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WEDNESDAY, NOV. 22, 1011.
ruMi-dusl Y.vvry WiHlnoiulny by thi>
Oll BEUT N. KNIGHT. - Editor.
Ono Ynnr.
Six Montln.
Thint* Months.
? I.OO
Rntorcd iccordlniz t" j?>m.-U regulation!
nt tlic p.*t ofBoe ?I tilg Sd.ru- 0?p us Use
oiiil-cl.-ins mitt.-r
simsCRHiKKS nr.' earnestly n>
quested in observe, tin- dato
printed on tiieir uddross slips,
which will keep tlioni nt nil
times posted as to the date
of the expiration of their sub?
scription. Prompt and timely
litten'i.in to ibis request will
save nil parties a great deal of
annov nnoo.
Editor Post:
When at home recently 1
went in an automobile over the
new road through the (lap, and
four things impressed fherii
soives upon me.
(O Thai there was a large
number of small um vonuossos
in Ihr road tiiat made their on
istetlCO felt as one went along
bis way, cnusing a verj percep?
tible jar frequoutlj ropoutod.
These must be due to nil impel
feet preparation of the roatl bed
proper before (he macadam was
put on, not bavmg is properly
brought to the nice oven Iy
curved Surface thai it j ; intend?
ed that the completed road shall
assume. Whether that bo the
case or the objection be due to
the macadamizing proper. I am
sure thai a little more care will
give us a more even surface ami
a more satisfactory road bed
(2) That, in places, there
should be some kind of protec?
tion to prevent vehicles and
horses from going over into the
river, in case of runaway:, or
frightened teams, especially
where the road runs between
the railroad and I he w ater,
where there are high retaining
walls. There has already boon
one accident of the above kind,
ami others are apt to happen at
any time. In the Alps and in
other parts of tie' mountains of
ICuropo, there ate stone pillars
placed at frequent intervals on
the danger side, these pillars
projecting some four or so feet
above the ground,and,of course,
(irmly sot in the earth for a dis?
tance of two or three feet to
make them permanent and sta?
ble. Where stone of all kinds
is as plentiful as it is with US, it
should be an easy matter to get
an ample supply of such pillars
at a low cost Wooden posts
could be used, bill th. is the
objection of lack of durability
and the necessity of frequent
renewal, and concrete would be
too expensive, so in Kuropc
they use stone, which would
probably bo our best resource.
If tin- road sup. rv iBors, the en?
gineers in charge and others in?
terested will do mo the kind?
ness to see my fathei , be will be
very glad to show them some
photographs illustrating some
of the points I herein make,
especially as regards mountain
roads ami the protection of
That i hero should lie more
watering troughs like the one
at beautiful Roaring Branch,
since, by reason of roads run
niug very frequently in the
beds of si reams und crossing
them so repeatedly, our mpun>
tain horses are accustomed to
drinking tit will, so they must,
under the now older, feel the
deprivation unless they ate
given these artificial aids to
quenching their thirst. These
fountains are utilitarian, they
are beautiful. ' -d us have more
of them.
Thkt Pig Stone (.lap, for
instance, should consider the
crossing of Wood avenue and
East Fifth street, as Iptfi ,>r a
starting point, and should erect
wooden mile posts (inexpensive!
like those on railroads) marking j
the miles on all the roads that
run from the town in their dif-j
Cerent radiations?to Cedar I
(lap, Kast Stone Cap and be?
yond; Keokoe, Inman, Appn-j
Stonega, Norton and soon?as
these would bo a great aid to
travelers of all kinds, autotno
biliets, sight-seers and business
men, the marks being H. S. (!.
I; It. S. (!. lt. S. 0. ?'. and
so on.
I do not write these notes in
the way of criticism but in the
line of suggestion; point-, occur?
ring to me front what I have
observed und experienced olt-e
where, and which, I believe,
will he helpful if applied in our
aaie. I write, too, merely from!
having seen the three miles of
road through tin (lap, hut 1 am
satisfied that they may be
found service.tide oh the high
ways all over the county ami,
are intended to be so consider?
ed, j AH W. POX.
At this season of the year we
avail ourselves of this privilege,
to thatlk the people of Hlg Stone
( Jap for the kindly spirit shown j
us since coming among yon two
years ago December 15; also f<>r
the mere material aid given, in
which a number have joined
Especially do we th .-ire to thank
the unknown friend whose!
monthly remittance which has
wonderfully helped to lighten!
bur way.
May the blessing premised in
Matthew 25:4(1, "Inasmuch as
V e have done it unto one of the
le ist of those, ye have done it
unto me," come to tlieth.
We Would also thank those who!
have spoken words of apprecia?
tion tliitt have cheered our
hearts ami greatly encouraged ,
us, f?r the way IS not always
smooth but has its trials and
d iscou ragomon t s peculiar to
every I aith W ork .
Wo db not mail your scorn'
nor pity, for long ago, at His
loving call, we gave up the,
pleasures ami vanities of the1
WOfld to follow the lowly, do '
spised and rejected Nax.elilie.
We did not know all it would!
mean, but did know it meant
the way of tin' cross, <>f humilia?
tion and suffering, but for love ,
of him wo wore glad to ox.
change all wbrldl) pomp and
glory for the promised inherit?
ance, which is incorruptible!
ami undolilod and that fadetli
not away; a mansion, a robe1
and a crow n, and to share with
lliih in His glory throughout
an endless eternity. He has;
said, "1 will be With thee. I'll
never leave thee nor forsake
thee; and I will supph all your!
needs Wo thank linn for the
hard plaoes that have permitted
us to prove him true; but we do
need j mir prayerful co-opot'U
tion, that wo may "sow beside
all waters," trusting that some
seed may fall upon good ground,
mid springing up may bear
much fruit for the Master's
Ni l in asm hi / W.
Mr. Walthal Goes to Orange,
s. H. Wnlthni, formerly sec
rotary of the Norton Hoard of
Trade, has gone to Crange,
Texas, where he recently re?
ceived a flattering offer from
the Chamber of Commerce of
the Texas town to he secretary
of that body. He w ill begin his
new duties immediately up oi
his arrival at Orange
Movable Schools in Agricul?
ture to be Continued.
In nil parts of this State there I
are many persons who ure aux-1
ions to study the methods of
modern soientigc agriculture, I
hut who arc not able to spend |
mouths at their Agricultural
College to attain this end.
Many States have recognized I
this noedand haye taken steps
to meet it by moans of Farm?
ers' Institutes,Movable Schools,
Correspondence Courses, and
other forms of agricultural OX
tension work.
Last year the Virginia Poly?
technic Institute, having in
view these needs, held sixteen
Movable Schools in the differ
entpaits of the Stute There
was hearty oo operation on the
part of the people in the com?
munity where these schools
wore held, and the work in a
whole wasan unqualified sue
cess. TheSO schools were of
three to four days'duration,
and an average attendance of
128 pupils per session wiis main
11 is proposi d lb continue this
work this year. The Virginia
Polytechnic Institute is pre?
pared to offer Movable Schools
for General Farming, Dairying
and Fruit-growing during the
months of November, Decem?
ber and January, Practical in
st ruction will he given with
especial reference to the needs
of the immediate loctilil \ KuCIl
School of Agriculture is free to
everybody?man, wotnanj or
Child ? who is interested; There
are no examinations aid no
I.ks to bpy
Tins work is conduit' id under
the (Jutted Agrikultur i Hoard,
am) is Subject to the following
regulations: First, Movable
Schools of Agricilltlir. -hall he
held 60 far as funds w ill permit,
in any locality where fifty
farmers sign a rOqttesi for Ilm
same, and agree 10 attend the
meetings. Second, The coin
hl'uhity in which the school is
held shall be required to. guar?
antee to furnish a Suitable
meeting place, board and lodg?
ing for the instructors, to ad?
vertise the meetings und to
bear all local expenses. The
local expenses borne fij the
community have heretofore- net
exceeded i pei school.
Since a number of upplica
liOliS are tiled for these schools
and since their number will he
limited, every community de?
siring such school should make
application at once. All com?
munications should he address?
ed to II. 1,. Price. Dean or the
Agricultural Ddp a r t m nil,
nldck?bUrg, Vri.
>l W underfill Thins that I ii,
Marvelous things in aviation
have been done by < irViHe
Wright at Killdovil Hills in tin
last few weeks. Only a few
persons besides Mr W right's
helpers Were permitted to see
tile tests with tin- new Wright
"glider " t lue of the five, Vail
Ness Horwood, of the New
York Sunday World stall", who
for four weeks daily watched
the test-, will describe, in the
Magazine section of next Sliri
? lav's New York World, what
he saw. This is but one of a
score of Equally fascinating and
instructive articles for which
the Sunday World is famous.
I < >rder your copy in advance and
iget good reading to last VOII a
I Week.
Special attention given to
d raying of trunks, good- of
every soi l; sad- doli> n \ , i. i
all calls. 'I'hon-'
Robiiicll Meal Market.
Pig Stum- i lap, Ya.
A scene from the Great New York Musical Suc?
cesses, "When Reuben Comes to Town." at Audi?
torium, Monday Night. November 27th.
Millinery Specials
During the Great Thanksgiving Sale
at Fullers'.
All pattern hats including the famous Gage hat will
he sold at exactly hall price.
We have a large assortment of shapes and trimmed
hats that will go at a big reduction. Now is your oppor?
tunity to buy your Thanksgiving and Christmas hat.
Fm im mm w:m%
j peeled thai many counties ami
cities' will make this law a fea
tu re of their school work.
Every groat nation in the
world Ikih compulsory school
attendance, and this is likewise
true of the majority of States in
Our own country. Ii is only a
mutter of time when Virginia
will incorporate this feature
into its organic law mid give to
every child the right of au ele?
mentary education.
Attorney A. K iii;..re, of Nor?
ton, was in tow n Monday on
pi ofessional business.
25 miners and families
wanted at once at Suther?
land ('pal and t !oke t!om
pain . (lood coal and steady
work, good wages, comfort,
aide houses and good church
and school facilities.
Add ress,
Sutherland Coal A Coke Co.,
?.'.'> good miners also want?
ed at the plant of the Wise
Coal ami t'oke Company,
Wl?? Coal & Coke Co.,
ll-ll nOKCIIKSTKR, va.
Fresh Meats, all Kinds
Butter Errs, Chickens. Swift's Choice Ham: Break?
fast Bacon. S?usage, and Oysters, etc.
Give me Your trade.
New Phone No. 6.
In Front ?l Monte Vista Hotel and at L. & N, Depot.
Big Stone Gap, Virginia.
Big Reduction in Millinery.
In order! to make room for cur big stock
of Holiday poods, we will offdr for sale all
our trimmed Hats aL actual cost. Don't miss
this salt; in the next ten days. We must
have more room for our Holiday goods.
J. M.Willis & Comuany
You Save Money by Spend
ing Your Money at Wolfej.
il have just received a large, complete line ol
for men, women and Children,
Fall and Winter Dress Goods,
Men's and Boys' Clothing.
Big line of Notions,
1 cordially invite your inspection of these
goods and solicit your trade, promising full
lvalue consistent with price.
Big Stone Gap, Va.
Plans, Specifications "^Details Furnished
I havo also, a first class repair shop, with capable men In
charge to contract your work of any kind; carpontory.
painting, plastering, plumbing, comont work, etc
Am s>nlos agent for buiidinit material, motal roofing, call?
ing, siding, otc. CAN SAVE YOU MONEY.
Offico, Room 13, Polly Building.
Shop. East 5th St. and Railway Ave.
big jstoive: gap, va.

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