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nntcKS of nuAss.
A T?tmo?Kce i?rrner ?oyn Two for 93,r,00
in Canh.
Knoxviu.k, Tenn., Fol?. iM.?"Daven
port's bricks" was the label on a large
bar of brass displayed in a jewelry store
window, and poopta by (he hundreds
jostled over one another in an eiTort to
grtxe noon it. Henry Da veil port, an old
and wealthy farmer living one mile out of
town, was successfully robbed of $V>M)
last Saturday, but did not until to-day
divulge the affair. Davenport was met at
bis home by a man giving his name a*
Joseph Hines. who related a story that
would set anyone afire, how he had fallen
in with an Indian in Colorado, who wag
one of a tribe who knew where gold with?
out measure abounded, and Wanted to
dispose of a half interest to him (Hines.)
Where was the Indian? In the woods
near by guarding his treasure, gold bricks.
There they went aud I here the Indian
was found to show that everything was
right. Hines asked Davenport to bore
into one of the bricks, which he did. To
the city they came nnd culled upon "a
Government assay ist" at the Yendome, a
confederate of Mines. The gold was pro?
nounced superfine, and Davenport was
captivated. 11?? bought the two bricks,
paving ^.."Ml in cash to the stranger, who
disappeared. Davenport has several
pounds of brass, and is getting the 1 align
on -?51 sides. He is worth, perhn ps, $100.000.
Annas Magna?.,
ttlti Stosk Hay, Feb ! ">. 1893.
iiditof Pout:?The Chaldean philoso?
phers had also their A/unus Magnus, or
great year, who calculated Ihc eud of the
period occupied in the retrograde move?
ment of Ibe stars through one complete
circumference?a phenomenon due to the
precision of the equinoxes, and accomp?
lished, as mod.>ni science has shown, in a
period of 21,000 to 26,000 years.
The ancient Scythiams, in their dispute
wild the Egyptians, in reference to the
relative antiquity of their respective na?
tion*; reminded them that the world under?
goes revolutions both by fire and water.
The ISgy piiaus, according to llato,
fancied iliut the heavens und the oartli
originated in a promiscuous pulp. From
this the elements Separated ol their own
accord: fire sprang from the upper re?
gions; I he air began to move, The
warmth ol the sun bred living creatures
innumerable in the plastic mud, and t liese,
according to ilie predominences of" the
various elements, betook themselves to
air, tiie water, or the solid land. Man
was generated from the slime of the river
Nile. Ky a gradual improvement of the
lower creatures, and a gradual perfection
of the globe, the world became what the
Egyptian found it, and was destined to
flourish through an interval ol' time ex?
pressed by their Annus Magnus, or great
year?a cycle composed as with the Chal?
deans, of the revolution of the sun. moon
and planets, and terminating when these
return together to the same sign whence
they were supposed lo have set out.
The duration of this groat cycle, ac?
cording to Orpheus, was one hundred and
twenty thousand years; according to oth?
ers, it was three hundred and sixty ihou
sand; and by Cassander it was taken at
three hundred and sixty thousand years.
At the end of each great cycle, the
world was Supposed to lie subjected to ihc
destructive ordeal of fire or water, by
which it was renovated, to become the
abode of a regenerated race of men.
The Hindoo cosmogony, which was per?
haps the germ of all that was taught by
the western nations, gives prominence to
the doctrine of secular catastrophes and
The "First Sole Cause," says the insti?
tutes of Menu, "thinks within himself, 1
will create worbls." Water is then brought
into being, over the sufrace of which
moves Brahma, the Creator.
Brahma first effects the emergence of
the land from the waters, and the crea?
tion of the firmament. He then vivifies
the earth, .'u succession, with plants, ani?
mals, celestial creatures and man.
The sin springs from his eyes, the air
from his ear, the fire from his mouth.
From his mouth, his arm, his thigh, his
foot, proceeds the founders of i lie Chief
Hindoo Costes.
Brahma, having accomplished his task.
"Changes the time of energy for the hour
of repose." He sleeps during 3,320 mil?
lionsof years?a day of Brahma?at the
end of which time the world is destroyed
by fire. The fiamos are at length quench?
ed by the fall of incessant rains for a hun?
dred years, and the waters, overspreading
.he earth, fill the middle regions, and
intimidate heaven. The world is enveloped
in darkness, and the universe is reduced
to one vast ocean.
The breath of Vishnu, next becomes a
strong wind l>y which the clouds are dis?
persed, and the Deity then appears in the
form of Brahma, reposing on his serpent
couch upon the deep. As soon as he
awakes the world is renewed, to be again
destroyed and again renovated after each
kalpa. or day of Brahma's existence.
*'For there are creations and destructions
of worlds innumerable." A^ the end,
however, of a hundred years, each con?
sisting of 300 kalpas, and each kalpa of j
4,3 20 millions of our years, Brahma, him?
self, and all things with him, will cease to
exist. J. M. Kyle.
Valuable Premiums.
Every l?ody should secure a copy of the
Ilig Stone Gap Posts elegant premium
catalgue. It is a 3:2 page catalouge, giv?
ing illustrations aud full description of
I?:?beautiful, useful, ornamental aud com?
mon-sense premiums, embracing valuable
household articles, watches, jewelry, mu?
sical instruments, sewing machines, type?
writers aud may other valuable
articles. You'll find something in it
that you need and want. It is a very
expensive book to get up , and
one that everybody wants, however, in
order to keep from beiug imposed upon
by those who would send for copies of the
catalogue without a view of ordering
therefrom, the small price of four cents
each will be chargoe for the purpose of
paying postage, etc. Send for one. On
many articles yon can save double what
ihey would cost you if you purchased
through any other source. Think of H
practical type-writer aud the IVsi one
ymfor Ose XteJJw astl f?net?
Wyandotte Avenue,
Big stone Gap, Virginia,
? pjg \,tKRS
Also a full line of all kinds of COUNTRY
PRODUCE kept on hand at all limes, such as
Nice Fresh Butter,
Eggs, Chickens,
Turkeys, &c.
?? t
We have ?n arrangement by which we gel
a supply <if the above named articles each I
week, and can always give yon the lowest
prices. Giro uh a call and let ns convince yon
that we can .save you money.
TT1RGINIA: In theClerk's office "r the Circuit
T Court of the countv of Wise oil the 2?) ?la} ul
February, 18!?3. In vacation.
Thruston. Trustee, ^
Against > In Chain i rj .
Mathews. Trustee, et ul. J
Tin* object of this suit iin recover judgment
against T. H.Walker and \V. K. I'.arri-. or cither of
them, in the sum of $11G.6C w ith interest from June
24, 18*9. nod costs, and tu n'iforce th?: >-:ii!i" l?y for?
closureof thelieu reserved,in a certain deed dnted
June 24, ];?9from Hi^ Stone Cap Improvement Com?
pany nud R C. Bollard Thruston, Trustee to T. II.
Walker, on lot* 7 and 8 of block 7.r!, ''Irnprovcmcnl
<'ii*n. Plat No. 1," town nl Big Stone (lap, Wise
i county, Vn.. which map of pint is of peon! In Wise
count 3' court clerk's office and to it rcfcyen.ee la hereby
made: and affidavit having been made tbat T. H.
Walker, Ebemera r Magoffiu and James A. Thomlin
son are non-residents of this Commonwealth, and
affidavits also having bean made that there amor
may be, persona interested in the subject to ?>*? dis
j iioKed Of in this rait, whoSe names are ui kit >wn, nmt
! said non-residenlsand parties unknown having been
made partiesdefendant in thin suit by the bill, tue aahl
parties defendant are required to appear within?:ft*-*-i?
days aftordue publication of this order in the clei k's
iilttee of our wild court, at roies to be. holden ihero
for. and do -vlcit is necessary to protect their ioter
cnt!?. And it is ordered that n cup) ol ?bis order In
forthwith published once n week, tor four -r. < ? ssivi
weekn, in th?> Bur Stone Gap Post, n nc-v spa per print?
ed in the town of Big Stone Gap, i" the comity of
Wise. State nf Virginia, and posted at front door
of the court-house of sajd county,on tin- first day of
the next County Court for the said county after the
dale of this order.
A Copy:? Teste: J. K. I.tri s. Clerk.
Hvi.UTT A McDoWK.i.l., p. q. 10?11.
\riRG*NlA: In the Clerk's Office ol the Circuit
Court of the county of Wise -on the 31st day ol
January 1S93.
JI. 0. Comb?, PIt'f, / lu Chancery
Against on an aver and Cross Hill of
E.T.Shorttet als. DilY) Bank ui Ui: Stone Gap.
The object of this suit is to recover' from K. T.
Short! $378.92 with intfrest from pct.j !lih 1891, nnd
costs, aud a reasonable Attorney.*.afee and to get
judgement on certain in (??- of C. D. Kunkle and W.
T. and U.K. Hudgens, deposited with said bank as
co]lateral security for payment of ' id debt frooi said
Shortt to.ttMhl Dank, and lo have the land in tiiebill
mentioned subjected to the lien < f a il collat Tal notes.
And auufildnCll having been ?niudc and tiled that the
defendant a .'. I*. Fraxier, W. Ii. Blair and B. T.
Shortt, are uol residents of the State of Virginia, It is
ordered that they do appear here vithin 1 daj ? alt? i
due publication horeof. and do what may be necessa?
ry to protect their interest in ;\?* suit Ami it is
further ordered that a copy hereof be published
?>!;(?<? a week for four weeks in toe l!i^ SloneCep i'i?sr,
and that a copy be imsti il u\ the front door of the
court-hoitse <ii thrs county oi> the Hrst ilaj* of the next
term of the county court ol said county.
A copy?Teste: Ji !?:. Liers, Clerk.
I5al!iit & McDowell, p.Q. lo-it
\7IKGIX1 A : In the < ti rk'a office of tlie HrcuJl cour
for the county of Wieeoii ihe ilddax "f February
1893. In vacation.
Thruslon, Trustee. j
Against in Chancery.
S. II. Mason, el a!. ?
The object of this Suit is lo recover jmignieut
against S. B. Mason, T. II. Walker and S.
Mathewa, or either of them, iii the sniii <>f '?>? I?0, w h h
interest from /auuary in, IS m?. ami eosts.aud ngitinst
C. T. Duncan iu thesiun of ?>0Mj with interest from
seiil date?this to lie a part ul Ihe suhi I'rst mention*
cd?and to enforce the sann- by foreclosure "f the
vendor's lien reserved in a deed dated /anuayy !<?.
1 >*??*?. front l!i^ Stone Gap rmproveinent Company
and K. C. Ballard Thrustoiiy Trnstwt? s. I?. Mason,
on lots 20 and "SO <>f block 12. 'Mtnphivehteut Go's.
Plat No. 1,*' town of Hig Stone Gap, Wise county,
Vn., and affidavit having been made that S. ft. Mason,
T. II. Walken W.S. Walker and Wm. Met;.-ge, jr.,
ar<- non-residents ?I this Suite, and affidavit also
having been made, that there arc, or may ????? persons
interested in thejsuhject \<< b? dlspoued of in this --ii!!,
\\li"M? names are unknown, and us said uon-reshl 'iits
and said persons unknown lia> " oy tbc bill hoen
made parties defendant in lltistnit. the said parti"s
defendant are re<iuired to appear within fifteen days
after due publication of tins order, in the clerk's
office of our said court, at rules to he holden there?
for, and lo do what is necessary" to protect their iu
terests. And it is ordered that a copy of this order
be forthwith polished once a week, for four sucet ss
Ive weeks, in the Big Stone Gap Pos^r, a newspaj>er
printed.in the town of big Stone Gap, i 11 the county
of Wise, State of Virginia, and posted at the front
door of the court-house of said count) ."ii I he tr-1 day
of the next county court for the Bald count) after tie
date of tins order.
A Copy:?Teste: ./. K. tu "es, (JI ?>?'.;.
P.?I.utt? MCDOWKI.1., p.e. lO-lti
yiKfilNlA : In the clerk's .dike of the circuit court
* tor the county of Wise on the 2d day of February,
lsfll. In vacation.
Thruston, Trustee. j
Against .? In Chancerv.
Alex Clark, et at )
The object of this suit is lo recover jndgmcnl
against Alex Clark and I. Morgan,or either of tlu*in.,in
tiie sum of $lS3..Tt interest from jauiutry !tojl890 and
costs, and against .1. P. Nickels and J. S. Coldiroli, or
cither of them, in the sum of P'<<>.fie, with Interepl
from January 30, lSQO.tliis to lie part of the Art ti tmed
sum, and to enforce the same by personal decree and
by foreclosure of tlie lieu reserved in a deed dated
January .'!(>, 1890, from Big Stone Gap Impntvenieiil
Company and lt. C. Billiard Thruston, trustee t?> Alex
('lark on lots 11 and 12 of block !). uImprnvemenl
Co'n. Plat No. 1." in the town of Bit; Stone Gun, Va.,
and affidavit having lieeu made ?iat J. S Coldlron^
a party defendant herein, is a- n'oir-resident of this
State,*aiul affidavit haviuing been inade that there
are, or may be, persobs interested in the subject to
he disposed of in this action, whose names are un?
known,and said parties having boon made defendants
in this suit, the said parties d> feiidanl are re^pilred t"
appear within (Ijteeu days after lue publication of
this order, in the clerk's office i?f kmc * said court, ai
rules to be bolden therefor, and clu wJ1.1t is necessary
to protect their interests. And it Is ordered that a
copy of this order be forthwith published once a Week
for four successive weeks, in the Big Stone (?'ap Post.
a newspaper printed in the town ol r.i'j; Stone Gap,
in the county of 'Vise, State of Virginia, and posted
at the front door ol the court-house ol said county, on
the first day of th ucxl county court for :li<- said
countv after the date of this order.
A Copy :?Teste: /. K. Liers, Clerk.
Bli.i.itt ? McDowkm., p. q. 10-ft.
VIRGINIA : In the clerk's oflice ol circuit eourt of
the county of Wise on the 2nd day of February,
1803. In vacation.
John M. Jones, i'laiutiff. 1
Against [? In chancery.
B. 1). Jones, et at Dft's. >
The object of this suit is to obtain a decree ugainM
J. C. Chance, executor of tire will of Wm. l>. Jones,
deceased, for I he sum of ^27.00 with interest thereon,
from the 1st tlay of August ISSo, and lo fori-colse a
mortgage executed by Wm. I>. Jones ami wife said
Jone?' lifetime, a>a security for said sum. and to ob?
tain the usual relief incidental to ;!:?? (orclosun
of a mortgage on real estate, which said mortgage
hears date on the 1st tiny of August 18Si>,and is record?
ed In Wise county court clerk's office in deed-book
No. 14, page 240. And an affidavit having been made
and tiled that the defendats J. C. Chance, executor of
the will of Win. I>. Jqnea deceased, I k ,/pnes,
Nancy K. Allen and-Allen her husband, W. ./.
Carmack, Catherine 15. Jones and Kula Jones, John
./ones and K. Junes, infant chlldicn of S. C. Jones,
deceased, are not residents <>r the State of A'irginia,
and that there are or may be parties; Interested in the
subject of the suit wlnj.vnames ar- unknown, it is or?
dered that the saiddeteudauta,andauch uukuawn p-ir
liesdo appear here within lSdays after due publication
hereof, and do what may be necessary to protect tin ir
interests in this suit. And il is further ordered that
a copy hereof he published once a w? ek for four w. ek ?
in the Big Stone Gap PosT.and that a copy be posted at
the front door of the court-house of tin's comity oh
the llrst day of the next term of the county court of
said county. A copy.?Teste: J. E. tin's,Clerk.
Jos. t. Kelly, p. q. 10-it !
T71KGIN1A : In the clerk's ofiice of ihv circuit court
V of the county of WJse on the 2nd day of IVhuary,
1H?3.. In vacation.
Thruston, Trustee, i
Aninst . > In ChauMry.
F. P. Brewer, et a!. )
The object of this sui; ii, to recover judgement
against J. S. Wright ami \V. G. Green, or either of
them in the sum of ^lXJ.^t with interest thereon frt-m
October 22,1889, ami costs, 'an 1 ?0 euiorc-.- ;lie same
by foreclosure of the vendors lelu n-served iu a deed
dated OctolsT 22,1889, from Big Stoiw Gap hnprove
mene Company, and R. C. Balhu d TbrusfOD^ Trustee
to J. S Wright and W. G. Green, on lots 4 and A of
block 60 and lot 6 of block 75, .''Iniprovcuicnt Co's
Plat No. 1," town of Big Stone Gap. Wise Countv V?.
And affidavit having Ikh-u made that J. S. Wright
ami Fred P. Brewer, are non-reddents ofthisStTite
and Rwidavit hiving also been made thai there are or
may be persons Intercf ted In tb^suinject to be dispos?
ed of, wboae names are unknown, and as said nou
ivsideiit* and panics unknown have been by tb;>
bill made par ties defendant in this siduthesaid parties
defendant aro required to appear whhhi tifu-en days
after due publication of tbi3 order, lu the clerk's of?
fice of our said court, at rules to I?.bolden tberelor,
and do what Is nee^sury to protect their interest. And
il is ordered that a copy ul this opder heforthuitli
publi"he?l once a week, for four sucoessive weeks. In
the Rig Stone Gap Post, a newspaper prfnted in the
town of Big Stoiif liap, hi the county of Wi.-e, Stat?
in' Virginia, and posted at th" front door of Hie conrto
house of said county on the lirsJ <la.v of the next can- 1
ty Court for slid county after HW date of rtds order.
A ??l?y:?Teste: J, Jfi. tires. Cierk.
Th*42om?iomvtrmb nt yirs*n*??
To fA- Sheriff of' ?? ? :> f?/ !! ? ? ' 1' '''
W> command yo?, Thai yoa rfcin^a Biff
Gap Improvement Company. Alex < .J? ? '"'P;'*
J. T. Nickels, J. S. Cn!:I!f: ?y. ... I .
Horton, Peopb- l?a,:k of Pb '--iL ' v- ^ V ?!^!?
la Minerat Land Company. ?? parties who are, or
may be interested in the wiSj qi tv be ?H*P '?v*',t f.'r'
nanW unknown, t.. nppwrr id lue Werk ? t|w
Clrcnlt Court of the r??t:lv <>: .'. ..: - td--?. . n i*
held To,' Uieniad Co-irt ? ??if I li , M;:.< -'.
l^fo ?nWtfw :? bill ??! <-:^-r. . ? ? . :?' K*MM
tlt.-m in mir Said cnnri h.v it. ? ?'' ;1 ?'?riV""'
Trustee, Aitfi have then tin re li i ? it. Wit ie?,
Lipp-, Clerk '.four -.tin-W ? r ?
?2nd day of F-Lruar;, J?S? R? iNii ''? ? ?'? .'' :' titr
Co mm anvetdtli. ... .
TesVej .!. C. Ltrrs. <- l?i"*?
VfRfHNIA: In the Clerk's <dJi ? ? . ? ehel?f Court
or Wise county 2nd ;y Febrii>ry, InJS; ">
It appearing from an vJHdavli filed In ihr? cjintte
wherein ILC, Bollard i'isr i- a. n*?( ?' I' '' ?
Alex Cwrkj, et al, ri&eiiaarits. that I 'o?d>.* Balds
of Plnevlllc ?ne of the defendant* 1 ?id raaey bva
corporationorganizedand .\i-'t' a? ?' '??.'
n foreign State: Cm' thera i- 1 ? "? ? .' ??" im.agKit
of said cotpotailoti and ipi oil ? ; ; ? " ;
\1ceof;procesh-<uih4<e.nind?. It i- <>? -
Ihn? a proccss hi sai . 153. u-IC pal ;i ' !?? -%.
for four succtuslve ?> k?. In ??? .:.?..?; !>?.??.
a iiewspapet pit??:i*in IV?? <. '?? '?
Te-te: ? > i'-- work.
Btillitt ?V McDowell, p. o. ' * '-'t
The CommonireKllJi i
7<? tin: Sheriff oj the County'?j' Wir- .?Greeting-:
Wecnnrmnhd yen. thai ? >:i ? mdij 1 i r Stone
Cap rtnpn.veineTiV Coinpaii ?. icKsft'ce.
\v. Gould, iV../. i;<?;>i- v. vv. li. . !, v.;?wens wlm
are or may he interest' 1 in . ahj !: t<? Ih- dlbpwcd
o? names unknown T. p. frier. 7. I*. fr ji?, Truste?,
l'oojden Ikmk of Pinevnle. fca'gl ? SIio i impauy iind
llemry r-'trcs. to apm-n ? it the Cl- rk's Of?ee d the
Cirenlt Court of Ihe.cnn :tj of W : . 1 l:'e ralM f?>1w
h<dd for the said court :i t! third Jim lay in Marcu.
]H'Xi, to fttitiwer a i-ill in Cfca ? ? :'? 1 0 ihited ??-'.?:ii ?-!.
them in our -Mio icour: by !? ?' Ua'lard I hrnstoii,
Trii5tcc. And have tl.- n the :- ? ril. VVi n.?>-./.
R^iliup^ Clerk of our said <.:. ?.:..:-!:?>;:::,?.
(he StWday of Kehntbry tin 1 in -toe 1!7 .1 ear of
tli? Commonwealth.
T 11 : ?'' i'.. f!erk.
A copy fe?l: ./'? B. Lipp ?? *' :?k.
VIRGINIA: !n lite 6'l?'rk?: ? ? ?l t!? ? ?itCourj
of AVisecouiny, ?;h, day ( V-> t At
It appearing froni an afS;:nvi '-: ?
wherein It. C. Rai lard Thru l i, ?? ? lee. I? plsiutlft'
and K.W . Gould. a is. an del ?.:*?.! ?
pies Bank of Wneyille^oiie of;.lho,d '? iti?sal.d
cause, Is d corporation ?rx:tr.! ; ?.inner
the laws of a foreis(h Ftnte: ? la
county, no n^.'ut of ?ai ! ??? ? : ? ? ;"'r"
son on whom service of 'nroer *c?iii)e?:! ? '* ?? rt
fore ordered t!M! a precew :.i ? ,' 5
once a week, fur four ? ? ? se ir'g
$tunc Gap J'osr,a news] ii . .'?
ty Virginia. Te: 1? . '?
* Bitllitt & MvV .well,
TTJRGIXIA: Atniies '. '
V the circuh court for i!?m
?lay of Kehruary. 1S53
Thuslon, Trustee, ;
.\';.iiiist i 'ii Chan ?
E. W. Gould, ..-I al. ^
The objoeUof this rtttil is ,i i :n
againstAV. M. JicKlwee, ji . i i ?.??'<?'<'
with interest fr?w:i nhid - f! ?? W.J.
Korscle)*in the mim of $13i., t!i . ' ?<? '
saitl date and costs, an! ii ? !" per?
sonal decree aad'hy-Toroelo*
serA'rtliiVH'dcedJdatedJanttary ? . ?? ? ??. li'?ai
Stone Gap Improvement i ? ? lli. ?'? L'ailard
Thruston, trunteeto M ?. . . .. ! <t> ?.and
9 of HInclr 9, Improvtmetii I. ' i : :
Stone Gap, Va., and ::Kl<l:iv;i n
K. W. Gould nml Henry !' :are tj-rashh-nts r.f
this State, ana affidavitIta .:; . ;i :!-M
thereare,,or may pcrKOi
to ho disposed of in tilts ? ? : ' -.
ktiown^ ami said non-resi'l i ? ? ? !
known having by ?i? hill '? ???? ? ! ??? : : f n-i -; :
to tills suit, the said parties i ? tel ? nil ? ? ? e tuiredto
?ap|n>arwithin fifteen ilaysal ? inn ? >f'.ill's
order..i.i the olerk'soffict of oar ?? < -
to he holden lhvref"r. ali'I t?-? ? ? i; ?iry to
protect ibis;interests. Ar.d i:! ; .? ? eo; v
of this order lie forthwitii :. lu d ?m ??? '.. for
four successive weeks, lit ".? ? Gn;i I'ost. a
newspaber printed in the t?i - ~ ?? ? ? < ... . in
the county of Wise, Staii of Virginia, and p"?*'.cd at
, the front dour of t lie courl-ho si: cujiMty, < a
I the llrst day of the next . . ? ? . : the said
lunty after the date of Jhis r. dei
A (*..<?;.?: - : -\. V Lnvi*s,;C:e k.
Bui.mtt ?v MuDom . , i lWii
HRGINIA : in the I' '. u Cfrcnii
Court f<<r the conn ? Wi* oa iie.2d>iaj* ol
February, In vai ni'
Thruston, Trustee,i
Against S In Clian cry.
L. f. Sicherer; ? t nl.J
The object of this suit t?. ??? i ^ ' : ? ' ?;i -,it
against I., i*. Scherer in the turn oj jl b?:ii'f,-witbihj
lores! from J\\\y 11. l V.?. at ?! ? . .in ;!- euiVtr? i
the same by furecloaurc i! ' ? ? indoi !n ?. reserveii
in a deed dated filly f?^?9,i ? ;: Gap
Improvement Company a;id It. ? " . ! Thruytiin^
Trustee, to h. P. Scherer, on lot :t. oj I lock 2.-, "iio
provemeul Company's Plst !. it tin :' >v:i <<l
Bi?r Stone G:ij>, Wisecounly,'. Er ?? i "? n la! Id.i ? il
having been mad.' thai U'iii. .'?.>?? >rg>vjr...Jiun??j
Lane Allcn,M..f.Cawciii iml:*f! ? 'u'Jier: cd,an
no*i-resi<lenti of this Stare, ae.l ... ? havii ralsd
lieen made that there are or may '?> I niterastctl
in the subject to be di'aposeti oi ii - aitl ivhos?|
names are unknown, and t?ai i ii?>ii- '? uL np>\ par:
lies, unknown having been mad : ??? ?'? in* by
the bill in this suit, the i \U\ . .>-?> ? . nut art
required to appear within fifteen ? ? sfj f . ? ? pit! ?
lication of this order.'in f he Clerk'?< id*:ii .' inir 'aid
court, at rules to hfi ljpldim the: . ?-. ' do whittls
nrc'ssary to protect their intei Mid-it i or
dered that a copy of this order bii tj i:h published
once a week, for fohr > : ?? si' ? %? ks. it: the iSia
Stone Gap Post a newspaper prhii i the U?v.-n oj
Big Stone Gap, in the county oi Vi imt.1 State ?.1
Virginia, and posted at i ie ft in .-??? ?? of the cotirj
house of said county, Oil the. si ?0X1
County Court for the aald count; it?i ?. the datcol
tliis order.
A copy: Teste: ?/ Ln-i'S. Clerk.
Bullitl & McDowell, p. q. in 4;
VIRGINIA : In the Cl? i k?s ollicc r.f iIn ? Ircutt t;.?ari
of the county of 'Vi>. \>,.. ?_? ?:': day of l-'ebrua
i v, 1893. At rules.
The Peoples Rnlindiug I ?
Saving Association Plailiult*,
Against InCbancer.v.
\V. K. Harris el a! !>?>!' u laid .
Tii- object of ihi- snil i- !ii.a de :r> ? i^..iust
W. K.Harris, for the sum of ? '?? - i !i iuterfst
thereon from june J4th, 1S8S,' till pa]( f.tvorcf hi
ntbliitifT, and to hh?'e siiid pin! . I l?? ihe
rights of Siissn .1: Ituff, under ?? ? d fn m \*. Ii. Hi;r
rls to her dattvl January K>tli ;. recorded in \\'\<b
county dee<t;book. No. '.'?> pagi >. And an affidavit
having been inade and Iii d thai the ?' I udatu.- Su'
san J. Hulfand K: iluffarc no: ?>??' s ?"?Tt he State
of Virgiiii?, it is ordered thai ?' ?.. ?' tnyw.-ir herfc
within IS days after dm; i:i i h< ? ii'. and do
what may be necessaij la protect their interest in
this suit." Ami it is (urtheeordered thai \ cep hereof
lie published once a week/ot four wt in t!a> J?ig
Stone Gap Post, ami thai a copy bi post .-, the from
door.of the coart-hotise of this coui y on the.fi 'st day
of the next term of the county court of said couul^'i
A conv'?Teste : J E: . ? "i.-rfr.
Jos. L. Kelly, p. ip , 1J
VIRGINIA: fn the clerk'j ? : the Circuit
Coitrtof the county of U'is. on the 22nd da^' of Feb?
ruary 1893. At rules.
Southwest Virginia Mineral Land 1
Company a Corporation pit r.
agiusl J In chsincery
K.J. Win gate& P. VV. HardiadR'n
The oject of this suit is to obtain r rauil .! ? -??.?
against the defendants for the sum of ???;?';.<;?';
witli interest from Deci mber 3nd, i '. ? i lence i i.\
note of p. \\. Hardiii \.> plaiutiiT <L . ??> December
the3nd, 1889, and due two y. .:>?. tier date, the pay
p;eul of which \yas assumed by ;...!. Wlngate,and
in defaulVoX the paj mcu{ of sain sain.to luv- '?? v the
vcndor.'-s lien on lot 28 block ll-**itnpt renient Co's
Fiat 1" of the low u .-f P.ig Sjo i (iau Vn. And an
ttliidaVlthaving bi?eu inade aitd :' P that the"def?:n
dauts lt. J. Wingnleand i'. *A. Ilarttin an |iot resi?
dents cf.the State of Virgil.i:;. i- isord n I that Uiey
no apjiear here vvithiii.la duya after due publicatii?'n
hereof, and do what may !>e i; i s.nry ;.;? .:.(?; heir
interest in tiiis suit. And it i-. farthet or lered t':'.:t a
eopA hereof he published once ri v.'edk f. - four
w.fks in Q,e RlgjStoiiu Giip J o?jt. eud rhat a cop\
posted at the front door oi tlte ???? r : - ?.? "t;,is
county^oii the llrst day di thti liest leriri of tin
cusnty court of said county.
A copy? iVste: ,'. V.. :ecs, Cierkj
R. T. Irvine, p. <j. 12
The Cominonwealth ;<1 Vlrgiuia,
To tin Siieriff.uf tin County of Wtee?ihyeiing':
\V"e.Command yon. That y??u summon !'?;?_' Stone
Gap improvement Company. Thomas ;;. Walker, W.
K. Harris, K. .Si. Harum. V.'m. .1. Siielby. ?oi'm VV.
Fox, Jr.. Southwest Virginia Mi-.? r:.i \ ..::?!*Coinpanv.
Appuiachian Bank, P. C. Them: . i . <'. Thoinp
son. Jr., latcimla ThoUtpAmi i'. IV. Rots, Julius
Kaufman, .M-rri?. P.. .'.iay. .-. .1. ii -.Ifred if.
.Muzins and Llewellyn N. ; r :gler,'( nnipdhihg Hie
j firm of M'ulllns (tCreig1cr;j The ; ? ?? :?: oxer Com
! p-?ny. als.? known as the L?. !,c ? . .. ti, \\ y\K..
| Conned I and J. T. McCotincl!, ? ?the firm of
It. F. McConnell & Co .' tt. it. v,....! j..;. Hager,
(composing the firm et*.\- It. VV >.>1 A Cp.,J Lank oi
Big Stone Gap, L. !i. Vaughati ami .'. :>. FurgnVpu,
eoidposing the llrm of li. ',. Co..) Jf.
Mitbelser, Gnstnylous Mill i , . i?. K : illVifse/'aiid
Sampson ITIrsliVTcmYiposiUg the ?nn of H. MBhoiser
& Co.,) W. li. Nickels, Vi -'i. JfcGeorge, I -., W. \V.
Nickels and AV, Ji iJor-i.y, ? .vm. with . |f. Sickels
compose the ti.m of VV. H. N3 kfcla & ;'.?.,) P.. D.
FowIkes, Trustee, James l.-ue \'i.I.M Crrtrein,
J. M. Goodl..e, W T. Goodhv, \'. ??. Got dloe, TVaiiui
C. Rutherford and [Htrties. names uuki>own,twIii>^re
or may he Interested is, the ie? tu bfi disposed of
in this suit, to appear at the < ! - k"s offlccol the
circuit court of the em nty i: V. im*, at the rule t.. !k
held for the said court on t!;?
First Monday in Marph, 1893,
to answer to a bill in Ciitiicerj exhibited against
tbeuiiu our said court by i;. C. lh.:!.ird Thruston,
Trustee. Ami have then liiere this v.-sit. V.iim-.-jt,
J. E. LIPPS, Clerk cd oar ,.::?: r at eoitfi
house, the day of January, ?? ?:?.'?'. :.n . hi tlie I17t|i
year of the Coinnioitwenlih.
'!?.?>:??: Js I".. LU i rW.h-rk.
ACopyTeftle: J. K. Lis t.-. ? Lrl..
Y'IRGLV A : In fh?'CIerty < ?fttre o1 the Circuit
f Court or \V'i-.c County, iCil ua .1893.
In Vacation.
It stjisvaiing frorst an uRMaiit Bled in the caufe-of
li. ('. Ballard Throston. 'in:-: ?, jdtdutil? agaJnstJ.
W. Fov, jr. et al, defem! mil , ? !. ? oki r Oim
pany?properly the Tarder-L???!;. r C? t.u-ar.v?in a
corjairatldli organised and e.\.nj ?.?? Chi. fnws of
a foreign M.tte ; that there Is Itt ssui byitiirj no agent
ir.tiiher person of sal.'s-,,; .. .. proceaa
if servlfo can he made;
il is ih.'r.'f.ire order.- ! (Ijal a prep Bf hi s.-.M county
ie piiiifi-hi d one,-n v. . . k f,ir (,.( . . .. ,v,Vk^
It the ?:??< Stone (iapposr, ?: -.v . ? .:? :? h, ?! |j,
v\ >.- ? e .Miuy, V.irj^oi??.
T--i. : .). K. IdlTJ, dh'r?.
UiiJlhl & UeQovvW, p, o. vmi .
f ?
i V
Proprietor of the Cash Bargain Store Must be Cfosed out in the Next Sixty Dayc9
After that date I will visit Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Boston and otiVr Fact* *,
and in order to make room for the ~ abcern War
will then purchase, I am now offering my entire Winter Stock at a Gro
which !
Great Sacr
Vow is your time to get bargains in DRESS GOODS, NOTIONS, CLOTHING, LADIES' Awn r>
Remember this is no "Sham." i mean exactly what I say, and will quote a few prices for von to rjmn-.
you have been paying: ... ' ~ "P^re with .
Calico, good, red need from ."> t>? 3 reals; I lie licsf, reduced from ls.2 to ?"> cents; gqod cotton cloth reduced from S to f., cents; ? ,j .,,.|, i ,
cents; Hie host, reduced from !? to 1?'^ coats; doulile-uidtlj, nl?wool (lantic), reduced from l"? lb 30 ccntsj fine Mohair, redtFcVd from l^ f,. 11 (| IS'"
the Dry Goods line reduced in like proportion. *' ' " : ?
Stiils that formerly sold at $20, reduced lo $l? ."?<i: $15 suits reduced lo $$'50. Tin's same reduction goes through tfie entire k. cousisri
punts, boys' clotbittg, etc. ? 01 st,,*s? <
Men's and Boys' Overcoats, Ladies' Misses' and Children's Cloaks, Fur Capes and MjjTs, all going :il your own price.
I Iiiivo an imnscsise stock of shoes und ?an fii any mid all sizis. Men's line shoes, former priee $1 ]~\ reduced to $1.10- ??.*,
duccd to .$2; $3.25 shoes reduced lo to $?50; si shoes icdnci-d to $3; $."> shoes reduced to $3.50. Ladies' and Hisses'shoes rcduc d in ti '"']" r" ;"
My Notion and GcatsTtii aislttag Goods Depart ineals arc full nod complete its every respect and prices redinied throughout on eveiv "'irthU^ '
socks-, formes;.price l0 cents, reduced to (i cents; nu n'- ill word, seamless sucks, reduced from 25 lu I*> cents: men's heavy cotton ll.iiiueld' ?' l~*
cents; Hie liest reduced from Ii"* to .'I? cents; g< n!>" .ijl.w* .>i underwear reduced 10 per cent. Ladies' hose, good, reduced frosts i? tu ? (. .nie- ' ?* :
reduced from 40 to *J5 cents; lad:cs'liucti collars i.^-.^-mI from K> to 5 cents; Ilie l?est reduced front l?S to 10 cents; men's llirce
fou.r-ply collars, the i>esf, reduced from '.'<) to 13 cenl^; ladii s' Iii
cents; men's hem-stitched handkerchiefs, '.'I inches k'junrc. red a
disced lo i? cents; line gory silk iimlirclin, GtM'nia.ti Ii ret
-w-r^r-r-v>. r*"- Ti7 "V
" ' 'itts; hue a!| u
iw iu ?> ti-m>, mi; i?um rvuiiccu iroiii in io it; cents; tuen > llircc-pn 1 ? . ?, ,. ,'|
line handkerchiefs reducrd from s t,; | cents; men's Is And kerchiefs ii I cet* 'ro1
duced from 20 to lOeohts. Fine siilfne uml.fella, triple plated ??.dd"' "t "s .'S,,,,:,.re' r^'i
le, foruscr price $i!<rJ5, reduced fd>l.55. All other isml.rcl'as reduced\^ordinc|C- S' :"!:" ' "
:avs reduced prices
I havp 35.different sty 1^ of Men's. Youths^and FfJoys* Hats. Also, a handspme line of Watches Jawoi? -
from 25 to 50 par.cont. i '-rsnuine sacrifice sale will commence on " ' %v?">- >runks and Vai
jL^^t>jriLS.si^3r 'lOth, 1898,
*9 ? ^
\ncl wl!l ccht:ntse for Sixty Day?, or - iii the entire Winter Stock is closed out
rhave only been In business h .-re four tnDnt:i3, consequently any article In my stock is no
newandfresh.andlhnvenooldshcif w
l&^f^ W W ?gffl^S^S <J Sl^ vAXDOTTl?: A1
Thai M.r .;;.;i.t tu the authority vested ;-i mi- l?y the.
I last will : ;?s:.i:ti< i:t of lit*1 '"i'1 James M. y
I lim.', no?v der?asnd. I <?? ili ?n the
20th Day of March, 1C93,
['thatl*d:ig 'i:-' lirftt day <>f thr- March i*rm of tbij
I Circuit Court of Scott county, Virginia. ?I the front
J ,irn; ..fil,. <.i house of said county.h'Sct nt public.
I outcry, to the highest bidder, the farm described in
I said last will und testament as iho John II. Line
:mm ujmii :l< following terms: Uno Hundred Dob
j !;il> f.i-'li hi hand?the residue i:i "lie. two nml three
j years lime, wpial installments. Inuring interest from
I ?luv .if Mile. Moud, with good security, will In* re
i quired t:n!!i the purchaser tili:? Iit?**l until
i last payment.
j nn-: land tu r.E sold
I c"!:-i-1?? i f n tract containing, liy surface nieasure^
j !.:.?!?{, four hundred and thirty-live, acres, limn
I i'i a pc-?<??! state of cultivation. Is well ad?j ted
t.. crops mid grain, has :i lt>?<? 1 dwelling, orchard.
! barn ami u u-btiii lings; in well ?.?.?>!? red by liitriieroujj
! good springs iti id branches?lias a liiio Maide Sttgfii
j i'.n 'ii-fil and a large quantify of poplar, oal: and
j .i.'.i i f MVM IP i-:-.
Ion the waters <?'. Copper Creek; about <i;-!:i miles.
::"tthv.-e<-r r^rtm finfeCity, uml threw miles caid from
Clluchpnrt, and is on I lie public road lending from
Clinehpoi; over Copper Kid ?? -to (J?te City, ii is a
m ; \ ?(tractive a ml desirable J..?-ati?m b>r :i home and
r.n'doubti will 'be found a great bargain. The litleis
regarded at. jierfectly good.
Full inforuiaibei givi !i oi: npplicntioii :<> tin under
I signed.
t;.it? Citv, V:i., I:in::.?iry VJ, ISO.:.
W. t:. II. STWCW,
: Administrator witli tln? Will anne-M'd <if the Estate
j ofdarocs.il.. Mopeyliun?dwcapc?i. 7-fll
Pitxsanut to a dectce ot the Circuit Court of WNc
Country, rendered in t!:" chnncrry cause tlienin
|i<?imUh'j id liappeuhi'huer Hardware Co., \?. It.
Williams fc Hrn., and others, the iiiniersiifticd
sitccial commissioner will proceed, on Monday, t'.u
23d <i;*.v of January, 1 >!>.*!. nt public niio-ry sml llie
!ii,-i:i-'t'n ! l -r. n.i't'a ? ;ir > ?!:-..?.:, f > sail th*? i ".' ? bus
of I .ml in tbe bill mentioned, which are situated?on
Wood .v.vnnv, in tbe towii "f Hig Stone tfap, r.m!
wiT" foiiveyeil to Win. I). Jones, by M. 1>. Wood and
wife, by deed besiriiu tlale ilay 5th, is.sl, and iv
cu i l iii Wise county's deed-book, S, page tilt!.
Sabl sale will Im- made on a crctlil of twelve,
eigbipeii and twenty-l??nr nioiitbs, except as to i-<>*\
nt ac.il and s;iK", ? nic !i shall be paid down on i'a\ ?<!
'flie pnrqbascr mn>t execute bond bt^ring interest
from date, witli good security, for the deferred pay?
Tills Ivo 21, 1832.
K. M. KUI.TOX, Special Com'r.
In tbe Clerk's Oilicu of the Circuit Court of ihr
Ccitiitr of Wise.
I Uapj>cnlu,finer Knrdwnrc (.'>?.. I-Tftso
against ^ .in Cliaticer\.
I R. Williams A Itro., et. al., iK'fts. )
I. J. K. I.ipjfs, Clerk of said Court, do certify that
the bond required of the Spvcinl Commis.-l.iiier by
ilecrec rendcrctl in sjtid cauKc mi the 13th i!;iy i?f
April 1s;h. has been duly glvrn.
GivenTUider my hand as Clerk d* the said nnirt,
this '2!r t <!::v of liecember, l?tt.
T?Vte.?J. R. I.IIM'S, Clerk.
Tin* above sale is p>ist]Htneil t>!l March I.Sth, lftKt.
Janunrv '!?'> IS1W. E. V.. Pulton, Commissioner'
?yiltCnflA: At rules held in the clerk's office of
* the circuit court for the county oi Wise on theCtli
day of Eebruary, 1893.
Bi?uk <>f Rig Stone Kap, i
Againat > In I), lit.
E.T.Shortt,W.B.KHbourn A A.J.riobark)
Tin- object of ibis suit is to recover of the said dc
fehdhuts the sum of .<n> >, with interest from X??vem
!i,-r l-tth. !s9l. until jiaiil, mill aflbiavit having Iktii
madetib:it said E. T. Short Is a lion-resident t; i
Str.tei the said defeudnut is rcqnireil to car within
1 (if en <!;iys after due publication .if t'ds order, in the
I clorJCs ot'ticeof onr said i*oni?.nt rules to lie hidden
j thvrefpr, and do what i.? neewsnry to protect Iiis In
j terests. And it is ordewl that a copy of this order be
I forthwith published once a week, for four successive
! v...'!ts in tlic i'ii^ Stone fi:ip Post, a uews}>:iper
I printed in the. town of Hlg Stone fiap, in the county
I of AVise. and iKisted at the front ilnor of the court
j house of said count}', on the first day or tlie next
county c "'.irt for tbe .-aid county after thedateof this
A Cony:?Teste: J. B. IJt'lK, Clerk.
Bff.i.lTT A McDouki.i., p. f|. 10-it.
VlUGrXIA: Iii tin- Clerk's Oilier ,,f the Circuit
Court of the Comity of Wise, on (In- 20th day of
t'elirunry, I39TI At rnloy.
Ernest Xewell, PliiiutitT, i
Against t In Chancery.
A. K. Debttsr, Adm'r., el al. DePts. )
'i'bv object of this suit is to convene, tic creditors
oi the estate of.Zolin K. Ilcbnsh, deceasetl. ascertain
thy assets in tli:1 hands of t!o? administrator and other
upsets of a?l estate, and the liabiliMt'S of said estate,
DU? to snbjecl tin- persons! and real assets thereof to
tli>' claim of fltciplaintiff und other creditor.^ Ami
nn affidavit bavin- been made ami fil<?d tlmt the de?
fendants, ;/ohn iX'busk, Tlionins Russell ltet?iisk,
Kebecra Davenport and Sampson Daveii|Wtrt, lu-r hus?
band, are n<U residents of the'Statc of Virginia, It is
ordered that they do appear here within btdays after
due publication hereof, and do \vhat may be neces?
sary to prrtteel their interests in this suit. Ami it is
further ordered that a ropy hereof be piildished i>ure
a "week'- far four w^rks in tlif BigStoneGsi? r?Wr,
and that a copy i?e posted at the fhuit tloorotthe
conn house of tiij.i ounty on the first ili:y of the next
term of the county court of said conntv.
A copv?Teste: J. E. Liers. Clerk.
K. T. Irvii?. p. q. 12-4t
yii.UlNlA : in the clerk- office of the Circuit Court
. ? fur the county oi Wine on the 3rd day of IVbii i
ry ?>:;>. In Vacation.
Tin i:s:oii. Trustee, j
Ag-dnst - In Chancen*.
D. J. Wells et al. )
The object of this suit i.s tu recover jttdgen cut
agaiusi D.-1. Wells in the sum of lOl.K/ \?ith intorcst
Hirreoti from 0ct?l>er,lS3, 18S?, mid costs, ami to eit
tnrctp the same by forerlosure fit the vendor's !? >n re
served in a deeddnte?l Oct., 'it,' 1883 front.Bbg Stoiie
Gnp hnporyement Company and It. C. P.allard Thr-is
toti, Trusu-e to D. J. Wells, on lot 13 or biock .".'?, ni
j pr.>v.'ineiit Co's I'latXo. 1," town of Big'Stone Cap,
I Vn. Ami an affidavit having beejt imide tu'at'lV'. C.
Pi ;iy, J. B. Campbell, I . k. Heath, W. P. illtchell,
(Mi. Davis, II. R. Cbartiart,, W. B. Carbarf, W. E.
?iul|;?rt, .Ins. T. Shields, Jos.S. Shields, and Milton 1..
Siii"Iiis, me tiiiii-r. siitent.s of this State, and atlblavit
nlso hn\ ing biH-n inu.le that there are or may be per?
sons Inturetfted in the rmhjccl to h^diitposctl of in this
sult>?h9sa naiMcsare .?uiknown.an ilsahl ti 'it-re.sid.'iitM
and persons ithknaw . having by tne bill l)eeu made j
purlies defendant to this suit, the said parties def..:i- |
i1.nits an lVijuircil to appear within fifteen days after I
dae publication of this order, in the clerk's office of-1
our .-aid court, at rules to 1?? holden threfor, ami do
what is uecefisary to protect their Interests. Ami it
is onl-red that n copy of thi? order be forthwith
puhlised once a week, for four sacect>ivc weeks, in
tiie tifg Stune Cafi IHist, n newspaper prlntiil In the
town of l?g St nie Cap, in the county of Wise State of
Virginia, and poNtetl at the front d?or of the court?
house of said, ?eamy, nn the first day of the u. xt
County Court for the said county after the date of this
?... . A cupy:?Teste: J. E. Ltr ff, Clerk.
rhu < <>in??.<in\vt':illh -;f VlrifJnlrt,
To I'm Sin riff of the County of WiHc-r-Orei Hi".!:
mini yuu.Tbn! you summon B. M. Harding
,*, . i.i-. :.\.-. Limy C. HazleWood, ti j. H*?c?l,
'.; 'tj-jv i( \\ ,. !-....' i-e. .!. M.'Coudloe. J. i'
iitt jr.. Truste . Bank of Big Stoiic C. Vt's
! i;.M..!)'a'':-r. B. Ii. <?.Ipaster, il. B. Clay, dr., T. M.
Samp on. l?g Sumo Gap Improvement Company.
. Soutb.vi il Virginia Yiinen I Luid .Company, Appala?
chian i!niik.P. C. Thompson, 1". C: Thompson, Jr.,
Lucinda Thompson. i>. W. Fiots, Julius Kuufnittii,
, Morris P.. ;1-m r. .1. M. Ifardiu, Alfred Mullins. Llew
! i'ii v n N. Crciglcr, The looker Company., properly
: jvl;: lv? ... ||,:, Tt:r:icr-I.Onker Company, Ii. F. McC??n
,., :j.,i i.i'. ?h'Coiimdl. (doing hudnes*'under the
. (inn i!t" t:i and rii I. <-f It. F. JleConmd ?V C?. > M. Ik
; \\ ,i ., i .i.,!. linger, (dolmt business under the firm
s;vle-of"M. IL-Wood ?V Co.,) Jlathew Byrne and por
tii's !?.; v. i,. ;i. appear at tin- Clerk's Dili-.f t!s.
I Circuit i'ocrl - . dm cottnly of iV'iao. at tin- rules to I'!
he'dforsald Cmtrl -it tile first .Monday in March,
l tn ..??;?.-, : id in Chancery, exhibited against
them in our said court by B. C. Balhird T?n.ston.
Tnifft'i'. And have then liiere this writ. Witness;,
I J. F.;? BUM'S. Clerk of our said Court, et the court
: h . :.: ? i>'. d:i;. .?r January, 1S?2.and in Ihe 1.17 year
! of the Gitiimonuvaith. Test: K. liirrs, CV rk:
A . o; y Ifctt : .1. B. Liers, Clerk;
\ t7ihtiiMA: i:. ii -? Clcrfc 's oflice of Ihe<lircuil Court
: * ,.f the Wire county, 21thday of January, IStKl.
I in Vac ition.
[ |i ;, ?pcnriug.fr. mi tdlldavll Hied in the can -.?
! v ji r In B. C. Ballaril Thruston, Trustee, is plaitstili
and T. M. Sampson, e! ah . defendants thai the l.mtki r
! Omipany, properly known as the Turm r-I'.-' k'i c in
j nany Is si corp< ration organized and existing under
fhclss .sofa foreian State.: that there is no person ii|
I Wise-count.* whoisthc rgetil of .-aid company, nor
I tmy other person on whom scrvicei ol process eat. be
made It i- therefore ordered that n procssi in -ai l
re'unty be pubibihed once a week, for four successive
; .? eelss, in i hr Big Stom; .'lap Post,a newspaper pub
' iish' d iii V\ Le county Virginia.
Teste: ./. F.. Liers, Ch i : .
Bulli ! A McDowell, p. q. '<> "
T.'io Coi:ii!io:i\v?mlth of Virginia.
i 7'. the. sheriff oj'the County of H7*r",?Orcetiuy:
I Ws> cum ma nd you. That you summon I.ig Stone
Can !". irovi inetit Company,W. K. Harris, K. M- liar:
diu, ti J? Ih-ed. K. W. heeii, W.T.fioodl??e, .1. !'. Bub
litt, jr., Trustee. Bank Big Stone Cap, T. M Sump-mil,
Cynthlatinn Laud A linproveineni C'ompniiy. J. ii.
I Vaude' if, !.. B. Cook, M. C. Clay, Jito. W Tinil. .1. A.
Kdmoiids, ?N. F. Kdmouds, Waller B. Addison,
II. Lane, A. II. fjine, Trust.-e, parties who are, or
j may ii iutercste?! in subject <?< be disposed ?if names
i unknown, !;. W. Flaury, T K. Ilarvay, I.. C. Harvay,
I J. B. Giles, C. W. (:.I paster, u in. Bichards, w. n.
i Powell. Southwest Virginia Mineral Ban.1 Company.
I Appalachian Bank, I'.jt. Thompson, P.C.Thompson,
j jr.. ! itrpsda Thompson. Julius Kaufman. Morris !'..
I .Mayer, Aifnsl IL MuWIiisand Llewellyn N.?'ni-.l r.
I (cosuposingthe linn of Multius A Crelgler.) I?. VV.
' Bstis, J. M Ilardin, The Lia?ker i'ampany, oi operiy
; ii:?' Turner Iah I:. ;- Company. It. V. McCoiuiell am! .i.
i'.'.!.:. , o, :i. (couiposing the firm of B. F. McCon
j net I a C-.,' si. I'.. Vt.iMn und J. J. linger, (composing
I the !!rm oj .'.!. B. Wood&Co.,) to appear at the Clerk's
' -me:. ..f (!:?? Circuit Court of the county of Wis<?.-Jit
J literu) - to l?o.held for the said court',m.the lirsi Mou
! day in March, 18S3, to sinsw.t a ''.ill !ti Cham. ry.
j ? : d ngaitial them in our said court l.\ !'. C.
j Bnllard Thniston,Trustees And have tlieii sind there
i tlii- uric Wim. ss. J. B. Lipps. Clerk of our said
I Court, at the eouri house, the 27th da j'of January,
, ISL'i;, ami i.i ti:- 117th vear of the common wealth.
Teste: .1. K. Liers, Clerk.
Co] y Teste: .L F.. Liers, Clerk.
f,KGt>:rA : in the Clerk's oflhre of the-Circriil
' Court Wise county, 27th day of /aiiucry, ISCIt,
In V.i.-aiion.
I: in'- from an an afUdn-.il fileil in the cause
wherein ILC.BallardThrustoiijTrustee, Is plalntilfand
W. I'. Bdmouds. .-t liefemlants, that the Cynthi
j nniin Land and it i?ro> em- nt Company and the looker
Compauy, properly the Tum. r-L.oker Company, arc
eorporsitionscreated and existing under ihe laws of
St in - other thai; the St a l ? of Virginia, thai there is
in Wl ecoaiity no ngent of either of said companies
?::i : s other person in said couiity, on whom service
<?;:?: e ss can he made ng?lusl either o*"sii'd compa
nh's. it Is therefore i-rd.-r.-i! that a process in-ii
contity i>e pttbllsed oiice a week, for four successive
v. . . :,-. in the Big Stone.Gap Post, a newspaper pub*
lishedin Wlseeounty Virginia.
Teste: ./. K. Liers, Clerk.
Bnllttl A McDowell, p. q, BMt
V7IIIGIXIA: In Ihe CU-ik's Oflice of th.- Circuit
V Court of the county of Wine on the SVsst day of
Ja mi a re, I8?I.
II. C. si.?nip, i'p.'f, . In Chancery
Agaii st / on a cross-bill of
./. P.. P. .Mills and others Dfl's. ) ./. B. F. Miiis.
The object of the cross-bill in this case is to have
n^rcrtiiiocU :>!! the li.-u.- ami tbeir priorities oi, the
laud in the bill mentioned, ami i.? compel Ct?nway It.
Siiuds individually ami as trustee for Wm. A. Little,
jr., Bdwanl/. Fotkes and John .?. Curti> aii-l the
said eeatili f{ui- trusts, ami the representatives of
l ie.- ?/. '??'ottiiigham, deceased^ to j.ay tin- balance
due iron: lb ???? respectively on said land, anil that the
proci - d- s i fa/ a., oect'SMiry be applied t<? paying off
?said liens acconting to ih.-tr priorities. Ami an i:'.
davji having b ? -n made and tiled ivith tiie original
bill in tin- can.-.' that the defendant Jam?* F. Hale Is
not a resident of the State of Virginia, it is ordered
th; t he dosipp- ;sr I rre within 15 days sifter duo pub
lieatioti hereof^ and do what tnsiy he necessary to priv.
leel hi-, Interesl in iIiIssmU. And ii Is rart':. : order
e i ti.;it .i copy heieof Ii-pol li.-h 'I one- a we..k I(,i"
f -us- v e-?; s i.i t.s- Big Suitie Gap Po$i, ami iba! a
ciipy 1? -: d .it the front dour >.f the eourt-!i'iu>e of
?this county on.tlieflrat day of the next term <.| tlf
county court of said county.
A copy?Teste: J. K Lirrs, Clerk.
Bullitt A McDowell, p. u. 11-lt
VIRGINIA1: In the Clerk's Office of the
Circuit Court of the County of Wise ou tiie
15th dav of Fcbruarv, 1893^ In vacation.
M. ?. Combs, rVtff 1
ag;siinst !? In Chancery.
K.T. Siiortt et als, Def'ts j
The object of this suit is t(? collect two notes ;
ilsitcd January 18th, lH'Ji), due in nine and |
eiglitcen months after date, bearing interest i
from date, eaclf for ifall.tib, executed to the
pluintifl' by E. T. Siiortt, the lirst of which is
credited by $250 as of Xoveinbcr 19th, 1S9II,
and upon fnilure of thepayment thereof tn'eu-'
force a vendor's lien retained in a deed from j
the plaintiff tn defendant Shortf, dated Janu- !
ai v IStk, 1890, on lots one and two of block -ioj
hits fifteen and sixteen of block 7S and lot
twelve of Block 79 of "Improvement C'ompanv's
l'lat V of the town of Hip Stone (tap, Va.
And an ai?davit having been made and filed
that the defendants E. T. Shortt, J. II. Fraz
ier antl \V. H. Blair are not restdenis ol* the
State of Virginia, tt is ordered Ihat thev do
appear here within 13 days after due publica?
tion hereof, uud do what may lie necessary to
protect their interest in this "suit. And it is
further ordered that a copy hereof be publish?
ed onca a week for four weeks, in the Uig
Stone (.Jap 1'ost, and that a copy be posted at
the front door of the court-house of this coun?
ty on t he iir.it day of the ucxt term of the coun?
ty court of said county.
A Copy?Testet J. ?. Lirrs. Clerk.
R. T. Irrice, p. q. ll*4U
Organized and Chartered 1832.
ialf a Century in Active Operation. Insures against Fire .
assets. ?650,000. - - surplus, $3
irainia Fir? *
?Haifa Centuty in Active Operation.
Thd<Company issues a Short and -Coiuprchcn ivc I'olicy, Krce ol !'
i.ons, :tnti Liberal in its Terms ami Conditions5. All descriptions '
Count rv . r Ti;v. ii. I'rivate or Public, Insures! Kail K it? - :?; ?! m
Wm, H. MCCARTHY. Sec. Wm. hi. PALMER.
Gus. VV. Lovell, Gen'lAg't, Big Stone Ga|
Remarkable Sales and Wonderful
Over 300 Dam's Sewing Machines Sold in Nin
In the Counties of Wise end Lee.
This : < >i wonderful record to he attained iu so ?h??r! a time, i>itt there tire reaM?m '?
reason foi the sale ot this largo nilttibor oC ttA.VSS Si W \ Si. MACItlNSiJi ii
is tin* fact that the people recognize and declare the I>.\ \' Ias the !>??:. ... ??t
' Sewing Jtscldhc ever invented; In lids territory, many ladles have tri^djnunn
c! Ines, whlch-titey wi rewell i h*a>ed until th y s >? i! ? tlperi r quality ol work*
t'n trying thii; wonderful, light-running and hauti?otu< machine, its many points ? ' ?i
j oilier.- were -? \v iceahle thai they wore no longer sal ?' ed with any other iiiachim .
r order for a DAVIS. 'I|hc result is that I have taken in, as part p?j nunt DAVIS SMI
; t." I! I N 5;v . i.'. i i !f>U machines of other tna^es?many of them eeutparati el* n "
j Keinem! r thr i>AVJ#h:is only Six Working I ii i s and i the im?l slmpi.. i
I "erfecl riincl !;;<? i vcr n?:.?'??. K\ i ry part i' made, of the very he>t material and i- Iii
j hy the, l??vis Sewing Machine Company as ?voll as hy my ?elf, fur II vi years front
j TJjtrDavi.- Sewing .Machine ollice at Knoxvilh', Teen., rftm having worked :1 I
j during the fourth yoarsold-over l,f?O0'Machines, which to >kov. that that nu>r?
i tie- l? V> is the heller tliey like it. ? r
! I am now receiving numerous orders for machines from parties who li?Tel
? DAVIS, hut oii'se'eitig tlieMiperior aihl satisfactory vvorli it i. doiu ; for .
I voluntary onh t s.
Mavid' formed so many utoasaut acquaintances since locaiitis: nl IUj*>Sloiie Gay,
? such phenomlt.al mici ? ss in my husiness, I have dett1 aim -i 1? mam utly com
j u>e ??? cry In iiornide ? it' it hi my power to place t J>.\\ l> StitVl N<J MACH ! S i
j the surronnding countiy where n flrst-clas* machine Is wanted. I have suppiie?!
RigStom; Gap.with :i Davis machine. #
I keep in stock 11 r t. 11 supply of Davis Sewing Mai Iii in Ii p iirs, v> ? dies. Oils, A e.
1 1:1? attlty ofiic, in huildiug formerly occupied hy !!;?? fli in '??!?.. m. n adj Old 11 i
I whether you htty or not; Vi rv llcspccffu
VV. H. BLA ?
s i*V ,-v ??
Office Clinton Avo. and E. Fifth Street.
bthg stoke; es-a2p?, v
I !: ivy for sale Coal, Iron nn^l* Tim be Hands in Wise, Dickt
.... *
counties, V trj::nta, and portions of Kastern rCentacky. !
Kest Co^il Properties
j for sali? in Virgiiiia, adjacent to the railroad, which ! can ofici
I honudartc?. The prooertics nrc ?.!' ioratcd for ] = 1?>* i f -:
[qualify aud'qaanlit\ of the coal afle^.Utd In* nrcil Known minerolo
I also have the largeat amount of tite l?ct>t BUSINESS and HI
ERTY in BIG STONE GAP, Both improved und unimproved,
either to purchase or t*ell properly here should consult nie.
All communications answered und full i*iformation cheerful!
Adtirct*: W. E. HARRIS,
P. 0. Box 258. Bifi $TO> :
Castings of Ail Kinds
We fill your orders at the Lowest Coat. We make a .
Write for Prices. "Big Stone Gap erat* and MantK
Big Stone Ca?
JESSE SUMMERS, ^ a Quick, Clean, '
"wf,"!~ or a Stylish Hair-Cut
C:ean Towols, Keen Razors and 1 THE 1NTERMONT -;"
Sharp Scissors.
Kverylhiug m-af, nice and clean. Work den? tu i Bath.ROOm? COnnOC'^1 *
order. Polite atteutloa. j (\-ln.7.}

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