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Clarksville chronicle. (Clarksville, Tenn.) 186?-1872, December 18, 1868, Image 2

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a. nuu.trr. . ., . ... .7. A. uhant.
tt,ifns anu mwiiUTTOiii',.
rRTinvYiU,.!.br.c. i, JSCS.
. . 1 1 1 " 1 i
: Vii pti'LlTBh' to'My'uH ' Jruk4i oMIte
Pi-lij.A4' Mng n wc ,nfti- find
root for, niidns much of it o is- ol
cchernl Interest td- the' -Southern
riii(e. ' It. U ' fecatlilntf rcbuftd of
Radical legislation, and the- hijrhc-it
trotfiplimeM to its firoc and truth is to
bo founy in- the nrtKry 'amt' Indeco
rous lns-tuicr of iu reception by buth
lIouev. uf Congress. -A 4 parting
Mow at ItadlimUin, it would f.iil with
tullfnfj-firo; irpon' Any but' A people
LJiudlJ ly ignorance and passion and
oontroUod by dewlfjuinif kn ives. -.
'fhm hue Mid ry raised nfralnst the
rrtjljlilir'nt tipoh ha njwuniptlijii' thai
lid "tnum .h'imlmtioh, proves two
iuut.it tht ono It the- airiness of (Uo
'Hmlicalrr lyInK,. find tlie other 1b
ttit'lr I trt'iiln'thin' lest ' tn',' people,
wjitu underitdiidiug lioy,'.' little, the
government realled for its boiuls, by
liie poMitHlidrtrd, nd tliuttlie bond-
lwlera hai c oTrcudy j-ceel vt'cT, in gold1
iMtrno(rmou: H-u tlu.-y.pald fur the
bonds, will demand that tho dobt bo
pftd n kind, ortwrcptirtlafod. When
tihls It) fiiirly undorstiod ftiut ftppivcl'
ntod by Um nnvsoB,;,'vUh tlio uUJU
Uonal ftiot that the laliorin?mtn pay
tftx npcm all tliry own ninl' ill they
couftuuic, AVlulttt, Uie iwtianuiii'jf U p.v-
oiupt fi-om taxutiou upon hilt tlmu
Hftndsand millions in iKmd.-i, nd tlie
lbt 8(111 Jnerpai'lngj the pcoplrt will
Hf that the ,debt muxt bo piUd In
gT(Hmiittck ior-rppitdliit'o'l; .or rnin
Jtitit l' ttif ToMilt. " Th 1 rrcHldent
foresees tWt result, nnd 'became hi;
would iwort it by pu.tviutio nnlwite
lOfflKlatlon, tho mwuonavy k nates
Cho hold thd ichi of power peryert
llalioho4 and truthful adiuonltlotiij
itoivdvafy ofthe vury evils ngniimt
whioh h Wamkthum. Not h inc. in
tho fiifuiv, (o dearer to ourmlnd than
wpiiillutlon, unless it bo averted bylsanio thing, are filled with rage and
measure which have the sanction of jmob spirit, because, men in authority
jilntlco and are demanded ly tho host tell them what tlveyareand the crimes
tntercsts of tlig country. Look at the they have committed against liberty
tuoUBs they ,wlll c.omo to bo undur-jnnd justice-the people and their most
Htoofl by thu people! , , vital Interest- .., " '.'
' irt tho' frst place,, the holders of
lipiids'area favored class, paying no
tax upon'thelr often Ul-gutten wealth,
whilst tho laboring men pay upon all
they hreVorth nnd then pay nil that
flibuldbo exacted from tho favored
oUfts. .In the Kecond placo, those fa-,
vowl few have their duns paid hi gold,;
whilst the oppressed millions are forc
ed to tako depreciated paper in 'pay-.
incut ot any uobt iiuo mom, ovcuj
third place, the government received
for a large amount of IU bonds but
fvirty oviibi In the dollar, yet is re
quired to pay a dollar In gold for tho
forty cents, and gold interest on the1
dollar lust cad of on tho forty cents
actuully ; iie.eivod. In . the fourth
place, tho enormous debt is us much
the result of cnibc.zlHiicut by dis-l
honest officials as of the actual ex-j
jienditurgs iiecectsary to the piosecu-
iono the war, and, In the fifth place, TjlJ insut.m:Uou hl Spil,tt i8r0r,rt.
in aplui AMI,, enormous sum derived' .j h!tv,nKlwtlUef, , tho surrender
from fixation Mhce tho war, tho debt of t wlirp.llt,,. yr are curious to
mis grmhul y Increased because t'fcc whether the provisional govem
he wristeful extravagance 'f a t Ulaso enough to follow the ex-
t onat CSmgreMs, and the unrebuktHl limyloof theUadicalsln iUtreatuient
thtcvhiif of IrrosiMMislWe . agents ,)f Hpanlsh cltizciK
TUei me the fueU that plead In favor ...J .
of repudiation, and enlightened Jus- TitKmitlon to qurnsh tho indiet
f'.co will, everywhere, rocogulzc them J numt against Mr. Davis has gono up
as ample JustillcnUon of a meiuuro ofito the Hupi-vmc Court, and wo think
rtidivstt prompted no loss by the In- it likely that Court will quash it.
Htlnet of self-preservation than by the (Tho administration will be to blame
r-plrlt of fair dealing between the gov
ornment and the citizen. It Is Con
gress, not tho l'resl. lent, tlmt Is puv
iHg the way to repudiation, and that
ly acts more fonvlnclnj than logic
by acts that will drive t'.iu poople to
i hiose between rat it and the repiKli
ntlnn of u ilelit nowhere Mnefloned
by the Constitution -a debt trebled
by theft a debt Increasing through
fraud and Iiuinix-tiioyaiid from the
payment of .which tho bloated wealth j
of tho bondholder Is uxempt whilst
thu hard earnings of tho luhorcr are
mortgagod for generation to tmnioj
for the payment if his proportion its
well as that of his exempted a ml fa
nned neighbor:
T I r t: T.f r 1 -1 a t ure 1 1 a-i passed , t h roug 1 1
Its first rv-tidina;, a v'snlution e:tlliij n
Stale Convention to ivtinker theCon
Htiuition, 'i'ho bill provide? thut the
vote Iki taken ou Uie 2M of February,
the liokt-H ( U 4onventl ni or no
convention and if lb
e vote be lu fa -
h-h the U - ivti -
V-..I- .J Ik ill .It L'ukt i,.n II. i.
.v. vw. .-........,. i. i. fc.l.l MlvVIj
i.n siiaiiconvviitiie pr.eul iA-gi-laturs
which shall net as sueh ejiiven
tln. This j evidence of tither gros-i
v'upMily or of uuhlu.-lilng knavery,
tbo purpose of which is t nivo Hie
js-e-ont muiiiiiers aii'iiher i-rnh at the
treasury In new character There Is
nut a m:ti in the Stale, d- Mrou of an
rtiin-MilisJ -iibtitiUtm, who in will
in j t: tin-1 the work to the men un-
tl.-r whosri ni vTi'iilt" Mid corriiutlon
1 be St tie Is noNf sutTo. lug, We wut I
li Mir tall thi-ndv psekol, and ill
ir'- inv niTiPMi in
'j liir r- iiitu ini-l do oliiiiiyii f i.iir
1. i-c to n i.-rt tin 1 It. jiiil'l!.' Into an
ii.ill ih i-f ti ni. 'I'heir ninttn k,.,.h
t'l b-ever-f I. In. f.ir p jwcv nu I veri
AAUJ.y 14 i.Uily ai
r ' ii .1.- 1
in i -,sn-", 1:1 v w ii.u.. rniii m it niofit-. l.'reiit linri-l Of tne f-trite p,ih-I its ' ,Hlli nt H'V l'r, if our Ntnto credit Tf """" ""i nmiian nc ruilcem- w n.o.-.uinivn.-flv.-iii jtnuruim l.v. 1 wun n miin 10 iskii 1 11c
e.y n.r an insult I,, ibe intrlliKcH. chil nnd lrt rending in tlio Hvnatc h-v ,,ho ""' our Intere-t. "V ffru" "WZF U " Pt-JVlwA, V)V11A
nn 1 iiic-.rliv ol the Stat.- uii.l ...iirtil -v,st,'l,UlV. .'-aid I ur I f ut Ion atu n..w '"k downwanl tendency Instead , ufc"ow i,r,'k we.l hy i,tW. manner. , ,. , ti,o t,iMi...,!niy r.-l iuh,, of ih rnit..-i
1 1 L 11 .1 , 1 ' i' hMfcii ii. n- lwhi.ntlicc:ii,!tnU!.v-k 'e.lilv rlrlnir. I haM.n to lav it1 , it further enocU-d, That ; Hinn'a tkPtek trty..i ..t-.
t w U. n-,illd.,ti.d with .nt. u raUc j,' ,,ir,!l!V;1 !''i",,;.,,;,Mk y,. hnW lie V$. , , Treasury shall . T. . Aun. . iZlt!, fo'Witt
, , . Iness. One umilt Is nutliorl.-il to 'And I close hv rcmsrkliif? that j, , , '"? power U iioirutiate and Ml A ntevtiiiir of Uie Tf niir) rres -ul.. r nii nu iw thrown nimt. I'jwIi
T'lf nn. ii.w.j lit 1. i- '"niiuciii-e irmrlims mi a (!in!tiil!,,'',',p''Ml"ft''it the w-sy..ortht)Mn- i .".V f V u, 1 "'l Utes to I10 duo Awwiation U lu-rohv culltuj at Nash-! 'W' l"f "u V1'.'"
r.ll. .mi Un.? Is ' 01 er.-.. I...h-.,t(.u llf ,, ,f,wl,d'Ul;.i!.Vti 1 il,u" '- d.tiutcLlI forth this con-- 1,1 ir' iitlmUfinublH hy the viilS ou Ihcooud Mondt.y in .lanu- If,; ;'M:i;ir','i;; .twrVlJ
v,e 11 Hiiiiictii. nt or K ifti.'ui Imtrcl (,if J'.i.-.. nmnlcntii.n. Uit a Iilirlier diilvlhHn Kovi rniueuuit Us lihti.ure afurti-u ary. I vjU. at tho olllcu nf the L'uiiMI tvi. Annallr111.11.il will do to at iuL Willi.
r.vrcni u bfc at lasd, turning .Ma
battery upouHho fls-noralizilloil of
the country loJkJjrfl the stn'jja iloor
after tho hor f ut4lek Hehdnld
lmvo thou0Ci-s- tht wlttsu ha turned.-
i.l- ...i. I.. i.. ir.i I -....i...... T
' i"" " I
peace, when bcmumlitutcu theanom
Inationn tt puitniHiti Ar. thrfntlun
uioralityMu4uvLM fur .the Kun-Uty
of miitriuiony and elevated fast wo
men as model of fumiile 'p'xrlty.
Tlmt jrtoiftl colruptlun Mhoul,V, Iiive
followed thu exaiaplo Md . tenehiugi
of nuch prcaeliam a e, U t1ivun
voidable pcqxtenec of fausp An.J etoot4
nnd that he N now Hcnnilile of tlia
dim rfnultxof New Emrjand doctrilic
upon tho ieoplo of tho North, only
proves that ho lww'ordlnitry discern
ment, without Iionoety enough to
almndoiv tlio evil of hla wny.' llo U
to-lny the (iitie reckless Hadical that
he wns ye.Ucrda.V, and his at tack up
on the villainy bin party haa enjpren-'
deri! mere hypocritical oantt and a
renehlng after cheap notorleiy;.
llo see;?, at lusf,' that tho forcyil and
wrongful abolition of olavery in fol
lowed by evils Infinitely greater than
fkiVcly Itself, arid has ft faint percep
tion of the fact that the commission
of one proat wronj; is alwaya followed
by others.' When wholesale robbery
and murder are ' sanctioned and en
joined by a government, tho result
must ha that tho pwplo tlmr trained
will,: Ini their Individual capacity.
stlcklu dt ho .crime., ...The KadicaU
have thus lioon trainod-thM leaders
are plethorlo with stolen wealth! and
the rank and rile lack only 0u op
portunity to grow rich, by the same
lUMUMUl".'': ,u ;'; H tro r- . . .
Triw letter of adviijcj,' from the
Comptrorier.to the Legislature, caused
as much angry fueling:, in that body
an the PrcBident's uiossaffe did in the
halls of Congress: 'The reason is ob
vious Uic truth Lurt4 wrong-dciers,
and conscience has a st'tinr even for
the most hardened culprit. Unt il de
tected, a thief Is usually a quiet citl
.cii,'but tell him lie Is a thief anil he
is more indignant at tho chargo than
if ho wera honest. ' 1 Th Tennessee
Legislature and the National' Con
gress, klnJre.1 in -spirit and difTering
only bs tlM'grentenind thelesserof the
A "nw relwlllon." It nnivntn. !m Wen
st.irfo'l nt lluliil.rl.l. Oa., wImtu tbr liwlios
nri.miirl to hnvn rrwil ved to lenvi' off y;iri
Urti trixHls.nnil wciir hninnpiin, wlilcli tftey
'We wish the patriotic spirit of those
women could bo Infusod Into tho men
of the South. ; In thai caso, the la
dies could quit the uso of ynnkcft
goods without having to spin and
weave their own apparel, and the
Hulltll . wauld .nnwivr n-m nlhnr.
country ever tiiu. .
Congress Is tinkering with the
currency; the whisky tax; the Fed
eral Constitution ; mutters in rebel-
dom, and everything else they know
nothing about. But the proceedings
are so fearfully mixed aiidsp profusely
scattered, that we can not find room
for a third of it, and an abstract is not
worth the labor. '
It it run lit seize good an opportu
nity to getridof its tlephaut. I twits
nover Intended that Mr. Pavis should
bo tried. Then v. lly hp!n out a farce
that has disgusU-d every patrliit and
I..... .... ..
made no capitnl for tho managers f
It is tlio boait of the Radicals that
the election of Grant will bring peace
to tho South, In udvaneo of his Inau
guration. Will they look nt Arkan
sas and say what Is theninttertliero?
Tlio rebels nro quiet, but tho Radical
authorities and militia mo ou the
ranipago. Can not (.runt, us chief
in command, put a stop to these out
rages ? If he cannot, how Is pence to
V secured? ,
W i! havo received from the I'rcf i
dent a pamphlet copy of his Ive Atr-
jiitial Jiessngo,' which wo shall pre.
w rve mh a peurl cast bi Torn theiiwino
herded ill the National C'tqiitot.
Amono the Mils th it havo pasMsl a
jsi - cond reridirrg irr the Senate, Is one
i'0 n'W'Hsli the oftb-e of Ruiln ad Uo-
t-flvcr, and anotJu-r. tu cm nipt from
tdKUtioii, fur li-u yours, eapilulisis ilo--iring
to M-ttie in the State, Thrrn Is
also soni'-thlnr said about Kuklux,
but wo let t'ut ,, ;
Tin: i uiiK.r Isndl mloat I hiit Urant
U goin M havo a Caliiiiet, mid thut
he Is going t.j lmc )'ii,'c Hln. )lnt
oplnloiw difl'cT as to who will 1 the
CiiWin t, and u.) to the ..it of peace
. 1. ! .1.. 1
" r' ' l . . ,
i iM,, ..tu..,i i. f A .i
'Zeii hanks In
Tvirniy-wwn sirillKin in roin will
1C JhK.'U IIOIH III VllUlLMl.f tllM 't'ltvut.
ury IlilStrtinri.t ua lli 1st .if .-.v.
1 r ' " !'-. imiibi inttr-
'ct mi ti c 1'i MiU.il l-i.:i nrul 11
lie nvi
;.;. tit v 11 it iv ft.u't.t 0,1 t'lii-
11... r. .11 ..... tti r nnnMannMitfinnn I..
tmblistied Uy reduest frf theYwstfcnt
and Mannrnr or I li Tfnntww v)i
tt.it1;8vrri. r, lv2jt,
d Mannj-jcnr of jtli ;rnncec X)r-
v A n. Mmord, Treasurer. ro
rm.. 7i?nirjwv! ( I'm nan. A unfit
'"rA""e ' ,d(ivaiathepooplehve
Buxn Madam . Yon will uleisc Dminiitiiaimvurnnwii
-ifj. m
accept the" Wicltwed" WftK"t!WJT'nlriow; hoiitnl! nnitwc ft the rttyj
i rii.iit.i h iii,.MLi. ..r n. s..i 1 Corresron.lencia of Marid eays the
v. v....... ninoc nn oner or ius personal services um wm upour
Church, for the beheflt'of tha chlU 'to the pnivlsimmi government to as- Vf " : M. oHonaiver The TMrkiHh :
dreu tinder yvur care , The contriba-, M in Bitpprewlng the revolt 1 In C-; PPu to Ut-part wm In
... i" i. : 'iliz. and that this action " bn flie Dart AUwn ) 1- i t i mw I U
Um WU Ml pilHI tUIT UHU Jill- , . . . - .'n.U,mf, rf K l,Iv- 'r. ,,l : .ri....
pithy for the llttlo one who In the
ProSidbDCo of God have been left fa-'
- "" ......
ed with that anccew its noble design
mfl 111CTIV 1V1..V-YM - . . . ...... j
. . VYcy lUfipectfuHj-, ..
: . Jo. W. Faxon,! i ,
i Rec'rrwsMbyterlan 8. School.'
e" . ' . ' . .. i . - ' .i.r;'
Cr.ARK8vtT.r.R, :Deo. l2tb, 18flS.
Mr. J.io. IV... fytont Jpctfy Twig
tcrinn &.& i n o .1. . ,m
' My Dxun Sift
ricc! say; to the
children f nur wihoyl that their con
tribution of $25 00 lias been received,
and tender to them, in behalf of our
Uoftrd; of(f Managers' , nrul, , Orphaii
gohool, most lienrlfeU thanks' for this
token of their kind remembrance.
Comjng as It toes from childi'eifi, it
beata with H the syept odor of loving
charity,' . '..i .. 'j.v.iV.f, 'J' 'i,.- .
I Therdear Savior, who knoweth all
thjng?, knoweth thaf they hftT thu,
remembered J77f iioor, and eend to
them woiils of caoouragoment and a
message or love : 'Mnasmuah as yo
did it unto the least of these ye 'dld
It unto me.'f , ."Vc shall not I wiUi-
out your reward."; Ever, dfar thil
drcrt, wondilp God by doing good.
"TIiiu'holovASfloclAM 1iolinnl.l ' '
ilukiis blRliMtrfnioyv unilul'Stuutl - i
Could you but see those sad fuoes of
our dear orphans upturned to Heaven
ns they1 all. with one accord as if
were, repeat that sveet prayer, "Our
ruther," you'd indeed fuel that Jemis
dwelt in tlie Orphan's Home, In tho
heart of every llttlo olio there,' nud
that what you had done for them was
done for II im. May God, bless, you,
my dear air, , with all the 'oflleers,
teacbers and children of your school,
is the prayer of , ., .,; , , . . . .
Yours very respectfully, .-. :
Mi A. O. MuxroKD, '
"; '. ' ' Trtaxurcr pro tern, '
CoKPTKoin's Officio, Xasii
yt.i.E, Tuxx., Doc. 11, 18.-)8. Gcntle
luen of (he IIousc of Reprefientativcs:
I brought with me into this office a
tlrm determination to discharge the
duties thereof to the bort of my abil
ity. Th is determination 1 do not pro
pose to relinquish,' nor willfully to
full In theearrylng of it out. These
truths taken In connection with my
duty under the law'j to provide for tlie
perntively ilemand, in justice to my
self as well as to tho intprc-st of the
Stale, that I sliould cull the ntteiitiot'i
of the Ijegiiiluturo to the following
statement: "
It will be roiuemliered that the act
of September 0, abolishing tlie
"Board of Finance, etc.," specially
makes It the duty of the Comptroller
"to provide for tho payment of tlio
Interest accriuug on the State debt."
The Legislature will also remember
that I favored the enactment of thut
law, nnd said that if tlio Comptrol
ler's ofllco wa$ cut loose 'from the en
tanglements of a Board of Finance,
thq Interest could be surely and easi
ly paid. ,
lu coming to this conclusion, I
reasoned from what I supposed to lie
fixed facts: First, the resources of the
fetate, which I understood, ami
secondly, tlie universal pledge, from
the highest to the lowest, (us I under
stood It) that tho State debt would
not be increased, but that, on the con
trary, a number of our roads would
bo sold for tho bonds of the State, and
the liabilities of the State thus lessen
ed. Clulhed with tho authority con
ferred by the net above uluikxl to,
and with assurances that, no nioro
bonds would lie issued to railroads,
etc., I went to New York, uud, us
Comptroller of the State, gave un
qualified assurance from his Eexeel
lencv tho Governor, nnd tho State
Legislature, that tho imblic debt
would not be Increased, but lessened.
This tta'oment was believed to bo
true, nn'l, on the strength of it, I bor
rowed .I(M),ono at 0 per cent per an -
mini, when money there was worth
7 percent In gold on tall.
Besides this, main- narlles In New
ork. through tho Influence of the.
irieuas or our siate there, were in
tluenceil to invest heavily In
ixinds, not for purposes of specuUtlou,
but permanently.
The condition of our credit in New
York now must be Inferred from the
following, which I gave ns it Is?
' Since the Introduction of the bill
propping to increase tho State debt
nearly three millions of dollnr I
hiivo'reeeived tllspatehes and letters
ment in our bonds, severely censurln"'nd m,r ,tn? Nm purpose as now re
psrtles here for ivcelvlng them, nnd i 'l1'"1 ,aw- ' '"'Id in letral ton
from others who, lioln nd vised by :,lorl"tn. provuiod that tho (V.mp.
tho tViends of our State to invest, did 1 ir,'n,'r f ? Currency may, with the
so, asking "whiit to do with thelr0o"o,1,1t r tho Secretary of the Twas
iH.nds; nnd In answer to proposition u.r-v "J1" uid banks ti hold n r
to iirrsii're ft tho pn vment of the i i?'".1 ' 'ftt i!1 1' nolexce1inir t wo
January intortt, am informed that ' !lft,!H "v."?0 nV"nt required by law,
the ne-otlntionof n loan Is condition-i "'!no I "'u,l1 7 1 ' notes.
nl nti.l hmkUu ik i.i. 11,. rre. And 1h It further oiia.-ll
iviittott tit ii.iir.iii. tlm Mltt rL..That tho Secretary nf the Ti-iiiirv !
Stnte, while mmiis of the l.et friends ' m,l-v C,WH m,my of tho United u,wfth" LUrksvillo and Wuyncs
tho Stnte bin In Now York nnd thwe : i?lu "lay lo iixWnied uu-1 b Railroad Company, so that tin
who bare done us eront service sln.o',lor ,ne llrov,1(""1 of lids set to lie roj b1"1!1 'iao u ptiint at or mar
Inly, lmi, write mo positively that.
ew orli will carry our State no
longer, if wo inci enve our linliillti.-s
now by rssuhijr moro bonds to tiii-rvisd-'.
This Is the Mate nf the case this
morning, and in view of the near Hp
iirouch i if the J.-inunry Interofct, and
s ing unwilling for the l.l.nno to
th.-rt-thc iihuMiijr Iwfore the Leriula-
ture tho fnefs. nn the in.iH-r nianir-
............ ... 1. -
invitr nt wiu.in ucrien'ls, In my ninn-
1011, llieMlVHt.viiplhci.tructhinrif
thecrtKln of iheSt.,tc. Your nbedl-
cut i'rviinr, .
TELEGUAPHIC. JoHnnee of two
VP ii r fStat bonds
j ' i.' i . ' ie?aiea in am
P.vRTHr Pee. 14. mn Monltetn- or h, deolslon of
to-diiy itiilrflshH in nn extra issue tlo,;m,iKiiii lncra
illowing lajportajnJntolligenco frotn
itiu i m
Vet forth In rt'proctafnatron ttwii(d byTntnw pmawtwtHyfwraisfw"
Vfl'lllMlil VUUiliiJU nwnvu
r I l.tl I .v.s aiimim
Jiefthr.t the lnmjrrection was a move-
ment instigated and conducted by thei'1
!;V ;;
u. ...v. t. ............
tlr.n in CnUin iiiw terminated wit b the
. ... "-
of them ilesireu to deposit
!at the American consulate
mv uui.tvi ".ft utoii. ' mi urr.r. u-
nieut aut ioritis) wii uen. i eroua re-
uo.-.. vu mini nun. w nr uisuun w
their weapons, .ami held theui toans thocrudjo, humanly - spesking, orthrea, and a Representative from Ohio
pftHUumaliou. ,
here is at an end. The insurgents have ,
U": '"''' ....
" . 1 1".1!1: 'lH"Zal. 7.
returning me arms wnicn uiey nan
secreted at their homes. : Pefnet onlet
how prevails, nnd there are no indi
cations of the recent disturbances, ex
cept patrols of soldiers In tho streets
and military gnards around the Hotel
de Villo and other public bnlldlngs.
-;...n i... L.M
Nbw -York, Deo. It-VTbe Times
sava a aehemo is i on foot to Imvc tha !
ta on whisky, again: raised to two
secured in support of It. -, 'i i 1. 1
.In ran I . t . i . .
lite nmes uon k's tnc reporieo story
relative to the Alnska purchase mom
ey, and says $7,200,fHK were sent front
this city U liusfcla last AugiwU' The
$o,CHX,00(i, referred to as- having been
sent from Ixmdon, were in payment
of the Russian railroad loans. i ,
'Nkw York,' Dee". 14. TheTrlhune
edltoraljy says: "Wo 'are ''advised
from Washington that the Supreme
Court Is pretty certain to adjudge the
letrol-tender net-unconstitutional.
Wenre told that there will probably
be but one dissenter from ' the court's
Judgment." .; ... '.;-;' '- " '
. Wabiuxctos', Dec. 14. The Com
mittee on Reooustrtiction this morn
ing examined the -Republican Com
mittee from ; Mississippi, relative to
tho alleged frauds in that State at
the lateelection. The Committee on
Elections will this week , take up the
contested cases from Tennessee and
Missouri..- I.-! -ni -. I.ifu i..
Bostox, Dec. It Sturiiffj Demo
crat, is eloctcd Mayor by 1,500 majority-
.- !.., j" ,:,u.
WABirtNTov, Dec. 14. The Presi
dent presen ted a com m un lea Men from
the .Secretary of War, transmitting
the ' report of the .Commissioner of
Freedmen, Refutrew and Abandoned
Lands, nuking for tlie npp-ilntmentof
a rommifoion to in vent iirato the oner
at ions of that bureau from it organ
izauon to -tue' onl ol tliff present
month. 'Itererretl ' to the Military
Committee.'" ' ' e. .'u- I
' Mr; Humne'r presontoil a -petition
fivm colored1 persons In Georgkv, ask
ing a remeny lor 'outrages' to wnicn
they had recently beenoxposcd. Ap-
tirniivlnfiilv rnfi-rrfiil.
Mr. Sherman presented a memori
al nnu nnuross or mem tier 4 eleetwt to
the Legislature nf Mississippi and
others, alleging that the Constitution
was adopted by a ma)ority of regis,
tered voters in that Ptato, and pray
ins Congress to reoostiizo- it as the
Constitution of MisHisnlppI,- and pot
in iipenuion uit ouiie government
under It. - Referred to Committee
on Judiciary.
Mr. Morgan introduced the follow
ing bill, to provide for the rodemption
in coin, of the United Ktates notes
and fractional currency:
Be it enacted, That hereafter thore
shall be no sales of gold bolon-'ing to
the treasury, and that which may
hereafter accruo over ' and above the
amount required to pay tho interest
of the public debt and for other ape.
cine uses, specitlod by law, shall be
reserved and sot apart for tho redemp
tion of United States notes and frac
tional curronny. ' :i ;. :i
Bee. 2. And'iie It further ennoted.
That on and tfler the first day of
joiy, inn, tne t reasurer of tho Uni
ted States shall pay In coin, at the
Treasury of the United States, at
Washington, In the District of Col
umbia, and at such other points as
may he designated by the Secretary
of the Treasury, all notes and frac
tional currency that be presented for
redemption. -. ,..
Sec. 8. lie it further enacted, That
on and after the 1st of Januarv, 1872,
the national banks shall pay 'in ooln
such of their notes its uiiy bo pre
sented for redemption, and shall, on
and after the 1st d.iy of July, 1870,
reserve and hold in their vaul ts all thu
- ! .1... 1 .... i .
1"," V"" l ' y !, . MVB" t""m
1 a.B l,ltrost' tu?ir stocks hold by
I tlie government for the redemption of
tUfir BMK1H,
See. 4. Be It further enacted, That
until tho J.t of Januarv. 1873. at
Ulh.iU Sm. tlmw m
required to bo
gin tho rodemption of their not-s. t.h
natlmihl banks shall keopttud holdio
their vaults tho wholo reserve of le
gnl tender notos, us retpilred by law,
and on and after that timo the re
serve of legal tender notes as font as
withdrawn shnll bo replaced with
coin in likeninount, and mid bnnxs
I "nR" thereafter bo i-equired to hold
rest.rve in coin to tlio liko imnnuL
,,t'l"u' in his Judgment be;
of the currency. nxvided further,
that all fi'iu iioiiul eurri iiey that may
ls redeemed shall be eaucelU-d. ,
Sec. 0. And bo itfiiitlior nartod,
Tliutoti sin) lifter the tlMdav of Juu-I
unry, ls;, tlio United Sta'tiM notes
shall cense to bo a legal-tender lu
4'aniiK luU-ivfct at. tlie rato uf
v,f l";r '''!-, Uie i-iu..Iitl and in-
i.iriii.L ..i.fii.i.i I., .n.i.i .... 1.
t j-" r"t n.:u an
7"""" r
L'TV.0" U'? A5nv
second 'tlm uf this
i'ftiry to csrrv
itMuua or ui
act, -'
asitvimii, jVe. nTho nmnl-l
million ami n'lmlfnf
Ascertain tailrrawls waa
the majority jri
i othr(
Itg tho..Stat4udebWuctPolianlowrdortlceeokcrr
" - - ''I A pSrsfniVrto' warhsntered tinTin
ednassitma paas.
1"5!fA Ioc- " In eompllnnce
endcredyeter-!",,1,l,umi the Greek Oovernmeht is ly for an imixirtant poitlon, and to
eiYetuipUWiKut,Rte,lt'i "hil llh tolttnttrpielp h'm has strong letters from men
nt. Tho troops f'orpsaiidriirbldOveclah oincialsfrtfnt ho8e name are known throughout
pweipil i Ua.-insiir.iotoiUit Uuttna,ktA)ignt
and also permit the fnmllles of Insur-; citizens, Another man, who himself h
Err. D.itiii on niiKiKDEittr.
""" ' '1V aitml 'i mi i.n
'Thi 'tdont;,' ihe!
..... u.h.i,uh .vmi ir, vnuir
tn,n Davis madoa epcuch at learning-
wiuio ..v a..riuuui4.i t.uixcai x nu-1
osopnicai .)ciety, , nt, ii.vis made
lidiiuui uniuiuui w win ,lliy UUIU
civuizutioii as well as the ChrisUan
religion. , Itiiferriiuj to the cinolition
of tiio Tcmpla he obeorved that,ul-l
early blaU.rv of rcJitrlon. vet we miirht
be consolwrby the Wf that it was
neHarv th.l Dm,ii aiwM.T.i f.vii
PJi."Ku,?..tPmII? J,,0.uJd. c"
uruer vuav tue Btar
nf RolhlftliMia
might bo seen of all men., Heex
tiresttecl hla gratincatlon at iiearlng
from the lecturer (the Rev. Dr. TrisU
man) that the Palestine explorations
hod been inaugurated under the pa
troruvdo of Enirlish, women and xor
cuted by Kniflishinen. . It .was be
'oomlng a ivoraaiiT, for; ,s1ie, ws; the j
sepulclue-rto commence the oxploror
... nnn n . I - c A 1 .1
uw ,iu wminiininiii, w uie .gireai.
truths of Christianity. V And It was j
their arm a vote of .thanks toa.iroiitli.maii who ..- i.An. Vu. u .
. ....... ...... ..f tii ...I. iuiiiu twvtnvnu nous or null i ii a niii.nrT.iii.it. v as r ui
, . . ..... . , , . V . V. i" ."v.... viiw .unrein r7T-..iv..r.
h, inHlead had lectured on I'Rurusi Jcrusnlom" im nnniri lm ,,.i .,.;
t"i unniiiiii ii hi uuticEiMHeisiuu worm. '
th e i work, of exploration, for their
blood was mingled with that of the
Norsemen, with, the"
teachers of the harmonious eonglom
oration of liberty endlayy, Conimuni-U.V-
and indopendepce,, indivuality
aud self-will ami with tbo trouba
dour, the knightly soldier, represen
ted lii the Norman- These three lo
mcnts combined in' Englishmen, led
to adventure, to : love of truth, ,nd
gave the heart t6 3o whatever ; the
will.rolght desire. The devlne truths
upon which our hnpiiiness
hereafter was cuarraftcd bad. been
more and moro established ns science
had trodden in the path of revelation.
Such explorations as tboe y.iich Dr.
Trlstam had uarrated bad revenloj
things lwitbeforo fully ctimpreheiucil.
and shown that as Jlbcy progressed
truth would bo inorfeestahUsbeu, "for
heryt-ors are ctprnal,,1.. , (il ,.',);;
-. u,i a Oevernmen of ninrn.";
h i i in ... . m t:u
The Government of tho United
Stntes is no longer tt' Government.
It Is simply n system of Jobs'mnnagt'd
by a sortes of Hugs. "Formerly, the
most -dangeroiw of these' frus- the
whisky ring." Itvlgor: and potency
was', illustrated '-When 'ithe ' tnx' on
whisky -was- reduced 'one-half aiid
whisky advanced ' ten cents.' That
whhm tax-gatherers ' remitted to the
manufaetureors was1 Used in control
ling the election
' The most dagemus ring, outside of
that or Juv UooKe hikI the national
banks, Is tho railroad ring. a A mem.
her of this organization has recently
tviatlail Uiat lie waalruwiux annually
live per cent on live millkinH, and had
never paid in ono dollar. The trov
ernment foil among thieves. They
were enriched by pulilio lands, enoueh
to make kingdoms for several thou
sand t Herman monarehs. Not con
tent with this, out benefloont. Gov.
crnnient created, ns it seems, for the
sole use of rings, gave them bonds
enough to iron and equip the rond.
A lltrlit mortgage, fastened upon the
Imperial domflin, given tho ring
tiy ' too I'eoerai lioveriiment, rur
tilshos all the Mioncy neetlcl nnd
tills tho purses of (he princely stock-
noioei's. i nis ring is on lt llrst le
- It will grow until it overshadows
the continent, i Not content with a
road which inakos mllllonajlos of Its
buiintr In the very process of ein
struetion, this ring will buy up the
travel anniramo between Kew York
and San Francisco. Since their rond
is too far north to serve them through
the whole year, this very rhnrwlll
make the new Conpres build for it
another road from the Pacino, through
lexus, connecting California with
the Gulf States. Then tho Union
will be wholly at the ' mercy of the
imperial railway ring. There will bs
uo future eon tests lietweon political
parties. The recent Presidential elec
tion was determined by Belmont, tho
oonniioiiiers, ami rno railroad rings
of Now York. In fact, this Is no long
era government or the people. For
years past no ons has imatrintHf that
perjury was a crime, or that the Con
stitution had validity. The tariff",
national bank, railroad, - teleirrarth
and whisky riiiKSconstltuU'the tlilmr
once denominated the Union, which
Is termed, in derision of Federal law,
the "nation." The "nation," there
fore, is a mighty system of "rings,"
and they are grevlously at fuhtt who
imagine that it owes existence to the
peoplo or the Slates. ' . : ,i; 1
CUrkstille aut
, Uallrmtd.
Tlie Boai-d of Incorporators of the
ClurksviUuaud Wayunsboro Railroad
Company, met at the Cnpltol qu tlie
liithliiHiinst, . .. .
Thu following persons were chosen
from each county of the proposed
route, open books aud i solluit , sub-
aot-iptionsi , ... j, i .
Colonel j.j. uuek, or Clarkflvjlle,
M. J. J. Cazle. of Dickson: Thomas
J. Oyport, of Waynusbon, aud j. .N.
Pocket, of CentcrvUlo.- . , - .... ..
Seiuttor WilUaui A, Garuor, of
Lawronco, was authorised to Solicit
sto-k. ,.,
J. N. Pucket nnd J. J. Caglo were
lusu ueted to stick tho possugo, by tho
Legislature, of a chunou in the uhur
uyiiesuoro; ami albo, uulhoiity for
' 'Lma hraiioli of tbo Northwtaiteru
Rilro'Ml, under the name of the
iClsiksville, AuLuti aud Waynesboro
jRiilroad Comiiuiiv. . , , ..
t)B 'uelion the Board adjourned to
nieet hero on thu -Uli proximo, at
which time tlio ineniUaa of Kuia
and Auiuricuii, at 1 o'clock si., upon
Undue, f.f iiiiiioilno. A full at.
. . ... , - 1
nuiuanco t ikjiiiii.
TittiMAs li'ivtiut. I'r-liicnt.
llUNTt-K Niaii.LbO.N, ti(krtlj-y.,
Col. Htsnlei
If V n "W.KI-
Allt 5Tthor!lnnn n.tt- J7.
h'mwhim iuituiuni tn- uic oon-
the war for participation
In Riirantic
iu huu ins im Bi'ivai- 4amn. nas
ohtafneil ttirfiiidoriienKiiitof thelead-
g men in thi JjeuMe auilJa the
oum) for an odlee. tlie nroner man-
aequenco tolevery taxqiayer in the
countryAiUUiw, whoae irregu-
asKiug ui atinoiiiimcnt from iiieii
who hav oiu'ur flllwl Caliutt
(lluerent nersoiis
lug thorn for the aameofllex;; aaother
MeORtOr lins I V (..ii. I.., I Mil fmj.ir.it..
has requested theaame place for three
'of his friends, 1
i- . - , , ' ".
''file Mltnaf lort in Tritnnsrti.
The report of Comptroller Iliack
burn submitted ' to . the legislature
t.C.V .ffitt.l.imr
of land were listed in 1HUH, more than
were in 1U7, ana that tue aggregate
value of "other property . is less in
1H6H than in JM07, Joy .$32,153,070, and
that the aggregator value .of. tho trcal
estate" and personal property for tho
year 18881 kstoaii 48671 by $17,
804,193 36 ; also that more polls were
and shv that the Stat.nd aoiiepltax
nsicu in ifyi innnin iwi dv ui;i,
cceds that fbfl 18ftT- $l.TO,lrt Mi not-
... . .. ., . ... . . .
higher on property by IS.ccuUto the
wiwiiMianuingineracKtnattne tax was
,.-K f I ' 1 I'M '.I .!
-r . r
-Mr. i'm-McMuhoua. vbiinn'mnn
engnged lrt tne "prrutTnk and 4iMi-
grapiiieestauisninentoi Messrs. uer
man & Bro., yesterday received a let
ter from his father, who has just ar
rived at PhUtidclphinj Informing him
of the pleasant met that he has fallen
neir toeigut thousand pounds sterling,
or$tp,otK) hijehl.frnni'-aivi'eslnM in
. Til
he lut.ky typo "ptil red up
irdsTnnd Joft f-r, Plrllit
a. . 1. ..f I m,...mJ.b t. .. 11UIU
letters recommend-
. . ... .MJlala TV-inJ Ullllfilii' IYI . . I ..Mr
,.1,.VI 1.1.1,11,.. . l
rli'lphla, bidding ft liiHtiiig farewell t
the "art preservative. " LoUtsVilit
Dcm ocriit. Am .
Oi-nerpl BtonMnnn has Infonnivi i w h
iiiitt. fcaitrstiobScril tHht oil cond
llin Vli'Kinia nlHV-lfiw which f-xplrci. Jun-
widows ftud orj-linns. I
Tw9i(l ifilrtfU tooi.rt bS(iyttfvnnU'
anil ctirrlaKt. drlvein of Tliomiut JiitttirHon.
pnasml thruwKh Vlcutlrlr-oently lu the
cam, ou met
1 rnf tA lllelr preient
11 1
i.i.itt Wholesale and Jtiiaid
.j.!.; 1, u Hiss-, .im
Family,Groccrs; !
1 Irankiln Slreei;1'
li,--ieniT iluKidU ,.1 niUssil
11 M tnnir naw suiuii, a u.rgo ana varlup
ivMiirtinuiift of ... 1
Courertloncrlos, Toys, Fruits,
... nud Family Grot-cries.
To an examination of wltkili we Invite tlie
atUiullou of the iuhliu uonoruliy.
-.'i i,'.m'l UML O0.T
Tobiccfj 'aad Cigitra.
tVo kep m Imn'l 11m hwl iualltv astl
asds. . A shj.u lit K ? juisi I oj. j 1 Z 1 1
Branfiies,' Wines snd Whiskey,
Mo ha ew i)iy iiv- innnfxciillpiit
wofkmim, nuil WHI fcm-p oonntantlyi 1111
A Bread of Superior Quality,
Cnkcs Of Ktery DcscrIi)tlon"nd Va
riety, risln or Oruarac ntcd,
In tbe finest style,""
To which Invito ll;i nllmitliui of till
miltllo mnrMly. iliiMilli"! ftwx iiHrtlm
iUillni, St itliort notloe, villi iiviirytl.lng
n--iiifKi. -I i. m
lK-s. W,ISMt''i .1
Floyd - St, , Planing .Mill.
. 1 '. A ... t 1 .... 1 .
Floyd fit., on Stjunro Xortli of Mala."
- J -VVo! . IS VvUtalnWreel,1 J J J
Boors, Susb, Blinds. Brarkcls, Moul-
dlni;s ArrbltMvri CornJe,
Base, Cnsliigi, Mantles,
j . Store Boors, etc. ...
LATU. FLOUIUNd, aiul all Viuip of
itoiiKii 01x1 un-iuuia nan i.u. uur.ii, . ji
n.Htni(l for I'llcf l.lnl.
Doc. id, l-ly
'IMJB FIIUI sin flCrLER; lltlQ'iH f'n.,
I Iron Miiiiufai-.tui'iirii ul (SU'wim county,
l.mii., lutH U'cii illis.vil hy I'linnt'iil, suit
til tlSiKMHIinitxl W(U tH" till! UMOllUllvU
huvliiius. Thu lk-. 12. IhiW.
.. - . DA VI 11 T1IKUIIAL.U.
STOlti: iiuL KKS. Al Jily l
, II. O. ! .!.,
U. U, MS-2nr .jx ...
( .i- 4 1-OK KKXt r . 1
foMMooidt's imitK nrsrurMK,
. In coini'li-t'i ri-imir . wti u Ie'. Cnrrlnuii
unit Muruni'-r lloumni, and nil ntnnr ikm.
.try niiintiililiiiK! tt'i oxoi..l.rit iui'ili-n ot
iiImj ullnclii 'l, utiinleU on Hprinii klri .-l.
I'.jv. .li.u k.vcu linmr JI11I1 ly. uiUuuUin
1111 li i.ltiHil lr further pnrtli?nlRr.
Ji.iur civbn, Af't.
Doo. 4, W-lt.
i --..'
V. d- Uum ill Ailiutia. Uo.
Nov. 17, VS-llll
V K -U-ron -p
CoulteK Hillman & Co.
We pre QtTeHirRtrtiidocc-
Call aaft see the. Prctllcsl Call
tokYli crarkpTlife;
Call and see the Cheapest Flab.
1. nels erer sold here. ...
1 fi-lmc Article of i-4 Shaker Iliencl
in . ,:-.. flyr M CMM.':"."1-!-
Bit Assortmnit. Larg et Variety and
lucapes Brown, n:of, rtij-
kent In this
;.( ,1.1 vinii u:. M rkrt r-t i! . f.
Bed Blanker, we ofTer Bptrlal
; , Karcalw. . - ,
Bcaatlful Woolen Jarkrts. Nubias.
' , , tapes, Klgollts, tdmferti, . .
"? !.'; .. Just rwlTeA-fkca.',''!,.
' Bemeniber tkst a nrrtt, Kcw Style
noon nairi aa c leuau at an rents.
also at 23 rents. Ihisc prices Are nc
kaeflleofffd to be Jotrer.tbau nnin
k imukt tUXAU Altd 44ipnfjt. tin.
leirrs wuu mem and miisk otorr
nsfful'itrtfcrej wkll ttCbrtres are
so tery low.
Waere ran I ftad the best stork of
Ladles' Kbawli. lloaki and lursf
At (OlLTfcK, Mll,LMA A(0.'8.
Wkrre ran I find Xke nest sappl;
of Lacea, Jtdglnjfs, UIotcs, fitMklnei,
Collars, etc.? .
At COllTt4.irflllM.l3r ACO.
. Hhcrr ens. I and ttiBcheapeHi Black
Alonrnsf 40 "-i)'vii f- i-u
. It 10U.TEIL Tiai.IU ATOM.
Dress Uoods In-itrtat varlrtr at
Iw itrktK 1 -t ir i'.v. 7 f 11 1
ewf Shawlsii and. BIackialncns
Just rewlveit. is i t ihti i
A lane lot of coonnjist placed
on 0 u r. . B A Uti 1 M ito I X 1'Klt , which
will be. sold, regardiest; or cost
pW'.ahhatf coTU.,tlom,
prom. .Tin' 1
It 11 oftcnlkcrase that a I.adr can
grt a DrtM r k fhlhlVDress, or a
remnant of -.desirable '.gsoJi at a
great bargnln. i A.'i .i i-imi-.y.-v
Wje shall spun? no palm to makt
Jiilo th latcrott or.eiery una to
visit our ftoro., . , . T . .
In ourrtofR.'lt lilrH Is now full
and twunli tcs tuny be? round , man 1
ileslfMbhi good for' J1 - l-'-J
Emlli'trlderoll 'SMpprMlfofTadlf n itnd
. - tient If mr n Jiisf eeer for
...,vV. iCIIBlSTMAii IrHESKSIS,, ,
Fitrs, Brohe Shawls, Bnbr ' Jackets,
r.iufciatvVlViHiitttiid.ult and
. MMUf AtlMUi uceigandtyLforsl
Any one Wishlntir nnn hase a nice
. 'ITrrsi or Clonk lot a nirlstriav'
. fresfut, would do we IL .
1 ultulllloil of Ci'tltli.-lll...l to nur v.irv
superior llliiuk 15omvt uml riliick Kri-m-li
viniun niao, n.Mi, .Miniwrry nivl iim
UiiIIik, MliiylM mul duulilo MIIUhI Diark
ri-tiin.il lioi'tiiis. I'liiM-y C'nHiiuiii tor
Pant'nml Hull., Ilcivly-iiinrtd HMi tn, Noii
II If Shirts, 1-inl. rnlilns, lN-nivnrH, Ulovrs,
tkwkfc V.-i-y nliPiij. IJanUSoic-liU-ln, ftluvt
Jlosoiu'. fiipiu- t'olUi, Very nuviurlor
MlilrllnKl'OiiirstlM.. r
W ) offtT' Uic cboapcHt ninnk And
ulrl titeiioi-r Hau iu looiiU tiliv
where. '
It oostsroil nothlne to foolr. You msv
avn vi f,.BJ,.r,u.ly S.TdoiiiiiM..
V liuuvvcr miy uie wIkI.u, uroliaso mi
rUi'l". w su,y Hive inn cl budireilolnu
t'. we fnn show yort gomls lu h trtrouu
liflht. whU-b Is lKlritlili.. Wo ntvrr aril
higher lliuu nny oneiluuli wo know it,
tv.-i-y.oiU'H ilit-apei); so tlmt evi iy (Miv Lu
w i.'ii V$ l'"le.'-'t.ji lrii.llig nflli U.-
Shoes r-Shoes!! ShocsurtilD
Boots t Hoots!! Boots! ! !
Moota finr
- ivrry man, wuuiiui an. child who wnrii
inmirawinilll wall lo lnuK llim1
our nif.iiK in-ruro ouyliig.
JtoiiilirAri-i. hhii
'KIU.IM..l'Vl(lul!il lfOU.1
t bun uvur In fuj '.
ini!in lire nnndriMn of i-ukioiikvh who ore
i.iniK iiiiiiii-j' iH..riuiHi 1 11.-v will lint lulte
tls-uniiihlc lulauli at nnr 1 v
..a.;.. ...u 1 ...T. 1 .1 - --.T'r:
7 il . inn. rmy fiAiiruiiii
ni.-y nwi .111,1.111111 Hooiii-r. wo nro iiiHk
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! every ri-m-nii why w kIidiiIiI nmkn liu.
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ul llii'Miw.wl ini.-m. - 'llilil-iullri.iiw.iii.lili-,
rvnry pooll niikliir mini well know,
we to not will lln-iw lhliiiHliniilv lu unrl
oiirsmHl. W want to miiimlnl iliu iii-o-
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S'JihIh where llu-yoHii tin. I thu Ikuwih'IiiU
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. Iliii-liink hi our llonm nn. rHliiii.x wul
ymivluee.ji'iu, .WMt-uiihMim Ir. U mi.
ik u 1 .-vers jsrHt- n. i ll v u.ii ut w U AliU s o
will ivc uioiiry r.r you.
CouIterr Hillman & Co.
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1 frtrnd aim
tliein thut w.)
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(Hltfn ot Iho WttU-h sii't f.riiueleK), wher
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tin!' i'. I.,.,i"," W1-. Ainylliym,
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itlcty, 'e.
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h rk liy l.trnn. ml rmhruull k imU
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SUW.I..MIOII, III nil ,u,riat, ,
wo will IhS-i plrkur u. linwlng nu
i.S luil ,tf u,y HrMUt with call.
M w.tl iiur tkiu at ar uvuUr 4.i
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Call atiflWc'tW fcest lint of
.ary9 Tin-
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'. O il
; , .In (ho day4 lieii nfcurjaco '. Vsa
neltnown, txtrj mm had to bear (lis
wholt f liia wn ksscs f firo ot
4liixwluJLUM.wa pooxaad.ius
caso nniealcJ, f eatally UtVo sym
pathies of hla fvtcu'Ja.'k e66tribution
might U mde on Uis lehalf t re
place ome portion of whs t had fossa
tnken from biw i' but this ' wsa aotli
iug". which p "coulflortaintx t6trut
upon. ' Like Shakesponra'a Merchant
of Vonice;tl of his' fortune taigli
1) rwept 1 war; 'mi.d ko rendered pmi
nileBS in a sinuls niclii.-' This lap-
pena evctt.'1 btw, often, to those, wbo
are iuiprovideut enouph not to insure
tbelr' pioimrtTv ,Tlio twd earuWirs
f yssaiWiai'eiuAWAui6a ex
tLe-wtve; tad'Heatfl AUe' friiaicr
possessors to begin life anew.
- lnsuraue is a device whereby tho
nnVsts-of suclii onlimttiMi. inatJ jiT
'b'eThifcdiiceilti-J tpOiisingro ttrJf
vjrlva.'nre JLviJidrvp smotig itir,
ana 1110 nunen tljus borne by cacti
is conipajatWel Jisht.;; itijriini
tiva turwik is an agixemfnt between
ssV a tiMrtdrei' ftien.h.tfr hhff Vill
all eqivUlyKiitrU5utto;aiko good
theJpscs1of.anTt9no pf the.uuinbrr.
tf iinureliaudimsi iJi;ser. Luildinffe
ldnjjine trt'.-bnc aro destroyed, each
of tho other maolv-nine pajs bis one
buiidrodtlA , part, . ht Uiclif ' value,' u4
tlfu the- particular1 an r ' receives
iron kia .associstes ninctv-uiue ouV-
liuinlredths of bis' whole Jowf,.' 1 hh
liundrenth part aiu'ount.Mliieli
li'd'and'nil tlio 'rest pfiyis tailed a
pnrMtt'M. . It is the pries of a rii;lit
to dcuiaud IVoVh 1 otlit-rs n' contrrtm.
trfltocpiaM (KMAttTftJ detl?
, (n pratticpJ'iiirTociJ "nj sucli'f rmal
jrreciiienl'M mtideA ll'fr - the Waleiol'
etouoaiy. lut'ltioaveafcaoo, fi!,.iusi.
ness of insuranco iaj.parrjd on bj a
cpovi4,t los Pfvl'S; or, fP'VP8".' ol"
men, wlnt eollecti'.fi-oiu eneli ou'c of.
tlio insurgil llis. premium, lit advance,
and oiie- nf tht , total 'thus eollectctl
puj trf 'tlie li scars' tie 1uiiis lb whitJi
they are resjieetively entitled. : i;8u
kly,;Jtho iuftnor cotnpanics !rv the
amyuijt fif. tlio, WCU'iu 8t S4irh
rate W thc hlflf-wilf ti 4I WWlw
low Mctyfy toqrne. a-rl jo-' Jffc
a surpV W C;4,rtIiTU' ii
tronble: If tliey esltulstw- irflit in
this tcspceV nfid no wmisnal- Itfsajs
occur,' they " mafcb 4uoiM'y,.,'IiV'Afci'y
rulscalcuhtc, apd, juir siJUCtci lpsscs
havh to$i Uorhtliey 'i'.. ,1 iVitli"
safety of tbe, ,iniurediii this latter
continpriK-y, a fund is usually provi-"
Iiikscs can be pail if neewsary. Hut
as a uenerdF iHfno tHi Hurfirtit nf the
.prcHift. iuy. ,p,u.d .vr.fAety; J lit.,
amount, of 'tho fo.h' l.iij 'cVpriiiJ,
or tlie Lut,!iRairiinir.t tdrji'f '
. Tiere it -i inmrwsiyii.tiroA.aJ.yit
atiltiiig' soSi.ti 1i JiaVc ' hit 'btitfonift
acfjnuiiited Vitli the: facts') tonnecteil
Villi' thdVuDje'ett thaV'itwiiriricDlsait
extremely profitaMe business, and tha'.
tho eeuipwios cngjiigotl in it it rcirj
a vast dcirT hinVo ni6npj iitlh'tfeliapi
o jireaiionis, (Iti tiny juy, J,r
Iohm'8. Sutihtits.. loweyer.,1di!n:on
strati; that tins idia jP an .incprreot
euo. In the tlm: yi-rs,. 1SC5, j8G(J
aud' 18U7, tlio llro und marins com
panies of this State received in pre
milium $110,12)00, s-uilo'tliey paid
.uitr fu wiKssiyjtiiL rxpeuses, ill,-
6?0.(JT)(fK'rrr;.f tu iLrVSv'AAfrfnl-il
iiee LWrfoS-C fiir tlirl-iljetirsJJur U
tbeso enpogod m it in this State, it.-,
sultsd ia a 1 a 'of 6Sl)ll,009.u . Kotn
of tlio conipanies, to bo aiirc(,tii9di!
money, lint others had Unlraw upon
their Cdpitals, niic tlio' uulillc sctuallv
gajuod 800,000 at their expense ,
Tlicso considerations' show that a
Rieat deal of akill and knowledge ' is
roiUi ro)'jiiii:sUolM!( Ipij'anco
buHinet-s ns In ini.Lo l.n r.in.;...
f Jj 'ffai (WpssSoi, Cfrt.
tahrUiLklaKt ikf tli4-rrU.t-wkicli
each p irtit lu of property insured is
cxfHiVua,' Slid :of.tLi hklils tfils
beinr destroyed, must jio made. All
the circumstanci's nuder whrvli' acci
4orits focem inunl to pbsrfv s4
studied, and inferences drawn from
them, I'ho avi ri:po of losses in par.
tirbldi, kihdfl viiws tnivVj)e.aV
ted, and premiums reculstcd acconl.
.'t5.ly,J',vc:ijtljoport)nal- cU-auV-f
ot t ioso. who jply lor insurance
uiuat betaken inin aoroimtaisn Allow
iiuco mad Tor. .iti All this, and much
mors brsktrs, is esjeutul to tlie iirop.
cr eunduct ol an nimiranca oHiee-
bild wit bent' it,' tn l usrnthS kt.-onr
to con 0 to au uul'ortui)ateiid.1"-,"!H
"FnrtrierBiore'it is opparenfiaat
not only must tho men who 'atteuiut
to carry 011 the buainers of insurance
o roiiipctcut to tlio task, bsUtlny
mustLij b,iva tf.c ptktr wstHirrr's
to nloot their lot'srs than merely tlie
pKuiIuta's'jriii AaStti-C iViUiieyei-y
I i-- .'iw lunn will, W llV0
t,r,.i.!..il iv 1 . til .
ppa, BvuxTiisosi 45ro: fit rtivslt
nins ; and fhw, H fc1r; 0 t,pi.
tai U ty lHick.iijyi,ilMswht old
policioji trtf ruuy Uut nisursd atsll,
and in cw of a ks, fail of th rrjitf
H;ey to ; 11 ted upuii.. Hsntc tlio Be-ccs-sitj
ot; aptjia stipeyiion of insur
ance " oliftpariicli to Witrrf ttid public
of tholr peutiary ability, ;atrd fo
I'Mt .hilir 'frorii .iuli itipiMf eosL
eonis as thoxo wliioh lately nourUheil
in Jcpy City mere tfapi); J6 eaU-Ji
preiuiuma, Without any vspl-cUtinn
on the pattnf tkeirliuiinhors of pay.
I r cw 1 ork puni f
I Fire, Marine and Lffo ln.
8araucorolicie8 0f "
c. 11. .ioxi:s, ,
GcncrAI5 Ih'8ifancoA jeut,
Cl&xka villo,' Toun. If ytu
do, in the day of calamity
MM 1' f Li I '

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