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The Business Men of
Big Stone Gap.
People Who Believe in
Printers' Ink,
"Is Big Stone Gap (lean;'* did you ask?
"Go off and ruh your head" for Asking
Rnch a question. For reply, glance your
ere over the advertising column of the
No paper in southwest Virginia can by
half boast of the local advertising patron?
age that appears in this issue of the Tost,
all of which is contracted for by the year,
and paid for by the pluckiest, brainiest I
and most energetic set of people to bo
found anywhere on the American conti?
nent. In making this statement, it is not
done for the purpose of flattering the peo?
ple herein referred to, but is made?with
all due respect for truth?in order to let
the public know the class of men that go
to make up the stay and backbone of the
young city of Big Stone Gap.
When Big Stone. Cap, hut a few years
ago, was a town merely in the mind's eye
of the public, these representative men,
after considering the many advantages
possessed hero for the building of a pros?
perous and substantial city, came here
and located. They did not come expect?
ing to see a magic city, made up of crystal
palaces, spring up in a night, hut CatnCjto
wait tor that which common sense told
them time was sure to bring?I he upbuild?
ing of a prosperous and thriving manu
futuriug and industrial city. Results
have shown that they were wise in their
judgement, as each and alfof them have
prospered in business, while a richer har?
vest awaits them in the field of their
choice. Among the men who cast
their lots at P>ig Stone Gap, to prosper
with its prosperity or suffer with its de?
pression, the Post takes pleasure in Gall?
ing attention to the following:
The well-known firm of Goodloe Bros,
composed of the three brothers?J?htt,Will
and Kd.?has. made an enviable reputation
for fair dealing and accommodating quali?
ties. These three young men came here
early in the growth of the town and es?
tablished themselves in the mercantile
business and were the pioneer liverymen
of the place. The volume of business done
by them has indeed been wonderful, while
their affable and pleasant manners and
courteous treatment of I heir customers
has gained for them the kind feelings and
best wishes of thousands of friends.
kki.i.v A- ivans.
For a ntimber of years the firm name of
Kelly & EvaiiS^tiaa been a "household
word" among the peopTe&'f this section of
country. Mr. C. W. Evans?known by
everyone as Charlie?is the active mem?
ber of the firm, and through his careful
and business-like management this linn
has succeeded in building up a large and
profitable trade, which extends over a
large territory.
j.n'o. IV. wim.is A CO.
Mr. duo. W. Willis, the live member
of the firm of .I no. W. Willis & Co., is well
and favorably known by almost every man,
woman, and child in and around Big
Stone Gap. He is a native of Wise coun?
ty and one of and "among the people." He
is a hustlei and gets right square down to
business and never lets a day pass with?
out making somebody happy in the way of
bargains in his line. Mead his advertsc
j. 1.1;vitt.
Mr. J. Levitt, the cash clothier, who a
few moths ago shook the dust of Norton
from his feet and located :tt Big Stone
Gap, has made many firiends during the
short time he has been here. He carries
a large slock of clothing, dry goods, no?
tions, boots, shoes, etc., :md says his trade
has increased fully one hundred per cent
in the last sixty days.
(its. w. LOVUJ.L.
Mr. Gus. W. Lovell is another of Big
Stone Gap's pioneer business men. He
located here in the insurance business
several years ago, and has made it a point
to look strictly aftet that business almost
to the exclusion of everything else. He
has nothing to tin with companies except
those of unquestionable honor and repu?
tation. His business now covers a large
field?embracing many of the surround?
ing counties?and is st ill widening mid ex?
tending. Such men as Mr. Lovell always
succeed. He ift one of those who believe
in and put in practice the Post's motto :
"Keeping everlastingly at it brings
W. U. lil. w'tox.
The old saying "where liter's a will j
there's a way" is quite applicable to the
business recently established here by Mr.
W. H. Blanton. A short time ago be
came here and located the Davis sewing
machine business and Iiis success has truly
been marvelous. Inside of ninety days,
after commencing business, lie reached
the enormous sales of three hundred ma?
chines. He is a man of great en erg) and
foresight, and while others thought the
demand for sewing machines pretty well
supplied, Mr. Blun ton's keen business
percetiveness pointed out to him this ter?
ritory as a profitable field, and the won?
derful success of his business has shown
wherein he was correct. The town hear?
tily welcomes all such men ;:s Mr. Wanton.
u. L. huowx.
Mr. It. h. Brown, in connection with his
brother-in-law, Mr, Will. Bicklcy, from
the first day he opened his doors for trade,
has been doing a prosperous and thriving
business in the confectionery and faintly
grocery line. He is lo jaud in what lie
calls the " Hole in the Wall," on East
5th, and alway* carries a nice, clean
stock of goods.
ir.i ft siiEitTQN f: co;
The firm name of W. C. SheTtou & Co.,
is famflliar with nil who have known Big
Stone Gap fron? the earlier days of its ex?
istence as a town. Dr. W. C. Shelton
came here early in the history of Cue
place and established the dine business.
lit is 01* that class of men who tnttke
1'rieitds quick and fust, and Ihrough his
Indomuiablo pluck and energy the biisl
ncss'has been & success from''the start;- - I
Tho firm of Goodloc & Youell occupies
one-half of the large und coin mod ions
building on Engt 5t street, in which
Goodloe Bros,, also carry on their exten?
sive business. Mr. James Youell, who is
in charge of the busmen, is one of Big
Stone Gftpvs "49er8," having came here
in the infancy of the town. Hin prompt?
ness in business transactions, high re?
gard for truth and honor and his gentle?
manly qualities have won for him hosts of
friends, and the result is that the business
'of the Brw is prosperous and continues to
i. mohoan a co.
The firm of I. Morgan k Co., was one j
among the first to locate at Big Stone
Gap. It will be remembered by those who
were here three years ago that this enter?
prising firm was quartered in a little 18
by *20 box-building, that stood near their
present place of business, at th.?t time.
To step into the large and well-arranged
building, at comer of K. 5th and Pearl,
today and see the mammoth stock now
carried by them is sufficient evidence of
the success and prosperity that has at?
tended them,
w. w. nickels A co.
The popular firm of VT. W. Nickels k
Co., has recently moved into the splendid
j>nd magnificent new brick building, on
Wood Avenue. Their buildiug is a model
of convenience, and is rilled throughout
with a large and complete stock of gen?
eral merchandise. They enjoy a large lo?
cal retail trade, and also supply a great
many Kentucky merchants with their
goods at wholesale. Prof. Win. T. Ken?
nedy, who for years -as occupied a posi?
tion among the leading teachers of public
schoois in this end of the state, and who
was recently made .Superintendent of
schools for Wise county, Im now a member
of tiiis firm, and will do much toward ex?
tending its trade.
s. l. white-heap * co.
The drug ftrtu Ol S. L. Whitehead & Co.,
located first door north of post office, is
under the management and supervision of
Dr. S. L. Whitehead. Dr. Whitehead has
won for himself an enviable business
reputation and the full confidence of the
1 public, the result of which U a large and
prosperous trade. At their store you will
find a complete assortment of goods hi
their line, ail neat and tastefully arrang?
Kit: stoxk ?ai' OUATK AJIf* MAjffl/J! PO.
Every new industry located at a new
town, unless backed by unlimited capital,
: almost invariably meets with financial
struggles and impediments that nine
times in ten swallow them up, mtu /he
man or men who had the nerve to invest
their money and time in such enterprises
and who are entitled to .and should reap
the benefits thereof, before rWM?i)j/ig Hie
' goal for which they started out, lind
themselves financial wrecks and must
? stand back and *eo some one else enjoy
the fruits of their labor. Rut not so with
J, B. Dowdcn, secretary and general wan
agerof the Big Stone Gap Grate and Mantle
Co. Since establishing this industry
here?almost, from the very start?Mr.
Dowdcn has had to contend with numbers
of apparently almost insurmountable dllli
cutties. He Is, however, not of the class
of men who look at the mole-lull with the
large end of the magnifying gliiri^ turned
toward it, and thus tnrn it into a great
mountain; but possesses the luTppy faculty
of knowing how to reverse the glass and
by pointing the small end if It at the
mountain brings it down to a mole-hill
instead, and then steps over it. lie has
acted the part of a wise general in con?
nection with the management of this
company, and haa engineered its bus?
iness through many " hair-breadth es?
capes," and now has reached the point at
which success is assured.
w. tr. n a uu is.
Mr. W. K. Harris needs no introduction
to the people of this section of country.
For five years, or more, past lie has been
closely identified with the real estate in?
terests of Wise, Lee, Dickinson and other
surrounding counties in Virgil*ia and also
in portions of Kentucky. He, doubtless,
has done as much as any othor one ma.'i in
advertising and calling the attention of
capitalists to the advantages possessed by
the town of Big Stone Gap and I lie won?
derful iron and coal resources surround?
ing the place. He has bought and sold,
no doubt, more real estate in the section
of country mentioned above in the last
five years than any one else. His indom
nible energy and pluck* lias successfully
carried him through the late financial
depression, and lie has the satisfaction of
knowing that he enjoys the friendship
and good will of the whole people.
tbacy bbos.
C. A. and A. W. Tracy, under the
firm name of Tracy Bros., are among the
competent and reliable builders and
contractors of Big Stone Gap. They will
cheerfully furnish estimates on all work
in their line?either in stone or wood?
and guarantee perfect satisfaction on all
work done by them.
c. k. <fc V. ii. si'aulpixc.
C. K.k C. H. Spaulding are well-known
land responsible builders and contractors,
and can be relied upon as to satisfactory
work and prompt compliance with con?
w. v. BAKES.
W'. F. Baker, eoutraotor and builder, is
a native of Kansas, and came here several
years ago. Much of the fine inside work
on many of the handsome resiliences on
Puplar Hill was executed by Mr. Baker,
which shows for itself as to his skill and
a. i?. kk1tjc.
A. B. Frit/., the pleasant and genial pro
prietor of Fritz's restaurant, on Wyan
dotte avenue, always extends a hearty
welcome to ihe hungry, and sends his
customers away feeling happy, and thai
he knows exactly how to fill au " achiii?
void" to the ?fttisfactioti of all who call on
HB. V. 0. Kl'XKEL.
Dr. 0. D. Kunkel enjoys a large and lu?
crative practice in and around Big Stone
Gap, und is one among the few physicians
who keeps himself thoroughly posted as
to all the n?w discoveries and theories
in connection wjth his profession. He
recognizes tho fact that a first class physi?
cian never gets beyoitd the roll of a stu?
dent, and puts this belief info practice by
constantly keeping pace 'with all the late
devdopaiehta tu nie&'cai ?cieace. ?-- ;??*?? <
Big: Stone Cap, Va.
w. c. Harrington, Prop'tr.
Thoroughly Equipped with all
Modern Improvements and
Electric Light and Call-bell in Every Room.
Bill of Faro Excelled by None.
Largo and Convenient Sample-room.
Special Attention to Traveling Salesmen.
Heated Throughout by Steam.
Polite Servants. - - Rate, $2.50,
Boarding. House,
Pearl St., Nig Stone Gap. Va.
Table Supplied with Best the Mar?
ket Affords.
Katks :-.ft.w? d>?.V? ?4.00 per week, $15.00 per
W. H. HORTON, Prop'r.
Clean and Well Purftigh'sd
Rooms, Good Table and
Polite Attention.
Special Kate.- t<> Drummern mat ItPgiila* *<,? i '!
Porters Meet All Trains.
/Near Depot./
W. P. HAMILTON & Props
\U kimls of work in
Btgr Stone Cap, or Gate City, Va,
W. T, 1 H. P. HUDSEP.
Big- Stone Cap, va.
Done in first-class style tiuri at low prices, L'OUiracts
from n distance solicited. Eslimatis promptly given
uti all work in this line. Shop hetweeli Wyaiidottc
ami Pearl.
Big Stone Gap, - -> Virginia.
Solid tccl.
Sausage and Ot?er Meats
Always on Hand at
W.G.Tfiompson'8 JHeat Market,
Bast ITth Street, In Collier Rtiildiiig,
Col. J. B. ADAMS'
city job omnois,
Shawncc Avenue, near the P.rhlgc.
All Kinds of Job Printing
Neatly, Cheaply and
Promptly Done.
Call anil see Sample."' ami gel Prices.
Big Stone Gap Barber Shop.
Fine Stock of Choice Cigars,
j"? _-??i ? mm mm mmam mmammmgm^mmmf*m m tj *iuu mmwm
EAST 5th St. -BA-RBE-R.
C ean Towels, Keen Razors and
Sharp Scissor?.
: Everything nent, uice ami clean. Work done to
order. Polite attention.
. E. HORTON & CO.,
IVynililnttv Avenue.
Big stone Gap, Virginia,
Alsoafnll line of all kinds of CM'XTUY
PRODUCE kept on hand al all times, stich as
Nice Fresh Butter,
Eggs, Chickens,
Turkeys, &c.
We hare an arrangement by which v,e gel
</ supply of the ?bore named articles each
?week, and can always pivc yon (he lowest
prices. Give us a call and let us conv ince von
?bat we cau flare jou money. ? . . *
Keep Your E>3re on. It*
Villi FiM wd Marine Insurance Go.
ASSETS, $603,000. - - SURPLUS, $342,000.
Half a Centuty in Active Operation.
IntKure? A fc? Stiegt and I^lgt)Ltr\lr*$g*
The Company issues a Short and Comprehensive Policy, free ot- i<ctry iic.H'k.\i.ir
ions, and Liberal in its Terms and Conditions. All descriptions of Property, In
Country or Town, Private or Public, Insuren at Fair Kates and on Easy Terms.
Wm, H. Sec. Wm. H. PALMER, Pres't.
Gus. W. Lovell, Gen'l Ag't, Big Stone Gap, Va.
Remarkable Sales and Wonderful Res
Oner 808 Mil Sewing Machines Sold in Ninety Days
In tbe Counties of Um ??? la,
TbJ? fs n wonderful record to be attained in so short a lime, but Mien- are reasons for all result.*. Th*
reason ft?r tue wWeid Hljs |nrac H"B,',cr ?* 1*AVIS SEWING MACHINES in s<> short n time by
is the fact that the people recognize nntl ileclare the DAVIS as the best, most substantial ami perfect
Sewing Machine ever invented. In tins territory many ladies have tried numerous other nmkes ol ma
chiiiuk, *?|tf( Mtf'ti-l', '1,,v were well pleased until limy saw 111?- superior (piality of work done on (lie DAVIS.
On trying this wonderful, Ui,'m-??w,fj((. ~na handsome .machine, its many points of superiority overall
other.', were so noticeable that they were no longer satSstietj .?..y jjther machine, and at once placi d nn
order for a DAVIS. The result is that I have taken in, an pari pa) mint oil DAX 19 ^CjVjlXG BfA*
CM IN IiS, over l.'iO machines of other makes?many of them comparatively new.
i;n,.;.,., l;!T 1 Im DAVIS has onl)- Six Working Pieces, and is the most simple, compact, durable and
|ierfect mnchinu imoh>. fti'FfJf p-jr? |* R},M'C v,'r-v 'M'st "';,,,,rial and is thoroughly guaranteed,
by the Davis Sewing Machine Company mi well by i?^c*#.|f, f;;f ji;,1, yynrj; from date of purchase.
The Davis Sewing Machine office at Kimxville, Tenn., after having wnrm.it iiiut U'lrjlof j fHF(|!n$?enf?j
during the fourth year told over 1,."500 Machines, which goes to show that tin- more the people know of
the DAVIS the Letter they like it.
I miii im*? rtt.J.'iyjj'S numerous orders for machines from parties who heretofore refused to buy the
DAVIS, but 011 seeing diu -u^<-H!:r ,iuil ijatljfnetory work it is doing for their ueighlmrs, now send mo
voluntary orders.
Having forineil so many pleasant acquaintances since litcallng at I'.lir stone Hay, ami having m'j <? jfji
such phenomiiial success in my business, I have determined to permanently continue at this place, and shall
useevor; bgporahle effort in my power In place a DAVIS SEWING MACHINE in every liou?ehold in
the surrounding count* I ?ii,.}? ,) prof-class machine is wanted. I have supplied nearly every family in
Big Stone Gap with a Mavis machine.
I keep in stock a full supply of Davis Sewing Machine Repairs, .Ncciije.-, piis. kp. y?j| will always find
mi: at my offlc, in building formerly occupied by the (Sem Saloon, ready and anxious |o show you a ||.1^JS,
whctheryoii imy MC|i(){ Very Kespectfullv,
Office Clinton Ave. and E, Fifth Street,
I have for sale Coal, Iron and Timiicrlnnds in Wise, Pjc)fpnspp and Buchanan
counties, Virginia, and portions of Eastern Kentucky. I haf'p spnifi of thp
Best Coal I^rop*ertJ^Sr
for sale in Virginia, adjacent to the railroad, which 1 can offer in HIDilU Or large
boundaries. The properties are well located for present development, and the
quality and quantity of the coal attested by well known mineralogists.
1 also hare the largest amount of the best BUSINESS and RESIDENT PROP?
ERTY in BIG STONE ?AP, both improred and unimproved. Parties desiring
either to purchase or sell property hcrx> *i|oijl4 ppnju|f fjie.
All communications answered and full information cheerfuljy gfvpp.
Address: W. E. HARRIS,
P. 0. Box 258. IIIO STONK GAP, VA,
Corner East 5th 3t, and WyancJotte Ave.,
@ISSSlD!Ir3SE^ The proprietor of the
I North Carolina Apple Brandy, 2 to 5 Y'rs Old. J G^M ?AXrCk?
M ? fjorn Whiskey i to 4 11 " M recCMU.v v?j*'rwt' * numiier of I
PennSylYdflia |lye 11 14 " " I] Distilleries in the mountains
Kentucky Bourbon 11 2 to 8 u " ? of Nort,, C?r?,h,?? wher? ,te
Pure Holland Gin, Wineg, Sc 1 KL',ec,lMl a ,ar?c Bfock ot"
Cincinnati Bottled Beer. ? ,tuk ?kandy
Milwaukee Keg Beer, i ******
uunauAbb uu5 jg CORN WHISKV,
rJjcM'Sf&T^ expressly for the
Call at the GEM SALOON, where you will always find in stock all the
above named, goods. At the (IEM you can always get a drilli; to shit your taste, and
a package put up from 1^ Pint to (.inllons, suitable to your way of conveyance, or
shipped to any point, as you may direct.
All Packages sealed by us guaranteed to he as rccomiliendcil. t^ll niai! orders
shipped first train, waen cash accompanies the order. PHJCKS K'fiASO/fAjiL'ti.
Gem Saloon.
STANDARD 1SP.<s\I*13?.
Yard and Office near intermont Hotel, on Wood Avenue.
Terms s j ttiotl^r Ca?li?
With W. H. Nickels ns president and
H. H. Bullitt as cashier, the Bank of Big
Stone Gap iraa the first to open up a bank?
ing businesi in the town. This was in
the early days of Big Stone (Jap, and this
institution has been 0/ untold benefit to
the business men of this portion of south?
west Virginia and eastern Kentucky.
The parties connetccd with the bonk
are too well known throughout this section
of the country to need any word of com?
mendation on the part of the Tost. With
sufficient capital to answer all their needs
land with men of such sterling business
qualities as possessd by the above named
gentlemen, it is no wonder that the busi?
ness of this bank has covered such an ex
tensive territory. Mr. Win. M. McElwcc
is teller and Mr. Ferguson book-keeper,
both of ?vbom enjoy the entire confidence
of the public and have done much toward
rendering popular this solid financial in
$0 town in Virginia can boast of a baufcr
in>tit!ii|(i|i that has won for itself a
higher standing and better reputation than
that enjoyed by the Appalachian Dank, of
this place. Mr. W. A. McDowell, the
pH^jrjpift, js n'tricjly business to the core,
awi i9 Iii? HnMfifig rMH'b-y fri $"iiPrl?T
business qualifications is attributable in
the main, the large volume of business
and prosperity of his bank. Mr. John
Payne, than whom there is not to be found
a more pleasant and popular gentleman
\\t ImP ?lnfS| 'lS '?!!er? a,,(* wbcn John
passes ohange (0 a customer 0?' cashes a
cheek the customer considers it only a
waste of time to recount it after him, as
he's always correct.
S. P. HUM).
}Jr. S I) Surd, the architect, is ati un
?sauming tfUtltWiftU and is -t kkWii ?F-:
tlst in his lino. The writer, not long
since, had the pleasure of examening
some of Mr. Mords work, executed in get?
ting up plans for the $3.">,000 stone man?
sion now under construction by Gen. K.
A- km*, M Npi?F ftPi; JtS|$ k)'Hi
first employed one of the leading reoog
ni/.cd architects of Bristol, Tenn., to pre?
pare plans for this building. They were
not satisfactory, and were returned for
?Ql*;*ectfcn and revision. The second
also ohjeoiioable in many ica|?ec|s; ?|r.
Hurd was then called in and took the
plans in charge. He has recently com?
pleted them and they not only show the
ererc;3n of ,rr<vi* care aud forethought
as to the mafler- ot- CQn>epj.e|jey, p^i fjjp
work is executed with such taitu and
neatness as to almost make of it a work
of artistic beauty.
M < 1. fj '? :?? i. iiii
Mr. Maleoin Sniitli is a gentleman of.
irreproachable character and high reputa?
tion. For several years he has been ent
|li$vP/t \;] soniQ of *lic most dijlioulj engi?
neering work in and abound Big Siouo
Gap, and has shown a high degree of ac?
curacy and skill in his profession.
S. W. Tit ACS Kit.
Vrl.'- ? ? Tliaeker is too well known to
require any words of praise in Ins behalt.
As tin engineer and surveyor he is among
the most proficient and expert of his pro?
fession, ijcvotejj a ?rciij fjeal of
his time to locating and platting ttie <lir
fercttt old land grants of southwest Vir?
Viiis pnpni.a. Ii-,!,:!, ;;? |';;v; months ago,
was thoroughly overhauled, ru-arranged,
newly furnished and equipped and made
into a model hotel so for as appearance
;|pd conveniences go. Alter the repair?
ing oji<] remodeling jjafl f{pp[j completed,
it was taken jii charge i.v Maj.'^T. G.
Harrington, who gave a grand open?
ing iiilU: m!i|cI| was at fended.
by a large number of couple from Bristol,
Abingdon, Uarriman, Middlesborough,
and other tows. Since the opening Maj.
Harrington has conducted it in magnifi?
cent style, and has fully demonstrated
tf'H flip I l!l!ll :\ lif*f:c!i}?? !?otcl, inn on first;
class principles oau be made a tir-st-clafii
success at Big Stone Gap.
Say you never took a meal at I.T. Tay?
lor's Boarding House? Then that's where
yojj jjji-jd};}} if |fe keeps a good table
and makes you. (eel jpsi (ij?Q yfa \yh.H at
home. Everything is comfortable and.
clean about the place, and his rates are
within the reach of all who wish to live
I. K. II0I5T0.V.
I. H. Hojdon sV CoM who supply the pub
j lie with staple a fid tajj^y grogprjegj tpu
j located on Wyanpjotte Avenue, and do a
nice and profitable business. Tjjcy have
recently arranged to gut a woukly supply
I of butter, eggs, chickens, etc?-all fresh
[ from the country, and will in the future
carry a good stock of those articles.
Thp C,Mil|ajirthi* first hotel at Big
Stone fiap, in >> tin.!? inajiy fbO})fa|!fjtf of
dollars, passed from hand to hand during
the speculative boom of three years ago,
and in which many exciting scenes took
place?has been re-modeled throughout
and put in first-class repair and is now in
the hands of Mr. VV. II. Horton who has
made of it a popular and pleasant stopping
Place, far ||;e |fj|ye}jug Bljblje. Mr. Hor?
ton, well kpows life kind ol a trap to Hg? |
with wJrioii to patch Dtp public, to-wit:
a good table aud gentlemanly heant inept.
Capti Matheuy is the gentlemanly elerk
behind the counter, aud always smiles
when he is "smole" at.
W. C. ROBINSON * co,
W. C. ttobinson ?: Co., the popular jew
Pi^r, hftVg been very successful in busi?
ness, (hp reason ot uhjdi is that fpey paprj
a handsome line of watches and jewel rv
with styles aud prices to suit everybodv?
and don't "blult" oft'trade with outrage
ous prices. Mr.W.C. Robinson?the boys
call him Clack?who is an expert jeweler,
is always to be found at his place of busJ
{jesSj wjth low prices, a pleasant smile mid
? good j?kP (or eyery}>o||y.
THE um aAf-oj,*.
Everybody knows ns woll where the
Gem Saloon is as they do "where the
shamrock grows." Mr.D.J.Wells and his
popular bar-man, J. M. Kyle have made
its name famous; not only its name hut
its reputation for first-class liquors.
This popular bar and biliard-room is on
comer of E. 5th and Wyaiidottc.
?par COLMm'ti SALOON. j
Do jpp. $?}f?t? If yo9 do jo* kuow
AI? Collier and Ms two clerks M??<<,,
Slemp & Haglnr. He keeps a Urge stock
of liquors and guarantee everything hfl
sells to he as represented. He made *
large purchase of North Carolina brand*
snd whisky a few days ago, in quantity
of over 1,000 pious, which indicate, that
he is not expecting prohibition la,** to
take effect soon.
Martin Luther, at the Interment Hotel,
Stewart Kane, shop on Clinton trenne am]
Jessie Summers East fifth, opposite
Whitehead k Co's., drug store, are the
tonsouial artists of the citr, and nro all
well patronized.
col. j. n. a i) a sis.
The Colonel, as he is familliarly know,
was the frontiersman?tho pioneer?in Hip
newspaper line at Big Stone Gap, having
established the first paper?the Progres?
sive Age?ever printed here. He is now
engaged in the job printing business on
Shawaace avenue near ?. fjth |>rjpv.. v...j
dap* ft iiIpp tiiisin?rfli
n-. it: atlktRV ? 60.
1). H. Shelby k Co., arc the people who
keep us from freezing to death. They uYd
in coal and building'material, and hare
their yards located on Wood Avelino, pe^r
fhp|??tcnnont hofpi. I Hiring ihe p.?si
fwp years ihey have dono a prosperous
business,which is increasing rapldlv.
w. t. * it. r. urnoevs,
W. T. k H. F. Hudgens are the w^:;
known and prosperous contractors on all
kinds of tin, sheet-iron and cornice work.
T|iey establishetj the fjrsf tip sjiqn [|i ...
and* besides the work done by them in
Big Stone (lap, they do a great deal of
work in the different surrounding town*.
j. I'. woi.kk 4 e?.
J. P. Wolfe & Co, successors to the Mor
ris-Dillard Hardware Co. -are locale.! ii
.> ? ? .... w h.|wh|ii- i.ii'.ii. n Iii
Hip 4?cra bn'iiijiiig, UH Wood .\vi'|j((U
The busiiioss of tho ttrm U oarcfulh
watched over by-Estes. Tbcr en
joy a large trade, which has been worked
up by close attention tohusincs.?.c.irm'?<'
a full and complete stuck ofgoods in their
llu?, ajw irfiiMii?g Ijieji: ^?u? j(1 jj^j:
orable and gentlemanly miiiiuviu.
Fire Rwee-pn Awhj ?30,000 Worth ??r
Property 111 Cumberland (tap.
On the evening of the 2nd, inst., about
HC'plpck, L,c?tr;;ct; 'p Lroki) ;>.,, L
.. |.|Sil?K .. ' ? ' '.?? II? U| lib I ..ill ,11
Hip prjnupai . \>\?,y ?\ Uwniw.
laud uap, Venn., which destroyed u0
Bank of Cumberland Gap; the building
occupied by,I. II. Stevens ?V Co's. ilrtij;
store and flu' post-ofliee; th* Cuinberliitul
I Onp Groecry Oo's buildinir: the furuiinni
ftVl? ?ndpifilKkf? rsla'l'lHiTih m "I
son k Itogors and tho general gJvrv vi 11.
r*. Campiie?. The total loss I? estliiuikil
at $30,000, one-half of which i> covered
by liigurancp. The tire originated in Hie
Masonic hull, near H. J?. fJampjiell ? tin
Jjf the Friend* of thr l'j??t. apft ^11 W||ji
Atftf AntOl&atttU IU (litt HoON^**! l<
of liij; Stone (tap.
Owing to the necessary time and work
and personal attention required in getting
up the first number of Tim Bin Stonk G.ir
i.'OS'i, I have lu.niii 00 Mine to 11511 It.
? ? ? r .. >? .7 i,,, Mini t ? u -? ii
looking after and solicjtitig snbscriji
ers to the paper. The large list aim i,
op fjie po?f'jj subscription, bftOfe arp ii|ai|p
iy kotuiit.tijk. ?ubspiiibuVSi V. ti.it PlhlJI
possible will be put forward to make tin
paper one among the very best juurn.il
published hi the eratc?one that will In: a
welcome weekly visitor to your households
and liresides. If you are not a subscrber,
obpoul iuc fntloyiug hUpk, (||| \\ \t;
your name and address, enclose subscrip?
tion price and send in at once.
/W Office,
r<:""t;<. ...
HU\U'x , Hale,
C. M. Harri*,
Uig Stone da p. \'a.
fncloM'tt Jind$1.00 to nog tabs*-eipl'?- w
gear. Send to went add ret* gireu nbjv*
Or, in the event you have a numbei
friends to whom von wish to fiend tl
1 ?!{?:>: ?}' ?> ilWllSf "! ftfij&\\?, a,;
W|jq woub) likely become interested iii [I
upbuilding anil prosperity of tilg :
Gap by keeping thoroughly posted a* hi
the advancements and developenieul: -???
ing 011 here and in this section, then m ik
out a list of names of such parties, ?!'
their address, and send in, with folio*i -
blank tilled in and the necessary amount
}{f money 10 cover subscription*.
State,. , Dntr
C M. Harris,
lity S{o)y- iiap.
fttvfopeif Jiud fiat of n<'?'ii^ koJ
drensCM of pari im to the a amber of
whom you trill pleaxe tend one enjf, ?
of the Jiig Sj/me (fop /W for th> /
of out: year. Ialtio inrlosc $ '"
tHb*ct.tpt?oi% pi ^ t o.s ^jju.j,
Address all inclosurcs to C. M. H.???"
Lock Box -il?, Big Stone Gap, Va.
So*K persons, during election time?.
liifdiy mu?d ure{. the fiw hmi\ ni-V :"
and plurality, in reply tu an inquirer
asked for an explanation of the diH'ere??'
in the meaning of- the two word-. '
Kichmond Dispatch gives the full"* ?
clear explanation.
l*Majority?The greater number; an?*
than half the whole number, plural
l|t |l?e United States poli|jcs the pun''
liy Aiwji* v^t^ m?t ferffe* ^I'i!'^1^
tijo fcccjyei t}te gre^tcj} njimber ??
the votes past fur the candidate ?ho r<:
ceives,tho next greatest number u
Iheyparp more than \?o &n\M*\* M" t f
one candidate roouivvs a majority ^ ''"
votes. If A receives 5,000 votes, B t.'H*
and C 3,000 no one ha?i a majority, bai *
has a plurality of 1,000 over B. In most*1
the states a plurality elects a candid*"
in others?as Connecticut and Kl'"4*1
Island?if no candidate (as for Govet?*"
receives a popular uiajorjty, the electa?6
goejj to the. L^isiature, '

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