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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, February 22, 1894, Image 1

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) ?S : i V. ATi S '
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?Al. FAMILY tVv?&lCtK53
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?no$T; ****
a Ft. Scott Lod#e.
SJ>.r Says if ZXxjtohry is Goi.<J for Men Iiis
?;,!? (! ."..:?? r for V/<>men?T!k? l'iucky
VVonun WJU fui'.ifitc Wmuoa
T<-.-:-;-.v Kan., Feb.' IQ.?Mary R
Lea? ? < :/:ns ' to be a'Mnsoa.'uad has
mtvdctbo startlirigf statement that sho
pr >.: :? ? to organize lodges of Masonry
for women throughout the country.
Mrs. I ease ivears upon nor bosom, sua
pende ? by ? gdicl chain, a KnightToai
plar eftn????;'(; the usual keystone of
Ehe chanter on the reverse side, and
she ueclaros that ska i.s as mach en*
titled to wear it its any man who be
lord's to the Templar ordoi*.
She ays fter eoinrol?dery Is Kogk do
Payne, oi V\. Scott, Kan. She says,
and offers to prove it to masons, that
she kndws all the ai?n.au grips,, signals .
arej puss words of the biue lodge, chap?
ter und corn-mi'ndery, and that she ob- ;
tam'CKl theja |&itima$ely. ? She says if
mas;>nry Is ?cdd f<-i* men it ,is much
better for wortf?b, as they arc more
n< edful o? prctcckic'n than men. Sha
: j . ' :. . by .: ri?g n sign of tho order
iva's ? from personal violence,
and from that moment sho resolved to :
give to women the s-tme advantages of
masonry thai .'?ho. enjoys.
MrsVJ ?-. c made this statement In. con- |
ycrsation with a reporter, in which .sho ,
outline I som' of her future life's work.
She said that she had other plans than
politics :.: .1 th? lecturo Seid. With
this sho launched into a discussion of
her resolution te- initiate women into
Masonry. She said that as she was
thoroughly up in the Masonio work it
?va's not necessary for hor to obtain
th< consent or aid of men in initiating,
and the men refused to recognize her
dis dolos us Masons, they could and j
would act independently of them, and j
conduct ledges umi grand lodges of
their own.
Mrs. Lease admits that it is contrary
to t he ?iIaSonic rnie for women to be?
en Masons, but ?>he declines to fctuto
how she gained the secrets of the or?
der. She challenges any Mason to test
her oh the secret work of the order.
The Masons, of course, deride hor
claims, arid say that slio is note Mason,
and if she has obtained1 ilie secrets of
the ord< r it was by undue moans.
To a *:;r>or. Mrs. Lea so offered to
!''?.? signs* griwarid passwords, but
ho declined, of course. 11c said to her
Lhi " . ? woul ! have enjoyed being pres?
ent v. '?: p she was' mvlo a Mason, to
which Mrs. Leas? smiled and said: "it
was real funny.M
f-r ? [ Bo tKo;>ort on Hawaii
. ite Uo&mittoe IUny X>tSnnpotut
On Lfc -:?.
WAsntXGTOX, ifeb. i'A? The senate
sub-ccunmitibee on foreign aJTairs have
completed the taking of testimony in
the llawaiian matter, and the great ra
port is about ready to be given to tho
full com mil t eet Contrary to the expecta?
tions of many, it is learned, from what
seems, to be excellent authority, that
the re] or1 supports tho Amc.*rican ideas
<>l the Earrison administration, and
has no fault to find with the actions of
its representatives at Ilonoluln, Ex
Minister John Jj. Stevens.
The only members of tho snibcommitr :
tee who will not sign this report. It is |
said, will bo Senators Gray and Daniel'*
and whethor they will make a formal
minority report commending tho
Clove]and policy is not yetknown. Sen?
ator Morgan, who has^heen heretofore
counted as leaning toward the present
administration, is. according to this
repo t. rery in?ch opposed to it on this
one point
Rivry i?> r<T:?.r. A'.ivo, L'einnining In t'ie
Trench Thirty ft ours.
Pan vi :.!.??:, K'y., Feb. 19.?Aninstanco
<>r the extreme cruelty resorted toby
the so-called "white enps" that h;.vo
boon le!*rori2iing pcrtieas of Mercer
and Washington counties, U reported
from Leeshurg, a small village on tho
Salt river. A man named tfraok Dot-'
torn incurred the dispTeasure of
the.se sconldrels and thoy deter?
mined to punish him. So they went
to Iun kouso one night recently, and
taking him from his bed, tied his arms
and legs and then)buried him ahont a
fool and a half under ground^ just
leaving a hole hi? enough .to fre?"h?
face so that he would not smother to
death. They then covered brush over
thia hole render his discovery inoro
diHicnlt. tip remained in this condition
for about thirty hours, when ho was
released, more dead than alive.
Dynamite in a Stove.
iton, Kan., Keb. 19.?Amanen
:. e.t in sinking a weil on a farm of
Jacob Smith placed a"stick of dynamito
in the cook-st?ve oven to thaw out and
wont away. Mrs. Smith and her
daughter-in-law soon afterward went
to work in the kitchen, unaware of tho
danger they were in. The 'dynamito
soon thawed and exploded, blowing
the stove huo adorns, 'wrecking a por?
tion of the house and seriously wound*
ing" both womon.
IJapoi?oa'8 Status Wrecka^.
i.oti.vo.v::. Feb. 10.?The statue of
Napoleon, which was'creetcd in loj-i by
ten, has been blown.down and
broken to pieeeis!
ranic m a caurch. ' '
t .i>K l^.?While high mass
r.us hd?ag c|looratea in tho Church of
Sau S??astTaa Sunday slates fell from
:!..? i\t ,1 The congregation thought
that a bomb had been thrown, and all
hished to the door. Several persons
v^ore tram; le i, but nobody was injured
C-. r.. ?r.riy Xuiprove*J.
LyxciUiU?O, Va., Feb. 19.? The con
dttv>|i of tlen. i-lnrly was so much rm
? aved Sun'day that he was able to
leave !h room and he a. ride aboufc
the' cityiu tiie strict ears.'
_?i i , _'?
A Lsa? Bonanza.
Pr,..,. e, I-.., c'ob. 19.?The Carrick
mire, \n which; aitvr forty years, op .?r
vvions were recently resvr.uod ha.$ dc
^lop-ed the btg^e^t load in P'aWmr.e
hlajUa'y, H-hk-cs of uoim?t^ c : *;ro are
iu sh-bt, an;l the daily yield 4* 5P*0 '0
pounds, H is dedai-Jd ^i;Kited states
On -tho Oermau Irond*.! F.amVbbtirS
Next- Klol-Thc- tSttXn fctenm TJpe of tho
f'Hrbtra rd Kn^iuo Ezplodca.
Kicl, Fob. 17.?A terriblo accident
occurred on board tho German ironclad !
: Rainenburg Friday morning near Stoll- j
I ergrund, tare* miles from tho Duel it
lighthouse, at the entrance to tho. KUi
; buy. The birr vessel for some time past
has been in Kieler Fohrd, one of the,,
best havens in Europe and the chief
war harbor of Germany, nndergoiug
various experiments. Friday wa3 so
lected for a forced draught trial.
To get tho ironclad in first-class coa
dition forthe test forty artificers vrsre
r^-n: aboard from tho imperial dock
yard. VVhilo eioven of these artificers
ivvoro iu the, engine room a tremendoas
explosion tooic place. The main sYenni
pipe of the starboard engine had burst.
Far above the noise of the esc.trdng
steam were heard the heartrending"
criss ;,f the injured and dying-.
PaT.i? temporarily spread among tho
erew, but after a moment's hesitation'
every cfT<<rt was put forth to rescue
the rmroi-ttihato men iu tho engine
ioo\:*>. It tyaa then found that of tire
eleven artifice/a all bot one had been
killed. The man who escaped owed j
his preservation from the feto of his |
comrades to the fact that at the mo
meat of the explosion he was standing
on a ladder near the top of the room. !
Iiis companions were all cm the floor j
of the room. I
When the steam had cleared away, j
and the panic had subsided, a further :
search w^s made among* the crew for j
the dead and injured. It Was then dis- j
covered that thirty-nine mail in nil liad |
been killed and nine injured. This list j
includes the ten dead artideers. Thirty- I
seven of the men were killed instantly.
Two of the wounded died a short while j
after receiving" their injuries.
Hix steamers were promptly dis- j
pa'tched from Kiel to the scene of tho (
disaster. They carried n. number of i
pbysicia?s and surgeons and a large !
Quantity of medical supplies. Tho !
gunrdship Pelican, with Wince Ifcr.ry, J
of Prussia', on bo?rdi also put off in- I
stentiy to the 12rcndenburn;'s aid. Tho i
dead and wounded '.yore carried from !
the Brandenburg to the steamers and !
eonyeyod to Kiel. Xho injured were J
taken to the hospital It is believed '
that they will recover;
The details of the accident arc very I
hard to obtain. Jt is said that ps soon i
ris the explosion occurred all hands
were summoned on deck and the pumps I
were rigged. 1c was not then known j
what the accident amounted to, and j
fcara were entertained that the Brand- ;
enourg was in danger of sinking.
All day long the most intense excite- j
ment has prevailed at Kiel Most of
tho du'ud and injured lived here or in
the neighborhood, ancLjuany of thorn
were men of family. The wharves
wore crowded from the time the steam?
ers left for the fccene of theoxplosion
until they returned with the victims. I
As the dead and v/onndod were borne j
tenderly from the vessel to the shore |
the air resounded with tho cries of the 1
bereaved, while those viho had net;
lost any friends or relatives uncovered !
their heads.
A strict inquiry will be made into tho
cause of tlfe disaster.
Kiel is not unused to such scenes c? i
suffering and. death. In August, 1893;
an accident similar in its dreadful fea- j
tures to the present calamity took j
place while the German vessel Baden!
was engaged in gun practica at Fried- 1
rich sort near Kiel. A shell, by some j
unexplained cause, exploded prema- '
turelv; killing two lietonauis and i
? !
seven men. !
Prince Henry, of Prussia., together;
with Admiral ScKroedor and other
high officials, was on board the Radon !
at the time, watching the. experiments.
Their Worte i:i the South Diseased l>y Miss
Clay :vn ? Others.
Wasii!>;?';tos, Feb. 17.?-The second!
day's session of the twenty-sixth an-|
nual convention oi the National |
American Woman's Suffrage as&ocia- j
tioh began at 10 o'clock Friday morn?
ing. The corresponding secretary j
read her report, showing the results '?
that have been accomplished, both in :
this country and abroad. Miss Lama
Clay, of Kentucky, started a long dis
cuss ion on the needs of the south, and
I of the progress that hud, beten made. :
I A recess was taken until the afternoon, j
! when services ware held in memory of j
: Mrs. imcy Steine, Elizabeth Oakesl
Smith, [ton. Lei and Stanford, lion. I
Charles ?iNeil and George W. Childs, j
I at which addresses were made by Mrs. j
Julia Ward Ik-we and others.
Washington, Feb. 17.-? Tho house
committee on the judiciary Saturday .
i directed Mr. Goodnight, of Kentucky, ;
j to request the house to allow the com- I
mittce to withdraw tho resolution re- I
ported adversely hist week, providing j
for woman suffrage. This action was !
taken at tho iv of the woman's ?
' suffrage convention, wbich is to be;
! heard on the subject
! A \ Awf.il Cjcr>55lon.
j Fhkduk'v k. Fej). l?.-\Vm. Leonard, \
\ who shot and hilled Jessie Anderson, j
I in .Sen tern bor Kst, was hanged in tho
l ja.il yard Friday Morning. He "ore '
I dyin^- Leonard confessed that he mnr-;
j dered his third wife and her newly j
born twins. The man also asserted
that his name was iu>t Leonard, but;
that he assumed the name to keep di
jgrace /from his faaiily. Ho lias a
i brother an ofrjeor in the British array,
j and ;:u uncle and six cousins in Phila?
delphia. .
Young "Woman Suraei to D:a.ta.
Cl.,U!X??Vii.i.:i, Tenr-. Feb. lT. -V.'hile
alone at Koine, in the Sixth district of
this comity, the daughter of C. W.
i Wade burned to death, being the see
! ond young woman to meet, death by ?
j lire within a few miles of here in the
j past few days.
Tb-: Provas ?l?a Breiteaaitj^n.
p Loli.^, Mo,, Feb. 17.?Pitcher
'] lieodorc Lireitcnstein. who has be fore
! been in the box for tho l>roe, us, sign.'d
i Friday morning to -play that position
I the coming season. It i? understood ho
? geta iu the vicinity oi t?jO?O;
H?oret?.ry Mortan li^a^fd la E;Dry.
NicbkaskOirV. Xoo., Feb. IV.?Tho
bitter fees inv of some person* again-t
! d. Sur*,?-. Mu.-ton. secretary o; agri
| ct.I:A.-'e. ?- . .d'".>ed in se/t-.kt;oael
j ^??-????' - ^o?:i;^:n,y:^*.
; \ r -r-y . -.1. :. *: h had been ^.jd in
efdgy in the, city^ park.
Sccord Ifcjpslcn.
WaS?ISOTOS, Ftb Ii?SSlfXTK?Tho Sltt
w&ilan matter was bron/V. up lo the senate
Monday by S?roau?r Crv.-, ? no made an admin- j
"Istratioa speech. Senator CockrsU presented a !
rnsraorlal of tit a St Louis Merchant** exchange, |
declaring that the pr?*ont auigna?on of tea .
country Li duo to the uncertainty of congrsx
alonol action on tha tariff question, and praying j
that the matt? m&y bo. settled aa speedily na j
possible. a substitute, for the WUscn uirrfj |
bill was presented by Senator Galliger. It do- i
( clarea that, ia view of the widespread industrial j
depression existing in cur land, bringing dies?- j
ter to tee manufactnrinf Interests and loss of j
i ?mployraen: and sctferihg to tho wage-enruir.? j
i classes, it Is unr/iso to make any changes in tho !
tariff law during the prasenr RdmiaisiratJon. a !
Blessem was recoivod from tho house, anneune- j
ing tho death of Corerosainaa Ecuk. of Ohio, j
no??B?Oor.^Ideraton of the Bland /eniercgo ;
bill in the house was deferred until Tuesd'ir, i
and the committee on the District of Columbia i
bad th? right of way for the disposition of local j
measures, Tho urgency deficiency bill, carry- !
ins wjis paesc-d Aruoc? tfce items np- ;
pointed by tho Mil are: *60,W0 tc aid in carrying j
into efT<rot the pror?rkmc-? of the Chinese exclu?
sion act; 8Jl,f53 to repair Ford's theater r.nd
to be expended bv the secretary of tho
navy'in ropa^rm;; the gunbea(8 Casttae and
Machlas. a special order providing fcr e?l?? j
gies upon the late Senator Stanford, of Ca1 ifor- j
nia, was tah.pn up. and after a nurabor of ad- j
dresses the hcuao, as a further mark of respect, j
v,*>snrxoTO>% Feb. 14.?Ff.nat;'..?Senator j
Sbcup (Ida ) rave noriee. Tuesday of a number
of amendments ho intends to pr poao to the
"Wilgon biiL These amendments make crapes
dutiable at sisty centR per barrel of tfcre? oubto
feet capacity or fractional part thereof, plums
and prunes at two cents per pound, lead ores
and lead dross at one and nno-hulf et-nts, silvor
ore and r.ll other ores containing lead, a duty of
one and one-half ecnta per pcund on The load
contained therein: molten and old re/use lead,
run into blocks and burn and old scrap load, tit
only to be manufactured, at two cents instead
of one cent por pound, nnd lead in sheet, pice,
shot lead wire Buti?bie at two and one-half
cents instead of one and oue-quarier rents per j
pound. !
HotTSB?The debate cn tho Bland selcnoraco j
bill "was continued Tuesday, but it lacked in- '
tcreat sod there was a very small attendance i
of members. The'speeches were, lor the mo^t i
part, tho threshing of straw v.h oh had been i
threshed in tie debate on tho repeal of the !
Sherman luvt. Mr. Culber.^on said the genera! '
object of tho Bland Mil wa*-: to get tho silver
builioh now in tbo treasury in circulation aa !
rapkHy as possible. About 153,000,000 ef It ?
would be a pure jiddition to tho ourrc^cy, '
would appreciate any class of money, nor carry I
a taint of depreciation into tho currency. Bo
was n free coihago advocate, r.nd (n entire ac- j
cord with the purpose of the bill. If it beepmo
the law, it would savo the issue of tW,OCO,OG0 of
Interest-bearing bonds.
"VV/.?hin'".ton, Feh. j-nN^ra ?The cnilro
time of tho senat? Wednesday was consumed
in tho discussion of tho house bill compelling
the Rock Island Railroad Co. to stop its trains j
a: Hie new towns of Eftid and Bound Pond; in j
the Indian Territory. Tho measure is espeoial- |
ly championed by Senator Berry, of Arkansas, j
No action was reached on the bill, but a vota I
will probably be taken Thursday. Senator j
Frye presented a remonstrance from tho hfa- I
tional W. C. T. U. against a tux ou whisky. ;
This romonslranoe is .signed bv officers cf the
W. CL T. U. in forty-four States and throe ter?
ritories, and these excellent women do not be?
lieve that the United States ought to enter into
copartnership in either the manufacture or sole
of intoxicating liquors:
norsE?All efforts to a.treo upon a time for
clct'.in^ the debate upon tho Bland bill have so
far failed, und debate is still proceeding-with?
out a limit Mr. Blcmd will probably pcrnii'.
this to rc> on. until Thursday eight,, and there
ore quito a number of gen?cmeu w^o insist
upon their ric/nt iw bo heard; Tho opponents of
th^* raoasure hav.-" decided that thoy will insist
upon a quorum of the advocates of the measure
br.in? present at every ?t?}(s of the parlia?
mentary procedure hereafter, so that a motion
to close the debate .will requiro n quorum of
thosp who aro in favor of It.
TV'ASHisGtlfOM, Bob, IC.?S?KAxifc?The sen
Rto spent :;::eo hour- Thursday afternoon in
cbnrddering the Pcckham natter. Senator
Pu?h iipblte for an boor and a ha.', and madp a
vlgorpus attack cnPeckhanu Bo was followed
by .Senators tlndisky nnd Harri? whq snokr1
for confirmation. Alter having sujli their lixne |
in speakinar. the senate a?jouraod v.ithou',
action, and it is expeetrd that :? "rcsuit ail] he
reached Friday' and tbr.t Pcckham wnli be de?
lected by a majority ranging from ttve tbelffht.
Reprc^untativt's of be .h pldcs of tho font.ru
vcMy'asscrt that the adjournment^awithout
aay-signi'ltiance; whatever. i
Horr-/? "i }-.tf dc'cnVc on the Blandst-iijartior-j
ar;e bi'i in the house Thursday w.u chstrjeter
Ized hy several strong dcmacratlo sppeohes
agnlnst the moasur.c. Mr.,Bland has yivvn up
hope of reaching tin asrobracht to ??ir..^;. act':.:..
by unanhnous consent Friday he will move
to clotic thO ;debata As the.cppeuonts ot the
bill will decline to vote, it will rcQuirc a quot ava
at the a?7oe?tes of the meVjiure to carry this
motion. Mr. Bland c-oc? not ^xpect to secure a
quorum Friday, r..;t a-i soon as this lack of a
q?er?m !s demonstrated f-tens will bo taken to
compel the attendance cf abs&ntccs.
W^BUp'OTOa. Feb. IT. :Slih"ATS?,Thc pubhs
proceedings >t trie ssfy?v? Frfday only bicupled
hall' an l:our's time, an:! were, mainly confined
to the pre^entaticn ot' reraonstran^cs against j
the-Wilson tariff bill. The only point outside j
such a^ routine thattera v;ir, ;ho adoptlou of a !
resolution by Mr. Hoar (rep;, Masa^ rexj^estius;
the presidoat to ifansntit to the sonate'all re- '
ports and ?ispatch?s fr';m Mr. V,"i'.!5a, ^r-l es- I
peeially tho dispatch wmmattiosting a let'er
from Provident DcJs sr/eclfring^ccrta'n (diaries i
ar^ir.st the conduct of MnWilifs; Ln eteeu'tivo {
t>cs.-;:on ?}-.e nbmSuation of W, heel er B, Pockham
to bw associated justice in sapremo cour.,
"w.-ih re.';';-tc-d by n. totoot *\ to St.
HOUSK?-In tri-_i moral;-;? hour, Mr. QOutslle'a ]
resoiutloii callias u'-*?n the cecretarjr of the j
navy ccipies of rrders Issued to the com- I
mauder of the'naval fordcs tit llouoluiu ?lnce-J
Marob -i, 1853, v:;s rftpori'jd from the committee j
on naval affairs, with an amendment changing
tho dato to irhich the icQulry was limited to !
i March 4, 1^32, and passed. Only forty-one J
members werp prssant Pridav n^ght when tho
honEo' met An attempt wr.* made lo put !
through some pension bills, .button account of j
1 th^small attandancp Mr. Martin moved tn^t j
the house adjourn, and it was so ordered at I
; 8:m>. . j
; W/.&Ttiypyor.. Fcb 10.--Ti? soaata auh-opni: j
j mitteo on tariff sat r.? such In Sonajtor Vest's
i room until 11 ?..?"rle.-k Satxtrday nigh't, nnd then [
j repaired to ?itj r^onvpf ;i*e senate tHommittee j
j on hnance, vie re '.he ?^ttlng wan continued j
! with all the d-sn r.-it" in-m'rcr:< of the Co'm
I mitteo, except Senator-iVlanoa, present Secrc- ?
t trv Carlisle with the member,! of the s'.,l>- j
oommltioe for hour Sftrur^lay nicriim?. dis- j
cussing la th*: m.'.in the administrative features I
cf thobiJl, nnd comparing Rgjues with ?Lern !
to the amount of revenue necessarytand the !
I bestmeass of yati'nfr It The committee is of S
j tho opinion that it ti?e bill can l>o made tb in*
! sure ?430.?-i>: f> 0 per annum, at present that sum
j can bo made to serve tho purpose.
HcrsK?The proo<-edin.f- in the h<vv:se Satur?
day w:-re imfm^rtant Mr. ':l^nd v,r..-. ujjain
J unable to secure n quormntfo c'osc debate
? cn the silver sc.guk-ra^e mil. and;at " e'clock.
j by special or lor, the r-. s;. of tha day.w?n de?;
j voted to eulogfos on the late Renrescniative
I Beley/of Eennayivahia A quorum is contl
| Uently es^ecte^ on Monday.
raroGiiirv? Held Bp.
j San Fbaxcisco. Feh. 17.?The faro
! game of Carroll & V/e'oler, in city,
i was heul no B; tvr'o.ihe'a at :'? e'eieek:
j Fricl;ij moTftj ': r.o r*-Mvrs ?.-;-t.t-:.l
nearly KJ.??ti Owe 61 tt? rohhers vva.s
tr.ken. ittto custody koA identiried its
& son of E^tlTafbax^ Commissioner P?nl
seli. Tho v?thor inr.n ^eeatnpe?'l
Idlt^t -Lipped ir. a Uox Uj Esprcsa.
Cajstqn, ( >., Keb- l^-?Four Minerva
man sltiujied Joe Ci;iet-t:tn. we?.!:min'.led,
j by express i.i if- hox io Wehre s. \
I locr.l salo.ei'.st. *.s 'ho inierslate eout- i
j nterce law wits vl' Ulei tt-.eto will be"
i an mvestU/ittion.
' ItJipit'ttiaHjj ^.r r.od.'o.-d. Tn-t,
I K^Droi;!', Feu. :C-:"phtlteria,.
I which ivt .-ir-i^rvals thr-.; cued here
? during- the t u*t win Inr. r.t^rie hroko
! out in f'brt y; ie echVHhvu- -\ n'-e-?
i tatin^ the cui'-.-.u* of i t-e'-oini-tcir?
!-por;;i-iiy. So ?;tr t^-o e^te^ \\ :ve heea
J ror.?vtc-<.l, r.nd ull oi-'^rU will ho folly'
exercised to prevent tite l.iUl disease
from spreading,
n^ *t>;iJ jl :if5?* ' ;:)
ThrJSUng Adveniuro on an Aerial
Cable Car.
Th? Dravrin* Csbio Erckn and in? Brchma
End Sni-\v;*n Thmu'V-. th*C>.r TTith Its
Euwd of Ilnir/^rr-fy Sor-.r.-.: ??f tho
l'?.E40cgor5 injure!, Ouo >:Ualty.
Kst-xviLT.s, Tcnn. Feb. 19.? One
killed and several hart is the result of
1 a moat thrilling hccidcnt at Longstreet
Paris Sunday kiienxoon. j he drawing
cable of an aerial ?v Snapped in two,
leaving- the e.?r and passenger two hun?
dred, f.eet in midair: r. h de the broken
end of the cable smashed through the
fraii box Clled vti'th b^n<a,ni'ij to do its
deadly work. At it-, hi^/u-^t point, the
car is n&arly thrrip hundred feet above
the Teane'ssee river, and sae trip o7er,
while being niest tkriiilng; afforded n
beauthrji vier-' of the surrounding
country to the pa^sengera a ear
which would hold perhaps twenty per?
sons hung suspended from two heavy
cable*, five feet apart
Sunday afternoon rht- car had carried
many passengers, and made its last
trip about 4 o'clock, Seven people
were in it, with W". C. Lewis, who
stood at the brake. ?Yhen within une
hundred foot of the bluff the cable
snapped in two between the "'car and
engine-room, and the car started back
r.s if shot from a huge cannon. Near
the center of the river, und felly
two hand red feet above it, its
progress was shjdd* nly checked as
the broken cud of the c&ble wound
itself about it like a rrjga serpent
It wieul crashing tiirougij the wooden
car, only to Wind itself around and
crush through its top :;gj.ia us if it
were made of paper. There the ear and
passengers hung for nearly two hours,
while every minute the crowd increased
until a thousand persons iin-^d the
bank of the fiver. Biap".oy,v'3 seemed
dazed, and ir. was s'c'diVi tiirie be&?i*4i a
long rope was sseeurod. Tfiis was j
slipped down the cable to the car and
o steamer anchored itself directly un?
Will nibley, a boy, was tbo first to
be let wowii, and the c^ow/i cheered
lustily as he^was safely landed^ Next
came Miss Alice Vrhuvlell, who stood
the shock brav: iy. Doubly I oil i they
clieercd her sale return, Belief gained
ground that no one was hurt, be..; those
familiar knew otherwise, for in the car
above Oliver Ledgerwood lay dying,
iiis lifabiocd oozing from two ugly
wounds on the head, ?e ha? gone
with Miss Warduli, hin ?ahce. or. the
novel trip which on led so disa* trousVy.
One by one the passengers were let
do wn until the ear was cleared. vVhou
Ledger wood reached the boat a sur?
geon pronounced h;s injuries fatal,
and in less than te i minutes lie was
de.'id. Hi^ skull had been fractured in
two places.
Mr. Fred MeBee, mother passenger,
suffered a severe injury to one leg,
while Henry Matcher's right hand was
badly hurt Hugh Rule, a boy, was
standing near tbo engine-house when
the cable broke, and wt.s struck by the
end. r.nd seriously hurt Persons in
the ear say that Ledgerwood never re?
gained cenciousnesa after being struck,
lie .was u premising young lawyer,
and leaves a widowed mother to mourn
his los*
Before the c.ryon.'r'^. jury Sunday
ni^ht, .7. K Patten, one of the iosseos
and pari owner *l th.e cable line, made
the sensational statement under oath
that he believed the cable had boon mit.
The matter r.dil ce. fully investigated*
EDtfasrod In tho LniTOUins Ovt>r IJev
3"<:ur 7A illlons.
Sax Fka.ncjsoo. Feb. 19.-?Goy. Mark
ham has brought suit to secure the es?
cheat of the Gypsy Blythe estate,
valued at ?-l,0'J0.?J0i) to the state. \
The complaint alleges that on April j
?I, 18S3, Thomas li. Illy the was!
tho owner and seized in fee simple j
absolute and in the possession and
occupation of the real property, which
is then described: that Blythe died
without leaving any wife issue or heirs
to t ake or inherit his estate or any por- :
tion thereof, which has therefore cs- ;
c h! - a i c 1 i c > h e sin t e o t Ca 1 if on i ia for
the support of ths common schools. D.
M. Del ma:-', for the Williams hairs; Mc
Dermott for tho company, and Garbor,
Dealt & Bjwi?p for Florence Blythe, do
not appear to a:iticir?3t's much trouble
from the state in this ia>v suit
In a l,,xr. EUCm
Atlanta, tin., Feb. it).?A esse of
mental aphasia has developed in the
mysterious man who lies been for so
long at the Grady hospital, lie was
knocked down and robbed several
weeks ago, and since theo be has been
unable to remember his owe. name.
Sunday he offered a reward of $150 to
licy one who could tell him his name,
lie says that if he could remember it
he could remember everything. Chief
of Police Connelly h".d him sit for a
photograph, which will be sent all over
the country.
Mtwiifr. <I Ten Yvrirn Ago.
Dallas, Tex., Feb. 19.?A ir.onth J
ago. on the old Pngley farm, in a deep
thicket; a skeleton was found: The
skull had been perforated by a bullet,
and within the skull the leaden missile
wa.s found. It was Identified as the
.skeleton of Henry Kirk, a former who
had been lured to death ten years
ago. Sheriff Ca bell Thursday received
a telegram from tho sheriff of Miller
county, Ark., saying that W. F. Ander;
eon was in jail in that county. It is
claimed that Anderson shot Kirk.
* iccreaan V7*j!?iry Tns.
Cnic-vc.o, Fob. 10.?Director Freiberg,
of the whisky trust, talking of trust
matter*?, said Sunday: "Sinei- it has be?
come evident that the senate will rec?
ommend an incroasd tax- on spirits,
there has been a rush of orders
from dealers. I have assurances that
the "majority of the senate com?
mittee are in favor of an increased tax
on all whisky manufactured after July
of this year. Dealers want to rstock up
under the old scale of prices, for the
cost of spirits will advance with the in
creased t&x The output of the ,pl ants
at riverside. Pecria ana" Chicago is now
Icing increased
TraSc Alliance.
Dkkveo, OoL, Feb. 19.?A traffic alli?
ance between the Onlf road and tho
Denver & Kio Grande has been com?
pleted, and the final papers will bo
signed curly this week.
Feckbaia's Nomination Not Confirmed hj
tho Sonate.
Washington, Feb. 17.?After a two
days' session spent in the discussion of
tho nomination of Wheeler H. Peck
1 ham, nominated by the president to U, j.
I associate justice of the stilreine court
I of the United States, the senate Friday
j afternoon at 4 o'chvk. by the deceive
vote of 41 to S3, rejected the aomiaar
tion. The ?cnate now consists of t?5
members, and t a is vote account* for
i all but 12 of that number.
The vote was as follow?: For cpnfir
| mation?Demoeaats: Faie. B:*jckbu:-rj,
! Brioo, luttlcr, Caffery, I'Vuikuer.
George Gray, Harris, flunton, 7,;r.d*.av.
McFhcrscn, Martin, M ;'.!*, Mitchell
j (Wis.), Palmar, Pasco, Ransom, Koch, {
i Turpie, Viiss, Vo.-rLevs and White]
(La*>; republicans: Ubropi Haie, I
Mitchell (Ore), Pc^tigrev*; Tiat^, Proe?
tor, Squire, Sttekbrid?^* popelist,
Against cbtfSrmation ?Jlepubi iritis:
Aldrich, Allison., Came-oa, Carey; Chan?
dler, Cullom, Davis, Dclph, Fry.:. Gat-"
linger, Kansbrou>rh. Ilawiby, P i ?/gins,
Roar, Lodge, Manderseu, Morrill, Per?
kins, Power, Shoup, Stewart, Teller.
! W;*sY"urn. Wilson. Democrats: Kerry,
j Cell. Ccekreli. Coke, Daniel. Gi.bwSfr;
; Gonnan, Irby, .7cr.es {.irk. >:, McLr\ugh
! lin, Murnhy, II ill Pngh. Vest, Wbiite
! (Cal.). Po'pi&bts: Aiien. PefTer. To?
tal, 4L
This shews twenty-three democrats,
\ eight republicans and one j bpvlist
voting* for ebh5rnr?ti'*n and fiftee-a
democrats, twenty-four republicans
j and two populists voting a rains t The'
pairs were r.s follows: Mr. McMillan
for, with Mr. Vance against; Morgan
for, with Mr. Quay agaitrst: Mr. Smith,
for, with Mr. Dubois against: Mr.
Cameron for, Mr. it ones, of Xc.va K,
against. Rfi\ Cciqnit tied Mr. Slicrman, ?
both favorable to confirmation, were |
absent and not paired.
The president was informed of the
defeat of the Deelens**? nomination |
within a few minutes utter ic had been |
rejected. A prominent *ehator-sent.a ;>j
-telegram to Mr. Cleveland over tho
wire running from the senate to the
white house. During the cabinet meet?
ing, which lasted from 11 o'clock n ntil
5J:80, .,toe president and cabinet officers
present waited for 1 ?? pews frem the
senate, and it is zu >.i the meeting
wss prolonged, in tin expectation that
something do unite would be received.
ftet Favoritbla to tlic iVhisfcy Tru*t?Shb
Comroittoc Slovbrlon.
Washington, Feb. 17.?it has leaked
out that the senate sub-committee re?
vising the'Wilson tariff: bHl recommend
a uniform duty of one cent a pound
upon sugar of ail grades, and that the
trx upon whisky bo placed at .*I.::*) per
gallon, and the bonded period extended
from three to live years and the goods
in bond made to pay tue increase of
tax. Doth the sugar and whisky repre?
sentative:* here .have boon Inform?
ally informed of this action, oil
reports to the contrary notwith?
standing. The first action is in
opposition to the sugar trust, and
the latter is favorable to the whisky
trust. The whisky action is in part
justified by the fact that the increase
of taK and the requirement that goods
in bond shall pay the increase will
vastly increase the revenue of the gov?
ernment immediatel) upon the passage
of the bill, s?.s'the owners oI whisky in
bond will be anxious to escape pay?
ment of the-increase of thirty cents a
gallon, and will pay the tax on bonded
spirits and immediately tike it out of
The sub-committee have boon notified
by a majority of the senators and the
members of the house ways and mean's
committee that it would be useless to
report any proposition which wouid
favor tho sugar trust, as it would be
voted down in Doth houses almoM
unanimously. It will be re rue :u he red j
that- the ways and means committee j
attempted to favor the trnst bv !
I recommending a discriminating duty I
! in favor of the refiners amounting to a j
quarter of a cent, per poun'd. Whan j
I the proposition came before the he a so ;
I it oniy received about twenty or thirty j
j 'votes,''or'less than a sufficient num- i
; ber to demand the tellers, it is n< i
j believed that twenty votes could, be j
summoned in the senate to support j
i any duty intended to favor the re- J
i fiuers. . _ _
j Kiprass lOii? of IJi? Tr^n? - ,>i'?S",i.">v'.:>pi ecu- J
gri;ecri P^oi Important THnttcr*.
i San Francisco, CaL, Deb IT. ?The j
! Trans-Mississippi congress Saturday ;
j morning gave consideral ion to the rcsr> j
j lutiou providing for the construction \
\ and ownership by the United Slates
government of the Nicaragua canal, j
Alter a discussion which lasted ail day, !
the resolution was adopted.
Other resolutions were adopted as j
j follows:- That the government mu-.r i
j not allow the Hawaiian islands to fall j
j into the hands of or'under the control j
of any European powers, that the ap-i
plication of the provisional govern-]
ment for annexation by peaceful j
means should not be denied by the I
United Statos; favoring a sub-marine j
cable from the Hawaiian islands to the i
Pacific coast; a government irrigation j
station and artesian basin in South Da- f
kota: an additional memher of tho oab- j
inet, to be called the secretary of min:
ing; urging the. immediate passage-oil
the bill now boforo tbo house for the j
election hereafter of United States sen?
ator by the direct vote of the people
instead of oy the legislatures.
Iron Dull Funds.
Indianapolis, Ind., Feb. 17.? Peti?
tions in the Iron liail receivership have
raised new questions with refereuee to
tho distribution of the assets. One is
filed by an Onto branch, and alleges
that a receiver for that branch was ap?
pointed, and the court mr.de an order
for him . to distribute tho .assets, |
amounting to about ?2,000, and raoro |
than this amount has been paid in by !
the mcmbcra, and it is all in the Imnds
pi Receiver Failey, of this city. Other;
petitions filed are to the same purpose. 1
Judge Winters said Friday he though;,
the t'ositioa of the Ohio branch unten
j A Jbtnard *? Kaaasw:.
Kw?owa, ?kcl, Fc>*. 1?.?The worsi
bliraardaad snow storm oxperienced
hcrv for years prevsiled all day Bun
day. The fmow is twelve to fourteen
incbo* dwep, with no appearanca of
Dr. Merie.Edupard^VailUnt, Socialist*
Com?3 to tho Fi?ont.
la a Speech Ja the Charahora If? FfttJ. ??The
lied Fing lit tho fco*' ?U*- Fla^**?1*?
Was '<%?:?:p?rt!*:' tc* I/**** tht> T/i
bo::? for Hin {.tlor.vii ?.'?.
PAitra. Feb. 16.?Then? wai quite ft
noisy scene at the opening of tiro chnm
ber of deputies Krior-y. gad the mo?V
bera in an unmistakable way expre^J-cu
their repudiation of anarchist ideus.
Dr. Mrtrie Fdouard Vndlsovc social?
ist, mounted tbo tribune to ?ueak to a
motion made by himselft'o're^ctify tho
mintite*? c ' the hon?? ha rcg&rd ro tho
recent discusfdon of '.he incident that
occurred on Sunday lart ir. Ivrv v>v:c
etery, where Auguste VniUan-t i? bur?
led, when a mimber of riaorehlsxs ami
socialists made a demonstration.
Dr. Vaiiiant spoke in a low tone, arid
the only purl of his speech that was
hear t was. "the reel flag is the socialist
Concluding that the speaker wa3
about to enter into a lauo^tlon o? tho
commune, like th:it recently mode by
M. Tblurier, the blouso-wonring m*:nj
l>er who was suspended j few days ago,
a majority of the membVvs shotUed;
"Enoe^hi Enough!" their cries dieivn
ing tho of Dr. Vaiilaut M. Du
puy. the president of ?lt.* cUainbcr, or?
dered Pr. VaillaUt to de.-ccad from the
rostrum, but the latter paid no fetten
tion to hint M. Dupcy thereupon
pointed to the steps leadibg from thrt
tribuno to the floor of the house, and
in energetic tones said: "Descend,
Monsieur Vaiiiant, descend. The words
you have uttered shall not be placed
on the minutes of the ch?aiber."
flis order to M. Vaillkut waa greeted
with applause. The It tier was ? vj
doully abashed, and at once cc*c.?:deA
from tho tribune. A:< lie was roing
down the steps, m. Dtival cried out
to him: k*You are the apo?lde of assas?
Judge Caldnf.l! Nays IT. P. Employes XV.? re
Tiikou Advantage of.
St. Louis, Mo., Feb. 16.?Attorneys
Thurston and Corwin, v. ho catoe hero
to endeavor to secure an order harmon?
izing the contradictory opinions of
Judge Dundy, of Omaha, and Judge
Hal let t, of Denver, have mot with a
surprise at the hands of Circuit Judge
Caldwel!. In an informal Ulk wtoh
Judge Caldweil, to secure a date for a
hearing", 'dr. Thurston fra\o a resume
of the existing state of affaire, reciting
what the courts, as well as the revolv?
ers, had done, devoting himself morn
especially to the annuling by the re?
ceivers of the wr.rre schedule and their
order placing- a new und reduced ono
in effect March 1, together with the or?
der of Judge Dundy recognizing tbo
propriety of such notion and the notion
by Judge Kallott, in effect; contrary to
that order. Aftor pome desultory talk,
Judgo Caldweil said to Gen. Thurston
that the receivers had taken the ad?
vantage of the men behind their back?.
"Go back to Omaha and revoke that
order," the judge said. "Thon i will
take your ea^e. Prepare und advertise
your schedule and give the men notice,
and I think that slxly days mtglit not
be unreasonable. I will come to Omaha
and hold the conference with your re?
ceivers and the represdntR.tives of the
labor societies, and we will fcce if we
can not agree upon a schedule that
will be just to the employes and will
b? such as tho receivers cau afford to
pay." _
Pr?sident Pelsoto ?a? Troublo in Ria
0?vn Mousi-hoJU.
bukxos Ayres, Feb. ]>).? Advices
received hero from Rib Janeiro
Thursday, confirm tbo report that
Gen. Gal van, assistant minister of
war, hud resigned because of
differences between hi rose Jf and
President Ptdxolo, regarding the treat?
ment of insurgents who had been cap.
tured by the government forces. It is
further said that Gen. Hacedo, com?
manding at Fort Santa Cruz? pas been
arrested on suspicion of being a spy.
The insurgents Hold tiio stale of Far
ana, and there are signs that disaffec?
tion is beginning to spread in the scale
of Sah Paulo.
Tho authorities; fearing tint tho ;?v.r
rkons: in tho cities of San.Paulo and
Santas, in thq state of >';<r: Pa nip,', would
join the ths'rirgenfcsi have withdrawn
them and replaced thtjm with oilier
troops. The defenses of those .place?
have been increased. A battle along
the boundary line between Parana and
San Paul-- is imminent.
A conflict has occurred among the
troi pa and tho inhabit arils in Alagoaa,
in the state of that name in tho north?
eastern section of BraziL Many of the
latter were killed, 'i he foreign* jour?
nals, fn San r^ulo have been suppressed.
The -manager of a German newspaper
published -here has been arrested. The
banks arc closed and busiuess general?
ly ir, at a standstill.
Another Cold Wave.
St. Paul. Minn., Feb. 19.?-After two
weeks ?>f bri^nt, warm weather, there
came a'sudden drop in the temperature
j Sunday, and at 10 o'clock Sunday night
there was not a point in Minuosota,
North Paket?, Montana or Manitoba at
which the loerortry \va? not below zero.
The ibweifct tere.peratuve reported was
Warren, .'.'inn.. dogvees below at 9
o'clock. At the same hour it wa3 %i
de?ree > below at Halleek. and 20 de?
grees below at P.rookston. in North
Dakota tho average temperature was
12 degrees below zero. At Montana
pdio^j it w;.-> to 20 degrees below.
Fab'.tor Watta* Koyal Olft
WAsruNCJToy. Feb. 17.?The. cele?
brated English painter, Q. F. Watts,-ol
the Royal academy, has offered to pre?
set-1 to tho U. Si govtMmmeut tlto paint?
ing, "Love and Life," which was on
exhibition at tho World's London ex?
position. For its acceptance an act of
congress will be needed, and Fccretory
Grcsham has written to the comnutteo
en foreign ai'air?-, requesting n resolu?
tion. The committee voted to report a
resolution. Tito painting will be hung
in thO' reception room of the white
housci aa there is no national gallery
lu which to place it.
S&uifteTd ?rgers Conrlctn.-i
P'- . smiiiuH, Fa., FeIav i7.- -The jury
in the euieoX the Mansfield mine rioters
resumed a verdict night e^U*
Tictmg thirty-fivy of tbo filty-elght

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