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Daily tobacco leaf-chronicle. (Clarksville, Tenn.) 1890-1895, November 24, 1890, Image 3

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(Continued from Tlilul iae,e.1
reekiens fttiotil liir.e;e oneiv cries oiu: "V Ami
unto you Minil x which mrnin ci it a
guilt and bwiiIIdw u c.'iiiic-'.!"
IIo linil in boyhooil seen tha fshcplio rtla
in t their floc ks mixed up. anil toono cot.
fainiliiir Willi the Imbits or t-tn-plicrdf -itnil
tht'lr flocks, bopoltMsly mixed up. An da
HhccpHteuler oppe.f ou tlio mcim nml i'iis
honestly di!tiifti)dHKomo of those, nlieep,
when ho owns not one of them. '"Well,"
iy tho two honest bhcpliurda, "no will
noon iu't.1 In thin mutter," and one oheplu ;rct
Koeu out in 0110 direction find the oOicr
slieiiheni goes) out. tu tho other direction,
nml tlio t4ieeii!to,-iler it. nothor direction,
iinil cueh odd oiillu, nnd tho flocks of ea.ch
of the honiwt ehepherilu rush to their
owner, while the nheoistc;ile.r calls and
full.-) fignin, lint Kr't' not one of the flock.
No wonder that Christ, years lifter, preach
ing on a great cestwian and iUuBtratinji
hhi own Bhephe.nl (jiuilkie, Hiiyn: "WLen
lio pullet k forth his own sheep ho ot th
before them, and tho sheep follow him, or
tliey know his voice, and tho strmif?cr they
will not follow, for tliey know not tlio volca
of tho utrniiKcr." , Tho. stiles of these, hills
arc terraced for gr:ipe.s. Tlio boy Christ
had often etood with gre.it round eyes
watching tho trimming of the grapevines.
Clipl Koes the knifo and ofl falls a branch.
The child Christ says to the farmer, "What
1o you do that for?" "Oh," Bays tho farm
er, "that in a dead branch and it is doinj?
liot.hinn and i.s only in tlio way, so I cut it
i(I." Then tho farmer with his sharp knife
pruneH from a living branch this and that
tendril and the other tendril. "But," says
the child Christ, "these twis that you cut
off now are not dead; what do you do that
tori" "Oh," nays tho farmer, "wo prune
off theso that tlio main branch may have
more of tho sap and bo ho more fruitful."
Ko wonder in lifter years Christ said in las
nermon: "I am tho true vino nnd my fat her
Is tho husbandman; every branch in mo
that benreth not fruit ho tuketh away, nnd
every brunch that beareth fruit ho purgeth
it, that it may brin forth more fruit."
Capital! No one who had not been a country
boy would have said that.
ritrenks of naturo all through Christ's
sermons and conversations! When a pijeeon
descended upon Christ's head at his bap
tism in tho Jordan it was not tho tint
pigeon f' 'il R1t'n- Atl(' l'ien K"c1,
, wide sweep of discourse as you may ima.i?
ino from one wlio low stood ou (lie hills
. tlmt'ovcrlookNa'.areth. As far as I under
stand, Christ visited the Mediterranean
sea only once, but any clear morning be
could run u on a bill near Nazareth and
look oft to tho west and see tho Mediter
ranean, while tliero in the north is snowy
Mount Lebanon, clad as in white robe of as
cension, and yonder on the east and south
east Mount (iilboa, Mount Tabor and
Mount (illead, nnd yonder in the south is
the plain of K.ailruelon over which we rode
yesterday ou our way to Nii.nri-t ii. Those
mount alim of his boyhood in his memory,
do you wonder that C.'liri.it when ho wanted
a ood pulpit made it out of a mountain
"seeing tho iiiiiltilitd") lie went up into
tho mountain." And when he wanted es
pecial eommunion with Cod ho took James
mid John and lVter into "a mountain
Oh, this con I dry boy of Nazareth, come
forth to nt one, for t ho sins of tlio world,
and to correct the follies i f the world, and
to stamp out tliecruiili s of the world,
and to illumine the darkness of the world,
and to Iranstiuure thy hemispheres! So it
ba.s been tho mission of the country hoys
In all ii;esto trnu.vform and inspire and
rescue. They come Into our merchandise
and our court rooms and our lienliiiK art
and our studios and our theology. They
lived in Nazareth before t hey entered Jeru-
wilem. And but for that annual influx
our cities would have enervated and sick
ened and slain Cue race, l.nto hours and
hurtful apparel and overtaxed digestive
organs nnd crowding environments of city
life would have halted the world; but the
valleys nnd mountains of Xa.areth bavo
i;iveu fresh supply of health nnd moral in
vlKoratfoU to Jerusalem, and the country
naves the town. From tho hills of New
Jlampshlro imd tho l.iils of Virginia and
I ho liiils of Oorariacome, Into our national
eloquence the Weh-.ters and the Clays nnd
the Henry W. Cr.nlys. From the plain
homes of Massachusetts and Maryland
come into our national charities thetleoro
J'eabodvs nnd the William Corcoran.
J'rum tiie cahinsiif the lonely country ro-(-ions
come into our nu iunal destinies the
Andrew JacKsons and the Abraham Lin
colus. From plow hoy's furrow and vil -la(.;e
counter and Mo k'.nii; h's forage, cumo
lined, of our city (;ian!:j. .Nearly all the
Mesdinlm In all departments dwelt In Naz
areth lcf ore they came to Jerusalem. 1
Br:id this day thanks from thesa cities,
Ii o it ly made prosperous by country buys,
o the" farmhouse and t he prairiis and the
mountain cabins, utl the obscure liome
i.tendnof north and south and east, nnd
west, to tb fathers mi l mothers in plain
homespun if they !o still alive or the hil
j.irks under which they sbep the lon.u
ulirp. Thanks from .ler,ini'em to Njn-i-elh.
Jiut uliisl that the city hould so often
treat, the country boys as of old the one
from Nazareth was treated at Jerusalem!
Main not by hammers and spikes, but by
Instrument's Just as cruel. W.i every ttreet
ipf every city the rnii-iiiio:i iroes ou. liv
ery nur shows 1U ten thousand of the
slain. Oh, how we criu l I hem Up! Under
vhat wheels, In what, mills, and for what
an awful Ki'istt J.et the city take better
rare of these lx'.vs and yoi'.m; men arriving
liom the country. They are worth saving,
'j'hey are now only the pn-f.-' ' what
lin y will 1k if, instead of s.ieri:; iu,
help ttmnj- l'!,y-s as trail. 1 as the one who
with his eider brother climbed into n
rleiivh tower, find not hnowinc; their
danger went outside ou i. ,tmi umbers,
vlu n outiof thr.oO ti-.i'icrs biotu a."d t he
.vs fell, ami llm ol i r boy cw.'ht on a
iH-am nnd the youn ;. .Iiitcheil the foot of
the older. The ol 1 -r ( uild not climb up
with tho yomm'er h.iu,in lo bis bet, so
the younger said; "... oni, I r.ru t;oins' tc
! t o; you can climb out iu'o sifetv, but
v on i.ui't climb wpwiCi nn hol-litm fast;
I urn Kointf to lei p. kts motiier forme
-ind Is il Imr not tJ feel badly; K'd bj '."
ud be let :;o,'!lid was f o hard tlasbed U 'U
ground lie was not nv.'sjuu v.o. l'lenty
ue'a brave beys coming "p f.'otn N i
l't Jeru-.:!o.n be careful how it
bem! A iremh-iiian loiu en-
ten'l .1 Sv hool in Cei -many nu 1 be bowed
v..rv low lwf.i.e the 1 vs. and the ic.uher
u..i !! tin oil (! tn:-.:? ' "l'a,
(liev'.sitor, "i ! to'1'- ''
lu.-.n may et l"1 devrl ;
At that instant ' be ey
lla-hed lire. Wfei v :. it
A lad on !:!. way ' !
s" ; on vvbi h s it a l i t
The pa-sin-r be-v ii 1 i
ii ifii ! . i l"oo! :" ' v- !
s w v.h.'V. r.vi.thty
i .:.iii;; them."
f 4.i: of the loy
' Mar! in Cm hi""
I pa; n door
imd iuv.-iiid child.
I tin, "Why don't
I am l ime nnd I
r ai l .ilk I s : . ... '
nid I bo veil b. .-, ''id I
school." And so ho did th.
toi' V dars until tho Inval
en ray back,"
! carry yon to
. day sr.d for
d v r.s fairly
.m-.mii. Who
n o.. 1 on ti e rs.id to nn tsie..'
v.-i'- the f ill 1 tv::t did t'u
st kindness'
J (!.oi't ki""V. V, h i
rair.-d 1: .:" 1'
was tl;s invalid he
rt I!a!!. h rapt
put il orator . t i'o. . nr.sten.t.'tu. Js'.er
. t.i e t be 1m who cu.! i;;i hviuNna-rt-.v,
:-i JwiKdeai a ri vu instead of
4 to-.
On this IX-ouii'-er lafni'.n ; ' Palestinf
ia. ai w ay out from Nu. ho ah we saw just
i a i ir:c ,'cr's shoo at Je-u worked ia.
lit Widonel Toother.
;ll to il l s i ( l...-:.e.l ill,
i .
I '.! e '
fills. 1
.. imai'Ttimlsw nd plane ami
i .,y m.u-.!;; stile nnd
I di-ill sad Bill"' sad wrem !, h'"
i the ( ! i f cau-utrir TLink
lint! j'io who fnnootucd the surface of the
earth Hhovii);;n plane; l.o who cleft tho
won ii tu ins Ly cart hqnake potindinsr a
chisel; iie who opent I the r;;m.'U',Ui eaves
of tho ct rlh ttirninrj On ui';.-er; he who
wields the t h ohdorbolt st.ril.inr; with a
hammer; ho who secopiu out thelxd for
the ceeen io!lowiii; a ladie; lio who
Hashes llioniorni:i;;o:i theottrth nnd makes
the midni;;ht heavens (piiver with aurora
constructing a window. I cannot under
stand it, but I belie vo it. A skeptic said to
an old clergyman, "I will not believe any
thing I cannot explain." "ledeed," said
the clergyman, "you will not belivo any
thing yon cannot explain. I'leaso to ex
plain to ino why soma cows have horns
nnd others have no horns. "No," said the
skeptic, "I did not mean exactly that. I
mean that I will not believe anything I
have not seen." "Indeed," said the c!er
Kyman, "you will not lielieve anything
you have not seen. Have you a backbone:'"
"yes," said tho s!.-ertic. "How do you
knowf" said tho clergyman. "Have you
overseen it?" This mystery of God head
nnd humanity interjoiiied I cannot under
stand and I cannot explain, but I. believe
it. I um glad there are no many things we
cannot understand, for that leaves' some
thing for heaven. If we knew everything
here heaven would bo n (Treat indolence.
What foolish people those who nro in per
petual fret because they cannot understand
all thnt God says und doe.sl A child in the
first Juvenile primer iniyht as well hurst
into tears because it cannot understand
conic sections. In this world wo are only
in tho A IJ C class, and wo cannot nojv un
derstand the libraries of eternity which
put to utmost test faculties mvhungclic. I
would be ashamed of heaven if wo do not
know more there, with till our faculties in
tensified a million fold and at t he center of
the universe, than wo do hero with our
dim faculties nnd clinging to the outside
rim of the universe
In about two hours we pass through
Cana, the village of Palest ino wherotho
mother of Christ mid our Ixird attended
tho weddin;; of n poor relative, having
corao over from Nazareth for til at purpose.
Tho mother of Christ for women nro first
to notice such things found that the pro
visions had fallen short nml sh.o told
Christ, and lio to relievo the embarrass
ment of tho housekeeper, who had invited
more Kttests than the pantry warranted,
became tho butler of the occasion, and out
of a cluster of a few sympathetic words
squeezed n beverage of a hundred and
twenty-six gallons of wine in which was
not one drop of intoxicant, or it would
have left that party as maudlin and drunk
ns tho great centennial banquet in New
York, two years ago, left senators, and
governors, nnd generals, and merchant
princes, the iliirerenee between the wine
at tho welding in Cana and the wine at
the banquet in New York being, that the
Lord nude, the ono nnd the devil made the
other. We got oil' our horses and examined
some of these water jars nt Cana said to be
tlie very ones that held the plain water
that Christ turned into tho purple bloom
of nil especial vintage. I measured them
nnd found them eighteen iueliej from edge
to edge and nineteen inches deep, nnd de
clined to accept their identity. Cut we
realized the immensity of a supply of a
hundred and twenty. six gallons of wine.
What was that for? Probably one gallon
would h ive been enough, lor it was only
nu additional installment of what had al
ready been provided, and it is probable
that t he kousckeep; rcould not haveguessed
more than one gallon out of the way. Hut
a hundred and t went y-'iix gallons! What
will they do with the surplus? Ah, it was
Just like our Lord! Those young people
were about to so art in housekeeping and
their means were limited, and that big
supply, whether kept in Ufeir pantry or
sold, will be n nighty help.
You see theie vva.i no strychnine or log
wood or mix voiiiieasii that, beverage, and,
as the Lord made it, it would keep. Ho
makes mount aim and that k''op thou
sands of years, and ctrtainly ho could
make n beverage that would keep four or
live years. Among 1 he arts an I invent ions
of the I uturo I hope t her.' may L someone
that can press I l.e juieis from t ho grape
and so mingle 1 hem and v, ii hour one drop
of damning alcoholism (hat i!. will keep
foryiars. And tie- move of if. you take
the clearer iiiil bo the brain and the
healthier the stomach. And lure is a re
niarkiil.l.! fact in my rea-nt journey I
traveled through Italy mid Greece and
Fgypt and Pal. st.ine and Syria and Tur
key, and how many intoxicnied people do
you fltink I saw in all tho.-e li-e great
n alms? Not one. We must in our (.'hi-is-ti.uitVM'd
lands have got ho! I i i'smiio kind
of beverage that Christ did not make,
i lad hi: w As THt;m:.
Oh, I am i.kel that. J emu was presnt at
that wedding, and last December, stand
ing at (.'ana, that welding cam.'! back!
w,.!.t had fallen ou the viliagiaud its
surroundings. The bridc-'riiom had put
on his bead a bright turUm nnd a gar
land of llouer . end ids g.tnni nts had b en
made fragrant with frankinc-nse nnd cam
phor, au odor which t he oriental especially
likes. Aceompauie 1 by groomsmen, and
preceded, by a band of musicians with
flutes and (h ums and horns, end by torches
in fail I .hue, he s: i-t ; !ort he bride's home.
This river of lire is l.iei by iinothcrtivi r of
lire, the b
ot I he bride and biiiles
m ca a'iu f iiambcuu. The
r. an 1 lu-rv i! not only
maids, llamh a i ai
bride i.i in w idle r.
covers Iter fu u I
Her ti'o :--.au is
Source.- i f her l'oth
attendant s are ilea
ments ib. y o.vn or
own per. nal e.a
els, for iho-e i :a.
it. cuvcloa.i her body,
is niab r;te us the re
r's h .-..? permit. Her
d we ii ad t he oma
r ,u b. irrow; but t heir
: i i;;.,:.c tame t ". o j; w
t .l l a .i ( rai -e in
alars ir.Lept those of
Tue dai.is.n use is
lit tract iei nc.-s
our ou :i lai
in their el
tao lu t. r c.t
and the
id in
i hi k
; a, and
111"! n
o( TSfl
,d t!
nevt of do id , lit in their I
in their.se ; is t ! ! gra.ef uliu
nifT. At 1 ue first s1 rut i f t a '
bl idegroi.m .'.n l hit :tt-:: ;.:n'
over the h 11 the c .: ; la:
home cf the b.-i.le: " i'ii. y ar: i'i
readyl Ik ho; 1 ihebri ii groom c
ye out t i. as t lilri " A . 1 1 t
siois ae;ro.uli each oiii-.r the
;m; re
; 1 Ca
1 I ; l
,d l,,o
stiaae i,Ttd the M.tigs
the o r. c-.iuiis
tou ai d I he la i !e;:ro
a t bird proa-asacai w
. ro;.i!i.;,a-a,
1 vome on
ooi's hotw.
hi ah is
le ll'i of ti
friends of b '.!.. b:a
Then i,:i cr.t r ;'c I a
N-glns i-.i'.l th- d 1 ; i '.
Christ u- sto id' ' ae t
the random 1 of earl : .a
be com. s g a.rl.inda 1 vat a
in the morni'..': ;u;d ti
:a ... u.-l la
r. 1 ti.e e. !
And till this ;
- l . t 1 We'
.: i.itu v. :
1 n:i 1 ia
:cl H-
thunders i f the last ! .-. 1,
oj. :
he comes d ran ( ;T the V..U of hi-,
laidei:; ,oi' A:: 1 lit itasuri ool
him, for I la.ir the voices i f the j
day souTi-iia "TehoM, toe to"
C'T'i. ; h! Go e !! t meet Id-i!''
U';:ip;-i oitnuct :if t hosew'n h..v
the iaa; ..; iei. t o the c, we l.li
to 1.
Ai.-lt: e i
le I ne l ;
. ' I , J . e- j
ir l.ejvi:y
ln'o. Tao i
sente 1 ur.ae- l .e ta
close 1. Yen bear it
door is shot:
AM' No'.V IV r.
.' 1 j of a .!
dam. T..o
l.AKH '''ii
; n en, f r
v, to i.i h
Hut ue rail .; 1..".
mean t J close t.iy ( ,
from a mount .'. u ti
wi.-o 1 inks ie t .'a
1 .lo in t
l.-ke I
a: !i w'O
Snip, 1
lie r:r
we go
tine, t
on Ou
a 1 on v. h. .e
:g we wo! ta
ia t he-v i '
.iUW eat of th
bo . t v. !.u h
iers th.: fothiW il.ij
a h...d. On i-n l up
.'.oi i f all P.. Irs
cat of I'.' ititud.-.
ri-t rr. , . lo-l th. t
- ia,,-,-,;: t't s-i
lamoiis ser-i-u
(his .nal li'.i
ttlf llOCs.--, p'el'i
f.s.e that '.iva- '
lo- f. Mi I a : a: ;j
1 t!
their kniss
e.n l a ir-
! .l t !
:i 1'".'
1 i . T
u ii of e i
r-.i N -:! j
Il T-H. ' i' IS (
.In. I) tha-? ',
-i , :
a 111 h" I !
in . ksndia '
i tie? 11-sS.S i
an :
m ;, " On a. 1 tip "- I
w i.i ri l:i t he 1 iff s,-a ...
(Ulsnil nil'! Jiht . Illl'l
tbei. t-.a.oty. t SU.'S nji
ct titaek basalt We dismount, and ciuiiliing
to the highest peak look out ou nn e n
chantment of scenery that seems to the
beatitudes themselves arched into skies
and rounded into valleys nnd silvered into
waves. The view is like that of Tennessee
nnd North Carolina from tho top of look
out mountain, or like that. of Vermont and
New Hampshire from the top of Mount
Washington. Hail hills of Galilee! Hail
Lnlco Gennesaret, only four miles away!
Yonder, clear up and most conspicuous, is
Safed, the very city to which Christ point
ed ror iilustnitiim in the sermon preached
here saying, "A city set on a hill cannot be
bid." Thero are rocks around mo on this
Mount of Peat itudes enough to build tiie
highest pulpit tho world ever saw. Ay,
It is the highest pulpit. It overlooks nil
time and all eternity.
Tim valley of llattin between here and
Lake Galilee is an amphitheatre, ns though
the natural contour of the earth had in
vited all nations to come nnd sit down ami
hear Christ preach a sermon in which there
were more startling novelties than were
ever announced in nil tlio sermons that
were ever preached. To those who heard
him ou this very spot his word must have
seemed tho contradiction of everything
that t liey had ever heard or read or experi
enced. The world's theory had been:
Blessed are tho arrogant; blessed nro the
supercilious; blessed nrehe tearless; bless
ed are they that have everything their own
way; blessed ore tlio war eagles; blessed
are the persecutors; blessed are the popu
lar; blessed are the Herods nnd thoCa-sars
and the Aliabs. "No! no! no!" saysChrb t,
with a voice that rings over t lteo rocks
nml through yonder valley of Hattiu, and
down to the opaline lake on ono side, nnd
the sapphire Mediterranean1 on tho oilier,
nud across Ku rope in one way, and across
Asia in the other way, and nrouud tho
earth both ways, till the globe shall yet bo
girlded with tho nine beatitudes: Hlessed
are the poor; blessed nro tho mournful;
blessed are the meek; blessed are the htiii
pry; blessed are tho merciful; blessed nro
tho pure; blessed are tho peacemakers;
blessed nre the persecuted; blessed are the
falsely reviled.
Do you see how tho Holy t,and and tho
Holy Hook lit each othcrP God with his
left hand built Palestine nnd with his right
wrote tho Serhittires, the t.vo hands of tho
same being. And in proportion ns Pales
tine is brought under close Inspection, the
Pible will be found more glorious and more
true. Mightiest book of tho past! Mighti
est book of tho future! Monarch of all Ik,
The prouc'.cst works of (renins bliall decay,
A nil reason's briyhtest heater fa.lu nwny;
The saphlsfii art, the poet's boldest lli'fht,
Bliall sink in durkne.-u nml rameludo in night;
lint fnil h triumphant over tuna shall fitand,
t'hall grasp the sacred volume in her'hand;
leict: lo its faoitrce thy heavenly pift convey;
Then in the Hood of tlory melt uivav.
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its day. a valnaWa look, but in tl.j iro
nfcsso! laugnafie foroverriiia'if KAP3,
pa3 coraplcfaly superseded. It is
mwr?rro('n"n.l, hrokpn type, errors end
ill, '07 c'loto-ldUi'granh process, is prin'rJ
n.i clioa-t jhir-or ana HlnitUv botiutl. A
b A c,.ii'.i'ail'33, para by page, fce!w3?n
rspii-.it and tlio latest and eiilr.iRia
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ct tUo latter. These repriutg are as out
ol flato as a last year'B uniflnac. Ko bon
orctble tlcr.ler will allow the tt-yor of sncli
tn snnjsse that ho 13 cjetti&g tiie Vrebster
T.-,ich to-dav 1 accepted as tlia Standard
f..l TUB BEST, every copy ot wWoii
t-tr3 our Impriut as given below.
&r It porsoar, who havs tcen induced to
pttrclinso th " Ancient Edition" by nny
oar.rst'iFsonta'ions will advise us of tho
M.,t9,'v;e will undertake to bog thai the
staler is punis'.icd ns ho deserves.
a. ic a MKmuAM a, co.
si ni;in 1 1, mass.
" "lOTICK "
Wehavoou bnmt.tor Hale tn any qunnilt
wheat 2rr,
Zir Corn,
Challoi Cera,
Mixed Miy5
Kontucky Coal,
Pittsburg Coai,
Anthracite Coal.
" .P .Qracs? & Dro.
jhvt1 V'u CMiu1i, !rmhi: N. M)iivt, T'nli-
kr vt if, ii ri j-A i;k h.u i Nt -:u ios ;
Z t Jut" 4-iii 1 hi wnf r;s' ji nd it i I Itp m -.t
r'itifiy fr nil 111 firi it frctin i-f'i vt im
tntittn". 'i ake t ii liiu, ami fl.w.
(Formerly of Crando, Kin.)
Is now iMtiti-l nt f 'lark-vi!!e, Tenn.
Arlington l!ixk, and rfii-r bis
profi nsioini! -rv tecs i tho
Citizi'ivs if Mnii!ir'!iH'ry
anil neUlilHirin
Di'M-i if Thnwt. Xo-vP, Eyrand:
Far, Pift.-ws ( 'ii!in, ("Jinmici
1 lisoaniin atiii Snrp-ry
..rili ts'titioii frmn Im-ini'S'i. Strieturt '
of the I'rvtlm i:rc-.l ty Mkflririty.
Otneo Jfrtur: ft p. rn. to !!. ::p!
ni.fo Hnri! y: & a. ra. o V j
A ".(J'T-tt j
, .i
.-. .. M , . a-;J f...i c i
StoinaetiLiveF Cure
The Most Astcnisliingf Medieal Diseovery ol
the Last One Hundred Years.
It is Pleasant to lha Taste as tha Sweetest Nectar.
It is Safe and Harmless a3 tho Purest Milk.
'Hub wonderful Nervine Tonic has only recently heen introduced into
it3 country by the Great Couth American Medicine Company, and yet its
t-:cit valve as a curative aprcnt has long been known by tho native inliab
y.mU --if South America, who rely almost wholly upon its great medicinal
powt r? to euro every form of disease by which they are overtaken.
j.iais new atiu vaiuawio oouta
tit,.-, l.t.t, i.-e. n
forms of I'uilii!?? health from whatever
juaiiLieo iriLin:i i'j uiiivui.m ix I.'., tuy jueieiiuai ji uie'aiuu. J. 1113 UluUlelllO IIU3
completely solved tho problem of the cure of Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Liver
Comriliunt. and diseases of the general Nervous Hvstem. ft. nlsn mires nil
Nervine Toutc qualitiea which it possesses and by its great curative powers
upon the di;rcti ve organs, the stomach, the liver and the bowels. No remedy
eonmrcs with litis vondcrfiilJy valtfahlo Kervine Tonic as a builder and
f-h'cuthencr of tlio life forces of the human body and as a great rcnewcr of
a broken down constitution. It is also of more real permanent value in tho
treatment and cure of diseases cf the Lungs than any ten consumption rem
clies ever used on this continent. It is a marvelous euro for nervousness
of females cf nil nges. Ladies who are approaching the critical period knowa
st3 change in lie, should not fail to use thi3 great Nervino Tonic almost
constantly for tho spaeo of two or three years. It will carry them safely
ever the danger. This great strcngthener aud curativo is of inestimablo
value to thonged a:d infinn, because its great energizing properties will
give thcra :i new hold on life. It will add ten or fifteen years to the lives of
many of thcafj who will use a half dozen bottle of tho remedy each year.
Nerv'.'r!srtor-.i and
-Nervous l'rostrai.ion,
Nervous Headache and
Sick Ioa;hehe,
.Female Weakness,
All .Diseases of Women,
Ncrvott3 Chills,
Nci-voHS Pit eoxysma arid
Nervour, Ciioktug
Hot Fiashe,
I'ltlpifaliuit df tho Heart,
... ; co I u ! Dcpomleiscy,
Met j.hvsiK'-s,
i.-'t. Vitus'.-j I toner,
jSt rvoutiicss of Femalrs,
Nervousi'.css of Old Age,
Neuralgia, v
i'ains in tho ITenrt,
J'ttins ia tlio .tck,
I'niling IIc.illlu " '
All thtac aud many other cfnp.aujft
An a euro for every c lass of Nervous Diseases, no remedy has heon able
to compare with the Nervino Tonic, which is very pleasant and harmless in
all its eii'octs upon tho youugest child or the oldest and most delicate individ
ual. Nine-tenths of ail tho ailments to which the human family is heir, ara
dependent on nervous exhaustion v nd impaired digestion. When there is an
insuliicient supply of nerve food in tho blood, a general stato of debility of
the bruin, Fpinal marrow and nerves is the result. Starved nerves, liko
Etarved inutcles, become firong when tho right kind of food is supplied, and
a thousand weaknesses and ailments disappear as tho nerves recover. A3 tho
nervous sys tern must supply all tho power by which liio vital forces of tlio
body are carried on, it id tho rct to suffer for want of perfect nutrition.
Ordinary food does not contain n sufficient quantity of tho kind of nutriment
necessary to repair tho wear our present mode cf living and labor imposes
upon the nervrs. For this reason it becomes necessary that a nerve food bo
fupplied. This recent prod action of the South American Continent has been
found, by analysis, to contain, tlio essential elements out of which nerve tissuo
in formed. This accounts for it3 magic power to euro all forms of norvoua
Ceat, To.aDfVILLE, ., AtiJ. 0,'39.
To the Crird r, uth Ararncm Medicine Co.:
Piai'i nrvT" -. I fle iro to s:iv to you thr.t I
)..ivc laiflereii iorRiiuiy yaursv.ith n very n-rf.
rai dieie-e of fie stoinneh and nerves. 1 trii il
every meitjeine I emil'l bear of ten nothun;
itnue l ie fiey ftpr-reeiuMe po.nl until I was nl
visel In try vonr I. rent Sooth American Kervino
'iueie hikI stoiiiRfh ami I.iviT t uriMinil sineo
in ii;e n-vcml Louies of it 1 must nji Unit I ma
niri'ii" .1 .at its wonderful powers to pure tlio
i Liuiae ti mid j.eiKTtd nervoufi nylem. f every,
ce.ie kiu w lli-j viitue of tins leuiedy us I do, yuu
Would nut, lie ulIe to Miimly tlio demand.
J. A. liAIHir.E.
Ei Trcaa. Muiit.rouiery Co.
rrwForrru.R, Inb., !!v 11, iscft,
' ?? iL-rjohter, twelve yar old, had laen ttf
f ; a ! f.ir several moniiis v.lOi C lieren or St.
'j"a-'fi f 'anee. the was reduced In a skeleton,
Ce ; net iv.i'k. neild tii.t !.i:i;, eenlil not savnl
1, i-T ti ;.tV:!:e,' hut nolk. 1 laid to laneile her
title Sin lilt. .bt. J'e'eler are! lleiljlltloiR bi-r
t i aanieneiai giving hertlieSriutLi Anic.'i
Ca'.i Keiviiaj Tonic; the o3cis v.cro vry fair
ja iviiaT, In t'.ireij days sl'O ivas rid of the Ticr
vrea a -s. and rani-tty inioroved. four ImiiiIcs
cured l.er coiiipk'ti iv. 'I think the Hoiith
Arierir-n Kervino t'w pnrmlest remedy ever
OiMsivccd, nn(i Wuuid ri-eoJiniend it to every.
c ue. Una. W. fl. fcNiiiiiiiita.
tUac-tfrOna. ... .
fe,v-. rihed'cal f.'.a-n t fcrfow v. tilts May
1'J, 1x7. tH.'.o. M. Travis, Votary l'ubllo.
Tho Creat South American Nervine Tonic
TTli ic h wo now offe r you, is tho only absolutely unfailing remedy ever discov
crol fir tho euro of Indigestion, Ihrpcpsia, and tho vast train of symptoms
cv.i horrors which tra tho result otdicaso and debility cf the human gtora
c;lh No p-rsoa can atford to pass by this jewel of incalculable value who is
n.Tectcd l y di.-easoof tho Etomach, liecauso tho experienco and testimony of
thousands ti o to prove that this is the OXB and okly oxe great cure in tlio
world f ar f 'lis universal destroyer. Tharo ti no case of unmalignant diseasa
c f the Ft imach wlNch can r(ki-;t tho wonderful curative powers of the South
Arociicaa Kvrvlno Tonic
t"".i A. Ttrnttcn, rf NyV RrS9, Inrl.,
I ia:i m t (xi:rcu lf mueli I owo
to till A'e-viiio 'J onio. My system was com
ieie;v a:i.,ttrcft, apiietiio gone, was
i oi.- hir-ir .-iiei -.j-iiitinir up bloiKl; am unro 1
v as in t.,.? j.rt stfiK') cif consurnpllon, an
Into i 'I'inr.i bund-'d down ttn-oiiMii uveral
v ! ' n . I le sjh.ii tattliiff ti.e Kc-rvine
'i en a- m cm .nu. d k ii, fer about iiix
inen' e , tnd nut entirely cured, it i the
(iraniie t ren edyfor nerves, btomaea Und
Imifc'i I havo ever seen."
Tel J. i'rown, Pm(?i;l't, tt Elina, Ma,
w-riUas: ity herLittj lad been very (Kor for
yi'ur.., w-.a !:;! binir si-vcrely. I weiclied
i i 10 p-.e'neg r. hen 1 toinineuccd imioa;
s -at ;i Aiee-'e;iri N.-rviinx 1 have uel tat
l".u:es and i r.w weii'ti l.n pound, nnd am
iniirh strf.n rer God beitiar tesn I 1ui?j b'en
t"r Ii?! viairs .m gnr I woeid not havo
! ve I it, n. nail t'io winter Imd 1 not "eenr.-!
liHHreme.iv. Mv- t ui-ttiiner gae wnnt It in:
,!oii.'. it.r it f hod buy ic eagerly. It give
Kre.it sat elaetaia.
Price, Large 18 ounce Bottles, J L.23. . Trfal Size, !3 cents.
Owon V ' Moore, Clark?viPio, Tct.n. V. V. Sraith, New Provide
ncr1, Tei.n. K. K.Bojrard, Lafayette, Ky. Booth Ilroa., St. Bethie
hom. Ten?:. W. N. Thoniaft, ('uinlicrlaiid City, Tt nn. Jrn &, Co,,
(ii.tliiii, Ky. Sold at Wliolesale only hyOvcn & Mooro, Clarksviile.
"-2 i, i
F 1 i -i St
American metticino possesses powers and
r.rr...'. n.: ; i
ennse. It, nerfornis tliis lv tlio fJrpnft
Broken Constitution,
Debility of Old Age,
Indigestion and Dyspepsia,
Heartburn and Sour Stomach,
Weight and Tenderness in Stomacbi
Loss of Appetite,
Frightful Dreams,
Dizziness and Ringing in tho Ears,
Weakness of Extremities and
Impure ana Impoverished Blood,
Doils and Carbuncles,
Scrofulous Swelling and Ulcers,
Consumption of tho Lungs,
Catarrh of the Lungs, i
'Ironchitis and Chronic Cough,
Liver Complaint,
Chronic iJiarrhnca,
Delicato and Scrofulous Children,
i.-ummcr Complaint of Infants.
cirecd by this wonderful Ncrvhio Toiuo.
Jrr. Balniiiiin Unnl, n me.tnlfirof t'10 iVveioiy
ot I'rieuiiH, of liirlii'i;ton, Iiel., kmj's: "1 havaj
used twelve Lottle-s of Tho Great South Amerl
cufi KervineToiiciiDd Rtoiiiftehari't J.ivert'ure,
fuel I consider tlmt every bottle did (or me o;io
hundred dolinrs wonh of giMitl, beenine I havo
not bad n Kod niKlit'a Bleep for twenty years
on account ol irriution, rwiin, liorrilile drenms,
und geuenil nervous iTostrntion, wliieb hiu
been caused by chniDIc iodiKCStion und dys
pe(Hia of the btomueii und by a broken down
condition of my nervous system. Hut now I can
lie dev. ii and sleep all cii;t.taibweetlyii.sabtray,
and I feel liko a sound until. I do not tiitni
Uiere ban ever Iko a medicine Introduced ln'i
tliU country whii U vill at all compare with
thii N- rvl:ioXoi.ie'iia rnro for the .UiaEh."
CBAWFonrjsvnxr, Ixd., June 22, 1X37.
My daughter, eleven years old, was severely
Rfliieteil with Ft. Vitus's Dance or Chorea. Wa
Eavo her ti.rto and one-halt bottles of Eonth
American Kervino nnd cho is completely re
stored. 1 Ulisvo It will euro every casts ot St.
VHur'h Tianen. I havo kept It in my family for
tavo yenw, and am suro It is tlio grcnte't rem
edy in tho world for Indigestion und l'vsix'p
f in, all forms of Kervons Iiisordersund Kalliug
Ucui'.li from wliatcTisx cause
.... . 3ou T Man.
Sia'' of Tnd iana, .
MmlrKtmmj Comity, 55 '
BuI'-'Milicdaiiii sworn to befnro rne this Jnno
22, 17. Cuas. W. Whii.ht,
li'oUry i'ubllc.
ITarrM E. Unll.of Wnynctown, tnd.. a7ii:
"I owo mv life to Ttis Great fjoutlt Amerieiin
Kurvlnn. " I had been in l edforflro inoeiln
froiri the effect of an exhausted stomacli,
indifntion, ncrvons proalratioo and a pen
e'al fchattereit condition fjC my whole 8y
ti'ia flad given up all hope til gettlnff Well.
If ml tried thro doctors with no relief. Tho
first buttie of tlio Nervine Tonic improved
mo ao much that I wa nble to walk about,
and a few bottle cured me cnlirvlv. j ue
In vj It ia tlio Ix'st medicine In Die world. 1
can not recommend it too hiyli'.y."
Mr. Sf. flnMll, FngarCror-k Vail?, Tnd.,
writes: "I have nscd several bottles of '1 l.e
f-oo. h American Xorvino Ton e, and w! 'l gay
I ci.nahicr it tr.n bent medicine in the wnrhL
I believe It navel tho live of two ot ley
children. They were down uod nothlnic op
poared to flo tliom any phkI unit! 1 ifiun il
thi rernwly. It was very aurprixinic liuw
rapidly tu. yboth Improved on lis uk J
ic iitiuioiid the uiediclae to all my nchjii
'jois." WARRANTED.
u n
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liftr' VV" It is neat, comfortable and conducive to
'fi'V'''- health. Can close up like a book. The
. Ii.l!
Kef ail Pric e, $1 .00.
JAMES S. PARRISH, Patentee, CMsville, TeBB.
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Bis Too siiort to
Chsapsst Hr,.-cKS Ma
For circular and otlif-r Infortnilton
f p. M
. . - ? -t . . '
Franklin Street.
April 13-d,
Without a damp shred on tho body. After
washing take tho drip from the hair by
passing it through a towel ; then throw the
hair loosely over the rack of this littlo
devieo and it will dry in ono-fiftli tho time
ordinarily required. A perfect littlo gem
after sea bathing. By actual tyst tr heavy,
suit of hair was dried in twenty minutes.
h tan Skid h Without- This Great Comfort .
can go about tit will while using.
Liberal DiHocnintto the Trnclo
Liquor Store,
S. BilKR & CO.
Al?o Wall Rinl I"rfBiription enscs, Ccdul
L heEt s, linrlier l;u rn i t urc. Jewelry T ny
o it r mi cirs
Write tiie Olfl Way !'
nning nr. the Harlict.
app'y at the LiEAr-Ciifuinirt. Crt'. to
r i if i
a I ..' ".f fif t.
f ';..rf ti,ru ....
" I ' e Ji
i j '
1 "'I
i I
s !
1 ' il
j i
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