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Tlie Big Stone Gap Post
H. J. AYERS.? ? - - - Editor.
J. E. HAYES. Business Manager.
TH?RS DAY, DOT. '25, 1804.
TrtiMK or Scpscbiitiox :
on* Year, - - '? ' m- $1.00
h!x Months, . . .' 60
InviueBt Rtrlcttv ?a uvlvat;ce.
Tht POST has the largest circula?
tion of.any paper in Southwest Vir?
ginia, and it is steadily increasing.
An inspection of its subscription list
is -indited by lliosc contemplating ad?
Register! Register!! Register!!!
DzkocRATs, old Virginia needs
your services now.
Nov.* is tho time to register. Don't
put it oft" too late.
A vote for Morison is a vote for
the interests of Virginia against the
interest of the north.
A yoTS for Morison is a vote* for
the majority rnle. It is a vole
against special legislation for the
A vote for Morison means a vote
for the Encome Tax, whereby the
millionairs have to pay a tax to help
run the government.
Had you noticed that some very
distinguished Republican campaign?
ers were taking but little interest in
Walker's fight? We refer t<> speak?
ers of ?State reputation.
Most encouraging reports arc re?
ceived every day from all over the
district to tlic effect that Morison
will be elected by a handsome ma?
jority. We should not, howcvcr,rcst
upon our oars.lt behooves everyBem
ocrat to be up and doing. Dcmocra*
cy needs the support of all her sons.
The enemy is on the threshold, and
unless we are to have a revival of
M?h?neism v/e must, bury Gcn'J
Walker so deep he will never rise
again. Let everybody go to work.
Judge John A. Kelly.
At a recent meeting of the Abing
don Bar, resolutions highly eulogistic
of Judge Kelly were unanimously
passed. At Abingdon last week he
hold his last et.um.
Judge Kelly has served as circuit
Judge^continuously since 1^70. and
during the time lie lias heldtjio office
he has upon every occasion upheld
the dignity of the ermine.
Judge Kelly entries with him in
his retirement the love and admira?
tion of the legal profession through?
out this section.
Mr. Traveller.
Mr. Traveller of the Bristol News,
comes forth with a long letter in which
he says that a letter from Poeahontas
puh: died, ia the Post, grossly mis?
represented linn. d. S. Browning.
Now the Post does not desire to do
Mr. Browning or any one else injus?
tice. If Mr. Traveller had read the
letter, lie would have seen at once
that it was a mistake of the printer
in heading it Richlands. Jt should
have been Pocahontas.
Mr. Bullitt made mince-meat of
Mr. Browning at that place, so we
are informed and from our knowl?
edge of the men we believe it to be
The Situation.
Croak as the Republicans may,
and howl "calamity-' as they have,
our business interests continue to
show unmistakable evidences of ma?
terial improvement. The Wilson
Democratic tariff bill lias been in op?
eration but a few weeks and in that
short space of time it has given the
American people an object lesson
lesson which only the political bigot
can afljprd to treat with indillet enee.
From the day ol" its final adoption
until now, tho prices of the necessa?
ries of life have steadily but surely
declined, the great consuming masses
are able to buy more with their mon?
ey to day than at any period of the
country's history since the war, and
among the many and mighty industries
which the atrocities of McKinleyism
have caused to \ny dormant for two
or three years past, is heard the glad
cry of resumption.
Tie- Democratic party intelligently,
confidently, defiantly, throws down
the gage to its old time political foe,
and asks that by results, by its fruit,
it be judged.
Ass-died as It was by all the power
that corporate and monopolistic
? wealth could rally to Jos supprorfc,tbe
Wilson bill emerged from the fierce
trial of'Jejgislative ordeal, essentially
a measure whose object was the good j
ami the bene/st of the consuming
masses, t;eg; rdje>s of the greed and
111 raa u; of cou<-e \< trate*t wea) th..
The JUetnocratic party promised to |
reducc'tho tariff taxation. Has it
not done so? Yes,and morn. It Las
fearlessly approached what the Re?
publican party has always considered
the sacred precincts of the rich, and
has demanded that of this class,which
under protection has grown fat and
arrogant, all who enjoy an income of
more than four thousand dollars
shall of their substance contribute to
the support of the government. Bat
it should be borne in mind that while
in a brief two years of authority the
Democratic party has given this
unmistakablo evidence of its cham
Ipionship of the people's cause, in
I thirty years of power tho Republican
party failed to do it. lias tlie Re?
publican party ever contemplated an
j income tax? Upon the other hand
I has it. not strenuously opposed* its
enactment? Surely. Then why is
this, if it claims tobe a friend of the
great middle classes? Columns of
Republican editorial utterances teem?
ing with Democratic vituperation,
honeyed words of Republican friend?
ship for the poor laboring man fall?
ing from the lips of wily Republican
campaigners, not only fail to consid?
er this question, but never even ap?
proach its consideration. By ijes
fruit also let the Republican party
I be judged, and when submitting to
[this righteous test, standing before
the bat of a peoples intelligence, and
la people*? conscience-, the Republi?
can party must l'A Condemned.
J The people have begun ^iwbeinto
these questions. Mai-contents lU
j Democratic ranks have begun to re?
alize the honesty and integrity of
Democratic purpose, underlying and
controlling the Wilson bill, a ad are
rapidly falling into ranks and light?
ing under the same old standards.
Republicans stand amazed at our
peoples intelligence and finding that
they can no longer be deluded by
mere political clap-trap, dcmoraliz
tion holds sway in their midst. Rap?
idly "our friends, the enemy.'' arc
falling back under Democratic at
tack. No longer aggressive they be?
gin to defend, and to defend hope?
Sturdy Democrats of this grand
district, rally to our nominee. Let
your watch fires blaze, post your
sentinels, keep sharp and bright
your trusty Democratic weapons, and
after the 6th day of next November,
the great Democratic heart will re
joico that all we have fought and
struggled for i:i the last thirty years,
is still our own.
W. S. MATHEWS, Chairman.
Wash Hylton says the Pound is
as solid as a rock.
A rote for Walker is a step in
favor of negro equality.
Why waste your vote on Walker
Ho v.iil not be elected, and even
ii elected,and the Republicans have a
majority in Congress they can't
change or make any laws over a
Democratic President who lias the
trump card for several years yet.
Vote for Morison and save your vote.
T. B, Reed, the great b?loohist,
and skirt dancer of the Republican
party, said in one of his Michi
gan speeches that lie is not in favor
of the McKinley bill. Who can tell
what the Republican paity is for?
Judge Morison is a mountain man,
and the boys have confidence in him.
What party has any confidence in
Walker? lie has tried them all and
says they have left him. Poor Jim,
how badly left he will be in Novem?
Throe fourths of the Republican
party in the South are negroes and
do not own one hundredth part of
the taxable property. l)o you want
them to represent you in your Legis?
lature, like they did directly after the
war? If not. vote the white-folks
Walkers party is against free salt
cheaper clothing and necesaries of
It was Walkers adopted party that
encouraged juniper labor to come to
this con try to crowd our mines and
factories. The Democrats repealed
this law and thousands of these
paupe?s are now going home.
The Republicans started out in
this campaign with a big noise, but
it seems they have lost their wind.
Boys, make the race at least inter?
esting for us.
Cattle and hogs arc going up aud
Walker and Republicanism will go
down so low after Nov. Gth. that you
can't get an offer on them.
The following is the petition that
Jas. Walker should have sent to the
Republicans when he left the Demo?
crat's because they would not give
him office:
To the most Honorable Billy Ma
hone/, the Li Hung ehang of all Hop?
ping bVpub'ieans, chid adviser and
office giver to*the tijtist faithf?L
The petition of das. A. Walker, of
. .. ??? . i'zi
Pnlaski county, Va., would respect
fully represent that he is a Hopping
turn-coat politican for revenue only.
That he has tried every other party
that would give him olh'ce. That hie
is now an iron mine owner and enjoy?
ing the fruits of taxing the many
for his special benefit. That the
poor laboring men has' no use for
iron than enough to get one meal a
day and buy that at ni3T commissary
with- 200 per cent., tariff on it that
goes in my pocket. Oh, mighty
Billy, X know that for twenty years, 1
cursed the Republican party, called
them thieves, poltrons, culthroats,
nigger lovers, south haters and a few
oilier things that would not do to
mention in this letter, hut then you
see I was making Democratic speech?
es and enjoying the revenues of a
Democratic office, but Billy, they
went back on me and gave the office
of attorney genera! to another man
and I denounce them just like I did
you Republicans, but say, Billy,.have
j got to hug the nigger and treathim
on social equality? I don't like that
much, Billy, but if necessary f can
swallow him?provided you let me
use a dcoderizcr. Your petitioner ac?
knowledges his past errors, and now
asks to haw a fair share of all office*
in sight. pesptfjaUy,
.1. A. W.
J Walker Attempts hjsJonesviile
Tactics But Fails,
The Crowd is Divided u
Eadly For The Repub?
Democrats Jubilant And Republicans
DISCOU r:*.;;r<!.
On Tuesday (court day) a large
crowd assembled at Wiso C. H. to
hear the issues in the pending cam?
paign discussed and were anxious to
have a joint discussion. The Demo?
crats through their chairman tried to
get a joint discussion, first with Wal?
ker and then with Alderson, but both
gentlemen respectfully declined to
meet Col. W. C. Pendleton in joint
debate, Walkers advertisement was
for - p. in. but as soon as the pres?
ence of Col. Pendleton was learned,it
was then announced that Walker
would speak at 12:30 p. m, for the
pu rpos<? of crow'ding < -u t any Demo
era lie S])caking. This game was
blocked by the Democratic speaking
beginning at 11:30 a. in, This made
tlie Republicans mad and they then
divided the crowd?taking a few of
their averted followers out under an
oak tree, [which by the way was not
so large as the one at Marabrc, under
which Abraham held Ids counsels]
and talked about two hours.
We are informed that Walker
made the bitterest speech of toe cam?
paign, abusing county officials and
j election officers, but alter the speak?
ing was over, looked crest fallen and
i discouraged.
Col. Pendleton made a- fine
Democratic speech, of about one hour
I and a half, which was an exceedingly
forcible presentation of tho questions
[of tlie taiiff. lie also cxplanied how
the hard-times were the result of Re?
publican Legislation and were con?
tinued so long as the Republican
laws were left on the .statute book.
He showed that Walker voted for
Cleveland in 18S4; Bo wen in 18S6;
St. John in 1888; Harrison in 189:2
and for Cock in 1893. That he had
been a free trade Democrat in 1884, a
protection Republican in 1SS6, a free
trade Prohibitionist in 1888; a pro?
tection Republican in 180-and a ace
trade Populist in 1893; that lie was
as great a flopper as Jim Clemmons
Col. W, W. Berkley, of Roanokc
then made an urging speech of about
one hour. His lights of oratory were
grand, Ids logic unanswerable and
his anecdotes irresistible. We are
sorry space forbids us giving an ex
j tended digest of both of these gentle?
men's splendid speeches, but suffice
'it to say that they enthused the
Democrats and they are determined
to cany Wise county for our peerless
ca ndidate.
Hon. J. W. Marshall failed to get
further than Norton, owing to &n
accident, but ail three of the gentle?
men spent the night here and after
arriving on the train, held a sort of
love feast at the Ititermon?. All
thjee making short speeches. Cyclone
made a characteristic speech, frill of
wit, Kumbr and good sense. Truly
we have but one Gycldne Jim, but
we wish we had a thousand.
AU Fret*.
Those who have used Dr. KingTs New
Discovery kno.?r.its value, und those who
have not, have now the opportunity to try
il Free, Send your nama and address to
H. Ei Bucklvn & Co., C'nicago, and get a
sample box of Dr. King's New Life Tills
Free, as well as a'copy Guide to Health
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which is guaranteed to do you good and
Cost V?U nothing. i*'or sale by ,!. VY.
nelly, Druggist. J j
?* HON". RUF?fl A. A.VEHS
Pocahontas - - 0ct.g7th (night)
Richiands - " 29th
Fairvicvf (.Scott Co.) Nov. 2nd
Duffield (Scott Co)
Clinchport (Scott Co.) " 3rd
Walnut Hill, (Lee Co.) Nov. 3rd.
Ewing, " lt Nov. 3rd at
ii ig lit.
Dcskins store '(Buchanan
Co.) Oct. 18th.
Bock Lick " 10th.
Grundy - - 44 23rd.
Sand Lick " 24th.
Frying Pan - 44 25th.
Norton (Wise Co) ?? 27th. (night)
Walnut Hill (Lee
Co) - JNov. orcl.
Ewing - " 3rd. (night)
don .i<*. c. l. richmond.
Dckins store (Buchanan
. Co.) - Oct. 18th.
Bock Lick - 44 19th.
Knox '- 4i 80th',
Grrundy - " 23rd.
Sand trick - li 24th.
J Frying Fan - " 25th.
I hon. -f. b. richmond.
Norton (Wise Co) Oct. 27th. (night)
! Walnut IJ111 ( Lee
Co) - Nov. 3rd.
Ewing (Lee Co) " 3rd. (nignt)
hon. h. g. peters.
Virginia City Oct g9th,
, Ppehurn . - *' 30th.
Bondtown - 44 3 0th. (flight)
Norton .- " 81st.
>. Big Stone Cap 44 gist, (night)
-?letoi ft? ( "jnniiitee,
By o.. y r'i. 2?A??ifi;
n. .- tn :r r-rnJ'.T-yn^nrr-j-i?ifr?- t ? I
VIRGINIA: fn the Clerk's office of
I the Circuit court for the county of Wise
on the 20th day of October, 1894:
C. W*. Culberton j
V S. r 1 u Chanccrv.
II. II. Kilgore, et al)
The object of this suit is to enforce the
specific execution of a contract for five
acres of land in bill mentioned, entered
into between Ii. H. Kilgore and !'. Cul?
berton, and also to set aside deeds from
11. li. Ivilgore to O. Ibtrrctt and from 0.
Barrett to Virginia Gas Coal Company
and from said Virginia Gas CoalCompany
to Frederick M. Leonard, Trustee, in so
far as said deeds convey said tire acre? of
land, and an affidavit having been made
that Frederick M. Leonard, Trustee, is a
non-resident of this State, he is required
to appear within fifteen days after due
publication of this order in the Clork's
office u!' our said court, al rules to bo hoi
den therefor, and do what is necessary to
protect his interests. And i; is ordered
that a cony <>f this order be forthwith
publishod once a week, or four successive
weeks, in the Big Stone Gap Post,a news?
paper-printed in the town of Big .Stone
j Gap, in the county of Wise, State Jof \ ir
! ginia, and posted at the front door of the
court-house ofsaid county, on the first
I day of the next County court after the
j dale of this order,
j A copy: Teste:
W. E. Ivilgorb, Clerk,
Bv C.A. Johnson, D. C.
; 0. M. Vicabs, p. q." OtiiS 44-47
Commissioners Sltlio:;.
The undersigned Commissioner ir. pur?
suant ofadecroeof Wise county circuit
court, rendered on the 13th day of Scp
i :i IS94, in the chanccrv causo of
i \Volfe. Clav k Co. vs. AW Harris or al,
and J. L. Jennings rs. W. E. Harris et al,
I riii. on the 34th day of November, 13?4,
sit at my office in the town of Big Stone
Gap, Virginia, for the purpose of taking
1 .hi accomit of the liens and their priority.
j which effect th.s property mentioned and
described in the hill and proceedings in
I t he above cause.
II. A. W. Seeks, Com. in Ch'y.
?123 44-47
Thrut?ton,Trustee, Vh. Jnmca F.Doyle et :<J.
Pursuant to a decree rendered in tho
above styled cause April 26th, l^."h the
undersigned will, between 10 a. m. and :2
p. ui., of
NOVEMBER 24TH, 1894,
at the front door of tlie Iutermont Hotel,
<?iV.tr for sale at public auction to the
highest bidder, lots and -I of Block 71
"Improvement Co'a Plat No. 1" of town
of Big Stone Gap, Virginia. Said lots
will he sold in the order named and only
the first named lot will be sold unless it
he necessary to sell both in order to satie?
ty said decree.
"t ;;'.:.*.is <>;?' SA LE:
One third cash and the balance in sis
and twclvo months from day of sale, said
credit installments to hear interest from
said date, tlie purchaser giving his prom
j isory non-negotiable notes' therefor, and
the title to the property to he retained
until the full purchase money is paid and
a canrejagcb directed nv tlie court.
H. G. McDowell, Jb.,
S pecial Commissioner.
VIRG1NIA: 1 n tke j 'jerk's office of t he
circuit court of the county of Wise:
I Thruston,Trustee, Plaintiff)
Against - In Ctacee??.
James F. Doyle, et al. DTt)
!. W. E. Kilgore, Clerk ot the said court,
di certify that the bond required of the
Special Commissioner by the decree ren?
dered-iu said cause on the 2Glb dav of
Anvil, }&.)2. ha* beer; duly giren.
Given undtr'my hand asCIerkof the said
court, this I2tn dav of Getober, 1894.
\V. E. Kilgore, Clerk,
r.v C. A. Jt;/;v-ov, I). C.
Ot25 is-17
VIRGINIA: In the Clerk's office of the
Circuit Count for the County of Wise on
th* 23rd dav of Oct. 1894 In vacation:
Phcba J;; Beverly, )
v:-. :- In Chancery,
?lohn F Beverly. J
The object fcf this ecrit is *p dissolve the
bonds of matrimoui between (hi pjafnti/f J
i and defendant and obtain a divorce a vinr
?cula matrimonie and affidavit baring been
made that Johu F. Beverly is a non-resi
'dent of this State, he is required to appear
wttfcin fifteen days after the publication
of this Grder iti'th? Clerk's office of our
said court, at n;l?3 to be holden therefor,
and (io what is. neeeosAry to protect his
'iutereste. And it is ordered thai a copy of
this order be forthwith published (man a
week, for four successive weeks, in the
Big Stone Gap Post, ' ? newspaper printed
in the town of Big Stone Gap,in the coun?
ty of Wise, State of Virginia, and nested'
at the front door of the court-house of
said county on the first day'of the next
county court for the taid county alter the
date of t Ii ist order.
A copy: Teste
"\W E, K l LG ORE, ClflTk.
By C. A. John sou, [}. c.
S. U. Bond, p. q. Out. 41-17.
Tfic Coraonwe.iltliT?' Virginia.
To the Sheriff of the county ofWisc greet
in lt:
We command you, That you summons
ELM. Herbert, La Crange Butter aub
Company, a corporation, and Sarah K.
Davis, administratrix of the estate oi lies
Davis, deceased, to appear at the clerks
office of the circuit court of the county of
Wise at the rules Jo be held for the said
I court on the first Monday in November,
l^fM, to answer u bill in chancery exhib?
ited against them in our said court by W.
Bi Hudson
Witness. VV. R. KncoaE,
Clerk of our said court, at the court house
the 22nd day of October, 1894, and in the
11 Jitli year of the Commonwealth. .
W. K. Krioone, Cierk,
By C. A. Johxsok, D. C.
Common weal til of Virginia.
To the. Sheriff of Wise County:
? Whereas, W. B. Hudson has this day
I instituted a suit in chancery in the cir?
cuit court of Wise county against 11. M.
I Herbert ct al to recover the sum of$572;06
j with interest on $500, a part thereof, from
j the 3rd day of March 181)3, al tie rate of
I seven per cMituin per annum, subject to
credit of$100 as of the 9th day of Septcmr
ber, 1S93; $50 as of the 16th day of Sep?
tember, 1893; $50 as of the 23rd day ^of
September, 1 ?93; and $50 as of the lu'tli
day of November, 1893, and on $2 Ii ."??'!.
another part thereof, with interest at the
rate of seven per centum per annum.fr un
the Huh day of December, 1S92, until
payment, and whereas an affidavit has
been mado and filod according to law.
We do therefore command you to attach
as much of the estate of the said 11. M
Herbcrt as will be sufficient to satisfy the
plaintiff's said debts of $572.06, with in
terest as aforesaid, subject to the credits
aforesaid and so to provide that the said
estate so attached may be forth coning
and liable to further proceedings thereon
to be had before said court at the next
j term thereof and thai yon have this writ
at the said court at the first day of the
next term thereof and that you then
[and there make known how you have ex
j ccuted tlie same. Witness, W. E. Kil
gorc, Cierk of our .-.* id.court at the court?
house, Octcber 22nd, 1884, and the
LI 9th year of the Commonwealth.
Teste: W. E. Kilooue, Clerk.
By.C. A. Johnson. D. C.
VIRGINIA: In the clerk's oGce of the
circuit court of Wise county the 22nd day
of October, IS94, 1 o'clock p. m., in vaca
t ion:
It appearing from an affidavit filed in
tiic cause wherein W. B.JEIudson is plain
tiffand H. M. Herbert ef al. defendants,
tliiil tjic I.a Grange Biitter Tub Company,
one of the defendants in said cause, U a
corporation, organized and existing under
t^? |i]ni oi a I'qrejgp State; that there is
^??o ii?U?t/y bq itgpni ;-f said, corpora
I m '' ""''tun oii ivlion* service
tion and no otucr .. ' '-?Pore
' of process can be made. It is the*,
ordered that a process in said cause be
published once a week for four successive
weeks in the Big Stone Cap Post, a news?
paper published in Wise county, \ irginia.
1'cstc: W. E. Kiloore, Clerk.
By C. A. Joii.v.-roN, D. C.
O. M. V k aus, p. it
Ot25 4 1-41
Xhe Commonwealth of Virginia.
To ike Sheriffof the County ofWiseGtcet
ing: r r
We command that you summons II. M.
Herber:, and ha Crange Buttel Tub Com?
pany, a corporation organized and ejist
ing uuuer t he laws of theState of I ndiana,
to appear at the clerk's'olfice of the cir?
cuit 'court o.' the county oi Wise, at rules
to be held for ilia said court, on the first
Mondav in November, i to answer a
bill in chancery exhibited against thorn
in our said court by J. D, Ferralh
Witness, 'A. I". ICilgore, clerk of our
said court, at the court-houso the 22nd
.luv of October, 1894, and in the i 19th
year of the Commonwealth.
W. E~. IviLOoaE, Clerk.
By C. A. Johnsox, D C.
( ti?iiiaonwe::iib o Virginia.
To the Sheriff of Wise County Greeting:^
Whereas, d. D. Kenn!! has this day in?
stituted a .-nil in chancery in ti.o , circuit
court for Wise coumtyagainstH. M. Her?
bert et a!, to recover the sum oi $93cJ with
? interest on $300, part thereof, from the
20th <iay of March, 1S89, at the rate of
eight per central per annum, subject to a
credit of $24 as of duly 7th; 1SU2; $24 as
ofthcUth day of September, 1891, and
$24 as of the 21st day of Marek, !>!':;, and
on $-52.5, another part thereof, from the
23rd day of duly, 1892, at the rate of sev-l
cu per centum per annum, and on ',>\?J,
I another part thereof from the Jth day of
{May. 18!jH, at the rate ofeighl per ecu turn
per annum, until payment, and whereas
an aflidavii has been made according to
law. We do therefore command yen to
attach so much ?tHke estate of the said
Ii. M. Herbert as wiil be sufjicieni to sat
isfy the plaintiffs said debt of $.^3J; with
interest as aforesaid, subject to the cred?
its aforesaid.and so to provide that the
.-aid estate so attached may be forthcom?
ing and liable to further proceedings
therein to i,<- jjad before the next term
thereof,and that ypa Ifave this writ at the
said court at the first day pi the next term
thereof, and that you then and there make
known how you have executed the same.
Witness, W. E. fvilgore, clerk of our said
court .it the court-house October 22ud.
1894, and in t!
mon wealth!
119th vear of the Coin
:oue, Cierk,
ojixsox, D C.
irk s
lace oi
w. !
by C.
the circuit cotirf of Wise county the 22nd!
day of October, ]894, 1 o'clock p m, in
vacation: .
il appi ariug from an affidavit filed in the
cause wherein D Ferrall is plaintiff
and 11 M Herbert ei al. defend-1
ant.-, that the La Grange Butte; i ub Com-1
puny, one of the defendants in said cause,
is a corporation organized aud existing
under the laws of a foreign -Mate that
there- is in Wise county no agent of did
corporation and no other person on whom
service of process can be made It i.?
therefore ordered that a process in said
cause be published, once a week for four
successive weeks in * the-jBig Stone Can
? Post, a newspaper published in Wise
} coukJ.v, Virginia.
1 TeMet W E Kilgoue, Clerk,
By C A Jonxsoy, D C.
t) "
v Ic.\ks, H q.
?t2o 11-47
Commissioner's Notice,
G W Lovell L Co, i
vs - In Chancery
W E llarr.s. et al \
The undersigned special commisioner in
the above cai.se, will on th,. o.)nj d;iT ofj
^;?;':;::.i,cV1,Iv!;:J?:'M,^ office in thetowd
of (/laoerilJe, Wisa county, Virginia; pur?
suant ton decree hercioforc entered in!
the said cause, proceed to a-cerlain andj
report to court, all the liens affect in-the'l
property in the bill in said cause sou-lit ?!
tobe subjected,the amounts and priori 8
tics ol such hens, and in whose favor ex-'
This the 22qd day of October, 1S94
W H B?xii,
{J^i\'l4'Jl-t Special Commissioner
CummiiiKVonef^ Sotjlcei
F. 8. Findlay et als plaut'?', j ' In
W. H. Kilcore et al defd'ts. j Ce'Py '
The undersigned special commissioner
in the above styled cause will on the 23rd
day of .November, 1394, at his otlice in the
foarw .of Glttdfcville, pursuant to ft decree
heretoior,: eutered in said cause; proceed I
to ascertain and report to court the liens '
upon the real estate in the bill in th? g?i'
-ause mentioned, and the priorities thoC
oCthe rental value of the said land, and
a?T other matter speciallv stated deemed
Oer, 2^4i4?. ^^^^^issioucr;
?H/o . .
HO? pi fir>o
n 11! I n f i
> UlILl Ulli
1 n n .'
j U i Lj
t i
- j
I keep constantly on hand pure Rye
from $1.50 up to $3.00 per gallon; Bran
! $3.00 per gallon; North Carolina Gorn \\
j to S2.50 per gallon; Wines of ail kind fr
gallon; also agent for two of the La
j country. Ice cold boor on draft, and also bott
I on hanci. We also keep a firsc-c:as^ iina
Cigars. Fresh Meats, Oysters and Fish aiwa
Allordersby Mai!, or otherwise, when
cash, will receive special attention, anc ?
as if you were here in person.
&grwhiskles for medical purposes a sp
ti ,J r.
rfl ?
gj B
8 H
a S v
If you arc in need of a Spring Suit, dr
will send you a full line of samples, i
woolens, and will guarantee you a perl ?
line of Gents furnishing goods in the ' i
I All orders by mail will receive prompt
* O. O. Wl i
Merchant Tailor ;
wo r
Organized and Cha
j Hali a Century la Active Operatioa.
vx u5 S iL a S i q3 3 U 0; ' ?) 0 U . ?
v/irr 'finiPi
I Ii 0
1 /
! Haif a Centuty in Active Oj :
j Tii3 poinpany issues a Short sind Comprehensive
ion?, and LilVcral in iijJ ''?.r.:.: and Conditions.
Country or Town, Private or Public^ Lasuren ... I
iwm. h. McCarthy, see. v. ? h. *
?foe hates a!'
Gus. W. Lovell, Geu'i Ag't, I -
IB1J8J BlSb S8 3 $ m -
W \ AM DO i I E A V E
RTfl Off
The very best grades ftivyays kept In st
ranging from a bar ^lass up to within a ...
purchasing in quantity will gat benefit o1 lov/2
VVl:..|i yi(ti w&ut - goM ?iriaJc always jive mo h cal!j and you '
I Slomp aad llcglat?lliij gentlemen to tto /'mc'i t>e!iin4 rov . ? -?
I tii tt yon have noliie attention.
j i havo rccsntly purchased ovor 1.000 gal!
Whiskies and Brandies. Earopon from 5 a
:AP PA LACH!,'.:.
. o rporated under the Laws of State of Vlrgl
Does a Con
Drav/s Drafts Direct en ah the Principal
K. J- r.ikn, jk. J. F. B01 ;.;rT. JK( .;,
II. C. MuDt>wkl!., js. K. .M. Fvltov. C.AV. ]
\V^A. McDowkix.
I Depository of the County of Wise and t i
Gap, Virginia.
Temporary Ouarte^s, Opposite Post Offic
vif ^
Oliver Invented and Gav
World the Chilled Plow
'Oliver Chilled V I
South Bend, indiai
A strong statement but a true one,'for
knewxi, iiavc reached a larger sale, haw h\ i a
more popular aiud gfea fatter satisfi :t
tpe face of the globe.
We mean the GENUINE ULI VE u
mg to be the Oliver, or equally as good. & !
market, placed there by unscrupulous i tan: i
on the good name of the Ouvt.r.
Lock out for imitations, buy only the ? ?
"Pai^^ be Sure you are rioht before you
grQnce more?Beware of 4'bogus" Oliver plo
take Boa? hui the frenuine, made by the Olu
South Bend, lND%i;
Gay Street
'General Agents,

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