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le- sv 4ft - --
i VV i f
- i ii iii r i i 'i "i i - '
partnership nndei tht abort style, tot tbe
purpoet oi eotng a gDe
Forwarding, Storing ud Com
mission Business, .
This warehouse It situated t few hundred
yards below Trice's, oa Comberlnnd river;
it il Flre-proc and entirely abort high
water ntrlu There if good turnpike
road leading to It, and it It the nearatt point
on the rtrer to Christian county. -
JOHN J. THOMAS will fire hit nndirU
ded tlnie tad attention to tbt receiving,
weighing, inspecting and telling all the Tu
baeot eonilgned to tb house.
A comfortable tale room will be fitted np
la Providence. nJBalet every week.
Llnweod Lending, Tenn, Aug. 9, '67-tf.
Wholesale and Betall Grocer,
lit Third Street, -LOUISVILLE,
Orders for Goods 0' Uannfactured Article.
rilled with nrotmilneat and at the lowett
market price. Consignment! of every de
eciptlen carefully attended to. , - .
June SI, 1867-tf
"Williams & Shanklin,
WflOLKlAkt AND itTAll
Provision Dealers,
ciiMTiut , nnni&i
Jan. 24, HC8-(5u
Ilt. J. . LAItUIN j
. . . n. e.l fl nt lh I
may Be rouua b omi.i
Chronicle bnildlng, at all hour, unlen pro-
fes'tenitlly absent. "
March 1, 18oT-tt '
DR. H. M. AC3.EE,
Dental Surgeon,
Office t hit new residence on JranVUn
t.raet, two door. East of the F.pUcopM
lf PH. A
March 1, 1807-tf.
Cotton and Tobacco Pactors
CouimltMlon MerohontB
Kt., Union Strret,
t. a n c. A vent, will attend to ma-
kiuc adian'cet on Pro.luce contigned to thii
Sept U, 1807
w. a. AKMrraoxo.
FrtDkllB Street,
Of the mot tpprovtd pattern, of
Wrought Iron Cooking StoTes,
And daftlfMlnall kinds of
Cast Iron Cooking
and Heating Stoves
Hollow-ware and
Fine Castings
Itone In the inoet approved nianner, on
hort notice. J". i 88-"
Attorney at Law
tlfflte, oyrr TliomBi, Nrblttt k ro.'i
Oct, IS, 1867-ly.
W. A. FEFl'EK, Esq.,
Il prepare.1 with all proper blanke and
form, for any butlneat under the lUokrupt
Lw. I'artrt wtaUing w avau iuri'
of tht law will Had it to their adranUiBe to
. toiwiult him. ( hargri rery rentooah e.
July f, 1807-tf
ltffM llunfcClusr. Olar.-
W. P. Ialndloy,
Fire Seroens, Paints of Eve
ry Description, Window
Glass. Tutty, &c
Two or threa (uod workuiea wealed,
raiaui tttsttl rJr lor u
.riHp U Ktt liall,
1 t "
C. C. ROACH & CO..
Cotton and Tobacco Factors,
Ko. IV t'urondelft Street,
-Kov.O, I8eT ly -;
A. F. Smith, hi of Smith f Tunky.
D.B.IIoTCHisai, latt tf lluickingt GriaUr
AND i s- ;
Nor. t, 186T-1. ' , -
W. H. TvanLtr, lab of Smith Tumlev.
K. W. W CATRIKt, " Todd County, Ay.
ASD ' ' "
Known at the Hutchingt db Orlnler
Ml. Special attention paid to the tale of
Tobecoo, Keceiring and forwarding Mfr-
chandae and produce generally. Proceed!
promptly remitted. Make all comignmentt
t&-B. WITHERS, Auctioneer.
Nor. 22, 1867-ly.
Cotton and Tobacco Factor,
BQLiberal adranoet on allconjignnientB,
Jan. 17, 1868.6m
Jotbrille, Tcnn.
New Orleaut.
ComntlMNiou Mcrolu''t"
Jan. 1.0, -'68-tf.
Will attend to tht Sale of Property,
eltlier on the etreet or in the couulry.
Dec. C, 1867-6ui.
Clarksville Foundry,
Macliino Shop.
Prompt attention gWen to ordert for repairs
Steam En trine,
teu.-v IMills,
AndalUin.ls of Mitchliiery, and Machine
Blatksmilhiiig nently and promptly done.
March 8, 1867-ly.
C. J. tMITU. J. W. AHI'KHHOX. J. tt'llkt.
Furniture Warerooms,
158 West Fourth ft., end 110 Elm St.,
All coods warranted of the best material
and workmainhip.
eft. Menutnctory, Jlorta-west tor. rean
nd tliu streets.
Oct, 28, lS07-m.
W. H. & D. M. DORRIS,
Stoves. Tinware, rasunps,
Grates, and lionse r ur
nishlng Goods.
Krerr description of TluWItrC
made up lu good style.
ROOriXtt andtilTTKBIXC promptly
attended to.
sjT II. P. DORRIS will superintend the
work end salesroom.
tH-pU U, 1807-1
Car. -rV. KOTII, -A-lTt,
(Successor to J. t. Mehlhope A .,)
Clarksrille, Tennessee,
Wholesale & Retail Dealer
au. tii or
InmilyCi rocorien,
Cunfcel'wMrut, Foreign and Jhjmettic
Liquor, W'iaet, tYutti and Jfvt.
fliTlnt returned to Clarksville for tbt par-
una at rrauuiltiir ni old occupation at Uro
eer, 1 wotlo tuiM-n rroni ine vmarn wr
7. I VL A
mu nd nor country a mere or paironace.
I wlU keep a lull atsoruueol of tetiy arti-
rU In m III., and am determined to tell tt
the lowest CASU flUCtd. Highest xkat
paid fol
Country l'rotluoe.
I in alto Aceol for tht talt of
Wll.t Pltr fflrbrst4 Whlskfyl
J..n ?'V Isfii If.
First irational .Bank,
Xv-. ' '
Ownedbyladlridaalief thit city and rlcinity
a. r. kiAtraowf, , an. a. wAiniLD, 1
n. w. BH.LMAJ), . w. RAcmAa, t, '
v.' - 4. . lOMeitOSB.
Issues no Notes of Its own.
8. F. BEATMONT, Pres't.
W. P. HTXE, CsWer.
Feb. 21, '68. - ' r '
New Jewelry - Store !
Jnit opened, In connection with
Conover Bros's. Book Store,
V.1 1 1111.1 J SHUT,
Oomplotd Assortment of Watches,
Clocks, Jewelry, Silver and.
Silyer-Plated Ware.
I bare teenred tht terrioet of Mr. L,
Oauchtt, jurt front France, who will at
tend, promptly to all repairing. All work
warranted. Very respectfully,
Feb. 21, '68-ly J. L. GRIFFITH.
Supporter Truua
Thit It tht most efficient, comfortable, end
tecurt Trntt in una, constructed upon an en
tirely new principle. Ail communication!
tbould be addressed (with ttamp) to
Dr. W. H. P. J0NE3,
Manufacturer and General Ao-'L Nashville.
Office, cor. Collece and Union ttt, op-ttairt,
entranot on Union St.
Or T. J. SHAW, H. D, Ag t.
Franklin Si, op. Court-house, Clarluvllle.
Feb. T, 1868-3m
Clarkartrille, Tenn.
Will practice In the Courts of Dickson.
Stewart and Montgomery.
SA.OIflot, oa Strawberry Alley opposite
the Court house.
Feb. 21, '68-Cm . .
Attorney T..
Will practice both in the Courts of Law and
Equity In the couutlea of Robertson, Cheat
ham, Dickson, Stewart ena Montgomery.
Offict on Strawberry Alley, Claiksrille,
Feb. 28, C8.6m.
General Commission Merchants
W. O. BMlTH will act at'onr Agent In
making advancea oa consignments.
Feb. 21, 1868-tf
Clarksville, Tenn.
Office with C. H. Jones, Public Square
Will tell every description of Property for
Admiuiatrntora, Executors, Trustees, Agents
and Private Parties, either on the street, In
the city or country. Hut much experience in
Pry Goods Auctioneering.
Will cire prompt attention and make rca
sonable charges iu all cast. Also, .
Tobarro Auctioneer nnd General
Agent for Harrison A- hncloy,
Clarksrille, Jan. Z4, lUM-em.
Tobacco Factors,
JNO. T. EDMUNDS, of Uopklnsillle, Ky
will ttHist in tbt Sales of Tobacco.
Jan. 24, 1868-Om
Cotton and Tobacco Factors
tun .
Btpt.e, 1887-tf
form tht cltteens or Clarksville tnd TlciiiHy
that wa bare tacartd tht terrioet ot t Aral
elas baker, and art prepared to furnish, at
reasonable rate,
Bread and Cakes, of all kinds,
and all timet. Cakes ornamented in any
style when desired.
Very Respectfully,
Aug. J,1867.-tf.
Nov. It, 1167-tf.
The lXubrillo Gttctte can not
agree with ua that the domocrtU, of
the North, will tnbmit to the denpot-
isra prepared for them. We used the
the term in ne offentire itnte, end
we are pleaeed to find our eotompo
rary to hoptfuL Though ; neither
sage nor prophet, in foreshadowing
oommg events, for more than two
yean, we hare rarely been' wrong, eo
far at regards results, and. the signs
of the times are that the Johnson
tag pf the demooratio party will
adhere to the policy of their chief. -
If revolutions neror ga . back
wards; we think it eqially true, that
revolutionist dare not pause, know-
ng that hesitation may prove fatal to
thoir schemes. . The magnitude of
the political erime, now being perpe
trated by Radical leaders, will hardly
encourge them to give an outraged
and indignant people an opportunity
to pass sentence upon their treason
at the ballot box, and sooner than
await certain and overwhelming de
feat, they will take the' responsibility
of appointing a President and, this
being done, they will have reached a
point whence it will be safer to go for
ward than to retreat, and self-preservation
will snggost, as the only re
maining hope for safety and success,
an armed defense of their position.
And having at their command insub
ordinate and unscrupulous army offi
cers, they will build np around them a
wall of bayonets formidable to the
brave, and inviting the timid and un
principled to seek safety and profit by
going over to the winning side. In
the meantime, the democrats, unpre-
paied, will fall easy victims of the
armed hosts of conspirators, should
the former attempt to rice in arms,
In this way, submission, begginning
in policy, may end in submission from
necessity. ' '
God grant that we may prove a
bad guesser rather than a prophet '
Old Jessee Grant, in his
of his precocious genius. Among
them, are the remarkable facts that
he could drive a horse, when seven
nd a half years old, and at nine,
could stand up on a hare back horse
while running at full speed. And
about the same age, he rode a trick
nonv in a circus, and it tailed to
throw him though aided by a monk'
We have have seen, many a time
negro boys, no bigger than a piece of
chalk, perform similar feats, but in
our stupidity, it never occurred to us
that they were embryo Presidents.-.
The admirers of Ulyss may get over
this damaging rivalry in early genius
by claiming that it is accounted for
by the near rclstionship of the monk
ey sud the negro. Be this as it may,
we incline strongly to the belief that
Ulyss would have been, deservedly,
more successful and the countrj bet
tor off, had his daddy developed his
single talon by binding him to
cirous. The opportunity having
Icon lost, Ulyss ought to teach the
old man to hold his jaw.
General Grant ip said to have four
uvea now being published. One life
of a true soldier and patriot written
actions, is worth a thousand bi
ographies, which substitute fiction
for fact, cover glaring defects with
the putty of fancy, and make a hero
and a statesman out of a stupid block
paiutod and gilded to attract the ad
miration of the undiscriminatlng
The Richmond Whig informs us
that both the Generals Thomas are
natives of Virginia. There are black
sheep in every flock , but they ought
not to be allowed to stray into other
folds. Every slave State haa furn-
shed its quota to the abolition army,
and such recruits are the lowest speci
mens of that foul ernwd.
Maynard and Stokes have been
stumping New Hampshire and ex
kibiting themselves as evidenoe of
the capacity of negroes for sol f-gov
ernment. Maynard may boast of bis
representing negroes, because he is
the offspring of miscegenation, but
Stokes is simply a dwarfod white man
an intellectual an moral abortion.
There was a new feature in trod u
ced into election, on Saturday. So
much were theyankee managers afraid
the African element might be cheated
that they put the loyal tickets
envelopos,and thus olotked they were
banded in as if for transmission by
v w. wntsToa mtura, or viiqixia.
My ltdit bright,
' Con tall to-night
On yonder moonlit rlverj .
for there toft beams,
Like blry dreams,
la itlrery radiance euirtf.
, . Wt will release
' To whispering bmte
- Oar rattling silken tail r
And gaily glide
O'er rippling tldt ' '
Td yonder islet pale.
, And on the way
We'll trill tome lay
Some tender, plaintive air
... While thou, my love,
As wt gate abort,
, , ;', Wilt touch tht low gulttr.
" 'WbeaonthU isIt ' ' " '
'' Wt'Urbamawhllt' '
Will roam among tht flowers
' Thea cull a few
, k Of tender hot '
, . to recall the moonlight hours "
So, kdlt bright, ' . V
i : . . Come tall lo-night '
- Oa yonder ssoonlit rirerj
. For there toft beams, . -"
Likt lovely dream,
-. la silvery radiaact quivtr. r ,' -
Tea," said tht old artist voa art an.
doubtedly right, tbt special power of those
who may be truly called tht gnat matters
of portrait painting was their tblillty to bring
out upon tht canvas not tht men everrdav
face of their subject, at it might be known to
bit roort enlual acquaintances, but bit Inner
life. They teemed, it timet, to hart painted
the tool rather than the body." "What t
pity," I answered, "that wt havt no living
masters to whom such powers hat been
I sm not sart of that." said he; "tt til
eventt I know of one at least, who IS now
living, In whom thit faculty waa developed
in a very high degree 1" ' '
Who was her Where could he be fbnedf
I wilt bt bail that ha hat sent nothing to the
Academy of Design since my day."
"He does not paint any mora. At least
be will paint no more portrait- but I believe
there art few of bis mends besides myself
who know tht reason why. If you have
time, and will light another Havana, you
may find thttkry worth bearing, thontrh.
of count, I most use names of my own in
Anything with a touch ' of romance or
mystery aboat it bad always a charm for me,
and to I prepared to hear tht story. Tht
old artist was t very good ranronteur, and,
after few preliminary whiflt, ha began t
nam tiaynara was. la tne eyet or all
who knew bin, one or tht favorites of tht
Fates : ha was young, rich, handsome, and a
(renin. Ht loved bit art for bit art' a sake.
and was rapidly winning a most enviable
reputation. -
"It it tht custom. In tpitt of Titian and
Vandyke, and the resL f Unk Bonn
porta ait paintitgT- tuart ma notion.
itiiutuk iMfflurtg'wat bit forte, and soma of
hit -picture were truly wonderful. Then
were not many (hort that bt eared to paint,
and for most people ht would not paint at
all; but tht most 'sphinx-like faceti ll that t
a fair expression, came out upon bit canvas
interpreted. ?or wen all nit interpretations
flattering by tny means. - Borne people made
baste to burn their llkeoestet as toon at pos
sible after obtaining possession. - I
Ht himself did not attempt to explain bit
power, but I used to think that then was
something uncanny about bit deep-(fray eyes
while bt wet at work, and be ouuiked spec
tatots exceedingly. I
"It wtt t matterof course that soeh atnao
should fall in love, and bt did full jastiot to
hit artist perception of tbt btaatiful in mak
ing choice of Camilla Vraio. 6nnh a fact
tht had I perfectly classical, and Just enongh
of color flushing at timet through its marble
paleness to keep yon from being reminded ofj
tut cold beaoly M torn a urets wo.
la the very arrangement or ner aara bair
sbe teemed, whether, eontdoasly t not, to
follow tbt antioqae. tier eyet wen large,
dark tnd lustrous, with an - unreadable
something In tbem that fascinated you trto
more than tht extreme sweetness ol their
every-day expression, K very-body envied
Paul hit tuccett, for it toon became plain that
bis love was passionately returned. Paul
was indeed tbt favorite of tbt Fate.
Camilla was only seventeen, tnd old
Vraine, though pleated with tbt match, ex
ercised bit parental authority g.atly but
firmly, and postioned tbt wedding for a
year, during which time be piopoted to make
a trin to Huron with hit dauirhter.
"When they returned, if both wen of
tbt same mind' (yon know what prudent
fathers an ant (o lay); and tht young lovers,
after some chaffing and a good mauy vows
of constancy, dutifully tubmltted. A year
was an sge to look forward to, but it would
soon pass tway. After all, what was ont
yetr to a love likt theirs T
"Much as Paul admired tit wondrous
betutv ol hit betrothed, ht bad never essayed
to portrav It. No but be bad often thought
tf doing to, but whenever bt had half deter
mined to put bit tliougttl in practice en in
definable tcmethlnt- kept him back. Some-
thlnc akin to (unerstluoa teeotea to oe a
neeeasnrv Dart of Such a nature at Haul's,
and in him it was somewhat stronger than
"Now, however, that Ctmlllt wat going
away; now that bt couia no longer aany
feast bit eyet upon tbt lovt orignai, ne so
far overcome bit unreasonable reluct uc at
to ask her to sit to him for a likeness,
" 'I only want your fact, Camilla, to smut
oa tu when you art beyona me ei.
'A stranirt exuretsloa ol tain ami newuu
erment shot aeroti tht fair fact, and it Paul
bad not beeu blind, bt would nave teen that
It was with a feeling of extreme reluctance
that Camilla at but vielded to hi entrea
ties. Her consent one given, bewever, ber
disinclination teemed to past awty entirely,
and tht wat mot tbaa nsually merry and
cheerful durint tbt few brief hours wbluh
the time permitted bar to pats la tot minnow
atadia of bar artist lover.
Paul worked diligently, and, tbougn evt-
dentlv bastilv done, the portrait wat a roat-
uiwniec of art. and received tbt warm
eoonmiumsof tht fcw near friends who were
permitted to see it. Paul bad laughingly for
bidden Cimilla to mnch as en look while
tbt work was in firocressc bat when, at last,
fall of loviaa wide at wbatbejuttly denned
uouaaa. ha ainibilad to lilt beautiful sudkct
tht exuuisirieely Irutbfut Image of herself
which bad grown to swiftly under his subtle
tng.rs, bt wtt tatonlsbsa mat again a ueaa
ly paleneet, and the same ttnreasiot) of
punied pain took tht place of the approving
smiles which bt bad beea expecting.
" Oh, Paul, it It perfect! Put I dt aot
want you to keep that pk-turt. Do aot keep
'Not keep It, Camilla! WhyaotT Toe
art not jealous ot your own uiclun, art
I do not know ii w totuang. ni,
I tuppost I am fboJisb, sad you must bttt
' I do not kaow ; it is to strange. Wtll,
yowr wsy. rerhapt I shall change, and not
e uaeinaiwnea i return - -. i
Then ttld Paul, 1 thtlt have to paint
something more betmtiful Mill. Bat your
heart will not change, Camilla T '
" 'No-, Pant, never! Bat the -eyet; hew
perfectly yon htvt painted tht tyesT l- $
. "'Indeed I have not,' said Paul, and that
bjust when 1 find fanltwhb myself. I, hall
try and Improve them after yon an gone.'
" Oh no, Paul I' exoUrmed Camilla. 'Do
aot touch them. ' Promise mt that yon will
leave mem as mey tre promise me I
"Pant readily gave tht desired promise,
tnd it wtt but a few dart from tint time
bt fonnd himself aloot la hltstndio, with no
better company than tht portrait; whilt tbt
beloved original wtt far away en ber jour
ney t those classic regions to whoae earlier
and beuer day the teemed so truly to be
long. Borely was ht tempted to attempt the
work of rttoncbinr and imOTovina- the cher
ishtd likeness; bat bt was restrained by bit
prumise to uemillft.
. "Week after week went ' by, and, If (be
trntn mutt bt told, runny an Hour that tbould
hart been glvta to work er study was spent
by tht ibollsb lover la dwelling upon the
idol for which" his cbapel of art' waa a
shrine. Still, s he gated upon h again aad
again, a strange feeling of almost shuddering
aMiDn woum as limes come over him.
In vain he sought for lu causa, cither In bit
own mint or In tbt picture. - Certainly every
lint of that sweet fact wat trathtal, and bt
had even ventured to transfer to tht cat rat
tht smile of lore with which tbt bad watched
hist ttbitlaW. - . .
"Tbt feeling; mw anon him. mil b wa
half inclined to bate that which ht had at
HreS very nearly worshiped.
-Lieuen camt aad want, and Camilla
wrott entbasiaaticallr of her eorovment ot
til tbt treasures of Art which the Old World
Inherited from the PaaL For a lone-
time tht seemed to studiously avoid anv illu
sion to tbt picture, but tt last a letter arrived
dated at Rome, la wbicb, after dwelling with
revtntn ana tomtwnat extravagant eloquence
upon her experience in tht Eternal Citv.
Camilla adjourned her lover to send her the
portrait at enee.
"Do not faO," nid the. If you love me. I
cannot explain myself, but I shall be forever
unhappy iryoa nfatt my request. Send it
to me at One f - -
Tbt letter closed with more than anally
warm expressions of affection, and Paul felt
inat ne mast comply with ber request, Ht
wi imoit surprised at himself to Sad that
bt did so with to little of real reluctance.
'Ah, bt tboua-ht. her face It to clear! v
r tinted oa my memory and en my heart that
do not need any reminder.'
"Ana to tbt pietnre wtt tent Camilla
wat Mill at Rout when tbt coveted treasure
arrived. Could tht btvt desired to compare
It with any of the mntchlett achievements of
the Old masters npon which tbt bad to long
oeen feasting ber eyes T No, tbt would
btvt givea more for that one picture than
for tht art-treasures In Rome.
"There wat a fire in her room, for tht day
wat of that raw and chilly kind which ushers
in we Italian winter, and Camilla bad always
been tentitive in mutters of temperature.
Sht tat cowering before It, tlont, tnd the
negligence of her toilet accorded well with
the troubled and mournful expression of ber
face. Lier cheek! wen flushed, and tht l0nr
folds of ber hair foil heavily over ber round
ed shoulder. -
"Will it never come."
navwiBu ..- .
'Hen sht was interrupted by a low knock
at the door; and a servant entered, bearing a
tq litre parcel, evidently picked with great
care. -
"'A package for Mademoiselle.' laid the)
k hit just trrired.' And the lingered n
moment, at it with a bop that ber cariosity
would be gratified with a tight of it con
tents. "A gleam of pleasure shot across tbt face
of ber mistreat at tbt took tht parcel, but
tht said, hastily, 'You may go, Luetic I and
tht Inquisitlvt French girl bad the mortifica
tion of bearing tbt door boltea behind her.
"The flash alternated with a marble pale
neet on tht ebeekt of Camilla at tht ton off
with trembling binds tht many strong cov
ering of tlit package, and sht fairly
screamed with delight it tht at last held np
for an earnest scrutiny tbt coveted trewurv;
tbt portrait
" 'At last I nave it I un, ram, your lutai
skill I But it shall ntver tell Ulet of me
now never t Hat It told any T Does he
suspect T Ht must ntver know. Whit If
he bat already louna it oatr it lit bat
would he tell T I will not let even him tell
tales of me, mnch lees thit bit of painted
mnvat. K lie did not act it ht wat blind.
Then it it. I can set ill I taw it then,
but did not kuew what it waa. I know
now, but nobody tlst ever tbtll. It It my
own secret, tnd I can keep It. Fin does
not tell tny tale.'
Sht stirred tbt glowing cotit with ner.
vous energy lor a moment, tud thea the
picture, with III flight and gracerul rramt,
wat laid, fact downward, npon tht eontom
lor mas. Kor a few ' moment it smoked,
crackled, tnd biased, then nothing but ashes
remained of that evidence er tne wtera tun
of Pinl Mivnard.
'Baft now I' Sht mattered, almost fierce
ly, 'Fire tell uo tales; and again the tat
down before tbt fin with a tomewbat quiet-
ter expression upon her net, tnd now tnd
tbtn breathing long tight of relef, at if tbt
had been delivered from some gnat peril.
" Herbal, if tht could havt fcjoket la
npon Paul in bit studio that afternoon she
ml.rht not have been to well sal lifted. At
first Pinl tinerieaued a positive feeling of
relief over tbt absence of bit usual ctmpany
but it tht dayt wtnt by bt began to long for
iu nmehc irain.
H -bus bat not turoiaei mt, ne laougui, -io
Mint another: and I will surprise ber en bar
return with a polrait that will be at much
superior to that at Titian it to a sign palnt-
And so. In an evil hour, ht tat down to
what be regarded at pn-tminently a labor of
love. He had plenty of time now, ana ne
tlinw hit whole soul into tbt work. Ht
eutirely neglected tacitly, and almost for.
got to eat. Utr fact camt spin bit mtmory
man ind mort vtriuiy at nt iinoreuj anu
day by day Hit colors on tbt eaavtt atsumta
win tnd won nearly aa almost living em-.
blanct of tlit beloved image, lit uUaself ,
wat astonished at bit wonderful tuccctc
"It will do all but speak,' be laid to blra
.IC Hut then the ayes; that most be my
greatest triumph. And whit eyet tbt hat!
it waa wita omraing at an nia iceiuiK
of dread, nevcrthclo, that b appruavhed
this part of hit work, which bt bad purpose
ley left uutil rtt but; and tht fnelllng grew
upon him at bt wtnt on. Man than a
month bad now tlapssd liuot b bad parted
will tht first picture, aad for that whole
tint ht bad received no word from Camilla.
Thit annoyed aim. although ber teeauag
silenc could readily bt accounted for in
i. Li ... i ki .it
many wtya.
Baaaa vmtvn u w- m
that day, tunuwbat palt from ovtrwork tnd
eonfioemeitl. but eoagratulaiing himself that
hit love-work wit to nearly completed.
Slowly ht toiled away, touch after touch. U
teiiv abturbM la pit tmutoynitni. n r
eallint with lb-rills of pleasure, to ken
It be ball-way pain, a uotuana aeung
ioot wbicb bt bad to touiliy wateueaut
Ummiv dav too br
"on. ut i eoaiaoniv pttnt incmaui wm
f. r . . . . ... . . u m k.
' . ' " ,l
'for him tht ont txpression which wa, to loo
But bit fatal gmiot was sadly choosing
eat npon him from the unfathomable tyes of
Already tht light front the high window
wat beginning to toftea with tbt waning day
when, a a laid by hit pencil, tot young
arusi orew fondly back to gate npon bit fin
ished work. - . .
"For moment he gated lovingly and ad
miringly npon tbt txqnisllt curve of tbt
proud neck, the 1 1 moot speaking lip; tut
perfect eon tear of tht aobtt head : but then
tht eyes of tht pictun caught and irresitti
bly chained hit owa, aad tht tmllt of satls
tactitfaciiou fled from hia face. What fear
ful meaning wet that which ha bad to deftlv
painted T
"Hit white lipt parted with a whisper?
Ood la heave I Can It be possible T It it
truth, or tra I'
' Tht door opened noiselessly, tnd ont of
bit most confidential friend approached him
with an opts letter in his hand, tnd laying
bit band upon bit ahoulder, said t
" 'Pial, my friend, read this: it will ex
plain tbt pictun.'
"Ptal't htud cloted mechanically nson tht
paper, nad bis eyet fell wttb espanding hor
ror upon inn wove to WhkA bit friend
painted. Ht read tbuti
" 'ioa mast break It to PtuL for I can
not. I havt tont- feared IL and now It malt
n e btvt pat ber Inst ua an atrium
at Lyoaa, bat the physician all lay that
tbtn it no hope. Since it mutt be thus.
I think Ood that tbey also assure ms that
ber tutreringt will bt brief. I shall not re
turn to America.'
1 watched with Paul all that nlc-hL and
during tbt britin fevtr which followed.
Uw genius hid truly read and interpreted
the latent madness la those beautiful eve
and Camilla, with tbt keen percept io and
canning instinct for concealment wbicb be.
song to insanity, had seta what others . had
"I do aot anow that Paul tear aala aW
for many i year under the toil of franca.
"Bat for that one tell-taJ nintura wa mbrht
ave naa nnotner great artist, and I burned
it wh ill Paul waa in bed with tht fevtr. I
tuppott ht imagined nt much,
as ht sever
asfced any question about iv"
New Cols a no, La-, Ftbruiry n, 1841
Editor Acts CHatat fur; .
Sia : I have lust beea informed Out ttiura
it a report It circulation in thit citv. that in
responding to a toast to "The Pnwidenl of
tht United States," at tht feMivnl glvtn by
tbt Association of hs-Oflbare of the United
Stales Army aad Navy, a Lyceum Hall, oa
tht 22d insL, I expressed sentiments which
were resarded at nnfriendlr tn Pmaiikni
Johnson; and I respectfully ask leave, through
yunr paper so etate, iaai to preserve the bar
mooy of a social meeting from whith I un
derstood poll teal express ions wen to be ex
cluded, l consented to respond to thtt toast
ana to omit tbt expression of my political
sxpraaaioa ol my polical eoinkme.
1 bad Itippottd it wtt too well nnderetnad
ia thit community that I am tbt personal
aad political friend of Andnw Johnson, and
the political opponent of Gen. Grant for any
such absurd report to obtain tnt si itr blast
oreuroccB out at 1 understand then am soma
ctthteni who do btlitvt that 1 entertain sym
pathy with Gen. Grant, I deem it due to my-
self to aay that I am at ttransrlv nnnnwd in
tht potltiotti views and action of Geo. Grant
as any ma la Louisiana.
in to BZr&to'f' tainl by
. "odJ. of tht TaiftM ther
prujiwi nmviKHi. a mm. -vlwrraiirt
that both bt and Congress may bt defeated
in their attempt to trample upon the Consti
tution and usurp the Government. 1 tin,
very rttpeetluuy,
Dow the Elections are to b Conduc
ted In Ten aetsee.
Then 'an aboat 140,000 white voters is
Tennessee. Of these 100,000 . art disfran
chised by ylrlut of a Radical edict, support
ed by military furca. At the same time 100
000 negroes art mad voters. This placet
tht State iht Stall of Jackson end Polk
rati rely ia the bands of egroea. A Win
ston (Tenn.) torretpondtut of the New York
Expr tt thtt states tht cue. He yt i
"I wish yon could have beea ben at some
of the lite elections, to set gray-haired wis
dom Minding afar off, disfranchised, yet pay
ing taxes, and tbt woolly-headed. Ignorant
negruet clamoring for their Tight, ana vot
ing Jast whatever ticket their Radical mat
ten gavt tbem. Oh I it was tnougb to make
patriots despair. Tht Degroet btn rult com-
pwttlv thtt la, a few white men, wbo in
their hearts despise flu negro, tut blm for
party porno, Orte 1,00 white voters out
of 1,900 la thit county art disfranchised, and
yet a man having served In tht rebel army
wat no bar to a vote, ir be would vote tnt
Uadioal ticket- I speak to you the troth,
nod do not speak 'under tb rate.' Tbtn
tn men in thit county wbo served with me
in the rebel army, yet wbo tn now allowed
to vote. Tbey belong to tht Loytl Lwgui,
tud an Jacobin. Did ma of three toon
tn disfranchised, and why, God only knows!
Ye, wt know too thev art Democrats, and
believe thtt Romulus set t good exatnpli for
wa when bt madi eitisent at night of ene
mies conquered lu the morning, and btniu,
said Tacitus, wat tbt secret of tht power of
Ccncral Haacock.
Tlit PI cay tne of the JOtb mention the
proUblllty thtt Ilanceck will ask to be re
lieved of bit command, in ooosequooct ef
Qrubt'i recent meddling, aud stye;
Tht request to bt relieved mutt bt dlrco
ted lo tht President, by whom Gen. II. wat
assigned to command thit district; though It
will go through, It tt pruwtoie, iu ueoerat.
In-Oblcf, uo on txcept tht President oai re
lieve Oen. IL, or assign another officer to
takt bit pise. Wt tfuerely bop no inch
order will bt granted. Wa trust, too, tbat
tbt correspondence butweea Gens. Grant
and Hancock, accompanying and cuoctrning
thit butt order, will be published as well as
tht application of tht latter to be relieved.
Wt doubt aot It will show Gee. O. to h na
willingly acting upon tbt dicltlloa of th
revolutionary Junta at Washington, w bicb
now usurps all tbt powers of Government it
fullv. tnd almost to lit extent, with the rev.
oluiionary assemblies of tht cm of aaaruby
In Franc.
Mixiro sveius to be going back to her nat
ural eonditlon of anarchy. Sevaral serious
revolu btvt broken out in different parte of
th country and aieeetsioa movuscnt hat been
pnipoato, uumao, on ov iu umicuuww,
bat tent memeager to the Governor of Chi
huahua, Duran go,' Honor and Sioaloa with
I nroDoeiiious to form tn independent govern-
-- . - .... - l. .1.. D.
mnw, " T- r iZl. ..l s
'. to ? "
t on of Jalisco. It M reponaa mat ih
Oarta. Cortina. Ciualet aud Caravajal art it
hvor of this project. Uunt. Utrf ana Bseo-
bedu, two of the ablest military mea ia the
eouRtrv. art much dissatUfied with J as rex
aod bis gorevemeet, tnd their dsaffacUons
teeat likely to help tht revolution!!. It
appn utterly Impossible lot lb Meslcta
to gorer iamtivt wita aayiumg na sye
vera, ttd with tbti, euunal aetrrtU thty
will ksn tba Lauatit ia retut'UAl chtox
t f tb ceuatiy ia peryt uai totoj.
iMpeanametf bat Part ef a Cnsplr
art to retain Pottetiios) of the
(vovertmrrat In Defiance r the
Popular Will. '
Prom tbt New Tort Express, Feb. 3S.J
Tht .tyrants aad traitors at Washlngtoa, at
wat ttpected. have eoMiMwamied tbt fin
part of rfceir arjewpHwcy to retain- post. ion
of tbt Government for another four years
ths Barep Heust of Bepreteotetlvet hvlnr
by a strict patty vote, adopted a reaolutloa to
iinpearn tut rrtttdmt lor high crime and
misdemeanor.' - " .-''-.
Tht ladlcntfoat new are that tb axallaiV
Scaate will follow the lead ef the Hoot, em
an before tb ttb of March patt, rh eoaatry
may at weu pe- prepared totre Mr. 4ohoton .
ejected trot o flics altogether, and Ben Wadt
titling In rb Exeetti-t chair.
What then T Whatnettf ,-.
Wa tnt wtt, tht mad will then-be clear for
"tht Board of Manager" (that Is tht phrase)
w wMDipoiai sot neat rrtet Jeauat titttKM,
aa to effectually silence the voice of tbt peo
ple, and have everything their owa- way.
Already we have three I tbat the Dvmorratia
party will be looked apnti at part and parcel
of "the Rebellion," and matt bt dealt with
accordingly. Grant will be astde MiUtery
Dictator, aad, before wt ate aware of it, the
tain manacle which bar been plated oa
the down ttodoVtt people of the- Sonib, wilt '
bt madt to eocirei Northtns limb. Tola it
wbtt wt are coating to and teen sow, we .
an not bis tway from IL -
Tb last Prettdcntinl olectioa having beea
tarried by fraod aad violence by bayonet
rather than than by ballot bt terror rather "
tbaa by tbi taWtHunellwi wiit ef the peo..
pie Mcet hat nude these demagogues
bold aye, bold eaeugti to try it oa again.
The otfly ha pediment m their way waa the
Kxeoutire, and with kit deposltiony and the .
intimidation of the Supreme Court, there te
apparently no barrier between Una bow, . '
ud absolute, imperial powe.
At toingi trt going on, wt think it It a
matter ef toast doubt tvwa. whether the Dem. '
Ooratie National Coavtotioa will be rwrtaiu .
ted to assemble in New York on the Fourth
of July. It would not be at all tmrprMng if
old Ben Wide, then President, should tud
General Butler bare to ov.rawa th nar.nl a.
Juet a Steutoa seat bint by ordet ot tome-
supposed military aeoewlty peodiag tbt last .
rresiaentiti tiectiua,
Ytt with sheet probabilities eonfronllnr
at, hi tbt neat future, thtt Bump Congress- .
men threaten, If w dare eveo talk of resist
ance, the resistance to which, a defender of
tnt uonttitatKxi aad nphoUtrt of tb laws,
w may rightfully retort to deal with at at
traitors and rtbeli.
It may be, now, tbat tbt event, of the east
seven years havt transferred a nation of free-
men Into a nation of abject slaves. It may
be tbat a people wbo were not ashamed to t'
proclaim aa a vital principle of political be
lief, Retbrtance to tyrant It obedieaca to
God," have beta te towed by lb tyranny
which ytt bat it keel oa their necks, that
tbey nn afraid to vindicate their right to
telfgovernment It may bt that the nation
has lost its manllne, Ut utefulotss, and lbs
patriotic ooorsge, but wt do no cannot bt.
btvt it. It it incredible tbat a great people,
wbo refuted to endure the com para lively
stild despotism of a British King, will tub
snlt eternally tnbmit to tbt baser tad
meaner tyranny of a Porltea Oligarchy,
which, we think it could, without much dif
ficulty, be ahown, It mainly Indebted to tor'.
w.tB4.,b exercise of brute force for the
presented to our countrymen to' regain their
lost liberties. Wt rtler to Iht appsoaebing
Prctidential election. Thtt tlectiou, the
Bump Cong, rtsl dtrnagoguet may at wtll un
derstand at tbt Mart, must everywhere tad
ia every sense be free. Tbey most aot at
tempt, on thit occasion, to renew tbt system
of terror, whereby tbey re-eiicted Abraham
Lincoln. Tbey had belter keep their shout,
der strap,, their bayonet, their Oeneral Or
ders, and their "A. A. U.'s" out of sight
And abort all, they bad better make np
their mlndt that tht Nortbtra ptoplo tn aot
going tt recognise for Presidential parpters '
the negro govenmenti which tbey are en
gineering at tb South. Wt art perfectly
well aware that It it part of tbt conspiracy
to count la the electoral totes of tues Pan-
African despotisms but If tht people do their
duty, by tb let ef January Best wo shall
not only elect a Prttidonr, but have Demo- ,
critic Governors la a J tbt great Northern
and Western State ia other word, Com-'
mandtrt-ia-Ciiier of the militia of the
States, tnd then, U tht Washington Junto
think tbey can cheat thtauelvet into aoother '
lassa of power by thus twladung tbt people,
tbty would do wtll to Mop a (consent, and
calculate the probable cost.
If thit great Govrrumiat It teally to be .
npeet If ill Coustitalion, one deemed a
miracle of wisdom, and a thing too tarvtid
to bt radiiy toacbed, It to be tramp ed teder :
foot, if tht priceless boon of popular li.erty
it to bt taken away from as, those dema
gogues had batter not deladt theauctv, into
tbt belitf that tbt tacrine will ue tubmltted
lo without a Mruggl. such a struggle e wilt
become men determined at least to die af . '
they otonot lire free. .
Kokifx oa Guotr. A plou old dirk
of Maury county, named Arthur, wat terri
bly alarmed a lew nigblt since by finding a ;
mysterious hontman riding beside bins
through the wood, me Arthur spurred ni
milt: bat whether bt went foil or slow the -stringer
kept beside him, ottering never a
word. A tnry emergen rrom wt wooas,
Arthur perceived that bit comrade wtt a
kettle. Thit paralysed bim with fright-
But the wont tu yet to come. A sudden
lerk brought his mult to attend. Notoener
bad b Mopped tbaa bit companion flopped.
raised its skeleton hand, took off Its tkiill,
tnd said, IIWl tow AWe I Ml wJUs Jfs
My kae kbent t "
W bat wit said or doit Md Annnr cannot
ety. lit left hit mult and loo across tee
fieldt aot stopped until bt ate securely belt
ed bis door, put out the light and covers il
himself up In bed without even laklag off
hia shoe. Then be wat found next mora.
ing and since then bt bat aot bee off the
Doubt wbo will, thit it a Ira story nnd
old Arthur It no liar. Sayt tin Columbia
UertliL Aaskeif (7a ,
Tbt FrankUt Roview re late thM th Ko.
Klus a few nighu since, visited the boast ef
a poor widow, whese two ton hd fall la
th Confederate terriee, leaving oa ber door
step a packaseoatalalngen huarired dollan
and nuanliivof domwuie, calleoaeaHd other
dry good. A widtw lady of Wiilianuoa
ouuoty, with three tbldraa drnaudrat
upon ber for soppott, wa lb grateful reelp.
ieat of a tlmfllaf packagt, tatid of pblrh
sb found on haudred delUrs in carreacy
nd UtUar which ttettd that tht writer was
formerly to Intimate companion and fallow
Midler of bet only son, wee wa kilted wall
a mean of a Teouette Coa'edarate reg.
Titiiaw PtitTS. Th Holly Springs
(Mia.) Btpongr bowtiag of an ag4 prtatev
(John G. Barry) ia tbalkralily, tbt Hild
id iUgitterof Laban uo (Teoa.) teiort that
tbey ae a bretber ol the aieresaMi pewter
tw. U Barry) at work ia their establish
meal, fivt years eld at yeait of tge
who bt beta tuiag; lypt for tvoty iia,
aad dott a god day nosk yf.
1 I

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