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Inm Iota IceaX-Chronicle.
Friday Evening, Mar. 21.
The mysterious lisiiiiH'aranee ol
IJ. I). WhtIn, a hire cupitaliwt of
I!irmi nullum, litis caus(.l a grunt sen
Halion. He loft homo, telling lik-
wife Jio was going tf Decatur im bus
inuti), ami wrote her from Decatur
that he liail to go down th river to
Brown's Lari(linjf ami would bo home
Friday niht. Ho hireil a Bk iff and
Htarled and th;it was the last seen or
heard of him or the skilf. His hat
was found on an island. He had his
life largely insured. Two fortune
tellers had predicted that he would
meet with a violent death. His
young wife is in a critical situation
and so overcome that ohe is not ex
pected to survive.
John Sherman, from the Senate
finance committee, has reported a
substitute for his anti-trust bill. It
proposes on its face to hedge about
very strong and crush out all trusts,
but there will he plenty of gaps left
down by which the law may be evad
ed. To crush out trusts means crush
the Republican party, and of course
John Sherman don't mean to do
that. Trusts are liko persimmon
wprouts, the more you cut down the
more sprouts wiil put out. The only
way is to take them up by the roots,
remove the cause. John Sherman's
financial policy is the foundation of
""after jere. -
The way the Farmers' Appeal
(Franklin, Tenu.,) turns over Cousin
Jere IJaxter, taking tho filling out of
his "inordinate ambition," is a
sight. The Appeal remarks :
Just at this particular period of the
history of Tennessee, it is strongly
urgent that her citizens look keenly
to her welfare. The demagogue with
a llaming cartoon of himself and
largo advertisements of his rural
possessions in every county paper
nearly in the Slate in among us, call
ing upon the farmers to vote for
Jf the method pursued by this fal
low are successful before the Demo
cratic convention to be held very
soon at the .Statu capital, then democ
racy will lose the State by about ten
thousand votes. The Itepublicans
are hopeful that he may be nomi
nated. Nothing would please them
better. It took unheard of work to
save l!ob Taylor, and if tho party
continues to give such men as a repre
sentative of its principles then the
party will not be surprised to behold
at a very early date its candidates de
feated on all sides.
The resignation of Hismarck will
have a good effect upon the United
States, as well as Germany. Tho old
mosshack tyrant could not bear the
radical charge of imperial policy en
forced by the young emperor. His
oppressive taiilf policy affected the
laboring classes just as the Republi
can policy has robbed the working
people of this country. The opening
of the port of Kiel to American
pork, Hour anil other produce gives
this country a market and the poor
people of Germany cheaper meat
and bread.
The Manchester Times says "Your
Uncle John Uuchanan (that's Hrotlu r
McDowell's candidate) is solid with
the counties around his home where
he Is best known. He is an
'Upper Case Democrat.'" That is
Just what the American says about
your Uncle Josiah.
Kansas is making herself heard at
Washington in many ways now.
Kansas people are petitioning Con
gress to remove the duty on .Vexiean
silver ore and urges a reciprocity
with Mexico in lelieve .American
meat and corn of the lax in that
The Avalanche says :
Of course Memphis will pay for
the extra session. The State of Ten
nessee has to borrow of her flourish
ing daughter every year 'to pay the
interest on the public debt, ami no
body should expect her to give up u
cent. There are no poor folks iti
Memphis, except the big landlords.
The Pan-American Congress will
take Nashville in on their Southern
tour, so says M r. Hlaine to the Amer
ican correspondent. The trip would
not be complete with Nashville left
out. "
They say the Farmers Alliance in
Kansas is growing so rapidly both in
numbers and perfi-ction of organiza
tion that they have become n disturb
ing factor in local and State politics.
Secretary Noble may not have in
tended it, but his exposure of the
Oklahoma land thieves put President
Harrison in the soup with the scoun
drels. The Banner says "If Memphis
pays the extra extra, it will lie called
Memphis's Legislature." Well, that
is Just what the extra extra was.
Vernon Whiteside, city auditor of
Chattanooga, has defaulted for over
$6,000 and skipped out for Canada
with Mra. Metz.
Fx-Treasurer Memsingway, of Mis
sissippi, is again said to he short
about $315,000 in his accounts with
the State.
Sutt Make Good Tobacco.
The tobacco growers of this section
must go back to old principles in the
cultivation and management of the
weed if they exjioct any prospects
from the crop in the future. It will
be olwerved by the farmers that fine
grades of dark tobacco -with good
body are commanding remunerative
prices, while low grades are neglected
and not wanted at any price. A
change has come over the tobacco
world ; tho day of money-making in
large crops of five to ten acres to the
hand has past, and the sooner owntu
como to understand and recognize
this fact the better it will be for them
There are natural causes f r
this change too plain to be
overlooked. All the world is
now engaged in growing cheap
nondescript tobacco. Europe is
growing about as much of this
class of tobacco as the foreign mar
kets want, and consequently will not
pay the tax8 on low grades. In
consequence of the tax, Germany
and other nations can grow this class
of tobacco cheaper than American
farmers. On the other hand, the
Burley growers aro making strong
inroads on the dark district, finding
a constantly increasing demand,
while the dark crop demand is on
the decline. There is also a natural
reason for this, which need not now
be argued, but statistics show thv
Again it is observed that there is a
clamor in nil the markets for good,
substantial qualities of dark tobacco,
which is readily taken at prices from
$10 to $18 per hundred, and such
figures pay the farmers very hand
somely. Every planter knows that
it is impossible to make good tobacco
from extravagant cropping, and that
the small farmers planting moderate
crops are tho only men making
money on the production. Another
thing, large planters have been rely
ing on employing extra he'p in the
pinch of time to take care of the
over-cropping. This can no longer
be relied upon. Labor has become
scarce, and so many planters need
ing the extra help at the same time,
it is impossible to supply all.
Tho only safe policy is to go back
to first principles, growing tobacco
as did our fathers, plant irom two to-
three acres to the hand, fertilize well,
plant early, using the plow and the
hoe liberally, small barns for curing,
open hanging and sound curing,
giving the leaf good, tough body and
rich, silken colors. There will be no
danger of overstocking the marxets
with such tobacco.
Another matter is to be taken into
consideration : No man can tell what
kind of season we are to have for
growing tobacco and must, therefori,
to be on the safe side, base operations
on past experience. After a warm
winter and heavy spring rains, we
generally have a dry May and June
and showers of ilea bugs, cut-worms
and horn-worms. Should this prove
the result this year those who under
take to raise large crops will bo left in
the lurch. The true policy is to plant
moderate crops and make good to
bacco, which will restore the charac
ter of Clarksvillo tobacco and also
good prices.
Third Round Quarterly Meetings.
State Line, at Meadow Brook, Mar.
Saline, at Duck Spring, Mar. 22, 23.
Indian Mound, at Stamper's, Mar.
2!l, ;).
Montgomery, at Wiley's, April 5, 6.
Ashland City, at Walton's, April 12,
Palmyra, at Palmyra, April lit, 20.
( 'lai k'sville, April 27.
Pleasant, View and Mnllory'a, at
Pleasant View, May 3, 4.
I tod River, at Wartrnee May 10, 11.
Springfield, May 17, IS.
Cedar Hill, at Turnersville, May 24,
Sadlersville and Adams, at Salem,
May 31, June 1.
Anlmry, at Grant's, June 7, 8.
New Providence and Bethel, at
IScthl, June 14, 11.
Anlioeli, at Chapel Hill, June 21, 22.
W. It. Pkkbi.ks.
To Preserve Qood Health.
Is the desire of all, yet the d'sire is
often lost sight of through neglect. A
light cold or slight headache is allowed
to take root and thus often brings n long
spell of sickness, which could hnve been
avoided had a good remedinl pgMit been
used at the proper time. Ellen's Ex
tract of Tar and Wild Cheery is such
iinil agent and cure-worker fur Coughs,
Colds, lloarseiuvs, Spitting of Blood
Bronchitis, Asthni:', Pains in the Chest
and Lungs, and Kilert's Daylight Pills
cure Sick Headache, Biliousness, Con
stipation, Indigestion, Dyspepsia and
distress from overeating. They regu
late the stomach and liver ; gentle and
plenmmt in action ; opeiale without
disturbance to the system, diet or occu
pation. Both are guaranteed. For
sale, wholesale and retail by Lwkert &
Reynolds druggist.
New Bakery.
Michel Bros have moved into their
handsome new bouse on Second street, I
near Northern Bank and have openee" j
one of the nicest and hest arranged
bakeries in the State. They will han
dle home - made cakes exclusively.
Much of the liest material highly fla
vored and free from adulteration, am
the best nu dity of bread. Bread and j
cakes delivered all over the city.
Prompt attention and care to special I
orders for at) kinds of baking for fain- j
ilies and parlies. A share of' the pub
lic pat ronage is respectfully solicited. ;
lucb'7,dl w,H,sw j
Joe Mat t i II wants everybody to
know that be keep a good restau
rant on Franklin street. Meals
aervsxl to order at all times. Fresh
voters In bulk. miMd tf.
Said tu II iva rropoaed r'lvo Timet to
. Mlii, Folsou Uofure She Accepted.
New York, March SI. A lady whe
has recently returned from a wedding
trip to Europe, related a conversation she
held Vith Mrs. Grover Cleveland about
how she came to marry tho ex-presi-dnt.
In reply to tho question, "How
long were you engaged to the president
before you were married?" Mrs. Cleve
land laughed and bluahed and said: "Oh,
there are the most ridiculous stories told
about us, but honestly they are hardly
as funny an it really was. Uncle
Grover proposed to me five times
before 1 accepted him. First, when
1 wai 14. and I just laughed
at the idea, for he seemed so much, old
er. . Ihen again, two years later, when
I went to college; and the third time
when he was elected governor of New
York. I was by no means ready to
marry anyone, and he let tilings go for
a year, or until ho was nominated for
the pns;dency. Then he asked me
again, and again I refused. At last he
wan eloote l and I promised to marry
him iu a year. Of course I always liked
him Letter than anyone else, and I al
ways meant to marry him some day, but
I'll own the White House had some
thing to do with hurrying it up."
Weill Not 200 Feet IJeip and Yield 350
Barrels Per Dkv.
Pittsburg, March 21. Isaac Richey,
representing I'ittsburgera, wlio have
leased 5,000 acres in tho new Kentucky
oil field, lias returned with several sam
ples of the oil, which are pronounced to
be of excellent quality. There is great
excitement in Barren county over the
discovery. Regular gushers are struck
6very day, some yielding from 2j0 to
350 barrels a day.
A big one on Winlockfarm is reported
to be doing 1,009 barrels a day, and the
oil was found nearer the surface than in
any other field in America. Oil was
reached in come wells at a depth of
ISO feet, but generally wells are from
1 ,000 to 2,000 feet deep in Pennsylvania.
Pittsburg is supplying the greater part
of the tubing and other supplies.
No Lives Lost by the Falling Walls at In
dianapolis. Indianapolis, March 21 .Wednesday
about 1 o'clock the ragged upper floor
and a section of live wall at the ruins of
the Bowen-Merrill fire fell. At first it
was reported that several people had
been killed and injured, but an investi
gation showed that none were killed and
only three or four workmen injured. To
avoid further danger the authorities or
dered the iron front of the building
pulled down.
By the collapsing of tlie dividing wall
fire was communicated with the stock of
notions in the Becker building next
door, and the contents damaged to the
extent of several thousand dollars.
Three Acre Fall Into the Mississippi
River Four Boat Wrecked.
Cairo, March 21 . Water undermined
a hill at Columbus, Ky., on the Missis
sippi, south of here, Wednesday morn
ing, and an area of three acres was car
ried into the river. A wave twenty feet
high wrecked four small boats ana the
large Iron Mountain transfer steamer,
Julius Merman. She was lifted by the
waves and came down on the piling,
which staved holes in the bottom of the
boat, the piles going above the engine
Two Block! of H.illdiug and a Hotel
Burned Lna.l, S135.000.
Jacksonville, Fla., March 21. Two
blocks of buildings and the Elgin house,
in Laviila, a suburb of thij city, were
destroyed by lire early Wednesday morn
ing. Loss $13.", 900. Many of tho tenants
escaped in their night clothes. No lives
were lost
The burned buildings include Lilien
thil's immense store and warehouse, J.
F.. T. Bowdcn's 'Jurkish bath establish
ment and eight cottages beside the
Provisions and Suppllei Being Distri
buted at WIlktMbarre.
Wilkesbarue, Pa., March 21. The
work of distributing provisions and sup
plies among the destitute miners was
actively commenced here Wednesday.
The distributing foroe of the benovolent
Bociety were kept hard at work all day,
and the store room was crowded with
applicants for aid, chiotly women, who
told sad stories of want.
The M !HiilHtflip Flood.
New Orleans, March 21. A dispatch
from Greenville, Miss., Thursday even
ing said: The water from the Offutt
break is now within four miles of this
town, aud a small embankment is being
thrown up to keep it out, though no
danger is apprehended. The river has
fallen here five inches since the Luna,
Ark., break. No effort is being made to
close that crevasse, aud it is growing
Would Kill the Sugar Industry.
San Fiiancisco, March 21 When asked
the effect of tho proposed reduction in
the duty on sugar on the beat sugar in
dustry of California, John D. Spreckeli
replied: "It will kill it. If the proposed
bill passes we shall not put up machinery
for a second refinery, but will send it
back to Germany."
Two RxprfM Robbers Arretted.
Missoula, Mont., March 2t. W. 8.
Payne and C. A. Seailes, employes of
the Northern Pacific Express offoce, at
Brainanl, Minn., were arrested here
Wednesday for robbing that company
of $1'),ulkj about a year ago. The mea
have been living hero about six montlifl.
Minute Mncll-rn Married.
Nkw York. March 2t . Minnie Mad
dern, the well known actress, was mar
ried Wednesday afternoon to Harrison
Grey Hske, the editor of The Dramatic
Mirror. It is stated that Mias Maddern
will permanently retire from the stage.
Srventy-Thlrd Day.
Iu the senate A number of petitions were
premntvd. Mr. VoorliHes made a speech od
agricultural dept-maton, churning it to the
protective tariff. The lilair bill was takm
up. Pierce, of Dakota, Evarts ami Call
speaking. Mr. Iinte got tho floor. At 5 p.
Iu. the senate ad jnurnoJ.
In the house Tho contested election ca
of Muild vs. Comptun, from tho Fifth Mary
land district, was eonaiilerd until i;$3 p. m.,
when the house adjourned.
To Neutralise a Mad Dog's nite.
Dr. Arapad BoUai, professor at the Univer
sity of Klausvuburg, iins compounded a solu
tion which completely neutralize the poison
Introduced into the system by the bite of a
mail dog. This solution consists of chlorine
water, salt brine, sulphurous acid, perman
ganate of potassium aud eucalyptus oil.
Public Opinion.
Kan In Stock.
Mrs. Nubbins I didn't like that 'ere chnco
late 1 got hero yesterday. Hare you any
Menier cuoculutef
Honest Dealer No, uiadam, none meatier
than that 1 sold you hut. New York Weekly.
"Amber" Enumerates the Good Things Sbe
Is Going to Do iu the Dim Future.
"Lives there a man with soul so dead" who
has never indulged in dreams regarding his
own particular "some day!"
Borne day be is going to take a new deal
and be a right good fellow. He is going to
join the church and get ready to pass iu bis
checks when the grim old conductor, death,
calls them iu for the last station. He is go
ing to be amiable to his wife aud family,
commencing Monday morning and keeping it
right up until tho next Sunday after mid
Oh, yes, indeed, there is no doubt about it
the "some days" bung fur oil of us like
ripening plums on the tree of life, and we
mean to pick the branches clean before we
die. As for me, behold a few of my own fast
mellowing "some days."
Some day I am going to earn f 10 over and
above grocer bills, aud shoe bills, and coal
bills, and I am going to join the Humane so
ciety aud make things lively. I shall take
my stand on a street corner and arrest every
brute who overloads a horse and every created
being who absU him in doing so. The able
bodied people who crowd iuto street cars aud
expect two half dead rats of horses to drag
them up a slippery grade; all men who leave
nose bags on their horses above a reasonable
length of time, shall be whisked away to
getf to Joliot, aud made to put up aud tak
down Btove pipes for a solid year.
Some day the cab driver shall find himself
without a whip, the dude shall be forced to
drtve his nag without a high check reiu, aud
the half grown boy who yanks his horse's bit
so constantly as he drives through town shall
Qnd himself directly in front of a strong man't
Some day the woman who knows ao more
about bringing up children than a cat knows
about Boetboven shall find herself cbildlesi
and back in school to learn the rudiments of
hygiene, physiology and common sense. Sbe
who feeds a baby strong tea aud coffee, she
who allows a growing child to sit up till mid
uight, she who takes a 2-year-old to the mat
inee and slaps it because it is afraid, she wbo
puts French heels or laced corsets on her
young daughters and provides wine and high
seasoned food for her sous, shall go back and
start from a protoplasm to tee if she can
sprout a soul if God gives her another chance.
Some day tardy justice shall overtake the
"masher" aud I'll be there to seel His soul,
like a filthy rag, shall be cast iuto refuse, and
all the bats and crows and carrion birds that
inhabit his brain shall be let loos and fly
away like a screaming brood of night before
the dawning of the day. What will be left
of him then? Just as much as is left of a
cbickea when a cyclone strikes it, or of a
dandelion when the prairie fires overtake it
Some day I shall attain unto sufficient
moral courage to refuse to be "pumped" by
wily enemies.
Some day I shall cut my last wisdom tooth
and sit with the wise on pedestals of peace,
from which my own folly shall overthrow mt
no more forever.
Some day I shall understand wby I haled
"Dr. Fell."
Some day I shall not only know enough to
go in, but to stay In when it rains.
Some day I shall decide that it is not worth
while to sow wheat on rock or try to draw
water from dry wells. In other words, I shall
give up trying to cultivate uninteresting peo
ple merely to keep up a social farce.
Some day I shall learn that honesty is vast
ly better than policy, aud shall cut loose from
conventionalities and formalities that fetter
the soul.
Some day I shall And that one tried and
true and faithful friend, who tells the truth
and does not flutter, is better than a whole
palace car full of sycophants aud honey
tongued praisers who ride at your expense
and make your vanity tbelr treasurer aud
purse carrier.
Some day I shall sing at the funeral of a
woman who chews a toothpick on the public
Some day I shall dance on the grave of the
car driver wbo is always dreaming of bis best
girl while I hopelessly signal him from tbc
"upper crossing of an intersecting street or
from the middle of a long block."
Some day I shall And a comrade brave
enough to join me in a veritable dress reform
and wear "leglets," though onlooking men
go mad with glee.
Some day I shall meet the female gum
chewer alone upon a windy sea, and thero'l)
be only one of us left to buy a tolu stick at
two for a cent, while the sad and subsequent
years of time roil by.
Some I shall go to the theatre and find that
my press tickets call for a seat where I can
both see aud hear, and when the fiend enters
who always arrives late a special band of
imps shall meet him and bear him straight
to tophet.
Some day I shall hare an answer ready
for my adversary and not wake up in the
night to regretfully remember what I might
have said to confound him.
Some day I shall forget the word microbe
and remember no more the bishop bacteria,
whose advent among the sous of men has
wrought disaster to my mucuous membrane.
Some day I shall know why more honor
was awarded Nellie Bly than is awarded the
every day heroes and heroines who struggle
against odds and more than circumnavigate
the globe in their weary round of hopeless
Some day I shall be a little child again, in
purity, and candor, and truth, and find my
self, perhaps, in heaven. Amber in Chicago
A Mongolian Newspaper.
The oddest journal in the metropolis is the
so called newspaper published by the Mongo
lians of Mott street. It is written with a
camel's hair pencil upon vermilion paper and
is pasted upon the wall of No. 16 of that thor
oughfare and on the two large telegraph poles
which stand between Chatham square aud
Pell street AU day long it is read and studied
by the almond eyed crowds. Even in the
evenings a belated laundryman can be seen
running bis eyes over its tea chest characters.
Yesterday I was one of the throng, and,
thanks to a friend wbo is a good Chinese
scholar, was enabled to get a fair knowledge
of the day's Issue. There was considerable
similarity between it and our own dailies.
There was the latest proclamation from the
emperor of China, a communication from the
embassy at Washington, a letter rrora toe
consul, an account of an anti-Chinese outrage
in Idaho, a news item of a flood In China, a
dozen of "want ads.," a few laundries for
sale, a death notice and call for a meeting
Of some benevolent society. The editors were
called scribes, and write at the order of their
customers, charging a good figure for their
skill with the brush. The favorite editor is
said to make as high as 120 a day, but lieyond
his editorial work bo writes cards, literary
compositions and prayer tickuU for his cus
tomers. New York Star.
Did Not Wish to Spread the Disease.
"Can ycu do anything with my account to
day, slrr' asked a collector.
"I'd like to pay it," replied Gazzam, "but
the fact is I bavent any gold coin, and the
doctor says that paper money carries the in
fluenza microbe about. Can't be too careful,
you know, and I wouldn't pay you with paper
money for all the world. n tpocH.
imcf About the Camel.
Seven miles an hour is the camel's limit;
nor can it maintain this rate over two hours.
Its usual speed is five miles an bour. When
a camel is pressed beyond bis speed, and is
spent, it kneel down, and not all the wolves
in Asia will make it budge again. The
camel remains where it kneels, and where it
kneels it dios. A Are under its noes is useless.
Boston True Flag.
A Kindly Tip.
First Nigher Wbatl Every sent taken!
. Ticket SellerEvery one; but don't lie dis
couraged. There will tie room enough after
the first act. I was at the rehearsal. Texas
Colic Pains, Nervousness, Bummer Complaint,
Sore Throat, Sore Mouth, Acidity of the Stomach
Convulsions. Dlarrluea, Cholera Infinitum, and
ali diseases of infancy and early childhood. It Is
not narcotic; is purely vegetable and harmless-
For Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Spitting of Wood
Bronchitis, Asthma, Inllueiua, Pleurisy, Inflam
mation of the Lungs, Pains la the Chest and first
9tages of Consumption.
I'or Sick Headache, cure Biliousness and Consti
pation, Kegulate the Stomach and Liver.
Horses, Cattle, Hogs, Sheep & Poultry
AU Diseases common to them. This Powder is
:i never-falling remedy. A trial of one package
will proie It.
It affords the quickest rellpf from pain and
efTectsthe most permanent oure ef any remedy
now known to man.
Get Uncle Sam's English and German ABO
book' from your druggist. Tlie above named
meritorious Remedies, Viz.. Or. Wlnchtll't Tutt
ing Surup, Clltrt't extract offoir mni Wild Chtrry,
tlltrt'i Duyllght Llmr Pill; Unci 8am t Oonditlo
Powder ana Unci 8am' i Llnlmtnt are made by the
Emmert proprietary Co. Chicago ill.
For sale, wholesale and retail by
Lnckert & Kpirnolds, druggist.
Corrected dally by J. J. Crusman.
Hams, couutry 10 g 12
Hams, suijitr ouied 12 ij$ H
Shoulder 8 m
Sides 7 t 8
Patent Flour , K 00 m
Choice Family i (Hi m 4 &
Plain Family 8 75 t '
CirahHin Flour 21,
Rye Flour 2 ( 2)
micKwneni, r lour y a o
Meal, per bush 60 (at 55
Hominy, per gul 20 tt 25
Urils, pergal 25
ilutter. Choice
Butter, medium
Feathers, prime
leathers, low grades
GeiiHeng, per lb
Kraut, per gul ,
Clean Wool
Burry vVool
Dry Hides ,
Ureeu HUlos ,
.. 15 25
.. 10 (i 15
.. 15 la) 18
.. 40 50
15 (TfH
.. 5 g)
. 81 DO
.. 20 (g
.. 15 25
.. 18 C4 20
.. 10 (. 13
.. H (-J11
i 6 6
Peaches, peeled,
Peaches, uupeeled ,
Sapling Clover
Red Clover
Orchard UrusH ,
Red Top
Blue (jlrasK
White Seed Oats
Black Seed Oat-s
Hrun, per 100
Timothy Hny, per hundred ,
Clover flay, per hundred
Mixed Huy, per hundred
Chickens, lire perdoz
Chickens, dressed per lb
6 (a, 10
2X9 5
.$5 00
. i 00 4 76
. 1 VII
. 1 20
, til)
. 1 00
. 40
, 55 ft 65
60 650
, 00
WW (JO 2 6l
8 (ft iu
. B M 10
8 I'll 10
, 8 011
No 2..,
No a..,
A School for the higher culture of young wo
men auu gins.
Handsome new building finely equipped,
Healthy location. Huperlor advantages.
lerms reiixonaoie.
Hoard I Iti per month.
Fall Term opens Heptem her 2, 18M.
bend for Catalogue.
MIW. K.O. BUFOHD Principal.
(Formerly of Orlando, Fla.)
Is now located at Clarksville, Tenn.,
Arlington lllock, and oflera his
professional services to the
citizens of Montgomery
and neighboring
Diseases of Throat, Nose, Eye and
Ear, DiseasoH of Women, Chronic
Diseaneas ana burgery
or detention from busiuess. Stricture
of the Urethra cured by Electricity.
Office Hours: 9 a. m. to 11. 2p
m. to 4. Sunday, 8 a. m. to 10.
Thomas Kohuer,
--J. D. SLAYDEN, M. D.(-
(Formerly of Dickson County,)
I permanently lorn toil In (lorksvllle. Office
formerly occupied hy lir. 1 rnwlik, over loe
offers his service to the poblle fteoerally, and
nollclt a share of practh. W hen not at of
fice cn found at residence, corner Main
and University Avenue.
V 7 Offire:r..nierSd
y -.'c, tcT and Franklin Ktn.
i"- ' -r ever Ir. Carney's
PjP mm
; (Successors to Uerudon, Halluins & Co.)
Tobacco Salesmen,
Solicit the patronage of Planters and Dealers everywhere.
made on Tobacco In store, or on bills of lading In transit. All
Tobacco Insured while In store unless written Instructions not
to Insure. Mark all Tobacco to CRANCE WAREHOUSE.
Oliver Plows, Meilke Plows
Malta Double Shovels & Cultivators,
Milburn . Wagons,
Harness, Collars, Plow Gear, Barb Wire
Buenaventura -:- Farm -: Stallons.
Commencing Feb. 1 & Closing July 1
RUSSIA 3675.
Sire Nutwood, 2:18.
First duin, Kiena Victoria,
dam of Princeton, i!;l!li,
Kuclld, 2:'iy, j
by Hambletonlan 10.
Second dam, Hyacinth,
by Volunteer 6S.
Third dam, Clara,
dam of Dexter, 2:11 ;
Alma, 2.-2W4;
Astoria, 2:i!ft14 ;
Also of Dictator, sire of
Jay Eye Hee, 2:10, eto.,
by American Slur.
Fourth dam, McKlimtry Mare.
dam of Shark, 2:24J.
fjaitMH S1BO the
Hcnson Willi usuul
lletura Privilege.
Pastoretl at $3 Per Month. .
mwesiern Fresoytenan uuiraty
SESSION 1889-00 OPENS SEPT. 0, 1889.
C. C. HERSMAN, D. D., Chancellor.
S. J. COKFMAN, A. M. ,
J. A. LYON, A. M., Ph. D.
v. w. MOHTOiN, Assistant Jrmtruotor.
EXPENSES vary from $125 to $236
style of board! n. WSind for a Catalogue to the Chaneellor.i I y 22
New Providence, Tenn.,
nvltes your attention to a full and carefully eelected stock of
a Standard Fertilizer. Also a full and fresh stock of
a srood and cheaD dIow. every
give satisfaction.
J. 0.
' Before Buying TTour
... . TRY .
Spices of Their Own Grinding
lor Pieklei, etc.
Hire Tennessee Wilkes, trial 2:2.5.
First dam, Latonla,
by MoCurdy's Humlle'lan,2:20.
Seoond dam, Blana.Keeseo,
by Bt. Elmo.
Third dam, by Imp. Lovlathau.
TEIIHIS-1SI28.00 tho
HeaBoiii with, usual
Ileturn Xrl vlleuo.
A; G. Goodleit, Sec'y.
It. F. BUNTING, I). D., Soliciting
Agent for the Endowments.
a year accoidlnu to pittHHifWirin and
one of which Is guaranteed ta

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