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Absolutely Pure.
Aentm of tartar baking powder. Highest
I all In leavening utrengtu. LaUtt United
Vovemmcnt food Heport,
)CW Wall Hl rnet. New York
Huyler's .
Has - Arrived.
Buy a Box
for Christmas.
& Asm
Subscribers villi please report any
irregularity in the rfelirery of their
papers to the office.
LimMvlll. & Nanlivlll. K. K. Time Table.
Train leave OlarkHvllioa follow:
Houth Bonni.
No. 101 Kant Mall 9rt5p.ro
No. I0S rant lixprons 7:17a. m
N irlb Hnnd
No. 102 Fan! Htpvmh 7:i!2 p.iD
no.iui ram yiiii u iu .m
Arrive 9:Sna. ra.
Depart 8:.'I5 p. m,
Mall arrlvo R:!ir h. in.
Mall leave , 4:U0 p. in.
To Advertiser.
Adverb rsare requested to hand in changct for
' their advertisement not later than 0:80 a. . on
thedai 'ley wish them Inserted. WedeHrethat
our ar va ttilng columns be ki)t frenh andbrlyht,
as we kiuiA .is to be one of the great secrets oj
tucceti in advertising, and for this reason we
give our ratran frequent changes, but we mutt
insist on the observance of the above rule, as we
t annat .mW our regular complement of nevjt
when arojoded with other matter in the middle of
In day.
.'Squire Baxter Walklns Is in the
city to-day.
Frank Anderson in in town to-day
talking politics.
Holmes Ordain has returned from
the south side, where ho ha been
pending his holiday vacation.
Mrs. Dunlop and daughter, Miss
Sadie, will leave one day next week
for Southern Texas, where they will
spend the winter.
In a re?ent letter to the manufac
turers, Mr. W. A. Huldvidge, Millers
vlllo, Illinois, says: "Chamberlain'
Cough Remedy gives the best satis
taction' of any cough medicine I
handle, and as a seller, lends all other
nreimratlons in this market. 1 rec-
( mmend it because it is the best lucd
i;ine I ever handled for coughs, colds
nd croup." lor bale by Owen t
Moore, Druggists.
Faying' Their Taxes.
Trustee Warflold and City Marshal
Stacker have been taking in consider
able money to-day from the dear
people in the way of taxes. The
time is nearly up for paying taxes
and they should be paid pretty soon
to savo costs. This U a duty that
comes to the itiz"iis just as regularly
as the llrst of the year rolls around,
and It must be met.
BhenfTa Sale of Property.
ciherlff Collier sold to day at the
court-house door several pieces of
real estate in the city limits for taxes.
Thijcity became the purchaser of a
majority of the pieces of properly
"A bird in the hand is worth two in
thebnsli." nmln bottleol "C. V. C.
Cer ain Cough Cure," Is worth twen
ty t nies its cost, in a c;so of emergen-?y,
for croup, coughs and lagrippe.
Sottl iy Owen iV- Moore.
Their Second meeting- Highly Enjoyed ! The We. tern Union Offlca Flttad up With !
Yet-rd.y Attrnoon. , Modern Appllauo...
To the Tobacro Urhf turonicio.j i Some improvements havo recent
. Yesterday aiternoon the Juvenile j ly been made about the Western
society met at the residence of Mr. Union Telegraph ofllce here, which
li. lJy. Mrs. T. Herndou oeserve more than a psdug notice,
organized this little class n few weeks Borne time ago J. K. Fenn, chief
since fi,r literary improvement, this electrician of the Western Union
being thir second meeting. Their Company, came to the city for the
ages range, irom live to it u yiurt-, purpose of rigging the ,fTico with all
A few invited gm-sts were present
and pleasantly entertained by the
little folks. The program consisted
of quotdllons, ittters, recitation,
readings, songs and music. The reci
tations were rendered by Maude
Harrison, Annie It Uringhurst, Bes
sie Beach, Arthur Slover and How
ard Marable. The readings by Liura
Ely, Fannie T. Herndou, Bailie
Bringhurst and Alice Pickering
Two charming Christmas letters were
read by Chesley Herndon and Jessie
Bailey, each written to their grand
parents, and brimful of BantaClaus
and the wonderful things he did
for them. The entire class answered
the roll call with appropritte scrip
ture quotations. By request the class
sang that popular song "Tarara
boom de aye." The exercises closed
with a pretty little instrumental
piece by Jessie Bailey. The little
folks were then invited to a darkened
room, where they were eutertained
with magical scenes, which were fol
lowed with elegant refreshments,
after which all were invited to the
dining-room, where they found a
ltrge Christmas tree laden with
fiuits and the souvenirs of
the evening, all present receiving
something from the tree, and old
Santa Ciaus perched on the top limb
smiling down upon the scene below.
The parlor was prettily decorated
with holly, evergreens and flowers.
Conspicuous were the beautiful in
itials "B. O. A.," the motto of the
Mrs. Herndon and her little flock
were profound in tbeir thanks to
Mrs. Ely for the handsome manner
in which they were entertained
All h ft in a happy state of mind
and heart, to meet again in two
weeks at the residence of Mr. Jack
With the training of so competent
a teacher, we sfnll look forward to
still more brilliant entertainments
from this merry little band in the fu
lure. Quest.
A Little Oirl'a Experience in A
iur. and Mrs. Miren J rescot are
keepers of the Uov. Lighthouse at
Sand Beach, Mich, and are blessed
with a daughter four years old. Last
April she was taken down with the
Measles, followed with a dreadful
CoiiL'h and turning into a Fever,
Doctors at home and at Detroit treat
ed her, but in vain, she Krew worse
rapidly, until she was a mere "hand
ful of bones" Then she tried Dr.
King's New Disc ivery and after the
use of two and a half bottles, was
completely cured. They say Dr.
King's INew Discovery is worth i s
weight in gold, yet you may get a tri
al bottle free at Owen & Moore's.
Matrimonial Mention.
JlS. W.
denco of
Geo. ".V.
Hunter and Miss Minnie
wore married at tho rest
the bride's father, 'Squire
Weakley, of tho Thomas-
At Public Auction.
Ji . Adamii to-day fold the safe
an I warehouso tools of Adnra, Gill
A Co ', t tho wart house of Turnley
A Oi l. The iaf' ws purcra d by
B. F. CH11 for $9 ", the t a'snce of the
property being so'd to various par-
ti9.- t . .
Foi Burns, Scald, Bruisfs and all
pain and soreness of iho flesh, the
grand household remedy is Dr.
Thomas' Electric Oil. Be sure you
get the genuine. s PoM 4 by Tudhope
ville vicinity, Dec. 2S), Uev. J. A. Al
lison ofliclatintr. The groom is a
prosperous young business man o'
Thomasville, and the bride is one of
Cheatham county's fairest daughters.
The Lkaf Chuoniclk tenders con
In the church at Oakwood, Tend.,
at 7 o'clock, Dec. 20, WJ'2, by the
Rev. II. P. Gannsway, Miss Mattie
Harris, daughter of the late Jas. Har
ris, of the Oakwooil vicinity, to Mr.
Drew Ferrel, all of Montgomery
Buoklen's Arnica Salve,
The best salve in the world for cuts
bruises, ulcers.' suit rheum, fuvwr
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chil
blains, corns, urxl all skin eruptions
aud positively cures piles, or no pay
required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or money re
funded. Price 25 cents per box. For
sale by Owen Moore
Poor Houae Commissioner.
The poor house commissioners
seem to be ut loggerheads, and it is
all over the day ihcy should have
held their last meeting for 1802.
'Squire E. 1. Brewer came to the
city yesterday, thinking it was the
promr dty for their meeting. The
olher members f " the commission
came in to day in the persons of
'Squires Williams and Harney. They
claim that to day is the time for the
meeting, but 'Squire Brewer is out
of pocket, having made his report
yesterday and returned homo.
S. B. Durfey, imte of steamer,
Arizona, hud his (o ;t twlly Jammid.
Thomas' Electric Oil cured it.
Nothing txjual to it for a quick pain
reliever. For sale by Tudnope Drug
At the T. M. O. A Rooms.
modern appliancts and he ha re
cently completed his work. The
office is now supplied with a sub
marine cable, which does away- with
a network of wires about the office,
and prevents trouble in many
ways. This cble is of the
same kind used for ocean
cables. It Is rubber and
water proof covered iron cable
arge enough to encloe twenty wires.
There fare two of these cables, one
i unning from the outside to the new
switch board, and the other from the
switch board to the instruments.
As "a fonsequenco no wire is
visible in the office. This switch
board is of the latest pattern, being
the same as used in the larger cities,
only smaller.. It is of great con
venience to an operator and is quite
an addition to the CJarksville office.
The work was executed well and
shows beyond a doubt that Mr. Fenn
knows bis business. Manager Reese
has t'lso had his office supplied with
a new table for his instruments, and
is now prepared better than ever to
give the public an excellent service.
Mr. Fenn is to be congratulated on
his work and the company on its
enterprise, while Manager Beese has
the thanks of th public for his ef
forts to give a good telegraph service.
Bring in your Chautauquas, the
Century, Harpers, Scrlbners, St.
Nicholas or any other periodical you
may wish pn served, and have them
bound at the Leap Chronicle
bindery at trifling cost. An excel
lent idea for Christmas. 23
A New Year to be Ushered in To-Mor-row
A Obliging Fainitir Rewarded with a
10,000 mrt.
Pittshcro. Dec, 81. When Fanner
Crissinger, of Ureeusliurg, visited Mtts
burg three months ago, an old man in
troduced himself as David Dullisou, of
Wheeling, and said that he had lost his
pocketbook containing a gum of
money and a railroad ticket to Wheel
ing. The fanner bought a meal and
a ticket for Dallison. Dallison took
CrissinKer's uddress and promised to re
turn the money. The young farmer
grew tired of waiting for his money,
and finally concluded that he had been
swindled. Monday he received a letter
from a Wheeling attorney, eajing that
Dallison was dead and had left Oriaaintrer
$10,000. ' '
Clarktvlll) Ice and Ooai Company.
The nruUr anno I meeting
of the h!f-klw(i(Hs r H I fi in
puny will be I. eld in f. c. ftjei.
rift's ottli-e Tukdy, Jan. 3, 1893, at
10 n. m. for tho purpfiHc of electing
s-ven directors ly serve for the en
suing year.'
Qto. S. Bowmnu, Sec'y,
For the next few days I will be
away from the city, but have made
arrangements with Dr. T. A. 'Whit
field to attend to my practice during
my absence. Dr. Whitfield will be
at my ofllce every day from 1 till 4
o'clock p. m. and will ansner all
calls. Respectfully, -
d22,dtf. Dr. C. O. Wilson.
Wolve. Had Their Mil. wltU Thaw.
V1ROINIA, 111., Dec. HI. A grand
wolf drive was participated in by aloiit
250 farmers and hunter here. The
drive covered a territory eight mile
suuare. ' At tho windup two wolvea
were found in the circle, but in the ex-
citement and nnui close they escaped.
The Rev. - Win Stoutr Wlarton,
Ont, slates: After being , ineffec
tually treated by seventeen different
doctors ior Mcrofula and blood dis
ease, I was cured by Burdock Blood
Bitters. Write him for proof. For
sale by Tudhope Drug Co.
or; m. l
valii Farm
o OVER o
First National. Bank,
Clarksville, Tenn.
Office hours
Deo. 6, Sm.
p. m.
9 a. m. to 6
Be sure and investigate the plan of the
Washington Life Insurance Co
At 12 o'clock to-night the year 1892
passes into history and 1893 comes to
the front. Tho past year has been a
notable one in many respects, its
history, however, having been writ
ten in the press of the country. Al
summary of the most notable events
of the year will be published by the
Leaf-Chronicle within the next
few days.
Monday morning the business of
the new year begins, and the Leaf
Chronicle trusts that the people of
the city and county may be as pros
perous in 1893 as they have been in
1892. The country Is in much bel
ter condition than it was a year ago,
and there is no reasou why 1893
should not be very prosperous to the
people of the whole south. To one
and ail the Lbaf-Chkonicle wishes
a happy New Year.
If you want the beat and motit reliable Life
Insurance to be had.
Office over TUDHOPE DRUG CO.
nosi IS QH.1T1TI.
Valuable Farm For Sale.
Elsewhere will be lound an adver
tisement of the sale of Dr. II. T.
Drane s valuable farm, a few miles
in tho country. The farm contains
410 acres, and would be divided to
suit purchasers. No farm iu the
county possibly is more eligibly
located or better supplied with im
proveuients. Its proximity to the
city, with a fine road, makes It very
desirable. Read the advertisement
Has led all Worm Remedies,
Prriutrrd by Hit II Anuso-TATI.ini JIKII. CO., BT.MMIIfl
TTAVINU moved my family to the city,
. i ouur my iho in me couuuy, lour
nines noun ui viurKHViiie,
On the Clarksville and -"
Hoplinsvile Tarnpite.
Bald farm oonlalim 440 acres and would he
divided to Null purciiaKer. There 1 a lan-,
weil-Duiil brum awnuioK, wiiri aral-oiax
outhousn. Barns. Hlablw, Ac. With a lame
fine road, makes It. voiy dftslritble for a pit-
on winning a place ollualed. Apply to nie
ai uiaranf me.
d3Uwlm tuAnd ' . - I
FOR 1893
You ought to subscribe for
one of the following period
icals: Harpers' Magazine.
Century. "
Review of Reviews. -
Popular Monthly.
Ladies' Home Journal. .
Demorest's Magazine.
The Delineator.
Godey's Ladies Book.
Owen & Moore
The Breeder's Gazette.
The Leaf Chornicle has received
the Christmas number of the Breed
er's Gazette, published at Chicago
and it is a beauty, bound in hand'
some lithograph cover ana nneiy
illustrate.!. This popular stock jour
nal, which has always been excel
lent, announces that for 1893 it wil
be better than ever, and the public
can rely on what it says.
"C. C. C. Certain Com Cure" re
moves corns, wsris, bunion?, moles
and callouses. Warrauted. See, that
C. C. C. is blown on every bottle.
Take no other. Sold by Owen &
The Itev. l A. Sowell, of the M.
E. church will talk to young men at
the Y. M. C. A. rooms to-morrow af
noon. These meetings are always
profitable. ATI men cordially in
A Cure for Croup.
If your children are su'-jert to
croup, always keep a bo tie of Cham
berlain s l.miili KeiiKiIy nl liana.
It is a prompt and certain cure. If
given as soon as the rr upy cough
ppears it will prevent Ui- attack.
lor sale bv Gw'cn M"owe. J
To Postpone Ciroult Court.
A petition is being circulated
among the lawyers asking judge
Munford to postpone the convention
of the Circuit court until the second
Monday in Januiry, in ord'T that
those who wi-di may attend the
opening of the Legislature at Nash
Ville Monday. It is not yet known
what action Judge Munford will
take in the matter.
Prom a complete and carefully assorted stock
we feel confident of supplying the
needs of the trade at
Live and Let Live Prices.
Are you thinking of buying a PARLOR OR
BED-ROOM SUITE, or any other arti
cle of Furniture ? See our
goods and get prices
before placing
an order.
Send to us for Ribs and
Bones and Game, also dressed
and live Fowls. Respectfully,
I Why ire you Waiting
a.' cC cu su' cu ju cu cu cC &cu&&&g cC 6- ci-'.cv?.
Special Bargains
in every one otVmr departments, and with the stock
we carry we m:n to make it mieresims. xvemo"
ber, that our fiods are as represented, that our
prices are tho loWest, that they are not limited to
one day. but willWt until our present stock is dis
posed of. We don't sell goods at a special, time for a
low price and then raise tho price on those who
could not&como at the time designated, but make
to every one. We havo just
opened a new consignment of
Ladies'- Stylish -Jackets !
in Black and Colors, that wo
want to show you. Our stock of
, Lap
of all descriptions is superb.
from the smallest to the largest, in
an grades and 01 tne very pest , - . ; r , j
workmanship. Notwithstanding the last advances
we are still quoting the old-time figures on
ETC., and our stock embraces tho choicest and latest
productions of the manufacturer's loom. Bear in
mind that our stock of , r
Is very Complete.
That we can give you every
advantage that tho market affords, and that weavill
sell you w6ll-mado arid stylish Clothing cheTter
than other housos. Wo are making a clearance fcale
of Men's and Boys' Heavy Boots, and will surely
save you money on them. Call and see us.
We Are Iflow Moving
to oxj-n
Ixjs.t Pair opera glasses and case
between opera-house stairs and El
der's buggy repository. Initials K.
P. on front cross-bar. Return to
Lew Wagner nd be rewarded:
Religious Intelligence.
He v. It. E. L. Craig has returned
from Nashville, where he went to at
tend the consecration services of
Bishop Gray, and will officiate at the
regular hours of service at Trinity
church to-morrow. The Christmas
music will be repeated at the 11
o'clock aervice. The public is invited.
For Rant-
The Mnoney place, on
street, adjoining Xd V. F,
Apply to vv. r Ueach.
Bank Wil Olosa Monday-
Monday being u legal holiday, the
(banks of the city wiH not open for
I busincw on thaf day.
UR holiday trade has
becnCaxbeyond our
expectations, aifdwe. re
turn thanks to the n&fiynv
who so liberally patroniz
ed us. We expect to carry
a better stock next year
than we did this, and will
strive at all times to please
the public. Wishing every
one a Merry Christmas
and a happy and prosper
ous New Tear, we are
gratefully yours,
... i
uui wo uave uu unuu u inre block OI JC JjUUlt WnJCn Wi
are exchanging lor good wheat at our old stand, tho
We can accommodate farmers
anything in our line.
Coulter 8b Ledbettr-
314 and 31G Commerce St., :
Sash.Doors, Biinds,Flooring
A large stools Cypress Sh-lng-lea on liand.
Contractors : and : Builders.
Plana and Specifications furnished aud Estimates mad

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