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, A.(ilLM?K,U. D. W. A. 11?KH?, M. 1
Gilmer & Baker,
Fhyslclans and Surgoons.
Office* In Pollr BatMIng-,
Stono Gap. Virginia.
Ail calls answorod promptly.
BRISTOL Bookkooping
piTY Hlghor Accounting
0 CINI-'CC Shorthand
BUollltOO Typowritlng
COLLEGE Telegraphy
.lames Williams, of Toms
Creole, was a visitor to the ( Jan
last Saturday.
L'he Hobs Kitchen Hange with
^hi-s oven door fully guarun
| by W. ?. Coutts.
J. A. (i. Hyatt, of Jonosville,
and C. 0. Hyatt, of Norton,
were among the prominent
business men in town last week.
M. 1). and ,T. W. Marsden, of
Philadelphia, were guests at the
Monte Vista Hotel on last
Wright's Health Under?
wear," is right (the price) at
J. A. Muncy, a former busi?
ness man of this place, but who
for several years has been trav?
eling for a Bristol house, was
among the traveling men in
town last week.
Miss Olga Horton, who is
tC iching school at Osaka, spent
Sunday with homefolks in the
Work on the line new resi?
dence of W. fit. Polly, on Shaw
noo avenue, is Hearing comple?
tion, and will be ready for oc?
cupancy in a short time.
1). P. Hyatt came up from
Soldiers' Home at Johnson City
Saturday and spent a few days
vi ating his wife at this place.
W. (J. Coutts has a few left
over healing stoves he is selling
at cost.
Miss Minnie Horton is spend?
ing this week in Norton vis.it
ing relatives and friends;
M, V; lluril and wife, of Hast
l aic Gap, were in town Satur?
day and gave this 0fit00 a very
pleasant cull.
Mrs. A. T; Tally and daugh?
ter, Miss Finn Hell Tally, of
Jonosville, spent Saturday and
Sunday in the Gap visiting Mrs
Tally's daughters, Mrs. W. T.
!iudgens ami Miss Elisabeth
Tal ley.
Miss Elizabeth Gilly' and
daughter, Miss Maggie, left
I hursday for ltoanoko, where
thoy will spi mi the winter with
their daughtc r, Mrs. F.G.Payno.
tiny H. Gilmer, of Bristol,
pent, a few days last week in
Turkey Cove bunting and visit?
ing Iiis parents, Dr. and Mrs. (1.
0 < i timer.
A 51 piece "Coin Gold Illumi?
nated" China Set for |3.02 that
retails for $10.00, at llorton's.
For conditions see- the "Squire,"
James B. H?ge, editor of tho
llorald, at Hazard, Ky., came
ever Sunday for tho purpose of
lo 'king after business matters
and easting his vote'in the elec?
tion Tuesday.
Kyland Ciaft, who is study?
ing law ut Washington and Leo
University at Lexington, Va.,
came in Sunday to spend a fow
days witli his parents, llev. and
Mrs. J, B. Craft, and cast his
vote in the election Tuesday.
J. D. Horton, of Wise, spent
tho first of tho week in the Uap.
The Big Stone Oap High
School baseball team defeated
the Norton school team on the
'local diamond Friday by a
scorn of 11 to 2,
Work on W. H. Polly's resi?
dence on Shawneo avenue i8
being held up temporarily, due
to lack of finishing material,
though Mr. Polly expresses a
belief that it will be ready for
occupancy by the 20th,
Mrs. Frank Berry, of Atlanta,
is visiting her cousin, Mrs. E.
E. Uoodloe, in the Uap.
For Tyoga, Astoria, Concord,
Brussels and Hamster Velcet
and Colonial Axniinster Car*
pets give Horton your orders.
The price is right.
The regular monthly meeting
of the Woman's Civic League
will ho held in the Federal
Court room Friday afternoon at
four o'clock. All members and
others interested in the work of
the League are urged to bo
It. is clearly evident that tho
liquor being drank in Norton is
made out. of Bengal tigers and
wild eats, as every bottle has a
dozen "scraps" in it. ? Norton
<l. L. Pugh, of Bristol, was in
town Tuesday.
James K. Mears, business
manager of Sellins College,
Bristol, came over Monday
evening to cast his vote in the
election Tuesday.
Po?dre de Riz"Madeleino''is
appreciated by every lady. It
does not hurt your complexion.
?Kelly Drug 06., Solo Agents.
Mrs. Ilhoads and Mrs. Irvine
both entertained 'atbridge Fri?
day nfternoen at their respec?
tive homes.
1). 0, Wolfe, the feed store
man. is having a new addition
built to Ins residence on Pearl
street and a long double porch
added to the front.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. W. E.
Saxton, on Wednesday, a
daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Sax
ton are with Mrs. Sexton's par?
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Maiiess,who
occupy the Harper property, on
Im bod en Hill.
Orlando Aniburgey and Jno.
W. Brotherton were among tho
Appalaehia people who spent
Sunday in the Uap.
Mrs. Roland L. Kite and little
son, Adrian, have returned to
their home at Egglestou after
a week's visit with her sister,
Mrs. J. P. Hondricks, and fain
E. ('. Mainbus, cashier of the
Citizens Bank, of Appalaehia,
spent Sunday in the Gap.
Contractors Joshua and John
F. MullinS have completed Mar?
vin K. Kelly's tine new resi?
dence, and Mr. Kelly expocts to
occupy it some time this week.
Mrs. Lucinda M. Skeen is
visiting bur grandchildren at
East Stone (jap for several
Mies Cora Hyatt returned
Wednesday to her homo at
Jonosville, aftor a visit of sev?
eral days with Miss Hess Bur?
row at "Greystone," her homo
on Holston Heights.?Bristol
Mrs. Henry Taylor ami child
red returned Friday from Tnzo
well, where they havo beeu vis?
iting relatives. "
"Madeleine" Poudro de Uiz
comes in flesh, white and hrun
nette. This powder is of a <iunl
ity which may perhaps be
equaled, but cannot be surpass?
ed.?Kelly Drug Compuny, Sole
Rev. George II. (Himer, of
Pulaski, will bold services for
the Presbyterian congregation
in the Episcopal church at this
place on next Sunday morning
at eleven o'clock. Everybody
[is cordially invited to come
out to hear Mr. (iilmcr, and
members of the Presbyterian
church are especially urged to
1 be present at this meeting. This
church hopes in tho near future
i to be able to secure tho services
of a pastor regularly.
Groceries. Notions, Clothing,
at Horton's.
We notice a statement in tho
Big Stone (lap Post of Novem?
ber I, which says tlint Bill Mills
I died at the county poorhouse,
where he was recently sent at
his urgent request, This is a
mistake, us Rev. 1. N. Mills, his
brother, went to Big Stone (lap
some time ago, having been in?
formed he was sick, brought
him to his own home at May
town and administered to his
wants as a brother should.
Cooburn Journal.
i The Sewing Circle of the
Southern Methodist Church
will meet Thursday afternoon!
at. two o'clock with Mrs. H. A.
j NV. Skeen instead of Mrs. Orr.
Miss Fannie Buss, of Stonoga.
was a guest of friends at tills]
place this week.
Miss Sarah Cochran has re-i
turned to the Gap, after an ex?
tended visit to her grandmother
nt Charlottosville.
W. O. Coutts, the local
plumber, who has several con?
tracts at Harlan, Ky., came
over from that place to spend
Sunday in the (lap.
Mrs. .1. M. Willis will leave
the first of the week for Cincin?
nati to purchase toys and holi?
day goods.
Mrs. J. A. Monow, of Gate
City, spent a fow days in the
(lap the past week visiting
Mrs. J. W. Kader.
W. B. Carnes, Congressman
Slcmp's private secretary, ar?
rived in the (Jap Monday from
Washington, and is spending a
fow days with homefolks here.
Just received an import ship?
ment of "Madeleine" RicePoW
der from A. Bourgois & Co., of
Paris. Ladies appreciating a
good complexion will do well to
use thin exquisite powder. -
Kelly Drug Co., Solo Agents.
The following out-of-town la
dies were noticed in town last
week shopping: Mrs. H. P.
Phillips, Keokee; Mrs. 0. G.
Duffy, Stonega; Mrs. Dabnoy,
Drvdcn: Mrs. K. F. Taggart.
Keokee; Mrs. C. W. Allen. Dry
den; and Miss Tally, of Jonos?
Means that poods bought here never faii at a critical time.
Nor at any time.
They are always dependable.
They are always just whatyou expect them to be.
They are the highest quality it is possible for us to obtain in the best
markets of the world.
These are the reasons why our business is growing by leaps and
This guarantee applies to every item In our store.
It is our Rexall guarantee?it applies to every article in our Sundry,
Cut Glass, China, Cutlery, Leather or Jewelry departments.
We stand behind all our goods at all times.
JL^elly Drug Cowki^amy,
Mrs. Isaac Ktanton died at
her home in East Stone Gap
Sunday night at eleven o'clock
of kidney trouble. Her remains
were, luid to rest in the come
t?>ry at East Stone Gap Tuesday.
Kunerni services were conduct?
ed by Revs. Wagner, MoDnweU
and Wamplor. Mrs. Hlanton
was 7'J years of age and was a
consecrated Christian woman,
being a member of the Southern
Methodist Church. She is stir
vived by her husband and one
son, Mr. C. l'\ Hlanton, of this
Kymbric, Nier Axminstor,
Candahar, and RoseRugo27x54
to S0ix7'J are now offered by
Horton so low that it will make
you think of Canadian recipro?
Already A Success.
We are glad to note that the
Magazine Subscription Agenoy
established at this place last
month by Mrs. Hobt. I). Morri
son, for many years connected
with the Big Stone ?ap Post,
has made a splendid start, hav?
ing met with a ready and en?
couraging response from the
good people of the Cap, partic?
ularly from business and pro?
fessional men of tin1 town, who
regard the opportunity to Save
magazine money by subscrib?
ing for their favorite magazines
and newspapers through a home
agency simply us a money-sav
llng business proposition
Miss Julo llullitt was the pop?
ular hostess at a charming Mas?
querade given on the night of
The arriving guests repre?
sented a variety of interesting
characters, and were received
by Miss .I tile herself as "Folly"
in a jester's COStUme of red and
black with cup and bells, etil?
er interesting cht.ruoters were
.lohn .Mien Qoodloe, George
Rhoads, Henry McCormick,
Billy MathewB and Tom Coch
ran as more or less laughable
clowns; Peter Wolfe as "Sir
Galahad," a Knight of King
Arthur's Hound Table; Margar?
et Pettit as "Night." Ruth
PrOBCOtt as "Ho Peep," (who
lost her sheep, you romomber);
Florence McCormick, the most
realistic of witches, even to her
broomstick; Louise Qoodloe,
another "Night;" Hess Young,
as a pumpkin; Kitty Horton, as
a Spanish (iy psy;" Ruby Kemp
or and Glessie Qilly, as "Colo?
nial Lames;" Grace Wolfe, as a
"Black Cat;" Byron Rhoads, as
"His Satanic Majesty," with
horns and all the usual bharao
(eristics; Henry Hullilluud Jas.
Kelly in conventional dominus;
Mabel Willis, as a "Deck o*
Cards-." Mary Skeen, as an ap?
ple; and Caroline Rhoads, a? e
"Fairy." Josephine Kelly and
Virginia Bovorley were not in
costume, but simply masked.
The usual Hallowe'en amuse?
ments, including dancing, were
indulged in by tile merry crowd
of masquerades until a late
hour, when particularly deli?
cious refreshments were served
from u table in the center of
which was a witch's kettle
with characteristic. Hallowe'en
favors arranged in a circle
around the kettle, and further
decorations of autumn fruits.
Some ft{ the prizes received
were a box of candy by Miss
Mabel Willis in the Guessing
Contest; a witch doll by Miss
Glessie Gilly, who was able to
secure a bobbing apple in her
mouth from a tub of water in
the least time; and a Brownie
'doll by Tom Cochrnn, who of
the boys performed the same
ludicrous stunt most speedily.
The sensation of the evening,
however, was a mysterious
ghost who wundered about af?
ter the recognized custom of
spooks, and refused to be iden?
tified with any mere human
known or unknown to any of
the guests present, but tinal de?
velopments proved the uneasy
soul to be Mrs. Ralph Taggart,
greatly to the surprise anil
amusement of the gay company,
not one of whom hail guessed
I her real identity.
Rev. and Mrs. I. S. Anderson
will return today to their home
at Rose Hill, Va., after a visit
with Mr. and Mrs. John C. An?
derson. At a home gathering
of the relatives Tuesday after?
noon, Rev. Mr. Anderson chris
| tened Robert Banks, Mr. and
Mrs. Anderson's young son.?
I Bristol Herald Courier.
Standing of Candidates in Piano
Mis* Ilonosh AlsoTOT, Big Stone Gap, V?, .18700
Ml** France* Mayers, Big Stone Gap, Va.4400
Mr*. II, E. Fox, Big Stone aap, V? 19600
Mi** Mary Skeeu,. Big Stoosj Gap, Va . 14800
Mia* Mary ice Kllboum, Big stone Gap, Va. 14300
Mi?* Margaret l'ettlt. Itii? Stone Gap, V? ......... 11200
Ml** llaitlo Bruce, Big Stone Gap, Va 17S0O
Ml** Georgia Doatwiok, Dig Stone Gap, Va . 10000
MlM Edha tlllly. BI? Stone Gap, Va 76900
Mr.. S A.. Bailey, Dig Stone Gap, Va ... .670ft
Misii Pearl Mann. Big Stone <i*p. Va .5600
Ml** Sarah Cochrau, Big Stone Gap, Va .8000
Ml** hauna Mam, Koda, V? .7000
Ml*? Fbwsie llol.Us, Ston.c,*. V? . .39300
Miss Margaret Martin, Joneaville, V?, . 1000
Miss Thelnu Baker, Big Stone Gap, V> . 14900
Mis* Nemo Vineyard, Big stone Gap, Va .10700
Mr* J. G Ne-lii!. Big Stone Gap, V* H700
Mt~ K U Taylor, Big Stone Gap, Va; .2800
Mr*. It. i: Taggarl Keokee, Va .0400
Mis* Nettie E. Senior, Appabiichia, Va 99*00
Mis* Kittle < oilier. StOnega.Va. ...1000
Mi*s Ohrlttle Jones, East Stone Gap, Va . ..iWflOo
Miss touiso Goodloo, Big Stone Gap, Va. ... 8500
Mr* D. ? Akens. Cadet. Va ... llooo
Miss France* hmu, Big Stone Gap, Va ?? .8900
Mir? Roboeea Wsdo, Hin Stone (lap. Va lOOOU
Miss Mablo WIUls. Dig stone Gap, Via. . .4900
Miss Flora Wygal, Drydon, Va 2ooo
M'~- Krelyit llichinohd, Rwlpg, Va. 1000
Miss Wave Hemden. Dryden, Va. tooO
Miss MettleI'olly. Appalaohla, Va .8600
Mr*. I'. H, Barton, Big Stbno Gap, Va. .... fl.Ton
Miss Melissa Myers, Big Stone Gap, Va . .. ...2A00
Mis* Devsda Boasor, Ollnger, Va .4000
MI?? M*blo Barkor, ?llngor, Va. 81100
Mis* Mariam Taylor, Big Stone Gap, V* ,... . 8100
Miu Ktiby Flanary, Stoheg?, Va . .29000
New Hats Arriving Each Week.
Don't fail to see the new styles before
buying. New line of "Buster Brown"
children's shoes just come in. Ladies'
W. L. Douglas' Shoes in the newest
styles. Just come around and see
them before buying.
J. M.Willis & Comoany
Enamel Ware^
We invite your attention to
our large new line of full qual?
ity Enamel Ware for all put
poses. We have marked the
price so low as to allow us
only a nomial profit so that
every housewife can grace her
kitchen with (he best utenils.
Hamblen Brothers,
Hardware and Groceries.
Office First Floor Intermont Building. BIG STONE GAP. V/>
CorreNpondenee Soiled tetl.
Stationery and Office Supplies.
We carry at all times ;t complete, stock of these
lines, at reasonable prices, and give careful
attention to phone and mail orders. We solicit
your business for any of the following:
Box Papers, Order and Time Hooks,
Pound Papers, j Memorandum Hooks,
Envelopes, j Pens and Pencils,
Writing Tablets. ; Inks and Erasers,
School Tablets, : Fountain Pens,
Legal Papers, J Paper Clips and Fasteners,
Letter Piles, j Card Hoard, Colored Paper,
Invoice Piles, 1 and various other articles kept
Ledgers and Day Hooks, j in a stationery store.
We are agents for all kinds of engraved work,
each as visiting cards, invitations, letter heads,
envelopes, etc,
Send the "Wise Printing Company your
Job Work. Prices reasonable.

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