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The Big Stone Gap post. [volume] (Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Va.) 1892-1928, December 13, 1911, Image 2

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TJ ERE'S the way a
* * man looks who
wears the clothes
made by
1 I art SiHAIIM K
& Marx
and sold by us; We're doing;
a good tiling in dressing men
like this: were serving the real
interests ?I our town by it.
Von ?um mi, Ii i !>.Iii.- ..ml
we want you t,, have tin in
Suits *ao to <;,o.
Overcoats $18 to 135.
'I'hla store I? tin home
Hart s, balfhei i\ Mai v ololhi n
railroad co.
Vs. Norfolk & Western Rail?
way Co. and Louisville
& Nashville Railroad
(Special < V>rrcap<inrlcnt. i
Richmond, Va . Dec omher (I.
?The evidence hi the above
case, ponding before the state
Corporation Commission was
finished today, ohd thereupon
the question tiroBO us to time to
be afloweil for oral argument
and, also, as tu whether counsel
desired to tile briefs, and after
seme discussion it was finally
agreed to submit the case to
the commission without either
argument or briefs, ami (be
commission r< tired, ami after
about twenty minutes returned,
and Judge L'reiitiss, chairman
of the Commission, delivered an
oral opinion deciding all the
points in the ease for the Inter
state Railroad company, hold
ing in briof that an essential
public convenience required
that the Interstate should bUild
its depot on the south side of
Purk avenue, near the depot of
the Norfolk & Western, and
should likewise extend its rail?
road through the town to a con
neotiou with the Wise Ter?
minal, and thai ii? property
which it in seeking to take from
the Norfolk & Westum Rail
wny Company for these pur
poses was not essential to tho
purposes of tho Norfolk 00 West
ern Railway Company or the
Louisville iV Nashville Railroad
Counsel for the defendants
asked that the execution of the
order be suspended for sixty
days, in order that they might
have time to appeal lo the Su?
preme COUrl of Appeals, and
this was done. If tho case is
taken to the Court of Appeals
it will mil be finally decided
Until m xt JuhO Or later. This
will, of course, necessarily do
lay the work of building the
depot, etc.. as nothing call be
done until after a final decision.
Edward Glenn, Well Known
Hall Player, Found Dead
In Lud low.
Edward Glonn, aged 37, well
known baseball player, was
found dead in a drop pit at the
Queen & Orescent Railroad
shops at 6:16 yostorday morn
ing with his skull crushed.
While the exact manner of his
death is not known, it is s..p
> posed that w hile leaving the
shop after working hours Wed
nesday night be fell into the
pit. Which is about IG feet deep
and constructed of concrete.
His body was found early yes.
terday by workmen
Glotin was a well knoWn b ill
player, having played in the
Eastern, Southern and Virginia
. Leagues, and was at one inn.' a
I member of the Chicago Nation
tils. While playing with the
Mi mphls team at Jackson,
Tenn . he accidentally fell front
a window in a hotel and broke
his collar bone, ,-ifter which he
never again played with the 1
big leaguers. I'ottlio past few
years he had played with dif?
ferent teams in the Slue Grass
He was single and lived with
his parents on Ash street, Lud
low, Ky. The body was taken
to Allison ,V Vale's nndertak
ing establishment in Coving
ton, where it was prepared to
I be taken home. The funeral
will take place Saturdin morn?
ing at !'o'clock fiopi St. James
Church, Ludlow, LVv. Father
I Thomas Kehot) oflioititihg
Cinciutiat i Empiiri 1
Mr. Glenn was well known in
the Gap, being a member of the
Hig Stun., t lap baseball team
during the R?mmer of 10071
It should be good news to
those who have boon importun?
ing the mating, t of tin- local
plaj house to get something
good in tho ? ii) of attraction*
to know that a production of
the great play. "THICLMA" ha?
been arranged for and is is t,.
be hoped that the public will
? bow its appreciation by giving
the company the patronage il
merits Ai Auditorium Fkioay
Nicm 1, Dkckmhkk ISth.
Chiirch Bazaar.
. The ladies of the KpiSCOpal
Guild will hold a biizaui this
afternoon iVVednosday) 111 the
1 lobby of the Mont, Vista
Tho usual pleasing varioty.of
fancy work ami useful articles
i will tie offered for sale.
The Junior Auxiliary will
have a special table of attrac?
tively dressed dolls' clothing
and delicious liome-made candy
I for sale.
No, 987?.
Report ol the Condition
The First National Bant o( Appalachia,
M Appalachia, in the Slate ol Virginia,
at the close ot business December
5. toil.
Loans and Discounts $887,168.201
IT. 8. Howls to secure circu
lation . 00,000.00
Premium on U. 8, It.I- IH 00
Bonds Securities, etc l 016 00
Banking bouse, Furniture, and
Fixtures ... 8,474.031
Due from National Hanks (not
reserve agents ?'? l ,089.00 |
I ?it,- from approved Itcscrve
Agents 20,570.081
< Ihccks and other Cash Items G80 RS
Notes of other National Hanks 880 |
Fractional Paper Currency,
Nickels and Cents 117.0?
Specie . . ..?tll.OOp IS*
l.egat-temler not, ? 8,08000 18,780.18
Due ft.I s Treasurer 3,500 001
Total 14011,814.03
Capita) st". v. paid in . f 50,000.00
Surplus fund 85,000,0(1
Undivided Profils, Ii as \'.\\" ii
sos and Taxes Paid l?,370 fill
National llnilk Notes out?
standing 50,000.001
Individual deposits snbjccl to
Tin? certificates of dcivosit 87.675.00
StATK tit Vlrini.ma, County of Wise
libove-nauicd bank, do solemnly ?Wen
that the above statement isfrufltoih
best of mv knowledge and belief, ?
A. It. Weed, r. \
and Sworn t,> hole
Dil expires Fehl
Statement ol the 1-inaucinl Condition
I in.aled .it Anpalaclii.i, in the Count) ol
Wise, State til Virginia, i?i the close
ot business, lice. S. 1911. made to
the State Corporation Commission.
i financial condition of the Peoples
of Appalsohut, tne loci.i si Ap;
iiia. in the County of Wis<, Staio of
i> of December. 1011, io the best ??!
howl, dye and belief
K i Mai sol a Caahlei
M D. ( oilier. ' Directors
li It, Parker, \
of \' iinns11. i onntj ,,f \\ ise.
irri to ami subscribed before mo b)
Mainous, Cashier, this I Ith day of
f]fcOii<iK Moiiios,
S'ol irj Public,
Free! Free! Free!
Beautiful Chirm Sets consisting of Cake
or Fruit Set, Berry or Salad Set and In?
dividual Dinner Set.
These will be given to our customers
absolutely Free.
Come in and let us explain.
Mutual Drug Company.
Our beautiful lines of holiday goods are arriving and being
opened for disylay daily. Our stock will be complete within
a da\- or two with many useful and beautiful presents.
Examine our beautiful line of Jewelry
and novelties, in Bracelets, Necklaces,
Lockets, Pin Sets, Cull Buttons. Belt
We Have just received a 1
merit of cut ^lass.
You should make your seit
while the stock is complete.
Handkerchiefs Hand Bags
A big assortment of Xmas In all the newest styles,
handkerchiefs just received. from 50c to $7.50
Collars an<
A big Jvariet
A big line of Toys for the Children.
Ladies Kid Gloves
Silk Hose
Aiwa v:
Many useful articles to select from such as Umhn
ies, Suit Cases, Table Linens, Napkins, Centt
Statemeut ol the Financial Condition
Interstate Finance & Trust Co.
Located at l.i.: Stone tup. in the Count)
nf Wise, Slate ol Virginin, at Hie
close ol business, Dec. 6. I VI I. made
tn the State Corporation Commission,
?or current y 1,01-S.Oo
\otos (Juaranteed in S.-.n.oo
Capital Stock paid in
Surplus fund
Undivided profits, lesaamoun
paid for interest, cxprli
tn.lividuai deposits
I'rinio certificates of detsislt
Certified checks
Caslilorchecks outstanding
Notes and lulls re-dlscduirted
Contingent Liability
Total, ?971,810.101
I, It. 1". Hamm. Cashier, do solemn
I\y swear that the above is a truo slate-1
n.cut of the financial condition of the in?
terstate Pittance and Trust Company, lo
*ted at Rig Stone Gap in the County of]
Wise. State of Virginia, at the close of|
business on the Mh day of December,
TOIL to the beat of my knowledge and j
I iK-licf.
II p Ua?hoh, Cashier
I CoRRKI r- Attest:
It T Ikvisi:, i
W T. ?4Ritu.o?'., - DIrect?
O, 8, Cautvu, I
jst in; ok VinoixiA, County of \\ lie,
Sworn to and aubaoribed .before tuu by I
K P. Barren, Cashier, this 19th day of|
December, ion
lll'oii II. Slump,
Notary Public.
My Comtniaaloi) cipitcs .Inly s'Tth, IUP.'.
Kelly Drug Company and The
Big Stone Gap Post.
Standing of Candidates December 12, 1911.
Miss Margaret l'ettil, Big Stone dap, Va
Mlgs Battle Bruce, Big Btone Gap, Vh
Mi?s Georgia Bout vrlck, Big Btooo Gap, Va
Mrs. B A llalloy, Big Stone Gap, Va;.,.
.Mi-? Pearl Manu, IMg Steine '.*i>, V?
Miss S;ir.?li Cochrah, Iii? Stum- (lap, Va.
Silas Margaret Martin, JoiieavUie, Va.
Mtsa Thelnia Baker, itig Stone Clap, Va
Mih- N'etno Vineyard hig Stone Gap, Va
Mis .1?; n. -t.it. Big HtoneGaji, Va
Mr?. k i Taylor, BlgStono Gap, Va
Mis II K i aggarl, Kookee, Va.
MIsh Nettie K. Senler, VppaluchUj Va
Mi...s Kittic < oilier. Stoncga Va
Mis- Chriatlc Jonen, Baal Stone Gap, Vn
Mian IxiuUe QoodlOe, Big Stooo Gap, Va
Mrs. I'. D, Akens. Cadet, Va.
Miss franco* tang, Big StonoGap, Vu
Mi? B. bc<. .. w ad... Big Stone Gap, V?
Miss Haute Willis Big Btone Gap, Va.
Mi-s Flora Wygal, Dryden, Va.
Miss Kvelyn Blebinoud, Kwlng, W
Mis* Wive Ueradon, Dryden, V?.
Miaa M itlle Polly, Appalaohla, V?.
Mis 1' II. Barron, Big Stone dap, Vi.
Mlu Mollsaa Myera, Big Btone Gap, V*.
Miss l>evada Reaaor, Olinger, Va
Mlu Mablo Barker, Oltngor, Va.
Miss Mariam Taylor, Big st.-m- Gap, Vi
Miss Kuliy Ktanary, sioneg.-., V?.
Big Stone Gap, Virginia
Ofrii o in Polly Building.
?rriCK lit-.rn> ? 0 In 18; 1 to .V
Attorney at Law,
roily HuiMiiiK
BIk Stone Gap, Virginia
Notary Public
Trent? DlMMM of the
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat,
Will bo In Applaachia Third
Friday In Each Month.

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