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11 C KUTKl.
Abso itoly Pure.
A. creura nf t.trtm- butting powfli r. Highest
of; ill. in leiivoulng strength. V.itJoverit-
mmil Itrport, Aug 17, V8.
10 Wall Street. New Yort.
Hatuboay Ev ening, Nov.
Louiivlllo & Nashville F.silroad.
Train Icavo Ol'irociyille s i.U:i t :
Wn.tOl, F.wt Mall,...' ..-.
Ho.U;:i, Vuut Lxyrtst,duily ......
9 82 P.
7:11 A. J
SoAftl. Fast KxproQ,d!lv ..... 7;!
0 p. '
No.104, FttBt Mail 5:15
Arrive P:rv5a.m.
Depart .. a:UU p. m
Mull mid Txnress Arrives It:10n. m.
Mull aud Express Leaves 4-M p. m
Mixed train arrlvm :0S p. m
Mlxud triiin lenvfd ,....7;ij a in
Duncan Martin, of Dover, is in tin
ti'y. .' -
M, A. Btruttou hm returned fron
Mini Stella Mt'Nt'illTof Chicago, f
nt the Franklin House.
Jm. A. (Jruniiy, of the Cincinnati
paper tucle, i.-i in town M-day.
Harry P. Ware retimed from tt
bu-tlne trip to Elk ton t -day.
Hand-unite lino of silverware a'
Wood & Vlner's. ll,15,d,tf
The poHto.tll e will ha closed
Tiaukyivliig day from 10 a. m. to. 5
p. Ml. ' ;
Puul Wyatt, of the Mineral Itiil
r md engineering force, is In the citj
Turkeys, backbones, spare ribs and
country Hausac at
The Blue Winy; liuntlti Club will
meet at Went & JJurney's office Mon
day ubtht.
Miss Birdlf Hiiaclull'oid is nowoc
cupying the position of cashier foi
Bloch 15ro.
Young v Beach have an interestine
bill of faro for Thanksgiving dinnei
In this issue. K ad it.
All the latent odors in perfumed
noapH nntl extracts) t bottom prices ai
T. A. 1 Iioiiihh Drug t'o.
Rev. W. It. Peebles held quarter
cmiierence at Mallory's chapel yeatcr
d iy, and at Ashland City to day.
Dr, West has returned from Flor
Ida and will till his appointments at
the Methodist church to-morrow.
Misa 1WK of Springfield, who h
been the guest of i1Ish Cora Culdwel
for several days, will return homi
this evening."
The cows opened up business early
this morning. Thoy had full posses
slon of Franklin airert when the na
tives came out.
Dr. Ussery, the yood physician of
the Kouth hi 'o, is in the city to-day
We commend to him the example ol
tr. Mene s, of Hptingtleld.
Criminal court for Montgomerj
county will convene Monday, Judyi
Tyler prexi.linK. There are about
Vlli cases now on the docket.
Kuy Xioas jrlfls now and save
lii'Hiey, at T. A. 'I lionias Drug .Co.
Th 1'iwt Inte liencer says lh'
publi ' school at Paris was forced t
suspend Monday on account of pool
of wat r on the lluor. It wants the
(iCilool house covered.
The Dover Courier says: "11
IjC'llielt' r. Es'i , was down this week
mvnmpani' d by Messrs. Y. B. Mur
phy and J W. Crawford, of Pitts
I ui g, in-jHv tiiiii ore lands "
When in town lrinj? yojir saddle
ha;? and lainiilt's to V. A. Thonins
l'riig Co. and make ymirwlf at tiome.
Jno J Wi-t h is a patent overcoat
rck In his oilicc, Invented by him
.pclf, that beats anythini; out. It is
nothinjr but a fork of mallard .wood
fastened in a pleee of plank, but it
answers the purpose.
YlTAi.i A the popular remedy for
dyepeps'ht ; price .ro tn.d T" ftnis, and
Vltalia l.fver pills great favorites.
40 dews 'J rvrits. Always In stwk at
T. A. Thomas Prog Co.
n.",i,wed. ont.and w,tf
Charlie Dirkci' ti!a the bist
turnip that h co vo to market ; it
is an old -lashlotn d seven-top and
nutreiliani fullt'ls the cantraet, put
tinffout elRht very lusuriaut tops,
cn,"i;!i for a whole pot of ?.;!!.
Patesit ineo C-HT
fr.'sh dresrs at i t"
nt T A. Tb"iuus i!
i ot
.. ( i-'wrk-i
d w it w , f
A Saccessful Entsrlr.icment of & Kith
Order. .
The audience which assembled at
Hie opera-house last isitrnt was both
a veiy large and a highly pleased
one, evincing its delight by repeatei
encores ot almost every measure.
Nashville's best talent was engaged
iu the entertainment, and wiitoul
exception the individual performers
acquitted tie mseives wit i cr dit.
The program is given below : Vocal
luet, ."Do you remember me?"
Stew.nt ' and Miss Levy,
iolo, "ltoeked iu the cra
of the deep" Chus. IIo
eneore, "The Csh' rinan."
Harp solo, a German xir Miss Wes-s'.-l
; encore. Sonp, "Eyes so blue
and tender" Miss Levy; encore, "I
wouldn't, would you ?" Song. ,:The
return" Miss Wilkius, with violin
obllgato by Miss Mary Wessel
Sonx, "Carnival of Venice with var
iations'Mrs. Stewart, with harp
and violin accompaniment by Misses
Wessel ; encore, "Down ontheSt
wanee river " Bass solo, "Committert
to the deep" Clias. Hogan. Song.
"Deep in my heart" Miss Lyvy.
Violin solo, a pretty air hy Tdiss Mary
Wessel. BaHad, " Within a mile ol
Edinboro" Mrs. Williams; encore.
Piano solo Irish melodies, by Miss
Henrietta Wessel.- Song, ' "Massa's
in the cold, cold t''U"d" Mrs.
Stewart. Recitation, "The chariot
race," from Ben Hur, Miss Anna
Brennan; encore, "The mi ssage ot
the bird ;" cond encore "The min
net." Vocal duet, "The robin aud
the nightingale," .Mm. Stewart and
Miss Wessel.
Mrs. Stewart and Miss Levy caught
the attention of the audience ill the
tirst song, and thereaiter it wa? held
by the various performers until the
concert closed. Mrs. Stewart's voice
was heard with tine elfoct iu the Car
nival of Venice, aud the tender,
dngeriug melody of the Sewanee
river was never more exquisitely
orought out.
Within a tnilo of Edinboro by
vlrs. Williams caught tha audience,
die hirp aud piano solo by Misses
A'esst 1 were aU higkly appreciated
ilocked in the cradle of the des -p
vas well Hung by Mr. Hogasi ; and
the audience seemed uev r to tiro oi
diss Biennaa's recitatlonH, which
vere rendered distiue ly, with mueh
expression and animation.
Artisth ally and Huancially the con
cert was a success, and its managers
are to bo congratul ited. .
Somethluar Batter Than Snuff.
Meeting Mr. 11, 1. Melveage on
tho street, we ventured to inquire:
lias your friend Mr. Uilph deter
mined to establi-h a snuff factory
here? "Oh, po, he replied, he'd go
ing to do something better than
that." What that better is, Mr.
McK age was not disposed t) state.
dr. Ralph is a member of a very
wealthy tlrm eng ged in the snufi
ousiness in Philadelphia, Which
owns valuable property here and we
have no doubt is determined on
some enterprise th t wili add great
ly to the prosperity of the city, as
indicated by their exteusive build
Stswnrt County Vnnta a I.ailroad.
A mass meeting of the people ol
Stewart county is ca l d at Dovei
Monday, lX'C. 0th, for the purpose jl
takb-g some aciion to secure tht
huiiding of a railroad through that
county. It looks us if Stewart coun
ty ought now to be aide by the Jidp rl
the Cumberland Iron Works people
to tret a road through, at 1- ast t
"ranch from Dover by way of Ileal
spring to Cumberland City, about
twenty miles. It would bo of won
d-rful al vantage to the county.
Fine Property For Bale;
Next Monday, at II a.m. on the
premises, B. V Matrae, Trustee,
wili offer for sale the three hundsouie
vacant lots adjoining on Greenwood
avenue. Th s r perty Is among the
best in tho city well located, lies well
mid is valuable in every way. Tie
residence lot is 111 feet front, the
others f.5 f et, and running baek
from 10'J.to 2!)0 feet. Attend the sale.
The Returns All In.
TheeUetioii returns from the sev
eral counties of the State are all in
and show the following result:
Buchanan, 116,ol"; B.txSer, 75,3Jii;
Kelley 10,1)15. Bin leinan's plurality
v. -!e is 8!) 2211, ami his majority ".8,
:i05. Dr. E. R. W. Thomas is makiuj;
some changes and repairs on hisresi
tience on Madison street, putting in
new window sash un.l full size plate
glass and having it paiuicl. Wficn
completed it w ill be one of the mo-t
stately looking mansions in the city,
lie isalsogoiu to doctor bis shade
trees some more,' looking into the
roots for borers.
Rev. J, W. Sullivan, who has been
holding a meeting at R-j ! river
church in Logan rounty for the pa-d
two weeks, will fill his pulpit to
morrow at (he Cumberland Presby
terian churh, nioriiit g and tdght
He repot ts twenty proiessio s in the
Rei.liivir met tin-.' and a like num
ber of addition to 'lie ehti'ch.
If you need "IN e i! t--' s" or S.cf
tsehs, you ran fold the eHo'.rsb'd
Hawks "erysLiIizetJ 1 -;!,ev ute
the cli'fjAt nti i Ut. i,t (im'ii A
MeoroV. '-J.dUm.-lp
That Eoanty-Spot Veil.
"The women are forever and
cterna ly getting up sour.iiing to id
tsaeta man's attention," remarked
au ohl sorehead dn the presence ot
a Li:a f-Ch RONiCLE reporter not
long .since. lie called attention to a
spot ou a lady's Veil ashhe passed.'
At a casual glance . man will take
he pot for a black sticking plastct
m her cheek, or wherever tie-spot
may happen to strike, when it is
o.dy h smaii partiele of the goods
that cannot bo r-ia through. It
re..-ts us confidi g y on a i retty girl's
cheek as a fly on a molassea sj ot,
a id sometime! one of these spots
strikes tier square on the end of the
no e. The eateful ones, though.
invariably let it rest on the
cheek, and the eflect is quite "cute."
A young Jady told aXKAK-CmtoN-
icle reporter the other day that this
kind of gear was all the rage now
and that it was called the "beauty,
spot veil." Let that bo as it may,
iv hen a man sees one of them he al
ways thinks ol a piec- ot black
sticklug plister. They are all wear
ing them, and the majority of them
have only two spots on them, one for
each cheek. Clarksvillo ladies can
beat the world for getting up an at
tractive ' piece of head gear when
they take a notion.
Lucy G-rfty Ascod 108 Tears, Dic Bud
denly. -
Lucy Gray, a colored woman liv
ing near the ice factory, died sudden
ly at her home last evening. She
was, perhaps, the ottlest person iu
die county, and if reports be true,
she was lu6 years old. There are
parties in the city who have taken au
interest in her forsevr I yt ur- past,
on account of her age, .and also toi
her piety. Ste- was a member of tin
tethodist church, and has often
rude the request that the whit.
irachers should tome out and
,.ray for her.
- She made the request some weeks
tgo that Rev. J. E. Harris n, lor
m rly pastor ol the Metlr dist church
here, should preach her funeral.
S. veral gentlemen whom she had
worked for in her younger days have
made tip money to defray the burial
expenses, and she will be decently
ntt rred.
A coroner's jury was summoned
and returned a verdict of death from
old age. She will lie decently
A Lasting Impression.
J. U. Allen, of Montgomery coun
ty, Tenu., addressed the citizens ol
Logan county in th interest of the
Farmers and L borers' Union at Ste
venson's chapel lasi Friday, Phasanl
Grove Satmday, Mason's scln ol-
hotfse Monday, and J4eysbiitg Mon
day nitfht. He was greet d by b rge
ml enthusiaslii: audiences on each
occasion, all of whom were highly
entertained Miy ids rare hones y,
original thought and eh queni sty le.
13v Ins irreut power atnl Ituncal lea
snr.ing he made many friends for the
arue ana rapidly growing oraaniz
tion in whose interest he lectured.
Hie lmpressln made y liltti.wns
both la-ting nd profitahle. and no
one who heard him would regret
having that same pleasure again at
no far distant day. It is to be hoped
rh.it tho union may induce him to
arrange to till another series of ap.
poiutments in the very near future.
Ktmeuville JJumld. . '
Addiitonal Details.
In addition to the report from the
Erin News in regard to the robbery
at Cumberland City it is learned
from a correspondent that the South
ern Express oftieo was robbed of h
oriOin cliunge, an entrance to tht
office being effoe'ed by cutting a slat
in tho window and taking out two
pat.es of glass. The robbers did not
o;. en the safe. The grocery store ol
J. T. Rihop was robbed of $25 worth
of gr ceri s. The front door of this
house was prized opened with a
crow bar.
An old darkey, buying marketing
from a country negro this morning,
in juired : "Wht'sd.tt yer got in dat
hag?" "Dat " am turnip greens,
Uncle Jish." "Well, jest pour out
sumuvdem here. Dqis you work
on de farm?" "Yes, ssr." "Well,
l useter run a larm in my younger
days; I wurked a whole drove uv
niggers, and de way I did whip deni
niggers were er sight. I just gin 'em
one hour ter eat dinner and den da
hadter git. Dai's de way 1 raised
turnip sallit."
TO Meet at Biff Boiltw ,
The f4.urth division of Cumberland
Association will meet at Big Rock
the 20th and 30th of th's month.
Rev. C. A. Birnts requests the
churches belonging to the division to
Semi tleir delegates and c.mtribu
butl ir.sto the meeting, and fur all
members to come if possible.
The wonderful Edigon talking doll
is delighting crowds of children,
holies and gentlemen, dally at 'J'. A.
Thomas Drxn Co., I IU Franklin street.
All are invited. nl ),dw&s,wtf.
Ti e ladies and gentlemen w ho took
part in the c ncert I ist night will re
turn to Nashville this evening.
"Buck' Brilliant" Bue Burner at
Wood fc Viscr'tu if
Geo. Hacker, the hKAK-Cimoxr-
; i.K's Erin'correspon lent, p.d -i the of- j
j fiee a plrasa'd ca'i to-tlaj. i
' Or.lt r one of Hnw; M.ioked ox ton-;
KU sfrsni AiiiiHou Ncb!ett. nl3tfd'
! i . I
t : ! -j
. -! e. Nt '
A Violent Attack Upon the Carroll Coun
ty Jail. '
A mob composed of about forty
determined men made an att-ck up
on the jail at Huntingdon Thursday
tiiliht for the purpose ot lynching
A' in. Widdis, the man w ho mur
ii Ted the Ross brothers last week, an
tceount of which appeared in the col
Jtnns of this paper The pr.souei
.vas taken to Paris, it wili be remem
oi red, for safekeeping; no waruuil
having been sworn out for 'him in
Carroll county be was Kept nt Parts
until Thursday, when the fre mis
of the Ross brothers had a warrant
issued for Ids arrest stud demanded
his return to Carroll county. The
sheriff carried him b K'k to Hunting
don, and eluded the mob by taking
.he prisoner futn tho tram on tie
outskirts of th" town and walking
with him to the jail The mob
missed him, through thi-t ruse, at the
depot, butsooii found that he was in
Tho jail was soon surrou tied by the
mob. A hole ws cut in the iron
door large enough to t dmit a man's
body, when two or three went in.
Widdis was. in the hall and opened
fire on them with a pistol, shooting
one man in the head, from the effects
of which it is thought he will dio.
This onslaught seemed to cool the
mobsonewhat and tiie officers slip
ped Widdis out of the Jail ami car
ried him to Nashville for safe keep
ing. "It is thought at Huntingdon
that if the prisoner is ever brought
back to that place for trial he will bo
mobbed in spite of the vigilance of
the officers
The prescription case in Owen &
Moore's new building is u "honey."
It nfakes a fellow feel' like taking a
pill for the pie-sure of tho thing.
And then that soda fount ; oh I don't
'alk about soda water to-day.
Will W..t, Miko Md.'rory and
Misses Lizzie Lewis nd Minnie
West, of Sailor's Rest, are in shop
ping tu-day.
Very latest styles in men's and
boys' clothing at Bloch Bros.
s20,d.tf ...
Elegant - assort mi nt of Sewing
Lamps at Wood & Viser's. ll,lo,d,tf
THE -:-'
for Canned Goods has
Send or Telephone Your - Orders.
Yours truly,
I will remove to the bouse
crae on the first day of January, 1S9 . My stock is too large and
must he reduced. How am 1 jroing to do it? By Belling goods at
prices that will draw the crowd.
dty mid eot.tinuii g until Jai uaiy
goods at greatly reduced prk-es.
I will have, tl roe Large I'rrgtiii counters lor Saturday, filled
with Men's, Women's and Cliildren's Shoes at cost and eome less.
These counters will bo kept filled until January 1. My "stock of
Hats will be sold very cheap. My' stock of Underwear, Hosiery,
Ties and Shirts will be sold fur less than you can buy them at these
closing-out sales. All of 1113' new
duced prices. IL'tnemher, all goods sold at Teduced prices will be
for cash. Very
rtin - L. - Cross.
'. ' is what every 01 e desires. AVe will have-
Biessed Meys, Coiiiliy Sausage, -
Celery, Cranberries, Fresh Oysters,
FluRi l'uiMii'g, Mince Meat, Fruits,
Is ut-t, Carne I Goods, and all kinds "
Preserves, Jellies; Cheese,
l inear Ha ms, Fhr an 1 !o!ase3
it1 the city, and event'tig eli-e you
want i'jf it td t ln er. We guer
anteo Plisfactton. Hopintr to re
; 1 eive fa. I s'nari of your c-rders, wc
ui'o lie- ;'. 1 S 't' ' -'.
Newsy Itema.
The following items are clipped
from yesterday's Issue of tbe Erin
News :
O. S. Dou'iherty, cf Clarksvide,
Wi.s in Erin this week. The editor
of this p,ip.-r visited Clarksville
doeday, and was pleased nt the evi
dences everywhere apparent that
Clarksvillo is a live and enterprising
little city, which has already unmis
takably started on the high road to
profpciiiy:; Ihomas L. Rossi n '
ton, of ( iarksviUe, late of Erin, and
Mi-sMattit'E. Whitfield were mar
ried ou Tuesday evening at the r si
deiv e of th - bride's bro her, J. D
Whitfield, in Ei in. The News con
gratulates the newly wedded couph
anil wishes them a happy married
tite. News came- in yesterday
morning that Jno. F. Bishop's store
at Cumberland City had been hreken
into the nigh! I ofore, and Officer J.
W. Biouddu-s assisted by R. E. Slid
mi, went to interview some tramps
atnl arrested eiuht ot them. Find
ing, upon a search, no evidem e ol
yuilt upon them, they turned them
loose It was supnosed that the bur
glaries might have been committed
by tramps because the night beiore
the burglary in Cumberland City
tuiHir burglaries were committed
In Guthrie.
Mr. Georgo O. Thompson is very
ill at the home of his daughter near
Trenton. Dr. R. W. Gaines was
sum nioned by telegraph to his bed
side yesterday. Hon. II." N. Leech
and Col. A. G. Goodbtt, of the
Clarksville bar, wete in the city yes
terday on professional business.
New Era. ' . .'
Library lamps in great variety at
Wo)d&'Viser'a. ll,15d,tf
Dr. A. Friedman,
B'.duoated and qualified at Vienna and Strass
Inirg. Office at
rM5 Isiiu Htreet.
Diseases of the Children,
Skin, Chronic and Private Dis
eases. All disorders and diseases cf
the Eye and Stomach will be
cured by the latast arrange
ment of Professor Nothnagel,
of Vienna.
OFFICE.hours-9 to 11 a. m.,
4 to 5 p. m. Sundays, 8-9 a. m.
opened. New Stock of
now occupied by Ilowerton & Ma
Listen! I!eginning next Sutur-
1, I will sell roy entire stock of
v ' .
go ids wili ho sold at greatly re
1 -"-
r . . . .:
Send Ua TTows? Orders Sc 1
TJ espt-'ct fiill.v.
y v
As advertised last week, wo have concluded
to sell out our entire immense stock. Every
body knows us well enough, that if we say
tm&m . Sm-jA ai NwJ
We mean it. Wo were so ivisheil and crowded Saturday that it
was impossible to wait on all, hut come early of
avoid the rush. Everything in
Fineplothing, Furnishing Goods
VALISES The finest line in ' the City. IlATS-nohhy sliiV imtl'
poft ones. Everything goes at cost; nothing reserved, li ou
want pick and choijn of everything, come early and avoid 1he r.i-ii.
P. S. Due notice of the sale of furniture and household eilecta
will be given. PHI UP LI IMUU.
IMIexclia,iit Tailor.
SUITS or TROUSERS mado to order at roasonabln
prices. Special Attention paid to repairing, cleaning aud
altering. Call and see mo.
AlweU Building, corner First and Franklin, up stiili-. oi-UVlAJUn
I W JB k v M M W m M J m J a J
. Will continue tho business at the old fctnnd
nminuno tsinTruro rmrw
UlnWiUilUO, HHIbilCO, bLULi0, JUKini AHU ilLUnH.HiiC I
And now oirer the InrgPHt RHRnnment liLnur lino to bo found In the Huiith.itt nick hot.mm f
ptloes. W will Bgree to punllcttte calitlogua pilct s ttiid sujily fii nhpi- koi Un. Mull tmlu
receive promt attention. ntivlli d.t w,.i.u :',
Fred.' h Siiiltli &
Flooiing, Window Frames, etc.
Xob. 007, COO & Gil Franklin tU, near University Ave.
lash, Blinds, JLCcrs, FIocriEg Ceiling
and all kirds.of - . -
Wily I mh I Ijlid
Will furnish plans
iff a Jl a-
We are now receiving full eupphca
St Bernard and I) it; r, end,
. Main Mountain J el !!-:,
which we car deliver during P-epterottr at Furr.ri '. r v : . . -. a v,l
be pleai-ed to r-.:;.i. i vu j Oiir order;. r
KUt at mm Suri vtm .
r - i, . i ..-r '. .. '
. .2 ... U..: ..... .4 . . i -
m M A J i 1 J
a lir rotofore, lmvUig rclaHicd iho old fcr i
- inancv rn nnrmwmr
of and DculerH in
l&m hmu,;lin$t
and Kju cificatioiis vAww
Anthracite tv;;,:;S:
1 v wm
e .. .
' Cam x
t " ' . j s. A

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