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Daily tobacco leaf-chronicle. (Clarksville, Tenn.) 1890-1895, August 25, 1890, Image 3

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. , , i n T'" '-T ' - - - ' - Tahiti immii i mn in. T....
"Kll. Hvonl;fir IHtyJUrislird. ni'il
Hlnmf Vlw-lh-nr Mitr.lwWwmt tin; I)JJ.
ter Tun...... th K;irc.iiUc Tongue,
but I.ittlo of tlirt 3(ift Ton-jiii?.
Cincinnati, Ai:',..l)r. Ttdntfv:vvlio
1 in ' Ills city, tnilyf laiir!.i n';v im-fn
wlucli, If it h.ttl ix'.ni irViHis cst-uivflynt
Clirixt liitn'.iilc l ic to in usfi'l, w nilil li-ivo
n:ivf;l t!i chiirrti nn i t!iu wnrM from in
Uniti! (liwrord nin! sorrow l0'.vfr of
lilndmwt. I.li textwiijj "Ajiuft tongue
I I ..-,,. .,,,, ..4IIW 1 ! - ,,,,, , , .11, 1 ,,,1,1,1,1, r.iu.1 lIMtSIIMJJUl,"! I 1 r T i ,-vN
v...., ihjLJ J v:i . J jj r-.:.i r - 1 . tdyszita i
!' -. '- ij .." -v ,:;',;'.: ,,lu,, tl;VKi i(
Most vbii(lcifulsale 1 ever held ;hr eiaHtillovi. Such, bargain Jauc));; v
Xwcnty-fiyp cejijt-f is what you'will get. by a:i itiivg mir ; ;torc;iruHn tliis, fecial ' SaloJ- It
those -.g-dod-V Ufiiiv- are bent On beghming tho Kali seiis:)n witli . a new thislist of . marvd-
lous values for cash anil take advantage of1 thettt;befive tbc1 (,e)V i 3 ! lirbli cii'.' " -' ' ;i!.'.'!;....iio,iM ,i-L!u ixk;::::. z:?a
'' ,. M. i.i... " ' " ' I ........ in ,'i, ,. .! , 1 i,:,,.,,,, 1 I -tnj ., ;, , il . :
lov. hj it the sennitl): ; v r
AiWttji4 JUiklil U)..i&: d to -. .4
wliolu volutin--info oil'.) Jihraw. You, of
citirno, will not l,:. i.; Hilly us to take t ho
Win! of fclmtexfc iii n ltt,!rnl -m: They
nl.Tujily mean to sot forth tin; fact Mint tliero
13 a tn-manilous power in a kind word.
im, ich ion v -" "B UiWwriiijiiiit
anee: "A soft toniio brenketli the lione,"
, tiir mm (v KiNDNu.sa.
If the weather were int so hut and I had
wiw ' wouid snowyou KiuiiiHWnuna menus
of (lotonw, kindnesn as i bumm of useful
ncHs MiulneHS as, a rarnnst of d:neHt ie, har
nioiiy; kiuihii)K as biit euiirfoyt"!' I)' gov
ofrmnnU' for' tlu tumiti'; mtii rt-i tif
criininals, and kindiie:v( us lst ud.iiited
for tho Bettliiif; ami adjusting of inter
national quarrels; but I slinll call your at
tention Biitf W IWiH mt,w;rtn)tigiits. J'
' ..Aietflrst I speak to j-ftu bf Uimhiess m'
a ntealls'of dufenitS.'' Almost every nma ia
the course of bin life U set upon and as
saulted. Your motives :vro misinterpreted,
or your religious or political p'riniMriles' are
tjomburded. Wlnub to .da. .muli'r such eir
cu instances is the fii(Kt,iou.,,i't'ho,(i,rst im
pulse of the natural 'liNirt says: "ritriko
back, fiivu as mueh as lie sent. Trip him
into tbnlir?h wht:h ho ilir'J fflTyrttv feet;
Oash bltti ..wlli'w s''oreji UTtuud ;n thai,
which he iudiete 1 oii your soul". Shot for
shot. HamiHin for narcasm.. An eye for
an oyo. A tooth for a ' tooth:'' ' lint the"
better spirit in the man's on1 l'i.Aeu up-and
Bays, "Von ought to reconsider that mat
ter.'; You look up into tlip fate pi iCJirjst,
and Nay, "My Master, lioiv"ou;l' 'I in -t
uncWr tlieno didteult. eirdinnsl'iiieesH' And
(Jlirlst instant ly ans;vvers, "iijess t!u;p. that
nurse yon, and pray for tliem wjiicii do,
spitefully use' yolt." " '. " " " 1 " '
Tlien I lie old nat ure rises up ni'.iin and
Rays: "You had better not for;;ive liim un
til II rat you Inure chasthied him. Ytm will
never get him In sa tip;! it a corner HgaiiL
You will, never have suaj pn cipt(rtbiii,y
of liillietlng tho right kind of punishment,
upon him agnin. First chastise him and
them let him go." "No," Maya .tho bctlcr
nii'turo; "hush, thou foul lieiir't. Try tho
soft tutiguo that br.'.'iketli the lione."
Have you ever in all your life known
iwrrbW-jr iwrt mrimrirHw-14!ijmra'- to Rrttlir
a rpinrrelf Did they not nhvays make
matters worso and worse and worse?
ijow A (its'KAX n:ii'ii qua!:!;i:i. avas skt-
111 the riVHliylei'ian lanuly. Ministers of
Christ were thoimht orlhodox in iiropor
tlon as they had measured lances with
other clergymen of the same denomina
tion. The most, out rawju.1 persqnalilii's
vere abroad. As in tho autumn a hunter
comes homo with' il ittring of 'g.iitie, pait
rid;;es and wild dif.;l:a slini'l over his
shouhler, ho Micro wero many ministers
who camo back from the ecclesiastical
courts wit h lung strings of doc-tors of di
vinity whom they had shot with their,
own rifle. Tlie division became wider, th.o
animosity greater, until after a while some
Root I moii resolved upon another tack,
They b(",':in to explain away ' thh 1 ifillb
cnltics; they be ;.-in to forgive each other's
faults, (ind lol tho grct. nlnn'(;h nuamil ,
wns Mfttlcd, mid t ho new po1ot Ifi'y-'
ti'Matl chlircTi and t lie oliT Brlinof I'rcHny-'
terian chiirclt became one the dilTercnt
parts of tho l'reiytrie.n iji-der wolded by
a hamnier, a little hammer, a Christian
hammer, that tho .fsjripturo calls "a soft
tongue." .. ; ' ' ' ' '
You knvi'n disimte With your "nelgitliAr.
Yiwi- ,-iy to him; 'rik'ihi you." llr'
ilies,,"I can't hear the sight of you." You
say to hi in, "Never outer my house again."
lie says, "If you come on my door sill I'll
kick you oil'." You say to him, "I'll put
you down. "..He pays, to yon.V'YiiiMtfofiw
taken, I'll, put yorf ilowlv- AuB Jiiv'ttlr.
contest rides, and year alter year you act
the uieClii-istian part., and he n:-!s the un
christian part. After a while the better
spirit .Bck-.cs you, and one day yon g over
to tho neighbor end say: "( live me your
hand. We have fought long enough. Time
is so short ain! eternity is so ;ie.ir that we
cannot nll'ord any longer to ifuarwl. ' I feel
you have wionjod nie very nniell, but Jet,
us set lie nil now in olio iri'Air1ii:iiTl slink'-'
ing, a ml be good friends for nil t lie rest of
our lives." Von have risen to a 'higher
pint form than that on which before y m
stood. You win bis adnii.'j!,iotu .Mid you
get his apology. Hut If you have not con
quered him in that wsy at any rate vu
have won the applause of your own con
r.ciencc, t lie high cs i i 1 1 i-vj of goo I pien,
and the honor of your Lord, who dieil for
his armed enemies.
"Uut," you fly; "w'hat. me v,e to An
when Matidi'r. lissunlt us ami t liere r!on1e"
(ici'inionions sayings all around about ns
.-.nd we are iibusel an, spiil. upon?'' My
reply Is: Do not go and attempt to chase
down Mm slanders. Dies nr. prolific, nud
while you are killlngomj lif'.y bpi-n.-AU
your demonstrnt ioti'l of inill.gnnt ion
only exhaust yourself. Yon might as well
oil some summer night when t lie swarms
' of insects are com in-; up from i he ineaduws
and disturbing you and disturbing your
family bring up sunn great "swamp an
gel," like, that which Mouldered . liver
Chariest otmind t ry to nlexit theni down.
The gimie Isfoo'Vnudll'ftr'i rre'itn.' -
Hut what, then, arc you to do with the
abuses that cone upon you in life? You
an to live them down! J saw a famiiST j,n
out to fet back a swann or bees f hat,' bad
wandered oil" from the hive. As lie moved
amid them they buzed around his head,
and buzzed around bis hands, mid bir..cd
around his feet. If be bad killed one of
tluim they would hnvr e'timt liiui tdeet,l.
Duvli,! .niuveil in t hi b' niuH i i irfmt
pi u jilftf vud il hg JtfwJ cu-titf.-d t'.w awftm
of wandering bees. And so 1 have seen
men moving amid the annoyances, nud
the vexations, anil the rssegilN of life in
sufh c;al:n, Clivlstinn felilicr.it ton that all
the buzing around about their soul
amounted to nothing. They conquered
I hem, and above all I bey conquered t heni-xelviut-
.'.'Uh,'.' yuUkuy, "ilwi'nn very uuod.
thcory to preach on a hot day, but it won't,
work." Jt. will work. It, h.- s v.oiked. I
belief ft is the l.is--CUnstiH ,K'.ieo we
win. 1'on know t here an fruits hi h we
gather' in Juuft, end others in iliiiv, and
olWftln Auv'iuit. ami . lhi In Septem
ber, aud still others iu OcloU-r; and 1 have
to iidinit that this gnuv of .Christian. or
giv..nevs !h nlhiut the last fre.it (,f the
Chn-l'.-il soul.
( ir.:M's wotgis wrr.s i;is"t oxf.s.
We li. :r a gnat de.d lyt.tlj, ''Cer
toninic. aad the ar. ii-i ictVi;.W, 'iinit 'Mel
quick tongui. and llitt Khipiry t jiiK'V yV ;
we know very lutle about '1 fr tntittm
that lake!h the bone .' We read Jludr
lit .iM,nu.l Sii'i ne, md fV rn'M h hrt.ll 1(
other aostli- of neriinesiy, but give litt.e
1 ;je to li'od. Luf the v xanuhof him w-lio
. , , I e 1 1 eo, ii n, i j . i i 1 , i , -
4, ,.. i I i,- I,, a ,,;,;r ,rn"l,t pn.lmv I
III. II 111," . - J - ,...
ii nil i ii ! "Liu soft toll 'iu that breaketh
.i...l - "
4tW tie- other bough hat-l
,fJiy, G,Q0P3 ; j , '
tJinp;liaiiiH,i worth 2., urtvvjfic,;, -,
CinglianiH, worth i!Uc., now ljo. ( ,.
tJiiigli'ailiHw'M-lli life, now lo.!.
(iintflmiiiH, worth 10c, now Sc.
Drw.jpotJ!j(-.prth 8 and Itiii, now Jiu.
lillw,-Mrort-ir8 and 10cv row fc. '-Yard-
vttlj''lJiiciti(! lawn, woillf Nitt,"
now 1c.
Kino brown cotton, worth 0c, now 5c.
IMcfiehetl cotton; worth (ic, now fie.
lilc.v;hcd doniOHtic, letter than Hope,
worth 10c, now He.
1 04 pepperi-U "Hudc-licd islu'cling,
wortli f!0c, now 5e.
101 puripcrcll Jirown., Bliccting. wortli
Heavy round thread plaid cotton,
usual iiico 7o. now 2c.
Light Hhtidctt' inohair 1 dri'ssi ' gooilM,
worth 0c, now 2!(c. '- '
All colors nuns' vciliuij.. worth i !ir'i
Fine Mliiid whit6 goods; --wof'tli ",c,
now I'.)c- '' . "'
2fk: plaid .while good, now 13c. .
! nltiiil white troods. now Hie.
lo plaid white good.s, tiow 7c. " " '' "
Double wiuiii cusinnerc worm '.;oc,
now 2,'ic.
Ulack organdies, worth 12Jc, now Ifln,
l.liu'k onrimilii's, wortli !(., now 1.
UliMik orgaiwlies, worth 0i, now Mic.
I .luck organdieH. worth .iOc, now .Si-.
Jiffiutif'iil China k'iIUh, worth 71c, now
41)C,.. .... .
I'.lack silk, warranted not to Milit.
worth $1 , now 72c. ' "
All'ml Arnold's Henrietta's O 00, 2.1
Twill, line big value at $1, now (I'lc."
Uioadliead dress goods sell at 2f ; our
price iwc ,, , ..
desire to n es 'lit, and t ii::t, n, ,au-iness r.
n liieaiis of ii'iel'uliie.in. In '.-,!l cfimmnnities
you find skoptlcnl men. ThiM',i :h early ed
ueat.ion, or t hrough tho maltreatment of
professecH'iirlstiiiii neople, or through pry-i-(.iirio:iity
about, The J!nt tire world, there
h witKiw ninny pnopieiTiw neconw srrep-'
tied in religious tiling. How siiall you
capture them for Cod? Sharp argument
and sai'cistie retort, never won a ninle
soul from skepticistu to the Christian re
ligion. While powerful hook'i on the "Kvi-
dences of Christianity" have their mission
iu conliruiin' Christian people in the faith
they luive already adopted, I have noticed
that When ,s!;eptie,-il' people iir;;' brought
into the ki.idom of Christ, it ist liroiili
the i-hai-tn of some Kuuial .soul, and uot by
ai-,.;iiment( at nil. w -
Sfen aro not saved through the., hendj
they are saved ttirouirh flic heart. A storni
comes out of its liidini; place. It, says:
"Now, we'll just rouse up all this Ren;"
nud it makes a ureal, bluster, b it it, does
not succeed. Part, of the sea is roused up
J'f hjlfiy one-halt of it, Ot' une'for.i't U of it .
After li while fhecalm inooa,. plncid and
beaut il'ul, looks down, nnd the ocean be
gins to rise. It comes up to hi(di water
iiiai-1;. Ii embraces the (.treat headlands.
It. siibnier :..s the benches of all the conti
nents. It, is the heart, throli of one world
against the heart thro!) of another world.
Ami 1 have to tell you Unit while all ywur
storms.ol' ridicule and storms of .sarcasm
.iy iusii.up I he psion of mi itiunottal
tiature, nothing less than the attractive
jiower of Christian kindness can ever raise
the deathless spirit to happiness and to
(lo l. I have m ire faith in t he prayer of a
child live ye.-:rs"oM, i-l 1 he'we.y of l:i-in-iin,i
an ialidel back to 'iiri.it and to heaven,
than I have in all the his sin.; 1 hunderbolts
of ecclesinst ieal eon! roversy.
t:ii-: fov.f.i: or ri.ii'ifAi'.loK.
Vou cannot, ovef-onie men with religious
I'.ntumentati.m. If you conic at a skepl ieal
man with an nr.itumeiit, oa In-half -C the
C'liriltiaii relijdim. yi'U put t'le.tnau op bid
mettle. He says: l,I see that man has a
carbine. I'll use my cirhiue. Ml answer
his an;unient with my ai-;;iunent." Hut
if you come to that, man, persii.nlin-? him
thai iiu desire his happiness on earth and
his eternal .welfare ia t!e world t.n conic,
he eatniiit answer ll .
What I have said is ju -.t a-i tr ie in the
recliMiiatiou of the openly viciom. Did
yoit 'ever know a druakarl to be saved
through, t!n cr.rie.-.t-nv of u drunkard?
l our niiniiery of the sta:; ;erin j ytep, and
the think Iom-;-.H', ami the Uis.-rusict liir-eoojboh-
wi.rs i mjel lens bis brain, Hut.
if you conic to bim in t.i:id:i. s i aad syiu
pailiy, if you show him that you appreci
ate Mic awful 1,-riiMif nd'Pve.ved nppetit.,
if yon iersti ule bim of the fi:(-t M.at thou
sands who had the grappli'i-; lioo'.s of evil
inelinal ion clutched In I hi ir soul iu'lirudy
ns in his have been delivered, then a ray of
lie. lit. will Iktsh m nisi his vi-doii, and il
will seem ;w if a f-.e.pern-.t ur.il hand was
steai'yin ( his st -ia jei-ln : );.iif. '.
A ;;eod mauy years n ;e tlnte lay' in the
Kif-'t n tlifti 'lead drunk. lii- f.i" -:Tst
to t he blistering no.in.l.ij sun. A Cinv-.l i.in
woman passed alou),', loolo-1 ..,.t fini nnd
said. "I'ooT fellow." 'u: to-ik bet hand
kerchief and sprea I it, over his fi, and
passed on. The man rouse 1 himself up
from his debauch and bcaa t 1 ! at t'e-liandei-ehief,
and lo! on it was the name ol
n hlihly 'lwpcrtnblo- Chritlan womrtn of
the city. He went to her, lie t hanked her
for her kin liiess, and that one li; i In, deed
saved liim for this life, nnd saxM him for
the life that is M comix rib' Was aft - rv, aid
attorney u'clV-ra! of the Cc.'t vl .'--1! Si but
hi jiier th i-r.-iin ii ' IWilfflS t Iii-'-iv, fnM
disciple of Jesus Christ.
Kind words ur. so o!ie;;i it is a wo.i.ler
; we il-i nit us tiiein ntteaer. iicre ..hi
j ti n.- f ! he-is -..id i of ie ..0 tho-.iro .'ili..'.
I f ,r t!u I.-., k of one l.ia 1 v...i-i. T:ie;v is a
( I nii-ieM U-.. U w'jj lu"teiv
i truiilile unfit 1' ' i-s perfe.-t y
,J ha-t I'f-H thinking ' ' VT ' l's
j r..l !. i v, ai'ii'it :;iei,le. fio t
t a ;:unst
:h m'e,l. I
:'i -, .'.K'Hit
;!.at bu-i-
t iirei are
i yi '.vs -if
'. I fielxinl ;
lii 1rnr '
ii, ss ur-ai. ell .i:ii tliat i-e;'
co-i:i;:u'. and ti 11 him fi :'. v,
i wer' i'l .1 i ' :in lei:e.. pi... a:
' tHnvn ,1 vou. T. 11 l,i:.i tt i-
, , ,
Tell iiir.i 1 iuat .! -..!"
i .a
1 l,el'h' 'Ve-',- leiirn-s in.in i,l 1
I ltt. 5ll bri if -) swii-t pfruui
V.!' X CM-
AH wool albatross, colors rcam
- and
illiv, wprtM 0ei,W Wu, 1
Hateens, nil tlie new colorings, worth
: TO alHli-'.J.'iiur price 8cv ' '
I'-rench sateens-, wortli 35c,' our pitee
: ,iuc,
II wool double width Hlripoil, .dress
'goods 'wortli' S0cour price 3"c. "' '
' ' ""n'fnwfTMn"1 -'.'
i .,. V--W.W.i. ii .ii....:.
Connostoga, 15. F. worth &" now i
Aniouskeg A. C. wortli 20c, now j "c. '
(AinoiiwKeg worm it.c, now i,
WindHor iiViiaiiL'N.' lame slock lose -
i ;.lect. from,, , agents' , prlecs KIJo, our,
! l"'ilrell,- ,,, ,..-., .,. ;;,,.
10c towelSj riowflc. . " i-'
SM'ipeiiJluen. towels,, 6x30,, worth 20tv
1 our price 10c. . , , ,
3 Jul h towels, '20x40;"vvoHh 4dn, now iij.'
Jlath toweU wtirth iirtw I3e.'' ''
Jluck towels, i 18x3-1, vtiluc llic,i now
: J9- ,j , , i '.."! .. !.,,' . Ii-,
Jicuutilul damask towels, ISx.'iO, wortli
'fOe, noiVToc. " "; '"' .
J.'micy table 1 set -worth f.t.50,1' now
! . Sf-'.'.-bl. .;. . le.ro , j., , . il,i
frnlile uiiinask at per ,ynrd.. ; ,
AH linen niipkiiis ".V per dozen.
J.ot of impklns wortli 7"x per dozetv,'1
i , now .l!)o per dozen. . . -...i
J'rotty white iiapklps cjieap at,!Pl.f,!i.
now 8:?c. '
Lovely napkins Worth $1.50 jier dozen,
, our price 1.1!) per dozen. -. -: .
AM linen crasli worth r, now Tic.
! Blea's Furnisliing ; Good's. , ,
Men's 20c stisiienderH, now 10e. .
jMoti's .'tOc suspenders, now llle. :
'i lint nui. is f.., .;
lor-,i ne - lacKi 01 yV-
one kind i.-oi'i'l, , (Jo t.j-u'iom
c nil. c.tts-r:
.that ioi:c savin; orefirSotei't, kful'J word.
Here is a nn-1 that has l-e: n swamped hi sin.
lie wants to (aid the li;;!it. of Me (hwpol.
He feels like a shipwrecked mariner look
in,.; out over tlie he( li, watchiuf; fur a sail
awiinst the sky. Oh, bo.-li- alovvu on linm.
fell, him that the' Lord' waits', to be ;M
ciou's to lum, and' tiiCaeh lie" haa'heen A
ftrti'it sinner there is a ureaf, J'aviour pro
vided. Tell him t hat thonj'h Ids : ins are
:-.s.s;i',-ulct tiiey shall. ,lj ns.nnov,-; ,t!nJ5ji!i)
('icy are red like c-rimson they shall liens
wool. That: hum is dying foix-rer for the
lack of .one kind word, ,
Thcro used to be sung at a ,e;rc.at many
of the pianos nil through the countr)-' a
sonj: that has almost died out. .1 wish
somebody would start it acain in our so
cial circles. Tlicreinay iinve not been -very
exi(Uisite art in tiie music, lint tluirfi ivai ii
grand nnd fdorinus sentiment: .. ....
. Kin, 1 wnnl:i never ill , never die; ; '
' ' Clieristied anil lileivied. ' 1 " ' '
l.KT -VS TRY- THE roller, OF KlXDXESa,
Oil, that we mi,i;ht in our families and in
our churches try the force of kindness.
Vou ciin never drive men, women or chil
dren into the kingdom of (hid. . March
nortliensftr will brinft out mbre lioney
sucllea than fret fulness and scoldiiijr will
lnin out Christian KiVlee. "I wish that in
all our religious work we miht be satu
rated Willi the spirit of kindness. Missing
that, we miss a great deal of nsefulncss.
There is to need of cniniiuj- out before men
and l.htindwitig to them the law Ittiless at,
the same time you preach to Miem the Gos
pel. Do you not know 1 hat this simple
story of a .Saviour's kindness is to redeem
all nntibns The' hard heart of tills world's
obduracy is to Ik- broken before that story.
I'hcro is in Antwerp, lielium.one of the
most, remarkable iictures I.ver saw. It,
Is "Tlio Heytcut-uf Christ, fr.un the Cwns.";
It is one of-ltulwiis' pfi'eture.. No nsih ftair
stand and look at that descent from the
cross as Uulieus pictured it, without
Inviii'i his eyes floodedwith tears, if he
have any sensibility nt nil. It is an over-ni.i-.trrin,;
picturi one thatstuns joii, and
btimuera you, 'nnd haunts" your dream's.
One afternoon a man ; t iud in that eat he
ilr::l 1-iokin-:
from the CY
at llubens' "Descent of Christ
i.-.s." lie was all r.bsorbed in
that, scene of a favfcmr'n suifin-inus when
the jnnit'ir came in nnd said: ,-lf) is tinTft to
ofr.-r up thr (Tthelrid for the iiii;ht. 1
wish you would depart." 'J'he pilgrim
lookiiv; nt that '-Descent, of Christ, from
the Cross" t urncd iirnund t T tiie janitor
and sudi".No, no; not yit. .Wui.-JijJijl
they pot liim ilouii., f ,; -'
t 'li.it in theHoryof a rHvionr'sisiilfer
iie: kitdnc Mi-it U 4n 44wr44i w 'M.
When the bones of that, j;rcat UcliumolU
of ini.piity whi'-h has trampled all tint ii -lis
shall K' broken nnd shattered, it will be
found out that the work was not done by
the hammer of the ironocl.iKt, or ly tb
sword of t he conqueror, or by the toreh.of
persecution, but by the plain, simple, over
whelniiim force of "the soft, toni;uc t tint
breaketh thelmi." -f , i ,
yiAnd now 1 a"k the blessing (if fio.l to
c'oibe ilewn';:;iou you in matters of health,
in matters of business; that the Iiir.l w ill
deliver vou from all voiir finar.'.- 1 j er
plcxitics; that he will l;ivc you a :o,iii iiii
liliood, larire salaries, Leah !i f t: 1 v.-.-i-es, s,if
liiTeut incuauv 1 play (ioilt.it. he may
;;iv,- y.si tlie tiptim-tuiiyof e luen'.iav.-yoar
i-WMreii fwr -n UU world, anrl MirMi.'.-h- the
rich i;niee of our Insl .le-.u.s Christ of see
in; them prepared for the worldMirtt is to
A!ove all, I look for the mercy i f Mod
upon your immortal souls; and lest I stand
In fore some who have not yet attend. -.1 to
the t !iin:;s of their eti-ruul interest, iu this,
the i losim" p:..t i f my discourse, I inn lore
them here end nnw to mlt after trod
nnd boat jn'ice with him. Mb, v. e want
lo be pithcivl together at last in the
l-rV 'ltr M.d hhi-il iWscTitMnse of the skies,"
o(ir w-i.rt all .li'ii-c. our ornw all. .( tuloL.
Mml Mr-i. you, and yo :;-1 hildren, and your
children" i lii'. lren. And now 1 rnmtnend
y ,i tiCilaml to the wonl of his irrace,
w hi -h is nt.le t.i build vou miJiad. tt.vnti
n:i hilicritaiieo amonji : til J,!m'fli iw-r
R;;i1' '''"'d.
.ii? .P. .Gracsy. h Bro.
' 1 gam Tuevcry one. .
,,i i
lviwii'.'ril.tHi.HiisiuiU'rR,iU'i,.w' tail, ni r
? A'ur.o''vfWl (ivr-.. uny,Pft...i it fl.
bile foiir-i.ii-liiiuu lies, now.oTc., , ,
i hi 13 ti'cit' Mfat'iH : 1 1 1 v .;ti!:
jr iieiik.w(nr,uMw;4i(iv :nit
" llAHncclv.ein-, nf)W .i (...ji,,.,;
SUtn ntH!kwer,.SU.. , . ,
o-pry'lliifdi'cMliirs htK. '
-y'Hircwrt!liae ! C 1 '''
J''" SOQMuW.untiiTiHU.Ailiirtaotn, Amor-
'IT.-,.;, i v iw,,i .,(i 1 ,
' IWiU'lV i n'rcll bloitchcd drawers woMh
lloc: .iiitiW'iH( " ' " ! I
0o ii'n'He.hi Jitvlbriirfjau
b.JC J' rencii
1 af b'r i gjjt i n u n il e r wea r,
-nowSOc: '"
Flannel shirts
at ; off , of
m .-ji.il
! ,1'f l.Of : , .M.lvi. !- o
,j. , .....?M908...; .,.,; f. ,, ,
25i!,for .elj ild,ren!s,sh,oeq, down froni,7.rici,
45c liir Indies' slipperH, down from 75c.
r.,.i.i- ll .-tl , 1 I-.. .1. L... ..l....J:i.; ..i (.' .1, ,
1.1.0(1 for lildle-s'. hambtiewed hocs.
iW:orili,S-'l,50.,, ,i .'.,,, :, i.i,,. i
?1.25 for ouc custom-m;j.de . slippers
worth $1.75.
$'UH) ftiv ZleKler's fine sltpiie'rs."
50c, .fw ,,(Jd. ladies' ; cult .skin .luick
i bin. .1..,. - t- 1 or.
, --.iirij J II IIJ',111 V.' (,l
! " bo.. , .' ' aiS. ii i.i ,. i, ,
liny and iut;tiwity for .another season.
fr . llM-H.t, .puyiilhi, , dvwii ,,fren)
.I for m.'ittilla.'down frbni'2.'' " ''
50c for nice Mackinaw hats, down from
25 liir, straw hal.H that tiro, marked 50c.
15c for straw bats, that lire marked 25c.,
A0ENTB WANTED by Air hl Tellnlilo' Arm
lnnje prollls, ipilnu sales. Sample froo. A
ritreoppiii-tiinlly.Uoo.Artlt.lS'wny.N V,
1 , i i iii' 1 .;ni " : i : 'i
, JlkiirBisilisuj Vntil-,tie potpon la
1 VrfpclW' fronf .Ho'syfitern,'' thcro can
bn no cure for this loathsome and
llanRijrous mnlajy,, .Therefore, the only
effective treatment is a thorough course
of Ayer's Sarsaparilla tlio licst of all
hHirtd puriflefsj (the) sooner ydn fce-filii.
tho better ; delay is dangorous.
,"J rils troi0cil wtfh catarrh for over
two years. I tried various remedies,
and was treated by a number of physi
cians, but received Q Jjeinjfit until X,
firman to .take Astrr't fvsiittrilla. A(
fj bottles of thi" incdioillfi cured: me ft-
fmn troublesome "coifipliilnt amCcom
... plutcly jtsturedjiiy healthJrrJc.-ia M. -liogHs.
llolman's Mills, N. C.
" When Ayc-r's Sarsaparilla was rec
oinniended tJB.to ;xh,'Jt irai itK-.
climd to doubt iti cicacy - -Invhi -IrlTdwi
manvtiiediesj roith littln IihB
ctityl Isid iMpfutJ) tkat anything Would
cure mo. 1 became emaciated from loss
of appetito and impaired digestion. 1
nan nearly iosi me en oi -uiuii, imu
ny system was badly deranged. I was
about discouraged, when a friend urged
nis -to' ry Ayer's Sarsaparilla, and re
errnd pie to persons whom it had cured
of catarrh. After taking half a dozen
bottles of this medicine, I am convinced
that the only sure wjiy of treating this t
lrtiittit (Urease is through tli hlooj." f
Charles If. MaloncyHiBjiaNTEe. fty ;
Lowef!, as.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Dr. . C. faef QoJ lwcli,,,Mjj. J
J'rtco 1 ; mix bollle. ti. Wortb 5 boUl.
Thomas Kohncr,
rB-viuii in Eovrlnpr.
Q-hP.lrr Job Office has some extra
good circular enveloiie, nunilM'rsrian
Men'fiOc' 'su'npen(lb'rfi, now o.
Men's 7oe suspt'nderfl,'lltiW'4tlc.
!i i ' ;; ,
, 10c, for lints that wpro ,.5t
.ii: tor J iKiid J luiaiim.litits.
$1.-50 will huy a pair of ladje' eustoni:
j eii wouKia-j snoes,, (town from Si,!K
Job lot kilioes ' fof ' men', women and
cluldren. to lie sohl nt 7.u.' iinll-
' . i. , . i n,.
,.ii v. ... Hosiery. .
Chndreti's black school ' Iioro worth'
I 20e, now 106. ". .' "
Litdles' ' full rev'(iar',l.iaok"'atfd
j brigan, best value to beTound at 2.1c; '
! now IOc " "' " -1 "
jLndies'' imperial faney slripo liWse;'
reRular price 50c, tiow'SHc.-- ."
Beautiful imported " hnse; with ''lioot
I tops, worth (iOe, 'now Silc.' o 1"
LiMlics' . , lino i imported Lisle th rend
! hose worth (10ct nnwttOe. . .ii
Jjiulies' liest siiuri silk hoso miuio.
worUi Svi 00. now S-..19.. ;, : ;, u
Ladte',i ,50 silk hose,.now.l 00.
seamless socks, irood value .at.
15c,,pur pijvu ,Qc.
p't'irs liemmeil ftir.Wa;k Bocks, wortli
L- 'V '. H'r'V' v.-t- ft .-, ... .'
e fiilo. balbrjgga.n, $ocks, cheap at
I"'1'.,'"" .';i ... . . , , - i,, . , ,
Borim- and. Laco i.CnTtafntL
Creaiii Iiice scrim worth 'IOc. liow'Cc.''
1bnl miiei-i lno.. unriin' li.ini il'iit .r.i.ra'
. 1 1 worth I5n, no .,c. v
-v v.- , ....... . v. v. . , , iu ,V..
jHeaiitiful pongee draping,' ciieapaf 15c.
now vc. " '""
Ltice eurlalns ht 40c a pair. ' '' ' '''
..'''. i." gloves.'",;..,' .
r.ot of ladies' Itcrliti jifid Li'sle tlVread'
gloves, value 20c to 25c, your choice
for 0e. . -.v... '
WJ-'"Willf MM
A. - STD QXJH3lSrWj-ElE During:
,Di. ,VV. P. -AWRBNSB,
! (Formerly of Orlando, Fla,) , ( , , ,
14 Yiow ldcntol nt Clutksv lo; T(tth:;
Arlington- llhx k,' niul ott'erfl his 1
no proiV'Ksimml services., to the, , i,
j t'iti.fiiH .of Montpmery, , ,,
I nnd noiuhliorin; '
: '"" "' countios'. ""
i DiHoasos of Thro.it, Now, Eye and
Knr, , Diseases of Women, i Chronic
JliseasetiH niul Surgery ' ' ' .
or detention from business. Stricture
of the Urethra cured by Electricity.
Oniee Hours : 9 P.' in. to 11. ' ji
tn.to 4. Sundny, 8 H. tn. to 10. t i
A -.llw-tf. . , . ,
! Webster's:
A so-called . ',',Webr'a Dna.rldged
Dictionary " is being oflored to the public
at a vory low price. Tho body oi the boob,
trcm A to Z, is a cbsap rnpriBt, page for
I page, of the edition of 1847, which was in
its day, a valuable book, but in tho pro
1 cress of langnage for over FOKTY TEARS,'
bis been completely superseded. It ia
: now reprotlttced, broken type, errors and
' all, by photo-lithograph process. Is printed
; nn cheap paper and llimsily bonnd. A
I briof CDmparlson, page by page, between
j the reprint and tho latest and enlarged
edition, will show tho great superiority
ol the latter. . These reprints are s out
of date as a last year's almanac. No hon
orable dealer will allow the bnyer of such
to suppose that he ia getting the Webster
which to-day fa accepted as the Standard
and THE BEST, every cpy of which
bears our Imprint as given below.
r If persons who have been induced to
purchase the "Ancient Edition" by any
misrepresentations will advise n of the
facts, we will undertake to see that the
seller is punished as ho deserves.
Sf IilU IhXll, MASS. ......
Webaveon hand, tor Hale Id any ijiinntllj
77heat Bran,
; Ear Corn,
Shelled Corn, ' 1
..Timo-hT, -' i
," ' ' Clover,
Mixed Hay,
Kentucky Coal,
Pittsburg Coal,
' Anthracite Coal.
Jitidiesi.talliitai Btilt felveB,'htiiiii.val
h u 2,ro M .r(k, oiirprUjft now ,!)),, , t) ,
Lot, of $1 OOandJil 50 ladieR' four-but-j
ton" It id gloves,' "slightly' 'diimiigeil,'
1 "flOW'49('.-.l Mil. I M ,..1'(1 '....1 11....;. ...
TiLie.s', ,ti(k,buUoti,kid (tloves,, unw 30c,
j1 M.en,8,feid.j;lftxe? iiitownat 1...
ti ll i i uli.n; .,, i
J0p. nien'a larce
pure nnen nauouer-
'ehief8'vortli 20e,
. eliiefs, ,dftwo fruu ltlu.i i ,.t ',i.t,,ii,. .. ,
He for ladies lieatitiftil qualify hand-
I kerchiefs, dowii'if'roiii'. 5c.
lOivfur ladies, real' llne haitdkerfhiefH,
.dowu.froni 30o..n I. .i . ..-..
mi hr. a. n i.. .ii it. . it t
!.,... ..i .,, rtrn-imwn,...: t. .,
20.00 lrKl 'coio'r'sui'ts'now $15.
PIS k liifht ailor.Kults. turn- $l&
. 12.5U liKht color suits, now if 10.
lrH,0tMj)rt .oo'.v.ruiIh, ppw.-S.,,
?',",!!!lt f'orlli's, 'V'w
S7.(rliKht t'o'lor" suit's!; 5.'
lilltlreii'8 suits til'Sr-. '
t 'I. I M...,.'- . ., .... f nl i:,n
-........ C , f.. - IJI.I.I 1.1: t .0..
Jxit sumnier coats and veslsat .50c.
j ' u " CARPETS.1 !"-h-:
j I'w.l ). e.-o; l 1.1. li -, i . Ii: , l i
Iit of retnnants at onedliinl nd, of
regular juice to 'close them out
I (iiick. Also dig deduction' on rcgu
j lar stock.. ' Huve big stock to miiko
,. election-, from. ... u ,. .i.i i ,,;
ON ' " "
be. fori uienrs. nicn. icmnbrlA , 'linilvr. f
li!i e.J ,.....,- ,t.L ij;. i '." i' i fic a dozen for smokec
k.a.. .i..nii i.. ..i i....ii.. fM5 for rubber dress
i,i la'iirn -iiciirmnviiru- iimitiiwr"
" - by this iMc ot wliichj Ihc ,h'eaVro'st,'friit '-"of-- -,!','"""!
fiu i'AVj-l'iont
., t vii(g
J?X1 I,, l),p1)ng
1 P'S
"v , r ... M"Vr , V"?H0j oyer,
..' .ordinnnlv
' '
Retail Price l .OO. . . - , .Liberal DlHcounttu tli Trade.
JAMES S. PARRISH, Patentee, Clartstille, T.0B.
'". " u'-.. - '-',. ! '; "
New York( Memphis, '
". . i - new onoanG, Cincinnati, . ,- . :-. iVi-:n
'' LoniBvllle, llachvillo, . , , ..'u
w , . ' ...Saint Lonls, and ' ...
'"' All Actosclblo Polnti
. , , ! U. I. PO.NDttXTl-U; Cv.lilr'. ,
HancoGkrHallums &
Gracey . Warehouse;
Special AttoLticn Paid to Sampling am Selling TciacCd,
, . , . .. Iibcral Advances made on C0nPi"iiTiitiit. , ' ' -"''l
T. JLJl ANCOUIw.Salesmeu..
fVvrnl yearn ago I wan mi florin Imrt
(jriKinU Ui-i.ilitjr, mill vuh rxi wrnltthm 1
raliil. il iiml ti-ll to tlie uri.uiitl In 11.11m
Ai:i.,lx.tw uC'li-rrjr nud lolle.t'.-utrvrla,
H..ni( prmiiially :ir,iiiiliil,,l will. ir.
1IxIi;im, M Iii Mg-lluu 1 txunn trikliix
Hortgft' SaruiMrllK. 1 tmik aluut sue diui
xi iKittlim In nit. rt(l trom the itmc lunl '
tnken the flrt hotlle tiy liualth In -gun lo .
Iinprtivi-, nnd liy tlin time I hud mkcu
the-twelfth Inula my heflitn a .tu-
(WrtPty region ,HDit I hnr earve4l cmx!
irallli over iiu.v. I firaly Mlkvc It uwl Wf
1Mb. 1 your trufy,
, Y, Y.-VlUfOITH .
l or. Mnrket and t ucroil Ma., fiunlivllic,
Ivuiv. ,
PRernnBD Tir ' '
pc a paper for goo nairitiis, worth'flc.
go. a paper for Rood pins, worth 3c.
pe. a pajier fqr yood neeilles, worth 5c.
irc for three palni leaf fans.
jc for hUhv P,y(.,liet ntedle,
te per dozen for ie and fancy buttons.
!l a ard for white ngrde. btittons.'
I ' wrrth So. - -
. tic a ball for Tinsel Or rd.
'nn-li,.ll IV. f XT , r .I..-.. .i,iJ
y n ii. i vj.. . x. uuilliou l-TOIlon,,
i pearl tiuttoii:s,w
!coniii,sl,wor.tl 15c.
eoiiihs. Wortli lOe.
Pile for rubber dress combs, worth "85c.'
JlOu for rubber belts, worth 25c., .
S0c a pair for Seamless dress1 siiields1.' '
Doctor nice curtain poFes-Witlk brass'
fixtures, worth Hoc., '
ie- for" VVartt.r'9'' feiiinnier-'ctrrseis,
IWOlXh $1, .'I ', i -uA in l. t. i! , .mil
rl'jc for tlie victoria corset, worth,.
i Vo'll'caii't: .it horo'fniV Jnllv' 'or 'lnn
finiek if you want tho biggest Vain'
our money.
'. 'i ., i!,',
ii ... ... . i .;
All gooiis on sale ns
ailvertised :
pverything inaiked iu plain llKiueH.
, ., ., i ,,. . I i in, i i. i . ,i ,;i . i
,. ,n ,'. ... . il-. ,l:.. .:, I.i i.-,i
Cash only buys dm-itig this sale ,x
i,- ,,i-i .Franklin )Sh-."
' '
jn lnjnp shred on tlio body. , .Aper
'tako ' t W l'Hp, from ', tlip, tixir 4by
,"i nirougii a towel ; tiien ihrow the
tno rucK ot this
nnd it will
'' ' 4 '" ' . , ' . . '
ui'Y m ono-tiltli tlio
retnnrcd. A rierfeet
Jittlo 'gem
" "i.i.' -'' vj .--. .-
. alter sea imtliing. uy nctual lefit a heavy
,,suit, o', hair; wns I dried in twenty niiiiutes.
., ;,. , , I ".I ,1 f ... I I. .' 11. -I j :'.'. i . !, I
. . h Wcaaa Should - h- Witkt ; This Great - Comfort.
..-i i -.. ... ,' ': ' " ""'I
i .It js const 1'nctod of smntl; Jajmimed wire;
woiglm iiYo oiincos ; wi'l nt any bizo liwiy.
Jt , is neat, comfortable and condneivo to
health..; Can cIoho up like a book. Tho
wearer can go about at will while lining.
. It.-
J..T, EPWA08 ,
V. A. ELY, liook' KcejiiC
Cordsr ',&Wardef
Biilr.'ai. dntractdrs,::---
,1 ''.M.l
Slrtip in renr of 7hr ft Oakley's
rrint uiWi, on Thlni f.tnt't, 0iislte
ourt-lie. Ik) nil klrnls f
. I ,..: .' i ,' ''.
Cirpr-,ii.T l!'ifi (li .'(M,)t;.'t. JVifrlt. ,
Solicit lim patronape if th pubHfl,;
coRDER & Harder.;
Juiyi5,i-tf : . -.. .

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