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{j^"Seven thousund firemen marched in
the funeral procession of their deceased
comrades -the victims of the casualty at the
decent fire in Broadway, New York, by
which thirteen lives were lost. Tbe houses
of the various ftngine, hose, hook and lad
detfitthd hydrant companies were hung in
M.tSfcthc flags on the public buildings were
at mast, and many stores on the route
of tbe procession were draped in mourning.
The body of John Jones, a merchant
of Linn Creek, Osage river, was discovered
in the river at St. Louis, on the 3d instant.
Is wftlT»e remembered there was a report
ihat Mr Jonea was on board the ill-fated
Kate Kearney, one of whose boilers explo
ded at St. Louis on the 16th of last Febru
ary. Ilia friends, rdthough fearful that he
was one of the victims of the explosion, were
long uncertain of his fate but the finding of
the body is conclusive that he perished by
the accident above named.
j^-The trial of Maj
or Wyse, of tho army,
by court miitinl, for refusing to embark
with his troops onboard the steamship Fal
con, commenced on tho 3d inst., at Gover
nor's laltind, N. Y. It will be remembered
that the Falcon put into Norfolk, i,ni wna
forced to abandon her voyage to Aspinwall.
RAIN STORM.—A territi in storm *w*ot
over sever.il of the Eastern and Middle
States, OH Thursday and Friday, 27th :ind
L~*2Hth ult., tho same day on which tho lakes
'were visited by the disastrous gale. A vast
amount of property, consisting of ouses,
mills, dam*, culverts, railway tracks, canal
etnbankmants, Ac.. Ac., wns destroyed. A
Jj| portion of the Croton river dnm, from
w which the supply )f water for New Turk
city is obtained, was carried :iway, nnd the
Mayor issued bis proclamation informing
citizens that the supply was cut short, and
exhorting to the utmost economy in the use
jfcg of what was in the resorvoir, until repairs
could be made. The linden river, Harlem,
Nt'W Y»rk and Erie,Camden and A
all the other lin»'S of railroad in New York
fluffered more or l»ss da:nage Irom the wash
ing away of embankments, bridges, culverts,
&«*., and from land slides. At Stairway Sta
tion, on the Delaware river, ten or twelve
miles west of Port Jervis, an embankment
pave way on which nine men were at work,
earning lliein into the river, seven of whom
were drowned- At Narwalk, Connectieut,
the loss is estimated at $40,0!X) At Mid
dletownthe' oonecticut fiver rose to a point
hineteen inches higher than in 1801 and
'*inueli damage was don*. Philadelphia
the trains were stopped by the flood, and
at Wheeli the Ohio river r#se some twen
ty two feet. Tha Herald estimates the loss
in tbe State of Xew York at 2,000,000*
Iowa Items.
A proposition has bee® submitted
t» the voters of Jacksou county to aa
thorite the county to rnbscribe for
ft200,0r0 stock in the Iown Central Air
Line Railroad Company. The election
wilibe held an ib« 6ib day of June.
The County Judge of Desmoiues
fcouniy. advertie&i for proposals to build
a jail in Burlington. We would be
pleased to chronicle a like movement in
this county^ The den noiv used as a
jail in ibi«|i*ce is a diagaaea
•—The Cily Counfcil 6"f lJufllfSgton
have parsed so ordinance forbidding
fcifeafnbc ats whittling at the wharf ol
that place, on piin of a penalty not leas
than (5 nor exceading S&0. Rather a
singular enactment, the propriety ol
which we cannot clearly discern.
The large stearn flouting and «l*
mill of Guynn, Moss& Pitkin, at Bir
mingham, Van Buren county, was burnt
'on Wednesday nigh ,, 26th ult. Some
forty hogs and 3,000 bushels of wheat
'were burnt with the mill. Loss %12.000.^
A little girl about 6 years of age,
daughter of Mr.Trivsl, living near Hope
Faim, Louisa couoty, was b.irued to
death a few days ugo, by her clothes
catching fire from a burning brush heap
-*-The B. & Mo. Ra'lroal islet the
whole distance from Burlington to the
DesMoines rivei, to be completed in two
year?. The part from Burlington to
Ml. Pleasant is to be finished by the
first of April, 1855. and the remainde
one year from that time*
•^-Altnan W. Babbit, of thh State,
fiaa been appointed Secretary oft&e
Territory of Utah.
A saw mill at Oskaloosa, owned by
Cha*. Currier, wag consumed by fire on
22d ult.
"the Davenport papers say the board
of health of that city has been discon
tinued. They did not previously in
form us of its organization, or of uuy
cause for it—but it appears that there
has been souae alarming sickness there,
though it was kept quiet. We learn
froui a private source that three or four
deaths by cholera have occurred in Da
venport during tbe past few weeks.
—Tbe jewelry store of Mr. J. M. Fo*
In th« Barret House, at Burlington, was
entered from the rear on Friday
night last, between 9 and 10 o'clock,
and robbed cf fifteen gold and thirteen
bunting cae«silver watch's, twenty-sev
en gotd chains, and a large amount o
jeweltjf^ihc. wtyg$
—/tirlge Rinffey .rtsrtrdf few (fays
since for tho valley of the Great Suit
Lake to enter upon the discharge of his
du'ies 't* Judge t&tt Terrltiff pf
Tba Madison and Milwaukee Railroad
will be opea to Mvliun on the 20th inst.
MK^iN yfisd
—As might be expected, the afjiiutal
of Mat. Ward has excited grea^imligna
tion everywhere, and particularly in
Kentucky. An indignation \ctling
was railed in Louisville, for Saturday
night, 29th ult. By dark, an immense
assemblage, numbering from s^vVn to
ten thousand citizens, bad gat!]£,! In
the Court House square, wti r^nfeey
were addressed by Sherrod VV•iWarif^,
nnd at the conttil!ion of his remaiks, a
set of resolutions were adopted, co^
den-nii»f i» ibe Strongest terms thrf \e£
diet of the Hardin county jury, and the
conduct of Mr. Crittendon, George
Prentice, the wi'ness Barlo^, and oth-.
ers who had taken an active part in the
defence of Ward. Resolutions were
nisi passed asking the Ward family to
leave Louisville and re'urn to their Ar
kansas platitmiort, dud take with them
the twelve jurymen. One expressed the
opinion that Mat. Ward is a murderer,
and should be hung''until he was dead,
dead." Another requested Mr Crit­
tenden to resign his seat in the United
States Senate, and Mr. Wolfe his seat
in the State Senate. Another denoun
ced Mr. Preivice and the Louisville
Journal, and another thanked the Cour
ier and Democrat for the stund 'hey had
After (be passage of tbe resolution*.
sixteen effigies, representing the twelve
jurymen, Nathaniel Wolfe, Matt.
Ward, Qao. I. Pentice, and John J.
Crittenden, were hungund subsequently
In tiia ifteat»t"lil»*. se«n* 000 pettonr
repaired to'the residence of Robert J.
Ward, but lound it deserted. They
hung and n'terwardc burned effigies of
it J. and Matt. F. Ward in the 'or ico
»f the house, by which it was set on fire
•ind narrowly evcaped being consumed.
A large £rO\fd a tetwards u^semh'ed
in frort o( tho residence of Mr. Wotfe,
ttud apprehensions were entertained that
it would be demolished, but they were
addressed by Cul. Thomasson, Col. Pres
ton and Mr. Gib-on, and finally quietly
"The Germans and the
It is an uodeniable truth that the Ameri
can feople placid the privilege of settlement
and the rights of citizenship within
reach of foreigners on most liberal terms,
just as pr ud of it as Mr. "A.
tnu kt
to stand e.\iulv by when an Association of
fanatic men will deprive us of them. You
pretend to be a free-born Republican, but
you do not show any republican principle.
fifth* Joanitl. __
LWe omit a paragraph in the lollowing
eoiniiiiinicati«n which we do nut clearly
stand :—t)Ji Journal.]
Under this title, the "Iri-Weekly Muse*.
tine Journal" of Weilnesdav, April 19th,
against foreigners expressod in it as for its
new ind rtnl»gical wav of reasoning. Let
us look at it from another side
You finally hope we will reflcct upon our
position, ponder well our policy, etc. 1
must solemnly declare that men "never act
without having reflected we, therefore,
shall not lose our time any more in ri
flec.ing what has been reflected long ago,
but will act to run down a\l fanatic humbug
operations, J),
On h« ult.. lightning atr«ek the
centie pole of a side show, accompany
iug llarnuin's menajierie, at Doave3lowa,
Morgan, county Ohio, shattering if to
spliiutirs. Nearly every on within the
canvass guttered severely, and about 5fty
persons wer« knocked down by the shock.
One m^n was instantly killed, and about
a dozt.-ii of the injured required assid'u
outt aitentu-n before ihey wero restored.
Numbers of the steamers on the Mis
sissippi und l.ower Ohio are advertising
or slave baud?, ofleiing liberal wage.
(t40 n mouth lor firemen.) This move
ment ties been prompted by the numerous
ud annoyingly-timed "strikes" among
the i!cck hands and tire men which have
'.«k n jdaoMh! 5 season.
nnd every m»n will acknowledge it and be Numerous incendiary fires had occurred at
But since
the rights o» citizenship have been bestowed
on them, they are citizens nnd with the
sums ri^ht they in act according to tbeir
own principles, uiy highly respeeted Mr.
''A ," as yon pretend to do it,
You ''have l.een in the habit of loo'.ins
upon the (iermnns as the best race of for
eigners who sought the shores of America,
(thank you for the complim^ut,) but recent
developments have staggered your faith."
Well said, my friend —perfectly well! That
means, you have been for a long time look
ing out to find the slightest reason to excuse
your hatred against fureigners, and now
vou have found it You are a lucky n an
But these (iermans, whom you try to drive
te eccentric mea-sure*. onlv lau^h at your
rage and step peaceably forward on their
own way. If anything disturbs the peace
of the community, it is only tour fanati
cism. your rage, your operations—not our
calm and easv way ol manoeuvring.
'•The conduct of the (iermans in this city
for the last few weeks has been what you
would have expee'ed had they wished to
strengthen the Native-American feeling."
You are mistaken in that, dear sir, for the
operations of the Native party have pro
voked the anti-operations of the foreigners.
We do not "wish to become s'rangers in
tiiis country V Surely we do not and I
You venture we should consider it an hon
or to become citizens of the Cnion. We
do, sir but it is also au honor to the Uni
ted States that wo wish to become citizens
of them. We have been oppressed by ty
rants, who made us leave our old home nnd
friends to search for a new home nnd new
friends hu' we will try to have in this free
republican land the same individual free
dom wo had when und)r the government of
tyrant monarchs.
•1 ii iT I A
Arrival of the Africa.
Battles on the i inube—Aiivuuc- in Flour—'Prob*
able fpfti-n the of Gla\* no"— Threat
ening Afpecl "f the Murk Warrior Affair, c^c.
New York, May 5.
The Africa art red this morning with dates
to the 21st.
She brins* tlft pn«*opo ers.
The Kraokiin arrived out on the 1st.
Flour advanced GJ, wheat 2d, and good
corn quiet.
Richardson & Brothers, tho Agents for
the Cit» of Glasgow, say they are not afraid
of thajrvees.^l being lost. She hid water
for 4Jflavs provisions for 63 days, and coal
23 days She had 373 passengers.
No striking political new*. 'Ihreo battles
have been fought on the Danube. The
wera not defeated nocardjnjpo a«lvi
ces, but retreated.
Nothing new from the Baltic^
The treaty of closer alliance between
France and Knglnnd is ratified.
An alliancj offensive and de.erisive had
been signed between \ustria and Prussia.
Thowarn»ws from the Danube, Baltic
and Black Seas are unchanged.
'J ho expulsion of the Greeks was rigor
ously enforced
The (ireek instirrejtion had assamed an
aspect of gmrilla warfare.
Lord Strttford bad published a strong
manifesto against the (Jree» Oovarnnjeot
favoring injurrr-ctions.
A massacre of Greeks by Turks at Belois
reported, but supposed ubtfu'l.
Accounts still vaguo in relation to the
violation of Servian Territory.
Prince Daniel is reported to hare summo
ns 1 Montenegro to arms against the Turks.
The campaign in \"La is expected to com
mence in April.
The Journal of St Petorsburg. publishes
the Cam's reply to the declaration of war.
Nessclrode favors the Greek Insurrection
In gulf of Finland the ice is much broken.
London Saturday Nothing new, except
rumirs from Paris and Vienna, of a new
Prussian uiediatio '.
Liverpool Saturday—Sales,cotton to*d»y
5 000 bales market oltfsed tainaly but stea
Paris Friday A dispn-eh from Omer Pa
sha confirms previous nations.
The Turks wero twice auceessfnl njjshist
superior forces nt the passage of the Dan
ube, but in obedience to orders they re
treated in the line of Karassan
Petersburg papers contain a manifesto
in reply to the English and French declara
tion of war throwing t!ie responsibility of
war on France :.nd England.
It is asserted that S vbd -n had entered
into a sccrot treaty wait Kutsia, by which
an absolute enactment, forbidding more
than four nhips at onao to enter a harbor,
hf!s been restored, and the same extended to
Spain—Mr. is still nr»iog a settle
ment of the Blfek Warrior ufftir.
The correspondent ef the London 7\ww«,
writing from Paris, 10th, says: "Private
letters state that the Black Warrior
of 111(1
broHght an article hv a certain Mr. "A. nianded that the otBcer who ahall succoed
which is remarkable'as well for the hatred
Accounts from the scene of the late did-
turbance nro not s nisfacrory, and mischid:
brewing at Barcelona and Savagossa.
the former city.
bee—fVif e-*rml Xetva B-trnu:n Op-nut
tiflhe Crystal I'al ce--Crc.it Fire at Frank
fort, Kg.
Cincinnati, *pril4.
Parliament buildings totally destroyed by
fire this evening at half-past tear o'clock,
by seme unaccountable fatality.
Hon. J. J. Crittenden is severely con
demned by the community in consequence
of lr.s volunteering in defending ard. At
a public meeting held nt Harrison, Ind., a fhis with other su ptcious circumstances,
resolution was offered requesting the A^ri
cultural Association to withdraw tnir re
quest that Mr. Crittenden should deliver th*
address, l'he Kentucky papers are full of
particulars of meetings to denounce the
Wards, and are calling on Crittend *n t* re
sign. The Ward family hive left Louis
ville, and the whereabouts of the murderer
is uokuowiu
Washington, May 4.
There-inauguration ot' the Crvstal Palaoe
will say still more— wr utU nut permit y,„t tn posing. Visitors began to assemble at an circulation of small bank no.PS, aula
M* a'rtiw*.' We have the same early hour, and the building was crowded to penalty is prescribed for Its violation.
is vou have, and feel not at nil i
The House this norn'ing vtent into Co'tri.
on Territorial bill.
In the Senate, SewarJ nnd Chase presen
ted petitions against the Nebraska bill. Mr.jlalely tried at Pittsburgh for conspiracy,
Sumner, a memorial from Missouri and charged with an attempt to extort a large
Wisconsin, on the subject of spiritual man- j«uin of money from the Farmers* Deposit
ifestations, asking investigations. i Bank, and others. The circuinstunces
its utmost eapaeity. Barnum made an a«l- I It
Gov. Bigler is quite sick arid confined ot
his bed. Ho wns attacked on Saturday.
Disease, congestion of the lungs.
Frankfort, Ky., April 29.
A fire oeeurrej last night wbioh swept
away 17 houses on ifaia street.
A drendful riot occm red at Saginaw
ou the 17ih ult. It originated hi an at
tempt of sonu» three hundred armed men
to burn the jail at that place and rescue
the prisoners. The sheriff and others
interfered to put down tho riot, and the
sheriff was killed. A lar«,o number of
the rioier3 have been arrested and bound
over to await an examination.
—-A rrangementi
have been made with th® various lints
terminating in Chic-jgn including N. Y
Central am! the 111 iuois Centr 11, to al ow
members of the Subbatli IJouvuniion
which is to be held there on the 17th
inst., tu pass over them at hall (are.
hull (aro will be paid on roming to the
city, and free passes will be grunted to
return on presentation, o: a err lilies to of
attendance from fbj» Secretary of tbe
The examination of M13. Pnker s
case at St. Louis has been concluded,
and she has been committed for tho ac
*.ion of t!-.e Grand Jury for murder
i of Huffffittn.
Local Matters.
AftiMl Diatrlct !*«, 9.
Rome sttU'incrit. n .uIo in tlie E-iquirer of Thursday
lait, convey unite an rrr.ni-oi.s i'le.i of tlie jmx'eed
ing- of the meeting held Saturday evertfttg ^vcek.
That paper say*:
At a rr.r cting School District Xo. 2.
last Sfttnr1
day evenin.rr. Mr. B.it er made a refort tlie I)iK'e•
orn. l[e stated thai tl.ey li«d rinpl'tyed t\i !ier f'r
the next year, and at-Vtd that the Ii!~tr:t_t should ac
(juiesi'c in tl:e selecti'Ui liy thetn mide.
The elet-t'ir-f of t!ie liintriet did nut disposed
to eoniiteii ir, e the (.f the hnard, but refused
tn adopt the reje rt. Thev v."re ntill anximw to huve
the old Injiird rt-isn, uml appeared uowillmg to en
a: ingle otliciai act oi tiairs.-'
AVe don't care about taking
sidj- in this matter .bnt
•hen statements are published, we like to *ce the
truth told, and justice done to all pait'e-». The error
Thepabl'uhed aa signed by fie ?c retiry of the
Hoard, stated two ol ject" t^r the meetinj? of the Dis
trict. One was for the nomination of fur pcr.-^ons to
fl!l the vacancies iu the unl caased l»y tlie tendered
res'Rtiation of four members. The otli was to con
sider he'ectioiH of teachers made by the old B'laid.
Mr. Bitler stated the ol.jtcU the raeetiiiff. as
published, ai.d «ilmiMcd the report of the Director.*.
A dibate then sprtmp up as to the proper order in
was far from being fettled, 't had been
urged en with extreme violence by Mr.
Soufe, an at present wears a rery threat
ening aspect."
Another letter dated Madrid 13th, con
tains these words:—" It is stated that the
American M.nister has demanded the recall
Captain General, and further do
settle on tjie spot
such di8uu:es as that of the Black Warrior.
largo suiu is also to be demanded, but the
amount named is so disproportionately large
that we forbear to mention it."
—-Labpii Mercer was put bn trial in
i» iH ii cf the jw»fdin j: con.sUu. wss pmcured from publit. land
in entirely snppre&iing tbe fiict that the .4ri dtd Most of the papers in that region d«
counteuance the actions of the Binrd" in tbisre
speet, and did mat refuse to adopt the rejiort."
happened to Le present, aud know what was
«dUUau. W.
Opposed the immediate ad( ption of the rep'.it, sta "4l
thst they had every confidence in the honesty nnd
dif-cretian of the Board, and wotild unlie-itatiagly
vote fir the persons moaunended I'y tbem as tea
ers at 'he proper time, but they preferred nominating
four persons lirst (ill the vaoaneies made by re-ig
B.ition, in order that they m*iK''t have the i.ew and
permanent B« avd ready, to wl.o e examination they
could recommend tlie individual! prop»eJ as teachers
in the old Board'* report.
The vote was then token on tbe report «f the Board,
and the motion to ad«pt lost by one vote.
The four e'sons to till vacancies were then nomi
nated, and immediately afterwards the report of t'e
old Boa'd in relation to teachers was ed pted neatly
unanimously, there being only three dissenting vo.cos.
THE DI ST was again suffocatiujf on Second »treet.
yeteiday. Why is it that no move is made towards
having the streets sprinkled Dust is not only injuri
ous to many k'.ud* of goods when eiK*ed to it, but a
generator of bioin iiii.l and consumptive diseases.
is said that Henry Clay's life was cut short by the dust
of Washington.
D. Dt'SSHORB arrived Friday evening from St.
wis in 20 honrs. the qnlrtcst time, we betters ever
n.,de fiom that place to Mascatine. He traveled by
railway via Alton, La'al'eand Hock Island, toarding
the steamer J. McKce at tiic latter place, lie taught
as un Intelli,ci\ccr of the 4th.
RerrKNcn.—Our highly esteemed and talented
yonng fria.id, Mr.
J. Cm-skaddan, associate editor of
tbe E*q irer, has returnfd from his visit ti the East,
in hejth and ttne spirits, and with a "Utlcr
half." Of counse our best wishes are tendered tin.*
happy couple.
Taa LEVKK.—The work on tliU important improve-1
mertt HuacaU.c Is and) Li prugrc-vang wiihgreiit i
energy. Tlie emlanUmmt if oustiucteil tu-ee feet
•itrtive high Wiiternr.uk, and will no doubt proVe ef
fectual in preventing the overflow of the Island.
AMERICAN HOTBI..—?ee card of Mr. U. S. Cracraft.
We arc pleased to observe that the American"
attracts a lair ihaic of the patronage of tlxc travelin
D::r»tCATfO.—The new Episcopal Chirdl *ffl be
dedicated on the 25th instant.
SASU. Loon AND Bi.isn^.—Attention is directed to
the adverti-ement of Messrs. Bt^in & Hill.
Va., on Wedriosdav,26th ult..
«ed wi».'. the murder of John Gmn-
b)ft The mur er was
ni hout
committed in
1850, and subsequently Jlhe body of the
itnl in Ke tricky If/net* ojf Gov, Bigler deceased was found floating in the Ohio
tlructhn tf I'ltrijameul'thtitfngi (fie-! i er. but no clue was hud to the author
of the rit?ed until hist fill, when a re
spectable citizk-n of the county wentbe
'ores magistrate, and made sfP it
that a ghost had confronted hint aft^r
night, in the woods and told him that
Mercer was the murderer of Gamble.
led to the arrest ot the accused, w ho is
now on triitl. Whether what '.he* ghost"
is alleged to have stated will be consid
ered leg'l evidence has not been decided.
O her witnesses hav», so fur, occupied
the time of ,he court in giving in their
T. Lawson.a merchant of Wellsvill •,
Ohio. David H. Hazrn, a Lmvycr, David
T. Davis, and Absalom Morris, were
New York, Mnjr 4. hmade the case a novel oii.\ There ex-|
i s o i n o n 1 e o e s s i o n I a e a n i V
dress. na.ned formed a regular plan to induce
Hnrrisburg, bin* 4,
Quebec, v 3, 11 P. M.-
Jamts G. Percival, tbe poet, has, it
is sa d, laid aside his harp und forever
abandoned the muses, lie is living in
atscetic retiretn ntat New Have:), Conn
The steamer Wm. Norris which was
to run the Atlantic in six days, was sold
recently because of a disagreement be
tween the person who furnished the
money to build her and the person who
had charge ol her construction.
Advice* from Venezuela state, that
Congress abolished slavery in that Re
public ou the 24'h of March. The bill
received the signuture of the Goveruer
ihe same duy oi its passage.
Tbe Powder Mills of John Conollr &
Co.. near Rochester, New York, explo
ded on the night of the 20th ult. The
shock was terrific, bhaking the whole
city. $0 lives were lust. Damage $8,
Two poisons were killed and five in
jured by the falling of n building in
Brooklyn, N. Y.,on Sttuidiy la»t.
—A mm 25 yejrs OF
age, and but SO inches high, weighing
i i i
seat: m'i ... «i
li), 18f4.
The Newi.
By referraee to the latest telegrapbit in
telligence, it will l»e seen that tha Nebraska
Bill has at last been reached in the llouae
By th-i vote had upon the motiofi to lay it
on tho table, we infer a probability of the
passage of this odious measure. Further
news in relation to the natter is looked fer
with great interest.
IC7~* Numerous seizures of rafts have
been inn tie by Government Agents in
the country above as, because the tiin-
nounce the a^euts. and the Dubuque
lltraid calls upon the citizens of ihat
place to hold a meeting lor the purpose
ol e»pr«Fsing their indignation agninsi
the entire system of lumber seizure, nnd
to eet forth the injury to the building
IWlereifs of that city by an agent 'oca
ted there, who is in thf habit of 6tu ng
and detaining rafts indiscriminately,
(or which reason tliey go by at night
TRAN'SFEK OF TROOPS.-The stea.uer Min
nesota Belle, down las! night from St. Paul,
had on board Company D. isu pegiincnt U.
S. Dragoons, consisting of 45 enlisted men,
with 53 horses and 6 mules, under comtnitnu
of Lieut. Adams. They were en route from
ift Snclling (Minii.) to New Mexico.
THK LADIES.— Our lady readers moist ex_
cuse the absence this week of reading inou
paper which usually interests them, partic
ularly. Being now in possession of facilities
to give accounts of current events when they
are news, we have thought it best to do so to
theexclasiou of stories, Ac. But we will en
deavor to furnish our lady readers, occa
sionally, with a first rate stjry, aj we bave
done heretofore. It appears to as, however,
that ladies as well as "the rest of mankind,"
should keep themselves posted up in matters
transpiring throughout the world, and should
read the current news with equal avidity as
the love tale or narrntivc of heroic during.
Castom forbids but common sense approves.
Those ladies who disdain to read the cur
rent news of the day may not be expected to
know eren tho nature of the present Euro
pean war, and if they were to be told that
tro Turks and the Russians had formed an
aliiunce foriho purpose of subduing Eng
land and Fmnce, would not know they Were
Yietims cf a jtke. The notion that it ex
hibits a masculine disposition in woman to
desire to be informed on such matters should
be no longer entertained.
These remarks will also tpplj to some
young men—to whom, with the ladies, they
are respectfully dedicated.
The people of Louisville have deter
rftiued to erect a monument to the memory
of Prof. Butier, who was assassinated by
Ward. At the last accounts, the subscrip
t.on for that purpose was filling up rapidly.
(3?* Mr. Laidlaw, the artist and scene
paint-. 'he People's Theatre, St. Louis,
was murdered ou the 4th inst., by a man
named Jackson, who was also employed
in the sume theatre. Jaekson escaped.
0^"Andrew J. Nash will be executed in
Carlinville, 111., on the 23d of June next, for
tho murder of Loskerman, at Zanesville,
Montgomery county.
0"^"A National Medieal *a$wifttion
Yened in St. Louis last weok- The proceed
ings appear to b.- quite interesting, as they
oceupy teveral eolunmein tbe paper* of that
j,, Pennsylvania a law against the ceucc
proven that the persons above
the said bank, and others, to violate the
above taw, with the intention of prose
cuting tor the penalty, and to eheat and
defraud the couuly of Allegheny, by
offering to compromise with the Bank
by accepting the share of the fine thai
fell to the information, and discontinu
ing tho suits. On this indictment they
were tried and convicted, and at the last
accounts were saf«ly licused in jail.
A Sbciety of Colored Free Masons -ha* re
cently been organ.zed in Chicago.
Wal er's filibustering expedition in Lower
California, has proved an entire failure.—
Nearly nil his men have deserted, and with
the remainder he bas rot for Texas.
Gov. Bigler, of Pennsylvania, bas so far recovtred
from his late ^evere ilhiess, as to te able to veto two
Bank Bills la one day. This is considered hj tbe
Whig* of ilurisburg as an excellent Mgu of couvales
Six roe a were i.ijured, two very seriously, and a lo
oomotive and eight cari were badly damaged, by a
collision between two trains, o» Wednesday, on tbe
Columbia Railroad, near Paoli, Pennsylvania.
through the «xertions of the benevolent
Mi'IS D'IX, enlisted much sympathy. It
passed the Senate by a vote 20 to 12
und the House by nearly two to one.
After e*pressing his deep sympathy
with tho design the measure, his re
luctance at dissenting from the conclu
sions of Congress, and giving a synopsis
of the bill, the President enters upon
his objections'10 iho principle involved,
contending that if it it is proper for th*
geiu rul government tu make provision
for the insane, it is also proper to pro
v id e for every benevoleut object of a
similar character, and he cannot find
any authority in the constitution for
making ihe federal government tbe
grout almoner of public charity. The
grounds of tbe veio are simply tha in
expediency and unconstitutionality of
tho measure.
The ussiau army now numbers lip
wards of a million of fightiug men, and
the most strenuous tfl'oris are being
male to iaciesse this already enormous
The adventists in Salem havo opA{ ft, to talk matters over.
pointed June Oth as the finality off They Cheyennes and Crow Indians havo
ihia earth. I driven off the whites who had established
The Pre-ident's messige vetoing the
ludigent Insane Land Bill is a long and
tedious document, it is believe by
many that 1:10 bill will pass notwith
standing the ve'o, as the philanthropic provisions, and left them in a destitute and
object sought to be accomplished has, starving condition.
fer^ .-^
:C-fi4 \fi
By Tdcurapli.
Sebr'itki1 ftill in thf use—The Gadsjn1Tret
ty •Dftruelion of Long Brid-e By fire—Riot
in Chef*ea. Mum.
VVASHtaoToi, May t.
The [louse has reached the Npbra^a
bill, after laying aside seventeen bills
iha» had precedence. A vote w as tak'n
on eirh bill—yeas aboat li)Ot say* 30
or SO,
When «he Nebraski biff rame afong
'he House was ?he scene of nor a lit'lo
tumult. Members were on their feet,
and a clapping of hands in all parts of
Uie huupe was heard. A motion to
hy it on the tab! d«fe«wd br a
vole of 105 to 85.
(ierritt Smith of New York and
Brei kenridgo of Kentucky were appoin
ted tellers.
Some of tho members who were op
posed to the bill now vote to take it up.
A motion will ha mad... by Jonas of
Tennessee, to substitute a bill for
Douglas s not containing the clause for
the repeal of the Missouri Compromise.
Washington, May 8.
An official copy of the new trentv
with Mexico was only communicated to
General Almonte yes erday. He dis
patched two messenger* w i it to meet
he steamei of the 141
fi at New Orleans
The Fulton has !»ft the Navy Yard
here for Norfolk wnere she will wait
fur Gi ncra? Go Isdcn, who will take the
tfrkioal copies to San a Ann#.
The fr'aud. of l|.« Nebrask# bJi beld
a caucus at 10 o'clock on Saturday an-1
resolved Jo oppose all amendment a* x
cept sinking out the Clayton clause.--
A lurge por-ion of Long bridge, 1 cr' ss
the Poionuc, was destroyed by fife this
morning. The fire took on tba south
side ol the drawbridge.
Mr. Orr, alia* the angel Gab.iel,"
preached in the open air yesterday.—
The police interfered, and his friends
carried him to Cheliea, where he again
coin me need preaching A not ensued
and several were injured. Jt was final
ly 3uppre.«seJ by the firttnen and police.
The riot was resumed in the evening
and there tfas severe fig uing between
Americans and Irish and tha latter
were driven from the ground.
An attack was then made on the
Catholic Churrh the windows were
broken,—Sheriff read tbe riot act, and
ibo military were culled out, when ibe
rioters dispersed—several parties mo e
or lets injured.
CnnzresHnnal Saui— Violent Allzrcalim in Ha
tii^uc Fir? at IMica-r&te'tmb'Xit f'Xplotioti
iS na tc itint in V ncz t'la—DetlruetuHi of
the a.
earner Kuckaui^y by Fire.
Y sterdav tho House again took uo in com
mittee the bill relating to Utah, hut finally
ajrreed to report unfavorably upon it.
The Territorial biilswere afterwards con
sidered simony them for the prospcetivo ad
mission of Orejron into the L'nioo. I'pon
this last, no furthir action was tayen. The
speaker adjourned the House agninst the
will of the majority. Great indignation'
among the members was manifested and vio
lent altercatiou took place between the
speaker (Lynn llavd) and Mr. Campbell, of
Ohio. Friends ^terfered and separated
The Hrug store of Itoaewell B. Smith was
destroyed by fire this morning. Loss on the
stock and building $15,OnO, partlv insured.
Tho adjoining stores occupied bv dry goods
weia badly damaged.
Tbs steamer Pennsylvania collapsed a flue
last uijzht near Bordcntown, killng Mr.
White, fireman, and three others. Several
u the
is badly scalded.
By the arrival of tbe brig Addy Swift
from Maricaho we have advices from Vene
zuela to tLo 17th ult. The Government has
asaigne I the 19th of April for the emancipa
tion of all slaves ia Veneztie'a.
Tho New Orleans papers announce the to
tal destruction by fire, on the -J8th, of the
steamer Kockawa*. The disaster occurrod
while tbe vessel was near Bayou Sara.
Arrival of ihe S:iu Lake Muil—Ce^atio" of Ha
tit:ties in Utah—Ind an Deprcdatiuiii un the
IVa ns— 1
'tiaras of the I Tifurait.v.
Independence, Mo., May 4.
The Salt Lake mail arrived last evening
having been detained by aorere wind and?
•now storms encountered above Fort Kear
judge Reid and ten others came in as
passengors by tbe stage. They report a
cessation of hostilities with the Indians
and the Chiefs of the tribes adi^ecnt. nar
tribes adj^ecnt, par
ticularly tho most warlike ones, were to
have met the agent the day after tha mail
bridges and ferries on the North Platte and
Green rivers. They state their intention of
carrying on tho business and appropriating
tbe tolls and ferriage to themselves.
It is rumored that the Pawnees had stop
ped several freight trains and Wagons from
St. Joseph, near Table Creek, taking their
D. W. Kichardrf, editor of the Desorat
News, died in Salt Lake City on the 11
Tbe emigration to California and Oregon
had advanced as far as the Platte, getting
along admirably. Grass very fine as far as
Fort Kearny.
The frieuds of the Nioraek* bill in
Congress count upou one hundred ami
twenty votes in favor and one hundred
ugiinst the bill, providing the Clayton
amendment is struc* out. Tha great*
est activity prevails among the whip
pers-in at tba capital in beaming up the
Travelers, by a recent arrangement.
now go from Chicago to Cincinnati,
via. Indianapolis, iu the short space
of 16 hours, including emppag**. Th.i'.
brings Davenport within auhoj 24 hears
of (MucioMti iff,
The ease of John Charles Gardiner was
called for trial yesterday, but be not appear
ing, his bail, amounting to $12,000, was for
feited. It is rfported that ha has kft tha
Wnat is tlie Hardest Mode to 2W«
To be shot dead is ono ihe ci,ic
modes of terminating life
erlands ,h. ball
But there is nothing singular in tbtf
dying sensation, though Lord Uyfirrf
remarked the physiologic,I p.culi.rhy
ihat tho expression is invariably that of
.angunr, whi!,,n death fro* a stab ih«
countenance reflects the trait of natural
ohsnctfr of gentleness 01 ferocity fa
the last breath
Some of these cases are of in*ersst'^y
o w w i w a s i i s u a n e i
may undergo morial wouiu!. till it final,
ly cimei1 to a sudden stop. A foot sol*
uVi V Y
Boston. Miy 9.
a er lo
-«V -,--*¥
JtJvUtJe- sests:
Fro® 'ho Qaarterfy Karicir. ^$
it is. tMe body has leisure to feel and ra
flee?. On Ihe first
aitempt by one of
the fanatic adherents of Spam to ab«4«.
itnate .lli.,h. Prince of Orange, ho
t' O he lead of the rerolt of the Neth-
o» s of the face and brought him to
:,J ,J
instant that prece­
ded stnpification, he was »bl« ro frame
the notion that the ce.ling
lhe roo
had 'alien and crushed him. Tha can-
of,Charles XII dill noipr.r.n, him itam
seizing his sword by ihe |,j|
Tlie iie
of an attack, and necessity fof ^e-*
fence, was imprpssed on him by a b!o«t
which we should have supposed t-)0 tr*.
ineudous to leave en interval fur
But by no means fo lows Ihat tl.a in
fliciing of fatal violence is accompanlacf
by a pang. From what is known of the
first effect of the gunshot wounds, it ia
probable that the imp ession is ra:har
stunning than acute. Unless death be
immediate, the pain is as varied as liii
nature of ihe injuries, and these are past
counting up.
Pureed by a mushat
bail in fhe hip, begged water froa a
trooper who chinced 10 possess a cao
teen of beer. The wounded man drank/
returned Ms henrtien thanks, mentions®
ihat his raiment was nearly eitermin
ated, and hnving proceeded a dor
yards ou his woy 10 the rear. f«n to tha
earth, aad with one eenWsive mor#.
meiit of iho hps, concluded his career.
6,¥S lhe
t'ooper, wbd'
tmseif teils ihj story, "gave scarcely
the smallest sign of weakness." Can
Basil Hall, who, iu his early youth wa«
present at the battle of Corunna, haa
sing ed out, from the coufusion which
consigns to oblivion the woes and gal
lantry of war, aoo.ber instance, wbieh
occurred on ib»t occasion. An old of
ficer, who was shot in ihe head, arrived
palo, nnd faint, at tha temporary hosat
:al, and bei'gul tha surgeon to look at
his wound, which was pronounced to be
mortal. Indeed I feared so," he 1
SDondad, with impeded utterance "ai
yet I »!iould like much to live lit)
lon£cr, if it
possible He laid'
In* sword upon a stone at his side "as
gontly," ?aii Hall,
if i: eteei W
been turned to gW," and almost ifU'
mediately suck dead upon the tuff.
AKECUOTS or A (IrpocRovostAC Jt
young man in a small village near Bet"
ion. named Willi,, had n strong imagi.
n»ii"n ibai he was dead, ond earnestly
begu« hif friends to bury him The/
s-'emtng.y consented by advice of tbe
physician he was appropriately dress-'
ed. laid upon a bier, and carried upon
men's shoulders to the church. By at
ranc^nient some of his acquaintances'
met the procession and inquired who'
was dead aud being told, one of them'
remarked in a loud tone. Well, I'm
glad he s gone, for he was a grund ras
cal, and the gallows mtiit have had Sim
in due course." The hypochondriac,
hearing this, popped head up, and said
she) ought 10 bt asbame I of themselves
to be bave thus al a funeral, and traduce
a dead man in that manner and if be'
was only alive ho would thrash them'
for their insolence. But they, continuing
their insults, dead flvsli arid blood could
no longer bear it up lumps tha hypo
chondriac, and runs after his insolent
trtfducers until he fell down exhausted,
lie was put to bed the violent exer
tion he had gono through promoted1
perspiration, aud he got well.
Tba Legislature of Masaacbu saftti'
have refused to appropriate $l0.00o t«*
wards the creation of a mouumau to
Udi.iel Wabjier, on account of the op
position made by Free Soil mem bars of
the ii.iuse, who denounced Webster as
being "false to freedom, falsf'fa-Jkito
country, and fjlse 10 Got/."
An interesting trial ia now going on'
New 1 ork. It is the trial of Mr. ind
Mrs Huyes fur tha ma'dsr of Dr. Lu
tener which occurred in January laat'.
The fvidcucg 11 ^jLogcihcr 6iiUii|atSe*
rial. ..
StarUy, Ma-10,
tlie iTotela:
Corner ft cltr strtrt an I Iowa ^rnM.
n f,~"a JmwvilU W Bwk,
O fc I'lpway, AJuh W Maari«e, St Loai Mr*
~«a«, 1* "iMur, Jikc a ID*
S 1 Vn S Purnet. B^ou..n »», I wh J^ha III
'.n \S?nt'r
Ind 11 N
ii ii '.1 »'l:1'
3 N Smi,b
r°rfC" k do Bvn*. Io Agisting
titD' «thl-df
J. Li
^•adiaa, Oj JW-
W Chewier, do S W
tica, d- I Carter, Y Mrs E Fiaa.
d«»j 0 S*iSa't ifege!
A n .,T J"
VVneK K Sorr
UUIe-,Vo:h*n-.-«vuTg. O 3 Bil
nw. S'1 rk. N Y. E lutcbin.'»! RGslJar:
XV "iU
E !pc M.D wall
ind S ii Woriall au«J lfldy.
tin Ejien-N H, I DhWh.. K^ka'lc, if
11 U- ffi i.
kjj J_.h_u S^r.ifj, 9
V» AO-«
I ''ityi I Ca»btiid»n %el i. V v
O n (iV
l» i B'-h-r. I\- J,h# B..II 'j2
n hm,, MW, P,.f K Y Mu
dUr«o Jt Dtytan, 11

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