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tm w e
i i'aT
£bc jOmoiuc d'oiuicy,
11 Mft
OnsaopyP?ry0") $1 fiO
Kwreoywr V'd
Ten „. *n
I I R6*1*
S'SA'l V2
24 00
4J Where payment is not made in advance, $2
^ithlu si^ months $2 50 within the year and
Mft 3 at t.ie expiration of the year,.
'{ashless Cards*
A V O i N E Y S A A W
Olttimvrft, lovra.
FDST OFKIC E id the New Court IIouse.r
Nov. 2D h, lSri.").ply41
WILL attend to business in the Court#
or ail the counties in Southern lot^lfj and in
the Supreme Court at Iowa City.
Persons wishing to purchase or rent land or
town property arc informed ihat he has the agen
ty and management of nucli good property,
M»th i n town and country.
March Hth HJWS-4J^
u-t unii
v, -J. & J. 3cfin,
.•«#* A O N HYS A LAW,
fly WILL^racUw in the CuyirtA of Wap
JeH'erson, Van Huren, Davis, Appanoose,
"Monroe Lucas, Marion and Mahaska.
Having the advautage of a long residence in
the va'ky thoy w ill give particular attention to
Stcuring"and 'Collecting claims, sale of War
rant-", Entries oi la, .1 time, buying and sell
ing Keal Estate, Settlement ol! Tides, payi/jent
February ltith 1&64.
J. W. i\orrh,
"VX7ILL practice in Vv'apello cou&ty, and*at-
tend to any professional business, agen
citi, collectioiw, enijtj'iuj lands, payiux taxbs,
4ut., cnlrustfd lo hlto iu adjoining coiUitietUli'
ionlhern Iowa.
Oct. 17th, ltv£ 35-tX\ i
Heal jigrat,
j* 1i EOS A 41 A, 10
\V A.
(pST IiANO l^ARnASTS bouglit iud sold.—
^CSLi.K«.Tipji iu all parts ot Jjou.beru Wwa
l^oiopUy atteiulud to.
C»W/ Engineer amt Vcttoilij Survey^
WILL, promptly rf-pond lo any calls made
allhe Hecorders Oilice, Ottumwa. Persons re
g^Kiring liiciul services in the south ill' of the
ecunty wiii b« charged uo raorf I©r trtf^Hitig
U»»e llian iroin tXaunnva.
^^Ottumwa, Nov. 1
uili., 'J5—If
Green. Aug. 1st, l^ja.
Coorg East of
D. WOOD, 11. ». X- J- OOUULASS, M,
TENDEit their professional services
fjljaUw- ti'izens of Ottumwa and vicinity.
jO»»itt—On Market street, where one or
frith can be found at all hcurk,«fcept whe«ak-
'JUIIT OH business.
pttumwa, April 18th, 1855,,
S I A A $ I S O S
Itahlouc^a, Iowa,
Nevemlit r'.:h, 1854.tf
fcniir& Wrrtlftkc,
inn, Fancy Xotio**, Pi r/u
Cy-tr*, aud lUiff family Mediant*,
-?M)uly26lh, 1855 ly
4t» -A.
'H. B. 81 8 8 ON:
VOL. 7.
J. U. POT'i'lK, M. D.,
HAVING loeated lii Ot'.i:uiwa, t«B
4§.* uis (trofcliionat servtaea to Uie citueiis of
and vicinity.
lUJlice and residence j|g§econd street two
l-»tt »r
O N 1 S X,
HAVING permanently located
in Ottumwa,oflS-rs his services to
the citizens of town and vicinity.
All work warranted. Ladies waited on at their
Maidences if desired. Teeth inserted from one
loan entire set, either by means of springs or
Atmospheric pressure. He may be found at the
ION HOTUL,on tho 1st Monday in the month.
Decenibei 15th. 1M53.
Millinery A MantuuiaaklugF~
Sirs, ft Hiss Reynolds
WOULD inform the ladies of Ottum­
wa aud vicinity, that they work at the Milliner
ted Mantuamaking business. All work will
)p done ill the latest aud neatest style.
Residence 1 door above the old. Court
Hpuse. Nov. '23, IS34.—-6m
STF. liny lord j:
a u i o n e e
WILL attend to making sale of personal
perty or Real Estate,at auction at any time,
a reasonable compwiisativn, lift may he
ml in Ottumwa,unless absent on business.
"^May 16th, 1S51. e
o o S o e a k e
Main St., htluw Spattl'lint?'* Shop,
THE proprietor keeps constantly on
hands a good assortment of Leathern, aud is al
ways ready to accommodate customers with
£jfod wyrk in his line o., business.
-NovamberUth, IS54.yl
A Farm Ibr «ai^/
A E S 2 2 5 i n u i v a i o n 1 0 0 o
Timber, an orchard hedged in, 660
rods of hedsriiu ,2 excellent wells ot' water, any
amount of stock water, and, iii fact, one among
tJke best stoclv and grain farms in Wapedo Co.
The farming land is all gently rolling, a good
framed house, situated on the ^oiith side of a
iwndsome grove,—out-buildings, barn, Juc.
The faim lying on the county road leadint
from Dahlonega to i'remont, Mahaska Co., 3
Biles North of Dahlonega, in Highland town
ahip. For further information, call on
J. W. CAR TENTER,» Dahlonega.
Oct. 3d, 1855 34-3rn
HEREBY tender my thanks to njy cuatqm
era for the liberal patronage hitherto givoR
me and ask a contiuuanco of the same, and as 1
need money I wish #11 who are indebted to me
•o come forward and squarf up their accpunta
without delay. .D.' HANDS, y
Ottumwa, April 4th, 1865.*
|^10G|t VPlllES. Historiea, Psetica
1 works^
and a large assortment oi Miscellaneous
liu^ y £21^
HIE 01i\-01T F0MT V TVI'E.
my desk, Oi
Before me on the floor,
Tile re lies a worn-out font of type,
Full twenty thousand score.
A«d mnny months have passed, Genrg#, „!k „nd
Aid many are the tales •he/v« ld-»
The false, the strange, ihe trie.
sir beauty haji all gone, George,
You scarcely now may trace
Vpon the snowy medium
Tlie likensss of their face. ,-&u
They mind me of a uiari, Gcoif%
Whose morn of li/e w^as lull
pl proaiise, but at evening's l|»
tVas desolate and dull. -it
A9 life'-* last moment passed*? a-.
Ol earthquakes and of suicides^
n Pi failing eropa of cotton.
Otbank defaulters, broken b&ata*
And banking system ro'ten
Of boilers bursting, steambeats snagged,
Of ri
ots, duels fought
Of robbers with their prey escaped)
Of thieves with booty caught.
Of flood, and fire,
and acciden%
These worn-out type have
And Row the pestilence has stK$4|t,,
i* The ytfUthrful and the old
OVlnari iages, of births, and deafly
Of things to please and vex us
Of one man's jump ng ov erboajrdi
Another goao to Texas.
W. C«fBlk€Ut,
'"TWy.Ve iol^how long,
sw*et sBiBnerdays
Have faded froth our view
Mb** autumn's chilling wiudi have swept
'The leaf-crowded forest through
|JW W inter's reign hath come and goner*
Dark iei{ n of storm and strife—
Apd how the smiling spring hath wartsed
^bepale flowers back tlife.
I'eaw't pretend to mention half &
tA'*4'My inky friends have tolJ,
Slni'e shining bright and beautiM^
They U-iued from the mould-*
How unto some they y have brought,
i. To others grief and tears,
Yet faithful record they have kept
&0<3#f fast receding years*
From the r.ew novel, The Old liameslead/'
by Mrs. Ann S. Stejiheus,
IL Th# barn was a vast rusiio bower
that mglii. One end was heaped 'vtlh
co«u ready for hu^ki^g the lioor w.a»
neatly swPpt, and overhead the .rafters
Were concealed by heavy ^arlatida of
whie pine golden maple lea.es, and
fed oak hratiehe*, that swepid iwnwaide
like a tent. Butternut leaves wreathed
•heir clu s'ering gold auiong the dak
green hemlock, w'h.Je sumach cooe»,wi
Uatce colored leaves, »hut through the
branchea. The rustic
ehandaltir was in full blaze, while n iw
and then a candle gleamed out 'through
ihe garlands, starring them lo the ro »f.
Still, lhe,iKumin*tion was neither brond
nor bold, but shed a delicious ftarilght
through the barn, that left much lo il«
ionuagiiiauon and concealed a thousand
ijlile sights 'of love making that \vi u!d
have been ventured on more slily had
ihe light beeu inorc broader.
But the candles were aided by a host
of sparkling eyes. The air was warm
and rich laughter and pleaaant nonsense
bandied from group to group amid the
rustling of corn-husks and the dash of
golden ears, as thby fcj.1 fiotn (he heap
that swelled larger aod larger with every
pausing minute.
Uncle Nathan's great arm chair h?J
been placed in ihe centre of the barn
just beneath ihe hoop ol lights. There
he sat ruddy and smiling, the very im
personation of a ripe harvest, with in
iron fire shovel fastened in eomi myste
rious manner across his feat, a large
split backet beneath his knees, working
tway with an energy that brought the
perspiration like rain to his forhead.*—
Up and down across the sharp edge of
the shovel, he drew the slender corn,
sending a shower of golden kernels into
the basket with every puM of his arm,
•lid stooped now and then wi'.h a well
pleaeed emile 10 even down thf a^m*s
it ro6e higher in his basket.
Our old friend Salina sat at i little dis
tance, wi her fiery tresses rolled in up
right pufTs over each temple, and her
great horn ednb towering therein like a
bditlctnenL A calico gown with very
gny colors rtrnggling over it, like honey
suckles aud buttercups on a hill side,
adorned ber lathy peison, having a
trim foot tisible upon a bundle of stalks
just within range of Uncle Nat's ee.—
Not that Salina intruded it, cr that Un
cle Nat bad any particular regard for
neatly clad feet, bnt your strong minded
woman has an instinct which is sure to
place the few charms apaisely distribu
ted to the class in conspicuous relief on
all occasions^
As Salir.a sat perched on the base of
,a ooru stalk, tearing away vigorously at
the husks, she cast an admiring glance
now and (hen on the old man as his head
rose and fell to the motion of his hands
but that glance was quickly withdrawn
with a defiani loss of the head, for Un
cle Nai'ii eye never once turned on ibe
trim foot with its calf-skin shoe, mueh
less on its owner, who begao to be a
liule exasperated, as tutidens of ber class
will be when ibei best poiois axi oyer-
famtlj 1 clusfa^n-^-ricboffir to politics,• IHfcratitrft «rantfV$riM,.
frock on foi what anybody carp# 1
order to relieve Iheaa cxaoperaied feel
.ing», Sn'ina seized ®n ear of corn by the
rtn| aw
ft »ce they were bright and new, fatonce when lo! a long plump ear ap
peared, the very thing that a hail doz
en of the prettiest girls on ths atalk heap
k..ii i- i i r. i
Wat tales of horror they have
Qf tempest and of wreck,
Of murder in the midnight hou^ -4).^
Of war full many a "si^ck
*0f ships—that lost away at sea-~*'
Went down before the blast,
Of st tled cries of ag ny,
eilUre u k
The barn rang again wih the clunor whenever they Ciote
of voices and the shout* of merry laugh
'ter. There w?s a general crashing down
Lf .... •._ 1
"What's the matter? Why don't you
begin?"' cried a pretty black eye? piece
^and iful.
••I'd l.ka to see them try, that's *11!"
asid the strong minded female, sweeping
a glsnce cf scornful defiance over the
yxiu^g men.
"Now, »epb Nash, are vou going
to stand that?" criyl (he pretty piece of
mischief is a handsome young fellow
that had h-ur.'.ei] her neighborhood all
the ev« nine ••afraid ty fudii for a tun,
We your"
No. not exactly." Mid Joseph, roll
ing ha-k his wrist' ands, and tenliii*urn
it ir in his clothes "it's Ihe sfter-clap. if
i shot 1
!»'i happen to please," he added
in a whisper, that brought his lips so
close to the cheek of his fair toriutjnter
Ihat lit* absolutely gathered toll frr:u .i s.
pejehey bloms before starting on*h:g pd
primage, a toll that brought the £iow still
o e i y I O e a e
The mard*n, laughing till'({is tears
sparkled iu her eyes, ppSjjed bitti» vaid
is-liiia iii revest.
Bui Salina lost'no time in placing hpr
sell *OII the defensive JShe startsd up,
flung the bi'iidle of sta ks on whijh sh^
had t»ern seated, at the bead ot h«r as
sailaat, kicked up a tornado of loosr
hu»k« with her trim f»ot, and stood bran
(liNhing her led ear funoutly, ss if it had
been a da^r in the hand* of Macbeth,
rather tbfn inofisnsive lood tor chick
"Keep your distance, Joe Nash keep
clear of me, now, I tsli you. 1 ain't
nfraid of the f«ce of niiin go back out
ot litis whila vou have a char.ce, you
can't kiss me, 1 lell you, without you are
strongv ifesa I aatf ,1. knaw you
"1 ah'anTl—slun't I?M answered Jns,
who waa reinforced 'sy half a doz»n
laughing younitsters all eager for a froJie
well, I never did take a stump from a gal
in my life, so here goea for that kiss."
Joe bounded forward as he spoke, and
made a snatch at Salina wtih his grent
hands but with the quickness of a deer,
she sprang aside, leaving ber black silk
apron in his grasp. Another plunze,
and down came the ear of corn across
his head, rolling a ahower of red ker
nels -tmong his thick brown hair.
But Joe had secured his hold, and sf
ter another dash, that broke her ear of
corn in twain, Salina was left defsnceteas
with nothing but her two hands to fi ht
with but she plied these with vijjor,
leaving crimson marks upon her assail
ant's cheeks with every blow, till, in
self-defence he wss compelled to lessen
the distauce between her face, and his,
thus receiving her assault upon hi« shoul
To this day it it doub'ful if Joe Nash
really did gather the fruits of hi# victory.
If he did, no^atUfactory report was made
to the eager ring of listeners and Salina
stalked away from him with an air of
ineffable disdain,a9 if her defeat bad been
deprived of its juit reward.
tV A disconsolate widow arrived at
Chicago one day la«t week with the,
dead body of her husband which she
was taking east. Having formed #n ac
quaintnnce in the cars with an agreeable
young man, who succeeded in persua
ding her that a live man waa better than
a dead one, she left the dead body at
the depot snd eloped with her new ac
HP'The Albany Refiater wife
Censua returns have been so far com
New York
orkia 029,810.
.BL" ii U
'hands l:ke mad thiugs, and stndutg shout pousioie lor couipiiuiuuta frf erasure ia
^afier shout ol merry laughter,, tint v^'ent il»e Tuhuue or 1'nnes.
nijing cheerily among ibeaUrhghi aver- M'. Lh^tii distinctly stated did not
jgreena overhead do so but wS^s opposed lo lua (Uankf)
1f mischief, from the top of ihe stalk me L'ge» kuo .Miiu ihe pulaicaf history
tieap '-why before this time, I thoiightjOl Maaractiuscits. (Applat:»e.) JJy hail
^ou would have bean «r.atcv.iicg Lisiea by acted as he (hou^hi r.-gru re^rJin^
t. ft 11 iv* ». '. i in 1
utr one replying, asked very earnestly,
piled as toeive tbe entire population of complaining ol the action of the Naval
the Slate of New York, which is 3 460, Board. "'7,
118. Th»* population of the Indian res 'flOUS^^
ervations will add about 1000. At ibe' Tboi^rffton withdrew.'fiia ff^fotion
census of 18M). the Slate had 2.095. jwoviding lor the election of Speaker by
1 11
"Humph'" nui ered l!je maiJeu.
looking down al her calico, "on* un/hr Dlvinif u"hi« eoi «i».i» ii. s'u.
fts well have come with a linaty woo'aty XXXlf C0\€UESS—FliiST S£bailOX, llc ^atlj fle ac*er h^d «l,o ill
bENATE. puthy 'wifb the Free 5oil h«re»\ it/,„
had been searching and wishing for all ional explauation louching cecum auric m'!fe ah-'rW* acu o. If hi,I wes i
evening. I ture» ou IDS courde published ia ilie NEW 'irodtir^d UiJres(nre ttie line he woii.ti b..
Th/s discovery was hailed «rinj Yoil: Tjibuue, in:iin«iing ih«t ht wai found in a solid column »iih the L« iu
shout. The poseeaeinn of the red ear .no »o be diin'u from his »tuoa by MJ !crata, voiu*^ ig^in.-«i it
accor^intf lo the eat»hlinhed use of all outside pie«sure. lie was snii ready,
husking parties, entitled every gsnllemeu l»e had been, lo acyujescf
present to a ki«s from the hol«ler. ihe course of the Ami Neofaak*
Mr. Liaiikn r*e amid cues of hear
general crashing down him and rem arked that he not ac-
of ears upon the corn heap. The ro- ^ouuUbie for wbit the aVw VorH press iifsouri line as lo i s repeal, becauso
iguiah girls ihat had fai'ed in finding ihe »"id of hun, never huviug nj :euwd lUeir latter giue oceaMou tor agnation u*
red ear. abandoned work and began danc auppurt, he rel.ed on b.u*u:l alone, and (break down ihe Ueuiocrui.c party and
irg over the stalk heap, clapping iheir
Bui the young Den after the first wild on ihe ground published ui iue»e jouroaiu t» s!u»cry principles,
ahoui, remained unusually siient, look- i" May »854 r.litu.g to uiz cwuiaa of Mr. Whitney responded thai ihf Freo
ing sheepishly at each other wiih a ahy Air. ou loe Nebraska bi,i, bu»lic was
unwillingiiess to commence duly. No willing lo surrender lhai uppo^iuoo the
one seemed urgent to be firal, and this uiooieot all NebraskaiU-s come together.
jvt ry awkwardness set (lie gills off like Mr. Dank* resuiued, rcpeai.ng toai he
?iiaj again. J'here sat Salina, amid (he was indepeuOetit ot lue New Yor^ press
Imerry din, brandishing the red ear in her tu all respects, aud further reply, «n
ttand, with a grim smile upon her mouth
^prepared for a desperate defence.
aimed thai he never ul-Ved a pj. :ic:« ori
the Nebraska bill, lie jsaU aiuce met
Ihe people face o face and at the Ipst
election they ^ave h.m 7,000 viajotuy.
u QL -H, di U .J-CI IA..1
WAfaui.NuioN, Dec. .17. l^rt* friende reg rde| ihe HKin i
Nothini im^mriaut ha* ^lecu Uoat tdk1 "1',J Ct-r^hiites, Iinroely a U»ni* fflrtu,
1 ,' 5 ttS'Y i .nii^ahle, .|i«kaa« nf a how»,
*a K w. 'T.liorsr'm iw,r'
.Mr Houston. That is enljr -a ialighl
toudiheation (Merriioenl.) ?.
Mr. McM.ulien aould not think the
genih men frrin Indiana made the. sug
ti'oiion iti tfood !*i'fi on the adoption ol
uis solution. Ail could retoru to the
people on ih«t very leaua.
Mr Grow, reftriing in a rem irk o
Mr. McMullen, that ho (\lr. MeMuM*!,)
would lake 1*1r. Kiehaulsun as a N-i
tionnl men ou national platform', sail
v it id that only 17 Northern aieiuberti hnti
voted for him wuU tlm Southern IHMOI
hera, so he euppofcod iheae 17 Nortiicru
men irade tlo* National party* v«
Mr. McJlulleit—How many f3ototh
ernmen vole f«r your e^nutd^mltM,
Mr. Grow—1 don't know»Mi v v.4i.
Mr. MoMullt o—-None. r.
Mr. Gnode—tlave y«u 17 frota the
North t» ho will vote for a Northern man?
You have shown that our Nationalism
consists of tectionahaiu.
Mr. Grow said that members ia op
position to the 17 from the North who
support Mr. Richardson, represents, 3.
000,000 living nor of Ma*ou& Dixon's
Line, while the 17 who vote w.th li.osi'
representing only 700.000..hying so.utU
of it. W hicb ibsn, bM & *laito |a
Vf. (J
Mr. Joues, of Pa., wished to know
bow Ilia colleague could make n appear
thai 17 Northern men voting for the cau
didate of tbe Democrats, who ia a Nor
tlierner, constitute a Southern vote?—
The simple urithmetical question 'be
wunted his colleague to cypher out,
Mr. Mocgau—1 mot»t tf y«u a*y
buncombe ihe assertion if
Mr. Paine said he came there to trap
sact public business and throw4no ob
stacle in tue way of acting as a na'ional
maa. lie thought the projiM«itioa of his
colleague fair tor ihe South to select a
Northern mau, ur the Nonk agfse( n
Southern man.
Mr. MjMui'et's resolution "waa* ta
Votes were taken Sot Speaky and on
the last ballot, G4tb, Batiks rWei.ed 105
Richardson 73, Fuller 38, 8cttue.tng 6.
Pending the resolution oi Mr. Thor
ingion to elect a Speaker ly a plurality
vote the house ndioumed.
WASHINOTON, liee ll»
begged Air. Douu nui ty hold him rea- dauage the Union.
Mr. \V ht,li.ey (le/«nded ihp iieinocial
ic party at (be North, bui Mr. Tr.ttion
ihoujtit he did not preaeui it trulv u«
N*oi«.U bid aiui ibe pru^e £#4,
tamed Liu*
Mr. McMultcu diJ out wiah gcntteineii
to eoii&idcr he uibii.iHed Ins proposition
deigning o bund up for iii»cii u repu
lion of Ins being popular home. i tie
resolution was n&aii u tiled Utst after an
organization Was elL*cttd, no buasutexs
cf U6 ntcessary a^propriaiiou biUs.—
Ttiti ire labors theu go hum*. A olsnk
was Ufi iu iL«* re».tlu'ii^o to be iiiied With
the Jiauie ol some oUvuteo to act as
•p*-.ik unvU its aiuxv^aid pur(M a« was
Mr. I).. n,t 9ujfg«.s'ed 4 modification of
'be re»o^itii u pfov«l*i:g lor ihe repeal ol
«o mueli tf .be L'liih** Nebraska act as
ties wo) ed tlM Miasouri Comproiuise—
-"J SENATE. '""^r
In the Sentte u-, ay Mr. C!avtciD pre
sented menu rials pra)itgfot indemtnljr
f*.'f Fr«:r.ih ap«ia«ioo prior loy^ar l8t(0.
Jones of Teon offtried a resolution
calling for the pruceeduiiiaof that Qoard*
DisctiKsed. solution laid over.
Messrs* Brodheud and Crittepden pre
sented memoriaU fro® certuin officers
kbatchelor adveVflsWfSft^n^ Mr. C^mphell spoke with refercace.tV?-*^ S^c, e^s 40 his etlorts. ,M.y .be
A batchelor adveVflsW?Sft^p^ Mr. C^rhell spoke with referee*.^ ,M
on. who would b. corapmioii to.O»tr.
for his heart, bis hand and his lot.' A .0. .. V "I •:r*
"VI MIU »'HIIV liau t"l "I|W v iv««llt'll 1»I uivri WJ y
The popuUtinc of the city of a plural.ty vote, ss members desired to
vote viva tore But lie gave notice that 1
ft• V h« rbot.M renew ii to.day or to-morrow.
i i
Dunn of Indiana, made a, per lieve.l a^irmmg he ^uesiii.® mrolird
Mass:4chuse4ts Mid oilier ate* have au
Sotters of tVIaaaachtisetts raited falsely
under ihe bannerol tin Aui«ncuo pari). K
lo 'I ne resolutio i wss laid on the ia*
»Ktn as be:«»s Opposed to'ihe furthei ag
italton ol the siaitry question. U liol
had baen in the las'. rsaa he wouW i
Mr. 1 odd suid if ho had known this,
he woulu tlavc^u4i«rcd I IS hsnd lo
wither triors foimg for Mr. F« !or,
V.»»li waa Fref Soihuui, and ihe tuiier
we.-e satisded witlt Ful.et poettmn. and #,,|r *u
f»'.i .r
e select Uotu u,e southera corrte
poudebU of Ui* Northern Christian AH
vucaie the following wiiu'li shows bow
Mr. Clay harrangues Ktuituclt*ns uu tt«o
su'jeci of SUvt'fy^. lie ciutHiiiy ia
tuiiiis awe ike ^Mobocrats," wliita li«
can en.igtitea rtw tn^e teasonuble.
B' ,b"Rt**1*
ihe House then proceeded to l't rr—T"
W I u
v u 4
i a
fd I.J ihe hoe because he bf-
Mr. uybeil, uf IVnn., aaked h)s
Colfeftgue wlteiher he elected as a
Nebraska inai.
Mr. Barclay repliedi?RtiavnaMd
a* a riguhr Dfuiocratic canilidate -and
was as much oppoird as uiuch to ihe
lu conclusion l*e submiiied a resulu ion P'**"*"'acd Buffering it to in
to the House 10 elect a Speaker by bat
Uail waa uoi, and naouia vo e tor Banka.
CauipbuU, ot K) d» lendvd tne Auier
ican p-.ity ana e«vw« pa me Free *«».ioi «i iumee- 'iiuiiev, while iheir
During tj^y .liyviQ
much 1 ^iieofi^ot. Some *pt«kk.ra ^.y wisest and b«-st men'whom our
appiauucd at.'d sou,c s-arj. AuJu.t.f ®**trnlry-e»er saw, aud there is no lan
«o.e was tuken. Banks iOti kicha.'i.- i**
"He aeuas an appoiUtm' iil to a gives
place to lecture at a ceri un tune per
haps some ot tbe nht^e* wih send worU
tiial he will nui be id:o*td' to tenure
there according to pre-iou* nixice.—
I he tune couues, a great en. wd i» codt-ui
ed lo hear the lecturer or to See the ui .u
presetitl) the lecturer coi»e«(* fie
directly through tne ciowtl—iuiu i( h«
forum waves ln hand for ai e:iii.u—
all eyes are turtied towartls the speaker
lie commence* wilh a liim, eleaV aivd
decided tone aC voice, the tolIo .vi..g r-
Gcnilemen, says he,) have a few pre
liuiinartbS to settle, previous to eaterust
on the main subject ol uiscussun.
want to make three short appeals to
itiree cluss.ti of persons, whereupon he7
holds up a small Bibe. I hsre,
in en, saj
s he M1 Use great charter record1
ol human rigtitn'. oa which all law and
equity s based deserving the nluio ot
law—th s is my appeal to be reiigtoiis
portion ot society—and lays it down bu
the stano befurC htcu. Then Iro holds
up the Constitution of the United S aiuj.
Here, gMj iicmtii, say a he, is tiio hoilu of
tur Union, ihe uobie Constitution u: oar
glorious Uvpu,b!ic, which :ays dial fd
II eft aie born free aud tq«i u. with err
tain iiiulieuab!^'' riglits, dte \.c.t i'hi» is
mv appeal io.gi'ni!t-(iien, o ^aiiiot^» au*
all tiue hearted AuiyrtCaths, Sud 'pl*«**
it w.rtb the BvWe before' tiim '^0^1 hv
put his hand ipto s pocket aud Urm^s.
ut au .ttii'iaicus sii siiooilr. hotOn t\\
up bt foie lut^ U'^tilcii
here, jj^tttleioeii^ts a sut iu'eo^i^'t^ei-v..
bafr«t «l Which W tSI'itVliy. lyum'd w
u® Nuch'
1 f»e following result Bank*. IQ'J,.'» H^The mno who was 'Qeat.a^ J»at-
Hiekardao% iif Falier,
47, scattering, 6. i rtamajr' kaa tuai^btaned up..
con 11 uts through tU«f iirtKit «/t,.tne nrtit f, st
man who otLrs tu i«« his hattda yu^in», .• .*»«» *i* ,..»•••
lo silence me to ut, uai'vu^t*U\ tr to sayf •, "k.
1 1, tt«ai«-#,t
free ^|»*scl^n$ my ^.
also lay s oowb tpou UJfc stin^-wi hts!i i jgr Auihe ot baMk^. auciety tba Mlur
forioei irj'pi*al*, Veady t.#r acttoii^fhtit 4 tlic s'u^jtii.wa^, wtiu id the most
t'OinOi' »cs» a tfeet tf V be^iii-.fttl MHiuc v»u, a gin or a oifaw*
pecuti-u •Bs,tibt»'Mik ilnf 'hetry i Aftfr k the- arguiuciit
two lights, tbe on etirtg .rinalty ad
w ol Iu
*ira«»d dtwd
r» n IH ,#*iw
Vr fit ii'r, a southern man bi
lnr»li and rvsitJenre. reprrsenting a no
bi tUuogli en Nr. not *, numerous
»i»s 10 the *U
19. Mates, whora the
file rids of linin to lihi r^ iti ml pdiis of
*ne Union «h.HIM .kl ,t h..nor. His
1 tl'Ciio ta «|,e gff-ai qoesiiun of u*
•lay ate «.Mli4* to rt«pe.',*nitl Ordy rti
account ot b»s Mtdepeii «n., upright
ctiaracier, his long experience and his
ackfiowle'iged ability, but, beyoud thai,
by ilieir imerality. wisdom and .recaat!
Th« great oljeet of HIOHC who desire
to ui'ikc our eooiury HI reality what i
is in OH we, ihe freest op the face of the
etrh, is to prevent ih« extenaiou of sla
very, that frciilol eourca «f discord, to
which ,Vlr. Blmr jiittfy attributes our
most dsti^erous potitfc^l dissensions.
As ibese quarrels btisaoie more virulent
with even advantage obtained by ihe
friends of slavery, ihe check should be
app.isd at the eartnm nioment. He
i» tor ireatiov ihta great evil as you
ul lu
P' e—coniiuiog it wMhin
VULit: niW
?pok fl which it has ta-
4'iarier. ithin these
hlt® ,i'''
ble by a vote of i 3 lo 7. ^e na appoiiited time beyond
Mr. Uadwaladur congratulated »he*l,U
or SI,,a11
,*N wl,ll,uW
couo ry up. n this coiidt-ionaiion 01 ttie 't,,M' M'« Blair shews, was
se*wi principle relied 0$ tiyiite Kuow- i»'(,IlcV
a»»«'UlJ te, ni tl kt»e a IH) tim
sou. 7o F^iitci X4 Scattering. 7, ncc«a df Pi*n i*.
''ary lor a c.ipiiie 113 AOjoorned*
1 S. T«i
'*1^ CLJLa -,fc 4,

^Ttfrs- trf
oe»er be permitted to
No hn.gs. cal ius.r.tiiions a poiiey earlier thau ihe
Mt. Fuller, 6f Pa., explained his posi 1
ivunders ol out point-
#nder it, till
•rto'M,l vf poftMcaf philosophers
astray. By resto.-ir?^
have opposed terntouM legislation but dtctaies not only ol the (Boat udar^ed
na would not now vote for the rcstora ^ul sulesi conservatism.
lion of the Missouri Compromise, aud
would uuniii ivansas with or wiit:oul
slavery he was m.favor of leaving ti\ai
vtuh the people'of Kansas..
P»'«C), we shall obey the
There are many who are in favor of
placing ihe controversy which agiiptes
tbi country upwa tbe question wnether
v e siiad admit into ih» Uuion any Utate
winch presents iuelf with a constitution
legalizing slavery. ihat U QO|
^ouiUiiOl lime been ehcted to Goji^rcsa nts# iuiti Hisuoiu—li is a q'ii»,toii
had it cot been tor division* 10 the Dc-
uiucfucy. Several other geuiteaitOi slaver* be «xriudtd from the tern
plained their position*. t-«*aws»s»'«- Wnsliii^iofr ttiil ielfet%on dt
Messrs. WaikerP. Lake and Keady
t»e ad-
united wttu a coasjun. io|, ia
Each additional insert ion
One column, per year,
t* .Uu'f. thr tl«i'tiiUi«hed Jot
.«»' ria«r,\earu who mid pre
'^\Vi'a'u'ia^il ed inofeHi iu pyhlicques
sy A
question at present, it may not be
Kelly replied jo Whitney sa)ing that1 "di aiany years 10 come and if
tUv oiigui 01 Know Nothu.gi-ta .11 N«w
.ww^ie ol' ilie (roe aiatca do iheir
uoauiniuj firm
prrbah^ never ctniic up.—
up tu tne way.they
®houiU g», ttie vvuv marked oui lor tLeui
wa.tirn^y Ihev Will wish
ttcx4 qiu .-tn r. 1 I uie'm Hieut—is, wheih
er sf.iiery shall be atlow.d to oveifl
into ilii**terri'orl»*(». *Ti is not there vet,
or**f lil» eiusred, tiaa mtered timid
iy, and IM li nr it errsm ontr sutr**r
•ance—it- i» ai y. es^biUii,
IM"»t hut It U.—•Jnii,ul.Jy UJid erttl'l
unijy iit'ist *f exoiU'io iroiu th.ise re
|gt »s ..| whicil I. has not liken p- «mf.
«IOII, aad drive it front Mo*-
ill haa partially lutruded i'lie terrno
n I lite a m^hiy tield on winch ia io-be
jlougtit -ttc great battle of«jiberty. All
future contests sit«»vld bo postponed to
thia urgeut. Unavoidable, ilbmMi.eut oue.
On thw question of resisting theexlen
SioUot sl.ivrr^, iiitre aie many who a
e Wtwi ua
Would zealously act
wiiti U*. f.-oiu vvt.oiu te could not hope
en- .jniru ton' in tbe attempt to exclude
»he Unrott a stale which has alrea
dy ai.opiou the ineiiiotton of slaverv.—
iV e content' Bg unst the admis
»ion ot a ?i*w stmt under such c.rcum
si^nvvs^^ipfat) a smaller party aud with
l« hs eht.nce-of success than we cau noi^i
contend t^ainsi ih« iiitreduction of sla
vety fnio (he'territories It is our wis
to *a iti
premaiure issues
•ftai ire lik«-iv'to make it less -oomer
••u«, «r ^l:at give nor enemies the adva::
life of new ground Irom whieh to as
SHII us in dealing wnh a co#ilI gratian
a ureal city', wo do not waste ths
ineboe uf ex'inguitdting it/on the botld
inv* wtlrcb ara ^irvady a glowing coal
from ihe itiiiiidaiioo'to the roof wh strve
lo jjievent the (L nits fro^a seizing on
the i#iHgbl!Mrrng hmusos. lit s
whicil iiav^-aireaijv* iticorpnrated the in
siiut ion oi flatxfy uuo their couvtitu
ti-ms, tys evil |t«.air*-4dy beyond remedy.
Fhv work we have Urdo, must be done
bithire the |lii«ehef baa grown to that
hopeless -uiaguuinle.—Y.. Evening
.posit •.
A' I* «»ting liHtriUrnan si a
itiOllHJ "J.UII, p||t ti llOWlllg COIlUII-
i i -4 A 1 i v a e- o i w a o i e s
I powder auu cuiu lead liu is un, tf' i-.
,• ifk^«r«»nrsT wyjrfv. .. I he .n-dtV
poal u» tUe.iaooocrat*, aud I ww.11
s i„ ,^7.
-j jtUw.-T*'t.s»»rf!s-t ti«y arc load* ol
I kis
u 4
b|i.fc|»«1 S^-WoUW I1RM* Out
arws4, w I ooant*g u» a conciesion
the sM a*e.«».wrs*uuig for tke straw*
Cikr^.^nd tba ycattger ones for U«a
j. •.
pT'^ I teeiieople a*, awttt^d arst paaaing
aruynd a su' s»nj.'ton paper, lor the ptir
|M»se ol »ecuriii|i tlta* loeanyn ot the Deal
«#d Wmsm A*Mi a*
11** plaas«
One half column, pbf S4,O0
T~ One fourth "T:r=r:. ^*12,00
i Patent imdicincs, |K?r column,yearly 50,00
B-isiricss and Prof»M«ionaI Cards^not making
*. ^|K «»kan lines, $5 per
|. Ail advertisements, handed!* Without baring
til* u iiAfwr o* insertions marled therei n, will
it ii»* punished i.H ordered out and charged for
•ofM nif Iv^
or^! ngly
nW" A liberal 4edu«1i«m made to yearfy
Attorneys fi«M r-»pon ihlefor all^ legal
1 i.^finents i led i(i bv t!u m.
.«««fn »u»ii ui tilt* iijj. sios «p A rp.osrnwis fiR'isa.
»Jl»t -ti n fenr-r froii: _____
Vt hen fish's are si *11 iri.ing id the
house bef«»ie ihe brtsl „f dsy, 111 win
ter especially, it shous .hit if,e Jay
nev*r bru^k ou the bnrjkwir i» «fl»tlto
wintei i fadver^Hy.
When you see his barn larger than life
ho.i«p, it abu«*t ihat he will have Ibrge
i fi s ami small Mflnions.
Mi*en yon see him driving bC* work
iMe-.eari *4 his work dri»ng h»r». it show*
t^int ne will never
tfrivew from good
re-oiutmns, end that ne will certainly
W'-rtf lus way to prosperity.
When you see in his house more
amps for burning lard or gresae, than
candle aiiclts for more
expensive purpo-
ses. it shows that economy ia lighunf
hi" oav to happiness and plenty wiih
thai light which sho«rd eiili£httn
farmer in the world.
W hen you alwaye see in his wood
hou*e a sutTmiency for three rnontha «r
more, it shows that he will be a mora
than ninety days' wonder, irj firming
opentiona, and that he is not el-epia*
iu his houae after a drunken fr»die.
W hen he has a house separate frad
the mnn building, purpjselv for aahet,
and an iron or tin vessel 10 irxnsport them
it shows he never built his dwelling to
be a funeral prfe fbr bis faaily, and'iiar^
hap* hiiuaalf.
hen his hog* pen is boarded inside
and out it shows that he is -going ij|i«
whole hog," in keeping plenty mside tuft
house and poverty out.
When hie sled rs housed In an monk
and his farming implements covered bolh
winter and summer it plainly shows ihat
he will have a good housf o'rer his hp
in the summer of early ihe,and tbe wi
ter r»f old age.
When his cattle are properly ahielrMd
and fed in winter it evidences that he ia
tcting according tft Soxtpture which ssja
that -a merciful men is merciful to hia'2
*Vhen he is seen subscribing for 'a
newspaper and paying in advance,
shows that he is apeaking like a bodfc
respecting ihelsiesi improvements
.| t«» whom he Jov'es the best. simi.lV
L*-t tile infaoi e.'miutifiii.s wtin h, b^cius»? ih« security of iove and famil**
pruie keeps him Irom getting his heaif
broken It is a shame tl»at"a man wil
speak more impolitely, at times, to h»a
wife or «ii«!^r tii^n he would dare to anV*'*
«ther femile. except a low and vi^oii
oue. It is ihns thai the holiest alfenioni
•if man's .nature prove to be a weaker
protection lo woman in the faqijjy circjf
thaa the n-siMints of aorifiy* anil thaij^
woman usually is mdeh ed l*.r ihe kmj.
est poiMenebs of 1 iTe» ir» those not oe!f ty!
mg to her owahouaehold Thing* ongM
not so lo be. The man who, hee.auee it
will not be resented, infltcts ins *^\eem
and bad tem
thuse of his heart*
stone, i« a sm«H eow^rd a very rneaff
man. Kind wwrd» are eiroti'^tuig
•hum between true gentlemen sod
learn from ^ha llurlington Hawkeyc
ihe party of freedom as
l».ge iifft a forini abie as possible- and
u "bring forward
^Good Pux.-^8omsbcdy asked Baro||Ct
Rothschild io lake venison. 'No,' sai$**
the Baron, 'I never eat venison I don'k
think it's so coot ae mutton.' 'Oh/s!j
said the Bar n's friend, 1 wondsr at#.
your saying so if mutton is better tbaA
venison, why does veniscn cost so niucft
more?' vl
w,u ten you 7y in
world ibe people always prefer vat pr s
rferf.te^what is thtep:
lllMOKOl S ITfiWS,
\Ylry, said the beau, 'you are oeiibaB.^
sugar nor salt ram will not Jiuri. vou.r
•No.' said tholady, 'bat
The gleam of her gold was oriirhtert u'
Tl"' hist was a beauUl'ul t'ight,
The second was a beautiful eight-er. *ut
1ST Why would Ui^ioa makt' bettiv
trader* and ped'ers tliah iner
Because they never get shaved. I
.EP Dobbs, en bnng asked askfd *V
be had ever seen tlia bridge of ^ighe»*
,, 'replied *\ea 1 have bet-n lutcliiiii uait
ever aiuce iwas married.'
A Buaton paper asys «bat s&a
tti*k baa Mwpeadtd pay msot.
ricnlture, aud thai he never gets toe
Walking papers to the land of povertyV
few »amdies, we imagine, anywhere, Ih
whii'h love is not abused as furniaiting jt
license for impolneness. A husbaud/
lather, brother, will epe^k harsh worth
i t-
ashes at home, and ni» polish eahihiuJt
n society can atone/or the harsh la«
«nag»* and disrespectful"'.rantttf?nt ton oil
ten indulged rn he we»
tbo^e hound i
geiber bj God's own n!S of blood, a^|
jh^atiUm^t-.acred baa^s ef aosjug*
Weonesday, tirat a gervtlemaa by thfet
name of ^OBTKR of Moniuuuih, wa(L
knocked down and robhod ot S700 ia
gold on ihe river bank opposite BurlinS'
doing good for s.-nn body put on yout
hat. and visit the poor inquire imo theig
wants and administer unto thtm aeetf1^
out ibe*
desolate and opprsaged, and te^
thtm of the coaaotmoua of religion. |*t
have tried this, and found it thebMtatedbl
icioe.S'or a heavy heart.
t. 7i
a 1
tV A-ladv said rn a geotlemao wtjf*'
bad her and her sisters to church.
"vvtiy.it rathe—s«jnd and Mt-tk wjL'
are" lasiu**
He sent for oue lutftnedrateiy
nr* The Printer's DEVH'I f'nin
tempt a| poetry reads thus:— Vul
The gleam of her eye was bright*

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