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WEDNESDAY, FEB. 22, 1011.
rul?lmh<sl Kvrrr Wednesday by ih?
Una Your. *l <><?
Six Montlie. - .BO
Tl.roo Month*. - 2B
Entered acoordln? to postal regulations
at the p,?t ofBo? at lllj; StOIIO Gap M M)C
titul-daft* mattor
SUBSCRIBERS an- earnestly re
quested to obsorvo the dnto
printed on their nddross slips,
which will keep them at all
times posted as In the date
of the expiration of thoir snl>
BCription. Prompt ami timely
attention to this roquosl will
save all parties a grcnt deal of
With the advent of good
roads in Wise county, the auto?
mobile will come to stay.
It is good to practice what
von preach, bill he careful what
you preach ami make your
sermons short.
With the approach of Spring
the fanners, at any rote, are
preparing to "go hack to the
soil." ?
It looks as if Harry K Thaw
were managing to ?.noiii'w
very ofToclively by abstaining
from further legul advice,
The St. Petersburg doctor
wlio made d specialty of "re?
moving" undesirable relatives
did a very profitable hustllt b8
"ChampClark complains that
we have too many rainbow
chasers " One ol whom Champ
is which, a good many persons
The Washington dispulclu h
say that "the new Canadian
reciprocity agreement will bei
treated by Congress like an
ordinary bill." Help!
One of the most touching!
Illings in modern history is thi!
way the Steel Trust is worrying
about how reciprocity is going
to injure the American fanner
A Chicago minister has left j
(tie pulpit for the vaudeville
singe, hut then we lind foolsI
and rogues in every walk of
Fifty thousand Americans arc
going over to England next
summer to see King George
crowned. The rest of us can
see it for a nickel at some mpi
ing picture show without being
"Speaker Cannon, after!
March 4, when Congress is ofT
his hands, proposes to g,. to
Europe and visit crow tied
heads." When he strikes Ulis
sia he may expect especial royal |
sympathy, as an lincrownot1
and dethroned czar.
The man who advertises is
the man who honestly tries to
increase his business and is not
ashamed to let his community
know that he tries Such men
deserve our encouragement
There is one w ay t hat ('on
grcss can make a "hit" with
the country. That is by tush
ing its business through before
March I, and ko home ami sta\
there, and let the industries of
the country ''gol busy ." We do
not want an extra session, we
want rest from agitation.
We tire a sweet nation We
consume morO sugar in a year
than any other nation under the
sun. Therefore it is gratifying
that our nation is producing
more beet sugar every year
For the year ending June 80,
the production of beet sugar in
the United States was 1 ,026,000,
tun? pounds. The manufacturing
of beet sugar is a comparatively
new industry, but we will soon
be able to raise OUrOwn supply.
The Scout Law
!. A Scout's honor is to *bo
trusted. If n scout says "On
my honor it is so.*' that means
that it is so, just us if he had
taken a most solemn oath.
Similiarly, if a scout officerj
snys to a scout. "I trust you on
your honor to do this," the
scout is bound to carry out the
order to the very host of his
ability, and to let nothing in
terfere with his doing go.
If ;( scout were to break his
honor by telling a lie, or by not
carrying out mi order exactly
when trusted on his honor to do
so, he may be directed to hand
ovet his scout badge, ami never
to wear it again, lie may also
be directed to cease to bo a
?J. A scout is loyal to the
President, and to bis officers,
and to his parents, his country, I
and his employers, He must
stick to them through thick ami
ami thin against anyone who is
their em my or who even talksj
badly of them.
3. " A scout's duty is to he
useful and to help othei - \ nd
he is to do bis duty before tiny
tiling el si . even t hough lie givt ?
up his own pleasure, or coin) oil,
or safety to tic it. W hen in I
difficulty to know which of two
things to do. he must ask him ,
self, "Which is my duty?'' that
is. "Which is liest for other
people!" ? and do that one. Hi'
must he prepared at nil) time to
save life, or to help inj tired
persons. And he must try his
best to do a good turn to some
bod) ex et y day.
I A scout is a friend to all,
and a brother to every other
scout, no matter to what social
class I he ol her heloligs.
Thus if a scout moots another
scout, even though a stranger
lo him. he inusl speak to him,
and help him in any way thai
he can, either to carry out the
duty In-is then doing, or by
giving him food, or, Iis l ill
possible, anything that be may I
iie in want of. A scout III list |
never be a snob. A snob is one |
who looks down upon another I
lo cau>e he is poorer, or who is
poor mid resents another be
cause he is rich. A scout
accepts the other man as lie|
llmls him. and makes the bosl
<>f him.
"Kim," t he hoy scout, wan
call, d by the Hindoos "Little
friend 91 all the world," and I
that is the mime that every
scout should cam for himself.
6. A scout is courteous: That
is, he is polite to all?hut
especially to women ami child
ti ll, and old pcoplonitd invalids,
ciipples, etc And lie must not
take any reward for being
helpful or courteous.
0. A scout ts a friend to
animals. lie should save I hem
as far as possible from pain,
ami should not kill any animal
unnecessarily, even if it is only
a tl x for it is one of (lad's
creatures. Killing an animal
for food is allowable.
7. A scout obeys orders of
Ins parents, patrol leader, 01
schoolmaster w ithout question.
Even if he nets an order he
does not like he must do an
soldiers and Sailors do, he must
carry it out all the same because
it is Ins dtltj : and after he has
done it In- can come and state
any reason against it, but he
must carry out the order at
once. That is discipline.
s. A scout smiles ami looks
pleasant under all circuit! |
stances. When he gets an order
lie should obey it cheerily -nut
readily, not in a slow, hang "log
sott of way.
Scouts never grumble at
hardships, nor whine at each
other, nor swear when put out
When you jtisi miss a train,
or some one treads on yout
favorite corn?not that a scout
ought to have such things as
coin- or under any unaoying!
circumstances. \ 011 should force
yourself to smile at once, and
then whistle a tune, and you
will be all right.
A scout goes about with a
smile on It cheers him and
Cheers other people, especially
in time of danger, for he keeps
it up then alt the same.
Tin- punishment for swearing
or using bail language is for
each oflCIICe a mug of cold w uior
to be poured down the offend
et's sleeve by the other scouts.
It was iho punishment invented
by the old ltritish scout, ("apt.
.lohn Smith, three bundled
> ears ago.
?'. A scout is thrifty, that is.
be miies every penny he can.
mid puts it into the bank, so
that be may have money to
keep himself w hen out of work,
and thus not make himself a
burden to others; or thai he
may have money to give iiwny
to Others when they need it.
Of Open Meeting of Athenian
Literary Society, Friday
Evening, 0 O'clock,
February 24.
Address by President -Shiii Nickels
Bong "Mount Veroon Belli"?Society.
I icclamationi "Character i>f Washington
Byron lllioad?
l>uet - Mary Carnca and Cato Brown.
Debate Iteaolvcd, "That the United
States, like the Nations of AntlqUltyi
Will fall "?Affirmative. Kinmitt
Stono, UleaslaOilly; Negative. Car
ilale Skeeu, Ittiby h i in]*-!
Quartette?Mabol Willis. Julc Bullltt,
Cora Johnson ami Kmmltt St?no.
Recitation: ' l oo i.ate for the Train"?
Myrtle Wolfe
Violin Solo- Virginia Beverly,
Heading ftoin the School Journal?Win?
nie Mullin?
Declamation The Supposed Speed of
iteguius ? Hilly Matbewe.
Solo Hymn lilumd*.
hltoi try Address lion II I Irvine
Boing 'Mj thrn linltcd States"?
i sbcrs Th?rston stone. Creed Kelly .
JOsephlue Kelly and Kittle Horton
Tin- public is cordially invited,
F.ssorville, Vit.. K.-li. 20.? The
lioutc of Mrs. Hciji Collins was
the scene of ti beautiful wedding
Wednesday) February 10. at -r'
p. in., when Mrs. Collins' sister,
\lisr. Mosa Wells, iIn- beautiful
ami attractive daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. J. It. Wells, of near
Johesvillo, Leo county, became
the bride of Mr. Will Provence,
..f Ksset ville, lint now holding a
position With the Monarch (,'onl
.v 1 "ol;o Co , m l.i e county,
where Mr. ami Mrs Provence
w III live
Mis Provence has a loveiiblo
disposition thai ha. won her
many friends, and Mr. Provence
is an oxccllenl young man of
tin.- appearance.
The bride is '_'o and the groom
_* I years of hge
M i s. t lollies served a delicious
supper to the relatives and
friends of the bride and groom
who witnessed th<>ceremony.
Their many friends w ish tin 111
a long and happy life together;!
Mr. and Mis .1. M Horton, of
Wise, were in Esser Vi Ho Weil
nesddyl attending the Wells
l'r..\ unco w edding
\l t 1 li'Orge F.-s.-r v isiled his
father al litchlnnds Sunday.
Mr Fred McOuire visited his
brother at Cooliurii Sunday .
F..I (liUenwateTj of Hogers
ville. Tonn., has accepted u
position in the commissary
here, ami has moved his family
lo this place
Dtivo Wells has sohl ollt his
stock ol goods to Ahe Wells.
Mrs. Sallie Anne flailo). of
Hig Stone Olijl, and Misses
Kdilh i Inins and Luetlu Worley,
of Norton, were guests of Mrs.
.1 A 13ill. nwater last Saturday
and Sunday. Scnsiiink.
V.m. ll Ky I . I. .'I I he ladles 1
W Club met with Mrs T 1' Mlllci last
l>r. Peek arrived fron? Knnwille Sun?
day II. left Mr* Pecklu Appalscbia ini
aerouut of lliebail weathei bill w ill ie
turn and bring her over as soon a- pussl
hie W.-.lie certainly glad lo have Or.
Peck with ua ugain ami hope Mrs I'.rk
will la* able to make the top serosa the
luotlillalll in a ft u il.ivs and tm-t the
change li..in city to camp life will be very
beneficial to her
Mr Chirk has been on a visit to Krokcf
ami Appalai In..
Mr Itodrd ami Mi Wells wvttl 10 Itlc
Stone Cap Thurtala)
Mr Kelly, of Notion (Irocery ( . ami
Mi llnle, oi i M M.i lung .v Co., wore
visitors la-t week
Mi Wnrlhingtou 1. it for ilaltlntore
lb Pmyscr, who had charge of the
camp in the absence of lb Peck, return
etl to Knoxvlllc Thursday.
Mr Sio?ii, of Huntington, W Va.and
Mr. llockcnaniltb, of Pinn station. Pa ,
were in camp i ii.lav ulghi ami Saturday.
Mr Mechlin returned to t iiloniowri
l our traveling men spent s night last
week at Bachelors Hall, and were loyally
entertained, even escorted lo l.ooiuy
i reek i.. wash iheii faces next nsinilng,
which Is evidently considered an honoi
A serious wreck occurred on
the Virginia and Southwestern
yesterduy afternoon as a result
of rails spreading under second
engine of a west h o u n tl
height near Clinchport, result
iugin death of engineer J. K.
Hicks, ol Bluff City, Tenn., and
slight injuries to Rrenieii Jones
and CliHS. Bruner and conduc?
tor Barker.
We desire to thank the people
of Hit; Stone t top an I surround?
ing country for their kindness
and sympathy during the sick?
ness anil death of our dear hus?
band and father. May God
bless \ ou all.
Slits. Capt. j. M. Smith,
R K Smith,
Mrs \V. ?I. Musskk
VlltQINIA In tin- Clerk s mli, I oflhe
? iri uit Court of the i 'mint v pf *v Ige <.n
the ts'tli da; of February, toil.
(ieorge Huhbard Plailitifl
Kettle Hubbard Defendant
The object of ttila suit is to obtain a
divorce a vlneutn matrihionll for lite
plaintiff from the defendant
And it appearing from affidavit on file
In said office thai llettlo llubhanl is a
mm-resident of the State of Virginia it la
ordered that she ap|?cat here within fifteen
days after due publication of this trder
ai.fl do what is neccaaary to protect her
Interest in this suit And It Is further
ordered that a copy hercol 1m- published
for tour successive weeks in the illg Stone
(iaji Post and thai a copy is- poated at the
fo'iit d.s>r of the courtdiouseof this coun?
ty is prescribed by law.
A i topy?Teste
<\ A .lull !\'8( '?-. i lelk
1? F. Kcnady, p. .| I V I. j.1-- 11
VIltOINIA: In tin- t'ierk'a Office of the
Circuit Court of the ? 'ouiity of IV i?. on
the l lth day of February, 1011
Annie Nickels. I'lallltllt', .
vs . In t hane, m
Finnic Nickels, Defendant. 1
The object Of this suit is to obi l|ll I
divorce "a vlnculo inatrlinonti ' from
flic defenihint Finnic Nlekela
And it appearing from affidavit on file
in said olHce that Finnic Nickels is:, nou
resident of the Slate of \ .romi... itlabi
dered that heappear here within filtis-n
days after due piihlieation of this order
and do w hat is ueeessaiv to proieet his
interest in this >nit Anil it Is further
ordered that a copy hereof lHt published
for four siteeessive weeks in the llig
stone tiap I'oat and that a copy lie |ioste<|
at the front door of the curt' lion.|
this . ouuty as prescribed by law
A i 'opy?Ti si.
f A JOHNSON, t lerk
IV. T. Hudgens, p i| l eb l.-.-T-lii
In Itankr
Ill the tinted Statis District Col
the Western District of Virginia
in the matter of I' I
I'altnei. Ilahkrupt
Notice of the aale of store lease and
Stock oi merchandise
Pursuant to a.-det enleicd nil the
58rd i\iy of January. Ulli, by the lion
I? I llailey lieferet*, in the,'above lust?
ier, the llliilentigneil Trustee lit Hank
ruptcy. will, on Monday, the liTth
tlay nf February. 1011, on the nrcin
is.-s in the town of Apiialachla. \ It
gnila. sell at public outcry ' All mi
divided .-half Interest in the use of
till store building situated on h.ts 7 and s
of lilock II, Keystone Coal .v Iron Cos
I'lal No I ol the said town, for the IHtriod
ul live >ea s fr.the tirst day of Man Ii.
TKit Ms OF S.M.K
For raah In hand on the da? nl saie.
Agent for
Geiser Manufacturing Company
Saw Mills and Tlireshers,
Road Machinery and
Gate City,Virginia
IF O ? 13
; 5
Buy a FORD car because it is a better car?h
because it is cheaper.
The only touring car fully equipped?No extr?
for $780.00. F. O. B. factory.
For particulars and demonstration, call on
Dealer?Licensee, Ford Motor Company.
im tliml of Iii,- amount of llio purchase {
,ii.,' I,ill. i,n,| mi tin' haliinc- i in,In nf!
an,! IvrelVenibulhs will !.,? given, tlioI
illg HOU'tl tt illl l.I M'l lll j
Intercut i rom the ilsy of sale, |
Ity, Ii
negotiable nii.l invnlile al I lie t>
Ni.tn,ni.l ttank. of ItilStol, V?
N It The purchaser may pav ?II cash
lrhet.1) ileMre*
'.'ml. on the mi.luv ?ml ?t the samel
place. I will also sell Im i ash in haml oh
day .?I sale all thai Hncfc of l'.Is. wares!
unit laerchaiiilivc, lurhUiire ami li\tlllcs
in the -lure building al...\e mentioned
mi?s soucitkd
I'rlor to t lit- day ofsaic I am authorized
am', (lirecteil to solicit lilils oil the said
si.i, k 1.1 goods; ell hoi as a whole in in job
I..Is. ..li which the following term- will lie
given. I" ?Iii i Mil' ihlrti cash. Ihe balance
mi a ereillt of nix ami twelve mouths, the
imrchaacr g?'liig m.tcs hearing liilcrckt
from llay of sale with good security,
negotiable ami pavai.lc at the Dominion!
National Hank . ??ff llristol, \ a
Send your bldS to the undersigned at
lil|i StOHC <!.ip. \ ..
licsp-olliillv slihlilitte.l,
W S Mm in w*
Trtisfec in bankruptcy
lor T. .1. Calmer,
. s llaiikriii.tl
yiKCl.N'l \ In the Clerk's<)niv?
i 'Ireull Court nf the County 61
the Snil ilay of February, ltd l
Sol llyman, I'lulntift", .
\- ' IN i II A Ni
.1 C Jones. Defendant t
I he object of (Ills -nil is lo |yl
iniiily 1
?if i
ol the Circuit C'OllH
?rctofore um
i.I to set
the said final dectec rendered llie'reii
II appealing from1 nflldavlt nil tile in
ah, v.- Hlyled can..- thai llymali i
a resilient of the Stale of Virginia
ordered thai lie apprar here w ithin li
.lav- aller lIllC publication of this ,
and do what is necessary to p'roicc
Interest in thin case, and It is orderci
a ropy ol this ,.i.lcr he pu! llshed "li
week for rour kiii ccSStve weeks in th
Stone Cap Post, ami a copy he post
die from door of the Court Hons.
conhiy, lia pn -. rihe.1 by law-.
? \ joiiNrsox, cic
lloml A- IIiiicc Attya.
for.I. (' .Ion,-'
W i ? i. Va Fell
J3iS? Lot Seile!
114 Town Lots for Sale in the Town of
A new Town recently laid out in the beautiful Valley of the Kentucky
River, at mouth of Colley Creek in Letcher County, 2 \ miles abovt:
O it March Qtli
This is indeed, a fine location for almost any kind of industry. Being on
the new line of the L. & E. R. R.. at the mouth of a creek with hills on either
side covered with all kinds of hard and soft wood and underlaid with fin<
coal 4 to 6ft. thick, it is a very desirable point for a wagon factory, hardwooo
plant, pulp factory, extract plant, barrel factory, spoke and handle factory
bottling works, saw or planing mills, or any other mills or plants.
Terms oi Sales
One-half cash down, remainder on six and twelve months' time
with interest from date liberal discount for all cash down. Private
sales any time. Call on or address EDWARD COMBS. ERMINE.
KY.. or the undersigned at WH1TESBURG, KY.

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