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Text lit tlio LctMon, I.iiIio Sir II, 81-37,
Commit Ve rses 2" -37 Golden li'vt,
Phil. II, B- Cciraini'ntrj liy Itev. I. M.
Oimiiilivl frinn I,isoii IT'Ipcr Qunrtcrly by por
, mirtsiuti of II. S. llsT;i'..iii1.piihlistK'ri PliiJailcl
SI. "Ami there win also a Bt rift; anions
tliem, wliioli ot t licm K'.iiulil lie accounted
tli Kn-nlcst." Hi! h.-v1 kept II in last uxn-
over with llicin, auiii I ypioiilly foroshml
owIiik His Hiillcriii.: ami death; lie had
Iiwl ituLeil tli Mippor which would keep
eoiistiifilly liefore, them His humiliation
unto dis'it li; He had just said that one. of
tlicin, one or the twelve, should prove false
to Him and betray Him; mid yet all these
tilings k lilUo nttec.t them that, even at
such a time, Instead of Ikmiik in sympathy
wit h Him, and fcclini; for Him in view of
Jiis approaching siifieiiiiM, they are Hel
lishly and apparently unfeelingly talking
of their own personal advantage and hii
peiiority of position in His Kingdom. He
Inul tlm cross ever liefnni Him, ami by
plain Htatement as well as hy paralile and
typo was ever referring to it. They could
see no cross, hut only the restoration of
Israel's supremacy as in the. days of David
and Solomon, and posit inn and honor for
themselves wil h llim. Their thoughts
were not His, they understood llim not.
lie was alone annum men, His company
with whom lie f irind felloUnliip was un
seen ly mortals.
'Si. "And lie s lid unto them, The kinifs
of the (ieotiles exorcise lordshipt.ver them;
and they that, exerciso authority upon
"them are culled benefactors." Tlm Jews
wero ehosen from unions all nations to
show unto all the reality of the only liv
ing and t rue (iod, one who in supernatural
ways would Kni'Ii', protect and care for His
people who put their trust in Him; pity
inland providing for them as a father,
cniiifortiiin and tiourishim; them as a
mother. They were to glorify llim by an
implicit and constant reliance upon llim
and by beinn meekly subject to llim in all
tiling. They were not to be anxious even
about, food and raii.ient, for their Heavenly
Father knew that they needed such things
and would surely provide them (Matt, vi,
Let tne (Ictitiies who knew no Heav
enly i"at her have such anxiety, but let Is
rael not, so dishonor their (Jod. And so
with posit iuu and honor among men,
leave ail that to t hose who knew no better.
'JO. "Hut ye shall not be so; but ho that
is Ki'catct almoin you, let him be as the
younger: and ho that is chief, as he that
doth serve." This was n lesson that lie
was ever l.eachinir them (Matt, xviii, !), 4;
xx, "I, UT; xxiii, II), but one so hard for
poor human nature to learn.
'J7. "For whether is greater, ho that sit
tctfi at meat, or he that s"rveth? Is not he
that .sit leth at mcil ? I 0.-1 am among you
as lie that, serve! h." ( ir as He said on an
other occasion: ''The Son of Man came not
to lie ministered unto but, to minister, and
to nivo His life a ransom for many" (Matt
xx, 'J). The incident of the feet washing
recorded in John xiii, 4 -17, occurred at this
time, for it is written that ''lie rose from
supper, laid aside His gannonls, took a
towel and ni rded lli.'isslf," etc.; then
when He had linishisl lie said: "I have
Kivcn you an example t hat ye should do as
1 have done unto j on."
yn. "Vo are t hey which luivo continued
with Me in my templotinns." How kind
of Him it was to say so. Outwardly they
were with llim; they had left all for Him;
they followed llim wherever Ho went and
niinislered unto Him; but. as we have seen
they did not feel for Him in His trials and
would not, believe that the cross awaited
"'.. "And I appoint unto you a Kingdom,
as My Father hath appointed unto Me."
He will wean them from desire for present,
pre eminence by assurances respecting t heir
future glory.
;l(i. "That, ye may eat, and drink at My
table in My Kingdom, and sit, on thrones
judging I he t w clve 1 1 ibes of Israel." ( 'mil'
parr Matt, xix, v. hi, re t he same promise
is a lilt le more full. There He says it will
bo in the legcnciat ion, when tho Son of
Man slinll nil, on t lie t hrone of II is glory.
111. "And the 1ii'd said, Simon, Simon,
Heboid Satan halli desired to have you
that he may silt you as wheat." Satan
seems to have a special hatred of those
whom the M ister is ab nit to use; he had
already used I he lip.; of I 'el er to say templ
ing winds (Matt., xvi, 'Si, ''), nail now, as
in the ease of .bib, he lias made special re-iici-t,
for I'cter to give him a sift ing.
:?. "lint I have prayed for theo that thy
faith fail not: and when thou art. convert
ed, strengthen thy brethren." If the
prayers of a i i ;hteons man avalleth much,
bow all prevailing must be t he prayer of
Jesus; and- how ipiiet and thankful wo
should be t hat "He ever livct h to make in
tercession for us" (.las. v, Hi; lleb. vii, i"i).
II". "And he said i.nto llim, Lord, I am
ready t n go wit h t hee, hot h into prison and
to death." Have you never, dear reader,
been so conscious of t lie presence of (iod
and the love id' Cud that you, too,
have felt just like th.it.ccn if you did
not sav it i Hut how long f!id it last f
:il. "And lles.inl, I tell thee, l'ctcr, the
enck shall not crow t his day before that t hoti
shall, thrice dcliv thai llioii l.iiouest Me."
The heart is lie -i i 1 fill
desperately V. icl-.ed; v
llie Lord (lor. xvii, si,
that nny should test
knew what was iu n
I'lovcnll things, and
ho can know it t 1
U. He llieled not
ty of man, lor He
in (John ii, and
He is read iiu: us just as He read 1'eler
:i "And lie -ai l unto them, When 1
sent yo.i without, purse, and scrip, and
shoes, l.ii ked e iinyl hiou'' And they said,
Xol liio No good tiling will lie with
hold Into? t hem that walk uprightly ( I's.
I .xiv, 1 1 1; I a i nil less It, on those whom I Iu
sends tin lb in 1 1 is name.
ltd. "Then said lie unto them. Hut now
hethat balh a purse let hiv take it, and
likewise his sn ip: and In' "K,;:! hath no
i-word, let liim sell bis garmcVa mid liny
ime." This sounds st range in view of 1 1 is
former teaching, i hut if they should seek
first, the Kingdom of ( Iod and His right
eousness all necessary temporal tliiuis
would be ridded; and nl i when wen men -ber
I hat 1'elei' a little later used aswo'd
mid .lesiis told liim to put it up. saying,
"All they that take the sword shall perish
with the swiii'd" (Matt, xxvi, M). lie
never emit railicts Himself; lie never
changes. The sense seems to lie this:
I am now u'oing to lie absent from you
in person, and it you cannot trust, me to
lake care of yiu "anil protect you though
unseen I hen rely upon yourselves Instead
.f savin '. Lied, hcie are two swords
(which proved to be more than enough),
thi'V should have said, 1 in I, we will rely on
Thee M ill and die with Theo rathertlmn
Use the swoid.
;I7. "For 1 say unto you, that this that is
written must et i e accomplished ill Me,
and lie was reckoned among the trans
gressors: for the things co.icerning Mo
have an end." Very soon now in less
t hail twelve hours from that time would
1 le kiv on t he ci o-s. ": is finished." And
just lis sun ly us lie Sinishcil t lie work of
iu oneincnt for sin, iimkitm redemption pos
sible, so surely shall lie liiii.lt the work of
redemption in His loming Kingdom.
. ,, iiocs tun. seem to lie nny safety for
ai.v els' l owadiijs. Within a week we
l-.e-ir of a girl w ho litis Ixi'ii married wit h
tun k:ii' i in; it. and of ft mini who has Ihi-ii
divorce! and never found that proccedim.
had l i ra Is iiui until after the decree won
giioiteil. The only safety seems to Ik) to
take in tlm wood.. Detroit Free Drcs.
i .-intake of Color.
Ilinah-Vat' lie matter derr, honeyf
Sm.-ill D.-nmliter (dressing fori party in
Jilat kvi'le)-lere" f-o many holes in my
shoes dat riv new red nu' blue stockings
shows i i ,ht fioo,
ll.n.h -W-II, go wifout Mockings, an'
'e lioh- v o.i'i show - (onsl News.
The lUiimlim I.al.l to Il"it In Arlington
CfUH-tery, WaxhiiiKton,
Washington, Oct. I. G'eu. BoS
knap"3 funeral link plmlo from Hi.
John's church :it 10:"i( Th.ms.luy inoi n
ing. Long before th remains arrived
W. W. ntll.KNAP.
the church was crowdod. The rc mains,
escorted by Unio.i vefenma, (iraiul
Army vtiterans and the Third Artillery
band, followed by the family anil
friends, arrived at tho church t romiitly
at 10:1.0.
The casket win borne by six non-commissioned
ofliners of the artillery (all in
full uniform) followed by the honorary
pallbearers and relatives. As tho re
mains were brought into the church,
the choir Ravf? "Lend. Kindly Light,"
after which Dr. Douglass, asriistcd by
Hev. Stuart Crockett, liev. John M. E.
McKee, Rev. ('. M. Pyne and Rev. Rob
ert Wood, reuS tho Episcopal funeral
service. Tlio casket was then placed in
the hearse and, precoded by tho Or. A.
R. "Old Oluard" and followed by a largo
procession of friends, was taken to
Arlington cemetery, where tho remain
were pi iced in their 1h it resting placo.
The honorary pallbearers wero Secre
tary. Noble, ex-Postmaster General
Cresswell, Gen. L. A. Grant, assistant
secretiry of war; Gen. Cyrus Bu-sey,
assistant f-ecretary of tho interior; Gen.
Batcheller, Gen. Bcnet, Gon. Vincent.
Gen. II. A. Boynton, of The Cincinnati
Commercial Gazette; Gen. W. G.
Veasey, commander-in-chief of the
Grand Army; Hallet Kilbonrn, Senator
Mandeivon, and two members of the
Loyal Legion. A large numlier of army
and navy officers and prominent public,
officials and many well-known citizens
of Washington attended the funeral and
followed the remains of the soldier arid
ex-cabinet officer to the grave.
ProbulHy I i. tally Hounded by onlil-lli-AasuKrtliifl.
New Ohlkans. Oct. 17. At 11:3a
o'clock Wednesday night David (J.
Hennessey, chief of police of this
city, was snot aown uy three niou
near tho corner of Basin and Uiiod
IMstols were used by ITennessi-'s as
sailants, and ho received four shots, one
in the stomach which it is believed will
prove fatal. Hennessey was carried at
once to the Charity hospital and bis
relatives hastily summoned. His assail
ants so far are unknown.
Hennessey lives on Girod street, and
was on his way homo from his office at
the Cel. trul station, which is on Hie
corner of Common and Basin stn eta.
Hu had turned into Girod street when
he was fired upon by a party of mou
who wero concealed in tho doorways.
He was wounded at the first fire, but "as
soon as ho recovered from his surprise
he fired four shots in the direction oi
his assailants. The fusillade attracted
the neighbors, and when they arrived
only the wounded chief was found.
The number of wounds ho received
leads to the conclusion that his a sail
ants usei both pistols and Hhotguns.
He 1ms in iy slight wounds about the
body in addition to two severe wounds -one
iu the abdomen and one through
the lungs.
The clothing on the chief's left side
was riddled with shot, but only a few
of them had sufficient force to penetrate
The attempted assassination, it is sup
posed, was tlio worn of Italians, whose
vendettas tho chief expressed his deter
mination to suppress, i-'ever.il arrests
have been made.
Latkii Chief of Polico Hennessey
died at 0 o'clock Thursday yiorning.
Several arrests have been made.
Very Iuii-ca4lvo Cm'cmniiiteA !onliiclrl
In Ilia Siii.eini! Court Itoom.
Wasiiinuton, Oct. 17. Tho funeral
of Justice Samuel F. Miller, of the su
preme court, took placo Thursday.
Services were held at the lmnso at 'S
o'clock iu the presence of the chief jus
tico and associate justices of tho court,
the family of the deceased and a few
family friends, after which tho remains
were conveyed to tho Capitol and taken
to the supreme court room.
Mr. Miller's former associates on tlio
bench acted as honorary palll eiuais.
The president and tho members of the
cabinet attended the funeral. 'J ho ser
vices in tile supreme court room, con
ducted by liev. Rush R. Shippeu. as
sisted by" Dr. Bartlott, of this city, wero
very impressive.
IViu't! In Cvnti'Hl Amerlfiii.
La Lihkhtai), Oct. 17. A new cab
inet has boon forme, 1. The int-red .of
the English debt has been paid. T lie
schools have been reopened. The army
has been disbanded. Agticuliural
work has Ihvii resumed; the crops are
in good condition. Commerce is active,
and peace reigns throughout the
DcKcrveri Lynching.
Papivah, Ky., Oct. 17. .lames Whit
ledge, who was jailed here, (barged
with criminal assault on the o-year-o d
daughter of George Stycr-, was dis
charged. T lio child, proved too young
to recount the assault, and there was
no other evidence against tlnwaccused.
Kentucky' l'toititt loui
Washinuton. Oct. 17. Tlio popula
tion of the sl.i'.o of Kentucky is a i
t.outiced. It is rhtiwn tint there are
!,rCi."i.4al inhabitants, as against l.i'iis,
(t'.'O in lHt), ait increase ot '.M(l,7 I'l, or
l'J.51 per cent.
(lootl I'rlee Kr:i!lr. ,
Lt'MNiiToN, Ky., Oct. 17. Twenty
eight horses woio sold here Wednesday
at Wiiislard s sale for -'U,:i"0, an aver
age of ij.r'J7 ikt head.
Koeiiilisl Arrt-ftlril.
Sr. Pt:TKi;sni itii, Oct. 17. -Numerous
arre-tsof workmen accused of Sod ilism,
continue in this city and Mi scow.
Iinl Iliirtingtoirs h'limoruMi- allusion to
the length of the sentence haunted from
Mr. (Hailstone's sievi Ii to the Wcle sin
Home Killers w::s not without reason. Mr
(ihidstone's verbosit y is incurable. It i- cm
Kt.intlv breskim; fori h ill long wind. I s,
tcnecs, not oiih in s;h is In s but iu w ; it in.'
For example, ho handed in a ipic.lnsi
which contained I JO words. Also in one if
bis siiccchcH in the house lie dcb eii 1 a
sentence which listed live leinulis by the
ri'Hirter's waiib, and would hive liil-.l
over a quarter ef n coiiiinu of space bad it
Ims-ii written out In full. Sei iiu." I '.at this
m-iiteinv enitained almt ' won!-, t lie
M'lilence ot s; ,,rds v. hi. Ii Iird Ii ;r:::ig
tui ipiotiil i as i-1'iiipar..l i cly loudcia . .
luiiioii (', ii.l .1, nire J
IS Nature's effort to expel foreign sub
stnnces from the bronchial passages.
Frequently, this causes inflammation
and tho need of an anodyne. No other
expectorant, or nnodyno is equal to
Ajcr's Cherry I'ecloral. It assists
Naturo iu ejecting tho mucus, allay-?
irritation, induces repose, and is tho
most popular of all cough cures.
"Of the many preparations before tlia
public, for the cure of colds, coughs,
bronchitis, and kindred diseases, there
is none, within the range of my experi
ence, ay reliable as A it's Cherry Pec
toral. For years I was subject to colds,
followed by terrible coughs. About four
years ago, when so alHicted, 1 was ad
vised to try Ayer's Cherry Pectoral and
to lay all other remedies r.side I did
ho, and within a week was well of my
cold and cough. Since then I havo
always kept this preparation in tlm
house, and feel compaiat ively secure."
Mrs. L. L. Iirown, Denmark, Miss.
''A few years ago I tonic a severe cold
which affected my lungs. X had a ter
rible cough, and passed night after
r.iglit without sleep. The doctors gave
me up. 1 tried Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
which relieved my lungs, induced sleep,
and afforded the rest necessary fortius
recovery of inv strength. By the con
tinual use of tlio Pectoral, a permanent
cure was effected." Horace Fairbrother,
Kockiugham, Vt.
flyer's Cherry Pectoral
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass.
Bold by all Druggists. I'rirc f 1 ; six bottles, (5.
AGENT8 WANTED iy an old lellnlile firm
larirn nrellts. iiuIck sales. Hamuli' fiee. A
rare opportunity. (ieo.A.Hcolt.HIJ It'wny.N V,
Thomas Kolnior,
ami EDiTiQfj.
A so-callotl "Websr's Unahritlrioil
Dictionary " is being ottered to the public
at a very low price. Tiio body of the boult ,
iroin A to Z, in a cheap reprint, parjo tor
paije, oi the edition ot 1347, which was in
its day, n valuablo book, but in tho pro
gress ol language foioveiTOHTlf YEARS,
has beeti completely superseded. It i3
mw reproduced, broken type, errcra and
all, by photo-lithograph process, is printed
ou cheap papir anil ilimsily bouutl. a'
brief compariiion, page by page, between
tho reprint and the latost and enlarged
edition, vrfll sliow tho great superiority
of the latter. These reprints are as oat
of date as a last year's almanac. No hon
orable dealer will allow the buyor of sncli
to suppose that he is getiing the Webuter
v.-,ich to-day is fiuccptoo as the Standard
fd THE BEST,- every copy oi which
b-rs onr Imprint as given below.
P.r If pnrsons wlio havo been indncod to
pnrchaso tlio "Ancient Edition" by any
misrepresentations will advise U3 t-f tho
facts, we will undertake to seo that the
aeller is punished as ho deserves.
HVmiiUl lhAA), MASS.
Jonncrly of tniuuito, Flu.)
Ih now liicati ti nt (!larksvilli, Term.
Arlints'lou lUnok, utul tillers his
lil'oi'oKsional services t') the
citizens of Montgomery
ami neiulilioiiiijj;
count it s.
Disensri of Throat, Nose, Kyo nnl
F.ar, l)ise:ises of Women, Chronic
IMsciisoiis itinl Surgery
or tletenlioti from lui-iness. SlrieluiT
of the Urethra cured ly Kleclricity.
Oll'ii'i' Hours: !) a. in. to 11. 2 );
in. to 4. Sundiiy, S a, m. to 111.
a '-.iiw-ir.
p havpiin liuiut, tor HhIp In any quanlltj
Wheat Eran,
Ear Corn,
Shelled Corn,
LUL lAU" JB..H 4
Koiitiuk' Coal,
Pittsburg Coal,
Anthracite Co.il.
?,P;GracGV h Ere.
ll-iv tin I Vutrli, r.y. "i' I j I N. . M ii tri. ! u v
Lotion ? I i' MI K I -W - til N i ! i I uMt ,
i 1 fit ft (1 Pit' WOlM 1' iev Jiml i' 1- tln
I .'liH't v If H nil I ! I" ntis I: ; h'mih i' f . v lili-
triilnit". 'i'jil, riu liinr. . f. Mini &Um,
. (). CiMllll.,!!, Id ill.' Ll'.M'
?Niri.i: iifii. e, nu'riil fi.r the
lie-r:,.,!." mi,, i,! !...-! ..;;.
st ly 'i -i r;li i -i iiiinlc, j il i-.
fur i" moticy tl'.an anvetlir
la-.- ti'ie'iiii''. lie will t:ike
-ttri' in lni in.: Ibe ( '.!li.'.r:i h to
nlie cmtti nii'l:U in:; t he ":i'i !nie
writiiit; inai liiii''. Tin re are
live or six ii'i ;i:i'!win t!'e city
;;!! re K'viu;; J i f . t fati.-far-i
Ilnr.-iiiii" hi l.nvel.'in'
Tio' I, K.Io'.' (Mi'i'i' h.lv snino .f r;i
(Mini ei'i"il:ir ei.vi ! !, iiiirul i'ts ii nml
n'.iil "et 'ii s, iii l"ts of L'.m'O to 1
ir ii i iili'-r pilhteil or -I. tin. There
Hi.. T i,i'" ot tin eiivi li'i -s a'".l u !ir
g:iin to . very line.
,o i : i- i
k : : 1 h J
I. A
V'U- Is. ! b.-.-l 15.
.-! iau i
Tho Most Astonishing: TVTedieal Discovery oi
tho Last One Hundred Years. .
It is Pleasant to tho Taste as tha Srectost Nectar.
It is Safa and Harmless as the Finest Milk.
Tins n-ondcrful Nervine Touio ha8 only recently been introduced into
'X3 country by the Great youth American Mediciuo Company, and yet its
oritv.ilua as ti cumlive njrent luu long been known by the native inhal)
t a?i.s if South America, -who rely almoFt ulwilly upon its great medicinal
I'-owra to cure every form of disease by which they arc overtaken.
This new ar.'l valuable South American mediciuo possesses powers and
qualities h-ithevto rr.kuown to tho 'medical profession. This medicine has
completely solved tlio problem of the cure ot Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Liver
Complaint, and diseases of tho general Kcrvous (System, it also cures all
funis of Jailing licuHh from whatercr cause. It performs this by tho Great
Kervine Tonic qualities which it possesses and by its great curativo jwv.'en
r.pon the digestive organs, the stomach, tho liver ami tlio bowels. No remedy
compares with this wonderfully valuable Kcrvino Tonic as a builder and
etrengthencr of tho life forces of the human body and as a great renewcr of
a broken down constitution. It is also of more real permanent value in tho
treatment and cure of diseases of the Luugs than any ten consumption iem
cdies ever ufal on this continent. It is a marvelous euro for nervousness
of females ci' all ages. Ladies who aro approaching tho critical period known
r.3 change in Jie, should not fail to use this great Uervino Tonic alnior-t
constancy for tho rpaoe of two or tlireo years. It will carry them safely
over the danger. This great strcngthoner and curative is of ine.-timahlo
valuo to the aged and infirm, because its great energizing properties will
give theta a new hold ou life. It. will add ten or fifteen years to tho lives of
many of the so who will uso a half dozen bottles of tho remedy each year.
Ncrp iusnops .':ra
Ner ,'ous rr0i4nit.io3,
Sjrvoiis Headaclu. and
ii:k lle.vuu-.ho,
!''ein.".Io "W'eaknest,
All Disoa-'os of AVomen,
.Scrvotro Chills,
.I'avaJy:-'':', '
Xervuus ParoTcysiiu and
K'Tvons Cli'kin.j;
J let I-Vshru,
I'tdpitnlion of the IToart,
MM L,'iv,l,Jncy,
.St. itis Dance,
ctvousiiess of l'V males,
KcrvousiX'ijfj of Old Ago,
l'ains in ti,o TtCiirt,
I'aim-i in the. :.i,k,
lailin!' Jloaith.
All tl'j u and i
As a euro for every class of Kervons Diseases, no rcir.ody liari hec-n able
to compare with tho Jlervino Tonic, which is very pleasant and liannlcfS in
all its effi'cts wpm tho joimgest child or tho oldest and most delicate individ
ual. Kinc-Uinths of all tho ailments to which tho huiucn family i,-i heir, aro
dependent on iservms exhaustion and impaired digestion. When there is an
insufficient supply P net vo ,nA hi tho blood, a general filxto ef debility of
tho bniin, f;puial jn;irrow and nerves is tho result Starved nerves, like
starved muscles, becomo ptrong when tho right kind of fjod is rapid iod, and
a thousand weaknesses and ailments disappear as the nerves recover. As the
nervous system must supply all tho power l-y which tho viial fnve3cf tho
body aro'cfuHed on, it hi tho first to suffer for want of perfect Eiiiriticn.
Oi d'inavy (iiod does not contain a sufficient quantity of the ki::d of nntrivienf
iioooMiry 1 rcjuir tho wear our present mode of living and l'tbor impo-cca
o Tierves. 1 or una reason it
1. This rccert productic:x of
sue i)l tet
found, by analysis, to coat?.: a tlio essential elements out of which u
is i'enneii. This accounts for j 'a magic
deia. i. foments',
Cr.A.i'FOiireviLLE, Ini., Aug. JO, 'S3.
To Ihf. (Ireitl Smith American ilrdicine Co. :
Dk.ir ii"Ns: I dt'flio t'i my ti ynn tlint I
hnvo NUiliTi-ri tor initny y-'iirs wiOi a vory his-l-(il's
ii iMNi;,'.' il IlK' hloiiiiirh inul luirves. 1 trk'il
every uir-fli'-iiio I roiil.t lunr of tmt nuihing
Hum" l k1 Mi:y .ijipri'niiiblo j'ooil until I ;;ix isl
viri! to try vour Ori'ut SimlH Amir:im N'-'rvliio
'i iviir unit Sltunnch uml l.ivi r Cur,', nml sim o
uUiiKwvorul liottlrsi'f it I in ml rnv tlwt I I'm-
MHH1M'I 111 lis Wlllu'UTful JHUViTS ID I'llHI till)
Moiiiiu niuiu (.riu'.'i'l inrvi ussyMi'm. If evi-ry-ii;
ku. vv Uis vului'f'f this ri'iiii'dy ns I no. Jul;
v.ualil uut U-aUo losuiii'ly Hi'- ilcimui-l.
J. A. ) I A hi IKE.
Bx-Tns.s. IViuutiruiaLiy Co.
OiAwiRnsvti.t.n, Inn., Mar 10, l.'Mi.
TSf o.mj.'hK.'r. tv.vlvo years ohl, t'nil lieen nf
filcterl for sevut'i'l immtlis with Chnroa or Hi.
Vll'l I'd ilunra. i'lie u-ok redueeil tn (i skeleton,
con ill rot w.wk, coull not llt, vnM not swiil
li.'T H'i.vlliint; I'lit liil.k. I lent to Ir'ii'ilu her
iikc flii'iiiliiut. Jloelor iin-l neiirhliois e.uvti her
v.p. I I'l.iiimrnpc'l gMr.x tier the Sou tti Ar.ieri-fi.-l
Nervinsi 'I inio; the eileet', wero very snr
ru i' iis'. tn three liiy-i slio v, as rill of the rcr-T-.nv..i,iuiU
ri'-pi'Hv 1 ti -r ' v("'- Four littloi
cu.r''i! lier famplete'y. I think tho Soti'h
Arner'",in K.'TVliso tho irv.uiilest reuu'ily over
1's. .jv.i-cd,nudWouUrecoi!imeiia it. to every
one. ilea, W. H. KtatitoLiu
Utatc nf Tmtlann, t...
Nml,ii rv C'.ivn'v, )'
f iil.erilii.a'n:sl Mvorn to MfitO HO tli is Key
ii', j v7. (.has. Ji. Xravis, Kotiiry J'ublic.
The Groat South American Hcrvine Tonio
Trhieh vo now ofler you, i-i tlio only absolutely unfailing remedy everdifcov
creil for tho cure of Indigestion, Dy.peprtia, and tho vast train of pymptoms
r.nd horrors which aro tho result of di.-oa- and debility of the human stum
sir h. Ko person can nfibrd to p;a by this jewel of incalculable value who ie
tlieetrd by diseafso of tho iSlmrruh, becauso tho experienco and testimony of
thousands go to prove that Lids is tho one nml only onh great euro in tho
v (i;!.l for this universal dcutroycr. Them h no caso of nnmali;;nant diseasa
of tho Btont.ich wl,: h can resist tho wonderful curativo powers of tho South
Amci-icita Kcrvlno Tonic.
Hu TM A. lirnttOT!, Of NT7 ttOSC, In !.,
onvx: "l can not cxprcs- now imien i owo
to tlm Nei vino Tnnlo. hiv Rystcin wim coin
iiiet.; y fhiitiored, npiH'tit K'iiiii, tin
i on 'h!n uii'l (lin Inf? u blooil ; hiii mini 1
w -u in tiio li i "t nt.'iii--. econinuiition, nn
intu"-il!'iieo hund'-rt d 'W it t hroi,(:u voral
c'lieriitns. I lietoin teiiiitg liio Nervino
Ton i..i nnJl continu. il as usio lor n'mut six
iiimiiliH, und om piitlrely cured. It In tho
(mode st reniedy for neivoa, btouuieli uud
lunii 1 iuivo ever syen."
I'd J. Urswii, PrurrirUt, ff Til inn. Mo.,
v. rilef : ",'ily heiiitli Ii id heon very poor for
j i nly ill) pomi'ls V hen I .-onminnrpd usietr
-nth Anienenn Nervino. 1 h;tvi u s-d two
; li'Ht.e.4 and now weifili l.tOjuiiiii'l!, nnd ion
I inul Ii sKronijer and bt,tter riniii I Iihto been
lurlivn yrni i. Am sum I would not li n o
l.v.'d Ih'r, uu'h tho winter had I not sit tint!
Ilii-i iem "d v. Jlv r'l'itoiui isi fl"e n ;mt it has
don 'tor lee Mel liny it cayi rly. It gives
-is ill i it.Ml.iet.oii.1
Price, Lnrcj9 13 ounco Bottles,
COLD u.n: TIZZTAJZTj 23"2"
Owen ,V .Moore, Clarksvillo, Tcnn. V. AVr. Sinilb, New Provide
n.e, Tei.n. Ih IM'-.-.-iird, Lafayette, Ky. lboth Urtm., St. i.othle
iii in. 'l'eim. N. Thomas, Cumlioi land ('ity, Tcnn. IJoi-h A ('.,
(ititlirio, Ky. Sold at Wlioic-alo only by Owen & Monro, Clarksvilie.
111 .fw
r I r"
IH 'S k-3
Broken ConRtJtntlon,
Debility of Old Age,
Indigestion and Dyspepsi'i,
Ileartbtirn and Sour Btorr.aax.
Weight and Tcadcrncss in Btomactf,
Loss of Appetite,
Frightful Dreams,
Dizziness and Kinging in tho Ears,
Weakness of Extremities and
Impure ana Impoverished EIooi1.
Uoils and Caibuucles,
Fcrofulous Sv.-illing ami Ulcer.'?,
Consumption of tho Lung.1,
Catarrh of the Lungs,
Uronehilis and Chronic Cotigh,
Liver Complaint,
Chronic Diarrhoea,
Delieato and Pcrofulons CliihLw,
f-'umrncr Complaint of Inf.ir.iA
erred by thiawiwleriul KcrviuoToiiio.
becomes necessary tliat a acrvo hxkI do
tho tVuith American Continont has lieea
power to euro all forua f n
rr. Solnmon ttnn'l. n tncniticroi tlio itvicy
ol l-'ri.'i.iis, of IiiiilitiKton, Iii't., .-hys: "1 hevo
uxrl twelve iKittlciof I'liRtlri'atfiiMitli Ameri
cull Nt'rviiit'lonli'-'iii'tHti'iTiT'h 'i.i-' 1. 1 vorOuw,
uml I cousMi r ili.it ..-vivy b'uli ill., i.u- me one
luniilrpil ilullars wonli of usoil, Iktuuw I I'iuo
lint liml n kikmI liinht's flo. jj f..r twrnty jrenrs
on urrouut i;f irriliUiim, juiin, liurril.lr ilr,jn;ns,
Riiil gcnurnl uirviuis j ros:Hii'Ki, v.liii ii l'a.;
limin ciiuivil liy cljioiiio Jf liri'sil.-a uiul rtc
ieiifia ( the t-toma'.h m;d hy a hnk. n r!u'fi
cijiuliti.ui of my u. rvom synusj. iiuf l.isvl- in
IkmIowu ami Mcepuil un',litii..i'-.'r.i.:! :si 'il.liy,
unit I !t"'l 1(1. o '. su;i lu.ui, I s nil'.. X'tWi
IIH.TI) l:aKvt.i Is ' r, a nr. ilii-iup i,itri,,n.vi -
thid iiiuiiiry v.iiii-l. wiU nl. nil fiu:nnii' v't.1:
flli.-i rvina 'I'." '- r: t .. ',,. ' 'is,"
CnAWFOHDsrii.LE, Ind., Junfl 22, iW.
My daughter, eleven yenrs old, wnn Fevcrclf
nfllictcd with St. Vitns's Eancc or Chorea. Wo
pavo lier three and onc-lmlf bottles of Ponth
American Nervino anil bIio is conir.lotcly ro
stored. I bulicro It will euro every caso of St.
Vitns's Tanro. I tiave l-cpt it In iny f.xmily for
tuo yeaia, uml nm i-nrn it in the r,reti't rem
pily in tho worhl for JmliriesUon uml Iivspep
p'ru nil forms of Kervons Jiisor.'kr.s and bailing
Iloaltli liom whatuvee ciusi'.
Joan T. Mikh.
Sii'e of ThilUina, .
Mn-ujiiupury Count!, ""'
fhih'c'ribcdaudfcWoni foTirfororio tlili Jnnl
22, 1S7. CUAii. V. Wkuhit,
Jiotary ruhlic
nnr"'nt K. TTfill, of Vrrynrtown, Ind., Hayi :
"I owo my lif.i to Tlio Hrout limit ,i Auii i ie in
Nervino. I I ad l-en In I ed fur llvn nioniln
from tho prfeets o' an o.hniHtod Htoiiiuoh,
ndigp'itlcwi, neivous pn?ainttlon and arn
o: el rlniUered uouitiiloii ot my hole Hy
teni II ud piven up nil hupiis "f Ueti init w- II
Ihul ti led Hire" in otoi 3 Willi no relief. The
l)rnt hottlo of tin Nervlr.o Ton o luipro.'.'d
hid so niiieh Unit I wiifl al'lo t; w ii't tiiro'if,
nnd u t w liottli s u-:i mo tnliivi'.'. t I;.i
lieV ! it In tiio l ent ini'dioino In 1 h ' wor'U. 1
cun not lttomuieud it too liiguly."
Mrs. if. RikopI!, fii 'iirCroet' Vr,n-y. In i.,
wiitos: "1 havo mod Beverid hoHl' m of i
t-oxil Ii Aniertcari Nervine Ton-e, uml si I .siiy
I tonMider it tho le-it no diemfi in D.e vor. i
I liolieve It hiiVi I tlio liv . of iv.s) of ley
rlilldren. Thi'y weio .1 m n and noi hiiiir ar
pe iri d to do ttiinn uu irood eui ,1 I pi", en -i d
thHieinedy. It win very purin l- h..'.v
.11.. S .!.,. tl, I . . ..-nil .... I.j i.,. f
i.l.'.t'jr j ....... ........... . .. - .....
leo-'oiimoi.d too inc. nemo to nil my ii. iq'f
Trial Glzo, VZ vsnts.
by the nsc ot which the heaviest suit ot
: ? . - WftirJiii
'n f Vr "tt ft is neat, comfortalilo and conducive- to'-
S'A- j : nii.iin
;yj'J, 'iT-'rt J.ealth. Can close up liken book. Tho
' wearer can o about at will while using.
Retail l'riec, $l.(lO. - - Lilicral Disctiuntlo tli Trndo
JAMES S. PAKRISH, Patentee, ClarWe, Tenil.
1 Hundred & Fifty Lots
Friday and Saturday, Oct. 17&18
Tli umlersiKiicd will ofler for snle, on nlinvo (latcR, the projicrty ktiown'as
llie King property, (itttiti(l on (item word avciiuc, tint n short iliHiance lie
yonil the city limits. It litis lieen lit Ul oil' into 15(1 lots with goml streets run
ninr north nnd seuth, east and wim.
These siihtirlian lots lie near llie Street Knilwny, w hich is now riitinttif on
-icliednle time, so that husiness men, or others, tin do ImsinesH in llie city and
linvo (lie udvuiiliijie ot ipiii t honit s in the prettiest nnd healthiest portion of
the city. A pint of the lots will he circulated in n few (lays.
TKHMS : Due third cash; luiliiiice one uml two years, interest hearing
nole, and lien. retained on deferred piiytneiits.
PET1US, Til Alii E it- SHE I TON.
Sept, IM.d.tdK.
Clarksvilie Liquor Store,
S. BAER & CO., Proprietors,
Dealers in
w mm
1. iStiiiiltV
Gins, Etc.
Wo carry a comp'cto lino ol
Cigm's, Tobacco nnd Smokers' Articles.
Solo aircnts Sachs Prndena (linger Ale, Alf and A if Ale and J'orter.
A. L. PunlapA U Ttdmecos, S. Ii. and J. 0. Mott's celebrated
Crab A pjilo and Chaiiipagne Cider, Crescent Urewing (!o.,r jimtly
celebrated export lleer. Clivo us il call.
Sign of tbo liig Black Hear.
.:r.s,P'';. s :',m.i!'! '',i.:'i;! liiri,,., ... -
'.:-,!' ! I :,('. ", JJ '. .-! f-. 'I t m I ':'!
rid Stools. Cabinet Vork .if all
U,nik8. Cntnlotnte free. Address
Hancock, Hallums & Co.
Gracey Warehouse
Special Attention laid to Sampling arc Selling Tcbacco
Liberal Advances niado on Consignment.
T. It. HANCOCK, Salcflmen.
"Life is Too sliorl to
...... . . . . 1 -,
Ghcap33t.!E!sMachinG cn the Market
t or rlrpiil:ir nnd nthfr Information ily Bl tli I.RAM'lll!OFIc-l.r, OHlc U
W. O. ItAWDCrJ, Act.
Without a damp shred on tho body. After
washing take the drip from the hair by
patina it through a towel ; then tl row tho
hair loosely over tlio rack of Ibis little
device nnd "it will dry in one-tilth tho time
ordinarily required. A perfect little gem
alter sea liatliii'ir. liy m t mil test a heavy
suit of liair was'dried in twenty minutes.
Ko ten. Mi h Without It:: fail Ccafori.
It i constructed of small Japaiinctl wire:
't iiiiwiu rii i .-.In n l.t.li
iiiu ' 1 1 1 i it. V. n i 1 1 HI' 11 II RI.U ItlU Y a
S. BiiKR S CO.
JLT HiOV-'ESr I'laiCEB..-.
A'io Wall nml Prescription cases, Crdnf
Chests, Burlier l'uniitiiie, Jewelry T -nv
L - hid). Cota; h ". fi.ifflts for Stores nr.d
ATLrtHA fH'W fti' CO., Atlanta, Ga.
W. J. KLY, Hook Keeper.
If rite lie I fay !'

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