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R'NTR A TTOTvT a CV n Tit n cn? a ervtvr e
ra rgTi tri
Congress Will Trolmhiy lio In
Session a Month Yet.
.fa n
The Dato for Closing Will Be
About October 1.
1ST 0
3 Al f
I- TT-Jl ' T-'IV FTo!; jr-
oiwi hadaS btM Lu-r. T ij L. 1t.'ZJ IL'iKS J
Tin! inrrnl Ilebntn mi tho Tariff Itill to
1! ( loi il Ni'xt Simula Tlio Senate io
I'nwt It Si-tmli-r 8 Acrtorillni; t.i the
I'rmt'iit I'mnriiiii How A limit the
Federal Klrction Itill?
Washington, Aiir. 27. The begin
ning of tlio end of the xcsiion wan indi
rntixl in tho sciuitn Monday by propo
sition, or iucmonwulum submitted by
Mr. Aldrieh, which iiroposeil to clone
KHWtnil debute on the tunlr hill St-jit. 1,
to tho exclusion of all other business ex
cept Appropriation billet and conference
reports, with three days following for
debate on amendments under the five
lniiinto ride. Thin plan wus favorably
received by Mr. Gorman, chairman of
the Democratic caucus committee, niul
therefore an authority, who favored the
Hiiggestio;i, but indicated that general
delialo might bo extended to Sept. !t, in
order that tho ride might lead up to
Monday, Kept. 8, for tho final vote. Thia
would maho hvo full weeks of tariff con
federation in tho senate. Three weeks
already consumed und two to cot no.
Fixing a day by unanimous consent for
taking h vote would, Mr. Herman said,
be following a time-honored custom.
Mr. Plumb objected in vague terms,
nnil the proposition went over until
Tuesday, when, if Mr. Plumb can be
satisfied in regard to certain schedules,
hii agreement will be reached on the
basis proposed, as amended. Tlio tariff
bill was then considered a while and
laid aside, and tho wenate adjourned.
The passage of the tariff bill by the
senate on the 8th of September, accord
ing to the program practically agreed
upon, will be followed, according to the
best judgment, by un agreement in con
ference in about a week or ten days
thereafter, certainly not over two weeks.
Jiy that time all the appropriation bills
will have been passed and the .situation
for adjournment will bj in good shape.
Oct. 1 will be about tho date. Tho sen
ate amendments lo tho tariff bill will
bavo to bo considered in commit tee of
the whole under the rules, and this op
portunity will no doubt be taken to ex
press some opinions on the postpone
ment of the Federal election bill by the
Tuesday Mr. Aldrieh's memorandum
was agreed to by unanimous consent.
A ricrk'M MiNtnliu Hi'n1tn In Two llcutllH.
Nurrmv Unmpc I'nr Krv.'i-iit OthcrK.
Knoxvii.i.k. Tonn., Aug. '21. A hor
rible mistake occurred near Concord,
iifleen miles west of this city. Sunday,
which resulted in two deaths, and
others may occur. What wan supposed
to be cpunine was purchased in a Con
cord drug Mole and taken to the home
of State Superintendent of Kducaiion
Frank M. Smith, and given t his child,
also to two of his brother's nieces and to
the children of th, family of V. 1.
JIudgiiH, a neighbo:-. in a short time all
became deathly sick. A doctor was
(iimiiaoned and it was found that the!
supposed quinine was morphine. The
17-year-old sou of Sioieriiitciuleiit Smith
is dead, and also the daughter of lltul
gins. Two children of W. S. Smith aro
at death's door, ami all would have
died lint for the quantity of the dose.
It was a mistake of the drug clerk, as
the bottle containing the poison was
labeled "sulphate of quinine." Superin
tendent Smith bad just, left an hour
previous for his oltiec at Nashville.
I'IihmI In .liiiire., M:.
Nmv l)i:l,HA,v:i, Aug. 27. Tho Timen
J lemon uI'h Kl Paso, Toy., special says:
1 let ween thii'ly-live and forty houses
Were washed away Sunday evening in
.liiarez, and sixty families rendered
homeless by a cloudburst, The street
traversed by one of the bursts was al
most obliterated. 'I'll dwellings oil
both sides were submerged a'ld de
stroyed. Until the railroad and street
car tracks formed d;iius for the ll od
and many narrow escapes Were made.
Two persons were dr.iwned.
Sunn 11 'ii M i les.
I 'iii'stki!, Pa., Aug. 27. Dr. Cliarlei
li. I 'enrose. treasurer of the examining
board of peiisi ins, and II ib rt lUlsdm,
bol h of I 'hbudelphia, swam down the
i li law. ire i iver, I ron) Philadelphia to
Chester, liile n miles, Monday after
noon. Tlie.y swam for a wa;er, Dr.
I 'eiirose winning in "i hours an I ."i mill
litis. Mr. Kul-tou was ck'.h! lu'.iiulrj
behind him. 1
Nell-it ill" On ly'H Mel'i' II u rt .
lU-.wi it, Pa.. Aug. 27.- Miss Kitty
I biav, a nie f Senator tjnay, sus
tained a small oniitiiMon a novo the
left temple, a badly bruised nine, and a
cut on the lower lip Moiidav by bsing
thrown from a carriage in which slut
bad been riding w it ll a d nigat"!- of '.111
m nator. The latter w.is als.i thrown
from the vehicle but wan not badly
J i ii rt.
:MNsiiitf - limy lllltu.
ST. I.ns Aug. 27. -A. C. D l ino,
the inojei t ir of the! Vtuvi.i lu est uient,
improvement and Insurance company,
is missing, and it is said that a number
of basilic s men have been vietiui!Z"d
by him. lie was very fertile in devis
ing schemes fur making money, but
money invet'il with hiiil seldom
brought returns.
Tcnils Kcvt'l' III SI. 1. oil's.
Nr.w YoiiK. Aug. 27. A special to
The Herald from St. Louis says live
cattle atliieted with Texas fever were
discovered Monday ai muni a train lo.ul
which arrived from th wi'-t consigned
to Host. in. I'udcr the law the iiis'clorH
uve not able to condemn them, and tb.)
i-al lie will probably 1. sent forward to
the east.
T lliindicil mill Tlitnl I iv.
In the senateA preposition to rlus
general In nil' ilebato Seit. II, and lake 11
linal vole Sept s, went ever fur u day. A
couple of bills of miner importance were
p issed, and debate on llm tariff bill wits
resumed. Tlie lead ore schedule was dis
cussed. The death of Hi'pi'i'seatative Wat
son, of Pi niisyh mua, was announced, and
I lie senate adjourned.
In the house The conference report on
I he sundry civil bill was submitled and
II greed to. A conference on the river and
harbor bill was ordi red. The death of
llcprcscntative Watson, of Pennsylvania,
was announced, and the house ad
journed. l'ltllil" I" rltt:l'll.
A mr.n wan returning from the wet to
vKi(. hit mother's grave in a cemetery i.nar
Hu-lun. "I couldn't tind the lot." he said,
in tellim; the story, "nnd when 1 U'.t home
1 asked mv sister alioiit it, nnd ho i: w as
that had iut up the big monument Hi re
with the name 'Theodiwia' on it. 'Why,
t hut wits the place.' said my sister. 'Hut
who Is Theodosia' I nsked. 'That h
mother.' said she, 'I know it wasn't het
mime, but it Is 11 pretty one, and I thought
she would like it. And you "'f. dohn, I
tluiuulit mother looked lonesome in that
bitf lot. and 1 h id 11 b d'V ben ls..ne set up
Hear the corner with ,-.li-tiui-" i nt en it
Von don't moid do yen'' " Host. .11 Post.
oflyy ry mm
Begins S
Most wonderful sale over held in Glarksvillo. Such bargains such values, such iiiducemerits were never seen or heard of before
Twenty-five cents is what you will get by visiting our store during this Special Sale. It need not be stated that we lose money on
these goods, but we are bent on beginning the Fail season with a new, clean stock of FALL GOODS. Kcad this list of marvel
lous values for cash and take advantage of them before tho stock is broken.
(iinghaniH, worth 2.")C, now 10V.
(Jinghams, worth i.'ic., now lL'.Je.
(iiiigliains, w'M'th brc, now Ph;.
(iinglmms, worth Me, now So.
Dress Roods, worth S and Kh;, now fie.
OliullieH, worth S nnd I tic, now 5c.
Yard wide Pacific lawn, worth 10c,
now 7e.
Pino brown cotton, worlli fie, now fie.
lileucbed cotton, worth (id, now 5c.
Wenched domestic, better than J lope,
worth lOo, now He.
10-4 popperell bleached Miceling,
worth ;iOc, now 2.rc.
10-4 jiepperell brown sheeting, worth
27i, now2ie.
Heavy round thread plaid cotton,
usual price 7c. now 2e.
Light shades mohair dress goods,
worth (10c, now 2llc.
All colors nuns' veiling, worth
now 14.
Fine pluid white goods, worth 2.ric,
now l!)c.
20c jdaid white goods, now l.lc.
1 2.1c plaid white goods, now Sic.
Itic pluid white gooils, now 7c.
Double width cashmere, worth ."lie,
now 2.'tc.
Pluck organdies, worth 125c, now 10c.
Illiick organdies, worth Pic, now 12Jr.
lilack organdies, worth 20c, now 10c.
Pluck organdies, worth ,'!0c, now 2Sc.
Heaiitiful Chinii silUH, worth 7"c, now
lilack silk, warranted not to split,
worth $1, now 72c.
Alfred Arnold's i leniietfa's
Twill, line big value at !l,
Btoatlhead dress goods sell at
price 10c.
G 00, 2:1
now 0.'!c.
25c ; our
A l"ir Hint llnl toi'iu MYiminui';.
ThmiHIM 1 1. Cleniits, a s :l":. 111.111 of the
llriu of Wood, l .nuvii i'c Co., tells a re
markable story concerning a water spaniel
that, is owned by a hotel keeper nt I!rian
tino 1 teach. "A party mi n-isi myself
and some frlenili," said Mr. Clements,
"had taken a boat nnd sailed out from the
beach to the fishing uroiiiils. A contrary
wind drove us back, ami while we were
enilee.voi in;; to weather t lie advene breezes
we perceived an object, on the water that
we at, lira, took for a post or submerged
lug until we saw it, was making its way
toward 11s. It caiiid beside our boat, when
we rceo:;ii:'.eil it as the be '.eh spaniel. Wu
took it. on board and wondered bow it, had
managed In swim the live miles then in
tervening between us ami the shore.'
Wo continued our course just north of
Atlantic City and then steered for the
wreck, where I lie vast lisliing ."rounds are
to be found. Tliissailingiiireet ion brought
us again within a few miles of llrigantine
Peach, and us we approached the nearest,
point to it, wo were surprised to see the
dog jump overboard and begin swimming
for Ids home, That, dug certainly swam
ten miles that day, anil theii we ret uracil
,i ISriganl ine Peach we fniini! I i 1 1 calmly
s.-.ted on the piazza and evincing no signs
nf e:.t raordiaary exertion." Philadelphia
How Ttiry I'.xeciito Women ll, Spain.
Thirty t housaad inhabitants of Madrid,
mostly women, assembled one Saturday
morning outside the great prison w-dls op
posiie the scaffold upon which a woman
was to be cNeetited. Aeciirding to Spanish
custom, this was done by strangulation.
The criminal sits upon a wooden bench be
fere a post, against which the neck is
pressed and broken by an iron collar. This
cM'ciition excited tremendous interest, in
all classes of society, and purl ieiftrty
among the lower orders. Many were dis
satlsllcd with the sentence, because it was
believed t hat this servant girl had not bee!)
alone in the murder of her aged mist rest),
She confessed her share in the crime, but
accused another woman, who was M'le
teiieed to penal servil ilde, wit h being the
principal actor in the tragedy. The wom
an bad to be carried to the sca'Told half in
sensible. Loudon I ilo'ie.
Tin- Kel.itioli of till' I ..rt II ill. I Ni Health.
Ill connection with the subject of tho
diialil y of t lie brain there's one point, of
great importance nlunit which I can only
say a few words. It is that we have a great,
many motor elements in our liv.nn and our
spinal chord, which we neglect absolutely
loediicaie. Such is the ca-.e particularly
with t he clement;! which serve the move
ment.s of t lie left hand, perhaps, howi vi r,
fat hers and mothers will Ik- more ready to
develop t he natural powers of I he left haul
of their children, giving t hem therein two
powerful hands, if they aieept that, as I
believe, (be health of t lie brain and spinal
cold w ould improve if all their motor eli"
menti were fully exercised. Dr. Prawn
Seiiuard la 1'oriim.
The !:iie: is r.f Sulitmlo.
It does not do for per.,ile to !e left much
alone. If you ever noticed, the people who
go crazy are those who have lots nf time
alone to brood over their troubles. If ou
ee a man is troubled do net cry wit li him
or over him; give him more w rk than he
ran do and he will not lie so apt to lie a
candidate for tho insane asylum as if he
had a chance to brood and fret. Atchison
(Tiim nnil r.ei r in t'ie,i;iu,:.
It now transpires that the !-,;. laiglish
hei f comes from Normandy, that the best
I'.ie;!;-'h hops come flora h!m.".:.y, .hat
the best r.ngli .h mutton comes I r m New
.e.dai.d and liiioiioH Ayr. -s. The (h niien
hops are preferable to t lie h, f: r t hi
iivr.Mii tliat they nre of a Is ' ! 1 r .r' lli'y.
The I'i'gpsh grower has made t!. nn- : ;kt
of si-eking to secure a kit . .' J.eld, w'.i'At
the toruian has devoted tii,i and rarr
ton-aid seem ing a large an. I perfect fruit.
The ceil-einictice i-i tli.lt two founds it
; (ieiin oi h.,s are for prc.ie. l ; ur; o--es
I f ilial t i tl.i.-e peulid-i of P..igi. di hops; ,
j the lit ilea ii o; . el . ia ua I lit '.. .'i market
i at a ila.iper ri.-e a pi '.l-ut i ' 'he pro
J ' i-ion nf v. Ii , h P.tigi.in I I hert t ie n
bo.; .!. .'i I h It 11- Hie i o 1 1 Id i le 1 j ' ' .' .1 il ll ll.T
l ll.li 11 I'er I'hii ago Ni '. .
All wool albatross, colors cream at.d
pink, worth (i"c, now .'!!tc.
Sateens, all the new colorings, worth
10 and 12, our price Sc.
French sateens, worth .'loo, our price
All wool double width striped dress
goods worth fiOc, our price .')")('.
Connestoga, 15. F. worth 2oc, now 17e.
Amottske-? AC. worth 20e, now l'x'.
Amouskeg worth Kic, now 12c.
Windsor Peiinngs, large stock I o se
lect from, agents' prices W.v, our
price 10c.
10c towels, now rat.
Striped linen towels, 0x80, worth 20c,
our price 10c.
P.alh towels, 20x10, worth 40c, now 2.r.
Path towels worth 20c, now 1.1c.
Illicit towels, l.Sxll4, value Pic, now
Jleautiful damask towels, ISx.10, worth
20c, now lfe.
Fancy table set worth $1.50, now
Table uainask nt 25e per yard.
All linen napkins 25c per dozen.
Lot of napkins worth 75c per dozen,
now 4'k per dozen.
J'roity white napkins cheap at ?1. 00,
now 8:io.
Lovely napkit'S worth if 1.50 per dozen,
our price i 1.1!) per dozen.
All linen crash worth 7c, now 5c.
Men's Furnishing Good'3.
Men's 20c suspenders, now 10c.
Men's :!0c suspenders, now l!)c.
I'.'op.il'l ienrt of tao lie.?;,-.
The propii.t iiin.i of the hu:u in b i.lv as
given by I a - best-ant 'i i'i: i:' ;a;v a ; f 'ihr.vs,
i iie leti-'l ii of t he lead !;";;ig I ae standard
of nte.isiir. nn r.t: Pro it he ho 'to, a o chia
to breast, bone, one-hail lee.i.ih of head:
from top I i bigloni of breast ''one el
steraui.i, i;;i . -half length of head; from
bottom of sternum to I ( .inning nt
lower limbs, two lengths; I nun thigh
I 1 hnttoiii of knee, two lengths; from
the hattoni of I lie knee I i l i;e ankle,
one and a half leaglh-; from i he anklt
lo tl; gromcl, one-half l r.;.lh. Add
ill;? fa these inc. is.iremeats one length I'm
file head ilseit rive; ci.g'.f lengt Is.t let' the
proper hci.:!:l of the h.iiiyof men.
Women are slighi ly sliorl er, I i i t propor
tion of t heir he el t.i 1 a.; height Ir-ing about
as one to seven or seven and one-half. The
arm from t he armpit, t t lio elbow joint. U
one and one-ipiarioi' limes the leagtli of
the head, from I hence lo the wrist, one and
oniMjiiarler. and from the wrist I the cad
of the middle linger t hrec -ipim'tora of the
length of the head. The ili,;an.v be; ween
1 lie right, middle linger and t lie saina linger
of I lie left hand is, when the an.n are
spread horizontally f. am the im.lv, cpial
;o the height of tile iigir.'. It. fiiio.V:,,
faerefure,. that the luwi lt'i of the body
f 111111 armpit to araipif i.; one and oae-h.ill
ieie'.ths of the h.-l.l. Si.. Liilia Post His
Steaincl'rt Without Must.
"The next, evolution in the steaiuei
way," said a wise old man of the sea,
"will probably he steam- rs vl! ho-.it. masts.
The sticks that, they put. int 1 the twin
;, crew livers now are icvlcsi ornaments
and might as well be dispens.' 1 wilh, as
they are ill t he way. If tiie :-'ii;wus to
break down in lint Ii engines t hey would
not be of any use except to hang a Hag of
distress on, and you might, just as well
carry a spar for I hat purpose in the holds
of steamers and save the trouble."
"Put would no such a steamer look boh
tailed, so to speak!" I naked.
"Oli, no. Wo would s inn get. used to it.
It ft merely a iiuestlon of what we are ac
customed I usee. The fact is these are not
steamships, but merely steamboats, am.
I hey might, as well travel as such. You
do not tind any t hing st range or hnbtni;cd
about the propeller Moamo'ith, for in
ftancc, when you sec her zipping down to
Sandy Hook. Why should you incumls r
a boat with useless slicks just because she
ruii't a few thousand miles outside (l
Sandy Honk" You will find that t he ma-g:
are going to go, take mywoid forit."
New York I lorn Id.
Ili-ugs of the i'ntlire.
Several drugs of w.ifulrous stimulating
prepert ies have lieeu discovered it !iin t la'
pa; t few years. One ol these in- evera!
i::s;,inces has appeared to have literal!-,-I'l-oiight
per-.oiis liaek to life. Then' is an
" "e;,l now oeea .ionaMv u i I which, in t he
hanged eondiiiun nf thin i. likely to
come into niiieli .greater pi'o'iiiacncc. Kef
tcnee j,. maile to oygeri gas. w hicii is in
In. lied ia evei y c.ee in which arii hi i!
i -e -pi i. it i hi i-. neciU 1 1. When I lie goo, I i,uc
lues the phy .r ian, v.'heu ealle l to a .
I sadden di at li, will not merely make c
i ur-orv e,;niiiiai ion and say ".ill i t ov, ; .
but he . ill go to woi k a.. I h ;i:l.Ii l-.e ki,. v.
; here ias life which he leuld ri kindle
And only alter be has exhausted i-'c",
itieans i 1 lesiiscitai io:i will he giveuptiie
patient as dead. Itosi.m Herald.
Tlie Table DM It.
.fiili:;t.m How are things up at the
I 'Harding house?
Crii'ly Like one of Mr. Sankey's M.ngs
"Nothing but Ii :m ; W- st re.
Ch.-iuncey M. I) -pew has a letter sigm-d
.'.Hiiil 11 lw.,1.1. which tiie name cf I lie
I'tiie'i' of Wa!."., ' ri'ten t hroti !;":; in
the prince's hand'.vi-e. in t hank in;; him
i,.r a eopv "f Mr. IVj ew's er uioiis.
Of too Piiiiinu r, iummrry.
Jack-1 your latest eoiepiest jour Hum
mer girlv
Jini--N"'aing could le nior. -o.
lack -Ah" Don't understand.
Jim- Of course yon don't. Put you
vvaiild had yi u in ted her summary man
ner of ili-.mi.. sing ine last evening. Pitts
burg Pulhtin.
, Augv 9, and Closes Saturday, Aug1. 30.
Men's 50c .suspenders, now .15c.
Men's 75c suspenders, now 4!lc.
Men's if 1 .00 sii:'. coders, now ;!lc.
2"e four in-iiaiul tics, now 10c.
5i)c foui-in-hand tics, now .'!7c.
5t'c tec!; scarfs, now oiic.
75c neck went, now 4!)c.
lfl.0!) neckwear, now (i!lc.
$l.2li neckwear, S3c.
' ply linen collars nt Oe.
.'l-ply linen culls at l.'?c.
Pest 50c unhtutidried shirts in Amer
ica, now 44c.
Post Pepperell bleached drawers worth
1 5c, now -l!)c.
!)0e French ISo-lbriggan
now 51'c.
05.; Freiich Pallriggan
now ."Oc.
Flannel shirts at i oil'
of marked
25e for children's shoes, down froni75c.
45e for ladies' slippers, down from 75c.
75e lor (ladies' slippers, cheap at 1 .00.
if I. oo for ladies' bandseweil k. lines,
worth f 1.50.
if 1.25 for our custoni-made slippers
worth $1.75.
?2 00 for ,ii oler's fine slippers.
50e. for (dd ladies' calf skin buck
skins, down from $1.25.
Puy and put away for anol her season.
SI .) for lincst munilla, down fiem
2 50.
$1 for nianilla, down from
5i)e for nice Mackinaw hats, down from
25c for straw hats that are marked 50c.
15c for straw bats t lint are marked 25c.
n blood disease. Until tlio poison Is
expelled from tho system, thoro can
ho no euro for this loathsome and
dangerous malady. Therefore, tho only
effective treatment is a thorough cottrso
of Ayer's Sarsapnrilbv the host of all
blond purifiers. The sooner you begin
tho better ; delay is dangerous.
" I was troubled with catarrh for over
two years. I tried various remedies,
nnd was treated by a number of phvsi
cians, hut received no benefit until I
began to take Ayer's Harsnparilla. A
few bottles of this medicine cured mo of
this troublesome complaint and ceni-
iiletely restored tny health." Jesse M.
!oggs, Iloliuuu's Mills, N. C.
"When Ayer's Sarsaparilla was roe
emmeniled to mil for catarrh, 1 was in
clined to doubt its elticaey. Paving
tried so many remedies, with little beli
elit, I had nri faith that anything would
cure 1110. I became emaciated from loss
f appetite nnd impaired digestion. I
had nearly lost the senso of smell, and
my system was badly deranged. I wits
ttliont discouraged, when a friend urged
me to try Ayer's Sarsaparilla, and re
ferred me to persons whom it had cured
of catarrh. After taking half a dozen
bottles of this medicine, I am convinced
that the only Hiiro way of treating this
obstinate disease is through tho blood."
Charles II. Maloney, 113 ltivcr St.,
Lowell, Mass.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
rnrcr-AiiKn rr
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass.
1'itce Jl ; nil bottli'B, 5. Worth f 5 a bottle.
AGENT3 WANTKD by nn o d rellaliio flim
large profits, ililelt sahfi. Sample Iree. A
rare opiort unity. Uen.A.SJco t.srj I'.'way.N V,
Thomas Ko liner,
Tlie only sure Cure. Slo.s fill pnln. Kn
sup's ciinifori to the feel, IV. at Diu.TKistH.
ll iticox iV l'n N. Y.
CilSHlOK'. Wlilnprni ln-nnl. I ..in.
f.irUlll.. sr.-..r,llwh.ll'll U-rn-.llfftll. SoW hf V. IOMI ll,
Alt 10
Iluve you I'ouuli, lirom'lutK Ami limn, I mil.
ueslliih? fse I'AltKtOll'- (ilMiKIt lllNIl'.
II Mils cure.! ilie worst cusei mill ll Is Hie l.e't
reine.ly for nil UN itrls m; from .lef.cijve nn
trillo n'. Tuio'iii tlnie. .'i.ic nml SI ii".
Adults Vivntpa
ti "mil I'tiileas
Gioth.8 Lines: no
he ise eloi lies pin
Heeled. It lllil.lu
tile lo-nviext lltol
lliifsl liilir cswilll
nut -ils. I 'lot tie
l i mil fr".-le to II
unit einuot lilow
It is II perfect
winter line. Sum.
pie line s-i'lit ly
iseili fur ,'iOe., ntHi
3QI1. line ley mutt
sl.'J.'. prepiii.i. Kor
PIE,n '-., .npiii... ri.r
I ML circulars, pi ice
iMT list-. Icinis, ml
IUU .r.s,s,P
UfZ ;n..
I 7 Hermon Street. Worcester, Mnss. I
j Itelsageg.
i All niii!icfttiiuis fur rolo win from .
j over asscvsinciitsi or errors in nwoss- j
I nicnts en city iTojicrly, must lie
j mailt- in writing to Jului llur-it, i
! chairman n leu-o ooiiimiitoo, liofuro
j (let. 1, ''.Ml. ati.'lJ (1 t-o. tl. j
Itnrcints in Kii l..prs. j
Tlie I. to A V Job OJTtcp has some extra
I rimmI circular envcloH'H, nnmliers 'i and j
j (i1. ut flit i.ricps, in lots of o.din) t.i 1(1,- '
i(i"i. eillur printtvl or ilaiu. Tliei
a-c T'i.c"! of these envcli'iM h uimI :i Uir
I g-i n in every one.
10c. for hats that were 15c.
'M: for India Panama hats.
$1.50 will buy a pair of ladies' custom
ed Douglas shoes, down from 2.50.
Job lot shoes for men, women mid
children, to be sold at 75c pair.
Children's black sidiool lioso worth
20c, now 10c.
Ladies' full retrular black and Pal-
briggun, best value to be found at 25c,
now 10c.
Ladies' imperial fancy stripe hose,
regular price 50c, now 3.'U.
Peauliful imported hose, wilh boot
tops, worth 00c, now :i!lc.
Ladies' line imported Lisle thread
hose worth 00c, now ,'Hle.
Ladies' best spun silk hose made,
worth S.I 00, now f2 1!).
Ladies'.?! 50 silk hose, now 81 00.
Ladies' SI 00 silk hose, now (i!)e.
Men's siainless socks, good value at
15c, our price 10c.
Men's hemmed oil' block socks worth
)C, HOW 1.IC.
s fine balbriggan socks, cheap at
'. nOW 20c.
5ic, now 20c
Scrim and
Laco Curtains.
Cream lace scrim worth lt-c, now fie.
lutd niaco lace scrim, beaulil'ul colors,
worth 15 ;, now 7!c.
P.eaiitiful pongee draping, cheap at 15c,
now 0c.
Luce curtains at -10c a pair.
Lot of ladies' P.erlin and Lisle thread
gloves, value 2(e to 25c, your choice
for !)c.
(Formerly of 1)1 huulo, Kin.)
Is now located at Clurksvillo, Tonn.
Arlington Pluck, ittni tillers his
prnft Siiotml services tr I ho
citizens of Moutironiory
und iK'igliborino
Dist .'isos of Throat, Noso, Kyo and
Kur, Diseases of Women, Chronic
I )iso;i.sou.s and Nursery
or (letontion rrom btiMinoss. Btrieture
of the Urol lira cured by Electricity.
Oliioo Hours : it n. w. to 11. 2 p
tn. to 4. Sunday, S n. in. to 10.
.t -.ilw-tf
A so-caiiod "Wob,.r's Dnabrldqod
Dictionary" is being oilered to the public
at a vnry low price. The body of tho book,
from A to Z, is a cheap reprint, pago for
pigs, of the edition cf 1347, which was in
its tiny, a valuablo book, but in the pro
gress ot lane I jo for over FOUTY YEARS,
has been complotely superseded. It is
now reproduced, broken type, errors and
all, by photo-lithograph process. Is printed
on cheip paper and fllmslly bound. A
brfof comparison, p?.go by page, between
the reprint and the latest and enlarged
edition, will show tho great superiority
cf the latter. These reprints are as out
of date es a last year's almanac. No hon
orable dealer will allow tho bnver of such
to suppose that he is netting the Webster
which to-day fs Gccepted as tho Standard
and T3E BEST, overy cony of which
bears our imprint as given below,
tefr If persons who have been induced to
purchase the "Ancient Edition" by any
misrepresentations will advise cs of tho
facta, we will undertake to see that tho
seller is punished as ha deserves.
SI K!N(11 11 l.l, MASS.
A nnve on liKint for Hnie In ny qnntltj
Ti, heat Ztztl,
Ear Com,
Shollod Corn,
ixod II. a.
Kcntuck Coa!,
Pittsburg Coal,
Anthracite Coal.
? .P.Qrac2y-& Ero.
.adies' (allelii silk gloves, actual val
ue 25e to 50c. our mice now l!)c.
Lot of SI oo and SI 50 ladies' four but-
now40e B ' B'ltly ,,IH,mw,t
I-adics' (iOc button kid gloves, now ,"(ic.
Jiest men's kid gloves in town, at SL
10c men's large pure liiien handker
chiefs worth 20c.
5c for men's nice cambric handker
chiefs, down from 10c.
P)c for men's very line bordered hand
kerchiefs, down from 85e.
4c for ladies' hem stitched handker
chiefs, down from 10c.
Si; for Indies' beautiful iiiai(y hand
kerchiefs, down from 15c.
l!)e for ladies' real line handkerchiefs,
down from ."0o.
35c for our 50c ladies' handkerchiefs.
? "II Oil liivl.l nlrr onifc unu. CI r.
Sfi tl liirhl enlnr hllilu now tl'l
12.50 light color suits now Slo.
l:"l.. I i,..1 ...........
.710. on unlit coior suns, now
SO.OO linlit tior suits, now ?7
S'7.00 light color suits, !5.
( liiblren's suits at SI.
Cliildren's knee pants at 25c.
Lot summer coats and vests ut 50c.
Lot of remnants at one-third oil of
regular price to close them out
iiick. Also big reduction on regu
lar stock. Have big slock to make
(elections from.
by tlio use ot wliifli t lie licnvicst tmit of
Retail I'rioo, JfU.OO. - - Liberal DiseoiinUo the Trade.
. JAMES S. PARRISH, Patentee, CMsYille, Tcnn.
Franklin Street - Carsuille, Tenn.
Now York, Moraphifi,
New Orloann, Cincinnati,
Lonlcvillo, Nachvillo,
Saint Lonis, and
All Accocciblo Tointi
R. H. IOINIKTi:R, CwUtr.
Hancock, Hallums & Co.
Gracey Warehouse
Special Attention Paid to Sampling ana Selling Tobacco
Liberal Advances made on CotiPigtiment.
T. H. HANCOCK, Salesmen.
, H'Voml j-an nco I wnn -iiIIitIiic f rom
r"'i. iiil hi linn v, nnil whm hii ciik llmi 1
t.iiiil.'il nn. tell to tin- irroimil In Jllll'n
A I ley, iK tivoi ii I liiTry unit I 'otitic. Mni-ty,
i-.'liii; MTMimly acijUHlnti'.l Willi ir.
Iloitefl, nt Ink iimrri inn j lHt.-fin tuliliiK
Hnafli' Sarsaparilla. 1 look nlniut one ilnz
fii ikuM.-n hi nil. antl frotn the tluiv I luiil
talti-ti llm tlrsi IhiHIi mv liciillli ln-gim to
improv.', iiiirl by tho Onio 1 hml Inki u
tile Iw. lflll Ixtlilo Illy lli'llltll WHO I'olil
pli't.-iv n toni, nnil I Iiiivii onjoynl irnl
lieallh ever B.ni e. I firmlir blleie II Uttd mj
llt. Vmir truly,
for Mnrkft nn-l ( nrroll Ik., Niudiv lllo,
-WlKrAHF.tl I1T
1(, a pnper for KOO(1 lmi.
uns, worth 5c.
wort ; ;ie.
lo. a paper for irood needles, worth fie.
5e for three palm leaf fans.
le for steel crotchet needles.
2c per dozen for jet nnd fancy buttons.
Ho a card for white ngate bullous,
worth 5c.
"e a ball for Tinsel a rd.
lie n ball for O. N. T. darning cotton,
all colors in stock.
5c a dozen for smoked pearl buttons.
10c for rubber dress combs, worth 15c,
5c for rubber dress combs, worth IOc.
P)o for rubber dress combs, worth 35c.
10c for rubber belts, worth 25c.
J0c a pair for seamless dress shields.
10c tor nice curtain poles with brass
11 xt arcs, worth 35c.
40o for Warner's summer corsels,
worth $1,
45c for the victoria corset, worth 75e.
You can't get here loo early or too
(jitick if you want the biggest value
for your money.
All goods on salu as advertised
everything marked in plain figures.
Cash only buys during this sale.
05 & 07 - - Franklin Street.
this Slaughter Sale.
'itliout a damp t-broil on the body. Af'tor
witHliino; take tlio drip from the hnir by
pnssiiiij it tlirotioh a, towol ; ihon throw tlio
lirtir loosely over t lie ruck of thin litllo
device and it will dry in one-lilth tlio time
ordinarily required. A perfect little join
niter sen bathing. 15y actual tent a heavy
suit of hair was dried in twenty niinutoH.
h Won an Should I: Wiikt This Great Ccmfcrt.
It in ooiistrticlod of small Japanned wire;
weighs five ounces ; wi'l fit any aize lady.
Jt in neat, eoiiitortuMe ami eoiidueive to
health. Can clone up like a book. The
wearer ean go about at will while tiHitig.
Ur. J. KLV, Hook Keeper.
Cordsr & Warder.
Bailers ni Contractors
Shop in rtiir of ZKlcr A (hikleyV
jiniiit simp, on Thiru Mni-t, oiMHite
court liotiMf. l)i) nil kinil-i of
CtirjntfT H'rirfc (it lUnuiw'ir VVt,
Solicit tho imtron.iK! of the ptilillc.
Jiilyl2,l tf

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