ng the contest. Contest subscrip- a Barn 18x24, 14 feet high, and wing
tion for those at a distance will be
'~S,' 'Ji
.." '.X1
Norwegian Independence Day.
Ove Gude, United States Minister
from Norway, will deliver the princi
pal address Childrens' parade in the
forenoon baseball game between St.
Olaf and Luther .in the afternoon
Grand open air concert in the evening.
The 17th of May, Norway's day of
Independence, promises to be a gala
day at Luther College. Grand prepar
ations are being made to celehra'.e it
in a fitting manner. Nothing will be
left undone that will tend to make the
day as interesting and pleasant as pos
sible. An invitation to all is extended.
The days festivities will begin at 'J:00
o'clock, a. m., with a tennis tourna
ment between representatives of Lu
ther College, Decorali, Iowa and St.
Olaf, Northfield, Minn.
Tne strength of the respective teams
together with the friendly rivalry
which has always manifested itself
between the two colleges will make the
tournament one of the most interesting
features pf the day. A children's par
a le, headed by the Luther College Con
C3rt and Second Bands will com
mence at 9:30. All children are asked
t»take part and will be given flags.
T.ie parade will end at the College
Auditorium, where a children's pro
gram, consisting of songs and recita
tions will be rendered. Thereupon,
dinner will be served till ope o'clock.
Families that bring dinner with them,
will get coffee at the college. In the
afternoon, beginning at one o'clock,
addresses will be given by Ove Gude,
Minister to U. S. from Norway. Dr.
H. G. Stub, St. Paul, Minn., and Rev.
I. D. Ylvisaker, Mayville, N. D. At
3:30 o'clock there will be a baseball
game between St. Olaf and Luther
College. This will undoubtedly be the
most interesting feature of the day.
St. Olaf has always had a team of
which Bhe might well be proud. It is
one of the strongest teams Luther has
on its schedule. Luther has an excep
tionally strong team, having lost but
one game this year.'
A grand open air concert, given in
the evening by the Luther College Con
cert Band will crown the festivities of
the day. The people of the neighbor
ing towns and communities are kindly
invited to come and assist the Nor
wegians in celebrating the day.
To the Boys and Girls of Howard County.
The school section of the extension
department of the Iowa State College
at Ames is conducting some very
valuable work among the boys and girls
of the state in home gardens, farm
crops and household work.
Seven courses are offered, namely:
Growing better corn, ear to row test,
growing better oats, garden and pota
to growing, cooking and sewing.
Their plan is to furnish to all boys
and girls of Iowa and to teachers and
all who desire it, full instructions for
carrying on this work in a practical
and also a scientific mannner, sending
these instructions by mail from time to
time as the work progresses.
All boys and girls between 10 and 18
years of age who are willing to pursue
one or more of these courses are invited
to take advantage of this opportunity.
There is no charge whatever, the ser
vices of the college, the circulars of
instruction, etc., being entirely free.
Teachers will be supplied with blanks
and asked to enroll all who will take
up the work. These blanks to be sent
to this office and I will forward them
to Ames. Any one else caring to take
up this work may do so by sending
their names to me. It is hoped the
teachers will encourage this and enroll
as many pupils as possible, so that
Howard county may be numbered with
the progressive counties of the state.
Emma Fallgatter,
Co. Supt. of Schools.
Cresco Residence at Auction
The Dr. A. Morton residence
property located across the street south
east from the Kessel Hospital at Cresco,
Iowa, will be sold to the highest bid
der at Public Auction Saturday. May
21, 1910. This property is new and up
to-date, located in a desirable part of
Arrange to be at this sale as this place
sells to the high bidder. Terms, $1500 spot
cash, balance in ten days. Huyer to
assume $1000 mortgage now on place
at 7 per cent, or this mortgage can be
paid up if desired. Sale to be held on
the property.
Notice to Bidders.
Sealed proposals will be received
the city clerk of Cresco, Iowa, at
office in Cresco until 8 o'clock p. m.
May the 16th, 1910, for the construction
of about 3200 lineal feet of an outlet
sewer. The city of Cresco reserves
discontinued as they expire unless we the lumber would cost, if taken soon.
are r^wested to continue them. I N. B. WHEELER.
This will be sold for half what
i-'v^vfii-.rji• r,'-'-- •S?S'fi^:i -:"•Tf- ,•!•:' •-v::v,'":.-»,}••^v?•!•*.SV-f
As It Happened Kdlth Hudson
Song: Little Turkey Turks (I11 costume)..
Class. ifirlstow
l'lano Duet Overture to Zaiupa. ..Ilcrold
Freda Schwab and Maude Guyctte.
A Complete Summing Up.
Mr. Payne puts it tersely in the fol
verted matters has been officially and I
personally exemplary—all of which is
entirely satisfactory to those who are
disposed to believe Ballingcr. Mean-
the patenting of Alaska
about the patenting
lands are out of office, while those of
ficals who made a specialty of patent
ing those claims are still in office, even
though the the llaims are not yet paten
That leaves little to be said.
Everybody who tried to help the
Cunningham steal through is in office
yet. That is enough to know about it.
A prominent republican said to the
writer the other day: "There is no dif
ference to speak of between progres
sive republicans and democrats, and
we may as well admit it." But there
is both a distinction and a difference.
Democrats have advocated progressive
principles for years, in fact always,
in season and out of season, while pro
gressive republicans are more or less
reccnt converts. Again, democrats
know they are democrats while pro
gressive republicans are democrats but
have not yet found it out. But most
of them will soon and will crawl over
the fence into the
where they
Our Two
Books on
P. J. McCullow,
City Clerk.
of the
Piano solo Maude (iuyctte held next Sunday night, May 15th» and.
Lullaby...sleep Little Baby ofjiinc. iH'unes Mr. Hinman will speak on the subject,
"The Commission Plan as a Cure for
Miss .lones and the Burglar llattle Iless
Vocal Solo: My Mother's Cradle Song
(iuartet Away To The Meadows Cielbt'l will sing and Mrs. Dahlberg Will
Sadie Miller. Wlnnlfred West, Maude
(juyettc and Freda Seliwab.
Fancy Prill Class
Song: Four Little Curly Headed t'oons
Wlnnlfred West. Amelia ltnkoiv, Maude
(•uyetteand Hatlic Hess.
Piano Solo: Home sweet Home
Freda Schwab
Vocal Solo: There's a nig Cry Uaby in the
Moon Maude Ouyette
Ship of state Kuby MeVety and Class
Vocal Solo: Dutch Lullaby Addle Slrawn
Song: Uoln' to School (In costumc).. .ltristow
Secretary Bn llinger was before' the
investigating committee at Washington
last week, and he gave it as his deli- 7 "V. }•1
nite judgment that Galvis is a liar and Dal says in your pipe, ore you uy
that his own conduct on all tho contro- *ny
democratic yard
.'^ V,v: -v-.:
$1.00 PER YEAR
Adds HeatUnl Qualities
to the Food
Economizes Floor,
Batter and Eggs
The only baking powder
made from Royal Grape Cream
of Tartar
Ho Alum—No Ume Phosphmtmm
Program I Church Notes.
Given byMrs. Addie's Sunday School SYNOD LUTHERAN CHURCH.
class at the Baptist
Friday Pentecost Sunday, May 15tb, services
evening, May 13, 1910. Admission 10c. 'n the Norwegian language at 3 o'clock
I'iano Duet, .(irand Valse de Concert.Mattel
Freda Schwab and Maude Guyctte.
Cliorus. .Come Where the Bluebells Ring
in the afternoon.
Class. [Urackett CONGREGATIONAL.
Wish't I Was a Boy Kli/.abcth Cushins The annual Business Men's service
Voritl Tmet. .Gathering Flowers in May.llart ... .. „jn
Ruth watts and Addle strawn.
Congregat.onal church will be
Municipal Corruption." Mr. Lyon
ish two violin, solos for the service..
These services have been successful in
the past in developing public interest
along various lines of municipal im
provement and it is hoped that this
meeting may be equally useful in this
Cresco Market.
(Corrected twice a week.)
Wheat 95
Oats :?2(ti34
Shelled Corn 40(o*15
Timothy seed per cwt 2.25Cd2.50
Barley 4£@52
Flax [email protected]
Live hogs [email protected] 8.75
Beef on foot [email protected]
Butter per lb—Elgin Market... .27
Butter per lb 23
Eggs per do*
to know a little more about
dry goods clerk knows. See
while the proposition holds that all the but before you buy meet me face to
department officials who made trouble
belong.—Clayton County all kinds of fresh
Smoke This,
Dad says in your pipe. Before you buy
State Te8t
i\oe8 F.fty-hve
years as a grower and dealer, I claim
it than a
them all,
?o phone The price is $3.00
bushal, graded for planter.
6(tf S. PECOY.
DIGNITY, No. 5118.
The Celebrated Shire Stallion will
make the season of 1910 as follows:.
From Monday noon until Tuesday noon
at Albert Henke's, Davis Corners, bal
ance of 'week at home in Howard
Center. F. J. HANNEMAN.
Chop Feed.
Corn, Oats and Barley at Dad's, $1.30
per cwt. Cracked corn and all kinds
of chicken feeds cheaper than shipped
in feed. We are manufacturers at
home. G6tf S. PECOY.
Bulls for Sale.
One, a nice registered Short-Horn.
One, a high grade Holstein.
One, a Red Poll, all one year old.
First come gets his choice.
Can You Do This on
Any Other Plow?
Fish Market.
I will establish a fish market in the
building adjoining the Thomas harness
on Mar'et street and will have
fish on hand every
Emerson is the only plow
ever on which a child can
lift 200-lb. weight with her foot.l
That is the proof of control in the^
Write for Our Free Book and lot us showl
you what this incan». You will never usol
any other sulky or gansr when you find out 1
how easily you or your b«y can control an
Emerson. It's all foot control. No other I
plow has the balance and the purchase I
of the Emerson. We have put the!
I weight on the front wheels, close to the
team, where it belongs. The friction
Is carried on lubricated, dust-proof
bearings. Strongest and most sub
stantial plow made. The Emer­
son has the advantage of all In weight. It is 90 to
100 Lbs. lighter Draft Than Others
The way It carries the load makes llcht work for the horses.
Every gang equipped with 2000-milo magazine wheel box and axles.
You ought to know all about it. Our book is full of gantr-plow sen
Don't wait Send for it today. Also ask about tho famous
New Standard Wide-cut Mowers.
Emerson-Brantlngluun Cov
Plows and
SI 5
-'.v 5
-i Si

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