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TT ER KS the way .1
* * man looks who
wears the clothes
made by
Hart Schaffner
& Marx
and sold by us. We're dpirif.
a good tiling in dressing; men
like this: we're serving the real
interests of our town by" it.
You want mu ll clothes sntl
w?. want you in hnva thorn
Suits 120 to $30.
Overcoats $tS to $.15.
Thin stem Ik IhO home of
Hart Seliaft'ner A Man clothes
School Notes.
tKdlled by tin- S-nlor CIsm )
Tin' Sunday boIiooI census,
which wop taken in BcllOol sev
ernl days ago, though it wsjB
not complete, revealed sunn
very interesting ami uncourag?
ing faots: Out of 4U0 cards re?
ceived 109 proforrcd the Moth
ndist Sunday nohool; of this
number lot) claimed wombor
ship in ono or the othor of the
Methodist Sunday Bchools; and
Si' are non-members; S? prefer?
red the Baptist Sunday school,
SO of which are members and S
non-members; 13 prefor the
Christian Sunday school, all of
which are members; ?S prefer
the Holiness Sunday school, all
of which are members; If.' pre
fer the Kpiseopal Sunday
school, ?s of which are motn
hers and 4 nph-membors, or
have DO Sunday school prefer?
ence and are non members.
In other words, :t7.'> out of the
4(hi cards are members und ??
non-members; that is '.'.'i :i-i per
cent, members find 0 i t per
cent, non-members
We are especially glad to
Btati thai sine the census whs
taken some of the rooms have
increased the Sunday school
enrollment to 100 per cent., and
we hone it Will not be long be
fore all the rooms cat make the
same report, then we believe
we can say our school holds the
banner for Sunday school at?
tendance as well us for many
other things
The Sunday schools as well
as the public schools through?
out our laud arc doing a noble
work. Though in one sense
their work is distinct and sep
arat?\ they have much in com?
mon, and should therefore unite
their great force-, each encour?
aging and helping the other,
wherever possible and practi?
An Invitation.
The Sunday schools of our
town meet at 10:00 a. m. each
Sabbath, taking up the work
which tho Sunday school nlone
can do for the children and
youth. But these schools are
not alone for the children; they
need all the older ones; they
need tho parent and the older
brot and oistors. Thoy ex
tone volcoui" to yon.
There are IDS hours in the
week. Sunday school occupies
l-lC&th part of this time. Do
you not think, as a rational and
intelligent being, thai it will be
worth your while, from every
point of view, to give t his small
traction of a week to the study
of the Hilde in Sunday school?'
If you nre satisfied you can'
get along without it. are you
quite sure that it can do its best
work without you? 1 shall pass
through the world hut once.
Any good thinwc therefore, that
I can do, or an) kindness that 1
can show to any human being,
lot the do it now. Lot >"<? not
defer nor negh ol it, for I shall
not pnss this woj again.
The public school closes on
Thursday of this week for the
Christmas holidays, and re
sumes work again on Wednes?
day following New Year's Day.
School Literary Society Open
A very interesting meeting of
our society will he hold in tho
school auditorium on Friday of
this week at S p m. There will
be a strong program Hall at?
tractively docdrnlbd Address
by Hon.' John W. Chalkloy.
The public is cordially invited.
The Patent and I He School.
Riaports from Patrons' !>ny
recently observed in the public
school'- of the Stall- I how that
more than one thousand schools
hehl exercises on this day and
that the schools were yisitcd by
Over ten thousand patrons.
Two hundred citizens delivered
addresses, and there were or.
ganized onohundred nid thirty
school improvement associa?
The observance of this day
ought to be made a permanent
thing in Virginia, \Ve spend i
gn at deal of inomi) on our
schools, and the public at large
take too little Interest in how
this money is expended and the
results obtained. Kvery school
house should he a healthy ami
beiiUl iful place t hildi en should
at u nd regularly ami should r< -
speei the authority of tho
school Dur teikohers should be
competent and thoroughly in?
terested in tin- important work
the\ ,ite doing, Those things
cannot be brought about with?
out the earnest co-oporntion of
every father and mother in the
Mr. Bunn Visits Bristol.
.1. 1-!. ?unh, of Big stone Qap,
ehlest brothei uf Prank and
(leorge Bunn, of Bristol; was n
visitor in the city last week,
having come here to look over
the pike construction work in
Sullivan courtty< Mr. Sunn is
associated in the contracting
business with Col, L. 0 Petti!,
son. ill-law of (Jen, li A Avers,
and the contracting firm of
Bunn&t Complin} has tin-con?
tract for now macadamized
roads in Wise count) to the ex?
tent of $250,000 Mr. Sunn
states that he has sub let a por
lion of his contract arid that on
the remainder he i- now con?
siderably ahead of the time
called for in Ins contrast, The
county is spending about $700,
000 foi a system ol modern pub?
lic highways and is taking
front rank with the progressive
counties of the state It is one
[of the richest counties in min?
eral wealth in the entire state,
and is making groat strides
within recent years.?Bristol
A Recommendation,
Due to a leak in tho id horse
power boiler at our planing
mill plant, neai ho V & S. W.
I depot, we secured the services
of the ('ox Brothers Foundry &:
Machine Shops to remedy the
trouble In making the repairs
it was found necessiiij to put
on a patch 1-t inches square and
some minor repairs were also
i made, after which the work
Was subjected to !s-i pounds
Cold watt/ pressure vetpial to
! 120 pounds steam i as a test, end
gave perfect satisfaction in ev
ery respect. So well pleased
are we with the workmanship
of the Cox Brothers Company
that we feel obligated to recom?
mend them to the public, he
cause of their merltoroua work
and because we believe in fur?
thering a home industry whose
work is sure to meet "the ap?
proval of the most skeptical
Goouuik Bku;s Planino Milt..
By \V. T Qoodloe, Mgr.
Hoisted Flag.
Last Saturday afternoon Dr.
Mason W. Presley, of Philndel?
phia, who for several weeks Iuih
been a guest at the Monte Vista
Hotel, hoisted n beautiful red,
white and blue Hag on one of
the diz/y heights overlooking
the Gap. And there hangs a
story of no little interest.
The doctor, as has been re?
cently learned here, is the
founder of the American Society
Metaphysics-Dynamics; or, as
as he explains it, an association
[of persons who recognize and
live out the deeper meanings of
life. This meaning, the doctor
further says, is that of contem?
plating one's self as being and
becoming an oxternalization of
the Universal Mind -tie- sub?
stance and spirit of cosmic and
etheric totality. This may sound
obstruso at first, hut wheu we
consider that Universal Mind
(we call it (led) is everywhere
ns a creative spirit and must,
therefore, he in the minds of |
persons ns well as in what wci
call space, it does not Beom BO
!>r. Presley says that he has
enjoyed such exultation of spir?
it in climbing the mountainsI
about Big Stone (Ian that he I
desired to erect the Hag as a
token of appreciation of the
wonderful I'xhileration in the I
Appalachiau air.
No Paper Next Week.
Following the custom of the j
i'ost for many years, which is
the custom also of netirly nlI
weekly papers, we will hot is
sue any paper next week. We
are sure our readers will not
object to us taking a I. da)
rest during the Ohristinni holi-j
day s.
We wish all our readers and
friends a men v Christinas and
a happy New N ear.
Society Organized.
The ladies of the Christian
Church met December l?th and
organized a Ladies Aid Society
with tbi' following as charter
members: Mrs. M. K. Slc0or
kle, Mrs. .lohn Wok, Br . Mrs
E. B. Totter, Mrs. C. P, Np olOH,
Mrs. 0. 1). Vaughn. Mrs l>. M.
Dulauey, Mrs. K. K. Dennis,
Misses i lornio Qillinih and Flor
enco Sounders. Honorary mom
her, C. B. Livesay.
The following officers wore
elected: Mrs. M. R. Met'orkle,
President; Mrs. .lohn Fox| Sr..
Vice-president; Miss Florence
Saumlers, Secretary, Mrs. E B.
Potter, Treasurer. The Presi?
dent also appointed Member?
ship and Finance Committees.
This society will hold their
meetings on the second Tues?
day of each month at .'i o'clock.
Members arc urged to attend
all meetings, and all who un?
interested are cotdinlh invited
to unite with this society.
Don't you wish you had done
your Christmas shopping early!'
Lit:le hard to Und just what
you want now? Of c itirse, the
other fellow got aheu 1 of you.
and his gifts to out.-of town
friends are now on their way
and will reach their destination
in time, ami their beau:; . .I
em design and quality will
stand a silent though forceful
advertisement for what Big
Stone (Jap claims to bo, ?\in up
to date town.-' For where could
you go to find more "pin ?-" or
quality/at the price than right
here at home? And tie ilj too,
tho money comos back to' you,
directly or indirectly (l kind Of
self-inade reciprocity agree?
ment, you'll agree.
Fifty More Coke Ovens Went
Into Blast.
Owing to having recently re
ceived a number of new coke
orders the Toms Creek opera
lion put fifty additional coke
ovens in blast at Toms Crook
Monday. The company received
a big order amounting to 1,000
tons per month from the Bonn
Iron Co., at Rock wood , Tonn,
Tin; coke yards at this big op?
eration arc working Oil full
time now, and the coal business
is ulso good something over
100,000 tons being shipped out
each month, a number of mines
are being double shifted in or?
der to take care of their in?
creasing orders ?0 0 e barn
J ournal.
Or. King's New Lifo Pills
Tho boat In tho world.
Red Cross.
Of nil the stumps sold at Big
[Stone tlnp one half ?f the mon?
ey derived is devoted to the
fight of tuberculosis within the
limits of the town. The A.880
oiated Ohnrlties have exclusive
charge of disbursing of this
fund. Not only, therefore, clo
you assist in n national charity
hut in n local enterprise of this
character. Von help those suf?
fering with this dreud disease,
and a< the disease is contagious
you incidentally help yourself.
Seals on sale by school child?
ren and at the different stores.
Norwood. Va.. Deo. 18 Lit
tie Louise (JabelI died last night
after a few days' illness of
diphtheria at the home of her
grandmother. Mrs. 11.11 Oabcll.
The child was the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs Mayo Onbell, of
Big Stone (lap. w ho are here
now on a visit. She was buried
this afternoon at 3:30 in the
family cemetery at "UiiiiQtj
Little Miss Grace ami Master
.lames Lester, Masters were
quite bad)' burned about the
hands and face Tuesday from
carbolic acid they found in a
bottle evidently thrown away
by some Careless person, near
their home, ami which they
picked up while playing. For?
tunately for the children none
of the acid got into their eyes.
W. S. Moore, repn Renting D I
B. Uyland ?V Co., of Lynch-1
burg, Va.i will be found at the
Bristol Typewriter Companv,
?Hi; State street; Bristol, Tcnii..
from now until Christinas, lie
will he glad to receive (thy or- I
ilers that his friends in Big
trust to him. Should voll come i
[ to Bristol don't fail to call on j
I him, as he has the most mugni
FHEE with the Sim.lay World.
New Funny" fable-, by George
Ado. Funny I'ictures ami Fun?
ny BdrugrapliH, Finitiy Puzzles
picture-, on covoi - A real hook
let, ami all Fit KB with the
For Infants nail Children.
ThB Kind You Have Always Bought
Hoars th*?
Signature of
Here Is a Remedy Thai Will
Cure Skin and Scalp j
.m l the IiitOniiont Orug Store, Appa
lachta, says to nyorj person, 1..- it msii,
Itcndei Inflamed, itching SKIN or
Si (ALT*, you need net sull, r another day
"We have a refined skin nroitiirauou thai
a.-t* instantly mid will brliif you -win
?ml sure ivsults "
i'in- warm hath ?villi ZK Mm SOAP
*nd one application of ZKMU and you
w illnot au?er another iiminent und you
ZEMO and SiEMO SOAP <?, ,,??,.?
eures for every fnrin of ?kin or scalp f
fectlon Thoj are sold by one leading
druggist in ev.-ry city mil town in Amer?
ica, and in Hie stem- (jap by ilu Kelly
l)riigt'o., and in Appatachla by the in",
let moot I inig i !d
I3ig Stono Cap. - Virginia
Office in Telly building.
OrnoB OooKss-9 tu 13; I to
Attorney at Law,
folly Building
Bin stono Gap, Virginia;
Notary Public
Treats DlHoneen of the
Bye, Bar, Nose and Throat,
I vVili bo In Applaachta Third
I Friday in r.aon Month.
Kelly Drug Company and Thi
Big Stone Gap Post.
Standing of Candidates December 19, iqu.
Miss Hannah Aleover, Big Stone Gap, Va.
Miss Prances Baron, Dig Stone Gap, Va
Mis. 11. K F?X, big Stone lis|>. Va
Miss Mary Bkeeu, Big Stone Qap, Va.
Miss Mary Lee Kllbourn, nig Stone (;?i>. '
Miss Margaret l'etttt, bin BtoneOap, Va
Mis* Battle Bruce, lti^ Btooe Gap, V?
Miss Ueorgla Boetwlok, lllg Btooe Gap, Va
Miss Edna Uilly, Iti? Si.mu- dap, Vs.
Mrs. S A. ltailoy, DlgStoneGap, Vn.
Miss Pearl Mann, Big stone <;?p, Va
M las Sarah Coohran, lllg Stone Oap, \'a.
Mi?s l'li>ssii' llolilis, Stoncga, Va.
Miss Margaret Marlin Jouesrllle, Va.
Miss Theliha Baker, Big Stone flap, Va
Mis- Nemo Vineyard, Big Stone Gap, Va
\h> it. Q Nr-lm, Big Stone Oap, Va
Mrs K. < Taylor, Big Stone Gap, Va
Mrs It K Tagg?rt, Keokco, Vs.. .
Mi's Nrttiii P.. Boater, Appelachla, Va
Miss kittle {s?lller, Stonega,Va
Miss <)hrl*tio Jones, East Stone Qap, Va
Miss i .Miiisc Goodloc, Big Stone Gap, Va.
Mrs i i 11 A Urns, i Hilft. V?.
M iss Kriincei Ising, Big Stone Oap, V?,
Miss Bctiecca Wail.-. Big Stone Gap, Va.
Mil M iblo Willis, lllg Stone Gap. V?.
Mi-s Flora Wygal, Dry den, V?
vi is-. EVelyn Blohtmoinl, Ewlng, Va.
Miss Wave Horndon, Dryden, Va.
Mi-s Mottle Tolly. Appalaehia, Vs
Mrs P. II lUrron, Big Stone Gap, Va.
Miss Melissa Myers, Big Stone <i?p, Va. ..
Nli-s llevhdn Bearior.iOBnger, Vs
Miss Mahle Itark.r. Ollnger, Va.
Open Meeting
henian Literary Society, Big Stone
ap High School, December 22, 1911,
at eight o'clock p. m.
.t Hammonds.
."Hark th
Kathleen Knight and Mary Barren.
Address?by Hon. John W. Chalkley.
Quartette.'"Tenting on the Old Camp Qro
Mary Skeen. Margaret Pettit, Mabelle Willis. Jerome Wells
Question: Resolved: That capital punishment should be abol
Affirmative: Glessie Gilly, Negative: Ruby Kei
Zollie Palmer. John All? n
Report of Committee.
Stationery and Office Supplies,
We carry at nil times a complete stock of these
lines, at reasonable prices, and give careful
attention to 'phone and mail orders. We solicit
your business for any of the following:
Box Papers,
Pound Papers,
Writing Tablets,
School Tablets,
Legal Papers,
Letter Files,
Invoice Files,
Ledgers and Day Hooks,
Order and Time Books,
j Memorandum Books,
Pens and Pencils,
Inks and Erasers,
Fountain Peris,
Paper Clips and Fasteners.
Card Hoard, Colored Paper,
and various other articles kej't
in a stationery store.
We arc agents for all kinds of engraved work, /
such as visiting cards, invitations, letter heads,
envelopes, etc,

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