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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, March 02, 1893, Image 3

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Oftt?l?* < UyjMrectory.
... xv'kvx.v*.!?. k- G<w??>t,?r. \V\ t
?:???;??.:!!? iZ&itm. ,.
OftSgK i.oH,., k Fox.
{ ,:;:;;,>,. 4r.w^cwr^i
' " SS&If nnlMin^.-W.t.
UwniWw*' -v \\ ftthM. C. W. Kva>h.
:?? ? ? , MtMJott, W.T. Kr.*XKi?r.
; * : K^xK^Cbelnn?;
; . ? S^ox, Cl.-lr?..n; <S W.
in* w ? nv. ' ' "'. . k r. (;<m>!?i.<?k, Chairman;
- , . r ...
" ' ;V.;'Vv. ft* >r.. Chairman:
b.?' ? ': ; Iinprovewnl Co.',
. ;.' ..-.k?. W. Fox, sr.
!"..:-; Fifth Street,)
I ^ stoine Va.
j v (.:,.???;.< >K. Pontmastcr.
. reV iln\ > only, from S a. iii.
f .? t>t'i>?rUiiClit ?'!,,,n fr"n, 8
.?. i ? LA X..rh'?<--S.l?.1.111.
.. ?? ll.loa.m.
" BJtOp.lo.
v \ ft 6., u 12 (?0 in.
r.? b i?lol,Tenii., '* .Ti.15n.ro.
,tcli "f mail matter it nhonM
, letter box before the time
['.,.; ,! s OIHcImI GoMcl
.ttcr K'lblynml fully. ^Ive
. St?U in full, ctreet tout boune
I' : .i mM oVadd the ...in.
K'voiir "?"?* mid Hddrw m?on tipper left
r .. - . malted by yon.
[ , H ,1 nya place the name of
} ? st envelopes
tl ? l??l IW' u?? "V ' I ? * *
;,;.!(? !< fi-rs.
?.;..?., v Onler.
mi tlie upper rlght-liatul
? i?;. ? tumps money ko mw?
? ,r i? ire than twenty-five
IK1' - ;-;;,,i,!'s"r ,u,,,,c)'
6fy"* . in ]<?>} "" i't f<?r
?'JsT ? !?: that v hieb i- te
ME, ' ? -!j.]'U'-! l?y hotels,
HR; made .d letter if ini
? kerns it unite import
aD?it? ..ifie-s Hhould KuppK
' ? . . ild reduce the*nwmd
?f?iS -I.v wrapped.
, . l:.rL'-ly diliiiuMi'
\ t respectfully.
MB s. Ii. JK8SKK, A.ss-t P. M.
ii.ii.il in
.-ltd i
ifflx -
I* -
anno; \< kmi:nts.
bBB| I'ost i> ;ii:Ji.">ri/eil to announce the
? . Mi!;,-,, i.i" County and
HHL ('..???? ? Wise County, Va., at
(UM:! \ -. ;i mniK ss-:\vs.
fss&&~- ?
BBB.m on i;.- -t ??<?} Mon-lay night, no
C)^m . : - . ;:i v I lioiisand ev
pres?f ? '' ! v v> ? '? ?
-! '; '* von [? r.-ice and
cheer i) ? : to -ci hetter.
Ta;: ,-]," - >U'iu nt J. M.
WilliK ?V ,. 1. >:i :it 1 eents.
A cel. i ? i i?. M ? I;erry \ Co's
faih g.. ?; i ^ Whileheail, &
Co'i til
- ; to have a new
hnhy C. -: '>! WiHi^ i> I Ik* man to
fun..*!'. *
i i' p., rt > of
Stone (? ? t.i.-i to see K. M.
Call ' ?! 'Villi - ,V Co. for French
an i . i - -i.u.-. ami liest grade
Ncw'Oi ? i
??! im- I'.ig Stone
Gap lie ?.'?. not tail ?io get
)- growth is noticed at
a. I in uvi im ills and new l?uild
illgji ffi'i :
iv to i.i ->t nu-iit in the
Jim in ' ni v.-t Virginia, address
m a id in, Stone Gap, Vn.
1. popular re (?ort er of the
Oourii :. ?-ni donn to Johnson
jfflUHp11 'I -.'-lid Sunday.
I'.'ii(i> of the
Big .Stc : . .: . :i t Co., V. hicll
foi lots in Plat 1 and
(cs win. Ftiljscrilicd for and have
1 ?' il ii copj of ilie World's
> lease call at this office and
M i i.i- has purchasctl lots 7 aud8
.l-l.u ' ointon avenue, near the
ialeai i hurch, und ?iil mjoii cotn
t: >' 1 !< ction of a residence.
[?n . sy id understand why W. W.
& [ ' ? - ti tide holds up so well
' ? ' i heir pi ices and goods.
:ntd low -i prices will always
" Ivcui., has commenced moving
!"'? d;u tore. The Doctor is a
1' ;,!"l i.ial gentleman und will
"' ??; ? ucei in his new lioitie.
- nice line offurniture
N'ickels ft Go's. They don't ex
1 . i nt iIn ir prices are so
in ?vi feel like you are rc
:> pri sent.
^ ^ n- en.'. ivUicli went over
f:i:i'-il: !i' in the wreck in which
v was killed, still lies in the
Ii ?iil require no little
Del 'I mto ttie shops again.
f1 M- u - tin first day of March,
? ? The sun got up and
"lid spent the entire day
? Ihe most welcuruo vis
'*had for some time.
!;''l of the barber shop
1 '??med out on Clinton
"I'ould ho torn away. Tear it
I ??i up the lot and get it in
: " ?otiiin| liuiidiug revival,
: - lots moved into his property
: '; ?treel, vacated by Mr. A.M.
,u,u H?v.J. M. Stewart has moved
pru|ferly formerly occupied by
"" M?l'ie avenue.
for the Victor Safe
tU Cu-? Cincinnati, Ohio, has sold
jaulhoritiesa 3,500-pound sate, in
j" k" !' the town records, boudj,
N ,a ;' Rood investment on the
>?"".ciiy dads.
l? P?i out as much as one
["?we, of tobacco.this season, call
[""" ' ?ud you will be furnished!
Ti'? <* of the iutppoved]
v?rierr, mu\ Sh tl,e most suitata
his cliumtc and BUil.
Ix Tis ib issue of the Post wit! be aeeu
the professional card of Dr, J. W. Kelly,
in which he offers his services to the peo?
ple of the town and vicinity. Dr. Kelly is
a fine physician, and a graduate of the
cighest order in his profession.
Osk of Big Stone Gap's business men
said this morning thut his business hud
doubled itself iu the pasftrtwo weeks to
I what it had been for some time before.
[There is no complaint among our business
men, all of whom arc doing a satisfactory
Mju. H. C. Wood was among the
young(V).ntcn who attended the double
wedding at Holston Springs last Thurs?
day. Going out on the S. A. k 0., train
Saturday morning ne was accused of hav
dunced twenty-six sets, and did not deuy
the charge.
John M. Goodlok will soon build an?
other neat cottage, which, when com?
pleted, will be for rent. There is quite a
demand fur such buildings, and a better
investment cannot be made than to put
money into cottages costing from $500 to
$1,000 at Big Stone Gap.
Thk''Conversational Club" met at the
residence of Mr. Bullitt Saturday evening.
The subject for discussion was: "The best
piny, and why." Hamlet seemed to be
the favorite. They meet at the lotermont
next time and will discuss mesmerism,
spiritualism and mind reading.
Thk members of the Presbyterian church
are arranging to put up a handsome church
building on the corner of First street and
Shawnee avenue. The building committee
is composed of V. M. McElwce, chairman,
James Youell and G. E. Dutton. Work
will commence about April 1st.
Dr. H. C. Livingston, has cloned out his
drug business at Tacoma, and is now trav
j eling iu the interest of the Chicago Bak
! ing Powder Co., and the California Cider
I Co. He carries a fine line of samples of
cigars, cider, soda fountain syrups, etc..
The doctor is a hustler and will work up a
good trade for hi*employers.
Mr. R. T. G. Matthews, district passen?
ger agent of the St. Louis Southwestern
Kailrway was iai the city to-day, looking
after the interests of his road. His is
the celebrated Cotton Belt route to all
points iu Arkansas and Texas, and is the
only line with through car service from
Memphis to Texas. Partis contemplating
a trip to the great southwest should ad?
dress Mr. Matthews, room 43, Ky., Nation?
al Baitk Building, Louisville, Ky., and get
Tub city authorites are daily receiving
enquiries iu regard to the $50,000 bonds
soon to be issued for public improvements.
General Ayers is confident there will be
no difficulty met with in placing the bonds.
Let the matter be hurried forward as fast
as possible. Big Stone Gap has a num?
ber of first-class contractors andjbuilders,
who have heroicly stuck to the town dur?
ing the recent stagnation iu building in?
terests, and they need and should have
the work. The city should give them
preference over all others.
Tim case of the commonwealth vs. John
Barker, for grand larceny, was dismissed
without trial at the instance of the com?
monwealth, there being no evidence to
sustain the charges in the warrant, the
property which he was charged to have
stolen having been found in the I liter
mont hotel, where it had been for some
time. Mr. Barker has heretofore always
sustained a good reputation for honesty
and it is with pleasure we do this act of
justice, which will fully vindicate him to
hi* many friends and the public generally.
For some days past the Electric Light
and Power Co. has experienced considera?
ble trouble with its plant, brought about
iu its effort to furnish lights to its
patrons with an incompetent electrician
iu charge of the machinery. The trouble
is iu no wise chargeabio to the manage?
ment of tho company, as it was tempo?
rarily making out with inexperienced help
till a competent man could be secured,
and in its effort to accommodate the peo?
ple of the town has brought upon itself
several hundred dollars' loss. A compe?
tent man will soon be in charge.
-* ??> .
Attorney H. C, McDowell went to Bris?
tol to-day.
Gen. R. A. Ayers returned from Phila?
delphia, Saturday last.
Gen. A. L. Pridemore came up from
Jonesville this morning.
Dr. S. R. Preston, of Bristol, preached
to a large congregation Sunday.
Judge J. R. Jackson, of Gate City, was
iu town this week on business.
Mr. Marshall A. Tcsterman, of Kyle's
Ford, Ten it., was in town to-day.
Jos. L. Kelly has returned from Wise
C. H., where he has been on.legal business
for the past week.
Col. J. B. Richmond, of Gate City, Va.,
was in town Tuesday, looking after the
sale of the Kelly land.
Mr. Harry J. Avers left to-day for
Washington City, to be present at Mr.
Cleveland's inauguration.
Mr. H. H. Bullitt will go to Marshall,
N. C, to look after his walnut logs and
see Messrs. Masou and Pettit in a few
Gen. R. A. Aver? will leave Saturday
for Washington, D. C, where he will argue
on the 7th the case of Virginia vs. Ten?
nessee. .
Mr. M. A. Sullivan, of Lafayette, Ind.,
father of our townsman, Mr. Frank A.
Sullivan, came in yesterday on a visit to
hie son.
Mr. H. L Sullivan, u? experienced pre
seriptionist, of Abingdon, Va., has ac?
cepted a position in Dr. J. W. Kelly's
Sunday School Convention.
The Big Stone Gap Sunday School Con?
vention will meet at Flat Wood School
house* in Lee county, Va , six miles south
of ilubbard'b Springs, March 24, and will
hold for three day*. Saturday, Sunday
and Monday. Alt Sunday school workers
are invited to attend.
R?v. R. N. Pjuxk,
5k you want a Government appointment
i get a""Bto? Book" of C. Ml. Karris. 7a ets.
For Sale,
Some good tracts of Coal and Timber
Lands. Some splendid bargains in Town
Lots, Improved Property, Stocks, Bouds,
etc. Apply to E. M. Hakims, office in Iu
termont hotel building, Big Stoue Gap
February 22, 1893, Mr. John Kyle, at his
I home at War Gap, Hawkins county, Teun.
j Mr. Kyle was born near Fiucastle, Va.,
Dec. 24, 171HJ, thus making him at the
time of his death, ninety-three years and
two months old. He was the father ot
Mr. James M. Kyle, of this place.
? tf? ?
ISig 8hI? of Lumber.
Mr. E. M. Spenrs, of Rogersville, Tenn.,
j who, perhaps, handles more lumber in the
run of a year than any other one man in
east Tennessee, met Mr. A. S. Holt, of j
the firm of English & Holt, New Haven, i
Conn., in Bristol Wednesday and sold to |
him 2,000,000 feet of poplar lumber.
ISaeklen'm Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts,Bruises
Sores, Ulcers, Salt Uheum, Fever Sores, j
Tetter, Chap|>ed Hands, Chilblains, Corns and
all Skin Eruptions, and positively eures Piles,
or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or money refnnded. Price
25 cents per box. For sale by S. L. White
head & Co.
OIT fur Their Old Home.
Tuesday morning Mr. A. M. Goodloc
and family, after residing at Biff Stone
Gap for several years, left for their old
home, near Afton, Va. They have many
friends here who regretted to see them J
leave. Mr. Goodloe has been a valuable 1
citizen, having been contractor on a great
deal of the slrtet and sidewalk improve?
ments that have been put in. For some
time past he has been in bad health, and
returns to his tarm with a view to regain
in'; his broken down health.
Skipped His Itonrimnen.
Larry Hanuan, late master mechanic at
the furnace, who, it will be remembered
was, a short time ago, tried hefore Judge
Skeen for having captivated the affections
of the wife of Peter Sherman and for
taking away from Sherman not only his
wife but his little children, it is said, on
j last Sunday, skipped out and left, his
At his trial before Judge Skeen Han
nan was bound to court in a $2110 bond,
with Wesley Taylor, Benjamin Sally and
George Hunt as bondsmen.
Equitable Life Assurance Co.
Mr. Wilmer, of the firm of Trigg & Wil
rucr, Abingdoti, Va., general agents of the
Equitable Life Assurance Society for
southwest Virginia, has been in town for
several days, in the interest of his com?
pany, with the purpose also of establish?
ing a local agency at this place. He has
secured the services of W. C. Robinson to
represent the Equitable Life Assurance
Society, of New York, in this territory,
consisting of Wise and ad joining counties.
This is a good company, and Mr. Robinson
will be pleased to serve the people.
To lte Married.
Invitations have been out for some
time to the marriage of Mr. A. W. Irvine,
of this place, to Mrs. E. G. Tenable, who
lives near Christiansburg, Shelby county
Ky. Mr. Irvine will leave to-morrow for
that place, where, on the 7th inst., the
happy union will be consummated.
Mr. Irvine is the father of the popnla
attorney, R. T?te Irvine, and has made
many warm friends here at Big Stone
Gap. Congratulations are in order and
are heartily offered by a host of friends
The Gnltar Contest.
As will be seen below, the contest for j
the elegant $30.00 guitar, offered by the
Post to the most popular lady, cither
married or single, in the counties of Wise,
Lee and Scott, Va., and Letcher, Ky., has
opened up. Some one will get this fine
instrument, and now is the time to show
your lady friends whether you appreciate
their friendship or not. See first page
for full explanation.
The following votes have been sent in
up to date of this iscue :
iU?n Ulli?! It. GtHxlloc, l'.i<: Stone G?p. SO.
Mr*. J. L. Jeunitigt*, k> 44 ,4 2G.
Miss Clnra Spaoliiing, " ** 44 r>.
The Revival Service.
The revival service still continues at
Trinity church, in the hands of Revs.
Straley and McManaway. Much good has
been done, and the two churches?Meth?
odist and Baptist?are moving along to?
gether ill the great cause of soul salvation
with perfect unity of purpose.
The result of the meeting so far has
been fifty to sixty professions, with quite
a number of accessions to the two
churches. Such work between churches
looks like genuine Christianity, and goes
farther to impress on the minds of sin?
ners that there is truly something in the
great cause for which they arc working
than all the doctrinal sermons that could
he oreached between now and domsday.
The meeting will doubtless continue for
several days yet.
Sergent Letter.
Skrgkxt, Ky., Feb. 24, V6M.
Editor Post :
Plenty of rain, mud and snow.
W. W. Collier and W. R. Craft, of
Craftsville, went to Maggard, Monday and
returned Tuesday.
Mr. John A. Edmonds, of pate City,
Va., was here last Saturday on business.
Sam T. Webb aud family, of Arcadia,
Tenn., arrived here Wednesday, aud will
make Letcher their future home.
Mrs. Sally McNew, of Elk Garden, Vir?
ginia; is here visiting relatives.
Mr. S. Reid Hamlsh, of Water Street,
Penu., is here ou business.
John S. Webb and E. Wilson Franklin,
made a flying trip to Norton, Vs., the first
of this week.
Wiley Cr*ft and Davc Kincer, returned
from Pikevillc, Monday.
B, 31. Webb, of the Webb distillery, was
here Tuesday on business.
The recent tide did considerable dam?
age to the roads.
Rev. W. R. Craft, returned one day last
week from a preaching tour through
North Carolina.
Mr. Mathew Dorteu, of Wise C. H., Va.,
preached at Colly, Sunday.
John Fulton's family will move to Mill
The Asher lumber Co., have hauled all
the timber otfof Pine Creek to the river.
VuSuable Horse Killed.
Sunday morning a valuable horse, be?
longing to Mr. I. H. Hudson, of the firm
of Thompson & Hudson, was found dead
on East Fifth street bridge. Saturday
evening Mr. Hudson put his horse in the
stable and fasteued the door on the out?
side. Mr. W. C. Thompson also'had his
horse in the same stable. It is thought
that some one opened the door and turned
the horses out, and through pure un?
adulterated, unpardonable meanness ran
the horse on the bridge simply for the
fiendish desire to see him kill himself by
falling through the timbers. If such was
the case, then a hangman's rope is the
kind of a necktie the perpetrator should
wear for about thirty minutes.
9100 For a Bottle.
Mrs. S. B. Winship,112Washiugton5t.,
Providence, R. F., nfter using oue bottle
of Drummond's Lightening Remedy for
Rheumatism, wrote to the Drummoud
Medicine Co., 48-50 Maiden Lane, New
York, saying she would not take One
Hundred Dollars for the benefit received.
If you have any form of Rheumatism, and
wish to get rid of it, write to the manu?
factures for particulars. Agents wanted.
? ? ?
Hotel Arrivals.
Thursday?E. L. Wharf, Boston, Mass.;
Louis Drantnian, Louisville, Ky.
Friday?Henry J. Kane, Gate City; W.
J. Brown, Abingdon; Ohas. Barr, Rich?
mond; C. M. Kalor, Salem; J. E. Lipps,
Wise C; H.; E. H. Smithdeal, Wise C. E.;
W. Willis and wife, Virgiuia; C. A. Henes,
Abingdon; C. R. Weed, Bristol.
Saturday?H. C. Richmond, Gale City;
C. H. Johnson, Baltimore; C. R. Weed,
Sunday?G. W Klovenkencht, Johnson
City; John W. Bates, Norton.
Monday?P.A. Faunkhouser, Kuoxville;
Albert S. Holt and wife, New Haven;
Arthur Weimer, Abingdon; C. E. Welda
son, Glade Springs; C. L. Richmonb, Gate
City; C. Manning, Norfolk; Chas. N.
Warner, Roanoke.
Tuesday?J. H. Mongle, Johnson Citv;
W. R. Hamilton, Bristol; W. C.Tatum,
Kuoxville; M. A. Sullivan, Lafayette, Ind.
Wednesday?W. Krennings, Wytheville;
H. L. Cummings, Wilmington, N. C;j D.
P. Root, City.
Thursday?W. H. Suthers, Norton, Va;
E. B. Gibson, Tacoma, Va; N. C. Thomp?
son, Tacotna, Va; Wm Sturgill, Louis?
ville, Ky; W. T. Duncan, city; T. Bont
Thompson, Olingcr, Va.
Friday?K. E. Sawyers, Barboursville,
Ky; Geo. C. Smith, Mt. Sterling, Ky.
Saturday?R. W. Orr, Dryden, Va; F.
M. Clarkston, Turkey Cove, Va; Sarah
Neece, Mendota Va; Nannie Ross, Bristol,
Va; H.L. Eads, L. & N; Mr. Moore, L& N.
Sunday?Jno. P. Nickels Va.
Monday?W. T. Cox, Louisville, Ky; J.
A. Mills, city. *?
Tuesday?John Gilly, Turkey Cove, Va;
M. Baker, Turkey Gove, Va"; A. D. Lit?
ton, Lee county, Va; Col. Sleiup, Lee
county, Va; F. M. Clark sun, Lee county,
Va; George C. Smith, Mt. Sterling, Ky;
T. H. Hamlett, Shelbyville, Pa; C. W.
Hanns, Bristol, Tenn; J. Morgan Young,
Coeburn, Va.
Wednesdav?J. D. Carter, Duffield, Va;
David Mendith, Wards Mill, Va'. W E.
Norloe, Winchester, Kv; D. W. Cardwell,
Abingdon, Va: J. E. Hill, Va.
Office in Drug Store, Aycrs Block,
Big' Stone Cap, Virginia.
Will Respond Promptly to Calla, Both
Day and Night. 13-tf
Public Sale of Moon-Kelly Land.
Pursuant to a decree ?>f the judge of the circuit
court fit Wellington couut^', Virginia, outered in
vacation on August 13th, 1M93, in the chancery
causes oi E. B. Moon and others, vs. J. J. Kully and
others, and causes heard therewith, 1 will as trustee
and special commissioner, ut Big Stone (jap, Wine
county, Virginia, on
Monday, the 3d Day of April, 1893,
at 1*2 o'clock, noon, in front of the lutermunt hotel,
sell at public auction, the tract of laud mentioned
and described in the pleading in said causes, aud
ivlt.ch was conveyed to me as trustee by said Moon,
by deed bearing date Ociolier Kith, 1SSS, which is of
record In the county court clerk'* ofllcu of Wiss
county, Virginia, said tract of laud lying near Big
Stone (Jap. Virgiuia. and is known as the J. J. Kelly
tract, aud contains about 1.4G4 acres. It la a very
valuable tract of coal and timber land.
tkkmk or balk:
By the terms of said decree there will be required
on the day of sale, In cash, the sum of $40,123.54, with
interest on $27,285.21,part thereof from the 18th of
October, 18ss, till the day of sale, and on $ 13.n38.33,
balance thereof from December 15th, 1888, till day of
sale, less amount of $2,334.00 as of April 23,1893,
and also an additional sum sufficient to pay the costs
and commissions of sale. The residue of purahase
money will he on a credit of six, twelve and eighteen
months in equal installments. Iiearing interest from
day of sale, and for which deferred payments, the
purchaser or purcha>ers will be required to execute
Amount of all the liens and claims against said
land can be ascertained by the record in said causes
in the clerk's office.of Washington county, Va.
Wm. F. Kiika, Trustee and Special Com.
This February 2Sth, 1ss3.
1, John (?. Kreger, clerk of circuit court of Wash
iiigtou county, Virginia, do certify that Wm. F. Ithea,
commissioner and trustee, has executed bond and
security as required by law and the decree in above
Given under my hand this 13th day of Sept., 1S92.
John G. Kkbuk&, C. C.
R, A. Ayers, Pres't.
J. K. Taggart, V. Pres't.
A. B. Eaton, Superintendent.
GkrkrAL Okkicks Bin Stowc Gap, Va.
A transfer line for freight nnd passenger business
between the South Atlantic & Ohio and Louisville &
Nashville Railroads aud tb* furnaces of the Aappa
lachian Steel & Iron Co.
Trains leave the lntcrmont and Central hotels as
For L. A- N. train, going east. 8:30 a. m.
*?* ** ?* V west. 7:00 p.m.
u S. A. k 0. train, going south. JB:00 a. rn.
44 ** " " ** V-JLBp. m.
For further information regarding'freight aud
passenger traffic, apply lo
W. C. Harrington. Sec,
lutermnnt Hotel. Bin Stoxk Gap Vji..
Schedule in effect Oct. 30,1832.
4.20 p. m., arrives at Pulaski 7.26 p. ra., arrive K'
Radford 7.56 p. m., arrive Roauoke 9.30 p.m.,
arrive Lyuchburg 11.35 p. tn, Petersburg 4.15 a.m'
Kichmoud 7.47 a. m., and Norfolk 7.00 a. m.
Pullman sleeper Radford to Norfolk and Lyuch?
burg to Richmond. *
8.40 p. ni., (Limited) Stops only at Radford arrives
Rornoke 12.40 miduight. Has Pullman Sleeper
for Washington via Roanoke, Sbenadoah Junction
and B. A O. Also for New York vja Hagvrstown
ami Harrisbqrg. Dining cars attached,
7.20 a. m., arrives Roauoke 12.35 p. m., Luray 0,33
p. m.. Hagerstowu 10.00 p. m.? irrlvea Washing?
ton, via B. & O. R. R. unp Sbenadoah Junction
11.15 p. in. Through sleeper foe New York.
Arrive Lyuchburg2^5 p. m., arrive* Petersburg
6.45 p. ni., Richmond 7.45 p. m , Norfolk 0.20 p.
m. - Puslnian parlor rar Roanoke to Norfolk.
W1NST0N-SALK.M;DIVIS0N.?Leave Roanoke daily
9.45 a. m., for Winsion-Saleni and intermediate
a. in., daily except Sunday, for Betty Baker, and
at 6.45 a. m., dally for Ivanhoe, and 1.36p. m.,
daily, for Ivanboe and Gosxun.
NEW RIVER BRANCH.?Leave Radford dailv-9.55
a. m., for Blue?eid and Pocahoota* and co?l Re?
gions also for all stations Clinch Valley and for
Louisville Via Norton?Pullman Sleeper to Louis?
ville, also 9.8$ p. m., for Blue?eld, no connection
OHIO EXTENSION.?Leave Blnefleld C.10 a.dai?
ly for Kanova, Columbus Ohio and all intermedi?
ate stations.
CLINCH VALLEY DIVISION.?Leave Bluefleld dai?
ly 9.00 a. m,, for Norton and l.es p. ra., for Nor?
ton Leuisvittf and Station?, L- * N. R. R. via Nor?
DURHAM DIVISION.?Leave Lynchhuajr funb.n sta?
tion 1 3.15 p. m., daily for South Boston, Durham,
and all intermediate station?.
Trains from the East arrive Bristol daily o? 1.16-p,
m? 11.45 (vestibule limited) a. m., 12.55 night.
For furlber Information apply to P. C. Wrfjgat,
Ticket Agent, UristoK'
W. B. ire VIM* 6. P. A.,
VIRGINIA: In the Clerks office of the Cir?
cuit Court of the county of Wise, on the
15th day of February, 1893. In vacation,
Southwest Virginia Mineral "j
Land Company, Plaintiffs, j
Agaiust " Vln Chancery.
Ernest Newell, et ab Dtfts. j
The object of the original and amended bill
is to obtain personal decree against defend
ants on two notes each for $91.08, dated Jan?
uary 15th, 1890, and due in one and two years
from date respectively, bearing interest from
date, executed by W. II. Ringham and Kniest
Newell to plaintiff, and assumed by defend?
ants, T. K. and L. C. Harrey, and in default
of the payment of said sums to foreclose ven?
dor's hen on lot 20 of block 10 of "Improve?
ment Co.'s Plat 1," of the town of Big Stone
Cap, Va., retained in a deed from plaintiff to
Ringham and Newell, dated Jaunarv 15th,
1890, recorded in 1). B. 17, p 142. "And an
affidavit having been made and filed that the
defendants L. C. Harvey and R. C. Rallard
Thruston, Trustee, are not residents of the
State of Virginia, it is ordered that they do
appear here within 15 days after due publica?
tion hereof, and do what may be necessary to
protect their interest in this suit. And it is
further ordered that a copy hereof be publish?
ed once a week for four weeks in the
Big Stone Gap Post, and that a copy
be posted at the front door of the court house
of this county on the first day of the next term
of the county court of said county.
A copy?Teste: J. E. Lipps, Clerk.
R. T. Irvine, p. a. ll-4t
\7IRGINIA: In the Clerk's Office of the Cir
" cuit Court of the County of Wise on the
11th dav of February, 1893. In vacation.
W. E. Harris, Plaintiff, j
Against > In Chanc
Rebecca Hylton k others dfi's)
The object of this suit is to extract th>e title
from the heirs of John Huff deceased, to 13
acres 1 rood and 13 poles of land situated in
Wise county, Va., on Black Creek, being a
portion of co acres of the land purchased by
W. T. Huff, deceased, from the heirs of said
John Huff, and which 13 acres 1 rood and 13
poles was alloted to John H.Huff in the division
ofW. T. Huffs estate and was conveyed bv
said John H. Huff to the plaintiff. And an af?
fidavit having been made and filed that the
defendants Rebeca Hylton wife of Elisha Hyl?
ton, Sarah Branham wifejnf Andrew Dranham,
Win. Rilcy Huff, Andrew J. Huff, Lucinda
Huff, John Huff, Rebecca Maggard wife of
William Haggard, Elizabeth Maggard wife of
Alfred Maggard, and Isaac Boggw, heirs of
John Huff deceased, are not residents of the
State of Virginia, it is ordered that they do
appear here within 15 days after due publica?
tion hereof, and do what mav be necessary to
protect their interest in this suit. And it is
further ordered that a copy hereof be pub?
lished once a week for four weeks in the Rig
Stone Gap Post, and that a copy be posted at
the front door of the court-house of this coun?
ty on the first day of the next term of the
couutv court of said county.
A cony?Teste: S. E. Lipps, Clerk.
Jos. L. Keljy, Aldcrson & .Miller, p. q. 114
\71RG1NIA: In the Clerk's office of the
v Circuit Court of the countv of Wise on the
11th dav of February, 1893. In vacation.
W. E. Harris, Plaintiff, ]
Against j- In Chancery.
Russell Thacker and others, I
Heirs of Robert Thacker, |
deceased, Defendants. J
The object of this suit is to extract the legal
title from the heirs of Robert Thacker, de?
ceased, to 7 acres and 21 poles of land in the
bill mentioned, situated on the waters of Little
Stone Gap Fork of Powell's river, which was
sold by said Robert Thacker, deceased, to
Aaron Roberts, and by said Roberts to tin
plaintiff. And an affidavit having been made
and filed that the defendants, Eliza Wright,
wife of Elijah Wright, Nancy White, wife of
James White, and Ollie Thacker, child of
Mollie Thacker, deceased, heirs of law of
Robert Thacker, deceased, are not resident of
the State of Virginia, it is ordered that they
do appear here within 15 days after due pub?
lication hereof, and do what may be necessary
to protect their interest in this suit. And it
is further ordered that a copy hereof be pub?
lished once a week for'four weeks in the Rig
Stone Gap Post, and that a copy be posted at
the front door of the court house of this county
on the first day of the next, term of the county
court of said county.
A copy?Teste: J. E. Lipps, Clerk.
Jos. L. Keliy, Alderson ? Miller, p. q. ll-4t
VIRGINIA: In the Clerk's Oifice of the
Circuit Court for the County of Wise, on the
14th day of February, 1893. In vacation.
Thruston, Trustee, ~|
' vs. f In Chancery.
W. F. Edmunds et al. )
The object of this suit is to recover judge?
ment against W. E. Harris and E. M. Hardin
in the sum of $1,510.0)'), with interest tram No?
vember 1st, 1889 and costs, and to enforce the
same by foreclosure of the vendor's lien re?
served in a deed dated November 1st, 1889,
from Big Stone Gap Improvement Company
and R. C Ballard Thruston, Trustee to W. E*.
Harris and E. M. Hardin on lots 3,4,33,37 and
39 of block 11; 7,8 and 9 of block 12; 4of|
block 57 ; 4 and 5 of block 08, and lots 5 and 0
of block 09; "Improvement Company'? Plat No.
1," Big Stone Gap, Va.; and affidavit having
been made that G. J. Reed, E. W. Reed, T. M.
Sampson, J. H. Vandiver, L. B. Cook, 31. C,
Clay, Juo. W. Taul, A. H. Laue, A. II. Lane
Trustee, C. W. Goodpast re, Wm. Richards,
W. 1). Powell, P. C. Thompson, P. C. Thomp?
son jr? Lucinda Thompson, Alfred R. Mullins,
Llewellyn N. Creigler, D. W. Rotts, J. M.
Hardin and J. J. Hager arc non-residents of
this state; and affidavit having been made
that there are, or may be, persons interested
in the subject to be disposed of whose names
are unknown; and affidavits having also been
made that dilligence has been used on behalf
of the complainant to ascertain in what county
or corporation L. C. narvcy and L. K. Harvey
are, without effect; and as said non-residents,
said parties unknown and said L. C. Harvey
and T. K. Harvey have been made parties de?
fendant to the bill in this cause, the said part?
ies defendant are required to appear within
fifteen days after due publication of this or?
der, in thtvClerk's Office of our said Court, at
rules to be holden therefor, and do what is
necessary to protect their interests. And it is
ordered that a copy of this order be forthwith
published once a week, for four successive
weeks, in the Big Stone Gap Post, a new spa?
per printed in the town of Rig Stone Gap, in
the county of Wise, state of Virginia, and
posted at the front door of the court-house of j
said county, on the first day of the next Coun?
tv Court f?r the said county after the date of]
this order.
A Copy?Teste ; J. E. Lipps, Clerk.
Bullitt & McDowell, p. q. ll-4t.
Solicit Consignments of all Kinds of
Petersburg, Va., February 13th, 1893.
Your attention is invited to the follow?
ing quotations of our market TO:DAY:
wiir.vr?Good to Choice, . 75 to 80
coax?Good,. 50 to 55
oats?Winter Seed,. 42 to 45
Spring. 38 to 42
rtoca?Fine to Patent,.3 00 to 4 50
Di'TTKit?Choice Yellow,. 23 to 25
Prime,. 20 to 22
Common to good,. ? 14 to 2o
scxiiRiKR?Ktfgs, Fresh,. 20 to 22
Feathers prime new. 43 to 47
Irish Potatoes, per bush . 00 to I 00
Sweet Potatoes, per hid.2 25 to 2 50
1 Apples, Green, per hbl.2 00 to 3 00
Onions, per hbl.2 50 to 300
Dressed Turkeys. Goblcrir, fat, per lb. 11 to 12
" *? liens, Tat, p?T lb. 13lol4
Chickens, each as to size,. 20 to32
|Dncks,. 22 to 35
Apples, Dried, per lb. 4 to 6
Peaches. Dried, peeled. 8 0? 12
White Beans, per bus., ,1 IK to 2 00
! Cabbage, per crate.,.2 00 to 2 50
flutter, Eggs. Xjce White H>nn>, and Dried Fruit;
all in active demand ibis week.
Pi U1.TBV?Nice stock in demand at fair prices.
Send Invoice Day of Shipment.
1?? ~~.
Given by the Oldest Newspaper
in New York City. .
In addition tc the numerous new and original prem?
iums offered to subscribers, we propose to precent
tbera with 100 Watches, ail of which are guaranteed
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City, who furnish them.to us.
Thk Aiivkktiktr is the oldest newspaper in 5ew
York City. Its Weekly edition is published in two
sections and comes out every Tuesday ami Friday?
104 times during the year; has six to eight pages ev?
ery issue, is well printed, ban plenty of pictures, short
stories, telegraphic news, financial and market re?
ports, a woman's page and the ablest editorials, pub?
lished by any New York paper. It is a model home
paper, with elevating and entertaining reading mat?
ter, devoid of sen sat bias and object ioual advertise*
meat*. AH for St.00 a year.
Specimen copies ami Premium Lists with full par?
ticulars of the Attractive lucucemcnts tor Agents,
sent Free on application to
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Are stiii in their same old stand, trying to please their patrons
In furnishing them with a nice line of
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At lowest possible prices. CLOTHING a specialty. We Cor?
dially Invite the Patronage of All Who Desire Bargains
Stew, Fry or Plate of Fresh Oysters.
i^tsli, Clrlolcesa an?i < ; c o.? * i o. Afefiis ?it oJLl Hours*
?. B. Fritz's Photograph Gallery,
Big Stone Gap, Virginia,
Feed and Livery Stable,
Saddle and Driving Horses Always on Hand. Special Ar?
rangements for Boarding Horses.
This Space Belongs to the
Successors to
1 P. Wolfe & Company.
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Cliristinas o ods,
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a a Qqj-j, WbiskCJ 1 tO 4 " 14 M recently visited a number of
Pennsylvania Bye " i4 11 ? " ? *)istil,eri?5 m tnc mountain*
Kentnclj Bourbon " 2 to 8 " i of north caro!ib"? wber* hc
Pure Holland fiin, Wines, &c. ? wicctea ?? large ?*ock;of
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Igggyggji^jE^^ expressly for the .
Call at tbe GEM SALOON, whore you will always find in stock all the
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Ali Packages sealed hy as guaranteed to be as recommended. AU mail owera
shipped first traint waen caih accompanies the order. PKICSS REASONABLE.

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