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Quasqueton guardian. (Quasqueton, Buchanan County, Iowa) 1856-1858, December 13, 1856, Image 1

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VOL, 1.
1 tr.it fil
tally, to do work Li
'Jj*a he go to school?*' '1
f|^But Yl
How old is Ned mquit
I J!
'Tou wont jrti
tibirteea or fourteen?'
I did n't expect
(J, if..' 'l!If ly.,1
(Qnaspcfon 6iutri)iiut.
I & O A N
Office in Tkiri Story of Davi^ Block.
Invariably in Advanee£^
4A¥E8 W Aft-V'feKTIS!2f
qtwro, 12 llnc« or I?* 9, (fWlMI, '\'r
iul'iequem ir»Ttiin,
On* S uar«, three.MunUa, .- ,•••.,
Ont Squir* ft* Jfotthi/V'."
On« Square, Oue Yc-ar, ...
One Column, Ouc Yo*|j: ,. .A»t,+
Il«!f ft Column, One Yew, y •. ,«,
Qa&rt«r Column, Out Tear, »i?**t
Btuiocti C»rcU, Oue Tear, jf
Have tried but not Rhftken tmr trutlli
•For our memory its treasures retaining,
Still glows with the ardor of youttfc
Ik* dreamg of our Boyhood are over,
iThey were visions too bright long to tait
T«t faia would our fancy discover
to the future eorne droum of the palkr
iPhne pajaing onward, youth waning
0n it8
•*Oour hearts suuk in sorrow would hngumh
•Beneath the dull voice of despair,
Did not Hope'* genial ray chase the aMuish
That would rankle iu •blitude
A* thoughtless we revel in pleasure,
ForgotM how soon t'will d.cay,
How much we such moments feltould
Scarce t-isted—they vanish away.
Bit let Fortune, let Fate still cutieavor •v
To blight every joy of the heart
Th^re are dreams of tlie past tliat can y
But with faWst Ipfrifdc^llA.
.^ '5P» ARZUUJl.
THAT'S a smart little fellow of yours," i try, intelligence, and attention to busi
•aid a gentleman na'nted Wlnslbw, to a!
laboring man, who was called in occa- dred dollars. Thi:
Kot now, sir," replied th$ jpoor "*»t proud did he feel on the day when ad
JVhy I^k^t^like A valued to so desirable a position,
^rht lad." How comes on your investment?"
He's got good parte, sir," returned asked Mr. Winslow's mercantile friend
about this time. He spoke jestkigly.
what asked tho g«atleinan, "It protnisea very we^," was the smil
ing that the man ,i ing reply.
f^yinttee.are rather hard now, sir, and!' Mt is rising in the market thenl**
':a*e a large family. It's about as| "Yes." .. S"--h
uuch as I cau do to ktepJfo*!%er and| "Any dividends yet?"
-ld away. Ned reads very well, writes| ^ifOh, certainly. Large dividewlW^'
tolerable fair hand, considering all'j "Ah! You surpi^spiiM. Wl^it kipd
lgs, and qan figure a little.'And that's of dividends y
Jitf all I can dp for him,- The other "More than a hundred per cenV.,, •,
lildren are coming forward, and 1 reckoml .^'ludted! Not in money?" if tM
will iw^vonddfing1 'Oh no. But in something better thatt
's turned of pji?v^n." with ill-concealed contempt.
u wont rrtit a befi^e i HDon't you call that som*
Can't keep hipa hop». idlicg' abrut "It's entirely tap' unsubstantial for
that time, Mr. Winslow. It woultl be me," replied the other. "I go in for re
fliination. It's young to ^0 out from turns of a more tangible character.—
ne, I know, to rough it and tough it Those you speak of won't pay my notes."
$ng sirangers"—rthere was a slight Mr. Winslow smiled, and bade his
iteadiness in the poor man's voioe—* friend good-morning.
^t it's better than doing nothing." Time proved that he had -not erred in
I^Ned onght to go to school a year or'affording the lad an opportunity for ob
6 longer, Davis," said Mr. Winslow, taining a good education* 14^.-quick
ith BOtae interest in his manner. And mind acquired, in the position in uheh
you are not able to pay the quarter he was placed, accurate ideas of busi
Us» I guess I will have w do it. What ness, and industry and force of charac
y you? If I pay for Ned's schooling let made these ideas thoroughly practi
1 you keep him at hona^ .^we two |r cal. Every year his employers advanced
-ee years longer?" his salary, and, on attaining his majority
nifid'.'hn investment of
to-day," »n|d Mr. Win.slow, jestijigly to
a mercantili friend, some three months
after the (fceurrence just related took
place, "an( here's the certificate."
lie held fap a small 6ltp of p^p^a& h^
Ten tlolhirai- A Wife op«riU&a% |a
what fund?"
A charity fun3.yr
Ohl" And the friend shrugged«hi»
«,«)' shoulders. Don't do much in that way
myself. No great faith in the security.
What dividend doyou«xpeet tu.receive?"
Don't know. Rnth'. think it will be
Better tale "fmo« i^lJe of th« stodk
if you think it so good. There 13 plenty
in market to be bought at loss thau par." could not afford to Send him any longer,
Mr. Wmslow smiled, and said that, inland was about putting the little fellow
all probability he would invest a few out to learn a trade. Something inter
more small sum3 in the same way and jested me in the child, who was n bright
see how it would turn out. The little lad, and acting from a good impulse
piece of paper which he called a certili-! that came over me at the moment, I pro
jcate of stock, was
he had
and then Ned, who had well improved he readily agreed. So I paid for Ned's^
the opportunities so generously afforded I schooling until he was in his sixteenth
A« a flower cbill'd and blightcj would perish,! taken, on the recommendation year, and then got him into Webb &
And ludj prematurely away of Mr. Winslow, into a large importing Waldron's store, where he has been ever
Had It uot tho Sun's kind warmth tochcrish I house. He was at the time in his six
3© our helrtQ1'l^U
teenth year. Before the lad could enter
clothing such jis was required in the new
position to which he was elevated know
ing this, the generous merchant came
forward again and furnished the needful
As no Wage# were received by Ned for
the first two years, Mr. Winslow contin
ued to buy his clothing, while his fathor
still gave him his board. On reaehiug
the age of eighteen, Ned's employers,
who were much pleased with his indus-
upon this employment, however, Mr.
Winslow had u make another invest-j their clerks very well, for we do a great
ment in his charity fund. Ned's father! deal of business with the|#. Which is
was too poor to give him an outiit of the son of old Mr. Davis?**
Put him oil a salary of three hun-,
aXi- TKr
of you, Mr.: it was further advanced to the sum of
/inslow," said the po6r mdh, and his one thousand dollars.
oice now trembled. He uncovered his crease the young man
uead a? he spoke almost reverently. "You larger and larger proportion
ami bound to pay far schooling my boy. eorae to improving the condition of his
Ah, sir!" *f father's family, and when it was raised
But you havn't answered ,|*iy qu|«Ki to the sum last mentioned, he took a
on, Davis. What say you?" neat, comfortable new house, much
Oh, sir, if you are really in earnest?" larger thau the family had before
am in earnest. Nod ought to go lived in, and paid the whole rent himself,
to school. If you can keep him at home Moreover, through his acquaintance and
a few years longer, I will pay for his edu- influence, he was able to get a place for
kcation during the time. .Ned" Mr. his father at lighter employment than he
|*Vinalow spoke to the boy—"what say had hitherto been engaged in, and at a
J9!® like to gO 'ts^ school higher rate of compensation.
Then you shall go, my flue fellow, "Yes. Got a dividend to-day. $g*e
acre's the right kind of stuff in you, or largest yet received/* replied tbft
mistaken. We'll give you a trial at jchaut, smiling.
ny rate," x« I ,..Vj
Mr. Wihstew Was good wjjk wwl. deal of good.'
j.fed was immediately entered at an ex
el lent school.
ts, apprc
\motiey. The satisfaction that flows from [have received a still larger dividend. I
inquired lifs an act of benevolence wisely doue,** Was passing along Button wood street,
"Oh, that's all." The friend spoke when I met old Mr. Davis coming out of
a bouse, the rent of which, from its ap
pearance, was not less than two hundred
ed Mr. Winslow,
"Any more dividends on ywar charity
Yea, indeed, sir," quickly answered1 investment?" said Mr. Winslow's friend 1 Webb fc Waldron
*y. while his bright young face was about this time. He spoke in tlie old
up with a gleam of intelligence. manner, and from the old feelings.
•'Did yow?
Hop# it dms ?o* a graat
"I realize your wish, my friend
iu««cujattiiy enterea at an ex- "l realize your wish, my friend. It is
school. The boy, young as he doing me a great deal of good/' returned
appreciated the kind ae: 6f his ben- Mr, Winslow.
r, and tcsoltcd to profit bv it to tho "No cash I prcsuoodk"
liit me explain."
V ^f®*°*'hhgfarbetter. Letnwexplain,"
m-"l" hini Mt Olicti i hut ho J1^ "^V-*
vTuid pl»y his owu!' "It is good. Let me say a word about
SO, ll vol v*rs*!s ii'
"You know tlie particulars of Htls in-! Cbuntin^-ro
vestment?" said Mr. Winslow. his face, wl
•His friend shook his head, and replied,1fore-men tioti
"No. The feet is I never felt interest
enough th« mattw to ihquife pftrU5u
"Oh,%ell. Hwn I mnat gka yo* 4
little history."
"You know old Davis, who Iibh been
Wrking about our stores for the last ten
or/ifseen j'aatst" "CI v
"Yes/* V
•. n- i.
I •.? VVi
"My investi^ent WW in Ut0 education
of his wn."
"His father took bim from school wh«B
he was only eleven years old, because ha
of stock, was tho first quarter-bill posed to his father to sepd him to school
"Webb «fe Waldron's!" said the friend,
evincing some surprise. "I know all
"The one they call Edward.**
"Not that tall, fine-looking young maa
'their leading salesman?"
"The same."
"Is it possible! Why he ia #ort& any
two clerks in the store."
"I know he ib,"
*'For his age, there if no better «de»
nsan in the city.?'
"So I believe^" said Mr. Winslow,
"nor," he added, "a belter man."
"I know little of his personal charac
ter but unless his fricc deceives me, it:
pay his board and find such clothing as!
his position made it necessary for him to
wear, he devoted the entire surplus to
my knowledge, my divideud exceeded all i
he made answer, with a smile/ I turned
rj 'v
I v-
•/••Ov ilw •,'*•• '".
boarding and find his own clothes, and' ]nm. The moment his salary increased!beginning ot that pe id, a son, whom voice, "I did notexpect this, Mr. Davis."
btyond what was absolutely requited to
rendering his father's family more com-j ^10111
being agreeable.
A year or two more went by, and then
an addition was made to tlie firm of
auuiliuil wlili U
...-u »u« him in a heavv loss. T1
"I had received, already, maw divi-j transaction with a degree of I'nt K-n.v
dends on my investtnent/'eontinued Mr.Iand Memed to guarantee
Winslow "but when the fact came

and twenty-five. 'You don't live here,
of course,' said I, for I knew the old Toledo fe' Co. had fciik-d, the latter was
man's income to be small—not over six) searching about inkis mind for the means
or seven dollars a-week. 'O yes I do,' jof
"Iiathej unsubsUintill kind of ilehe«,"i and two daughters, vho all their lives
waa remarked by the friend. jhad enjoyed the many external comforts
"That which elevates and delights the
mind can hardly be called unsubstantial," i The heart of the fathei ached as his eyes
replied Mr. Winslow..
Edward Davis re­
ceived the offer of an interest in the busi
ness, which he unhesitatingly accepted.
From that day he waa on the road to
fortune. Three years afterward one of
the partners died, when his interest was
Twentysfeii.jigBrs from Jfo tine Mr.
Winslow, acting from a benevolent im
pulse, proposed to send jroung Dayis Jo
school, have passed.
One day, about this period, Mr. Wins
who bad n^et with a nuiuher re
/iT.t.'T 'A ,4. 1
..£'-'..• st .•"'••••.
was pining in hi^
v. ith a troubled look on
the nvueantite fiiend be
came in. Hit i^Hlute'
nance was pate and disturbed. 1* 4
"We are tu.in dl ruined!" Quid*'ho,
with much a^|iutti «», rv
Mr. Winslolr sEarted to his feet.
"Speak!" hitxelaimed. "What new
disaster is abtnt to sweep over me?"
"The houa^/pi Toledo Co., in Rio,
baa suspend#^" I
Mr. Winsld% jftrick lijgp hands, toge
ther, and suii-. .,4f, gm
which he had •fc,
"Then it is fce muranured
?*AU overV
"It is all over wliii tno," said the other.
"A longer stru| gk- would be fruitless.
But for this I mitvlit nave weathered the
liad paid for Ned's schooling. For for three or four years, if he would board forty years, in c^ttmerckl fliritiptfaf "Yes.
years these bills were regularly paid, and clothe him during the time. To this personal ruin!" 1 Mr.
storm. Twenty thousand dollars of drafts! l«^t one, and now the worst must come
drawn against my iasi shipment are back k the worst. It is impossible for me to
protested, and will ho presented to-mor-1 take up fifteen thousand dollars worth of
row. I cannot lift them. So ends this i returned drafts."
So clow# a business life of nearlv
personal ruin!" ... Mr. Davis smiled encouragingly.
"Are you certain that they have failed?' i "If
asked Mr. Winslow. with some&ing like
hope in his tone ef voice. J011
"It is too true, was answered." "The
Celeste arrived tins morning, and her
letter-bag was deriver« at the post-office
half an hour ago. Hare yon received
nothing by her?",
"I was not aware of her arrival. But
I will send immediately for my letters."
Too true was the information commu
nicated by the friend. The large com
mission-house of Toledo fc Co. had failed,
and protested drafts had been returned
to a very heavy amount. Mr. Winslow
was among the i^rs, and to an ex
tent that wag equivalent to nlin because
liftmg over fifteen thousand dollars of
protested paper, when his line of pay
ments was already fully up to his utmost
that is
Then, one dis-
ora^lPraDOt^er Unt^
time be
Highly praisew&rtby," ?said the friend earnestness than ever, and made
tarRe' *"8 mind
the consideration of his affairs with moie
venture a large shipment to Bio. The
sal'j was ai a hanvlsomely remunerative
profit, but the failure of his consignees,
before the payment of his drafts for the
"To-day," went on Mr. Winslow. "I P"***1'6. prostrated htm.
So hopeless did the merchant consider
his case, that he did not even make an
effort.to get temporary aid in his extrem
When tlie friend of Mr, Winslow came
with the informalim that the house of
vvortb of
and looked at the house again. How day--' He had twd thousand dollars in
You must be get-
comes this?' I asked.
ting better off in the world.' 'So I am/
was his reply. 'Has anybody left you a
little fortune?' I inquired. 'No, but you
have helped me to one,' said he. '1
don't understand you, Mr. Davis,* I made
answer. 'Edward rents the hou^e for us,'
said the old man. 'Do you understand powerless by his eftte. He made no fur- jt
whatever he attempted. A
j. *1 .1 ir«ntii« a larim Rltinni-nl. to Rii». Tin*
the other dividends put together**
The mercantile friend was sitefet. IF
ever in his life he had envied the reward
of n. good deed, it was at that moment,
of Bour caused him to'
thousiiud dollars
1Fr- wljich
feu duo
011 that
bank the balance |f the sum would have
to be raised by borrowing. He had partly
fixed upou the resources from which this
was to come, when the news of his ill
forlune arrived. ui uuie swuieuiiKcitun-iuuiuuir i*tiif»
Yes, it was ruin. M*. Wiwtef saw j£
elegancies that w. ilth can procure,
will not| w^^'d ujwa his childr 11, and lie thought
always do this." w- 1°^ the sad reverses th: awaited them.
The friend sighed involuntarily. The entering his dvvlling, Mr. Wins
remarks of Mr. Winslow caused though* sought the partnjr of his life, and
to flit over bis mind that were fiur from! oommunicated to hef without reserve,
To Mrs. Winslow,
expected was very se
some time U^fore her u»
band's announcement,
groe of calmness.
About half an hour a
roturu, and while his n
of his wife were quivr
4»w* •'«#*..•• ni»
wrvanl eanf and said that a geiKWrnui
had called and wished to nee him.
-"Who is it?" asked the merchant?
'*1 did not understand' name."
Mr. Winslow forced as much external
coni{osure as was possible, and then de
scended to the parlor.
"Mr. Davis," he said, on entering.
Mr. Winslow," returned the visitor,
taking the merchant's rami and grasp
ing it warmly.
As the two men sat down together,
the one addressed af Mr. Davis, mi id—*
"I was so' 'Ik'• 1ft-':: a little wliHe ago
that you will kJc i i L. a failure in Kio."
"Heavily. Itjbaa ruiued me!"
"Not so bod as that 1 hope!" said Mt1.
"Ye®. j(i Iub^I fwlWVfl^^e b«t iprop
that I leaned on, Mr. Davis. The very
Fifteen thousand is tbe amount?"
started, an^, warn flush
°ver his face.
"Why didn't yott come to a»ked
Mr. Davis, "the moment you found your
self in such a difficulty. Surely!" and
did no. thi„k it Uibl. for me forget! «r
tlie past! Do not
of men, if I forgot my obligation? If
your need were twice fifteen thousand,
and it required tho division of my last
.. I dollar with you. not a hair of vour head i
should be injured. I did not know that
i i i w a s o s s i e o y o u o 6 i n o a n e
it threw baok upon hun the necessity of
e weut for some time, i
\h! sir," he said at las', in a broken
business, failed, involv-.j "You had a right to expect it," re-
plied the young man. Were I to do less
^oun^ than sustain you in any extremity not too
®n iiominent d«mger of failure. I g,-eatfor my ability, I would be unworthy
name 0f a
prjhably come back to you tiMnor-
row?" y,-...
'Y'-s. To-morrow at the latest'
'Very well. I will see ibat-yott are
provided with the means to lift them. In
the meantime, if y*.u are in want of any
sums toward your paymentst.«f .ftwlay,
just let me know.'
'I can probably get through to-day by
ray own efforts,' said Mr. Winslow.
'Probably How much do you want?'
asked Mr. Davis.
'In the neighborhood,of Uizee tlicius
and dollars.'
'I will send you round a check for that
sum immediately,* promptly returned the
young man, rising asiie spoke and, draw
ing forth his watch.
'It is nearly two o'clock now,' he ad
ded, 'so I will bid you good day. Iu
fifteen minutos you will find a check at
yftur store.'
And with this Da\ is retired.
All this, which passed in a brief space
of time, seemed like a dream to Mr. Wins
low. He could hardlv realize its truth.
e couu
now?' ther effort to lift his njtes, but, after his ho found there the promised check ftw when his crowning triumphs are almost
"I understood him pecfipty. JMias mind had a little reco^rcd from its first thousand dollars.
then that I received the largest dividend 1 shock, he left his stortj aud retired to his i
that in a moment, and his hands fell! But it was a reality, and he comprehended |at the very moment when his erowaiug
tin tho nf\t rmv th« nrotesled draffs
the commaud of large money facilities, 1
before introduced was less foituuate.'
save him from ruin, and he sunk under
his approach­
the painful intelligent'
ing failure.
Is it indeed so
tears filling her eyes.
"I am utterly piostsUte!** wrm* tike re
ply. in a foice that was full of anguish.
And in the bitterness o| the moment, the
unfortunate merchant tjfrung his hands.
es?" she asked,
shockj so un­
e and it was
id, after her hus
•quired any de-
Mr. Winslow's
n heart aud that
ng w»:h |i^?n, a
-V/J. 'i
•So did 1' 'aBewwrtfrf Iff. Winslow.
•But, I had forgotten a small investment
made years I tef ««Ui of it to,
you before/ .,,, ,s ,.t
The other looked sKghtly ptikj^ed.
'Have you forgotten that investment in
the charity fund? which jp*u thought
money thrown away/ ,v,
'Oh!' Light broke in up.»n his mfcM.
You educated Dans. I remember now!'
'And Davis, hearing of my extremity,
stepped forward and .-ared rae. That
was the beat investment I «»er made!"
Tho friend drf»pp.vf his to i!k
18 no
his voice slightly trembled, "surely you' silver unwr.shed the panthers are of sil-j^
... •. •.«
,, tremitv like this, until I beard ii whtf-
pered a little while ago."
So unexpected a turn in his affairs
completely unmanned Mr. Winslow. He
11 fir-y-i1.1 nrgri
nma. And now, Mr.
WinsloVf kt your heart
be at rest. You
not fall under this blow. Your drafts
1, .. ... water to make her practical I v useful, and
he was able to take them up. 1 he friend i.
was no one to step forward and
A few days after his faijuve he met Mr., ...
everything?' workmanship of the belt are of first raw
-and would I not be one of tho' baseat! oxclleoc. It U alwgether a handsome
.. .,
Uoubtedlyof the tat rtoe!. and
hand. But it is in the elaborate handle
and would 1 not be one of tn^ basest valuable present. and he fell on his knees ^d buried h:4l
SELF CULTURE.—It is ottr bttsfness ib
mo" r«°r
To cultivate f» iand^Viip^^ and "lto'C•»ernitv
».11 iwSij O
^oCTutie^ and s.tuation.
To be fully persuaded that all virtuesP0?cb
Presto the change oomes-
of horses take fright and run awav with
secured. Perhaps the hand of fate gukfes
& speed—worthless except as
the sudden pressure that came upon him.'. .... M. ..
.. », is rumored that she is leaky, and that her! 'K*
Winslow v' 5 principal owner is too much afraid of her 11"® hea\ens were bright above him, and
sea-qualities to dare trwt her on the i
'How ia this?' said4e. -^How did you
weather the storm that drove ma under?'
I thought vo-jii condition as hopeless as ... 1 1, u 1 11 1 a
mine*' labor of months fruitless, and obliges her ja,K h^ di-.-d—a rich old mri—hor
tW tbM nv mnv w.hfev0
The true motto
vv 'r. •*, i
«*».',. ffWWMrtli
pavc.non't, stood for a moment or two E^Ffqunoy L» MISSISSIPPI.—4?,.,EXCXTp
without speaking, sighed and then moved BIG MBll. s
on. How many opportunities for making! WiHiam Robertson, who'
ssmilar inv^jjiments Ind he not n«'gk-e!«*l!' Franklin Williams, witll the aid of th^
murdered man's wife, was executed a|
i s a i o n s i
th° cr^wd
that taste and ingenuitv have been most !«rCT'
shown. It consists of solid silver, rep-1 ™&»ug
pair of panthers, the other King dead at iand
__ I JS^* HOK. W'm. I!.
which ^s impracticable is spurious, and. ^it'CA^ Part^s day, concludes arik
.. -L. E IT* ',&IUOM:
rather jto run the risk of falling into
faults in a course which leads us to act '*1 do not predict tbe tunes, and
with efleet and energy than to loiter out! sons when one or the other of the con-y
our days without blame and without use.: Aiding political elements shail prevail. iL
is State, thiaist'
He trespasses against his duty who sleeps know, nevertheless, that this
upon his watch, as well as
over to the enemv.—Bitrkt.
upon his watch, as well as le who goes: nation, and this earth are to be theabods
•%*»&»*>* mt»Mk
i.t IT/ HMt* !. U
{fesM'sr smift •ma,
o i 1 i a s 8
from the
j- ,, harangue witA.an appeal to them to inan«
States Purveying Expedition, visited:.,
Oue Xiussifiii porv of l^uopau^waki. iu J* -f
Kamtsc«atfcE9, he extended certain per-' _•••,. ...
i a n e o w i e e u e s e o s e i n a v
sonal courtesies to the omcers of the Hus-1 ...
sian service of that port, in acknow-i
.v i r» the crowd, as be lelt aisured tlie sharitl
ledtjement of these kindnesses, Comman-' ,,
i i- would not proceed with the execution if
dor iloiwrs w,-w presented at Sau i ran-1 ...
the popular sentiment should be found ta
eweo, on his return homewards, with ft I,
.. ., ,, be against it. The apparent acquiescence.
sword and belt of considerable value and!
exquisite finish. The gift was made bv.
w -err, n \ia' pnpo3i«oit, stirred the crowd to &nr.
General Mouravieff, Governor-ueneval otj
Siberia, through the hands of the Itiw-
be capable of doing terribly slaughterous! &
.. ,, .I1P i of our courts of justice.
work if wielded by a strong and skillful
resenting a stalwart American Indian in! emergency, however much his own oi*
mortal combat with the living one of a|tlu
K not
"u,d maturity, every sort of
that are lovely in private life into the ser-!
80 to be
sj*' and happy home of free men. Its hills^
t.om 'j and vallies are to be fields of frea labor,R
MOB GEbJtOE 8TEEKS AKD HIS free tliought, and* free suffrage. Thatjt
It is strange how quickly a cloud may! consummation^ill come when society L$
sometimes come over a bright prosperity prepared for it. My labors are devoted''
after a long period of sunshine. George 110 that preparation. I leave others to^ -4
Steers rose to fame and honor almost in aj
day, and his course seemed upward and systems, and pvrish with them, if they#*
onward. His vessels were without rivals •,nu^ but in politics, as in religion, I*
as to speed, matchless as to beauty. Hej
was employed to construct a steam fri- portion of my fellow-men vho hold fast^'.4
gate for the government, and a steamer *0 the truth with hope and confidence ea*^,
for tho crowning triumph for the Collins during through aU H'tak* it um oonipi«»t«^?
line, tho glory of tlie American mercan- eternal triumpli."
tile marine. Both vessels were splendid
models, and had every appearance 01 be- .0* INSTINCT.—-Tlie aKiggishp
ing able to excel all past naval structures sea-turtle loves her home. A huge oroa-jji .
in both speed and beauty. Greorge Steers
was a prosperous and happy man—with sailors near the Island
the brightest future before hiui of any i hurut a mme and date into its- upper'*/1
mechanic in the
the builder's carriage* He U tlirownout i turtle was captured^
—mangled—dead 1 He buried,
the whole countrv mourfts over hi.4 \m \Uoma' A^usion. Wlmt *:muge and ia-^
hardlv realize its truth.! whole country mourfcs over hi* k«s| ho«Mi Ascension. What Btratige^l
fully, when on reaching his store,! mourns over his loss at the very moment "eari1
tlu^e tilings aright. After a few wef-ks'Vv^
Ai Fawjj.—A young rxwn once picked
K'eau and to crown all, it is found that allowed his eyes to look up iromtbo mud '^$1
some defect iu her macliioery makes the
to he torn almost piece-meal. jouly kniiwthw Imy wth of «»ra as a dir--V^ aj
What a change of scene aud of
o s
„|,„t eomnH uuuy up-! 5
—liahle to be withered by a word, or luiroy old ciergyit.an dqiwiih
hliVhtcd by a cireumstiuioe.~ir1". DU- who w of'-the trnfer»-of hn aoai^^
put h. a .... emy, lately''attended thir «^l&:tiaiiou of^
o s o a s a n a e U o i
ft 2 i|
r-.-,.-- *»svt
v i' :T/
condemned man, it appears, fluaroweff.
SCairdd, «ideSroria^
-to awnk.en their sympathies in his betalL
Whefi Lieutenant (now comtnande?) i
,, ,/• i and closed his long and very mconcrcat
tlohn liocrers, in charge of the I nited
..to jail a: havit new trial in ftiriber*
iorot his propo«mon to ativud moot fron*
.fi luf tlie sheriff io this startling aud uuusu
exhibition of some little excitement, at
,, T.. m. cries of "new trial!" #hang him!
sum Consul at ban rancisco. 1 he sword ,. -,
"hanghuu! were heard on both sides.,*,
a straight one, and two-edged, un-i
tiV" I
tfeat a desire that he should be remaade«l|^ 1
would run not around tae twry precinMr
announcement of the sheriff, how-K
the people in thu*
sympnthie* were evinced for him.
his feet. The body of the Indian is of *cc°fdingly, quelled the rising tumul^
at once wiifc his dutffi
gold. The and i '4
s,"«k w"h
m-mor-ln, lunlw trembled...
face in his hands^ while the attending^,
minister, Dr. Ivtney, approachttl him up-.
on the scaffold, in pt-rft'muux'e of hUf
h* *1 "»d
generous and honest feeling that belongs prisoner, with his hand upOa bis bowedF
to our nature. To bring the dispositions jhead-
k"wiinS ,!"E
1,1 an
vice and conduct of the commonwealth *ervie«, the prisons ceutiau^ upon hu&
to Ileaven. After this solemng,-,
we are knees until die Btoatewt he mm bunch-ad!*
SEW \r.T
Auburn, New ork, on th^t
to obsolete traditions and uecaying^ C,'
ii\ the English Channel. Two^
once more, now quite well, near oldP
l' h.e
up a sovereign lying in the road. Ev«r:
afterward?, as he walked Rlon
hls eves fixed steadily on tlie givnind, in
e i
so probably—cdthough with her great hopes to find another. And iu thescourr-ei
a tro«.ip ship. did pick up, at different^"
And now his matchless merchant sieam-i
er is declared to have the same fault jtjaa^8^ver- these years, whilo ,f
W ,ei
g,x('ly number of coins. go!d__
beautiful around. He never once
tilth iuMihi^h he sotight the treasure
ty road iu which to piek up money fcte
comnteutiu V UD. you walk along Skcp. -W
life tti do righ^f,1 tl.em. He enlarged uf^i the^iuduc^^
and lot the consequences care of 1 nte. to exertion he^, ja this cfmnlr}
themselves. It is all sheer vauily to'and eiMOuraged "the. boys" to ni)ike
strive to accommodate yourself at evefy themselves distinguished. *'Sonw ot
point to the whims and notions of some you," said fee, may make a Washing
other person*, and try to square your I ton,, gome of you may make a JefTrnrsom
ideas t" phrT^e thi-. or thar vwf or pnrty. any of rw mnv make a pi.-rco.''
•., Jg
yV V
^..•c 3&*'
to be alw.ays with tliatK'
°f this kind wa^j^aught Ay English- V-''
Ascension, who
shell. Ota the way to England it feil^-
k w
•Ki i
home-sickncss carried ih^slow,^, rg
heartless creature 4.UWO mU^ back thro'
ocean, where tb no ood'^.-.
g, ho fcp^.y g.
La\und. in "i"
looking for them, he saw no» a.ac, t.

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