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Soma Lon of Lire Which Buyer and
Sellers Are Too Apt to Ha Slow to Learn.
Work Without God I Work Waatnd.
Brooklyn, April 13. At the Service in the
Academy of Music tliU innruiiij; Dr. Tul
mage, after reading appropriate pawafrea of
Scripture, gave out the hymn:
So let our lips and lives express
The holy Gospel we profess.
He announced aa hU text 1'roverU 14:
"It ia naught, It ia naught, siiith the buyer:
but when he is gone his way, then ho boat
eta." Following is bis sermon in full:
Palacea are not such prisons as the world
imagines. If you think that the only time
kings and queens come forth from the royal
gates is in procensiou and gorgeously attend
ed, you are miHtHken. Incognito, by day or
by night, and clothed in citizens' apparel or
tha dress of a working woman, thoy come
out and see the world as it is. In no other
way could King Solomon, the author of my
teit, have known everything tliHt wns tfoinK
on. From my text I am dura he must, in
disguise, soma day have walked into a store
of ready made clothing, iu Jerusalem, and
stood near the counter and ovorueard a con
versation between a buyer and a seller. The
merchant put a price on the coat, and the
customer liegan to dicker and said: "Ab
urdl that coat is not worth what you ask
for it. Why, Just look at the coarseness of
the fabric I Bes that spot on the collar! Be
sides that, it does not tit. Twenty dollars for
that! Why, it isn't worth more than ton.
They hava a bettor article than that, anil for
cheaper price, down at Cloiithotn, Fitem &
Brothers. Besides that, I don't want it at
any price. Good morning." "Hold," says
the merchant; "don't gooff in that way. I
want to sell you that coat. 1 have some pay
ments to make and I want the moony. Come
now, how'mueh will you give for that coat?"
"Well," says the customer, "I will nplit the
difference. You asked twenty dollars, and I
aaid ten. Now, I will give you fifteen."
"Well," says the merchant, "it's a great sac
rifice; but take it at that price." Then Solo
mon saw the customer with a roll under bis
arm start and go out unci enter his own
placaof business ; aud Solomon, in disguise,
followed him. Ho heard the customer as he
unrolled the coat say: "Hoys, I have madu a
great bargaiu. How much do you guess I
gave fr that coat" "Well," says one, wish
' ing to compliment his enterprise, "you gave
thirty dollars for it." Another says, "I
should think you got it clump if you gave
twenty -five dollars." "No," says the buyer
iu triumph; "I got it for fifteen dollars. I
beat him down and pointed out the Imporfec
tions until I really made him tivlicve it was
not worth hardly anything. It takes me to
make a bargain. Hal Jin!" Oh, man, you
got the goods for less than they were worth
by positive fulsohooil; and no wonder, when
Solomon went back to his palace and had
put off his disguise, that ho sat down at his
writing desk and madu for all ages a crayon
sketch of you: "H is naught, it is naught,
urn Hi the buyer: but when he is gone his
way, then he bonstelh."
There are no higher styles of men in all the
world than those now at the head of mer
chandise in HrooWyn and New York anil in
the other great cities of this continent. Their
casual promise is as good us u bond with piles
of collaterals. Their reputation for integrity
is as well established as that of Petrarch re
Riding in the family of Curdiuul Coloiiiiu,
and when there was great disturbance in the
family the cardinal called nil his people to
gether and put them under oath to tell the
truth, except Potrurch, for whenhocamo to
swear the cardinal put away his book and
said: "As to you, Petrarch, your word is
Never since the world stood have there
been so many merchants whoso transact ions
can stand the test of tlioTi'H(.'omiiiunlments.
Such bargain makers are all the more tola)
honored because they have withstood year
after year teinptutious which have Hung
many so flat ami (lung them so hard they can
never recover themselves. While all positions
in life havo powerful besotiueuts to evil there
are sHH:iflc forms of allurement whieh are
peculiar to each occupation and profession,
and it will be useful to speak of the puculiu
temptat ions of biiHinesH uicn.
First, as in the scene of the text, business
men are often tempted to sioi'ilhV plain
truth, the seller by exaggerating the value of
goods, anil the buyer by depreciating them.
AVo cannot, hut M 1 1 ii 1 1 i i an expert salesman.
Hoe how he llrst induces tlm customer into u
mood favorable to the proper consideration
of the value of the goods, lie shows himself
to be an honest anil frank sulesiiinh. How
carefully the lights are arranged till they
fall just right upon the fabric!
Beginning with goods of medium quality,
be gradually advances toward those of on no
thorough make and of more attractive pat
turn. How lie watches the mooos aiulnbims
of his customer! With what perfect calm
ness he takes the order and bows tho pur
chaser from his presence, who goes away
having made up his mind that lie has In.n-bt
thugoisls at a pried which will allow him a
Living margin when he again sells them. The
goods were worth what the salesman said
they were, and were sold at a pric e which
will not make it necessary for the house to
fail every ten years iu order to 11 x up things.
Hut with what burning indignation we
think of the iniquitous stratagems by which
goods are sometimes disposed of. A glance
at the morning pa)ers shows the arrival nt
me of our hotels of a young merchant from
one of the inland cities. Ho is a comparative
stranger iu the great city, and, of course, he
.must lo shown around, and it will le the duty
of some of our enterprising houses to escort
liim. Ho Is a larg" purchaser and has plenty
of time and money, und it will pay to lie very
attentive. The evening is spent at a place of
doubtful amusement. Then they go hack to
the hotel. Having just come to town, thoy
must, of course, drink. A friend from the
same mercantile establishment ilrops in, nnd
usage and generosity suggest thut they must
drink. Husinoss prospects are talkiil over,
and the stranger is warned against certain
dilapidated mercantile establishments that
are about to fail, and for such kindness and
magnanimity of caution against the dishon
esty of other business houses, of course, it is
expected they will and so they do they take
a drink.
Other merchants lodging inndji lining rooms
.find it hard to sleep for tlieelnyer of decant
sets, and the coarse enroiis.il ,,f these "hail
fellows well met" waxes louder. Hut they sit
not all night at the wine cup. They must sue
the sights. They stagger forth with chocks
Hushed and eyes bloodshot. The outer gates
of he'd o-u to let iu the victims. The wings
f lest souls Hit among the lights, and the
steps of t he ciiroiisers sound with the rumbling
thunders of the damiicd. Farewell to all the
winctilios of iioir.o! lmld mother, histex,
father, sluinU ring in the inland home, in
nine vision of that night catch a glimpse of
the ruin wrought they would rend out their
hair bv the roots and bite the tongue till the
blood spurted, shrieking out : '(iod save him!"
Tint . siipis you, will come iijioii Mich
ba-init-s establishments!? and there are bun
iltedsof them in the cities. They niy lsast
of fabulous sales, and they may have an un
precedented run of buyers, and the name of
the house may bo a terror to all rivals, and
from this thrifty root there may spring up
branch bouses in other cities, ami all theiwrt
ners of the firm may move into their man
sions and drive their full blooded span, and
the families may sweep the street with the
most elegant apparel that human art ever
wove or earthly iiuiginlli'ciii'e ever achieved.
Hut a curse is gathering somewhere for those
men, and if it does not seine hold of the pil
lar and in one w Ud ruin bring down the tem
ple of commercial glory, it w ill break up their
peace, and they will tremble wtii siekness
and bloat with dissipations, uml, pushed to
the precipice of this life, they wiil try to hold
back and cry for help, but Ho help will come;
and thsy will clutch their golj to take it
along with them, but it will be snatcbed from
their grasp, and a voice will sound, through
their soul, "Not a farthing,' thon beggared
spiritl" Aud tha judgment "ill come and
they will stand aghast before it, and all the
business iniquitfes of a lifetime will gather
around them, saying, "Do you remember
this!" and, "Do you remember thatf" And
clerks that they compelled to dishonesty, and
runners and draymen and bookkeepers who
saw behind the scenes, will bear testimony to
their nefarious deeds, and some virtuous soul
that once stood aghast at the splendor and
power of these business men will say, "Alas!
this is all that is left of that great firm that
occupied a block with their merchandise and
overshadowed the city with their influence,
and mads righteousness and truth and purity
fall under the galling fire of avarice and
V liile we admire and approve of all acute
ness and tact in the salo of goods, we must
condemn any process by w hicu a fabrio or
product is represented as possessing a value
w hich it really does not have. Nothing but
sheer falsehood can represent as perfection
boots that rip," silks that sjieodily lose their
luster, calicoes that immediately wash out,
stovcj that crack under the first hot fire,
books in . ;ifli"iently bound, carpots that un
ravel, old furniture rejuvenated with putty
and glue uml sold ns having leen recently
muniflactured, gold watches made out of
brans, barrels of fruit the biggest opples on
tho top, wine adulterated with strychnine,
hosiery poorly woven, cloths of domestic
manufacture shining with fore'sr" lcbels, im
ported gooilj represented as rare and hard to
get, because foreign exchange is so high,
rolled out on the counter with matchless dis
play. Imported, indeed! but from the fac
tory In the1 net street. A pattern already
unfa.shioim.lile and unsalublo palmed off as a
ueiv print noii some country merchant who
has come t. town to make bis first purchase
of dry goo 1st and going home with a large
stock r,f goods warranted to keep.
A;'uin, businessmen ure often tempted to
make tlie habits and customs of other traders
their law of rectitude. There are Ooiumercial
usages which will not stand the test of the
lost day. Yet men in business are apt to do
as their neighbors do. If the mujority of the
traders In any locality are lux iu principle,
the commercial code in that community will
be spurious and dishonest. It is a hard thing
to stand close by the law of right when your
next door neighbor by his looseness of dealing
is enabled to sell goods at a cheaper rate and
decoy your customer Of course you who
promptly meet all your business engagements,
paying when you promise to pay, will find it
hard to compete with that merchant who is
hopelessly in debt to the importer for the
goods purchased, and to the landlord whose
store he occupies, and to the clerks who serve
There are a hundred practices prevalent in
tho world of traffic which ought never to be
come the rule for honest men. Their wrong
does not make your right. Sin never be
comes virtue by being multiplied and ad
mitted at brokers' board, or merchants' ex
change. Because others smuggloa few things
in passenger trunks, because others take usury
when nam are iu tight places, because others
deal in fancy stocks, because others palm off
worthless indorsements, because others do
nothing but blow bubbles, do not, therefore,
bo overcome of temptation. Hollow preten
sion and fictitious' credit and commercial
gambling may awhile prosper, but the day of
reckoning eometh, and in addition to the
horror and condemnation of outraged com
munities the curse of foil will come, blow
after blow. God's will forever and forever
is the only standard of right and wrong, and
not commercial ethics.
Yyung business man, avoid the first busi
ness dishonor, and you will avoid all the rest.
The captain of a vessel was wulking near the
mouth of a river when the tide was low, and
there was a long, stout anchor chain, into one
of the great links of which his foot slipped,
anil it began to swell and he could not with
draw it. The tide began to rise. The chain
could not be loosened nor flled off in time,
and a surgeon was called to amputate the
linil), but, before the work could be done the
lido rolled over the victim and his life was
And I. have to tell you, young man, that
just, one wrong into which you slip may bo a
link of a long chain of circumstances from
which you cannot lie extricated by any in
genuity of your own or auy helpfroin others,
nud the tides will roll over you as they have
over many. When Pompey, the warrior,
wanted to inke possession of a city, and they
would not oieii the gates, he persuaded them
i admit n j j.'k soldier. Hut the sick soldier
after a while got well and strong, and he
threw op'ii the gates and let the devastat
ing army come in One wrong admitted
into the si nil may gain in strength until,
after awhile, it flings oen all the avenues of
the immoral nature, and the surrender is
Again, business men aro sometimes tempted
to throw off iersnnB.i respmsTliility upon the
moneyed institution to which they belong.
Directors in anks aud railroad and insurance
companies sometimes shirk personal respon
sibility underneath the wtion of the corpora
tion. And bow often, when some banking
house or linn ncial inst i tut ion explodes through
fraud, respectable men in the lsard of direc
tors say: "Why, I thought all was going on
iu an honest way, and-1 nnl utterly con
founded with this misdemeanor!" The banks,
and the fire and life and marine insurance
companies, nnd the railroad companies, will
not stand up for judgment in the last day,
but those who ill them acted righteously will
receive, each for himself, a reward, and
those who acted the part of neglect or trick
ery will, ouch for himslf receive a con
demnation. Unlawful dividends are not clean before
(lod liecaiiso there are those associated with
you who grab just as big a pile as you do. He
who countenances the dishonesty of the firm,
or of the corisiration, or of the association,
takes upon himself all of the moral liabilities,
if the financial institution steals, he steals. If
they go into wild speculations, he himself is a
gambler. If they needlessly embarrass a cred
itor, he himself is guilty of cruelty. If they
swindle tho uninitiated, he himself is a de
faulter. No tlimn,-iiil institution ever had a
money vault strung enough, (,r credit stanch
euough, or dividends large enough, or policy
acute enough to hide the individual sin of its
mem hers. The old adage, that corporations
have no souls, I misleading. Every corpora
tion has as many souls as it has members.
A gain, many business men bavelieen tempt
ed to iwtHne their enjoyments and duties to
a future season of entire leisure. What a
sedative the Christian religion would i. to all
our business men if, instead of postponing
Its uses to old age or death, they would tuke
it into the Rtore or factory or worldly engage
ments now ! It is folly to Ko amid the uncer
tainties of business life with no God to help.
A merchant in a New England village was
stan. .in' by a horse, and the horse lifted his
foot to stamp it In a pi1"' of ater;and the
mer hunt, to escape the splnsh, stepjed into
the dour of nn insurance agent, and the
agent said, "I 8up,se you hove come to re
new your lire insurance." "Oh," said the
merchant, "I had forgotten that." The in
surance was renewed, and the next day the
house that had been insured was burned.
Won it all accidental that tho merchant, to
ewai a splash from a horse's font, stepped
into the insurance ofllocl No, it was provi
dential. Ami what mighty Mace for a
business uian to t-l that things are provi
dential! What pence amlpiiiilriuin in such
a consideration, and what a grand thing if
all bigness men could realise it!
Many, although now compilative)- strait
ened m worldly circumstances, have a goodly
establishment in the future planned out. They
have in imagination built alut twenty years
abenil a house In the country ii"t drtlli-uit of
acevss f n.in the great town, for they will often
have business, or old accounts to settle, ami
investment to look after. To house is large
enough to i-ooiiimouiUe all their friends.
The halls are wide, and hung with pictures
of bunting scenes and a branch of antlers,
ami are comfortable with chairs that can be
roiled nut on the veranda when the weather
1 it Inviting, or set out uuder some of the oaks
that stand sentinel about the house, and rus
tling in the cool broeee., and songful with the
' There is just land enough to keep them in
terested, and its crops of almost fabulous
richness springing up under application of
the best theories to be found in the agricul
tural journals. The farm is well stocked with
cattle and horses, and sheep that know the
voice and have a kindly bleat when one goes
farth to look at them. Iu this blissful abode
their children will be instructed in art and
science and religion. This shall be the old
homestead to which the boys at college will
direct their letters, and the hill on which the
house stands will be called Oak wood or Ivy
Hill or Pleasant Retreat or Eagle Eyrie. May
the future have for every business man here
all that and more beside! But are you post
poning your happiness to that time? Are
you adjourning your joys to that consumma
tion? Suppose that you achieve all you expect
and the vision I mention is not up to the
reality, because the fountains will be brighter, j
the house grander and the scenery more pic
turesquethe mistake is none the less fatal.
Whut charm will there be iu rural quiet for
a man who has thirty or forty years been
conforming his entire nature to the excite
ments of business? Will flocks ami herds
with their bleat and moan bo able to silence
the insatiable spirit of acquisitiveness which
has for years had full swing in the soul? Will
the hum of the breeze soot ho the mun who
now can find his only enjoyment in the stock
market? Will leaf and cloud and fountain
charm the eye that has for three-fourths of
a lifetime found its chief beauty in hogsheads
and bills of sale? Will narents bo competent
to rear their children for high aud holy pur-1
pose, if their infancy and boyhood and girl- i
hood were neglected, when they are almost j
reauy to enter upon uie worm aim nave an
their habits fixed and their principles stereo
typed? No, no,; now is the time to be happy.
Now is the time to serve your Creator. Now
is the time to be a Christian. Are you too
busy? I have known men as busy as you
are who had a place in the store loft where
they went to pray, come one asked a Chris
tian sailor where he found any place to
pray in. ne said: "I can always find a
quiet place at masthead." Aud in the busi
est day of the season, if your heart in
right, you can find a place to pray. Broad
way and Fulton street are good places to
pray in as you go to meet your various en
gagements. Go home a little oarlier und gut
introduced to your children. Bo not a galley
slave by day and night, lashed fast to the oar
of business. Let every day havo its hour for
worship aud intellectual culture und recrea
tion. Show yourself greater than your busi
ness. Act not as though ufter death you
would enter upon nn eternity of. railroad
stocks and coffees and ribbons. Roust not
your manhood before the perpetual fires of
anxiety. With every yard of cloth you sell
throw not in your soul to boot. Uso firkin
and counting room desk and hardware crate
as the step to glorious usef ulness and highest
Christian character. Decide once und for
ever who shall be master in your store, you
or your business.
Again, business men are often tempted to
let their calling interfere with the interests of
the soul. Godsends men into'tho business
world to get educated, just as boys are sent
to school and college. Purchase and sale, lost
and gain, disappointment aud rasping, pros
perity, the dishonesty of others, panic and
bank suspension are but difTercnt lessons in
the school. Tho more business, the more
means of grace. Many have gone through
wildest panic unhurt. "Are you not afraid
you will break?" said some one to a merchant
in time of great commercial excitement. He
replied: "Aye, I shall break when the fiftieth
Psalm breaks, ni the fifteenth verse, 'Call
jipon me in the day of trouble and I will de
liver thee.' "
The store and the counting house have de
veloped some of tho most stalwart characters.
Perhais originally they had but little spright
liness and force, but two or three hard busi
ness thumps woke them up from their leth
argy, nnd there came a thorough development
in their hearts of all that wns good und holy
and energetic and tremendous, and they have
become the front men in Christ's great army,
as well as lighthouses in tho groat world of
traffic. But business has lieon jiorpctuul de
pletion to many a man. It first pulled out of
him nil benevolence, next all amiability, next
all religious aspiration, next nil conscience,
and though he entered his vocation with large
heart and noble character he goes out of it a
skeleton, enough to scare n ghost.
Men appreciate the importance of having
a good business stand, a store on the right
side of tho street or the right block. Now,
every place of business is a good stand for
sturitual culture. Hod's angels hover over
foe world of traffic to sustain and build up
those who are trying to do their duty. To
morrow, if in your place of worldly engage
ment you will listen for it, you niny hear u
sound louder than tho ruttle of drays and the
shuffle of feet and the eliinlf of dollars steal
ing mto your soul, saying, "Seek ye first the
kingdom i? (Jod and his righteousness, and
till other things shall be added unto you."
Yet some of those sharpest at a bargain an
cheated out of their immortal blessedness b
stratagems more palpable than any "drop
game" of the street. They make investment
in things everlastingly lielow par. They put
there valuablesin a safe not lire proof. They
give full credit to influences that w ill not be
able to my once ceut. on a 'ollar. They plunge
into a labyrinth from whicii no bankrupt low
er "two-thirds enactment" w ill ever extricate
them. They take into their partnership the
world, the flesh and the devil, and the enemy
of all righteousness will boast through eternal
ages that the man who in all his business life
could not be outwitted or overreached at last
tumbled into ipirituul defalcation and was
swindled out of heaven.
Perhaps some of you saw tho fire in New
York iu 1SI5. Aged men tell us that it beg
gared all description. Some stood on the
Musetops of Brooklyn, and looked ut the red
ruin that swept down the streets and threat
ened to obliterate the metropolis. But the
commercial world will yet lie startled by a
greater conflagration, even the last. Bills of
exchange, policies of insurance, mortgages
and bonds and government socurit ies will be
consumed in one lick of the flame. The
Bourse and the United States mint will turn
to ashes. Gold will run molten into the dust
of the street. Exchanges and granite blocks
of merchandise will fall with a crash that
will make the earth tremble.
The Hashing up of the greut. light will show
the righteous the way to their thrones.
Their best treasures in heaven, they will go
up and take possession of them. The toils of
business life, which racked their hrnhi and
rasped their nerves for so many years will j
have forever ceased. "There the wicked i
cease from troubling, and the weary are ut i
ret I
larelul of lour t'ootwotir.
Ouida voiced a solier truth when she said j
do not economize iu glove and sh u s. This
was forcibly illustrated to mens a woman'
dressed iu gixxl clothes and a seulskui ti
tocl across the str-jet. Her sins-s hud out-,
lived their apie l ance of dei-encv, and olio I
had so far forgotten itself ns to lod lielhiuce
to the wearer and split clear across the buck,
while, horror of horrors! the stocking, out of i
sheer symathy, had done tiie same. Chi-t
cago Tunes.
PortiiEsr Kitravaanot Oiioen.
The queen tlowager of Portugal, an Italian 1
princess, married nt the age of 1", was very
extravagant in her ideas, it is reported that
on one occasion she brought home from Paris
1,000 pairs of shoos. On another occasion
she ordered sixty -nine drnsHN f.nni Worth
and ou the way home they were lost at sa, !
Not discommoded iu the least, she duplicated
the order. Interview in Kansas City Times.
A Tnneg Editor.
The youngest lady alitor of Kansas, Miss
Minerva D. Walker, of the llnrj.r Graphic,
it only IB. Though so young, she has the
good sense to prefer her full name to the
diminitive "Minnie." Pet names should be
for friends and relations, not for the public,
Good Hmwkeepinc.
Condensation of lntei-TUu . Item on
Vurlous Subjects.
Oil prospects booming around Marietta,
Ohio. , , , r , , .,
Dover, Me. , felt an earthquake Friday
William Berringer, Toledo, arrested for
robbing the mails. ,
Secretary Tracy Saturday ,-iccept the tor
pedo boat Cushing.
John Costello. aged 11, drowned his littla
brother in New York during a quarrel.
Mix D. 1. Lefferson, of Ridgeville, a,
took poison by mistake and died soon after.
There was u ball at Petersburg, Yai, Fri
day night, in honor of Hon. John Sherman's
daughter Mary, there on a visit.
The iwenty-iifth antu'versary of the death
of Abraham Lincoln will be appropriately
observed at Springfield, 111., next Tuesday.
The rumor thai, the United States ship
Enterprise would be put out of commission
at the Now York uavy yard proves to be
Hut four out of fourteen 'persons consti
tuting a "Kuioido club," formed at Indiana
polis eight years ago, are living, the rest
having met violent deaths.
Engineers ou tiu Ft. Wayne 'road discover
that-alleged traveling Engineer-Watts, for
whom thoy bnva been putting themselves
and their ciifjiues. through their best paces,
is a demented f mud.
The examining trial of Sol. Smith, Ctarles
Bowler and Holland Coleman, colored, at
Klkton, Ky., Friday, charged with the mur
der of Jam os McGuiro, at a dunce, in Todd
county, resulted in thejir being hold without
, Maud Kelso, iv;od 15, was chloroformed
on the streets of Cleveland, O., taken to the
outskirts of towu nnd assaulted, and wan
dered back home again Friday morning in a
dazed condition. She says she was carried
away in a buggy..
O. S. Kobinsuu, agent for the Cincinnati,
Sandusky and Cleveland railroad at Ur
nana, O., loft his accounts all straight and
his wife expecting his immediate return
from a short trip, aud at last accounts was
in Kansas City. If there is method in his
madness, his many friends would be pleased
to know w herein it consists.
At Galena, 111., a mother and daughter
took upon themselves tho vows of wedlock,
the grandmother of the junior bride acting
ns bridesmaid. The parties to the unique
alfuir wore William E. Hammond, of Du
buque, anil Mrs. Mary J. Reddington, of Jo
Daviess county, 111., and Louis Bouriueim,
of Warren, III., and Miss E. J. Reddington.
Forola-ii Notes.
Archbishop Corrignn, of Now York, is in
Rome, and will talk with tho pope..
Grand Duke Serglus, brother of the czar,
replaces Prince DolgoronkofT as governor of
Mi isoow.
The London Chronicle's St. Petersburg
correspondent, hews that Emperor William
has asked the c.znr for permission to make a
tour through Prussia.
Tho Chinese statesman. Marquis Tseng, is
dead. Tho marquis has at various times
represented his country at the courts of Lou
don, Paris nnd St. Petersburg.
A desperate fight occurred between par
ties of TyroUs and Czech soldiers at Inns
bruck, Austria. Tha men used their bayo
nets, and s.-erul were badly wounded.
Owing to the recent embezzlement of
1,(MK),000 f rancs by the state treasurer of the
canton of Tioino, Sw itzorluud, the Liberats
propose to inicneh the cantonal govern
ment. Henry M. Stanley arrived nt Camus Sat
urday. He wus w elcomed by Sir William
Maokiiiuon, chairman of the Emin relief
committee, and lator paid his respects to the
Prince of Wales.
The blockade established by France to
prevent tho landing of arms for use by the
Duhoniians will bo .extended to include cer
tain other portions of the slave coast than
those now blockaded.
The correspondent at Rome of The London
Times, denies on the best authority that
Gen. Simmons was in any way empow ered
to negotiate with regard to the matter of
tho African bishoprics.
Mr. Johnston, tho British consul, has re
turned to Mozambique. Ho complains of
the boycott of dealers against tho British
wnr-thips. A corps of volunteers has btien
raised at (Juillimnno for service in the Shire
A syndicate of English capitalists has
been formed to establish nn lmmonse shop
for the manufacture of locomotives at Syd
ney, N. S. r. A number of engineers and
skilled mechanics have already boon sent to
Sydney to liegin operations.
During the celebration of mass in the
Cat holic church nt Broniscowitz, Huugary,
Friday, the edifice caught fire and wus
burned to the ground. The congregation
becumo punic-stricken nud choked the
exits. Two persons were killed and several
The czarewitch and his father, Grand
Duke, George, are about to start on a voyage
to.Vludivestok, a seaport of Primorsk, in
Asiat ic Russia. Preparations are now beiug
made for the voyage, which w ill be made by
w ay of she Suez canal. Their vessel will call
at various ports in India.
Cardinal Talimberti is going to Berlin to
confer with Chancellor Von Capriai with
object of oiK-niug negotiations with the
Clericals in the reichstag, also, it is reported,
to arrange for the conversion of the Prus
sian legation ut tho Vatican into a represen
tative of German empire.
The place of Baron Ferdinand James de
Rothschild, ut Waddesdon manor, his coun
try seat in Aylesbury, England, has been
partially destroyed by fire. Amongtheprop
erty burned were a picture by G.iiues
borough, valued at '10,000, and a large
quantity of valuable ta)imtry.
At Wigan, Lancashire, Eug., two men
named Moran and Haigh engaged ju a
brutal prize fight, in which no rules were
observed. After the first round, which di
vested both men of all clothing, thoy fought
linked and used their clogs fur weapons.
Both wi re sickening spectacles at the end of
tho contest, nnd Moran wus carried home
Knqieror William Friday visited the Em
press of Austria at the Weisbaden. He
was uttired iu the uniform of a colonel of
the Hungnrian hussars. In the evening the
emperor dined with the Austrian empress,
Ari hdiichessVnlcrier.n l Aichduke Francis
Sulvator. After dinner tho emperor called
out the troops of tho garrison for a sham
Ninety-Third Day.
In the senate After unimportant legisla
tion, the Montana election ens'" was taken
up, !r. Kvarts sin-aking for tho Republi
cans. Messrs. Gray and Ge u-ge followed.
A vote is to ls taken Monday. -fter
short secret session tl: - s :: it -, at ..:-V p. m.,
In the house The contested election cast
of Wnddill vs. Wise. Virginia, was consid
ered until 5 p. m., when a recess was taken,
the night session being for private jiension
,o jtloi-e t ompmiy lHlliirr.
It is no louger comme il faut iu polite cir
cles to have company manners, company
clothes, company china and coiniuiy cook
in". What is giHl enough for the family
ought to bv jt.khI enough for the gm-st. There
ts no honor in terrapin, truffles, ice and
inarrons, but there is honor in a welcome to
a roth hi I bome mil a cover at the table
wh'-re culturenssonililes. Cordial hospitality
takes on an ad. led grace wheu. forgetting self
und personal couifm t, V.k' hostess anticipate
tlie wants of the guests and manifests in in
numerable nlt-ntiDiis the est. -em felt for them.
A iriVct meal is only a question of a few
dollars, but the freedom of the bc-arthstone
that frwu lship extends has a higher value
tlniu money evpnn-. New York orid,
IS not only a distressing complaint, "of
itself, but, by causing the blood to
become depraved and the system en
feebled, is the parent of innumerable
maladies. That Ayer's Sarsaparllla
is the best cure for Indigestion, even
when complicated with Liver Complaint,
is proved by the following testimony
from Mrs. Joseph Lake, of Brockway
. Centre, Mich.:
' "Liver complaint and indigestion
made my life a burden and came near
ending my existence. For more than
four years I suffered untold agony, was
reduced almost to a skeleton, and hardly
bad strength to drag myself about. AH
kinds of food distressed me, and only
the most delicate could be digested at
all. Within the time mentioned several
Jihyslcians treated me without giving re
iel. Nothing that I took seemed to do
any permanent good until I commenced
the use of Ayer'a Sarsaparilla, which
lias produced wonderful results. Soon
after commencing to take the Sarsapa
rilla I could see an improvement in my
condition. My appetite began to return
and with it came, the ability to digest
all the food taken, my strength im-(
proved each day, and after a few
months of faithful attention to your
directions, I found myself a well
woman, able to attend to all household
duties. The medicine has given me a
new lease of life."
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Man.
Price $1 ; six bottles, 5. Worth t& a bottle.
Collo Pains, Norvonsness, Hummer Complaint,
More Throat, Sore Mouth, Acidity of the Stomach
ronvulsions." Diarrhoea, Cholera Infantum, and
all diseases of Infancy and early childhood. It Is
net narcotic ; is purely vegetable aud haruiless-
For Coughi. Colds, Hoarseness, Spitting of Blood
Bronchitis, Asthma, Influenza, Pleurisy, Inflam
mation ff the Lungs, Pains in the Chest and llrst
srages oi i ousiiinpuon.
por Mick Headache, cure Biliousness and Consti
pation, Kegulate the Htomach and Liver.
Horses, Cattle, Hogs, Sheep & Poultry
All Diseases common to them. This Powder Is
a never-failing remedy. A trial of one package
will prove it.
It HtToids the quickest relief from pain nnd
effects the most permanent cure of any remedy
now known to man.
(let tlncle Bain's F.ngllsh nnd German ADC
book' from your druggist. The above named
meritorious liemeitles, viz., Dr. Wlnchell't Teeth
ing Syrup, Eilert's Extract of Tar anJ Wild Cherry,
Utrt Daylight liver Pill), Uncle Sam e Condition
Powder and Uncle Sam's Liniment tire made by the
For salt', wholesale and retail by
Lnckfri & RognoldH, lruggiit.
I'lxik'a lNUMill.K TUBULAI EAI
CUSHIONS. Whlupxra hoard. Com.
IbrUbU. hmcmfil whom nil SomadlM Ml. S.U , r. HISCOI,
eali, Ur'iw.j, i rk. W'lU tr kwk ef ni rail.
Agents Wanted
to sell Pinless
Clothes bines : no
loose clothes pins
needed. It holds
the heiivleBt and
out pins. Clothes
do not freeKc to It
and cannot blow
It Is i perfect
win tcrllne. Sam
ple line wilt by
mall t'or&Oc.,, also
50ft. line by mail
T.i2ii prepaid. Kor
circulars, price
lists, terms, ad
dress the
t.TNE CO..
17 Hermon St
reet, Worcester, Mass.
Cle aiiwfi and benutlllf the hair.
I'romuu a lujurmii kw,u.
Never Fails to Keitore Grey
Hair ta i Youthful Color.
Curooicntpiltiwasrt ft tialrfaninlr
Mk'. uml. 1 unit I'mwHH.
Ited Cross Diamond Ilrand.
Ti ntil rttilBMa rrill fhr Ml, ftsifh tUlel
(jf nrf. auk iVrascUt for the IM.
Monti Itrnnn, id rra mewimc witm,
vtlti blue ribbon. Tftlicaooth!. H"B14.
(tamps) for particulars and Kellef fur
I.ndtra," in iur, by atalL namt rarr.
Chichester Chemical C. Madtaon . l'hll4
ari la
Peveral yenr ac I was snlTerlng from
general lietulily. aud so weak, that I
ThIiiIciI uml teil to the irromnl Iu llill n
Alley, twin een berry ami t'olleue streets,
Helnn pcrsouMlly aciniBiuted with lir.
Hodnes, at Id- uKgestlon i beirnn UtklnK
Hodges' BarsapartlU. I look about one doz
en Isdtles in all. and from the time I bad
taken the first hottle my health Im-khii to
improve, and by the time 1 bml leken
the twelfth bottle my health ws rnn
pletely restored, anil I have enjoyed ti'xxi
bcallb ever since. I (Irmly beNex It sed my
Ke. Yours truly,
for. Market nl Carroll Ms., Nashville,
M "'-V V
Xsndrick, FettuaK&T Co,, '-r
Manufacturers ot -
Eigh Grade Patent Family Flours
' " 9z n " If!
urn b " j
i " t
z'a - '
Ve exdmne any, day in the week Flour
an Meal for Wheat and Corn,
Parties wishing nice, comfortable
offices or bed-rooms -an find them by
applying to August Michel at his bak
ery ou 8ecoud street, near Arlington
Hotel. iuchl9d,tf
Mel cult Fertiliser.
McGehee Krop. are the sole agents
here for this well known brand of fer
tilizer. Bend them your orders.
FR nnlolWe are ftuthorlcod to an
. U. UalilCl nouuee jf J). Daniel as a
candidate lor re-election for t'lroutt Court
Clerk at the ensuing August e'eotlou,
lamoe A Rianf We are "tithoriied
JallICO M. Ul all L to announce James
A. Grant h candidate for Register for Mont
gomery county, at the ensuing August elec
Corrected ''illy by J, J, Ci usinui,
Hams, country 10 (12
H ams, sugar cured - lii (jt 14
Shoulders (i 8
Hides . 1 & 8
Patent Flour ........v..5 00 9
Choice Family 4 00 (i 2
Plain Family 8 75 00
(irahaui Flour 1
Rye Flour 2 S 2fi
Buckwheat Flour 4 ") 5
Meal, per bush 6(1 55
Honiiuy, per sal 20. (41 25
Orits, per gal U5
Butter, Choice 15 25
Butter, medium 10 M 15
Cheese 15 t)ll
Ebks - 12X
Feathers, prime., - 40 50
Feathers, low grades....
Beeswax 15 18
Tallow 6 (9
Ueiiseng, per lb tl 50
Kraut, per gal '20 9
Honey 15 25
Clean Wool 18 (9 20
Burry Wool 10 ft 18
Dry Hides 8 9 U
Ureen Hides - i (tf 6
Apples ! ; 2 & 4
Peaches, peeled, 0 C 10
Peaches, uu peeled , 2 & 5
HnpIlngClover .15 00
Red Clover , 4 00 9 4 75
Timothy 1 75
Orchard Urass.... 1 20
Red Top 0
Blue Grass 1 00
White Heed Outu , 40
Black Heed Oats 35
Bran, per 100..; 55 65
Meal SO 65 g
Timothy Hay, per hundred........ W
Clover Hay, per hundred 90
Mixed Hay,, per hundred.... 75
Chickens, life per do $2 00 2 50
Chickens, dressed per lb 8 (i 10
Ducks - - 8 610
Geese 8 a 10
Turkeys & 10
No 2 t....
No 8.. ,
We have on band, tor Bale In any quantity
Wheat Bran,
Ear Corn,
Shelled Corn,
Mixed Hay,
Kentucky Coal,
Pittsburg Coal,
Anthracite Coal.
?. P. Qracsy io Bro.
Ortlre: Corner M
and Franklin W.
over Dr. Caruey't
The Shoemaker.
(Successor to Jas. Witzel.)
All making ami mendingdone neatly
and nt low prices. Call on me.
Corner Franklin Street and
Public Square, under
Chronicle Office.
Oct.l-tri II. BECK.
A0ET8 WANTED hy an old reliable firm
iarife pronto, qolclt ffnple free. A
tai oppurtnH!:,. teo.A.I.irttW M'way.N.I.
SBJ i , i.- -T7T -, , -T "... -I... - ,
u'J v
it 1 ?y , I . IJ L '
t vl t f i ' 4
" , f vp, fkniy V.--
at 12 o'clock, on the premises. I will oiler mv
DoubleTwo-Htnry Dwellinx House, situated
on the west side of Greenwood Avenue, lor
ale at public auetlou. 'Ihls property n on Is
W feet on Ureeuwood Avenue and runs
back 287 feet, and will be (llvliled Into three
lots and sold separate and then as a whole, aa
per plat below :
Terms of Hnle-Oue-thlrd oaxh, balance In
equul payiiientH In one and two yeara.
Dr. T. D. Johnson.
F'or further luformatlou apply (o .las. T.
Wood. uprl-td,
-J, D. SLAYDEN, M. D.,--
(Formerly of Dickson County,)
Is permanently located In Clarksvllle. Office
formerly occupied by Dr. Trawh-k, over Ice
offeni hlsaervlcesto the public generally, and
solicits a share of practice. When not at of
fice can be found at resldenoe, corner Main
aud University Avenue.
A School for the higher culture of young wo
meu and girls.
Handsome new building finely equipped.
Healthy location. Buperlor advautage.
Terms reasonable.
Board 1 per month.
Fall Term opens Heptember 2, 1889.
Bend for Catalogue.
MRS. E. U. BPFORD Principal.
(Formerly of Orlando, Fla.)
Is now located at Clarksville, Tenn.,
Arlington Block, and offers his
professional services to the
citizens of Montgomery
and neighboring
Diseases of Throat, Nose, Eye and
Ear, DiseaseB of Women, Chronic
DiseaseaH and Surgery
or detention from business. Stricture
of the Urethra cured by Electricity.
Office Hours: 9 a. in. to 11. 2p
m.to4. Sunday, 8 a. m. to 10.
Elder's Opera House I
One feel anil Satnrflay Matinee,
Holiday, April 14th,
HGEY & SOUTHER'S Dramatic Co
Supported by
Miss Madeline Price
Stridden. ZBlIrxd.
A Change of Play Nightly.
PHICEH-Iiwer Flfior, 34 50 cla., gallery 15.
HeaU on aule at Owen, Moore Aiaiiiwti
Thomas Rolmer,

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