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Mtmitrtvl -
Heimtor Vwtt Inw tacklotl Mr
IJIm1ii' rwljiroelty M-hcme. He ar
rum tlint "nrltirorlty, with the
count rU- , of (Vntral and South
Aoirl'n, would not provide market
for A uirrlinn food produetrf, and that
mi' U fnrlwnw h tho Jtfnli e nclicme
trtlfirht I'riitir nliotit wou'd le alto-
jether In tin Jntemit ot tlie preent
protected chm n if the Knitl." II Ih
not rorniiHTcliil but a political pol
Icy, When analyzed it ! found not
to differ grtntVy trnm the MeKlnley
kill in character or purpow, although
lti avowed object and Intention are
to facilitate commercial exchange
which, Mr. Dltilne wiyn, the MeKln
ley bill will obstruct.
The fit. IjOuU Itcpuulic says
JJ dlne'n reciprocity Hchcme hat al
ready "unboned both Ileed and
MeKlnley leader of the Itcpubli
can party. It ha nut Mr. Harrison
between the devil and the deep sea
It Iins placed Mr. Sherman's presl
denlial head in chancery and driven
n number of fm prominent candi
dateH to cover. It ha dimmed t he
glory of the eoper button of Alger
and put the wily Cullom, at hist, in a
place from which he cannot enciipo.
The Hclmitar la lamenting in Hack
eloth and rhIich that no man can be
Induced to announce hliiiHeli for the
Leginlature, notwithstanding Hhelby
county Ih entitled to hIx or seven rep
rohentativeM. Memphis neenm to have
enough of that thing for once It
liui been a city of candidate for the
pant twelve month, and the poor
fellows have leen beaten ho often
and ao bad that no man ha the
heart to offer for the Ixginlittiire.
TheHt. Iiouis llepublic, di.sciiMHing
the political Hituation in Illinois and
(Jen. I'almer'a . brilliant campaign,
clown an editorial with these re
mark): "The Itt'puhlic expects that
Gov. Palmer will be the next Sena
tor from Illinoln, and that as a result
of hi mngniflcent campaigning for
Justice, Democracy and the rights of
hla State and its people, Illinois will
name the next president of the
United .Stales."
Jiiuiny Vook, a 14-year old boy
preacher, is now traveling over the
country spreading the gosjH'l and
creating sensation wherever lie goes.
(!ook Is the youngest preacher we
nave any account or. Christ was
found in ihe temple at twelve years
old dispmiug with the doctors and
le.irnetl men, but he was about thirty
years of age lieforu bin Father gave
him authority to preach.
The American has learned tho fact
from a reliable private source in the
Ninth district, a the I,kai'-Ciii;oni-
i.K "I ited it, that tho nub-treasury
bill cut no figure in Rice Pierce's re
nomination for Congress, notwith
standing Frank Pond made that the
i-wue, but the aggressive anti-pio-Mbition
campaign Pond made in
1M7, Pi no taking tiie prohibition
m le.
The Grand Army of the Republic
l-lnsoiHion at Boston, laying plans
r recruiting fresh troops an 1 mak
. if, another charge on ihe treasury.
" 'resident Harrison is at present tak-
ig part as commander of the navy,
iut there la scarcely i more conspic
uous jM'rson present than Corporal
Assistant Postmaster General
Clarksou bus resigned. I le remained
in office long enough to chop olf the
beads of all Itcmocriitic (Histmasters.
Having Is'aten all records in this
line, he will go into history as Decap
itating Clarksou.
No "grand historic tigure" ever
sat around in a lieHy-baml fanning
itself. Spinkcr Rod w ill not do fur
grand, and his place in history will
le exceedingly kiiiiiII. t '..-.
If the Rev. Sim Jones, who is so
uncharitable toward all dudes, ever
tret a glimMC ot Thus. It. Reed in I
lit yellow toothpick shoes and car-1
mine iM'llylxiud, all lovers of lilierty
will stsml Iwick and give him room.
N hut I'.jmWic,
Frjm Bang-o, Tenn.
To III Tolstisro I.' iiM'liniiilt'le.)
A musical entertainuient was given
at the residence of (1. W. Stacker
last Tuesday night in honor of Miss
I.ula Plucks rd, an attract ie lilt e
tM-lleof Omar, who is in our midst.
(juite a numlH-r ol our young
folkt attln.bsl serviiv at the new
cbiitt h iit Ihe ('larksvillcund Port
R.j.l hi. I I .st Sunday wetk and
li-t.o.si t.nt very interesting serinon
i.e . piuii, of your city.- -Mivt
N ot l'. w 11, one of P.itlufalt's Indies,
i-.,-i.. I to visit Mi"s Ruth .left
lhisve.k. Tom Slack has pur-
rhMMsl a h w biu'gy. Womler who
will g t the first ride? MM Pen-
Uh ami Add ie Rut'olph are r.ectcd
in hango this ifk. Misa Mary
tVanpt'rry w ill leave Mmn for a long
visit among relativt in Kentucky.
.Mlsll . i ivv.
- i
Th I.K4r Jttb OftUf bats, in ritr '
(rood rtrruUkf nvrlHr, uumU rn and ;
f ai rut Khw. in lu of .'. tu t,.
), iher printed ir plain. Tltrr
are T'f tW euvr lopa- aod a lr-'
gim im trty our. j
W m4 Mmboft Hv.
A Ktiutlcmatt tba following 'ad
dent, filch hie, yicne-J on the corner of
Clark and Mo:. roc street. The Incident
was an llhintiUou of pure and unadul
terated iiruc'lflthn(8, and conxidering the
autiroe it I wojtby of tho fulleht apprecia
tion. Thin warce wa a newsboy. He
was tittlu, and be waa dirty. He had a
boodle of papers under hi arm, and there
waa certainly tothing la bin appearance to
Indicate that l o would not jump at any
chance to mal e a penny. On the corner
near where the boy stood a Mind man can
lie seen any morning or evening in posses
sion of a bundle of papers. lie is a famil
iar object to all who pass that way, nnd he
has for bis customers all the merchants,
clerks and edict) men in the immediate
neiuhlxirhood, beaides oc-uiionally catch
ing a traiihiei t. The gentleman relating
the lncidi;ut winted an Evening Post and
asked tho blind man for it. He bad sold
out, and lu consefjueuce was unable to give
the gentleman wbut be wanted. Seeing the
lxy not fur a-.vay the gentleman went to
him for the paper bo wanted. Tho lad
jerked his grimy thumb on bis dirt hand
toward the blind man and then inquired:
"Ain't he got none?" '
The would be purchaser said he just in
quired, and bad been informed that the
stock was exhausted. The boy looked
cautiously ut ids customer for an instant
and said: "P'raps hu nin't and p'raps he
bus; J.ni jibt v. uit a bit." The lud went to
the blind man und was seen to hand him a
paper, saying iiomethlng ut the same time,
lie then returned and informed the cus
tomer that tin blind nun could supply
him. Tho geutlemnu secured the paper,
and told the boy he had seen his action and
taut ho would like to know whut it meant.
"Well, yersee," aajd the. lud, "we's agreed
to let the blimly have this yore corner, and
wo don't none on us soli no puiiers here. If
any fuller does why be jist fjctu licked.
Seer" Uon lx;ing asked who would .take
upon himself l.he tusk of "licking" the un
faithful one tho lad replied: "Allofus." It
whs learned Inter that the blind man had
hod iio hand in securing tho exclusive
right to the corner, but thut it was a free
will gift of Ike uewslwys themselves.
Chicago Herald.
Hypnotizing a Hen.
I hnvo Hindu an interesting cxcriment
with a fowl. Some choice eggs being sout
nie for hutetrug purposes (huvi; no hen
at thut time broody and no incubator) I
determined to set one of my hens on these
I'ggs, and keep her there by the force of
mesmeric power. The cg-s were not fresh
when I received them, and to keep them
with the unco, tain hopcof a ben becoming
broody might have been fatal to their
hutching. I therefore went against nat
jro nnd set my hen upon these eggs; she
was in full lit the time, and rcBiaincd'so
throughout fio three weeks thut she was
iitting, laying, according to wont, two out
if three day J. Those who understand
poultry will appreciate thut no hen will
do this, huvin:; become naturally broody,
although for the first !uy or twonftcrbe
iug set on eggs I b.'ivc hud hens lay once or
even twice.
Murkiug the eggs I set her upon I wiis
able to know and withdraw the eggs she
kept laying. Tho first day 1 placed her on
the eggs it tuck me half, un hour to bring
lier into a hypnotic condition; but each
successive da), lifter having roused her to
drink and cat I was uble to soothe her I o
drowsy placidity iu much less time; ulso
there were days, for which I can give no
reason, when I hud to go to her mure than
iuco in tlie day, she beinj; iu u reNtless, ex
cited state, trying to get off the nest. The
iv.uilt has been, much to my own aston
ishment, that four out of seven of these
egfCs have liatehed und are lic.ilthy, happy
little old. kens. At night I can still influ
ence tni ir mother lo her muteriiul duties,
hut in the da time r.he takes no notice of
them. K. T. Chaplin iu Spectator.
AiiNtr:ili:iii AHiilrs.
II. ('. Iwiwronce, of Sydney, Australia, is
one of the guests ut the Tivmonl.. "J was
formerly u Chleagonii, but huve resided in
Australia for the bust two years," he said.
"1 ma of the opinio. I that there is no fu
tare for that country, and certainly not us
an agriciiltur il community, i lie laud is
all in lar .( heldings, keloiiging to wealthy
Kuijisli colonials, who use it for sheep
raisin;;. Tho region it rocky.and sterile.
In a ride fron, Hy.hiey to Molbounie, which
rccpiireM lightci'ii hours, one will hurdly
see a blm' of grass. I have t raveled over
eery portion of the country, and the land
is nowhere tilL'd until after it has Ixh'H
irrigated. The poorer clauses of people iu
Aii.olrulia ha.e a banl lot. Australians
idwnjs take pride in referring to Sydney
as the C-liiu gj of the island, und yet think
of it Chicago without e.en un omnibus or
h lino to convey pi.usciM'crs between the
depots and h itcls, or imugiue a Chicago
hotel without hath accommodation"'
The io are some of the uiipleiisuiit things
about life In this lOuglish province." Cbl
cago News.
Wlu ii a Hour SHU lit A tint.
"When a Hour mill gets on lire," says
John l.indsa), hief of the fire department,
"the department is sutislind to Have tho
adjacent pro oerty. There is nothing out
side of n powder mill or a pulnt shop thai
is jus combustible as a Hour mill. 1 hate
heard a great, ileal about tho explosive na
tint' of flour dust, but I know nothing ou
I he subject. My own idea of the reasons
why a Ileum ill burns like a tsinlire is that
it is built of wood in the first place, und
tli.it every pin t is connected by conveyers,
Hues, clcvnters, etc. Start a lire in nny
pint Ion of a mill and within live minutes
tlie whole sir icl lire is in flumes. The de
partment ut ter tiid save but one mill. In
that cu.se the lire commenced ou an upicr
Hour and wo l.cpt it there. 'St. Louis
Voire tr the Klleli-.
Mr. lierthn m Kcighlley, who is otiite
widely known us the private secretary to
.Mine. II. 1. I.lavat.'ky, is authority for the
statement tint the mnuuseriiils from
which she trsnslitltsl her remarkable Isiok,
' The Voice of the Silence," must lie at
least it thousMid years old, und arc prob
ably ttvli-e the nge. The original work Is
in Sen.ur, n n tcirdotal language said tols
tlie mether ol ancient Sanscrit, and is call
id "The IttMit f the Cohlen Prveepts." It
is en t; raved in thin oblong sqnures of a
kind of indestriiitllde parchment, wbi' h,
il is claiinid is still in existence New
York Press.
A I'ossiltill t.
I'ond Mother (reprovingly) -My child,
j oil are entin ly too good nuturevl. Ilo more
iudepeodent i lid gro.v up to have u w ill of
)our i ii.
Sweet Kiftten (pensively) Hat what il
be might Ik i. Jack or a Tom. Pittsburg
Hull. tin.
lewt'lry siiiugifling Is most frequent
tbiMiiuh the nails. The authorities esti
mate that evry mail brings iu at least
twt iit) tirtlU. ty valuable stones, and then
i.v invariably so fixed lip that detection ii
Dr. Beaumont
ITs taken (lie otllct room at the resi
demt. .,f Mr. r. Mflyiiohls. 4Ni
Franklin stie !, where lie may ls con
aillltsl fnnii this date. Honrs, 7::Ut io
M:3a. in ; I;; to I ; a to 4 and H to 10
o'caa k p. in. junill.dtf
I-oKT A plain Imiiillvd, Rluriailk
unibrvlla. I be Under will lw rewnnl-
el by l-vir ir the same at this (nW.
Ug.sl If
9 "
Thn r J -mlUI hw -s, fr s,,!,.
rhef p. Afply t Kineannon.
jy Id tf.
Ity the World's Fair Directory la Securing
b Site.
ChicaoO, Ang. 14. At Tuesday
night's meeting of the world's fair di
rectors Col. R. C. Clowry, vice presi
dent and general superintendent of tho
Western Union Telegraph company,
and William J. Chalmers, a member of
an iron founding fir.iu, were chosen di
rectors to fiil vacancies caused bv the
resignations of Directors John R. Walsh
and John Colvin.
It transpired that the report of Land
scai Kngineor Olmstead, which threw
doubts upon the availability of Jackson
park as a site for the fair, was not tu
only blow which the site question re
ceive! last night, but that new and
grave questions regarding the availa
bility of the lako front were also brought
i he News says on this subject:
"The committee ou buildings and
grounds reported that the Illinois Cen
tral company had refused to enter into
any agreement to reimburse the direc
tors for money exx; tided in ranking
ground on the lake front in the event
that the pending litigation should be de
cided in the company's favor. The ac
tion of the dbmpany is not final, how
ever, and the committee was instructed
to continue its negotiations. Some of
the directors regard tho company's re
fnsul as an attempt to force a com
promise and settlement of the litiga
tion. "Furthermore, according to accounts
printed this morning, it is not at all
certain that Secretary Proctor will per
mit the filling in of the lake front out of
the government breakwater, as it is pro
posed, as it would destroy tho only har
bor of refuge between Wankegan and
South Chicago, and would necessitate
the expenditure of additional large sums
by the government for the construction
of another harbor on the lake front at a
less desirable and less accessible point."
Tit Fat Europe on tlio Hack.
New York, Aug. 14. Dr. Cornelius
A. Logan, ex-United States minister to
Chili and the Central American states,
sailed Wednesday for Europe m the
special commissioner to represent tho
World's Columbian exposition ou the
continent. He is a man of great capac
ity and wide acquaintance, and is ex
pected to report good results.
A CoutleiiHatloii of Interesting Item on
Various Subjects.
Action on the Federal election bill may
be deferred until next winter,
t At PnriH, Ky., George Jones shot Alfy
Nutter because she hadn't his supper
Cyrus W. Field has sold 700 acres of his
Dohbs Ferry estate to Charles Henry But
ler for 1 ,000,000.
The Farmers' Alliance convention of
North Carolina decided not to oppose the
re-election of Senator Vance.
At Springfield, O., John E. lMittt, prom
inent Grund Army man, bull his head
crushed under falling lumber.
At Blanchester, (J., J. M. Citsto shot
himself through the head, and will die.
Had been a paralytic two years.
At Clarksburg, Tenn., James White,
white, shot mortally Wilson Morris, col
ored, at a colored camp-meeting.
The Republican convention for the
Eleventh congressional district of Indiana
:s to I e hell .t Huntington, Aug. 2S.
Robert Menuug'.i, Republican trustee of
Delphi, Intl., has cut off his aeeounts
5,000 anil cut off for unknown climes.
TI.e meanest man in Terre Haute, I ml.,
is II. il. Thomas, who robbed a poor
willow of t-RIO 1 elision money and skipped.
lliirglurs who took the ton i of Elida,
l)., uie retjiii'stt.'d to leave it some place
where it will be found, und no questions
will be uske I.
At Vineeiines, Ind., the Prospect Hill
coal miners are ou a strike over a difli
eulty of two weeks' pity. It is being arbi
trated. llillsboro's marshal, John Lewis, is
lieltl Cor murder iu the second degree for
shooting down Edward Elliott while the
littler was resisting arrest.
Iroutou, O.: The headless body of
George Adkins wits found on the Si iota
track lifter the train hud passed, and a
whisky bottle in bis bund told tlie cause.
Jealousy led Fleming lirooks, of St.
Louis, to put three bullets in Josh Kin.
who will prolmoly me. It occurred in
front of No. 2815 Pupin street. Hrooks
Suits agiti'egnting fll2,5lKl.41 have been
commenced lit Lebanon, ()., aguinst the
ninety bondsmen of ex Treasurers Jame
son, Duuhuni mid Coleman ami Auditor
Tim Chicago and Atlantic railroad has
be:Mi purchased in the interest of the Erie,
mid will be reorganized. It completes the
Erie's through line between Chicago and
New York.
Congressman MeDullie. Republican, of
Alabama, bus received tin anonymous let
ter threatening him with the fate of Cook,
of Mississippi, if he siqifiorts the Federal
elections bill.
Samuel H. Heard, a well known lawyer
of lAH'sburg, ()., committed suicide by
throwing himself under a train. He was
0 indied into a shapeless mass. Financial
trouble is the cause.
Nineteen million dollars' worth of the
new silver notes have been printel and
five million of them "sealed" by tlie
United Stalls treasurer ready to pay out
for silver to lie bought iu New York.
The "original package" men of Iowa
have conic to a general agreement to
close up business ami not route-1 the cm
stitiitiomility of the new law of congress.
There were 15,000 of these saloons in
John Hiiheil, of Conner ville, Ind., dh -cbarged
Philip vt'iwi from his employ and
discharged his revolver Into Philip's t bii;li
u hen be remonstrated. Now be is hiring
a law jer to get the court to discharge him
from Ihe village jail.
The fir tt annual report of N. J. I!aehel
dor, the New Hampshire commissioner of
agriculture and immigration, to the gov
ernor's council, shows that of l.lHJ
abandoned farms reported in the state
lust August all are now occupied.
The commander of the I'nited States
revenue cutter Hear, In the 11. bring sen,
reports to the secretary of the treasury
tluit seals uif not as abundant as usual,
and be doubts if the company having the
contract with the government can catch
tat quota of tltl.OtW Is-fore the cxpjf.ition
of the season. St
M. Hume Clay, of the lumber firm of
M. II. Clay A: Company, of Winchester,
Ky., went to Michigan some timcgigo os
tensibly to buy lunilier. He has not Is-en
heard from, but a large amount of forged
paper has lieen discovered. He used the
name of bis grandfather, Matthew llumu.
Over 170, 'Ml of worthless aper is rc
xirted. Clay lost $13,000 in real estuU
speculation last spring.
A Nr lavetitnirnt.
Is nne which is guaranteed to bring
you aatlsfactory results, or In case of
failure a ret (ru of purchase price. On
this cafe plan you ran buy from our
advertised druggist a bottle of Dr.
King's New Discovery for consump
tion. It la guaranteed to bring relief,
in every raw, when used for nny a flee-
lion of throat, lung or chest, such as
Consumption. Inflammation of lung-, !
I.roiicliitis.astbina, whooping rough,
roup, eti, etc. It Is pleasant and j
gtreealde to taste, erfeetly safe, and
ran alwaya ld-peiidd upon. Trial
Udder, free at en A Moore's drug
tore. 1. I
fourth Hound auarterly Meetingi,
Clarksville, June 29.
State Lino, at (state Line, July 6th
and titb.
Indian Mound, at Indian Mound,
Jylu 12th and 13th.
Palmyra, at Tarsus, July 10th and
Haline, at Burr's Chapel, July BCth
and "27 tli.
Montgomery, at Asburry, Aug. 2d
and 3rd.
Pleasant View and Malory's, at
Malory's, Aug. 9th and 10th.
Ashland City, at Clifton's, Aug. 16th
and 17th.
Asbury, at Mt. Carmel, Aug. 23rd
and 21th.
Wed liiver, at Martin's, Aug. 30th
and 31st.
Springfield, Bept. 6th and 7th.
Badlersville and Adam's, at. Adam's,
Sept 13th and 14th.
Cedar Hill, at Warren Plains, Sept.
20th and 21st.
Antioch, at Sept. 27th and
New Providence and Bethel, at New
Providence, Oct. 4th and 6th.
W. W. Peebles.
The Cause ot Poor Health
Is often found in tho neglect of one's
own self. A light cold or slight head
ache is treated as not requiring much
attention; the assumption being that
they will soon pass oir, and it is only
when a case of full-fledged sickness de
velops ilself that the consequences of
that neglect are fully realized. As a
preventive and positive euro for Conghs,
Colds, Hoarseness, Spitting pi blood,
Asthma, ruins in the Chest and first
stages of consumption, use Eilert's Ex
tract of Tar nnd Wild Cherry, and for
sick Headache, Torpid Liver, Dys
pepsia, Nervousness and alt Bilious
Complaints, use Eilert's Daylight Liver
Pills. Both are guaranteed.
For sale, wholesale nnd retail, by
Lockert & Reynolds, druggists.
The Wanta of Children.
All fretful, crying, nervous children
are unwell and only require proper
medical treatment lo restore them to
the 1 ion I thy stale, bringing quiet and
case to the child and comfort and joy to
the mother's heart. Dr. Winehell's
Teething Syrup is the Infallible
llcmedy and sure cure- for all diseases
common to children. It is wholly free
from opiates, and is guaranteed. A trial
of one bottle will prove its great
For sale, wholesale and retail, by
Lockert or Reynolds, druggists.
Second (Street Barber Shop.
' T (hunk tbn mitilie fur tmur. iifltrmi.
- - - - - i - i - i
age, winch lias tiecn liberal, uu re
speetfully solicit the same in the fu
ture, My shop, now on Second street,
has Dave Moore at the first chair, M.
J. Kdmor.dson at the second, Neul
McFall at the third, Howard Silvey at
the fourth unit myseir at the tilth
Call on us when you are in need of
anything iu tlie tousorial line.
slluated In Mneon county, MOO feet above
the sea level.
iYeie IlntrU AVu Furniture, AVi' Aftnwgrmcnt.
K.4TKSI S riu to fill per week, ( According
tu loc. num.)
Elegant new Hotel, toetlier will, a large
Ten-Pin Alley itud Italli-hotiNe. Tlia hot.
Sulphur 1 '.iu lis are very hlnhly reeoiiinieiiiled
In H I I'lilti ill I in. Skin and lllood ill senses
The waters are wonderful mfetits In Ihe
Ire iilinciil ol riwl.ler, Kidney mill Liver
('oiitplnitits, nnd are veil known lor the
ninny cur's they luive iieeoii.,llsht'U lit
linivel Telrjilioi'ile eoiiiniiililiiitlou Willi
1! V1K : Via Onllnllii nml Wcslniorelnn.l,
o.i via l.elKinou iiiki t'lirllii'Ke.
Itl-.ll IIOII.INti SI'ltlMI CO.,
jelH,.'lm il Mii.'on Couiit.v. 'I'eiinesMi e.
To Cure Sick Auimala or f atten Cattle
Requires only grxsl uttention and the
proper medical treatment of them.
Their liowchs iiun-t be kept in a nalnrnl
condition and an even and healthy ap
petite crculet! in them. Uncle Sam's
Condition Powder is Ihe great Remedial
Agnit fur such use, nnd the best Cura
tive for Diseases Common to Animals
ever .levi-ed by num. For Poultry it is
no less valuable; it will make hens lay
if mixed With ihcir food occasionally.
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Lockert iv llevnolils, druggists.
Clarksville Liquor Store,
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Whiskies, Wines,
f f
Gins, Etc.
We carry a comp'etc line ol
Cignrs, Tobacco and Smokers' Ai l iclcs.
Sole agents Saehs Pruilena Ginger Alo, Alf and Alt' Ale nnd Porter.
A. L. )tiiilaj.& C TolmccoB, S. K. ami J. ('. Mott's ctlcl.rated
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Sign of tlie JJig Black Iar.
In all ita
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JUTAV.JLJ2.X JUXfJeTi . Mi., Jl Xa.JB.tl-M.&-6JJ-g-ei'.JLII-'lt
OlEtrvkcsville, : :
Colic fains. Nervousness, Sniiiiiier rmniiaint,
Sore Throat, Hare Monlli, Aridity of tile Klmnacli
' 'onviilsions. Diarrliiia, ( liolera Infantum, ami
ill diseases of infiuiey anil early ('IiIIiIIiiiikI. It Is
lot liai'cotiej is purely vegetable anil liaiinless-
Kor ('oiiKlis. Colds, Hoarseness, Snininii of lilooil
llroneliitls, Astliniii, liilluenza, I'lenrisv, Inllani
iiiation u tlie l.uiiKs, rains in tho Clies't ami first
stages of (U)iisiiinptioii.
lor Siek Ileailaelie, cure Biliousness and Constl
oalion. KuKulate tliu Ktouiaeli anil Liver.
Horses, Cattle, H-gs, Sheep & Poultry
IT -l'ltnvriiii-i and n uns
All Diseases romiiinn t.i tliem. This I'owder Is
never-fiillliig remedy. A trial of one package
will prove It.
It airmds tlio (iiii. kest relief from puiii nml
elTeels tlie most iMTinaiieiit t ine of any remedy
now known to man.
Cet Unelo Ham's KiiKlisli nml Cerman A II C
hook from your lriiKist, The almve named
hi..iior!(:s 1:. iri. dii s. viz.. Dr. Wlr.ihclfa Tenth.
Ing Syrup, tllerl'l Extract of Tar ami Willi Cherru,
tiltrt $ Daultght liver Pillt, Untie Ham s Condition
Powder anil Uncle Sam' ' liniment are made hythe
For sale, wholesale nml retail by
Ivoekcrt & Rearri'ililH, 'Iruist.
I riMli linen, f Yane'H linen, wliite niid
linteil linen, laid anil wove linen, for
the type-writer nnd trenernl IniHinesH
(MirreHiiondenee, ut the I.kak-Ciiiini-cl.K
Joli ttoiiniH. Fine lifiners, iilain
and ruled, always hi Htoi-k and hh
cheap us the came grades can he Rot
ten anywhere. l.iminesM men who
want (rood Hlalionery will consult their
intereMt hy exaiiiinine; our nloek. We
carry tho lHt tnandM in the ahove
KooiIh and hi superfine and llax
(papers) for correspondence nml IhIIh.
For the Lowest
Living IJriccs.
A TTP For a" classes of work promptly
given Attention to Mail Orders.
Printers and Publishers,
The Tailor, Franklin Street.
"Life is Tonuornojrrile He I ITay!'
Kur clrcnlnni ami other Informalion
W. O.
From my itnMnro. on the niuhtof the 2Tith
ui Jiny,
Klflii'li anil one liHir haniN hluh, hx yinm
mi, one while mini nx.i. lull itik.kk to llii
l'-ll when Ih Iiik male or driven to a ImikK'. 1
For Hie Mili ii hortae. or any Inforiiiiillon
f-uiii-eriiiiix iii ru. Aiiurem
HlCV. JoslAll f'AltKAr.,
Trenton, Totld Oiunty, Ky.
AngiiHi b. rtlw, aw.lin.
, j
(Tii I vend ty of Michigan.)
OFFICE Corner Main and He-f)iid
HOURS-" to t a. in. 1to3 and tt to
H p ru. jp-
ClarkMville Furniture Co.. Is rlotd-os
out all its furniture at cont. jeiw,t
DONE at the
ft) -1
Machine on the Market.
apply nl the I.BAr-CiinoNHH.u otlce to
BRAJATDGZtf, ilgt.
A Hclio.il for the hlKliereultnrB of youni wo.
men and alrla.
TerniiV1Hi,. T,u
Koani fin m t month.
MliH. feU. BUFOHD ITlDclpal.
b2?'", DENTIST
T- -Vr- mre:('nrnerW
IttKimu wllli l)r
Pliiejon, li:irrif. an. mare for gale
Jyl-W-lW II. K. AstlKKWH.

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