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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, December 06, 1911, Image 4

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Santa Claus in Town
Loaded down with all kinds of toys, such
as Dolls, Trains, Wagons, Mechanical
Toys and Everything to please the chil?
Big Christmas Opening This Week.
cL M.Willis & Comwany
Barroix & Witt,
Office First Floor Intormont Uulklln". BIO STONE CAP, VA
Oorrewp* ?ndenoe Soll i oti.
Fresh Meats, all Kinds
Butter Ekhs. Chickens, Swift's Choice Ham; Break?
fast Bacon. Sausage, and Oysters, etc.
Give me Your trade.
New Phone No. (3.
In Pronl nl Moolc Vtatl Hotel mid nl I., ft Y Depo!.
Big Stone Gap. Virginia.
\V. N. Tumor, Und ford, Va .
\V. T. Cooper, Cleveland, Vn.;
Clarence .). Shipley, London,
John A. Lawrem > . Boston, V a ;
and I'., r. puffy, Dunto, Vn .
woro among (ho hiii-hi? at St.
James 11? H? ?! last week.
Miss Annie Korr Tontpkins,
of Bristol, dame over t ? > \-ihit
friends during Thanksgiving.
Miss Coy Jnines and brother,!
Edwin, come home Wotlnosdnv'
to spend Thanksgiving with
111? ? i r parents; M iss V irgio Tob- <
lor bamii with them,
Miss Nettie S >nter spent the
woek-end with friends hnd rein-1
tives in Bristol.
Mr .1 M Johnson, who has
for the last three years repre?
sented the Stictl Piano Co. in
tins territory , left Saturday for
Lynch.burg; Vn . win re lib will
be engaged a> citj salesman for
the same tii in
Mis. Nina Orim left Friday
for a few days' visit with
friends in Bristol,
Miss Minnie Hnrlowe spent
the week-end with her uncle
and aunt at Mendota.
Miss Elizabeth SVynn spont
Thanksgiving %\ 11It her parents
at Jnnesvillo.
S J, Montgomery spent
Thursday with former class?
mates III (.Velen n
Dudle) logain, of Coeburn,
was B visitor in our city Sun
New residences are springing
Second Hand
At Special
)Veharo severalcxtr* good ba r- pi
gaitu, to high claas si ond luind op- K
right pUtKM, Ulken In exohang6,M S4 |
pat, jay. lor new Inatnttnenta, g
among then i uro Btli (I iij>right>..c?. ?3
dunged fordlflTtrent atyle Btlefla), gsl
TllOftO platen l.?\,* Iw.n put In st
|terfc?-t condition, ha good a? new, S
ami fully guaranteed
Wtttc 11? t<?la\ - for description H
price* and term
Chas. M. Stieff, |
Factory llianch Warervoint m
TU Main M . I.yiidiburg, Va 5
< W. WutTMOntl, Managt-!. B
up in <inr town almost like
mugic. Thor? nro ton or more
now Hinter construction, besides
several handsome business
.1. s MoConnoll W ent to Coe1
Innii Sim,lay, roturning Sim
day night.
Among the out-of-town shop
pors l ist week were Mrs. 0 G
Duffy, Mrs. MatllOWB, Mrs.
W hltd, M Iss Ethel Oravily, Miss
Harris, Missos Richmond, Mrs.
Young and Mrs. Staltard.
Marion Smith wont In St.Paul
I Monday, returning Monday
1 night.
A. H. Kaylor went to Men
dota Saturday to attend the
fun.nil of his nephew, who died
This Over
This Offer Should Gain the
Confidence of the Most
We pay for all the medicitu
us. d during the trial, if our
remedy fail- to completely re?
lievo you of constipation; VVi
take all thi> risk . Sou are not
obligated to us in any wu\
? whatever, if you accept our !
for. That's a mighty broad
j statement, but we mean flverj
word of it. Could anything be
j more fair for \ 0U?
I A most BCiontiflc, commoii
: seilst? treatment is Ke.\all Or?
derlies, which are eaten like
j candy. Their active principle
is a recent sctontiflo discovery
that is odorless, colorless and
t isti b us; very pronounced, gen?
tle and pleasant in action, and
particularly agreeable in every
way This ingredient does not
cause diarrhoea, nausea, tlatul
ence. griping, or other incon?
venience itexall Orderlies an
particularly good for children,
aged and delicate persons.
If you suffer from chronic or
habitual constipation, or the as?
sociate or dependent chronic
ailments, wo urge yon to try
Rexall Orderlies at our risk.
Remember yon can get them in
Big Stone Gap onlj at our store
rj tablets, 10 tits; 36 tablets,
25 cents; 80 tablets, 50 cents.
Sold onlv ut our store?-The
Kexail store -The Kelly Drug
To l/tili Apfiorv-iii
You are hereby notlm-d Hist at a aale
of propf-ny for ilrliiiqiii-ut m,-., ir, 1>\
It Piitarroo Trcaaurrr for WbeCoun
i). at tlir Court llouw, on tho 7th daj of
January. It>a7. I purcliaavd l ot 10, lth?.'k
sii Plat !. ahuabja in tho town of Dig
Btoue (lap, Wlae County, Virginia, foe
tho town tatra and lovli'i due tins I
town for tho year on said lot, for the
nun of ?I as. ?iul after tho vla-wo of font
inonlh? from due piiblii-a?oii ol" ihU DO*
UOS 1 ?Lall apply to tho l lnrk of Witt
Circuit Court foi a dixy.l for aaid Int. the
antic (landing In your name on tho Com
UlcatOMt ? l*x>k? at the tlate of aald pur
eliaae. Iteapecifully,
Pwsmbert, iwu
State Board of Canvassers
Find He Ran Under
Two Names.
Owing to errors discovered in
llii' election returns front Titz?
well and Buchanan counties
yesterday by tin- mate board of
canvassers, it in probable that'
8. P. Mustard, successful Re?
publican candidate for the
bouse of delegates, will lose his
certificate of election Many
other errors wore found in the
returns yesterday, but in no
other instance did they effect
the results.
In the case of Mustard it was
found that in Tazewell he was
voted for under the name of
Samuel Mustard, while in Buch'
aniiii county his name on the
ballot was put down as 8, P.
The state hoard of canvassers
met yesterday morning with
only three members present,
which were Attorney (ieneral
Williams. Secretary of the Com?
monwealth I!. (). .lames, and
Auditor of Public Ac-mints
Donohoe. These members of
the hoard decided that .Mustard
had no right to run ill two
counties undor two different
It is thought likely that the
Republican candidate will lose
his election. Richmond News
For Your Hair.
Here Arc Facts Thai Wc
Want You to Prove at
Our Risk.
When thi> roots of the hair
are entirely dead and the pores
Of the scalp are glazed over, we
do not believe that anything
can restore hair growth
But when the hair roots re.
tain any life, we believe there
is nothing that will so surely
promote hair growth as will
Rexall "9:1" Hair Tonic. To
! prove that statement, we prom
I ISO to promptly return all the
[money you pay us for Rexall
j "93" Hair Tonic, should it not
please \ on.
Roxall "93" Hair Tonic, do
Stroys the germs which arc
usually responsible for baldness.
It penetrates to the roots of the
hair, stimulating, ami by pro?
moting circulation, nourishing
Rexall "93" Hair Tonic helps
to relieve scalp irritation, to re?
move, dandruff, to prevent the
hair from falling out. and to
i promote an increased growth of
I hair. It comes in two sizes,
prices, AO cents anil $1.00; Re
member, you can obtain it only
at pur store?The Kexall Store
The Kelly 1 'rug (lompany.
I Civil and Mining Engineers,
nig StonoGnp. Va. Harlan,Ky
tier I ?ii'l? Di-MgnaiiJ l>nA of CoAl and
> .?),.? runlii I nut Railroad and Minn
; Engineering, Kloctrio itliiu Printing.
Attorney at Law,
? (nlertnont llldg. lilt) BT?XK (i tp, VA
?Z(\ MINERS wanted
?JV/ )t> StOnegltp Colli?
ery Company, Glamorgan,
Va. Steady work. High?
est pi ice per ton paid in the
district. Healthy camp.
Excellent water. School
and church facilities.
Stonegap Colliery Co.
42-45 J. S. CMEYNEY, le.n l Snpt.
To J. K. Johnaon:
Von .ov hereby notified, tint .it a wie
of property for delinquent Uixeri, rhiidibj
IS p. Itarroo, Tratiurer for VPIac Coun?
ty, ?t the, Court House on tha lit il ,\
Januarv, Hin;, 1 purvhiucd Lot II Itlook
J.H, J?Ut i, sltllfttcd In the town tVfJtlg
Stone Gap, \Vim> County, Virginia, foi
the toi?n Iaxia mid levies line the uiil
town for tint year li'fM en ?.?:,! 1,,:, foi Du?
nlin of 11 II and after lln- elapse of fout
loonlha from due publlcatlou ol thhi no.
the 1 shall apply to the i h rk of Wise
Circuit fours for a deed for s.?i,l lot. the
Mme UK In your name on the I "in
mtviloner'a bookn at the date of tatd par
chaao. Iteapectfully,
w (J. Matiikwi
1 svemoerft, lull
Holiday Goods
Now ready for your inspection, the largest, best and
most complete assortment of holiday goods we have ever
Hooks, Toys, Dolls, Novelties, Fancy Goods, Umbrel?
las, Handkerchiefs, Silk Hosiery, Statuary, Box Papers,
F?r Sets, Muffs, (lames, and all the new and popular
goods for the holidays.
Ford & McConnell,
Appalachia, Va.
The Big Piano Contest;
An elegant $350 Plann FREE:
FOUR more Grand Prizes QQfl flft
aggregating $980. Total. v'jvwU.UU
Besides the special prizes offered in connec?
tion with this contest.
With every purchase tit KKLLY'S DKUO STORK votes1
will bo given?oach dollur spoilc in general stock means 'joo
votes; evory dollar spent in tiieir Jewelry Department means
50(1 voles, and every dollar paid on account means loo votes.
See Kelly Drug Company for full explanation, uutl while there
Watch the Post for the progress
of the Contest.
With every dollar paid to Tili: ?IG STONING At? POST on
back subscription (500 votes will be given. With every dollar
paid on subscription in advance or new subscription 1000 votes
will he given,
Contest closes February lO, 1912
lt. T. lHVlNK, I iv. W. T. UOOUI.OR, yiyfi 1'k -. A Scp'y. Ii. I'. UATt RONj TreaS
Interstate Finance ? Trust Co.
Bi? Stone Gap. Va.
Capital $50.000.00. Surplus $60.000.00.
rhll bank, under new management, will continue the business upon
conservative lines.
SAFETY: Our Motto. SECURITY: Our Mass-word.
Inlrrcsl Paid on Time Deposits.
K. T. IKVINK. W; T. CrOODl.oK',
Hi G. ?0UISON, r. S. OA UTK H,
A. K. U01UK0N. J; S. 11 AMIM.KN.
W. W. TAYLOlt, ' W..KKI.I.Y.;
W. M.lSI.KMl'.
Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent.
Send the Wise Printing Company your
Job Work. Prices reasonable.
I.ynclilmrg and Intermediate ttv
t i< ?nf. Pullman alevpcr lllucfirld in
N.'w York ti.. llagerih
Pullman sleeper Hoauoki- to Itlcti.
iuond anil Norfolk Uaoci
at Bliicnefrl with trahu l> ?
Pullman alcepor to Cincinnati .o.i!
I. K A V K X (ilfl'l) N ? iS iiuj p. m. fof polnti
North, East and Weal
Leave buibtol?Daily b .
for East llaidfdraj Hoanoke, Lynch
burn, Petersburg, Klchni
Norfolk. Pullman iducpci Itoauokc
lid Nim VoiW via llagerstowi ir?d
llarrjujburg, Pulhriaii rarlm bar to
"?i18 p. in. for Norfolk ami Intermediate
poluui, Pullman Sleepers to ^
1 :w p in ami 7 ;i.*i p. in (limited s liil
trains with pulluuu sleepers to Wasli
Ington, Baltimore, Phlladelj
Nevr Vork via hiyuohbiirg Doi
make local Klops.
12:10 p. in. dally for all |ioiiiu between
llristol aiul Lynebburg. t
Walton nt S:40 p. m. with 111? St.
I ouis Express for .ill pointi
If you nro thinking of Utk
YOU want ijuotatiotuii chcapenl ri
lUblc anil correct information, ay to
routes, tr.iiu schedules, the most romfori
able and quickest way. Write and the
Information la vom? for the aaklngi wlUi
Olid of our complete Map toldi
W. II. IlBVIU., <; P. A
M. V. Uiiaua. t. 1' A
Itoahckd, Va
D. F. ORR,
(iflleo In Polly Building.
Office llottn?8 lo IV a. m.j 1 to ?'? P
tulle* in Iniermont Building.
BIr Stono Gap. Virginia.
Office o.i Pirat floor ImVrmoril BuiMin.
Big Stono Gnp, VlrKlnln.
Blast Atuntlob to ColUellooi sad Prompt Remit*:
Office in Skoon ?ulldlnK
Big Stono Gap. Va.
Civil and Mining Engineer.
Pullt Building. BIG STONE GAP, \ I,
I laminations and Reports, Surve).-.
Plans and Designs.
Ref ractionist.
freats diseases ol Ibe Eye, Ear. Nose
and ThroaL
yvill be In Appalachla FIJKST KltinW
in each month until 3 1'. M
Big Stonu Gap, Va
Wagon ami Buggy work A Specialty
I have an Up-to-date Machine for putting
on Hubber Tires Bicycle Repairing
All ?ork given prompt munition.
Eye, Ear, Nose and
Eyos Examined for Glasses,
tiffin-: Pile Bid; nui Minor's Drug Store
E^-EC"1, Ht'ilioi'

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