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Y. JAS .24,
f?rr, of Jonesville, **as
ifc to be confidential
Sc well was up from
= Satnrday.
hone, of Williamsburg
\\n last week.
mean, of Jcnesville,
irday H the Gap
jo l^o^ *<?uld ho glad to have
lersonal items'of interest.
. H. CV'jT Richmond, of Kwing,
i#wn last Saturday.
. M, T. Hidenour left Monday
Oft'fi businevs trip to Cincinnati.
K^amron, of CliHt-vood, Dick
cO&fXt-Y, was in the Gap last
?s?o?ic Moore spont Sunday
M?Bfrtlie Wax up on Preach
|p ' House, a prominent
Winner, .^pent a few days
?, .'??Jeiniings returned last
y from a two weeks visit to rel
?* and friend*, in Lynchburg.
ringihe recent cold spell the
tryregistered lower at Big Stone
thaa anywhere in the South.
vJ& 8. Carter left for Lexing
ly.-,Monday, where he will s]icnd
days with relatives and friends.
i Post is prepared to do Hr*t
ob printing of every kind.
y?&Want some nice work done
? a trial.
John A. Mills returned last
lay from Moah, where he had
0 attefcd the funeral of his un
i-Senaior d. T, F. Mills.
. Thos. Johns, of Looney Creek
pent fieveral weeks with her
tcr%t.K.noxville, Tcun., returii
1 of the most foolish election
rtbe ycay was recently paid by a
0, Y? man hy rolling a pea
lnil? with a tooth pick.
s one of the mysteries of life that
m who. knows exactly how a
aper should be run is always
ed in some other business.
srs. Fred and .Joseph Hoback
nesday night for Crew, Va.,
they will make their future
Weregret to lose Dr. Hoback's
from oar midst.
Southern Mean zinc, published
lisville, and which was suspend
ae mo?ths ago, has resumed
stxon, The Southern is one of
ttmagazines published in the
W-.O.Thompson, of Sherman,
who has been visit ing relatives
iettds in Wise and Lcc couuties
cial weeks, left for his home
ridayy 'i;flceoinpanied hy his
? and sifters, Mistes Laura and
Liza Burk gave a sociable to
isr of hor iriends at her home
.BigStone (Jap last Saturday
f. Hiss Li/.a recently returned
entaeky, where she has been
i in teach ing school lor several
1. B. Frit/, has opened up a
IJlt i?vth'.' basement looms of
it OQiee building, where he
rvo the public in first-class
There is no reason why a lirst
itaurattt should not do a good
3 in Big Stone Gap.
stubborn and aggravating case
stism that wore believed to be in
l?dadopted a.s life legacies, have
oCuafflfclaiu's Pain Calm, much
rprissjuid gratification of suffer
e ftppl&fciion will relieve the pain
ting and it.-; continual use insures
uai cure. For sale bv Kelly and
enere! Store.
lloydK?bouru, who wanspok
last weeks i^ue of the Post
ig received a severe injury in
m ?yes while working in the
,t his home near Olinger and
i gone to Bristol to have an
a perfomed, has returned to
e. It was found that his eye
y seriously injured, but it is
? by special care, the sight
wan old?lier who had chronic
?f.laag^?iiaing to have been
^ by takin- Chamber
lte,Qjt?gf* and Diarhaa Kem
r? Edward SShutnpk, u prominent
:of Minneapolis, Minn, "l have
JSUjedvitttbi- eitr tor over seven
a consider, ft superior to any other
s 0? the.market for bowel com
j sag 50. ecui buttles of this
|0r sale by Kfclly and Evans, gcu
?SiatOl *&eam Uiuattry.
:^M>?d vhn J. W. Kellv to act
"tf^M^jMtol Steam Laundry
?ur iAuaMWat the Drug Store.
^ves?v^-Tu(.,(ixv noon.
S. P. Mourns.
fcal uieoting of the
fe Virginia Coal and
be jjeld at the
(the city of Aiex
pue*day, February
I Kbkt,-$6c'v.
f05. " *
lal meeting 0f tho
je PowellRiver
hny will be held
[uw. in the city
<>? Wednes
th, 1895, at 12
rUerofthe Pres?
0, K&?t, Beo'y,
95. J;
law^?flice on Wood Avenue.
Judge Duncan and Judge W. A.
?rr*were in the city last week.
Mr. H. L. Monteiro and Mr. 1>, ?S.
Plcasants were up from Hagau
Gen. It. A. Aver?,. Capt. J. F.
Bullitt and Jos. *L. Kelly were in
Abingdon yesterday.
Gen. P. W.IIardin, of Frankfort,
Ky., is visiting relatives and friends j
in tl*e Gap thin week.
Dr. d. W, Kelly is* attending one
jof the daughters of Mr. C. F. Flan
ary who is reported dangerously ill.
Miss Alice Duff will in the near
future fotm a Whist dub in opposi?
tion to the desecrators of William
Mr. Frank A..Groseclose left Mon?
day for Calhouns Business College
where he. has accepted a position as
teacher of Stenography.
i G. M. Brown has sold but his entire
bar fixtures and saloon to a Roanokc
party who will take charge as soon
as an inventory is completed.
MrK.L. Brown has bocglit the lot
! adjoining the Goodloe block, and is
j preparing to build at once a large
business block. Building*, going up
all the time, this town ai'nt dead yet.
There is a good reason for the populari?
ty of Chamhot]ain,8 Cough Remedy.
Davis A ?uzard,of West Montery, Clarion
Co., Pa., say: "It has cured pcoplethat our
physicians could do nothing for. We per?
suaded them to try a bottle of Chamber?
lain's Cough remedy and they now recsm
racnd it with the rest of us." 25 and 50
cent bottles for sale by Kelly and Evan*,
general Store.
Work "on the parsonage for the
Methodist church was commenced
Tuesday. Preparation for the lay?
ing the foundation is now being made
and the work will b?? pushed forward
to completion as rapidly as possible.
Mr. Joseph P. Lovell, of this place,
and Miss Anna A. McDermed, were]
married at the home of the bride's
uncle, Mr. Abner Anthony, at Kasey,
Bedford county, on last Thursday the
17th inst. Mr. and Mrs. Lovell ar?
rived in Big Stone Gap Monday night
where they will make their future
home. We wish for them a long and
happy married lifo, and that as the
years go by their love may never
grow less.
Carlton Cornwell, foreman of the Gazette,
Middleton, N. J., believes that Chamber?
lain's C/ough Remedy should be iu every
home. He used it for a cold and it effected
a speedy cure. He says: "It is indeed a
grand remedy, I can recommeed to all.
I have seen it ii?od for whooping cough,
with best results." 25 and 50 cent bot?
tles for sale' by Kelly and Evans, general
Legal Holiday
By a law of Virginia, the anniver?
sary of General R. E. Lee's birthday,
the 19th January, is a le?al holiday
in the State. Does the enactment ex?
tend .to. and control Federal Post Of?
fices in the State? The Post Office
at Big Stone Gap was closed until
7 o'clock P. M. on the day named.
Was it legally closed?
Buckler 8 Arnica Salve.
The best Salve.in the world for Outs,
Bruises, Sores, (Acers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chiblatns
Corns and all Skin Eruptions, and posi?
tively cures Piles, or no pay required. .It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction
or money refunded. Price 25 cents per
box. For sale by J. W. Kelly.
Instalation of Officers
At a meeting of Big Stone Gap
Lodge No. 34 I. 0. 0. F.. on last
Monday night tho following officers
elect were installed for the ensuing
year: J. C. Moore, N. G., S. It. Jessee
V\G.;G. A. Mooic, Sec'y; G. E.
Gilley, Treasurer; J. M. Stewart,
Transfer of Valuable Property.
Mr. J. 0. Moore, last week, bought
the entire stock in the planing mill in
East Big Stone Gap, formerly owned
by Wolfe Clay <fc Co. This is a
desirable plant and does a good busi
iness. Mr. Moore has iu connection
with the planing mill a large 6aw
mill, with which lie is cutting quite
an amount of lumber. Mr. Moore is
one of our most enterprising business
men and always, makes a success of
whatever he undertakes. -
Did Your Ever.
Try Electric Bitters as r. remedy for
your troubles? If not get a bottle now and
gel relief. This medicine has been found
tobe peculiarly adapted tu th* relief and
cure of all Female Complaints, exerting a
wonderful direct influence in giving
strength aud tone to the organs. If you
have Loss o? Appetite, Constipation, Head?
ache, Fainting Spells,'or are Nervous,
Sleepless, Excitable, Melancholy or
troubled with Dizzy Spells, Electric Bit
ters ,is the medicine you need. Health
aud Strength arc guaranteed by its use.
Large bottl? so nly fifty cents at J. W.
Kelly's Drug Store. 3
- ? ??
^ "Nu vet Cancer?,
Mr. S. K.Jessec has purchased
front tho Columbia Phonograph com?
pany of Washington,D. 0,, one of its
perfected Grapbophones and is pre?
pared to give concerts at private
houses at reasonable rates. Mr, Jes?
see will travel with his Graphopltono
but will not be absent from the city
for any very groat length of time, so
as not to conflict with his duties as
Mayor. He has a good selection of
popular songs, recitations, messages
from Win. E. Gladstone and a great
variety of musical pieces which the
Qrapbophone repeats in the most
charming manner
Mr.Harrv S?llivan, Dr. Kellv's
popular hm&m&yf?t'llm&i? (o%
I KentitcJ^where he watfnf?rarapneri
j by wire to the bedside of his brother.
It seems that hi? brother, who is
j teaching school had two young boys
under his special charge. On Satur?
day thej ibecame restless and started
across th? monntain to their home
some twenty miles distant. As soon
as Mr. Sullivan leanied that they
were gone he immediately monnted a
horse and started in pursuit of them.
He overtook them about half way up
the mountain almost frozen.
He immediately wrapped them up
in his overcoat and started for home
and before he arrived there he was
frozen unconscious and remained in
-that condition for 48 hours.
It thought at first that he
would speedily recover, but on Mon
day Mr. Sullivan received a wire to
the effect that he was very much
worse. If was a noble act in him to
save the life of the two truant boys at
perhaps the sacrifice of his own, and
the parents of the boys should always
hold his memory in reverence.
A Household Treasure.
D. W. Fuller, of Canajeharie, N. Y.
says that he always keeps Dr. King's New
Discovery in his house and bis family has
always found the very best results follow
its use; that he would not be without it
if procurable. G. A. Dykeman Diuggist
Catskill, X. Y., says that Dr. King's New
Discovery is undoubtedly the best Cough
remedy; that ho used it in his family for
eight years, and it has never failed to do
all that is claimed for it. Why not try s
remedy so long tried and tested. Trial
bottles free at J. W. Kelley's Drug Store
Regular sizs 50c. and, $1.00. 3
A recent issue of the Dioresan
Journal, of the Episcopal Church of j
Southern Virginia, contains an in?
teresting account of the progress and
prospects of the church's work at
Coeburn, Va. Coeburn, which has
ar population of 100, composed chiefly
of miners and their families, forms
part of the Parish of Intcrmont,which
also embraces Big Stone Gap, Norton
and other localities within the county
of Wise. Its church building has a
seating capacity of about 80, and at
the services a good choir is in attend?
ance. An attractive and successful
mission was, iu December last, con?
ducted at Coeburn by Itev. R. S. Car
ter, Rector of the Parish, aided by
the Rev. C. F. Smith, of Abingdon,
and much lasting beefit is expected
to result therefrom. The report
shows that a laudable effort is being
made by the church members to es?
tablish a hospital at Coeburn for sick
and injured persons, and that to?
wards its erection and maintananee
the mine owners of the District have
promised' contributions. A move?
ment is also on foot to secure the
erection of a new and more commo?
dious church building. The mem?
bers at Coeburn are evidently alive
to the duties of their important work,
and are infused with a proper spirit
for carrying it on. We hope their
efforts will be crowned with great
At the mission services referred to,
the frequent singing of familiar
hymns was an important feature.
Most people like good singing. More
of it at church services would, we
feel assured, tend to increase the
number of attendants. Our Christ
congregation undoubtedly possesses
some good musicians and good sing?
ers If a suitable" choir is abtaina
ble therefrom, and a change made in
the services, so that, following the
example of numerous other churches,
we can have sang regularly the grand,
soul-stiring Te Deura, the Psalms of |
the day, and other portions of the
church*** beautiful service, an en?
larged attendance of worshippers
would be secured, and the earnest
efforts of the Rector in the church's
work, and for its usefulness, in our
midst, would be strengthened and en?
couraged. *
THE VA. C. ? i. CO.
TheDeclslon In theCeiebratedCase
of the Johnston Heirs vs. the Va.
Coal & Iron Co. Decided in Fa
? vor of the Defendant
The Last of the Va. Coal & Iron
Go's Litigation.
The plaintiffs Will Probably Carry
the Case to the Supreme Court
of Appeals
One of the most important land
cases ever tried in this section was
argued before His Honor Judge W.
T. Miller at tho last term of the Wise
Circuit Court. It was ably argued
by C?pt. Flank S; Blair' and Mr.
Hutchinson (author of Hutchinson's
Landslides) for the plaintiffs and by
J. F. Bullitt, Jr., arrdJR. C* Dde, of
Philadelphia, for the defondant Com-,
pauyy The argument was atten?
tively listened to by the full bar.most
I ?f whom 'deluged Mr. Hutchinson
with questions,, to which" he gave a
ready ; response, and seemed ^liite
willing to explain the intricaqes of
land'law to the' Bar as to^rguo from
his woint of view to Iiis Honor, the
This case was something similar
to the Van Guaden. suit against the
Vu. & I, tV, and was equally as
important. After a long legal fight
the Company won that celebrated
easel The. suit in the Johnson case
was brought to recover an undivided
one-third interest in the entire boun?
dary of 62,500 ncres of land, which
was granted by the Commonwealth, of
Virginia to Nathaniel Taylor, John
Johnson and Nathan Fields. There
was no evidence/ whatever, in .the;
case to show that the Johnson heirs
hafl ever taken possession of this
land, pajd any taxes or asserted any
claim until th? commencement of this
of railroads ami general develporaent
of this secijpn^ %h%f fc^vM^Mm
thoughtthe/wotfldtry toJsJarftP up
color of fcth* ami take aclwUggcvrf
their own neglect and idlene^ i-JJba
title of the Virginia Coal afe
Company to this tract of laud -wW
derived Trora 'rtix "aale taJffle'itf
!to John C. Olinger, who took ^Ses?
sion of the land, and which' had beea.
in possession of him and those claim?
ing under biro down to 1881, wben
the Virginia Coal A? Iron Company
made its purchase.
The opinion of Judge Miller is a
masterly one, and well sustains his
high reputation as a lawyer. It will
probably be sustained bytheSupreme
Court. '
The counsel who did not argue the
case were GeoA. Smith, of Rogers
vifle, Tenn., and B. H. Sewell, for
the Johnson Heirs, and Gen'l K. A.
Ayers, Gen'l A. L. Pridemorc,Judges
Duncan and Fnlton for the defendant.
Prof. J. D. F. Noel will open school
at this place soon.
Mrs. N. J. Robinett is still on the
sick list.
H. C. Fannou is visiting his broth?
er in Tennessee this week.
Jas. Barchett is studying teleg?
D. J. Robins will visit Cane Young
again shortly.
J. D. Robinett has been the guest
of friends at this place this week. He
will return to his home in Tennessee
John Eastridge's eyes are improv?
ing rapidly.
J. F. Bnrchett will complete the
work on Mr. L. A. Joyner^s residence
Rev. M. S. Robinett's saw-mill is
not in operation now, owing to the
rough weather.
M. Livington has moved into his
new residence.
Miss Ettie Yost,of PenningtonGap,
is visiting relatives and friends at
this place this week. .
Miss Alice Noel, of Three Springs,
Va., has returned home from a Xmas
visit to relatives and friends here.
James Noel is visiting friends at
Pennington Gap this week.
Miss Martha Brewer, of Tonnessee,
is'still tho guest* of relatives at this
G. W. Robinett and wife have re?
turned from a visit to friends down
on Clinch.
L. A. Joyner is recovering from a
severe case of neuralgia.
Mr. H. P. Short's brother paid
him a pleasant visit this week.
G. W. Estridgo has bought some
land of Robert Jones and T. T.
Robert Gilliam has returned from
a visit toDuffield.
James Stamper, of Lee county,
gave us a call to-aay, on his return
from Bristol.
Misses Ettie and Nettie Yost gave
us a this evening.
Grandma Gilliam, of this place, is
very ill from the effects of a fall on
ice. * *
Jan. 19,1895.
Beats allOthers,
They fit hetter,wear
hetter,more stylish,
more comfortable,
and cheaper than
any otherCorset.
We make a spec?
ialty of these goods
and recommend
them to you with?
out reserve. Call and examine them.
J. M . WILLIS & CO ,Big Stone Gap.
Ja^4 6m
I want,every man and Woman in the
United States interested in the Opium and
: Whiskey habits to have one of my looks
on those diseases. Address B. M. Wooley,
Atlanta. Ga. Box 38:2, and one will be sent
you free. Dc.27 94 ly j
VIRGINIA: At rules held in the Clerk's
office of the Circuit Court for the County
of Wise on the 8th' day of January,1892.
Abigail Wade' et al, j
vs.' [ in Chancery.
John J. Kelly, Sr., et at.)
The object of this suit is to compel the
defendant, John J. Kellv, Sr.,
to 'convey-.. to the fe?s
male plaintiff, Abigail Wade, an undivided,
one-fourth interest in and to a certain
! tract or parcel of .and situate lying and
i being in Wise county Va., ou Pigeon Creek
contaiuingl^OO acres more or less and
which' was granted by the Commonwealth
of Virginia to William Bicbmond by pat?
ent bearing date on the 1st:, day of Octo?
ber 1855 and being the same which said
Kelly atfeenpted.to convey to said female
plaintiff dy deed bearing date Sept. 1st.,
1884 and recofded in Wlge county-' deed
book, No. *2S page 175 and to have the
.rights and equities of said female plaiutiB,
Abigail Wade to audio said land adjudged
to be superior to the judgements claim ep
as liens on saiq land In defendants J. S.
Anderson, Francis V, Kirkpatrick, J. M.
Brewer and The Citizen's National -Bank
of Lancaster, Ky., and to compel said
.Anderson,Kirkpatrick, Brewer,Logan and
said Cit.izen's Bank to execute and deliver
to said female plaintiff'a proper deed of
release of their aOege^ j^dgenientrsb fkt
us the came is or may be claimed as liens
against said fand, and for general reliel*
uibd affidavit having been made that Fran*
eis V. iurkpatrick' John M. Brewer,, J.
M. Logan and&neCitizen's NationalBauk
pfbancaatervKy.,?fre npu-re.-ddenl? of this
State, the *aid defendants arc required to
appear within fifteen "days after due publi?
cation <>f.this order in the Olerk'e. ofnee
i of our said court, at rules to be holden
therefor, and do tvhat i.-i ueessary to protect
their interests:- And it is ordered that a
copy of this order bo forthwith puh{h*ked
once a wcelcj for four successive weeksyiu
The Big Stoffe (inn Post, a newspaper
printed in the totfuof Bfg Srcmc-Gap, in
the county of Wi-e, Slat.- jj$ Virginia
and posited: at the front door of .the; court
housa.^fjBeM <n^ty, on th*.first day T>f
the* nciTDonnty Court for* tbk-fijjdtl cqqj^
ty after the date of ibis ofder, 4, copy
Toste; * }V%tfrtooajr, Clerk,
Bv . A. JounbokJ). C.
E. H. Fuuos, p. cp Jal7
?JSlUDgton Wdl^ Plaintiff, J '
vi: - V In Chancerv, f
J.H.Blair, et al Defent.)
*fht undersigned special commissioner
f&e above styled cause, now pending in
Mcircuft'courf of Wist county, Va., will,
'laut^to a decree, entered im the said
'"on the I7th day of April, 189 J, ef
. ftl court, oroceed at his office in the
-ttfw* *f Gladeville, oh the 18tb dar of
Fafcittfcrv, 1895, to take and state an" ac
*caunt*in the said cause, shftattng:
. I?H* The ?etas 1 smeant that the .sev?
eral securities of i. H. Brair, late Treas?
urer of Wise county, have paid, and the
amount that each aureiy i? liable for*
2nd, The number and names of soivnet
securities. [ ->
3. Apportion the whole amount that
has been paid by the said (securities,
among the whole number of solvent secu?
rities, so as to make the portion of
each equal, aud show when interest ought
to run on the said several amount?.
This the 1st dav of January, 1895.
W. H. Bond*Special Com.
JalO 2-3
VIRGINIA: In the clerk's office of the
circuit court for the county of Wise on
the 3rd day of January, 1895. In vaca?
vg. v In Chancery.
Norton Drug Co. )
The object of this suit is to attach
effects of Norton Drug Co. and obtain
judgement for plaintiff for the sum of
thirty dollars and twenty-seven cent j,and
affidavit having been made that M. T.
Dingus, a party defendant, is a non-resi?
lient of this State, he is required, to- ap?
pear within fifteen days after due publi?
cation of this erdcr in the clerk's office of
our said court, at rules to be holden there?
for, and'do what is necesiary to protect
his interests. And it is ordered that a
copy of this order be forthwith published,
once a week, for four successive weeks,
in the Big Stone Gap Post, a newspaper
printed in the town of Big Stone Gap, in
the county of Wise, State of Virginia, and
posted at the front door of the court?
house of said countyj on tho first day of
the next county court for the said coun?
ty atter the date of this order.
A copy?.Teste:
W. E.Kiluobk, Clerk.
By C. A. Johnson, D, C.
S. H. Bond,'p. q. JalO 2-5
T. P. Trigg and M. H Honakcr, Trustees
for The Exchange & Deposit Bank of
I. S. Ross and Marv E. Ross, his wife.
NOTICE To I. S. 'Rots and Marry E.
That, whereas you did by deed, dated
the 20th day of May, 1892, aud duly re?
corded in the office of the clerk of Dick
eBson county court in deed book No. II,
page 100, &c. convey to W. T. Miller, aa
Trustee, certain property lying in Dicken
son county, Va., and in said deed more
particularly described,-to secure to The
Exchange & Deposit Bank, at Abingdon,
payment of certain debts in said deed
mentioned: and whereas the said Ex?
change & Deposit Bank of Abingdon, has
conveyed to said T. P. Trigg and M. II.
Honaker, as trustees, for the benefit of its
creditors, all its effect*, including the
debts so as aforesaid secured, and where?
as the said trustee has become unable to
execute the trust by said deed created,and
it has become necessary to apply to the
court for the appoin'ment of a trustee in
his place and stead.
Now, therefore, we will, on the first day
of the Fbcruary term of the Dickenson
county court, apply to the said caurt for
the appointment of a trustee in the place
and stead of the said W. T. Miller.
This the 5th day of January, 1895.
T. P. Ttigo and M. H. Honakeb,
JalO 2-5 " Trustees.
* VIRGINIA: In tho clerk's office of
the circuit court for the county of Wise
on the 4th day of January, 1895:
Thrustou, Trustee, }
va. y In Chancery.
Goodtoe, Harris et al. )'
The object of tnis suit is to recover
I j dgment in favor of R. C. Ballard Thrus
\ ton, Trusteo, against W. E. Harris, in th?
sum of$466.GG, with interest thereon from
September 25th, 1889, and the costs
of this suit; and to foreclose the vendor's
lien reserved in a deed of said
date from Big Stone Gap
Improvement Company aud said Tlirus
ton, Trustee, to W. E. Harris.on lots 5 and
6, of block 56, and lots one aud two, of j
block 58, all of which are shown on a map '
of the town of Big Stone Gap, known as
"Improvement Co's Plat No. 1," and affi?
davit having been made that W. L. Stout,
a ' party defendant to said
suit, is a non-resident of
this State, the said defendant is re?
quired foappear within fifteen days after
due publication ot this order, in the
I clerks office of our said court, at rules to
I be holden therefor, and do what is neces
| sary to protect his interests. Aud it is
ordered that a copy "of this order be forth
I with published once a week, for four suc?
cessive weeks in the Big Stone Gap Post,
a newspaper printed in the town of Big
Stone Gap, in the county of Yfiw, Stato
of Virginia, and posted at the front door
of the court-house of said county,- on the
first day of the next county court for
the said county after the jlatejj'?f this
A copv: Teste:
- W. E. Kilgobk, Clerk.
i Bv C. A. Johkboh, D. C.
H C. .McDowell, Jr., p. q.' JalO 2-S
Projnptly Bocur
anaLabela reglaterea. Twenty-flvs tssis ?x
periea?ck We report whether pnieaa CM he
If ?. ou want to learn
and become a competent
Chamberlain's Eye gpSL Sfcia O&tttWft
Is a certain ciirc for Curoclc Sore liver,
Granulated Ey.e "fcps; Si to "Nipples, FUeiy
Eczema, 'fetter, Salt w&wuo and Sea id Head,.
25 ccfc&jer bos, For fab by druggists. _
' aerate ' *"
- Forpattir.g ahorxxiaji ?ne healthy rho
dition.try Dr. Cad*'s Condition Pov
They tone np Iba systexa, - aid diges?o?
low of appetite* rcUevt? coronation,
!ridn?y.ai^3er? 3efiUv.7 TFgnrw.
a?w ifJe^Waa'cld or QV^^rtea "Bo?
esnta per package. For cale fey drug
Call at Kelly & Evaas, Big Ston
We will mail y ou the BIG STONE GAP POST and
for one year fur $1.25. THE QUEEN OF FASHION, published by Tu*.
McCall Company, New York, i.s a superb household journal, bright and
clean, abounding in fashion, notes, nscfnl hints, beautiful illustrations of the
Celebrated McC all Bazar Patterns
for Ladies, Misses and Children. Story in each issue; Children's page.
Besides this, each subscriber will be entitled to a
Post-paid anytime she may select it.
It is economy to have Clothing cleaned and pressed of?
ten,, and if you want it done in a first-class manner, try
The Merchant Tailor Of
Bristol, - - Tenn.
Prompt attention given to all orders and satisfaction
Feed and Ljvenj Stable
Saddle and Driving Horses Always on Hand. Special Ar
rangements for Boarding Horses.
W. F, Baker.
J. M. Young.
Contractors and Builders.
Plans, Estmates and Specifi?
cations Furnished on Appiica
tion. Fine Cabinet Work and
Store Fitting a Specialty.
Shop near Intermont Hotel.
Big Stone Gap, Va.
(Successor to W, C. Shelton & Co.)
Pure Drugs and Patent Medicines.
Longman & Martinez Paints.
Oils, Varnishes,
Stationery, Fine Candies,
Tobacco and Cigars.
Big Stone Gap, Va
Hardware, Guns, Cutlery, Stoves, Buggies,
Machinery of every description, Paints,
Oils, Varnish and Glass.
Syracuse Chilled Plows,
Saddles, Harness and China-ware,
Ayers Block. BIG STONE GAP, VA.
Best Shoes
: Least Money
los for
riarbcrs and iu
ic*. and to amend
; at eea. passed.
' e cf tLe whole ;
that portion of :
', providing for I
of one-tenth of;
ra otuU grades ;
countries, j
?4 of an amend
~"\ duty oa all
2 to 50 ]xr cent. I
2 60
?A woman
fence IIow
tl the at?
omise was
\m\ name
f live at
..; io j-t
. 14 CO
ltfO*l?lU!!??-^Iess Fork.
Lard?Prime strair..
BUTTER?Choice dairy
Prime to choice creamery..
APPLES?Per bbl. 3 v?
POTATOES?Per bb!. 2 w
FLOCK?Winter patent.
GRAIN?Whya*?No, \ north/a
No. 2 red....
CORN?No. 2 auxed.
OATS?Mixed. : ^
PORK?New mess. 12 03
FLOUR?Winter patents. 2 50
GRAIN?Wheat?No. 2 red.
No. 2 Chicago spring...
CORN?No. 2.
OATS?No. 2.
PORK?Mess.10 40
Over One Million People wear the cet,
W. L. Douglas $3^and $4 Shoos. /as 0f
All our oboes ore eqnally satiafcetoe r* _* , Mmm
They give the best value for the money. ?.o sc\erai car
Tbcy i*iuul custom eboes !n style and Qt. ?Wt wi?t found on.
Their wearingqualities are unsurLaaaed. ojeci was zounu on,.
Tbu price*ar? uniform? otamueu on sole^ It, i?$ covered with. %
From si to $3 saved over other makes , -
If your dealer cannot supplv tar, has a fuse at one enc$
S5 S4 $3r*^ about ?vo inches long. Tfh? po
lice immediately brought it to Police;
Supcrintcudcut Campbell, vyhu.decided
to send it to the navy yavti, where as*
examination will be- E&ade.
mi 25
0,17 7h
an -,h
r# 6 60
? 11
f?7l 27
? 4 00
(55- 3 -?
(ft s 15
<?> a
55 34'^
(ft 12 50
? 6 87M
Aight young
h 20 years old,
Church, were
river at Rock
miles iw*u
extreme. <jold
fit 2 C5
?10 50
LARD?Steam.0 55 ? 6 57tf
OVR~F??ily,. 2 G> ? 2 90
Nr-Wheat-No, 2. 56**? 5?>?
Corn-Mixed. ? 46^
Oats-Mixed. 34'/i& 25
LARD?Rellned. Gil 00
PORK?Mess. ?16 85
CATTLE?First quality. 4 37H? 4 ?2tf
HOGS?Western. 4 25. ??50
GRAIN-Wheat-No. 2.Ifgf ? 53
Com?No. 2 mixed... ? 40tf
Oats-JN* 2 mixed. ? 8%H
FLOUR-Winter patent.? ? 4 25
GRAIN-Wheat-rNa 2 red. ? 65
' Corrv-MUfU. ? 44
Qats-MUe<J. $,u?fl
Wheeling Goes Ki.'i>uhlican.
WhEKLING, Jan. 20.?At the cityclee
tion Friday the republicans made u
clean sweep of the city for the lirst
time in many years by majorities for?
ma yor, chief of police and city ok*rk
ranging from 400 to 1,000. Tho city
council is almost solidly republican.
At midnight it looks as if there will be
only two democrats In the council.
The police force and council have been
democratic for vears.
Mgr. Satulli aupreme.
Washington, Jan. 2?}.?Pope Leo's
long-expected encyclical extending the
power and dignity of Mgr. Satolli and
I defining the status of the American
church is now suspended between
New Yocjfc and Washington by the
formalities of tho customs ofilcc. It
is expected that tho customs formal"
ities may be concluded so as to brinjf
the encyclical to Washing by Saturday.
The chief interest; in the cnevclicnl
lies in the enlarged authorities it gives
to the American dcl<- h*c. I'nlil the
document is made puwiic t\e precise
nature of these new duties ar.d powern;
ore largely conjectural

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