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? . \, \ i>, Harrj f. Ayers.
Big Stono Cap, Va.
, f BULL!TT, Jr.,
' Stone Cap, Virginia.
. i F?1<?ral; Circnit a?d Ap
:(. C. I *i?h??n<l.
A',v ?,;.;;?> CONVEYANCER,]
ie C.\p. Va.
ami Tn ;.?.
... a. W. sice en,
S >ne G ip, Virginia.
m >rney-at-l2w.
. = Gap. Virgiaia.
L. T
? rr< ?rney-at-lMv.
Stone Gap, Virginia.
, . ? Vr ? ? ' TON, fjVW: Va
. ? . ? . ' - : ?." V; Conr.tles, ami J
: - - Bii; Stone Gap.
dw-:c vn. mathews & maynos, i
. - Siri.?]*'JR iii'V ?? Avenue,
Big Stone Gap, Virginia.
-... : . i >us ?in; Prompt Kemitaue
, . ;? ?. ? ; H. w.t.auu.sa^Norton. I
? 4 5i:ic?s< nti ?-!'??! to us. Ad- ?
r*l*C. II., Va., or Xorto?, Va. I
u ^ til: '.i.Ci. ELY, TT. A.OKR.Jr
; >, v.i ]*. Sf iiuf.Va. Uryden, Va,
' . r:. ELY & ORR,
physician i*s surgeon.
Sir. ' one G>p. Virginia,
... r
. > ' . ?? ? ? t. ? |MM>pIo i?i If;* i'.it i
N. H. REEVE. M. D.
hots diseases of women
Sea: Main St. Bristol, Tenn.
civil engineer and
Big Stone Gap, Virginia.
' ty f.aad Work a Specialty.
Juncsvjllo, Va.
I? n if o n
Jon9SvilIe, Virginia.
.it all
rinla, ?? specialty
i>. D. KURD,
Big Stone Cap, Va.
AND estimates.
: ; ? '? ? !!;.!> i'< \ THOKODPH AXD
Jonesviile, Va., |
! ? r tii ? Southwest, j
? ??: - and conduced
iai i atf? lo regular J
Lars* *"?d rt>:i-;
atwution given to
,\c. 2?. '
V/. hi. BOND,
ATTf \ i.>\- l?\r
'Vjse C. Hm Virginia.
i;i:- ii'ilvt DEN TIS TL
? ? ? >ruj nil ryj??ratloH* miiruated
' '?' ' ; ? up .-fii;hi Fii:^ Art Gallery
' ''S ;.. ti?.
Ml kindN of work in
8t0"o Cap, or Gate City. Va,
ff t feel wsaS
?ftS fS?W BtfTERS
Ybe Big Stone Gap Post,
j THURSDAY. OCT.11,1894.
Tho barbecue on the 18th.
Mr' !!- J- A>?rs is in Atlanta.
J-B; Richmond is in theHl?
p CP. Haganwent ore,- to Gate
> ity Monday.
*??!?, Soda, Soda f'?ij _
? Groceries are rlm-n,.... . i 1
at J.B.Skeon's. ' ' b?Uar
Sam. W. Wax went over to Bris
to] Saturday.
The Ashbury House atMiddlesboro
is a good place to stop at.
Mr. J. M. Goodloc was on the sick
list last week.
Col. Patrick Hagan ra in the
city \\ ednesday.
X Hash, of Bristol, was |? j]ie|
Mr. Gideon U?n, ofLctchcr coun?
ty, Ky.. was in tfe;pityMonday.
(i<> to Green $ fount's for bacon
?ft b cents per pound.
Doja,U fo^ct^the^lSfli Sof October
Our -rent barfcc4uoT$] hQ on that
? Goto 'j. B. Skftn Ar bargains in
groceries, on WyaftdoHe Avenue.
S. Ray AdamCd youjig attorney
pi W hitcsburg, Ky^woVin the city
last week. -
Mr. II. J. Sullivan and Co will
open up a musical establishment at !
this place soon.
Po* ?,' complete line of all goods
call on Green cV. Hunt.
J. A. Whitlock, the tobacco man
ofRoanoke, Joft tlii^ morning for
points on the S. A. & 0.
Every Democrat'is requested to be I
present tonight at the meeting of the
Avers Democratic Club
The merchants should hare pos
tors printed for the big barbecue on
the ISth.
J. ?. Skeen carries a nice lino of
dry goods, and they are cheap, too
Judge E. M. Kulten, of Wise,pass?
ed through the Gap yesterday enroute
tu Abingdon, to attend Federal court.
Mr. 11. C. L. Richmond, of the;
law firm of Richmond & Richmond,
"i Gate City, was in the citv Satur-1
day. ' * I
Go to Green & Hunt's for bargains
of all kinds |n groceries, dry goods,
clothing and shoes.
There will be a meeting of the
Ayers Democratic Club tonight at S
o'clock, at the town hall, Fritz build?
Call at Fred Hoback's for the
"toniest" brand neu- stationary in
town. Lowest prices.
Wt-call, attention to the new ad?
vertisements of Baker & Young, 13.
YS . Bond aud the Ashbury Rouse at
? i ? , 1
Now is the tune to advertise in the
Po.st. It will go all over the pis
trict and circulate among ten thous-j
and people.
An advertisement in the Tost is
worth more now than ever before.
Over 3,000 copies are sent out every j
week. j
Rev. G. W. Painter left Monday
night for Louisville, after delivering
two very interesting lectures here/
Sunday, on China.
Arbuckle's coffee for 23 cents at
(> reon & Hunt's,
Mr. Lyle Irvino, who has been vis?
iting relatives and friends, in Ken- |
tnckv for several weeks has returned
to the city.
Try Tonic Soda. It is just tho thing
you want for "that tired feelin," at Kel?
Ge-n'l U. A. Avers and J. C. May
nor will address the voters of Wise
Countv at East Stone Gap to-roor-|
row night.
Buy your flour and coffee of J. B. j
Skeen, the cheap grocerer.
Col. S. W. Wax left yesterday on
a campaigning tour u}> on the Pound,
and also to other places in the coun?
tv. He will do some good work for
Democracy before "lie returns.
About 70 witnesses in the ease of
8. F. < rhapraan, vs. theYellow Poplar
Lumber Co., stopped over in the Gap
last night enroute to Abingdon.
Most of them were Morison men.
S. F. Chapman and Jos. L. Kelly
left yesterday for Abingdon. Mr.
Chapman's suit of damages against
the Yellow Poplar Lumber C.oinpa
I ny will come np before Judge Paul
i at this term of court.
The Sumiay-school picnic on Pop?
lar Hill Saturday was a success ami
everybody present enjoyed them?
selves, in the afternoon- the school
went on an excursion to the Jurnacc,
which was much enjoyed and largely
Hon. W. S. Hamilton, of Bristol,
! informs us that the] Pemocrats ol
iMenddta are to have a barbecue at
that place on tho 25th iust. Mr,
Hamilton says several prominent
speakers will bo there to address the
Our present town council is certain
lv looking to the hiture of Big Stone
Gap. At their last meeting they
propriated live hundred doling !"
wards building <he Kentucky wagon
(M. this road is now an assured
At a business meeting of the Ep
j worth League, held at Trinity
J Church on last Friday night, the fol?
lowing officers were elected: ?Tos. i\
j Loveir, President; R, P. Barron, Vice
President; Miss Nettie Moore, 2ml
Vice-President; Miss feirdie Wax,
3rd Vice President; <!. N. Knight,
Secretary; V. A.Groseclose,Assistant
Sccretary;Mics Jennie Bickley, Treas?
urer; Miss Li'/./.ie Tolly, Organist,
Emmil Nickels, ilanator.
"I would rather trust that medicine
th*u nor duttor ! know of," fl*ys Mr*.
Hal.tie Mason, of Chilton, Carter County,
Mo., in speaking of Chamberlain'*, Colic.
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. For sale
by Kelly & Evans. General Store.
T he-hardware ?rm of Gua. W. Lovcll
arc pleased to announce that they have
with them Mr. Sam'l A. Henderson, a
first-class harness and saddle maker.
Give them a call. Tin1/ guarantee satis
factory workmanship and low prices on ev?
erything in the saddlery and harness line, j
t'cacli Pulp Sotia.
Tho latest of all drinks if; now on bands
at lvcllcy'si Also the great Brain Food?
Cocoa-Cola. Give thorn a trial.
-? -<v-*
Hound <)\ cr to 6ourl.
Henry \\ atson, colored, who was
arrested last Saturday night, charged
with raping a young white girl, naiu-j
cd Breeding, was carried before the
Mayor Monday morning for trial.
Mr. ?los. L. Kelly, city attorney, be?
ing absent, Mr. F. Bullitt, dr.,
represented the city, and Messrs.
Mathcws and LTorsely, the defendant.
After the evidence and arguments in
the ease wore concluded, the Mayor
bound Watson over to court. The
evidence in the case is very strong
against him.
Every mother should know that croup
can be prevented. Tho lir.-t symptom ot'
true croun is hoarseness. This is follow?
ed by a peculial rough cough. If Cham?
berlain's Cough Remedy i- given freely as
soon r s tue child becomes hoars-.! or wi n
after the cough has developed it will pre?
vent the attack. 2f? and 50 cent bottle
for -ale by Kelly & Evans, General Store.
Kri <t hi si cam Laundry.
1 have arranged -.villi .1. W. Kelly to act
as agent for Cue Bristol Steam Laundry
Leave your Laundry at tin' Drug Store.
Baskets leaves every Tuesday noon.
o(l s. i'. Mourns.
? ?.?>- *?
There will be a meeting of the
Avers Democratic Club, Thursday
evening, October I Ith Fritz building
at 8 o'clock. Every Democrat is re?
quested to be present, as business of
importance is to he attended to.
(ies. W. Lovell, JVes.
- -w- -
Norfolk & Western KallroHd Company.
Oftice or tkkGkxkpal Passkxgki Aobxt,)
Koaxokk, Vi, Sept. 20th, 189-1. \
Circular No. P. Tt\ 'i?,.
To ?ffentsand Kng<jagemtn\
During the Huntiug Season, ?. from
October l5t, LS9-1, to March 'dl?tt l8U3,this
Company will take krekiu Baggags Cars,
wk-ou accompanied by owner, and at their
risk, the dogs of Sport won or Hunting
parties, not exceeding one dog to each
Owners must show their tickets to
Agent or Baggage Agent, thai dogs may
be properly way-billed to train Baggage?
man, and the;, musi famish chain eir
strong rope, so that dogs may be securely j
fust cued in Baggage Car.-.
After March "Ist, I8!K>, the regular dog
tariff to apply in all eases.
W. B. Bevu.i.,
General Passenger Agent.
ah Free.
Those who havo used Dr. King's New
Discorery know its value, and those who
hare not, havo now the opportunity to try
it Free. Send your namo and address to
H. E. Buekltn & Co., Chicago, and ^ct a
sample box of Dr. King's New Lifo Pills
Free, a? woll as a copy Guide to Health
and Household Instructor, Free. All of
which is guaranteed lo do you good and:
cost you notliin^. For salo by J. wj
Kelly, Druggist. j
I Hoods IgsQOd lor ihr Completion of the
FJnevllte, Mt. L'Jeasunt, Elkhvrn &
*51^ Stono (iaj> blond.
A not her rail road for Ken tucky, which
I has been ia content plat ion for some time.
I now seems a probability. Last week the
directors of the Pincville, Mr. Pleasant,
' Elkhorn & Big Stone Gap railroad met
and directed the issue of $30,00(1 in bonds
lor the purpose of commencing the enter?
prise. Judge Hargis was elected attorney
and temporaiy President <d' the road, it
will be about 1?0 miles long, and run
through sonic of the riches!, coal fields of
I Harlan and other counties ofthat end of
'the State. Veri'y \Htlo work has been
done yet, but t!ie encouragement to the
building of the road such that every
J effort will Ijc made to push it through suc
iccssfu.lly. The proposed route of the
road is lined with live richest natural
resources in I he State.
.-? ???;> -
ft'* Qaj^peroua Gaouud
that you stand on?with a cough or a cold,
and vour blood impure, (bit of jusi these
eondhiovs crones consumption.
You must do something, fit tho earli?
er stages of consumption, and' in all (ho
conditions that lead to it, Dr. Pigrce's*
I Goldon Medical Discovery is a certain
remcciv. Tin's scrofulous of the lungs;
like every other form b'f Kcro/ula, can be
cured by it. In severe, jif)goring coughs,
[ all B:ouchi:i\,'l'hvi'A\ and Lun- Auvctions,
I nnd.^rei'v disoaso (hut can be reached
? tiirpu^h tli? blood-, il i.? 'he only nuMlieijitb
j it d?r..n*tVlr?Ui'l? van'', y.Vi can fiaro*
tr?u fadj&ebitiij arc couriered by it.
A Heart Keixting Scene o?-Cni*heti Bones
aiul Safiierinc Humanity, ou the
Southern Jlailrqjvf.;
Last Sunday evening about '.j
o'clock one of the most disastrous |
wrecks that has occurred on any rail-?
road, 'near this place, Happened on
j the ?Southern railroad, .*J miles below
I Bristol.
i The vestibule trait), Xo. 5 was
rounding a short cm ve at a rate of
about 45 miles an hour, when sudden-!
Jy the engine and 7 coaches wero de?
railed and totally wrecking tho entire I
train, with, tho exception of one]
coach, .a New York sleeper'. The
fireman and engineer were killed;]
The damage done will probably reach j
$200,000. A reporter for the Post
came up from Johnson City on Xo.
6, soon after the wreck ocenred, and
found a burning heap of 7 coaches
and many injured passengers. About
oOO people came down from Bristol
to view the scene and to give aid to
those who wore injured.
Editor Post:
Last Augusta family named Breed?
ings, consisting of a man and his
wife, step-son ami step-dauahter,
moved to Big Stone Gap from Last
Tennessee. They said they were
originally from Ohio, and associated
with the colored people and consid?
ered them as their equal's, and told
them that in Ohio the colored people
went to the same schools with the
whites and were considered there on
an equality with the whites in every
respect, and if the Republicans got
in power hero it would be the same
in this "cussed country."
Henry Watson, a darky got very
familiar with the family, and the girl
wrote him several love letters to leave
his family and go away with her.
She met him out in the woods last
Sunday night by appointment, ami
Ilm- family claim.', the negro seduced
her. Who is to blame lor it? the
tatncr,who took the negro in his fam?
ily as an equal, or the political party
thai encourages negro equality.
Wise, Va.. Oct. Stb, \6lM.
Editor Pod:
Judges Miller and Alderson arc at
< Hintwood attending court.
E. M. Pulton returned yesterday
from Clint wood.
Mrs. Huff, mother of Mrs. Aider
son, is visiting at Judge Aldcrson's,
and .fudge?well, he's out making
political speeches.
There was a meeting of tho pub?
lic school teachers at Norton Saiur
day. Most of the girl.*! here u bo were
large enough to walk, attended,
S. n. Bond,-of Norton, was up res- j
terday on his regnlar Sunday even?
ing business (?) trip, lie returned
latent night. They say he can't
lind the way from Gladevillc to Nor?
ton in the day time. ;/: *
Of Mrs. Margaret Kan..; Morison, of j
Catc City.
.Mrs. Margaret Kane Morison, wifo
of Smith FI. Morison, died at her!
home in Gate City, 1 ucsday, Octo?
ber the second. Mrs". Morison was
seventy-five years of age ami was the |
only surviving sister of Henry S.
Kane deceased. Her illness had last?
ed for nine weeks, and was attended
with extreme physical suffering, but
she bore it without a murmer submit?
ting humbly and trustingly to the
will ofHim who doeth all things well, j
She came of a long-line of distinguish-1
ed ancestry, and was possessed
both of a bright intellect and a beau?
tifully rounded character. She never
for a moment forgot those of lower
degree around her, and unselfish gen?
erosity was one of her distinguishing,
'traits of character. Loving deeds ot
| kindnes? characterized her life and
j none appealed to her in vain or come
I from her doors without -a word oi
comfort, truly of her it may be said
that to know her was to love her.
j While our hearis.go out in sympathy
to her aged husbaud and surviving
children, they have vuueh-safed to
them the sweet consolation that they
mourn not, as those who have no
bhopc. The beautiful floral offerings
j from her friends paid meager, but
! tender tribute to her unselfish life.
The light in the beautiful home on
the hill has gone out forever, but the
God wln? afflicts hischildten does it!
only in the fullness of His wis lorn,
j and goodness and faith whispers that
it is well,
,-,-_-. ?<>- ~_
See tlx*' Wo?l{V ' VAtvJar inttiaon Coat*.
Upon receipt of your address und ?f
? loeu. ecuts in postage *Urnp>, ire wIII mail
I vou prepaid ear Souvenir Portfolio of ilie
World's .Colombian Exposition, the regu?
lar-price is< fifty ?.vnis, mit as wo waul yon
tw have one, wo made the pri<v nominal.
You will find it r work of art r.ud a fbinjj
to l?e prized. Ii confniitf full page views
.'of tho great liiiildingjfj with description "i
" of .same, and is cxeohted in highest style
?0 P n fU It ii&l sal isficd w hh i pj n ft e r r?jl
CCl It, tfo iv.ill refiiinl fffe sTfi?ips abr ief
{ t?u Jv.'i'j) Hie honk. Address ?* i"
?' - 11, E/BtTOKLEN1 k CO., ChigftgUilN
Co!. Richmond and Hon. Walter E.
Addison Make Republican
Fur flv? Lively Joint
i oesday Was Dickenson's county
court day and an unusually large
crowd assembled at CHntwobd to
near the political issues discussed.
Col. Richmond and Hon. Walter El
Addison were on hand to represent
the Democrats, while Messrs.,Hohert
Miller and Judge Alderson, did what
they could for Republicans. A joint
discussion was arranged, in which
Walter Addison opened in an hour,'
and Miller billowed in an hours talk.
after which Col. Richmond spoke an
hour and he was followed by Judge
Alderson in the same length of time.
Addison made an able and compre?
hensive presentation of the issues of
the canvass. He was given close at?
tention, and his speech, evidently
made a fine impression. Mr. Miller,
in his reply, consumed most of his
time in trying to show that the coal
operators would be ruined by Demo?
cratic policy.
Col. Richmond, in hi.*, reply, made
one of the most eloquent and effective
speeches ever heard in this section of j
country. Those who know him and
have heard him often, say he was
never in better trim, il'1 took up
Mr. Miller's talk and fairly "skinned" I
that gentleman. Judge Alderson j
followed in a speech thai had little
effect. Richmond and Addison won
the day for Democracy, and "ii all
hands it was concecded that Dicken
Bon county will give an increased
Democratic ma joritv.
There i- no medicine so often needed in i
every home and so admirably adapted to
tho purpose for which it i.-< intended, a* j
Chambcjlain's Tain Balm, Hardly ai
week passes but some member of the fam?
ily has ueod of it. A toothache or head?
ache may be cured by it. A touch of
rheumatism or neuralgia quieted. Tiie j
eovcro pain of a burn or scald promptly
relieved and the .-ore t;??;iT?I in much less
time than when medicine has to be sent
'or. A sprain may be promptly treated
before iudamation sets in. which insured
a cure in about one-third of the time
otherwise required. Outs and bruises
should receive immediate, hcatment be
forc the parts become swollen, which can
? oily be done when Pain Balm i> kept at !
hand. A sore throat may be cured before j
it becomes serious. A troublesome corn !
may be removed by applying ii twice a
day for a week or two. A lame back may
b" cured and several days of valuable
time saved or a pain in the side or c lies I
relieved without paying a doctor bill.
Procure a ">0 cent bottle at once and yon
will never regret it. For sale by ICclly &
Evans, General Stoic.
Commissioner's Sitting,
The undersigned commissioner in pur?
suant ot a decree <d* Wise County Circuit
Court, rede red on the l^'.'n day of Septem?
ber, 181)4,. in the chancery cause of Ear-1
nest Newell against A. K. Dchusk, Admr., J
et al, will sit on the IsJth day of Novem?
ber, 1894, in my office, in the town of Big
Stone Gap, Virginia, for the purpose of
assertainiug and reporting all assots, real,
personal and mixed, of-which .f. E. De- J
busk died siczed,t&c specific lions upon j
any of said a--,-ts and the priorities of
**inr, al! liabilities of said J. E. Debntk,
at his death and ijecutiona.1 accounts of
A. X. Debusk, Adm'. of.L E. I)cbu9k.
11. a. W. Sseex, Ccommissioner,
Oct. JO. 1894. IlM?
t. S. HAYN ES, Proprietor,
Cor. Ashbury henue and 10fb Street,
WXJiuniSiiO:;.). itv.
I f you want to learn J
. Telegraphy!
... '?:??) und I.ime a competent 1
&jM W Write
no. 2JD moore street,
All work guaranteed. Give me a
Leave yonr-orders with l>n. A. J.
?OBACK, Agent, Nickels Building,
Big Stoxe (xav, Va,
work delivered promptly
All kinds of JOB WORK,
Letter-Meads, ? Envelopes,
Blanks of every description,
and all kinds of printing neat?
ly executed at the Post job
We have the Latest Im?
proved Presses-run by water
ChczC-:;' - Bra exd,SJdca O&tmeat
It; a certain cu "0 ?bi Ghsbaic Core iLye?f
?ranuiated ft Lids, Sore nipples, Piles,
Kca.3i.\ Tetfc r, Salt Enema zz-i fccald Head,
Vfrc&tevzshzz. For salehy drog^ista.
jror patii rga '.< t c in a Sue feealthy coa
jitioa j '.. Cadi -j Cda&tiow Powders.
ftfaV/i r., aid ch>*don,er.rA
? " ? u. re : - j consarfctian, cornsc*
? ?/" ..' . d c?seoy '*anns. givis?
Call ?fj&Ut & ftraifc Big Stone Gap,
Hardware, Guns, Cutlery, Stoves, Buggies,
Machinery of every description, Pai.nts,
Oils, Varnish and Glass.
Syracuse Chilled Flows,
Saddles, Harness aid C?iaa-iare,
Avers Block._3iG STONE GAP, VA.
It will surprise you to learn that, quiet as
trade is,
had the nerve to lay in stock, a beautiful line
of Ladies Dress goods, the latest styles, des?
igns and novelties ofthe daw We also have
a nice line of Gents, furnishing goods, and
we'll take pains in showing our goods to those
wishing anything m our line.
Yours to please.
?fo KELLY,
(Successor to W, C. Shelton & Co.
Pure Drags and Patent Medicines.
Longman & Martinez Paints.
Oiis, Varnishes,
Stationery, Fine Candies,
Tobacco and Cigars.
yers RJ{ \ \j "ir f\ ~py^. >, U S w\ ft# Q Woe
iock' JDsf4 [email protected] uaU' V d. Avon
_O* A _
Orrice Clinton Ave. and E. Fifth Street.
1 li^iBirrR.
I h.dve for sale Coal, I re; ttudj Tiiiii?erlai:da" iu STise, Dickenson and Eeohawaa
counties, Virginia, and ? <-;i;..::? o: Easferu Kentucky. I hare ?cma ?f tho
SESosi: Coal F^iroj^o^tlo?
for sale in Virgi ia, adjacant to Lha lroad, . '! r.sa offar ia ?malt ?*
boutidario?. Th? propertias >ara ? well loaatad ;??r s>. s?t??at ahrsla^jeafii, aa4 the
f|Ualitj and quantity of tha E *a! atUitad* by ""ill a noo n mincrologiaU.
I also baro th l&rgoal AraoaUt af tlio baat BU313TBS8 aad RRftHKZKT l"ftOP
ERTY in ?l'.J STONJZ GAP, both iraprorad to 4. aiimp-rorawJ. ?UuAwng
cithor to purchase or property horeshoald eonaolt me.
All comihuuicaiioaa answered and full infonniatj?9H cheerfully sriv?n.
Address: . W. E. HARRIS, ?
T. 0. Box 258. KIO STORE GAP, 7a.
U n if
/ \ t' 1 '
HfoMerfifl Results I
Oner 300 Dauls Sewing Machines Sold in Ninety Days
a tie Counties of Wise and Leo.
Thi - Is .n ??<?..!? rfnl recoi ?! to t?? attained In *?? il an ? t.*.*-?. bnl tb< i o art *? asons f?i *'.! resells. Wa?
r K?ott :. r lai ;? r.uml vi DAVIS tifiWlN? JlACWINi?S in ?h..rt a Una hf
la the Tact that.the peoj ? i ?? und doclurc t!ic i>.\ V 1 S as tkt> best, mo?timbstuutial and |>arfat(
Sewing Machine ?.vor iavontf l. In this terrftorj innnj LiuIcj UaTC trledinuinerous other makea of aa.
? liines, with which thej w re well pleaded itntil they s.-.v. i tstiperioi quality nt w*rl; <*.i.n? ?n tbe UAVIl.
On trying this wondcrlui, light-running and handsome macJiin^, lt? many j?^;r.'? of kuperUrity ?t?t nJ
others were > noticeable th t they vre re na longer witi* il any otherniachine, aad at ?ine? placod aa
order for a DAVIS. i I have takcrU fart payment VIS SUXVIXU ZlA
L'HINfcS, over I5? machines oi other makes?incr.y f-f the? comparatively n?w
ftemember the DAVIS kas only 8ia Working t'i*ces, Mud ia Ibe mast kimpie, compact, darakit aad
perfect machine ever made. Kvery part Ii oiadt^cf the.v? est material and is thoroughly gnarantooa,
by the Davis Sewing Machiac Company u? well as i;r myself, for live y?r.r? fr<?u: dut? ??f pnrchnic.
The Da ,'is Sewing ilachiue office at STuoxville, Ten?., aft< r li.;rl:.^ worked that territory fur threayws,
during the fourth year sold ov< r l.TtO'j ilachine?*, \vl ich % tea ;o >n'*: that luoro iha pr.pia kn?w of
tin.- DAVIS the better they like it.
i .t.i. now ree i nuxneraua orders tor mach I ?m parties who buretofori refastd t? t>?jr teat
DAV/S, but on ? . - - Ii ?* t ing for tbeir uehxiibora, aaw aas4 n*
voluntary orders;
Ifavinj i locating at Big Staaa Ga^, aud hariiig aa.t ?Ha
u ch phenominal auccasa iu my business, i have determined to permanently cantiaaaat tl [a plaea, aad aaaJS
Bsc every bonoral le tu my power to place a davjs SKWJNii MACHINJK In erary b?a??k?ld hi
the surrounding countiy whera a first^claits aiachiuelsV.'aMted. I h?-.^ supplied.Hcarly orery ]amity in
Big Stone Gup with a Davis mach'.;;'. . '
I keep in stock a full ituppiy of Davis Sowinu ifachi?' pair*, Needles, Oils, A <-. T??a will a', ways flaal
me at wy >.n'ii, iu building i..-?r.c; ly < ?< uph .( by the Gem S?io?c, ready a a-! at;iiou? i.* *iiow y?u * DAVIS,
whether you buy or not. Very rtespcctfuhy,
W. H. 8LANT0N.
m <rn 9
^ed and Livery staoie
Saddle and D/-ivinu Horses Always on Hand.
ra n sjc m e n ts fo r L o a rd i n g H orses.
Special Ar
W. F. Cakor. ju M. Ycung.
* ' I fr LI - > t'. V/ U "VT/ 1
D?liMi el xUUAtr,
Gontractors and BniMers.
- "r -
?:: ?
Plans, Estrrh'ates anci Spdcifi
catlons Furnished on Applica
-iv-:.'. Fine Cabinet Work and
Stoi e F ftthig a Specialty.
Shop !ic:.r:r,tonrtont Hold.
Big Stone Gap, Va.
?*OUB BAitnKlI jiJItyiV
tVbett you wTah a-i ,v.[?.y t.?;.-?v-.
ti s?'oii aa a J5ar>T er.?r gA.Te>
Jam eail r.o m??; raj :;*.*t'v . i*a*d roo'm,
' AI imv.-n .trfd e^ry ?'?;<.' r.f ...
I comb and ar^..< tni hair ?Jth /r-irVi,- ?
To *ult.th^'t*ti!ttc'natice of y<.in i.i ?.
.. *. .MAKT1N LVTUKi:.
i % A c>ntiotu;in who i? cnyablo. arid
LS I'~x to uao libest offorta 1 n wprcwnl
jj'aaVifmlftsb r?i<ii1?R Ac?i?? DfitfUi!
Muuta^CB^rr.3,BuiM3itff. N. \. City, ;

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