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'kLl J-.. ..- -J ' L-
' . IDITSD ET AS ,, , ;
cca it us villi: i
6, 1855.
Tut Firemen' CeLEBEArton. The !
bralinn of tlie Four;!.; by our FiremW wii
one of the meet brilliant torn'oifle thaftve have
wllnowed for many t day.' Thr Drfhtge
Company" formed at the Lnguo-nouee, on
Strawberry Alley, i8 o'clock "t'',Egle
Company" on the square "m no''
fi.. nt.,.. mmiered ahr-l forty men, drVd
i. n.-fc .,k.ta. whr Pnta,' Wliit"1,lrt.
nd gled p. T- X0;1 tbut
fifty atrcnj, tho ' beinj '
IMle men r" Ta
blue. Both'eh' wN.uillr decor,
.ted wlf flow.! Th, M.
I,., a plaiforip' '' ol H brake, which
?'eatly eerpe"' end" otherwise ornamented,
.! up6n V r seated two little ousters and
r . ...... . . . L
a counle misses io matcn. ire
"Frankl" Hoae Co." mere out with tho Ddl
Wg0) rid had' their carriage verjr latllly dee
iht) Esglo'engine waa aurmounted by a plat.
frm about fire feet square, and evnr this waa
a beautiful canopy, atipported at tho corner by
trp-rlghta, eovered wittr evergreen and (tower
-and through the centre of the' canopy ran
UlF bearing the American flag, and at each
eorncr on lop of the canopy waa another email
staff bearing the aame colore. UnJor this
canopy -a little master and mle wete aeated
upon velvet cushion on each aide of the fUg
aufT. 'The Exgle'a Hoee-carrlago Rekdeer,"
was" beautifully decorated, and folbwcd the
EngW. Betweon 8 and 0 o'clock the Deluge
Company, appeared on the equate, and the
line of procession waa formed, umleT thi di
rection of CoLJobtr A. Bailey, chief MaiahaT,
Misted by Afarahala Frank S. 0eaumont, and
Charlea M. Iliter. First eime the BanrVwag
tfan drawn by four black horaea, euch attended
by a groom. Each horse had a net-work cov
er upon him, and a largo white plume upon
fata head. - Then the Eagle Company and En
(fine came, foflowod by the "Reindeer" Hose
Company, and carriage, then the Deluge Co,
and Engiue, followed by the Franklin Hoae
Company and carriage. The display in pro
cession waa beautiful and Imposing.
After marching through the principal streets
thy repaired to the speakfrg ground, where
addresses were made by Tho?. VV. Wisdom
Erq., Rev. Mr. Baird, and Rev. J. T. Hen.
(Trick. After the speaking" the Fire CjVnpa
nlee'and thi'peopfe proceeded to the dinner
tabloa, where a bountiful barbecue waa served
ap for them After dinner the multitude dia
poracd, and the Firemen 'wok tho line of mrfch
tnd proceeded back to tha' eqaare, where afte;'
tlie usual civilltiaa to oach'otbor, they retired
to the W respective Engino-b.cu.aea.
We regret that we have not time to make a
more extended notice of the events of the day.
1t waa pronounced1 by all binds to be1 a most el
cant and delightful celebration of our Nation,
al Anniversary.
Our citizens justly proud' of theft Gte.
men, for an hundteo toer looking- men than
turned out on the fourth c scarcely be found.
The Brass Baid, added vcVrreatly totno
pleasure ot mo occasion ay tnoii excellent
music. Every ono waa delighted with .. Bn
Only regretted that they couldn't play all lit
time. Altogether the celebration was a splen
did affair, and passed off without any accident
or dteOrder.
Majou Heniiy. Thla ditingul'blre(r orator
addressed an American' nicotinjr on Wednes
day night, In Hie Ccurt House. We have beard
Afajor Henry in his palmiest days. We heard
him In the exciting canvass of '40 and '41
When he spoke aa none could speak, but those
who have tlie blood of Patrick Henry in their
veins, we nave neara nun in tne aavocac oj
his own clalma before the people. We have
hekrd him at the bar, when juries snd judges
would smile when he smiled, or melt In tears
when he poured fourth bis strains of pathetic
eloquence. We have heard him, when we
thought ho anr parsed hia own unrivalled excel
lenclea. But never flaw we listened to aueh
si speech, even from him aa the one wt heard
that night. The facts were etrong and well se
lected, the logic forcible' and irresistible, and
Lis audience 'ere spell bound by his rhetoric
It was not only' a good speech, an exeellenj
fpecch, a soul stirring speech, it was more,
H waa a living apfech, tt wt!l be forgotten by
none, and the young men w holies rd him, will
talk of It, to their children long after the great
orator sleepe in hi grave;
Last week we offered as a premium to any
one, who would succeas'ully answer the speech
of J. M. Quarlea, made two woeka sioco, a
Gold Watch, and at the bottom of the article,
are the words. "enjuin at this ofice." Well,
very oif could read' those words except the
editor of tho Jcflbrsonlsr., and his man, who
M anxious to take tho proposition they could
IM aee thorn, bnt mee.li the challenge by pub
lishing" a series of moot startling occurrences,
uch aa "That banter accepted!" "fl50,00
check," "Pistlngulshbd Ubltet" &e. Now is
this the way to accept that 'hinUr" aa It ia
called. Why donl you accept a.1 of the prop
osition, and "snquiro at thia office," and you
and your man, will find a person ready, wil
ling, iixitit to take your proposition. Paco
the music Ms. Jeff, show your spunk.
Wl had tho pleasure of visiting the country
a few dya ago, and can confidently assert, that
we never aaw a finer prospect for com at any
time. Tho stalks are large and fins some
fields look almost like cano-brakea, and with
the aid of one, or iwj mora ralna, al the prop
er tlmo, we hive no hesitation In asserting
that the crop will be larger than It lias been
Wi had the pleasure of attending the ex
amination of tho young ladiee pf the Ferns'
Academy, on last Friday ever' Th prompt
nVaof the young ladiee In iwf l"g the moat
difficult questions, sallsfW eve-? one of their
diligence irt prosecuting their a'.udiea and the
care and fidelity of their teacker. The com-
positions were excelled ""d gave evidence of
more depth of lhoi', n belief cultivation
of mind than ar' ' ly exhibited by young
ladiee of the" E"erT th'ng that we wit
nessed, creditable both to the teachers,
and i,J pup5'"- Tlie next session of this In-ftli-tlon,
will commence on the 3d of Septem
ber next. We hope to leo a full school.
. fcSr Don't forget the Barbecue at Tea Ridge
on to-morrow. There will be some fine speak
ing and a fine dinner, enough of both to aatiafy
sensible men.
Last week we saw an admirable burlesque
on tho modern way of wearing bonnets. A
lady promo-faded the street with a servant a
bout live feet behind carrying her bonnet,
Clarksville women against the world t
Thi Branch of the -Bunk of Tennessee at
this place, declared a dividend on the 1st Inst.,
for the that six monthe, of aix per cent;
A new low-water bolt, designed for this
river waa lanncheJ at Louisville, a few days
ago, and will be completed about the middle of
next month. She Is' owned" by Capt. Northen,
and others, and is named "Ii. L. Cobb."
Made and agreed upon by the two Candidates
fbr Gbve'rnoi'i
Cllntony' (
Bean's Station,'
4, 7
". 10
., !9
" 21
' 23
. Sftl
' 27
" 31
Aug. 1
The anderslgned
have agreed upon the
bove list of appointments, as candidates for
Governor. In making out the appointments,
they have been compelled to omit several
counties, Tor the want ol time, wlilcn
would be much gratified to vWk, but it ia in
possible for them to do sr.
Nashville, April 5. iSil
Clarksville July 5, 1865.
Sales of Tobacco by W. S. M'Clureof-
hhdY aa fuifows: '
8.05 8,(0 7.80 9.(50 7,W 7T0 7,ft7,? 7.00
7,IH) 0,M 0,93 O.tW B GO 6,60 sr.00 6.55
86,50 0.40 6,35 6.H0 6.00 6,- 0,15 0,15
8,05 5,05 5,85 5,80. .
Claeksville Tonn. July 0', 1855,
The market is very dull.
Suoar Advanced, Fak Oj to 7, Prime 7
Uhoice 7j.
Molasses Hsve lai'ely advanced,
nuote bbla 38 to 40. half bbls 42 to 45.
Jofiee. l'rlme UIo 12 to 13, Java u io icj.
. LT.-Flne Sack 300. Ccarse 275, Bbls.
Candle. 24 ,0 2q en Bdvanca
JN ails. 4,uo . 5iWj ror )l)(ii an j Othor sizes
In proportion.
pro visions.
BacoW. Receipts light, hoground 7J.
Flour. -Good Tennessee Brsnds, 7,5l),
Mith From store. 1.00 to $1 20.
Lard in demand from 8J, to V,
m.. . . ' J
ALLCommvr.katitin$, and Aderrlitementt intend
ed fey this pnpfr, mini bt kawded in Ike OJfrct by
0 o'clock Thurtday, or elte tkry are liable to be I'll
over until the wxt tctck.
, . One Cent
RANAWAY from the nndermirned abouf the
middle of December laat a negro boy named Dick
Black he waa bound to me by th County Court
of Stewart Comity. Tenn. , until ne became 21
years old, said boy is 17 years old, very light col
or, aandy hair, about .5 feet 10 inches liich. I
forewarn all persons from harboring said boy, ana
will pay the above reward for hi' delivery to me.
one mile, north of New York, Tenr.,
June 29, 18553
Wanted Immediately,
A young nun aa Clerk iu the Book1 Store,
J due 2J, lbS-tf. C. O. FAXON.
TUB firm of W. 8. McRevnolds JsCo.. was
Ibis day dissolved b'y mutual consent' I Wtii
from Hie Cim and W, N. l.'aeery comes ia as a
partner. JOHN L. CARROLL.
Jnne22, 1855 3 w
TAKEN up by Andrew Smith, District
VT-TJ No. 10, M
eaJLeXday of Ju
Montgomery County, on the 14
una icaa, one Day mare Mule,
three yeara old, about thirteen hands high, black
main and tail tha former roached aud the latter
trimed half way ita length, marked with a blrck
strips serosa the witbera, andauond the lega
WM. JIAKKlbOM, K. M. t.
Jane 29, 1855 3w.
THIS nreneratien. which was discovered bv
Dr. Baxter during his travels ia Earbpe iu 153,
has givn entire satisfaction to all who bars tried
It beautifies the hair, and cauMa tha most un
couth aud ill-natured hair to hang iur bwutlful
aim and ringlets. It haa also been used Willi
great success la retorftig" the hair, even where it
baa beau' removed by burns, scalds, or otherwise
1 he ingredients of which this fluid is composed
will cost but avsiy trifling sum, Si or 50 ceuis.
IT Tenons desiring this receipt wilt haveK for
warded to them oa thsrtocvint oi ons dollar . Ah
dreM J. J. CAI.VIN
K marrsllr, 2'tnmmet
Jane S3. Ib55-lint
(T t Bushels 8wset Potstoes, for sals by
THE abov.valnabls "Corn Craahsr' la con.
atrnrted difTarantly to all ethers bow befors th
public. Il is f eh a ntar that it wiif crush
cora and Cob together, to any depraa f finenoKa
for your storkt wflmako (rood maal; will taru
at beautiful "jrrit lominy," for tal,! uss; grind
snoiifcffs-meai with rro.t rapidity) wilt pulverij
all kioda of dried rootsf erunhcw apples as fa u
ens hand can throw them in the hopper; a a
valnnbls bark-mill; ia laonajred wKli one bind
wl'h In vaiy aimpU; wil net jfrt ent of or-
der will last many yeurs and aold exceedingly
' riantcr U Stnblc-ltcfperf,
Farmers, Stork-raisers, Proprietors of Hotels, snd
othora, could not lay oat their money to a better
advantage, aa it ia now sneraltv acknowledged
that 1orn Crashers save 33 to 30 per cent, of the
amount of corn consumed. For tha convenience
It fa made of two aixra. No. 1 welgl:lee nar 400
ponndi: Is worked with one horse and one hand)
will crofth from 6 to 10 buihela corn and cob per
hour; will make, from clear corn, two-thirds good
meal, the remaining one-third being beautiful
"grit hominy i" and is offerer , all complete on
roar' farm for 50, and satisfaction warranted in
tha moat poeiliva manner. No. 9 weigha about
600 pou nils? is worked with two horses and one
hand; will crush from 20 to 95 buhels corn end
cob per hoar; and ia offered at $75, ail complete,
and salirfaction warranted. In the construction
of thia Mill, the Proprietor's grand object hat been
to prevent all possible lateral mninn, by firmly
and permanently securing
Tho Ilevolvlnff Portion
in ita proper poaitlon, without which precaution
it certainly Would rooo wear out. Hia aim waa
convenient, valuable, tf nobjectionable, and cheap'
machine, which could aot be antere ded by past
or fulura inVenfiona of the kind; but whether he
has succeeded or not II e people must judge. He
telle y jo, ia plain terms, bow it ia constructed;
what it win ao; now managea; gaarunteet satis
faction, criereitata low price; invites the pub
lic tr a critical examination; placet it within the
ressltcf all; snd certainly no honorable man can
(hair it on better terma.
The" Young America" can be fitted np in a few
hoars, is easily maneged and understood; the ex
ternal or concave grinder remains Malionary , be
ingtupported by four heavy wings bolted strong
ly Into box or sill below,' the inner or convem
griucVr revolves, snd is held firmly and securiiy
in its proper position by a cast-iron box and gnf
geon above, and an ink and gudgeon below, which
actually prevents all lateral motion, the great de
ader at um never before obtained. Tho ahaft or le
ver to which the horse ia applied worka over
your head, entirely oat of the way of the driver,
or feeder, or looker-on. The crushed atuff is all
received on an Inclined floor, deiiveriug it into a
shoe, so that it may be caught in a half-bushel or
box. It iaeaiily regulated from below by aacrew.
When you ooce aee it, yon will pronounce it
simple, and not at all easy to gel out of order; is
portable, and ia sola at a price wnicn no man will
object to.
now, innners.
How does yonr poise brat concerning this South-
err invention? Loes it fill the billl If von W'-A
one, $60, sent to me, or Ellis, Moore A. Co.. Man
ufacturers, at ivasiivtiie, lenn., will cai" 't
be soul to you forthwith; or give roforenccs,
order the Mill , and pay for it af'-' 't is received.
No. 9rell for 75. This is nonorable a course
as tho Tropriotor knows VJW to pursue.
are wanted in ' PBrta ot lhe Union, who will st
snce act the "spirit and the understanding "
Ton such 1 will give "an open field and a fair
fWlit," ask no totes, and only require $35 to
commence on, which shall be applied for said
sent s sole use. bxcrusive County or Slate
rights will be disposed of on aa fair and. comino-
datlng terma aa any one couiu deaire, giving a
credit of 1-3-3 4.4 years, aadao low, that an in
duatrious man can make money.
Tile Mill will' be mnnulaetured at Suitable
points for the convenience of agents and those
purchasing rights. For full information,- addreaa
the Proprietor, al Nashville or Shelbyville. Tenn.,
and you can get all particulars.
i. i. vuu.iiuuubr.1
8oh Proprietor.
Shelbyville, Tenn., Jane 15, lt)55 ly.
lis! Oils! il!l
W E are now in receipt of a fresh lot of Lard
aud Liudaeed Oil.
June 15, 1855 tf.
WE wUK particularly to draw the attention of
our friehda to our rocent purchove of fine pocket
cutlery. Any gentleman wishing a genuine Hogers
Knifecan find it al our hona. Ws have an elegant
sssortm3t oi rocaet Ktnqea and Kar.ors.
Jans V5, 1855 lf,
Chenn I.isht:
VvU nrouM sav to line Public, that we have j int
received another large mnplv of the celebrated
Burning Kloid LanT)K, which for cheapness, dura
bility, and neatcoas.stsud uncalled. The Burn
ing Fluid which supplies tha Wnps, is entirely
free from grease, gives a soft, clea,., Brilliant light,
is much chedber than Candles and not at all exnlo-
sivi the Lamps so constructed that Vom can have
a blaze as small as a taper, or larger than a candlo
need no snulling, and one bailor L-andit-wirk
will lust a life time. We have every variety that
a purchaser could wish, and we Would say to thos
who wish to try them, that they can use them for
one week, aud if not satisfied they can return
them. 1 hua far they have given general aatiinac
tion. We tuvite you to try tnem.
Franklin Street, Clarksville, Tenn.
N. B. We keep constsntly on hand, s large bOti
ply of the buruing nuid.
June B, lM&S-ly
A new aunnlv of Can.Ledirerand Note Taper,
Envelops, Steel Pens. &.C., &c, iuttt received and
for sale by C. O. FAXON.
June r, l?S3--lf.
IV o t i c e .
BY order of the County Court, of Montgom
erv County. Tenn , made at the June term 1855
I alia on tha mat Monday iu juiv next, io:3.
lb His liifhmt bidder, at tho Court Ilouw, in
Clarksville, Tenn., on a credit of 6 ScVi mouths
with interest ou Isst instalment, from the tuns the
first instalment is due, purcliasor giving bond with
rood security , and a lien retained on the land
until the whole of the purruase money la paid
U"'4 Acres of Land, adjoiniiu? the lands of Peter
Ones!, Wm .Tyson, Mrs. Uguurn and others, ly
ing iu Mou'joniery Co., District No. 9, bein a
Korilou vi mo raci ui L.mia ownru uy i,ni.
lorrls'e heirs.
WM. ROGERS, Commissioner.
June 15, '55-tds
Boot and Shoe Depot!
AT tlie oM Tost OiVice Stand, went side Public
THE undersigned would
most respectlully call the
atteirtlon or gentlemen ol W" W'
Ilia city and country to hia tine stock of
Boots and Shoei,
suitable' fof the present sesson and of his own
Muuufacture; ronsisling of tlie most fsahiouabls
styles, and of the best malarial, aud of workman
ship superior to any in this, or sdjoiuingoounlies,
which ha Will warrsulia all rvsnecla, aa represen
ted. His stock' embraces tha finest French and
Philadelphia Calf hkius, ever brought to this
msrkst. lis invites and solicits su examination
of the satin, confident, aa bs is; thst it will besr
the strictest scrstiuy, and will please the most
fastidious. All work made to order, frbinths light
est to the heaviest Boots and rMioea.
June , l?o5tf.
HA8 jnst rsceiretl very soloot ndeomplets
a-sortment of ,
Cloth, a96liirr, XttntmB,Uur
and elher goods for Gentlemen's wear, of the best
quality and the latest sly Its. '
Gentlemen wisliins flilieeM OevU iate np
hi faahionahls stvU, snd apoa reasonabfa terms,
wllldo wett te give ms aoall. A 1 garments war
ranted ( five aatisfaction. both at to fit and on nil
ty of work. Old garments thorooghly cleaned
ana renairrd npon moderate terms.
Msy v 185S flm
Fnrnlstitng; joods. .
... , . Crf, a tery a(ra
I AM now crenlng at my a,, Clothing for Oen
me ..oca 01 cpr.ng ana ouinm, , , hgrd
" ".""J. TTV'f. Prrille,insdd ttos,
. - V . , , ..r Ikeepagood
asaortmsnt of '
pi. mi..h a, fir rr... . -i?t,s.hoe'
. ... .....-., ..... ...... felirtiatr drawers.
i anama, ufgnoin ot oirnw oo Pocke, mk
7 ranks ft . V CravaWovwl & 0lrie
iV I. ii ' virt Alounie,
Umbrellas, euKU.
Under SUlrts, ol lrT.ra.,oCo"" nnl
age of 3 years j
Children'! clothing from thn
r.h bnvsrs will find ftts 1'
nir interert to. call:
rr;olntl ss vinsl.
ITT T In .u.in indebtcfi IS Irie-J.
sithor by note or aoconut, 1 itd earnestly ap'
peal, and rr quest them to come forward and pay
up, my buaii-ess require money U conduct it, and
unless payments are made soon, I ihnll becomjml
led to place a-y claims on t for collection.
Clirksville April 27, 55 2m
ALFRED STEPHEN, would respect fully an
nounce that his Daguerresn Gallery will boolosed
froi.i July 7th to September 15th.
Jane 23. 1 855 3w
CALL your attention to my stock of During &
ummer Clothiui Coals. Vests. Pants, Huts,
Boots and Shoes, Shirts aud Drawers, Pistole and
walking Cains.
Saner Block Dress and Frocks, Blue Cloth mot
tle Buttons Brown green and blue business coats,
Patin De chene and Italian cioin, w nsnington ec
Wellington white Dock couts, Grass, cloth,
brown aud Uufl t,iuen,urap et saa sua warp Aipa
Sitner Black satin tc Grenadine Vdst Wbitesiia
nd vb,ie mersailles.l'amersatia welled MerseJIes
style grass and L.men vest.
r A N T s .
Extra Blaik and Fancy Doeskin Pants, Black
talian and Moreno cloth pants, wbita browu and
fancy Linen pants.
Hats, Boots & Shoes.
White Black and pearl Wool It , Cbevaleer
Mario and Ingram lints, Widenwakit Know Noth-
njr and citizen ats, 1'ansma. J-cgnorn snd straw
Hats, Ryan & Go's extra Calf Boola and Gaiter
Shoes. Hansam & Co'a i- rench calf Hoots, gaiter
shoes cloth and patent leather lasting Casseamer
do. plum and i ipe to suit ail sixes, cimrts ami
Cravats, Gloves. IJesey Draws Sea, 6tc-
My cloihing it or a superror quuuiy anil niaue
n most fushionabls atyle. We can furnish you
with an elegant dreae aa well aa a businesssnit, and
one more important item I will sell them cheat.,
Will you do me the .favor to call and see my stock
before buying; u snail not cost you injinmi.iipo
ran m. ur,. er at least voa Rtav rot olotlnns to
suit you and well worth tlie money yon pay for
I have on hand a large sonply of Boys & Chil
dren clothing, to suit ages to 17. years old.- itlso
a large lot of fine soWleother and hog rkln trunks
all tha coinmou qualities of trunks cheap, sail aud
see for yourselves.
May II, OS Ma n. o. univaioun.
KEEP contsntly on hand a large lot of Floor
ne. Ceilins. Windows, Doors, Sush, Blindu, Wash
Boards, Cacejngs, and Mou .- in a word, every
thing in our line. We also have on hand large
lot of Wheal Fana, of a soperivr quslitv, which
we guarantee To be equal to any ever maJa In tins
Country i
We will also rurnian
rd undertake Buildings outmde of tho shop, and
conii.Ut. (hum on short notice.
We are now receiving, and will keep constantly
on hand, a lartfa lot of undressed lumber of every
description, for sale. And alro keep materials for
putting on gravel roofs, aud guaranloe theiA aot to
leak. I erms cash.
Junel, 1S55 tf.
Wm.P.IIumeadm'r. of O A Darn) Attach
vs ment
ti... OnTinm Se InaiM A Armstesdi Bill.
it appearing to the satisfaction of the Clerk &
M.tr frnm the allecrationa in the bill and atlida-
viii that Jesses A A mislead is a non-resident of
the Hate of Tennessee. so that tha ordisry procesa
of law cannot he aerved open him. It is therefore
ordered that publication be made for 4 successive
moeVw In the Clarksville Chronicle, a newtpaper
published in the town of Clarksville requiring said
nAn-rasident defendant to appear it the noit term
of .the Chancery Cou-f. to be liels in the town of
ClarksvHle on the 3rd Monday in ucioner next anu
plead answer or demur to the bill of complainant
or the same will be taken ss confessed aud let
down for heiring Ex Parte . ,
Jnne 8. lP5.S-4wprf.fr3
Itiitlrr e S rUlinr Flnil.
J nst received, a Fresh supply of the above esl-
ebrated article. I.
June 8, 1863 If.
WE have received another lot of those comfort
able ahoulder braces ef huns. They are pleasant
to wear and give great reliof to persons of weak
chest and atoop aliondlers. For sale cheap by
June 15, 1P55 tf.
A Sulky for Sale.
Wchss a good lightSulky for sale vrychenp.
It is ironed with best Tennessee Iron. Who
wants a bar mint
E. R. W. THOMAS 6l CO.
June 15th., IMS r
WE csll tlie attention of pnrchssers to our Cod
LlverOil. It is very pure Iresh and tmlaUbleaud
as genu ins as can be made; For sale by
, E. It. W. THOMAS A. CO.
June 15, 1855 tf.
WE have on hand aoma eic.ll.nl works, snihra
celng most cf the luteal publications, too nume
rous to mention. Cull and exsuilus them. For
sale low by . .
Jane 15, 1855 tf.
Ex I r ii riii uold fens:
E. R. W. THOMAS At CO., hats received a lot
of very superior Diamond pointed Gold peus both
in eases aud without. They cannot fail togiv
Juu 1J, 13 tf.
prao roRTE,
fc.J V-- : ' q: .. .N.
Wit --ecfiS i '&X -v - r-
Whero tl4y kan alao JTeWams, OnHarei wted limrtt'mata, annat'mnsle and atrtegs at . ' '
Wholesale and Retail .prices,'
WE have jort recebred a farge'stock of P.ani,', fresh from the city of New York, whicfl I we will sell u cheap ss any honse fu tU Routh Weal
or to punctual dealers on lima. We I leo bar. on band one of the largest and most dslmWe stocks of furniture rr.T..r.d In this mnrkat of J'se-I
tern aud home maou factnre of tlie latost styles, all of which is superior quality , and will be toUl on the mcst reasonabfe terms. W ak0 keep'Coueten'.ry en
hiind, paper ImHglnga of the meut . x . ' t - ,
Also cotTins, of all sixes and evey quality, reany
We Return our thenks for" Hie liberal patronage we
S.B. McKn and Bailey haveengaged thesetvicssof Mr.C-T.Ceaky as general agent, who Is weil
correct business man. Mr. C. will also viult the country wcaud CUu-Wsville la tlwir bsnaii, aao tney tans
cuntomers as every way worty (it their confidence.
Clarksville Tenn. JNov. tf.
l'ntnitcd Way ie 1434,
Manufactured & for sale by S.S.
Drown & Co. Nashville Tenn.
WE are now prepared to supply tUs "Little
Giant Mill" to order throughout the South and
South-west, to faimers, Planters, Stock feeders,
Itnd the trade generally. The econorpy; and ad
vantage of1 feeding gio nd food, S very generally
conceded. A IK ill that grinds for stock is ind is
pen -able to every farm and plantation. And
w bile the nse of no Inert Mill, for. durability, can
be recommended by us or cousiutently by any-
bod j ..-for G'rist iH ill purposes, yet, with cuiFt'i
UfAar, breadstuff suflicicut for the fa-nily, may bs
manufactured on a Mil! of rsorxn cosTauc-riOR,
without serious detriment for vea-s. Snd in this
particular competent judges pronounce the "Litlfc
Giant" superior to any Mill iu our country, being
gat up iu its mechanical cvnstructiou on an im
provement en tna nest raient ci mis ainu eyer
attained, ...
The Little Giant Corn Cob Mill hr.i raceited
the first premium cmorail competiotra at the State
Pairs lust fall of Missouri. Illinois, lodiaus, at
Mudison; Kentucky, at the great Agricultural
fatherine at Louisville. Lexinirton and Paris, the
famous Stock Mart of tho H-M.4 Statet. Tha
Committee of in. iuurtKiu Agricuuui..
tion, saying in their report after remaraing wpoo
the perfect adaption of the Mill to meet me
r ... r. . ,.,t.nt fth
wanu or tlie whole rarming coranmnui,
Little Giant, No. 4, with two hor es, ground it
bushels of feed per heor, thoroughly pulverising
the cob, Which is iustwhnt is wsntlng in fd
..... ... -r ii.. ks .st
Will,aaJ wnicn no inermm pi uw mhi
T .it Ilea f ilntil HntlM d i." Also ths first premlam
at the Ohio Slate Fair, at Newark, chalen(;ing the
admiration of the thousand of discrimina'.ing i-
mersand stock growers in that region wn-j wit
nessed it erind. Likewise tho Maryland aud Vir
ginia State Faira gave it the Brat premium.
ted by men of intelligence and practical experi
ence throughout our CoTIntry, aud none more
no iniDienieiii nss ueen mor.
universally.commentiea tnsn jneiiui. vti.ui.
the trial of "Corn Mills at Richmond, and among
them was 'a machine known ss Leavitt'a Patent
Portable Corn Mill and Crusher," the Committee
9 . ... . -T ...t.i: A .
awarded the Sil.er Pitcher to the Little iant as
enericr In all others. First, as a Portable' Mill for
geueral convenience lor use oa a lami. ow-uim,
lor speed nud uniform fineness of grinding the
powerbeing equitl. Third, tho gemral constrno
tion ftii ilurubility; forsimplicitj; of construction;
for gonernl convenience for farm use; lor porU.
bility, beng placed upou a slide, (which, sun bs
moved from pla ce to place without delay,! staked
firmly tJ ths ground, and which any farmer can
do aud put the Mill in operation 'Irimsrtfin half an
hour's lime, without experience ot'mechanical aid.
For tht s advsntsges, in tho opinion of tiiirty or
forty Committees in dirent parts ofbur couutry,
the Lttle Giant haa no equal.
No. S is offered at $t& completle, ready foi at
tachingthsteam, and warranted to grind from 8 to
1? bushels of feed per hour with one horse. No 3
at $75, will grind J 5 bushels per Kourt and No 4
at $55, wii griud 3d bushels per hear with two
hnrau al.
All who ars interested in Agricultural pursuits
are invited to call upou J. W. oxtom JiLO i Ko,
71, market Street, or at our omce, No, t2, near
the corner of Market Street an J the Public Square,
aud oxamiue the Mills snd see them in operation.
Dealtn in Improved Agricultural Iwplrmenti.
Nsshville. Ttua.
Clurksville, ' March 30, 1855 tf '
tfE hava associated with us, lh ths Dry Goods
hu.iniws. st our old stand. No. 10. Franklin Ht
Mr. lorn W. Wiu.umoiof this place, uuder the
Ntyle of J'ruVVM, Dorlck $ Go. 1 his necesssruy
eoimiels us to ouea a new set of Books. Our old
ones ws wish to wind up, as soon as possible, that
wa may aettle up all of our outstanding ousinets,
fur the last several years, in oracr to uo una, en
who are indebted 10 us by uolea oracoounts must
come forward immediately and pay op. l.hisws
earnestly request. We return sincere thsuks t,o
our frleuds, for their pest patronage, itoisuri
them if untiring exertion can aoootiiplUli if, thai
the new firm shall eveti merit more than the old
( 8 neoessorst o J
rrilchilt, At Jortch.
JVs 10. "rsniiaS'rrrt.
AllE now" receiving, and have oft hand, a large
and elegant stock of Spring and gammer Goods,
compo.ed of every description of Dress Goods,
from tr S unesi oils to ins ciieaucn xrnn. .-
wall selected assortment of Centlemens wesr, of
everv kind and qkslity. Staple Goods, llal; Capt,
lionncte, Vuols, anort, tiara ana tnmmwart.
Trimmings tc Fsncy notions of every descriptive.
and also s superb lot of t rench C.aibrouermi Blc.,
Slc. . . .. , .
These articles we bave in store, and are con
stantly receiving new supplies. We are deter
mined to' offal luduceuieuS, ia the wsy of prices,
that will surpass, in cheapness, anything ever
before o flu red in ths Dry Gocds lias iu this mar
ket Giv us a call and wa will prove what we
Arnl 11, '53-ly.
music and tiMsioffi
BE AFT I F UL'. I AT T E It N S...
evev ouaiitv. reanv made. -s'nd hating a jew Uouse.wewl aM"H nrompt.y to all fnnernleeliii. -.
made, anl having a jew House, a w s ttsnH nrompt.y to all faneral eel
bave rrcivd at the batti.K.'tuy. 'uju nope,
it. h. roeroif,
C. iCHsns,
RE receiving and opening tfeir Spring Goods,
to which they wish to call the attention of ail per
sons who wish goods of any description. Th.y
have endeavored to oreoara thanaelves to supply
the wants of every class of tho ' community, und
think tbey bare yrtneeeded Welf. " ' '. .-
Thetrsiock of 8TAPLR GOODS ia lurseand
well selected, whilst their Fancy Goods are unsur
passed hy any in tho market. They have given
special attention to getting ud a pice assor.mont
of ladies dress goods, a bo every description of
goods for gentleinau's wear.
They have much ie kirgost ami beat assortment
thai can be found in this market, also a good stock
of Hardware. All kindsol house furnishing goods,
boots, shoes, hats and caps, 4 are included iu their
stock. In short, any thing that you want in our
line yon? will find here, and Ws wont ta sell them.
Give us a call, and if yon do not buy it ahall not bs
for the want of an inducement. You will always
find us on hand No.4, Franklin Row, ready, wil
ling aud anxions to show our good.
March 3(, 1955. tt. .
,usUS fcMOWK
OAT, Ccp, Boot & ShOc STORE.
Opposite tho Liver j Stable
.. f'kanklin'street.
There wilt be found at tha above
sstshlishmeot, Oak ford's fbpring
Style Silk fats. Fins
French Phelt. Every
alvl. and alia tie of snft
bats, Panamas Leghorn,
Cannada straw, Palm leaf hats, ulso fine flash 4
Leghorn hats, far small children. Gentlemen's
tine Calf Blots, patent leather gloves, kid and
lasting gaitors Oxford Ties and- Morocy Shoes:
Ladies k trt Boots, Buskins and Slippers, U ling &
Bronxe Gaitors, of every style size and color of
Lred morooco calf shoes for, Misses and Children.
Patent leather lies, Calf and kid shoes fur
Boys and a large slock of men's slippers, kip Bro-
guns of every article usuully kept In ths Hal, Cap,
Bcot aud Shoe line.-
1 . . . n . it r . i . .
P.S. Old hhU Ironed for 50 cents.eaoli .
Panama bats washed, whitened and formed for
1,00m .- ,. . ,
March 23, 18551-lf
Land Warrant.
R W Humphreys ndm'l of "j
tontve tlair.bleton
Petitipri' to
vs. I Mm warrant.
A. McTntire aud others. - f
In obedience to a decree made in this esase at
tha May 1 arm 1855 of ths CJroui t Court for
Montgomery Ccuntv, I wiU sell at the Loan
House dcor in the town of . ClarkSTille. to tha
hiirhest bidder, oh the first Monday in August
next, the laud warrant in t!.e Ptthiou .mentioned,
No. 89c!, Issuod to James Haiiibiotoa on Uta 7th
dav of October 1H51 for 1UU acres of lanj.
TERMS -ASix months credit, note with 9 good
securities required for the purchase mouey.
JO M. DYE, Commissioner.
June 1, '55 tds.
More KeaV Hooks.
Harper's Uuiversnt Gazetteer,
Kenneth, or, the K.ir Guard of the Grand Arm
Progresa of Nations, ty E. L. Ssaipsn.
Indies' Companion to "? r .Garden,.
Chemistry ot Common Ctl't, by 1 F, Jobnssn,
Nick of tha Woods, a tale of Kentucky. ' j
Adventures of Capt. Pries:,
Cotton is King, ' ' f
Miss Beectsr's Domeetis ReneiptBuok,
Practical Landscape Garueiiug, :
Family Kitchen Gukauce, by R.Buist,'
Th Youth at J.tiersoa,
The Psrtisno, a Koin.uce cf the Revolution, by
W. G. Eiinuis.
The Slave of the Lamp, by Wm. North, &c.Ac
Tha above, with many others, just received &.
for aale by ... C. O. FAXON.
June 22, 1855-lf.
Wm.B. McClure, )' Attach
va. ... f mtvi
Tlina. Oirhnrn A Jesssa A'. Armsteadl Bill.
It appearing to tha satisfaction of the Clerk &
Master Irom the ellegaliona contained iu the bill
and affidavit that Jewee A. Armstead is a eon-resident
of ths tttete of Tenaeewe so that the ordi
nary orocms of law cannot be served vpon him
It M t'ferefore ordered that publication be mass jo
the Clarksvills Chronicle, a newspaper "publiiihrd
in the town of Clarkivnl,, -repairing said noo-res-idrnt
def.iidBiil to appear at. tha next term cf the
Chsueerv Court to be held in the town rf Clarks
vills, oa tha third Monday ia October next, and
trieadauswsr ot demur t6 the bill ef eomplainant
ol ths sams will be taken fur coufersed as to bun
and set down for hearing F.i Parte. .. .. ,
THOi. J. MUNFORD, C. 4.1.
Juaei;'55-4w. prf.$3
Trvah Turnip fat ed.
Tnrnip 8sd of Ibis year's growth, just receiv
ed and for snl hy C O FAXON
by aticlattenUoa and fair donlisj to mefit'iuj eon.'
known io I he people of So-thero Kenti-iv.aV?
pleasure in comn.endiug b'm Is thetr frieuda and.
- , . .
$100 ISeWnrd
Kanawoy from the artWriber, on,theiHef.
Antii.asmaii mulatto hoy, turned IIENttY. aboti?
i' . r i i 1 1
i" ye i Bui.Daaiy Brows, lis is varv
Sprightly, and haAoa when ho left, a brow Jesus'
cost osnaburgs nls and straw hat. lit went-
ou", rienigs aorml muremulx, having been, sent,
onaaerrsud. L VfC givsil5 if h U tsksn in',
Christian Co., Ay., or Montgomery Co. Tenn., in -
i iiim.v, ai,j wi ints aijoiHini; owumh,, 3w, anu
$100,0(1, for theb.y, mule, and thief. hif may -i
have decoyed hirtt -avtayi With sufiicient jtooT to'
Convict the latter. '
Christisa Co., Ky., April SO uo5if .,
OJTHopkinsville Prcisr, pirate oetrent,; an"
Louisville Journal copy 4w. weekly', end for wind, ,
account to this ofiice. 'tt
. v -j. i' - -i--; ,
rnes NoUm.,
Attacbment; nndj
R Steel Sr., et sis.
It appearing to the sat lafaclion of tha rinrll
Master from the allegntinns hi the bill ancf nfTide
vitt thai G W Chatficld imU i. MvrWr are n-rs-'
ideuts ot .tlie Mate oi i aniirnMe'So-ihat .tho ordi."
nsry nroccsa of law cannot be served upon Ihem.
II is litwrtstore crderea mat publication b ntuie for
foor Weeks ia the Clarbsviile Chronicle, f ntMys"
panef published in the town of Clarksville re(uir-'
uig said non-irsideut . d.f.mUal to ii.t m u,
next term of the Chancery Court to be held in lhs.
townot. Clarksville on ths 3rd Monihiy i n Octo-v
ber nttt'and plead anaiarur'deiliiur to the1 bill of.
complainant or the same wui h taken for eoufsn- .
sed as to fliem snd set down or hiring (Is Parts'.'
i j iit-. j. nju nruiti, t. at m..
JnneS. le-4w prf. $:)
. . ... HJHTICI?.
Pursuant to an oroer of the CouBts'rfeQrV of
Montgomery County, Teun., made at the June'
erm of snid Court, lf5., 1 shall, on Rat arduy, IbV
:t"lli or June.lC.'iu.attharecinrt ror Uiatrict Ms.
10, being the reslilcSc, of John C. Wetikly, self,'',
to ti b'gbsHt bidder, a Truct of Laud eontuio'iT'g'
4iT Aarrt, belonging to the estsla of Thomas
Weakly, dee'd. 8bld for di"ision amtiug'tliaheirs
snd flevisees. ... , .
TERMS ilOOcBidi, tlie ballanceon a ci'eHir
of 1 At 3 years, nnVchar g'ving bond and approv
ed security, and a lien retained upon the IhihI htf
Ins purchase money.
JOHN 8. MAJOR, CommiesicuV.
June 8, 1855-31. -
M er rhiy n tf - ..,
WE have a I arcs lot of Percussion Caps', -oV.
haud'to be sold lower, than they have ever yef
been oiTered iu this market, Oi'r stork of Go-n'-.
Locke, Gana, Cift, Pislnbv Trsnss, lllitl'r sml:
jtage Cholua, Cmlles,' Crass Blades,' Sif klo.,-,
Blacksmith anil Carpenter, aud plher tbcls, h uiiYt
large and eomr.rcte, Give ws a call; and we wiH'
give yos good bttrgnl ns i.
JoneS.m .
1855.,. 1855.-
WE W04.1J call theattenttah 'of ihi Ladim, r ,
a new style and assortmeni of hclwor; Tubla".
and Pocket Cutlery, Castors, Silycred Forks, anoV
ether, articles, embraced irf' oor large stock.
June 8,1 855-4m
M call tlie
., - . ,.-y
FIFTY shares Unlt.n Wharf RtocV-i emH
vestmsutl- .. . . L. G. W.1.LLIAM8, .
January 2(1, '54 tf. Rest Estate Agetif, ,
B. Corban 4. N,C.rarr!.h. f '.))'.
vs. .... Si n"t '
, Steele Pr. At Jr, Jno. MgDonald InjunC- .
Afosl.r G. W.Chnlfie'.d. f tion Bilf-,
It aittieuriur to tha satisfaction of the Clerk tt .
Master Irom the slleifalltiii in the hill and afl'lavit .
thai O W ChstfirliTand J. Mosler sre rroresi'
deuU of the Btats of Ten no sue se that the ordi
nary process of law cannot be servod optid thenf.'
It Is therefore ordered tl-st publication be made
for 4 weeki'io the Clarksville Chronicle e news'
paper published ia ths tows of Crsrksville, rs.
quiring said non-resident defendant to appear et,
the next term ol in. Chancery vourt w m iibicj
in the town of (larksville, on the thirU Mdndaf
in October next end pleat anrWer or demor to tliV.
bill of eoitivlaiiiaiit, et tns ssma will be taken N
confessed and set down for hearing. Ex Parte.
Jane Ii '55 4w. prL .
W. P. Bell H F.N. Mills At"""
, . vs. ..... t fecb ;
X L JsmcSPr. S L James Jr. UBuChatuh f mfllf
J. O Ehackleford. , , f DH,
It appearing to the satisfaction of thf' CisrV
Maaterfrom (ha allegation in the bifl add aflida- .
vit that K. Buchanan iit.li- Jaine (. are non .
rssldeuts of thaKtale of TenoeiMos se thnt t?r .
oidiuary proCsss ef law eanhot be served aptti ,
them, It ia IhereCure .ordered that publication be .
mad in the Ciarksvilfe Chronicle a newsnsprr
published Ju tit lowp of Cisrksville far 4 Wesks, ',
rigt:riar said non-reridtvi defendsnts to appear .
at ihS next term of ths Chaaory Cacrt to be
held ia the town of Clarksville on tli third Mon
day In OcIoImt next end plead auawar or demur .
to the bill of eouiplaiueut or the same wi'l bs ta- '
ksn for eonfossad aa le him and act dw (o
l,ihpin V.m I. .tm .
THOU. J.Ml'NrORD.C it .m'
, June I, '33- ! ( . , ;
: i
lor ninny years.
.Varch !, 1-55 If
June I", ! 5--lf

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