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dn dollar per iqgM f tea Unas o r
VT- Muhscrlliers who reertve their
X lln wlib an X marked ooim-
c!V. lit their nnmos. either on the
tnrln of the peper or on the imiUI.Is
wrapper, will know UuitUiclr term of sub
scription ho expired.
OuLO, In New York, yesterday, tm 112.
Tennessee Bonds old,75;J naw, 7AJ-J.
.. Dealers, In Tennessee Bank notes, at
Hesbvllle, hohl them STWc.
Akotheu first-class ruin fell
Wednesday evening.
1 ifft.C. I.. rALLAKt)iaHAaf died
At Cumlftrhmd, Maryland,.
18th. Inst ; ... .
F r.
Napoleon and ex-Queen Chrls
. Una, of Spain, are negotiating fur es
tate to locate In A merlin.
CiKCir8."Ord John Boblnrmn's"
Circus and Menagerie will exhibit In
this place, Huturday, September 2nd.
RkMkmhrh that all taxes due the
c(ty, and iiotpaldby the 2fltt Inst.,
wll( be collected by levy and sale, s
Jt seems to na (hat mosquito bar
goods would make an excellent wear
lug apparel this melting weather
.. "Vb notice, in our exchangee, .men
(ln made of dUtTerent Tentiewtee edi
tor being at some of the watering
pluotn, , Lucky.iluvil.
Focsf i.-A, good 'TbridU wltb a
lever bit, which the owner can gel
by calling at thin office, and paying
.charge. - , ., ... '. st
rait BALK. At 11 o'clock to-day,
(Haturdsy) will beaold, on the Public
Square, a cow and calf. ...
i i
Till paper report several, case of!
suu-stroke In Nashville during the
last few dnys. i v;.
' .
Criminal Court is in session
bore, Judge King presldlug. There
la a very heavy docket to be disposed
of, and It la very probable that Court
will coutluue for some time. -.
WKaro requested by Mr. John It.
Martin, to say to those who have his
fruit baskets, that they would confer
a favor by promptly leaving them at
Mr. Bawls' grocery, v
.Wk publish, elsewhere, ,au article
In regard to the death of Hou. W. K.
' Turiior.:.; He was. for many years a
. citlseu of this' place, and many
friend here revere his memory..
Wk were the recipients, last Wed.
, nesduy, of some excellent peaches
from Hnmmy Felts, from th Houth
:; wide. The fruit from thp Felts orch
ard la iint surpassed In this couutry.
.i i . ' -.....
uiasKi. win nreaen in tne f resnvie
rlan church to-morrow '( Huuday.)
Service couimeuclug at 10j a. m.
nd8 p. k.v '
OoosTKEKiCnosa havepurchnsed
the frame cottage commenced by Mr.
O. Clark, on Oupton Hill, and are
ninking additions to it. When coin
pleted it will be a ueut and conveni
ent house. , V'
Tim Muthodlxt denomination, of
the t'lurkavlllo District, has purclias
il a home, IochUiI on the Charlotte
l'ike, Junt ouUlde the city lluilU, for
tho Presiding Elder. Rev. Mr. Mlzell
and family moved Into It thla week.
Patents were granted, during the
week ending August 12, to Wm
Uret-n, of Gallatin, for an improved
rasor atrap, and to J. G. Minor, of
N'akhvillo, for an improved plow.
IIkv. Mil. Hoyt, of Nashville oc
cupied the pulpit at the Presbytciiaii
church last Sabbath, preaching morn
ing and night, to the edification and
satisfaction of large nud attentive au
diences. '
Wh learn that a young man, of
Dover, by the name of Green w
drowned In the Cumberland, opposite
that place, on last Wednesday even
ing. In attempting to swim across
the river, It is supposed he was seized
with cramp.
Kentucky Ei.KCTioN.-Theofnclal
returns from ninety-nine counties
give Leslie, the Democratic candidate
for Governor about 37,(XX) majority,
with flflceu couutlos to be heard from
which will probably swell his major
ity to -10,(100.
Ol'K stirring young friend, Wm.
Coulter, has workmen engaged In
uttiug up a residence ou Franklin
street, nearly opposite the MelhodlHt
church. Success to you, William, aud
we hope you will be an impartial
Judge In the baby ring at the coming
TliK revival at Alitloch, on thoJ
South-side of the river, was closed a
few days ago. Kom twel veor thirteen
were converted - and added to the
church, besides the whole church
having been thoroughly aroused.
We trust that much good will result
from this meetlug.
The sale of Messrs Wright, Buck
Iter A Co', livery stable and stock
was completed last Saturd y, and the
stork divided between Messrs Roach
A Dick and Caldwell A Sheltnn.
Caldwell A Sheltou propose to sell
any of their horse (except one) at
the former valuation. Persons wish
ing stoek would do well to examine
(Jkant Is still workiug out- be
tween drinks his Kau Domingo
scheme. IfolMiluucy and stupidity
ran accomplUh It, the anueiailon I
a settled tiling.
Thi Mlo .vlng I the speech, of our
neighbor, II. M. Dunk, In response to
the reception of the Tennessee Prei
Association, at Cincinnati. The
speech Is apprnprlnto to the occasion
and deserves ' the aimrovul which
msrlrnl Ita ilvllverv
Allow me, on behalf of the Ten-
ntmwia PrHMi AwMM'latlfin. ti r fnH
their w rmest thanks for the klud re-!
ceptlon you bare extended here to
ds v. We are from a State a proud
old State that has newly buckled on
her arnior to engage in the great work
of modern Improvement and ad
vancement, and to oarry on the great
work of developing our boundlnsi re
sources, and we come to you from the
people of Tennessee, as their natural
representatives, to see what Is your
civilisation and progress here, aud to
And in It what maybe worthy of Im
itation by us. ' We come, ..therefore,
bearing greetings to you. We come
to ask of you more Intimate social
and commercial relations; that the
ties uiai uina us togetner may be
more close and Insling that they
may lost forever. Applause.
"Somethlnir has been said of the
jealousy of our sister States of the
south : un the part or Tennessee
there is no such jealousy . Applause.
We ask you to come to our borders, to
advance with your Iron bauds
through our borders, and down luto
the South beyond us. and whereso
ever we may be situated, and what
soever part or our State you may tap
wiin your rauroaii . anu leiegrapn
lilies, we ask. vou to iro thmuirli.
There are no mean jealousies on our
pan, ana we enuorsea rrom one ma
of our State to the other, the action
of our Legislature when she granted
ine cnarter you aaKetf.
" When we come to your State we
see mucii mat is worthy of Imitation
V . i . 1
uy un, anu mircn in your proirressaou
marub of advancement of which you
may well be proud -not In superb
paintings and towering shafts of pol
ished marble, but in great public
buildings and works of utility. ' We
find much here that we may Imitate,
not only In works of improvement,
great bridge aud railway centers
streching East and West, North and
south, but we And here, also, a hap
py and busy people.
" Allow me, In conclusion, to return
the warmest thanks of the Tennessee
Press Association, for the kind recep
tion aud warm hospitality that you
have extended to them here to-day."
Choick Seed Wheat Selected
Kok this LatiTCDr. Henry Freeh
has a large and well selected lot of
Seed Wheat for sale, some of the va
rletles of which are well known to our
wheat growers, while others are new
in this locality. The Tappahannock,
Is a llusslan white wheat, from Odes
sa, originally .distributed by the
TJuited States Agricultural Depart
meut In 1883, and tested successfully
in the various States. 1 The Depart
ment reports, 1869 70, from many and
widely separated portion of the
country, agree In placing It among
the most desirable varieties. It pos
sesses the characteristics of a superior
wheat, maturing from ten to twenty
days earlier than any other variety,
yielding heavily, rarely su4olnlng
damage from weevil or midge, rust or
smut, giving a superior quality aud
yield of flour. . Virginia and Mary-
mod report that with fair cultivation
ui0TKppa1fd"nnockC gives Kit average
yield of 49) bushels to the acre ; Call
fornla 53 bushels to the acre; Georgia
an increase of sixty fold ; Kentucky
reports it the best wheat for this cli
mate, its matted roots prevent its
freezing out and Its early ripening a
guarautee against rust.
The Soulw, an amber wheat, very
large, golden grain, matures early
and yields heavily.; It is the favorite
In the far west.
The Genncssee, a bleached amber
wheat, plump grain, matures about
the same time as the Red May.
The Boughton, plump white grain
known In this locality as the Morris
or Dunlap wheat, one of the best va
rieties ever introduced into this State,
These are very superior selections of
seed wheat. We know this from the
reports of the greatest wheat growers
in the United States, and from the
samples shown us. No enterprising
farmer will miss tills opportunity of
securing good seed, and we are satis
fled that no one can harvest good
wheat from Inferior seed.
Rev. Mb. Osborne has been
preaching very acceptably to the citi
zens of New Providence and this city
for some time. ' He is an eloqueut
preacher, aud would accomplish great
good if bis physical abilities were In
keeping with the mental.
Judge Baxter, at Nashville, In
the cose of A. S. Colyar against the
Clerk of the County Court, rendered
his decislou yesterday, declaring the
tax on lawyers unconstitutional. The
Legislature ordered a tax of $50 per
auuuni, as a privilege, ou lawyers.
Colyar paid the tax under protest, and
sued for recovery. An appeal will be
taken to the Supreme Court.
Wk have read, with interest, a cat
alogue of the flue thorough bred rac
ing and trotting stock, belonging to
Mr. William Bacon of Trigg County,
Ky. Thiscalogue is published, pre
paratory to a sale of a portion of this
stock on the 27th of Mepterifber, at
the residence of the proprietor. This
Is a fine opportunity for those who
wish to buy blooded horses with pedi
grees about which thero cau be no
The Tennessee Press Excursloulsts
have arrived at Washington.
I'kiisonau J. B. Halyard, Esq.,
for many years a magistrate of this
county, was in to see us this week.
He is a resident of Stewart county,
at present.
Ben. Humber,' once an attaches
of this office, now residing near
Woodlawn, lu this county, paid us a
visit laat Monday, Ben. entered his
items upou our subscription list.
O. T. Lewis, from Battle ('reek
mi use, gave us a call last Tuesday.
Mr. L. has b en ou a vlhit to Alabama,
and reiairts the people in that country
more prosperous end contented than
jat tiny Hmv slucc the ur.
Tub phamphlet edition of the Pre
mium List, of the 7tli annua! Pair of i
Montgomery County, has beeo laid on KM,,,wcif3r ,,m5 an n,orth ,n
. ., f, ', Cumberland river, and eontlguou
our table, and we accept It as an evi- chtJrolHMf tltrm . . A
dein-e of the right sortof spirit, and aviation, ou the Mill of September,
determination to succeed at all baa- j at SprlngAeld, Robertson county. We
ards. Tha list of premium 1 llberel onderstand that delegate, have been
.--.. ..M.i. ,..,. im. (already appointed from the First Bap
andembracesevery variety of articles, (jjurj,f Nashville, as well as
legitimately wlthiu the scope of the from several churches In Robertson
enterprise, and we earnestly hope the
people of the town aud county will
show a higher appreciation of its Im
portance than they have hitherto,
manifested. We can't expect those,
atft fit ai fat naa a tvti f 1 I ak rwl aniitrwirt mm
, , , . : In this region of no ordinary magnl-
InsUtutlon that baa languished under jturtB The objeot la to cultivate a
our own neglect. The exhibition: field almost wholly unoccupied bv
comes oft, on the 18th day of October
and will continue four days.
Connected with their Hardware
business, Messrs ftobt. Moore A Co.
have Introduced an article of trlediS"0'- Tha BurksvIH 1 the only
worth to housekeepers. It is their
new Churn Power a simple frame,
with dasher attached, that a child or
a servant can adjust to the old fash
ioned, straight up and down churn and
churn with It easily and rapidly, get
ting the butter In shorter time and
lessening the labor more than half.
This churn" I 'no patent' humbug.
These gehtlernep bave tried It them
selves (and ire now using them) and
bave had them tried by number of
good citizen of Clarksvllle and tbe
country, to whom they ' can refer at
anytime. '
Wheat FAjcMVrB. Carl Use, Ejq.,
of Uils county, ha Invented a wheat
fan, for which he ha applied for a
patent.' .Several .of the best farmer
of this and surrounding oouuties bave
examined it, aud pronounce It supe
rior, lu every respect, to any in use.
The cost of this fau is much less than
tbe old style. ' We hope It may prove
a great thing for farmers aud profit to
the Inventor, s '.. ? r ;. .
A fire damp explosion occurred
on the 14th Inst, at Pittstou, Pa., by
which some fifteen or sixteen lives
were lost. Three other miners who
were working lu a differeut part of
the mine escaped. - ...
. Wk are informed that some naugh
ty boys are In the habit of throwing
stones at the guttering at tbe rear end
of the Methodist church. This Is too
bad aud should be ttopped.-: - .
- m. S. ' .
Mb. John Summers, only , brother
of the Editor of til Christian Advo
cate, of Nashville, died at Swanage,
Dorset, England, July 17, 1871. He
was boru at that place, April 19, 1810.
According to promise, John Syl
vester, appears on our first page, wltb
a story entitled " What Was It."
The characteristics of the writer make
the authorship, as clear as the sig
nature Itself; and we feel assured that
the reader will eagerly search for the
solution' of thcquestluu " What Was
It." ' . v, 'C.-::; v
Trouble in the Rural Dis-
mucts. " I aay, Qeorg. .whore Are
you going so fast ? you act like a crazy
. " Well, John, If you had seen what
I did a few day ago, you would be
cragy yourself."' " " ;
" Why, what, on earth wa it
"I was down to the city, John, and
about nine o'clock In the morning, I
heard tbe awfulest noise and yelling
you could Imagine, and rushing to
the door to see what on earth was tbe
matter, I discovered about two thous
and meu, women aud children com
Ing around the corner, yelling and
shouting, and presently the cause of
this hubbub appeared in the moving
mountalu of flesh contained in Old
John Robinson's mouster elephant
Emperor, followed by about fifty of
the handsomest cages I ever saw, (it
aeemed to me as if there were a hun
dred; and they were all filled with
liviug wild animals, making one of
the graudext sights it was ever my
lot to witness, and I am now on my
way to buy my tlpkets, for there will
be a big rush, and I want to be in
time for the allow."
M Now, George, you Just wait till I
hitch my horses, and I will go and
get the ticket for our family, too."
Old John Robinson exhibits in
Clarksvllle, Saturday, Sept. 2nd.
A Live Home Joubxal Nota
eleChanqb. Last October, Hearth
and Home passed luto the hands of
Messrs. Orange, Judd & Co., of 245
Broadway, New York, the well
known publishers of the American
Agriculturist a Journal long with
out a rival in sterling value and cir
culation. The '. marked Improve
ments then expected to appear lu
Hearth and Home have beeu fully
realized, and it I now one of the
choicest II I ustra ted Journals a ny w here
Issued for the family circle adapted
to both the Juvenile and adult people,
and meeting the special wautaof the
housekeeper. Besides it supplies very
useful chapters for the garden and
farm, aud an important new sheet,
giving a valuable resume of tbe news
for a week, up to the momeut of Is
sue. From fftOO to $800 worth of very
fine engravings beautify each weekly
uuiuuer. ii , iiunn i uw hiii lurui-
er mark of enterprise on the part of
number. We notice now a still furth
the publishers; they have secured
the exclusive editorial services of Ed
ward Eggleston, so widely and favor-
.ably known hy his writings In Sorib-
ner's Monthly, and especially as the
'chief suierliitending Editor of the
. N ew York I ndependent for some time
(past With this notable addition to
the previously large and strong edito
rial force, Hearth aud Home cau uot
'fall to meilt and command a promi
nent place in every household,
In city, village, and couutry. Hpeol-
men copies can doubtless be obtained
'of the publishers, as above. Terms
only Si a year. (Single numbers 8
lUarllianil Horns anil Amer.
loan Agriculturist together, ti a year.
Better add one or both of them to'
vm.r ..m..ltf ..f .a.ll..i thev ar!
each worm Intinluly more thuu the
Siuall cosi. .
Bew mptm AaaeeSaUess.
The fcptlot Caurches south of the
and Montgomery counties. The Rev,
! A. D. Sears, D. 1)., of Clarksvllle,
ha consented to preach the Introduc
tory sermon. Tlieformation of tills
Association, and the sermon by such
a distinguished divine, will make an
event in the history of the Baptists
missionary labors. Union and Amer
The river
about fifteen
la eUll
receding with
on Harneth
boat running. She makes senil-oo-
caslonal trips between thi place and
Cairo. . .' ;
Klncannon A namlett hare
the biokst and best selected Mock of
Stove, Tin, Wood and Willow Wore ever
brought to Clarknvllle, which they will
ell at prices that can't, fall to give aatlnfac
lion. Call snd look, through, It will not
eoat you anything. . ... v k :
jfAnm and light Cattimrrt. tuitt,
for Summer wear, jurt received at
McCultoch't Clothing Store.
0 won ft Moore ha va just
received and opened their
complete stock of Drags,
Chemlcalf, Soaps, Perfume
ry, ceo. it will pay you to
Call, on them. , march4-tf
i -
. ( f 1 II I I I SI I ft, ... j
Watches, Diamonds, Silver
and Plated Ware, fine fancy
Goods, Table Cutlery, Mirrors
and Chromos. New stock at
low prices. Call and see, at
,. COOKE'S. -
Would eallspeelal attention te ear large
lock of CLOCKK, of every atyle and qual.
Itjr.- InovU-tf
Lead, Oils, Faints, Varn
ishes and Painter's Material
for sale low at " v ' "
June 24, 1871-tf '
Owen & Moore prepare an
Teast Powder, which they
guarantee to give satisfac
tion. Try it.
Blair's Flavoring Extracts
the very best sold, just re
ceived and for sale at
. Tfa, nloett thing in the wag of a
Summer Coat ever brought to Ctarlt-
ville, now for tale at It. E. AfcCUL-
LOCH'S Clothing Store.
Just received , a lot of
choice Havana and Domes
tic Cigars and fine Virginia
Tobacco at , , ,
A large and nice attortment of
Linen and Afpacca Coalt, jutt re
eeived by R. E. MoCulloch. Call-
and tee them.
special attention to the new
Ivoridb Table Cutlery. They
Furniture, Cheap.
Children11 and Youtht' Good in
great variety at MeCULLOCH'S
Clothing Store. Go and tee them.
May iff, 1871-tf
Extra the tuitt, in Cattimere and
Linen, at Mc CiUloch'tU) to 46 inehet
Pittsburgh and St. Bernard
Orders len for Coal, at ths W extern Union
Telegraph o trice for PltUburg or HU Ber
nard, will be promptly filled, by
Afaroti 11, 71-tf
mate and Fancy Marteillet Vettt,
black and white Aljiaca Coat, the
nicent ever brought to thit market,
jutt received, and for tale, at
Afc CULL O CirS Store.
L0CKCRT A 10. hate sow the
largest and flartt stork or China,
Glass, Qaeeniware, flae Faacr Goods,
Lamps, Lama Flxtares and Ktniral
Uoasefiiralshlag Geodserer brought
to this market, which they pledge
(hemic Ires to sell, at wholesale or
retail, at low as thtjroR he bought
an) war re. tea. Sign or Big Ntcber.
Owen & Moore keep a com
plete stock of School Books,
n .n . fr a. t i i
oll,eg0 Books, Blank
juwuava, siai,iwuvry, iuusictii
Instruments and Sheet Mu
sic A liberal discount to
teachers and country merch
ants. iuarch4-tf
Klncannon ft llamlett bave
the bent and cheapest Lining Tump In ths
market. Call and see them. apt, 71-tf
Klncannon ft llamlett are re
solving a very Kstendvo Block of (Haas
and yueen.ware, wbieb they will sell at
iy wmrw pneee. p i, -ri-tt
. . .
V Vatt " nice party JU Of
IVs, go to Jt. E. MrCl'.f. OCtl'S
niirf yon witt Jlml it.
, aMlUjr a aril assilallssi -
Both remit Iron iketaek of ability to sea.
art ths food trite autrlmnnt. Bow nssm
sary, then, for llioae suffering from these
alarming symptoms to Immediately resort
to a remedy Uial will strengthen the
atomaoh and digestive oraans. For, a
soon as this deetmlMe ehjeet has been ae-
ooinpllshed the health Improves, and llio
patient rerames his nsnal porsunal appear
ance. Hostetler's fUomach Bitters have
sttained a world-wide popnlar.ty la sneh
cum, and have been proven the nest and
sgfeMt means of removing eonstipntlon.
toning ths stomscb, giving energy to the
liver, snd relieving every symptom of
nerveosnmis and depreanlon of spirits. ' Its
entering and benefielul effect are highly
poken of by thousands, who ows to it
their restoration to health. No re-toratl ve
lu ths annals of medicine has attained the
same popularity In the short space of time
It has been before the public, or has won
the high endorsements accorded to thla
xoellont tonlo. Many other preparat Ions,
purporting to be correctives and restora
tives, have been Intrmlaeei!, and have
perhthed one by one, while the popularity
of Ilostetter's Htomach Bitters eontlnnea
to Inorease, and Is now recognised as s
standard household medletne. The success
which attends Uieese Of the UIMers evinces
at once Its vlrtnes In all cases of debility
snd disease of ths stomach. Certificate
almost without number) bavs been peb-
Ushed.aUeNtinglls truly mlracnlou power
In removing those painful and fcariul
diseases. And at this time It seems Idle to
do more than call attention to the great
remedy of the age, In order to awaken
public attention to Its excellence. It lstbs
only preparation of the kind that Is relia
ble la all eases, and It Is therefore worthy
of the consideration of the afflicted. , ,
The kinds ws bsvcsre many and varlons;
but ws Would call particular atteutioa to
the Victory, which has a Ulass Top, and Is
superior to any In the market. We have
them at wholesale and retail as eh gap as
the cheapest. . '
We also mannfaetnrs the Tin Cans at re
duced prices. In fkot so low that all who
will can buy without mach money or price.
July 1, Tt-tf. ' A r '.' :f
. .- f .
, Thk most bkactiful or ALL ar
tificial LlOHT IS MADS BY. THR
ties or Lamp Fiitubes as low As
loan r. hours.
Attorneys at 1 Zaie,
s Aug. 12, 71-tf
1 this institution begins on the 4th of
BupwiiNoer next.-
Primary Department..
CoUlaUt , "
Music.... J!M00
Use of Instruments 6 00
Krenoh and Uerman. wh 1.1 00
Ureek and Latin...... . 10 00
Boarding...... SO 00
W sailing:, per doxen... so
Matriculation fee............ t 00
J OH. B. WEST, PresX
Clarksvllle. June II. 71-if.
Stewart College.
HesMloai of 171-72. opens September 1.
raealty will consist of Ave men.
Meienee-a will reoelvs special attention.
ThIIIobi, per annum, from S40 to 170 00
Moslerai LasiaaasTe extra 30 00
Incidental fee.. 4 00
Apeiarmlaa and Laboratory n-e S 00
Board, pur monlli of four weeks,.. SO 00
Wsiklnr extra. " ' ISO
i-aymesiis, nair-yeany in advance.
Fnplls enter fertile year.
Kxamlnaflosis twice a year.
HeDortasent hoineeverv month.
I'atMlngsies sent free. Apply to the
Rev. J. B. BHRARER, D. T).,
ClarkMvllle, Tenn
July 22, lirl-Sm
will re-open her school Monday, Bent, 4th.
Tuition, per session of Ave montiis. 9IA,
IIS, and $21 00. Incidental expenses SO cents.
Payable one-half in advanot), tbe balance
iin.fna ui insmsiOD.
Aug. 5, 71-1 m
WHEregulsr Hessian will commence the
1 first of September. Terms, f.souo per
Session of tweuty weeks and SIS SO for the
use of tho Instrument. No dedueiion uu
less for protracted Illness. Pupils will also
oe received uu ring uie III on I II of August.
July !, 1S71-4W
Largest Sch ol In the Sooth.
Ps rents wishing very superior advanta
ges tor tbetr UsuitbterK, In a healthlul city,
at reasonable rates, will scud for eatalogue.
10 yv. r.. w Anu, Kiaanvine, lenn
July 22, 71-lm
To I3ilderH.
I HAVE n roc u red a boat for the nnriwu.
of furnishing the cltlsvns of Clarksvllle
witn tne nest HoeH.uravel .sS Maud,
for building purposes, all of which will be
delivered to those who desire it, -Orders
irc at tne otneeof tne Koiindry. will be
promptly tilled.
Aug. 12, 71-1 w
Notice to City Tax Payers.
paid ny the rail or Aaagust, 1S71, will be
oulieoted by levy and salt.
City Marshal.
Aug. 12,71-Sw
New and ccm I te alock
of Truasei, Supporters,
Braces, &c. just receiyed
and for sale low at
Blue Lick Water on
draught, Spear's Preserving
Fluid, Sea Moss Farine, Vin
egar Bitters, Simmons Liver
Invlgorator, Bitters and
Patent Medicines of all
kinds at
rni riser goods, me urtnt
Stf k e'er see la talt City, wait a
L0CKIKT A C0N will Uke aleasare
In skowlas wkrlhrr )oa pUb te
Hrrbaie er nol. ' - -
Foreign and American Marble,
wen selected stoca of , ,
loaimeiti, Tenrba, Tablets, Gardes
rigarcs,Taea,Maatle rieeeKtc..
all of which will be soldju low aa the low
est. Persons wishing anything In this line
will save money by giving uie a call before
purcliasl ng elsewhere.
Against expenditure In honor of the
dead. Heaven has uttered no prohibition,
and earth Is not Injured, but benefitted by
them. Ail tBose beautiful emblems which
adorn the many tombs around which we
love to linger, assure us we are In a world
of warm and loving hearts. The adorning
of the sepulchres of the "loved ones" alle
viates our Kris' anil soothes the wounded
heart. It also cheers the bereaved to k now
that an additional embellishment of the
grave presents stronger attractions to ar
rest the attention of tha stranger, and
oaases him to pause and learn the name of
one who has shared so largely lu the love
of others. .......
We have not discharged ths office of
friendship and aQVotlon whk.li wo owe to
the departed, when we have consigned
their remains to the tomb, amid the so
lemnities which ths occasion demands.
There are other duties which we owe them,
which, if neglected, will seriously reOeot
upon our piety asChrisllans.
To give them a Christian burial Is simply
duty to cherish Iheir memory Is a mark
of esteem. There Is a desire Implanted In
all humanity to be remembered by the llv
liis. when thev shall sleen in the dust.
There can be no. expenditure of labor orof
means inai win more ricniy compensate
mankind than that which Is bestowed up
on thk sepulchres of our departed.
Attractive and beautiful cemeteries will
assist our piety and promote tbe refinement
and elevation of society. It is abundantly
manifest from the many testlmor.lala that
kind feellngsare fostered and that the most
tender recollections of them linger In the
mluds of the living. This Is Illustrated by
those citlesof our many dend, Greenwood,
Cave Hill, Mount Olivet, Mount Auburn,
Laurel Hill, and many other attractive
places, where the efforts of the living are
to perpetuate the memory of those that
they have loved.
The ereollou of Marble Is the laat work of
respect wiuon we pay to the memory ofde
narted friends. It Is a oustnm wlilch has
been followed from the remotest ages of
antiquity. We can judge of the advance
ment of civilisation by the promotion of
n., suu insre is no uikut type oi art man
that which Is displayed In our American
I j Hist-cl us, reliable Mouhiue, can get no
mill, ma machine
With an experience of seventeen years In
the use of machines, we can salely recom
mend them, Ilesmyt fully,
July 29, 71-tf. ,
Private roarding.
THE nndcrslgned begs leave to announce
in me puuiio inai sne is prepare! and tie.
sires to take boarders at her house, on
Frauklin street, near tlia Method 1st oh urch
at ins following rates i
Board, per week,
Board and lodgl ng, per week, . .....
" dav
.M Ml
4 i'
niugie meats,..
t ....It,...., H.. n 1 1 . . ... IH
.Terms strkitly la advance).
Msy 20, tOTl-lf - -
Pork, Bacon. Lard and Elour,
No IS West Main, bet. 1st and td Hts.
BelnasoleaBeiitaln Lnulsvlllafor a num.
Isr off llie most eelebratutt fr'lonrlit Mllla
or Kentucky and in(lnna. they are enabled
lo till all orders promptly, at lowest figures.
vniwi. irom tne irauosouuiieo.
juiyw, sw.
Quarles, Lurion & Daniel,
Will practice In tha Coarta of Stewart,
Itobcrtson and Houston.
July l,l7l-om.
Deluge fire torn pan No. 1.
Meets ths Orst Wadneaday night of each
mouth for transaction of business. All
members to attend.
H. r-UKCH, Sec'y.
Langstrottrti Celebrated Dives,
Can be linl at KdgerleM J nnel loo, Davidson
rouuty, i'enn., by T. H. Ilamlin. author of
"Improved Bee Culture'' for Teaueasoe,
prbviVu cents. HeuU for circular.
June 17, Ik;1-3iii .
ii "
A K)fn HrXOMD-HAND BroiY and
f llarness. lor sale, Appivlo
Jul i;i :w. il il. roto.
' "Li
Uoidttjf ttilcBibfr llta, mi,
rr viRTfr. or A writ or vkjjdi.
r tlonl exponneto me llrected from the
Honorable Circuit Coir M Mnntgomery
county, in favor nf Ksnrr Harvey, and
sgalnst Martha J. Harvey,! WIM, on Mun
tluy, tbnltli day of September est,il71.
sell to the highest bidder, lor cash, at the
Court-house iloor in I lie city ofClarhsrtlle,
&rlAln t ra. il I a m I lvln . MnntMiMarv
couni) , Tcnnesw-e, imilstrtcl No. In, bound'
sd as follows! HcKlnnlng at a large lhtl
oak on a ridge, running west SO pole to a
nogwonu; incnw soiiin i.n poles to two
rostoaas; ineneeeasi nupniestoa iitcaory
thenoe north 1HM poles to I he bctiln nl ng i ai
the property of Martha Ilsrvcy, all of
which Isnf rvcord In the ltealster sofllceof
Montgomery county, in lik D, page 4.
By J. c. Hbaii, 1). 8.
tt ii, rintm, riicrtn.
July 29,7l-4t-pr. fee 44 00.
rr vin
I tlonl
uie Hnno
1 Kxnonss. to me directed. Imm
Honorable Clrrnft Conrt of Monleom-
ery county. In favor of J. W. Kdwards and
sgalnst D. B. Carlisle, I will, on Monday
the 4th dsy of Heptember, IH7I, sell to the
h ighest bidder, for cash, at the Coo rt-hoose
door. In the city of clarksvllle, I, B.
Carlisle's interest In the Warehouse,
known as the Red Itlver Warehouse, said
interest being one half Interest In ssld
iriperty, and situated at tbe mouth of
itco liner, on tne nortn nans.
O. B, H A HKI. Sheriff.
- A By J. O. Krao, D. S.
July 29, 7I-4t-pr. fee 10 OU.
Non-resident Notice. Kont-
goiucrr County Court.
Carney Balsnn et ala vs. Tho's BnUnn et sis.
s IVtitlon for partition and sale of land.
it appearing totiieaaiisiaetlon nrtneciera
from the affidavit of enlnnlslnsnts. thai
Thomas Hrtison, Betty I'loma, the nn-
anown neirs ni reux itaison, tne un
known heirs of Marv SI rev horn, t hs un.
known helrsof Jane Holmes, the unknown
heirs of Serena Dean are non-reslduuU of
ine mate ot Tennessee, and that the resi
dence oi tne neirs or Calvin Hatson Is on
known, so that the ordinary process of law
cannot be served on them, It Is therefore
ordered that publication be made accord
ing to law, for four successive weeks In I he
Clarksvllle Chronicle, a newspaper pub
lished In the cltv of Clarksvllle. uotlfvlna
said non-reslilenta and unknown defend
ants to appear before tbe Hon. T. W. King,
Judge of the County Court of aald county,
i tiro iwuMriuwv wrin ui seiq court, to IJC
lield at the court linnsa In ctsrkavllla.
Tenn., on Monday, Sept. 4, 1H71, and plead,
answer or demur lo aald petition, or tha
same will betaken for confessed as to Uiem
ana set lor nearing expnrte,
House A Campbell, Sols,
Aug. 12, 1871-4w-pr foa S5.
ComDlsslonefs Sale or Win
able Farm.
IT. W. LUenby and wife vs. Heirs of George
Boo the.
IS pursnanea of a decree made In the
above cause, at the August teria,IS71,ofthe
vuuiiiy ouurt oi monigomcry county, i
wm vuer lursnie, to m. manes utdder, on
Krtlllhl.. Il..')n.ll ..... m ... M. ......
"""""J, ,, r,..r n;t , inn,., ml
oonrt-house In Clarksvllle, the tract, ol
and oeionging lot lie neirs or Oco. BiHithe,
dee'd, situated In District No. 7, of Mont-
foniery county, on the Hover road, con
alning shout 100 acres, a particular de
scription of which will be given on ths day
of sale.
TBKMS-One-fourth cash, snd thebalanos
upon a credit of S, 12. 18 and 24 months,
notes with good security required, bearing
Intent from date, and a lien retained until
tne purcnaae money is paid.
P. ONRAL, Clerk A Com.
Ang. 13. 187l-4w-pr foe, adv. a bills tt 60.
, ' J - E8THAT
Ing In District No. S, snd posted on the
18th day of July. IH71,one Bay Mare, about
fifteen hands high, and supposed to be
about fl0eeu years old, with two Collar
marks and left bind foot white, and slight
ly marked with saddle. Valued at ISO 00 by
Aug. 6, 1W1-W.
I lug In District No. 4, on the lath day of
way, mi,one uara Brawn r my, two years
old, about W-i hands high. No flesh mark
or brands, but a scar on the neck, supposed
to be made by wearing a yoke. Valued at
saiuv oy w. s. Aiexanuer ana ? nomas r
Dalluy. .... ,
Augusts, 1971-Sw.
JL kntist,
orrion st JPisossxxaanBrosn,
Sd door bast of Ills Kplseopai Churcn.
Won id call tha attention of Demons who
wish to have Teeth made to a new style of
Rubber Plate that I am using, which, tor
durability, strength and beauty surpasses
anytning do lore onerea, anu cornea nearer
restoring the natural Voice than gold or
other uielaiio plates. .
, fob II, 7l.ly
IDAHO Hl'llIN O 8.
Xontzomery Coaalr. Teaa
Will be opened on the lStb of June for
the reception of visitors and Invalids. The
waters of these five springs are excelled by
none In their mineral virtues and adapta
tion to various diseases of tuebumau fam
ily, such as dyspepsia, dropsy, liver eom-
ulai lit. IndlKestlon, disease of the kidneys,
gravel, chills and fevers of long slniidlng,
sore eyes, tetter, general debility, yield to
nature's remedy, and most oases ef delicate
women and children. When all medical
aid has railed, they are a specific remedy,
and to those we would say, specially, oome
drins tnese sparkling waters auu aval
Single Meals. ....... ,......4 I 00
" ly......................... 2 IS)
Week..........-, 10 00
H Mouth .--.m SS SO
-Reduction for families for tbe season.
Juus 17, 71-Slll.
J. J. RAWLS k CO.,
KEKP onnstsntlv ou hand a full sunnlr
of Kresh Oroeerles, which they otter at re
tell as eheap as any house In tbe city.
(ilve usarsll.
Msy, "70-tf
The residence of I. C. tomts, situated
north of the arounds of Gen. Hornheraer.
The dwelling Is nearly new. with all the
modern Improvements, having a good cis
tern, with all necessary out-houses, sta
bles, eta. There arc over six acres of land,
under Bond fence, and In a liluh state or
cultivation, also a fair orchard and good
Sunleii. Any one wishing lo purchase a
eslrsble suburban residence can Bud a
bargain by calling upon
June IT, Uffl-im
t mjmjmmmcm armmmr.
Steam Entine,BawL'lll,
' Shingle Kaeklseit
Brass and Iron Ctatlags; fts
rally, and
I dcrs for repairs ou Stl as S"lse.
aw Mills, 1 Smk.n, hMS, aud
sii aiuos ui iHninrry.
, W II ITflKI.P, BATI.0 4t Cvi
ClchrHIe t!:i!ca.!:::i!j!
(Bet Worn rrarrkltn and Commerces
Br. JlCnolSOS BOH, rreprlriora"
nonncelothr pnhlle that this Inst tin
Hon Is now open, aud sotxosafully trcatiuf
Diseases ef females,'
Diseases of tke Loafs, .
Kketimfttlftn. Paralysis.
' earl Blseases, Tamors,
Indolent I' leers, ri.txls
Catarrh, and all Chronic Bl,fes.
, Patients front a distance will he hoarded,
t the Institute. or they will he treated at
Hotels If they orerer IL Ws have, and nr.
poet to keep on hand, (na lnt4 and moat
approved style of apparatusani appllaneea
In order that we mav hoahlenramoilv soil
sueoeasfnllytotreat such eases aa may coiun '
Persons wrltine Sir In SArtttatt am r. ul.
vice, will send sUunp to Prepay auswsp.
Julya,7lHt .
O.B.WIL805. Dr.C.W.BKAU-tOKr
. i. p. x. "n arrriKLD,
tronuge extemlod lo us last year, and
hoping a continuance ol the same. Hav
ing added to our machinery and stock of
manufactured goods, ws cau furnish, os
short notice
, Doorf '."."..',
Ulinde, ; . .w
Xresecl Lumber,
Shintflea.LacliHa otof
It C Wn will furnish plana su4'
iJA, estimates of tuateilais for
houss-bulldlng on application.
fi. B. WILSON A CO.,
Commerce Rireet, near lbs Koandry.
April 18, 1M71-Iy, .
Health Restorer, purities the
blood and cures Hcmfula, Byiih- .
Ills, ftkln Disesiasi, Kheumatsin
Illseases of Wolusa, and all :
Chronio A ffectlnns of the Bloo4 .
Liver and Kidneys. Hecom
niuded by the Meilloal Kaeuity ,
and many thouaanuaof our best
Bead ths testimony of Physl.
elans and nallenU who hava
need Hosadalts; aend for our
iioandallaUuldato health Book
or Almniiitii fur tku v.. wLi-k
we nublinb for gratuitous dislrl
butloni It will give you much
valuable Information.
Ir. It. W. Carr or Baltlmors,
flake pleasure In recommend.
Ing your ltossdnlts as a very
powerful alterative. I have seen
It useil in two oases with happy
results one In a ease of secon
dary syphilis. In which the pa
tient proiiouuced hlmseli cured
after having taken five hot ties of
your medicine The other Is a
osseofsorolulsof long slaiiding ,
which Is rapidly Improving un
der its use, enp the Indioatlona .
are that tha patteutwlll sooa
recover. I have carefully ex- ,
amlned tha formula hy which '
yourBosailalls Is made, and Snd
It an axel lent compound of alte
rative Ingredients. .
Ir. Slparks. of Nlehnlasvllle, '
Ky.. says he haMOsml Hosedalla
III casos of Hcrntula and Meenn
dary Hyphtlls with aalisfaetirry
results as a cleanser of tha
Blood know ho better remedy. '
Mainuul U. McKaddeli, Mur
frceslMtra' Tnu auyst
I have used seven bottles rf
Rwadalls, and am entirely
cured of Rheumntlsmt send urn
four bottles, as I wltih it for my
hvother, w ho has scrofuloussors
Benjamin Bechlnl. cff.lnia,1
Ohio, wrllea.l have suffered lor .'
isiyearswlllianliivele n'to mn-.
lion over my whole body: f '
purelinad a bottle nf nsadalls
and etfi-cled a perfect eurr.
Hold by ruKKlst everywhere,
Labralnry, t) Kschanse, I'sl
tliuore, frs.CI.EMENirt Ate.
Per sale
bv H.B.8TEWART, Clarksvllls.
April 10.
Mont(f(mery County Bonds.
Montgomery Uotnty put-due '.Coil
Montgomsry County Eahool Wsr
raata, ' Ibuik of Tennessee Money, old Issue. 1
Bank of Tennessee Money, new
Btate of Tennessee Bonds. '
State of Tennesssw past-due C'chh '
Conjptroller's.lHtsts of TfOitaaats) -
Warrants. . ' : '
City of Clarksvllle Howl,
Bad lUver Bridtre lltdiila.
Clarksvllle Whnrf Htf.k.
A. HOWKLL, Caali'r. ,
. Old Ha Ilk rf TriUHs" r-e Ituildluif.
Clarksvllle, April IS, '71 if
as. Klank? fvf bnlCs

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