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f.- * . H*rry .T. Avers.
, :v at-law
Gapj Virginia.
. I'.. i nil und ap
? y. q, i.. RfohTnond,
? Kb
-. n n Ic^ O N
\ r. LAW
;Lt uix,
- :.? G.-.p.
2. ma,
,ol, Tenn.
:er and!
nur. i
it-law, 1
it all times,
a spe< laity
11 iJ,
.1 AT ES
?17011 and
id conducted
. !-i regular
:tr,<l njfl
?i given to
J><, Virginia.
P. VA.,
! 2 Art (LiLcrv
? perry,
J'-: rHlC WALKS. &c.
Or Gate City, Vo
The Big Stone Gap Post,
TlU'liSDAY. OCT. 2o. 1804.
j Sodn.^Sodp, Soda, Cold and refresh In
<j All drinks 5 oents each n\. Kelly'?.
j .los. L. Kelly has been at Abing
j don, Va., for several days,
I ^ Bay your ilour and coffee of J. i;
I Skeen, the cheap gr?berer;
j W. K. Baker is a hustliug* Demo
erat and is doing some good work.
llavr* you tried the le<?j> .nfc Kcdiv's 8o*d.i
fountain. ?
Groceries are cheaper and better
at J. !>. Skeou's.
Hon. W. 0, Pcn<iletori, of Marion.
\ a., spent Wednesday in the city.
Go to Green & Hunt's for bacon
at S cents per pound.
lion, James \Y. Marshal] spent
Wednesday night at the Intcrmont.
Go to J. B. Skeeii for bargains in
groceries, on Wyandotte Avenue.
Mr. William Wallis is still at
Clititwood, where he is runnin? land
Try Tonic Soda, ii is just the thing
you want for uthal tired feelin," at Kel?
Col. dohn C. Haskell, Receiver of
the S. a. ik 0. R. U. spent Wcdnes
day in the city.
Arbucklc's coffee for 2o cents at
?J reen & !! unt *s.
Mr. Peter Kidd, the staunch Dem?
ocratic proprietor, of the Intermont,
went up to Wise Tuesday.
Gall at Fred Hoback's lor the
"toniest" brand new stationary in
town. Lowest prices.
An advertisement in the Post is
worth more now than ever before.
Over ?,00? copies arc sent out every
Mr. \Berger, Dr. Kelly's popular
drug clerk, of Gate City, spent .Sun?
day in the city.
Go to Green de ffuut's for bargains
of ail kinds in groceries, dry goods,
clothing and shoes.
Maj. Peter Kiddsays that if any?
body thinks lie is a Republican?
they are very much mistaken, lie
>ays that the work he is doing proves
the contrary.
For a complete line of ail goods
call on Green & Hunt.
Now is the time tu advertise in the
Post, ft will go all over the Dis?
trict and circulate among ten thous?
and people.
The following gentlemen front this
place had important business at
Bristol the day of the circus; J.. O.
Pettitj CJias. Hagan, Gol. .Sam. WaxI
arid numerous others.
.1. B. Skeen carries a nice line fl: j
dry goods, an t they are cheap, too I
The merchants should have pos?
ters printed for the log barbecue on
the 26th.
\YAXT'..\I>?to buy a second-hand
10 t? 10 Ji. i'. Engine,
?AKKil ck Yo'.'No,
Big Stone Qap, Va. I
A dancing and card party will be
given by Miss Hattic Hoback at the
residence of her father, Dr. A. J.
(Job.ack, on Imboden Hill, this ev?
ening, commencing at 0 o'clock.
Wo received two very important
communications from oar friends,)
Capf. E. L. Wilbur and ('apt. Coop?
er, "i* the J,. & N. this week. We
me sorry to say these communica?
tions came in too late for publication
in this issue,
??J would rather trust that medicine
than any doctor 1 know of," s.nys Mrs. j
Kattie Mason, of Cbilton, Curler County,
Mo., in speaking of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. For sale
by Kelly & Evans, GTcneral Store.
i i a rry Sullivan has been bnsy, lor
several 'days^inpacking ind marking
the most complete line of- Sundry;
Dru^s, ever brought to tin's place and;
is selling them at rock-bottom prices.!
Every mother should know that croup
can be prevented. Ti;c first symptom of
true croup is hoarseness. This is follow?
ed by a peculial roru^h cough. If Cham?
berlain's Cough Remedy is given freely as
.n as the child becomes hoarse or cve.n
after the cough has d^.vdopeU it will pre?
vent the attack, bo and 50 cent bottle
for bale by Kelly k Evaus, General Store.
Mr Charlie Harris a former citi
i/en. oi this place, but now of Co?
lumbia, Ky., was visiting l.ameiolks
and friends here this week. Mr.
Hains is well pleased with his new
home in Kentucky.
Wedding. j
There was a marriage at the Meth?
odist church last Sunday night. The
contracting parties were Mr. George
I Mullins and Miss Rachel Hammonds.
j Doth ai;e residents of Big Stone Gap.
Krlsto] Steam (.;?i!ii<lry.
i 1 have arranged with ,). W. Kelly to act
j as a^ent for; tl>c Bristol Steam Laujidry-1
j Leave your Laundry al the- Drag Store.
J Ukskcts leaves every Tuesdav noon. ?)
?O ' S.' P. Mounts. J
A i'orrcvl'tou.
In last week's issue of'the Post
wo ami on need that a person named
"Bible-Back;" had heeij killed, by
some failing slate, working in
the Looney Creek mines. We made
tin's statement upon the strength of a
report, which we now know to be in
correct. Thefacts in the ease are,that
the person's name, who was killed,
was (.'less, a younir man of steady
habits and a gpodi moral coai-acter'.
fit!rrkler s .liii:c;i H'Mve.
'i'jifi best Sajve in (he world lor (Juts,
1 Bruises,Sore-?, Ulcer^ Salt Rheum, Kever
Sores, Tetter. Cliawped Hand*, Chi?lains
; Corn * n ml all ?>i;iu JEntpt/on*,
tivcly tlTrei J'i)V;-\ or no pay t$<ga'irt?>]. If
Iffg?afsftiet-d totfive pcrftj'ct ,?aii.-iacii<>n
?i money refunded; JViei* ,k?."j eents per
box. For sale hy ?I. VV. Kelly.
Rsv. J. o, Stralev.
! 6ov. j. 0. Straley left Mo?d?y to
j attend animal conference^ which is
mow in session in thccity of Abing
;don, and will be sent to another field
j of labor. Mr. Straley has been with
j us four your years, thfl limit allowed
i by the conference at one place. Dur?
ing Mr. Straley's stay with us he has
: done much good. Always zealous in
this work,?hc has no doxibt at times
? offended some by his plain spoken
words, but everybody appreciates his
genuine ability and worth. lie has
always been notejd for the broadness
his of ricws,aridhe has never question?
ed the right of a Christian to join
other churches than the Methodist.
By his church he was universally I
beloved, and it is with deep and sin?
cere regret that they part with him. I
The Post wishes for Mr. Straley
m his new field of labor increased
success, and Shall watch his future
efforts in the noble cause of Christi?
anity with the keenest interest.
Si's :i Secret
that many women owe their beauty to
Price's Favorite Prcscripton. The reasen l
?beauty of form and face, us well a
gracc, radiate fiom the common center?
health. The best bodily condition results I
from good loud, fresh air, arid exercise,
coupled with the judicious use of the
"Prescription." In maidenhood, woman?
hood; and motherhood', its a supporting
onic that's peculiarly adapted to her
needs, regulating, strengthening, and |
curing thu derangements of the sex.
11' there be headache, pain in |he back,
bearing down sensations, or general de?
bility, or if there be nervous disturbances,'
nervous prostration, and sleeplessness,
the "Prescription" reaches the origin of
the trouble and corrects it. It dispels
aches and pains, corrects displacements
and euros catarrhal infiamation of the
lining memhrances. Its guaranteed i<>
benefit or cure, or the money paid for it is
; cf?tided -
Dr. Price's Pellets cure constipation,in
digestion, billiousness*. headaches and kin- j
drcd ailments,
Eulogistic Resolutions of tlie IJar.
At a meeting of the A.binjrdon bar,held
October 15th, 1S?I, the object of which |
was to take 'some action in reference to
the early retirement ?>i the Ilono-rablc
John A. Kelly from the judgeship of this
Judicial Circuit there were present the
following members of this Bar
and visiting gentlemen of the profession
and officers of the court:
Gen. A. C. Cummings, Col. A. Fulker
son, Col. J. C. Summers, Capt.J. H.Wood,
Judge J W. Mcliroom. Capt. F. S. Find-j
ley, Judge ft. 31. Page, Cant. James L.
White, Judge John A. Buchanan, Hon.
Daniel Trigg,Judgc George W. Ward, Jr..
Hon. D. F. Bailey, F.T. Barr, Esq., Gee
E. Penn, Esq., E. H. Honaker, Esq., L. T. |
Cosl?y, Esq., J. Irby Hurl, Esq., P. J_.
Devcnport, Esq., L; P. Summers, Esq.;
Preston Lewis Gray, Esq., Hockinghatn
Paul. Esq., dohn W. Price-, Esq.
Judge John Paul, Col. J. B Richmond, E.
M. Fulton, lisq., A. J; Montague, S. D
May, E. H. Evans, Esq., J. F. ?ullitt, Jr.,"
and J. 1. Kelly. Esq.
OFFICERS or Till'. COt'KT.
John M. Kreger, Clerk, K. K. KugheSi
Sheriff, John J. Clard and B. P. Baugb,
Deputv Sheriffs.
Col. A. Fulkarson was called to the
chair and Geo. E. Pcnn was elected sec?
retary. On motion, the Hon. John Paul.
Judge of t he Western District of Virginia,
wasdnvited to sit with the chairman of
this meeting.
The followiug resolutions were offered
by Judge John A. Buchanan, DanielTrigg,
Connelly F. Trigg, J. H. Wood, Judge R
M. Pago, Col. .lohn C. Summers, dohn V> .
''rice OB T. Barr, L. V. Summers, H. H.
! Ilonakeri and D, P. Bailey, of the Wash?
ington Ccunty Bar, am! Col. J. B. Rich
! mond, of thc Scott County bar. with ap?
propriate remarks, and the following
resolutions were unanimously adopted:
ujn view ofthc early retirement ot the
Hon.Jno.A.Kelly from the position ofJudge
of this Circuit, and of the tact that this
is the last court over which hcwillptvs.de
ftHhisBar,"C arc unwilling tl.a^ th,;
court shall close without^ oppression oi
0U! high appreciation of him as a man
and as a Judge, and of the valuable ser?
vices he has rendered to this circuit am
to the State at large.
.Judge Kelly was M elected
Judge hi 1870, and entered upon the da
ties of Ui3 office a M months after hi
election: He was then in the prime *
i life, and during the twenty-live yeara?
Lvc interveined> ha, given hi .en c
Length, and, ,o may well say, hi. -
Ufa to the ?ischavge of the imponami
duties which have devolved upon him.
When lie nv>i entered upon the duties oil
his oilier, tls? Bar el* this v'nruU was one
of the strongest in the S'tate, munhering I
upon it.* roll such men as Beverlv It. i
Johnston, J?mes W. Sbeffy, Walter Pres-1
I lon,Willia.m U. Burns, James W. Humes. I
( Joseph T. Campbell. U. I.. York, John TP.'!
I Joht/n and Jf?hn A. GtonpljcfK lie has,
I ^^i dach and all ?f those men t'niish their
labors, and the summons to appear be-i
for the Judge of all the earth: and the
present members of the Bar can bu( fed |
Igraloftti thai he i>as been spared bo long
I to adjudicateiipou, (!:?; rights, the \'.)>criy
land tho'lit'es 6t the people' of thi* State.
We esteem it a prmlego to hear tc<il
I mony to his eminent ability as n Judge,
Iiis uiitiring proservahce and his spotless
integrity. In the administration of tho
laws of this Commonwealth ws that
I ho has at all timo.-: been actuated by an
I honest puipo.se to expound Jhe law lie
[understood H ittjidalujuys to do rhal In'
lied to hr the right* In Hie loi;g<ii.'j
tedious labors tliavu::); which he j>as?ed
and in the mi\]iH^^G of cases Uou^ht l>a
j furo him, ??.<? ?I30 fc/i?tf? that lie has no!
j iuicut.icnaMy tiegle%^d the i;,.'-?- oA#?ny
I Iili-ahf. NT'j oasc has appeared to Uu\i to
I iiiiiiimucani U'sj uo'C to ificr'it hi* ctrel?l
consideiation, and none so great as to do
ter him fberefrom.2^e hear willing tes?
timony to and applaud bis gentle, and
Ittndly nature, ami acknowledge with
grateful bcarta the courtesy and consid?
eration which have always and under all
eircuinfttajacoB marked his conduct towards
us as mentliers of the bar.
Resolved, Qrst: That i:i the retirement
of Judge Kelly from the position of Judge
this tlic lGth Judicial' Circuit, the mem?
ber? of this Bar fee-! that the State, in a
sense, lost one of her ablegt and purest
jurists, and that when On the first Of .Tan
uary^lS?o, he retires from that position,
he will lay aside the judicial ermine with?
out a spot or a stain.
Resolved, sec.ond:' That during the
nearly quarter of a century which he has
presided over this court, r.e has brought
to the discharge of his duties incorrupti?
ble integrity, unfailing courtesy and
kindness, unwearied patience, great legal
learning, a power'of application and hab?
its of careful andlaborious study in which
no man surpassed and few equaled him;
that litigants and counsel know when they!
submitod their cases to him that every
case, the smallest indifferently with the i
greatest, would receive the most labrious
and upright judge could give them; that
his work as a judge has been most, worth?
ily and nobly done, and that he leaves the
bench in his old age, and after his long
services with the highest respect and
confidence of this bar. and with their |
kindest wishes for his future wellarei
Resolved, Third: That th.se resolu?
tions be presented to the court with the
request that they \>* mttred upon its]
After the adoption of the resolutions bv !
i * i
the bar the chair appointed Capt. J. H.I
W ood and Hon. Gonually F. Trigg to wait
upon Judge Kelly-and notify him of the
action of the Car. Judge'Kelly appeared
in the court room, and after the reading
of the resolutions by the secretary, he res?
ponded in a very feeling manner and said
thai ii had been tin highest ambition of
his life to merit at the close of his term
Such a tribute.as had been paid to hi.
ofticial service;!hat words of approval and
kindness expressed in the resolutions fell
like music on his heart : that he parted
with them not perhaps as a father from
his children hut as a brother from his
brethren; and that in addition to the con?
fidence and respect which they had thus
shown him he would ask also that they
allow him to carry away with him their
On motion the meeting adjourned.
There i- no medicine so often needed in
every home and so admirably adapted to
the purpose for which it is intended, as
Chambcilain's Tain Balm. Hardly a
week passes but some member of the fam?
ily has neod of it. A toothache or head?
ache may be cured by it, A touch of
rheumatism or neuralgia quieted. The
severe pain of a burn or scald promptly
relieved and the sore healed in much less
time than when medicine has to bj sent
lor. A sprain may be promptly treated
before inflamation sets in, which insures
a cure 'hi about one-third of the time
othcrwiso required. Cuts and bruises
should receive immediate treatment be?
fore the parts become swollen, which can
only be done when Pain Balm is kept at
hand. A sore throat may be cured before
it becomes serious. A troublesome corn
may be removed by applying ii twice a
day for a week or two. A lame back may
be cured and several days of valuable
time saved or a pain in the side Or chest
relieved without, paying a doctor bill.
Procure a 00 cent bottle at once and you
will never regret it. For sale by Kelly &
Evans, General Store.
Money to Loan.
Wanted to loan njoii?v i:i amounts of I
from p to $100 at <'? per cent. Tor further
information call on. or address,
,i. lb Down ex, Agent,
.JlvJG 31-34 big Stone Gap, Va. |
-? o> ??
It's Dangerous Gaountl
that you stand on?with a cough or a cold, J
and your blood impure. Out of just these
conditions comes consumption.
YTou must do something. In the earli- j
or stages of consumption, and in all the
conditions that lead to it, Dr. Piercers
Golden Medical Discovery is a certain
re med V. This scrofulous of the lungs,
like every other form of scrofula, can be j
cured by it. lu severe, lingering coughs, |
all Bronchial,Throat and bun- Affections,
and every disease that can be reached
through the blood, it is the only medicine
so efiective dial it can be guaranteed. If
it doesn't benefit or cure, you can have
have your money back. Nervous proba?
tion and debility are conquered, by ft.
YIRGlki V. in the clerk's office of the
[circuit court for the county of Wise on j
I the 22nd day of October, l-.'-l, at 4 o eloc* j
j). m.. in vacation:
J. p. Ferrali, Plaintiff, /
vs v ni Chancery.
Ii. M.lb-r'-C'vLvi, *1 )
The O'vieci of this suit is to recover
lad-ment in favor of.plaintiil against the
'defendant, U.M. Herbert, in the sum o
with interest on $.300, part thereofj
from the 20th. day of March, Ifefifl, ^- t h*
rate of eight per centum per ajanj, -so -
' ectto ao?reditof$24 as of.July 7th, ;|
lU as of the loth day of September 18
Xla m:?? of the 21st day of March, IbM,
! a!)l,ther part thereof, iron.
t Ii c 23rd day of July 1BU2, at the rare on
seven nor centum per annum, and on $2?,
another part thereof, from 5th day of
May, 1894, at the rate of eight per centum
per annum, and the costs of suit, and to
attach the estate of the said defendant, Hi
M. Herbert, in Wise county, v'j>cinia,und
to subject the same to tb^ payment of
said debt, tutete?? and costs of ^ui'i. and
alliduv.l ifuvhig been made that H. M.
?Herbert, party defendant in this cause, is
a non-resident of this State, lie is requir?
ed to appear within fifteen days after due
?blicatiou of thiii order in the clerk's
office of'our said court, at rules to l??s
i holden therefor, and do W-hf?t ft accegsary
I to protect his interests. And.it is order
| ed lh.a,t .. uopy of this order lie forthwith
tpublished once a week, for four success?
ive necks, in the Big Stone Gap J'o.>t. a
' newspaper printed in the town o; Dig St one
j Gap, in the county of Wise, state of VI;
ginin, and posted at the front d^oi of the
j court-house of said ee^ui.f, on tiie first
day of flie next county court for the snid
jcoer.C?' ii. r the date of this order.
IA copy: Teste: WT. Ei Kh.couk.Clerk,
By C. A. Joi:vso?<,fo. C.
j'O. M. Yn-.uts, p. q. C?\5 -t;M?
j "Many of the eilucus of KainsviP.c, ln
i d/iaiyi arc never uiihuut a-bottle of Cham
j'herlaiu's, Cough Kemedy in Urn house,"
[ says .laco't Brown, tlio lending merchant
Of the place. This, Remedy has proven-go
j much value for colds aud croup in chil
Idrrn that few mothers who knoyr ita worth
I Arc irillifig lo be without it. For sale by
Kelly & Evans, General Store.
OJtDBlt OF r?Bt&CAtelQlfi
t n^'.LviA: 11? tV-cioVi)-mcti cm*
circuit couVl :<*r the c^ihtr^bfi'/Wfsc^"ofe
-?'?'. d day of October, IS34. In vacation:
? V Lyon. Piain tin*,' 1 .' .
v* Es %aw. (
' V,? a Virgic, Defendant.) '"''". ',. .
j The ?bject Of this suit is to 'recover
against the defendant. W H Virgin, $b"l.i'?
j with interest thereon from the &fth day
i',; ^pri), ISS?3, t?! paid, and to attach the
estate of the defendant, or a sufficiency
thereof, to pay the said claim of fdl.IO,
: "dtdi interest as aforesaid and the costs of
this shit; and^affidayit;haTing been made
j that \\ H Virgie, party defendant, is a
; Ron-resident of this State, he ii required
, to appear wifcfiin fifteen days after duo
publication'of this order in the cleric's
i office of oar sard court, at rules to be hol
j den therefor, and do what is necessary to
I protect his interests And it is ordered
that a copy of this order bo forthwith
published once a week,for four Successive
weeks, in the Stone Gap Post, a news?
paper printed in the town of Big Stom
^ap, in the county of Wise, State of Vir?
ginia, and posted at the n-oat door of the
court-house of said county, on the first,
day ot ili.- next county "court for the said
county after the <i.u..- of this order.
A copy: Teste:
V.: :?: Kilgose, Clerk
By C A dou.-.sox, D C
y. Jexktxs, p q Ql'25 44-47
VIRGINIA: In the clerk's office of the
circuit court tor the county ofWise on the
&tad day of October, I o'clock, in
National Bank, LaGrangc, ]
Indiana, Plaintiff, i
vs j In Chanccrv.
EI. M. Herbert et al Dcftsj
The object of this suit is to obtain judg
men! in favor of plaintiff against defend
on t, II. if. Herbert, in the sum of $1,045,
wiro interest on $4.50, part thereof, from
the 17th day of September, 1894, at the
the rate of cuglif per centum per annum,
and on $500, another, part thereof, from
the 4th day of September, LSJ14, at the
rate of eight per centum per annum, and
the costs of this suit, and to attach the
estate of said defendant, H. M. Herbert,
in Wise county, Virginia, and subject the
same to the payment of the said, debt, in
terest and costs of ^:iit, and affidavit hav?
ing been made that il. M. Herbert, party
defendant in this cause, is a non-resident
of tin; State, la: is required t*> appear
within fifteen days after due publication
bT' this order in the clerk's office of our
said court, at rules to be holden therefor,
and do what is necessary i.> protect his
interests. And ii is Ordered that a copy
of this order In: forthwith published once
a week for lour successive weeks
i:i the Big Stone Gap Post, a news?
paper printed in the town of Big Stone
Gap, in the county of Wise,5Statc of Vir?
ginia, and. posted at the front door of the
court-house of said county, on the. first
day of the next county court for the said
county after the date of this order.
". U Vi a::s, n o.' L ' ' <.'f.'.Vl I-ii
YI U< 1 i.'. 1 A : in the clerk'A. office of the
circuit court for the county of Wise on the
''"2nd day of October, ISO-I, \ o'clock p m.,
i:i vacation:
\V. ]j. Hudson, t'iaiutid, j
(:< ,- i n Chancery. |
M. M. Herbert ef ai DoPis)
The object, of t his suit i.- io obtain judg?
ment ii: favor of the plaihliiF against t he
defendant, ii. M. Herbert, for the sum of
.?f.Vri.i.'n, ,\ it's interosl on $.r>00, paid therc
of,:fr?m the 3rd day af March, i'.'-i. at
the rate of seven per centum per annum,
subject to a credit of ?10U, as of the 1Mb
dav of September; 1893: ?. 'S) a of the Lb'th
day of September, SSI13;.-, '??! a;- of the 23rd
dav of September, IS03, and ?0.0', as of the
t?ih day of Navember,! 5?3,and ohJf247.ou, [
another part thereof, with interest at the
rate of seven per centum per annum from ,
ihe I(>ih day of December, I8tr'j,until pay?
ment, aud the costs of suit, and to attach
the estate of the said defendant, 11. M.
Herbortj in Wise-county-, Virginia, and to
subject the same i<- the payment Of said
debt, r.i* 1 affidavit having been made that
il. id. Herber! and Sarah ft. Davis, ad?
ministratrix of the estate <?f lies Davis,
deceased, parties defendant in this suit
are non-residents of this state, they arc
required to appear within fifteen days af
lev due publication of this order in tire
clerk's office of our i aid court, at rules to
be holden therefor, ami do what neces?
sary to protccl their interests. And it is
ordered thai a copy of thU order be forth?
with pubtishod once a week, for four suc?
cessive weeks, in the Big Stone Gap Post,
a newspaper printed in the town of Big
Stone Gap, in the county ot Wise, State
of Virginia, and posted at tue front door
of the court-house of said c maty, on the
first dav of the next county court for the
said county after the date of this order.
A copy: Teste:
V.'. ii. IviLOOHE, Clerk.
Bv C. A. Johxsox, D.C.
0. M. Vicars, p q. ' Ottl5 A 1-17
See tli eWorld's Fair tor STifteeo '.: ? n.
17p?n receipt of your address and til
(ecu cent? in postage stamps, we will tbajjl
von prepaid our Souvenir Portfolio of the
World's Columbian Exposition, the regu?
lar-price ?- fifty cents, but as we want you
to have one, wc made the price nominal.
You will find it a work oi art and a thing
to lie prized. It contains full page view,
of the great buildings, with description of
of game, and is executed in highest style
of art. If no\ satisfied with it. alter you
get it, wc wiPrrefund thefstamps and let
you b j.c.p toe book. Address -1
?. E. BU0KLEN & CO;, Chigago, Ill
_^ il von wan* to icarn
f-'l":\ Telegraphy
J&j w2 and become a competent
\ *!* y Write
: _ j -"
t?il??, mmim
So Wo 330^?iJ>
no. 20 moore street,
Alt work guaranteed. Crive me a
j tr\ii\.
Leave youE orders with Da. A. if.
FI?J&4CK, Agent, Nickels Building,
Big Stoxe Gap, Va.
work delivered promptly.
6bcza?2r2s45iJc i - c .-" r "~ ? ?? Ciateest
; Is it cc-rl'ii:? curq ? v Chxcric Bors eye?,
i Grenaisted gfeJ i' ? Srij k?. Pile^
Eczein^ Tetter, SsI: i 1:. -: 2! :? al I Hea$
25 eeas per bos. :'. ?. ssfc drrgg&e.
Fur puttiag .1 h{*n* in u fine healthy cot*
dition trj Dr. (VJr*. ( ?owdat%
Thy tona cpifca s^sSoa, aid rticnj care
laasrofapocuie, stuleve 11 c " ? v??*
tidsey d?or&rc aacl ? * roy - km,
liar 2&?:> ore\s: . * '*
GSSB pc? pa?ssi. Fcr n:I j fcy ? :? h.c?s&
Call at Kelly & EraLs, Bi* Stone Gap,
; f. lovell; :
iHardware, Guns, Cutlery,. Stoves, Buggies,.
The Gel3brated ST?DE3AKER WAGONS, -: ';
Machine'.-}- of every description, Paints,
Oils, Yarnish and Glass.
Syracuse Chilled Plows,
Saddles. Harness mi drina-iarg,
Ayers Block. . BIG STONE GAP, VA.
1 IaMi??, LlUfl i [tMii iiiiO!
It will surprise you to learn that, quiet as
trade is,
goodloe bros;
had the nerve to lay in stock, a beautiful lint
of Ladies Dress goods, the latest styles, des?
igns and novelties of the day. We also have
a nice line oi Gents, furnishing ?Oods, and
we'll take pains in showing ourgoods to those
wishing anythinsf in our line,
? Yours t<> please,
? o Jar^^ js^l*' Jga?^ jsl^ ^
(Successor to W, C. Shelton & Co,/
agent For:
w 1 i v cs 3 ill .j i i
Stationery, Fine Candies,
Tobacco'and Cigars.
Block'. K l ipP k^l nil A i ' ! ?fl? ??/ S3 Avan
'? ,J ' A'
Office Clinton Ave. and E. Fifth Street.
jbse q r.'?; :~r o r:T ir, Gi5.p, wiM.
ff E3 If** ff
3 i/^lB i? r
[ have for sale'Coal, [rob and)Timlicrlands i-i Wise, Diukendon and Baeha&M
c?uuties, \ ir:rini.i, and portions of Kastej;n Kentucky. i hav? rotoo M tAo
Best Coal 3P?o^0jrti?a
for sale in Virginia, adjaccnl to t!;e railroad, T7hich i can offer In fsmII st U?g?
boundaries. The properties :t:--5 t/cII !(u:*}sfl for prosent U8T0^?rpsB?*tji f>ud inn
quality and quantity of the coal attested by '<roli known mrncrologists.
I also have the largest amount of the best B?>;:s?:o - and 11$ 34173X9 KiOP
EUTY in BIU 5 fONE G-AP, both improved and imimpror?d. PVlsUm
either to purchase sell property here should consult mo.
Ail communication ; answered and full information ehcerfully *ir?n.
Address: . W. HARRIS,
P. 0. Bos 253. Bid STOSE Gj P; V.\.
remarkable gales and loMerftJi RssiHts
Oaer 300 Danis Sewing Machines Sold in Hinein Dais
la is? Comities of Wise and Lee.
Tills is a wonderful record to be attain . I n :lnirt. but th?rc er;t rcasoBd for til rr-?nlks. 1k?
rea m for Qio ?al? ol ibis la .. number of DAVIS SE\\"TN<1 MACIUJiISS in ?? fi'jr'. a tin? tf
ta the fuel tliat. tin pi iz? md di [are tbc DA VIS as the best, mo>t saliaUoliiii ?lUl perlt?i
Sewingifj lineorerln ?? in terri! '? ' . ladies h*ve tri d^uuxnerous other malc?t'*l m*>
I cbiiica, with wliieli IJ pleased until thej saw thoaap. - . illtj ? .' work don* on th? DAVIfc
j On trying this woti.iei it-rii ning and liandi tr.achlnK, iti many points of saptrUrity ctw ?j
j others were so noticeable that thfy were no longer Bfttistlrd with any oimachine, *;.d at ntic? pitied a*
order for a D AYJRJ. The i suit is that I have taken in.?? part par a VIS BXWUffi MJU
j nvcr ir.o machines of otic r ni'akeij?many cl them c?mparatlrely m "
I Ucra.cm.bcr the DAVIS Ijns only SLvWorkii ; l. es, and Id ?i m ,1 yrr^p.c. ?ft?ipa?*t, ?fcrahl? mn4
I perfect machine ever mi de. K'very part h made or :s- * < ry b h( :.-.afer:ai and Is thoroughly gusraattoi,
[ by the DavLs Sewing IIa? nine Company >m well as by snyaeiT, for iivn years '.mm dale pitrchase.
The Da is Si - iin office a: Knoxville, Tenn., a^*r bavlug worked tl.at territory for tarceyiaM,
during the fourth year sold over 1,500 Siacbins*. v/hlcl? goes to show that tLo more the |i^>v!a knaw ?j
1 the DAVIS the bottar tliey like- it.
Lam novr receiving numerous orders for n > bin ? from partlca who heretofore refund to boy Um
DAVIS^. but on seeing tlie superior i id satisfactory work It is doing Tor their neighbors, now sand ??
voluntary orders.
[laving formed so many pleasant acquaim irfcessince locating at Big Stone Oay, and harinj n??it wt*
u ch plicaomlnal succoss in my business, ! !;??-? determlin d to permanently contiuueat iLI* place,and ?*iaJI
\\><i every honorable effort in my power to piaeo a DAVIS HZiWiSU !t?AGfiJX? in c-.<ry hocaeboid im
tboarroundlng countiy where a first-class.maehiue is wanted. I have supplied nearly every faaiiy la
Big Stone Gap with ;i Davis machim .
1 keep hi stock a full suppiy of Davis Sewing ilacbire R pairs, .;. . o;v. 4* c. 7,,n r.\\i alwa-i wni
mi at my ofiic, in building formerly occupied by titeCleiaSaloon, rendy ajid anxious to?bowyoa. a DAVJf ?
whether you buy or not. Very RwpectfoJiy,
v?ah, 1m. Jodiert
i wvli aJiU . Iii ivi If P uuJLIlv
Saddle and Driving Horses Always on Hand. Special Ar
rangements for Boarding Horses.
IV >- ? ? ^ -
? S
W. F, Baker. ' j. M, Younj.
Contractors anfl BuiMers.
? - ??A^V* A *?
A -At.-?
an d Spccifi
Furnished on Applica?
tion. Fine Cabinet Work and
Store Fitting a Specialty.
Shop hearIntermont Hotel.
Big Stone Gap, Va.
YiUiii ywi rlib mi c.ny &a??
.'.i.^CM.! as ?? fctorbttr ever <; ;vi>,
Jr.s; call on ac ai wy ti<M:ly raxwuLed rouiu,
At morn and every ba?y
I on:ib nd drt-95 iai hair nila grr.f y,
Toi casnlcoance ot yoar tiie*.
^ A f:<Mitiomn? who b onoabte? axsfi.
i . ig to user Iiis best (j&jri?! i a rzfcttg&M'
9 taget* Asro??aa??k ^iu ssj u to bis]
g a?vanfla?S to ??Mrow AWtlcT DSJWl
(tuual Reserve IlollalJi?,

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