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Tiara- or tri Amikicar Putt W
publish to dy an officii! op of Ihd platfoim
of the ri.llsIe!uhi Americas convsuSna;
1 Tht scknowledirewnl of that A'-i,'.h!y
Bel'if bo rule Sfer tb Universe pr-.
sides over tlit coon 'II 'f wiio con
iSucts the sffulrs of ii)-H.Ttii vH', In every step
by wMi'h wn have advanced u the chiracier ol
an Independent nation, ha, (liaiiiiguigliaiik. by
tomo lkri of Prnvidsiitl.il (ency.
J I TiiO Cultivation ami levelupinrnt or e
entlrrrant of prnlonnJIjT Inie.iss? 4.insrieaii
feeling; of pisslunate attachment to mir coun
try, i hiitury, at.d It Institutions; of admira
tion for the purer day of our nut kiival palst
cner; of veneration fot the heroism thu pre
cipitated our revolution; and; of emulation of
the virtue, wtadutn, and patriotism that rraines)
smi? ConRtrtutlon aud ft rat successfully applied
lis provisions'.
II I. -The maintenance of the union of these
Unit, d State aa the piraruount political good;
or, to us the language of Ws-Mngtnti, "ihe
firimir object of patriotic dosi'-" Aud
1st. Oppoaltlon to all a.'emp! to weaken or
utivert It. .
SJ. Uncompromising antagonism t every
prlticipln of policy that end-.'KPrs it
3J. The advocacy ol an eq.iitsble adjustment
of all political dltft-rencea whloli threaten Its
Integrity or perpetuity.
4 h. The auppicanion of all temlencloa to po.
liilca) division, founded on ireovjraphlcal d
iha belief that that W i
real dtllerence of Interesta and views" between
Hi various sections of the Union.
fith The lull recognition of the rights of the
reverel States, ai expressed snJ reserved In Hie
Const lltHion, and a careful avoidance, by the
G'Mieml Government, of all interference with
their right bp legislative, or executive ac-
IV. Obedience to the Constitution of those
United Sistes, aa the Mipreme law of the land,
merrily obligatory upon all ita parts and mem
bora; and steadiest resistance to the pii ol
Innovation upon its principles, huwiver epe
clous i hi pretexts. Avowing that In all doubt
ful or dinuttd poln's It may only he legally as
ccrtnlned and expounded by the judUkl powrr
of tho United Spates.
And, a. a corollary to the eWe- -1.
a habit ot reverential Obedience loV
laws whether National, Snte, or .Municipal,
until they ar cither nyealed or declared un
constitutional by 1-e proper suthorl y.
'i. A tender iJ sucrcu regard fur those act
of taleimansltip, which are U be eunnadie-tlng-ulnliod
from acta ol ordinary Ivylslntiou,
by tho fact of their, being ot the nutur ol
compact and sffreemnnTv, and so, to be cou
aidered it """"I and settled notional policy,
V. A radical revision and tiiiwlillcaiion of
the laws regulating iiiimi!,raiion, and tfi set
llsment ot linmlgranla. tillering to the hon
est immigrant, who 'rom love of liberty or ha
ired of opprc"hin, seeks sn see.) luui In tne
Uuhed Status, a friendly reception and protec
tion. Hut unqualifiedly condemning ilie trans,
mission to our alinre of felons and paupers
VI. The essential modification of the Nat
uralization Laws.
The repeal by llm L'K,'V8'urM " "
pacllvo Sint.s of all Mate Mwi allowing (or
cigtiets not nalurall4Ns Vote.
1 lie repeal, wuoou. o.,oi;iivo jj'-ro.iuii,
of all acts of Cotigreas making grants ol land
to unnaturalized loreipt.ers, and allowing them
to volo in the lerrltortes.
VII. II .sillily to the corrupt means by
which the leaders of party have hitherto lorce'd
Upon us our rulers and oup politic il creed.
Implacable enmity egainat the prevalent tie
moralizing system of rewards for political suit
sarviciicy. aud of puiiiolnneuis fir political in
dependence JDigiut for the wild hunt afler office which
eliaracierizes Ihe age.
TlicfO on the oho hand. On the other
Imlintion of the practice of the purer (leys
of tie Republic; an I admiration or the maxim
that "offtVe should seek the man, and not mun
the office," and of the rule that, tho jujt nnule
of aeeertftluing fitnens for ttTioe In the cnpubT).
lly, the faih!ulue, and the houes'y of the in
cumbent or candidate.
VUI. Resistance to the aggressive pnliry
and corrupii ig toudenolrs ef the Roman C'aih
olic Chu eh in our country br the ndvancement
to all politicnl atalioua executive, legislative,
judicial, or diplomatic of llnwe cony who do
not h I'd ciyil aliegiauee, direcliy or indireetiy
to any furtiigu power whether civil or rcclehi
autical, and who are AiiiericaiiM hy birtli. eiiu
callon, and Iraininv tllus lulhlliog the mix
ill). "A1EKICAS O.NLV 6H1LL 'ioVKltN A.MtKI
CA "
The proteetlon of all citizen In the Itvral and
proper exereie of their civil and religious
light j ami privileges the ui'iinteniincH m the
rt 'ht of eve y mun to the full, restrained, and
-noslul enjoyment ot ins own reitgioua 1410
m)4 and worship, and a jealous lexlHlaiiro ol all
attempts by any sect, denomination, or uhurt-h
nv nliiniii ancendaiicy over any other in me
Stale, by means of miy fpcciol privilege9()r
exemption, by any political combination of lie
ineniuerrf, or by a division of their civil al ley 1-
ne.e with any foreljjil power, potentate, or
JX. The reforinat'em of the character of
our National Legixl'iiure, by elevating to that
dignilied and rep in-itiln piwition men ol 'nig hi r
(joalilinalions, purer morals, and more ui.sel
ti -It p'ltrioiUnt.
X tho ici'tncilon of executive patronage,
CieciHlly in the milter of nppoiiitmeniH 10
otl'i. e, no lar as it may ne pennined !y the
I'un'iiution, and consistent with the public
"Xt The edueatlon of the youth of nor
coon ry in schools provided by iiie'o.aie, wVici
achools slull bo common to all, without oit.
ttuu'ir.n of creed or parly, aud In-e Iroi any I11
fluen .0 or ill recti. m of a dciioiniuaiiuiial or
pirtiziii I'hniaeler
And. inasmuch as Christianity by the Consii
ttilious ol nearly all the States, by the deei
aio ih of the nie.t uoiineiil joiiu-iul aullMriiies,
and bv the consent ot tiio pooplo of America, is
consult' red an eminent of our puliik-al sysU'in,
and as thrt II. dy llilile ia at om-e tho mur eol
C 1 rttt in nity , Mid ihe depository and limnuiu ol
1 civil and religu u freedom, e oppmw eiy
st'i-inpt to excliuiH it t rom tnu aciio.a Un s e
tahiisnod in Iho S ales.
XII Ihe American party, having srinen
up. in the 1 ii i n-t an I in spiltf ol 1110 i.( p ni,ui nl
the V hi)? mid lAmuM-ratlo pirlies, cannot be
held lis any unmiiitr ruspousi'iiu lui the ot
noxious aeis or violated plei ges ot'either Aud
tho systematic agnation of the slavery p estl 111
th so piwtie having eleva ed sectional tns
tiiiiy Into a p.iaiiivs element 01 p..iiucii p..wi r,
aiul brought our lusi llu. ions In o peiil, it bis
tnrre'or beeoine Iho imperative duly of Ihe
American parly to In'etpose lor li e puipweol
gtviii'T peace to thn country and pet p.-luity In
lie Union. And as experience has shown 11
I 1 p wlile to reconcile opinions so extreme as
Hi we w'lie. Ii separate tho Uispu.uuts, and aa
t'mie c.i be no ,;'.lloii.ir In subiui.ung In ihe
)uit:, Ihe National Council Jts deemed it the
best guarantee of common justice and ol future
i e re, to abide by and- nuinWiu the exi.m g
Uas upon t!ie sulijet of slaviry, ass linal anil
c u. !u-ive setilemcul of ihul subjeol. lu spirit
and In NuhotaHi'u:
And regarding it hlglie duty to avow
iSt ir opliiioimji, 11 a auhjeel so linporlaiil, in
t'ii'Ull and uno.ptlocal terms, It is hereby de
clared as thn sense of this Natbvhal Council. ,
that Congress pnsaessrr io pow'er ondor the
Constitution, to legislate wpo.n the subject 01
slavery in the State whereto doe or may es
M, or " exclude any tyaTe irom admisrion In
is lti UAion because lie eonstiiution rloee or
doe not recognize the Institution of sieve
a pirt or lie social pyatnm; and rxprely pre.
teimittlng any exprcjslon ot opinion upon the
power of Cm pre Po eslabiii-h or prohibit sla
very in any trrritory, it I th! aene of the
National Council that Congreeft ought not lo
Vtrh-late noon the suhiect ot slavery within the
territory f ibe United Slstes, ami that any in
terference by Congress wiih e'svery as it ex
ists In the I)itrlul of Columbia would be a vio
lation of the spirit and inteutlon of thn compuci
by which the State rf Maryland ceded the i!
1 riot to the United Statee-, and a breach of the
National filth.
XII f. 'I'hn policy of the Government of Ihe
Unl ed States, in its relations with foreien gov
ernments, is to exact jim'icn from Ihe strongest,
and do justice to I lie weekcat; restraining, by
all the power of the governinont, all lisfllizons
from interference with the internal concerns
of nstio tiKwhom We are st peace.
X.1V. This National Council de lares thai
all the principles of thn Order .hall bo hence
forward everywhere openly avowed, and that
each tnembershall bo st liberty to make known
the existence of the Order, and the fact that he
himself is member; and it rerrwnmends that
'there be no conce Iment of the place of meet
ing of subordinate councils.
EB. BAR 1 LETT, of Ky.
, resiontVfstii)nal Cotincj
C. x. JJF.sill.icn, or New Jersey,
Corresponding Secretary.
Jams M. Stephen, of Maryland.
eta Recording Secrry.
or th
Amt-rlcnn Pntly ,f renna,e.
J&'J!;-'"'the rich.
1 ai cnilimilTdil to
miii. find, in
...d fidelity i i(. defe " ye" '''l'inCt'.
with a jealou.ey every asaauli .. ld p""rJ
whether p,c-d,ug 7,1"' tV'"UVtJ'
fersne. witboit, s e wonhi ri2tW 1 V'1 ,nU"
.lio,inutior. o. o, infirm "J'Ltrt th. Blighteat
aa the greatas
TilWmeut Uuon this I.Uvrt.
fT7l....,., ,1.., , . .. - "
7 ."fvuum Detail tli Iiu
y.tmji-ui.ir,i1,i1 mrm i',w.H 11., .L"u.u
evn.ion and th.', h,ppi,,0tlf lhe WU. Ii
ta eminently p .culi.rto America,,., H y" .1.
stranirest hmnt. K.i ...... .1 . '. r
-r- - ---- - - tnrin anc ine
of inunkind. -The Oreaent irur.i: '
aud patriot wi( test show thems. lies woriliv of
forefutliers, b.- iraiiSinitling both undimiiiishd
and outmpsir to their posterity. For Ihe pur
pose of preseivlng this sacred possession among
--;o sou ui inn iriorv won nv f hul
.t....li. I ' " --"..hi
jiirscivt a, and. raras un. nlivoinn o.
sMu frr..v-.' -J - -l T .7 . .
. , , w" Plrg" oursoives 10 eucn otner
..... -umiirr io nana oy ine tuiiowiiig Jc-
lanilion of oiir principles and s-ntirasaiai
fWwd. That wn esteem it the hiuhest duty of
merican clilzeneto promote Die pernisnence and
prosperily of Uieir coui.try j and that, w ith thia
view, they should defend the principles of .rimer
'""Wnblicaniam procle'-arl by our fathers lu
the Kcvolii" , I77'i, i.d eiuhiuli.1 in 11.. r.
,,tt.'toii "-mIis
Krtmotd, I
hat, while no ohaiuci. .1, 11 u
l....,l I. II.. ! : :.. niu 00 in-
. "KraiioB i.i nonrat and inrlus
ted Plates being maria either a n.i.,1,,1. '
pauper estubliahinciil for the n,e 01 fureiirr, ua
,'f sucll'law? ""' "'.ocate tiiefiussuga
. -.K., criiniaais auu paupers, and
demanii of the go,-Brr.meutcouivigt Ibeir.hip
I.,;: DU",l ",,u ""'P's satisfaction for Uis
Khw-I. TI,,i m.s-r,,,,.,, ,u s -...-.
people lor political otlu.ea un uld nol ba giveu to
any other than those born on our soil and reared
and matured under the iiiflueuc of our iuatitu-
K faked, Tliut no foreigner ounbtto be allowed'
to exercise the elective franchise till he shall
bare resided williiu the United States asoilirieui
length ol time to enablo him 10 becme acquaint
ed with the principle aud imbued with the spirit
of our iiiMiiiition-.aod until be ahull have become
thoroughly iOontified w ith the great interest of
our nou ntry.
Reudred, That we will maintain the vfttej rights
of all pursuits, whether of native ororeifu hiuh,
and will at all limes omiose Hie sliiri lest intwrinr.
euee wiih such richl.
Krwhtd, 'I',ut theintelliirenceand virtue of the
people ar necesaary to the right us and continu
al ce ofunr liberties civil and roll (finilM Hat, tliaa
propriety and importance of nrnuolinir and f,.s-
toring ull means of moral and inlellHciunl cultur'
by some uilcqii.na 1 ud ueriiiaiieut nrovUinn f.,r
g. ne.al eihii-.itmn.
rt eSNieeW. 1 hul thn Ilible in the hands of everv
citizeu is the only uurmaiieiit busis of pin, I ...li
rt he'out liberty..
Uraalctil, 1 hat wo acknowledrre fie rich of all
men lo worship Ood according to the dictat;of
their own conscience; that we uill interfere in no
wise wilii linvate iuoEeiiient oil reliuious .nlcrt.
and that we will omiusaall u..inn..l I'.l.,... -...1
tale, regiidlrs of wh.terer seel or ..rlv
selt lo bring uliuiit in eh uiii'ui.'
lirtnlenl, 1 hat we will imiiuto ill and defend the
Coisri'iiT os as it stands, the INio us it exist.-,
and iheaiLiirs of the Stow, without dmiiiiuiioii,
aa guarantied thereby, and v will opuoso all who
may as.ail ihemor either of them.
Asjimietf, I bat wn reoopitiie no law hlfihe- than
ia tllli-IHIIUIlll, UIK Hint l IH hksii.iikI on ol ' i,.hl
..r uuy loreign 1 mice, l upe or roteiitale to inter-
1 -rn ni.ii ine nrl.iirs or our people is at war with
Ihe peeulwr liberty .which v have justly denom
inate I inc.icaii.
K,sW Mi 'it we will ignore tlie notation of
n. .,u...., u, , wnuiever chuiactcr. bue,d upon
g-ingraidiiral distinctions or sectional interest.
AVsoW, Tlmt w.i will support those, who
inuiiiuiu ouriloetrines, and oppose ilu, who op.
poso our doctruiea: slid ws will 11 o our uIoionI
exer.ruis to build an .rir,,n Parly," w lio-o
maxim shall be A i f.H ICJN o M 11.4 LL tiOV E U.N
1'llKllt tOU.NTKV.
Latest Arrival of New lijtks.
VJF. are just in r.eeeipt of a handsome variety
of I .nte rulilicHijous, tmbr.u ing
The I. lie . .Meiuootof the Countesr of Bleasing
tou, Tlie Suppressed letters of Thomas Moor.
Moore's Life of Mberul. ii ill S Vol
1 IJiiine v' works complet ill 13 vol.
Mo. 1. Til linlli-ti Ksssyest.
Nodes Aiuhroiaiiss in j vol., By Tfof. Wilson.
'I lis I'oiiplmr t'siiers.
The Iviiout V the Kusslau.
A vear with the l urks.
Spirit Wrapping ll.ivellod
t I a r!es l.auib'a works.
The l.iou SUiu V Lover Hunt,
('apt. Cannot or Sill years of an African Slaver
WulCert liuosl, by Wasbiuglun Irving.
C reels Brum the Ocoau World, by Urc Green
wood. Live of Horace Greely.
Tha History anil Poetry of Finger Rings
St. (.eg.ir.by Kenibsl.
Fosbinii and Fsiiniio, by M -s. Stephens.
Tugelher V nli a vary desirable rnllerlioa of
Also all the prieciple Srbunl ltooks used in the
('ollegs snd bchooU in the west . Our prices are
low ami wo respwtfully invite l. e coiniMunity to
call aud rsdiiuua our siuck .
L. K. W. THOMAS 4. CO.
Muy I
55-t f
TR. L. S. HOl'SK, would say to lys ohl f lend
and iislrnna bat be v il'uginn rasum.i the True lire
of Med hi ns- 'i is olth s ill be at th Drugstore
which will b carried 011 as uaual, and where br
cau always b fouud, uuless otherwise i..so.
L. S. liUUSH.
Oet. 8 lei ly-
Wntche' and Jafwclri'Z ;
fcfc.v HAM L PlMrBOW would
Inform his frmnda and th
put-lie, that ha baa fust r
Reived a Inrre alock frnm lbs
fcaatera Cities, fsin:lly of
' ins nne graura wnicli will be
eV found man new a)ila mrtm
enameled and richlv aet an1
. nifia4deaaa alae a new atyla gold oml Ivsr
VVatchea, mannfactared In Leudoo, and of supe
rior materials to or 'er. A large assortment of
silver l.ierpool and Swiss w.fcbea of first quality,
Hu.via VVaaa. Under thia hsu, Hn prpKr.
1 to supply any article in this linn. Tublaand
Dosert Forks, tabi and desort spoon, snpur tonjjs,
ilt and mustard spoons,bmtr knWsa lirstijunl
ity Hrunswkk forks. Ve- H woltl inform Ida
rriemla that all kind ef Watch work will ,i0.
Willi punctuality and care ss hn has employe ,
skillful and experience workman from Frne, and
is prepared ler making all uew nd compiicated
part in lbs Hwt manner.
8AML. PIMPSON, haa jnst returned frr.m the
Eastern cities, and is now opening a Urge assort
mentnf Jewelry, of the latest styles, also a large
supply of Jet ornaments, ennsisting of Necklaaes.
Double and singla Brasslrra; Breast pins, and a
variety of other articl In hut line, also a laud
some assorlmeiit of Silver Tlate, tea set of six
peaces; Castsrt; Cuke Kui-ket s; Silve" and Platen
riunblersi Forks, and all other articles, in the
above liuev also a targe assortment of Gold Sl Sli
ver Lever Wstchea, in plain and engraved eases
of extra weight and quality, made exprcasly to rr
ler. Orilerafor any of th above articles, uot o
hand will b promptly atti nded to.
Oct. 6, 1951 -tf
TITft sudefulgned respectfully inform the cit
izens o' Clnrkavilln and vicinity, that ha is pro-parv-.
to manufacture niattrnsesand pillows (Shucks
Lultou and Hair) on th most reasmmbla term.
These, who wi.-h to hav a mattraas, tiuit fit
to thebedlend, willples to call and sen mo next
door to the Pluuter'a Bank.
I have a fine atock of good Ticking on hand;
I will mIso exchange niallrsse forsbucka, hackled
r not hackb .
Jons 2.1 -54-12m.
Apollnrary. Jlieinti9 & Orugtttt,
Cftriitifi Trnaiiti.
JAMES RUTI1EKKOKU St CO., tale pleaa
urn i:i anmiiiticii g to the ladies aud gtuitlemeu ol
Clark ;ville and surrounding vicinity th ar-ivai
of IheirJNew Stork ol Drug,.Aldiciuo, l.iqnors
f'ttio- v Not inns, A.C., mill eveiy article usually
knt in a ix I clsss Ijriiir KMlithlivtuiuai,! . smIm.im.1
I bv a penuina Graduate iiiiiuuisl. who ilinrouubl v
t understands the Apothecary and Jnigf;isl lluain-
vm " u.tM.u.i.
Physicians Prescriptions Carfully
and tirflniiil lv ntlai.il.u1 ,A b4 -II J....
, m I '3 u iv a. mi ,iiiir., un niiu
niv'it. hvr.ur :ru.i..ui. n. ......... r - 1 ir
. T I. "t. . ? "Bf ."" '
V "s long experience in rill
. . 1 . " a r r
Iinrr neasi ri a.
nous in mrge cu.ea. 11 at night, bv ringing the
belmutKi le of tho d-or, marked Night Boll, will
gain MduitltHiice.
We particularly invite Physicians, and indeed
every one, to an examination of iiir atotk and
pnccii.aswa are determined uot to ba undersold
by any house in the West. Our Store, vie are
determined lo - eep.aa a first class Drui? Establish.
nient ought lo be kept always neat and clean.
fv,ry nrueie lorsuleshall be as represented, the
genuine aiiicie. j . KUIII t.llruKUt CO.
Dt-o 1 'ol-lf.
a3 eua m ato wi iaw aa aj
C "ra PISK3 celebrated air light Me
taiio BnrhJ Caeea of all sii-s, kept eon-taiilly on
nanil aim lor sale, also wood ci flius of til sizes,
lo which we invite tlie alteuliou of the citizens of
Montgomery and adjoini ng couiittM.
v.iuncaaiiie, April B, '.a-,1.
MJ IfllSl JE.
i a .
HAVING b en appointed acent of the above
namec company, I am prepared to take
at the iiauul premiums.
The last annual report of thia company exhibits
an unimpaired eapiltl and accumulated fn. d of
over thrrehundretland revfnly fit himtand Julian,
lieid it pay losses, and it is represented to me a
icing iroe lroni clsilsol any kind.
Agant for Clarkavillo aud Moiitgumery Co.
W liult-aulc Cundy .ll.taiir.tn lory.
FR. WALTF.R. ' " H. O. BOHN.
No' 31 &.S3 Market Street, betweeu Main
and 2nd,
Constantly on hand a large mid fresh assortment
of all kinds of f'uncy Cuudiex, which for Che. p
ness, Quaht y and Variety cannot be urpasd by
any oilier establishment in the West.
May 4, 1HJ5 ly
Brandies, Wines & Cigars,
Vii'Kinia ItliimifiM tin i TolMirro
Koa. 6 Tchou iilou.as and 8 I'sw Lsre Strssta.
Dee. 1, If ;,J y.
A. NPHt?mnvrr'a
Will renptn )n Moeday, the S9th inst He
would nol ily. on re nts sending their children to Mrs
Posinn's school, lint bs has Liken the room two
doors h.'lnw the Methodist CI. 11. eh on Franklin
Mred f r th greater couvruieuce of their chil
Private lessons, where desired, at residence, as
heretofore- Tern, a susutl.
jan. 2G 155 If.
$5,00 SictranUJ
FRrtM mv Stable 9 or 10 miles from Clarks
ville, on the night of the 2 1 1 h of March last, one
dark bay huis Mule, 15 handa high, soul seven
or eight t ears old this Poring, th marka of the
ivaug.in gear are very perceivable. A ny one find
ing said M ule, and delivering bin at the stable of
Me-srs Piielton At Cummings. and then eall at th
Chronicle Olfice, will receive th above reward.
May 4, tf. T. O. PAR MAM.
VK bava jut received a larg lot of Carpeting
It Is for sal- CilKAP
May 4, '53 tf POSTON & 1UCIIARU3
s.T,oa 1uu.1t!-
Ft raved about tlire w eeks sine a Pay Horse
about I til band hiph. .4 white spot in th fore
he.!, black maue am) lad, a liltl waved. I will
give tha abov reward if delivid toini in Clarke
villa, or fur aoy iuforuialioa that will enable in
to get him. J. At. KICK.
Muy 5, '55- Sv
r. a 0.4.
r e 11 11 y I v n n
I - 'n--rar T.tianf irar!f
1 E Jsrgsat a.sortmsnt of r h Pocket 4c Ta
anlll , . I L a r.
V W WW W9"
We enti.rv. Kn.rd In this market. W
av also , ,,nd . arJr, tnil nelect stock of
Coopers, Carolers, Illnrhsmith' and Phoema
krs Tool, sf tsrloai patt'-rns and prices, lofsth
with art idea kelonginr In everr oihe: branch of
traris suonasScihes, t:ratli,'rrea, Wall Pa
per, 8ealsa, Ire,., olc, Ac., la which w am n
ion to direct the attention ef th .nbl ie, assur
ing th-m, that in conseqneuce of "Hard time,"
elsewhere, wn ill try and ml Uim aaaier, at
the store. Cull and irr It
apri!20 55 m.
1 r it ti e p o r t u 1 1 o 11 loEntlcrn
with wi',oir'inf TuaoocH Rkchiit, by linea
raoirrna,on,00,,necU,l' ,B"ori,18 Pd uo
Toliacco, CCtlon & olier heaTy
at 55cffl6V , 'V106'
.l..,,li; ' m nere lo Bnltirnrr and Dill-
!r.'';V.rl,, per 100
As thers is S " R all the way-
rates all orcrfP'wl,ec' ' farther reductions of
advantage lu'V consigned In me will hat the
cl angoa take plre"' immediately aa aoon aa the
0J" Host stte1C , . ,
ing within th i'lon 8,TB ,0 " command eom
sni's ilnil.a ipher of a Commission Mernh
Cincinnati, b?!'"?.''' Cincinuati.O
- rrh 211. ItSj it
l'js'rts.liviUe aiul laditfii
Making Semi. weekly trip.
J. W. MILLS, Commander.
JNO. II. .MeFALL. Cl'k.
Leaves Clarksville, going up, 1'uesday' and
Friday' at 13 o'clock M. returning; leaves Clerks
villa Thursday's and S-tur.lay'a st S o'clock P.M.
March 18. 1855 tf
E. It. W. THOMAS & CO., respeetfnlly an
nouncato the public that thev hav a complete
auv asivnnive assorimeni 01 pure and
and chemicals, rinhracing every variety of'Drnga
nsea in tne sauinwest, and unsurpassed in quality
by any establishment we.it of the mountains with
our csieiience in ins nriig Dusinesa and our
known policy to purchase of Done but importers
ol lliort tt respectability we have no hesitation
in saying to those who purchase of us tlmt Ihe ar
ticle thill be pure and gcunii.e. Country Phy
sicians will hud our pricve reasonable and our
Slock heavy.
May 25, lf-55-lf. E. R, W- T ot CO
Look Here!
JU3T received at th Clarrsvilla Book tor
the following Pooka; vix:
ThePlave of the Lamp.
The Rug Dag by N P 'illis.
I if and beauties of Finny Kern,
AVolferts'a ftoost, by Vuxiiiugton Irving.
The Wife Victory; tnd other Noveltie, b'
jvirs Boutnwortn.
Tricolored Sketrhea in Paris,
llisloryof the on Fever
Memories of the Cottntcaj of Blessington, 9 vol
Nolesor Duels and Dueling
My Courtship and ita consequences', by WickeJT
Ruth Hull, by Fanny Fer, &.C., e.
Tcgttier with an assortment -of School Books,
snob aa are used in this section of country, which
will lie sold us nfceap Hircii-li asthey can lu) purch
ased ai any orthsr estab.'isliui.-i.t hi the flute.
C. -: FAX'.N.
June 8, !?05
Aetna Iitaurnnri'4 otpony.of llart-loi-tl,
05- CASH CAPITAL, 300.000; JQ
Insure Merchandise, pen
erally, Stores, Dwellings, Ate
apainsi loss cy rise. Aloe
take inlaud, river aud lake
risks, at the lowest rate of pre
mium compatible with the security of the insured.
April 21, '5 4-tt. CUrkmilU, Ttnn.
II . J II I) K I A' S ,
Agent,. CoiuimUsIoii,
fro vision nitd I'rodiic ITIci xiiaiit,
next Door to McClure, Roberts aud Stacker
Clarksville, Tennetiet.
50 Barrels Eitra Fsimly Floor,
4O00 lb in inn lb Bags Extra family do. "
20 Hurrela Old Whiskey, and Peach Braudy.
-ay.llarrela Tur, on Consignment
Foraaleby ' A. fl. JUDKIN, Agt.
81) Barrells Cemont
Straw Cutlers, diferent pattern
Steel lootli Cultivators. Just reeeived and fur
sale by A. U JUDKLN'S, Agt.
Fresh Rico, Cheese, Mackerel I, Star Ai Tallow
Candles, Brooms, and many older things usually
kep. In a leluilfumil) t rocery, Just received and
foreJe by. A, II J. Agt.
Jan. 19. 'a-Vly.
K l Bushel S eel Potatoes, forstle by
A 11 JUDKIN S, Aeenl
JWaich J), If 55 If
3 f "asFihigton JEotcL
L EDDINGS, Proprietor
Moving tnken the above 0 1-1, the proprietoi
is prepared lo enterlaiii Comnuny. lie hiipi by
ciiigouce and constant attention lo ive reuanuu
ble salisfa-liun. A share of public patronage la
respeciiuny soiicuefl,
Jan. 12, ihi5 If
aw -am ac3 aa ac jw. raaj ran' 9
H. 3(1 West Front Street,
Dealers In
8tuCun.ll, S e.irine Cnndles,
boap .rluri h, Lsrd V .inseed Oil,
Clover, anil other Groii Seeds, H rooms.
Washboards, hope, Ac, djc., dtc.
Orders filled uromptly sl lower price than usu
al. Produua dwposei uf, and return mad with
out dalay.
Jsu, 5 , 'S5
Uold tflla.
A lot of scpertor Cold Pen, just received and
for ul by C. O. FAXON.
Juii. 8, l5-tf.
InlUr!! 1 ce:::
OUR lo hnuMwillhw . Ded every morning
t a o'clocs. Thoee wishing to l 1c rrgvlarlf
will pleas bear thia in mind.
t. R. W. THOMAS, St CO
apr J HO 5i-tt
Rradsr, ar yna s ha-band or a faihsrt a wife
auiolherl Hare von th sinners wellsrs of Ih'is
you lovs at heart 1 Pror your sineenly, and K
no the la lraminn wlist eauses tntsrfer with their
health and happiness net leas Ibaa your own ll will
arotd to Ton and yours, as it has to thou.snds, insny
a risy or pata and anxiety followed by sleepless nights,
Inospaeitafirg th aiiod for It ordiusry svnoAtion
and axhsastiiis; ttioss oea.ns for aiedieal attotHlaecs,
nicieioss and sdrertised hostrunis, which otherwise
wuuld provids for dechniii; jsara, th innruiitic vf
iyw and lbs proper f-luosttoo of your rhi'.drsn.
liow ut'tea it lispprns tbat Iha wifs lingers front
year to year in that pitiable eondillon as not even for
ou day te feei th hsppy aud exhilsrslii.n inflitsn
incident to tba snjovuitnt of health, arisii.s fnna
Igtiornne of th siuiplest and plainest rules cl beat , b
as counseled with lh marrisgs stale, tba violaliun
of which entails dilesse, suffering and on-ery
"And Dust thia eonlinuet Mast this b 1 It
there 110 remedy 1 No relief t Ik'o bops 1"
Th remedy is by knowing the eau-ua and avoldirg
tbem, and knowing tba Miavdic and bsnelitiug by
1 Less ars polntad out In
IY HH. A. H. stAl'mt'EAU,
raomwoa sf nisiuni or wosier.
On llnndixdlh Edilitm, (.V,000), IHmn., pp. 8.1O.
(ns fits urn, rrrsA aixtnsa, tt.OO
I slsnsnt wora of eststiltsTiell reputstlnn. foiled elssssd
la Hie eutalofftie oT tl.s irit trs.le sales tn New Y0H1,
riiilsilet.,is. sn stlier eities. ni so 14 by srtnel'mi
bnokwlles; la lbs I nile.1 bUlss. II WSS trst puMinbsd
ta 1847. sines which tiuM
bsTS bisai soU, of whie there wsra upwards nf
Hsbls populsr Meiticsl
the sntlior bsrias; detote.1 his excluir stteatloa to th
treatment of stn.ilaints iiectilisr to remsles, to revuect U
wSt-'S us Is yeuriy aunsuiUsl by thousand both la serosa
aud by latter. ,
Rsr sssry woman uan oliworer, by eoajpsxli fcsr 0w
yaiptons wllh thoss described, the Datura, elnraetsr,
eaases of, sad ths proper renMellss for, her eomplaioAs,
lbs wifli about becoming a mother baa often ased
tnstracttou. and adtlee of the ataxwt boportanea to hsc
future tisalth, In respect to which her sensitive! Ar
bids ennssitlog a medics! gsatlemsn, will and such te
atructioa sad advice, and abw sxplala many syaiptsus
which otbsrwlss would aecaeion snilety or shvna aa sf
t)i ossullsritkt Incident to hsr iltusUoa are dssnriasd.
How many srs suiTsrlng horn abstruetions s Irregular
Itlss paeuHsr ta th female system, which undermln tht
health, ths effect of which they ars Ignorant, and fat
which thslr delicacy forbid seeking medical adrlosf
Many suffering from prdapnu uteri (fatting of ths womb),
or from use a&w (wsakueas, debility, fee.) Many ar
la coastaut agony for many months prseeding onnSn
nt. Many hare dinteatt If not dangerous deliveries,
and slow and uaosrtaia recoweriss. Some shoes lie sea
hassrded during such llios.'will sack find la its pages th
BMana of praesnttoo, asMlioratloa aad relief.
It Is of ccars impracticsbl to eonrsy fully th various
subjects treated of, aa they ar of a aatura strictly la
teudsd for th asarried or thoss aontsmplatiag marrlaga
In eonseqnsuee ef LnleerssJ popularity f th marV,
S- evideootd by Its ettre.udinary ssls, various impaat-Jk.u-
i,. bnrB altmute I, ss well on booensllers as oa
'"' I""""., by iuiitstiees ef r-!e pajo, iyerious Sililinos,
sn.l sumv.nous Infriogeinents of eoiyrii;lit, and ulber
dsTiees aud iepUoBa, it baa haea loucd asosaaary..
Uwrrtera, te '
eding enoflo-
to buy no bonk unless tbs wur.. M ra. a v u.lnin.i,
18 Uherte ritr.l V V 1 I. ... . . ' """Ur'
ve'j tbs entry ia lb
vrerx s times sa ins bsea t ) in title . n(j
ouly of rsspeoUkl and terrains dealers, JL a bJ
mr Upon reeeipl of On Dollar
PA ..ION" is sent (ma,IM rati to ai f part of tho
tlniied Stslec tbs Osnadsa and l)mie'.t Provlnoos.
All tellers runst bs post-paid, ai d uidrsssed lo Dt
A. M. MAGfilCEAU, box 122, Nsw.Tork City.
Pubilahuig OdScs, (lo. U9 labcTy 6u-st, Nw
Tork. ' Anr.jiTS. T. E. Davis &. Co.arn.' Allison &
Cook, Ltbamm Hell St llockersmittia id foil 11 F.1
Couts, SpringrjirUl Thos. U. hurk, Drttdrn Geo.
W.Usekefl, tiaix7a I'.. Wbyte, Jackian
Gillespie Si. K yve. l.amaburt M . Mckee'
Kiiorciiir, K. U. W. TUO.MAc 4. CO., OuriU
ttiti, '1 tun.
Clarksville, March, 30, 1?55 ly.
TlowsvBa tetpeohabte It may aprenr e 'Tine, thai bavo
Merer been hl-rd with a knowMo iX the rreet vlrruea
of Uis Osjssrsb Llrs iJsnsSNT. and have nen laipeaed
up-ni bv being induced to buy and ue assises snd iuerl
prrparsrions. which slfnrded ne riiel. snd .rvbbly don
iismi. there is a snedtrhi weieli Is aot a liuuihng ; bh
that I sll that Is cn-lmK for It, a aiele-li.s that whea
siren a fair trial sill perfonn all that tt sdssnlass.
Tills valuable .reparation is kuown br the nauis af
It I not enntftiflttil thnt thia I.lnl nittnt im a v . II
but It hnn Kivn th nxMt lnfon,.bl T.tJitr that tt i
th TMjr yt proiMirA'inu knoa 1W ihm rtIWf atid
tit ftll nnrb diavyMt in man basrut, m nii(-a a.ooxfer
nl pplM-thi. For t)i-'rf nml ( Itheum-lria,
BciWio. and wnotlerttip: iwinn, tbar rtuntH b a bttr
prrpftnt'lfin eouiptwrtf- 'f il th nrttrltv to rh mattrm
wrtdtea, tliftii w pp-tl In th O riant I Htm Unitnvnt.
Vor 1'aftsrr. Httikfonn. vnU KnnlpalM. thia Liniment la
seullurlv asj,!i.c45d, avod Dty b uhI wtth lh bavppii
(Tee. To pUw aud pnnvnnt eurv In rasMi
of M'a-nnfl'. l ura, hprama. RrulMw. hurni, BoaIJb. ot
Old Vn sMid Holia. t.w OrUntal Ufa Isivlniant la abtto
lutfl? aifMllthlt, and In ewrv oaia vhrra tha Mntiaanl
tn iievd accisrdiiiK to UirtH'tiona, ans ful a ui riia or
f-o. a ear, txm mony will n rrfuniifd, upon applies
Uon of tha purt?)uuHr. Tha Ufa Unimaot la uaJ.y
aflVrtacioua in diura of llorana and (.ir)a. auen aa
Bpiitit, fpmin. hmrvy, Nodaa, Hw.smij,, Bwailtna;, Vranli
Cut. H'ouotla of anr hiitd, Collar aud 8ui.it UaMa.
lit fkrntup. or man of f&mil, ahoutd ba Without thta
laluiyit-ut tn bia hour.
Rarollct tofuxll flr tha Oumu Lira IjNiMiirt, and
tmka un ikcpi It baa tba ma:raJ portrait aad fa
aiuiila aignatura of tba proprietor on tba ontald
vnpper, aud tha wor.U. Dr. H D Porter'a Oriaoial Life
Uniuiunt, aluan In tba glnsM, All otbara ata oouaiartWlt.
rr-Dft. K Tt PORT Hit Principal Offira, eornor of
Maio and Jefft-r-on ritijf-u, kn-MwIirilla, Kr. aV4 hf
1'rujfirin aod Country AUrcbaota tbrougbout th
The abovr Iuilmint is sold ia Clarkavillo bv L.
.We, E. IU W. Thomia V Co. and by V. T.
I otur Ortiirnixti New rrovUiepco, Toou.
i) -c,.J V1 ti i
Hurt'.: liuri'V!!"frHriV:i
genep.JlL di-citt tty, dyspepsia and
f hysijlof y, say that Iron is a normal constituent
ol Ilia libn.aii body, that it increases th vitality
of blood, ami ilia not only found in tlis blood, but
In vanoua solk tissues; and lie further says that
the presence of this aubstauc in sunli lura aud
t'onslanl amouust.t specially intliw nutritive Hinds
sluiws that it cannot b regarded a sn accidental
Ilia clearly demonstrated that Iron ia oils of
tlie component parts of ths ivtein, and tbat it In
creases (.-reall-v lb vitality t f that fluid from which
th system derive it nutrition, to-wit; the blood
Now it is plain to be seeu that in all drbilitated
condition of th system, thai ih vitality of th
mood is tilmiiiirli a nd that Iron la clearly aud
uaiiiruiie iiimnniea.
W therefore offer "Hurt Iron tincture" to
Ui public, knuwing it to b a aaf and valuable
medicine; aud calculated lu produce much good
ana rviiev much autlering. freiiared ouly by
farmer, Hurt & Co., Adairsvill, Ky.,
Re what Roht. Morria, K.S. "Author Mclils
nd hhadows of Kre Massury" I. if in th Tri-
angle and oUierMaauaio work auy fu "Hurt'
iron linciura."
W never puffed a patent madiciu in our tif
and think we netsr aiisll. Hut we hav used th
article kuowu aa "lurl'a Iron tincture, and hav
received deol.Jed beueht from it All who Knew
us, are awuru that wear eo'lCrmed Dyspeplir
aa auclt w ean recoiumsnd Hurt' prea-uiiun I
lie a aaf medicine, and on calculated to five ton
10 th stomach aud nut it iu ths way of curs,
Went. J. 'S-t-lf.
ri'Mkla OT HO ult-1
llF.REAFTKR w shall hav uo food lo Mill,
except for Cash, at the tins or ri scMsss ! All or
dsrs not sccoinpauted with th money, will receiv
o btloulioa. U.A. UUu.i Ok ViU. I
January 1st, tt '
snsiopi, mmii r cnscrmiTin
For diseases of t,,, r.ladder arid Kidnva. Peerel
Diseases. Ptridor-s. Weekness-s, and all dis
eases of Ibe l.ual Orcan. wheiher In Male
or Female, from tslever cans thev may hive
originated, and ne n ,r nf hnw lont atamlit t
If voo have contrsetec,. .rrihlstis.. which.
when one eeated in the i,m) wi turT ga
down from one genemtton ta.,no(1,r undermin
ing the constitution ana enni ii, tho very vital
fluitla of lire, do not trnst renrsel. i ynnt cf
tjuacli. who Sinn op every nay in s ,, m,,,!,
and fill the paper with glaring falie-.of,d
nstiera wtm gmring iie.,.,. ...
well calculated lo deeeive the yenrg, a4 these
nol acquainted with their irica. isn csm...
too car.nlin th election of a reioeoy in th..,
The Fluid Fxtme.t Bnchn hsa been prononneed
by eminent phyaieiena t'.e greatest remedy ever
known. Hi a medlci-j perfectly pleasant in ita
taste, and very Innw.enl in ts action, and yet ao
thorough that it annihilates every partirde of ths
rank and poisonous virus of this dreadful disease)
and unlike other remed es, does not dry op the
disease la thn blood.
Constitutional Debility, brought on by self-abuse,
a most terrible dismse, which ha brought
thousand of the human race lo untimely grave,
thn Westering th brilliant hot e of parents, slid
blighting in Ihe hod ths gloriouasmbliion of many
a noble youth, can .be euied by thia Infslllle
Remedy. And e a medicine which must benefit
everybody, from the eimply delicate lo the confin
ed aud despairing Invalid, no eouel is to ba foui.d
acting both a a Cur and preventive.
Forpnrifving Ihe Blood, removing all disease
arising frnm excess ol Mercury, ciposofs'snd
impritdenee in life, chronic constitutional disea
ses, eriptng from an Impure state of the Blood,
and the only reliable and effectual V nowa rem
edy lor the cure of Se.rofnla, Salt Rheum, Pcsld
Head, Ulcerations of the Throat and Leg
rain and swellings of the Hone, Tetter Pirn-,
pie on the Face, and all 8caly Eruptions of
the Mi in.
This article is now prescribed by some of the
raost biatiugnished physicians in the country, and
ls proved more efficient in practice than any
prsperation of Sttrsaparilla yet offered to tha pub
lic. Several cases secondary Syphilis, Mercurial
and Scrofulous diseases have entirely recovered
in W.e incarabie wards of en Publio Institutions
wlich had for many years resisted evsry mode of
t-ratmont thai could be devised. 1 hers cssea fur-
yish striking examples of th salutary effects of
this medicine in arresting some or the most in-
valerate diseases, after the glands were destroyed,
lBn the bone already anected.
NoTtcg. Letter from responsible Physicians
ar.d Prnfesaora nf several Medical Colleges, and
eertificatea of cares frrm pa tie 11 ta will b found
accompanying both preparations.
Pater, fluid Kxtuotof llucbu, $1 per bottle,
or 6 bottles for $5. ,
Pater., Moid Kxtrscl ol Persopanlla, $1 per bot
tle, or 0 bottlea for $5.
To be had at E. R. W. THOMAS Sl CO'S..
Clarksville, Tenn, And of Druggist and Dealer
AH letter directed to th Proprietor or Afeut
ereeive biimedlste attention.
June 8, IK5 ly.
' a
J. N. HEBLETT, would respectfnllv Inform
thecltiiena of Cbrksvilln, and vicinity that they
can find hi in ot Franklin street, prepared to do all
kinds of wor .in his line of business attli short
est notice, ami in the moat approved style. Tin,
Sheet Itcb& Copper work, llou-e Hoofing, &
(iiitteriug. 7'in ware. Wholesale Si Retail, at Louis
ville & .'ashville prices. Ola eopper; Pewter,
Feather Sc Beeswax, ts lien in esciisii(; for work.
JUI1W N. N fc.bLL.Tt .
Oct. (i. 1P54 tf.
WK mniinractur all kind of machin"? I011
in atyle and quality to any made in " e,t
st as reaaoiiulile prices .
We make Fire and Htearr B's norse Powers
Saw and Grist Mill '" rna, rarser,
Johnson snd Ho--iUi Vvster W heels, fcriallin ,
p-ikvs, piuf.,i. umiai, cast irun front for houses,
fence und balcony railings, hoisting wheel, corn,
shelter, lathes, boring mills, tobacco and lard,
screws, wroutrht and cast iron work fur bridges,
coalmine work, aud Kuilroad Car Wheels,-i a
short all kinds of iron aud brass work in onr lins
of business.
Now is fl etime to lay In orders for spring woik
Having had Ion,? experience, with coiniilote ma
clienry and the l.estol workmen, we foci assured
we cau give satisfaction, and guaraute our work
to bedniia right Prompt attention given to re
palraof Stecmboat and Laud Machinery.
AM orders by mail shoul 1 ba given plainly and
pa.ticularly, aud with good references whei coin
ing from those with whom w hav not had previ
ous dealing.
We pay tlie highest price for scrap iron, brass
snd Copper. Foandiy on W. and E. Canal cor
uer of canal At ingle at.
Feb. 1C IMS ly.
Tciat aictteily I.uiil( Hi I ins.
BY an arrangement with a firm In Austin Tex
as, I am prepared to attend ta th collection of
debt snd locating of luud warrant 4., In any
part of that state. Soldiers who nerved in th
Texas Revolution, or their heirs a rs entitled to
Bounty .aud undor an aot of ths .egialainr of
Texas claims of this description rpecislly solici
spril 1.1, 1855-tf
L. S. House and G. W. Bryarty hav this day
associated themselves in the Drug Business. Tlis
St ylo of tha firm will be ouse i, Krysrly. Ws
will a ill occupy the old stand of L 3 ..use, where
we (hall alwaya be happy ot receive our custom
ersuud bop to b abl to pleas tbtr.11
Jan 5, '55. Cm.
N. B. I wo.. Id eay lo tltoae Indebted to ma that I
am anxious to close my old account a oon ai
Mrs. Riahard Pnalon woold Inform her patrons
aud Irk nria that her acliuoi Kill r-opeu on Mon
day, the y lli Inat., lu th hous oil Franklin 8 1 reel
formerly occupied by Maj. oatnl. Ma. rail aaa
rraiilence, but mpr recently by Mr. F, l.trbliu a
a Af usical Academy.
January a, Jcjs if
Toilet Artic-lra.
Consistir of Ox Marrowa (variety ef atylea)
Pomad eostnetijs, Lilly chit, Hair Drs.Cologu
finsst HaiKikerchief Extrsot, Powder Faff wuh
and without boxns; Hair oil (a great vaiiely),
Vlnrcvr Kouau, aroarel Llials,, td.ulk baila, i rl-
noperoaa, C'rsole Hair or) ( A) ilk cftrosi for remov
ing Freckle and ttuuburns) otto Rosea, alao
loath Brush, I oilet Bop, lulanla sosp balls
celeblated Tooth Boap pleasant lo Ihe teal, ele
gant hair bru sites la fact if th ladle will only
call, w can furnish avary t ting necessary lo th
toils! ul the lowest poesabl prices, w tin pleas
th moat leaii.ieeus we ra-pssjuully cuiicil th
custom of th Ladios.
May 83, '55-tf ) U. R. W. THOMAS k CO.. j
: rs . ' . i'm as--. a.'a
. I. T : .ci e a . T.
ICenl i: t it t e A g c n ? 1 "
otrict, sosth-wwst ooama or Ttit nsuo avioaaa
VLAIiK&riLLE. TblMEi-fiZA.
ORDF.nSfrJeslpntin( gradce.) repecti'u!ly
solicited, and Csnrut LY filled.
Iu. UO, '54-if. L. O. WILLIAMS.
A trsct of rrnnnd eentainlnw
33 acre, just outside th certiorate jin.
s, (shore ) and having a broad river
'", handsomely improved with a Use
"""t, nanusomely Improved with a taa
J'T reaidenua su.,,,, ood nwtrttnatt
January 20, "84
fteal caut Agent.
1 1.1
.A.,''!'' .VA . - Washington
a ....all ft... ivtorn-uber.'f coy.oasnc.f
January 20- ,f U ILLIAMS, ' .
Tu SAM1'U,'A,,"!-
rf-A .. A Mnh Hous and U.' , .
$iH I'" street, nearly c,.,01e th, prf Fr nk
Maior Baih-V being tha h ,. -alB.Wa'y
Resilience forsale in th corpor ,jon- Terns''T
ryliberal! L-0-vl,LIAMS,"
jry , rod sAijr,,u,uA-Dt
HOUSE and Lit, on Muin street, n Poston's
add it ion comfortable fnmily rpshlcDCS, .-it ton.
venient out housei. Apt It t.
Februsry 3, 'M-tf. Ileal Lslsts Ageuv
A fine tract of land ailmited about 1 mile frnm
GrsYsville, Ky.j and containing abonl360acr.es,
partly cleared and partly timbered. Pries fair
terms liberal. L.U WILLIAMS,
January 20, '54-tf Heal Est! AgenU
A town Lot, fronting about 45 feet an th wl.ar
snd immediately below the property ef W.8. Mo
Clur a good business site.
, , . k, s.G. WILLIAMS, a
Jauuarj SO, '54-tf. Real Estate Agsut.
FOR SALE. v , ,
' A vacant Lot of abnet S fths of an acre, lyiat
on Commerce street, near Mrs. Hilet's resl.lenoa
in Wilkina' vuldilion to the town a irood hiiiltiing
lot. 1 L.U.. WILLIAMS. .
January 20, '54-tf. Real Estate Agent.
A tract of Land, lying iu' Livingston county,
Ky., immsdiately on tha Cumberland river, con
tainining 400 acre. This tract abound in th
richest iron ore, affording an aicellenl ail for a
Iron Establishment. ' Adjoining it are onixeel
lent coal lands, which can be easily obtained, in aa
larg bodies as desired. For particulars, term,
&c, apply to L. G. WILLIAMS,
January 20, '54-tf-, ' Real Eatat Agent.
TWO Lot, No. 40 and 50, in th plan af th
town, 914 feet front each, on lit Cross street, and
running bark 47. leet---desirable building lots.
ALSO, several other lot iu th cam 1 icinityi
hich can be had at very low price. :
January 2f , '54-t. Real Estnl AitoC
FIFTY acre of Land-being that valuable tract'
lying between th Cumberland m' Red river-
above. Thia tract effort's as gnid a chanca fot
a large pecu'ation, to aa enteronsiii)? purchaser,
as any I knowtf. Ther i l inber n itsufflcient
for 1,000 or 12,00 cord wood. Apply ssriy for
term, to ; L. O. WILLIAMS,
January 20, '54-tf. Real EsUta Agent
A tract of Land, contnluibg 370 acres, situated
about 5 miles from Trenton. Ih Todd cosnlv, Ky..
140 acres cleared land, and the Lnltanco well tnu
beri improvements good. A very riWirahl farm.
Apply to L.G. WiLLIAMcV .
February 24, '54-tf . RealEstut Ageut,
A House and Lot, aittiated c tha ont skirt of
town, on Ih Russellvilie ad,or Franklin atrit
a oomfertnhle and coin"""0"" residence for fam
ily. On th premi-s is a weil of good wtr, be
sides Stable ai- tl'"r u' Iiouse.
Apply 1 0 L. G. WILLIAMS.
rbri-ry 24, '54-tf. Real Eitat AgnUl
K Store Hone onthapublia sqnsr being th
third from Couts Corner iu Poston' Block, beinf
u good repair, etc. For particiiX apply to
L. G. W1LL1AM3, A.li. As
March. 23, '55 If
A very valuable tract of land, containing'
355 Acre. 50 cleared, adjoining th Farm
ol Geo. Tuck, near La Faveite, christian Co., Ky
Tcnraliberul LG W1LLL1MS, ft C A
March IH, 1855-tf ; . ,
.' Letu Connly, licutucky.
THIS health reitoriug watering place will b
again opened forth reception of visitnis on tha
1st of Jons. Considerable Improvement lias
been made since last aesaon, rendering it decided
ly '.he moat pleasant summer retreat in Souther
Kentucky. A good band ef Masie, hss been en
gaged for tha seaaon, and no psim will be spared
to render the stay of visitors entirely comforta
bl snd agreeable.
D. JEFFERIES, Proprietor.
May 11, 1855 2m "
ItJ" JefTeraonian cony 2 munllis, Nashvill Trie-
Whig, Springfield American, aud Peducah Akie-
ri'uru, copy oua inonlui.
or TH
. Will optn tt Odd Fellow' Hall,
On tlm First Monday of October, 1853.
MANL'FACIX'RKIia. Mechanics, Artists, snd
sll others, ar invited to contribute snecimsns af-
their skill pud labor. Competent Judge will be
appointed to eiamln all article exhibited, and
award ratuiuat to those entitled Ie tlivui under
the rule.
Ill articlea lent for exhibition will b stored
without cxpencn to III owaer, und should b s nt
to tha car of Win. 11. Gordon At Co., Commis
sion Merchants, Market street.
Tin object of th Fair I to develop and eucour
ac th Manufacturing audi Aechanicat Interest
of lb Stat. It management ia ia lb band ef
a committee of reliable ud energetic men, ud lis
success Is placed beyond a doubt; snd an invite
tiou is most cordially and confidently x landed I'
ail who may be disposed tn partivijial in. it ad
Nt tharge will b made to exhibitor, either fer
the privelwige ef exhibition or for anaiiaia U
the Fi ir,
Tba epeelngef th Ptsle Agrirnllnrsl Fair and
thauieeting of th Legislator aiinaltaneous with)'
tli eiieuin of th aiechauice' FxhibilioB, will
add anuaual interest to th occasion.
Cira'ara,containing foil details of th plea r
th exhibition, sad all other information desired,
will be promptly forwarded by addreaaiug either ef
Ui undersiguod
M. M. MON OH AN, Pr.'t
H. K. WaLtr, Cur. S'y ..
j.r- 20, if
Gyl . lAgtm 4 Vo.9
Wnolsssls n Rmu Dsautas in
Courectiuunc, l lsum, Ace Ac,
ALL order from duttaaee, (aaempaid with
the faN.) will be loet punctually, and upon vry
,-wsoaabl Urnu. J.a.U7, '64 If.
Is II 1.

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