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inat J? W* KELLY, ^Tlre umggi?x9
Has the largest and most complete assortment of XMAS novelties ever brought to BIG STONE GAP. It is a fact. Don't take
his word toi it but call in and see for yourself and be convinced. You will find XMAS presents suitable for all ages; at prices low?
er than ever bet?re. Here is a list of some of the goods he has: Cut Glass Bottles, Perfume Sets, Jewel Case, Pen Trays, Card
Receivers I erfume Atomizers of Bohemian Ware; Infant Sets, Paper Knives, Card Cases, Pocket-Books-Card Case and Pocket
Book combined made of genuine RATTLE-SNAKE, LIZZARD and SEAL SKIN, of the latest designs. And for the children
he has Dolls, Books Childs Furnature, Albums, Balls, Dinner Sets, and toys of all kinds.
Come and see him, whether you want to buy or not. REMEMBER, it is no trouble to show goods. If you don't see what you
want ask tor it; it is somewhere in the house, and^'Sullie" will find it for you. - . ' ' ?". I
fiP Big Stone Gap Post.
pi !?? 1
VOV. 29, IS94.
. i$ loiiavcan$SO,OOOhoteL
.?? Gordon, die engineer;
in the City
..... hine thread, 2 spools
t< 3t Grceu ?- Hunt:
?, Katc Vvers returned last week
^^?tvisit to friends inliris
,. .... (] Java coffee ;?t Green &
fefsforgets per pound.
Xmas goods and pation
.. ? roc paper.
? i [s.:: Kuoxville drum mer,
rjflp last Thursday.
I Jlatlieny an old land mark
V,aj is in the city.
9 Tavl r, of Hristol, spent a
M in the Gap last week.
1 ?. \V. < . Harrington spent a few
I I l5| wecK in Cincinnati on
J ii. W. Kilgorc preached at
1 durch last Sunday mor
1 I;. Kennedy preached a very j
I n at the Methodist church [
I , , j, j?. Wool is visiting in town.
Ii .V .. . teri tns should get him to
I '
I i Green & Hunt's for bacon
j.... Cgnts per pound.
9 ? n p.lair, :?. prominent attorney
Ijfwjtlieville, was in the Gap last
I Arbnckle's coffee for 28 cents at j
I Hunt's.
j Rev. ?'. I. ('ash will occupy Air. |
[ . rcsi ence until the parsonage
j .pletetl
ireeii ? Muni will buy all of your
I :m < ?oon au?! fur skins.
f.\. a: best prices.
R?r. J. 1'. Straley, oi l^ennigton
at lasi Saturday in the (jap,
irag Quarterly Conference;
for a complete line of all goods'
mGreen A: Hunt.
:'. W. Hardin, the next Grov
: : Kentucky is visiting friends
Stone Gap,
We are glad !?> note that Mrs. W.
' who has been very ill for
'??':'??< week, i> improving.
? W. Kelly is displaying a
Xmas goods. < rive him a
tfeeyoung people of the city arc go
?' rganize a Literary ( lub with
' K. Addison as President.
N LoUneich, a traveling sales
? fKuoxville, r4?enn., was jn the
;r-'??'?* of all kinds and sizes at
Hunt's from $1.50 to $10.50!
N in. Wallace, who has been I
: 11 toi tin- past week or two
'?: ?'?; ? out again.
?' 1 Wool preached two
?-*:.: ois at Ihe Presbyterian !
'' i) 6 limit's for hargains
?? s ::- groceries, dry goods,
P?gand shoes.
l :;.v coke ovens of the Big
"ap ' olliery Company arc
I and will *oon be ready
?rk and ivorrv and
.,; 1 ??d think,
'j'^t n.'t do business
i"h'ters' ink:
u :;!-' ? Maskell, Receiver of
"f '? U. iL, was in the city
: :> way to bis mines at
'' ? Cigar Company is
? business now. fhey
10,000 cigars this
?M like to have correspon
Hi-; neighboring V>.vy'ns;
!"!t-'-n>p iteuis." '?"
*? ^OQdloe building js now near
etion, This will he one of
J""-' "isiness blocks in town,
:- ''wdge Skoeiis new resi
. ?tag nlcdy. Wh;?
' be a beautiful re*
fie IV I ?
"l ^ prepared to do- first
J Pouting of every kind.
, ' ! tt'a?t some nice work done
.; , ? ?; Kennedy, presiding el
u J !?g Ktono t;ap District of
?47er^ce at this place last
^ a^ {suuday.
r Gns. W Lovcll wont up to Wise
- court 1 uesday,
Hun. \l. T. hvinc attended court
at Wise tin's week.
A- B, B Harris spent Monday
night in Big stone Gap.
Mathews and Maynor are attending
j court at Wise this week.
Miss Myrtle Nickels, of Bristol, nil!
?wit in the Gap daring the hollidays.
Mr.aHdMrs/W.E.Addiaoi, and Hon.
[Julian Addison tveut over to Bristol
TheBostonGun Works at Middles
boro will be started up i? the near
iut tire.
Capfcs. John Goodloc aud J. F. Bnhitt
Jr., went bird shooting Tuesday and
brought back eleven of .the game birds.
Miss Janio Wood, of Bristol, we are in
j formed, will visit Mrs. W. J. Horseley the
latter part of next week.
Col. .1. II. Richmond, general coun?
sel of the S. A. & 0. n. R, spcnt
1 uesday in the city.
Henry Watson, the negro who has
been in jail at Wise C. il. on the
charge of rape was acquitted Tuesday.
Hon. .1. C. Maynor has returned
from Middlesboro where he went on
legal business lor the L. ?: X. I{. R.
U.K. Ale Wayne, President of the
Glamorgan. Co., of Lvuchbiirg and
\S illiam Hurt'wcre visitin- at Mr, J.
L, Jennings last week.
Wendell Phillips, the negro who broke
into the express ofliee liy a compromise
between ^thc Commonwealths Attorney
and the prisoner's counsel was sent to
the pen for two years.
Hand-satchels at from 65 cents to
ifk50 at Green & Hunt's. Genuine
alienator skin for $2.00.
Ask Green cVr Hunt how it pays to
advertise. Great crowds are in their
store from early morn till late at
Capt. J. F. Bnllitt, Jr. md Jos. L.
Kelly returnd last week from Abing
don. Air. Imllitt closed the areni
ment in the Chapman case in a mag?
nificent speech.
Every merchant in town should
put a Chrismas advertisement in the
L'ost. Jt certainly will pay!
Thomas Templelon, of Kelly View,
was in the city last week. Air. Tem
pieton is with the firm of J. F. John?
son <Ar Co., Lumber dealers.
C. Mikado Harris passed through
the Gap last Tuesday en route to
Jonesville,Va. Air. Harris is travelling \
for the Simmons Hardware Company
of St. Louis.
If yon are not already a subscriber
to the Post, send us one dollar and
let us enroll your name. You can
not afford to do without the Post.
Dr. d. W. Kelly has the largest:
line ofXraas goods ever brought to
big btone Gap and is selling them j
cheap. He has a large trade because |
he advertises, and he will tell you the j
Messrs. Jos. L. Kelly and Frank j
Groseclose, who have been at Abing
dori for the past six weeks at tc'n<l in -
the famous Chapman trial have rc=|
turned to the Gap.
Miss Ella Darnes returned from
Abirigdon last Friday, where she has
been for a month past taking deposi?
tions for Mr. J. P. Bnllitt Jr., in the
famous Chapman suit.
We can't vouch for the weddings
I that arc to occur in l?ig Stone Gap
during the hollidays, but we do know |
of two or three elsewhere, not a nun
died miles away from here
Mr. J. K. P. Legg, of Crab grefc
ard.Mvas in \hc Gap Saturday W\
g?vq us a Very apjnoeiativo oall. Air,
Legg says business is not near so
dull as it has been over in the Orcn
! aid.
Green ck Hunt sells dadies' kidd
glove cheaper than ever before oftcr
ed in Big Stone Gap. Guaranteed
to give, satisfaction. Call and see
Some fool has .VuU.rta*cn toco,mt
the nuwber of hairs on ? PMW
head and' has fo?ud |h? the red head
ed gltj has few* than any othe., 811
ha. only about 00.000 W sije fp?
i thore jiistthe SSM.9.
Croup ii. * iVrrsr to young mothers. To
! ,,?sl them couecroiug (he firs, symptoms,
und frcatmcut ii the object of tb.s item.
The tirst iudicatioo of croup is hoarseness
In a Child ?ho is subject to coup it ???>
be lakeu us .sure sign ef the approach u
? pisenjiar, rough cough. If 1-???
' Cough remedy is give;, ? (W ? ?
child h?comeS hoarse or ^ '(
rougi. cough ha* WW^*?*3^S ,?
,be attack It has ..ever bee. ,U* ? ?
fail. ?3 and ? cent bottles fo, sale ?) J
Kelly and Erana, general store.
The -boys" say that Green oV
Hunt arc the finst fellows they ever
saw that made a -drive" on every
thing they had to sell.
Wo understand that Messrs .1 II
Jennings and W. S. Polly are going
to open up a grocery store in the
store room formerly occupied by
Mfown & Bicklcy, on East Fifth
otreet, soon.
I rn>f. C. 1). Slenip, Principal of the
pig stone Gap School informs us
that never before was his school in
Mich a flourishing condition, lie has
more students enrolled than ever be?
r'or i pain in thc^idc or chest there is
nothing so good as a piece of flannel dam?
pened with Chamberlain's Pain Balm and
hound on over the seat of pain. It affords
Prompt and permanent relief and if used
ifl time will often prevent a cold from re?
sulting in pneumonia. This same treat?
ment is a sure cure for lame back. For
sale by Kelly aud Evans, general store ,
j Nature's Remedy Company, who
I have been giving .some very credita
Die entertainments in the Gap for the
past ten day, have closed out and
gone. They go from here to .Iones-|
ville. Their remedies are spoken of I
very highly by those who have tried !
Mrs. Henry Body and son, Joseph, |
of Roanoke, spent a few days the
past-week in the Gap, the guests of
Mrs. Body's husband, at the Inter
mont, who has charge of the ore
mines at this place.
Mr. Count Bruce and sister, Miss,
Rosa, and aunt, Miss Came Bruce,
of Grainger county, Tenn., who have]
been spending several weeks with
friends and relatives in Wise and Lee
counties returned to their home Mon
I day.
W. A. McGuire, a well known citizen of
McKay, Ohio, is of the opinion that there
is nothing as good for children troubled
with colds or croup as Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy, lie has used it in his
family for several years with the best re- i
suits and always keeps a bottle of it in (he
house. After having la grippe he was
himself tronblcd with a severe cough. He
used other remedies without benefit and
then Qonoludcd to try the children's med?
icine and to his delight it soon effected a
permanent cure. 25 and .">0 cent bottles
for sale by Kelly and Evans,general store.
Mrs. W, T. Kennedy and children
left yesterday morning for Florida,
where they will spend the winter.
i Their many friends in Big Stone Gap
regret very much to lose them, ami I
hope they will soon return, The
Post wishes them a pleasant st.iy iu
the "Land of Flowers."
Malcolm Campbell left here Tues?
day for Gate City, where he goes to
take charge of Dr. Kelly's drug store
at that place. We bespeak for our
! young friend a kind reception at his
new home. Malcolm will make friends
we are Sure, wherever he goes.?Ab
I tngdon fiirginiah.
I ' ? ' ?- '
I 11 enry Wilson, the postmaster a I \\ els h
j ton, Florida, says he cured a case of diar?
rhoea of long standing in six hours, with
j one small bottle of Chamberlain's Colic
j Cholera and Diarrhea lipmedy. What a
Iplcasiuii surprise that must have been to
j the SUiYcrcT. Such cures arc not unusual
with this remedy. In many instances
only one or two dos.es are required ro give
'permanent relief. It can always be de?
pended upon. When reduced with water
it is ple:isunt to take. For sale by Kelly
and Evans, general store.
-? ~o~ <
Advertise Your L'lulstmas (Joods.
Sow is the time to advertise your
Christmas goods. Let the people
know what you have. The Post
will give reduced rates for (ar&?
Crhistinas ads.
A Household TreHsijrf:.
j p. \V. Kuller, of Cauajobarlc, >T. Y*..says
! that he always keeps Dr. King's New Dis
covcrv in the house and his family has al?
ways found the very best results follow its
use; that he would not be with out it if
procurable. G. A. Dyke-nan Druggist,
Catskill.N. T., says tuat Dr, King's Ne?vl
Discovery ss undoubtedly the best Cough j
remedy; that he has used it in.uis family I
for eight years, and'it'has never {ailed to I
do aih hat is canned for it. Why not try
armedy so lou.g \M ana tested. Tral
bottles tor sale at ? W- Dr?|
-4 ^ r?.
ISHilcy Ag?iu.
In the case of Jonas Wilder, d.M.
Bailev and others, vs S. A. & 0. II R.,
appealed bv the complainants from
the circuit court of Scott county, on a
decision rendered by Judge Miller to
tii* Supreme court of Virginia has
-ranted an appeal, which will be heard
at the next term of the court, ll'cre
is nothing in Dr. Ihtjlcy's. ease, hut he
is certainly hard to down. Commis
Kjouer Gray is now busy tafciug^c
counts in the states of Virgima ren
n(,ssec and North Carolina. The Doc
tor is about at the end or his string.
The V T.C.Co., will be represent?
ed by dcu.lv, A-A^
I Bosa Skecji; Laura Slemp; Vesta Slemp
.Holen Taggart; Alexander Anderson
1 Letcher Oil ley: Shalcr Gilley; James
Mulirris; Andy Witt; Edward Stephenson;
Kfiie Baker, C. B. Slemp.
Specimen Cases.
S. 11. Clifford. New Cassel. Wis., was
troubled with Neuralgia and Rheumatism,
his Stinach was bisordercd, his Liver was
j affected to an alatrniiig degree, appetite
I fell away, and he was terribh reduced in
I flesh and strength. Three hot ties of
j Electric Bitters duredhim.
Edward Shepherd, Harrisburg, III., had
a running sore on his leg of eight years
I standing. Used three bottles of Electric
Bitters and seven boxes of Bucklen.s
Arnica Salve, and his leg ie sound and
well. John Speaker, Cajawba. 0., had
five large Fever sores On his leg ,docters
said he was icurable. One bottle of
Electric Hitters and one box Bucklens
Arnica Salve cured him entirely. Sold
by J.W.Kelly.
Prof. Scanlan. ,
This accomplish cd violinist will give a
musical concert in the Nickels building
Tuesday night, Dec. 4th. Prof. Scanlan
will l?c assisted by Professors Hobnck
.lessee Havens and others.
Prof. Scanlan is an accomplished musi?
cian, and it is well worth the price of ad?
mission, ??clg to hear him play. The ad?
mission price will he :.'."> cents, children
under 12, 15 cents.
Gone to be Married.
Hon. H. G. Peters, (he handsome and
affable lawyer of Bristol, Va . left last
evening for Martinsvill*, Va.. where on
Wednesday he will wed Miss Eleetra
Smith, an accomplished young lady of
that place. He was accompanied by his
partner in law, Judge Rhca, 11. E. McCoy
and Sam V. Fulkerson. The bridal party
will return to Bristol Wednesday night,
and Mr. and 31 rs. Peters will make their
home here. Mr. Peters is deserving of a
good wife, and his numerous friends here
and elsewhere will join in congratulating
him that his electric theory of courtship,
put in actual practice, has been a success,
?B?ixldl l 'outUC*'
\t Sharpens
the appcti le, improves digestion,and re?
stores health and vigor; all the organs of
the body are aroused to healthy action by
Dr. Piercc's Golden Medical Discovery.
More than all, the liver?and that's the
key to tho whole system. Yon have pure
blood or poisonous blood, just as your
liver chooses. The blood controls the
health, the liver controls the blood, the
"Discovery" controls the liver,
You can escape just about half the ills
thai flesh ills is heir to, by being ready for
them. Brace the system up with this med?
icine, which prevents as well as cures.
For all diseases caused by a disordered
liver oi impure blood?dyspepsia,billions -
ness, the most stubborn skin, scalp and
scrofulous eflections, the "Discovery" is
the only remedy so certain and effective
that it can be guaranteed. If it doesn't
benefit or cure, you have your money back.
You pay only for the good ydu get.
Near Loveli's. Ky? Supposed to Have j
Been Murdered.
dust as we go to press we learn,
that a man near Loveli's, Ivy., was
killed. He started out from the
?epai at night in company with a
couple of men and a woman. Tho
three men were quarreling as they
left town and the supposition is that
the man was murdered, as the train
came along the next morning, the
man was found with a dee]) gash ih
his head. A woman in the case as
The Claims of Tennessee Seem to Have
Been Established. "
It is generally, conceded that there !
ought not to be any-dispute as to J
the. state line botwoen Virginia aud !
Tennessee, hut there is likely to be
no end to the existing disputes- until
the line is again pointed out by par?
ties acceptable to the authorities of
both states.
Only recently an expert mer^bu- of
the geological and coa?,Q survey ran j
the line-between the two states fromi|
Cumberland'Gap to the North C<Vo
lina corner, on \Yhitc Top. He
found the distance between these; ex?
treme points to be 1?>0 miles x'he
latitude pd teaghuil* the line was
d^&rifti?^ uuy triangulatiou and as?
tronomical observation. The old line
was found to be well marked in most
At the corner near the Baptist
church the surveyor placed a square
stone, marked with lines crossing
each other at tight angles.and having
the inscription/*'lT. 8 0, S." this
survey may yet be . recognized by
both states as showing tho correct
line, it is said to be quite accurate.
As to Bristol, it places tho state
lino immediately in irontof the bnild
ings on the north sn.e of Alain street.
This is perhaps tho only point in the.
survey to which tho peopleof Bristol,
Va., would object. They insist that
the line is in the middle of the street.
?Bristol Courier.
Prof. Wilbur It. Smith, Lexington, Ky.
For 18 years Pre?i
dent of the renown
cd Commercial C?l
lege of Kentucky
University. gives
special attention to
securing situations
for his graduates.
Cost of Business
Course about $90,
including Tuition
and Board in a fam?
Prof. Wilbur R. Smith, "rot? omith has
iexihqtgn ky. kept books, several
years Vice Presi?
dent , of a bank:
V> orld's FairCoiumiSsioncr fromlvcntucky
and a reliable business man.
Among the 10,000 successful graduates
offne Profs Smith, arcl 00 in banks, L00
officials from this and other states. Prof.
E, W. Smith, Prinaipal of the College re?
ferred to. was awarded the Medal at
World's Exposition for Book-keeping, etc.
If you wish a business Education, or a
knowledge of Phonography, Typeivritting
or Telegrapy at the least total cost, with
Diploma from Kentucky University on
graduation, we advise you to cut this out
and writ's for circulars to
Pnor. W. R. Smith,
17tf Lexington, Kentucky.
VIRGINIA: in the clerk's office of the
Circuit Qo?vi tor the county of ll'ise on
the 2Gth day of October, 1694.
Thurston, Trustee, ]
\s -j [nC'hanccry.
Mills, Hardin, ct al; I
The object of this suit is to recover
judgment in favor of R. C. Ballard Thurs?
ton, Trustee .".gainst J. B. F. Mills and P.
IF. Hardin in the sum of live hundred,
thirty-three and 32-100 dollars (533.32),
with interest thereon from No?
vember 11, 18S9, until payment, ami the
costs of this suit and to foreclose the ven?
dor's lien reserved in a deed of sai l date
from Big Stone Gap Improvement Corn
pain ?. C. ballard, Thurston, Trustee, to
J. I;. F. Mills on lots four and live (4 & 5)
of block forty-seven (17), "Improvement
Go's. Plat Xo. |," town of Big Stone (?:i;?
\'a., and affidavit having been made that
P. W. Hardin, a defendant herein, is a
non-resident of this State, the said de?
fendant is required to appear within fif?
teen days after due publication of this or?
der, in the clerk's office of our said court,
at rules to be holden there for and do
what is necessary to protect his interests.
And it is ordered that a copy of this or?
der be forthwith published once a weck, ]
for tour successive weeks, in the big '
Stone Gap Post, a newspaper printed in
the town of big Stone Gap, in the county
of ll'ise, Sjate of Virginia, and posted at
the front door of the court-house of said
county,on the first day of the next County
Court for the said county after the date of
this order.
A Copy: Teste:
IF. F.. KILGORE, Clerk.
By C. A. Johnson. I). C.
H. C. McDowell, Ja;, p. q. Xv. 8 4G-49,
VIRGINIA: In the clerk's office of the
circuit court for the county ot Wise on
the 30th day of October. 1804.
G. M. brown i
vs - In Chancery.
J. M. Dal ton, et al \
The object of this suit is to. liavo the
plaintiff substituted, tu the rights of of W.
K. luiborn, M ? S. Beverly and H. E. Fox ,
: under a certain deed from said lulborn,
Fox and Beverly to G. M. brown of date
Feb. cS'th, ISUO conveying certain lots and .
parcels of land in the town of Big Stone j
Gap, Wi<e County, Virginia, to-wit those '?
lots hereafter described herein to said ti.
M. brown and that the plaintiff recover of
I the defendant, J. M, Dalton, the sum of
$533.00 with interest from January 5th, S
1590 and costs by persona! decree, and by j
foreclosure of the lien reserved in the
deed of date January of-1590 from G.
M. Frown to J. M. Dalton on the following |
lots or parcels of land, lo-wit, one-half of
lots (>, 7, <>' and !> of block 55 as shown on
a plat of big Stone Gap, Va., on tile in the
Wise county courts Clerks oflice marked ,
Improvement Companys plat Xo. I anil
described as follows:
beginning at the southeast corner of
Block .">."> at the junction of Gilley avenue j
and West 1st street and running with the
line of said west 1st street (J t feet, thc-noe.
j southwest with a line parallel to said tiil- !
ley avenue, feet to the line, botwoon J
lots it and 1U in said block 55 thence with
jthc said line between lots 9 and 10 lo
I Gilley avenue, G4 feet, thence with a the j
I line of said Gilley avenue 137 feet to the
And an affidavit having been made and '?
I filed that J. M. Dalton, J. C. Daltun, his
wife, Thomas Rutherford, R. C. ballard
Thurston, Trustee parties defeuvl-,?lf to
j this suit are non-residents this state.,
The said detem'.auu p?re required to appear
here w^thus today's after due publication I
, o( ibis OrdOr' in the Clerk's oIiicc uf aur ;
j'said court, at rules to he. golden ihere
i for. and do what is. accessary, to prc^cc* j
j their iub i'- U. And it is ordered HfcSk* *
'copy of'tiits older he ftwViiWitb "^Vished
'once a woe';, fojt R>tt^rcce88ive?^eeks in
lit'} Big Sf^e (Tip Post, a newspaper
u,',.'.*.eU in the town of big Stoite Gun, in
the county of Wise, State of Virginia, and
posted at the front door of the court-house
of said county, on the first day of the next
county Court for the said county after the
date of this order.
A Copy: Teste:
W. E. Kilgoee, Clerk,
By C. A. Johnson, D. C
Walter E. Addison, p. q. Nov. ist 45-4
Giiaafcerls^? ?73 ao? S2da Ciatoeut
Is a certain Cure frr Ciircnic core Lye?,
Granulated Eve lids, Scro Nipples Piles,
Eczema, Tetter, 8aitEh?!?i and Scale Head,
25 cants per bes. Fer e h Ur druggists.
to nosss oy?TZz?.
For putiiruj a horse in a ?*.e ! alfhv cca
dition trv Dr. CaeVs Condition Fowlera.
They tone no die *vsare. aid diTor.tion, c/rc
loss of a?pe&e, relieve cc:v-tipation, correct
b'?r.ev uiio- icrsjtnd destroy worms, giving
flew life to an cid er ever v ozkei^ horse.
cents per package, i-'or by druggists.
Call at Kelly & Evats, Big Stoue Gap,
Hardware, Guns, Cutlery, Stoves,. Buggies,
Machinery of every description, Paints,
Oils, Varnish and Glass.
Syracuse Chilled Plows,
I " Saddles, Harness and China-ware,
iAyers Block. BIG STONE GAP, VA.
Pool, and Billiard Rooms
HOTEL, PETER KIDD, Proprietor,
1 keep constantly on hand pure Rye and Bourbon Whiskies,
from si.50 up to .53.00 per gallon; Brandies from $2.00 o
$3,00 per gallon; North Carolina Gorn Whiskey from $1.50
to $2.50 per galion; Wines of all kind from $1.50 to $2.50 per
gallon; also agent for two of the Largest Distilleries in the
country. Ice cold baer on drift, and also bottle beer always
on hand. We also keep a first-class line of Tobacco and
Cigars. Fresh Meats, Oysters and Fish aivvayson hand.
Ail orders by Mail, or otherwiso. when accompanied by
cash, will receive special attention, and prices will be as low
as if you were here in person.
??y"Whisk!es for medical purposes a specialty.
Office Clinton Ave. and E. Fifth Street
I have for sale Coal, Irou and) Timbcrlands in Wise, Dickenson and Ilucbana?
counties, Virgi'uia, and portious of Eastern Kentucky. I have some of tht
Coal Properties
for sale in Virginia, adjacent to fiio railroad, which 1 can offer in small or Inrg*
boundaries. The properties are well located for present development, and I ha
quality and quantity of the coal attested by well known mineralogists.
I also have the largest amount of the best BUSINESS and RESIDENT PROP?
ERTY in Bit? STONE GAP, both improved and unimproved. Parties desiring
either to purchase or sell property here should consult me.
All communications answered and full information cheerfully given.
Address: W. E. HARRIS,
P. 0. Box 2.08. U1G STONE GAP, Ya>
It is economy to have Clothing cleaned and pressed o f
ten, and if you want it done in a first-class manner, try
The Merchant Tailor Of
? Prompt attention given to all orders and satisfaction
Feed and Livery Stable
Saddle and Driving Horses Always on Hand. Special Ar
rangements for Boarding Horses.
1 &.\ v .
J. M. Young.
Contractors and Builders.
Plans, Estmates and Specifi?
cations Furnished on Appllca
tion. Fine Cabinet Work and
Store Fitting a Specialty.
Shop near Intormont Hotel.
Big Stone Gap, Va.

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