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1 1'
Jay GouM, hh ii-nul, came out on
lop ia tho threat Wall street break
down, and regained control of tin
Pacific mail line
.The Indian Messiah, w ho i caus-
lug the red men to dance find kick
up a war cloud, has bom identified
an one of the offspring of tho Mc
Kinley lull.
Tho remaining few Democrats
holding Federal offices will all have
to co now. The administration
policy of chopping off nil Demo
cratic 'heads has txen announced.
Jay Gould says he 1 "personally in
a very comfortable position," and
Mr. Depew is very happy that Wall
street will be able to get through the
Htraln without railing on Uncle Bam.
Miss Kate Eckstein, of Trenton,
Ten n., has brought Huit against W,
A. Skiles for ?'.r)0,(l00 for a breach of
marriage contract, and hI a suit
against J. M. Skilen, ol Trenton, for
f .'.0,000 damngrs.
The Indian Messiah h teaching his
worshippers that tho white people
will all le turned into bullhlo and
cattish in the spring. Tom Heed will
make a very handsome buflalo with
his rod surcingle on.
A I'nmed writer takes up much
valuable space telling IiIh rauleis
how to keep butter. Our plan m to
Fpread it on hot rolls or biscuit and it
keeps splendidly. In fact, we have
been experimenting on this plan llity
years, and have never had any to
upon yet.
If there arc any young men about
hero who can't get their satisfaction
in dancing, wo would commend to
them the protracted dance in Bitting
Hull's country, in tho North Dakota
reservation, where they can flirt and
whirl in tho giddy maze to their
hearts contents.
The Kentucky constitutional eon
vention has adopted Dr. J. 0. Clar
dy'e amendment creating tho office
of "commissioner of agriculture, la
bor and statistics," to be tilled by
popular election. Dr. ('lardy is a
prominent candidate fur thenext
gubernatorial nomination, and the
way things look now ho is going to
get it. Ho Is a capable, practicable
man, and would make an. excellent
'.' ' , !" ..."
Tho next trip in ' search of the
North Pole will bo attempted In n
b.dloon, which Is being constructed
by two young Frenchmen named
I lerndte and lies moon. -They are to
Mar from Hpotssbergon next May.
Tnii tr of the balloon will have sev
eral compartments, sleeping room,
kitchen, and rooms for housing doj?a.
for a boat sled, which is to be sus
pended Irom tho l.ailoon. Should the
expedition succeed, it w ill bo a Ron
del ful achievement.
The McCuno Scandal.
A big scandal has grown out of the
Senatorial contest in Georgia. A dis
patch from Atlanta says Dr. MoGuue
came there before the election, and
lie and Livingston and Sledge suo
eeodfd In getting twenty-eight al
liance men in Kansas pledged to l'at
Calhoun, but it soon leaked out that
there was a deal in which Wall
street capitalists had a hand, and a
largo piece of Washington real estate
was found to have connection with
it, and the whole aflalr will be
brought out . by President Polk in
the Ocala convention next month.
The dispatch says:, "I'olk, the
President of the National Alliance,
is Intensely bitter toward Livingston
and McCuno. lie. is said to hnvo the
ovidoneo which will create a great
sensation when tho Alliance Con
grew meet. Nothing but summary
dismissal of the unworthy leaders
will satisfy Polk in his present mood.
It is altogether doubtful if Calhoun
knows what has been going on be
hind the scenes."
Tli World's Fair.
Tho excitement caused by this great
event Is scarcely equaled by that pro
duced by the great discovery of Dr.
Miles (lie KestortUi ve Nervine. 11
speedily cures nervous prostration,
change of life, pain, dullness anil con
fusion in head, tils, Hleeplessne;.', the
blues, neuralgia, palpitation, monthly
pains, etc. C V. Snow & Ii.., "(
Hynnuise, N. V. ; Talhoit and Mass,
of (Jreenslairg, lad., and A. V. lilack
burn, Of Wooster, ()., say that "The
Nervine sells better than, anything we
ever sold, and gives universal sailst'ae
tlon." Dr. Miles' now illustrated
treatise on the nerves and heart nod
iiml tMitthi... fret! at Owen & Moore's
drug store. . 4
The city taxes uro now due and
most be paid. Please take note an i
call at .the city marshal's office, or
Ii'vli". will 1m made.
nll.d-w City Maiisiiaf.,
When TUlif il. lf, w f.wp Iwr Ciwtnrta.
When sin- as t'hil.l, ! r''"1 f''.-trl.
WUen she .il Ci.i!.5vn. ti ll" :u Ct
Si I
uDD3 AND E?C3.
Tlio lushest riiilrocnl TrWj.joi the T.'n!tt
Btv.tcs is tho Kin :'.u.i viaduct on tlio Krio
road, :; j fuvt
The hospital r.n'l prisons aro always
ijliul to jzet uncut, second hand l-aptitf. es
pecially lvligioua and story papL-r.
It is estimated by the potato men tl-.nt nt
least 8,000 barrel aro used in .New York
city alouo every day.
It ia estimatisl Uiftt tho liumhcr of pas
fcnKcrn carried )y nil tho raitroada iu tho
world averages C,nuo,OUO a day.
Aliorsois liko a man. The way to his
heart i tliroP.yii his Btomaoli. ..Pat libit
ta hi.j mouth and ho will do ahiio:,t any
thin;,' for you.
With two exceptions tho women tench
era in the, Ke.w Ihiven lilfjh school re:eive
from SUOO to 1800, wliiio the janitor retelvea
A Ifiw has Kino lato elTect tu Louisiana
rerpilriiig railroad coitjpaak'S to furnish
separate, cam for white and colored persons.
TlioSatlej, a lnrj;o riverin Britb-h India,
wit h a descent of 13,(W0 fi'et in ISO :ile, is
tho fiiistest flowing river in tho worid.
Iu tho lifjuefiod curhonic Reid jjas of M.
Citr.ard tho w.-.nt o a proper gas clieek has
militated meully agniast tho succuss of
the invention.
Flutter wappad in parchment paper is
said to bo grwttly improved in flavor. This
is especially true in warm weather.
An electrical paper points out that in
Europe bronxo lias in a greet measure bu
pcrsvdod iron and copper in eluctrical ap
pliances, Tho banana plant has been found to con
tain a greater quantity of pure liber than
any of the other mi merous .vegetable prod
ucts used for paper making.
An alloy that expands in cooling and is
suitablo for repairing cracks in cast iron is
inado with nino pr!.s of lead, two of anti
mony and oitu of biumuth.
One Saturday ui'lit a canvass of the
box offices of the Now York, theatres re
vealed tho fact that New YorUors spent for
amusement that night over )1,00().
Window blinds that have become diiiRy
assume a wonderfully fresh look when
wiped with a cloth wet with linseed oil.
They inuiit he thorougiily dusted first.
The grand duko of Baden has just grant
ed permission for a monument to Victor
von Schcd'el, tho author of the "Trumpeter
of BaUkinnen," to bo erected on tho Castle
terrace in Heidelberg. .
An Osago City (Kan.) man has started a
new kind of lunch counter. Ho serves only
one dish Ki'Oimd popcorn mid cream,
which he sells ut tea cents a bowl.
Immediately after a hip; race in Kni;iaud
several hundred birds aro aent up from
various parts of tho course, which are ro
lled upon to carry tho news to out of the
way towns.
Kay Thank her Stars.
Tho narrow escape of Mrs. B. M.
Bearles, of Elkhart, I nd., from.a per
mature death is wonderful. ISlie
states that "for twenty years my
heart troubled . me greatly, J became
worse. Had smothering spells, short
breath, fluttering ; could not sleep on
my left side, had much pain in breast,
shoulder and stomach. Ankles
swelled. Had rail di headache and
dizziness. Treatment did me no pood,
until 1 tried Dr. Miles' New Heart
Cure and llestorative Nervine. The
first, Kittle helped ine, and I was vir
tually cured. For sale at Owen &
Moore's drugstore. A fine book on
the iieart and nerve free. , 4
first Round Quarterly Meetlnffo.
ClarkuvUIe, Oct. V.)
New .Providence and 'Bethel, af
Bethel, M. With.
HUte hiii", at Whites Chapel, Nov.
1st nod "nd.
Palmyra, at Palmyra Nov. 8th and
Hallne, at Bum pass Mill,. (Kiiday,)
Nov. 14. -
Indian Mound, nt Stampers C'linp
el, Nov. 15th and Ulth.
Montgomery, at Woortlawn, (Mon
day), Nov. 17th,
Pleasant View at Malory's, (Kridny),
Nov. lijxt.
Ashland City, at Ashland City, Nov.
22nd and 2.'id.
Asbury, nt Bethlehem, Nov. 20th
and 30th. ;
Springfield, (Friday night), Dec. fith.
Bed Itiver, at Waitraee, Dec. (illi
and 7th,
Hadlersville and Adam's, at Halem,
Dee. 13tli and 14th.
Cedar Hill, at Cedar Hill, Dec. 20th!
and 21st.
Antioch, at Salem,' Dec. 27 th and
The District Stewards will meet in
the lecture room of the Methodist
church in Clarkuvllle at 10:8(1 a. in., on
I hurshay, Oct. 23. het these brethren
trv to reaidi the eilv on Wednesdav.
22nd so as to attend the Wednesday
night praver meetinp.
W. R. PkkkIjKS.
Blile'a Nerve and Liver Plll.
An imnnrtnnt diseoverv. Thev act
on the liver, stomach and bowels
through the nerves. A new principle.
They speedily cure biliousness, had
taste, torpid liver, piles and constipa
tion. Splendid for men, women and
children. Smallest, mildest, surest.
3(1 doses for 25 cents. Samples free at
uwen k Moore's.
Actions spsalt Louder Than Words.
Call and bo convinced, allhouarh
my good are not damaged by liro or
water, neither that J intend to leave
nor to koU out, I still sell here the
prettiest, newest and cheapest goods
in tho city. We have a large and
well assorted stock of mens' and
boys' clothinsr and gents furnishing
goods. An elegant line of ladies and
mens shoes. Tho greatest line of
line dress goods that has ever been
brought to this city. The latest
Persian fdylo of ladies cloaks at first
e.st. Belore buying elsewhere come
and get nrices from us.
V ery Ilcspeeuniiy,
B. Fklkhman.
Nov. 19.
Very latest styles in men's and
boys' clothing nt Bloch Bros.
The Want of Children.
All fretful, crying, nervous children
are unwell and only require proper
medical treatment to icstoro them to
tho healthy state, bringing quit-land
case to the child ninl comfort anil jny to
the mother's heart. Dr. Winehell's
Twilling Syrup is the Infallible
Remedy and sure euro for hII disease
common to children, it is-wholly frcn '
from opiates, and is guarantee:!. A trial
of one bottle will prove its great
For sale, wholesale and . retail, by
Ix'kert li Reynolds, druggists.
tVlebrnffni Confidence" oi .tnves.
at WocmI t Viper's. . Jl.l.Vd.tf
SHRiES. - c
Tito TVicfor'a l!cr!itiivo Djseourspa Con
tinue to KeH-. Great Interest 31 in
r.ut Hero Iritrl la Full.
BnooKf.TN, IsTov. 23. Tho interest in the
gcries of sermons in which Dr. TaImaK is
deserihiii his res-.mt tour ia Pahstino and
inculcating K--lx l Ii kshiih mi;;-;ete!l hy his
theme Inemifes from wet!; to week. 'J'here
w as never so lar.jo a croivd at any one of
the previous ei.iit sermons as there was
today around the Drooklyu Academy of
Music ia the morning and at Tho Christian
Herald service in theovenhiff, the ninth ser
mon. Its suhji'ft was "Among tlio Holy
Hills," and tho text, J.uko iv, 13. "He
came to Nazareth, where ho was brought
up." Following' is the sermon:
What a splendid sleep I had last nhjht in
a Catholic convent, my first sleep within
doors since leaving Jerusalem, and all of
us a kindly treated ns though we had been
the pope nnd his eol lege of cardinals pass
ing that way! Last evening the genial
sisterhood of the convent ordered ft linn
dred bright eyed Arab children brought
out to sing for me, and it was glorious)
Thin morning I come out on tho stops of
tho convent and look upon the most beau
tiful village of all Palestine, its houses of
white limestone. Guess its name! Naza
retji, historical isazaretli, one of the trin
ity of places that all Christian travelers
niustsce or fuel that they have not seen
Palestine namely, Hethlehern, Jerusalem
Nazareth. Babyhood, boyhood, manhood
of him for whom I believe there aro fifty
million people w ho would lioiv, if it were
required, inarch out and die, whether un
der ax or down iu the floods or straight
through tho fire. .
Grand old village is Nazareth, oven put
tin;? aside its sacred associations. First of
all, it Is clean; and that can be said of few
of tho oriental villages. Its neighboring
town of Nnblouf is tlio filthiest town I
ever saw. although its chief industry is tho
manufacture of Eoap. They export all of
it. Nazareth was perhaps unusually clean
the morning 1 speak of, for as we rode into
tue vuiago t lio aiternoou uetoro ttio show
ers which bad put our macintoshes to the
test had poured floods through all the
alleys under command of the clouds, thoso
thorough street commissioners. Besides
that, Nazareth has been tho scene of
battles passing it from Israelite to Mo-
hainmodau and from Mohammedan to
Christian, tho most wonderful of tho hat-
ties being that in which twenty-five thou
sand Turks were beaten by twenty-one
hundred French, Napoleon Bonaparto
commanding, that greatest of Frenchmen
walking these very streets through which
Jesus walked for nearly thirty years, the
morals of tho two tho antipodes, - the
snows of litissia and tho plagues of Egypt
appropriately following tlio one, tho dox
ologies of earth and tho hallelujahs of
heaven appropriately following tho other.
And then this town is so beautifully situ
ated in a great green bowl, the sides of tho
bowl the surronading fifteen hills. The
God of nature who is the God of tho Bihle
evidently scooped out this valley for pri
vacy and separation from all the world
during three most important decades, tho
thirty years of Christ's boyhood and
youth, for of the thirty-three years of
Christ's stay on earth ho spent thirty of
them in this town in getting ready a
startling rebuke to thoso who havo no pa:
tienco with tlio long years of preparation
necessary when they cuter on any special
mission for tho church or tho world. The
trouble is with most young men that they
want to launch their ship from tho drydock
heforo it is ready, and heneo bo many sink
In tlio first cyclone. Stay in tho store ns a
subordinate until yon aro thoroughly
equipped. Bo a good employo iu your
tirade until you aro qualified to ba an em
ployer, lie content with Nazareth until
you are ready for the bulFetings of Jerusa
lem. You may get so gloriously equipped
in tlio t hirty years that you can do more in
three years than most uiou can accomplish
In a prolonged lifetime. These little sug
gestions I am apt to put into iny sermon,
hoping to help people for this world, while
I am cldefly anxious to have them prepare
for the next world. . -
wi!i:ke ciitusT was a nor.
All Christ's boyhood was spent in this
village and its surroundings. There is the
very well called "Tho Fountain of tho Vir
gin," to which by lii s mother's sida ho
trotted along holding her hand. No doubt
about it; it is tho only well in tho village,
and it has been tho only well for three
thousand years. This morning we visit it,
and tho mothers have their children wit h
them now as then. Tho work of drawing
water iu all ages in those conntrics has
been women's work. Scores of them are
waiting for their turn at it, three great
and everlasting springs rolling out into
that well their barrels, their" hogsheads
f water in floods gloriously abundant.
The well i.) surrounded by olive groves and
wide ?:pacos in which people talk nnd chil
dren, wearing charms on their heads as
protection against tho "evil eyo," are play
ing, and women with their strings of coin
on cither siilo of their face, nnd iu skirts of
blue and scarlet and white and green
move on with water jars on their heads.
Mary, I suppose, almost always took Jesus
tho boy with her, for she had no one sho
could leave him with, being in humble cir
cumstances nnd having no attendants. I
do not believa tliero was one of tho sur
rounding fifteen .hills that tho boy Christ
did not range from bottom to top, or one
cavern in their sides bo tlid not explore,
or cno species of bird flying across tho
tops that ho could not call by namo, or one
of all tho species of fauna browsing on
these steeps that he had not recognized.
Von see it all through his sermons. If a
man becomes a public speaker, In his ora
tions or discourses you discover his early
whereabouts. What a boy sees between
7 and 17 always sticks to him. When
the npostle Peter preaches you see
tho fishing nets with which ho had from
his earliest days wen familiar. Aud when
Amos delivers his prophecy yon hear in it
the bleating of tlio herds which ho had in
boyhood attended. And la our Lord's ser
mons and conversations you sexs all the
phases of villain- hraaml the mountain
ous life surrounding it. Tliey raisftl their
own chickens in Nazareth, and in after
time he cries: "O Jerusalem! Jerusalem!
how often would I bttvo withered t hee as
a hen Riitliereth her chickens under her
wings!" Ho had seen his mother open the
family wardrobe nt the close of summer and
tho moth millers Hying out, having do
st royed the garments, unit in nfter years he
says: "I.-iy not up for yourselves treasure
ou earth, where moth, doth corrupt." In
childhood he had Keen a mile of fjowers,
whit! as tho snow, or red as tho flame, or
blue i:s 1 ho sea, or gra n ns the tree tops,
and r..i wemh-r ia his manhood sermon he
said, "Consider tho lilies." While one dnj
on a high point whuie now stands the tomb
cf Nt-by iMiiidl, he bail seen winging pimt
mm fo near ns almost to n-.l-rybm bair tlie
partridge and the hoopoe sad tha t hrush
mid tho usprc nnd tlio crane nnd tho ra
ven, and no wonder afterward ia his man
hood sermon he said, "Behold the fowls of
tiienir." In N.uurrth and en the road to
it there aro it preat many camels. I see
them now in Memory Making their slow
n-iy up the rigirt road from tho plnln
of ijslrarion to Nazareth. Farolita ss
Ciiri-t wi h their appearance, alja with tiuit
snmil insect, t he cm..! ,w!.kh he had eeii his
mother rr out fr,ym a ce.i of water or
..-iH i iitii, nou in w-oniNT in' i,;hsgs i-
torwar.l tin- l.-ir;rnri,..M!rripj.,l uu. ,ip K,la!l
!:?. into Ins trii.n iaii.1, wti:- f-i-.-ieg
l I -i " 'i ..i ! i . - I , i , i ami
Well, we have eo many Muds nnd combinations
. this season that itjwould take up 'this wliolo
page to tell you ail. we will simply say wo havo
"You ever saw in CJarkEvillo in
II Leat
i Til!
ia all tho widths from A to E,
. .-.-.r i. ia prices ranging from -:
? '.$1-35 '.''.tO $S-50.
: If. .A.-, .Stratton.
Tie Greatest DiECOverS
- of tta Aga.
In short, all forms o! Organic and Functional Clseast .
Tho cures' effected by this Mudiclao are Sir,
raaay CUBU3
Sold only in .Ths eiititahiiiiR One flalloti
Ptlro ThrM lllnri n mtl i-i v jKtoien ;'
vliuu IleHltli unit l-i.'o saia t-o obtuiued,
"Kiitory of the F'.'.rols Killer"
OeUOJl&wt . ,-
Ladies, lie Beautiful.
JWm. A. Blnr'H Sltin rii-iirli In posit Ively
niinrlir ti nil others; ia tlio lntiwt end bent ever
ftcr,.J for mile; not n ffiinol le; cIim-h iu,t uliow
ftn thliu'; ! ft jHTteet Fkin touli-; iinrnntei'il to
MiiovPtho wtist vnnvH of Fnf-i:lr, l.iver Hpots.
Tan, rimplos. etc. (if nwl wilh my KipniriinMnK
to dlrwtionfi). or money leltiiKled, per bnl lie;
ttiottlffl.9-2.7A. l'nro n;i;l l.iirmlmH to llieeklii.
Mute. Blnr'w Btftin- l-ili-neli in icrfti
barmlcsw to tho linlr or ri'rwin iwinylt. ("m n bs
taken In tlu month, il l o imre. One lmUUI
nimcipiit to goini'u n unrK mt oi imtr. i'rice, ji
per bottle.
Nil!orf)noil ISiiJr removed Inn fe min.
ta wit hont. pain or iniiir.v to IhenioHt ili-ticate
kiii, Anyone enn line it". $1 per bottle.
Hntrv moleH reniove.t Ail UndH of PrnrR or
ftirlhmnrks removed or red need; ion) IHendwheBoi
svervklnd nponthelnee tt-eeU-d vil h Home Kiieeew.
Fine lifllr pi-epurailonn, (ine doupn nnd hujktIi
lire powder,
-W. II. Tlifl diHeovee,-! nnrl tnnnnflietnrer ol
Hie Kkln lilenrh tola lxn-n Icnoivn to iiBlortnnny
renrx. ,SIn In n bidy ol the lihrlieRt renpwlnbility,
Unit her Htiitenientn mi enfliviy triml worthy. .
A . A. Wll l.rrw,
Taator Wnrren Memorlnl I'nu. Clnirch,
F. r.: IM1WFT.T,,
PrlnciTMil Femnit llinh School.
407 Fonrlli Avenim. LouIbtIIIc, Ky.
Send stnmp for clrctiln. Ordern promptly
Sited, Mention thin paper.
. I-Z.X-JLiOl.iT'S - .
Coninieroial School.
Will taUe RtiiiK-nls from Jlotidny, Noveni-
ber2l, nil to Decern her 1st, Dotli Rflcnioon
and even lug tlonsv
For a cotnplule 'oouine, Uoon-is on seeond
Moor of - -
Sslle-y Block
Second St., Opposite. M iolicl'.i Iiestaurant
frovlS.diyr , -
Elder's Opera Houso.
Tuesday, .Nov.-- 25,
nnd mnmniolh Enropi-nn mljnnet, !ne)inllm
tho CKAliOCH, tho nnirvoloiw Roman nxn
inen. (KlrKl Amerlean ppi-Hinnei). A ilex,
irons nnd ilaiiBerous perl'iirinnnce. with Ito
lnilll wnr axes. 'J he M is'linni Ironnn r.f ii.
rl leval miiMleini)!, linpoitefi l.y lime Kirnlly.
i no urisnnai nnisiuii Mnsleiit l'avirrn--wvi'a
woMderlul peoido.
tho denioiiKlriitor of Parlor CnllsthenleH.
,1'he xreafest llvinir KnnitihriHt. Orluliml in
everyililnsj Unind fn-e open nlr concert ut
i' ii. hi. tmiiy.
sr,, 35, r.o 73.
- '... .. v ,. , i.,,n,. v v niniii
sitii'rt liookl(m-.
The ( auae of Poor Health
Is often found in the neglect of one's
own self. Alight cold or flight, head
ache is treated as not requiring much
Attention; tho assumption being tlisit
they will soon pass olf, anil it is only
when a cse of fu!l-l!eilred sickness de
velops iltiolf ilmt tho consequences of
that neglect tire fully realised. As a
preventive am! piis'tivc euro for t'onlm,
Colils, llimrseiicss, Spitting of biiK.,!,
Asthma, Tains in tlio Chest sm.l IIM
stiiges of coiidiminiiini, use Kilert'u Kx
trfietoITaraninS'ilil Cherry, and for
siek llcnil.K'lir, Torj.-hl J.iver, Iy
pepM.i, NervoiiPtiess nnd nil iJilioun
Complaint, u !ert'sl),iviij;l,t Liver
Pills. P,oili aro ruariiiftecd.
For i1c;, vliu!-vn!a nnd retail, by
LocVcrt A i;eynlit., drinrsists.
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r.ros. , rJ'Vl,tf
Xc.v find c'cu nn? i?r;w.i-3 at li!. ii
Ih-e--. ' s'jo.ii.tf
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for children:
Cnlie 1'nlns, Nervousness, Slimmer Complaint,
More Throat, Bore Mouth, Acidity of tlie Stomaeli
(-oiivulxloiift. Dinrrliieii, tlholera Infsintuiu, and
all dlscan of intaiiey nnd early childhood. H is
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Horses, Cattle, Hngs, Sheep & Poultry
Alt niseaieq common to them. This Vowder Is
ii never-railing remedy, A trial of one jiaekage
will prove it.
It iiil'nrda tlio quickest relief from pain nnd
(streets tlio most permanent eme of ttiiy remedy
now known to man.
Oct TTnele Sam's KhrIIhIi mid German ARC
hook-from ymir (!niffj;ist The above named
meritorious Itemedli-s, viz., Dr, Winehell's Teeth
ing Sinip, ZHert'3 Extract of Tar an J Wild Cherry,
iilcrt'a Daylight Leer Pills, Unele Sttm't Condition
f'owttet a id lrtvi Sam's Linimnt are made by the
For sale, wholesale and retail by
Lnckort & RcjrnoWs, druggist
Cigars at Eastern Cost.
I havo the slock of etgsirs of Major
15roH , at out 8(),(KM) or tlio best brands
fit!. nd ()c. cigars, to close out whole-
8tiIeor retail, far below the price of
sticti coru-i. t-smoKcrs wiu niaKe a
note of it. Mauzy. o.W.d.lf
Three splendid show cases for salo
ch(a. Apply to Kincannon.
81,liE i'fl"Jilll
i hll IIP 111
FIRST-CLASS STOCK used and attention gjlven to detail that insures
MMiiM HPffli M
US ty, fr hi h rht M Hi 6T. i. . :-f v- :? ..
: Printers and Ful)i!slieis,
for Cnfntn
"Cwitoria in no wcB uln-pted lo clxil-.lreo thtl
I reeommrnd it a superior to my prescxipiion
tnowntamo." II. A. A Henna, M. V.,
ill So. Oxford St.. Uro-Jtlyo, K. T.
"Th nse of 'CaKtorin' is no nnlTn ftid
Its Bwrits go well known that it mvins work
of Biipereropntion toendoreo it Favr net!io
IntfllliRent families -who do uov keep Castona
Cahlcs MUbtyw.T.T.,
Nw York Olty.
Lite Pastor Bloomiugdole ltuforuied CUiu-ea.
Tub CNTi.tm
rr i A
j XI U&3C
Franklin Street,
New Ycr. Keapliis, ' -
ITew Orljiarin, Cincinnati, ,
Lovicvillo, Nactvillo,
,r " : Saiat Louis, asd
All Acusriblo relets
1C II. POIND nXTKIt, 0Mt. '
University of Michigan) .
Special Aticnticn Gives ts Gricial Surgary.
A School for tlie hlglirpultiirfi of youiiR wo
uiou and Kirlx.
HandKome iipw lmlidlnf? fliinlv oqnlnpoO-Ht-allhy
local li-n. bupurior iulviinliiijiH.
TerniH rHNonalilo.
Hoard till por inoiitli.
KaU'lVriinipiiH Huptumhor 2, 1Wi,
bund for t'nt.iilomic.
MBS.JS.U, BUFOUD Principal.
Ist quality IMttHburgh coal coke on
hand, anil for pale at tlio Clarfceavilo
Gas Light Co. Use it in your grates and
cooking stoves, anil avoid the soot and
smoke made by soft coal. Cleaner and
nicer than anything you can burn, ex
cept gas, 'or fuel. Excellent fuel for
bane burners. oct!H!2ni.
Large assortment of ladies,' gents',
misses, boys' and children's shoes, at
a bargain, nt 15. Friedman's. 1 l,4,d
In all its forms, NEATLY and QUICKLY
For the Lowest
Living Prices.
And a well assorted stock of stationery always on hand.
'T'iT'CM For all classes
it-mi! 1
given Attontion
f !
f f
-.ml CItillrcn.
CuotorlB (nirrs Colic, CV-n"!tirffltf.
t -,.r ."-,..f;u.-u, Ji.-in-lio Krutatu.n,
Kiiia Worua, givi sl-p, and nutu-tteai i''-
Wiuiout iujunous lnedieAtion.
14 For at-verid yn'trs I havr rfvonmi'.p.lod
your 1 Ciwtorin,' and sh.-itl alwnK clihi-m;.. i-,
do no ex a bm tnvariauly pnxluved 1'ia- tl
KowiN F. P-imms, M. T).,
"Tim Wintlirop," U'Sth Stroot and 7th Ave.,
New York City.
Coupaht, 77 HimnAt Btbbkt, Krw Y-ji,.
CarsuHIe, Tenn.
Rowrat yours nuo I wngRuffcrii: from
Konoriil donllll.y. and whk ho weak ll.:tt )
lalnUxl unit fell to tho ground m ihU'
A nv. tH?twu,'ii t'liuri-y uini Colli i-,-t i8,
jtnliiB peinonully iU'(iiaiiiU'd Willi Hi.
lloiluoN, MtlilM xunKcKliou I bi'irmi liiliinn
Hoitfles' Sars.lparllin. 1 took nlxuit mm doz
en iKil.t li'H ill all. and from thn time I Iiad
taltnn tlio fli-Ht Iwttlo iny healt.li li, (;:inio
Improve, nnd by tlio tlmo 1 had lal'.i-ti
the twelfth hottlo my health wad omi
tiletely rrstorcd, and 1 havo onjoyitd ihhhI
liraltU evot Niuee. I firmly believe I! euvcii my
llto. Youib truly,
Cor. Market and Carroll fcls., KipjUvtllo,
To uu, ,
rnnrAiiKD nv .
. Er.T.C.
t. )
Oflle: Corner 3d
I iinfcl'M-' f.
ooium with lr
Irish linen, Crane's linen, liile ami
tinted linen, laid and wove linen, fur
tlie type-writer and general business
eurresiiondenee, at the JjKAI'-Ciikni-v,V.
Job lloonis. Fine papers, plain
and ruled, always in stock and as
cheap as tlio same grades can W gut
ten anywhere, jiuslness men who
want good stationery will consult their
Interest by examining our stock. Wo
carry the best brands in the above
goods and In superfine and. Mux
papers) for correspondence and bills.
DONE at tho
3 1 KTHf P
of work promptly
to M.iH Orders.
u 7 n i i
' n ' M i t
IIands!' lioB
Vod t Yi-i-r's.
The "!'.-'": ----JJ.i---l.tf
On p In bit loti ihf niii( slid llti.)
iiiplete line of -iildx-.n t I l.sh
rT,fC rr crt o rr; f
fw" 9sm &r mam V -a.

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