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^l!l?r tP?T? ^ ?'XBoard of Di.
looHn J * ^naoUdtted Company, on
rtft*S through his accounts, bright
t??,r ^h ltc c,aim* Dp. Bailey owed
n~ 5? ,lc th,s b,uit *?b pendin
l-. b. Court attacking the Company on
various grounds, suing for salnVv, com"
missions charging violation of law in its
oipuiuaton and conduct, insolvency, and
as^ng tor a receiver. This suit ???' com
,nv.Mlti.U-S- Circuit Court for
o grant any orders without notice to de
enUawt. upon service being made to the
UMnnany, it appeared, and a dav was
sought to be fixed for the hearing. Before
that day arrived, ihe plaintiffs dismissed
their case,and went without notice before
a County Jndge who was temporarily hold
n?K court lor tho circuit in which the
Company Is located, and got from him an
order appointing Bailey Receiver upon a
very small l?ond. The Company immedi?
ately went before the judge of the circuit
who suspended so much of the order as
gave Dr. Bailey possession, requiring the
Company to gh-o bond, and make its show?
ing within twenty days. Before the end
?T this twenty itoy?. Dr. Bailey went with
the same bill with some fritting additions
KgJiuiore the circuit judge, ami asked the
same relief. This tho eircnit judge (Kelly)
refused, as be subsequently stateuN l>c
cansi? of the pending cause and the ordet
which W9M in full force, but. he endorsed
upon the baclc of it simply the word "Re?
fused." (Under the Virginia statute,
Bg-where a Circuit .Judge refuses mi injunc?
tion, the petitioner may go to the nearest
Judge of the Court of Appeals, und he bus
power to grant the injunction order.
Whether he, has power to appoint a re?
ceiver is an unsettled question, oil which
the Court is divided.) Dr. Bailey, on the
same day that Judge Kelley refused, went
before Judge Richardson of the Court of
Appeals,'who granted an injunction and
appointed Dr. Bailey receiver again. From
this order the Company took an appeal.
ByCaml. on bearing it, the Appeal-Court of
Virginia, declared that Richardson's order
Was invalid, and the decision distinctly
decides that any appointment of receiver
was improper. It is claimed that the
Appeal Court did not in words vacate the
first order of theCoiiuS* Judge to which 1 j
Invo alluded, and that it is still in force.
When I read the decree I noticed that
this point was not very dear, and in?
structed my council to call it to the atten?
tion of the Appeal Court. He did so. and
the President of the Court said no order was
nsoessafy, as their order had thoroughly
settled the w'iole question. Matters stood
in this way until some time last summer,
when our counsel; Mr. Avers, informed
me that be hud good reason to believe
that Mr. McGeorge, who had expressed
great dissatisfaction with the management
of the Company, had prepared, in concert
with Dr. Bailey and other*, an amended
bill, upon which they hoped to get a re?
ceivership before the Virginia Courts.
Upon hearing this, I at once reported it
to the Directors, and, as a result, the Cen?
tral Trust Co. applied for a receivership
on an overdue loan lie fore Judge Bond of
Ihn Circuit Court of tho U. S. This ap?
plication w.ib based upon confession of
judgment which I trado on the day before
the application was made to Judge Bond.
Thero was no resolution of the Directors
authorizing me to confess judgment, be?
cause it was imoossible to get a meeting
in time. The Directors subsequently met,
as did the,stockholders.of the Company,
and ratified my action. Mr. McGeorge
then, in conjunction with Dr. Bailey and
some others, came in and answered the
bill making various charges, alleging that
the original order of the County Judge
was still in for<Je, and asking to be made
parties, etc. To this answer Bullitt and
Dixon appeared as counsel. Upon finding]
that they appeared as. counsel, I proposed j
that each piirryshall name two or three!
men, disinterested, and fit for the position
of referee in the cause, and that one of)
them be selected by IheConrt; that.there?
upon the Company will give access to any
of the books and papers of the Company
? to counsel of Mr. McGeorge and the other
parties to the case, put. in its evidonce
without a moment's delay, within thirty
days submit the case to the referee, and,
upon his report coming in, join in a re?
quest to the Circuit Court to hold a special
session, and agree that the decision of
Judge shall be final, each side waving all
techuical objections and defences, As
President of the Company, I have always
felt it my duty to try in every way in my
power to correct any wrong that had been
done, and have repeatedly offered that if
Mr. McGeorge or any one else would give
me any evidence of wrong doing, to pro?
ceed at once in the nanto of the Company
to resist and correct it in the courts if
necessary. 1 have in tho present case in?
structed our counsel to consent to parties
coming in, and directed him to offer no
technical objection to anything they may
want to bring before the Court. 1 am
-still ready to do this, or to modify it in
any reasonable way that Bullit and Dixon
may suggest. Of course, in leaviug mat?
ters, ft) unreservedly to ypu, I do it with
the understanding that you will protect
the rights of the/Company, as wcli as
those parties whom you represent, and act
rather as arbitrator than partisan coun?
sel. Tours h-nlv, John C. Haskell,
President V. T. C. Co.
Acting President S. A. & 0. R. R.
President Bristol Land Co.
Receiver V.T. C, S. A.&O.
aud B. L. Co.
Our Mineral Products.
As computed by Director J. W. Powell,
ul The United States Geological Survey,
the total mineral products of the United
States in 1891, reached a value of $668,
523,537, against a value of $650,004,689 in
1890, and $309,319,000 in 1860. The pro?
ducts for 1891 were the largest in the his?
tory of the country. Of the total, $302,
30/.922 were metallic; $357,31 6,615 non
melalllc, and $10,000,000* unspecified. Of
the non-metallics, coal led with a val?
uation of $191,051,218. Building stone,
petroleum, lime, natural gas, etc., followed
in {im order named.
Oi. I'm' mineral products, iron takes the
decided teitfj a valuation of $123,337,985,
against $89.315,569 in 1880. Tho output
in Ihosu eleven years?, however, grew from
3,375.912 io 8.279,870 tons, the drop in
prices making Ihe percentage of increased j
alnalion roneb less proportionately. Sil?
ver jumps from 30,320.090 ounces, worth
$39,200,099 in i880. to 58,390,000 ounces,
valued at $?5,416,565 iu 1891. But gold
shows an actual decrease, 3,741,500ounces
in.1889, and only IMif W ounces in 1891.
Copper production expand-: from 60,480,
000 pound* in -188A, to 295,810,070 pounds
in 189.1. Lend increases from 97,825 tons
in U$fy to 202;406 tons in 1891; zinc from
23,239 tc?fl to 80,337 tonlt. Quicksilver
shrinks from 59,920 Oasks of 3*6^ pounds
each, ft jg%t.o 22,90 Mlask* in ?891.
Sfjckel also drops off from 3\J9,908* pounds
to 113,498 pounds. Aluminum first ap*
fjonr? ojj ih<- list f? 1883 with a credit of
* pojtiida/rainwi st $875; 1891, the pWi*}
fJou, jimjiwiing alloys, re?M 150,000
iBsnds, valutal ar $100.000; Tin produo
Voj was a blank un?il 1891, when the
g?res show !?^9 poundsi valued at
" iotty aud plaaUnui? are
Wyaadotte Avenue,
BSg stone Gap, Virginia,
Also a full lit* of all kinds of COUNTRY
PRODUCE kept on hand at all ti mes, such as
Nice Fresh Butter,
Eggs, Chickens,
Turkeys, &c.
We have an arrangement by which we get
a anpplr of the above named articles each
week, ami can always give you the lowest
prices. Oire us a call and let ns convince you
that we can sure von mono v.
THKGINIA: IntheCJerk's office of~ihe Circuit
I Conrt of the conntv of Wise on the 2d tiny of
February, 1S93. In vacation*
Thruston. Trust?-, ?
Afcainst I In Chancery:
Matkews, Trustee, r.t al. )
The object of tlifs to Si Ik to. recover judgment
against T. H. Walker and Vt: K. Harris, or cither Of
them, in the Mini of $116.GG with interest froia June
24,1889, and coats, and to on force the same by forty
closure of the lien reserved in a cennin deed dated
Juno 24,1889 from Tlijc Si?iie (lap Improvement Com?
pany and K C. Bnllard Thrstt-ion, Trustee to T. II.
WoSker. on lots 7 and 8 of i?i:>ck^7">, "Improvement
CoV. Hat No. 1," town ?>| Hii? Stone (Jap, W:fSo
county, Va.. which msp of pl.it S* of record in W?st;
county court clerk** office and to it reference i* hm-by
made; and affidavit having beeilmade.that T. II.
Walker, Eberueater Mtigotfin and James A. Tbomlin
son are non-residents of thisCommonwealth, and
affidavit* also having been made that there are. or
may lw, per*oi?s IntorH.-Ctrd in [be su'-jvci to be dis?
posed of In this sntt, whose names au* fin known, and
said non-residents and parties unknown ha\inc.-been
made parties defendant in this suit by the pill, tie sab)
parlies defendant arc required toapprar w Ithiu fifteen
days after due publication of tbisnruer. In the clerk's
onice of our said eourt, ai rnhv. tobe holden ibeVe?
for, and do wlnl is ueccK.-ary to protect their iuter
esta. And it is ordered that a copy 61 i his order lie
forthwiili published onei' a wce>? lor four successive
we?ks, in the Hie; Stone Cap Post, a newspaper print?
ed lit the tojvn of BSg .Stone Gnjr, in the county of
Wiso, State of Virginia, and posted at the front door
of the court-house of said county, on the first day of
the next County Court Tor the said county after tluj
dnte of this order.
A Copy:?Tfcstc: X r.n-j-^C'er-;.
?rCMJTT tk McDowm.*,, p. o. " I0-4t.
yiUGlxfA: In the Clerk's Office ?r the Circtilt
T COurt of the county of. Wise on the .'list day of
I January 1S93.
M. 0. Combs, Pit'f, / In Chancery
Against > on .ins'.wr and CrocK ?.it! of
E.T. Shortlet als. Pft's) Batik of VAi Stoiie Cap.
The object of this suit is to recover from E, T.
Shortt $S7?.92 with interrst from Oct., 11th and
costs, and a reasonable Attorney**,fee and to.^et
judgement on certain notes of C. I). Kutiklc and.W;
T. und II. F. llndgim*, deposited witlj said bank ac
collateral security for payment of said ?lebt from unli
Shortt to s lid (tank, and* to have tlx- land in the bill
mein Soncd subjected to the lien of said collateral notes.
And an affidavit having been made and filed that the
defendant'? J. II.* Frailer, W. li. Itlair and K. T.
Shortt, arc not residents of tlie State of Virginia, it is
ordered that th?*y do appear here within 1*> days after
due publication horeof. und do what may be nece^a
ry to protect their interest in this suit And it is
further ordered that a copy hereof*he published
once a week for four weeks In the Big Stone liap Post,
and that n copy b* posted at the front, door of the
court-house of this county on the first day of the next
term of th? county court of said county.
A copy?Teste: J. K. I.irrs, Clerk.
r.ullltt & McDowell, p. n. 10-}t
X' 1LGIN1A : lutbe clerk's office of the circuit emir
1 for the county of V ise on the 5J(i day of February
189.1. In vacation.
Thruston, Trustee, i
Against ? In Chancery.
S. E. Mason, et al. )
The object of this suit is to recover judgment
against S. B. Mason, T. IE Walker and Will. S.
.MathoWH, or either of thsm, in the sum of ?too, witli
interest from ./unuary lo, 18U0, and^osts.and ngaiuat
C. T. Duncan In the sum of ?2(Mi, with interest frbin
said date?this to be a part of the sum first mention?
ed?und to enforce the same by foreclosure.of the
vendor's lien reserved in a deed dated January 10,
189*?, from Big Stone Gap Improvement Company
and It. C. Bollard Thruston, Trustee to S. B: Mason,
ou lots 29 and SO of block 12, "Improvement Co's.
Pint No. 1," town of Big Stone Gap. Wise county,
Va., and affidavit having been made thatS. B. Masnii,
T. H. Walker, W.S. Walker and Wm. McGeorge, jr.,
are nou-residents of this State, and affidavit also
having been made that there are, or may be, persons
Interested In the subject^) be disposed of in this suit,
whose names are nnktiown, and as said nou-residents
and said persons unknown have by the bill been
made parties defendant in this suit, the said parties
defendant ore required to appear within fifteen days
after due publication of this order, In |hc clerk's
office of ottr said court, ut rules to be holden there?
for, and to do what is necessary to protect their in?
terests. And it is ordered'thnt a copy of this order
bo forthwith pullshed once a week, for four success?
ive weeks, ill the Big Stone Gap Post, a newspaper
printed in the town of Big Stone Gap, in the conrty
of Wise. State of Virginia, and posted ul the front
door of the court-house of said conuty,oji the first day
of the m?.\t county court for the said county after the
date of this order.
A Copy:?Tente: J. K. Liers, Clerk.
Bet.MTT it McDowrm,, p. q.^ ? 10-?t.
"I7IRGINIA: In the clerk's office of the circuit court
v for the county of Wise on the 2J day of February,
1893. iu vacation.
Tbrusum. Trustee. )
Against > in Chancery.
Alex Clark, et at. )
Tbe.object of this suit is to/ recover judgment
against Alex Clark and I. Morgan, or either of them.in
the sum of ?1interest from January 110,1890 and
costs, and against J. P. Nickels and J. S. Crtlrtirbti, Or
I either of them, iu the sum of ?G(J.flG, with iutercs!
I from January 30,1890,tbis to be part of the Art named
sum, and to enforce the same by personal decree and
j by foreclosure of the lien reserved in a deed dated
JunuarySo, 1890, from Big Stone Gup Itiiprownicnt
j Company and K. C. Bollard Thruston, trustee to Alex
Clark on lots 11 am! 12 of block 9. Wthprovement
; Co's. l'lat No. 1," in the towu of Big Stone Gap, Va.,
I and affidavit having bem made that J. S. Coldir?iii
|'va party defendant lierciu, is a mm-resident of this
State, and atfidnvlt hnviuing bceti made tliat there
are, or may be, persons interested In tite subject; to
! he diaposed of ill;Ulis action, whose names are u:i
kuowii,and said parties having been made defendants
in this suit, the said parties defendant arc _r.c<tniied to
appear within fijtoon days" after lite publication of
this order, in the clerk's. olbVc pj our j-aid court, nl
rules to \m holden therefor, tui'd do what is neees:m y
to protect their interests. Aud it is ordered- rfiat a
copy of this order be forthwith published once a week
for four successive weeks, in the Uig Stone Gap Post,
a newspaper printed iu the town of Big Stone Ciai>,
in tbo comity of'Vise, State of Virginia, and posted
at the front door of the court-bouse of. {.aid county, tu
th? first day of th next county eottrt for 6hd >ai.d'
county after the date of this order.
A Copy:?Teste: /. E. Liers, Clerk.
Bl'i.mtt & McBowki.i., p. q; 10-1!.
VIRGINIA: 1n the clerk's office 6f circuit court of
the county of Wise on the 2nd day of Febmarv,
1893. in vacation.
John M. Jones, Plaintiff, }
Against > Iu chancery.
B. D. Jones, et ah Dft's. J
The objectof this suit is to -obtain a decree against
J. C. Chance, executor of the'will of Wm. D. Jones,
deceaswi, for the stun of $27.50 with interest thereon,
from the l?t day of August I8S9, and to' foiecolse a
mortgage executed by Win. Iii Jones and 'wiie in said
Jones'-lifetime, as a security for said sum, end to ob?
tain the usual relief incidental to the forclpsare
of a mortgage on real estate, which iydd^mortgage
bears date ou the 1st day of August ISSf), and is rccord
ed in Wise couyty court clerk's "office iu deed-book.
No. 14, page 2*0. And an affidavit Saving been made
and filed that th<*-defendats J. C. Chance;, executor nt
the will of Wm. 1). /ones deceased.'li.. Ix Junes,
Nancy K. Allen and-Allen her Imsb.uid, \V. J,
(Januack, Catherine B. Jones and- Kala Jones, Zolin.
Jones and It. J<mes, infant childjcn of S/C Joues,
deceased, are not residents of the Stute of Virginia,
and That tliere are or may be parties interested iu the
subject of the suit whose names are unknown, it is or
d?ri*<lthat the said defeiid?nts,aitd such utiknowu par?
ties do appear here within l?days after due publication
heTeof. and do what may be nceshary toprottv-t (heir
Internst? iu Ibis suit. Ainlitisftirtherorderedth.it
a copy hereof he published once a week for four weeks
in the BlgStoao Gap Posr,and that a copy be posted at
the front door-of the court-house of this county on
the first day of the nex%term of tite county court oi
said county. A copy.?'Teste: Z. E. Liers,Clerk.
Jos. Lu Kelly, p. q. 10-it
"iltGiNIA: In thp clerk's ofttcc- of the circuit Coin-t
of the county of Wise on the 2nd day of Kebtiary,
J8S3. In vacation.
Thrufctou, Trustee, 1
Aainst > In Cbancery.
F. I*. Brewer, et al. ?
The object of this 'suit is to recover judgement
against Z,S. Wright and W. G, Green, or either of
thenji ip the sum of $l:?.:*3 witii interest thereon fr?iu
October 22,1889, oiMi costs and to enforce the same
by foreclosure of the venderv leltl reservild in jideed
dated October 22, 3889, from Hig Stone Gap Improve
mene Company, mid B. C. Ballard Tin us'.on, Trustee
to /? SAVright and SV. G. Gleen: pn lots 4 and 5 ??(
block ?? and lot # of btiick 73, ??'?Jnmrovemeut Co's
Plat No. If' town of Big Stone Gap. WlseCouiity. Va.
And affidavit Jiving bi'ija 1nade that J. S.'Wrjtgju
and Fred P. Srewer, are nbtvrwddents of tlii.< State
and affidavit havjng nlao be,?u made that there are or
may be pers<uis interested iu the subject to h< tijaipo's
ed of, whose name.'* are* unknown, and es said non
resldentttand partJea uukuown ha'te Jjeen' by tJu*
bill made parlleadefendant In this atdtithe s.-t)d paetics
defeciSaiit are required lo app^'.n:- v.i'hln fifteen days
-after due publication of thla order, in the clerk's of
fteeof our sabl court, ul ru'rs to belioiden;therefor,
tiifi d? what Unee?*!*sary to protect their lilies*. And
it isorde>ed that o copy of ihia prdor ba forthwith
publhhe?! orjeea wtvk, for four ??ccesstve weeks. In
She Big Stone Gap Post, a newspaper printed in lb?
towti of Big Stone flap, in t!ie cunty of Wise, stat
of Virgjnls, and posted?t tlt? front t,loof of the courte
tetn&ini said eoitutyoa the Uni day'of thete-.a <vu*o
ty Court for^ald c?wntyaft<rr the date of this ordor,
?flMiMMiMBMHHBB^Bl^^^B^HfflHBfe?^*,^ -
-.f &*? ?n-ntnsnntroa!?!? -'' "Clrqr'rifc?,
*T? Ihr Sheriff of t^, f. .-?>:;? of X\ W.yVHfillPf-:
Wecommaud Vmi, That you iufirt??o;i USg Straw
Gaplmproverccnt Contpai.e, ?itcx Clark, I; Murgau?
j. P. Kirkel.*, J. S. CWdtffth, Shftdrach Polly, P.
Horton, Pe??jpU*fl Bank t>J PI.III?, Sontjiwe? Virgin
laMinoral ynd(frfymfr, and par:;-.:' Who ffrciof
rmy be imere-o -d P-s t? >.? 't- u> he dlabosed of,
?j?m?'?t unknown, t > an- ijar' iit ;??'???;??:k*s.OIHre'<( tint
Circuff Court'?of the couniy . ; Wi v, at rules to 1?e
HTM for the said Ceftrl ?'i'tlit' Firn? MptKlhy fnllfl.-f;}/,
IS33, to answer a bill hi Cbaree'ryi exhibited again-1
thVin in our iwW c-njrs by h. <'. BaMa^^tat'athic,
Tnnu.ec. AiMihavethei tfi me t'.i writ, VViincss* B.
Upps*, CWk :..'?., r iJi.'l ---.ar:..' - rb -'?>:.-t-Iii>UW, the
'2nd day of 1-Vnru i.y iSJ? Ttid hi 'be JI - J :-a* of the
Teste: J. VtiHv, Cleric.
TTIRGINIA : Iii the Clerk'? ? tlu btr?uti C airf
V of Wise omu.y. '^d of 5':-}.ri?:Ty. iSD:'.. In
, Vacation.
It nppt-arwg Yrbni ati affidavit Sled In the caitiJe
1 who ein it.C. Uailar I thr'uw h}^rn<hv,lsp^'lJtIITantJ
Alex Clark. <-t ?I, defenttStitsj tSai thefWpT?? Baak
of Ptin vi?f um of Ihe deftf?i?.{*fiW In t'frhl tease ls a
corporation Orgatih.vd and existing i. ?' :!? ? Piw-of
: a foreign State: tint Gi.c.- 5 ? P> ??'!-??;-.aimy fniagnnt
of said'eorpo-'uthv: rtinl no oils ??: ;>, .>??)> riii yckpro s? ?"
, vice Of hyoeesa can nfcidej ft i- i '?-?'ore ordered
that a process in .-. Iii caxuse?Jwrpaislisinftf ooceawciih
for four sarreffir- -h?. Iii rbe Store' Gap Post,
; p ttewsiv.pi<r.?inhlf.': ?11:? v i -.? \ P--.du!a.
Teste: ./. E. i.::???*,Clerk.
BuUHl & .MtDjw el i. pJ u. IM?
The Commonwealth <?f Vhjgini.i,
7Vy the Sheriff of the Goti?(& of Wi?r.?(,'yat/nfj:
We conimahd y>n. That yon fttntroon Wir Stons?
Gap linprovpfiicnt lUunipany, 0 . iTcEIWen, j<"-i B.
W-. GotUiij wi ft'orsley. Vi. i.. ilcfc ?,.-,;1icraj:i!.wiio
nre or may he Interested i'". Hn Htibject t'? l?t disposed
of names ankbdwh T. Trif(g, T. I?. Trigir,Trn?t!*e.
Peoples'Bank of Pfnet*] !>?. Bagl ? Shoe Compatjy and
Henry Ikings, lo appi-.i- :i' tin Cierk's Oftii-'* of the
(tircuit Co??rt of the county >-i Wh e, at the roles tri lie
held for the wild court ? a-the third Jlondny in Harch?
1st?:;, to answer a bill >?: Chai:c; ry| cjchiUtted against
tkem hi our wilder port liy li. ('. ?.tllanl TiintstiMi.
Trustee. And have then 'i:f,.'<' thif wrjt'. Witness/,
Bi l.l:*p.sCl<'rkof our .-.aiti c .art. ai tltt ^?.ihr;-hoa.?e1
the Olh flay of February it'M",. aiia ill the 117 year of
tin? Conunontvettlth.
T rt- : K. Liers, Clerk.
A coj>r Tt-ht: j'. K* J.lpp?iV Cler.k*.
VIKhixia: in the CkTK\sofne*.of t'^jp C'ileult Oonri
of WisC'Cotu.fy. ' ti::y or F-lcnary, I.'.!?:'.. At
It appj&ving from an bflLlfl.* it Sled :?: the ?i? catisc
^?herein EL C..Ballard 'i'^r..--.;. Xnistee, ls*pl?liilitl'
and K.W . tiould, et ai.'-, defeinlanta, Uta I Uie I'co
ples Bank of PlnevilJo, ot:-. p! tho delendailfsin.said
eausr, js a bofjK>rati?n ort?? i cht! i ?.;s::t:^ der
tbelaWa of a foreign Stated Thai there i- in Wi.se
county, no ageut of cerporai?oii aitd !.?? other per?
son t?n whom k*rvlce of proceH* eiin lie nie do. It isfhere
fore ordered thr.t a process In cause be pitb||slied
once a week, iov four :aic ?< 'Ji\ ?? ? we. k.- it' the Itijc
Stone Gap Itisr, a newspaper1 ;.::'r.i. !u"td i:t tt'Iieci'mn
ty Virginia. Ti ste.: ./. K. bin-s, Clerk'.
Iluliitt ?- McD'.ncil. p. <;. KMt
Tlio Common wealth <;.f: Vii:;.'i:i:i.
To the Sheriff iff thr Ctttnity Uf XVisc?Greethig:
VA\> cr.hnuiind you. Tliat yoii/siiinnhfti. Big Stone
ftaplriipfoteriieHt C?mpnpv lhtmas Ii. Waikrr, W.
SJ5? Harris.- E. 31. Ifordldf Wm. K. Sjj.-li.y. John W.
Fox, Jr., Southwest Vlrglhiailifieral Ltthd (Joaipaiiy;
Appalncbiah^auk, I'. t:.;A*hontps?ii, IV C. Thouip?
son. Jr., Lucinda Thon:p.'-on, I>. \V. Boui, Julius I
Kaufman, Morris B, JuayVr^ J. ?i. iiar-.in, Alfn-il it. j
ihillim* and Llewellyii >'. Crelgh't^'(coi?]W)>;hig lite i
firm pf'Mdllihs * Cr-'igb",.' 'file T.:r..<-r.;..a.ker CoiHr I
p-niy, also known <ih the 1/ ul-er i tu . Ii. F. AIc
Comtell and ,I. T. >i'a.'"i i-.'t . ct.jng the tirni of
H. F. MeCoiineil it Co.,j it. l? W'?kh| and J. .)? Ilatrur,
'.composing the firm < t* ?<i ;" U iio<j A <Itaak ol
Big Stoiie ttap, I.. Ii. Va?j ' ... '. :?.!). Fr.r. ?:>..'-..
compodiug the firm of !.. ii. Vanglinu .V C<>.,; X.
MiMieiser, Gtifta%ious Ii; -im" . (.. i-i. MilhVisci; and
Sampson ilirsli, (composii gtlieftnn ?r M. ?Ii!'ti.-?^iT
& Co..) W. II. Nickels, V,>. .Vc!;j-...-'.-. Jr., W. W.
Sickelfi am! \V. J. IloVt.lvyi (who with iV. il. MckelJ
eonipiise the firm ?l" \V. !!. -k-1. & ('??..' It. !?'.
Fowlkea, Trustee, Jaaieti Iii he iVIleh; J.M (av.ii::,
J. Mi Gbottlde, >v Goorjfoo, E. t????l!'?ei Thonivs
C. Rhthcrford am! pa'rtl? -- iia?ii mknown, u ho are
or may be Interested in the HibjVct '.<> he disj o.~. :1 of
in this suit, to appear at ?ie i!i.?rk;ti ofIIee<>I life
circuit court of tlio c'iinr.ty of M Im-, :.; the rule to be
held for the said court on in.
First Monday in March, IS?3,
to unywer to a Ul! in Ciiaiicery c.\iiiliU< d njeahsat
them in our said court by i.'. C. H:i!i;;id T!;; us'.oii, 1
Trustee. And have Lheii there tliis r.;rlfc B?ftiesii;
J. E. JilPPs, C!?-rk of our said Con/C.at'the court1'!
bouse, t!te'JStli day of'January. ]h?l<i :i ! i:i tke liTth
year id the Cotunionwealliu
Teste: J. ii. birrs; Clerk.
A Copy Teste: J. K. I.Clerk.
VIKGLVIA : in.th?Clerk-:? bfJce o'i the Circuit
T Cp?rtof Wise Comity. 3Cth ?luv of Jjiiiunrj-^lSiVJ.
In Vacation.
It appearing from an u'lridaVit tiled the cause of
If. C. Ballard Thruston, Tru-.ti"-. plain hi' a^tthis'l .1.
\V; Foxi, jr^et al, defendant^ thatttiie l/*oker. (-'??i
pnny?properly the Tan,,*rr!'9oker C?.ni}?iuy?Is a
corporation Organized nt)d listing rn-ler t!ic laws of
a foreign state ; that then is i:i Saici h-jtinty U'i ngoilt
or other person of sui.'i c irpnrarnYn o i ivhoin prbcesti
of service can be mad ?.
It is therefore ordere i the* :?. process in said county
be puhiislied once a wo:>k for i*.::r i('C'' --ive w<n.>k?
in tlic Bi(r Slone Cap aiwwj<na|Kii |4ub!i?h-.-d in
WIfcC ccuntv, Virginia.
Test' ? ?!. E;. IM'VS; Cl. rk.
Bullitt <t JfcDoWcH, r.. t\. \>-il.
(?f Ihe t'irci it
d?v of
\7rl!!CIX!A : in |h?i UlfrV? (Jftte
. Court of the c-iiuty oi Wisj on
January ]S3.'!. In Vneiiion.
John M. .lone-. Plaiutijt, ,
Against / In Caw tfi v.
J. C. Ctmtice, Bs*r C< ill. Dft's.
The object of this Htih in to ohfftjTi :i ilecree agaitist
J.C. Chance, Exeohtof v.i the. lasj . ;,! mal tosLiinenf
of Wm. I). Jones, dece.iiHMl, for Lhe m.i:; of fortyrseveii
hundred and tweuty-flv<- tioilors ..ftTJ'.Ji'j; Wilhin
terest tie icon fi Miii J?)'?uar? ISQ), aud io have
twenty-rive shares of til .'uli paid capital -tock of the
B.iuk of Big Stone Gap, m?id t? slfUufy the piaintifTs
'claim, and id have th.hie v hicli i ? i/tiw standittg
on the tiooka of the Uank in the nnnieo?.\?ih^ D.Jones
transferred u> the puichiis'T. Ami an ailiiiavit liav
iuR been made ami fJhnl tbftt tile defendaul .1. C.
Chance, Executor of ilie last v. ill and |estainentof
Wm. \). Jones, decias.-i!. Is lipi a resident of the
Slate of Virplnin. It i- ordered that he do appear lu re
within 15 days after due publication hereof, ami do
whut may l>e necessary.to protect Ms interest in tins
suit. And it.is further- ordered ths: .: ce,)y hereof be
pubiisiie 1 once a week for four week?bi tho Bi&?t?ne
Gap Post, and that ? copy bp posted at thti front dkor
of the court-hms" of eounty on tl e flrsi ilay of
the next term i?f'ilie e?imty Court ><f stii t e.-unty.
A c.;pv Teste: J5 E. iJi^r?, tjlerli.
Jon. L. Kelly, p, n;' 0-<t
T^lRGlKlA : Otliceof the Circuit Court of thecoun
v ty or Wise op the With day ;i? January 1SU3. In
.'. J?vKel!y. Jr., Pit-(
XI ii Meinimit^'Dft's, )
The object of tttis suit is 10
a lease e::eeuied m detemrrttt
aii'd Ameirdetl Kills
In Chancery,
record anil set aside a
A. J. Su.-inm.-jn and
Joseph I). Price by John tSuii3;jcJter;;da;cdStmteihber
l:"!th IS74, ami ri-eor.l.-i! in Wise county. Court
Clerk "s otik-e i>eed-!;!>:.!; l\ pl'j??, on a tract "of hj?d'
eblitafpiiig acres liiriri; iff !?-.->, Miuarn! ijji ihe
iioariii^-i'ork of 1'.- iuwr. Wir,- eom-ry, Va.,
which tract was e; :-.-. eyi if hi tec id?iple tp the pl.iiu
iiil'by said Hunsiicker. l.-y dejtd ti.Me J .iai nary l?tli
JHSjl, recorded In peedrhpo?: past 389. And an afiT
itayii having hten iiiailt and life') ti::,; thedefendluit
A. J. SI' human is hoi a rcbh'??lai oi" '!i ? of Vir
gtnii*i it Is o'riU'iv'.i l!:af he <!>> appear her? within ]~>
ay afrt-r ?lue puh'.ieal i<ei lu-rcf. and do'WliiVt nif.y
ire nec'essuiy to protect his inter-?-1 in this suit And
i: _is fiifi!?T i.niered that a cony ifpreof he pithHslted
a week for fj ?r w-.-t-r.r, i:i Llje I'd^ .stoi.ei.iap Post,
am! that a eo;.y I.-- pn>: .i .'.'< Ihe from .i.-.u' of the
cnurt-house i.r {Iiis iiouuiy W the lh*? day '.'f l!ie next
tenn of the conn'y court i)j h ?d ??> r.tu;,.
A copy Teste.:" Viri% Clerk.
?Hi T. Irvine. \i; t\. y. i;
"1 r i!;(;i>*jA : At-rules i:-l?- in u>.>- ?de!m\ ??Pice of
V Uhvcircuit court f<;r ;he <?..-!>.:: v o. Wisi- on theG
day of {?ehrunry, K-Jll").;
TUusIou, Trustee, j
Against ' > In Chsuavn. -
W. Could, et al. )
The object of ;lds . suit i- to
? ??r imismeiit
against W. M. XfcBKvee, jr., in the m?h of f>U?.?7
"Wllii interest from said "u?lc, ahd ?iraias: ;v. J.
Iturseley in Hie sum of >':;;::.:;.-.. f?tere>i frbjh
said date .o:d costs, cud ...? r'i: ? ?a - s.i. i>v p.-r
s'.'iml decree and bytfotiecltia-nvi-f .h" ver:dors fhtn r\?
served indccil dati-vl ./a:, ;;;r,v .'.i. |WW, fitihl |tfg
Some (lap fnipiMVe'.nini. t'.aoo a . .| |?, Q, r.-r'.-.rd
Thruston, tru aeeio \V. ? ??. jr.. Op u,i? t a'ud
0 of block 9, Unp'rovetfi! tit'-t Pjat *?o. ], m'
Stone Gap, \'a.,and .-r ? '-.vii having 5>e?.? mad.? ?hat
E. W. Gould and ilenri oVifcrs are liun-rosideiUK of
this State, and afiidi?vit ahn iiavthj? !?<^.i nVnd'c ;
there a re, or may te, persons j.di r.'sicd <'t the s:i*?j?'v;
to b" dispo.trt! ?>f in ')?.'..- Suil na-t-.-s are u;
known, and sai'l ? (,1,-r ?" ! ;? :,i parses"?u
kupwn having by the hill been m ide parties deOmd?ht
to this suit, the sap: parti- n de'.aidani ..re required to
appear within M'te -ii itay> aftvrdin- n;il.-!icr.;!ou of this
order, i.. theelerk'sptlice onrsai t conrt, at r.ile
irt ljehjidden therefor,'ant! do Wh'at n?'?.*? tssm-v to
pn:.'-et this interests. \ i l-i l.: ordered ti:?'t a co..y
?of this order be fortkv ::?? ;.-i'.:i :.ed ?-.??('?? a week, for
four succ"ssi>-r -weks. in Ida Ktnnp >',,<?.> Post, a
[ lieWNiiaber i).in:.-.1 in loo ti...-M l-li,; jStope ;..
the comity of V.".>e. otato of Vir-ciiii,;, and p:i>u :! .?
t!ie front door of the rmtrt-h??:::? >'o'J said county, on-.
thc.-llrat.ilay of t!ie next eotin'tv court for {iaj ispld
coiuitv after the date of thboVfierJ
A Opy:?: J. E. Liers, Cfi-k.
Rctutr & Jfc5)?n\ kj.i.. n. a. PM,\
IflRGIXU: .in the C??yk,'? Cfijce ni O- Circuit
Y Ctc.trt for the 'emmty ?.f WfSi ,.,-t the 2<t .lav of
j Kiiniary, 1S3:J. Ii: vaca::--a.
Thruston, Trustee,)
Against S< luChiuin
L. P.>cherer, et ;d.>
The object of this suit is io recover fatlgui^ul i
against I.. P. Sclien>r in the sum of >r!'Jt.fi!J. w.iii in?
terest from ./illy 11.1S49, ae-.i for cv^ts", and to enforce j
toe name by. forcci -sure >?! P a va.s.lor's lien eeserveit
in a deed dated |::Py 11. ! - :;. ?' .:i p,;- S!,,:i- (i.-e;
Inuirir.-cmeiil Compmy :i:> ' ti. IPtH?rtiTlirustoSi'j
Ti n.-:,-e, to U. P. s-!:e:rr, on i-.t ;"?. at bjpek 2?. -im
.proy.-me:P Cainpiny'a Vh\?. r ai-";-: P, - :?\vu -of ?
BUr Sonm Gup, Wiseconiuy, Pn-.-.'oa' i, Ami aSHcvit
I having (>.?:??! made thai. V, ei. MeGcorge, jr., ./ant-s
i tjtws A?ett.M .AtPi-.'. ein ar?l i.honin rC.Kitthwforjlj.tre
m.t-reMdent.-, of P:iv s';- :. . ;,..,. haVing-a^O
be.ai made that there ar > ???? !,.. parries ioteri seed
' ill the stdij.'Ct t? <P P ; Ul f..i- seil v !;r^e j
name* are ihikpuv a. iuy! ssi! iym-] . :i"d
-ties mP'r.o'.vu Jiavja;; ;>,va mad ? mi;li?s <I ?{? lai r ; iiy
U??b;ii ifl this r,;;;;. i;,., v: j,; ;,...'.-|; ilef-udaui t?>->
Vf>^ut!t^l to apnear wlihia'Pfr -.-a d^ s after due i.av
Jleatpni of liilsror.ier, in the i .-..'? effice ?t hue said
<-e:r:.i':d.-s n, i ,\n wjiatfnV
necessary to .p.-.?:?irt '.Vr.-h ;-.r.s-. *!-. .'?. d it is or
dered :P;i? a mnx of ;],',,, ,- p?'i thwljii nuidisic.l
o.ice a week. f;rr f/.?ir s ia.".; ? .P. ;? vv^Wbi tiftff JW*
Statie Gap i'oar a a-a?, ;->.:...-,? , ; o-:, the tu.ivn t.'
tti.T Stone G.U), i i the ??? of '.?Can.?' ?i?tc i-.r
Virglitbi? ttstd po^tttd at the
house of h ihl C'T.nify, pfi t]
I o-.'iiy Coitr't fozi t'-. ? s'?3 ?
t door yt .thij epiul
*t d ly of the
:.- aft.?r date id
? ? ? .A copy-: Tesic: J. E. birrs:, Clerk.:
Propri^or^e Cash Bag^^ be Closed out in the Next Sixty Days.
After that date I will visit^aJt^more, Philadelphia, New York, Boston and other Fastern Markets,
After that aate i wm v^ic - order to ma^ room for the
which I will the^pucchase,^ am*now offering my entire Winter Stock at a Great Sacrifice!
Now is your time to get bargains in DRES3~GOODS, NOTIONS, CLOTH INC, LADIES' AND GENTS'
Remember this is no "Sham." I mean exactly what I say, and will quote a few prices for you to compare with prices
yOUCnHco/L'00(f ^[^(nm* fo cents; tile Lest, reduced from i% to 5 ccitifi; sood cujfon c|oth reduced from 8 tor 4?^ cents; pood* l;le:.chcrf -domestic from G to
cents; Hiebest, reduced from .{I to 6}2 cents; double-widih, ?ll-tvo?? HtTunol, reduced fro... 45 to 3?*jirti?| fine Mohair, reduced from IS to It. cents, tind everything che in
?the Drv Goods line reduced in like proportion. ,-,?,.. , . ,, , ?*? ? i * ? i
Suits that formerly sold at $30, reduced to ?l2;5flj $15 sicits reduced to $#3JI. This same reduction goes Ibronglr *he entire stock, consisting of suits, odd coats and
pants, bovs'clothinir, etc. _ x
Men's and ?ovs' Overcoats, Ladies' Misses' and Children's Cl?ak*,Tnr Capes and M,uTs, allying at.ynur own prjee _ . .,'""..? .
1 have an immense stock of shoes'nml ban fit atiy and all si/."s. Men's fine shoes, former price $1 Ja. reduced to SUaj $2.2a t-hocs reduced to $1.40; $"2.75 shoes re?
duced to *2- *3 25 ?hoes reduced to tf> $2.50; *l sh?es fedur??! Iii $: 1: $3 shoes reduced to $3?30; Ladies'"and Misses' shoes reduced in the samu proportion.
Mv Notion and Gcuts'KurnishinsGoods Denartments ate full and complete in crery respect at:d pricesrednuod throughout on. every, article. Men's heavy seamless
socks, former priVe 10 cents, reduced to 6 cents'; men's all v, ool. seamless socks, reduced from 25 to 1.5 cents; men's heavy, cotton Jhwinol drawers reduced from 40 to ii'i
cents' the liest reduced from 05 to 35 cents; penis' all ?vt ol underwear reduced 4(1 per ccnl. Ladies' hose, good, reduced from 15 to 7 cents; line all wool cassimecc hos?
reduced from 40 to 25 cents; lnd:es' linen collars rctbtced from 10 to 5 cents; the liest reduced from IS lo lO'conttf; men's threle-ply tim-n collars reduced from 10 to 6 cents'
four-pli' collnrs, ihe best, reduced from 20 to 12 ceitU; ladies' lino handkerchiefs reducrd from 8 to 4 cents; men's handkerchiefs 24 inches square, reduced from 8 to 4
cents'; men's hem-stitched handkerchiefs. 24 incites equate reduced from 20 to 10 coiitr. Fine gnrme umbrella, triple plutvd cold head,- 28 inches, former price $1.50 re?
duced to 75 cents; fine gory silk umbrella, Germ:i:- tilvcr |ia'ndl?i former price $$<25f ndticcd to &I.2.V All other nt
I have 85 different styles of rVlen'?. Youths' and Boys' Hats. Also, a handspme Hne of Watches, Jewotry, Trunks and. Valises, on which I
havere^dScedprlCelf^ Teis genuine sacrifice sale will commence on
AK?ri wIM rr.ntinue for Sixty Days, or tiii the entire Winter Stock Is closed out. ? , ,.? , .;. v' ' . , 1(1
? 1 haveoniy been In business hyre four months, consequently any article In my stock Is newand fresh, and I have no old shelf-worn goods
to offer ymi. ' ?MBKH GOODS m XJ ? t OO A^d'. mon^; M?^t c o m 1$ i
v'v ? ? * ' ? ? ????..-..
ENGRAVE IN ^?z~~=-, j ^iWyandotte Av*
YOUR HEAR i Near E. F ifth St.
|Big Stone Gap, Va.
Tlint pursuant to the authority vested iu tue by the
hist will and testament of the late James M. Jloney
bmfj now deceased, I will on the
20th Day of March, 1893,
tlint being tin first day nt the March term of the
Circuit Court of Scott county. Virginia. nt the front
door of the court house of anlrt county, tiflcr nt public
outcry, to the highest bidder, the farm described in
said hist will and testament as the John M. I.nne.
funu upon the following terms: One Hundred Dol?
lars cash in hand?the residue In biic, two and three
years time, equal installments, bearing interest from
day of sale, florid, with good security, will be re?
quired from the purchaser and title retained until
last payment.
consists oi a tract containing, by surface mens \rc
nient, four hundred and thlrty-tivo acres, liwrq or
1 less, in a good state of cultivation. Is well adapted
to crops and trrain. Has a good dwelling, orchard,
ham and out-buildings; is w? II wat-rrd l-y titim-ro:is
good springs and branches?has a fine Maple Sugar
Orchard and a large quantify of poplar, oak ill id
j other forest tr.es.
Fan the waters of Copppr Creek, about eight milt s
! northwest from fiatp City, and three miles east from
I Clinchport, nud is on the public road leading from
Clinch port, over Copper Hid-.ro So GaUsClty; I; is :i
very attractive and desirchle location for a home and
no doubt will be found a great bargain. The title i*
regarded as perfectly good;
Fall inforninti<tii giv?-Ji ??Ii application to the under?
GKte City, Va., January 12.1S9.1.
vy. ('. 11. STCONOi
Administrator with '-In- Will annexed of the lutlafe
of Jamc? M. .Moneyhun, deceased. 7-Ot
I'.i'suniit to a decree ot lb* Circuit Court of Wise
County," rendered in the chancery cause therein
pending of b'appenheimer Hardware Co., vs. IL
Williams A" lbo., ami others, the iimler-igne.l
special commissioner will proceed, on Monday, the
23d day of January, 1st?, ar public ourrry and to the
highest SiiMer. outre ;?fc ate -i, f i &M the t o ! i;s
of land In th* bill mentioned, which ore situated mi
Wood avenue, In the tnwtf of Itig Stone Cap. and
were conveyed to Win. D. Jones, by M. D. Wood and
wife, by deed hearing date May ?th, IMS", and re?
corded iu Wise county's deed-book, S, page 216.
Said sale will be made on a credit of twelve,
eighteen mid twenty-four months, except as to cost
of suit and H?lft which shall be-paid down ou day of
The purchaser must execute bond bearing interest
from date, with good security, for the deferred pay?
This i;cc. 21, LSf>2.
E. II. IT'LTOX, Special Com'r.
In the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of the
.Conntv of Wise.
Kappeiiheimer Hardware Co., I'FtTs.^
against / in Cbancelrv.
lt. Williams ,t Lio., et. al.. Deft*. )
I, J. B. Lipps. Clerk, of said Court, do certify that
the bond required of the Spvclal Commissioner by
decree n-ndered in said cause on the ISth day of
April. 1SU1, has heen duly givep.
(iiren under my hand as Clerk of the said court,
this 21st duv of December, ISM.
Teste.?J. E. LIPPS, Clerk.
The abbvc ?at? is postponed till February 2."tb, 1SD3.
Jaijuitrj" '?i K. 21. Fulton. Commissioner'.
("WIKGINIA: in the Clerk's olliec of the Cirejoit
I. v Court for the county of Wise on the SSth day of
.January 1SSW. In Vacation.
Thruston, Trustee. i
Against / In Chancery.
T. M. Sampson, et al. )
The object of this suit is to rwovrr judgment
.against E. M. Hardin and VT. E. Harris, or eitticr of
them In tiie sum of $2133.31 with interest from >:<..
venibcr 11,1889 and costs, nud to enforce the same by
jiersoual 'decree and by foreclosure of the lion r-.tscrved
in a certain deed from l?g Stone Cap Improvement
Company mid IL 0. HhHard Thruston, Trustee, tu W.
E. Harris and E. M. Hardin. drifted November IL ISN.'),
on lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,0, 10and 11, of block 12; lots!), l?.
II, '12.nnd i:t, 1'dock 11 ;h>ts Va und 2t)of block :J7.**Im
provement Co's Flat No. J." of lilg Stone Can, Va. A111!
affidavit having been made that 0. J Feed, E. W.
Kced,C. W. Goodpnsb r, E. H' Goodpustar; H. 15.
Clay,Jr., T. H. Sampson, D. W. Hots, J. 1. Hardin,
1?. C. 'Ihomson, F. C. Thompson, Jr., Luriuda Tho'mis
B0n*j Alfred Mullins. Ll-wllyn N. Creigler and J. J.
Hager,.aye lion-residents of this state and atihlavit I
having been also made that these arts or may Ik-par?
ties interested In the subject to be disposed of whose
names arc unknown, who have-not been made parties' !
defendant to the bill in this cause, the said partlw-'j
defendant arc required to appear here within Ii:':- en
clays after due j ublientJou of :hL, order,iu the clerk's
office of our said court, .it rules to be holden therefor,
and do wh it is necessary to protrct their iiitcri ijla;
And it I* ordered that a copy of (his order be forth-;
with- pub'ished (?tue a week, for four successive
Weeks, in Dig:Stone Gap Fq.s-r, n newspajver juiiite?!
in t'tetown of the Lig M?mcG :p,!n t^.eco'iiuty ot Wiire
.-':.:;e ot VirgL.ia, and ix^nsl at ti c trout uWr olibe
cimrt-hcu.-e of-aid rounly, on the first day of the
it-, xt C?mtitypmrt forMhe said county after the date
of this-order?'- 1
A copy Teste: J. E. Liers. Clerk,
llullitt 1 McDowell, p. q. IWt
Vr!i,<;iNL\; in.the Clerk's 'ofllce of the Circuit.
v 'Court for theCounty of U'iseon the 2(jth day of
January, '.lY./.l. i < vacation.
Thruston, Trusfer, )
vs. ; In Chancery. ?
'J. W. Forr, Jr., etat.,}
The object of this suit in to recover jndgnientj
against Tho-a-n. It. Walker, in the,?um of ?l,Hl.t:.%
with interest frftni .Cntinry 1st, 1SD0. also Mgnl st W.
E. Harris nml K. M. H.irdln, or either of Utei? in tbe
sum of Sl.l-ll.Wl, with interest from ^?M date, m ikiio;
a total of $2,283.TJI and interest, and npiiust Join; W.
Fo\-. Jr , tVrtil Wm. K. Shelby, or cither of thm, i .
trie .-urn of ?ivfS3.:rj, with inierest as aforesaid, (thi>
to !??? a part of the t-?:al of the fir?,t two above men?
tioned sums.) \> irh cofcts, and to enforce the same by
foreclosure of the vendor's licit, 'escrveif jn a need
from I'd;: Storif Gap Improvement C"tnpauy and lt.C.
Ilallsrd Thruston, Trnstee. to T. iL Walket W. E.
Harri- and E. M. Hardin, dated January !.<:, lSSa, on
the 'foil wi: g lot,, in ?i? town "f big St'-ne Can. ft'Isfc
County. Virnlni.i. io-wlt: t>?to 1, 2, an 3. of b(ocli
?4; BJtd has S lojil 4 of block G2, :>s >ii-uv:i aiid
desigi at:tl oil a inapof |tf*j Stosie- ?nn. maikttl and
kimwi! as k*linproven:ent t;ompjiny's KJat No. L'*
which 1? ?11 r*-ct?r?l'Iu ihcoflicc of ih- Clerk of Wi-sc
County Court: t?d aflidavit haying tnjtq miuie lh.-t;
Thoniaa iL Wniker. P, C. Thompson, F. C.Tho:un#<o'u
Jr.. Luctndii Thoinpviii. D. \X. Hots, J. jl, Uartlinl
AlfreilTt. Mullins. I.?.?t?el!yn X". Creigler. J. J. Ilag?r.
Win. McGeiorgp.Jr.vJ?inrts r^me'AHen. M J. 6tV*rfri
ani Thomas C. Ha'berford ??? noti-rrsidents of t!d?
state, and also afffclaylt liavin-.r \*Sl>* m?dt? ilint l!:crc
are or in iy he r.-artie- infresti.^J in the subj et tt l?e'
disiir.siMt of whose HirMi-sr- mikimw?, am! ;;s :;l!of
.;aid pnrtjesare by the Mil In liils cause made jinr/II-ii.
defeiiuant tlie said partlcis defendant are reiju'lvei'l jo
?i7fpe>?r nil bin tlftmi days aft?r due p^Mtc?t^o'itf^
this order. J? tim Clerk1? office nt mir said <wir?,.v
rales to bo holden therefor, and do what Knee./.t nrv
tc. proke; tLi-ir interests. Ahd it Is ordered Uwi a
wpv c! t^i.v, order bo forthwith published one- a'
\V"ck, for fottr sorciKisfyjfiwwfes; In the Hlg StaneGnp
Vo -r. a newspaper printed In tin* town ?r Li-r Si^ise
ri:-,p.-rt-the County of Wise, Stnte of VinfbiK and :
;)-is?'-d at the frm>t d"??r of the court borx-e of ?n}d !
county after the da?.- of this order,
A Copy Test: J. E, Ljits, Clerk.
The Commonwealth of Virginia,
'"<? the. Sheriff of the County of Wisr?dr^rHnfj:
We command vuiuThal you summon E. M. ilardin,
\V. B; Harris, Mr:.. Lucy C. llaziownod, U. J. R.-od,
E. W. Reed, VV T. Gooltloc, J. 51. (JoprtjpV, .1. 1\ P.ul
litt. ilr'.i Trustee; Biinkof JJlg Stone 'Gap, (Je W.
Goodpastcr, F.. II. Goodpastor, lt. II. Clay, Jr., T. Ms
Sampson. Big Stone Gap Improvement Company,
Somhwest-Virginia Mineral Land Company, Appala
ciiiati Eank. P. C. ITioihpsnn; I'. C. Thompson, Jr..
Luciuda Thompson, I). W. Dots, Julius Kaufman,
Morris P.. .Vay.T. J. M. ilardin, Alfred Mullhis, Llew?
ellyn N. GreinJer, The looker Company, properly
known ;is the Tnijiicr-liooker Company; it. P. McCon-1
indl and j. T. HgConnell, (doing business under the
firm name ami style of if. K. McConhel ,v Co..) M. u.
\\ u. d and J. J. Hager, (rMng business umier tiie firm
Ktyie'of :?!. B. Wood & Co.,; Mnthew Byrne and par?
ties unknown, to appear at the Clerk's O?ice of the
Circuit COiiri of the county of .Vise, at the rules to he
held for said Court nil the first .Monday in March,
1-S'j:;, la aasr.er a hill iu Chancery; exhibited against
theniin'oursnid court by If. C. BalUrd Threaten,
Trustee. Ami havie then there tins writ. Witness,
j. f.. LtPPS, CP':!:' .- f our said Court, at Ipa ronrt
I. ei:-e. ;ae Jd day of January. 1892. and in the 117 year
of the Conni p'uwi alth. Test: J. E. I.in s, Clerk.
A copy Tlsi: J. E. Lirrs, Ch rl:. .
y:!,iii.MA: [u the, Clerk's oflicoof the Circuit Court
v ? i the tVIs,e o-umy, 2Cth day of ./aiinary, 1889.
in Vacation.
It a/peari?g from an affidavit filed in the cause'
?!i r. i:i P. C. BaMard Thrustnn, Trustee, is plaintiff
am! T. M. S?BS] son, el a.s, defeiulants that the Looker
tToiiir.'any, prnjieriy km? h as the T;irnor-L<>nk> r nuir
pany :> a eo u;jtii?i:i organized and existing under
the 'jwsof ii foreign S!::te: that tin re in no person in
Wis-eoanty wlio i: the agrut of said company, nor
any other perron on whom service of process can lie
made It i.. ihcVeforc ordered that a procss hi >ai'i
cntintj be. published once a week, for four successive
'.m id.s. i:. :!e> Big Stone C:ij> Post, a newspaper ptib
llrlied ia V.'i-e county Virginia.
Teste: J. E. Li;ts, t'K-rU..
P.-PIPI ,1 'MrP-.-nv.-II, p. i\. Wit
Pin- Co::iiaoaiv(>ii!t!i of Virginia.
To tlie Sheriffof tiff County of !I'/V,_f,;ref?w//.
We rothmaiid you. That you summon Big Slot <?
(ii'p.impi-o^emeiit Cnnipui?y,W. E.-Harris, B. M.Jisr
diin ?. '?? h-cd. E. W. K.rd, W.T. (ioodloe, J. E. Ifut]
li?, jr., Trust, e. Hank-Big Stmie.c.ap.T. if Sampson,
Cvmhi inna L.i.d A improvement Company. J. H.
Vand.-vir. L. P.. Cook, M. C. Clay, J'n'o. \V Tau!. J. A.
Fdm nids, W. P. Edmonds, WallcrP'E. Addison. A.
II. i ane, A. iL Lane, Trustee, parlies -who arc, i-r
may he interested in subject to be disposed of names
unknown, K. W. ITanrv, T K. Ilarvav, L.C. llarvay.
J. P. r.ries, C. \V. (?6ptJp;isfcr, Win. Kichard's, \y. ?.
Powell, s?.iiitiiwcst Virginia Mineral Umd Company,
Appalachian Pan!., i'. C.'I'hoinpson, P. C. Thompson,
jr.. Imeinda Thuinpson, Julius, Kaufman, Morris 3.
rSlayer, Alfred R. Mullius and Piewellyn N. Cr* igbr-,
I (cOihpii'i.iii'gthe linn of M?llimi & Creiglei,) i>. \\\
I P...: , .'.!. ilardin. The L.wker Camjnnv, properly
! :!;??'!?., aer Linker C'mipaiiy. K. P. McCoiimdl and .{.
'i'. Metjiiihetl; ftb'fhposjhg.vtlfe d,,'n of R. P. Mct'im
hcll i;: Co.,) It. Wood ami J. .f. Hager, (composing
the firm of 3i. It. Wood ,V Co.,) toapin-ar at the Clerk's
idii," of ;!,.. fircuit Court of the county of Wise, at
the r?lc? to be field for the said court on (he lirst Mon?
day In Marvin] lSJ?i lo nns.w'er a !;il! in Chancery,
exhibit d agaiuat CiCm in our said court by R. C.
Bidlaril '1 iires;on,Trustee. And'intve then and liiere
this writ. Witness, J. +L Lipp?, Clerk-of our Said
Court, ut, . Ii", court hhttse, the 27th day of January,
16?3^ aad in the 117th year pf th^conuuenwealth.
Tesu.: J. E. LtvrSj Clerk,
j A Cony Teste: J. K. Lires, Clerk.
yi!:t;!M \ : In thej'leik'a office of tlio CircnU
* Court of "iVi.-e county. l;7t 1? day of January, l.SWJ,
i Itt v'aeali? i:. ? ;
It a.i jieai;h>g from an an aJlblavit hied in the cause
wherein iPC.Pa'.ianl Thruston.Trustee, is plaiuflffaud
W. P. Ediiioi)(ls, ;-t a!.-, defendants, thai tk'.- Cynthl
aniiH Ltfhd ana luprot e.d' ni Co.tipapy and the Looker
Company, properly t!iO Turiier-I^xiker Company, are
i.-nrpnratinii-cr: aleii am! existing 'under tiieliw-of
Stati ?? ntiicr tjiati ilie.state of Virginia. Hbai tSieri is
in \v is>. ^lenity no itgctit ef either of s.-iid comp.nni' s
an 1 no e-Pa r person iu saM, county, on whom ?er,ice
of p'roci ss'ciih he hiflde against either-o'rahf c*>iiipit
;n->. ltd* therefore ordered tliat a procesa in . ei.l
conn.J he piddi-d ..nee a week, for four successive
w< ek-. (h tHfi Big Stone Cap Post, a- ;iew*](aper pub
lish"d in Wise i ..iinty Vj.-^iuia.
Teste: J. K. Lu i-s, Clerk.
.-BullitlSicDowell, p. (|, 10-it
VilPHNlA: At rules held hi the clerk's oiliceof.
* tl:e circuit coiirt far the comity;oi Wise on UieCth
dayofl'ebruary, TS9:L
i Bank of Big Stone Gap, . - . . )
: , A-r dnst [ In Debt.
E.T.Shortt.W.B.KPbor.ru A- A.J.Hobat.K)
The object of this suit Is fo rerover of the said de?
feiulants ths soiii of *t.'i.i, with ihtereft from Xo-.-ea'
ber 14-;!.. PSfH, until nairr.and affl?lavit l?Vitlg be-u
imule i'n it said E. T. Siiori is a .uon-reWdent of t! i,
Sta' ;. th' sain defendant is reoiiirS-'d to appear u ithiu
brie-. i! 'days.after <hte pnldleation nf Piis. order, in the
cierk's oDiee of our said court,at rul?>> to b? li-.J bu;
tl-er 'f.avn'id do what is necessary^) protect !;!> in
terysts. Am! it is orderc.1 that a copy of this order be
forthwithpubiishrd oncca w.'ek, for four succe^ilv?'
weeks, in the Big.Srone Gap Post, a newspaper
jirintetl in the town of Big Sfone Gap, In the cotiipy
of Wi:.e. and iieste.1 at the front duor of Hie c?mn
lioitsn of said e.enp.y, ou the first, day of the
cou'iVfj: rOdrt for Cue safr; ?.-o:inty after 'iheunre of ;his
,-nriier. ? : r' ?, - ' ?
A Cony:?Teste: J. E. Lirrs, Clcrlfs
TtL'i.'.irr k MeUewut.!., p. .j. 10-it.
\7IP': In the Clerk's ofliee.'of the Circuit
V Cmri for" liii' cimmy ?.f W ise on tiki;wth day uf
January, !,;'fo, in C!;auCi.-y.
Thntstoii, Tr.:- tev, > ' .
vs. > lit ChallCeTV.
W. p.. KiP/e::;.n,cl a!..)
T!;e object ?.f this suit i* to recover judgmeHj
a; a'ast W. P; Kilbouni, Y.. H..Otdd und f. X. Green, j
er anyone nf them in the sum of- $Ifix:rj, with in-, i
teresi from .Vi.veml.er Itt,'JS.sf!, amt co>ks, ami %w\
eaeaee ihn SHipe '-j' p-rr.oual decrei) ami liyfor'.*
c!o,;:.-' i.f tlje veiidoi's 'den. reservn! hi ,t d'-d datfd
X?vemb'c? ./-t, Issn. from pi-r Snsie fi?p tmprov,.
::!-??: <' >ay i.'y am! ii.C Chlhtrd ThrasNsii.. Tru'stets
;?.V,. p. Kpi -.arn, ?ii a I'd in tin- ti?w f' id Bfg Si.ure
Oapi ft hi Co inry, virgh'tlh, to-u'lt: fiot > 'i hhiek;
?7, as siue.vn im n map of a part nf t^uid. low? on J
record iu ?jejofilrt of Clerk of Wise Cmpoy Courfi'|
known em': marked cs i,Ir,i-iroveluei:t C^uioouy's
'Piat ".i. T."' Aad a?i iiivfl herein having been riiade
?ui L X. Green is a non-resfih-i.t of ?bis State, and
al-n iif'ii'av if h;i> li'T been ?uade that thorenre or may
be p'a-:ie.<.t?iter"st?.,d in tia? sabjeef to i;e. disposed ,;f
w!??-.?? n,-i i-s aunhnoerv, and v-rd-'t L X. Green and
said pari-, en,'.ums u h?vfuit'i{ivn un?vlwj>artifa-<!e
fen'h.lo 'y Pe-'. !!P;n Xbj?i cayji^, the.r>^l parUosaie^ f
fend.-::;;, '-sire-! tn a;:p,.jt,- v.-jihJii -fUt??M J.iy>
ai't-r ti-a pabilcalbm' of? ti)!a ordrr, Jit "the djleck'sr
offloe of oar v.,id eourt, Jt ride?--to b* holden therev
for,- and do what l**ifceMary to prefect t^rtrhitt-refts.":
Audit Is ordered that a copyof tbhi orilerhef-^rth*'
with published one-,1 a week',' for four 's'lcceasivo
treeky. i:i M-e Big StrnwO^p--Post,;a .nowHjiapi?
pr.Uit??ii iu the jowji of li?i; St?n?:^jap,. in the cntuuv
of 'A ss,-, State of Virginia, and posted at the front
dfor of lay cmirt house-of.Svihl ciamiy, an-th-.-'^rst.
day of the ;i--^r County Portrr for Ike wold ttnaiiy
aiter the date of this order, 1
A Copy Teste: J. ft, !<!>. r% Clerk. [
-BniUU&aieOowriUp.?. 9*;. J
Organized ?ricl Chartered 1832?
Half a Century in Active Operation; ' tores against Fira and Lightning
ASSETS, $650,000. - - SURPLUS, $365,000.
?Half a Centuty in Active Operation.
T he* C ti if I pa ti v issues a Short and Comprehensive Policy, Free 1)f Pel t v Restrict*
ions, :iiid Liberal in its Terms und Conditions. AH descriptions of Property, iu
Count ry or Tow.ut Privatev'^rvr.iilMic, )iififh'ren' at Fair Rates and 611 Easy Terms.
. Wm. H. PALMER, Pres't.
Gus. W. Lovell, Gen-1 Ag't, {Gig Stone Gap, Va.
? ?_--?.-;?.-;-?- - i-?-r?-i?1
Remarkable Sales
Oner 300 Dauis Sefflfj- Machines Sold in Ninety Dap
In the Connties Gf Wiss and lee. .
Thit, i< i wondjirfnj record (n be attained in*'" Mhort aHnie, liiiftlicre" are res suns f<rf nil resullx. Tb?
n.'iiisiiti for Ihelwl?? ??f this, inr^e number of DAVIS ?l-;W|N<i >!.u:H INKS in- yo short n time b;
h the fuel that tlr.' people .n cogjiisiq nnd declare the I)AV1$ as thediest. moat suhstantlal ami pe*fwl
Sewing Machine i-vt-r invented. in this territory many holies hav* trledjnumcnnt* other makes of ???
el fin"', vi'!: which they were well pleased until tiny sow the superior quality of worjc done on the DA VII.
v ii trying tfiM wonderful, light-running and'handsome machine. Its many points of superiority over ill
??ihers were so uoficcibSe lhat they were ?0 hinder sat;sllwl ?itli -any other machine, sadat once placi-d u
.-der for A DAVIS. . The result is that.I have, tajcen iu,ai,por<C payment. JDAVIS 8KW1><? 31i
C!FI INKS ovtr ISO machine* of other makes?many of thyu comparatively lie*
lieineuil.er th.- DA VIS has only Six "WorMng' 1 bees, and is the most simple, compact, durable ici
t"?i r. C( nVit'cl l:ie ever mhrto-* Kvcry pan mudedf the v^ry 'bost material find ifioroMfe'lily guaranty
l#y the Hai i? -'ew fug Machine Company.uri well as *>y uiysdry for llveye^ira from date of. purchase.
The !):ivi> s'cwiqif MacJdne oHlee st Knoxville, Tqinj^alter h,iviug worked, that territory for three ym",
daring the fourth year sold ?yer 1,500 Machines, whivh {;oej. to sliovv that [he more the people kiw??l
the DAVIS liie'Letter they like it. ' *.' '*.'
i am now receiving numerous orders for machines fronr par?e-? who heretoiore reftised tobojth
OA VIS, hut oti seeing the-superior linfl satisfactory; k it is 'dnlnjj for their indghJ>orsi umvsradw
voluntary orders. ... , ..^ ,? .,: .., . f. ?
l.Iflvlns fortm d so many pleasant ncquitlntr-ncessince laealfiic atTdg'Stoiirf' Gay^ and havitij? iii?t*iR
sncfi plrcmniilnal ?tiecess in my business, I have determined, to pernwiH/n fly continue at this place, ami ?liiil
u.*e every honorable tfflbrt in my power to place a* DAVIS Sri WI Sii MACHIXK In every honselioHI?
the sui romiding coiintiy where a flrst-elass machine is wanted. ' I have supplied nearly every family I?
.?igSlon? (lap with a Davis machine. ? ? .
Il-eep In slock a full supply of Davis Sewing Machine lle^airs, XeviMes, Oils, Ac You will a!w.iyifl?l
?mv ai my oftic. In huihling formerly occupied by th? ?je;n Sih>?.n, ready inul anxious to show you a DAVli
whether you i>uy or not. Very ltespvctfully,
Office Ciinton Ave. and E. Fifth* Street,
< ' 1..
'? ?? ; -'-^' ' ? ? '
r havtH'or sale Ci?:tl>;iroii uitd'TitnlnMlaitds. in Wiso, Diekenson and liitchaai?
cuu?fies, Virgijrtfa, and portions or' Kaslorn Kentnciy. I have some at
Best Coal ^x-ojper'tles
f'ir sale itt Virginia, adjacent to the railroad, which 1 . an offer In small or'J^j
l>;mtid.trics. The jirftperiiei" are weil Inwled for jtixmiI development, an?l ^1
fjuartfy add (juaiitiry of the coal attested hi well known minerolo^ists.
I also have the largest amount of the best BUSINESS and RESIDENT I'lfj
ERTY inftiG STONE GAP, Imlli improved attd niiimproved. Parties de^
either to jmre-haxe or sell property here should consult me.
AU eoinrntttticalt?n? ansncved and full infoetd:ition ehcerfullv given.
Add es.: W. E. HARRIS,
P. 0. llox 258. ? 1H6-STONE GAP, VA.
Castings of All Kinds
W^ffil yourordersatthe LowestCost. We make a specialty'
Write for Prices. Big Stons Oap Crat^*nd Montlc C>
Stone Gap,
??tl> R5s 6m<* ?<Htn?oted with
Kierytltlo^ n^t, nice and ?*!?*?.. ."?Work"'torn.
ord?r. Pelite atteft?o?.
F?r aOuick,?' C2?an, SmotheSt
':;^^^^(tiif.Cut call 0?

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