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The Big Stone Gap post. (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, December 08, 1892, Image 3

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Official City l>lw>cfory.
Mayor.?W. T. Hi nor.xs.
ronncilmen.?Ci W, Kvaxc, K. F.. Goom**, \v. T.
Kkkxkot, Jowia Mvi.mxh, W. F. IUim. W, W.
City Attorney .~W. S. MATwrws.
C"ninil.??lonrr ot Hewtme.?<Jvr. \v. LjovnU?
City Collector.?J. >'.. Hi an.
Recorder.?S. K. Jr.sR*.
City Engineer.?Ho* acr K. Pox.
Chief of Voller.?Homer. K. Fox.
Sergeant.?Gonno* F.. Gn.trv.
Aaalstant Sergeant.?Pucterwoon Joxk*.
Committee on Finance.?C. Vf. Kvaxs, Chairman ;
K. K. Goo. i.on, W. T. Kkxnriiv.
Committee on Streets.?W. W. Tatuw, Chairman;
W. F. IUk*?, Jnam-a Vn.t.tx*.
Cmmltteo on Police and Public Buildings.?W. T.
Krxx,:nv. Chairman; ff. Yd'. Tati.hu. (!. W. F.vaxs.
Commit Cr? en Fire, Water, Sewers and Ught*.?W.
F. Itakkr, Chairman; K. F.. Goom.or., W. T. KaxxKtnr.
Sanitary Committee.?W. T. Kr.ssrxr, nialrmsti;
W. F. rtAKKK, JctMtr * M< t.uvs.
Srh<M>l Trnateea.?J- W. Fox, Chairman; C. W.
F.vAxa. W. W. Tatmhu
Ordinance Committee.?E. E.Gooin.nr., Chairman;
C. W. Rva*h, W.T. Kr.xxr.ivr.
5'ark Commission.?Jan. W. Fox, sr., Chairman:
VT. F.. llAaata, W. T. Krxxknr.
In charg* of Big Stone. Oap Improvement Co, a
Grounds, River Hank? ind Tree*.?Jso. W. Fox, sr.
Wlae Comity Offlrlal l*lrectnr>.
Circuit Court first Monday Iw April. September ami
DeccuiWr.?It. S. K. Moaat?ox, Judge,Gate City*Vfu
Count v Court first Tuesday after the fourth Honda;
In each month.?H. 1. W. Sxtttx, Judge, Big Stone
flap, Va.
Commonwealth's Attorney.?R. P. RaCCX, TVi<c C
Count? .oid Circuit Curt Clerk.?J. E. I.irra, Wise
C. tt.. Va. , ? ?
**h?eift.?son Hoi.naaooK, wise! . II., ? *?
Trra-urer ?K. VT, MAXWKM* VTIaeC. H., Va.
Superintendent ..f schools.?Wm. T. Kkxxkot, Big
Stone Gap, Vn.
Cwuiilv SnrT..\..r ?S. N. Tamok. Norton. X a.
ConindsAlouer ..f Revenue, Eastern District.??. W.
Re.vaai.t, Wise r. H., Va.
Commissioner ?t Ueveiine, Wculern District.?I?. < .
1>*a*. Y?l*e C u., Va.
(Ka*t Fifth Sins'.)
i??iaT eitone <??p, Va.
Genera! dell ven open, week days only, from Ha
t?i *..:ioj. >it. Money Order Department open from S
a. 11! t" f. p. Til.
M*ll for Jforth .nirt frnd, via. I? ? N., closes ?.Wp.m.
? Weal .6.110 p in.
?? ?' South, via. S. A. A 0., 44 12?? m.
Express IWh for Bristol, Telin., ,4 K.15?.m.
To injure prompt dispatch of mail matter it should
he deposited i? post "?",rr letter bttx before the lime
for clmdtig, as Mated above.
[From U. S. Oftlclal Guide.|
1 _ Address ?I! mail matter legibly and fully. Gi\e
name of imwIoffice and Stale III full, street ami house
mimtier. If the ofllce lie a small urn*, add the name
of 111* colllllT.
J._Pnt Tour name ami address upon upper left
haiid corner of all matter ina{|ed h,V roll.
:i in, lorclgu |e|lrri* ?l?a>s place the name of
*i.tint\ |ti full.
4 _,!),, ,,?1 use t lit it elivehipeis, Stamped envelopes
nrr Ihr Im ,!.
5,?Rrglster ?II valnabb letter*.
B ?Send money l>> Money Order.
r.*.Afllx atamps securely on ttie up|?er right-hand
h.-^|K. iml lender for postage stamp* money so mu
lllateda* to he uncurrent, or mor?- than twenty-five
?nit- In copper or nickel coin*.
5i,_m, not a-k the postmaster or clerk to aflix
stamps for yon.
1,?i>,. not n.k rredll for |k?stage stamps <>r money
^ 1.?i?.. tioi lender checks or drafts in payment for
moner onlers, or any money except that which is Je
ical tender, and National Imnk notes.
]j ?Upnii corner of envelopes supplied by hotels,
Ur-rt what disposal ?linll !?? made of letter if uu
lelivered. . ,
The l'..st (iftlce Department deems it ipiite Import?
ant IhM all the patrons Of post ?fllees should supply
themselves with Monthly Postal Guide. It Would be
i? their interest and business advantage, as well as
easily to the Interest* id ths jw.stal service, since it
would bring about mure arcurate knowledge of the re
ipdremanU "f ilia' service, would retlnee the amount
uf majl mailer ln|l?r?ipiirlj ad<ln Wqj. Ii';".r|i' tt-MPped,
.1 insufli. ii ?|ij' p|?ile,ib ni.'l vvotild l^rg.-ly diminish
|)e iiuhjlier of let (era and packages giUMH to the Dead
?ilrrUIHve, Very reapectlitlly,
a, It, Jr.**r.r., Asa't p. M.
IJuv ronr Fancy Grocerius <?f tt. I<. Brown,
Mr. J. L. Jelitiing, Stipt. of the B. S. (?.
vntcr Co., has liought lots ?, IG mad 11 of
?lock in I'lat 4, near Stonc^n Aca(le?
rnt, niid erect ii dwelling thereon.
Ik > m wan? (it buy a wapon, call nn W, W,
Nickel* \ ??i
IxriTatioxk arc out for a fancy tlrr^s
entertainment lo lie given l?y Mrs. J. II.
Allen, nl the liitvrmonl hole!, Friday
evening, December. Kith, in honor of Miss
W. W. Nk kki.s S Va., still sell salt at 75
cents jier sark.
Kvkktiioio slii.iiild ^'o to the musical
conceit given ?I i lie M. K.clinrcli to-mor.- j
row ni^'hl for the licnelil of the I'rculiytc- .
rian Suuilay School. It will he an |*|jjfJVj j
glile eiilerlaliimeiil und well worth'ritue i
Edtnissioii price. j
\V. ('. ItoillNSON ,V Co.,will sell von the host '
?-Christmas presents.
I The I'ost i-sms I hip week it n eddition of
#,0110 copies: perhaps the lari.'i-st eddition
i^Tcr sent <*ut from tiny newspaper office-ill
Kiuthwest Vit'oiuia. Advertisers ?Ijo j|i |
fietij llieif tiiowi?? in (lie eniumiiofthe |'om
j|re sure to irt t lai^e return's.
It. L. Grown has Just received a fresh stock
? f Candies, Fruits, dc.
a A. II. Kbit*, ha* just huilt an addition
'^v his re.st urn nl in the way of a conven?
lent dining room, and is now well prepar?
ed to furnish his patrons comforts' for the
Euter as well is the inner-man.
Wi t tim k reading matter and statitMierr
ffnm !.. Wl!!ll!!|?:!l! r? Gil; ' j
I The great armr of sinners ?ho a few
?ays ago were o fie ring up v4x3: prayes,
Ksking the l.tird lo side-track the coiner
?|>nd let the earth pass unharmed, have j
:?gnin dropped back in the same old rut?|
Bcussiu," lying and drinking mean liquor.
IIoi.i.idav ?;.mmIs, pnems, novels and ]?ic
.|ure ht|o)j?i ;i's, !?; W liilchetif] ,V pp..
p Hig St Mie Gap's popular and necntnnio
^atinj; postmaster, Mr. .lno. Goodloe, in
B"dcr to make ready tor the "new stock,"'
? ollering to close out all i he Uo-cents'
Humps now im I,und tlj ?ihih. a| the
Klrente low Kgnre of thiitcm for a cent j
|?ul a ?|tiai-ter.
?U-Vor want a gond suit of clothe* or an
-?vercoat, go to \V. W. Nickels A Co.
P| A m mihi; of our local advertisers
|||Dld Imtk ?tu u copy |ou lulu for their ad
^rtisements to appear in this issue of the
Jft>>t. Next issue will further show the
Iguck and push possessed by the business
pen of this ,?lace hy the appearance of a
i^Ood lot ?.f additional "ads."
^Niec Currants, Seedless ttaisins, Citron J
^Hjiict s, C l.cese, Ac, at R. L. llrown's.
I Mu. Sam W. Wax. who filled the posi
;iion of Ih pnly Collector in the 17th diyis
Sp' oMhetiili ilistiici, upder fjqi. Um
?e|?|iard dmin- Mr, Cleveland's last ad
Igulstratlon, is l? |?o on i>y
?ny friends throughout this division to!
Make application for this position again.
?ice atoek of Tobacco and Cigars at R. h.
?wn s. I all in for a g?md chew or amoke.
WnB ,>U!,T don't think it a good idea
|? one man to accumulate as math
W'dUh tt> Ja> did. There should
H some law to regulate the great center.*
m; of wealth. Xoar, while Jay gathered
gsheckels to the amount of aliou* $75,
#?,<mig worth, the writer thinks that
j4,ggg,00tl is the greatest plenty for any
Wkt man, and will make an effort to be
|In*fiod tt? Koon as |}|J|t fig||r<, j8 r^^.
Rnd in your subscription
M&WbrsfJwfo fcW, Dickel* A
M*. A. }&. Gooni.o>: ha? about complct?d
his strcet-gradincr contract. Ho i* anex
l perieeed contracor in this Uuc and ha*
Jone good work for the city.
tftrr your Chistmai presents from W. C.
t Robinson A Co., jewelers.
? Ciiataxoota, Tcnn., received a rignt
lively shaking up at 3:04 o'clock on the
?morningof the 2nd, inst., by an earth
jqnake. The vibrations luffed ton seconds
J and created a great sensation among the
people. Perhaps it was a detached sec?
tion of the comet that failed to use the
precautionary rules of delayed trains, and
thus collided with the earth. Stray
comets and small orbs must clear the
track when they see us coming, for "we're
j the people."
Tall on R. L. Hrotvn Air rour Christmas
Rood*. His .stock is complete and prices low.
Tiik universal favor shown Genera] Ru
fus A. Avers* candidacy for the Govern?
orship throughout the State is especially
gratifying to his friends in this section.
The Warrenton Virginian remarks: "The
mention of Mr. Avers' name in this con?
nection is far from being disagreeable to
uf. He comes from that section of the
State whose claim upon the honor is cer?
tainly well founded in justice and then
Mr. Avers is a man, personally, whom we
should delight to honor."
W. C. Robinson A Co., have a nice line of
Christmas presents, g<m>d goods, and low
At many of the surrounding towns?
gay Coeburn, Tncoma, Wise C. H.? Pen- i
nington (lap, Duffield, CHnchport, Stick
leyville, Whitcsbur;;, Ky., and main
other similar points where no paper is
published, a spicy write-up of the happen?
ings in and around the town each week is
always interesting to the citizens of that
immediate vicinity. The Post wants a
clear, pointed and responsible correspon?
dent at all such points, and will take
pleasure in giving space to a weekly re
purt of all interesting events,
W. W. KlCKBl.8 i Co., sell choice coffee ;it
20cts, bacon lOcts; good flour at $2 per huh
This Developments that are to take
place at and around Ilig Stone Gap in a
short time, if known to the public, would i
be sufficient to make everybody feel good
and look forward to an early realization
ofthat prosperity for which all have been (
waiting. This is no rcpetion of the old
"stale gag" of something great to happen |
right at once, which never took place, hut
the Post is hot on the trail of men who
are right on the inside of this great in?
dustry, and hopes to soon be able to give '
an account of it to its readers.
i (
U \i. typnti'n ajwaytj keep* a insi-chws stock
l)f fan/dy groceries, and makes prices <<> suit
the times,
While it Is the intention of the Post to 1
furnith its readcis and subscribers with
as much?and moro if possible?home
news arid'lnteresing reading matter as any
other first-class paper in southwest Vir- i
jjiuia, at the same time it will not lose
sight of the best interest of those who <
patronize its advertising columns. As '
will be seen in this issue, rather an iuno
V5?H0il ?!! tnP i?W=SlJr!f> ll'nkp-up of w
newspaper is made, Advertisements a re ,
all placed next to und between reading
matter, thus placcing them prominently ,
before the reading public.
StTBSCRtrriONS received by S. L. White- i
bead & Co., for anv paper, book or magazine
published, at publishers ] rices.
It is (jtiite evident that then; is a
better feelinjr at this time among the p -o
ple interested in and around llig Stone
(tap (hau has existed for mouths past.
Everybody feels that the town has passed
safely through the crisis filifl j;* jus j i. >w
on the eve of prosperity and'suf-sfatilial
growth. v In comparing tltO'^eouditinu oi j
affairs ait Big Stone Gap with that of other
new towns throughout the country during
the two years of business stagnation
with which a-most the en the sotuh has had
to contend, instead of complaint her peo?
ple have great (cause for congratulation.
Vj'j.jL a ci> o|" ?umring aiuj want has
come up from tltc laboring classes at the
the different towns surrounding l?ig Stone
Gap, no such murmuring or complaint
has been heard here; while business fail?
ures have occurred by the score at other
towns, not a key has been turned by (he
sheriff in the door of a business house in
the town ; while other new towns have
practically been deserted?even by their
protn?>ters?llig Stone dap's population
juts *teudP*v increased, and the able anil
Iii?? .i'l * lli"'" -?! 1 ?
confident president of the town company,
Gen'l Rttfus A. Avers, instead of abandon?
ing the peojde and the place, has, in the
meantime, moved his family here and has
expended more money in building*; and im?
provements than perhaps any dozen other
men in town. While other furnaces
throughout the south were closing (jowu 1
and throwing thousands of laborers out of
employment, the Appalachian Steel and
Iron Co.'s furnace went into blast, and has
been doing a profitable business. Much
improvement ha.? been going on in the
town, both private and public and the
people hare never wavered in that feeling
of confidence that has prevailed ever since
the laving of the tirrt corner-stone on
which a great industrial city was to be built.
Tljese are njl cojd, foots which stand ouj
boldly as true pointers as to the superior
advantages and innumerable resources
possessed by Big Stone Gap.
I uavk a good house, suitable for boarding
house, which I wish to trade. Will exchange
for team. W. F. BAKER.
A "Spat."
Mabti.n Lctiikr, the Intermout hotel
barber and Mose Thomas the bell boy,
I hat} a ,,8juit" Tuesday night in wich Mar
j tin came out considerably worsted. Mose
knocked him out in the first round with a
thick 8 ounce tumbler. The tumbler land?
ed on Martin's forehead and cut a bad
looking place.
Mose was invited to the lock-up and
Dr. Hoback was summoned to drtvs Mar?
tin's wound.
At the time of writing the above, imme?
diately after the trouble between Martin
Luther and Mose Thomas, Martin was not
supposed to be verv seriously hurt, but on
examination, Dr. Hoback found that bis
left eye had been penetrated by a piece of
broken glass and the sight entirely de?
W. C. Rouinson A Co., have a nice line of
watches, chains, charms, cuff buttons, rings,
bretl piss, car nags, collar buttons etc. All
I <
Knw.x :.<?.( ? and Harry Avers arc
at Holsten Spring!?.
Gko. M. Ki mows, ono of Gate City's at?
torney.*, was in e wn lo-d.iy.
Or. J. M. Me.Manaway returned Sunday
evening from a business trip to Roaitoke.
Coi.. 1). P. Moot, the vetran coal opera?
tor, is now making headquarters at the
Jlv. James W. Fox rotnrned Sunday
from Louisville, where !;?? had been for
several davs on business.
Col. and Mrs..!. 11. Allen and daughter,
Miss Jessie and Mr. and Mrs. \\\ T. Har?
bour are stopping at the Interinont.
Mr. Kli (J. Lewis has gone to Norton on j
business in connection with his compa?
ny's coal land in that vicinity.
Mr. .lames W. Fox left for Philadelphia,
Xew York and other eastern cities,where
he will spend several days on business. j
W. H. Cox. the popular hat man, of!
Knoxille, Tcnn., was circulating among'
Big Stone Gap merchants last Tuesday. I
Rev. .1. C. Loom is, representing the
Ilohton Mi finalist, was in town Tuesday*
looking after the interests of that pa?
Tai: Post would have been out one dar.
earlier but for trouble experienced in
properly adjusting the press on which it|
Mr. Ben H. Scwcll, a prominent attor-j
of Joncsville, Va., and Judge E. M. Ful-j
ton, of Wise C. EL, were iu the city last
Saturday attending to legal business.
Col. J. H. Allen, who is at flic head of
the large coal and colcc plant now being '
put into operation, and known as the Big f
Stone Gap Colliery, is in Philadelphia on j
business. j
J ack Kellt, of Kelly riew^ has opened ;
up n 'ein of fine domestic coal on his,
property, and will soon be ready to ship)
coal to this and other points along the L. j
?.v. N. toad. ;
Mr. Malcolm Smith, C. K., is naw on
Callahan locating the Callahau branch
railroad to the coal mines, Hnse J. j,
Burk and John Mills, of this place, are j
assisting him.
Attorneys R. T. Irvine, Bullitf Hie!
Doweli, Judge H. A. W. Skeen, Malhews
x Mnynor, J. L. Kelly and 17. Turner Man-!
ray are attending Circuit Court at Wise!
D. H., this week.
Mr. Hiram Church, an enterprising
merchant, of Church, Tcnn.. was in town ;
rcsterday. He is interested in the firm of
L E. Horton <v. Co., and will furnish them ' '
fach wepjj with a supply of produQO.
David It. Smith, of Louisville, Ivy., and
Win. Greever, ofKnoxville, Tcnn., two of
the most popular travelling salesmen that
work Virginia trade, were mixing among
Big Stone (Jap merchants this week. j
Capt. Thomas E. Franklin, the veteran
newspaper man, was at the Interinont1,
Tuesday. He is looking after the inter-*
:*sts. in this section, of two of Virginia's
host dailies?fhe Lynchburg AVws and
. I <//?<< ?<;?<- j.
Mr. Y?, (*, Green and brother A. C, lato,
nf Coviugton, Tliiii.,arc stopping at the
Interinont. They arejherc for the purpose1
uf making Big Stone Gap their future
home, and will soon engage in sonn? kind ?
of business.
J, B. Horton, of Lee county, brought'
n nice lot of fat cattle to town last Tues?
day, and Sold them to the city hlltch"r.'|
W. C. Thompson. Mr. Hoiton mice;
a citizen of this place, and has many,
friends hi"re.
J.\ i:\ iulo the li\es of al] great men j
some errors creep; likewise, sometimes.'
thev appear in newspayes, so. it' you
should happen lo stumble across a few iu
(his the first issue of the Post, doli'l !
worn, ovcrlhein ? \i u'll sec 'em auain.
Mr W. L. Llubhard, from Scottsbiirg,
Ind., has been here for si y"-.\ '!;: v. look
i:;u'a!ici while oak timber lor the ear
1 ii * ??? , ,
building lii;; k I. The e is \ leiity of tine '
white o.iK in I Iii- country, and we most
heartily wish him success ill making eon-j
Mr. .1 L. Ai'en. of Lvi.Jtbnrg, Va..
spent several da\s in Big Stone Gap tin
past we< k. He is working un his produce
and cotumbfsion business iu this section,
and is favorably imptes?sed, not > n'\ with
ihe business outlook ;,i h!.- 'it > . ' ut n ill" ?
ihe country aud ihe people.
Uai'T. II. I?. Clay and Mr. Goo. A. Mur
rv, ol Kogcrs\ille, Tcnn.. were in town
last week, looking after and arranging the j
large lumber and plaining-mill business j
which was carried on in this section In ]
Wolle & Clav up to the time of Gapr.
Wolfs serious affliction in the way of H j
stroke of paralysis. Mr. Murry intends j
moving horc next spring. lie is a wide-J
awake business man, and will receive a i,
wann welcome from Big Stone Gap people.
Charles S. Harris, a former citizen of J
this place, but who for the past year has j
been living at Summerset, Ky., arrived on ;
the L"Uis\i'le and NashviPc train la>! ?
Saturday morning. He brought his family]
with him and comes back to pertuanenth
locate here.
tihr it i"?er mi humble.
There's no pine* like,"
Big Stone Gap; so say all who have tried
other towns.
Mil Goudax Vj. Gi.i.lky took advantage
of all of his old friends a few nights ago
by slipping off and getting married with?
out notifying them of his intention. He
was married to Miss Martha Williams, at j
the residence of the bride's mother, In
this place, Mr. tiilloy has served as Chief
of.Pollco at Big Stone Gap since the town
was first incorporated, and has made a
popular and efficient officer. Ho and his
young bride have the best wishes of the
Mrs. S. Polly returned home last Wed?
nesday from Richmond, Vs., where she
has been for several weeks aftondiug on
her mother, Mrs. W. L. Beverly, of Gatt?
Citv, who has undergone a very severe
and dangerous surgical operation at St.
Luke Home, in that citv. Mrs. Bcrerh
I has been a great sufFerer for many ntouthi
from a growing tumor in her left side, snd
grave fears were entertained that shr
would not be able to survive f he pain?
ful operation necessary for relief; how?
ever, the Post is glad to statu she is now
reported out of danger, and bids fair for
i .early restora?oB to teith and home*
?*rir Exhibit at Fipoeiti' w UttV.
I TJie Exposition IIa!? wishes toacktiowl
' edge tlie reccipf from C:i|?t. I). S. Pleas
utit of the Pai?*v Iron and MiniMal l>m
; patty, of Lee county, Va., of .1 beautiful
j cross, cut from a fine tattle ef fossil ;ock
' which now adorns one of the walls.
I Mr. J. K. Taggnrt, a sample of high
[ grade cannel coal from the mines of the
Virginia Coal and Iron Cd., on Preacher
Crock. This coal has been iised in town
with great satisfaction and a sample car
loud has been shipped away.
Mnsicnl Concert.
A .Musical Conceit will be given for the
benefit of the Presbyterian Sunnay School.
Friday evening at 8 p. m. December !),
]$U-2 at the Methodist Church.
This very attractive programme has
been arranged and we trust that a large
attendance will be secured for this so!
good a cause.
r a ii t 1.
I. Chorus?
5>. Duot?Mis. Bui lilt and Mr. Bird.
3. Male Quartett,?Messrs Bird, White
head, Ferguson and McElwoe.
4. Vocal 8olo?Mrs. Bullitt.
0. String Baud?Waltz.
6. Vocal Duet?Mr. Bird and Hr. Per?
7. Piano Solo?Miss Kidenhour. >
8. Chorus?"Oh! [tali Beloved"?Don?
1. Chorus?Spring Song?Pitisnti.
2. Vocal Solo?Mr. E. J. Bird.
3. Vocal Duet?Mrs. Bullitt and Mr.
4. Cornet Solo?Mr. S. L. Whit head.
5. Vocal 80I0?Mr. H. T. Ferguson.
(>. String Band?
7. Vocal Solo?Jno. W. Fox.
y. Sleep Gentle Lady?Chorus.
Committee Appointed to Adjast Uuaatis-1
factory Assessments on Town Property. 1
At the uieetiup; of the citv council on Tues?
day night, the 5th iast: W. W. Taylor and
Joshua Mnllins wero appointed a committee to
hear complaints from parties who claim over
assessment on city property, and were in?
structed to inquire into and adjust the Same.
Friday and Saturday, tho 20th ami :'.(ltli of De?
cember was fixed as the dates on which they
will hear and consider such complaints, at
Mat hews it Mayuors office, in Nickel's building,
Hip; Stone Cap, Va.
A Brilliant and Enjoyable Soiree Given at 1
Major W. H. Harrington** I'alatial Kent- , '
den?? hy Mr. 11. T. Ifcrgason.
On last Ftiday night one of the most |
enjoyable and delightful dances ct'cr'giv
eu in Big Stone Gap took place at the cle-|
traut and pala|i:\l rps^eu,00 ?f Major W.U.
Harrington, 011 Poplar hill. The dance'1
was given by Mr. H. T. Ferguson to :i : 1
number of select friends. As everything r
indicated, Mr. Ferguson spared no pains
or expense in preparing for the occasion.
Everything was done in royal style and;
expressions of pleasure and coiigratula- 1
lion acre heaped upon this popular young
gentleman by his merry gathering ofI
friends. J
At !t o'clock a crowd of voptli and beau- ' ?
.. . ? h 1 m?o
ty bCjgoa \9 gather, who were welcomed;
ut the door by Mr, Ferguson, and were '
then given into the hands of Major Har?
rington and his estimalable wife, both <>l ,
whom know so well how to make every- '
thing pleasant and entertaining.
At HI o'clock the music struck up and - i
soon about twenty-live couples were to be!
seen gliding o'er the oiled fl ?or in the
dixy, wall/.. The ladies were all hand-'
somcly attired in elegant evening gowns,
while the.gentlemen were tastefully and
Suihrblv dressed for Hie "?;<: s;o:i.
; *. ?. j.mV'' ?
J{j?-;;mi.uss and eiijovmeiit was clcuih
1'.1 j ' ' '
depicted on the lace of every one, and
limell.w I?\ ut.noticed till twelve, one.
Iwo o'clock ciitnv and -till I he pleasure "I
the eVeiling showed 110 -i^n- ol iliui'iii>h
iug. At o'clock an elegant slipper was
served, and enjoyed to 1I10 fullest extent
by the honored guest, aTler, ?.vhu.h the I
ll'osl I'ljllijj^l ,,nd injeicstiug part of the
occasion was,enjoyed in?that of dancing
the German laucer?*. This beautiful dance
was g ;ne 1 hron _h with?1111 der I lie ski] 1
directorship of Mr. William K. Sh 11 ? v?
with much grace and beauty, and was !li
crowning feature of I hi* grand soiree. At
I o'clock a. 111.. the members of the band
were iu-ltnet'-d lo **hang their hnr/s mi a
willow "tree/* aiid the happy collide;; de
parted for home ear.1,; fooling that to \l 1.
Ferguson they owed the most eujoyabb
dance of their lives.
There were present:
General and Mrs. Avers.
Colonel and Mrs. Allen. "
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Addison.
.1. K. Bnllilt.
S. C. Berryman.
Wui. Uarltour.
?lohn Goodloc.
E. M. ffardin.
W.E. Harris.
W. A. Me Don el I.
J. K. Taggnrt.
Dr. and Mrs. C. D. Kunkel.
Mcsdailies Wallace. Dilti'and Fa is.
Misses Allen, Aye.--. Bird- Dull', Kn ?'.
Harrington sine Hid.11. ur.
Messrs. Bell, Iloraei Fox, Irvine, >'
Dowell, Kelly, Sullivan, D. H. and W K
Shelby, McElwee, Smith, Van Devcnder,
Pet tit, Ferguson, Hodge, Payne, Goodloc,
Bullitt and Mason.
While Mr. Ferguson conld not have
done more to add to the comfort and en?
joyment of his friends, still tlie.cntcrtaiu*
1 meat oeuld not have been the success it
was had it not been for the kind and
courteous atteutiou of Maj. Harrington
and his estimable wife, and to them Mr.
I Ferguson attributes the entire success of i
the occasion.
-. .
W. T. Gooplos came in yesterday from
Kcllyvicw, where he has been for several
days, loading lumber on N. k W. cars foi
tho eastern market. Goodloe Bros, had
about 200,000 feet of lumber at that place,
which they recently sold to Price & Heel,
of Baltimore.
Tita Post job printing establishment is
the medel office of southwest Virginia. It
can turn out any all classes of work
from the finest eard or wedding invitation
. up to tho largest sized postes ; fancy job
and color-work of the highest grnde, and
at prices to compete with any office turn?
ing out neat wotk.
?-? ?-,?
" Hoi' " McCoxsKLL, of Wnyland, Va..
passed through town today, on his way to
if (i
?? ?i
?t 11
.1 ii
a a
ii .1
a >i
::olc I Ar. .-, N.
'i lie foiiov I r. I' v l!. ? ' - i i u
rivals At th ? different iu.i-. is uu.;?ij th
;a.-t uci !,:
A. M. II'-;, rr. i" i . U.K. Mrlhvaril, Juliana
A . S. l ingiiarn. Kri-r::i r y : ... A. Mmy. ?:???.'??? s
\ !!!??, TeitU., Cli; s. N. Vthuirr. I'eatiok-. s ?.. >,. !
WiHHlnmrii, ()Iii>>: Char. A, I ?>*r?. h:. I.tn. : J.. *p.
Kreuch, Ol?!?-; Vf; IK Gordon, \ irjnln : .t. L. t.Vtrer,
St LnuhV; F.ni'k Sr?-r.'n<T, CltaMamwga: S. K. Morns.
I.ynehbttfg; C. 3!or-i-. TtH!io?fcp; Shit.
Itudford City* II. T. Bsu-S, hynchhurg? C. ifr. Ii.i,.i?.
<"ity:J. L. K?-lly.G.ii.-Ci?y. Va..G. M?; r!s. Tentn .--<?.?:
\V. (?;Given,C??\iugtnn,'trnni. A ihn G. Green, i'm-.
fngtofl, Tttltl., K. U. 1.>1>- a?:d tt'fc, . vIium |t I ily
Tenitr, J. It. Lcgg, I'? tii.'rpfiMi Gap: J.O. Prnner.
Hetidota, Va-, B. M. Puttoi?,?I?<IttvIlfr^ Va., F.. Rar
hour. City: W S. Palmer, City: W. .1.TbomaS^ Ki...\.
J.I). Taylor, Baltimore; .1. II. Aver* Ciry:
Col. C. Slenip. Virginia: Jo8?ee (iiMv. Virginia; It. N.
Sewcll, Joncsville. Va.. S. Davis, New York ; N. Kults
hnd, Rahimore:C. M. PatMIr^ .lohrtron CltyVT ti?i.,
A. I.. Allen. Lynrlihitrg. Va.. .1. W. t'nrci-ll, Ohio:
J. IL Kiligeral Arthur, Tenn., Cliax. Iure-, Kalll
more; I!. W. Croxton Richmond, V-n.. Jno. JlcKiw ev.
Richmond, Va.. Chas. E. Gafnlde, Richmond. Va..
T. IL Mason, City : Geo.Gihb*. Ucmpton. Ky.. Tliosr \
B. Franklin. Lyticbburp. \ a.. Ceo. Wulfe, iZ-ni-v ille, '
Ky.. W. II. Cox. Ktio.VriJIc Tnin.. .f. I,. Shank*. Hal- j
timore; II. Dach, Chicago; C. (j. CHrrin, Elk Park,
.V. c.
ckxtk \i,.
Roht. \V.^Rnpurbrottgh. Gilly, Va., .1. M. Phillips.
Sand l.ick. Tn.,J.C. Iloinu,MorrLstownTT<?hii ,'Robt.
Franklin Purchase. Va., John McXaughton, Purchapc,
V?., W. It. Geoghetfan, North Carolina; Gen. Hill. P.
Wayne. Ind.. W. I.. Kubbard, Scott3burj? Ind.. Wt
M. Stnririll. Whitesbltrp, Ky., David !'. May, White?
loir;;. Ky.. F. II. Lonnes, Klinxville, Tenn.. I). I?
llnrbam. North Carolina; H.AT. Fields, Knoxville.
Tenn., Pred Voting, [ytoney Creek, Va,, Alex Adams,
city: E. C. Huhbard, Middlcsborougli, Ky., A.A.
.ykeenaml wife CRntwood, Va.,G. G Scott. Bristol.
Tenn., H. S. Stateny, Cincinnati <?, .1. M. Panned,
Colnmhus, 0., David .larks. I.ouis\ ill... Ky., W.
ii. Sntton, Louisville, Ky.. .1. It. McClellen. I'atrick^
toir-r. Pa., Julius B. Martin. Knoxville Tonn.. Cap!.
W. s. Nash, Knoxville, Tenn., .1. II. Daughmaii,
Stanford, Ky., Mrs. Ati^lMtitni, Va.. City, Va.
"VV^hitehead vV: Co.,
Ii avk in a nkw ?i.?t
Op Bdaxk Books and Novels,
tyadies' Paxcv Statioxeuv,
O-oods pod Holiday Pkesexts,
l^asels and artists' material,
'x^ttlLKT A iiticles;
JPatknt Medicines,
O'ls, Paints and Bucshks,
?tatioxerv, Pencils,
i^adlets and i nk ;
Tfron the Holidays.
ITMltST DOt'lR NORTH Dp i'OST ? > pfi ?' b.
Illustrated Books and Mahazines,
e^VERVTiiiNii Sew and Cheap.
R. A. Avers, Pres't.
J. k- Tatn.Tc\rt, V, Pros't.
A- B. Eaton, Superintenci'nt.
Gh.nkh.vi. Okh?m:s Ilm Sto.mc ?i.vr. V \.
A trnnsfur line for freigbl ami pa<?senger bnshioss
?etween tin; South Atlantic.V Oluoaml Lmisville ?V
^asbville Railroad,! and the fn.naros of I he Aappa
achiaii >>!.?> 1 A Iron ('?>.
Trains leave tin- Iniennon! and Central hotels as
1'or i.. ? n. train, going rast. SirMt a. in.
" *" '* " west. T:<>" p in.
'* S. A. .V ?".. train, poing yntilli. D:'W a. in.
44 " " " u 12:15 p. in.
For further informal inn regarding fr-'iplit and
i:ii4svuger Irallic, apply t>.
W. C. Harrfngtor\. Srcu
Intermout Hoi ?!, l?hi S-fft^t: t; u\ v.\.
S. A. & 0. K. R. TIME-TABLE.
In Effect Monday, Jiih 17. IS02.
N".o. No. 1.
Pass. Mail,
la ily,
?xc'tii Daily.
Cn.ly j
p.m. ' 1'.
:, in , S:??!? I.v.
S r \ riiiNK.
:\ ::,; i 8:25
-I aCl s:5
4 -l:i ' ?':|,;'
4!:;i ?:21
M::t:t ?:-!?
?4:45 ?
4:5il *? V
K?:W\ Ul4
'?:lti I M":ih
5: a ,' h':h
:>:1* '. '?:l
5::m ' I
K>:<: m0.S?l
Krise?!.. ..
V ttlkor*.. Moaniaiii
... IVnham's....
. \hram*> I'alls..
... im'ota ....
VaeeN SpVlngSl
.. .Iliitoi'eV.
.. NotticgUam ..
.m. ; e:;;.;.; .
?. it.- i'itr.
,V,a ' i '^la -v.
S|? ^ I'erK'. .
. i -til it* It I ?*
x a' ? 11 -?I Tuiiiiol. ,
u'r s'm.i.oil
Iii:?: I.! .
'?:?); ' ln:5 ?
'6::i5 11:'
6:40 ll:;;i \,
7 -im
. .'? ir<; > .';l(l . .
'?? U i (in S ..u ? it.
I'd:: St'.'i.'ti.t}).
'?I x Sj .?,'. I
\U,:UiU I'tiini"! '
* Train, -'on oiilv -i ru .1
iiu.. :_
;i -<^. 1-.
I?i.l yon ever kam ?vlmt fabnljfu- re-iili* ?-rr\v out at ib?
manufacture l?y K S-\no( an nrtwmental ?: ' > \i<M lite
UcUonary? Tlioit: iry rea.!? like a fable. Ii >?? 1 one mn?4
ukanother<|tie?:iii:i: liar*yon crerr.otici Itlin ?.? rtueu. -at
ff the Aermvtoi Compau^, whii !i ?*.arU oat as Ccili? ;
45 ?
g.283 eo?d in :8ii
6^63 sold b;0 5
*"i t?era *-32^WW
. and we
Well, that MtaWlslnnrnt hJ.o:>^
to U ?rnr W. Ifoye", Ui?l t'-O JT
means w ith which it nxsbuut IS
nn until it i- Uio Oiird largctl U?
?rofsierlinthe Weil i e-ag K*..: -
>? excrrdrd by U<o of tlio pi -
Btpat U.rvotir eompainer.j "g^f^
?ras wholly furni"hr<l Kj tlio ?
Dictionary Holder boatnean.
bring? us back to t';e Ifoliler. nn l
iugge-ts inquiry a, to how " '"? *
?nd held 'nid rtill MA* IM fi d.I,
Ujcreasiiiftrari.llyfn ia ysar t >\_Mr.
The secret of that luceeai i?tai?:
Mr. ItoyM haa ma-lc a WOMperfect,
a'rtiatic and meritorious article, and
haa maintained a liiph standard of
excellence and supplied the article
At a low price. Tha merit of tlicse
Dictionary Holder? has been so pre*:
that they literally Mid themselves
aad insuchgrriitqmiiti
ties that a small profit on
tKb one haa made the
result above mentioned.
They have gone to al most every
habitable portion of the globe,
enren to the remote Ultnd- ot
fce sea, an4 ate Wi by *U
a CT'Ttic**-) fi'nma tc'.i trso
"J f.v*>r?je:'"'rS? cverfnptln?
Y QU oi Acrrnotcre V.'hore
:s CtilCfQ fc?c.v?
;e the Country.'*
weak men, vouis a tt k n t j b >
is called tu tiik
foenTMQU. ami Tixaa
rceat ENOLtSn r km edv ?
Gray's Specific Medicine.
if you stffer <?[
rbuc RvliiRiy, tt'eaknea <?f llotlj
and yiiid, SfMiPinatorrhca, and impotency, and all
diseases* that arise front over Indulgence and self-a/uihe
iltloLossof Memory and Power, Dhnne?a <.r Vision
n* mature Did Age, and many other di-. a-.-- i! a' lend
^n'nsanity or Conrntmption and an i nrlj grave, uriti
1 tu lur pamplet.
*f"rodrnw(iKAY M HDICINK CO. tfalTah), Ny. Tin
AdficMedieinei., xdd fry all UTttggi.'fa at */.<?<> per
Specige, or packager! for $5.00. or rent by mail ot
jiat kaf ot money, and with every ?5^00 hrd??r n eure
receipormomy" we guarantee.
On accottiil ..f o^iuhterfeiiit Wo have adopted tlo
^J^lPrapper. the only p.-nuine. Sf?hl in ?ig Stop.:
ItvaTJt?laml,gtutranleea issued l>y N.i.. IPIdiehenrl
oti.w 'V cx,'l""r '" I* 9'
The Only Absolutely Safe Oil Stove.
M. m. RITCHER 5 CO.,
Write f-r eirralars. Wap
Cwoh'rK, tec Cream Fre-zer
Cttriain Stroteliers, Hons
Pttrt?h>hll|g '.'ooil.., !;?:>.?!;.?
Nowltie>, Reirigerjitor*.
Ltr;.'e>t tftock south of th
Ohio river. Come and se
3>n Murkrt St., lie!
Third und Fourth.
jSUE J< RIF..OII Pr.IC Oi ' "POST "* $1.00 PER YEA
iTirfif-fr rt
*8-Tbe Old Xr?eHot>le Firm
Are still in tholr same old stand, trying to plcaso their patrons
in furnishing them wilh a nice line of
Gents9 Fv?r,raishing: Goods,
Boots, Shoes, Hats, Trunks,
Valises, Dry Goods and Notions.
We do a Large Business in MERCHANT TAILORING, and
Solicit the Trade of Gentlemen Wanting Garments Made to
Order. Handsome Line of Samples. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
will represent many things for Santa Claus Shoppers. Call
and Examine Our Stock.
f^ikot?* and oir,su
Stationery, Fine Candies,
Tobacco and Cigars.
?From Louisville und Cincinnati, at tlie old Ilelial.le firm of
[Cei^IvY 4& Evans,
WyntidotU* Avelino, Stone (tup, Vn,,
The Largest and Best-Seiected Stock of
That has ever been brought to Big Stone Gap, Alsoa biglineof
at Lowest Prices.
Olotiling et Specialt^r
We Cordially Invite the Patronage of AH Who Desire Bargains.
Stew, Fry or Plate of Fresh Oysters.
i^l>iin, Clilolcen and < ?< i tuo. Meals fit cm Hourn^
A. B. Fritz's Photograph Gallery,
Big Stone Gap. Virtflnla,
wo .
eed and L<ivery Stable,
OPPOSITE FJ?". Oi FiCE, L-, 5th St.
'?'c and ?li*f?o '* r'sea A v.ry on I and. ?jecial / r-?
ran^cmcivts for I'sardin vH Toes.
eic ctonc cap. - Virginia.
We aiwavd keen everythiug in stock in our line I? Mipply the waul* of Hie people.
We have a nice assortment of
Ctiristmas Goods,
For \??u lo .-eleet lro.it; and we would hie j tended t?? have y( h ra'I and examine nur
and ..et piIe?s lie to re placing y< or ruder*. We mi' j i.'?t.ts fur the eeLhraled
iicacL, jrrters fcr Smoke?s:?Fif.rs'.: -nc of Tobacco and r;?
c;ars in Town. Yot.rs to Pler.sc,
The very best grades always kept In stock, which I ?eil In quantities
ranging from a bar glass up to within a gill of five gallons. Partial
purchasing in quantity will get benefit of lowest possible price.
When you want a good drink iilwuy* give me ? call, und you will never leave dUappvintrd. Me*?r?.
Sfctnp ami llajrlar?tin- gentlemen to he found behind uiy bar?will always treat svn iourteou?ly, and a**
that you have polltv nttvntion.
I have recently purchased over I.OOO gallons of Fine North Carolina
Whiskies and Brandies. Bar open from 5 a. m. to 1 a. m.

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