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X . nnntrn-. -.-". r i. a. OKAKt.
' ' rcuusiitlts A.r mopiuE-ron.-1 .'
.permit (7.se DOUunt p raimun in advance.
T- T-lr- . " :j -z
.FRIDAY, ..........DEC. 2B, 1M8.
The readers of the Chronicle
need not now be told that Its position,
prior to the war, was oti tlve side of
the tJnlon,' up to the full of Fort Sum
ter; That event belug the oetuul In
auguration of the war, tho Chronicle, 1
bojt!; fromnytnprttliy and a sense of
dutyr immediately took aides with
tho South, and- hoe remained true to
it op to the present raoruentf whilst
many who were rabid ecesfonlsti
before the war, are now Insymputhyj
If not In active co-operation, with Che
Jta llcalu, and loud in their denuwein
tlon.oftlie torn and policy' of th&
paper.- - - f . . . . .
When the war ended rnd nominal
"peitee-wos pre c' aimed, tho ChronI--.
Ci-K belclylng that the wrongs and
Murteilrigsof'the South were fur from
Lelnjr at an end', planted it-self upon
the policy of "masterly' Inactivity,"
nruing that no compromises of fun
damental principles, or concessions
of constitutional rights wonld awak
en, Ju the dominant faction, an emb-
We are pleased to "learn, through
our exchanges! thas tlie Smith; tsbe
coming eonvffne'ed of tho Importance
of inamifaetnrlH o various kinds, to
the development of ,1W prosperity'nnd
political powefj'whi'thei1 re-admitted
into the Union, or held' in perpetual
vassalage to the North. " "Want of
capital is a great drawback to the suc
cess of this wMse and essential policy,
yet much can be ftfcftofapllshed by the
aggregation of email sums, and still
wore by .the conversion of .jiutllloil
lands into 'money and securities for
money to bo applied aa alxve Indi
cated'. ,','"'
The large profits realized fi-onr suvft
manufactories as are already la ope
ration should encourage- the building
of others, and capitalists who tumble
lock their eafos for fear a portion of
their contents may escape from' com
finemcnt to enter Into the active ser
vice of the fcouih, jriny leant- from
these profit that there is a better in
vestment of their capital than a place
In fire-proof safes. ., .',
. Capt. Teacher liaa set au example
that ought to bo followed by many
hi this community that Is to do on
a moderate scale, rather than not do
at all. He has made a beginning in
the right direction, and that la half
the battle. ' '
order lust before I left to furnish two
hundred -and fifty pairs - boots amlL
shoeo They have self-cd some fifteen
or twenty 'horsey robbed the' farmers
of coi n, etc.? killed all the hogs in the
vicinltv. and arrested many of the
best t-ltizchs ami kept them in-rustr-ly
for hours, then turning them loose
without explanation.- --.
Everybody who could getaway lias
reft. lirownlow's thieves are lunvb
compared with these scoundrels. Ood
only knows what will become of us
if the United States Government docs
not interfere."
Now the statement of this corres
pondent 'is that of every one who
wrlten-or comes from this Radioai
cursed region. An entire oonrmimity
has been placed at the mercy of armed
marauders, limited by cupidity and
malice, and who wvuple at no vil
lainy in1 the performance of their
work of ruin and devastation. Yet
Radical Journals I n Tennessee chuckle
over these outrages In the name of
"lovnltv." and congratulate theeoun-
try that "rebels" are receiving their
due In Arkansas.- '
Whv Oeneral Oillem- docs not
promptly Interpose his authority to
restore quiet seems almost inexplica
ble. It Is enough for him to know,
without seeking to locate the blame,
thuta reign of terror exists in terri
tory under liis command. Why does
he not act 7
In addition to the news contained
In our special dispatch from Puvnll'a
Blutf, we' learn-by. -passengers Just
from the St. Francis luver. try. the
K'T Tii-dar ushers' In tho conmener.met!'
1 i the Annual holidays, whleli we Orlebrnte as
n H ii iiio-iuiihiiw iiniunii iiiin n uny rv
Tn.i- m uarksviue, Tcnn. -
-'cm lit
NA5rtTVfI I.E. DeC.-3'. f-'nriliarfleld.fl Willi INeaimut memories and Imm'iv
1 tlie nrninlw. I will Mill nt nuhllc un-
llon, to Ut IiIkIiwI blililvr.'WHtiOHt rout ve,
the Huns in J Uit-ikttnchPd on
Blew Goods f
coxsta;tlt arrivixu
afternoon oy an attempt on tne part themwivoi to ths Joyonn, iriKht miin of
of the prisoners cdntined In.thejall "f;'; :i''u.-XSS.,l,y ,iVl.,I,,,,"B,i1,''Jl0i
f M,fT i,l, tn own,,,. Vhf.n Mr We ' rnn- 'O mMui. lnd thr sgod. To
nt that jil ace to escape, w nrn Mr. , .), yonllK it H the nmuauritl or hnnnv iw-
R. 1L Mur
A. D. I'M, anct was nt AM. cullrul-d In llio "J. no ...," ,,lo" u"ul porllou of tli
"."" I I'HW Mn. ...Ill t.. I I
oliv, son Of Hie Jihrt. eUr-pmonlcnond pwHtit!wtlmniitnlhnian-.i4nil Tpnaa anil I'mmiiiii-ra rrant
... i I 'i . .. I. ' J( - . II ! 1.,. .I..M..l.tV..l k ... rf ...... - vv ..'.,
xereu tuejau w.m nupjit r iiu un pn-; .,hoiito jho bum It lii tlie oViii?hliiullon "lo'(tl"Pt to tho iwt.ite of Mr. Catherine
oners, one of them immiMlShcwinake. JSVJ TUls pro.lmty is .itu-
wholsreprcenteda.sadesperatchar-!in-4 every iniiinni ni.iiwHn dm. I'3 1" r.,.rt ,r ibT nd
ontnr attnnkl liliii. tnlllnir lilm tl.nf.l The oriuln of tho fpsllval of Chrinnia Is i P'U" P."! !'.' Pl"nill.l huslncw ihlocli riit.
i. '. '.'' .V" i .. i.i"; V", . ViY . ntlrll iittn to 1oip T.-p,,h.n-ii!i. -ho illnl num "f "wrison t won, w filch
l r. A.I'. !", Rllfl WHS III
Intheattemot. In the confusion that months of Am-u an
L.I 1. I .I.I..I .1 nn I I...U1 I I . I A f ....tnn-..l
tiiini(piiimu.iMuii.u. iiiuuiiwis Vi. .,: . .Z:.'. WV;-. M(o Iiij: Tlio Iiousp will Ihi r,l,l with
OUtOfthOlllrteteenin thO Jutl escaped, Fhrlst'i nntlrltv, -mid tin. tlipoloitlnni to lWft frPhtoiitPP,.nd1it,lnHudlni.ll
the remaining live' being secured bv , whom the mnttor was rprire,l unltrHl in Jhe hulldliiKsoii picpreinlsps. and runniiiK
Mr Murphy who then pursued Shoe- ft' ",'" ui, t,,,, , n &&XT$l$
make, scooting him through tho ltmtinZZn that tho 2S f.-i-t. rm,nl.i Lark IT.iX feet Two lols,
heart just as he leajwd aerossv ereek urchlvosoi itome Wf-re not alwars nuthen- '" tnpoiiw,hntlntfeaonnn Heeond
a short distance Irom tho Jail, thus "a. Hwv. the decision whs uniformly
..ii.,rir,.i l.iu ,,uarti,ii Hint l,n,..,.i.l Sffeptud, and from thnt time the nativity
vciyiring His assertion mat lie would MHS eiphratd throimhont tliechun h
escape Or die ill tllO attempt. Tlie on the name dny. Tho truth N. that the
CUl.ens tlien turlieil out anrt recap- """ 11 "unvny is noi Known ue-
tnrixl the Imliiiiepof thp finritivm anil y""i PPrn'l,v''i't""'i mid, Indowl priunl
f l i i i i, i i i ' " J.'Wlali writers aver that thi:ulrlh
infill vi jj in tiin n iiuiit;:.
Three of thctu were slightly wounded.
A number of attempts have lieen
OoulterrHillman & Co,
Wc are olTcrlnp.Kxlra Induce
l merits Jnst bow.'
Call and sec the Prettiest Cali
coes in ClarkstHlc
Callantl . sec, the Cheapest
! .uomcstles In ( larksville.
-She Profits and Losses
In ike-da js wLea iniuratice ae
unknown, every man had to boar the
whole- of hie own losses by fire or
ship, reck; If ho tra poor, and hi
case "appealed especially to the sym
pathies of hie friends, a contribution
might bo made on his behalf to re-
Call 'and 8ee til best line Of'Place ome portion of what had bcn
feet, mid I
fpt-t, ruiiiiliiB hack about 't'.iYt
wo lots (routing each on Coin-
Plaid LlnseystnClarkSTllle.
Call and see the Cheapest Flan.
nets ercr sold here.
lrwS!frt' r.un-n"' Uck .bout,U!i X Prime Article of Shakor Flannel
steamer Linton, that nejrro. militia mittee on iMeeiions, uw eat being w.Jeh are.periniiy eek-brau-d, and hve, I fno"olf,for B, wl wlH l traiwhirred to
Among lte prooeedin lu Congress
i we aw a House resolution to print
thirty thousand copies of flashy eulo
gies uponThad. Stevens and others of
that Ilk. A small item for tax payers
to digest. A pension bill reported by
Wasliburne, and adding twenty-three
tlon of sympathy, or a sent intent of miuioua more td tho burden of taxa-
justloe towards a bravo and generous lon, , .
foe. From this policy and theprcdic- J The notorious Mulllris asked leave
tlons upon which it rested, a majority , to get after tho Kuklujt, btit abjection
of the South dissented ; in obedience waa made and he has to wait.
to ffcecutlve dictation and Congres-j xhe30 are-fir speclniens of what
ioinl exactions, concessions were Contrross is dolnir for the honor and
made and the death blow, given to prosperity of tho country no I not
Htate sovereignty. The corner stoiie fttir apeclmens, for this partisan waste
or the ittorw or eonstituuonai nucrty , 0f trie pe0pie's money is trifling Com
was thuwenioveti ami has become the pnrej wItj, the waste of tho people's-
Key stone oi tne nrcu oi a conson- -fghu nud liberties.
tiated . uespotism an- arcn which
companies arc being raised and sent ! ZQ1K J, XT X'Y.l iotiuu
to tne scene 01 tlie uisiuruunceo. uur.' -j "..-"" " rahibrtnna still p
Informant) report that, on their down
ward trin. tbev mtit at riiillins' bar
one company of negro militia, and at
Helena unotncrr noin ou nu-ir wuy u
Cross countv, where they will march
up Crowley's Ridge. One of these
companies Is commanded by the no
torious iiaWKins, UUU wis eniiiiniti.cu
all sorts of outrue,s. w e are inioim
spans our whole country from the
Nothino can- better Illustrate tho
confines of Canada to the Gulf of dnngcTousamTd'omoraliKlng tendency
Mexico and from tho Atlantic to thoof tho reconstruction measures than
l'acltlc. From the prompt surrender, the fact that Underwood, a U. 8.
of tho rjouth to the demands of the Judge, Is turning loose tho worst cliws
Kxenrtivc has sprung tho usHiimp-!0f convicted felons in Virginia, upon
tion by Congress, of the right to pull . the ground that thecourU which tried
down and build up governments for them are illegal according to the pro-
tlve Southern States and to regulate visions of the fourteenth amendment.
their entire social and political ma- The amendment was, doubtless, fash-
chlnery. In vindication of our course ioned with a view to the protection of
it is only necessary to point to the. Radical voters whose Instincts incline
present condition of the South ami! thorn tothecommlsslon o'f every kind
tho ceaseless war Congress is waging nud degree of crimo,
against Its political right, Us social
relations and its material prosperity.
If, in striving to avert these mon
strous wrongs and to save the South
from the disgrace of even a forced as
aent to their M-rpetratlon, we hove
u-iod harsh language, it was beoamo
wc believed It appropriate to tho con
demnation of corrupt error as well
as to tlio expression of firmly fixed
and honest conviction. Truth always
grates upon the ear of guilt, and It is
truth, not the lauuue which con
veys it, that makes the enemies of
tho South, whether open or secret,
ritho under tho hudi of merited cas-j
I Invito the attention of the readers
of ihe Chronicle to this brief allu
sion to its past political course liecaiio
with this mi ruber ends my connec
tion with It, and because I wish to
leave- upon tlio memory of it patrons
the Impression of consistency and
honexly In tho advocacy of doctrines
uud measures conforming to the Con
stitution of the country and tending
t tho best Interests of tho people.
lVrhups no one knsws, Wtter than I,
the ilellcleni'lc, in point of ability
and adaptation to tho work before mo,
that have been developed during a
chequered career of nearly twenty
years, as tho senior editor of this pa
per. It Is pleasant lo remember,
however, that the kindest relations
have cvercxMcd between myself and
all connected with the publication of
tho Cjironhu.u, and that the major
ity of its patrons have looked with
charity upon errors of omission and
commission nstho re-tilt of bad judg
ment rutlx-rtlian vicious intentions.
Hutu! I these rclutiotrs nn-, this day,
dissolved, and I retire with tho bct
wishes for the success of tho Chuon
H'l.K, and tho largest prosperity of all
its pat it. ns.
It. W. Thomas.
1'kom tho ab-ive it will be seen that
our t-fteeuird Senior, Mr. Tiiomah,
ceases to be editor of the (,'U HON n-l.K,
a posilbiti he hits filled for many years
with elgn-iluMlity. Themaln reason
for the severance nf this long and
plca-'unt connection Is that the strin
gvney In pecuniary nlValix, and tho
consequent ordeal through which the
proK of the country is pa-s-ing, render
it neccsMiy for us to practice the
inot rigid economy.
In iiai-ting Willi our venerable
! JfoTWiTHSTANDiKO the force and
fraud brought to bear in favor of
Grant in the late election, it appears
that In tho vote of twenty-eight
States, aggregating 6,395,250 votes,
his majority is 30.1,148. And as the
ilegro vote in Ave Southern States
nmountcir to 319,334, it is clear that
Seymour got about 1(V,000 majority of
the white vote. This state of things
would make an honest, high-tonei
candidate blush for a victory thus
tun If nl ami In tit Vittrlriitt of tl.n nl.vtK r
The raiUleiice lione of the vmrv bMt In
tri.WltV niifl tin .Auan Ir. ...... Mr..u
largphallsand two Rood ccHlnrs. Thrrcrtrc Best AftftOrtmOIlt, LrlrrOSt VtrletT ftftd
tit M ' .
pred in tlipdoublp lluht of ahoty rominnm-!f1,,'eno,,',,' 7" lw, ,luU "u' tlie
oratlonand-aHipprfiilfitivnl. lnrln tho "uf " up of tbo garden, wlilcli Is
maun nereioiore oy ino prisoiitrs in I mmaieuis it waa oolebrated. by sniM-uw-li. " . imi inn. comaming
the SnrinKtiehl Jail to esoane. butiof rtriMiiiitio mysterloa. performed by por- SLYi"U ""Wi10 H,rf.
4 i.ouisiiiocouiier-joiirtmi.j . mils, frolll ,,..?. . ,.,nii., i,f..r. ' Tl-.ItMH. un tlie house, one-third cash.
-Conaxess ' orKuns. eaeb Bprenn twarluic In his hand Vr" 1 "a y". w til notos oe-rin
" ., . Usliled tantf. Some of the rautlcltdi were " -re" "u " aRIU "u retalnwl-no
""-'v,,,,.!,-,. n,. a.i. ...i.i .1 other Hpcurltv rconlrpd. Tlieothprlnisw 11
. Colored these medlwval carola Is a nlnglo leaf, pre- ,be ""''Jorono-fmirth cash, tlie balance on
-.-I... i .1... 1 .... 1,1 i i nu hiilu I .nazwurawiin ini.KMi ami u
WAstrtNOTox. Dec. 18.
was dull to-day. In the House
credentials of Menard, the
M..nJ.AM .'. .V. i. II I. ,1.1. If! 1- H.. . .
Itllll i t'l llirill JJirill.llll'l, ..Vll- HIT i ii nii l"-i 117111.1 iiiimrT, III I. Ti.MIIIIO i. : , ,
... i .1... r il.ii.. r.' ... ; nt "PI, ri.imn.uii'.mM " i.r Hu i.., w..... ' detained.
se lieu, lino o.uy rcierieo 10 uie v.oni- : ft- rtf " , 'W r,r-;'-i;"! year 1SU for rtw. payable ounrtnrlv. a
uuli d Oormaii eantl- iln puronasor,
lluusl and iiuIjIIkIh-.I. The
Ills sctit, Owing to the fact that the .is irom thHrmoSntain hoTe.
vacancy he assumes to fill Was caused Naples or Ilnue,cliantlM their wild uiuslo
and Mixed Jeanscvcr
Kept in tills
Market. . .
In Bed Blankets, we offer Special
Bennllful Woolen Jackets, Xublas.
(nprs,. Kigotits, tointoru, -Jusl
rccclrcd llicnp. ., - .
t gttfth tit flint flirt Vinlittilotiinr, . r at tho Hhrinesof V'iriiin Motliur.
ViicVl,.f r ; H T 41 1 At '"WnlKht on Chi lsttnas ove It Is tho
the district were changed by the riistom throughout England nnd tho con
T.otllsllina Legislature before auelec- tiuonttorlnn nil thetMilla, The churches
tlon was orrlnr4ii therebr r-biinu-lmr i France and Italy are alt iiiacnitlcently
...?.?4Lt .L collatloii provided for tho
very materially the district in which aasem hied multitude, in tim PmMt
!the Original vacancy existed. ' district of Uermnnyand Northern liurope
RhjIIMONP, leO. 13. Tho farm of val." Tho Christmas tree, whir-h has be-
vuiiii3i,u IH1.VII ui lui.i.iiiuiis us, it. 1.1 uurninn
orlKlu, mid I'Ui'iHliiins uvo Is'devotvd to
irlvlng nn-sciiU, ospei-lally betweun pu rents
aim ciinoren oroinnrs ann sisters nv
i O. RM1TIT. F.iteentor
f.Mn tx p, Johnsoh, dwi'd.
Rcmcmbf r that a nrrtts. New Stvlc
noon Skirt cad be fonnd at 50 cents.
also at 13 rents. Tlu-sf prices aro ac-
knoH letixed to be lower than any In
tho market. - tall and buduIv tour.
selves with Ihem and manr other
ed that they have robbed and plum-'ex-Governor Wise, so long held bv
dered tlie peoplo inUiscrliu-iiittteiy ot the Government, was yesterday aur-
every tiling mey- uouiu iy "' renuereti to tne owner try rno Uovern
norses ana muies esiiei-iuny. i.-jr
have ulso cominltteu several muruers,
and threaten with death all who re-
nionsti-u te at all. , . . t .
Wo learn that the villain Upham
ami hla urnw linv-A thrpateneu to Sf.ize
r,j .,,! ii p f'nwi nrul nut him toistonped Its daily
ath. Luckily Colonel Cross is out wnony suspeuoeu i uuy. , ine TKirJS
hid nir ih 1 1 1 nr l ci ii nspii m 1 1 1 1 r.p i ti nimnn- ... :
owner tor the rent of Lilbpy Prison.
THF.BARFiF.xTQtMH OF THE'oT.T uhcful articles while tbo prtcoa are
1 llliiik ot Ten netsi;e,wh lull with theoiit- . ... - "
bulMlns,?lstrn.o..niaKiaeonifortiiblo " -crJ '""v
and eou von lent family reslik-nre. Apply
io . ..r .(. is. r. iir..r .n.i. l ,
- or ur. w. m. HiM.tv
, ueo, iis-iw
Executor's Notice.
nxvtya orAi.lFiKb as nxmism
undor the 111 of Mr. Catherine 1.
.UiTinsoii, itccM. a. I persons knowing them- .. ' 1. ',1 "2
selves to be Indebted -to her estate are rt- toiiars, VMUT
parlors, llpliKd with tapers nud luinwUh ; mtvtw to be indebted -to her et,ale arc rt
n yinifold nlfts enehTiiarkwl with the name q,ie(,t0(i to forwnnl ,1(i maCe fv-
ol the persoa for whom It 1 lutendod. bin mPnti nud hosa hold hut olaims smiinst It.
New' 'Vntioii ivhiidi i "f party being aasembled, the cadtauz aro ; ,.,ii',
,l1e Y -auojl, wniUI idlHtrilme(1 ioyfll connnn-utatloiis barred
ly issue SOinu Weeks, and liappy roiiiplim. But a more Holier,
iv I-.. -J .. "., i, m . -i . ; "j rmj
Where can I find the best titorli of
LndlcH MinwH. Cloaks and FursT
At (01I.TEB, H1UMAN 4(0.-8.
Where can 1 And the best riiduIv
of l,aee, Kd-rlngs, blotes, Stockings,
HIC-limli, 1JCC.. 1. -IlunniCUl'S I 'V'l-wii ii iiie iiaiiieoi lie uoiior. . i iio lain- will pn.-aent them within Ilia time pre.
Paper, the NeV Nation, which .j " , .' l"" . . "' ! w-'rllI by law or they will be forever
CJIAHTiEH G. SMITH. F.xoeutor.
Deo.2. llS-4t
father to tlio sons, their error and short-
ciiml nits. - - - , i
l-orioeriy, nna still in Northern Her-
ct tlio ronnh of hini anil
Many of the oldest citizens have been gers ncre as Having pre-scnoeu uibi, ,
.... . .. . t ....1 A .1 (Ml. llllM.nlP n flu ...1 ! .1.. In 4..h!
t: ""l"-' i;-"'7 . . 'i ,A,n,.no. 1. hla Aiztrtr.t In ,.r.ll ! mnii.v, the present made by the parent
WIIOUIU not UO so HjivB iweu ...... ...oj.., . .1l,yuu.u . WerH w.nt fo on0 perw,,,, who, drttssed lu
i iiicitTjumi uuuiiiim.-, (.,!-.0. i nwn nuvKinB. a winut roue. musn, ana an
x ' ; . 'oiiormmis tlax wis, Is called the Jiiifeht
London, . Doc.. 1 19. The French i Rupert. Tlue i-eoiiiiii(r tiio bugbear oi the
oftlcilU - Journal; avs that the:,'.tmren, he noes from liouse to houne, re-
ehangeiln tho ministry aM p5n;r"; 2
. van lur tne iiiue iiiu. ihu
... -. 'Illation OI the bmperor'S proirrarntne distributee the aini intended, neeordinu to
Wltll grcat.-.f lf,liev. wliieii is lilwrat a.t iinmol theeharaeter wlih-h is elvert them for one-
too much ttUd paelfl0 a.brortj ,,,, .-.... ,,; ij''"..""" i ,7
11 .. " Tjivnnv Tioo 1T1.i Vr'muti?f iof "'n kiwi in his own family, and lllii-
Wlll put Up l IXiNDON, 1PC. 1J. -1I10 MarqulS Of tT!il the ssmff with wood cuts, showtnir
Salisbury denies tlio truth or tlio re- tho A'nerAt Itnon-I vUitln biallouiie udoii
seized and aro now held by the lufa
mous militia as prisoner aim nost
tiLres. Like Upham, . Hawkins and
others rely on this fact to save them
selves irom being ultacitcu.
Wo await further uews
Interest, as it is expecting
from human beings to
the people of Arkansas
Willi tins tuing uny tougur,
We obtain the following from the
Athens (Tenn.) W t
We learn front a correct source that,
during the present year, there have
been shipped down the Tennessee
. .'l- A-.II A l.. 11......
river a u iwinoutj r es i, '; "'"Y:i apparent in the resolution airainstre-
ga,ot tne crop or jw, pu.HaUon. ami arirues that, -if the
or corn. n e"v"y"V'c"- world wascertaln the United States
iry, t.lTZT' V.LY; would pay the Interest on their Ubt
poun, o.,- i",j ngold, as England on. France do,
same period there were received at ,. ' . i1Mr.i.. nf thH
Chattanooga, from MiddleTennessee, J" hft " ?ed one half- fwffi
nne ll.n-Vnuhvllli. Mild IMui f.tHnomrn. ' P1 1 1B n' ,lU'01 0"e. ,ml V ?
Jl lli n. h .holZmfc ln. over a ; '"'. Vf more IMCIM tnaii UIC
: : ; t::..u'i: M.i uni teg Mtates, aunougn ner awUtis
III 1 1 1 II .11 lino n mill uu,r..-i vii u I 4 ,VI,.K a .,-,,., . , (, , .
celved at Chattanooga and sent Houth!lvl'u 118 urKu V.
during the period mentioned. To this) Tlie Standard exults In the complo
we niav add that during a portion of ; tlon of the postal treaty betwfteu
the time from thirty to fifty ear loads j Entrland and the United States as a
eel ved with comic pomp and revarcuue by
port that the Government has deter
mined to recan liuri .Mayo irom . La
dla, , -, -, .,
Tho Times, In an article on there
cent proceedings in tlie American
Congress concerning tlie national
credit, fears the ambiguity of purpose
The policy of Congress In building
up a railroad, as well us a shoddy and
"whiskey ring" aristocracy, and the
movement to obtain governmental
control over all telegraphlo lines, Is a
striking evidence of tlie intention to
consolidate tlie government and
make it a mouied despotism over the
poor majority, whilst the favored few
revel and riot in stolen wealth and
inborn corruption. - .
One political preacher in Connecti
cut has received, from his congrega
tion, notice to leave. This is the tlrst
ray of light that has gleamed athwart
the darkness of Puritan demoraliza
tion, that wo have seen for many a
day. May It prove tho harbinger of
returning reason and morality in
that hind of degrading "isms."
CoNfittEoft lias udJournoU to tho 5th
of January, and our Legislaturq am
bitious to keep ahead of Congress,
has adjourned to the 4th of the same
Allli IKN.tft.
JL Relrn or Terror In l'ortioiis of (he
per day were received at Dtilton over
the Kawf Tennessee and Georgia rail
road. AVe also learn that a consider
able amount of tho same product,
grown in upper East Tennessee, found
a market In tbe other direction.
From the additional Dumber of acres
planted and gathered in 163, tho
shipments of corn from East Tennes
see next year will be still heavier.
That raving maniac, George Fran
cis Train, has scut the following spec
ial dispatch to tho New York World :
Prnt-iN, December 12.
"Cifit Amerioanua sum. Glad
stone quails. I am released, with au
autograph request from tho Queen,
brouirht to me by Earl Spencer, iu full
Lord-lieutenant's uniform, to secure
America's forgiveness lor the Ala
bama outrages. Prince Alfred offers
the necessary fixtures, and doing a
Kiod eash trade. Will beaold cheap, as tlie
uroprlctor is about to eriK-mo lu another
business. Inquire at tuU oillue, 4
D.SJ. US, 1868-lf "
this CliiUlniai errand, lu his atraugo costume.
In K lulaivl. Christmas has alwnva been a
reinrtom nnd merry-mnktnir festival, with
out. diiitlnetioii of lank or c-tste. The rev
els begin on Christmas eve, and used lo con
tinue. In old limes, till t'liudleiiiiis (Febru
ary 2d,) every day being a hotlduy nil thin
tweirii. :iuut, J vnu'iry otu. in tun house
of tlie nobles, a '-lord of misrule" or "ab
bot of unreason" was' appointed whose of
flee it was to "make ton rarest pimtLnvesto
d.-llulit tlio bi-holder." His doinlnlon las
ted Viom "Allholdc-r F.ve (October .11) till
l uii, nomas. The larder wan always stock
ed witli criDona. hens, turkeys, secse. dueks.
oeui. uiiiiion. venison, poi'K, iiuiiuinus.pies. r -
ll. it. t'oiwin, KX'r, vs. u. r ,
Where can .1 And the cheaneht Ulack
AlpacnsT - .-., t
- 4i.viet-n nvTV-utw k .rt -
At luiiiiiu, nni..iiaj vui a.
Bress tioods la great rarletr at
low l'rlrra. -
ew Khawls and Black Alnacas
JnKt received. . - ,
targe lot or good just placed
on our liAltUAI.i ('Ol.iTKK, whit-It
will be sold regardless of cost
many at half cost oil without a
prollt. ",-,! . . a s
It It often the case that a lady can
get a uress or a ruiiu's areas, or a
remnant or ncsirable gooa at a
great bargain. - ....
We shall spare no pains to make
It to the Interest of ever- one to
visit ear store. . ..
In our stock, which la now full
and complete, may be found niiinv
Krom tho Memphis Avalanche.'
Tlio subjoined extract from a pri
vate letter received from Dps Are by
a I siMuess linn in this city, contains,
among othr facts already iven in
tho AviiliiiH'he, much relative to the
troubles in that State that Is tiuite lu
tereHtiiur. It reveuls a most lament-
al.tii ..f.illtlun it att'ltlSt. rlllA IfMlilP
Isars il.it ol the lath:
"Matters ure in an awful state In
this region of the country. Tho mi
litia aro ouartered on tlie citizens In
Woodrutl. White and .lut Usoii tsiun-
t ies, and are robbing every body.
And unless something is done by the
United (States Government, the Stale
of Arkansas is gone tolhediiflrs. ltus-
int ss Is almost entirely Misiieuded at
Augusta, and Atv-ntllcd llrlgadler-gen-ernl
Uiiliatn, of (bo Arkansas (State
militia, mnuis an HiciimiKiais report
n-ieiid, uektuiw wu will sadly miss to him, nnd does not allow any frcUtlit
bis iilimlile M-rvices for bis liiatiii-e or Dtisi'eiiireM t bs i-ecels-ed or dls
Jud.iiK-ut, cxperienco and talent , eburced without his special order.
uace 111111,111 our estimation, at ihi) Am u knits owns lo hunts not to
icad of tlieeililorlal Ir.ihTiiily hi thM land anywhere wilboiit bis permis-
coiiuiiy. i' nave uven loutiner in , aloti. crnv, m' m-ts ine monareii
fiicildslili) and n il t us friends. . rluhi rovallv. lie bus nrsseii everv
' shot guu uud all the powder and tlMt
It'll tho next nuniiicr or tlio ' in the community, not leaving even
Ciiiihmci.i.: Mr. . A.hoUiMux will I a rnnistpr In thehandsof a tm-rchant
Ik'i-oiiii'ii partui-r in tho publioatloti I He tisik from Messrs. J. SlnmioinN
uud iiiunaitrmeut of tbe naner. under'. A t'o. a tine cuns-t (110 yards) to our
the linn style nf Neblett, Grant A imt bis In i lioui u r j und from tlio
..i i .. t i ... i.. . ..- .. ... i i..i .i.i.....
rsoiiiiiiiiii. ..ii. n, is mi novns' IU me Ktllie noose o-ii raiiri" Hour, iiiiny
prllltill-t liulllos, but bus bail lottK
fXliei'ieiiec,ati.lii.s voiUin:iu..hl) uud
integrity are known to die coiuum- llcrrv & Co. bo took ten bedstead
lilt V. I luattriiHses, bi-d (-lolbiliit, etc. IVoin
- Whilst Wo il not lnli'ii.1 to iL'nore1 ll,.. klwu-mtiLer llicru lAiiLrn.-t it be
politics, we think from l lie piistitt ) took (bii'iy-eix p.iir l..i(. l-'r.nu
haiuu iniii-i- i .. 'i". ii'iuii iiiiii
'pairs boots, live cases hoots a ml shoes,
jisials, panU, etc. l-'roni Menw. J, C.
p.illllu.tl CJlldilioti of our .Slsli:- that
we can uppropi'lato the nn-al r intri
if oiii-Mpin-t. t i iniilters of tocul inter-
triumph of the Tory party, and de
clares that tho benefits to mankind
by the convention are Immeasurable.
The Times, in an article on the im
pending war in the East; holds that
GretKie Is the aggressive party, bo
cause she orderetl her vessels to fine
upon all Turklch men-of-war. The
Times thinks the powers will bring
such pressure to bear upon tbe Athen
ian Government that peace will
speedily be restored.
The Btaudard ami Star both, at
tribute the outbreak in tho East to
tlie obstinacy of tho European powers
lu maintaining the statu quo of the
Ottoman empire.
A dispatch from Constantinople
charges the Greeks with commencing
hostilities. It asserts that In the re
cent nuval encounter in Archipelago,
tho Ernsts tired tho f'irnt shot, the
riiPd the fire
nuts, plums. suRnr and honey the tenants
oeuiff euterxaineii in tne niui. ann i ne toru
of the manor eiicouratsiug everything con
ducive to mirth. .
The "yule-log," or Christmas liloelt, was
placed npoti the flro, and expouted to last
until Cmi'llemiw. Tlie time was passed in
wassail, toKother with music, cunjuriim,
riddles, bot cockles, fool-ploufth, snatxlraK
on, repartee, forfeit and daiioea. - The fa
vorite dish and tileae iU reij(oee was a
Housed boar's bend, borne to tho table with
Ereat soli-moil v ui.'m a silver olatter. The
tradition la that this eustoin originated at
(Queen s t.'ollt'jro, Oxford, In commemora
tion of the valor of student, who, willlo
nromenadlmt absorbfsl in Aristotle, belim
suddenly attacked by furious wild boar,
rammed the volume Into the throat of tho
HBK.-ns.Mir, crying 7Yrcui car, till lie had
nuny cnoKett me beast to m-uiii.
The custom of rtooornllnK houses and
churches with evergreens is derived from
ancient Druid practices. The holly, ivy,
rosemary, bays, limrel and mistletoe were
the f ivoilte trimmliiKs and never removetl
till Uantliemus. Uhapiets of these were
worn about t he he-id, and "kisslna under
, iiiit i j-,t- mm hi... n-.ii.K iiiim-i iiik mm-
inKlv M. ai1.li.IVJI. .1. .nir. i.i.h:iii, ..hi
f t TTract f Lnrl ft Snlo. J -
Planters' Ilanlt, and others, vs. Fellows A
it s - Co., and others. , ,
Pursuant to an order made at tho Octo
ber term. 18 iS, of the Chancery Court at
i.iaricsvnio, in ino aoove cause, i win oner
for sale at ptihlio auction, at tho Court
house In tne city or Uarksvllle, on
Saturday. 16th day of January, next.
A tract of laud lying on the north side of dl'liritblO gOOdf for
1.III1U l-iruib,nil.ivu IUV llU,Allinviiiu
road, coniainiiiK acres, and also one PTT'DTCrpjUriiq
nthnr traet eontnliilnir nn,i luiiiili-ilfl ami I VI OH
elahtv nerea, near the fli-atmentloiied tract.
Tins land is sold as the property of M. IX
Dvlo. -
Tbrms or Sai.k On nnd two years cred
it, wltu Interest Irom date. Hucuiity re
quired of Ihe purchaser, aud a lien retained
iv i sHtcKtuoHU, can.-
jjec. zj, wo! tus. pi-, tee wv. . w ,
Ponton ot als,
Nancy L. Poaton, Artui'x, vs.H. H. Postou
. i o vlto
Pnrsuant to an order mode In this cause
at t ho October term, lSiiS. of tlie Chancery
Court at IMiirksvllle, I willoiTep for sale at
public auction ut the couri-house dour on
Saturday, 10th day of Janonry next,
W. acres of land near tho City of Clnrki
vllle. beiiiu u portion or the estate of John
1L Pohiuii, dee'd. On this tract u a liuajo
and commodious IJrlcR Keslilenee, HtauHsi
(liit-hoiiM-s. etc.. 1L bid nu I he old honu-slcad
Trkmsop Ht.r. ) per cent. cic-.h, and
baliiueeon a credit or tf, VI, IS, it. '), m and
ti months. Iiit-ri-st from date. Notes with
'H. . ..I . I . v. .... n r- ..... .. . ..
4i. iini..iifr lliu fieiwvn or liiilonenili.nl. - .
Irelanif. with Train for Prime Minis i v,th nnii A1".
ter. llcmombor the answer of Indig-1 J" "w i.atnh n if '
.,( i',,,.t,.ti,.,.,i u,.,,.i.. H.Vfft. Iho dispatch adds
r , .?i ...' . .We. . ' Eroisls was atruo't several t
Embroidered Slipper, for Ladled and
ucniicmcn, lust melted, for
Fur, Broslic Rhnnl", Baby jacket,
mianiii' naisis nna ciuim, ana
many other nice goods, for r
Any one iflshlng to purchase a nice
uri'ns or i iouk lor a I'lirixiuiai
Present, would do well
- - - to call on . , -
i i-t
(rood security reoiiire.! and a lien retained.
aalo aiiso.iuie. w i shi'iiii.iuuu,i; a s.
Ueo, -os-tu. pr lee tu.
On ' the . First . of January, 1509,
Itohh A Hi-oft'Clns will removethelrstockof
lirv (4(ods. lloiiLs. Mlioes. Ac to tho corner
j-ni.ni lu llarrinoii Wall new blltldiuu.
the old customs in Kniilnnd have lost their I corner rranklin aud Sucond Cross streets,
priuilf.veciiaiacler, tlie u;.iiiiimi and carols t larssvine, lcuu.
late;' Fiat jimtUia. Ddcnrta est
ISritania. M pcunouH i:nt I rain go
bragh ! I return by the Australasian.
Have ordered the hotels in Omaha to
be set on fire. The blazo will beacon
Ireland to liberty, England to her
doom, Aiin-iiea lolliu empire 01 tne
World. Mens Sana in corpora sano.
Turkish baths. Tell the truth. No
tobacco. Nowhicky. cversay tlio
I still live."
G Lotto is Francis Train.
nro nearly cone bv. fiimllv runnlons and
nvernreen decor, ulons Im-Iiik nearly all that
reinulu of tlie old festivities.
The Puritans were stern opponents nf all
Christmas pastimes, aud hence In our coun
try no odebnitlona have obtained to any
extent, particularly in Ilia New Knslaua
Htutes. At the South, however, Ihe people
seem to vtow tbe day as one of more iileus
ant attrlbuun than nt tho North, we n-
mblo In our churches ko through our
that the
imes and
ber.mast and smokestack badly dam-
put on all 'customary ruutluuof religious service, Ullie
KirlHir Ot 'iin:iiuiusiy, in.. iuerr'-iuaKe in ine pvt-u-,1,.,
il.. ! ln umil the hour of rest. We partial pate
Tennessee Rental Association.
This body began Its semi-annual
meeting in this city on Wednesday at
10 A. M., at tho otlloe of Dr. V. II.
Morgan, Vice President Dr. H. J.
Cobb in the chair, nnd Dr. II.' M.
Acree, Heerctary protein.
There were dvh'Kiitws from the
various sections of this State, and ro
iinwentatlves fi-oni Missiasippl, Ala
tiamu und Kentucky ; iiuionu: tlie lat
ter we notice tlio miincs or Dr. ti. 1 .
The recent Indiana "Kuklux'f af
fair at New Albany, whero a party of
men forced their way into tho Coun
ty Jail and hanged four prisoners
wno were awaiting trial tor an ex
press robbery, arouses t he virtuous in
dignation of the Jevr York Tribune,
which says, that In Indiana: . ',
The forms of law have been a mock
ery; trial has been a farce; judges have
beou corrupt juries have been forsworn
crime has organized and taken .the
administration of justice into its own
hands; members of gaiifrs of thieves
and liighwuyinun have held up their
heads with ilioin st respectable peo
ple; there has been no seeuritv for
life or piowly, no ininislinn-tit fori
the most glaring outrages. A horde
of bandit 1 1, such as have given a act
notoriety to Oneida County iir our
own htate, appear lo lntvo snread
Cutler, of Holly (springs, Mi.-s., und over portions of Indiana, and wrestr
ur. v. u. itcuuiuii, oi i.ouisvuie, u-il the
In the Christmas comxiniltant of eKK-nog,
roaat tui-aey, ami pium pnauimt um u mai
ler of eours : opening and closini? thu ron
tine by wlshfim ench other "merry Chrlst-
mnse." wliliout end. How dlflerontly our
Enuliah forufiit Iters eelohruted tlilsduv may
beimaKlncd by reading the following dc-
scrljitlTe lines t
On Christmas eve the bells were rang; "
On Christ in an eve the tiiasa was aung j -Thet
only iilxht In all the year
Hnw tlie utolcd priest the cliallisi rear.
Then, open wide tlie lmron'a hull, ,
To vassal, tenant, serf, and all ; '
Power laid his rod of rule iwlds, , ,'
And eereuioiiy dolTd his pride ,
The heir, with roses 111 his Hhoe.
Tlml nliiiit mlitht vlllnire partner choose.
"All milieu with uiicomroiru ueugut,
And itenerul voice the hnipy nlgii1,,
That, to the cotlutte as the crown,
- Ilrouitht tellusof salvation down.
Kntttinid wns merry Kngland when
Old Christmas hrona-lu his snorts airntn.
Twiui ChrUlmu bruuuU'd tlie mlghlicst
, a ie I
Twii (Tuidmas told the merriest title ;
A CliTtstmns fftimhot oft woultl chuer
A poor innn's heurt tbrouithuul the year.
The Andrnscoutfiu iiiIIIh turn out annn-
any .infi-iii graiu ougs, auu uu,uu.i,iiou yuius
ol pueuuug.
. . - - .
The Washington corn-spondent nf
tho New York Times writes as fol-
Ucc. ii-aw.
on Franklin street, nee j. or n, u.
Broaddus. . , ,k . . . , .
jUoo. is-gw. , . ; ;
-tV ' V N-s
ttr e ti we a oonn and well ab-
f f sorted Sloell ot ' -
Winter Clothing I
Ttoeentlv lioni-lit. which we are aellliiK nt
very low price, and would lie pleased lo
bllOW lO Uli WIIO WISH W iiihw ,iiiiv.iii .
It attention of HniUleuieii tu our verv
KUierlor lllack (leaver and Iliack t rencli
Cloths ulso, llrown, Mulberry and lllue
Cloths, singlo and double milled Hlnek
t-renuii tioeNUUih, r ancy t.aasiuiei-es tor
Pant-sand HuiU, Keaily-iiiude Mill ts. Neg
lige I its, I'ml.-iKhli I j, liiuwers, tiloves,
tsia-ks. Very clusip lliindkcri-hlcfs, hhlit
Busoms. I'uiwr Collars. . . Very tmi.uiloi
.Sliirtitm bointntics.
we a so otter the chenncKt I lack anil
Nnirla Cuaslmoro Ilata to be louiid any.
where. , i
It costs you nnt 111 no to look. You may
save very considerably by doing so.
wueiMvair any one wisneitn urctiase an
article, we ay give us a call before doing
so. We cuu allow ymu goo, Is in a strong
liiiht, which Is desirable. We never sell
lienor I ii no any one els if we know it.
(very often chuuuer): so that evorvone 1
ale, lo ay thu least, in trading with us.
We sell ul one pi ico to all, uud our jirli'c
aru iiuiiiiriiiij. inn. , . w ,
Shoes! Shoes! I Shoes III- s
Boots! Boots!! Boots!!!
F.verv man. woman aud chllil wlio want
r.outa und Slioes will do well lo look thro'
our stock liet'iirebiiylng. itiunbriices luure
sood. siTviceahlu uoods than ever before.
iiiero are iiuiioreus oi ciisioinei wno are
losing money la-cause they will not take
the trouble to look at our goods. We are ho
often told bv persons Hint t u V renretted
tliey hud not culled sooner. Witm mak
ing new ciftoiuerii all the time, and there
Isbvsrv reason why we siinulil make linn-
ill-wis more. We keep the good In ureal va
riety we buy on tielii-r terms. Ijcouuso we
nay eosti lor nil vur gHMln,anil buy
In Inrire lls, llius liuvfnu Hie ailvuutuKU
of tho lowest iirleisk Tilts Is allreiwunable,
a every uood mislnes man well knows.
W edo not write these IIiIiiksnIiiidIv lo luitf
ourgoiKia. wawani to acuiiaiiit ino peo
plo with Hie advutitaKCs or getting their
good where they can hod theliest stock Mat
iiuiiorfiily lowtrlcea elieap lo-ever,
due. Ouulooit iVFiuir Uooisaiui nlious wi
Ouulook iFiuir Uool
convince you. We are reeclvlim fl-csli ad
lit ions every waew tilve ua trial, aud we
will nave moot j lor you. ,w .....
' Coulter, Hillman & Co. '
IXccmuer is, IStl-tf
Ky., both dialinguUhed in tho pro-
Tho tlrst day, after oi-gani.ulion,
was oeeiiied prineipiilly with the
diseiission of liental Chemistry und
llliitoloy. Ye.-lirday uflenionn, ut
tlie olllee of Dr. S. J. Cobb, tltHslib-
jeets of dUoiiaMon were Alveolar Ab-
seess ami iiHeaseii tJuuis, wltu a clin
lit by Dr. W. II. Morgan, and tho af
ternoon ses ilou wus i-onsuinud by a
verv able and interesting paper from
Dr. H. V- Culler, of Mia., ou Physi
ology. At night there was a niloro
tuMpin investlgtiition at the olllee of
Dr. L. C. Chi holm, eondiu-teil by
Dr. C'uller. f '' ui'Js American iwi.
Messis. udutiau it blteotub, ten
barit ls (lour and all lln. lt powder and
shot, l-'roui Il:llillltoll it I'lllll I wo
st that will prose more intt-re-l luif ! iiuililrnd shot uuns und uli llieir um
lind b. n. iKIul lo the geiii-rul ri H'ler. 1 luuiilllou. I'p'.iaui went to uprlvula
Wit liilve hibored Inn it nnd lull ti-1 house aud ''i'.iplu:o I" a lino iruu,
fully to ulve sat isfuetinii I i utir pat-1 costing one liumbi d uud fifty d dlars.
foiis, una nope iiiut in uu liiluriiiliey rroiit giiolliir iiuiikoliu eiel Ilvs
Tut Inu w t; Luvu. Tlio Jauu
ary number of Tho Land We Love
contains its usual variety of interest
ing matter.
Among tho coU-nts we Und The
Capture of Fort Pc Hussy, Tlie Hu
mors of Sydney .Smith, Review of
Jtuehantin's Pome, Tha Value of
Trees, The Valley Msuuscrljit, about
lU-mtar Noted Ciiuivhea of l'aris,
aud other readable articles.
The Poetry is by Dr. TU'kuor,
Jud-e I'l-quii-r uud Mr. Downing.
inueliiiurv id ti.u m.iii-iu
their fill purposes. They huvo - not Iowa: - , ; -, .
been content with tiNiutr tlie tioniard I - No one here credits the statement,
of the usshsmIii, but have seized upon ! which appear to obtain some degree
tnu sworn oi .iimt ice iierselt. Much ,ot eouiinenee eisewnere, umi nn ei
as w emay deplore the crime by t liicli fort will be made to Increase the tax
toe eiiizcus nave uvellKeU tliese out- j on Wlllbuy to itsoiu siuiiiiarii. 1 j-rom-i-ugus,
wu ean hardly svoudcr at jl. ; Inent government ntlleinls hold that
They felt that the law guvu llicui no for the Intercuts nf the revenue noth
redress; brute violeucu was theirouly Ing oonid I? morn disastrous, and the
resource. i common sense sf (!nngress will cor-
froin committing
altering it. The
Tho root of tho evil Is a eorruot iu- tnlnlv nrpservc It
dleitu-y. Tlis remedy is ut the lutllot-. the alwunlity of
lendlnir meniliers of tbe Ways and
Means Committee ore satisfied with
5J3 --'CT. - t-S?5cr
d nHlinilnx the present working of the law, and
Iv iifVi iiiio. regard Its .s.ntinuanee lis ttie liest
of hli party tl,ln P",,le ''ortl", government.
JJONN 1"IATT Is a got
lladical, and is tliorougl
l l witii tlie character of his party
mill it nimi. Imea u-li..h. I.. M..ir.
real ram-all ity than anv nriruni.atlon1 1 ' UrownyJIU lire says: "'Je
ever known to bumauitv, we Ire dv- ", that llaywonit n dalm the
..i . ' . l.l..u. n.nn In tl.a Kti.tllt. Il'll-ltin
ion oi nil ierioeor proprletv. Our , .
ii.ivl.l. iln.r.m ,i-u.!....i ...ui. i.i.i the Western District. Mr. John
ur 1 1 iVi.j itriil vl a t il ii ij lit el... ' Amos was horn iu Virginia
'"." V i--"-" - isi.iri.K- - . ,.,. .
rieuiturisu ami rob llieTreiisurv with yew "" " "
leully iH-auti- arM ",,,'',"Vl Vi'U!, ..V." Ll
We alio koip on liuiid . -Trnnl-i,
Travrllng Hay, '
. ISovtyaud Shoes,
I'mbrtt'as, Otiif,
(Mores, etc., ere., etc.,
Of a superior quality.
( Oppmlte the Court-JTouse.
riarUBVllle. Tcnn., Not. la.'ss-tf 1
I X KKflltN
I frf.-nds niui
iTieiu tlmt we
mil Fpu-lous hlnici nil rratisiin trrei,i.iH (.0.1Hi..(l i,n..y . Iliinra (ha
slgiiof tlio Wiinhin.d H.. i taoles,, whero (""H'U 'piia. llOUre IhO
id p.ilrons, we woiilil Inform
luive ri'iuoveu to nur new
takoa from liitu i but this was noth
ing w.Lkh be could certainly count
upon. Like Shakespeare's MarcLant
of Venice, all of hi, fortune- Jniht
be swept away, and ho rondered pan
niless in a single night. Thii Lap
pons even . now, often, to thoso who
are iuiprorident enough not to insure
tbcir.pt operty. The hard earoitn?
of years vanish before the flames or
the waves,' and' lcv6"tbir -former
possessors to begin life new "
Insurance in a device whereby the
oflccta or such "calamities, instead of
beipg ' cout-cDtratsd iippa single indi
viJuals, 4iro divided up among many,
and -the harden thus tome by eaoh -is
comparatively light.. In its primi
tive form, it in an agreemeat between
sat a hundred ' wen, thai ;they will
all equally contribute to make' good v
tho losses of anyno of the nuuiber.
If morchandise, ships .or buildings
Lelongiiif; to one aro destroyed, ea;k
of the other ninety-nine pays his one
hundredth part of their value, and
thus the -particular owner receives
e t.:- " ..... .i...'... ...
uoiu inn . m-sui-iuiua niiiuty-uiUO oaa-
hnudrodrhs of nin whole loss. 'The
hundredth part of the amount, which
ha and all tho 'rest pay, is called a
premium, it is the pnoe of a. right
toduuiaud from, other a .contribu
tion, to j-rp'acq the property destroy:
ed, ibf tend ef ,xiing dependout upo
thoir chiirityj "sS u u 'i . . if it
la practice, indeed, no such, formal
agreeraeut is mvle, Fet the sake of
economy1 and convchicuco, the l.usl
neffc of insurance in carried en ty a
special elans of Men, or companies of
meowho collect front '.each vt? of
tho insured his premium ia advance,
and out of the-total thus collected
pny to the losers the sums to which
they aro respectively entitled. Csii
ally tho men , or tompanies nx the
amount ot : tlie preuuuma st such
rates as they think will meet all tho
ldvscs likely to accrue, and leave thorn
a surplus as k reward, tor their own
trouble. If they caleulate aright in .
this respect, and no unusual iossrs
occur,' they, make pioncy If thy
miscaleulnte, and nuexpeotod loscs
have to be homo, they Imo. . For the
safety of tho insured1 in this latter
contingency, a fund is usually provi
ddr called , a. capital, put. of wh'uh
losses cau be paid if Jiecossary. llut
as a general thiug, the amount of tho
premiums must equal or exceed thn
amount of the Jefw and. ezptosra,
or the business must stop.
There is au impression 'prevalent
amofl ' some w hp, have i not , brecino
acquainted Willi tne latis counecleu
with tho subject, that iiuurapre is an
extremely profihiMo busiiH-s,and that
tlio coiiipunu-s engaged in lt 'j-tceive
a vast deal more money, iu tho shape
of premiums, thim tljey pay out fyr
losses. Statistics, liowcvor, douiou-
strutu that tins idea is an incorrect
one. Iu the three years, 1805.
and 1807, tho fire and marina coin
pan in of this Stito received in pre
miums $1 10,720 UUO, tthilu they paid
out, for losses and expenses, fill,-
aZO.nuu. That is tbe ngereirate UuiQr-
ance hubiuees, for three years, of .all
those engagea in w in tins ntate, re
sulted in a lo5 of ISOO.OOO. Soiuo
of the rompfliiies. to he sure, wadu
money, hut others had to draw upon
their cnpit-tls, auv the public actually
gained &800,0(IQ at their espouse, i
lheso couside.ratious show that a
great deal of skill and knowledge is
requisite tp o. manage the insurance
business ua to mako the. premiums
cover the lottos and expenses. Care
fid cat hunt os -of the risk to which
each firtiile of mnpDrty Insured is
exposed, and of the likelihood of its
being destroyed, must bo mnde. 'All
tho circumstances , under which acci
dents' occur must bo observed aud
studied, and inference's drawn frem
tin in. Tho avmigo of losses ia par
ti'Hiliir liuds of .business must bo no
ted, aud premiums regulated actord
ingly. liven the persona! character
of thoso who apply fir ineursnro
must La tuken into account, and allow
ance made for it. All (his, and much
moro besides, is essential to tho prop
er eonduet of an insurance otriee
and without it, the business is sure
to come to an unfortunate end. -- -.
Furthermore, it is apparent that
net only must tlie tnro who attempt
to carry on the business of insurance
be competent fo tho task, but they
must also have some other resources
to meet their lorsos than merely the
premium, they collect. With every
precaution the losses will, ss Wo have
seen, sometimes exceed the premi
ums ( end tbeu, if there ha no capi
tal to fall back upon, tl.otowito hold
policies aro really not insured at all,
aud in ease of a loss, foil nf the relief
Floyd St.
wehuve niicucn ror tncir inspect! on nt.
Iai't and most elcifunt stoi-K we have
ever nud ine pieusurc oi oittrnitf itii-iu.
Wu tch ens, I'loclot. Hllvrr Ware, Plated
Ware, IHainouil, Opal, I'r;l, Asiicthyt,
tlnjx, ISoppl.lie, Unmet, Ktnural.t, Moss,
An.ilu, liU'i ull 'old Je elr', in Ki-"t va
riety. Kloo 1'ablu ami I'iK-kot Cutlery, I'lc
lures Ml. iiisooj.es aud rainy Goods, ail
uluihle for
a tfi-ace und rofiniiiicnt icully
near IV-ll's Denot. anil Is said to be
enjoy int eseelleut houlth.' -
ilin ; . nrnvenM T) T n TTT P. m
in tho xvvwi
Floyd HI., one Kipiuru North of Mala.
want: i wo as,
. Ho. U Voil MiUu atrui-l, .
Im RiLlitiou to thu $2,otX) In gold
Tin: Viw York Thm u..,t n ,fi,.l,.
f I...I. ,-. - .. .. ..I A .u,ll.,..un n.i..l rt.i.rrv wlio
.,rfiri.i'f ...... iiiiiii liivur II1U 1IMIUU f.'iliv.n.ii ....... . n . U 1
made iu t'oiivrv to upproprlute$oU,. liven near l-'runkliii, is liU years old. n0or, ba.h. Blinds. Bracket. IOi
o'ri loiiciray (lie eNpciiMiol I'ri-stilclil iieisnuie aim ncuiiy, .'. r.j . dlui, arcuitrstl'l. Lornire.
B.tse, rasln-fH, Mantlrs,
. . stiirt Boors, rte. 1
We would cajl vocUlattriiUoa teoe-rw-
i lortraeniui .
cca-sity of lomo supervisinn of iusur
ante comjianiua to auru the publio
of tLoir pecuniary ability, aud t
lrotect thom from such bogus cesf.
ccms as tho?o which lately flourished
in Jersey Uiiy Uirro tii to caiclt
vrcuuiuujs, w.thout. auy . expocUtiou
,oa the part of their mauHgt rs of pay.
in-jios.sts.j .new xora buu.
Johnson's Uvfcn.se in the impeach expects to live lonit enoiiKh to vote,
UH-iit trial. Tlio 0'i;;c-ci'.' uiili'U f..r another noni's-ratln nominee fori
is a Uaiheal Journul, .suv tlml us the President f of the present dls United
neMilcnt wiiKttciiuuei1, the neiiary Mares' wno, nesuys, win w nmiiu
in- aner wnien union, iineny, ww mm
will not withhold their -:ilinort. but i uu-Um i-nflue. Ave barrels flour, uiurar. liuid to Iola-rt J. VulUcr bv 'Itiianhi. h iritl iii-ia-iiuiijlloii is that h waa
ilv-ii 11 a atii.t:Liiiliiir i.atroniiii.. i i.t,.luii. aniliill the laiu'ilci-and nhot. fur ill li.liliv url It. iI.a AImmL n.u...i.t un.l I li..i-..fiiri. tal.n.ii-i n.. I.a nulor. nj. in duvs of old. will re'ffll Slh
Ji.s-pietf.illv, ij. M. McCiir.i.v has also guttered transaction, I lie Wusbiiiifloii ".'Arum', 'compelled t defray tho ciirn.t of preme tbr'-'ujh fie then Unito.!
Vi-'-r-r,' f-i-T ' i'v (!'' --..V I'., r'-.-.-i t :iii:.-'- ' c'v--.! -l 1.11 ' i- ,-.v. n i -i it
I. A Trin, rt 'Oil INO, and all kinds ot
Kuiifch ami IlrwsMd I I Nt LVMUIUL
o.l for lri LtJt
1.1 ...lv
Fire, Marine and life In
surauco Policies of
Oeneral Insurauce. Agent,
whieh ia very lar-, and emlirueHaall klndt
aud ii.:u. iDclu-iiug lot) uaiiuuw Pebble,
h.i ' i-.ia. lion, in ail 4mSi. ai.uul.wd. i
We will lake leauu In ii,.- tn tor. r,larlcRirilla Ttin
ths'li louli wlio mui iuvuraawith u mn I & V 1110, XeUD.
a.i wiii uUer ,um at or ismuii, uio, in the day of calamity
M. D.
m-i il
lUialriivr is all Its V.-amB, u w0U Will D0t rfPTOt it.
" 1 sf

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