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WEDNESDAY, FEB. 8, 1011.
PuUnhul Every Werluo.lay bj the
On* Year.
Six Month*.
Throe Months
Entered ?cconllne; to txntal regulation*
at the poet office at Rig Stone <;a). at
onil-ctass matter
SUBSCRIBERS are earnestly re?
quested to observe the date
printod on their address slip*,
which will keep thom at all
timos posted as to the date
of tho expiration of their sub?
scription. Prompt and timely
attention to this request will
save all part ies a great deal of
Editor Lost:
1 have been requested by Mr,
F. M. Uunnels, General Secre?
tary of the Virginin-Tcnnessee
Agricultural ami Industrial \n
sociation, to bring to the
attention of our farmers and
fruit growers, the School ol
Agriculture. to bo held at
Bristol on the 21, 22 and 23 days
of February. There will be three
lectures daily, on matters of
vital interest to fruit growers,
and farmers generally.
This school is held under the
auspices of the Virginia Pol)
technic Institute, an institution
that is doing a gn at w,,ik in
educating the farmers of Un?
stete in scientific agriculture.
No Held of industry has mir
passed the advanced strides of
agriculture within the lust live
years. Unless ho desires to be
a back number, the fanner must
now be informell on scientific
agriculture, ami up to date
methods. The old methods are
fust getting to be a thing >'i the
past, and intensified farming
the getting the best results from
each acre of land - tue the
future problems for the solution
of tho farmer. All tin' public
lands are fast being taken up
and settled. The day <>f the
cow boy, am! "cattle on a
thousand hills" will he soon
numbered among the romntic
days of the past Land is in
creasing in value as our popu
lation increases, and it is be?
coming more ami more essential
for the faun, r to post himsolf
along new lines of development,
It is to be hoped that our
farmers will take advantage ??!
these free lectures. Those who
will deliver them tiro experts in
their respective lines, who have
by years of study and practical
experience, fitted themselves 10
speak intelligently, and with
authoi lly.
H .). \\ Kits
Independent undertakers in
New York have opened war on
the Undertakers' Trust! Their
aim is to reduce the cost of
Chicago's reported drop in
food prices seems to apply
chiefly to such fresh eggs and
fresh butler as have been in
storage more than live years.
Since the big Democratic
banquet the Baltimore Mint
Jolup Association is languish
ing, as mint is exhausted.
The Chinese queues are going
next month, according to re
ports, and the Guggenheims
have an option on them. Those
Guggenheims certainly have a
Champ (Murk is something of
a wag, his latest joke is thank?
ing the Democratic caucas for
"this honor which you have
bestowed upon me," when
every one knows that he and
his friends had it all cut and
dried for mouths.
Civic League Column
Mwiiii(t?. First Friday of Each Month.
Finding the court room
locked, the Woman's Civic
League was uguin offered n
comfortable room for its month?
ly meeting by our obliging
friend, Mr. 0. C. Cochran,
The minutes of the previous
meeting were read and npprov
ed as reful. The report of the i
Rxecutivo Committee was given i
by Mrs. Pettit. This committee ;
held a meeting at the home of]
Mrs. Irvine, Friday, January :
'Jo. at :< p. in., at which meeting]
the cuts and estimates of drink -
ing fountains for the school
were submitted by Mr. CouttB
The committee acted favora?
bly, ami advised Mr. Coutts to
install one fountain, for inspec?
tion, in the basement of the
school. By this time the foun?
tain is in place, and apparently
satisfactory at a very nominal
cost, and with the aid of a
generous offer of the surplus of
the Board of Trade's Treasury,
we expect to place one drinking
fountain in every school room.
The efforts of our school
children in canvassing the Bed
Cross Seals, which amounted to
$18.68 in cash, will go as part
payment for the fountains.
The Fasher Sh-pp Musical (Jo,
will be the next number of our
Lyceum Course, on February
ID, We have thus far had two
numbdrs from the Alkahest
Bureau, and they proved Intel
lectual as well as entertaining
feasts, and we feel confident
?heir musical numbers will he
equally enjoyable. A few com?
plimentary tickets have been
issued by the League, and we
hope parties receiving them w ill
avail themselves of the oppot
(unity to hear the good things
in stot e.
A not her dumping ground fot
our garbage is very oecessan.
and a committee is at work,
gaining the permission of in
liuontial citizens for the filling
up of an artificial cavern, whose
capacity is "within bounds,''
yet insatiable for the devouring
of white winged spheres
The question of unpaid due
still follows us like an accusing]
Nemesis, Ladies, this is the
last call. Next month begins
another year for our Leaguo,
when dues igain will b.died j
od Why not pay one dollar
now instead of two dollars next
We were pleased to have ns
a visitor, Prof, Voting, Who is
very mtlCll pleased with the
drinking fountain, installed,
lie also presented to ns the ad?
vantages of increasing our
school library, furnishing a
room as a reading room, con?
taining the current magazines
und newspapers Any ml van
tages we can possibly idler our
young America in school life
meets with our entire npprobn
lion; hut, the amount of money
involved 8taggurcil us to such
an extent that the matter w as
A letter from Ooiicrdl Avers,
President of the Board of
Trade, Was read, asking our
aid in tlie advertisement of out
town as a summet resort, hi
point of good rends, altitude,
(ielighflll climate and medical
springs. The spring have had
our attention of yore, and it
was mOVed and seconded that
we revive our interest and raise
a certain sum to beautify their
Mr. Colitis paid us a visit,
also, asking our aid in raising
live hundred dollars for the ad?
vertisement of our town for
summer visitors His petition
was Bigned by numerous busi?
ness men, pledging one hun?
dred und leu dollars. Mr.
CoilttS assures us that by
thorough' canvassing the town
the money can readily he rais?
ed and the results of money
spent will prove a boom to the
town. The League thoroughly
appreciates the interest Mr.
CouttB has anil is manifesting
in our tow n, and the energies
he tints forth for the welfare of
same. This motion made by
Mrs. Pettit, and a rising vote
of thanks was accorded the
It seems that great things
are coming our way and are
beiti;' thrust upon ns, and we
cannot (as weak women! shoul?
der the entire responsibility of
these vast projects, Mrs EC, K.
Ooodloe moved that Mrs Irvine
appoint a committee to meet
Oen. Avers and Mr. CouttB, for
the purpose of ascertaining
definite) kuowiedge hb to the
plans ami means of advertising
our town. The motion earriod
and Mrs. Skeen, Mrs. Pottitt,
Mrs. Goodloe, Mrs. Irvine and
Mrs. Kilbourn constitute the
Last year twenty-five dollars
was voted for shade trees for
beautifying our sidewalks. We
neglected ordering these trees
until too late. A motion wus
carried that the trees he order?
ed, also that another twenty
live dollars he added to the
original sum. These trees will
he planted from the Dummy
Bridge all the way to the (lap.
We will also call upon our city
engineer to deline the pave?
ment along here for the proper
planting of trees.
A goodly number of members
sle.w.il their interest by their
presence at this mooting. In
union there is strength; and
repetition is encouraging.
If liiere are any aspiring suf?
fragettes in our League, we
hope to hove them with us
next meeting (the first Friday
in March) when thoy will be
given the fr.loin of the ballot
in ibe election <>f u.-w officers
f..1 the ensuing year.
To lhe Patrons of Pig Stone
(lap School:
We realize that keeping
pupils in for a special period of
time, along with other devices
on the part of the teachers, do
i,.a w ith cei lain pupils in our
School, a..inplish the desired
results For an example: As I
stat. d last week, our maximum
penalty at the ?'dinner hour" is
minutes This penalty may
be r. p. aied a- many days as is
uecesH iry ;.. pa> off all p.il
t ion S ? In n a pupil, tho*
h< max n. I by any means be of
a rebellious nature, get so
smart thai b>- reulir.es he can
talk all In- pleases on 2ii minutes
a day, andi further, prefers to
follow this course rather than to
comply with the law. it becomes
necessary for us to fmin some
regulation providing for a pen?
alty for the accumulation of
penalties Therefore, at our last
Faculty meeting, our regula?
tions were amended to read as
"Any pupil in the High
School Department that is
reported for disobedience shall
b.. punished in the following
"First offensi Stay in 20
minutes at noon, and in addition
to this, wrile neatly a given
w 01 d 21 >o times.
"Second offense: Stay in 'Jo
minutes and wt it.- a given won!
ion times.
"Third offense: Stay in 211
minutes and write a giv en word
??tl l mies.
"Fourth offense; Stay in "Jo
minutes and write a given word]
sue tunes.
''Fifth offense: Staj in 'Jn
minuter and w i ite a given word
Inno times."
if this is the llfth time the
pupil has I.n reported in four
consecutive weeks, he shall, in
addition lo the above penalties
served, bo suspended for one
j week.
The pupil is to study the 20
I minutes he remains in at the
'noon hour, and write the words
'given at home after school
hours These words must be
neatly written else ihoy will be
rejected, ami required to be
! writ ten over.
i Tin-same regulations above
mentioned apply to the dram
mat Grades, With tin- following
except ion:
"When a pupil is reported
live times, ho shall be sent to
the Principal to he dealt witli
as the Principal decides.
"Tin- second fifth time lie is
reported, he shall be suspended
for one week."
Third and Fourth Primary
tirades are subject to the same
I regulations,with this exception:
"No one in the Primary
Grades shall he suspended."
We realize that the proper
order and discipline in a school
goes a good ways toward simp
ing manhood and womanhood.
Of course, it is by no means
everything, still, the spirit of
disobedience on the part of any
pupil must be clu cked, and not
allowed to grow, if not, the
same will bring forth fruit after
its kind in the future men and
There never was a time when
the cry for "(Ibedionco to Law,"
in the home, in the school, of
the land, and to our God, was
louder and greater than it is
today So many of our parents
are forgetting, it Beeme, to
teach their children the "old
time" respect and obedience
and roverenco duo those in
authority in the home and
The above regulations are
designed for no other purpose
than for the good of your
children, aud for the best in?
terests of the school. So again
we say, let us have your hearty
co-ope ration.
Very truly vours.
H. H. Young.
1'. S ?A special regulation
concerning the "Dinner last."
"if n pupil is tardy three
times at noon he shall be taken
off the "dinner list" for a week.
If he is tardy live times after
that, he shall be taken oil the
"dinner list" altogether."
II. II. V.
Solver, a Deep Mystery.
? I want to tlia.uk you from the bottom
,if my heart " wmte G. It Rader.of l ew
tabnrg, W V? . "for the wonderful doit
ble benefit I gol from Eteetrl? ?Itter?, In
enring ine of both a eerero Caae of atom
.i.h uoiihle and of rheumitlem, front
which I bad lss-n an almost helpless -ill
rerer for ten yeare. It suited my cane an
though made just for me l or lyspep
sia. indigestion, jaundice and to rid the
system of kidney polaona that eauae rlicn
uiatiam, Electric. Itiiters has no equal
Try them. Every bottle is guaranteed in
satisfy only ."Hie at Kelly lirug Co
School Notes.
"Did I pass?" was all the]
teachers heard last week.
The results of the mid term
finals last week show that good
work has been done by the
school body in spite of the many
The teachers are always glad
to see visitors at any time, par?
ticularly} if the saitl visitor
imagines he has a grievance
against any member of the
A patron who sees only his
child's view of a school matter,
and is not big enough and bread
enough to see that of his child's
teacher, also, would lightly be
included ill the fool killers list
of Undesirable citizens.
If any man hastens to the
school building tilled with what
he supposes to be a righteous
indignation against any mem?
ber of the faculty and returns
some hours later feeling like a
bad penny and looking like one,
his friends may be safe in con
chiding that he got all that was
coining to him up there, and
that from henceforth he will be
a sadder ami wiser man in
school matters.
The following little paper was
written by a Grade 111, Sec It
pupil, nine years of age:
lltnjamln Franklin.
Ill TKIi Witt.i
llenjainin franklin was a good boy Me
was vciy poor, lie liked to lead Iii-,
father worked milking candles and soap
llenjainin had to help him When they
would make some benjamin would sell
them When llenjainin waa not working
he would stay at home anil read lie
would help hit hrother in the printing
office, lie would borrow tssiks und sit.
I up at night and read them, so in- could
return them the next morning. When he
wanted to know anything he would not
ask anyone else, be would go and study
for himself, lie watched ants and little
insects (hie day be made him a kite Olli
ol a piece of silk, with a steel rod on top.
He had a common atrlng, and at the end
of the atrtng he tied a key The key he
tied to a bottle, and then he tied . silk
piece, and got the bottle full ol electric
Ityj and made a door bell, and many
other thlnga. lie eohl the old hooka and
got money ami bought more new i><*iks
We use electricity for telephones and tele?
graph! ami electric lights.
Washington, D. (\, Feb. .!.?
During the past week the Good
Bonds Bureau of the Agricul
tiirnl Department, organized
ami sent on tour probable tin
most interesting anil instruct it e
special train that ever stopped
within tlie borders of the
national capital. The special is
known as the Demonstration
Train on Bead Work, and it is
destined to visit the various
slates for the purpose of educa?
tion in good road construction.
The train consists of two
special curs, one rrying a
BtereopticOD and rn slide
on rondmitking, a, tiu other
containiug models of roads,
photographs of different types
of roads all over the country
aud models of road making
machinery. Muny of these
inouVlK have never been used
before, nmi ill attract the
attention oi road builders
The good roads train has gone
to Pennsylvania, where it will
make the circuit of the smaller
towns for the next two months.
The future of the train has not
been decided upon, but there
are requests for it in many
states. .Members of the Virginia
delegation will endeavor to
have the oars make a tour of
that state as soon us possible.
By r< quest of Mayor Horton,
we publish below section 2, page
16, of the amended Town t ?r
tlinnnce, which relates to tho
powers of fire department of?
ficials, and is as follows:
"Section 'J. Any association of twenty
or tudre men may. with the approval of
the council, organize themselves into a
roluntcci lire company, ami make auch
by-law s. rules anil regulations, subject t.?
the approval of the council, as they shall
ace 111 for their government ami o -ntrol,
conaUtcnt with the lawatof this state and
the general ordinances of the town They
?hall take charge of the flro apparatus of
i he town, are to Its proper carp noil pro
tcction miller the general direction of t tie
committee ol the council >.n sowers, water
works, anil lire, ami lo tlo all things in
Unit |miwci which inay be ilcciueil ncees
saty i" prevent ami control miy conllngra
lion. Alt members of tho tiro company,
when <>n activu duty, at any conflagration,
shall have the powers of pollcOIIU-n ill
preserving onlor, in preventing the sprcail
of conflagration, and in taking care of
property. sueli notice |K>wcrs t?> be direct?
ed by the pn.por officers of the pollen
gnanl ami the Are department All per
sons present at any conflagration may be
required by the proper ofllccr of the
police guard or tiro department to aid in
extinguishing the Haines, In preventing
tbelr spread, and In taking care of prop?
erty, and aiiy |s.|s.ni rcftislng lo obey
orders of tin- proper nlHolals of the tire
department, or of the police gnanl. shall
lie re|K>rted to the mayor, and on ench
conviction thereof lined not less than
on noi more than p.*o.oo. for each
olleiuc "
Back Home
Ami What it Means to the
Southern Stales.
The hack home movement,
inaugurated in North Carolina
and originated by W, I?. Rob?
erts, of the cii.n lili. ld Railroad,
can be made to roll 11 i hll te more
to the i.pie of Virginia! North
Carolina and the South than
any other propogntiilti that lias
been introduced in fifty years.
The proposition is a simple one.
All that is necessary is for
every resident of the State to
show an interest in bringing
back the friends and relatives
that have gone out into other
territories to seek their fortunes
ami a new home.
The railroads show an unnsu
al interest by their hearty co?
operation and willingness to
distribute literature abundantly
showing the unusual possihili
ties that await homeseekers,
newcomers and returning
friends who come down to help
us share in the many bounties
that have been extended to us
within the past ten yours.
F. 11. LuBuume, of the Nor
folk and Western railroad, has
just issued a lot af illustrated
booklets relative to Poultry and
Live Stock Raising, General
Kat ming. Truck Raising and
Fruit Growing, in addition to
the large illustrated Quarterly
.Magazine (The Southern Home
seekers ami Investors' Guide)
An> resident of Virginia or
Not lb Carolina who will semi
in names of absent friends and
relatives will confer it favor not
only upon these friends, but
upon themselves and the Matt
as well, by Heuding the names
of these people residing in the
North and West, so that Mr.
L&Baume can send them an
attractive assortment of litera?
ture, maps, raies, etc., ami a
most urgent invitation to come
down ami investigate our
(ine of our citizens who occa
sionally wipes die dishes for
his wife, became tired of the;
job ami refused; saying "that it
is not a man's work." Xot
feeling disposed to lose his help
she brought the Bible out to
convince him of Iiis error and
read as follows from II Kings,
1*1:15: "And will wipe Jerus?
alem &b a man wipoth a tilth,
I wiping it nnd turning it upside*
(down." It is needless to sny
I that he is stilt doing his oceu
! sional stunt.?Exchange.
As a result of an agreement
reached by tho Pullman Com?
pany and the Interstate Com
merce Commission, the rates on
upper berths will be lower,
beginning February l. The
reduction will amount to 'Jo per
cent, below the charge for
lower berths. This reduction
applies to Pullman cars every?
where, and anyone in the fu?
ture who wishes to save on
their traveling expenses can do
so by purchasing an upper
The annual meeting of the
stockholders of the Interstate
Railroad Company will he held
at I'll-' Fleischman House,
Alexandria, Va., Wednesday,
February l.'.th, lull, at 12:30
o'clock, p. in., for the purpose
of hearing annual reports,
electing a Board of Directors
and transacting such other
business as may properly come
before the meeting.
II B. Price,
The annual meeting of the
stockholders of Tho Virginia
Coal and Iron Company will he
held at The Fleischmutl House,
Alexandria, Va., Wednesday,
February 15, It'll, at 12o'clock,
noon, for i he purpose of hearing
annual reports, electing a Board
of Directors and transacting
such other business as may
properly come before the
II. B. Price,
VI id. IMA In Hie Clark'* Office of the
Circuit Court of Die County el Wise,
the 8ml ihvy of February. 1011.
s.ii llymsn, Plaintiff, ?
\s in i IIANCKIiV
.i f .loin s Defendant *
Tho ubjeel of this suit is to review a
decision ot the Circuit Court of Wise
eoiiutv heretofore entered in the above
styloi i aline, ami lo si t Mldc and annul
the s.iiii tinal decree rendered therein ami
it apiiearlng from affidavit on tlh- in the
above styled cauae that Sol llyman is not
a resident of the State of Virginia, it is
ordered that he aptiearhere within fineen
iUv* after due publication of this order
and do what is necessary to protect his
intereat in this case, and it is ordered that
a copy of this order be published once a
week for four successive weeks in the l?g
Storni flap I'oat, and a copy Is- posted at
Hie from llo?r o! the l t?Urt House of said
county, as prescribed hy law .
i A JOHNSON, i lerk,
bond .? itrnce Attvs
For i.e. Jones.
? tsc, Va. Feb s-tl-s
In the United States Uistrici Court for
the Western I?atrial of Virginia;
In the matter of T. J. I , ? ,
Palmer, Bankrupt . '" K*nk??P??y
Noli.if the sale of store lease, and
?took ot merchandise
Pursuant 16an order entered on the
Mini day of January, lull, hy the linn.
Ii I' Italloy, Iteferco, In the above mat?
ter, the nnderalgiied Trustee in Hank
ruptoy, will. Monday, the 87th
day of February, mil, on the preiu
laea in the town of Appalaohla, Vir?
ginia, sell at nubile outcry ' An uu
?In i.led one-half interest In the uso of
th. -ton- building situated on lots 7 atat S
of lihs k li. Keystone Coat \ Iron Co.'a
Plat No 1 i>f the ivaid town, for the p. rlod
of tin yeais from the first day of March,
l or cash mi Had on the day of side,
on,, thin! ..f t,. amount of the purchase
i n. e bid, and on the balance a credit of
six and twelve months will be given, l!u
purchaser giving notes witb good secur?
ity, hearing intereat from the day of aale,
negotiable ami |?tyahlc at the Domlniou
National Hank, of Bristol, Va
N, It 't he purchaser may pay all cash
if he so desires,
'.'nil. On the same day and at the same
place, t will als? sell for cash in band on
day of sale, all that stock of gisats, wares
and merchandise, lurniture and fixtures
in the store building alsivc mentioned.
ltlIis Solicited
l'tior to the day of sale I am authorized
aud directed to solicit bids on the said
stis'k of goods, either us n whole or in job
lots, on which the follow ing terms will he
given, to wit: One third Raab, the balance
on a credit of six and twelve mouths, the
purchaser giving notes bearing Interest
from day of ?nie w ith good si curdy
negotiable and j >?-:. at the Domlniou
National Hank.of Bristol, Va.
Send your bids to the undersigned at
Big Stone (lay, Va.
Respectfully submitted.
Trustee in Bankruptcy
for.T. .!. Palmer,
'< H llankriipt

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