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ivm-.T'w" yaw r
y. I. Ntuciy;
" w.iiimhm t1ry1nwrnTci;Tl?a
ft. w. rpo$iii$14'.V...;&v EDITOR.
Three Dollars .per .near,, hi adrnnce.
T . rr-r-n-i ", .
'-'Tbft'Ncyorlc rpfioah' Journal,
i of tbe lit.
.ifoii1nr lua 'ltitiiuniiHQ fu tke bond.
'Tjtlertibrt t'tiiTi In'- ffrden-j
-3obt.'.W1iiJV'tniJ Iffc'pttliu'
point, irid bcnv''(TiM tho jibfe, bp
(rc) iis.ili'pylwiuis,'--iro-cominjj to
rtheiltK 4OIIOIXllllOhi''v:"- I " "
. If tho national debtli fd bo pmJ
all. it inu8tHpai in ih'u y ay, firs
because It ia strictly just to creditor
oii4Ql4ortaiid leooDd, becauge it tan
'tje fVfi'lntuf oth6f vay ViUjbuf'eft'.
,tuig poverty .vpoa Uw poopU for
genemtions eome. lint. "yhWrf we
tprul)u tlic subject to tlia iottow, , in
"ecarch of ahetitet Jristicc'we lr forced
.to llm conclusion was
wrbnpfally nd unlawfally rontractj
J.-ty .gfur tjc$fceje4 Vis wcl)
delined powCru, lind, theifove, in not
3p,d! j ufoh tuc'pnntijml-tiie'pco-'
ipk by wl'm it onglit to b repti-
rtlatci. AM until It . dCcIdc4 M
it'.'i decided:
tlin negro ju-
jBauthority Liiruor tllo" neBro iu.Liof dW,"ialed in Ibeveclioo iibeduo-
Vy, or k pnrtizan Judge, or' fi bofla
holdiiur liauo.. or 'ft.wtuiuuir Con -
gresf that the Federal Hoy eminent
liad,tl)t iut"trcocrco tbe Svuiberc
Staton,"we sbtill adlioro to tbe pin!oll
Hat tlio war dclt Was' create! In un-
iiify anl ought to be repudiated, no
matter. vJiiK. por uow .inany uiay be
tho sufferers. . Abe Lincoln and Lm
I'urhatf co-traiiqis,'', witboul. regard
to tho letter and Hiiirit of tho Consti
tution-arid without tho "indorsement
of tluik Deportment of the poVern
fheit t" which was conflcTciT. Ifhejdo;
tinwn o lliat uud kipdrod jucstiona,
asttutned (lie rcfpoiiHibllily iifooJa
ipg.Uc Uniou Inilibeolublo, -and with
no authority savd their arbitrary will!
una WiUi no purer motive tbam thoir
fanatical antipathy to slavery, Inau
gurated a war for its abolition under
tho false preteqeo of saving the Uni
on..!' Tho liubsefjucnt conduct of, the
name clique abundantly provus the
lawlessness of tbo waiy and the infa
mous motives that prompted it.
The Constitution ueither expressly
nor by implication,, authorised war
ai (ho means for maintaining the in
tegrity of theVmon, and tho loading
men of the country, and of all parties,
gave it as their opinion, that the Con
stitution confers no power tococrco a
State desiring to withdraw, poaceably,
from a partnership voluntarily enter
orcd into, with no stipulations for
perpetuity ley on J mutual iutcreHta
und the inviolability of mutual fights
nnd privilecs. Vi tli the entire
weight of authorily in favor of - t)jo
light of eeceHsion, and none against
it, gave tho. dictum of self righteous
puritans who could devittti a no more
christian niotlo of abolishing slavery
than terrible war, with its still more
terrible 'train of demoralizing iuflu
nnceH, no honest man, of ordinary
intelligence, ca'h rlrl the conclusion
. that the war was illegal uud iniqui
tous, and that the debt ineurred for
its proHncutiuu, imposes no lcal or
moral obligation Ui pny.it cither iu
gold or (rroenlitii'ka.
It may have been a luifUle in the
architects of llie Union to war it up
on the basis uf voluntary confedera
tion but tha proat question nndor
consideratiou, vests not ouwhat they
iiuulit to have done, but npon what
they drtl do. And nntil it can be
t-hown tipon competent authority,
thai the constitution, espm.ssly or
impliedly, denies the riiht of neees-
, , , , ... j
ttie inference It fair, lesitltntlte
Mi l incontrovertible that the war was
n crime and that the debt incurred
iu tho porpetratiou of that mime, is
not binding upon its victims the
betrayed and deluded populuco. The
war was waged by fanaticism ajraiuat
slavery j tUelatior was an institution
ctpresly roenpnued and guarded by
the conxtituiiuii, tho former is a npo
cica of devileh madness, peculiar to
puritans ngainct which the constitu
tion was 'designed,' iu part, to pro
teet itaolf and the people. ,
The best tiling for tho national
prospotity, is repudiation of the debt
, , . J
ami mo 1.11 iiurjj iot me national
honor is tho repudiation of tho war,
its originator and the tyraouy that
has resulted from it, us tho work of
traitorous mob, temporarily, in a po
bitiou to dishonor tho government, to
murdef ita citizens and bla.-t the en
tire country, as with the bieuth of a
""" tJrant ia of the opinion that a lie;
well afuek to, it as good as the truth
Jlis defense is a f,iilnie.
, ft ic i v
The rrajHcnt pi Thurfday ttntfto the
Senate 16 folloWlhg,'mcsangt! : ""
.' 4
1 1 have received lb following pri
and resolution, adopted fcy tha Staaiaoa. Hit
8tbiiistanl; ,V ' " '.' v
v r" WberaaeSenar bill wmbfffj WW litfBf
drcd bihI forty-one, and entitled "An net for
the fuilncr sortirtty (if ecMl Tigbta In the!
i Ulrti
District ot Cotumblw" basing, at this pre-
imi, pasted Ixith House or OocgivaB,
wns afterward, oa tali elcTentA-rta nf tie.
eighteen heudrcd aad'lislysevve,
lul.r (wwii ted ( the rrtjident -tf tte Plii
Ird; State for Ills approval and 'alanntor ;
and where not e th a (en Wyh, rieUrslw ot
Sunday, 'hare since' -laptadr tf 41m session
without' said bill having libera 'vatnraed,
vittier opproved ol dieaapiaill'TlieWrbre,
rHi-tut. 'foot (he t'rartrstbfUh liai-
Ujl,itet he requested to Worm tb ta4te
,n he I lief said bill has beaara'eHeered-' to add
received by toe rjannrtary of State,'! pro),
vl by Uw teooBd, eeeuon . af tha act of tbe
4'tiMityKMr BtU day of 4uly( urenteen bail-
urea and eighty Blue.: . . v " -a; i
v A tin act which titt resolution mention
ha uo reIvtnCy to - lite' -iiibject under in
quiry, it is pnreiftned thai it was 4 Ike Inten
tion. of .the ttoonie. la refer to . the) btw f
a4i( . birti 4Tr.rtbel t
the 15th September, 1789, tb second tectiou
11 ; t a.,;. ' '
i,t'Tht whtuevar blH,-older(:rreolntldn,
' , ... ...... ..." . l. W ...... - A 1 1 l . n . .
8uitaiie8, lim ilia beea anti- t.il aad sieaed
Xty h l'ridinl .( Dulled -iStatea, or
it liiuiug been ntoriioil-byj him with bia
ollitetions, ebali uMOnte a ar,.iir take effect,
itiliull p.ubwllli Uiereaf'tcr lie, received by
lli Secretary .fi'om.tba Pniident) aad
whenever aMU, ordvf, ruJulutiou, jr ut
tLull be returned by. the J'npidenS witb bit
oitetHtnfe ami I hall, va. lie i of jeootiaidrred,
be agreed to be iMMced, and -be Appi-infed by
tw-tbud of botb House f mart. ana
'Uioreliy become a lanr lo Uike elTti t, it bnil,
ina icu t"i lie tvociveU by -tho. aaidalecre-.
tury liuju tba l'luiiWnl of the tieuita. r tbt
ttpenkerof the ilouee of jltcpreeaulativao, in
wuiviitoerer iJuuit cball l&M, bato boeaao
ajiprured," S.m .,' . U.i ; it :
,r,luKnnou as tbe dill 'Tor the further 8ef u-
bU i La nl Uoome a lnw iu ailherof Lb
of Sute fur record nod urouiuination. Tkt
LCoasiUuUon.pnmiy4?tiaivs 'umi. "if nny
HHiflnfiiuui Mvimiw rjj i u 4 Iran run I
within Ctu day (Suadai-a exuented) uii it
liall Uuv licea; prieuud td iijoi, tbalainf
aulion m.tiHa umniiet a il li siKned
i.itl(uulL'as(Ut Uingres., ,ly; their adjoarn'
mem, piooi it ieuniio wlilch xftn it
lu) iioi U a LawJ' i As stated, ia tb pre
amble to Ui. rccolutuiR, Uia lull to which it
vuuia wae prveu ed tor my approval oil the
1UU day ol Deceruber, IBdJ. I iq tbo 20tb
of Ilia ame mopth, and before the txpuatioa
of tbe ten day aflct tbe prjsenttiou xil' ibe
bill ta the Treiudeot, lb, two. Houses, inucv
curdauce with a ooiiumrfut fewlutiow, adop-
ieu oaiue oii (a ueceuioer, aijoutiid -..urtiH
tbe 6lh of January,, 4863,., Congreai,. by
tbclt adjnurnmcut, ibuaptareutfd tbe return
of lU.bill iviUiia Die time pftwuv'bQd by the
Constilativn, aid jtwae tber fiwe jell v. tba
prvi iae voudition in wbivb thud .,iihileninenl
pusinvciy uuciarua a .uiu "snau not- o a
WW-" , H- ' ... .',..r ,
.. If llie adjournment in, December did. not
cauteiie failure, ol lbia bill becauw not ucb
ita atljamouiebt n is contemplated by tba
Qua tiiutim in the clause, which bave cited,
it mu-H. follow that uch wu tbe nature ol
tba ndjourumeuUrduriug the past year, on
the 3uth day of March uojtil tha Dil Wed.
nwdivy of July, and fioiu tbe. 2oib.of July.
until lie 2Utuf uerubr. Olbei bills will
tbeii-Kire bcaueeted by tbe docisioa -wliicli
muy lie reudnvj in this cose, amoiiz them
one h.-.vinf( ibe smiuo title as tbut named in
tbe rculiilion, uud containing similar pruvis
ious, bicb, pn-scd by both Houses iu ibe
month of July lust, ailed to become a law
by ruuson of the adjournment of Cou,-reaj
Icfoi'P ten dav for its coniilorjifinn lnt.l hi.fii
allowed .tba iixeculive, . , ., .....
,, Anprkw Joutisoa.
Wasiji.nutox January 2;t, 1803. . ,.,
r."ASitviu.a, Feb. 1. The law just passed
by tbo Legislature,, peruiiuinn ucgroea to
bold office and sit on juries gives much satis
faction to negroes generally aud ultra Radi
cal. , -
There nre already ncero candidates for im
portant onii't'3 iu this cuuuljv and will be
in a maturity of tbo countii;, lu Mjddle and
West Tennesioe, Able lawyers "liavo re
marked that this law is in .onflict with the
amendment to tho Constitution, and will
prove to Hie negroes a delusion and a tuare,
entailing upon them lawstllts, instead of in
creasing tbeir rights. The courts will deter
mine the questiou. '
New Yore, Feb. 1. The World's special
makes tbe lollowine; etatementr- The ter
llivernatiou acttdn of 8ucretni7 Reward is
of avail po more. Auoiiienvjid bi'bur au
thority has deterniiuoil upon the course
which is to be pursued iu resct to tbe
claims of the Lulled titnti Upvemmeut
upon (ileal lliiiain. I am. uuiuorized io
state, itiilidcntly und diieclly, thai thi'leil
imule demands uliich bate Leen too wt akly
ured by, the Seerulary of Sintu upuu llie
BiiU4i Culaiiut til to be eufoictd al what
ever b'U.lljH.
The uew ISiitUh iliui.ter, Mr. Thornton,
will piububly be prc'iited to I'rtMidttit
John.on. Alllmutrh lio addre.sva that are
to U eiithnngrd between tbe I'tesidi ut and
Minifter Hiorutou luay be p.uidrd uud
seitio, tbo fuel remain that a s)ieedy and
nuiflacUiry reKiuo inl be made by the
liiilieh Uovcmuit'iil to the iiltiiiialiim ol the
Execuiive of the bulled States, v' eU' ade.
elm at ion of war iiaiiisl Cucil biuaiu mut
oven'unllv eusnu.
The Tribune's Sjecial lias tbe (ullowing
relative U the aiue suljett:.
'All in foliation, tor u eettlrmtnt of the
Alabama elnuns having Iwuu clwud by the
I'.lM'Udl . ,!l.l..ll.' ltU'lin,, tliti ........
i,d that of Great liiilaiu. the maitar uau.U
'fU tlkUllL'h llothlllif hull luM'll il.rtm l.u itltui
Government tending to an ailjusinieut, there
is niiltioiity for saving 11
r saving Unit these claims will,
bed ihioiiMh lo biiality with
at once lm pu
i ig r, and that the Government w ill demand
immediaie reparation fortlie wrongs mft'ered
by our citiaoiit at the hands of the Alabama
and other vi-el Cited out iu i!rc,utiid un
der like cinunu-tanon diinug ibe mlclluin,''
Nasiivillk, Feb. 3. -MnJ, lirooks, late
psymaler iu lb Suita niili1 ia. lias led llie
State, having right thousand dollar of pub
lic funds in bis possession. It is upenly
charge! In the Legislature nud out of it that
he r, us absconded w ith tbo money,
A now
pa.vuia.'.tcr was Hpmiteii tivaay.
Ooi ernor Drew ulow kcuI in a messagv to
tbt Legislature to-day In rrcrruc to Cuv
tain IS
town, lute receiver on the leiiiiUi4
Nashville aud Louisville Railroad. He fova
',,lat nr"w" "'V '"' ,nv Lo1 1'1' defaulter,
' but that be Was Jisinlased bcause be tailed
, )0 make a report to the
pioiK-r authorities.
nnd became of bis (Ilrown's) i.y in con.:" 111 tola at the lowest prices fur vasb.
iicct ion witu tlic Louisville aiidkbviUe
Ntw i oRK, Feb. 3. A AViibblngloii .
cl.il stales that tbeie is piobabilit y of Cab
inet t.bauKct souu; a new hutietary of Uar 1
will certainly be ntouiuated sJiortly.
Fx-Coveruor I'enniwm is In Waabiugton.
Intonation reached btre vtsieiduy which
led io Ibe belief thai General Meade lias It.
iiidau older for the an eat ol it-Uoreraor
Jenkins, of Georgia, on the grounds of !
J legt d ubatrucUou lo tha enforccim-ut ol the
1 reconstructlou laws. It u lurtlirr aaid be.
I telegraphed to .Secretary Sian'.on to have the t
iiljvcruor sucslwl il be cou'.d 0e found ia '
S the JJ.suicl of Cwiunil'il. llu :,,cuu o.'
Mr. JenRint nlaftfl eufTielant rollnnm on tha
J Informal ijofc they rrceired to have hlin with.
in reach ar court WhreatUa writ tljyibcai
corim weuld be twnectad, . t-i
A ipedlaf say tt i exported" that in a few
ey thoTreffclenl will knMko n rearrangrf
iiientef the military department, and lb
rarlous disiricts thcrtin. . Material t hangc
in eommanaert are rxpected III Ilia Western
and orthweetcra Stites and territories.
vtVAtOilNOTox. Feb. 1. The Presideat bat
approved the bill for the distribution among
lb iwopla e&itb tswjto of, . aeouiaulaled do
icifatcd VeEetable and prenerred meats
which art trot 'retiulrcd for the use of tbe
army. i7r.,-"vu y
The Prceldcnl has also approved tlie bill;
providing that contract for stationery forth
Uiiecunvg- if.urthient shnll to be made for
more than one year. at a time. '
Amount of U;aUoiel currency , issaed for
the week from llm Trrnanrr i t'iO Onnr
aartinar fbrwirrrldd," tDJO.flfiO,'' lntludinir,
$200,000 to tba deposittnf kfrency at GiaJ
cianati. -.niHiovaii purrerak.,9ua, oou,t
4(10; amount la circulation, $290,542,938.-'
Fractional curreney' dmb-.iyed' idnriag 1lie
week, C'lCalf.raUaoehta t( mte'raal reve
nue, fwr the, neck, $l4.ai8,8JL7Jbr iht Jpaeal
yeaft6aate, $ll4,r4;315r,'Y ' . ,
Heavy llnblflflM' ftttd' sriiall ; 'Assets'
ft rJaimarSr.' """''"
From'lhb ffeW ybrVrtwald j' 1 A '
liuaineae seann to bav again Ion an eon
fidenoa in itself, and lor llie moiub of Janu
ary thus far failures have .increased,, from'
week to week In rather dangerous progres
sion, lue list tor lour weeks ending Janu
ary 15th exhibits an ,aggrcgaUi .(lability jof
58,otio,ooo, ol wlnca assets will cover about
one-fuartb-i - n.'.i ! tilTi-l
For the week ending January 3, 1368, S-o
failures are reported it! New York city, to,
eighty-two elucwhert fo the eoimtry-V Or the
provincial failure) tba only important nt
was the suKpeisign of L. C. Uoakrua U CV;
with liabilities gf $1,200,000, .tbe greater
portion of wbicli was beld in this city. The
firm ofTers twenty-flee cents orr the dollar.
The city list it at follows t .v.t ,t ,..'. ..'
Clark l.CiUbins, putrolevm ; loj!ed.TL;j 1
A. Jl, Foujd k Co., tea: tailed.
"hsmSey. Coles k Co., dry goods; failed. '
Townsenrt, Baker4rOo.,"5a:id!ers : failed;
. f A', Stout Confoi;dealegtB suspended In
rating. .,.,
Failures iu the cltyY with liabilities, in
afff regiite' of jOO;00XI; elsewhere1! ti, With
HaWllues of $1,100,000. Total, 88, with II
abilitioeof $2,000,00.- t
.The week cudiifr jfooimry O.exlijbitt on
ly three failures in this city, against, seventy
three elsewhere. The city lint Is at follow.
R-'U'Cliirk, batter, itspnd4d;ifd k f
G ltrett, Youni, ,8coU k
failed, i ' ' ; ' i '
, .Harrison 4 Co., bankers; luarerded, - ';
'!. Now York elty, 3,. witlt Hnhllitles in ap-Rrec-ate
tf $050.000;'' elsewhere, 19, wrth
uauTerato liabililieaof $730,000.' Total, 76,
with liabililiea of 1,3HH,(H)0. . .
. For the week ending. January 17 the list
if fiilnics wa very Urge, especially In the
chy, exhibiting ten failures 0T New York
boilse to aigbty-sll provincial Suspensions.
Tba Hr York listda subjoined, with tbt es
timated Jlubilltis of the eeveral flrxianJi ,
, Uurdick & Jvestlumber J failed $ia,00t.
. John Uurtln M Coy dry goods; faded; 8t-
000. - - ' ' ,. i ' i' t 1
: Carter, Kirkknd: k 'Tret, clothing : vliav
offered to Compromise 5,00O. : ' r A
: Jam o Foreestor . Co.,-cloths; failed;
S0,000. 4 'i ti K r: ,. . , -.)
' C. H. Griffia A Co, cloaks; failed $50,.
000. -i -! '..Il 1:' . . .. --ft
lianaa ie Biokart, boots and slioee'j Xiifed;
$100,000. "';' t v . . -; rf :
.. .Alexanders Jrvine,- dry :guods; i failed;
$U6,000v il t i jf : :1 - ;i -'
A. H. Kelln jewHry-; failed $60,000..'
Jacob Waller, -clotrmi failed -pnd -offered
to compromise; $25 000. ti .n .' ui ,
' James Warren 4 Co.; wbolesala grocers;
fkiled; $100,000. .' ';l !,.,!.,- w ,(
Failures ia New York city, 10, with liabil
ities of $l,or0,000 elsewhere, 89, with
tbnaied liabilities of $1,2000,000., Total, 88,
Willi liabilities of f 2,250,000. ,,
For the woek ending January 25, the list
is moderately heavy, there baring been 7
here and 108 cUewUer. .Tbe following are
the names of the New York firms:
Bacon, Green, Woolly k Burtis, cloths:
suspended. -
Cox ft Smith, cloths; failed.
1 Hastings ft Seymour, ' puiier; ausnended
and compromising.
Lathron, Cady ft llnrtls, fancy goods : fa li
ed and asking an extension.
J. Neidlingcr, glassware; failed and offer
ing a compromise. -
W L. NorthaiB, cnsl : failed.-
C. Tl. Pond, gun; suspender!.
New Yerk city failure, f, with estlronted
liatiillties or $750,000 ; eHcwhere, 108, with
estlnialed liuliilitles.if $1,(180000; total, il6,
with estimated Hatiiluiesnf $1,830,000.-'
it. t. pollaud; kob't morbelu
Tobacco Fnctors,
General Cpinmissioa Merchants,
115. PEARL 3TREKT, . .
I will muke liberal Ca,h Advances on
TubaiHo and other Produi cunaigued to
Mesais, Muirell A Co., and will give auecial
pursoiul attention to liie bhippiug of same
from Claikivilie, Trice's Lauding and Liu
Feb. 7, isr.a-4iu , ,. .
. I'ATt'NI -
Supporter1 Truss
This Ij th most eUlclenCcomfortalile, and
secure Truss In use, ccitructe,t upon an en
tirely new principle. AU rxiinmnuicatlons
ibould be addressed wltb stamp) to
Ir. V. H. P. JONR?,'
.Manufrtetlirir nnd nnni'iil tn'l Vol,llU
Ulrica, cpr. College and Union su.', up-stalri,'
entrance ou I'nion ft.
Or T. J. rtllAW. M. T).,'Ag't.
FmnWin 8top. Court-bouse, Clurksville.
Peh. 7, 1S8-3in
.Drues, Medicines. Cliemlcala. Toilet
And Fancy article, DytslulT,
' Pain's, mis, Vurnhhes, W in-
dow Vlass, Tuttj, Brgsh.. ' '
rs, Pure Wines uud
Liquors, clr,
" ",r ,ral'lu""1)'
... . ...
ociai aiieution given iu toe compouna-
"g vi s-iyicians prescriptious.
ti. il. STEWART.
Feb. t, 1888-ly
riles, Fistula, Ntrlt'lurt, Fl
fiurcs, Tumors, 'cns, '
liters, etc.
Ppeial attention glveu to Diseases of Ft-
Biale. . .
DR. J. A. CLOPTON auiy bt ronsiilted
Hi iiopkinsviiie tu nrstsevea duytia Marcli.a".loiliugioeu L'muu." All tiuployart
iw cm.siiiiu iwu. nun uia 11a 10 Lua 1
TIU uf Morclu
, ..Itcud.
l ib. 7, jaoi-tj-
' f er TR tfO.IDlTIOH or THi
qf If w York,
On tbe Brat day of January, A. D. 1868,
(-.tnBdaW-the -eoniptrDller- th BtaHr Xff
Tenneasec, pursuant to tbe Statute of luat
Tenneasec, pursuant to (be
t t !.)
.-Kna A LociTioKTlia.aama of tiii
company I tbe HOME INSCRA.N'CB CO.,
incorporated In; I64S, and locate in the city
or iew xuik. . .
r? a its ii ,'iiil lacrti-;.' r
-j i i,j ... . -t CAl'lTAL.iv . ... -4,
TbaJpafiitaJ of ei ompauy- f . !
actually paid up in casb,,U $2000,000 po
Tbe surnliia on the 1st flay of . ' '
J.nnnrv 1 tl:R - I :'H M HiDint ii
' ' ,' ,ww,-uvj
M I !!. .i in y.vufn J.I n .1 m ,. ,,. ii,
ToUlaw'.tpf pnpiUU iiatplu a,a,0a: 23
AlontT Crttll t CohfrfleaJ lt I' '.
National. ttanki K-'Yw.S. rlBC.MS 09.
Ujoua ,ol,Ciasuvla; Hand ,)t :Ij tw.
lrari8ii.ldii?.f::i...;..;;..t'f ' iHif-T 47.
BcktM(ri(rt;:i..,.i..Ji.'ii' 1,68,0JT 60
Arneonl of i.oua sm , bkiadl .mi Jiiw,
. anu, Montage, ipemg nrsi,; (
Jien of record on Coiueuul- . , .
unci linn uiinirji rruitM Rv I
i least $l,J7,40O,rt e'in-' - i,,n,in
terest S and 1 per nl....' 832.019 00
Amount of ;.oau on Stock t ( ,. '
.anu ioiius, payuuie on ae- - 1
tttctiritfca 'pledged, e lenci ' , w
, $47J,104..,., .... 380.082 16
Amount ff Steamer Magnet
Amonnl''of other property, "'
. Miscallaaeout ltema,.A.i... v t,S3tt tl
Amount due for 1'reuiuiqs oa l r. , i ,
. Policies Issued at ODce. ' .
n (Firea'nit riiland)...'..-.'..,..' 1101 OS
Amftirtt-Bilitlteceirable for '' ' '
i 1 "vein iu roe on; Inland Nari. i v.f 1 ' U
gnUan Risks,..r.,.i...,. 9,947 45
Interest due on 1st Jan., 1808 ' '51.353 48
.. -i. .t. ' i io nr-.,'
i.muiiiiL vi sjusscs, tttuuaiecu
of Losses,
A moahtxof Losses taeafrd' v In V:1i
w, and ju-fptocet ofi adjust-; i. i vf , !
iptt,.?Jf...r..,....-...,,4.05,379 J5
Anionnl or yividendsdcclared '
-'and one tad unpaid ;.;.'a '5,120 00
Amount of Dividends Wthef -o !
rjn P.r acrtpj aeclaro tmnt la .
. nut yet ltie.......,...MA , Bil,:
Amount of all other existing
' ' tlalnniBgirluttbe Company 5, li",'I'"1 '
(ii i,' i, - t'-'rv i -1 t tri t.'ii rat,
Tptal amoant f losses, claints ,,r 'i . ... -
., B"d '.'''i.'iiv-'-v.v,........ 197,490 55
The greatest aiuouat ipsurel ou toy one
risk is $75,000, but wilj ngt as a general
rule exeeed $10,000 ' ' ' ' ' '
-Tbe Ooaipany has ao: jeurnl rrtle as to
tbe amount allowed ta be Insured in any
city, towii, ;villag M.Uoek, -being governed
io his matter, 1u each, case, by tbe. general
rharniHcr of building Widtlr of streets,
mcllftieafot patfinf out fret, etc ' '
A certified copy of t be - Charter or A et Of
Incorporation,, as, amended, t accompanied a
pi-evioiH Statement, . ' ,' '
STsrn or Nkw Yotta, . )S v
CttV ao feoitRTT W kw ybn! f "e '
- Chariot J . Martin-, Pretideat) an John Hi
Washburn, Secretary; ftt (be llorou iuu
rauc Company, being .severally and , duly
sworn, depose und say, and each . for, limself
says, that the foregoing 1st trne, full and
correct ttatomeaL of tbe affair of the said
corporation, and that they art the above de
scribed officers thereof. .
' '' CHA. J. MATtTIX, President.''
f ' v J;- th' WAHHBUUN.' Secretarr. : :
- Subscribed and Sworn before me, this 16tb
uayo( January, A, L. 18UU. , .t ..... .
.... . .,. TH0S. F. GOODRICH, " ; ,
JL. S.J t . . , , Notary Public! ,
BG?"l'or Fire or Inland Risks, in this
First Class Company call at Kennedy's
Agency. u. s. UliJI .1 EllI, Ag't.
Feb. 7, 18C8-U , . , ;r
Ev'rRQVipfiNCE; tesn; '
.' -. , 1 ' ,' ' L
Ji M'. . i.' i t ,t r ' v ' f
' ORLEANS. ' ,,:r,
Also,T)ujs aid tells Gold aad Silver
and nil litndt of I Hcurrent Hon
" ry," and recclTcs Money on'4'
. . :v'ot; x
Aad make liliernl Cash Advances on To
bacco aud Flour for sale here or shipment
elsewhere. ,.t - ' ... . ,- r. k
T. F, TETTUS, President, s -W.
S. 1'OINDKXTEIt, Cashier.
Feb. 7, lH08-3in. . , ,
' - , '
, aTi T( A T3 4 ..
iQimairw uloch, .-.
Xnllc fqiiaj't,,
a ..,
.. . ' . .1 4l-. M 1 , , w
Feb. 7.
18ii8.ly '
There will b a meeting of the Mechanics
and Woikinanien uf I'larksviila held at th
I Ctairt-Huii on riaiiirday ereiiiig, ath iott,
'at 71 o'clock, for the purpose ol organising
ana auiiiujvaca in caiuiai v inviin.1 t. .1.
, U'b. t, uca-iu-
' AV E 3112 N X
fSlss"Ten4essct Iron,'s
Are now ana Will continue to receive da
l.iu.... , . . . , """"""'i , win pru ni puouo ancuon. at
fl.rge eeasom a feleetedto.c.lt PC,,Ju Corti.,4i-t.w. Cawkwilla,
Laudreth Onrden Seed. "
nuaousne feravisin tmanrHT t t
''fit Ballliatr Haw boat Dftst,
Uords Grass,
iiaUia .ill t
llarrison, i j v 1) v"
, W'blt Sprout,
'r:'i.... ...reanb'UlaV.'-'T .ft .1
Tt2 jilfcr'tTC tt aTaJc D GARDEN IM Pit-
'J MKNTB, OfM)01vRIE8, LEATHBlt, t
reo,, , iapB-am,
;i,,i,,,.ivi ti,
f.He.ydriB!r .?;-;
lias bVW.aU. ktartJa.'witk H. fi.Miek and
(V W. AV'iUiaips at, securities., which, note
womffnifTe-kceii tflKen'ln by acConnt somt
uaieio,!bo ithe. said Oo-burir claimed to
have lost or aiisolaeed IL aud could aot fnrl
kj.L..:, .... 1 "r .1
nun u lor Beiiiemnnr. t'oninve nrour nr
tblt fact can-'ibe fuitishe by Blntf,Wftnes-'i
V'c"cr w"l-bJt own certoicata tbe
sarnt. Any person trad in a for this note
wit) flm it, iaipotlbtoi to Xotlent ItrThe
sam. J'gbnra prpaisee t return ibe.-notatbl
pb.iicwoui nuvuoicr luiinu
i u,iwiui iiWi'!K uirrn,
February r?lle8-W' fi'si
! iTi tjtjt 7 7 ! rrr J?tll ilC
On Thursiay, February 27th. 1808. jt 10
o'clock, I will sell, on tbe premises', ohe
House and Lot, know lis the Baird plaoel
.. .i in i .. . -5. ..
situaud.nti tbt Cbalottp ro-d, just .patsida'
LKeesat fcCo Hrf are store untOJ ay . of
saie. .
TBRMS Orle-fc'ntfli tsfeh and lalane'eoii
a.craJrt.of 0,,, aad, 18-umiUi,wiuj iofta-
CJt from date. Possession iriran when turma
hof tal arecamplied wtth.-' -iJ
r.,,;b JOMES J). NWLEU, Aajignea.':
Feb. yea-ay.- r ,.
CHioif,efy aJ tjr.jiooscS and
It. II. Pulton, Kx'r!. BiV.' Postoa at alt.
By virtue of, a decree' of the Chanoerv'
Court at Clarksville, in this cawc, at the Oo-'J
Tooer term, 186T. 1 will offer for sale arptth-i
lie anctioh, at the CourUhaaxe la Olnrksvillt,
on Monday, tbe 2d day of March next, the
rlloinjj described ploperty, 'tctvit: The
large two story brick house on tbo northeast
corner uf be public vinare, jtnowo as .Uie
Planttrfllonse. The' portion of tbe lot ati
inched to this house which fronts oil First
Cross street will be litfled into lots.
t A dwelling oa, Cojhifra, atree,,djnhxing
D. Hssklns' residente lot attscbed contains
about twb aore. tc fl-i? i.i'.Ma a.
. , AdwellUig boust ou Fruiklia ekreoU -nd-
joiiung Mrs. Judkms , With about oae-baif
acre of gflnfl. ' " i-t" .'v..
. AUotwo vtusitt flts, fclloiuiut and, cast
of the.bist mentioned dwelling. ;., , J
Also Iwo Tot 'on Main .street! lffnir b'e-
tweea the Free School bouse and Mrs liaseff
property. , , , . .
" TRRMS20 pef eentnra cast' and batance
an a credit of. L 2t 8 and 4 years, with- in
terest from date. Note with good accurity
rwjnh-ed of the prtrcbaser itii a lien retained
tor tht purchase money.' ' - . ' t . "
. W. Ti SHACKELFORD, 0., ft if. u
"'Feb. 7, 'C8-4w.-prs fee $8. .' '
'. Chancery Sale of Lanq. ( ,
Nelson Browu ct als vr Ira A. Powers et nls.
By virtue of a decree made at the October
term, 1867, of thelChancery Court at Clarks
ville, I will oiler for said at rpublio auction,
at the Conrubouse in Clarksville, on Monday,
'id day of Mxrch next,' a tract of land in
Montgomery eeuuHy, lying on Cumlierlapd
river, aoout cignt miles trom Llnrjcsville and
containing two bundled acres, mtirt 'or lew.
'I bis 11 the tract of "d wrd: br' Josejib
Harrison at the time . of his death. , There
are two dwellings on the place and about
LOn arret are cleared; :;. t ,ir .it-'- ' .
TERMS Cash enough to pay costs' and
attorney feet and balance oa a credit of V3,
14 and Ig oionlli with interest from date of
sale. Noti'S with nt least two good securities,
will I e required of tlie purchaserwrld i Hen
reiaiutd, Bidding will b eiieaed at a mi v
uuuru of Bine dollars per acre. . 1
! Feb, 7, ?88-s4w pr. fee $8.'alilii.f sui
Chancery" Sale of Land.1
.Tnhn' WallrnAit W Rlliah Tl,
' By virtue' ol a decree of the- Obancary
Court at Chirksvilln, -roads at the Uclober
term, 1 SC7, 1 will offer for sale at, the Ceurt-
hcuse ia fJlarksville, tin Mosid, 2d day of
March next, a tract of laud lyfog in Die. No.
V In .Montgomery count v, and coutaing JOS
acivs, Ibis bain tbt tract bought by John
Witt wood of D. II.. Duncan ' aud afterwards
told by said NVatwood to Elijah puncag.
XKltMS One-fourth cash and batanee on
a cruuii 01, a, s , in nut t oyoniiiaamea
(?H)d eeipiRd aTid aTeuTe-
7, '( 8-4w prs. fee. $4.
Chancery Sale of LanLv
E. JJ. Nolan aud wife as.Martia B Gardner,
. . !., ... .'....,.
By virtue of a decree of tbe Chancery
cotlrt nt t!rksville' at the Oct. Term'., 1887,
I will olfer for sal ot publio audio at tbt
Court-bouse in Clarksville, on , the 2nd day
of March next, the following tracts of land
to-witi . One tract- i lusted on : tbe Hobo
road, ubjut 14 miles from Clarksville, a ltd
containing two hundred acres more or less,
it bring tbe place un which Mrs. Bob flved
up la the time of bet (Isalk. Alto on other
tract in Cheatham c6uniy't about one oJ
a half mile (Von tbe first named tract aad
contain 131 acres, a .. .
Terms Cash enough (o pay costs and at
torney fees and Ibt balance 0.1 a credit of
one tod two years witii, .interest from date.
Notes with at least lo good securities re
quired of Iht raimhaswr and a lien retained.
Feb. T, 'C8-4w-prs. fee 16.
Resiliences and Town Lot for
" Sale. ..'i
llurrilt and Fort, Adm'ra, i Howard' bcirt
- .!" : :: ia ttfl.. , 1, . ( tKt'.r.
: Ry virtue, of a decrue ut llio October Torn),
1807 of tbe Chancery Court ai Clarksville,
I will otftr fur nil ea Moa lay Sad 'day of
March next at h Lonn-Jlouse ia CMikav
ville, the following described nroiieriy to.
wif. A bouso - and lot on 1st v Orost
Street ar occupied by U. 1 M. CJifioa. - A
house and lot on Mad 1 sou slreet in (Marksville
lying between the paijiy f Mr. Allea
Jobtitouand Uiat of Mrs.; John A. Valley,
known as lue liailard house Also oue other
bouse and lot on fraiiklin street; extended,
aad near Trinity ttanelarlr. :Tno 10 per
oeatuiu cash and the balance on a credit of 6,
11, .8 and V4 months, wltb Interest frora
dsie of tale. Notes with good etewrity ra.
quired and a lita rttaiuvt for tbt
W. T. SHACKELFORD, C. ft ll.
j lb. , t8-tw-rr tat $8. .
tl Chancery, Sale ifln.
Jamet L. Uttotaf 4'dm'rci. IMriand Cred-
U ltora.f W. Oat Dee d, i
fBy tirtpeoftfecre made at the Oto
bet. term, 1867, of the Cnancry' aurt. at
on Monday, 2d day of March 18UB; a tract
of land containing 321 J acres, In tnlgnt4
ery county, being the tract of Inird ofi wriRti
aiJOgg lived previous to hi death, and
wWr b Vmg hrtw 1 flww ATO(Hbjwii
and J'eter Oneal executor of John O. Xlickle.
Tirms BnoOgn, emit ti pay attorney'
era anu cosi ana oaiAnct 6n credit of B,
12, 18 and 24 months. Note with irnnrf L
cyrity reqniredaud a Hen. retained, far thi
bbibi raorev. v ui r. n i
Feb, 7, 'C8-4W pr. fee $4. t
A. J. Harrison Adm'r . Heir and Cred
itors of Jos. Whelm. 1
Cbuft ITt'ClirrWrtfle uWtft' k till October
term, 1867, I will sell at publio auction af
the Court-house ia Clarksville, on Monday.
" uy oi aiaasHJiaxt wwrtract or landcon
talning about one hundred and thlrtf acre.
situated in Montgomery countr. on Brusb
creek. MaeJCiaa'a UUaK.iuVot, V3 mllet
from OafWrtli rajlna'thb-frlttt' otfand oa
i neu o. n ueiess resiuea at the t me of hit
death. ,
TRa8Can aaomrh t-V easM'-'arid
altomty i leas and batarte oa a tM,tH f C,
il iihi : vovma."ivotet Witn gOo
curity reejulred and a lien retained for the
purchase money.
Feb. 7, '68-3w. pr fee $4.
Chancery Said- of Lot at
state Line.
Sam. P. Hollint r-t. B. B. Roach ct al.
By virtue of a decree in this cense at tha
October term, 1 867, of the Chancery Court
at ClarksviUe,i.w.i!l.aeU..At .wablio auctiorl
at the Court-bouae' in Clarksville, onMondnv,
ZCnl r.ffi.
the 2d day of March next a lot of ground ly
Railroad In the line between Sam. P. Hollint
and Roret Bryant runs south 52 east with
said rcsd 100 feet to a stake, then north 37
east 2f;8 feet to a stake, then South l" wadl
33.4il:ilia hitri4i2, ob ulflbifai Wicre,
heimj flie lot 'oougbrBy' U.'B. ftoacli rrom
Sam. P. Holllns. i
1 llRin-SIX month cred t. nlom villi
oiI sciipytrTirid ianj k4 clkinkl
reo. 7, 68-4w.-prs fee $6.
tl '1 Ult '! I . 1, '1. 1,11, 1 ,J1
Chancer? ale pr flpuse and
Jno. K. Smith et als at. J. O. Knox.
By virtue of a decree made at the October
term, 1867, of the Chancery Court at Clark
ville, I will offer at public auction, at tbe
lourt-rionse in Clarksville, on Monday, tbe
2d d ly of March next, a 'bouse and lot situ
ated ia tbe town of New Providence, Ten
nessee, of Ue. Trice: Landing turnpike, fc
tieing the-same property honyht'by defend1
ana J, v.' finot, of H. " i BiattwUght, jand
oy iioaiwrigni jfi rwin 11 ,
TERMS 12 and 18 triofl Hi matt? Notes
with gootlaKWlty TeqaireAattil lien re
tained. No redemtiiia.-w U r
W. T. SflACKBLTORDf C. ft M.
Feb. 7, 'C8-4 w'pri fba 1 1.
Chancery Sale of Lots.
L. G. Williams and wifo vs. C. il. Kidd etals.
By virtue of a decree rendered' nt tbe Oc
tober term, 1807, of the Chancery Court at
Clarksville, in this cause, I will olfer for sale
at the Court-bouse in Clarksville, at public
aucttou, ou .Monitay; vo Cay or Jlaecli' next,'
two half acre lots, known as lots No. 48 and
49 in Roberts' addition to tbe town ot Clarks
ville, being tbe tamo pufrbased by Isaac. N.
Belote of L. G. Williams and wife. Thev
are si lusted on Fyst Cros wreet tiearnhe
rutlAA . - - ' "
Tsnus Cash to pay costs and Attorney's
fees, and tbe btltaoe on a credit of 6, 12 and
18 months. Good security required and a
lied retained. fate-absolute. .
-I.b- .VP&lT r..vfrUv-. ..-'
Chancery Sale of a - House ana
. -t - a t , . 1 rt a
Thompshta Anflersoh w.'Mary "Vfoods et als.
By arlrtae of a denraa mode M ibaOrtober'
term, 1867, of the Chancery Court at Ciks
ville, I will offer for dale, at public auction, at
tbe Court-bouse iu CUukiville, on Monday,
2d day of March next, tbe remaining inter
est iu the dower allotted to Mrs. Mary Woods
io tba :esiatef, 6t lata btisbundtiW. i.
Woods. Tbe dower consists of a brick
bouse and lot In the Robert's addition to tbe
townpf.CUnksviUo,, , - - , w
1 -j
. TKRJt.i tj and II mouthsoreait with
terest irom oaie. rrore -wun gooa security
" '" v.iin,
i 1 ' SAW. BHA-UKTvLFUKD, U. 4; M,
Feb. T, 'Cft-4w pre. lee $4.- -
Chancery Sale of Land.
rJobn D."S1cbpiiyn ft. FroJonla pRCe.
By virtiie iif a decree made at llie'October
term, U67. of ttist t'haiery Qourt at Clarks
ville, I w ill offer for sale at public auction, at
the Court-house ta . ttarksvllle,' a, tract -of
Hand, In Jtet Noa qja;hitbniB county, ou
rwuich ll. C. Tact lured at tba tima uf bia
death, (.oniuiuiiig 2ti8 seres, which, will be
tojdxcti 1 tbi cvidow'avdawer.vwliiab.liai
been laid off, and set apart, tiale oa Moo-
day, 2d day of March new.
TERMS 6, 12, and 18 months crei.it.
ue wun gooa, erurityreepiirad, and the
bidding to he opened at a minimum of $3 85.
W. T. bllACkbLrOKI), V. k il
Feb. 1 '68-4W prs. fee $4.
Chancery Sale of Land.
W. H. Dillfng-, Adm'r vs. J. M. Peseher et als.
- By vlrtue-otk a decree mndn nt the October
term, IH07, of the Chancery C ourt at Clarks
vilta, iu tlijj f :uts. I Will bBer- for sal at
puonc atn?fiim, at tne ronrt-nnnse in uisres-
ville, on Monday, 2d day. of March next, a
tract of lap j sauttaiaing about J 00 acres, siy.
luted In Dii. Ko. 18 In Montgomery eniraly,
bounded on tb north by tbe Ian'1! of Jessee
E'liott, on the can by th lands bf W. W.
Outlaw, and on the south aad srett by tht
lands of J, U. Mutable, being the tract told
by J. i. Willing at defendant, J. U. Peacber,
TEKMa! ti anst U aaotiuas credit. 'Nois
with good security required aad a liea re
tained. Hale atisoltne. '
Feb. 1r '68.4W pr. fee. 4$. . - . 1 1
Chancery Sale of House and
D. Weaver, at. Jno. N. Ncblett et als.
By virtue of a decreV'of lb Chancery
court at Clarksville, rendered a', the Oct.
term U67, and for lb reason mat the pur.
chaser of the property at tbe sale had ca
Friday 31 Jan. last n laiieu lorompiy who
lha terms of the sale. 'I H1 ' pnr at the
Courtabrtiisa Hi Ulajasruie mn-i .nanoay ia
0B lbs soutlj side pf Franklin street formerly
aiuliMooiiit'lby Jo& 9. bletL the
'said lot fronting 48 feet 3 inches on frauk-
tin street snd tuning nac anout 200 leet.
Tsuaui-wS. i'i, J8 and 44 inoolba credit
wittr is teres I sji-om date.4 Note Vith good
Hcntity requited aad a liaa relaiued for tU
carcbase mnnry. Nfl releiBptloa."
W. T. RRACKELfORD, C. ft M.'
Pt. ). B. Mttiotr, Jxtiyttr, . .
rrb. 7, '68-tw ptt. ft 18.
Tf ' f?
- A. i m
1 wonld call the attention of my Wends aad the public to my large tock of Burgv
TfVl,i yTZTk?yimMi d'"wt frm M ftor. o Haebey, UuHkOo.
PJuetou B V tl:1lnn tuHtri including
Hj Bnffcy,' which foreOiafort, ease a
and their Beel Tire Light work, for y
nii.i iv. iiavvs a co., neming, i ., cuioraang all Hioir various styles, from the finest
Q referenc e MworkinaoblrvifyleaarRnfee, etc, I will say that I Uav' during the
alxtewyejaJuldW 30Btlirm.Kr.t4(yand nm rfluvM Jobs of
this work, and to those who have bought and used" It. InClintlni- th' rt. ir .u:.
jily,!a,wiut rfer adj'bHnt wiHin that
....ur..,.L.uuiK. ii joii ur juur iiienuD euouiu
Bnit Itf ni IT lonther
3 -I would caution my friend snl
b"-- -t'"v-.-, ivuro m myri-uii wiw v uic uianuiaunera by oa ling on
me and having It repaired by Baker Broa ofilb't Wty. at tltfiexpta, nalt Jul to
wrrj)fuaiitB.BTB..voe8Ats)ato.l iiltlti 7(ikl T il
1'dcoKU lxM-r Aua-alataxtoA In any wrh'ctfy" 1 t Hi lJ
pallet oaantuag to salt this work. Th maiiafaetartr ht but out age
Kentucky aad Middle Tennessee. I if nt :i ,v , c . , .J!
tsi8Trw.Ftrei:its;-8 i
I wilt bold aa election, iu Montgomery
CoonhyTffllB.'lTjnf m JrsraaniMv
Marrt, rittrttr fot Ml rrtfpO! lectin$
iariat,4ViWukaasid CiMiDlv'aiirs LWkn
Cowtrtjj Trtitura -Count Kng'tler, 'Riiu
Coileolor) loidistrictlfira( Jmaleeriof
tbe Peaot and out- Constable in each civil
district, except In 1SV12, aad two io that
dislrioy j -jj-j Yiyt j T' V K 1 !
Tire rolloVmg-persons' lire Hppolrilea to1
hold the flecti ou, ia hir,'rtnetivwistricta,
and this Is a notiflcatinn to that effect :
"DistrtrV No. 1. Jordan-, Nohlett. No.t 1
John Roltow; No. 3. James Killebrewi.Nol
4, John MabryNo. 8,' t Grant; No. Cjji
I JohnsanM Nov, 1" 1. 11. liuineav Kn .!
Stn. 0rrettor:9, UvY't 10,
-- if iniuiiis, no. 11, n in. iroucn; no,
ia, .T.M,of Ira. 14, Taws Arrkiaa No,
lj, DaMd, (ratfni Ko, S6, 53s. Bafciai'tfo,
n..T.20 lUrirliteiJo. ai Jitt lv
No. 29, G. It. Outlaw; No. 20, 8. A. Nesbitt.
SiiiOTOA f flAmd-ffttjctifr
F b 7 1 IJB Montgomery County.
la tl4U iWrt of WrywariWailtr.
Isaao,-. W.b, J..rter,, and- WB'a
Virginia Banister, ebrmerly Virginia Bay.
lis, John J. To'mlinson and wife EJIetjor
tomljaaai;.lirmerry Rlleear Jfayliss,--Ara-
oeua.n sx-ry Jiilea. -slay lis, ia.,Lee,
Jr. nud wjfu. Rowemi Lee. luruinvl v Xa wena.
r?lSae'f"'ut i3oal. Wuiji, yaorgc
kHiftrV0 Win; itad Wiky, WinHa.def t.'
.If npfsrtng- from iatfidavlt filed in tats
cause that Joel Winn, on of-lh defondabts.
ja nou-ie4idwit of 4l &U1 f Tenneaaee-,
so that Ihe VftiirmfT ISrtK-efltbf fcjr cannot
be served bbon'' liim: if is therefore ordered
Ltpttl)KcaO7i'bu vO.le fWIhtir srslv
weeas in me Ularksville Chronicle, a news
paper published Tn the"ci:y of Clarksville,'
twwractrat thweoTirt haisit la rbrawA of
Dover, cm fb rerCnd Monaa Irt'"Wlircli next,
then aad there to plead, aarwet or demur to
the bill ofompUinaaL o the aeon will b
tnkefl for fnnfetsied and set for' hearing ex
ftarte at s him.' ,: A. B: ItOSS, OlerV. :
Feb. 7, '68 4w i"1-" 1" ..t ei.
a..... lOl'O 1'.1. tf . 1. a It T. ll I. 'Ii
s-ry, ISO! at tbe Mrke.t Uouae i Clarksville,
vm sen at pnbire auction, to the biahest
-.. . ... uut.u nu, ,uu. ... IUD UIIIV.l
bidder, all right, Mitte and Hnterest of Sim
la V Pi Tally, bankrupt, ib tavlattdaivblcl
weae assigned to him by tb cbaacery conrt
at iiurKSvuie. lnfli ainsion ot Ob aslateot
Gnilfhrd hnd-Aliftf.-TsllJ, decensed." For
lull particulars, description, etc., Bee O.' T.
Abernathv or ravelf.
Also, at tht stait time aad liace? I will
sen. as anowf'the hfite, oooks, awmnts, etc.,
01 cam, aiounson, cnutrupt. Terms cash.,
ti LW' Jii PEFFSR, Assignee. -
reo. (. pnfiyrn -t ,.f. , ?.,,.,
. S ' "I ' fa. -a . '
(State Line, Kentucky,)
On Wednesday, February 12tB,"i808.
-r ''--. 1 1 f l" t , 1
I will tell whbnut rererrirtfon, at PUBLIC
AUCTION, a number of lots in tbiiJeairahla
'tfcaiiij, "e ui a are oa ewvasea grouao;
easy of acces at all seasons of the year, and
am situated ia Tod county,' Ksntooty, at the
Junction of. Four Important Railroads
Memphis Branch of the Louisville ft Nash
ville, Memphis, Clarktrille' A Louisville,
Edgefield ft Kentucky, aud Evansville ft
1 , t. Tin, t . : . . .
Henderson Railmads-thuf combining more
m i IroaH fni'llltiaa Ihulvan. Alka. n..: I I.
,.Lm hHri aowTrecCedat th soolut
an eagita bouse,, several stores and other
bnsInCrt' houses, and the probabilities are
that when the Edgefield, Headersou ft Naslu
ville Railroad reaches tbe Coal .Field la
Kentucky that each of the abov rosds will
erect MUcblnt Hhops at 'this point, because
of the extraordinary facilities tor cheap fuel.
: It is tbe pli' where all tb mails- slop,
tomlng or going from the North, Soullu East
tnd West whert posseligert for tht diQer
tin routes cbntif e oars. V") 1 i' U I V J
! To be Meichant, tlie Meehanle. iind all
baainct men, a welt at th taniurjist, tbi
piac oircri rare innncenienu ror Investment.
Tbea, com oa I ooma all t and buy , bar
gain, aa I am determined to tall. ;
TERMS. One-third Cash, th balance in
one and two years, with intaratt aud lieq re
tained, until tbe purchase money is paid.
Jan. 81, 18(18-2w
' Louisvjlle Courier and Memphis Avalaarbe
copy 4 times daily, and send bill to adver
tiser., i j ,.: v. . .' J. .'l 1 '
VATOR .still at worlt, jpposlle J, F, Cants'
Purnitue Store.' If yoasad raa year Beds,
Pillows aud Bolsters, and they do not go
how cleaner and healthier ibaa (bey bar
been for ihe past forty years, 1 do not ask
pay tor my service. Cbargea very modaa
rale. Call aad examine for yoorself. . i
Jan. 31, '68.3t .
(Saeeestor to. J, ff. Hehhpe Jk Co.J,
T J v.aC'fkvllJrtTonetBae,
Wholesale ft Retail Dealer
Iu'bwm or j (. " ;. ,
Xamlly GrooerlcM, '
Cbnfeetionaric, Foreign and Domntit
Liquon, Wine, Fruttt an'J KitUll
t " 1 1 1 1 p m r
Havla returned 7l.rlm,tlU l..u
pow 01 miiming my old oecupatioo a Cil
cer, I would solicit from tbecitizeu and tur
rounding rot try a sbor of patronagt.i .
1 will keep a Hill aatirtmal ol pveir arti.
cl in my line, and am Hetermiaed to ielt at
Ibe leaartCAbll PRJCEa Highest .rices
paid foi - . . . . " . . .1 . .
Coautry Vroduoe, ii
lam also Agent forth sal of vi
Wiltoa ritt'i teiebraU4 Whltkej!
, . - O. A. BOTB, Agni. I
Jan. 28, l88.tf-.
ii i in ii
celebrated NewSfvlA Prliirn llt.. r...
and convenience, stand at the brad flf all' Buggies.
tbe work shall answer for itself. With Ibis
oiiy any w una woraT sua Xdr uaaaa il
Jtentacltjaiad JickJIo tVimotttTf
tbe eublic cini i.
and irreerxinsibje
ageacy Hit Sototliern
ou jan. atir
apmat Jtrm, CtreuU Court Sr,f V,,., .'.
I March, forjlon Igcmrru Cotpity, Trrmriftt.
y WTrttii, it h to&U ffrMtfi dfe.
uauiM i otmaesa aaeuiauMted oa Ui Dock
Lel.oi" tlM'Cueuit ton ft. lot .JUoalgomerr
oeV'V la lu ,tiuc alktt4 by,4.-aad
wnereat, tba Jaury a'sm of J8ii8, ot aaid
Uw-t, ,lui , uer, s;iri ft . ituod , tuapeudrd, in
the main, ia cumkqucaca of tba AtU-oiJauco
of tb attorneys, qpoa Uit 8apreraa,,GoiiK st
Nashville, o tliat uucb basiaa'rsueckUly
o tba criminal id of UiDiHket,ittudutt.
disposed of. Wbldl should hava
lli is. UiaraforcL In vlu nut '0i i.
in any wise owcornad in tbe business of th.
Clroait Couct at Glorksvaic, either as wit
nesses, snitort, defeadaalt. orooecu'or. nfli.
errs, or attorneys, that t, John A, Campbell.
Judge of lhalotb Judicial Cjrcuit, doW
by, ia Ibe waumr li lw ajireot osdeaamt
appDmtpe-ral Teres orlhe1rclri Court
fcrMoalgoajery coulyr u t boldiaj
Olarkiville, commencing on tb Third Mon
day in March. 1HG8. and Ia rhtifimia r.tr ii.a
dispatcn ot art taf iwaaou. the Uiekal aaiat
a regular t
traatitadjoafntd (utttta court
iu onwnea;
Ana it wil
rill be th impcrafiva duly of alt
iberiO, rclerks, attorneys, ttiUir,.aad .all
. f ST "r1 canceruea to attendaucb ijpee.
m m,f i.iat: muie uuwaer at, tbe reg.
ular term, and.tliey will b subject, to the
same consequences for naontciidsace, Tha
State Docket wIMbe taken jp Tuesd'iiyLlho
second dar of lha him
A a A H 1 Airthea orJe&d.. tint JL7 SI II
,Wlaarv Ei L. -William aucj gopher J3raitl(,
three actiug Justices of the peace for Mont
gonie.fy county, be, nmtare hrretiy aprntntrd
to'mnke out a list of tweotv-tiVe pood and
lawful men to atteud salit Snettolf Tera as
jnrors. at least one to be- taken hum --h
civil ilaitnetfif lhe conwty.rr Ami i Is dl
u.i.i.b .a. ' j . t .
.o.i iiiitv in lorcgnrng rnneri tis-spread
unoa tbt miuuls of 'the Cnurt.na ihr a
eopy of tbe tame be publifbed in the CTarfct-
vllle Cbroaiele and Hatrioi, iewapapert pub
lislied.la tbt citgr of.ClvktvUla, Jut; iWrty
day. -. , '
t'-. JNO. A. CAMPnELCJoditT,.
0, 'W.lM'jt.utiliw. Clerk.
yvi,, . n
..; r
Wholesilla anil
ueisu Dealers ia ,
Ready-made , Clothixig ,
Ilntst, Cnit. tfmljrollasa,
1 ;t i 1 1 j i r it civ t .nj.'io
Carpet Hntsm, etc.,
.&:-J,"?'V.?LI.,f STREET,
i ,- .-.'. ... 1 . -1 1 - 1 it.
1 ". .' ' J, ttt
Oar iteck h 'yet ravnnltla and wt wrw
desirous or reduaea it before -the Spring
stock is received. To that end we proposo
to sen goods a ,mjr- i y v.
Greatly Reddeed' Prici I1 -
io "m ' - 1 :(r I o,; . . i
Pleas give ut a call at tb old Hand.
'Ti'e have swored the services' of OVoYw.'
RICE and ,yALKWNS1.p. (M'EBDjS da
v Rospeot tolly, ' 1
jPOLaXaOfblfafc OO.
English andClassical School
I. G. MARSnUt, A. .M., IustroftoK
.1. '. ' " .?on r--J
on tht Flrnt Monday kt february, 1808,
continuing tbe previous tewioa without in-tervab.--
J .. Tv- -v
, The best vffbrtt of' tba Xnstrncfor wrii'b"v
made for 'the dnorsaan of pupil la a
business or classical education, as may be de
sired. Forty student only will be admitted.
Those entering during the first month, ohargw -cd
from tbe beginning ; thoi entering after
tba first month, charged from th llm of
eiitraiirat af-. i 1 . t... ...a
, Tenns of tuition, as before, per sesilon of
twenty weeks bait la tdvne, 13 00.
Jm,.3l,18C8-lm. . : ..-,.
A Banking; Institution, Incorporated
oj an or ine lectsiatnre or
.feanessee in fleet a ' i
Will be opened (ai Hnslnes oa Mm 1 8th of
January, 1868, In th building West side of
ibe ruMia.bnar.,ri door North, af lt
First National Bank, Clarksville, Ten n. N
Thi Bank will deal In Foreign aad D04 I
mestie Bill of Exchange. Gold and Silver J
Bullions, raceiv deposit, aii 4a a gnrl
Banking butineta . -
" . t l B. O. IftBSta, Prtlitnta t
j. a., oaoxojit s, utsuiei.
Jan. JO, 18B8-tf ' 1
ai. 0. riTMaa, '.' ,' ' a. waiiiat
m C. PITMAN & CO.,
( ;-av orrsr.p a ... '
Oa Frsuklla street, opKilta tht Court,
dense, where they cordially Invite tbeir
friends to call and make therntlrs ecmsVrs
table.' The Intention of tbe new firm wilt
be to keep a general aad select stock af '
0 titlflmara'i Wflnjintf "Annaral. r
0 r r " .
and to sell si rry low priots. Much tollci.
tatioo it frit' lo maks th goods told by tLls
ina (atltftictary to tb eoaaumer. 1 - "
Clatkarllla, Ja. 10, 1868-tf.
priottd aad for talt at Catosini QnC9.1"' '

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