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rol>ln?itKl Every Wednesday by lbs
One Year. - ?IOO
8lx Months, - - - .BO
Three. Months, - ,2S
Katern! according to postal regulation*
at tho post-office at U!g Stone Gap as see.
oud-claat matter
SUBSCRIBES (tn< oarnostly re
quested to observe tho date
printed on their address slips,
which will keep them at all
times posted as to the date
of tho expiration of their sub?
scription. Prompt and timely
attention to this request will
savo all parties a groat deal of
Now is tho time to commence
your spring cleaning.
Presidont Taft has called
CongroKB to meet in extra BOS'
sion on April Ith.
The Sixty-lirst Congress ad
jottrned on last Saturday with
many important bills on the
calendar not disposed of.
Gotting up in tho world is
like getting up on a cold frosty
morning out of a warm bed,
both require a lot of self denial
and a whole lot more of self
will. Such is the cruel laws of
Tho Sundry Civil bill, which
was the last of the great supply
hill to pass Congress before ?s
expiration by limitation of law
on Saturday curries $7,26!1,260
for works authorized by former
river ami harbor acts going as
far back as 1800, In soVeral
cases these direct appropria?
tions will complete contract
authorizations, One feature of
the Sundry Civic bill relating to
river ami harbor contract work
is an appropriation of {1135,000
which is made immediately
available for a survoy of the
northern anil not th western
lukes which include the prep?
aration ami printing and the
issuing of charts and bulletins
anil tif Investigating hike lev-Is
with a view to their regulation.
This appropriation is the out
growth of a sentiment that if
tho Chicago river is improved
as contemplated that the levels
of some of the northwestern
lakes, particularly Lake Michi?
gan, would he considerably
lowered. Scientists have fought
the itlea vigorously, hut lake
captains and those who have
followed the water for n llvll
hood in the northwestern sec?
tion of the country insist that
if tlte Chicago river is improved
as a part of the Lakes to the
Gulf system it will have a very
material effect upon lake levels.
The passage of the Sundry
Civil bill anil the river ant.
harbor bill gives upwards of
f32,0<)0,000 to the engineer corps
of the army for tho continued
improvement of the rivers,
harbors and canals of tho cotin
try which will be available
during the fiscal year ending
June 80, 1?12.
President Taft lias issued a
proclamation, not as President
of tho United States, but as
President of the Red Cross
Society, asking contributions
for the relief of the famine
etrioken region in China. John
D. Rockefeller has contributed
1*5,000 and there have been
many contributions from other
sources, and charitable people
aro also contributing food stuffs
and clothing, which will be
sent by U. S. transport to
Shanghai and thence up the
Yangtsekinng river, where
millions of Chinese inhabitants
aro in dire distress.
Mr. Littlewood spout lnst
?week iu Lexington, Ky.
Mr. Josso Pace has accepted
a position ns policeman for the
Wisconsin Steel Co.
Mr. O. B. Gritty, inspector of
lumber on Poor Kork, will move
to Benham an kooii as the house
now being built for him is com?
pleted, and will have charge of
the lumber yard here.
The VV, & It. M. Bailroad has
gotten near enough to handle
our freights, anil we expect il
to be at l'oor Kork by the first
of April.
Karris Gilliam, of Benham,
and Miss Pearlio Fields, "f
Whitesburg, were married Fri?
day, the 3rU, nt the home of the
bride. The young couple will
make their home at Benham.
Books! Books! Hooks! at the
Wise Printing Company. Call
and see them.
Messrs. Boord and Wells were
visitors in Big Stone Cap a few
days ago.
Mr. Brazel, formerly of Knox
v lite, has accepted a posit.'on
with the Wisconsin Steel Co. as
assistant 111 the office,
Mr. C. W. Hamilton, of
Wostinghouse Klectrlc and
Manufacturing Co., was a visit?
or Friday night ami Saturday.
Mr. 0. C. Campbell, formerly
Of Bluetield, W. Va., but now
located at Big Stone Cap. Va.,
spent Friday night in camp,
leaving after lunch on Satur?
Mrs. Peck is now in camp
ami improving slowly. She
Buffered no bad elfects from the
trip over the mountain, ami we
trust she will soon be able to be
Mr. Rule, of C. M. McClung
At Co., was iu town Saturday.
Mr. Smith b-ft for Unlontown,
Pa., Sunday, after Spending
sev eral days in camp.
The Ladies' Club met with
Mrs. W. 0. Tucker Monday
The Turkey CoVfl Dramatic
Club will present a play al
"The Seminary", in Turkey
Cove, on the night of Saturday ,
March 11. entitled ?'Ten.pest]
Tossed," This will be the lend-]
ing attraction of the theatricalI
season in that progressive Com?
munity .
All the roles iu this stirring
drama will be played In local
talent. Everybody in a radius
of twenty indes will be expected
to attend. On account of the
unspeakable condition of the]
roads iu that section, the man-1
ngotnent have made arrange-i
men.tS to provide boats and air
ships for the convenience of
those who cannot swim. Re?
member the dale
No Reason
For Doubt
A Statement of Facts Backed
By a Strong Guarantee.
We guarantee complete relief
to all sufferers from constipa
tion. in every case whore we
fail we will supply the medicine
Rexall Orderlies are a gentle,
effective, dependable and safe
bowel regulator, strengt honer
ami tonic. They re establish
nature's functions in n quiet,
easy way. They do not cause
any .inconvenience, griping or
nausea. They are so pleasant
to take and work so easily that
the} may be taken by any one
at any time. They thoroughly
tone up the whole system to
healthy activity.
Rexall Orderlies are unsur?
passable and ideal for the use
of children, old folks and deli
cute persons. We cannot too
highly recommend them to all
sutTerers from any form of
constipation and its attendant
I evils* Two sizes, inc. and 2{t0.
Remember, you can obtain
Rexall Remedies in this com
munily only at our store?Tho
Rexall Store. Kelly Drug Co
Old newspapers for sale at
this office.
Publishing of the Authorized
Version Will be Celebrat?
ed in England.
London. Eng., Mar. 8.?-King
George lum Axed Thursday,
Maren 21, as the date on which
he will receive in special au?
dience n deputation in connec?
tion with tho three hundredth
anuivorsnry of tho publication
of the authorized version of the
Tho Rev, A. Taylor, secretary
of the Itihle Society, said the
deputation would represent not
only tin- British and foreign
Bible Society, but would be
representative of the religious
and civic life of the country.
The reception of the deputation
and presentation of a specially
prepared Bible will take place
at Buchinghnm Palace.
" There is a growing interest
in the tercentenary celebra?
tion," continued the Rev. Mr.
Taylor, "and all the religious
deiiominalions in this country,
its well as in Canada anil the
United States, are arranging
deninnstrat ions."
Following the reception of
the deputation by the king,
sermons will he preached on the
Itihle in a large majority of the
churches and chapels on Sun?
day, March 20, anil the celobra
t inn.will culminate in a national
gathering at the Royal Albert
Million Wednesday, March
For Falling Hair
You Run No Risk When You
Use This Remedy.
We promise \ou that, if your
hair is falling out, and you have
not lei it go too far, you can
repair the damage already done
by using Rexall "93" Hair
Tonic, with persistency and
regularity, for a reasonable
length of time. It is a scientific,
cleansing,nhtiseptio, germicide!
preparation, that destroys mi?
crobes, stimulates good circula?
tion around tie- hair roots,
promotes hair nourishment,
removes dandruff and restores
hair health. It is as pleasant to
use as pure water, and it is
delicately pef?ujn?d. It is a
real toili t neces?y
We want you to try Rexall
"Oil" llttlr Tonic with our
promise t hat it will cost you
nothing unless you are perfectly
satisfied with its use. L conn s
in two sizes, prices .'uic. and
j>l 00 Remember, you can oh
tain Rexall Remedies in this
community only at our store?
The Uexall Store. 'The Kelly j
In its last analysis the mutter
of Southern immigration is a
work for individuals A real
iminigratioin to the South will
never result from groat Cetitrul
meetings and their enthusi?
asms. 'The* purpose of the
"Back Home" movement is to
put our own people to work
each individual of tllOlri. The
plan is for every person how in
the'South to ask someone else
to come; for every person to
ask. to urge his relative or
friend who has gone West or
Northwest to return to tho
iSouth, "back home." If this
is done, und if the invitation is
made emphatic; if facts are
given which are convincing,
then for the invited ones,
themselves, to pass the invita?
tion on to some one who are not
Southerners, but who ought to
he. 'This I* the second step in
the "Rack Home" movement.
The next, and last, is to give
the movement such a scope anil
make it of such vital "human
interest" that the press of the
United States must give it pub?
licity as ii matter of news,
thereby advertising tho South
and its advantages, 'The last
is already being done, and cuti
be greatly extended.
'The plan is simple. Time
need not bo wasted in theoriz?
ing whether it will do any good;
whether our friends will actual?
ly come "hack home,'' anil
whether the South is as good or
better for them than the West
Had Northwest. All that is
necessary is work?work as
Individuals or through their
commercial organizations or
newspapers. A three months
subscription given to your local
newspaper for some friend in
the West will be a practical
help, for through it he enn Ree
what possibilities ar. now in
tho South for him, and, also, it
will tell his neighbor about the
South. More than that, you can
giye his name and address to
your board of trade which will
send him literature, or you can
send same to the railroads and
we will do it. We will not send
him literature exclusively about
the Clinohfleld cither, for we
arc enough concerned about
this matter of getting more
people in the South to be spend?
ing our money in trying to get
all the railroads into the "Hack
Home" movement. Our motto
is "More people in one part of
the South means more business
In all parts of the South," and
we want more business. There
are in this country millions of
people who need the opportuni?
ties here and unused iu these
States Bast of the Mississippi
and South of the Ohio and
Potomac rivers, and we need
them. We need all who have
gone out from us ami many
more. Let us, therefore, adopt
this simple plan in which all
may have a part, in which there
is something definite to dp.
One of the most perplexing
mysteries in the annals of crime
in England for a century past
was the "Case of the Hurnt
Ham." which the Great London
Detective was called on to
solve. This case has been turn
ed into story form, and. with
nil its thrilling detail, daring
adventure and hairbreadth
BSCdpeB, will be given flee with
next Sunday's New York
?PMOAA t?ll "i 3aiRS 1S3Q ?Ml
OA|Pti G3|ujv s.uaiH^nfi
The Philadelphia Record
disposes of the statement Betii
out from Washington that the
per capita wealth of the count r\
is between $30 and $40. As a
matter of fact, tho per capita
wealth of the country, as show u
by the last census, is $1,101 Dfj,
There is a great difference
between circulation and wealth;
a distinction which is not often
drawn --Richmond Tillies Dis
Or Kinrj s New Lif ePills
Tho boot in tho world.
?lt-r in., tlnvi name aiut stylo Of ' I.Ilot
Brothers Complainant,
It It; brown . Ik'fi
Notice ol Sale.
The undersigned. John iV. Cbalkley
special i-ommissloiier in tin* iibove stylet! j
? aiisc, will, pursuant to the lernuj of
?Iceree entered therein January 11, I'M I, |
by the circuit Court of Wise t ounty,
On tbc 31st D?> ol March, 1911,
at 10 o 'clock A; M.or between the hours
Of 10 o'clock A. M audit A M, oller I
for sale ON Tin: I'llEM ISKS, al public
auction, to the highest blihler,ihe follow?
ing property
If. L. Brown Planing Mill Propcrl)
namely; Alt that a certain lot or parcel I
of hunt lying ami being In the town of|
llig Stone Cap. in Wise Countv, Virginia,
and known as ISIoek II?': of big Moue |
Qap Improvement Company's I'lat No, ft,
oxcept so much of the said block as is I
owned or used by the Virginia ,V South
Hestern liailuay Company andthi Louis-,
villa ?V Nashville Railroad Company, as
rights of way for railroad purposes, to-1
gether with the Improvements and sp;
piirtenauoes thereon.
Terms of Sale.
line third cash and balance iu two
|Ual Installments, due iu six and twelve
monlhs. respectively, from the date of
sale, purchaser to Ik- required to execute
promissory, negotiable notes lor such
leferred payments with interest from
dale of sale until paid .
Tille to said property to be retained]
until all of aald deferred purchase money,
toguther with Interest, is duly paid: said
properly to be sold subject to any unpaid
laxes ami the nndctslgnod to 'make no
warranty, except such as required by law
Olren under my hand this 87?h day of
February, 1011.
Special 1 !ommlsa|ODcr
I VllttilNlA: in the Clerk's Office of the
Circuit Court of the County of Wise.
0 F. Rlanton, et at 1
against ;. in Cham ei v
H I. llrown. |
I, 0, A, Johnson, Clerk of the said
Court, do certify that the bond required
of the SiH-cial Commissioner by tho decree
rendered iu said rause on tlie. 11th day of
January, hill, has been duly given
Given under tny hand as Clerk of the
said Court, this 'JUrd day of Febru?
ary, lull
?. . . o .. ?' A-JOHNSON,Clerk,
Mch 1-9-12
Agent for
Geiser Manufacturing Company,
Saw Mills and Threshers,
Road Machinery and
Gate City,Virginia
?0L1?1?OJLX & Witt,
Offico First Floor Intormont Building, BIG STONE GAP, va
CorroNpoiul" >ih>o Solicited.
A fuil line of Plows and Plow Repairs at
Hamblen Brothers,
Big Stone Gap, Virginia.
Of Real and Personal Proper?
ty of the Union Iron and
Steel Company.
By virtue, of an Order of the I'lilled
Statca Dlstt let Court for the District of
Delaware made the Twentieth ilay of
February, A I) 1011, the umlcr-igucd
will aell' at public auction, upon the
promises, situate In Big stone (lap, Wise
County, Virginia,on Thursday, April tl,
A. A; 1011, beginning it eleven o'clock
In the forenoon, the following described
real oiate ami personal property, to-wlt:
No All of u certain trai t of lainl Iv
Ing in the 't own ef Itic. St. liap, Wi.sc
County, Virginia, bounded aa follow s
BEtilNNINO at a pUinl on fount)
Road distant 11.7 Tcei N 81 ilegrecs is
piluutcs \V to i stake In County Hoail.
I hence running S South easterly along a
line parallel to mil 75 feet Kast of the
renter line of tho Botltll Atlantic anil
Ohio location, 1S4U feet, thence N. 119
ilegrecs 17 minutes K tlrt feet to a stake;
N. Ift minutes \\ 5111 feel loa stake; N
;.- degrees 47 minutes E :t"i0 feel to a
stake. X. 17 dogreoH 13 minutes E Ks
feet to a stako; A R? degrees 12 minutes
W SH4 feet loa Mako; S. so degrees ?l
tnlnutea W TP- feet lo a slake; S. ?l
degrees ft I mlmitca W. sin r,.,.t to a
N si ilegreca is minutes West 117
feet to the hc>;iuniug containing ?.'-'? acres,
together ?Uli two furnace slacks, en?
gines, pumps, blowers, machine shniis
.in,I all other buildings ami structures ami
Jnachtnerj thereon, together with all
Railroad tracks heretofore belonging to
tin said I ni.in Inm ami Steel Company,
which aie now onthu aforegoing described
property, and together with all rolling
Mock, IncoiiiOtlTcH. tools, itnptuineuts,
materials ami oilier appurtenances In reto
fore belonging lo said Culoii Iron ami
Steel t'ompnny, as described under the
head of the I tig Stone liap Company in
the Inventory of tho property of tho said
t 'nion Iron and steel Company; and also
all that certain lot or parcel of lain
adjacent to the Town of Itig Stone (lap.
Wise County Virginia, adjoining tin
furnace property, bounded and describee
as follows
BEGINNING at a-stake corner of the
said parties 35 acre trad, and w ith lines
of same S. HO degrees E. feet to a stake
ill a corner of said lands; thence S. 47 |
degrees 15 minutes W. IAS feet to a sinke; I
Ihencu leaving the lines of said Furnace I
Tract \. 07 degrees 10 minutes K OBS-H
reet to a stake; thence N BO degrees 3n|
minutes W. i;i ;l l feet to the beginning,
containing one hundred and seventeen
one IhonsanUlS of an acre.
No. 8. That certain tract or parcel
of land situated in Wise County. Vir?
ginia bounded an follows
UKMIN N INIi at astakc at the Intersec?
tion of tho south fine of Fourth Avenne
and tiisjwcst tine of East Twenty-sixth
Streets tiieiicc along tho south side of
! Fourth Avenue. N. so degrees lo minutes
W. 7?3.U foot to a stake III a line of the
Whitiidgc and Joins tract. thence along
two lines of tho same S. I degree? tl min?
utes K. 7..Y? foft to a stake by a licech.
s ??? degrees to minutes w. 130 feet to a
stake in tho north line of the Furnace
Tract of 85 acres; thence along said line
N, 80 degrees 10 minutes E 703.1 feet to
a stake.; theme along wother line of said
85 acre tract S. 3 degreea 42 minutes K.
80t feet to a ?Uke; d 87 degrees K, 918
feel to a stake in west line of East Twen?
ty-sixth street. thence aloug said line X.
9 degrees 50 minutes W. 1483.1 feet to
the iicgiuuitig.
Excepting the following described right
of way conveyed hy tho Tlig Stone (lap
Improvement'Company to the big Stone
tiap and Powell's Valley Railroad
( onipany.
HELIX XI Ml at a |H.lnt In tho stiuth
erly lino of Fourth Avenue distant 3-i?.s
(ect castwaidly ftotn tho intersection of
tho southerly linr of Fourth Avenue with
the east line of Twenty-fourth Street,
thence eastwardly along the said south
line of Fourth Avenue 137 feel to a stake;
theme southeast aardiy along u <? ur^. ui
I&8.8 feet radius 886.? Biel t..
thence S. II degrees 28 iniuulcs I. IM
fcot along ri taiigcnl to the last iiicntiotiul
niiae to a slake; thence along a rcgiiUt
curve to tlic righi 6f'82n.r> feet ml?..
IA8 1-3 reel l" a i-iake; tlienen S :;.
grccsYV 870 1-2 feet to a -take; Hump
al. Me; a regular cm vc t" I lie loll 17* - I'i.-I
radius 80S feet to a stake on Hie mulli hm
oftlie Furnace Tract of 2."> acres
along sulil lino S. ft) ilegreea Hi nilnuli
I \V. 105 fret to a make; llicnco K. 89 de- I
grces K. 71? feet to u stnko; llienci ?1
a regular curve to tiie loO cd' JM 1
I radius 888.8 feet to a stake; thence N. II j
I degrees 28 mlnutea W. 188 feet lo a Stak?;
thence along :> legului curve to the I. It
Inf 108.8 feet radius 872.2 foei to the lie
ginning. Containing exclusive ol' taitl I
right of way, ?U 1-9 seres
I No. 8. Forty town lota mid the ap
niuieniiiiccs then unto belonging, situatol
iu Wise County. Virginia, and lioin 1
il l.-, Inclusiveof lltock 811
Irt-.'ii . 918
as shown upon a plat on Hie in Wise
County Court i lerk > Office, marked
' linpiovcnicnt Company's I'l it No. Pi
Tho 1'oregoing described properties will
be sold free ami ch ar of all onciimbranci
created -by m re. o> end against the said
tTniou Iron and Steel Company, Bank?
rupt, or U. ii l'cttlt, Receiver, upon t i
following terms and comllllon?;
As to No*, 1 and 9, fifty \?-r tent ql the
amount of Ihc purchaso'pricd to lie I
when ttie properly being struck oil', the
leinainder to tie paid at the expiration of
alx months from the dale Of sale, and to
tie secured by a Mortgage given by Ihn
purchaser to T. Ilaynrd Heise). Trntti-e.
or such other security a:- may he -atist .
torv to .said Trustee
As t.. No a. hids ?dl l,e iaken i- i
whole and separately, ami the greater ag
glegate accepted and fifty per cent ol
the amount ol tin- purchase price to be
paid w hen the property being struck off,
the remainder to Ik- paid at the expiration
of six mouths from the date of rale, to lie
secured by Mortgage or such other form
of si'cuiity as may l.e saiislaetoty lo sa'.l
T llayaru Helaxil, Trustee.
ALL of said property atave described
to be sold subject In the approval of tie
I lilted states I list r let CoUrt for the I'
trie! of Delaware.
Meh Ut-12 Truste..
S. S. Itrooks, Guardian Complainant
v. NtiTICK.
Mint Shoemaker, et al ... Defendants
To Kreil Shoemaker. Mint Shoemaker.
Kmniett Shoemaker and Humphrey
Shoemaker, s. s. Itrooks, Guardian,
and John w. Cbalkley, Special Com?
missioner of said Court:
Yon arc hereby notified that the under?
signed will, on Monday, the 8rd da) of
Ap il, IUI I, that being the lir?t day of the
April term of the Circuit Court for V\
County, Virginia, at the Court Uouso ol
said County, apply to said Court for per?
mission to Hie his petition praying for an
onter directing John W. Chalkh-1 ?
Special Commissioner of the 'said Court,
to pay over to the undersigned, as f.'uai<l
Ian for Mint Shoemaker, Knunett Shot
maker and Humphrey Shoemaker, ap?
pointed by the < ounty Court of Campbell
Comity. Tennessee the sum of |1200,0vi,
being the purchase price of the pro|iorl)
described in the hill and proceedings in
the aliow styled cause, subject to sc, I'
payments as liavo been made by the sal I
Special Commissioner pursuant to orders
of the said ( nurt; and for the removal of
said funds to Campbell County, Telin.
This 28th dav or Fehnmry. 1011.
I ' M II I.AYNK. ,
Guardian for Mint Shoe?
maker. Kmmett Shoe?
maker and Humphrey
Shoemaker, 11 y Counsel.
Mi h i^r:_
Buchten'? Arnica Salve
The Best Sa!v? In The World.

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