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Local Edilori.
J. A. GltANT,
One dollar por so,nnm of ten linos or lew.
Booth, 5.n A. M. anil 0.15 r. M. Trains North
.45 A. M. nnd 7.00 P. jr. '
: The Clrciw and Monngerle will be
hers next Tuwid&y. From newspaper
statement we have seen, tliiaarfbwlB
what It In claimed to bo a good one.
Wo doubt not that the people will
turn out en mattte and (111 the can
vass both day and night. Remember
tbq day,, Tucsday,.S,ept,eroher 15th.
The eotton eropof Texas will reach
176,000 bales thin season. ,
' OCR ' merchants are all receiving
intern xtocks of goods preparatory to
the fall trade.
HoiiTHKnx Kentucky expects to
gather twice as larj?e a crop of tobac
co thin season km In 1807.
" ill "1 -
Tu cattle disease nan made IU np-
pearanco In Maury county, in this
Htate, and many fatal cawn have oc
curred. Circuit and Crimiual Court will
convene next Mondny. Judge Camp-
A-11 will preside. Ir Is probable that,
it will eontlnuo for several weeks.
' A Nashville man has sold over
three thousand Seymoiir badges since
the opening of the cauwvm.
Tub Henry County AKrlculturat
Sneioty liave determine! to hold a
l'nir, commencing on the fntlx tf Oc
tober, to continue thrco daya.
We learn from the Paris Ini'UU
fienccr that Ex-Governor Ilarrit h"H
uriJiaml 4Ji'x)jkerty in that place,
with a view of settling his family.
His ofllco will continue in Memphis.
The first bale of cotton shipped
this season from Nashville to Cinein
riatl was sold, on the 5th lust., at
Ihirty-flvecents per pound.
A Itadieal paper says that in order
to secure Grant's eleetioit they "must
get out every voter." The Inference
is that a majority of U:idicaJ are in
iYmm-jI they are not, they deserve
Mail Auext.- Andrew Johnson,
f GtMxlMtsville, a nephew of Presi
dent Johnson, lias been appointed
mail agent for TennesHec, and will
immediately enter upon the discharge
?T his duties.
One thousand miles of tho Union
I'aclfln railroad will ho open before
i ho closes of the year, and the whole
road will be In rinlnlng order during
lw latter part of 1300.
The Woolen and Flouring Mills,
belonging to the Shakers, at South
Union, Ky., were entirely consumed
6n the morning of thoSdiust. Hii
Hwed to have been the work of an
incendiary. Loss about $S0,tW)0.
IiXst Mumttiy our city presented a
lively, business apjwtirniice. Quite a
iiirge crowd thronged the streets, in
eluding a number of young ladies in
attendance at the Female Academy.
Clerks were kept busy during the
day. '
. - i
Fashion. The Grecian Vend and
tremendrtus bustles are the latest
ngony of fashion at fiaratog Snriiig
(ids season. Tis said wc had as well
he out of the World ts out Af the fash
joii. We think certain fashions help
46 put many ont of the world.
Bad A'iiknt. The estimable
family of our friend, R. W. MrClnre,
Who have hurt several MilKfrirtwtfH of
lute, were visited again with another
inliimlly oh Tuesd:iy last. Their sou
John, alxutl2 ytutrs of nga, Irad one
of his legs cut od, Just nlxtYe I he
nnkie, by a tiwwlug 'machine. The
little fellow was doing tolerable wil
a! 1 1 account.
TAX-l'AYKitsinTennessecw ill have
to pay Hoirteliiing more than $.1,(MM,-
hki this year as Htate tax thin, with
'county and munieiptil taxes, wlileh
liftw been iiiereasisl, will make them
i-normow. t'an tiny one inform uh
Jiow tbis minley is exjiended after be
ing Ci'lhvied ?
l ita. ltOfiKHH will have a large
nuetion sale of every description
eblna nnd glasKwniv, ad hnuse-fur-
lil 'lilng goods generally, on the l"tl
inst,, at the miction rooms of T. 11
Jivnuin, on Fiuiiklin htn-et. Those
goixls are all new, elegant and om
plete. We call thi cxKelal attentiftn
of the I. idles to this sale.
The YIdmk Monthly. The Sep
letuner iiitnii.tr or this ismUicrtH
tnag'ttine presents a varied und in
tereMing table of dwitcnl. it litis
been int'iYo-seil in size from fui'ty-ciitlit
lttvcty-ttto page. The editor Is
MMgtHno of Its complete Mnvesi..
Toruiflt&l P r annual. Add. a. It.
Htark, Nashville, Teim.
Wf.HTKKN ltl-.CiMiIil.lt. Vo see
frtilll till1 1:1st IIUinN'r nf thi.-i I'Xi'id -
, . , . , ', ,
j. ...... v.. i.. in,
of the lttijdisl ileliouiiniilinn, III l.oU -
isvllle. tliltt our old lllld esteemed
friend, rnC. J. V. Ihlst, has l,U(it , H'o money with which to buy them, they
, .in iii r i, re to Is.' supplied ft, of ebnigo the olyeet
an Interest in It and is also one of iUUllllI , ,,,,.,., lllU, lu l0 lmim,of uv.
alitor, l'rof. Kusl Mi:e-emi ntlieh ,.ry one aide to read it.
XiMti ps t make up tin wlltnr ell- Imsrder lo commence operations', a col-
,. : , ., ,,.,.i t,,,.,., ..if ., w,, u l.li lei'tion wiw lukeii up, whi iilUe bundred
all iviiivriusr treat nti.vess.
S knv Fi hm.- Kir frien.l M m 1 lam-
1, , ,, . , v.. i. . ' - - lil'wi, i miiii, i il 1 1, ,11 nun liliiK inns,lir
i t, h.'IH .Ulit the enrpeittrr' f'Ulne w,,,e, every one ought tonnage, FiII.h-u , , ,irll.,,HlVrly .otunded. I..tanta.i.H
llliil has iiiivluuc. nil intoii st III thr; dolluls omisiilute tbn eontrltuitor a lili1)lu r,.:i, ( produced. Try It; If tint sutls
Till urtlildlshlili'lit if D. Kinifilliuill. I '''. " ""nailer sums make thenr r,,Ulrn u. ,.,(,ty Is.ttbii nnd get your
Mr. I T:i 1 1 1 1 1 1 Is tut etii'iLri't ie
iuiiii, uiul iiuiitH a lilainl
J'lllilii- Ii:itl'nllilie.
. .
shin v id
MoNTioMECY BavikcjS Issftlr-!
TloM. Mrl ij. 13. UroaddUB hfta re
signed his Hsltion as cashier of this
excellent institution and Mr. Dick
Howel, of fills city, takes his place.
Dick Is a mail, of good business quali
fications. We think the directors
have made an excellent (election,-; , ,
i : - :
To "Den." -We Jiave received the
poetry accompanying your note of
tho 3d Inst., nnd as it docs not come
up to our standard, we respectfully
decline its publication. Let us ad
vise you to try rgaln, but cultivate a
moro "cheerful muse." The grave Is
too gloomy a theme for a maiden
effort. . .Ygu may succeed better next
time. ' u "
Fine rAiNTiNou W. E. Parker,
formerly of the Fourteenth Tennessee
Regiment, A., and who previous
to the war had gained an enviable
reputation1 Rs-nn Artist, has returned
hero from New York, where he lias
boon since the close of the war, pros
ecuting his studies, and is stopping
at the Henry house. Hlnee tho gal
lant Cnptain has boon in our city, he
has painted the portraito of three of
our cili.ens, which for accuracy of
drawing and harmony of color can
not be surpassed. The portrait of one
of our lady friends which has been
painted by him can bo seen at Arm
strong's Gallery, and specimens of i
his work can also bo seen at the Hen
ry House. Wo advise our. friends to
cxamlno these pictures, and should
they want any thing of tho kiud
mako early application, as the Cap
tain's stay in our city will necessarily
be short.
Wam.ai-k's Patent Combination
Oratb. Wo examined thlsnew style grate
nt Dorrts'Tltisbori a few days since. Tlio
Inventor, aLoulsvillo man, says it will heat
any slso room with loan fuol than any othor
unilo. It Is cbenp, simple, durable, easily
adapted to any old Krule, and entirely oon
saincs the fuol. The construction of the
basket In such that it admits the oxygen
back of the unite, jl vlnn a complete, combus
tion; the aahu full hack In a deep ash pit;
tli e radiator Is made of fire-clay and Is four
lnc.'lcs tliiek. Ascool weather is nppronch
1ns, we alviM3our friends tooalland exam
ine It, Jwlievlng it tliey do, they will adopt
the mo tf It.
Oru tm Y Cloons HoiTgKs. Helms & John
sou are re vivliiq their flill Imporfcitlons of
HOO'K Mr.,I. P. Ilelnw, an exnellcnt buyer,
made tho KeKetions, which in a guarantee
that 7erytliin will bo Of the best, and sold
aVlowrato. , ;
CoulW, HUlirliMi ft Co. have purchased,
as usual, nnotbor.TinmiiiotliRtoikof i;rods,
emljrncltiK cveryth tn t Ii tit tho public mny
fait for. Mr. B. F. 'f'onlter, of this nrm,
made the purclia. es. Jlen la oncof tho best
mcn-hants In tbetnt 1.
"Win. Rroaddut Co. ore filling their es
tablishment with asvlentti'l slock of goods,
.losh nice Is in tills houtts and everybody
kuuws tluU Josh wontVnoVldone. Ho will
ltesp large stocks, and bcI? at reasonable
Bloch Bios, ai-o rceelvKig on immense
stork of dry goods, etc., nr. il ;W renity to
supply C'laiksvlileaud the n stf t mankind
in this rtclnty.
Win. Kloeraun has rotunuHlwlth goods
of ryerj- kind in his line, sui. aro em
braced In tlw dry goods and clfthlug linn.
Hi lavltvs na examination oi "Is stock
and prim s.
Ol-orniNO 1TWSKS.-H. H. McCu'i'leh has
J11H returned from the City of t, othaiii,
whore be pnreliased a very lai-ge, w o.I as-
sortd and fuhlonabUs stock of ekn'hlng
audveiitS furnishing goods, nnd Is noif ro-
relvluir and marking them at the low.est 1
poKsllilrt figures. Call aul see. Emmet an. 1
ills goods.
Polloek A Co. are .lo roeiilvlng their
large and seasoitalile supply of clothing,
Milieu M arnu says will eompiae with any
est of the inouuUlus fur elegance and
M. C Pltraon A Ca. have lately made ex
tensive aitdltloiis to tlietr storeroom, and
are now ailing It with a superb stock of
City Hoot ash Buog Htobk. W. W.
Yalllant, the exclusive boot and shoe mer
chant f Clarksvlllu, has received a very
largr and Well selected stock, of tho most
Improved st y lo, and a-e hope the pubUc will
glvo him a lilieral patronage.
Hakowark. I'M Turnley.of the house of
Conner, Moore A Co., has Just retained
from New York, audsaysho has bought Ibe
nti7H't lot of cutlery ever brought to this
nurkoL lleiiUo bought a htrge lot of hard
ware, iiMcciiswure, etc. Call and examine
their stock.
The Clnrksvllle Itlble Noelely.
Pursuant to previous notice, n large num
ber from each of tho Pioluslant ClirlKtlan
deiioininatloasof tliisolly met In the Molh
odiutt hiireh at 8 o'clock I', M. on Kuuday,
tlielitli IiihU TIio mueting wiu culled to or
der by Mr. D. N, Kennedy, anil prayer of
fered iy Hie Hv. A. D. Hoars, of thu liap
tlst t'hnivii.
Mr. Kennedy then explained the object
of the meet ing to be the re-oigaillKatldu of
the Chti'ksvllln Itlble Hoelety, as an auxll
Inry to the American Hlble Hoelely theoli-
Jeet of wlileii woulil Iw a wide-spread circu
lation of tlie llihlt), and to furnish lllbles lo
all pci miis in this and adjoining counties
who may be destitute and unable to pur
cIiiinu one. The meeting was then pernue
neully orgnttliuHl by Ihv elet:tlou of thu fid
lou lug oilicers :
D. N. Kknnkiiv, Presldout.
C. l. hnivii. Hwrelary.
Jamks V. IIi-.uk, Treasurer.
Hon. .Inns K. Hoi'sK. Metbodlut Church
Mr. (1. W. II i i.i. m 4. i 'bi-lsi inn t'bnt'ch.
Mr. l. It, lbM.I.INS.r, I'l-estlN leriilll I'liuich
Mi . I. I Yatrs, iinptlst I Imnli.
Mr. II. MelvKAiiK, rieb. In inn t'huivh
The meeting was then uddresvek by Rev-
ereiuisK. lUugold, A. D. Hears, J. K. Myles,
i. it. Imvles, V. Miwmey mid J. & West
und by I Ion. John F. House and R. W.
Humphrey, Ftti. The Hpenkers all united
in timing (iK' Importance of the enterprise
und showed a stute of facts which would
Mirpttfi utmost every one. Front rejiortsbf
Hi n, society liefnretho war, II appciu u hut
iiIhiuI 1 til f .im ties in tlitscouiity were .1'Snl -
I tuic of the liilile. It may t.ilrly Is' prcMiin.
ed that II. ere are niui.y inoiu without it
;sloee Ibe wtr. It Is pt'eimstsl trfrnisea fuml
! for Ibe purchase ol llibb s which will be
. . ... . , , . .... ..vinl.iiKh a renosllorv
inl',U'l,sVllle,wlieretlie.v can it-iii'ebusi-d
ut cost prices, and win-re persons have not
lollsis wis eolh-etcd ami Mtiav rii ed, ainoe
the meeting on ramduy nigiit, over two
""'",":' n" n l
uted lo Ibe s.,Klet. Ibin is
ecu e.illtrlb-
n unrll 111
1111111,1, I ,., .... . . , 1 I ,
,riii S11.,,., v w.ijotit ui-l to im-i t in Ihe
p,, iiVieiiaii i lunch mi the llrs! hiiti.l.i)' in
i pteiuli. r, Im.'i, ut .1 o lock I', u
BrprE.iflio ladles' 6f the Baptist con
gregation in this city wiU gtveaHupper ou
Thursday and Friday nights durtnrt the
Fair. Tho following ore the managers from
the different churches in the city. Each
one la respectfully requested to attend a
meeting to-morrow afternoon at i o'clock,
In tho Baptist Church :
Presbyterian Mrs. Win, Munford, Mrs.
Ir. Walton, Mrs. lUdor, Mrs, Ilornbcrgcr
nnd Mine Olllasple, , ,
Episcopal Mrs. Mr.Daulel, Mrs. Clark,
Mrs. Cnstneraud Miss Mullle Iwls.
Methodist Mrs. Dr. Deanmont, Mrs. If.
M. Atkins, Mrs, Judklns, Mrs. Wisdom and
Miss Flora Kyle-
Catholic Mrs. WclU and Mrs. Driseoll. ,
Cumlx-rlnnd Presbytorlan Mrs. Wm.
nonunion t, Mrs. Qoodlctt Brown, Mrs.Outin,
nnd Mrs. Thos. Flnley,
(hristiun Mrs.UlngandMrs.IIumphreys
IiMtlst-frs. Bean. Mrs. Herring, Mrs.
Mallory and Mrs. Morrltt.
Independent. Mnr: Breod, Mrs. .Wlthors
and Mrs. W. A. Queries.
He la M iHreppientel by n Nealawag
Correapondeiit. Memphis, September 4, 18CS- .
. Emtous, Avai.anchb I ace In
your paper of this morning a copy of
a letter 10 ine t;incmnnu commer
cial, from thelrspeclal cnrrospontlent
at this city, dated on the 28th August,
Inwhiohhe profwses ta give a de
tailed report of a eonversatitKi with
me on publlo affbirs.
I do not desire to charge tho writer
of that letter with having willfully
misrepresented what J said to him,
but I regret to see that he so far mis
understood me as to make several Im
portant mistakes In attempting to re
peat what I really said in regard to
the condition of this country.
I had an interview with him this
morning, In which he promised to
correct the mlsstatementsof his letter,
and I inclose a note I havo just re
ceived from him to that etlbct.
1 have no hesitation in expressing
my views on publio matters to any
person who may bo interested in
them, but, as you are well aware. I
am no politician without either tfie
right or the desire to be considered a
leader; and I wish it to be distinctly
understood that In all that I may
liave said, written or spoken, I have
attempted to express only my indi
vidual opinions, and that no other
person or party is in any way respon
sible for or bound by th'cm.
I desire, however, in justice to
myself, that what I have said may
lie fairly and truthfully represen
ted, so that it may not be misun
derstood cither by uiy friends or my
I am, gentlemen, very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
N. B. Forrest.
Front a Horse-Illnnliet
Dmttn In a J,nee Veil
Mr. C. M. Robinson, of Chatham Four
Cornel's, N. V., writes: "You remember that
In October, IHtiO, J bed of you some sewing
maehlnes. Onn of them my family have
uswl to do all Uiulr work, on all kiiids of
goods, from a horse-blanket, down toalare
veil; and it ha" never cost us a cent for re
pairs, except two needles. Orn onil.x KltoM
si'cckss asp KAsr." trotter to Wilcox A
CiibljsB. M. Co., March iS2, lti
A Mistaken Idea Corrected.
Mrs. Wm. K. Hemele. of Mldlesbury, Vt",
uuderdiiteol July 7, isim, wrltos: "I wish to
speult a word for your machine. Ilctbre us
ing It, Ins strongly impressed with the idea
that a double-threaded machine must be
superior; but, after having used your ma
chine two and a half years, I mil prepared
tossy that I woi'I-n Nor EXi'iIANOE THE
Wll.I.t'OX UlIUlS Kolt AMY 'IMI'HI,K.
The Faults of Others.
Mrs. O. N. Denning,' Rochester, ' N. Y.,
wrili! "I have used one oryonrtnnchlnes
fifteen months, nnd It hnsiylven perlect sut
isliioUon. land it veryeaMy'0v"'ate: not
liable to get out of order, and capable of
doingevci y variety of work; while It Is en
tirely free from many mulls of other ma
chines, such asrimpplng stttchiwiuid draw
ing lliesejime. Is tierto Wilcox undUiblji
S. M. Co., April 2, 141.
Attention Ladles fn future wo will
kep nearly every kiud of Hewing Mnebliie
Neeilles. also Machine Thread and silk of
ie oesi quality.
Wo will order any kind rf a Rowing Ma
c'lino, deliver It in the city, and glvo in
structions to unii it, eleugiiig Haw York
priees, with freight lidded.
' To test anil eoliioare the different stlebes.
a.'id to got informat ion a to tho price of ulf
Ilr. t class hewing Machines, call uiul seo
, ADAMS & CO.,
v At P. II. Porter's Furniture Wore,
tf.) Cliu-ksvlllo, Ten n.
Ve are Delighted With It.
Miss N.'arj Ann Rani, of Rnrdstown, Ky
writes to Wjlleox ttlbbs: "Your machine
Is at hand . tied 't auk np.i.iaiiTRn with
it. Ourslt t'le only one of the kind in this
pbiee, and bvjsuv kb tii at skkh it is dk
l.ioiiTEu w.'T.tir AUHO."
At tho residenC of tho bride's mot her. In
Riissellvllle, Ky., T'lursdiiy. August snth,
ull bv Rev. Joseph M. Malone, Mr. K. ,1.
Alley, of Cedar Hill ,Teuii.,iuid Miss. I.ucle
MuCl.KAN,of RUHsul.'v.llo, Ky.
On Tuesday. Hont. 8th. it. the residence of
Dr. J. S. Miller, by Rev. V. O. Plasters, Mr.
iiaki.ks Rookos. lociu etltoroi the Lou
isville tViiri.T, to Miss JIolunoh-
woKTit.of Robei'tsoD county, teun, .
tm Ibe Stb Inst., at tho reridenen of Dr.
Jumes I'eiilue, at the Motitli o. Jliupetli, by
ltev. H. P. Wright, Mr. It. .Ioiinhon Uihmu
riiK.K, of this citv, to Miss It. A. Hinion.
At the residence of F. ti. Irwin. Hi this
eny, oil me ill II lllN1.,OI COIlgesllon, IlAltV,
uuiitiiiier oi i no line l ot. feugg, agoii .s'vmt
years and ten mouths.
The I toil ley Wagon In making for It
self the best reputation of any work over
sold iu this country. We refer the pulilic to
those who are using this work, including
some of tho oldest teamsters in the city ami
surrounding country. if it thi ilfhttnt
rnnlur s km. Made iu Wheeling
Virginia, loom ol der. Call and cxamlno it,
ut K. K IIhisoiiukst A Co'a.
K.-pt. 11, ISHH-tf.
Feremplorjr Hale of Fnrnitnre. On
Hut unlay, 1.1 li Inst., will he sold, In front of
my Auction Rooms, Franklin strvel, ut 11
o'clock a. M., a varied assortment of new
and socoiid-huiid Furniture, consisting of
fliuirs, llureuus, Wunlrobua, WuaftMuuds,
illliaa Desks, Muttinss s, Tables, ,vc, Nile
positive, without reserve,
vpt. II, 'IM tf. T. II. llYMAsr.
Our ftloek of New Clothlua for Men
lel Hoya Is now being received. Ureal
pains have lst-n taken lo get goods to suit
lour tr:tdo, seasons and times. Our prices
' hiH be us low as the g.iods can be sold.
I The st oik now good, nnd will Is kept well
nssorte,! tbiouuhnut the season. We arc
I prepared lo save our friends sonic money
j In making their purchases for this fall end
winter. Wu nvui Ltullv solicit vour rails.
and hold ourselves In reudliuss to serve
you. AI. C. PITMAN A CO.
Cluiksville.Sept. 11, imJ.-Jw
A Tarlety ol' l.ale Nlylea of Hals
sail I ls, at M. C. I'lliimii ,V Co.'s fur men
and buys. Call and pet IheremA.
ist'pt. II, 'm -'t.
- cure Vnr.- Forrest'-jni inri Tnr
,M ltl,(H, (, ,1, r',,l,l il,-,., ry...
, . . -
moiu v l .u ic. l'i.n'..ii cents per bottlo.
Kil I wleilesii.e und I'tlsil, l y
S. li. MLWAkl.
rs pt. Uth '-i-;'iu.
TheOnind Anctlon RnleonTaesday,
the l.llh. of Fvery thing New, Faefnl
and Ornnmentnl, by Mrs. Rogers, at the
store of T. II, Uy man, Esq... Franklth street
Tho present Issue Will be the last time wo
shall liaVe to call the attention of the resi
dents of otir city and vicinity to the above
sale. We havo seen some of the goods nnd
assure all that a chance Is Olfe-rcd to secure
bargains, such as Is roreljvnet. Tho lino of
Silver Plated ware will be particularly com
plete, nnd every pleeo will be sold under a
guarantee. Again wo urge upon all to 13
on hand at Tho Grand Auction Sale on
Tuesday morning, tho 15th, at the storo of
T. 11. llyinan. Franklin street..
W A Kln.n In nnnr wllll m.nf'IT MlOft.
Inviting all his friends to call on hlin.
They have already received, direct from
Boston, a splendid stock of enstom made
Ladles and Uonts' .Shoes and Boots. Their
Una atzick of of TtoaiLv-nuula Clothlns will
soon reach here. The Dry Ooods and No
tion Uue will also ite completed shortly.
we also have'a stock ef noddies ror sale at
raanufacturer's prices. Blocu Rbos.
Bepl. 4, TO-JIW. r . - -
A Vkbt Ooob Tkiso. Prepared with nr
tislle beauty, with chemical purity nndex
astnesK, selected and combined aenording
to extensive medloul experience, unique in
in finish nnd flpiwnranco, pleasant to the
taste, nevor affecting the head, ears or
nerves, and never falling In Ita remodlal er
fecta by cleansing the stomach, arousing
the liver, and acting as a powerful nnti-
perlodlo Dramgoolo & Co.'s King of Chills,
one dollar per bottle, Is the boasted
physician's combination or the present, any
for all forms of chills and fever, neuralgia
sun pain, aching of tho Joints and' bones
and nil complaints for which quinine is so
extensively employed. Hee advertisement
headed 'rent Southern Preparations." For
sale by Thomas Ftnlcy.
Kept. 4th lsos Iw.
To the Citiwc Montgomery Count; and
vicinity.' The fall season will soon l hero,
and nil persons Unending to havo Painting
and Renovating done this full, should en
gage their work or make tholr contnicts at
once. If they will notice the market quo
tations, they will see that Unseed oil has
advanced rtfteen per cent. In the past few
days and Is steadily on the rlso, nnd every
other inutorlul In our line Is advancing iu
price, such as load, glass, 4c. -
Those persons who mny favor us with a
call know that If they engago their work or
mako their contracts at once, It will enable
us to purchosensupply of innterlul at pres
ent prices, and wo can nltbrd to do their
work clieupur now than If It Is put off till
later In tho season and material at an ad
vanced price.
Wc return our sincere thanks for the very
liberal patronage we have roceived from
this community the past spring and Hum
mer, and hope, by doing our work In a sub
stantial and workmanlike manner and at
reasonable prices, to merit a continuance
of the same. Respectfully,
" W. L. GABui&Eit 4 CO.,
House Painters and Decorators.
Shop, Pink Corner, on Strawberry Allay,
bock of Coulter, Ilillman ft Co's.
Aug. 21), '08-lm.
Grand AncllonNale.KJoort News for
the I.adies.A Chance to act Clouds
at Your Own Price. Mrs. Rogers, of the
well known House Furnishing Emporium,
will visit our city on the 15th day of (Sep
tember, and oflerto our citizens, and espec
ially the Ladles, at auction, at the rooms of
Mr. T. II. llyinan, Franklin streot, a splen
did selection from her fall Importations and
purchases of the followlngcoinplete assort
ment: Decorated china toilet sets, vn.ses
and general ornaments; Rohemlan glass
powderet, vases, caraffes, liquor eats, de
canters, An.', Ivs,.vases, smoklngsets, spti
toons, tobacco-Jars ; Parian marble ware;
void band chluadiuncr nnd tea sots; white
china dinner and tea seta, nnd extra pieces;
cut aiulngraved glasswuro, and plain flint
gloss, table mats, waiters, table cutlery, sll
vor plated ware, an elegant variety, and all
goods will 1 guaranteed as represented and
tho reputation Mrs. Rogers has established
among our citizens for truo representation,
shall busuHtained In thissalo. Ooods will bo
on exhibit lou three days before tho sale.
Quart und half-gallon fruit Jar now on
hand. aug. 21-tt.
UINQ will open a MusicSchool.at her resi
dence, tho 1st Monday in September, 168.
Terms J30 00 per session of twenty weeks.
Use of Piano, S3 00. Instruction In thor
ough base. Tlireo lessons will be given a
week, and each lesson three quarters of on
hour long. Tuition payable In ndvnnco.
No deduction unless for protracted illness.
uuiy if, inuo-am. ...
Hoard Ing. Mi's. K. C.RIggs Informs the
publio that she is prepared to board two
families ; also day boarders nnd school girls.
Residence ou corner of Main and Fourth
Cross streets. Terms moderate. Apply soon.
Aug. 21, 'tW-lw.
Just Hrcelved at Ham. llrockman's
Repository tho largest shipment of Ruggy
and Carrtngo work miwle to tho city of
Clnrksvllle slnco tho war. Call and exum
ine them Is fore purchasing.
Aug. 11, 'W-lm.
M ll i rw OI TT Why numberless old
rope clothes lines, rotting In this damp
weAthor. Now there U no reason for this ;
nor (allow us to say) no sense In It, when
you can, for a very small sum, procure a
will lost you a long as yon live, and will
prove tho greatest convenience you ever
They will no! rust.
They will not dirty tho clothes.
Tho clothes will not freeac to them.
In short they are tlio very thing.
We warrant all this. Cull and buy one,
at C. II. MiiRUIK( A CO'S.
. Agents for the manufacturers.
May 22, lSt'is-ti'
at tiih
Is tho mill iulted Agent for tho
IiOiilsvllleConrier, Robertson Rsj;lsUr,
Ismlsvllle .Tbnrniil, Riissellvllle Herald,
Nashville Iiiinncf, Po How's fteview,
" I'nloii Dispatch, end the
" Oiisette, Hiinniri.Ttht!8iuth';
iillted by Father Abrnin Ryan, huthor of
tho "I'omiuered liuiiiur," Ac., and 1'oet
Laureate of thoKoulii.
Kubsctij.tlons forwarded frei (J eKaryt
when (L-e'.;ni:ftniv(l by thiciuh.
July 3, 'tis jut.
Hccri Iteeril-Net the same beef of the
fneienl Scotchman, Hook, bet real lilceeuts
rom tin well fulled be. f cattle of modem
times, kept lor sale at thu city market
house, lUitter know n h elm ken coop), ev
uy ma: kct morning. When you eomo to
majl.et call at my stall und siieply your-
st ives will! ifmuethlng that will do to e Aaitd
Yuurs truly,
. ,, Tom. MiMams.
April SI, lfcig-ly.
A IJood hnnce ror NoiueliiMly.oW
la Ibe Time 16 Make a ood Inveal-
Ulent.-A very diiruhlu and 1I selected
stock of lioisls. lib a nrsi-rate run of city
and country trude, for sale. Tho part
wlslu to M il out 1th u lew of rt uiovirg
to another Hate. Tho terms are uy
enough - mi money wanted ut the present
nng. fur fm iher partuul.-irs. lull on or
udilieas ihf r.ipnetort tie t hionlclti.
Juiiu ;u. i-: t.
' me:
W. II. Tcrklkt, Bon Woomiridoh,
Clarksvllle, Tcnn.-"" "Trigg County Ky.
Turnley & Wooldridge,
' ani5
Elephant Firt-Proo WareluHM,
Prltnnrv and ProDaratnrv Aidiool for
fioy and Girls, on Monday, tho 7th day of
oupieiiiuur next, in iiiiscity.
! f ' "' TBRMSt : r .. -
RnnllltlO llMln. W.lllni.n..,l A .1.1, ,.n. In
- uv"i. I'K, " llHllfinilMHlUIIIIIMHl,
pur session of twenty ,weiks..........U 60
PREl'ARATORT departmknt.
- (With the above.) . . .
Grammar. Comnosltlon. Tflstorvand tleor.
rnphy, per session of twenty woeks !17 6U
Payable monthly In advance.
Matriculation fee f 1 00
No deductions made for abseuoc, exoept
luvunmui liiotirtLcwHi iniiesn.
Notice of tho place will be given hereaf
ter. Aug. H.'flMt. .
N" a s li v i 1 1 o .
Well Tried anil Reliable.
W. J. THOMAS...,
JUBIillll NASH.,
.View President.
OFFICE Second National Rank building
(first tloor), College street.
Local Agent,
Arril 17, ltHiH-tf. -
mm, bros. to.,
Paints, Oils,
Window Glass, .
Fancy Goods,
Perfumery, Soaps,
Brushes of all kinds,
Dyo Stuffs,
Domestic Liquid Dyes,
Pure Wines,
Bourbon Whiskey,
French Brandy, .
And all articles neces
sary or useful in the Sick
iioom. -
We are reeciflng fresh sii plies, erery
week, and prepared to furnish any quan
tities the market may demand, '
We call the attention of Contractors.
Uutldera and I'aintars, to our largo itock ol
ami Window Glass, and all articles In the
wny of rullltsra uiaterial, which we tin
selling at a small advance on muumi
facturera' prices. Orders from physicians
promptly filled, nt the sign ol the "Die
Uuld i'en," Franklin 8t,vLAUrioV 1LLE
August 10, l07-tf. ,
To the Citizons of Olarksville and
Surrounding Country.
1 returned from ths Kustern Allies Willi a
lai'Ke rttock of the best brand of French Cnlf
Hkliin, together Willi a very large stis-k of
niuicriuioi every icinu lor munuioeiuring
of tlio latest styles, nil of ayhlch I bought
inr ensil. which enoien nie in miiihw mh
kinds ol llools and Kiu.'cnitt gnsMly reduced
Iirici-, A large stock of lourte work on
land, which I warrunt, at greater reduced
All mending dono with neatness and dls
M'ith many thanks for tho liberal patron
aae, lor miiiiy yeai'N, of my old friends ami
customers, Mnost reKueclluIiy olleH.i con
tlniiuuos of liiusnmu.
Boots and Choea
tlentlomon r'esldlng'ln tho country, by
oarel'inlv exaiiiliiing the following cuts, cuu
lake (heir own meunure, and send to the
old and well known liontandKhoeHfand of
lohli Itlck. West Hide I'31U rvjuuie, VIUI K.S-
ui&, 4eiuiesso, wnen u
.f proisiily tuken bl' Die follovVi
Dlrrctlons for Measuring tlio Foot.
Vv,(, place ths foot on a piece ofriper
and tra-u the out I live ol sainu with a peinil,
wbli h will give lli. Icnilh unit spread of
the 1'iiit, an Kbowu II) lltflire A.
Nei- ,rf. M utie I he ii.llowinx uiensiirenienta
lneii. a a oil Irucllolia. with la en iihusiii-u. us
hoiiu n in iiuure il, viz:
I-!.- 'I be ball of Ihe foot,
2d. -The JoW lnsleo.
ii i. -The high iuisli p.
lib.- riie luel.
si h -Ti,,, tinkle.
tiMi.-Tl,,. calf. .
Arrll IT, !Hii6-iim.
ri-ni'i'o rAnTNKnsnu'iir.nrrnFonK
I im if4 under the firm style of Tin n by
v V'i :i: b,.m, was rtitnlved on the Mm day
of .In y, I'M. I.y uiutilal culipeiil. Mr. Turn.
ley t nutlinria d tu nw Piu In in name in
selilrig uulltd bwsines.
t. W. WrAHltHH.
Ail 1, 'M-4W.
Spring' and Summer
1 H
Wo have just opened an
entirely new stock of Spring
and Summer Goods, pur
chased early, at low prices.
Our stock of
AND r. .
Bleached Domestics
la very large, ahri nil boiignt before tlio
Aro Vom the best maker in tho United
States (so-called),, and if you want a shoe
to lit a Southern Imly right, call on us.
. U -It .1 ' 1 J V., .
. Our Stock of ,
Laces, ltc,
Aro very Pretty.
Brussels ' and Ingrain
Arc Pretty, Good, and Cheap.
Spurt Cotton and Heavy
Brown Sheetings
Aro from (lie best Factory In Tennessee.
In a word, onr itock It complete, nnd wift
be kept to by continued aJitUiuus.
il to pice J. M. MCR, lis) f -baser f
tlieso guo4.s, and lie rcgulalof of prices i
tb! house, km new been uniswld yet
and docf not IntM 4 Mi. IWf w
botij!it eiclmivcly for
c ' n 11 1
And being sold ftrf tb ittmc, we nre able to
eill them at
Retail or Wholesale,
Ai low si tliey can be bought hi Louuville
6t Nasbville.
Tenders his Ihstikt to bis old frlruJi for Ibe
liberal p:iliuiiage cttcn.li J to hlta fit ffifmi r
dsys, and Will tie plccicd te tut them ull
ngsln rery toon.
nil. BRO&DDUS & CO.
Mih ;o,
(3-HE AT
A covered nlnid Orrenlnnd's ley moun
tains, nor Africa's burning sands t they
were not bn-sthed In thornier Iron, rolling
cIouiIn, nor belched from incltliiit volesnos;
they were not bionvlil forth from Chaos by
Intuition, nor illnc.vered by accident In a
fur oil clime; bulloti are the remit of a
lone hntfiite experience in in the Kouthern
..nd Western hliites, Ix-lng prepnrcil bv rets-
lilar irriiiliiiil,! ,,livnleli,iu u-f,l. ...
. ' . . i i-iii.imi i niceuii noil, un" u"mh
by the nesllenl I'rolefcNion all over I tie
'I ho piiblle have lone deninnded n elnss
o Itelluble family netllrlnen, prepnr
cd by the niedieul protc.ioii, iidupttMl to
lie ileum, wailll llllll IICCCNMII CM Ol eilCII
und every family, and we have now sup
plied that want.
rhysioiam frcucribi Them (
DruggMs JCccowmcwl Them ! I
, JAirmcrt and J'lantcra arc Ving
"' ' f7iet Oi their Fuiniliil in '
' ' ' Lieu of- nil other -'
' '. 1'rcpuratiotm. -
Wherever nnee liitrmln
oin'ii iruiy woiuiertul. WJiIlo from Ibe
frigid climes of tlio North to tlio torrid
xouea of the Holitli. anil fi-mn tl, .',i.in,
sborosof the A Untitle to the WcHteiii shores
oi i lie iiieiiie, me pealtnir and discordant
iniiiiiieni oi ouniiineeery are irinliiiR
n.niiijr l J1MI I III' mr, 1 lie HOIt llllll COIIV I HO"
lna- tones of seienee have come to ,itir m.
cue, und now make stromr npiwala, uiion
your calm reason nnd Judgment to try our
miiuiii.1i, in,inii.iiiK iiiuv iiiey win Kl onoe
merit your esteem hud continence.
o it e -a- t ;
Southern Preparations !
Tbesp nro the standard Family Medicines
i . j inv uirnvum-u Hlltl UfUHl
ly ln meilimil proff-Msion. They nro vro
ui.-1 1,-.. jin' uriorilHu anil UH1MJ
imitsti tty uvfrjr inuiiiiT inu minor. J ht-y
ImtiuHlinti'ly merit puhlir (ttviii nn1 con-
M.-i uiu iiv'iiu.ti uy irii3 Nii'ianit wiKi nn
tin nntr..tl.i....i I... f. i
s.j xivuiii i -- 17 uiu i.uiiKn'm i 1 lie
ii.IimI Hlntitu 1111.I il.n r 1
U-dMidt. cxiH-rlfMH-o. lining nvltlmr mMrtlri
tin It.'ultl.liovr lit irl iiliiii A f..l.lu..l .s
hourly recoiumt'naatlou.
TllOUSnilds Of onr follow linlmrnorn nun,,.
IlllV COllHlirillHl'to 11111 illli'tv 1,1-iivi.H n. I !..
dydiK groiina of idd imd veiimr nro eim-
niuuiiy cryiiiir niouo Tor roiiei iriun lunr
rbo, cboleru Morbus, Ac, Ah a rtvuilt ol
much scientific resenrcli, nnd ft lonir and
ftlltllful exiH'rienei' we olt'crn lti.iii,.,lv r...
nil tboso Hummer Coint'lnlnlH wblcb 1
iileiiMiinl nnd nevcr-liillliiK In itselleetH.
No iiiolbcr sliould lull to liuvu a sujiply ol
Red Dlarrlifja Remedy,
Prepareil with nrtlstie benuty.wlth ebeml
11 1 . j ...... 1 ai.. iiiiivi, rvii-vu ii llllll ('(Jill.
blued ucconllmi to extensive medical ex-
imitum, 1 inu in 11111111 ami RIIJICIU'HIICC,
mild, pleaHiint nnd i-oolinir to Ibe Kt n iiix-li ,
and never-liilliua in remediul vll'ects. tlie
unerrliiKllnKerol' Irnlli points lo lliollKli
1UAHUIHKA HKMKUY na tlio boasted
eoiiibiiiatloii of tbedny lor nil forms of 1I
nrrliwa, t'bolern, t'lioleru Merbus, Nuusuu,
. .'Mtlllllfl, i.1,11.1., t,-Hl,
Vrliw, SI l.l ir. .l.iiiln.f.ae.m 1... .
all parts of the country on receipt of price.
Bold by all drtiiwlsts.
. J. V. I)ltMO(K)LF, A CO..
. rupneiors, jtiempiiis, Tuiinvsseo,
English iPemale Bitters.
Tliey will restore fndlnff fcmnlo beauty,
tba KUtberlmt storm tbat en'cln'U'H your
orow, will Him nrlKliluess and lustre U)
jour meiess eye, will Hive orllllnncy and
activity to your dull intellect, wljl sootbe
aud strenutlieu your slmttereil nerves, M(l
tone, bealth and buoyuncy to your whole
How WIU Thai Do Atl Thi t
..wwhiib, .'bii,,.(i,k iifiu n-niurillK nil
llrl, C .m u ) . ... ... I .... 1 .... . . . ,1.1 ....
.....ni.n v.. .. ,i,-a,l njr ITJIIUIVIUU. JJ
eurliiK all tboso eompbUiiis peculiar to the
vi,,t,, A , miuu (Nl 1 IUII1UJ, OIUll'CHlMMl Of
iiicKuuii ti'iiHirii.iLioii, ii. siei'iu, ixucor
rlioju, i'rolupsus I'torl, 1'loerntiou and Irrt
Uiblllty of the Womb, rains lu the Hldo
(mil M.,lii,,fll.ll,. i I. .il i
llenrt, HuliiiniiiiK and UlddlncKs of Hie
lleiMj.lold iieet und Hlilius, Nei-voiisneKS,
Hi-k lli'iuliii'he, a KeelliiK of Siiiloeiitlon,
.i,iiin,iiH,iiii,ii w filler rH.'ieiy, lino nil m
Khmiui. iirlul,,.. r.-,....' .l........Ll , nil...
oi tlio uterine syBlein, wbelber li Heel I on
umui jiiiuik. llllll i tun iir niniR. llllHCOIll.
Huud is neither secret nor patent, but Is
prepiueii and oilered by tlio legulur lueill
oul piolessiou.
Wo havo hundroils slmilnr to tho follow
In ir, from nn eminent pliyslclun of Carroll
county, Miss.)
Meurt. J, t Dromguola & Co.:
Asyotff "LfKltMh Femalo lilttors" fs hel
tbbr a secret uor a puU.iit, I Iiuvm fruuiit
iy prescrilied It for the various female com
plaints ol our uountry, aud always with tlio
most siitiNfiielory results. It is ilecldodly
lliemosl valuiible aombiuntion 1 biiveever
known for tint treatment of IIiohu ciiiii-
IllllllllM tM.tlltl.v tt Ihit AiiimlA ...
youiix, and I to not licsimte U ulva It a
bearty recommendation. Jts astonishing
cuiisshnvu won for ft inuny l.inrels in far-
roll county, mid I hope lu elltoiunoy may
bo heralded all over tho country, that Hie
medical profi-Kslou and the female Qommu
nity may roan lisndvaiiuieei,.
U. W. VA8HEII, M. D.
The English Female Witters Is accurately
mid beiiuilliilly put up in large iMittlw., ut
fi.H0 IH T bot tle, or lllliHl lioLLlea fur R iai
ouel(ottlu luslluR llUiul tVWp weulls, Mbtp.
pint to nil pin ts of the country on rcociiit
of price. Kold by nil drui;Klstn. I
J. r. JIHU.MUUlll.lC er C1.',
rroprlefofs, Muinpbls, TenuOswe.
Kidney aud Bladder Affections
Aro exeeedingiyeommon nnd troublesome'
all over I ho ci iu n try, and the public buve
liuiK felt the neisinslty of n romiily that can
lie leliixl u ion in nil tlioso ullections. and
mine are lutier iiuallrlitd to prepare sircb a
remedy than the plij'Hlel.tii biinself. We
haVe priii!) teed inedleliio about twenty
yeurs, and can sutely say tbat we tiuow of
uu combination toeimul our
KiTiixnnsiftittiji Axn menu.
It is roeomniended to efrfo all derange!
mcntsof tlie Kldiieysnnd llladder, aueli as
(iravul, Urinary liepostta of nil kinds,
bloody or Milky Urine, fieaiient duklre to
I'rliuiU.', ruin In ibo f-iuall of thdliack,
liull liurniua- 1'aln In tlie Itoition of the
llladder, Uout, lbopsy, NeavousTrnmbliirM,
Mcliilicbolly, Kvll I'orelioilniKH, Kllvets f
ItaliilHol liUslimtlou or 1-uiy Abuse, Iimi
of 1'ower ami Mcmoiy, und all IIiokh iuIi iv
lions reiinrlnr( a pioinpluud drcldud Uiu
relic, wli.ilii'i old or young, male or teinnlu.
l'rice f 4u, oi six botlbts for tu.ui. Kl.ip
lud Iii all paitaoi'ibo counlry ou reouiot
I pace. Mold bv all dnmeislrf.
J. 1'. MtOMUiMiMO A CO.,
rroprletors, Meiiiphw, 'JVnnessee.
I 1 1 1 f s
s t I I b I I I s
s I I I li r b I 1 1 s
(III here bills
, nllllicfafrhljld
s I I I b e f o a A 2 o f e b I I I
I l I li c ttn n I it ( n I r li i I I
all Ik cfe k ulK iuisfclitjli
sill b r I u I n I ll lull: bills
I 1 I I) e f o a it a I t I I I i
I I I I li M ii a u 1 1- li I I I
s I I i b e f o f e hills
s I I I li e r e h I 1 I
1 r I I li h I I I
I I I h I I I
s I I I I I
s I I e
'fftc, nlmva will eur e niiy'ense of chilli,,
even ol Ktx iiinullis hlamUiiu. mitboul uf
rifitln ll,, head, ears, or nerves. It nroil
w s iii siimiai li und liver, carries oil the
bile, und eftiH-m iermanciit cures, lu ibe
MWauiis of ArUtiunaH. wbi'i-,1 tbu i-bills ure
ho common ami u tiilln ult tu eum.llicy
reailllv yield wlieu tietd Willi our King
Ol I'llillM.
1'irt tip In l.iru-e bottb s nt l .fi. or six Ixd
iIi k lor l i m. nt to all in 1 1, of ih coun
lry on r.i eipl ol juice, bold by ail iliuj.
l'i-II'i- ltM,
t or shIh lv Tlioo. t'inley , t rdublla
kirerl, lajkatllle, liau,
,li.;.v ,(, i.M iy
We' only remeuV for CliTTl ahil Fere'r 6V
Ague and Fctrer that is or can bo depcndisl
upon islliirlev's AeueTonie, There liacbceii
thouwindi cured by using it ttlio had IrHsf
ttie usual remedies tritllOul bctielU;' bul lit"
no rnso nils
rallrfl to c ffcrl it f nrr.' Aii'wiio liarr
used it cheerlully tell their amb led fritada
of It as a sura and certain curu for chills and
fever. Any one sniTcring from Hie cliilln
wotiM- consult llieir owti liile'rcdt' by lerHinf
to adftljf urtrc and httyln a lottlt. It ie
plenf.int to bike, compared Willi others, anil
will be cerlain lo cute nil rased of fsrer aiuV
ague or chills and fercr. KcntT fur il lu the"
proprietors,' '
As this Is really n unccific for wornili, arn
the bett and mott paltitnhlt arm In (rive lit"
children, it il not surpi'ising' titiit il la Inst la',
king the place of nil other t'lrrpiimtions for
worms il being perfectly tnstclsiiauy i lulcT
will lake it. . .
JAMK8 RUDDLTi k CO r rroerietors.
Stomach Bittcrsy
. .. ' '. Debility , v ,.
I.oss of A ppe-'
" tile, Weakness, Tn.
, di(i'slion1or Drspepsia,
Want of action nt Ihe Liver, .
There nre no Hitters that i-nn conipure
itli these in removing these distressing
complaints. For ehlo or nn fio had at if-;
drug store in the United stales, dt rrnhl (h(l
proprietors. JAM Ed liUUDI.K k (XL
' ... ... ' Iioultvllle,' Ky.
Hurley's Sarsaparilla!
Of all tho romedies that hnre liccn discori
cred nuritie the present nee for the "IhouS
sand ills thai flesh Is heir to," nne cqunl
(Ins wondetliil prrparnlion. Only len yeard
hnreelnpsi'd since the discoverer (whoswnt
it decado in studying c ipf rlments, and prr
'veling it) first introduced it to ,tlio public,
and il is Already lecognir.ed by the most em
inent phynivinns In nil pnrfl of the Ninnffy,
to bo the most surprising nnd effective reme
dy for certain diseases of which they iiavr
All oiherComp6iiniTs or Syrupa bt iit'it
root hare hitherto failed to command the
sanction of the Faculty, becnura on being
tested, they hare been found lo contain nox
ioss Ingredienls which ficulrnlize the pooil
effecti of tho S.irsniuirilln. and oftentimes in
jure tlio lieullU 6f the patlrut. it hi not sd
with li urley b preparntioo.
This Is the pure and genuine extract of the
root, and will, on trial, be foutnl to effect
certain nod porfctt euro of Ibo iblluwiug
complaints nnd diseased :
A flections of the Bone., ntr!us.l Coslivcncei.
Debility, Dlsensts nflbi Kidncj l)y
. pepsin, Erysiptliu, Female Irregular.
Ities. Fistula, nil skin disease '
Ltviit Coiiiplalnt, Indigea
tioii, Piles, l'ulmo
, nary Dissnies, .
' 11 Syphilis, .
Scrofula, or King'i T.rt.
UseJamcd ftuddln k fjo.'s ftxlract Ja
msicA (linger, for all Humfncr Complaints,
Cholera, Crumps, Indigestion, &c. This Is
pure Oinger, and can be relied on.
Notice to Mothers
We have, bv tifrrchnde. of tho orleTnal re
ceipt, liecome sofo pfopflelors of Ihis celebra
ted Medicine. We ask you to give it a trial
with nn assurance thai you will In future
discard atl Uip ntuscoui noil dcstrucllv
slufls, such ai f)s!(enian'd Drcpi, Godfrey'
Cordial, Ilewee'a Mixture, 4c, cumbinsllons
of a past and thti-progressive ng tt'lled'JV
was thought that the more dis;UsUug (lie
mixture ths better the medicine.
Use In the future only StAtiaobk'i, a cord
bi nation quite 11,1 with Ihe savsncemcnl of
th age.- IMeasntitto take, hurmtedd In' It
action, cRlcieut and reliable in all esses. InJ
valuuble in the following dtoeaset r
Summer Complalnti Irrcfm!ari
lies or me bo.ch, Kentlve
ness, Tcclhlnff, Ac.
GItci health lo tb child and rett lo tht mothtt.
Wm enidif ivlirii tMv AnrfnUI ..mIAmI
, " Fi" ' " V -l' ..... n.ww
bearing e'ldcnccs of its superior qnaliliesy
but Iirefff that our inciliclno should .land nn
its own merits, which it will do ripon trials
mi. sEAsaoox
CHur of Pyrophosphate of Irou
and Calisnja.
Tills elegnnt comhtnatiob posj'mjcl al! itit,
best tokio proiertim of peruvinrt baik and
Inin witliiiul IliM dikairemiblM ln.t anil luid
elfecll of eithef, sepuraUly of in other prep,
orations, of these valuable medicines. It
should be luken in ull esses wirn a geiillu
tonie Impression Is required niter coovaiss
cence I'rotn rrriiid or other dcbiliinting dri'
easel, or in t)uMi di.lri-Miiiif iRssOL'Udina
peculiur to females. No l inuls slioald be
nilhoul il, if liablii to inch diseases, for noth
ing can well take Hi place.
English Horse Liniment
Has proven 1 11 f one of the belt Llulnicnfs
mndu fur t-'pintri', llrniics, Ac, In sM cases
wlien ttird liir . ii tier mini or beast, and will
do all we claim for il. Try a bottle, and we
nre sall.llid yod will fieTcr nfleiwnrds u
uuy oilier,
JAMKS IU iI)I.K & ( 0.,
-11, 1 Jullitt Htr't
For s.ile bv H. II. Sieasrt, Tims. Fio!y
snd 1. 'it ton I'ii.h , l'lnilnvilc( Tray,
11, D, IdOl iy.

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