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VOL. LI. NO. 76.
Program for the observance of Mem
orial Sunday and Memorial Day, May
29 and 30, 1910:
Union Memorial services will be
held in the M. E. Church on Sunday,
May 89, 1910, at 10:45 a. m. The Post
and the Woman's Relief Corps will
meet at Poat hall at 10:35 sharp and
mar?h to the M. E. church where Rey.
Bdlwill deliver the memorial sermon.
Oa- Memorial day, theG. A. R. Post
and Woman's Relief Corps will meet at
JT1 the courthouse at 8:30, a. m. and proceed
to New Oregon cemetery under com
maadof N. S. Durgin, marshal of the
day, where special services and scat
tering of flowers and decorating the
graves of soldiers buried there will be
The children of the public schools,
-1, mayor and city council, Masons,
Fellows, Woodmen and citizens are
cordially invited to join the march to
Hhe cemetery.
J&t At 1:30 p. m., the Post and Corps
will meet at the hall and march to the
court house park where the following
program will be given.
Decoration of the monument by
twenty little girls.
Your Lawn Mower
Sharpened Right
If you have an invention let us help you develop it, either in model form
a to a in
We have on hand at all times, Ignition Batteries, Gasoline, Spark
Plugs, Lamp Tubing, Tires and Patches, Decarbonizer, Carbide and
several grades of Auto and Gas Engine Oil. ..
If you get stalled in the country with your Auto, Gas or steam En
gine phone us. We have an auto and can give you quick assistance.
Why crawl around in the dirt under your Auto when you can stand
up straight and work in our Electric Lighted Pits.
When you come to town with your Auto our store room is free to you
for the day. Run it in-out of the sun.
Bnus and Aluminum Castings made on short notice.
If you are going to buy an Auto let us figure with you. We can give
you the choice of Bix different makes.
31OHMACHT & WHITE, Auto Repair Shop
This Is For You All
And Dont Forget It
N. Graf & Son
Barnes Hawkins' Cleaning
Dye Parlors.
The little machine
shown is ah up-tO d*te
Lawn Mower Grinder
just installed in our
shop. Every Mower
ground on it ft guaran
teed or money refunded.
Following is a partial
list of supplies kept and
work done in bur shop:
Automobiles, Gas'and
Si cam Engines repaired.
Fine Lathe Work and
Gear Cutting our Spec
Storage Batteries re
Solid Rubber Tires
put oil Buggies or Autos.
Vulcanizing done with
a new Electric Appara
Music by the Drum Corps.
March thence to the M. E. Church.
Prayer by Rev. Gammons.
Decorating vacant chairs by twenty
little girls.
Oration by Rev. Hartmann.
Parties furnishing flowers are re
quested to bring them to Post hall Sat
urday afternoon.
S. D. Town.
N. S. Durgin.
R. R. Rose.
Hall of Maple Leaf Camp M. W. A.
Whereas, our neighor and associate,
Henry Schneider has been- called to
his final rest, whose los» we deeply
feel, and as we each and all cherish the
memory of a pure and manly life,
therefore be it
Resolved, that we extend to the be
reaved family our most sincere sympa
thy, and trust "He who doeth all
Odd things well" will afford them that re
lief and comfort He alone can bestow.
One Ptaiti Skirt, Cleaned and Pressed
Pleated Skirt
Skirt and Jacket
White Moliaire Skirts, Cleaned and Pressed.
Kid Gloves—short, Cleaned and Pressed,
Kid Gloves—long
Silk Waist
also make a Specialty of Dye Work, and
deliver garments. 'Phone No. 190.
Resolved, that a copy of these reso
lutions be sent to the bereaved family
and a copy be given to the Cresco
papers for publication.
If Prices and Quality are any objed:
to you (and they should be) on Flour,
Feed, Corn, Oats, Rape, Millet, Wheat,
Buckwheat, Longrosse, Oilmeal, Flint
Corn, Seed.
S. A. Hamilton.
W. H. Tillson.
Wm. Wolf.
Iron Warehouse on
Satisfaction guaran-
Come to the
Market Street.
••by Yours truly for business,
75 cents
$1 0O
50c to 75c
15 cents
25 ants
,...50 cents
,!..50 ceata
will call for
Twicc-a-Wcck Plam
—_ SPi#«Sa'^- ssr —^g
Baking? Botheration! Buy Basford's
Bread—it is oh, so good!
Man wanted to work on farm. En
quire of Myron Converse.
N. A. Blackburn, Lawyer office
opposite the National Bank.
GIRL. WANTED—To do general house
wot^. Enquire of S. A. Converse.
For dressmaking
plain sewing
on Blanche Evans. 'Phone 861.
Salt by sack or barrel at the City
Elevator. GILCHRIST & Co.
Mound City Faints may cost a trifle
more, but P. A. Clemmer.
Sheep dip for 55 cents per gallon at
Will do washing at my home. Phone
FOR SALE—Yearling Short-Horn bull.
Enquire of D. F. FISH, Rt. 3. Cresco.
Dr. W. T. Daly, physician and
surgeon office over Glass's restaurant.
LOST—A 2-year-old steer. Finder
notify Frank Rink and receive reward.
Ask your grocer for Basford's
Bread. Just a little better than any
Frank Kunes of New York state,
arrived Saturday for a visit with his
father and brother.
If you want a tarm loan at a low rat
of interest, see American Loan 4fc Trus
Company, Cresco, la.
It will pay you to consult James On
drasek, of Scbley, Iowa, before buy
ing your lightning rods.
For Insurance, real estate or accident,
call on L. E. Eaton, the insurance man,
over Reckamp's old bakery.
W. F. Carter, who will be the demo
cratic nominee for county treasurer,
was a Cresco visitor yesterday.
Write to the Oelwein Business Uni
versity for information concerning
Summer School, beginning June 6th.
WANTED—Some one to haul away
slops from back door.
GIRL WANTED—For general house
work. No washing. Will pay good
wages. MRS. C. A. MARSHALL.
If you want to buy or sell RealEstate
call on Mil* & Owens. Office over
First National Bank. Cresco, Iowa.
Miss Sadie Watts is home from Wes
Bington Springs, S. D-, where she has
been employed as a trimmer in a milli
nery store.
Charles Farnsworth, of Egan, S. D.,
came to Cresco to attend the funeral
of his cousin, Claude Farnsworth. He
returned to-day.
STUDIO. One-half dozen free, any
kind you order. PRICES ARE RIGHT.
Don't wait till June.
If you want correct abstracting done
and cheap prices too, it will pay you to
see the American Loan & Investment
Co., before ordering your abtract.
Lawn Mowers sharpened with a
power grinder—is the only system.
They run easier and cut the grass even.
Auto Garage, A. W. WENTWORTH.
Come and see mV two big type Per
cberon Stallions at White's barn Mon
days, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sat
urdays. M. P. LYDON
Martin Johnson arrived Tuesday
from Lamro, S. D., to take charge of wig"of tts worst forms—diabetes, dttip
the building of the new Peterson build
WANTED—Chambermaid and dining
room girl, wages (16 per month also
laundiy girl, wages $18 per month.
RUSSKLL HOUSE, Humboldt, Iowa.
E. O. White is at Winona, Minn., to
investigate anew situation offered him
by the Union Fiber Co., and if accept
edit means the removal of this family
from Cresco.
Garrimoni's Harp Orchestra will play
for a big dance at the Woodmen Hall
at Schley, on Friday evening, May 27,
under the auspices of the Schley' Com
mercial Club.
LOST—A four-strand gold watch chain
and locket charm, some time during
the past week. Initials "G. A. B."on
charm. Finder please return to Geo.
Bly and receive reward.
When you buy Real Estate at Public
Auction you set the price. Wh^n you
buy at private sale the owner sets the
price. See the R. A. Morton place sell
Saturday, May 21, 1910.
The ladies of Grace Episcopal church
will hold a market in Miles Graf's Ice
Cream Parlor. Wednesday, May 25th,
at which time many and diverse useful
articles will be offered for sale.
A modern home will be sold at Pub
lic Sale in Cresco Saturday, May 21st,
at 2 p.
in a modern way. The
right way to sell Real Estate is at Pub
lic Auction, let everybody have a chance
to buy it instead of only one or two
men. y-
Indigestion and constipation upset
the entire system—cause a wide range
of other ailments. You needn't suffer
from any of. these troubles. There's
certain mlief in Hollistar's Rocky
Mountain Tea. 36c at 11 druggists.—
Wm. Connolly.
Mrs. W. A. D'ssmore, of Kamiah,
Idaho, arrived Thursday for a visit!
with her sister, Lauraine Mead. Her I
husband is visiting with relatives in
Illinois and will arrive in Cresco in a!
few days.
Geo. Gill was at Dubuque the first of
the week to file his bid for the erec-1
tion of the new hospital. The bids I
closed Monday and a announcement
of the award of the contract is expect
ed this week.
If your appetite is p'»or, your whole
body must be insufficient lv nourished—
weakness and disease must result.
There's nothing like Hollister's Kncky
Mountain Tea to create a healthy ap
petite. Tea or Tablets. 35c.—Win.
C. D. NicholB suffered the loss of
five Polled Argus, two two-year-old
heifers and three yearlings, which were
killed by the passenger from the west
on Tuesday evening. The animals got
on the right-of-way through a break in
the railroad fence.
The R. A. Morton residence proper
ty that will sell at Public Auction, Sat
urday, May 21st, at 2 p. is new,
close in, and desirable in every way.
The ladies are especially invited to this
sale. It will pay you to see. this place
Bell and get an idea of the value of
Real Estate in Cresco.
The May term of court adjourned
Wednesday evening after a 'two days'
session. We will give a report of the
court proceedings in our next issue.
Patsy Lydon, held for robbery from
John Derr, was. discharged from
custody, the grand 'jury deeming the
evidence insufficient to convict.
I can sell, rent or exchange your
land or town property. I handle
northern lands aho. I write fire,
lightning, tornado and hail insurance.
For a square deal and to save your
money, call and see me. 'Phone No.
4. Office over Moving Picture Show.
ELWIN M. STOCKMAN, Cresco, la.
Rev. Mershon, our District Supt.
will hold the Cresco Circuit Quarterly
Meeting at the Cresco M. E. church at
3: 3:00, Saturday afternoon. Every
body come. He will preach at that
time and several special songs will be
sung. We'll miss you if you are not
there, in the auditorium of the church.
Kidney trouble is particularly to be
dreaded because its presence is not
usually discovered until it has assumed
sy, or Bright's disease. If you suspect
that your kidneys are affected, by all
means use Hollistem. Rocky .Mountain
Tea—the great systemic cleanser and
regulator.—Wm. Connolly.
The committee in charge of the
building of the new Sisters' School
have decided to build according to the
original plans, purchasing material and
hiring workmen themselves, and have
engaged Architect Keefe of Austin, to
superintend the construction of the
building. Excavating will commence
as soon as the buildings can be re
moved from the site.
If you are in the market for a resi
dence property in Cresco- arrange to at
tend the Auction Sale of the R. A.
Morton property. Saturday, May 2lst,
at 2 p. m. This is an up-to-date,
modern home and will be sold to the
high bidder. Don't pay any attention
to what the other fellow thinks it will
bring, attend the sale yourself and see
it sell. You may buy the cheapest
place ever sold in Cresco.
Mrs. Cora Warner, who has been a
frequent visitor here as a member of
the Warner Comedy Co., died at Mc
Gregor Saturday, after an illness of
several weeks duration. Her remains
were taken to her former home in Wis
consin for interment. She is survived
by her husband, Ben Warner, and an
only son Walter. McGregor has been
the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Warner
for several years past where they spent
their vacation period from the show
business.—Waukon Journall.
Weatb«rCrop Balletin.
Des Moines, Iowa, May ,15, 1910.—
The past week was unseasonably cool,
and except in the extreme southeastern
counties it waa abnormally dry prior
to the 15th. Frost occurred generally
on the 12th, 13th and 14th with freez
ing temperature on the last date in
northern districts. There was, how
ever, more than the average amount
of sunshine and rapid progress was
made in corn planting. Fully 70 per
cent of the corn has been planted with
the ground generally in excellent physi
cal condition, but owing to the cold
weather the seed is germinating
slowly, and considerable replanting
will be done especially in southern dis
tricts where the ground is damp from
the heavy rains of the previous week.
Small grain and grass, while making
slow growth, are doing as well as could
be expected under the unfavorable con
ditions and some improvement is re
ported. Early potatoes which were
frozen in April are coming up again
and are looking well. The prospects
for fruit are very poos. The week
closes with rain falling in all parts of
the state.
Chlldrsn Cry
Claude Vance Farnsworth was born
December 6,1888, and departed this
life May 15, 1910, being nearly twenty
one and one half years of age.
He was born at the old Farnsworth
home in Orleans Twp., Winneshiek
County, Iowa, where he was reared to
young manhood. The past two years
were spent among relatives in Nebras
ka until last February when he re
turned and has been with his brother
John, who lives south of Cresco, where
his tragic death occurred. He was the
fourth .ebi!M.f ajftflilyof,seven child
ren of Frank, and, jjiUctba farnsworth
who with a grandfather, grandmother,
two sisters, four brothers, numerous
other relatives and many friends mourn
his loss.
He was an industrious boy of an im
pulsive nature, kind and affectionate,
winning the love and esteem of those
about him.
The funeral took place Thursday, the
services at the home and at the Cresco
M. E. church, heing conducted by Rev.
Young of Ridgeway, assisted by Rev.
Gammons. The services at New Ore
gon cemetery were conducted by the
w. o. w.
George W. Harris war born in Can
ada, Feb. 7, 1837. When he was seven
years of age he moved to Dundee, 111.
When he was eighteen years of age he
moved to Kendallville, Winnishiek Co.
Jan. 1, 1862, he was united in marriage
to Miss Ann Clark. About twenty
years ago they moved to Cresco where
they have resided ever since. Mr.
Harris was a kind husband and neigh
bor. He was a member of the I. O. O.
F. About a year ago his health began
to fail. About two months ago his
malady was aggravated and he rapidly
grew worse and after weeks of patient
suffering, death relieved him early in
the morning of the 16th of May, 1910.
Besides his wife, he leaves four sisters
and one brother. Services from the
home Wednesday afternoon at 1:30,
Rev. Gammons officiating. Interment
at Kendallville.
Henry Culbert was born in Canada,
August 6th, 1824. He grew to man
hood there and in 1853 was united in
marriage to Elanor Schell. In the fall
of 1805 they came to Winnesheik coun
ty and settled in Burr Oak. To
this union nine children were born five
of whom survive him. In 1862 he
moved with his family to Kendallville.
Here Mrs. Culbert died Nov. 1st, 1881.
In 1887 he was married to Margaret
Fields. In March, 1908, he moved to
St. Paul where he made his home with
his eldest son, John Culbert.
He departed this life May 9, 1910.
The remains were brought here for
burial the interment being in Kendall
ville cemetery May 12th, Rev. Gam
mons conducting the service. Besides
four sons and one daughter he leaves
his wife and two brothers, M. H. Cul
bert of Cresco and Albert-'Of Spencer.
Scientific Authority
Has demonstrated (feat ol two
loaves of breads one raised
with Royal Baking Powder*
•fee other with alum bale
fna powder,
a boquet
Smoke This,'
Dad says in your pipe. Before you buy
any Seed Corn ask to be shown Iowa
State Test as Dad docs. "Fifty-five
years as a grower and dealer, I claim
to know a little more about it than a
dry goods clerk knows. See them all,
but before you buy meet me face to
face. No phone. The pr'ce is $3.00
per bushal, graded for planter.
66tf S. PECOY.
disking Powder
renders the
food more
the Royml reiaed
loaf Im 32
Avoid Alum
I Weigel-Fitzgerald.
Married at our Lady of Lourdes church,
Tuesday morning, May 10, 1910, Miss
May me G. Fitzgerald and Mr. Micheal
H. Weigel, Kev. J. J. Norria officiating.
The bridal couple, attended by Miss
Rose Fitzgerald, the bride's cousin and
Mr. George Weigel, brother of the
groom. Following the ceremony at the
church, a fine wedding breakfast was
served at the home of the bride's par
ents and at noon a delicious wedding
dinner was served to a few of their
near relatives. The afternoon was
spent in a very social way.
The bride was beautifully gownedjin,
white silk, cut princess, she wore
white picture hat to match, and carried
hite carnations. The
groom was attired in the conventional
The bride is the eldest daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Fitzgerald of
Lourdes, Iowa. She is a talented and
charming young woman, and is held in
the highest esteem ty all who know
her. The groom is a son of Mr. and
Mrs. Andrew Weigel of Jacksonville
township. He is known far and wide
as a young man of the best character
and worthy of the fine woman he has
won for his bride. The happy couple
left for the Twin Cities on the evening
train tospend|the honey-moon, and after
a brief visit, they returned to the home
of his parents, where they will reside.
They were the recipients of many
beautiful and valuable gifts.
On Wednesday evening, May 18th,
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Yates near Canton occurred the mar
riage of their daughter Rilla to Mr.
Byron A. Johnson of Canton, Minn.
At the appointed hour, to the strains
of the wedding march, played by Miss
Nettie Vail of Canton at the piano and
her brother Ray with violin, the wed
ding party passed through the parlor
to the front porch, where, in the pres
ence of two hundred and fifty invited
guests Rev. Gammons of Cresco pro
nounced the impressive marriage cere*
mony of the Methodist Episcopal
The bride and groom were attended
by Mr. and Mrs. Bert Yates and Mr.
and Mrs. Will Sturgeon. Little Edith
Bickford acted as (lower girl. The
bride was becomingly gowned in white.
After the wedding ceremony the guests
partook of a sumptuous repast served
by attentive waiters in a large dining
room improvised for the occasion. The
bride and groom were generously re
membered by their many friends with
beautiful gifts too numerous to men
The future home of Mr. and Mrs.
Johnson will be in Canton, Minn.
Hundreds of friends are sincerely wish
ing for these young people a happy and
prosperous life.
Opera House, May 24.
"Ma's New- Husband", the Harry
Scott Company's big laughing hit,
comes to the Opera House next Mon
day night. It isi termed a farcial mu
sical foolishness because of its eccen
tricity of plot and its many pleasing
musical numbers. The ca8t, it is
claimed, contains many farceurs well
known to theatre goers for their sing
ing and dancing ability.
If you wapt to laugh till your sides
"bust" don't fail to secure seats well
in advance ks the houses have been
"busting" w^thi the ,enormous crowds
that have been witnessing "Ma'a New
Husband" in other citjeg,
J'7"J\ *4V.--.'.: 'isv-
$1.00 PER YEAR
A Bohctniaa Savings Bank at Protivin.
Protivin, Iowa, May 18, 1910.
The Bohemians of the lively little
town of Protivin and vicinity for some
time have been contemplating the
establishment of an entirely indepen
dent savings bank at Protivin. Their
wishes are now as much as realized.
Those concerned have had several
conferences, the final conference being
held last Tuesday, and there it was
finally decided to establish an indepen
dent bank at Protivin.
At the conference last mentioned all
the necessary preliminary steps have
been decided upon, articles of incor
poration adopted, and as soon ad' the
necessary formalities prescribed by law
are complete, the bank will commence vw
business. The official title of the bank
will be The Bohemian Savings Bank.
The corporators have taken other
steps to make the bank one of the best
in the state for the town of the size.
The business will not only be com
menced immediately, but also a site
has been selected, whereon with the
least possible delay a jfroper building
will be raised. The site chosen is un
usually favorable, being opposite the
Catholic church at Protivin, and the in
tention is to put up a handsome build
ing equipped with all modern facilities
for banking.
The following gentlemen are the cor
porators of the new institution, and
these same gentlemen will be the first
directors of the bank: Rev. Father R.
Lakomy, John Bouska, H. Lukes. F.
Lukes, J. M. Huber, F. J. Khmesh,
Ole Natvig, J. F. Pecinovsky, Charles
Among others, the following are in
terested in the new institution: W.
Cisar, Frank Riha, Jos. Vopava, Anna
Riha, Vit. Jankovsky, F. J. Pencil,
Joseph Bouska, J. A. Dostal, Ed.
Slama, R. A. Klimesh, Jacob Svestka,
J. J. Jirak, James J. Sobolik, etc.
There is no question that the new in
stitution will prosper. Some of the
'wealthiest and most influential resi
dents of Protivin are backing the bank
thus organized, and they are quite
enthusiastic about the future of same.
They are also determined to make it a
success, and will not be deterred from
their plans by any possible obstacles.
We can also state on good authority
that any possible rumors that an in
dependent bank at Protivin will not be
organized, are not in accordance with
the facts. An independent bank at
Protivin may be considered from now
on an accomplished fact.
It also should be stated, that while
the name of the bank is the Bohemian
Savings Bank, this name does not im
ply that only Bohemians are the in
terested parties. In fact, the Nor
wegians, Germans and Americans in
the vicinity of Protivin are as keenly
interested as anybody else.
C.resco Market.
(Corrected twice a week.)
Wheat 95
Oats 3201-34
Shelled Corn 40«/45
Timothy seed per cwt 2.25f?/.'2.50
Barley 47(« 53
Flax .1.60(»!
Live hogs 8.75M 9.00
Beef on foot 3(3,5
Butter per lb—Elgin Market 27
Butter per lb 23
Eggs per doz "..17
Perry Davis' Painkiller.
Summer complaint, bowel trouble,
cramps have no terror in the household
where this dependable medicine is kept
on hand. 25c., 35c., anJ 5Qc» bottles.

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