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i ?v.'
|^s?f .l^J!
I -«1 ,1 «m
in ,d?i f'7 'i
ioix'J Jlrff
it a? a ti 1
w*ft .'j
I'-MlI'/f i' i
n tc'
.4. jo A-*
i fi" 'i*
MAH1N & 80KC-'i?W "SI
SerniOt'N^. ffT
ft woman full o'^r1
thov are a preventive to all iTvijis and
evils incident to th'n life. Nlvom iu evef
jrcmamed at home anddisclrarl all her do
mestic duties without cnjyityjod health
a long life of happi^jess,
grave. My sisters, rftiaeini)
aod do them, and yoa will
seeds of ini'iuity arid reap
.Wiethe /od 4 jfyix
y .n ^.*1
.til 13 For tltee"
Jfla* Huitor: 1
preacher, but just n
inspiration on, me. My
things, txamint all thirigi)
0$ voucan
Ce co^t^f, sgf
gays 0
and kttp our
tbe nuUier ti
short there i
last axteen 1 is of that sermen f%tbira is
in t.hi'Flflftti Pn.ln.fl»' M.
in tW 'Floati
want! to be
Palace.' My h«
talk.'- Don't1
manias sou
of a womau
feniiher if s
her rood na
her virtue.
rack your
whieh her ci
fait about
justiee, the
thousands otjres of land
five about
in a good lo
proved, vbii
hcfirt, fonnt?ifl •irwfcht1taAtatt*'f'n'0
A thousand stratm- at .jif.li tlie i|
Friiuall arciini'l, In-low above
Ol' pure iilUv ti'm-i, joys itrown
Koreive* and- ndb then oufetopaia,
To lull like gentle flmwir* down.
To cheer anl gladden hIivt train
Who* fijim, no artist cm ei«mpam
u Wliai he may fashion by li| .-jkill
J:-'* ,i rf
Angelic, uciTc't all t' f.ir,.
To bp it .•ilave tfm.rtil wi I 1
l¥*« *ych aie.itvii r'jrt w E WIU,
Hellcvtiujj piircst tliofglit-.-^itlun
U(! t=t )n l«or nil
J'lcd I'mm every stain ol iw''
6 .Vfla
*»tf« 7 f?|,i
•41k' tliatlViweth ren vanity, and the
•liireU «l- hr augtT sball taitt.'? ,t
This t|xt you will find ui J1 a bot'tom of
in the nijtory of e .^ jnlividual
11 V-k A 1 a w A 4 111 A 4
is "humility ani tllfearof the
nr riches and honor and fe.'
S Three Ihousand years n^o ^m«n,
ITm^ 1 n
:mSlt fc8 f'lSi 1» 9:1
fc«»K fclli ul !»(.,•
jjjAU thoso wroioen in Uie ^on^jegation wl»o them ia pnvat) about w.^hng a *an ius:t
taot defileJitheir hearts by dealing Qqtjj nnd water for mosquito bit^s, w)tn !io bad
fiswjdal, citlior in Bmall or 'arge doses, will I tbo s^)al!-pox. If youliavj an 1 jnost r»c
ifajg tVse lines. Wfcy tlii- long pause?— c'upation. follow it—but nt So cusfly that
T$erc nStto 0 sing,'to will proceed you'ean't talk, i'ray fornl thoso jldfogici,
to fcive jott^ho CSit^ ana a ftott diMOvrm' sucli as^UAlo," who
^ive jott
I mean tho ^r-es, fioiK I
^rhon I siy women
»eli eve tlfcv hatl no old maids iftbos^jfrvfi)
«f Kings, Lords, and tho jrro«t»cn ql Jhe
farth, asfvell as the wives oSio^mcq.
»nd yourc maidens, high and 16 rioh and ,, ,,
poor, allwere constantly emplhl in Idme *on,1:i1t"r"e^,1al ^L
Bonorabil and useful cinployme^ asr
•pinning (not "strjet yarn
|not ^gcandal'-)
an. Then humility was wruu pn
countcnanco. Then she w s vir }t« »itd
truo to hor lord. Then she em ."d 1&ir
leisure hours in going about d-il| go6d. ...
Und, ihcrifore, was contented a look of acorn upuujMnvoi.qu
licn her feood qualities, her virtu. he» fi-1 coirso wardrobe, bad hor «M
shono forth like gUtter.nj{ u»*in 'ontored Uia couotry—^arejli
the lirmamont of heaven, a«4all Holjed derision and scorn. A.p.'i
011 lior valued and loved har. 1^- '500pl0'
In Knglaml, to this day, thi u v| of
lord-s and it eat men think ,d^.-.i^ii»g
to work with their hands, auidi| ,ea.i .dijg,
gp into,t'ueir kitchen and fhero |.crfi* 14.
bor which in \Iineitini, some plor ed
ucated on a farm among pigs ana shHnnd
horses anJ ttlo, after being lifefrie' to*
lil'fn wh* wears i fine at, \Mbuid worn
to do. -M? aistorpy these tlwags iught at tX -NIo3t Sthoiu laughed, or It
be. V^u aiay eoutraat hui)it« of ldl-iess, thaqgh^s..'rved her ri^ht!
|)ut tho suiyd onu nuvcr be i.UQ. .lt 111.i be
S i v i i i y i n i n s v Y s o s o
fi '.on ls'.iip, truth air
1 virtue, it \i\u a
rich and gohh 11 harvpit of (p«woyjtJ wnd
htippines's in this Rfj,'nn'd S»c V)
kioiiio joys everlasting, lint if it 6o n« h«
«(K'liuf'iniquity, by ^loftling q.|t,MnuU
auU Koa.idai: all «wr tow^iv|k rssnrcd l^i'l
reaj) vunity and vexation ot s.iirit, tlui
whereof vvilj bo old acje in 'hittohlr
slia'iic and finallv the Uat&ffc'-S njj
grave ot sliii
darkne'S of cver!as:ing iiorr»w.
in conchiswrt, by way 6f upplicatio
would add: Be truo* to one another. Wi
one of your sex commits some indiscieti
perhaps iu receiving the attention^ of sjo^
gentleman, not thinking that he is a
in sheeb's clothing, who, prow ing abcut^
devour her virtue, talking of friend"! ij
love platonic, manners, wontar.*® rights
every other toolcy, so ooiuai n in thie ag
of vanities nnd lies, donot enno dovv i jradesj lie sut
her like a pigeor. on a poke-ba-ry, aud tie-woman, savin:
vour her fair form, for this s dearer to' ''Perhaps sh
ht v than thcappWCf hv* 9jm Wy sist- i ,%i di.igutse. 1 n
loojfc you at tho iustuucco kind $ Not tnat ho th,
have amongst ua in il-jscatinoi^nd tety n :|ovr his indin'ore
the product of other men's lallr and find
out tho d-florence, if you can, Itwcen that
ami stealing or fobbing. Tall 'nbouk the
progtess of tho ago the vast in*o*rm*ntg
that aro making in the nrtsb^ soienoasj
tho vast difrercnco thero is bet^en tho in
!teliigenoe and enturpriao of, th^ nation of
'talkers and those who uao tLit serious odi
ition of ''comn\on-sengc" qu Aed'v ''Halo."
Talk some about that priivfe 0 4tunibtf£.s,
itho "science nf mcffcintf" Jk ttbut Mm in
Sfmiti? gu«to with #hich thoyipoai of thera
poItod as tbo gehaxain,' tht( "'regular
bro'l," tho real ''aciontitic tlito uk 4.0
a man iu saft
when a^.ew idea is advam^d. 30 .then
kindly,/and pity tbeiu in t'teir ditrees fpr
their io is deplorable. in eed.
IJioh pa'e in
^omani life. Thert) 'are'nuv u 11 ITPS^xr at ii* thousand years
Rrge this city, wha-opofly nvow that them grmnble—-they con do no 1»4**- My
%omenkrje elevated t¥ a hiper position, i hearer*, talk, ask questions, and l$ wise.—
ind en.oy more freedom, ad ftre far in Tho old adage' "ft still tougu sho*s a wise
•dvancejn manners, retinemei, tftste, ed- head,''id jibout as_ near tru' asl'a
mcation find virtues now, tty they were crfiif*'6fi\ of }i Horse shbWs aigxiJ
two thoifeand years ago. W e lot us see.
An Heiress
ao Sffoatlo." i
put on a mask and she w ,. ji»de9-
flax," iieiap," aii^tBoiin- t^an-like, through tho city in whiolhr? hrrd
ity wae w*ittt ft|i .the hjlh nto moved with so much --fny-anc
AhfenilicenOc. She asked alms of t^se who brcatbiag, aiw, cons^uentiy? a greater
of "iatj had knelt at her feet, and^i
iier hand. Tliey knew kor no nu
1 13 tmo
tue, industry and usefulness,,Ls no S re in verc of the poorer olass, '•ti
the world jo far departed
.ns i i tho tmited States, n^d no **4Hti
the States, so much so, as ift tlie i^it|t|ffns
scattered rtll over the West.
.h it they were
a p. loefui^J,
"'sow tne
y," nor ui
Hj| Word t*'
*lV„?!.K^E,lS: to-hl» fountt in noibOrinj: damsel*. A tracer
v.^1, wwiuuuu uouisoim. j\ traT«er in- l|it
VOU to be on vour mai
this ineniifc
und the g»m«eoA»4w\tlt'iej hail .(teg
ei for an "'anfot««Mij.^iii
iip.—A writer in a 1
Quarter!v ite riow
*/fe tr all
wii-re it rs collected
mt ilinnt, who travels
an Inivs up, nnd shea
will tlo for ln
e. spcakipo
gam by .Malversation, and it is ^her %is collected by a oompanvaf i)ni j,
foibles—when you /peak of whiel
us good qualities, /or every
hat are good. If #on stcak
way8 sneak
is siamlered
by an insinuation against
lk aboat "woir/in's rights,''
•in for some /xpedienij by
iti^u tnay bo
reform, 'jilk about fchefl euro
licy,_ of 01/6 man owniim
hen he don't uso
morality ojfi
iop, und #tting it lio uninit
he neighborhood
d. If /oa speak
well ti her de
1, anVtarnish not
tlirf'w'.S'jsiie mxt?: w»1
*J ii»:c«4 a
-a ili 11»
is being improved, thereby e|
value to fiva or t«n dollars pi
the land and pocketing
.noilT joseeVf
Hi -dj-wti ttuod
nncjog its,
aorr, then
0 money,
.Ilioy are
bo far jjehind tho ago that i' tboy'haj
spee.' of a pigeon thevwonlf n^ileateh np
lJun't nind Ihem lefrj lb Ire
for a
S1x .»c
A beautiful young heiress bad !i
disgusted with the ilatterlng set
pated, pomatum-haired, monstni
strongly-perfumed suitors for her ltd, thai
she shut heraolf out from the vlniable(?)
orad 80
deposited it all in banks donned a cheap!
J« aud
id |o.work
f» proenre their own daily i i U»* y
c^ild not turn a felloe -irt .Air ^^s£ry
fimii liieir door, aud thexcCov scanty
from thoir store.
^1^1 summer's day, a largo ^tnvlfcy met
on —teaelj.
Were 11 5tlv torn the
citv "'The (Jlsgnised heiresfroif t.or*e
ca^*or oth«r, had wand«r i.ther|. ibe
ask-j from one or two, riaed uppev
tens.» Tb^v apok« tiiuniin y, IjJt. gave
nothi^, Wkat tiicy had s lid ha| bee#
heard quite a number of tiiir eutlpanj*.
or loo'.qd as if thvy
1'hc beggar
woman tned aboAt, and w-as wlkiig sadiy
iway Ion a good -lookiig.
stepped krward, Bad catcbip^ hokipf .her
arm, tlmLj^ke* i
i^rgopd wou^ao—tolnie f1^T,
want. -i
want a sulKcc—onh/ a s(.ij*?-rr.'*'
"Yrvi slilhnve ten times hat naeunt.
Here,*-' heldnd, drawinij.irem bisjlQeJi^t
aneagla, aii^,hieing it in gWvtlh^ufl
of tbo woiii, ••tmko.shw, I th^W D^t
ppoqgh, I lislgive yuU -niotjut*r''
in a lovf trCm^'lnj 1
p^nco^nnd ctjiIu to the st-raafro ikjb
side him, wiu\ nftor ihan^i|i^ thiif
ou» donor, waiU slo.vly, ^*ay. Aff
ini: laughed !i\)r so doin^, y liia
in pursuit,oi' the
uniitii, Buying
w 3 WU'H Cfc
what proof have yOu of the'uat hf ai.fcifd s^id, beside# kti^fviju^ hi -is '1
person you have go. "unceretu^Rmsly hnr.- strange femahViioni e 1
died? Not api»'a boad of jJjfof bat oitj'f soon overtook L*, nnd thus n
the contrary, all tho scandal ®*ft lias becu^ *'l'ardon me, mi^no, irpt
dealt out to woman.who havo een prov*1 lii i»nld know lh«ro4)ou voq.
ipnocent of the base
charges bfrjglit 4s tho speaker tealrf, the nk dri
^did, is now turning back likuf ehaf^f ti the faoe of the 4nale, au the
ger to devour its hot pursuers
Love and cultivnjte hidustrlhribitsy for its.-inhed gentlen an.
fw.biH'PyJiq^^ad ifKien rd ay,
tlf be gat ^jyi "h-jireai^r a si. V~
nuia^§r%? tie
mislias the i0l-
iuforination on thi*i!ieot
adon iniporw abotrt|vo n| Q| |u-
flarair# who go over to Jin l%ud ijt ord
once t.year. And, who know fnni w
ho|h »ir annually. lJlaekhVi- ct:nea'|a h- econoinyw the limited piov
^oiu llrixtany and the so^i ot' Fr.it iu, 1 ion »f caiboit Mid hydro^ea tceasurvd^
rir to
ro^s Mt)
tan Ueiscribas thopeasnat jcirMfis attenjn-
,r theA arw 80,U0 at
shears the
their beau|tu t*W
is boeku For in- per»]pUv willing to soil out. ^e s^w
n ZZA?t £!!fi preached er,:|iris sheared, one after !,?.
a spurious eonv
to,)k hifc text
Cntninrtn BBn.f k'* exceHeit work.— the Soaps, with tnoirc«tt)S in flT fm
Common-sense „A ^otd
stun ron
leir long hair id 1.:
siifmust have arcason.'* iivz/| their waists. SjKrth^f oft
ftK "Halo," is the one dea was placed a largq8)*ekti .to tf.
and Austria, where tho he ^l^essivo orppa of.^oiT^yi^, tbr
binds tho soul and body ol eaeh&cd inn whisg by ittit'. i'
uimlc| on- hcudW hnir about twenty snqs ijiiione
jakingnis ife:»^r a gaudy handkfcrchief. Jhis 1
jfer his niock' lipt
cauayr here most of our intelli-
bo i« Ids
the bipt way 0 obtain knowledge that is
knowu. It i i bo regretted that Mr. '^Ia
lo" dil not 0 iiu genuine cony of "coin
mon-siise," tho most of his sermon i
ejtCQll«f t* I n heartily sav Arpen to all ht
ler, the slanderer, and thai
who sells intoxicating 1
but wli he wants us to be wivM
ouths shut, then I think bi
wanted her John to leanj to
went near the w^t&r-flh
much humbugjgffjf ii. the
fli ytest and most silken that eta be
cfirci* I'i^'bt hair all oomes from ?ermfi
jpoui v.' fome^those peudant ti\ sses dc
iu tl Jbs light, with \fhich our
Eves, jfrtly entangling the snakv w
their fn, tempt our eligible Adain jp
04ri tl-'TiiER.-i-Children ott^ht
1 1
honor, tb«ir
if tha mora
the most jjacr^
Let nar bo your friend aii chi
Conceal nothin£ffroip hy,
acquainted wit 11 the eciipan
A keep, the books which yoar
o U i k
their mother their mont
Whilst thoiv remain thu.
guisod, they awfitea fr0»'
4 obey your 'pntfents iu yda
you aro no (OBgar uadMi
vour rev ercaceibato. IfJb4tl
^|o of L»o4 sjiould I'isO aTu
he worla, grow not upliftut^u
hi lo they are heudiug under tlji
ol old age, still continue to trBdt
respect as well as affection.
Some Facts worth Remembering.
A vigorous man breaths foi th from
his lungs e*ch day about tl.iity ouuees
of pure carbon» This quantity of car:
boo is equivalent to an equal weight of
pure charcoal, burnt daily in Ms lungs,
to develop tho etotro-dyhhmlc ctcUn'
tion or constitutlng'animal heat and an
itrial motive po.-ct. At tNisrate, n man
burns aboat twice his weight of carbon
eVcry year, and inMhe -fellottod term of
trfriee Jc rtroaiid ten, corieumes about ten
torts of enrhon ot charcoal, in develop
ing animal h«eat arid motive power.
l5y exposing dried blood in a coy
WKf crttcible to a »e«l beat,.a reaihium of
cntu-^oal will Us left* whicti camiot be
distinguished from the charcoal lefi iu
the Famo.c/q^iliJs.aX^r wood, bread, su
gar, flesh, &c..* 6afq "Been rAH^rfy ex
P-ose(v ....
The quantity of air passing through
tho lung of a. man of ordinary size, cv
cVvy Iwenty-four hofrt*, has bech fortnd
$06 ctlbic'feet, of whichi 20 2-3
cubic feet are changed into carbonic
i If the s'ujyp^bfbtygefnftndtiydro^eD
be cutoff or diminished, the combufiion
of carbon will diminish in a correspnhd
ing porportiqn, and tjic uhy'sicaf strength
and lodompii're power df-cfnitfialS will
also' dimfnish. H«nce, on irteertdihg
mountniusF, ai tHe oir becomes mori
dense, it contains less oxygen and met
anoi animals.sooner begin to pant, as ir
th«y~had beea running, ia order to sup
ply theinsel*«a with thft oxygen /Wkth
which io c$4ismoo the carbon 4° Ut^jr
food. ii'r
Active „exercise prod«cc| rapid
for I aBiount of oxygen enters the system,
iifitintf aud products u inore 'lajud cofn.bustion
oT.carbori'. If.tlie supply of oxygen is"
otf in uny ^'av, as 'b^ working in nh
rentifater! apartments, the poster of the
operative it soon axhaiistej. H^ncetua
mcwi imprSTed workahaps in iingUmi'
aro supplitdi with fresh aii by.? tlus rnQ
fbarrccil poWct of (an machiiUQi. .•
A horse consuo»«a ulout ele*ea
peauds of car boa aud hydrogen daily,
in tha form of faqid,, hut o^ily about live
and pounds avoiidupo.is appear to
be barnLiu his lungs, from whence rt'fs
iur?.rret^that^fialf.of his food is lasted
This is'owing to tfie imperfect mas?
tication of wiry dry hay on which he*ftj
Itebigtsooasidots U»t--ftjcea of. un
imaTs .to represent iat iui^erfectl^
burnud or oxydized portions o*f ilje r,fuoii,
«ud oi^gare^ U to. ilu^.Ro.pt Uiy^bluck
r«sylting from iinperlect "combusiioii tij
urdljiary furnaces"."
i e v i n s w a s
preven "tVVs
•. oft'4.rbort, ri^lHatiog animals are
The hoire%:turried the engl ,exc!i»tnhig,
4I want a kp'.-nee—dh'iv K
Sebing'th:'. fie could rfct be inwl"'?tako i i-
the coin/ thelentltfmaii drew i'ar**«ii- I »ce«e .its ht^bei.u^ able
,ttt VWUtKv^ojr niau as^ maiy hodrs a
to' "Perhans she ta« heiress
to niie u-ta ai."
htthis.. H? wi ,, ..... ...
to what s c^»ifd«s j-mwld'Ho* exc^e4 ci^ht, it 11-
heiress was po^ayed bei jto t]
body fcurirtg
the animak bf the tons
"Htfve •\vhite instehd of dark jsoxwriugs,
Nvia it® tropicad cllnutes«. becaua% U»e
white color diminishes the radiatioa.pf
heats., .- -,.j
.. .* .»
|... ^ilt cQmmopl^ reqoires tho coijrbus
cubic feet ot ijrdinary |«.
cor wooJ
vided with-rfltocles- fbr bringing
from th'e Sto.rt^h to^fhe moath tho- «oU
id Hgrtoous flbro«» vtrass^s, so as ta
sutijfOt them to a nttw ioasiicatitiu». aud
to eximct jroni thorn the catdou which
was.net elaborated ou Uie first ciieiviug.
The liniQ and Uhor required by u
bursa ox to niii^ticjate 25 lbs. of
..r- uian cuii ^r,ork. A mah caTi wblh twelve j«aart.o« tlie earth, tbio iron from lias*
b^'- hours, a horse only eight. The reason is *^a»
ff gtiSi ftir-supper, -butore he .i^du lie 1 in our custom houses and exchanges,
flow ii to re^t. Man's hours for Uhor sermons on the trii)l6al •kpea«Piti« »of
-..It. :t V
ut i^eA to, choA' his .raw. \^lieat and. co/n, **'~3
prepared for them Just :ae le^ JteHietieel tho fate which he had seen for some
ards rried,Hhe i as tor their own taliki »r I.. tijne awaited him. Shortly before sU
it^tr has alreadyimn^iied, for r"hftlifeiess i: 4 large ^portion q( tha «aU?on-in i 0 clock ou .Monday evejiing. while a few
1 hiy eod grait, tthich ia l^uiaed in Iriendg were sitting aroond his Vedside,
tho lungs of animals^ go^s merely to^^® bnly Orfefe'he would altovr? in his
Isny^jy uuimul hpat, without oiltribu
.q^td cuotlre power or' nutrition
warm tiS'raTtfch-dro'rfe.
ition. A
g-i \¥7'the lift iipC
e^sa'ry com'Bustion of much costly or-1
Hn5,4'carftwf in the 1 rings,"to sustain '.h^ }"noise—let me die quietly.' He refused
doe lempefl
tie clothed
4-e of the Mood Mat
wiih shert hair. Certain
oi cat!
P." ftvelop st«,n
gle t*m. r«M ot- Uni,.lt f.
mateJ, will prodnca.„.u4Ity lMleot
w.«d, wkich ol|
o w e
u e a a i a
rule I,O aumi.1 gtowtli
VSBUW Im lot. Ihfee, lWuJ'^l
bflU. .ml five or hydrogen. A»
faiid will adtiuallv produce about
lbs of wootl whicn contains above J.3Q0
lbs af these elenmitafj* aobstaacee^car
r^on and hydrogen.
'•4 «oatof Ml for a Steam engine
on the Atlantic seaboard is less than
6 o a a i S a
the eon und paniunlat, ij llhaU Uie co.u food (ot lie for aivo [eruvrjug, lamina all uiiilferj fq,ic and fpul
who aro not afraid to coraaui hursc to dev-1—
eal force.
acio.ss the Straits of Gibraltar, 9 distance
of mora thau tea miles. This only hap*
ficns In peculiar states of th wwitlien
The sound of'u military bond hat been
heard at the distance
I 1 i
li»M i.aj, two iadJ v /,! I,'
i #»•.«
^volcanois aJjfjraing moua",
tain. Morb than thtee bundfed have
been discqvered upon tlie earth, Some
of them are constantly throwing out fire,
srtioke, ashes, and ittcltoct toc'k others
bom for a lime and then cease, or perhaps
break out iti a new place. Soma' of
these volcnnor* hAr® thrown masses of
melted matter, which has passed oflf In
streams to the surrouoding country, cov
ering a surface largec than aome of oor
StaU8-. Tl»a matxer thus t^irown from
volcanoes is called ltva and the hole
or. openia^ /jrynv whi^h U is throwa, is
called o crater. Tite ljgbest volcano Is
in the Ante's mountains,'more $han 17,
OfTO tee( high, \itiicfi
"^me tim es' throws
otft matter 6,000 ft*ct abrrvb its sunlmit
Ift ?ome cases, tf»« (jurtnti^y tff m-rt'tcrr
thrown frort a trfl(w^o is pretter than
tins wltole mass 6i the mountain from
which ii is thrown, Ia 1783, t-.ro stream9
of lata flowed frtyp a volcano in Lc&r.
land, *r.e hity ,iuiU» long and twelve
brpajd, and the other forty iailes by
seTeo~-averagiBg ooo hundred feet in
thickness, dsatiojiag twenty villages,
aud nina tjiousund inhabitants. Most
of the isl,ftpd# in ttye. Pacific ocaan, and
mauy iu o.ther parts of tho world, $re
volcanoes., Some islands have risen
Ironj. l^e mhlsf ot ihrf seji
.i -7- .father.-i
sick room, he. soddenly remarked tlutt
he was dying. The watchers arqs$ to
their feet, under.sOm? excitement, when
Colonel saidr 'Be still—make no
a»*s .»i^ "vtiuvu .ivn1 'M,
1 iu, 1 ion »f caiboit Mid hydrogen tceasurvd ^be Colonel said to him: ^Doctor, am fornia says he was present in the eon-
it rs collected piiuci} l|\H y one 1 i.irM jip in.tb^ir bodiaa, iti tlie foxni of /at, dying. ..^t seeing as though I shalt n'ev-• g'regation of 'a brother Owen, whon a
mf to by byrut in tha foitn qf fuftl, in ihi ir 1 or^get through with It.* ani dyiijg very babe in the arms of its mother began
Weitk.—'A man who can give
dreaming aud go to his daily tt^lrtiei—
who can smoil^er down hi^i li^art, its
loya ox ^oer antl take te the hard work
of his baud-»-wlK aefiea-faic, anJ if he
must die, dies fighting to the Iast--thatl
man is lifu'a b(Ut he*o.
a u wwa| to mar,-
id i0l|
aro, „0i,a„1y
U o u u «o 114 DPI-
o v e -l i u v o u W
tfmeS by the ^o'weir ofvoltfanoe'S.
,T«a S EWiFAl'KR—-KLO«UE*T Extbaci
—^The following extract is takeu ftoui
a sermou del^vQied by ^hfti^vAIlr.
ams, of Now Ypak
.. .. ..j
Why is atiytlung^more public,btit tfi©.
belief that it wijf be of interest to
others? Why is it artno^n'ced tfis't lsaHc
and Rebe'cci weite Aiarricd*'6n a certain
da^ list week, boion the BWpptmHon
that it Afill give }*o"n jilfrashfe toknn^it.
And then lower down on l'i« sireet, «n»
der the startling head of deaths, your
dye runs «long ultfaya witb apfrehan
stoa least U fcailsoa soinc well kuown
iume re^ds that the. agfd
the young child, the beloved wife, ifi
rich the poor, the admired, th^honbre.f,
the beantiful,'Arc gone as it i# iot taban
forgrahved that even strangers will heave
a sigh for the afflicts*! lad the world
respond io sympathy to tho incur^ionf,
of n common foe I"
Reader, ia this li^hi the .coipraone&t
adve use nui a Is which crowd Qiir paper
havp Et k,iudl.v Qdqr about tliem. Sav
cnieUTn tno world, vVwn a Storc*j
on« to announce afreih supply of tajlow
be to wait on the customers, cao"j oii
read it'without «utofia§ i«»Ao tho s pi
of their new careerf
Busiuess adver isemenis! Waste
papar I You know not what you say.
Those ships which axe to sail for every
harbor in the world—those fabrics which
have arrived from every comrm»rciak
?m- "thatwhotf thehorse has finished wrfrkins ii8» sugar froni Louisiana—do tbey nql
n'lv 'for firs master, he must turn miller, and p*«'ac*i to us at *he corners of the streets'
§petuf p^Vertit 1iiHrt*s in grvrKtii^his^a*-1
from China, cotton from Geor*
entering of the grtttjs, in oor dock,
himself, ot t^e Sit- ^MoMEfffv*1^ Vtoa^PvisiDaxr
fc y\^Qr of ill e milVer aiid baker. TTence. 'The StourtieVh Hepubiic'an has
^in Holland, tiorses. are freqieiltlr fed received irom Mr. F. iv. Beck—a kinifcg
1 witfi grjun reduced to the form of loaves, ™an tf. iho Vici^Vreaidont?«?a brief afi-
.' A ft ise economy wotild lead those wlf® couai»f the U»t morneato of Mr. Kiag
'«s« beasts of burden, to have their food|fl s^ys:^-"He was quiet and resigned to
tMts Wo thc
,„J laying back i„ the r.H,r»v
'bj. ,i Cllwi.sting of ,»o',
23 JmoVvUi nnd iUv.u.
,0ifui, u,Mb. 'f|,0
i*^S Kh111-' e h« «aM—and he (nighl litve .oKl.
WaoJ?TOt.,o.50p.r c«t-ofc«-
.liiifrj r»-'^ifcyr-riir.^iy-rfc n'lai'
*t in*
aioi! V
iw t-a ll vi
V* -*!rrr-.
TO POlilTlCS, Lll'JBjMATCnB, tiOOAIi mTEIZUElSTS, c*o. v
:.»-j vii- av«in*m
wi mfl-rr^
T#c.* ifft/ -fKJ
oW'Sf were diverted into courses,
Ami (inotRer remark* that,
by bficut ia tba form qf fuel, in ihi ir or^get tnrougn witn tt." ara dyiijg very babe in the arms of its mother m*®ble parts of tb». bridae, .,
(..lung^^afe njotioaless and tor.piJ during i Take the" pfltbws frbin undbrl to try.» 'A.'thing so uowsual in Califor 1 The value 01 tho ocean,ateaaa *es
1 wintef. Fu^Jl is ai necessary for rao- niy head.' The pillows were reaior*d i nia, attracted not a little attention, a^id 'ost
1(o|i haa
hpme and-wjpek,"-
me and tvyU, ... .. k
Work—work,—work It js the jron
pjou^lisha^e tUa( gixis ovei Qyl^ tC
lhe heai t. rooting up.all th,e pretty grass
es, aud the beauiiful, and hurtful we^d*
4 i
tu. .«v« \v» arming, laying all uiulfcr, f^i and 7pul
,vc-lope an equal ot tosell.ir-u.alsVuj pi,!,,, doll lortinfflia
The ratio of costwrn^o#
ab 1#ud
... "37 nntilal n^ihl:tiuici down in, tlje d#ep
hearj 09'QC
,or •.
!i u
U,„ t»^ f.t
Aim Wiiltains, tlie Iixiiaa
is tho nartural uiothti tijtud
of seveaty •^esi clergyman, who ctaUM tO lh« Uau- "ul
011 a clear frosty morning. phin of France. 'fear, or praise the Lord,** ,0 th: time sw
:11a u«hore
T! itlil .HirJM V7 -1
is"lmpossIM(,W )(I
U impoasibie!'' said som& one
whon Peter thy Great determined on
voyage of discovery and the cold and
uninhabited (region Over which he reign,
ed furukhed n'bthing but sotne larch
trees' tO consutrcf hfs vessel But
thongh the iroo, the cordrg*, thw sails,
and till that was necewary, except
the ptoyisions* for victualing theia,
were'.to ba enatied.through the unmeuse
dcserla o/Siberia, down »ivefs of dilli
cult navigation, uad ulo^g roads aknoai
impassable,. J.hc th^u^. y«s done, fur the
comaiaiid of .the sovereign^ ami the per
severance of tbe'" people guimounteJ
ev^ry obstacle.
l. V»' ».* !.»• ,. a ... I
The ptfafahts were ast6irish«d at his
proposition, and pronounced it imprac
ticable aud every on© excused .hitfi*oli
ou the ground of private business. Jic,
hpwever, jeasyued with tht-uj, aod ad
dad the afl'er of Ui» own ^example. No
soouer had he pronounced these words,,
tban, with a pickaxo, oji hrs shoulder,
he proceeded to t'be s^ot, while h& as
16hfslj'bcl peasa n ts, ad ttjnaf by his ex
artip!^, forgotHheif exposes, an3 hasten
ed with one consent to letch liieir tools
to follow hfm At' kn^h'tfvdry obsta
cle was sur radun ted waits war a erect
ed to support the earth, which appeared
ready to givo way—uiountuiu loritiuij,
.. -nsau named Dapn.tq convey the pines fftietltng' flower grbwin^' under the'iii1,'
v'1 A^''"0,8^6'' J'00! from ih« top of the mouuUin W thai at first led «*?hto t1«e belief tfitri
T/j^ taJi,bir"l.whfether thero any"
Uke 0
ucerae a
^ue "V/iihout being- discouraged
eeper adveruses hiswares, that it isail t^eir exclamatibng, he~ formed a Slide'1 l*af- or- tartg. wott peree4ve tlie spicy
Wsetflahne$,, for if it is pleasant fcr 1
or 0f
am wool, hardware or maslins, is *t not ^x fcet —9nj this wlwch was
er a Dtuca.of ypAiug partners in trade.j e0mp|etea iu 1812, and called the slide arable exprt of Ceylon, it i« of course
advcrtisemo'.tt* i«- AtpMsoh."waa "kept moisU Its leugth- P^»-'V.vud wih care by the old PutpU
tormaognhfl »»o»Ufc how Aappy tU«y bhpll was furi)--four thousand English cub
feet. It hpd, to be conducted over rocks,
or aipog thftir^idatj, or uad/e«. gcouadv
or o*rer de^ places, ^vhfre it h^^.to be
susiainad by huge scatfoldings—aud yet
skill and perseverance, overcame every
obstacle, and the thing was done! The'
trees {olle^l down frool tire Wonntaift
intb tnJ^AVVIttr wond^^Af'-r»piidify. «too, Uie. groua4 'Mt »«*at
bava tlfa balance of Ms' hOUsehetd I Tltposilorii fur^''Aprilthpt^"thfe^tlre i •.
ginati.'iioiifiea of,Uis dyjug, c^ditio^ His is not universal!
»(ovis-• physician came in aiid* examined liiuj. '""A brother Just rethrne'f from" Cali-,f 1
a ts ,cong.r egja
dustry ffo every thing."-^^^^ iHft
WII 11- 111 1.1 II I |ll f-
*A»soHW4Tjpii o? IpjiA^-rrCrypyj, ,QbjHf
dren iu church ere usuaUy. considered
as uuisauces. and taken out, but'the
following anecdote C[°'W thy Laities'
is perhaps, the sweelcgt
music many a
man has heard, since long time ago -he
took leave of fits distant home.' The
effect was instantaneous and poweriul,
i fat nia ni,u,,tau- When near Sacra
a i*« «fa
dtf a! Vtslq *£4
which hai !|UhertQ in.u^f^t^d. tb» ujead- shap*, but of a tigh color wheu it
or re-! iirpt'sfioots outTt ij4Ted^-anfl1
iIlt0 bods"Sutecient^t9containJ grtdaatfy to greotf. 'ft^'n
that he could only strike it ouce
•with a stick, as it rushed by, however
quickly he attempietl tojrepeat the bl«w,'»
Say uot hastily, then, "It i# ita^s^i,
.ble,"i U iuay .be-s^ toda^.tiiiug, in gq
i hom^ a d^ of a weokr ot 1^- thuugiit
i c^tel&ssuess,. aud indulemce
but.io act with wisdom., energy, and
^ersQvejrayce, is tq, Insure success.—
"Time and patience," says a Spanish
I author, "makes the muVberry'-feiif satin!w
tiii 1*.»
0*' #1 fk-il* a:
i Xbe Great Basiiu
*be area of the Mississippi Valjiey
IS uot lasp than 1.500.00tJ square
mires more than ono-fourth of the en
tire continent. Anl such is the genera!
fertility, ija freedom from great moun:
tain ranges, or other natural obstacles'^
its occtrp niWn for industrial purposes,
tliat it is prfhftbly capable of Sustain
ibg as dense population as now inhab
its any considerable portion of the
lobe. Alreerfy the population o# the
states anJ ietritories witlun this valley,
which fifty yearsngo did not exceed
OOO, has. increased to about Lii UOO.Ot%
or -one-Itulf of the population of tho*
It it i,npo..iM«r' (W #»u«a.,0f,«ouw- E».oW. tlie
•oon as theyhcard-of^%c!Wtft4-of,tJW''r^!fpopHlutioa. would ion 000 l£0 &s>
lin's. To rescue his parishioners froin a Mussadiusett«, 150.009,000 as Delirium
halt s*ragi state, he determined to open I 071,000,000 as ancient E«ypt 682 0(50:
a communication with the high road (000,' '6i m^re \Than 'two-Thirds V iti'e
to StrasboiMg,thM ibe product*^ of, presftirt "p'opuljltibri' of tho earth
tho Ban de U Hoohe might find a mar-• The present population, as We have
ket. Having assembled the people, he already said, amounts to 000,
proposed that they should biast.^ t!jo i 000. To supply the wants1 wf thi? pop
rack*, and qonvey j» sufficient quanutj' ulatloh, keeps in constant activity tm
of epormous ma#s^3 to construct a wall hdnlrad 'railroads, a thousftml miles uf
for a road, about a mile and a half lfi laites, and a- river navigation twenty
length, along'the banks of the riv%if timea bs great as the distance betweea
Criiche, and build aibridg^nciws it.
^.- Ware they densely inhabited
-L.Qudoii.and St, Beteraburg.
,Cjoi.\AMpx FIELDS I
morning was, as usual, on our first ar
rival, taken up by visits in tlie after
noon we, drove ia Sir E. flame's socia*
bTe through the a -fanled cinnamon
gardens, which covered *}r.Y*rd 17 (MM)
acres-of land on the coast, tho »r»«gt
of which arcncar Columbo-, 2 "IPfie plant
sumctent tyi contain.- gWduaHy to greetf. 'not^-"©!!*
t!iein—and the Ihlug vtas tldbe? The blossom, but I ana told tho flower is
bridge sti I bears lHe''n£hik rff 'ffiej ^hite and appears, when in foil blos
"Bridge of Charity." sow,to co-ver the garden. After hearing
"ft is impossible!*' said some as they)

looked at the impenitrablo-forestj which-i l4ftd„4 w^s ntiich disa^ppuiated at not
covered tho rogge4" ilanks and deep got-. beiy^ al^'yi lo^(it^epver any scent, at
ges of Alount i'tlatus, in ywiuetUo^, I'-Ust from the planpassing through
and jbarkei»e4 to tlw daring pU« «f
Distance of nearly ^^t tfie cinnamon,- bat we were
\K fciet broad, and fMm three- -to i bear tliat tho llower had liule or nono
Vhe frirger pirfbs, which were' about a tiithQp llebef. u.
hundred feet long, ran through the space i
Of eight mile# in about si* minutes. A
ge»ile«aaii who srtw -ahis e,vtat work
say*, "such was the speed with .vhicb a
tn e of the urgi»st siise jrissed any give^i
A.s tha cinnamon formi the only consid­
tho penalty,lor cutting, a branch,
was 111.1 less tl,^n the (oss bf a hand at'
pr^s^nt a fine expiates tfie saine ofTence.
The'neigfibbrhoo'd of Colombo is "pfjf*7
tictilarfy favorable to'ifs growth, being
waffl"sheltered, with a high equable tern*-'
perature, and a» showers fall frequently,
ihougfh a ivhol# clajt's rain is jmux obj-?
t^E HONOR 6^'t?oiiiesijf.^2_!t
011s to ob^erre that an itgly fkfr Ngefti
erally the indication of a humorous', nnd
l|0(nia iHOUil t-a Ui.^. Wueil Utar oacxa .^_
a woman
Rearing TiHR Skv.—'Gonie here," I
you hoyv to read" the sky." When the
God and when one part is cle%r Ulld tim0
every day, hut Richard sawl.tl *«•**.
read it wrong
wiocher of the Her* J&eaaec. Wiiiiahis,4»be ^Uglit to love him
h»fi reca^tW m»de«rfi nfikkiwk that sh
thrives best in a poor, sandy eni'l, in ,aJ Bl'^'Skts."
da«p aimdsphere it grows wild iu the
w.oods^o the siz} ol.a large apple ireo
but whea.,cnUiva^e»|, ia jio'v.er flowed
togroV mote than tea or twejv« fe$t iu
hight,-each plant standing sepa*^te,-—
The leaf is'somelhing fike the Taiirel in
^«t rf
much of Ujo spicy pities from this ie«u
g.'trderis. There 13' a very fragrant
undocreived. *On pulling off*"
tweiiy-fo'ttr thonsaiid pine1 «lorw«ry strohgly, bof.1 was surprised.
wittr mind—it suggests mnumtrabl^ the rate »r".0 mik-m hour «.v
exhilartting witticisms in the wearer
himself, und ia tUe cause of wit in otiiT
ers. There
is scarcely
a merry, shrew.il*
t^i^y?fellow in-^cyu^u^bist.pr^ but ha£
the l»onor of ugliness attributed to him.
-Esopyvas a very ugly little hunchback
uglier still was Socrates, no less a^-man
pf w'it'ahd a man
humor than a pHil-
osOpher. The heroes of Rabelais were
fo rn otts rh»ir
Saucho Panza, his master, and Uoziurtte,
I were, in their several .coruliiion^-ubs(%
lately, patents of thia iatcrestiug qual
ilioation, liu4ibitai and Kalpho were
6Ull mote con-^icuously ugly. Scaifou,
the favorite wit of France, was ihe most
.creature alovyly wuuian
ever allowed herself to'coupl^ tif.9
1 i
ofage, was
Chicago, a
few days sincu, by having .her head
'crushed bewreuik im movable and iia-
coast of thj Pacific,.be
•nJ a largo portiou oi tl.8 coDgK.g.lion ,nd Moreted lus gMd. Won U« lire os- fT"f u.e «wW. tk.it ol^i
A fnead says ha iraS aacft n G^YernorJUowe,m Maryland,has refused
three wagtail loads'of minora returning to commute the punishment of Thomas
from .a three tnoiutis'eojouru ia the Gal- Connor, the lad convicted of the murder of
Captain William Hutchinson, of Accomac
Qity in passing a ,lj.om^T hey penitentiary, and'has issued his Tarrant fix
tan ruoutug after a child. Afl ^he 8th day (Frida\) of Julv for his exe
tno'ted by one Instinct, every man aim-1: eufcion,.'
nUaneously rose and gave three cheats.
1 On *th6 tith' Wistant, a man bamed*'
countT, Va., to imprisonment for life in tho
tween SdU Francisco aud Panama," with. ********»^vessel was amply «wpphe4 with
in the pa^t three year*, ia more than ^ed at tUU island t¥o
.... i ii I J*ars ago «Kl loundit ttiunhabited.
tbtee Mil lOUS O o ars. ,, |^ate jmMKn advices (five us account of a rebellion
B. B. lloney, of ]$eard&towi^ iMI heen China—the last eoaiitry iu the world where the
arrested on a charge or causing tno groat r«mhitiauitry spirit w«4 looked for. The rebels hare
fire in Beardstown in February lftst. He *,,^.,1 Xiiiikiii with a force of uiea- tvii.ig,n?
had a of Nothing and jewelry well in- l5in[elvr -,
Miller made a full confession- before the •"^ipl'1-'
said Martha's nnclo 10 her. *'aiui -you^ the forjreri'eh perpetrated upon several Blanks!"-^" sttemptwa* madeto Mow down the »u e|»l« pn
cojne here tot), Richard. You have of that oifcy last winter. He says he drew the square, on Smidav niyht lawt Hokshad been
read your bookstand now I will teach ial1 the money on cheeks which were exocu- ftorecHu thrw of the siuroontftng the beU.aiid
Miiuin|I .and another clottdy, then it mediately surrendered khewsc^ves iuto the1
says, •f.ove God, fear God'atitt^aUai haads of tho.uuiusiefs of
God,' all at tho smite tini^"
Martha said tlie would read the sltv
minilthn^. Mtrfha, for von t*v.
uc w,uu w|
Pu"^° senthnont.
-r A s a a i e n o u e a e o w e e y
•he would be s «ro, now and tueo» tQ ^feirv boat was en^agod in cresilng California
She wouldfeatfitti when. KuttgrauunU
no* oca ucuAMCa.
The Anyinm for tho Liiiiid, locutotl at Iqwi Citv, i
no»r la sriecpfofiil ojicRitlon.'
It *|pt«rj, lrtHii the Pciimoq Ofik6 Report, that
Und Warrant* have been issued u tlie amormt of
Mr. La Fore, a respectable citizeu of ftreokMlie, In
ilia Ki, died a ffcvr days since, wiiile umler the iuttocBut,
ol tU| 'orm, oilmini.-it*ed for tlie (mrpwe of ptoda
cin»l®i usibiKty during a nurjrical ojk1ration.
Xuukiii, whii'h has lutely fall 11 into the liauds of
the Chinese iuMiiryentH, was fonuM-Iy' a eity of jrroat
size and splendor, betoro tlw iuip«viai rwitience win
to Pekin.
Oa the --'th ult., the entire village of Gnrgrina, Hn
the kttnnns to Panama, iraadestroyed
lire, with the exception of one offiee.
A I^plaud giantess.mca«irin-rfe«t titofochts,
an-! Avrh^hirr t^CTity-r«inr stone, (lourtwn poaijA,)
bt'uig exhibited at Aberdeen.
Liind W'ftiTant". at }fpw York, on* tbe 10th, w«r«
(|iih at ilol for loo acres, $3 for SO acres,tniil $43 fbr
40 WW.
it ls.saM .thai tf bear# «f-dl*pat,h«». liiw
been sent to t^anta Fo. An additional military foree
will bo put into requisition to inaiutuin the ailcd^t
elaiw ol the L'uit«d bUteri fc tlie Uwputed Territory in
Xew ilexioo,
Christian t'hurch should exclude from Chr
character, all slaveholder* and
Fi-om what \re read and hear of the AnxtnUian ird
U!M», ^.a»cl»16 that the chance* at' the
tuner tlx
not as go6il as they are iu Calif* ruia. The i-jipii
mines arc hampered with govornmeat taxes and
illations, from wiiich mirs are frtG—nnd long may they
remain so.
A murder waa'committed a* tieunoiLBlofld oonple
of weeks store, tie victim- beiag J.(r. S.Mmicl. jitrp
]mmmI to be from Columbua, Ohio. One Jt. Muer wraa
su»|»eoted tho crime, uid iu spite of Uk' authorities,
tiie erai^rtuius took him. tded and hanged" hiiu. He
l)ro:ested ius innocencetn the ia»tk .jg$
Maj. Loner.
In one of his oxcui-siona oa the wcxt of tlMb
Mi^i-',.n i 2wael over a desolate region—i*u 47-6S|
iletrreefi north, ion. decrees west— whure he tout
a lako on which there were bauka of puitt salt, aud
white as snow. A foot under the surface of the ground tkt -f
there watt a strata of jnu e ruck salt. v
A suit was recently brought by the owners of tlie
steamer Atlantic against tlie ownei"s of the prejteller
Oitdeusbiirg for runniug into tlie former to the inmiem-e
destruction of life, as our readers wUl nauepiber. The
trial took place at "Columbus, Ohio, aud tlie damage*
were, Lud at ^100,000.
Corp-jral W liito. of the ttli Artillery, was senuneed
by a court niart: il to be shot to death for attempting
to kill Miyor Pembertoa. Pi-esidcat Pierce mitiffatod.
his punishment to solitary conluicinent on la-ead
waU-r fo* thirty laj-s, and the Lalauee of hw term of
eult icut to hard labor, wearing ball und chain.
..I11.W iUianisburyh, -S .'utL Carolina, resides a wuiom
tinned Singleton, who is noiv iu the one hundred and
thii-t^--:ii»it ear ul hor oge^aiul well attd.limi'ty at that.
She is i::idoabtnH)" the oJdt^t h.auan being in the
world, alUtougli apt, lieiley was of opinion that wwe
ot the Arab« whotn he olicen ed in crossing the Grac^
Dwert wem fully two bundled yearn of a*£e.
A aud pretty woman, (as the paiier^ *v,)
wjtlJk an imkat child,i^txluijiiiug in 13 k,ton. £fcs hu
a veritable rtowinir benrd and whUkers, and bhavee
tluv© times a week, ao regularly a.i a aon. Tfie pa
jwnt bUite that oho id not a liomhug and
therefore, very chllorciit from Itaruuu'tt
lofdairod hone.
train ul care on the Mantuield iwul, paumuni
eathiff ivitli Chwluuati, ou Uio 34Ui uitU, m.,viug ut
a tkseeinliii- ri'dt.'ii"
BO fin-1 to tiit) mile, were thrown off do*n au tuui ank
MWnt near a bridge, aud eighteen cars were suianla^
to piecen. killintf Hie conductor aud tho enginea-.
A. mirKlerous attiay Ux-k phuie at Uie Koiu^Kte
I Hoi.-e. iieai- Calena, oue day last week- Jw.j trirtff
meu coming out of Galena, were attacked at that
Plat*, hy iieihiw. named Watcher, and oae kiUui.
and the Othor badly injured an IHti to be a^wytrd
to live. A tlilu. iuty whu'li oveucted a yow or Jijfe
1 a o i s s a i o y u e o o
At Bowliutr Ureee. t., Valentine Sa^e, ia*if»t4f
iuHttnity, eauued by Uw excitement often dtky-,' yn
1 trauted meetiiiK, killed ono ol' hid children, undr^t
ap^tptei to destroy hU wife, lie irt mm »i„\
uiae in l\'rry^b»irji» jail, lut. perfect kuovvW^.^l
what he has done, and juatUK s the act
on the g(fpud
that tlie child i« now iu Heaven.
sure oi w a io o taiu Pa7- peror lias enlledon the people for kelp. The rebels are
since been ascertained that ho had removed I ,, .. ..
party of the eiti/eiis, u short seiio'.Uy endangering
jn(^. The actors of tragedy iut- tlur^ charge remained ou Monday mornin,
of tjiti law, but w,ere
through the ftiroe
P^mytly acquitted
St. Joseph Mo., on the 4th inet., while tfiefr^f
ml ten \v»
iu cou^u^uencc of some bad
that becanse
e hiin. 1 manageiuout, and rumors saj s that becatise ,lTl •c,a
tiikt" fiiiid hkf UUfilel' ot thenAnifs haivn- drank too freely the *Mtit.r.-*n »w a «ua-e4 and nwat
XT*-.^tv» ^„. fiortt wsfl snnk while orowiutr, and sut laaataiadihuitoek'.hy Ttpurtiug l^v
no we §npdj
15c "Xo5f ot i tlie v»aiM t» tlie ivst 0* tiie gravev
arattJ ftuu hu Y\ii« Ivi atiav tun?.
The Yellow Fever ia reported ia very sevens a( tt»
de Jauciio. It hart lieeu especkiUy fatal U» fuRi«ner»
receruiy arrived in tho wintry, although many of tbf
old residents as well as nativea ui Uia^il hav» U.«*
carried ofl'by its violence^
Ihe n.)toriou.s j»efsoa known a^Parann Brownlow^
of Tcrinesaee, has beni appointed to dfltoe by ttn pre*
eat atiininlstration, aliich aeemu to hum au eapucuit'
regard for renejrato Whdss.
The air,Iiti'tiu-ts of Illinois nu I in coii\ ention at1
tawa. e'l the ltii ult. They enUorseil the l'ittibur
Platrtorin, uud revived tliat tlie tune liud
The jrrand juiy in the district of San Fraucl* ^l}i^l
I ignored the bill against Capt. riampnoa, of the Uljly
Iiendi neo, for manlaiighter but say if they had^l^u
|awer they would laiug bilU against tho o\vuers aud
agents of
line for miserable outlit, aad a^i
Beawort^ints-, and negligence, wlueh caused thaW.
of over OIK liundied livt-ii.
Capt. Skinner, of tho chip Hermann, toia hod at the
inland of Jiiau b'ei-nandez, ou tiie 27th of Marctv fiw
i water, and sa^x Ue wu bufpt iced to tind there a ntfr
tlement of alMMit tnreo hundred iiiliaiatautu who were
directed by a Uovenior. Great kindness w&s .--hawa to
kUkd The
•, Ihe Alton Cooriei say* tho MLs.-uun nrer u» ranaia*
out full, and strike.-* nvur a^ain^t the liiiuoia&hore with
such trvineudoim force as to cut the bank away to an
i:r ,*u. telegraphic wuv, stretching aioug tho bunk at that
point, has been t-wept into the river. The (Courier
WITS Where
we rode along iu our oonveyauvf^on
the pulille rwd near thi» place, aoue three yettn.
I- now lf0 fet-t out hi the stream of tae sivvcvpiiig J^is-
.Tury of Cincinnati, as a party to The Wlllte*barre (Pa.) Ionics, ot'the2'2ad ult., says
Ni'liols and others, implicated in {charges of powder put in, secured by plugs. A sawH
sii^n \va evidently to throw the steeple down oa to*
main VuUdiUo to destroy ft."
The Albany Transcript says that hmft(UliaC
the fanuuLs w onianV rights ath-ocate, Mm.
xjr, bii)ki u-!"\vii man, in eonseiuence of the
bjid tR-atnient of his wife. He Is represented to ha\e
oni.iftKvg, a man of ia!ent«. the anthordl' the vtlebra
«d ".fSck t»»miinpr ratters,'' aad imwk-«*kJ e(.«vie
K 1
.eJ. lUrco V. K. i to,lip quietly tiwich

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