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installs daifl.
partnership ooder tbe abov. style, for th.
purpose of doing a general
Forwarding, Storing and Com
mission Business,
Thli warehouse li tlttjated a few hundred
jardt below Trlce'i, on Cumherltnd river;
It It Fire-proof, una entirely abov. high
water murk. There li ft Rood turnpike
rood lending to It, and It li the nearest point
CD the river to Christian county.
JOHN J. THOMAS will glv. hil nmHv.
dd time and intention to the rectvlnij,
weighing, Inspecting end telling all the To
bacco consigned to the hons.
A eomf.irtabl. mle room will be fitted np
la Providence. IWuSnle every week.
Linwood landing, Tenn., Aug. 9, 'G7-tf.
Wholesale and Retail Grocer,
118 THlrcI Street
Orders for Goods o Mannfactnred Articles,
filled with promplne and at tbt lowest
market price. Consignments of crerj de
scription carefully attended to.
June 21, 1807-tf
DH. J. M. LAllKINisI
may ba fonod at hit office, 2d floor of ths
Chronicle building, at all hour, unless pro
frttl.nally armnt.
March 1, 1867-tt
DR. H. M. AC3EE,
Dental Surgeon,
Office on corner of dd and Madison streets,
immediately between the Railroad Passen
ger Depot and the Court-house.
Jan. 11, '$7.
Clui'lcHvlllo, Tonn.
March 1. 18G7-tf.
Cotton and Tobacco Factors
CommlaMlon 3Ieiolaamts.
X. 9, Union Street,
Ma. S. B. Siat, Agent, will attend to ma
king advanoes un Piuduce cuusigned to Whit
Sept. 14, 1867-1.
Franklin Street,
Of the moat approved patterns of
Wrought Iron Cooking Stove,
Aud dealers in all kinds of
Cast Iron Cooking
and Heating Stoves,
Hollow-ware and
Fine Castings
IHine In the
short notice.
must approved
manner, on
Jan. 3, le-Gft-tf
Clarksville Planing Mill!
Bash, Boon, Blinds, Boor and Window
Frame, Moldings, ete.
Preued Flooring and Weatherboar.ling and
all other lunilnT uecejsaty for building pur-
puses, ueally gotten up all at rceiuuable
Mill situated un Frukliu Street, at the Big
July 10, UC7-Rm.
iittorncy at Law,
Office over Thoinnn, Jifb'rtl 1 l'o.'s
Oct, !. 1'67-ly.
JIAliUlTlX 1V.
W. A. PKFFEU, i..q.,
! prepare I W illi nil prirr blanks and
form, d r any mtiiii'M nnd. r li e rUnknil
l aw. lWt'ra wishing to avml tliemwltes
cf t)ie law i'l find it to thrir admntnge to
eoniill liiin. t'hargea ttiy reasouab e.
July b, inc.;-if
l'ft 1 Illllblllur, (alUK
I it If , tV., V'.
W. P. Lindley,
Dkai.ku in wall rri:i, wimhiw
Firo Screens, Taints of Eve
ry Description, Window
Glass, Tutty, &o.
Two or lin e g.wi iikm"i antod.
'aiui nin' d n- !,r f,.r u-.
tJ.SIio' ii r. '.tr i H.i .
E. C. ROACH & CO.,
Cotton and Tobacco Factors,
No. J, Carondelft Street,
Kov-9, 18671 y
A. F. Smith, tat of Smith Turnley.
D.B-Hutchikos, lit o Hutching! f Qrintir
Nov. 8, 1867-ly.
W. H. Tcat.tr, UtU 0 Smith Tunby.
E. W. WxItbsos, Todd (knotty, My.
.11.11 lkjk
Known at the Hutching & Grinter
. Warehoue,
Ir-J Special attention flnld to the tale of
Tobacco, Receiving and Forwarding Mer
chand'se and produ-e. generally. Proceeds
promptly remitted. Mako all consignments
Nov. 22, 1867-1.
win attend to the Sale of Property,
either on tnt street or in toe country,
Dec 6, 1887-Cm.
Clarksville Foundry,
. ia.2T
Machine Shop.
Prompt attention given to oriart fur repairs
Steam EngincM,
Saw aiills,
And all kinds of Mncbinery, and Machine
Blacksmithiug neatly nnd prom pi I y dona.
J. A BATtS & IV.
March 8, 18G7-ly.
HORACI H. Ll'RTON, F. C. Macrt,
Clarknille, TVnn. A'luhvillo, Tern.
Clui'Icatville, Tenn.
Special attention paid to practice In Courts
of Bankruptcy.
(Wulimcr, on Strawberry Alley opposite
the ( ouri home.
Fb. 15, '07-tf
0. i. SMITH. I. W. AN'OSHSON. J. tDRNt.
Furniture Warerooms,
158 West Fonrth St.. and 110 Elm St.,
All goods warranted of the best material
and wotkmnnMiip.
ayiX- Muiutactury, North-west cor. Pearl
and B!m streetn.
Oct. ii, 1-67-Cin.
W. H. &. D. M. DORRIS,
Stoves, Tinware, Castings,
(rales, and House Fur
nishing Goods.
Every description of Tiuworo
msde up in good ttyle.
KOOKIMi and til ITERIXG prompt!)
attrndrd to.
HOT II. T. DORRIS will superintend the
work nnd tlroom.
Sept. 6, l07-tf
Just the Thing Long Needed!
Nothing More Appropriate for a Hol
iday or t brhtuius Frmnt.
rll and examln. them .1 my Oall.ry,
Weil side Square, Clarksville, IVnn.
Nov. !9, '67-tf.
ISothtr rith Wuodtn Vis, Scrtw at an I'nd.
W. are so prepared lo furnith Planter
wilh a durable Iron Trize rWew of our un
Miuiufuctura, complete, at the low pric of
ifii. Theso Screw are tuilabl for smull
Enti Large Size manufactured, as usual
complete, at 90.
These Screws are adapted to tbe us of
Couufy Butrrs and Urge plsnler.
Pom ntonl.
II. R. liliKNLKY is pKpuredto grind corn
meal, in any quantity, at his mill, near lb
I:g 1'ouJ, on Franklin Hreet.
J. A. BTM k CO.,
I'lkrkst.J'.e. Tenn.
V.v ?J VT '.rr
Blacli Crools
Has not Arrived, but
0. H. MORRISON & Co's
atw stock or
hare, and it comprlzet all tb suhatant'als at
wall at the cholcrtl Ininriet to ba found In
any establishment of tb kind to tba city.
W hart on hand an
All of the Choice it Brandt apd Su
perior Excellence.
Families would do well to pur
chase their Supplies from
bs, as all our Good are
carefully Selected
and will be sold
Nearly Opposite the Court House,
Franklin Street.
Deo. 6, 18G7-3m.
First National Bank,
Corner of Public Square, opposite Nation
General! Banking
(ssuet no circulation incurs no rules.
Special attention paid to collections and re
mittances made on day of payment.
Geo. II. Warfield, Tho.. F Petns, B. W.
Macrae, Jr, 0. W. Hillman.
8. F. BEAUMONT, Pres't.
W. P. RIME, Cashier.
Nov. 10, 61-ly
Feb. 9. '68-tf
HlIOrtT .St CO.,
Cotton and Tobacco Factors
Sept.O, 1867-tf
form Hi citizens of Cliirksi ille and vii iniiy
that bav trcureU the services ot a (ml
cl.ra Inker, and are prepared lo furuUh, at
reasonable rates,
Rrrad and Cukes, of all kinds,
and all times. Cnkes ornamented iu any
style alien desired.
Very Ucpectf'iilir,
Aug. :, 18C7.-tf.
Ncv. V9, It-SI tf.
t (0ttttlf.
Belief for ttie starving poor of the
tfoath, is claiming the attention of
both sections' The goveromont is
not rich enough, with the aid of nor
thern capital to relieve the South so
long as the Radical policy is persist
ed in.- That policy is reducing the
population to poverty at a rate that
will soon place relief beyond the reach
of the most earnest charity, and when
this resource fails, then will come
that warof extermination which Rad
icals are industriously inaugurating.
The only efficieut remedy for tin
rspidly increasing poverty of the
South, is the application of political
justice to the States now groaning
under the merciless rule of vindictive
and atnpid knaves. The people of
the North are beginning to discover
that the continued impoverishment of
the South must add to their own bur
dens in a ratio with the decrease of rev
enue that might be derived from the
southern staples if the government
were administered by wise men, in
stead of fools, by patriots instead of
corrupt traitors to the constitution,
by statesmen instead of dirty place
hunters and malignant partisans.
It it cheaper to relieve the South by
doing it simple justice, ' under the
constitution, than to destroy its lib
erty and prosperity and throw it up
on publio charity to save it from star
It is said thst the President is
preparing a special message to Con
gress on the deplorsble state of things
in the South. Does he expect to im
part information lo the men who
have been working for more than
two years, to bring nBout this very
state of things ? What can be hoped
from such a communication to such
men? Shame or a momentary feel
ing of compunction may prompt that
body to voto money for the South,
instead of righting its wrongs. So
long asifs labor system is kept tho
roughly disorganised, with the settled
purpose to make the negroes idle and
turbulent, and, therefore, the more
available political allies of the Radi
cal party, money aid is a temporary
expedient. Wilh no reliable labor
and a heavy tax upon its lending sta
ple, to depress its growth here, and
encourage its production iu British
dependencies, the southern people
have do means of recuperuiion left
thetn, and with negro supremacy su
peradded, they have nothing to ex
pect but continued poverty and
wrong, to culminate in expatriation
or a war of races, in which both sec
tions will become invclved, when for-
foreign intervention may play a part
with a view to the dismemberment of
a government at once, arrogant, in
tolerant and impertinently intermed
dling. European governments are
becoming painfully conscious that
the Atlantic is not too wide to be
spanned by the arch fieud puritan-
ism which was never known to live
in peace with any government within
its reach, nor cease from troubling
that to which its allegiance was due.
In the uncertainty of human events
no one can foresee the consequences
of a war of races. Should tho Rod
icals rally to the support of their
sable brethren, the democrats, for
tho sake of liberty snd a preference
for their own race will tale up arms
on the other side, and such a war can
only be one of extermination unless
some foreign power should intervene
and dictate terms to tho combatants.
What those terms may be, can only
be surmised, but there is not a man
in the South whose honest indigna
tion, self-respect and seU-iatorest
would not cause him to prefer that
tho Southern Stales should be de
pendencies of England or Prance
rather than the oppressed military
satrapies of tho infernal.Kadicals. If
this bo treason, "let er rip."
Judge Burry has checkmated old
ppttnre By enjoining In Suniner'uotaiuigl. referem lo national politics.
county Commiasioners from entering Referring to lb recent vote of that State on
upon tho duties legally aaaigucd to tha question of negro tuff rags, be tayt :
the muL-iiilruIca r,f tba r-.umtu nl;i
., ,..!;; u .1 1 i- J submission lo llie people oT a proposition to from Juba Warner, a leading leaguer, in
the juilioiury decide the legality of t,mfu(l ,ht 8uu constitulioo oa th. subject I which be asked his colored brethren ir they
the Sppoiutiucnt. Ur the eiecliv. fraucbise, so as lo abolish dis-1 could see any good lb Yanke. carpt-bg.
unctions in political privilege, based upon gers bad done Ihero. He tated UiaI they
Judge Campbell llts done the Same 1 rilPe, Th. amendment was accordingly tub-1 bod beeu promised land, mules aud privia
or the Radical Msyor snd Aldermen liuiticd at th. October .lection, and lb re- sious If Ihey would vui. fur them (the Yao
I ' . ' , V , j " Urn. showed that II was defeated by a ma- ke.) to fill the different office lo whirl, ly
u. u.i'.uu, ii.uuumuiij lulo -
Had the Court of Appeals possessed
.v. : . if - - . .- b
the intelligence, patriotism and hon -
tT disnlaved bv thuao two Juilrrea.
i:.:...i i:.r. .1 t.. .
would have been far removed from
the preMiut hateful tyranny and an
archy which degrade an j curse it
The orier for the rmoval of Ord
and Pope and Swayne enjoina upon
their successors the duty of exercising
the powers eonfered upon them by
the military bill. It pussies strait
forwii d common sense people to un
derstand why the President orders
the enforcement of a law which he
haa repeatedly declared to be uncon
stitutional, and this too aft:r having
solemnly sworn to defend and pre
serve the Constitution. It may be
asked too, if the new satraps are are to
carry out stricly, the provisions of the
reconstruction act, what is tho South
to gain by the change of masters ?
The only advantage gained is, that
the new appointees will, probably,
turn the scrws with a more courteous
manner than did their brutal prede
cessors. But what docs it matter to
the Victims whether the excutioner
wears a smile or a frown while dis
charging his official duties?
Ths fact Is pretty well known that s radi
cal Judge by tb. nam. of Hunter has been
annoying tb editors of lb Mempbij Ara
lancb with a "couterapt suit." Here Is
what th. Cairo Democrat says about th. er
mined follower of Bill J Bed d:
If th. Avalanche proprietors entertain to
ward Judge William Hunter any other ten
timent than that of conpt.mpt, they are
themselves fit subjects for contempt. H. it
in all things, th most ronlaraptli.l. man in
Tennetsea, and bit muddled brain as inno
cent tf any tense as his heart is of any hon
orable or decent Impulse. W. know him.
He was born God knows where I Of bis
intaoey aod bis childhood nothing la record
ed. In bis niAturer years he btcam. a pat
tern maker, and in 1867 worked for Mr.
(Soodlow, of Mound City, in Pulaski county.
Being nn Incompetent mechanic, he was dis
charged by hi employer. Out of work
out of mooey out of decent society out
at th. elbows, and without frienda or credit
a loufi-r and a sot, Bill Hunter was put to
bis wits' ends to keep bis lazy body and bis
mraa soul together. Bui ha succeeded.
In bis distress ba conceived lb. idea of
m iking the ople believe that be was a
lawyer; and ao be procured an- innocent
painter to paint bim a "shingle," fur wblrb
iiM la in it..ht tn Ihi. Imv IVhW. mlnfli.il
creatures were .imposed
creatures were .imiused upon by lluiiicr s
...Un. irvna Mtiil Its fWAiulniiullu .mulnr.
ed to conduct case bolore tb. Mound City
Jus ices of Hie Fence.
But Hunter did not confine himself to the
law. Beings pretended musician, b under
took to teach a Cairo brass band, nnd was
pronounced a complete failure. Wbil. in
lb. peformanc of ibis duty, tho subject of
this memoir frequently partook, at lb. x
pen, of tbe member of tb band, of Cairo
whisky, and becomiug thoroughly convinced
of It superiority to Mound City wbUky,
(and H unlet It a good judge of whisky If be
is not of law.) ba coucluded to remove to
Cairo. He did ao, renting a bouse here for
which he never paid the rent while a citi
zen of Cairo be did nothing but lounge
about saloons "sponging" bit liquor, and whs
reputed lo be, at that lime, a very contempti
ble fellow, and acousmuiat. rascal.
hen th. wnr broke out, a number ol
" odds and ends ' organised a company, and
Hunter suweeded in becoming its captain.
Durinn the conHivt bu drilled to Memphis,
and, by npxiiilineot uf lb " loyal ' Govern-
mei.t of Tenneesea, becain. Judge sucn a
Judge I in the argument of lb Avalanche
contempt case, one of the counsel fur the dc-
lense said : ' If I were lo say uere ana now.
Uunter, you nr. n d d fool.' I would be
guilty of contempt." This may h. so; lint
if he had used Ibis expression, .no on wuo
knows Hunter would deuy that ths lawyer
had told tb. truth.
The New York World niters a historical
truth when, discussing the negro question, it
sars: 'Tbere is no example in uutuiry oi
free Institution! among any of the colored
races. .Mexico aud the South American re
public tried the experiment of free Institu
tions; originating with the Spanish race, and
admitting Indians and negroes to the suf
frage ; but those rickety republics have been
a coustaut some of anarchy and tumult, nnd
should servs as a warning, not as au exam
ule. We suppose no Reiaihlican will care lo
cite the history ot tbe cul-tbroal inhabitants
or Sao Domingo. Tbe negroes vole in
Jamaica, and are t majority ; but Jamaica is
notoriously lb. worst governed ot all the
BrilUh colonies, and tbe state or things tbere
would be intolerable, if the bom. govern
mrnt did not constantly exert its restraining
authority. II Ibe Republican policy I car
ried out, three years will not elapee before the
horrors of San Domingo will b re-enacted
in . very part of tba Siiulb.
Thi'rlow Wisd has discovered that we
hav. "hard times" among us. He says :
"We hav now readied a point where It is
absolutely necessary to remove some of the
burdens that press upon industry. For
many of tbe evils that now press upon I lie
industrial interests of the country I ongress
is largely responsible. It has deferred the
settlement of grave subjects of finance and
taxation for the mere partisan exhibitions;
aud. in plate of removing the burdens of the
country, it has actually Increased them by
inexcusable extravannc. and prodigality.
Tbe whole course of Congressional financial
legislation has been falie, wasteful, and per
nicious, aud exercise a most depresing in
fluence upon the country. Great financial
economical reforms are needed, and requires
no prophet lo forlcll thai any doluy or short
coming in till, respect is certain lo b. atten
ded by political revolution, and our represen
tative bad belter take wuuing Iu tima."
Gov. Cox, or Ohio, os Nkoso Surrtsos.
The message of Gor. Cux, delivered to
thai ls('l1atrA Afl Vnn.l.ir fllh Inst- has
"-The W n.-nentl Assimblv directed the
!jority or 60.8J3 vote. Iu accordance wur.
I lh pruiiun or the statute, 1 Issued a pro
cUmalion ou llie SOIh day of October, tn-
1 nollnf illg lt fnt.. At th. question is iw
! wbUb mum U ma to b. chiefly importaut
I iu iu relation lo national, ralbur than Stai.
iodic. I ahall refrain I rum discuuiait il. aud
Ui. ui.ir williugly ibat Iba progress
svenis nas oaty sirenKuicum sn. aiu-
lions I Lav. Ucrtijfor.
UlaJs pwb.ie
ia re-1
garl o il.
The Committee on Resolutions reported
tbt fallowing platform, which, after tome
oppositkm to the words and preference In tba
last resolution, was adopted :
kuohtd, That languor la inadeqnat to
riums our abburreoca and coudcinna-
Uun of Ilia Radical reconstruction policy of
umgreas ; or a policy condtmed by every
rrrT,'.:" !, fT" Z. -IT"'
obliga.lun; a policy fraught with th. mosl
alarming apprVbeiioo of evil to ten Slates
of lb. UniuVand destructive to lb Union
ilt.lt; a policy that largely increase
lion; a puilc, thai require. . large standing
army, whicti adds nearly una hundred million
dd nearlv una hundred mil nn
dollars annually to luaexpens. of Govern
ment, wbil. it beggar the people, policy,
lb. avowed object of which is locontinn In
power lb must renal and corrupt political
party Ual ever dishonored any civilisation;
a policy viudicalively enacted with tb. un
constitutional purpos. of caotialising and
perpetuating ail political power or the Gov
ernment in tb. doiuiuaul Radical party la
Cotigreat, and a policy which if uot early ar
rested oy tbe American peopl will toon over
whelm our national Government in oo. com
mon and apimlllng ruin,
ltd. W. demand tb. unconditional repeal
of tb. act of Congress conferring exclusive
rignis or privilege upon any class or classes
ol citizen at lb. expeuse of other classes.
3d. Tb. lb. National Bank system organ
ised la lb. inl.resti of tho bond-holders.
ought to b abolUbel and United Stales
uutes substituted iu lieu ol tb. national bank
currency. Tbe saving in interest alona will
be mjre than I18.U00 annually, and uutl.
sucb tyttem ol taiukt tbali b abolished we
demaud thai the thai, of such banks In In
diana tbali be tubjevt to tbt same tasaiion.
Stat, and municipal, as other property of
in. mate.
tb. That th. bonds and securities of tbe
Uuiied States, with .vary oiher description
of properly, should bear J equal proportion
uf taxation for Stair, county and municpaJ
purposes, and to that end tb bunds aod
oib r securities of lb United Stare ought
to be taxed by Cougrets fur naliouul purpo
ses in an amount substantially equal to lb
lax imposed un property in th several Slate
for local p.rpoja.
6 lb. Thai wt are In favor of tb payment
oi ineuovarnmenlbooda in Treasury note,
commouly called grwnbotks, except woes
expressly made payable in gold by law ai
iu. earnest practicable period.
bin. it
That th. uniust and Ininuitous tariff
law nuw in 'urce to b repei
w in ruroB J, h. a.i a uriff
adupled looking lo reveuu only,
7 lb. Til. mo'OMrout extravagance of the
Republican leadeis, and th. administration
of lb. Government at all time and all
place, bos beeu protligated lo an extent un
exampled In history, aud for the hundred) of
millions of dul arsjf xpended by tliein si uot
tb. termination ot Tii war, they have nolh
lo show save severed Stales, military despo
tism, oppressive laws, usurped power, aud a
miuilnled Constitution. Thai th burden of
taxation is too irreviom lo ha borne, and de
mands their removal from all place of trust,
and a thorough course of retrenchment and
8th. That we are opposed to conferring
the right of suffrage uiion th. negro, and we
deny tb. right of tb. General Government
to interfere wilb the qncstion of suffrage in
any of the Slates of the Union.
9lh. Thai it is tb. duly of lb. U ailed
Slates to protect nil citizens, whether native
born or naturalized, in evory rubt at home
and abroad, without regard to the pretended
claims of foreign nations to perpetuate alle
giance. lUih. Tbnt Hi. attempt to regulate the
moral ideas and appetites of llie people by
legislation is nnwiso and depostic, nnd we
are opposed to that cla of legislation which
seeks lo prohibit I be ieople from the enjoy
ment or all proper appetites and ainiiseuieuts
11th. That we aha II ever hold in sacred re
collection the dead who freely sacrificed their
lives in the defen of our ouce glorious
Union, that the prestnt and future genera
tions might enjoy the rich inheritance of a
form of government but s cure an equality
of rights and privileges lo all the citizens
thereof; that the nation owe to Ihesurm.
ing soldier nnd sailors of the Union the
highest mwk or praise and gratitude for lb.
great sacrifice Ihey made iu th. Int. war,
nod lo those disabled in the service of the
Union, and th widows and orphan children
of those who fell in baltor died of wound
or in tbe military service or the Union, sucb
pensionary aid as will enable th:m lo enjoy
ibe substantial necessaries of life.
12tb. Thai we recognize in ibe restora
tion measures of Andrew Johnson, Presi
dent of the United States, a policy which
would have given peace security and pros
perity tu lli Stales, and dispelled the dark
clouds caused by I lie vindictive measures of
a Radical Cougress. Th. adoption of the
President's policy would, in - our opiulou.
hav saved the naiiou lb. exieiiditure of uu
told millions, of treasure, lesaeneuV the bur
dens of taxation, secured peace lo lb. South
and prosperity lo the Union.
13lb. That Maj. lien. Hancock, by his or
ders at New Orleans reiustaling Ibe civil law
and dethroning military despotism, bus man
ilesled th highest respect fur constiiuliunol
liberty, for which be deserves the cuminen
dalioii of all friends of constitutional gov
ernment, and who revere the nMt profes
sion of arms. Lik tb great aud good
Washington, this gallant soldier bad learned
lo respect Ibe civil rights oimII good ciiixen
and lo declare that iu lime of peat.', military
tribunals should bare no plar. in our Juris
prudence. Kternal glory to the soldier who
refused lo rise above tu laws.
14th. That w congratulate the Democracy
of our sister State of Ohio on the gallant po
litical camittiitn closed on the Slhut October,
1SS7. a rauipain markedl the highest order
of devotion, ability and effort, and tbot
prominent and cloee iu association la the
minus ol our luiiow-cinsens or iiiiiiuna
stands lb nam. of lh Hon. Geo. 11, Pen
dleton. Jndeiitified with tb vital measures
upon which our parly enters tb canvass tor
1SUS, together wilh bis ability as a states
man and bis high personal qualities, all those
mule bim tu lb coraiuenditlioa or Ibis
convention as a Iru and consistent Demo
crat and one who bas our entire couhdouce
and preference.
Th business of th convention having
bean flushed, amid loud call fur Voorbeei
and Hendricks, lb latter caui lurward aud
addressed the convention.
Bustainu Ur. Tbe "Infernal leagues" art
splililnii up all over lb Stat. The Maren
go eon my league was latently rrgaiea wtin
' a pointed Couservaliv Drmucralic speech
were aspirtug, and mat all these promises
had proven to b a Yankee trick to fid their
own pocket al th expense of the freedmen
whom ihey bad duped Into lh. Idea Ibal
they wre their only friends, Several other
soecches were mad of lh sam tort, after
which lb "luitrusi oron up in a row
ofi Matgamtrg (Ala.) Adttrtttir, Jo, i.
Gsorfju tad AUUai.ial are going wtt
ia .trgs twites.
Letter from Boa. Geo. H. Feedletoa.
Cixcihkatti, O, Jan. 4, 1868.
D llovtr, Etq., Wathington, D. C:
Mr Dias Sia I regret that t cannot par
ticipate k your celebration of tb 8th instn
as it will b an occasion of nunsnl Interest.
The attempt at Africaniialion of tb Suulb
rn Slate undar th false preUns of Hi re
construction of th Union, th utter subver-
sion of the country to accomplish Ibis, and
i. ..Hi La
many branches
publio scrv
brouabt ta.ir proper results.
, J! ?XT I , k"
j ZtlTTL JSL' M",h"
I tlTXt 'IS .T'",
taia-i"''' hy,.T'Impi" Vf K
iZ.n, Z. !Z.
" T. "" .
yielding courage, and tn. ndelity wltn which
b. maiulained tb. rights, diguity,nd equal
ity or tu. male at me aam. lima that be
enforced obedience to the Constitution.
H will ba well to remember by whom,
when, and for wb t purpose tb last battl of
Hi war of 18 1 J was fought, and lid by
tide with that recollection to plao th. fuel
that tb. Stale then saved from a foreign foe
is now governed by military ower, in order
lo compel lit people to adopt a constitution
v.-bicb they do out approve and establish in
stitutions which tbey abhor.
Tb. retrospect will .vok. sympatic and
h waken sensibilities, in tb. midst of which
w may bop. that haired and bitterness and
vengaunc may melt away, and that kind
ness and good will aud charily will cement
lb. Union by th. tiea of Interest and affec
tion, aud coiitentm.nl, which a loo. can ef
feclually cooalllJi os on. peopl.
Very respectfully,
Ex-Pretident Pi.rc't Liter contrasts the
pres.it condition of lb. country with thai
when Jackson was President, aud particu
larly Teniun e, which it faumllated under
th. reign ot abrolu ism. He hopes tbt day
it not remote when th. Union shall b res
tored each but standing forth at tb co
equal of every Stat, wub diguily, equality
and rights unimpaired; and thinks u ob
serve marked and cheering indications that
th. people ore rising in their majesty to de.
liver iuir ouuniry irom mitruia.
Uuo. Jbou Qninry Adamt write : There
never wa a time iu our annals whn It was
more important to awak dormant sensibili
ties of mutual good arili and national frater
nity. It cannot be that the generous and
muginauimout men of the Nurih can much
longer cherish or endure Hit domination or a
viudictiv passion or retributiv retena. in
' ne.r vanqmsucd and bleeding
u &o"'n. . He oherod as a tcntimen
the poetry atlh cud of Presidcul Lincoln's
inugural. in. mvslio co-.ds of tucinorv,
strvebing from every battle-field and every
patriotic grave to every living heart and
hearth si on. all over this broad land, will
yet swell the chorus of the Union wheu
again tout bed, a surely will they be, by the
belter aagel of our nature.
Ex-Guv. Perry or South Carolina snyt the
Southern heart it crashed, broken by terrific
calamities. Social aud political appeal at
thi tint are bscvery genarou and manly
feeling of lk North, A large portion of
ooui.uern peopi were opposed la tectssiou,
and did all they could lo prevent o dire, a
lualamily. They bav suffered tbe destruo
F.i .i.-t- ....
iiou ui lueir properly, ill. loss 01 tneir
homes, aod lh. death of tons nud husbands.
aod now, at a reward for their devotion lo
tu i nion, are (loomed lo nagro supremacy
and Ibe barbaric rule of their former slaves,
steeped in iguoranc and vice, aelf-defence
and self-prem-rvatioa will force a war of
races, the most unnatural and horrible that
has ever desolated the far. of Ibe South.
The, southern peoplo are powerl.w at Ibis
time, ai.d lueir only nope ij a reiuruiuff sense
or justice un the part of the Northern ul
era brethren. 'Ihey exitrcl notbiug from
the present Congress. Tb leader of the
Radical parly bav shown lliemielves insen
sible lo justice, honor aud patriotism. Thuir
sole purHMe ia to perpetuate ibcii own power
by tliedestruc'lnn or the Constitutional prin
cipli-s of republican liberty are first to be
crushed out of lh Southern Stales, when.
with lh. these Africanized rotten boroughs
ihey hone lo control th while race Norlli.
They will hold in their hand 24 black Sen
ators and 85 black members of Congress.
Are in JVoribern peopl Willing to submit
to sucb a government and be controlled ny
sucb an Africanized Son lh 7 I pray to Quo
lo avert such calamities, and I have ot vet
lost hope and tuilb la lbs North, the. East,
and the West.
"Hard Time" are urely on nt. From
every quarter Ibe people are crying 'hard
tunes. lb. bells are ringing "hard limes.
Tbe press is lelliug or '-bard limes." And
that the extent, vtrUty nul difl'.sion thai
attend the universal malady may bu better
understood, let us look into the lace of a few
brief facts. Turu w hich ever way we will
the aiiiue sad spectacle meet us. North as
well as Suuth, Uasl and West, it ia Ibe same,
only diffiiriugas to the degret of th. com
plaint. Tbe Memphis Avutatuhe lay there
are twenty tho 'suud starviug negroes in thai
city. Tb wages or lb factory operatives of
Milllown, Nor lb Sbiuinglon, Cunuecticut,
were cut down tweuty per cent, on
tb. lsl instant. Nolic bas been given the
operative of several or Iba Fall River cotton
nulls that thi re will bs a reduction or from
10 lo IH per cent, ia their wages on and after
January 1. The Fund du Lao (Wiscousin)
(hmHOHKtalth says that lb Chicago and
Northwestern Railroad bav reduced tbe
wage of l laborers ia Ihuir employ Irom
81 75 lo 81 25 psr day. Tuey also reduced
th number of their sccliou baud one-balf.
Tb New York Timet learns ibrongh corres.
poudaut ia various parts of lh. Sjuihern
Stale Ibat very considerable numbers ol
peopl. are moving away Iron) thei. to tb.
Nurib, aod still larger number are prepar
ing tu move away in lb. spring. The idea
ha taken firm possession of Iba Southern
mind that lueur aecHuq I destined to ruiu,
poverty, and negro supremacy iu tb future,
aud they complain lual Uieir hopes of bet
ter time bav. at but tell tliein. It is lb
fear of lb blacks, however, that
troubles men. Mure than two hundred and
filly fumtlies in Trenton, New Jersey, are
supported by chairity, aui lUal the laclories
have siopa-d, aud il lit almost as bad ia other
mauuiactunug place, in the Pittsburg
nail mills the employes hav. accepted a re -
duotiou of It! per cent. Tu. employe,
on lb. Chicago aod Great Kiuteta Railroad
bav. .truck agaiu lor iboir back pay,
aua win ai;ow only engluet with a
single mail car lo b run. Tha ou hundred
aud turly operative in Uiggiu I carel fac
tory, al New t urk, struck ou Monday (3uih)
iu vousequeuce
of a reducllun or len lier
iu their wage. Mr. Abtoill Lawram-e,
Boslua. recently staled lo a ireDilriuaa in
Washiugloii, tbtlamaoulacluriugcompanytuf gralu ol all kinds, beside a larg quan.
10 winch Ibey were tulcrulad, waa losing
on tnoiiMud dullart per d.y. Ulber iv.r.
po rations are Iwing iu llut m ratio. This
siat ol tilings uiauilestiy rannot long own
liuu. These corporal iuns mu.l slopwork.
What then T Oue buudnnt tbuusaud peopl
will be Itruwuuut of awploymcul Iu Mas
sachusetts alou, lwoty ihouwnd in New
Uamuibire, ten tbuusaud ia Maine, and
thirty tbuasaiid ia Cuunaulicul and Rhode
lalatid. It all ou buudrtd aod itty tuous
aod portuot, nial d, female, old oad
Tb sb 14 jo tqutlcbiog of laptacLaitut
Hiixi tw iy sis tpt:aa.
A party of troopers entered th house of
widow, demanded and received refreshments.
A well grown lad, th widow's eon, waited
upon them tb widuw'a hospitality offering
to their wants all she had to command.
bAnd buw do ron live In tbea troublous
time. Guody T asked on ot tb mercen-
r&Ul"! !? w "MdleD!7- , '
"Well, I tbank Heaven," answtrul th
irrhr'rHorwldow''I,1JrI)oor nUo
v, u"jnd a garden wilb that bit ol
en me cow
of field; I do not
indeed! ejaculated th. ruffian. "Co moral
Swidglt, what say yn to try if Heaven
belps ber without a cuwf
"Acb I nieln Gott I der gerden ish enoof
Mlt It torn, verlackin ha I ba I" and the fcW
low laughed. k Kill der schutrn marban.
(th cow,) and spoil der witch aud kiss,
Ay," quoth tb fellow, with a boars.
laugh; "and to It will. Go, Goody, here
goes wlib lh honor of war tars I" snd b.
drew bit sword.
"What r you eoinir to dot' cried th.
youth, springing rorward, with tears in hi
eyes, and terror in bis face.
Strike tb brat, Bub," said tb trooper,
aud on. smot tbe boy on th mouth, whila
tbe trooper paswd bis sword through tba
genii lovast of lb generous bom feeder
thepoor cow and lo add lo this dent's
deed, mowed down all tb kill. In lb gar
den. Tb trooper then departed.
Widow and child were at one destltuto
of .very tuarr ofrxlstenc. Bin soon
sitksned and died, beart-brokan, and tbe
buy wandered a way, and was not teca or
beard of for many a year after.
During the war in Flanders, party of
soldiers were one afler-nono scaled around a
catnpflre, and flush 1 with wins and victory,
were relaiiug aamadatd of lh past, till they
seemed to tak a turn In vying wilh each
other for tb atrocity of their story.
'I once starved ao old dam by sue try Car
lisle," said a trooper noted fur bis coumga
and ferocity. "I killed ber cow and egad
destroyed her groans. She taid Heaven
would protect bar, and faith I longed to
know a miracle; but she died.'
"And do yon not repent that deed t" cried
a younr trooper, leaping to hi feet with
wrathful brows.
"Repent? Bah I what the devil rbould
I repent for?" asked the other, runtrmplt,
ously. "Sit down and laugh at thejoka."
'Do you tland Bp. ou marauding do 1"
thouled lh. oi her, for la th. name of that
heaven sh. trusted In, you shall repeal ll I
That was my mother I" and unsheathing
his sword be struck tb ruffian soldier on tbe
cheek with bis flat, aud Instantly swurd
were crossed.
Twice thrice did th avenging ton past
bis sword through the body of the destroyer
of the pKir widow' living ; and turning blux
over Uh bit foot, as tb other lay writhing,
to me mngs oi aenin svuiea :
Had you bul repented that deed I bad
left you lo God ; but a you repent! not,
I know that Heaven aveuget ber iu mj.
Josh BUllngS on tbe Goose.
Tl.e goose is a graj aid a , but don't
chew ber cud.
Tha are good livers, about on. aker to a
goose Is en tiff, altho, thare Is torn, folkt who
thinks on. goose to one hundred and seven
ty nkrrs ix nearer right.
These two calculations are to fur apart It
ix difficult to toll now which wlU finally
But I don't think If I had a farm of on.
hundred and (eventy-fiv. ake.s, awll paid
fur Ibat i would tell it for half what il was
worf just because il didn't have but one
goose on it.
Gee sia well, tome of our taut biogra
phers set 70 years, and grow tuff to the Int.
Tha la one egg at once, ah oil tbe size of a
gooae egg in which the gosltni lies bidd.
1 lie goslcn it ine goose s bane.
Tbe goose don't suckle bit youug, but
turns him out tew pasture oa soiucUdy s
vacant lot.
Tba siein to lack wisdom, hut ar generally
coniidercd sund on the gouce.
Tba ar good eating, but not good cluiw
Ing; the rexon of this remuint a profuod se
cret to th preumt day.
When af mail guuoe iz at work hntch n tbe
ix a hard burd lo plrte, sh rile clour up
Irom lh bottom In a miuit, and will file
a yoke ov oxea if tha sbo ber tbe least bit or
ib..r sosa.
Ttie goose it ex ellent for fetber which
shed every year by tbe handful.
Tha ar Infibicuas, besides several other
kinds uv cuss.
But tha ar mostly curious about on thing,
tha can haul up one leg Into llteir body, nnd
stand on tin her all day, and not touch any
thing w ith their handi.
1 lake not is there ain't but fue men that
can dew this. '
At a party In a certain lowu recenily,
two cbapt were particularly struck wilh
the satu lass. Being chilly, the lair maiden
wore a large shawl. While titling in lb.
buck part of tbt room wilh one of the lovert
ahova me u Honed on either side, each of bar
admirers concluded lo slip bis hand under
lh. shnwi and try what effect squeezing ber
hand would have. li. w ent fur it and suc
ceeded. Great day; bow happy bewail
He squeezed, and she squeezed apparently.
He fell iJoriuus all over, and she evidently
full gloriutis too. After quitr a joyful lima
Sieut in this way, th lady threw back her
shawl, and revealed, to little crowd .land
ing near, our two youths squeezing one an
other (land moil lovingly. It dou't do U
say " squeeze " lo either of tbem tine.
Tni'TB is Bsisr. Anybody ran toll tliu
reputation of an individual, bowvr pur
aiidchast, by utteilug a suspicion thai bis
friends never hear of. A puff uf Idle wind
van take a million of the seeds of tba Ibisll.
and do a work of mischief which the hus
bandman must labor long 10 un In, tb.
floating particles baiug two light to b (top
ped. Sucb ar lh seeds of slander, so easi
ly sown to dilliculi to b. gathered ap, and
yet to pernicious In I heir insinuation, with-
I out ever budinir or taring to seek lh auu-
i dote. No refutation can refute a sneer, nor
any human tkill can prevent its miaebiaf.
Oxt night last week, three newly I
Infant, w.r. picked up by lh. police In tb.
1st reels of N.w York City, where ihey bad
been ananuonea 07 im ir luinurie.
On una
night llie previous w eek Ihre. were
In lik
manner picked up; aud other case biv oc
curred with uuiisial frtqueucy tiuot lh.
cold weather began
Canal uavlgntion Is suspended from Syra
cuse lo Troy, New Yurk. busts coolaiuing
over IKO.uOO bu.hels of poUtms, 70,0UO
birralt of apple, and nearly 400.OO0 biubels
1 IK) ul oilier pruuuc, are irusua in. iu.
ib.rmuweler averagM eight degree bvio
- -
Nlne-trenth or tbe laboring tlisaes la
Broukiya, who hav bad employment dur
ing lb. suininer mu ilhs, ar uuw out uf
work, and workmarro't meeliuirt are con
templated for ll purpo.. ol laying t
cautj or Ibesv didtiullias lfur Cuugruw.
Tat Teonse L(iliur bas votHti
tbul.sb all distinitioiit of Co 01." lit
r4uetko sow It, wbitl.sr 1'is b'acki a-tt
b bleached, er t!ii wtitet tj U r.ulv4.

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