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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, May 17, 1894, Image 3

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L><^,<>f?'i',,,u'"rt* ci,?,?
iwn. # ?,
,,,,11...nb.^A.*0. H.H.,
t?w.n ? ?
f \f ;??> C Ii.? iJt the
k Potion, of v' '
(l.?t S?n<KT- # t
|E Morris, of Roanoke, was in the
FCb.P"?? reWned yesterday from
L?l trip to Cliutweod.
? ?
V E. Bses; ofOr?b?m, was regie
Lt'iheltittrmotit Sunder.
? *
is. Orr, a prominent attorney of
ifille,wM io town yesterday
B vThltieker.a tr**e,i"* ?*l",n*n'
L the cKj lh? Amt of the week,
t. . ? ?
I w\Gerow,a prominent capitalist of
L? ??? here on l>n?iu??? last
Kv YTayneck, oftke Bristol Bottling
,, ?1 in the citj on business last
lt,r Marvin ftllj, brother of Dr.J.
Li ii O'er from (Ute City this
* *
William Wallia, the conveyancer, is
Gate City on i'gal business (hie
J, C. Pr?fler, dentist, will be at this
Mandat end Tuesday, the ?1st and
H. I'epper. a Baltimore {drummer,
Hing ?n our merchants here last
? *
Thomas Brown, of Joncsville, was
P hit brothsr, Relit. L. Brown, at
irr Tussdav.
John K. Nasser, ex-Lieutenant
-i?ir of Virginia, gare us a pleasant
at Saturday.
|j Marshalls* Fields and Flliuey
d offia the city last Sunday night,
te to Abingdon.
Sotnera S. I'ierson.Jof Philadelphia,
turned to the (tap, after an extend
t to that place.
roof, which was torn off of the Avers
during the storm on the night of
t, has been replaced,
T. Rstea, representing Christian,
y K Co., wholesale hard ware,Lynch
eras in the cite yesterday.
r Kidd has removed hin bar trom
tel upon Wyandotte Avenue, in the
formerly occupied hv J. Levitt.
11. C. L. Ricroond, Scott Oeunty's
Coruinoiiwealtbs Attorney, came
the Gap on legal business la.-i
. Beverly would make a good coun?
t's are not authorized to an
him, hut leei confident that if the
eltct him he will serve.
- - *.?
rs.Jtobt. L Hurt, J. H. Kouth,
t Hurt aud C. K. Clapp, of Itui<scll
, wers in the city this week, m
to Abingdon te attend Federal
* e
Harri?, former editor of the Big
-ap 1'osr, but new traveling for a
Is hardware house of St. Louis,
uie up from Jonesville la?t Satur
?}?*nt Sunday at this place.
*' *
John E. Maiaey, of Richtuond.Ya;,
uetit divine of the baptist Church,
d a T?rj al.le sermon at the M. E
lsit Sunday Mr. Maaaev waa
Lieutenant Governor of this State
liigersoll, representing the Stu
Wagon Co., of South Bend, Ind.,
?laet week, Mr. Gut. W Lovell is
Raul at this place?he having
6m car load of these celebrated
? ?
"ii#ur Morris returned last week
kman, VV. Va., where he went to
'"other, who is engaged, at that
? laperintendent of the Pulaiki
l^'ke Cotnpauy. Mr. Morria re
? ooal snd coking industries in
frgihiaaa being v?rv live!*.
ft *
aworfh League will give a dra
"dertainrueiit, "Tou Nights in a
"b" ?t the M. K. Church to-night.
;tn? and pains hare been taken in
nation of this pUy, and those
r't will, ,,o doubt, ha greatly de
?Won,from West Virginia, one
?T'"t lumber operators in this
L?? recently established head
al Bij{ Stone Gap. Mr. Johnson
><|uieitioii to this communi-:
11 * gentleman with wide buui
Pienes and sterling business
??u comes to u* with tho high
Ml'*?sato his landing at home.
?Z MAVOtt.
?0IJ t0 t'uwerous requests and
' **iib? announce mvself a
* or lUe yftice of MAYOR of Big
* IMacted, 1 pledge myself to
. V* fait^l discharge of all
??f the oflice.
Very respectfullv,
r^u??t ef many friends aud
Thunes ayselfa candidate for
?f%or0f Big Stone Gap. If
fti.li COurU'ou*?/. faithfully
Hrlftto! Steam S.atiortry.
1 have arranged with J. W. Kelly to act
aa agent for the Bristol Steam Laundry.
Laave your Laundry at the Drug Store,I
Basket leaves a very Tuesday noon.
SO S. P. Moaais.
8od?, Soda, Soda,, Cold ?n?S vt'raihhtQ.
Alt drinks !i cents enek at Kelly's.
Mr. Deadmorc, of Abingdon, is in the
city, haring arrived last Monday craning
to arrange and prepare the fixtures of the
? Joed!.>e Cigar Co. They began to manu?
facture thetn yesterday. Their leading
brand is "Tuck-a-Ho," a very fine and j
mild cigar.
For furniture and mattresses, you can |
be su'ted at Kellv & Evans.
Did you see the complete spring and
aummcr stock now arrived at J. Levitt's
Cash Bargain Store, corner Wyaudotte
Avenue and East Fifth Street.
WANTED.?15?) to 200 men to work at
Ore Mines of Appalachian Steel and Iran
Company, Big Stone Gap, Va. Good man
will find steady work all summer.
R. A. Atkes, Receiver;
MaylO 30-23
"Tho flewers that bloom in the spring'
are not more rigorous than aoc these
persons who purify their blood with Ayer'a
Sarsaparille. The fabled Eltxer Vitte
[could scarcely impart greater vivacity to
the countenance than this wonderful
Have you tried the Ices at Kelly's Soda
Fountain? If not, do so at ones They
arc elegant.
Buckler s Arnica Sal re.
The best Salve in the world for Cut?,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores. Tetter, Chapped Hauds, Chiblains
Corns and all Skin Eruptions, and posi?
tively suras Piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to girc perfect satisfaction
? r money refunded. Price 25 cents per
bex. For sale bv J. W. Kelly.
Ladies if you need a nice summer hst
go to Kelly k Evans' store for it.
Stockholders' Meeting.
A quorum not appearing, tha annual
meeting of the stockholders of the Glade*
ville Railroad Company is adjourned until
Monday, May 28th, 1894, at the office of
E. M. Fulton, Wise C. H., Va.
E. M. Fulton, 1'resldeut.
Apr26 18-22
If you wnat any thing in the way of)
dreHS goods call at Kelly & Evans' store
on Wvandotta avenue.
If ever a man feels like "a poar man
af the dust," it is w hen he suffers from
that tired feeling. Ayer'a Sarsaparilla
removes this discouraging physiaal con?
dition and imparts the thrill of new life
nud energy to every nervo, tissue," mus
do, and fiber ot the whole bodv.
Steckliol'lerK' Meet iug of the Appalachian
Whereas the time for the annual meet'
iug of tho stockholders of this Company,
to wit, May 8th, 1894, was allowed to pass
and said meeting was not held, therefore
be it resolved, that the president Le and
he ia hereby directed to call a special
meeting of the stockholders for June f?th,
1SJI4, at the Company's office in Big Stone
(Jap, Va., ?4 4 o'clock p. tn., for the pur?
pose of electing officers and directors of |
the Company for the ensuing year, for the
purpose efchanging thcby-laws with refer
Mice to tLe number of directors required
to constitute a quorum, and to transact
any other business which mny properly
come before a stockholders meeting.
W. A. McDowxi.L,
May 17 21-22 lWt.
Try Tonic Soda. It is just the thing
vou want for "that tired feeliu." ?
TheWhltecaps at Gate City.Mur?
der Sarn Wood In Cold Blood.
Reliable reports have reached this place
of a terrible murder committed by a band
of outlaws, or a clan of Whitccaps,at Gate
City, last Monday night.
It seems from the particulars, as we
have been able to gather them, that the
whitecaps were somewhat intozicated,aud
were out for the purpose of routing some
bad women, who lived on the outskirts of j
the corporate limits. But these women,
apprehending the coming of the white
caps, made their escape. After they had
searched several houses thoy came upon
the residence of Sam Wood and demand?
ed eutraace, but being refused, until be
could get a light, thejj1 shot him twite,
from the effects, of which he died at six
o'clock Tuesday morning
Such lawlessness should not be tolerat- i
ed, and we feel sure that justice will be
meted out to the parties when sufficient
evidence haa proved, them guilty. J
Weave informed that Sam Wood was a
peacable aud law-abiding citizen, and bud
the confidence and respect of the people:
Throe parties have been arrested, but
not as yet, as we know of, been convicted.
What a Word Will Do.
Byron reminds u? that a word is
enough to ronse mankind to mutual
slaughter. Yee, there is a power in a
word?Marathon, for instance, Waterloo,
Gettysburg, Appomattox. Great battles
these, but what a great battle is going on
in many a sick and suffering body. In
yours, perhaps. Takt courago. You can
win. Call to your aid Dr. Pierca's Golden
Medical Discovery. It acts powerfully
upon the liver, cleanses the system of
blood-taints and impurities; cures ail
humort frtra a common Blotch or Erup?
tion to the worst Scrofnla, Salt-rheum,
"Fever-sores," Sealy or Hough Skin, iu
short, all diseases caused by bad blood.
Great Eating Ulcers rapidly heal under
its benige influence. Especially potent
in curing Tetter, Ecxema,Eryfipelae,BoiI?,
Carbuncles, Sora Eyes, Scrofulous Sorea
anal Swellings,Hip-joint Disease, "White
Swellings" and Enlarged Glands.
Dr. Pierce'a Pellets cure permanently
constipation, biliousness, ?iok headache
and iadigtitloQ.
A Weil Desf rvod Honor.
The Governor of Virginia hee appointed
the Hon. Ii. Tr>te Irvine, of this place* the
representative of/tlre Ninth Cougressional
District to attend the Southern Congress,
which meets in Atlanta, Ga., on the 30th
of this month, to devise methods for de?
veloping the material interests of the
Southern States. Mr. Irvine is one of
I the foremost men in South-Waat Virginia,
laud if the distinguished companj he is in
goes to Atlanta with the same high aims
and purposes as himself, this Congress
will do much to put the South on the
high road to greater prosperity.
A Million Friends.
A friend in need is a friend indeed, and
uot less than one million poople hare
found just such a friend in Dr. King's
New Discovery for Coasurantion,; Coughs
and Colds.?If you have never used this
Great Cough Medicine, one trial will
convince you that it has wonderful cura?
tive powers in all diseases of the Throat.
Chest and Lungs. Each bottle is guaran?
teed to do all that is claimed or raonev
will be refunded. Trial bottles free a't
J. W. Kelly's Drugstore. Large bottles SO
cents and $1.00. V 1
Stockholders' Meeting.
A general meeting of the stockholders
onb^BastBigStoneGapLaud andlmprove
ment Company is hereby called to meet
on June 12<h, 1891, at the law office of R.
T. Irvine, in the town of Big Stone Gap,
Va., at 12 M., for the pnrpoae of electing
officers of the said Company, of consider?
ing the finances ot the Company, of receiv?
ing and acting upon the reports of the
officers of the Company, providing means
for meeting its liabilities and ef consider?
ing such other business as may be deem?
ed for fhe interests of the Company or as
may be brought bofore it.
. Done by ordor of the board of directors
this May 9th, 1894.
J. B. F. Mills, President.
I. X. Jonks, Secretary. MaylO 20-23
A Xew Story By John Fox, Jr.
The Century for May makes the follow?
ing, announcement:
"The June Casiiav, which, will be issu?
ed Friday, June 1st, will contain the First
Chapters of a stirring three-part story by
John Fox, Jr., entitled 'A Cumberland
Vendetta.' Readers of the Ckntlky will
remember Mr. Fox as the author of 4A
Mountain Europa,' which appeared seme
months ago. The scene of the present
story, like that of its predecessor, is laid
in the Ky. Mountains, and the plot centers
upon one of the deadly family feuds that
now aud then crop out in the wild moun?
tain regious of the Cumberland."
ThcCentury has also issued a large pos?
ter for the use of newsdealers, aud to
attract the eye of the public, and in it
give* the place of honor to Mr. Fox'h
story. Along with the reading matter
thereon ie a full pane figure of a moun?
taineer in rough garb, with gun in bund,
and in an attitude ofdefiunce, being as he
is one of the principal characters.
The story will run through June, July
and August, and is illustrated by ten or
fifteen drawings, nine of which are full
page. The Century has placed a high es?
timate upon it, and has spent some $3,000
or $3,500 in its production.
J. Levitt has removed te the new brick
building, corner Wyandottc Avenue and
East Fifth Street.
Two Houses Washed Awav at GIMey?
Great Damage Hone to Property.
Last Saturday evening, between 5 aud
? o'cleck, at Gillcr, a place about seven
milea above here on the L. k N. K. R., one
of the greatost storms prevailed tr.at has
occurred for many years. Between the
headwaters of Loouey Creek and Preach?
er's Creek, on the top ef the Isom Rock
Ridge, the water streamed forth in great
columns, piercing pits into the earth.
? Within a quarter of a mile of the main
columns of water the hail fell so rapidly
it attained a depth of about ten inches.
On top of the ridge, where the water apout
occurred, it seems to have rua down the
gorge with the fury of the tlood which
swept away the city of Johnstown several
years ago in Pennsylvania, forcing before
it all timber and rocks, and, in fact, ev?
erything that impeded its course to the
valley below.
Mr. Enoch Kilbourn and J. C. Lewis,
wko live on the side of the ridge, had the
misfortune of having their homes totally
destroyed. It carried away the barn and
crib of Mr. Kilbourn, forcing him and his
family out into the rain and hail, which
was still falling, leaviag him homoless
aud with but little property,
j Mr. Lewis was absent and his family
was alone. Mrs. Lewis was preparing sup?
per, when suddenly a large drift of logs
?truck the house with tremendous, force,
knocking the roof and top wall from off
its foundation. The stove falling eaught
Mrs. Lewis, while a forty-foot log lay
near her body, but freeing herself from
under the stove by tearing her dress, she,
met her little ' daughter coming through j
an opening in the wall made by the log.
The other two children escaped by pass?
ing out at the opening made by the fallen
chimney. No serious injury waa done to
the family, but great damage waa done to
their property.
in lcb county.
A geutleruan living near Jonesville tells
us that down on Waiden's Ridge a water
spout occurred, and three familici?, living
near the banks of the llolstou, which
flows along at the base of this ridge, were
swept away and drowned in the debria,
which came dowu upon them with the
power of an avalanche. These three fam?
ilies numbered thirteen. We did not
learn their names. Tke people of that
vicinity have been engaged in making
a thorough search for their dead bodies,
but as yet wo have heard of no new devel?
Beyond all question or doubt, the
storm which prevailed throughout this
section of the couutry last Saturday night
wrought more destruction to life and prop?
erty than any that can be remembered of
by our oldest cirixena.
?--fr?*?- ?.??;-;-..
Violin, Banjo and Guitar strings at Fred
Hoback's, Nickel's Building.
PrrtMBr*?, Va? May !2th, 1894.
?Ji7or Pott;
Tliia is, as all know, one of the eldttt
cities in the whole tidewater btlt of the
Uuited Stetee, tod its age lends to it a
sort of quaintn?? and eharui peculiar to
itself. The street! are wsrrow, as if the
first settlers wanted to he aide to talk to
each other "across the way," hut they are
laid out regularly, and only servo to show
to be tter ad ran tagee the lovely grounds
surrounding most of thf dwelling houses.
for it is in the yards of residences that
Petersburg's age is most keenly felt and:
plainly eeeu; for they are not the latter
day cramped squares, laid out in trim
little beds, but large lawna aurreunding
tho houses, and containing great flower
bordered walks and kindly shade-trees.
Nowhere else do the lilies of the valley
grow Jn such riotous profusion, or the
yellow wall-flower come so seen aud shed
such rich perfume Rose a are out in all
their beauty, and the fields are bright
with wild-flowers, for there are fields
around Petersburg, even yet, altougk the
city is reaching out and most of the land
around the city is laid off into lots. But
at odd turns one still sees an old field,!
covered with the thickest grass aad bright I
with buttercup?, for tbe buttercups are!
yellower and larger .here than in most!
places. It may be because the people let
them alone. Just a few miles ont from
the heart ef the town, connected with
town by a dummy line, which also takes
visitors to the grove and the colored!
asylum. Just beyond them lies the gran- j
ite quarries, where as excellent a grade of
granite as can be desired is found in great j
abundance. Quarrying the granite is a
new enterprise, comparatively, having!
been begun about fifteen years ago, but
the people have not been slew to seise the]
advantages offered by it, and a trip to
Granite Grove affords a pleasant glimpse
of the thrift of the people and the beauty I
of the country. On either side of the
dummy track large fields of wheat oats
niake a most effective contrast with the
deep red of the German-clever fields,while
big wagons, carrying loads of the cut
clover gave just activity needed to make!
the scene one of perfect pasloral beauty. I
So much has been said and sang tbout
"the templed hills;" why doesnt some one
writs of the flewer-stream plains where
civilization has not so many drawbacks,
and refinement isn't a plant of such slow
growth? If all of Virginia were moun?
tains, although wendroua rich in miner
sis, what would be the state of advance?
ment of the population? What would be
the leading occupation of the people?!
'Sanging, I s'pose. But all of the Old
Dominion is not mountains, and the little
portion of the lowlands of the state which
lies along the Petersburg dummy track ia
bearing its vegetation all unconscious of I
any rivalry. Although the margins ofI
the branches and uncleared spots, the
blackberry and huckleberry bushes were!
white with blooms giving promise, at
least, of abundance of such small fruit to
the favored easterness; aud in the grove
the ground was covered with wild flowers!
and ferns. Sagas and marsh lilies nod-!
ded to uach other while gentians looked]
up at the trees above them with eyes ef
heaven's own blue. It seemed so quiet,
so far from business life and worry that it
required an effort to realize that half an
hour would be long enough to bring us
back to the busy streets where tbe cars J
and wagons make conversation impossi?
ble and bore evidence to the trafic that
make the little cockade city come in!
third in Virginia's towus.
* M. R. Tiacasa. '
Pour Bis; Success**.
Having tbe needed merit to mere thau
make good all the advertising claimed for
them, tbe following four remedies have
reached a phenosainal sale: Dr. King's
New Discovery, for Consumption, Coughs
and Colds, each bottle guaranteed?Elec?
tric Bitters, the the great remedy for Liv?
er, Stomach and Kidneys. Buckler's Ar?
nica Salve, the best in the world, and Dr.
Ring's New Life Pills, which are a perfect
pill. All these remedies arc guaranteed
to do jast what is claimed for them and
the dealer whose name is attached here?
with will be glad to tell you more of them
Sold at J. W. Kelly's Drugstore. 1
the condition of the Appalachian Bank
at Big Stone Gap, in the
state of Virginia, at the close of bus?
iness, May 4th, 18114.
Loan* and discount*.239,237.32
Overdrafts. 312.00
Other Stocka, bond* and mortgages. 2,700.00
Due from National Hanks. 1,188,28
Due from State ifauks and Hankers. 4,422.27 j
Real estate, furniture and fixtures. S,092.90
Current expenses and taxes paid. 4,283.27
Funds set aside to pay taxes,.;. 285.00
Legal tender notes. 1,546.91
Total. 257,218.3?
Capital stock paid in. 224,425.00
Undivided profits.;. 1,13547
Individual deposits subject to check..20,127.49
Certified checks,. 1,173.81
Due tn National Banks,._ 369.47
Sole*and Kills Rediscuunted.5*6.52
Total. 857,818.36
I, W. A. McDowell, Pr?sident of the above-named
bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is
true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
W. A. McDowstx, President.
Subscribed and swora to before me thia 14th day of
May, 1So4. Jxo. R. Pavxs.X. P., W.C. Va.
J. h'. Goodloe, )
C. W. Erase, > Directors.
H. C. McDowell, Ja.,)
A Favorite fur Coughs and Coido.
"Chamberlain's Ceugh Remedy if the
best medicone for Coughs and Colds we
have ever sold," says S. Keel & Sen, of
Coal Run, Ky. It ie a favorite because it
can always be depended upon. It loosens
a cold, relieves the longs and effects a
permanent cure. Whooping cough is
not daugerotts when this remedy is fre?
quently givon, aa it liquifies the tough
j mucus and makes it easier to expectorrte.
I 25 and 50 cent bottles for sale by J. W
Kelly, Druggist.
A high class illustrated monthly maga?
zine in the home ie no longer a luxury.
It is a neeessity, and to meet the demands
created by this necessity, the Cotmo
politan Magazine, giving yearly, as it
dees, 1586 pages of reading by tht ablest
living authors, with over 1200 illustra?
tions by clever artists, has stepped into
the breach, with a reduction in its pries
ihat hat atartlsd the literary world.
news rmm
9ht British tars are still in possesaio&
At Blkhart, Ind., four saloons art
s>bont to open in one block.
Mrs. Orr-Ewing, of the China Island
mission, at Kin-K bang, is dead.
The ship 8anta Marie is thought to
hare been lost off Pensacola, Fla.
The nndc corpse of a strangled fe?
male infant was found at Columbus, 0.
Frank Fisher, aged sixteen, was
I ffored to death by a ball near Marion,
The navy department has begun to
purchase stores for the Behring' sea
Daniel Williams, a Negro, tried to
kill his wife in the mayor's office in St
Fire damaged the old A the sac um
bullding at Chicago to the extent of
Commodore Oscar C Dadgerou, was
Thursday placed upon the retired list
of the navy.
Dr. J. A. Guin was shot and killed by
John Hill at Calera, Ala., for slander?
ing Hill's sister.
The Ohio senate passod Senator
Hughev's bill to prohibit the shipping
of quail from the state.
The nuns have withdrawn from the
Riverside schools, Pittsburgh. This
definitely settles the controversy.
Michael O'Connor and his wife, Maud,
of New Orleans, have been discovered
to be working a land claim fraud.
John J. Pater fell oft his horse while
intoxicated at New burn, N. C, and
broke his neck. He was wealthy.
Jas. Armstrong, of Silvani Springs,
Ark., was murdered by his brother
on his (James/) wedding night Jeal?
The business portion of Sidons, Miss,
a town on the Illinois Central railroad,
was wiped out by fire early Thursday
Charles Johnson, a peddler of Colum?
bus, 0., was hold up in broad daylight
at Hanover, Licking county, and rob?
bed of 585.
A mob of twelve masked men at?
tacked four non-union sailors at San
Pedro, CaL, and beat them cruelly
with clubs.
The boiler of Vale's sawmill near
Dresden, Ont, exploded. Mr. Cornell,
the engineer, and three of his children
were killed.
The largest vessel on the lakes was
successfully launched at the Wyandotte
yards of the Detroit Drydock Ship
Building Co.
Ephraim Buckman, of Plymouth,
Bear Mansfield, 0,, is believed to hare
been murdered and his body placed on
the railroad track.
The coming British budget, it ia said
mpon authority, will propose changes
1ft the income tax amounting to a con?
siderable increase.
VIRGINIA: At. rules held in theClerk's
Office of the Circuit Court for the county
of Wise on the 8th day of ilay, 1894:
Thrust on, Trustee, )
Vs. - In Chancery.
Graham Brown et al.)
Thu objoct of this suit is to recover of
Graham Brown, W. J. Florsley and J. E.
Abraham, the sum of $350.00,"with inter?
est thereon from October 2f>lh, 18S9, until
paid, and costs, and to enforce the ven?
dor's lien reserved by Plaintiff in a deed
from Big Stone Gap Improvement Com?
pany and plaintiff to Graham Brown, dat?
ed October 25<h, 1889, on lot number 17 of
Block 39, and lot 5 of block 40, "Improve
ment Co's $Plat No. 1," of Big Stone
Gap, Va., and affidavit having been made
that E. M.Hardin. a party defendant by
amendment to plaintiff's original bill, is a
non-reaident of this State, the said de
fendaat is required to appear within fif?
teen days after due publication of this
order, in the Clerk's Office of our said
court, at rules to be holder there for, and
do what ia necessary to protect his inter?
ests. And it is ordered that a copy of this
order be forthwith published once a week,
for four successive weeks, in the Big
Stone Gap Post, a newspaper printed in
the town of Big Stone Gap, the County
of Wise, and posted *t the front door of
the court-house of said county, on the
first day of the next County Court for the
said county after the date of this order.
A copy:?Teste:
W. E. Kiloors, Clerk.
Bv C. A. Johnson, D. C.
H. C. McDowell, Jr.. p. q. Mar 17 21-24
I the Clerk's Ofllce of the Circuit Court of the
County of Lee on the 23 tiny of April, 1894.
Zion Hobba.l'laiutifT,*
against > In Chancery.
J. C. Chance,K.xr., &c. et at, Dt'ts.J
Tue object of this suit is to recover of J. C. Chance.
Kar. of W. D. Jones, deceased, $027-SO, with interest
from March21st, 1S9J, and foreclose a vendor's Hen
retai led In a doetl dated March 21st, i?89, from Zlou
Holibs and wife to Win. D. Jones, upon a tract of
laud iu Lee County, Virginia, containing sixty acres,
more or less. And an affidavit having been made and
filed that the defendants, J. (', Chance, Bxr.-of'Wnt.
I). Jones, deceased, Catherine 15. Jones, John M.
Jone?, Nancy K. Allen, J. fi. Alien,
W. J. Carmaclc. B. D. Jonea. John Jonen, Roena
Jenes and Kula Jonesare not resident* of the
State of Virginia,it j? ordered that they do appear here,
within fifteen days after due publication hereof, and
do what may be necessary to protect their interest in
this suit. And it is further ordered that a copy
hereof be published once a week for four weeks lu
the Big Stone Gap Post, and that a cepy be posted at
the front door of the court-house of this cuuuty on
the first dav of the next term of the County Conrt.
A copy?feste: A.B. M unset, Clerk.
II. A. W. Salts, p. q.
_ _MayS 19-22
Commissioner's Sitting.
Louisvillo k Nashville Railroad Compauv,
.Plain tiff,
The South Atlantic k Ohio Railroad Com?
Pursuant to a decree rendered, in Wise
County Circuit Court in the above styled
Chaucory Cause, now pending in aaid
court, on the 12th day of December, 1892,
I will ait in my office in the town of Big
Stone Gap, Virginia, on Monday, June
11th, 1894, to hear evidence touching all
matters submitted by the aforesaid de?
cree to the undersigned, to, make and re?
port an account between the aforesaid
H. A. W. 8kvbx,
Commissioner in Chancery.
MaylO 20-23_._
Cossaxsslaatoner'e Sittina*.
Appalachian Steel k Iron Company,
The Central Truat Company of New Tork,
tt al,.Defendants.
Pursuant to a decree rendered in Wise
County Circuit Court, in the abore styled
Chancery Cause, now pending in said
court, on the Ifith day of April, 1894, I will
sit in my office in the town of Big Stone
Gap, Virginia, on Wednesday, June 13th,
1894, to aacertain all persons and corpor?
ations who have liens upon any of tho
said Appalachian Steel k Iron Company,
the amounts of such liens aud their prior?
ity, and the exact property upon
which such liens are, all unsecured
debts due from said Appalachian Steel k
Iron Company, to whom due aud their
respective amounts, the assets of said Ap?
palachian Steel k Iron Company, tho
amount of interest paid by said Appa?
lachian Steel & Iron Company to the
holders of its bonds and the date of such
payments and any and all other matters
that may be pertinent to ascertain and
report. If said duty be uot completed on
said day the same will adjourned and con?
tinued from day to day and from time to
time until the same be completed. All
parties interested will pleasa report
nrorontlv et the time aud place mentioned.
f * H. W. SfiKKX,
Commissioner iu Chaucory.
Hardware, Guns, Cutlery, Stoves, Buggies,
Machinery of every description, Paints,
Oils, Varnish and Glass.
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(Successor to W. C. Shelton as Co.)
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agent for
Longman k Martinez Paints.
Oils, Varnishes,
Stationery, Fine Candies,
Tobacco and Cigar**
Big Stone Gap, Va.
Office Clinton Ave. and E. Fifth Street.
I have for sale Coal, Iron and| Timberlande in Wie*, Dickenson aud Baskets)*
counties, Virginia, and portious of Eastern Kentucky. I have so BPS eJ Is*
13*3st Coal JPirop^ri:!??
for sale in Virginia, adjacent to the railroad, which I can offer in snail et targe
boundaries. The properties are well located far present development, esl the
quality and quantity of tbe coal attested by well kuowu mineralogists.
I also bare the largestamoant of the best BUSINESS and IISSIDXNT PftOF*
ERTY in BIG STONE GAP, both improved aud unimproved. Parties tfestritg
either to purchase or sell property here should consult sue.
All couimuuications answered and full information cheerfully givea.
Address: W. E. HARRIS,
P. 0. Box 258. BIO 8T0K1 GAP, Ta.
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Over 300 Davis Sewing Machines Sold in Ninety Digs.
In the Cennties of Wise ud Lee.
Thle it a wea Jcr.'ul record to be atteieed is ?e i'uert a lim?, but tfcere er? rtSMBS fer ?11 resell*. Vie
reaaea far the aal? of this large amber af davis skimng mach 1MB! ia M skert e UssS If
Is tbe fact that tlx people recognise sad declare tbe DAVIS ss the beet, sssst eabstaetieJ es4 sertses
lewiag Machtae erer luTeated. Ia this territery i?aay ladies haee trJee ???ereas etber Beekes et* SjS>
chine a, with which they were wall pleaeed aatU they saw the iuperler quality ef werk oeao ea <ae DAVIS.
Oa trjiag this wonderful, llght-raantag aad kandaeaie maculae, its aiaay peiats ef eaperlerHy aver el
ethers war? so noticeable that ihrj were aa loafer aatiofled with say ether aaeebiae, asd at eace f leSSi ss>
ardar far a DAVIS. Tha reaalt ia that 1 bAve tak?a ia, aa part pajsaeat Vit SSWISfffJ 9Ae>
CHIN ES, aver ISO uatckiaea ef ether makes?assay af thea <*easparetively aav
len.es Wer tba davis basaaiy Biz Werktag Pieces. SBd ia tha ?est eiBupio, ?eaipaet, darabl* ?Sa)
perfect aaaebiae crer medc I Tory part is aiade of tha r?ry best saaterlaJ aad is thereeghiy g??r?atead,
by the Davia Sewing Macbisa Canpssy as well sa by wyaelf, far fl?e years fross dateel parekae*.
Tba Daria Sewing Machine eflk-o at InexTlile, Teas., after bAviag werked that terrltary fer tkre?/es*e.
dariag the faarth year aald aver 1,000 jfaehiaeo, which geee ts> shew that tba ssara tba people bsew eJ
tba davis tha better they like it.
I ana new recelring naaaeraaa ardera far inachiaca from portico wha heretofore re/seed to bap tee
davis, bat on aeeing the aapertor aad satiefactery work it ia delsg far their neighbors, aav fiaed see
velsBtary ardera.
Haviag rarated aa aiany plaasaat acaaaiataBcea alace iaratisg at lig f Use Gay, aad eevisf Sftet eiSA
a ch pbeaoMiaal aacceaa ia any baaiBeaa. I baTO determines ta pertneBoally cantiano at tble place,aad shal
sm every honorable effort la say power ta place s davis SSW! JUi machjmb la every feeeeeeetS fca
tba aBrraaading canatiy where a frat-claaa aaacbiBeis wasted. I ba?e sapplled acariy evary iasetlt ha
BigSteae Gap with a Daria sascbiBa.
I keep ia steck a full ?apply af Daria Bewlag Maebiaa Repair*, Needle*, Oils, *e. . Tea will alwaye Sad
ase at aay aCc, in baildiag fanaerly eecspied by tba (.can BalaaB, ready asd aoiioa* t* show yea a OA VIS*
whether yea bay or not. Very Keepectfally,
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rangements for Boarding Horses.
?Dealers In?
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Produce, under the art gallery
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want your PHOTO taken give
us a call.
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JaatcaU an sab at tny aeatly feralaheu rooss.
At aaara irul errry b?ay na?a.
I cenab aud ilrwi the bair wttb grace,
Te salt the ceantensuce at year face.
All kinds of JOB WORK.
Letter-Heads, Envelopes,
Blanks of every description,
and all kinds of printing Beat*
ly executed at the Po$t' Job
Office. .**r
We have the Latest Ip*
proved Presses-run by water*
*T" ii itnwfWTriilli i SHHH

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