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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, February 08, 1894, Image 4

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#hi k~ 7 ?> # ? x w paten?.
TO< *ai Vnsf form r>*-*'?si^>s#kj??^
k *; ? - ^ applications
ana i!r.t;V;;isrs ri v-.ii,.?.
Jll:1-^: ^P^ilion in accost
SOeh as;V p re.
SS?yS* ?::t:: : ? ? - T and
send t?? c .... .-.
w^t??Xto?B dollar* Th
^^nienfc fe? iUm; ff YOr, ,;v:
ao^ce Una a patent friiTfee issued
Uienaxc-^i ^vern-est f.JO of t^e*
ty uo'....,,-:. caTtst W paid.
-"(31) Some people arc ? ai.!? to ~?r ,
l,jf!r;W? P?I>e?s and drawing 0VoV
?rl.v: bat Ux>85 wnonre not ear**- tfa
lawyer ! employ a. d?cjfBtsma?.
rarem ;:r.v ,-fVS' charjre* r.-r.- decor-tin*
to the importance of the case; but ti?
?ia?aask less th- k;,?{^r tiitv
Collars, a::?t m?t.->." - rnorc, W#des
the cost of the dra\i
(4; If an iuvc^,- . .. ; fchaVsome
one wjIi steal fcia i ; >i before be can
pnt it in shape he can prelect himself
in two ways, girst. Ik- cam make oat
aparw-r called -.'Cave*! " an', se^d to
the i'OT.:-.:s-?.;.H<r of J^ctenti This
docaidcjtit b.-;e*y ??:< er? his inven?
tion, an.! <:ecl;.:.s ft ha3 not vat
perfected it. fito] & ?o?.t for a y;e?r,
if nocr..; eis - has & fegg uijead of him;
and it asay be r. .><-. - 5 f.;r another
year. Tab care it, fescribe I f. s
52 and 55 of "JInfee Practice,*' and a
speviiaen carcat v, r. "reo farther a! ii*
in that pnblication A fee .ol tea dol?
lars mast be pai.'i to Uncle .Sara for.
each year a caveat is in force. An?
other way t-; ;^.i.?r.l .oae's rights
is to tell v. .trusty friend aboai
the ex;?ct natnre of tlte j r--?
pososi ifcw-t;tion, an3 have that friei^
make a record of the i-.u*. {yo tiiat, if
necessary, lie can swear to ;i, -.a]
Um? pr?ive priority of InVc-ntlcn, :.'
some one else wronjffnlly .iu.s ise
credit. This plan^is ; ? ; ? ? any
otirer. *
?' (?) Some ?abaters '::3<e tlie prec:*n
tion to hare an e^peri in '<:?.?.<??:' -^a
search the pa,ten; to discov?
er vrhrt*:cr afcyl ? 5.- ha? glrcs Ir ? -
ented h;s iilca. Sneb experts eaa be
hired for between two d:??!:?:-?. j-..; t five
(C) If a person cs.n not easily' r:.' the
jnoaoy to pay tb-3 ETovorn nent ar;-! . -
attorney, be <.asi : ?:? :'.*. -i ?IIa qnar
ter or a hair or i i r? at to .?. raar.nfac
turer or other poison for e:io::gh to
cover the necessary ??llav I v. oif'.? ??
to pert, e; t;-.* :nv^aisoma expe
for material and experiment i.- often
incurred: aud this, perhaps; can be
met iu the same way. ii no hvrvyer cr
m?nnfaei?rer is wiliinj*1 to advance a
cent for this purj? .v. the inventor'niay
well doubt the value of hisi ie:s. Money
is often w?*sted by sating a \vortni:
less art ich*.?N. V. u?:e.
Accpruvtish':iv*:j< * ,: -x Fi'?.!.?.--? s of V.'alus
r.i'.tl I??-r l'r.n.'T-;? tv*J l!r>r.(tj:^.?s.
The princess of Wales must have
more accomplishments of ibe tradi?
tional feminine order than >-.<\:t'i- wom?
en in the United Kir^i->m if 21 the
pretty incidents are true tnat reads
of h- r Perhaps the -ctest is ?iat of a
call the Kenil?i danghter c?f the Banes
made en an old prote e.* of hersiiving
in one of ?ie cottages at Sandringham.
The ^-oo'l dome wns knitting a-sicck
in?, aad ti:e princess took :c oat of her
hand, f>.-.yiiijr: "You can't do the heel
as fast as I c;?n." And asahesatand
chatte l tJ:N qw?c-n-to-"bc knitted tlitr
nattiest heel possible. Tt isneedless to
say that sacred Ktorkimi ha.', since re?
mained in status quo ynd treasure ! in
a drawer, with the needles jnst ;?.=? tl^*
princess left them.
Particularly >:nce herson's death the
prince:-- has seemed to enjoy herself
best irhen quietly occupied in some of
the womanly arts she learned to turn
her hand t?> in lu*r girlhood days when
she fashioned her own gowns and
triinnii:.i her own bonnets, tosaynothr
ing- of "(b her own fine laces. She
is very fond of piano playing, and
holds an honorary decree as doctor of
music. When ber sister, the empress
of Russia, >.<. with her, they spend
many happy mornings playing eight
hauds-? <i'.ic ?Ui ??? witii the 1'rin
eesses Victoria aad Maude; All kinds
of fine needleworlc thi !r<M:l'e lady re?
joices it), and^ponds happy Iu>urs lilrc
other jjrandmotlters, not royal, stitch
injr on the Htt3b froeli i fi?v her ^rand
baby. I5es des hor many ?.Iber kc
^mjplfehme.nls!.U?e"'princess can cut a
jjown t" neeiion ??;??: c? .:ive hints
to her l'a<-i> di*sfjfuer whu-h result in
herbei?*? aecotmtvi tii*.1 bestrdrcssed
woman ip England.- N. V. Say.
Where are the monuments aronnd
Answer.- Tlse VVashiu^tcn monn
ment, on Mount Vernoa j-iai-i: ?attle
inonun.ient, in Monmnent so^uare: the
Tuney statue, ?n Waslnnpton place;
the Peal?ody statue, in Stouut Vernon
place: the-Wella and McComas m?h?
ment, at the intersection of Gay and
Ausqnitb streets: the Armfetcad monu
nient. in Pctlentl Mi?l parlf: ttu? Edgar
Allen Ti-e piowribent, iu the Westr
minsterchuri'hyard, corner r.' Ti'veUc
aud Greene streets; the Mcltonough
statue. in Greenmount cemetery;
the Christopher rola:obas shaft,
the first ia America, on ihe
grounds of ?ho 8aftf?el Jleady
asyhm>. Kovth 'ftr.ii Tiavf'r.l avenues;
the Cvlaznhus in* up ment, in Druid
Hill r^': : icy inonnment f>n
Broadway: i\k Bid^el ?. tu{*. in Tlar
lempail". the confe<1 erateinonument,
in London Parr o meicry; the Murray
assoc?at:i>;i raonuiu?:nt, tlie Gilmor
and the Ib.rV- r; uioituio&nl&i al^ In the
same I^udon PiirU cowieteryj the raon
nment at North i'oint. near where
Wells urn! ZScfToihas shot (?en. Ross, on
the Korth Point read* the Fcrg-uson
monument. {Tie William Prescoti
Smith statue and the Qrecry mom:
ment, ;?! In ttre^nu'-ocnt cemetery;
the t^ha-*-<n monnmr-nj.. iu Uoimle
the Wa^r-co statue,
in I?ruM itilj j a- -i -'/.altao^rc Amer?
A TeetVi-RGftrtw;* ?isn
C?? Is H you ebai^e as
much for :> va-j^and pl^ as yon do for
a sixteen-pou^.J pfif?
Bntelter-The &malh?r the pi<?. mum,
the wrorse U ; irt> ufi to hill it' Got to
Charge v.r?i;< thin' fy? our iValin'c, mum*
?Chicago Tribniw,
f-o;*!'.-:-. 0oe? fA?Timothy H&rrbp?
tor, hst been S^KioijO.tirdfltlrtttttff JJnjtcS
ttft Left my.
^GMADS m PARIS. ? -? i
r**Y Gather Utjrrs pt%for ?I??? ;
, ?'\^7 ?Jom 'rapv*ibhjtfe:>t withoui ,
men bohi with the mftimcfe of an Ar? j
Uapv;?- trapper ? .?aicni l skeccsd ja
fe%*#t^^l^^Bftin the ?fen
airaua t.vh- ;>:,.ic/,o:. f.,.- htm ling-. o?e
type iw.'v/:, this. pccV*V;rr~io?n rrbo
coS&et::ffer" 1^"?rabones. In
the -hisrh ?chool?, wa^it?fjSof natural
; nivtory, tft the:' Sor'o^r.--.-? the c*k*:re
of ri-r-rt-o, the medical college, and tile
?v,r.raV?^.V nrnros. nee.-, subjects are
co? th* rjouhv.h frhwrs. snake.?.' ?
v.ii: menders.' in-seei* of all kinds.
5 water V^c* I: t>. ;r. :: ,-honoers.
and C?ts?specitcseas ? f 1'-. cse am
mah, ^nr^ ' ev.-v;.-' Say, and*.
w;in Iftis crcMti?yi f-\?>;'- nad cats
nort^ls t . firUTj h? t Itmarket.
In a&tftten. the horticultural pardeas
| ?nd the (rarilen o: :?v.-.i" .-.Station, in
i or'lcr Kci thelr fasectiverous rep
? tileft ftod "jmSs; rrast feSCfts a quantity
? of livingJnsc-ty. wbich r-? tvit easily
; procured for .them.' Finally, tliV
aquariums: e^p^gfelj^f the Trceadero,
. require infusoria? and crastaccans of
tin iaferiorspeeies for the support of *
their t osr.t? rh.h: the young U*oat and
i sahmtui bare especially rre- appe?
tites, and active, < : ? rretie men must
work to ?ecp then supplied.
There arc many yj&r^etscs of huoiers,
i but thr.y all have one o,ns"itv in com
| icon, a horror of- regular wojse and an
intense love of r v.-.-e'? i:d h fa. The
cclicclor for lab ^ tofieS wi*" start
> out five or ?-'-: tijnes month
on excarstoms; ni e??; tabs season^ will
remain aw?v euch imic [our or live
days, stearin;"? :c the cpen air^inder
the s:ars on tbe e&gsi.?i some ditch^
Hying on a bit;of C-\ y bread which ho
fjTje.- in \hf boTtfb'ss his caarass h-ti.*.
Wlieq cd i'.lio n-.r,<-r. iorrc ; he v.*?Ii re
r.>ain for three months v. iih hie ii-^nOs
folded, hogging to caHsij'Bss r:< ..??'?:
tie:-, from pro/e>sors '.r. i j-:ud:-r.i:; c?ho
] have been in the habit of buying their
s-pecrtuens from hjto. Tite winter is r.
?a'tal ' time; he oftea mauepe?; at the
^fe-^>-tr,iT..n:r.^ of the <?."?".-{-'.:" - 1*.* c^m
mit eoroo4 ?* :;?ay crjbnt. tpjxt he can
live at the ft.-:pence of the swj? until
Trnr;r. v.--.:2?h...-r. l.v-t he noways
?T ?banales l'i* r.fTairs so {has he can
K^?ve^lfW )iberiy v.V.en the little.ani
ti:a!i, come out in'tho "-rriuy frort their
in the er.res r:: the *>orilers of tho
R^Selne.or M::r^.' ;-nr?ts }?h:ee on-the
Tsurfacerof the -.ei:ter or. :t.';v>ii'e-|)l?nts,.-l
Thesaeffgrs are ssecjinatefi ?? ?'.?>:> ??
over :e.j:- relatixelj oestincuj.'h svhh-h
/rives a frtirtf-al harvest on one'c?rSdi
tion: the collector nSifst hr.o'.v exactly
the day. as wefl the place, wher^
they are placed. One clay, too late, ;.
' wave w.v.y carry them array or they
may Jude in the mire ?n-7 -bo lost
Therefore, the hunter follows the
swarms v.-hh. bis eye any ih^hs thv
: ph?ee v. here tV.oy d: op^-?v-j even in jr.
' ami kiiows where the females have de
. posited- the eggs; It is a"very'delleate
end e:r. < inl piece of v.-orl: when insec r
j asfSmiili as.^mvtsiare to be colleetedhl
Thi> merchandise is harveste/i in little
potis ami .sell - from Tour fraiuu- t >ch;h.l
frasies t^iejlitcel But irn::*^ hare*orjly
one season, and buying and r-e:I:5?
mnst ??<? on f:cever.
Another tesk that brings in money
to t":e?e men the capture of bats. If
we wish to understand why procuring
i thete cheiroptera has. become so lu^ra
j tive a business we must recall that ;?.
! few yef.r;-- ago the minister of public
i inslruction prescribed the formation
j of natural history <">r(evt;o?.-. in r?li the
; upper grades of ?ie elementary schools
and in a<l establishments of special in
| strcctlon, so chat the pupi's could
j study net only the colored plates; but
! the principal types of animals or in
] sect that the professor lectured ibeut
? Naturally, the bat, on Recount <>f its
J distinct order and the mterest which is
attccl^cd to its curious anatomy, has a
1 very important place in these collec
; tions. They u:e required fco have a
? soecimen of each of the f"?:r hinds
i . . ...
; called Pxirisian; that is. tnc great
; horseshoe, the little horseshoe, the
1 murin or lari'c-enred bat, and the
? inpistrellc or ?arh-colored bat. Fif
! teen hundred eolieetion^ were made,
i and we can im-irine the work <!'?ne by
! these bat hunters. ? Popular .Science
i Monthly.
? Tbo Mctl?od3 Were CaBciontjfic, bat the
Itcf.nltH Vi'.-.- Sat3 ifnctory.
One of the gruests ;;t tlie Ui^frs house
I recently was complaining of an aching
1 tooth, ami inquired at the ofrice where
ft he could Bod /a jr^ppd dentist, lie se
; ? ured the information and went out to
1 lind reiief. wltcn Proprietor BeWitte"
j smiled at a funny nMriirtiseen-o.
I **1 shall never forget a tootm-rmllmjpj
I incident thai occurred when I was a
yor.m:-ier.*; he jremarked. "~:'ry uncie,
I who was a physician, had a irreat, bier,
; stalwart colored man for a servant
I His name was Tiuck, and one day he
I went into his masO rh. oihre and eom
p2fliinen that one of his teeth was near?
ly killing him. My uncle-advised him
to go and have it taken out. linclr ob?
ject cd, '2vaw, indeedy, he ex?
claimed, 'hit wud dess fairly kill me
ter hah dis t'.vof juched out.'
"Sty unele then told hhp he
would fix it for hhn by using
? j a little inajji>". Buck was equipped
i with all the superstition of his re.ee,
j and lie readily acquiesced in the su^r
! jrestion, for he thought the doctor
j could do anything. The old irtmtle
{ man took the smajj string ?om his
j violin, mnl. raaTtciug' a loop, dropped it
I over liuek's aching tooth and threw it
j tauh Tlien he led Buck out to the
hitchin<r-post, ami emde himMand on
his tip toes. w*:,'. *ti Iren^ht Iiis oy<
on a level with tab top of the post, an-1
tied the ce.t;rni around it I pon tlte
natsurfaeeof Oie i<$p he pc?m-c<l sonic
gunpowder, and lljou soletnlhl^ warn
in?" Bnch not to^move, )?.? ^turned to
the house. Stiddenly lie came rushing
out of the kiksheh door with a e-low
in,7 coal of fire heW in a pair of ton^Sj
Bucksaw him-coming and backed for
all he was w^rtii. Bat he left that
1 tooth in front of htm.**?Wr>sb?E?ton
! Tost . _
1 ? ? - ? ~
I A pad person who is always inclined ,
! to look noon the gloomy side of things
j says that an p^l^Ubjti^ffl form ofj
! phrase is ibrealtenc^ t?y cremten.]
j I'ormerly \* eoold by ! 6t '? ?ld, bad I
{ people thai the$ <l.v'v YevipQgb to,
j make" their honest ancexfyrsj "Mirn!
over in their g&iviis," but nn^er the]
j nile of er,';Tiation sometliii?,"; inust he
J de?i?ed in futm-e. years lo cr.prcrs th?
notion that the had 1/ehavior of llieii
posterity will make the departed's
0'ihes flutter in tbeir urn?, ?Boslou
V<tii:mt Sxj&ufed.
iv,6 -At 5:,)f Monilay mom
v vy.!; ? n1. th 0 h >ro h throw?r, WO?
e'.'.e :?{.: jo ?:?>?-. of an Ii?ffl?Tl$&
orow?. Ho mot hi? death calmJ??
P:?H -AttO PC1NT.
? Gnre.er. bo?S ^rmld'Toc : pnrop: "ate
for a lawa p..rty.--Tr;:-;L
?The vr:?v: : omr.tie' wen?her report
i% thp tXfCJH< r-ck<;\?Tcxm-* >ift"ogs.
j ?Mar. ?.'es no! need one-tenth of the :
space lie imagines he nee.d:>.--t~aires
toii News.
?V/ith a!j <-."> practice. th? devii has |
1 nen-, - .?."> on :he *lr-.: avpocrite.
?ImmV i;.
I ?}V.r cons iw.l cne^r'a mess the lam-!
bcriaan takes the cake: he \r* always '
chipr.?*;-.? Lowell Gk>ra*5er. j
I ? $ hiie ;hv- theatrical manager makes
' most :r.osry in the ion*? run. the coal j
man hah.*- . ta:successful hasiaess in
a small v 2 .. ? hhi'a?eiphi j Ilecorm
-.-She ? ? V?hat did yea sie '
at the theft fc:5? the ?tser night?'" He'
? (savajre-y V??*Th,-; hingest; curt wheel.-' !
th?at :?. niiliiaer Over madei''?X. Y.
??'2"ootl;?:?!.: made a great hit in the
? last phi}- he was in." '.'Great G&jsar,
man! he was discluirgedr' ' Yes. but
lie bad drawn his entire salary.*1?In
: tcr-Ocean.
?"De man 3at uses de bi - words," j
remarked Tack- Eben, "may git de
"plause, but he ain' n'rrh so likely tor
make plain folks change deryrc min".--"
?\7asliington if13 r.
?2?el!?**Jiow do you know ? hat sii
is in love with Jack?" Belle--"JZefirjn?&
she told rae that he was perfectly hor- .
rid. i1 ad if she wore in my place she
wouldn't have anythirc to do %*rirh
iiim." ?rb:hi?n}phia Record.
? Doctor?"'. hint yon want ndw, my <
man. is fresh air. You Want io be
? taken oat.*' I'atier.fI I engage 1
a cabman, doctor'/"' "V*.u misunder?
stand me. sir: 3 Sid not say you wanted
to be 'taken in," bnl taken out."?Yon
Icers Statesman.
j ? Expecting Too Much.? Woman (in
third-class emanate >?*'Oh. what a
noise' Thai ? corrJLd whistle is enough ]
to drive <~r.e mad." Guard?"I suppose
you want ns for your six-pence to en
gagj i'.'-Ui to sin? on the engine for '
yc,\'.'? 3;e At-.;r:pt;.?!.
-I^akinr.tieie-.?A, ^^crnrfran
i?ia. wit" you permit nib to inti ? lace
to you r.-.y friend ih?" "ffoung Lady?
"lint you are yourself a perfe; ! Stran?
ger to me!" A.?"Cut! b?t mv h iena
Th will introduceaie^tojyou presently."
?I^cgcn&c "Blatter.
?M'ss.Ser.re ? "Jack Sfa*bkkead
?rave me a greui rcctmtlon y.-.-f ran*. ;
die has a cannon ornj his y:.<..\\. and]
when T came on haar i he Srcfia sal ale
ct 'ever ?o majrv :" ~ ? fortA**-nine, I ,
th'nk it w.:a." y.irs >?: aate?*iPjre for
everv year of your sge, ! stippose."?
Yo-aia! ? I
?The Unircrsai XimVod.?"iVxfe?
"liabby. dear, if you are going cut i
sho;:::;;/. ?omt forget that we l ave a
1st re iueper-party the day af'.er to- :
morrow, and r.-:r.% somethinifr nice'
horae." Hash..'..! -"Let me look af the i
menu?ril shoot anything vou 1'ke."? ;
Uer Floh.
? Mr. V.'ayba-???'.< Joke. - -Sir. Way
b:ua<? ??'.">.?;. i'va-rot a ^ood ja'ac on :
my sori Ike. lie rerfnted r ^j-now what '
the weather was gein* to be nea'Thars- j
via;.*, and he '.vent to the nr.il and took
down an almanac?~" Dc Science
?'IIa, ha. ha. ha:" Mr. Wayback? |
"Ca;?*t yeb wait tili I git thron;:!.? It
was a iast year's almanac!"?Pack.
Drilling the Conscripts hi rlio Ttc'l-'n
.*i rre r.
Military drill, for the r-ir.^rle reason i
thrjt it demands a,eerefcral tar.sibn'as j
intense as study does, is to be pro- .
scribed. In ph; -hai edneation. in
order to remedy the fatigue of the j
brs.'n. wc eachc to abolish all studied
movements of military *rymnastics. i
v.-hi el 1 demand regularity of rhythm or
t!ie immobility of the soldier. Any
oc.r? who !;as been ;..:-c?>.m*i .-.t i);<* tlrill
icg of conscripts must have noticed
that uat*-h:-i?" of tije time is passed
standing in listenin?r to the ex?
planation of the exercises, and the
other half is passed on the stretch to
follow abrr.pt movements, which arc
contrary to natureand which shake the
human frame without helping the
health. Military exercises are the
triumph an-1 perfection of immobility.
Even-the tips of the yam bajrreis must
not vacillate in the ranks, thougli the
movement of uncomsti*ained breathing
is sufficient to cause a wavering.
The United Mates is tiie only coun?
try where the experiment of obligatory
target practice has been made. In
1700 a law was enacted by which all
persons of eighteen .years ana more,
available for military service, should
be trained in arr.13. and no one coital
vote without having a paper certifying
be bad undergbne the drill, lh.it in
America also this requirement fell in?
to disuse. Only aftext the war of l*>'<?
was there another momentary; awak?
ing of tho military spirit, and now the
conditions of America in tlsis respect
are like those of Italy and Ennepe.
Target-shooting still holds its own in
Switzerland for local reasons, due to
tho natural formation of the country.
Hunting is kept alive there by its
mountains and forests while the le?
g-ends of 1 he nation make the marks?
man most honorable among his fel?
lows. Not a festival is held there but
all fiofk to it from the surrounding
country, to shoot at tae target, and the
victors are crowned with wreathes and
carried in triumph. Hut elsewhere in
Europe the tradition of the cunning
archer has not survived the invention
of firearms.?A. Mosso, in Chautauquan.
An Addition to tiie Lan^nage.
"Would you call Dexter a poet?"'
"No, sir. lie is a riminab""
"A whatr*
"Ilirainai That's a word of my own.
If a man who commits crimes is a crim
', inal, I don't see why a man vrho com
! mils rhymes shouldn't be a rimioaX?*?
' Life.
How to Turn Tbtir i
"Miss Smith, are yen going to the
ball to-morrow night?'" asked Kcscius
ko Jones.
"Of course I am."
"I supposed as much. Why is it
that von are 50 fond of dancing?'"
" Vou see it's the easiest way to turn
men's beads.'*?Texas Siftings.
Ty Good lo J'e Trui'.
Little Johnny?Ooo! Here's a candy- j
I box some one dropped,?n'i.Vs full, too; I
j chocohftcs an'
I Little Ethel? Don't stop to talk,
I 'cause I lq ' . id it's all a dream. Let's
j hurry an" eat 'ein before wewake up.?
t Good Irvews,
a. s :t^<?na I. ? ::.
. Peari e ?- ' ? - '. -s studying
?arm r 5 ? ?nt ty?
'- ; ? be HJX
Ah -... . ' ' , .'..'^ ..
A *, "%ers^pr v.c*c*?:t.
P/.CLi. fena Jan. 5..?i'-vr a;.;"at and
operfftsw & t^o Qh&98tl l^etfic Ttstvil
Dr. J. r. &jsg3&h & ? ?SJaa?S a*.
/JTrieaWb dead. -
? h. ml County baals of M ill er, ?.
D., has suspended.
Tho sWtihg rink craze has been re?
vived a* Mausie. Ind.
a falling tree ki'Ied w?1& Manning
aged K>. near Kkrin, III. _ !
It is rumored that George VanderbilS .
and 3$ias "?Vh":nv en.yazva.
Ti e public dcbt;>was increased ??.
SSO.i ?: duriagrthe m?a&;o?January:
The rroia brickjr:ek is being- worked |
iu t! -.: beighl brbeoJ 61 Portia mi. Ind. j
Fnknov.ms muVtiered Martin Erlck- ,
son in ldc. butcher shop at St Paul, |
The Sate of putting the M&rblfeheaa'
in commission has been postponed to ?
Mare a IA
The democretic.cauens liquor lieeuse i
bin was introduced in the iovra legis
l?ttrre Friday" j
"VVn!. Lcjbr, the designer of grain cle- j
vators, was found dead in bed at his
hotel In Chicago.
Northwestern Hrreshing machine j
men hare organized at Minneapolis for '
mutual protection.
.Arcnbi?hop Ccrrigan, ia an interview '
Friday, denied that he -h'aa teen sum- i
rooned t o the va * i:'. n.
"The schooner Gririie Foster was driv- ;
en ashore nrar i.h.lifas. X. S. Five
sailors were drowneit
''Bob" Jones, a;-.- i ir. shot his father
to death at Pepria. lib, because he re?
fused to hay him a p'.ir e: shoes.
Twenty prisoners .'n the eoudiv jail \
at Shebo7%an^ Mien . have been ex
posed -.o smallpox, ami great excite?
ment exists.
there hare been a pumper ox deaths i
front diphtheria at Kmbery Church,
Ia., and the disease is fcprea?lug. The j
people are minic sir" 'mm. 4 ?'
Mrs. Ei ey Caritebrm. of Pittsburgh,
bad a K)0 yacht N * :ene 1 et Bait!- i
more. Wednesday. were a iart-e i
number ox guests pj<??.? X :
A: Columbia, *>. ( . ft. Mee.tz* was :
shot Friday by .Tonn :r. a witness
in a dispensary case. Tho trouble
grew cut of a liquor prosecution.
The president sent the following
nominations to the ?enaie Wednesday: ,
Postrua sters?.? ohn tVeiiley. i.'ecatur, :
lud.: Samuel A2*noid, i>ew Castle, i;nh j
Tbc fa? ;!a:i Gazette; commenting j
upon anatr- in Brazil, says: "Fr- zil Is .
no more under ' levciau e. suseraniry ;
than the Cartea" Mate? is ander our,
own. Admiral Kehham. quite rightly,
has met with the steady bppos'ilcn of '
all the other power.-. The Monroe \
doctrine is not yet eodinsd *.i ith r-ho i
I a v.- of na tior.s."' !
It is understood that the United j
States Glass Co.. which owns -.he two i
big iatories a.- Wheeling. W. Va.,- wilt j
dismantle them and Vybceiing will be
deprived of two of her largest and !
most important industrial plants.
There will 'every few, iiany. more ;
witnesses he fere the senate Hawaiian
investigating committee Senator Mor
gam chairman of the committee, said, j
Thursday, that, so far as he knew at j
this time, no others, would be sum?
moned. The senator also expressed j
gratification that the end was in sight, j
as the work has been a tedious one and
more prolonged than was at first con- j
templet ed.
Religions s_ :^:ics tre making a sva- ,
tematic d;rkt en whisky beer, and
desire to tax these articles to such ?
degree as to make them prohibitory
fixtures. Petitions were presented by j
Senator CuUom pntying that the in
titna: renue tax on these r.rc;C'e>
may be tree v- i in the now i a rift! law.
I\. A. Pasmes aud a^cut 50m otlier
creators ha.tc begun suit in the ecin
mon ideas court, at Fremont, <h,
against T. C. Wood, rassfgnee of th?
Bellevue bank, of Bellevne, 0.. wh &
ee5Vitu real estate ov:ned by the L-r-vh
?ld fort:-- .'.le.wtova benefit
itfrs. C. A. Ford. Madison, wis.,
sued her cousin. Her. J. F. F.ov.e. a
Catholic priest in Edgarton, for slan?
der. Dajhages claimed, ?10,033; ver?
dict for 55,000.
Allen Johnson, :?. miner, was hilled
b\* a C. & 0. train at St (lair mir.es.
West Vir jiui3. Johnson was walking
alcnir the track 2nd did hot h .- 1 the
warning whistle.
Firt Lieut Milbrd F. "'aits Twelfth
infantry, is detailed as professor of
military science and tactiesat tlie Mem?
phis institute, Memphis, Tcnn, and
will report in person for duty accord?
At Canton, O., Philip Finoid and Al
len Myers, brie to-workers, fought sev?
en rounds Friday morning before forty
companions. The latter was knocked
out The purse was $2, with a side bet
of gJ a side.
Tom Vth'.diir.Tto::, o: hh. ? ?. ..? id, a vil?
lage in Christian county, iCy.. v.-;-s
tampering with r. battle of powder, i
while returning from a hunting excur?
sion, when if exploded^ tearing one of
iiis hands ofl at the wrbsa
Tv?*o men murdered a woman on the
Pine mountain, in Harlan count-, near
Mt Pleasant. Ky. For what reason
can not he learned: One man named
Eaggs has b?en arrested, the otiier la
at large. Baggs has confessed.
the markets.
CsscnocATi, rtn R.
LIVr Sj Co?.tie?rc-auEcn*"' ? TJ
HOGS?4 . ,r. , 7 , a 5 ]fj
G; ol 1 Hers. h ii 5 :s
SHKEi ? . r,. 3? ? 3 73
.-jppcnj. 5 Cn St'^ ?
FLOUR?V.jriarailv. ? w-3 <i*l5
OILATS -V. aem-Xo. i: red. ? ;?y i
-No.Sr-Td. ^7. 57 4
Cc-a-.W. C miscd.. <!jj '?
Oais-Xo ^ir.ixed. ff> SI
Bye?Na . ? 51tf
itay?Pi^ise :.-> ch&tce. @15 ?0
SOBACcO-McvUnalsii.. 104? CI! :5
r , <e ' ?? leal. i'j Co *tI7 is
PBCtt s :? . om T5
DU; . > ;: Cht ite . 12 g jS
- rr.r p Tu vheiv-e c-K^iecrr .. ? -*3
APPLES-rFx-r?01.i... & CJ ? 5 i0
POTATOSS*i.per ba. G> ? 7..?
\v yohk
FLOri't-rair to f^cy . ^ 23
G^.v;:;-v/^,:-Xo. 1 ?:orm-n ? 70^
\.r'^: . ^ ^
OATS b "-v.C5 ? &k
F,-.-*i;:-r'?'-?*? mes3.14 to i*,v. M
i-^i.l/ - csseraBtcaq. ii 7 S3
ThS'V\-~ Wittier patents. f 23 3 PO
uii.-ii.n-.-e u<rat?-t-kL. . 0> 0?4
>:a 2 Chicago er-rics. ?1
Corn^ftt,.-. et, S5}i
?eus-N;.. 3. 2S*i^ 23 -
l?AKl>-S.icaia. c KJi& ? ??i
rBbFb-,:-"^-". ^3?
ui-./.U?"., e.-a:?;.a -J. 6P : j
.. . *J e
ata^Mijcfrt!.^ :? # sag
- OS5 - CO. jj
! vV':'' " * 1 qu-ihly..'.'.'.*." < I^jXl?
rP^r?" " esaeira. 3 73 <i 3 ?
OfiAlX- Wlieat-rKo -j
t torn-'f.'o. i'r.-bc-J "*"' '*'
oaui -no. 2
Onts?Mixed. .
ifoca....., ...y. '.*,**?.* .".*
The-smallpox scare is. growing >n ?ii ?
the larger towns in Iowa The state
board of health is receiving telegrams
from all parts asking for trained nurses
and advice- The board is adopting
stringent measures for general vuedna-,
.T. W. Watson, a country preacher. ?
while conducting a revival at Yellow
Springs, 0-. was calle3 a fool and a liar
by Sandy Fettiford. Watson immedi?
ately so:;: '-: ^.ob and nor.n'led him
all around the church, lie was com?
pelled to desist by the congregation!;
The Iowa state board of health re?
ceived a telegram T^ednesday from the
author-tie? of New Hampton ashing for
trained smallpox nurses Tho town
is suffering from an epidemic, with
eight cases and one death so far. An
epidemic also prevail.- at Council
Jack Lavin, of Paris, 7-1 r.. aged about
35, was found deed We<Ines<l?ay morn?
ing on the farm of John Sei mom live
miles west of town. So went to Rud
deli's Mills Tuesday to see about do?
ing some painting, and. not getting
the work, he started herae and froze
to death.
At the noon hour Friday^ in front cf
the city school braiding, Xoblesville, ]
Ind.. Harry Pardne. aged 19, was leid- j
named by Mart Mi'uner*. of Indiaaapo^
Iis, and taken away ha a baggy in rreat
haste toward that city. This is the
second atteatet, and creates great ex-1
OR. ;r. h. SpROLES,
HE SI 1; E'S T d rTN tj S t,
si:; stone gap, va..
? . ? .? ???].:-:'-.-,:<i ;-rr:r:-.
Kk&aiirss i-i Rrjfcs Art ry
? :??.:??>: r. ?? . 2Z--y.
V'i'l -I
o;fce ?i
r? att f? %r f*xi ^ V T> ?
Ca-] er. ?-.e-o-, for ft ice Fresh C*r.
C;oa, Rais . Fi re. Farcy Cqpl? i vg
Material and a.!! ianoa of Farou"*/
Supp;^;'.. Full Una of Court*".' Pro?
ves always or rtanch "
-i ;t a-.:
; ? -.
rfLli ELUL iL,
arkansas ANDTEXAS
no CHAy.crc or cars
Tiirotigii Co?(haf. r::;: Filiaan Slsepers^
Trav.rf.;r.;< the Pinv-st Farming
C-:"a^."r.?- ar:-i Timber I_? r.'-i
Af:a acACna.o the
Most rrc-^c'c::jTovr.5 arid ?:t.ica
Great Southwest
r'AliVi:-.; f. \ *? ii- -a : : . aI:na.ta?Uv 3i!
? ?''.???r \ ro the ? *? >!:._:! traits i?3~J
,?.nrir v^.~;-.'
V2:>i: I. _*^rv,r.?;.:r rx.v :.:a
? ? :<?.*?' ' ' : . x: v. <rj r*.- j ? . . :
Cotton Belt Route.
iiirzaatytz you *p?? ' ? ?:? ???;??;?};; .-. tr:?> f? -
K. V. f-. Set's ?!???-? ?V^. !??;': A
a ?;? - a . : r;r.:;X ^ a: V
a- .:, -,!;., v.c.
'. :>?': *u*d. a .?.? *?:i.;>,c.
' Orr/? ?Kw-pr." <a-,i"J ?.(i.?iT..'. ' ; .
St. ??.;... a-. Sh i
^r..:::, ; ? 'h'-viA^;
ii>^<_ 1. _ . :.v. .
j.? y> r-y ?-:?-?
r.-v r! Z \)
t-< c a ...n Ct'i- i .-.v.*,
? .. id c-;or ?Z i ijtQ
a . ..i V. i-a_v -aa3 S
L-rimed. $
;J s.i?tdd c-.t m!$ $
cJocarr. ? a .- ;
crrcc-Jy ilio ones- a
tioaa i'j cohiaihtly 5
srletSg ac-iV'a the L-:*.cr., ivcJ?ag,
proaue va: a, an I , .caah:c'of v;c:?5. " r'
.17^"-rnjy h\ lir.eif. I:sbotvsi
: ? a /(/a j rj?avra:.:i: ? ?.?r rara'.y r?.Tcreac<
? tK3 f a ! i c. ? acornmi" emfne rtc
,t:-.iw:. uvfi&ez* ca^ iv.., can; oo-ad ao:i- ^
ci:i'^?,\:?^:. ;- t-a ?? arai ?eatsm? of the 5
rlrax-; nsaslatlca ? ;" foaclga oaoaitluct, x
vn . a,:-l.rj...^,r.f* a ?i; c *-,-etc..etc. ^
Th'h Work it Ii vsHtdbie f ?*t& g
. . -;? f,andtotS ) isaccen ichdar^ j.to- S
c .? :-s\.aaa, aad a&IT^ccatoir. 5
vf! i ro ile i :;..?<:: caocffh liiir ? . S
?'? ? v : lnt*iiii-;c-aji. f
' j. '? ;t?'v- t tpl : L r;cl;r 5
v ? >aa I cair..elfer.-iav*' ttt >;.' ?:.
-at Ijl.t O-.- ?
Bkistoj-, Va.-Tenn.
vV. p, KA>TU.*3 0*.-.T. r- rwi3ni?:or.
He.tes F-er Day.
iwi'*^ - gaaaai-ssese?hs
.Alt liti-V- %?< rV'ir:
stc;-:e. SRieft, nod p^>;steri;<g.
D'i-J Stonf Cap. or Gate City; Va,
[J&ss; fi.'tlt -!.:<?.;,;
b 3 ?s t - > 3 ^ o Gap, v" .
V'.: . :.-?r!:\"r'.?:". }\-f.-v.\-r.
ijfrrf*: ?cli '-- *r e.-?$ co*y^ rrr-tr. 3. r...
:-<.V'p. tlty ? r :r ^*fen.$:*m ? i
s.. m. t-: 5 p. HI.
y.nf..- y .-.>, .. ? rv<>. .?.1. v .??< e?/^i5'r?:m.
?? ? . - ll.l^e.?.
" - .--?,\ ?;,?. - A. - JSfiJ m.
Sit--.--.rr..:- .v r.-i-.-.t. ran.. ?? 845a.m.
. si ?? -
i.?:t ?-.. .
. ?; t'. -J j . "??
' ? - ?
-I ??- .' >' -
Aj'.;: v IX a* t, ; g.? ?ktuKK ?f
1f.. .?.;>.
A. Ayers, ? re
J. K- T&src*rfc V. Pre3't
A. 3. Eaton; Superirrfe
i It ?!. ? .
tt-3C p. -.j.
... ryjv? ! t ? -
Mi ? ? . . ? '
CMSG? V.VLI.KY Mi }s.?r. _?
' - t?i. " ? ' ?
' s't.e -,,\ DKt?lO^^a e ? -...
?'" tl T/-> |>. : -; "?
?-?.<->:?. I),.--1 .1 ,
q .. I . .;.n::. ft ;^ |
ijckt-l A ,-r; :. IfajsltL ' ' ' r
}_ ~ .
i-s ' v W"
?3 & 0 '.
<\ m
- >>>
i B?2 ' - ?
t f. ....
r cnt . v
Jena pv< i <
r r??oi. frc
i Cop. We
i charge (
JcoS - . ?
5 ^ ?* r *
0 C- r-.
y-- ?
' ^ 0
jo* ?
jcz. enre rot
cv-rw- - ? ; .
. .
Dj- It?
2,1" r. J...:.
ft ..
0 ?
>> to??"
ri he Best Shoes ^
/>\ fcirtbc LeestSioatr. _^>?
1 (6?>5
? g v
For Sale by J. M. Willis,
Big Stone Gap, Va,

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